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The Denmark Plan Versus Right-Wing Multi-Culturalism
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The Social Democratic government of Denmark has proposed limit ing “the number of ‘non-Western’ residents in neighborhoods to up to 30 percent to ‘reduce the risk of religious and cultural parallel societies’.” Basically this proposed measure would outlaw the formation of ethnic enclaves by putting a quota on how many non-Danish residents can live in a neighborhood.

The measure’s sponsor, The Social Democratic Party, is center left but has adopted a more restrictionist stance on immigration with Denmark carving out a niche as having the strictest immigration laws among Northwest European nations. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is one of the few left-leaning immigration restrictionist in the Western World and the Danish Parliament has passed strict laws on the intake of migrants, chain migration, and approved a measure to ban the foreign funding of Mosques.

The Danish government’s objective is to combat parallel societies and uses the definition of “ghetto” to legally designate neighborhoods of 1,000 or more people where more than half are of non-Western origin, and meet certain criteria such as more than 40 percent unemployment, crime rates three times higher than the national average, and a per capita gross income 55% lower than the regional average.

The moral outrage from the media and woke activists is expected and the practicalities of enforcing these policies will likely be challenged on civil rights grounds over state imposed restrictions upon where one can live based upon one’s demographic background. Despite the measure’s controversial and draconian elements, it is based upon assimilation rather than ethnocentrism.

There has been a backlash in Europe against mass immigration, multi-culturalism, and radical Islam with Switzerland recently passing a citizens referendum to ban the burka. With concerns about losing votes to nationalist parties—dating back to global surge of nationalism in 2016—some establishment politicians, such as French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, have taken up harsh stances against political Islam on assimilationist grounds with Denmark’s new policies going the furthest in that direction.

The most extreme example of this liberal assimilationist ideology is from the former Center Right, and recently indicted, French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy who called for a new blended French citizen of European, African, and Arab admixture. The conservative former prime minister was making the case that this future blended France was necessary to prevent balkanization. On the one hand, this would seem to be the neoliberal vision where all are blended together as one and share the same centralized institutions and atomized consumerist culture. The main problem with this assimilationist model is that it is naïve to assume one’s own group will always be demographically dominant and able to impose one’s policies and values upon others. Then again this vision might be much more feasible in those nations of Europe which remain more culturally and demographically homogenous than the United States.

The Danish measure goes much further than anything the American GOP would propose but is not viable within the American framework or in any nation that is already very diverse. If that paradigm of liberal assimilationism does become the dominant strain in the West it could be used against Europeans and European Americans who form their own enclaves or parallel institutions.

The ideal of assimilationism such as the American concept of the melting pot demands that all must sacrifice their own history, culture and traditions for the good of one cohesive mass society. This applies to immigrants but also to natives whose presence are diminishing in many society and could be expected to assimilate into the new mass society that is a blend of all groups. A vision for the future that is in opposition to both European culture and the traditional cultures immigrants bring.

Denmark’s measure is racist from the framework of American liberalism but could ironically help migrants by granting them greater opportunities to live in safer neighborhoods with better educational and economic opportunities while bringing about greater exposure to diversity for the natives.

While this measure is controversial due to it’s draconian nature it actually has parallels to the American left’s plans to move inner city people of color to the suburbs for the purpose of diversity and racial equity. This model could work for Denmark, which is still very homogenous, but only if non-Western immigration is kept very low. Certainly it would have very different ramifications if applied in more diverse locations such as London, Paris, or any major American cities

Also the anti-parallel society measure could have long term implications on freedom of association. It is one thing to reject parallel societies in Denmark where the dominant society is fairly functional but what about in the US where mass society is broken and parallel societies offer an alternative that is high in social trust and economically resilient.

For nations that are diverse such as the US a new model needs to be put forth for the future. America is past the point of no return for one cohesive national identity and must learn to embrace diversity. Unlike with Denmark which still has a chance at maintaining a high trust homogenous society, for Americans the only solution is a kind of right wing multi-culturalism that allows for enclavism, autonomy, and freedom of association for all.

Centrist-assimilationism seems to be an ongoing trend for Europe. It is interesting to compare the way establishment politicians in Europe have reacted to the global upswing in nationalism versus those in the United States. The centrist European approach of taking a moderate, assimilationist stance on immigration, while upholding some revised notion of national identity may in the long run only serve neoliberal economic interests, but nevertheless indicates the comparative health and homogeneity of most European Nations when compared with the United States. In the United States, much more radical notions of identity seem to hold sway. Competing tribalism seems on track to lead the United States to its demise, but it remains to be seen whether American Politicians can devise their own version of a “Denmark plan” better suited to the United States’ fragmented national character. This, I suggest, would be a plan founded in pan-enclavism as opposed to assimilationism.

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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. Banning the burqa and the Danish plan are just small steps, but are like an aspirin to a man with terminal cancer.

    Here is the list of the 5 most populous countries on earth and their immigration. Note that the other 4 countries have negative immigration, i.e. e-migration, people getting out.

