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The Cult of Ugly: Leftist Lies, Jewish Junk, and the Malign Martyrdom of George Floyd
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Gender-fluid Damarra Atkins worships at a mural of George Floyd in George Floyd Square, Minneapolis

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It’s a perfect image for our insane and ugly age: an overweight gender-fluid Black woman in a Wu-Flu mask pressing her head in worship against a giant mural of George Floyd at the site of his martyrdom in Minneapolis. The martyr is ugly, the mural is ugly and the mourner is ugly:

In its ugliness, the image confirms once again the words of the great Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953):

[T]here is (as the greatest of the ancient Greeks discovered) a certain indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You cannot deny or attack one of these three without at the same time denying or attacking both the others. Therefore with the advance of this new and terrible enemy against the Faith and all that civilization which the Faith produces, there is coming not only a contempt for beauty but a hatred of it; and immediately upon the heels of this there appears a contempt and hatred for virtue. (Belloc, The Great Heresies (1938), ch. 6, “The Modern Phase”)

Leftists do indeed hate beauty, which is why ugliness is the most obvious feature of leftism and its art, culture and acolytes. But, as Belloc explained, leftists can’t hate beauty without also hating truth and goodness, which is why they flocked so eagerly into the martyr-cult of George Floyd. He was an ugly Black criminal who killed himself with lies: he first tried to pass fake money to an Asian shopkeeper, then to conceal his possession of drugs when the police were called.

George Floyd as icon of anti-Whiteness

In life, Floyd was at war with Truth, Beauty and Goodness; in death, he became a leftist icon not despite his ugliness and criminality, but because of them. Leftism is powered by its contradictions, not weakened. It insists that “Black is White” in all senses, portraying violent Black criminals as saintly victims and civilized law-abiding Whites as murderous oppressors. This inversion of reality has sent the murder-rate soaring among young Black men in America, as leftists perform their usual trick of most harming those they claim to be most helping. But in reality leftists don’t want to help Blacks: they want to harm Whites. George Floyd is best seen not as an icon of Blackness, but as an icon of anti-Whiteness. From his dark skin and thick lips to his low intelligence and immorality, the destructive and criminal Floyd is the antithesis of a creative and law-abiding White. He represents Black savagery against White civilization.

And that is why he is now an icon of leftism. But even for leftists Floyd isn’t entirely perfect. If only he’d been Muslim too! Then he would have represented an even stronger antithesis to White Western Christian civilization. That’s why Black Muslims like Somalis are probably the leftist ideal as immigrants into Western nations. Steve Sailer has pointed out that White Scandinavian Minneapolis was once “the most boringly sensible big city in America.” Then leftists enriched it with Somalis and home-grown Black thugs like George Floyd. In Britain, the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche was very happy to enrich us with 200,000 Somalis and counting: “Since most were untrained and would be dependent on welfare, the Home Office could have refused them entry. But they were granted ‘exceptional leave to remain [by Roche]’.”

“Jews are, on average, ugly people”

And in Sweden the Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki (pronounced Sarnetski) does his best to deny that Somalis and other immigrants form the “vast majority” of gang-rapists. Sarnecki is very well-suited to serve as a high-priest in the lying leftist Cult of Ugly, because he has an ugly and unappealing punim (Yiddish for “face”). As Chateau Heartiste so often pointed out: “Physiognomy is real.”

The ugly Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki, who “prominently features in the [Swedish] media as an expert on all things crime-related.”
The ugly Jewish sociologist Jerzy Sarnecki, who “prominently features in the [Swedish] media as an expert on all things crime-related.”

And it isn’t coincidental that Sarnecki is both Jewish and ugly. He’s Jugly, as you might say: that is, he’s ugly in a characteristically Jewish way. I agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” and that “Jews, as a group, oppose beauty.” Indeed, as Kevin MacDonald has noted, the Talmud advises Jews not to regard physical beauty as important in marriage: “For ‘false is grace and beauty is vain.’ Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children” (Taanith 26b and 31a).

Jewish junk for Juglification

Jews oppose beauty in all parts of life – art, music and architecture, for example. At the Occidental Observer Brenton Sanderson has examined the anti-art of Mark Rothko (1903-70) and Jewish attempts to uglify the operas of Wagner. The acclaimed Jewish painter Lucian Freud (1922-2011), grandson of the ideological uglifier Sigmund Freud and brother of the sex-criminal Clement Freud, spent a long career putting ugly bodies onto canvas. And I’ve been struck by the ugliness of the menorahs with which Jews have increasingly laid claim to public space in Western cities.

Some memorable menorahs
Some memorable menorahs
The ugly art of Jewish painter Lucian Freud
The ugly art of Jewish painter Lucian Freud

An article at, “How the Chanukah Menorah Made Its Way to the Public Sphere,” claims that “Through the years and the courts, a small spark in Philadelphia now lights up the world.” I disagree: I think the world has been uglified by menorahs, not enlightened. They’re Jewish junk expressing Jewish self-worship and the pursuit of Jewish interests. The article says that the “small spark” in Philadelphia was the lighting of the first public menorah “in front of Independence Hall,” which is home to the Liberty Bell, “the icon of American freedom.” But Jewish activism in America has always aimed to reduce the freedom of Whites and to destroy the nation they founded.