    World Rank Country Population Immigration per year.

    1. China 1.4 Billion NEGATIVE 0.28 Million
    2. India 1.3 Billion NEGATIVE 0.52 Million
    3. USA 331 Million 3 Million++.
    4. Indonesia 270 Million NEGATIVE 120K
    5. Pakistan 250 Million NEGATIVE 260 K


    This proves that USA is the most corrupt and evil nation on earth, that despite being full of people, with hour long commutes, continues to import aliens. Reason: the Judaists, most of whom are evil alienists, bribe our politicians to exterminate the white goyim through immigration flood while they steal land and build walls through the center of towns in Israel, a Jewish supremacist state per B’Tsalem.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
  2. Does this smiling Mohammedan woman realize she’s holding up a Christian symbol?

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
    , @Mr. XYZ
  3. 1) there is no law yet
    2) there is not even a law proposal

    This is just the initial, undetailed suggestion. The government is a minority government so it will need votes from either its parliamentary support (parties on the extreme left) or from the (real) opposition. The (real) opposition is in shambles at the moment, so don’t expect too much from them.

    The major opposition party elected the wrong leader after a power struggle between the previous leader and his crown prince that both ended up losing. The new leader is the son of a previous leader of the party and he won against a woman whom many felt should have won. She lost the power struggle between the two of them and left the party and he now sits in a very precarious position — many in the party feel he isn’t the rightful leader, he still can’t lead the party freely, and the voters have run away scared.

    This is all that is currently known about their suggestion:

    It basically amounts to cutting down the Danish equivalent of Section 8 in case there are already too many of the wrong people in a section 8 area.

    Section 8 in the US is about tax payers involuntarily paying the rent for “deserving” (read: usually undesirable) people to their private landlords.

    Things are a bit more complicated here in Denmark. Most of these areas don’t have private landlords but big quasi-public organizations as landlords.

    The local municipalities (“councils”, in UK parlor, “kommuner” in Danish) have the right to put these people up in some of the apartments and houses in here (and make the tax payer pay part of the bill), particularly those places owned by the big quasi-public organizations. They have a much more limited right to do that with privately owned rental dwellings.

    The proposal will limit their right to so for the usual quasi-public places and expand their right to do so for the privately owned places.

    If anything ever comes of it, the law proposals will be listed here:

    • Thanks: Almost Missouri
  4. @Reg Cæsar

    Our passport contains another Christian symbol on the inside cover: a picture of Jesus on the cross from the large Jelling rune stone.

    It is there because the inscription on the stone is the first mention of Denmark as a state from inside our country’s borders. There are one or two older mentions of Denmark in the Frankish Annals.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  5. black dog says:

    A population consisting of 30% non westerners would still spell extinction for indigenous Danes, given the low birth rates amongst whites generally and far higher birth rates amongst non westerners.

  6. @Peter Lund

    Don’t tell anyone, but Hawaii’s flag features three Christian crosses. For the home of our first atheist president.

    Maryland’s appears to have two:

  7. Altai says:

    This plan is not for being implemented, it’s for scaring away immigrants. Just like the proposed ‘special punishment zones’ and making asylum seekers pay a deposit or forfeit possessions while their case is processed. It, like the others won’t stand up to legal challenge and would be a nightmare to enforce.

    But in signalling that immigrants aren’t welcome it works superbly and that is it’s true purpose. Immigrants, particularly asylum seekers are trying to get something for little effort, once you signal resistance you will have them looking elsewhere.

    And if nothing else, Denmark is a reminder that immigration begets more immigration. The DPP managed to gain influence just at the right time in the late 90s/early 00s when immigration, particularly through asylum seeking was starting to ramp up. Their policies kept things from spiraling out of control there and Danes can uniquely in Western Europe talk freely about the problems and undesirability of immigration without feeling self-conscious about the opinions of the invading immigrants who are much thinner on the ground. This allows political debate to happen.

    In addition, they need only look across to Sweden to see nothing but political and social failure with regards to asylum seekers and their descendants.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
    , @Juvenalis
  8. @Altai

    Their policies kept things from spiraling out of control there and Danes can uniquely in Western Europe talk freely about the problems and undesirability of immigration without feeling self-conscious about the opinions of the invading immigrants who are much thinner on the ground. This allows political debate to happen.

    The same in Switzerland. A little bit true for Austria as well. Italy too.

  9. Means No Chinatown- where my father had a printing business and which is my favorite part of NYC because it reminds me of my very decent father- with whom I did not get along.

    Edward Manfredonia

  10. Juvenalis says:

    Rhetoric does matter for sure; the ‘message’ being sent and the ‘signal’ being broadcast can be as powerful as any law. Just look at how Trump’s 2016 campaign rhetoric was enough to immediately trigger a “Trump Effect” collapse in illegal immigration rates into the U.S. when he won in 2016, and how Biden’s 2020 rhetoric was enough to instantly trigger the current massive border crisis of illegals flooding across into the U.S. decked out in Biden t-shirts.

    In 2021 it is impressive to have a left-wing Social Democrat government in Denmark led by a relatively young female Prime Minister who this year openly spoke of setting an ideal goal of admitting ZERO “refugees” the way most leftist politicians around the world are busy obsessing over reaching ‘zero’ carbon emissions goals to solve climate change.

    Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says her ambition is for Denmark not to offer asylum to any refugees at all.

    The PM said that she wanted to reduce asylum applications in Denmark to zero during comments in parliament.

    “That’s what our target is. Of course, we can’t promise it,” she said.

    “We can’t promise zero asylum seekers but we can create a vision, like we did before the election, that we want a new asylum system and then do what we can to implement it,” she continued.

    2020 saw a total of 1,547 asylum seekers registered in Denmark, the lowest number since records began in their current form in 1998.

    • Replies: @Altai
  11. Altai says:

    The difference in how freely people talk about immigration in Denmark versus elsewhere in Western Europe is staggering. The kinds of conversations you can have with middle class and even upper middle class educated Danes (Even women) that would trigger meltdowns in their equivalents elsewhere is amazing. I put it down to the lack of an ‘immigrant veto’ people feel comfortable talking about it because they feel safe and ‘backed up’ by fellow co-ethnics.

    Unlike the left elsewhere, in Denmark there is acute awareness that social solidarity and national ethnic solidarity power social democracy and a sense of ownership and investment in society and the nation. Possibly because it is felt a little more strongly in Denmark than the other Scandinavian countries but really it’s because the DPP stopped the big waves coming in the late 90s/early 00s and preserved that homogeneity along with Sweden being an obvious example of policies that aren’t even neglectful but rather an expression of intense religious madness.

    In reality the 30% quota would be a bad thing because it would disrupt and break up the Danes social space (People like ethnic segregation) and stop them being alone together as much. But like I said, this policy is for stating and being picked up abroad, not for enforcing.

  12. Mr. XYZ says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Muslims also consider Jesus to be a prophet, so no contradiction there.

    • Replies: @Peter Lund
  13. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    For nations that are diverse such as the US a new model needs to be put forth for the future. America is past the point of no return for one cohesive national identity and must learn to embrace diversity. Unlike with Denmark which still has a chance at maintaining a high trust homogenous society, for Americans the only solution is a kind of right wing multi-culturalism that allows for enclavism, autonomy, and freedom of association for all.


  14. Johan says:

    The only thing which is of importance is the grand view, which is that either through the left or the right, democratic hyper-regulated and hyper-managed society leads to ever more regulations and regulated citizens. Actually modern democracy knows no citizens, but numbers whom are regulated by regulators according to the oracles of statistics, it knows only regulated masses. Integration in democratic terms means to become a regulated number in the slavery matrix of secular democratic man. Policies like those proposed only increase the already extremely inordinate grip of modern states on its ‘citizens’, and they promote the mentality of slaves and dictators, the soft guidance of the latter. Perhaps today you feel like it is needed to tackle the problem of immigration, tomorrow they will propose to increase regulation of YOU.

    Create problems, admit them later on, then increase your grip by means of regulation… Assimilate all into the hyper-control matrix of secular democratic man.

  15. Ummm says:

    Things in Denmark aren’t the same as in the USA but humans are humans, what you get of lovely news from Denmark, aren’t always what they seem.

    It’s about business, war, fear and control. All over the world. We just do it differently here. Make it seem, not as bad.

    A third of the Danish people are using legal drugs to help depression, anxiety and other mental disruptions. The medical industry loves it.

    The rest are drinking themselves to death. Half my family has died because of alcohol use but it’s tradition here to drink, so, doesn’t matter if people die, right?

    We just made symbols for people with Alzheimer’s to wear, so that the people with Alzheimer’s and their family won’t feel awkward when they have problems with ordinary people who doesn’t understand and makes it hard on the person with Alzheimer’s and their family. Danes are proud we want to “protect” people with disabilities by giving them a symbol they can wear so the public knows they are disabled.. won’t start any issues or make the disabled more vulnerable, right?

    Why aren’t we educating the ordinary public about the human condition in a way that makes peace, why are we being called dumber than what we are? Why can’t we have peace?

    Our leaders are no longer capable of being in charge of people, that is why things are messed up in a time of aero planes, electric cars, Gene testing in forever life.

    We are better, we can do better but we are being told, no, you can’t have peace, now shut up.

    We are being dragged around by war, disease, business and control lovers.

    I’m sorry if the way I say things scare you and if you need to call me all kinds of things to put me down and make yourself happy you are part of a cult.

    It can’t go on for much longer, doesn’t matter if the next person or myself want to make a change, nature will soon do that for us. If you want peace, health, freedom and oversight, you are a disgrace to the hustler societies.

    • Replies: @Ummm
  16. Ummm says:

    A quick edit

    We have an Alzheimer’s organization here that is happy with these new symbols. The symbols are for people with dementia.

    It worries me that an organization who should protect people are using this method of marking people.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if our leaders will use this as a gateway to broaden the use of symbols in disabled people.

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