Ugly faces, ugly brains

In other words, that first menorah was a lie. Those who promote ugliness also promote lies and immorality, exactly as Belloc predicted. This anti-trinity is particularly obvious on the extreme left – Steve Sailer has noted that Antifa “tend to be ugly people with bad teeth and even worse taste in grooming.” The Cult of Ugly has ugly acolytes, just as one would expect. But two interesting questions arise here. What is the exact relationship between ugly faces and ugly ideology? And why are Jews and leftists “on average, ugly people”? If you consider that ugliness is a matter of asymmetry and ill-proportion, it would follow that there is some correlation between an ugly face and an “ugly” brain. The same biological factors – disease, inbreeding and harmful mutations – that distort the geometry of faces will also distort the geometry of the brain.

Portland antifa mugshots
Portland antifa mugshots

That’s why “physiognomy is real”: faces do say something about the brains that lie behind them and, therefore, about personality and behaviour. The correlation isn’t perfect, of course, but it’s strong enough to be useful and it’s clearly relevant to the ugly acolytes of ugly leftism. As for Jews and the ugliness of both their punims and their brains, note the studies that have identified marked inbreeding and higher rates of mental illness among Jews. For example, “Rabbis Eric Weiss and Nathaniel Ezray have said that ‘mental illness is a Jewish issue’ and point to the findings of geneticists at John Hopkins University who have identified a high incidence of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among Ashkenazi Jews. Many suffer from an autosomal recessive trait that goes back thousands of years and which manifests as congenital lying, delusional behaviour and paranoia.”

Prime ingredient in a poisonous stew

This would certainly explain why Jews have, down the centuries, so often come into conflict with their gentile neighbours and been expelled from gentile lands. And ugly Jewish brains have consistently created ugly ideologies that war on the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.” Jewish communism promised prosperity, peace and equality, but delivered slavery, slaughter and ecological devastation. Jewish psychoanalysis did sterling work on behalf of lies, ugliness and immorality, and is now a prime ingredient in the poisonous stew of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Transgender-Industrial Complex, where Jugly and immoral Jews are once again massively over-represented.

Young Woman with a Water-Jug by Jan Vermeer (c. 1665)
Young Woman with a Water-Jug by Jan Vermeer (c. 1665)

And Jugliness has been prominent in a recent assault on the “beautiful game,” as soccer is often called. It’s rightly called that, in my opinion: I would place soccer among the great artistic achievements of White Western civilization. But some White nations have contributed disproportionately to the beauty of that civilization and its art. The small nation of Holland, for example. The paintings of the great Dutch artist Jan Vermeer (1632-75) are sublime and so, in a lesser but comparable way, were the skills of the great Dutch soccer-player Johan Cruyff (1947-2016). The beautiful game is a White creation whose best and most intelligent players and coaches are still disproportionately White.

Dutch soccer super-star Johan Cruyff
Dutch soccer super-star Johan Cruyff

Jews are over-represented in the beautiful game not as creators or players, but as owners and exploiters. And when a group of big clubs recently attempted to form a money-grubbing “European Super League,” the “plan triggered” what the Jewish Chronicle called a “wave of antisemitic abuse” and “outpouring of hate … in which Jews are blamed for ‘ruining football’.” Jews are dominant at three of the six English clubs that wanted to join the Super League, including Manchester United, perhaps the world’s most famous club. As the proud holder of a season-ticket at White Hart Lane, I’m obviously not a fan of Manchester United myself, but I recognize that its teams and players have created some of the most beautiful soccer in history. I also recognize that the club’s current owners, the Jewish Glazer family, are not good for Manchester United or for soccer as a whole.

Jewish machers in the beautiful game: (clockwise from top left) The Glazer family at Man Utd; Roman Abramovich at Chelsea; Daniel Levy at Spurs; the late Malcolm Glazer at Man Utd

I’m not the only one recognizing things. A cartoon of the Glazers in the Financial Times captured their Jugliness in a way that makes me worried for the career of the cartoonist. Perhaps the cartoonist is one of those who “Love United, Hate Glazer,” as a popular slogan at United goes. If so, he’s right in both his depiction of the Glazers and his attitude to their behaviour. The Glazers are indeed Jugly and have indeed harmed one of the world’s greatest clubs with their greed.

The War on the West

Jews like the Glazers could never have created either Manchester United or the beautiful game in which the club has excelled. But Jews can and do use their financial skills to exploit soccer-clubs and the game as a whole. Manchester United fans haven’t succeeded in removing the Glazers as owners of their club, but they helped defeat the European Super League in which the Glazers intended to play a central role. As many White nationalists have observed of the affair: it’s a pity that White men don’t care as much about the future of their nations and race as about the future of their anti-White sports-clubs.

But for those with eyes to see, the money-grubbing Super League was yet another example of the central Jewish role in the war on the “indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.” And day by day more people are acquiring eyes to see that lies, ugliness and evil are central to the war on the West. Members of any group are capable of joining that war, but some groups, like Blacks and Muslims, serve much more readily than others. However, Blacks and Muslims are merely footsoldiers. The generals and grand strategists are drawn disproportionately from that single small group known as Jews.

Ugly Jewess becomes beautiful shiksa: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was played by Felicity Jones
Ugly Jewess becomes beautiful shiksa: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was played by Felicity Jones

But even as they wage war on Whiteness, Jews accept White beauty as the ideal. The Jewish writer David Cole has pointed out that the very gentile actress Felicity Jones was chosen to play the very Jewish lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a recent biopic. RBG’s ugly punim reflected her ugly politics and Jewish-leftist Hollywood didn’t want that reality to appear on screen. Like the monstrous Caliban in Shakespeare’s Tempest (1610), the Cult of Ugly cannot bear to look upon its own image. And like Caliban, the Cult of Ugly will fall.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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