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The Costly War on Painful Education
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Pain is inescapably part of life and a pre-requisite to accomplishment (“no pain, no gain”). But, that said, fortunes await those who can promise all the benefits sans any pain—think miracle weight loss pills. Most of these schemes just waste money but when it concerns helping the African American underclass, the consequences of eliminating discomfort are disastrous, a perfect example of killing with kindness.

This misguided anti-pain policy is perfectly illustrated by Obama’s plan to soften the consequences of criminal behavior–early release of some 6000 supposedly non-violent convicted felons, revising mandatory federal sentencing laws, prohibiting federal agencies to ask about criminal convictions in initial job screening (banning the box) and perhaps most of all, pressuring local police departments to lighten up on enforcing laws against African Americans (e.g., ending racial profiling).

But, far worse is Obama administration’s effort to shield black K-12 students from punishment. This is a politically driven policy detached from reality, and that this bogus “kindness” appears to be wildly popular among many blacks only adds insult to injury.

All learning necessarily involves pain so attending school means suffering. That’s why school is compulsory and the parents of truants are punished by fines and jail time. Students must be in school regardless of contrary inclination or minor health problems, learn to sit still, suppress their urge to socialize with classmates (or gossip on cell phones), master uninteresting subjects, obey orders from adults, go to the bathroom and eat only at scheduled times, and experience the damaged self-esteem that comes with publicly screwing up. Even more distressful will be the regular punishment for violating standards of school conduct: being chided by sarcastic teachers, after-school detention, calling parents in and for particularly serious violations, suspensions, expulsions and at least in some schools (mainly in the South), corporal punishment. In a sense, school learning is about pain management.

Now for the unspeakable truth: many—perhaps most–underclass children, regardless of race, require remedial, forceful socialization to compensate for the deficiencies of their home and community environments. School administrators need not worry about the children of Tiger Moms running wild given their already laudable disciplinary habits. Matters are quite different, however, when children grow up in chaos, lack adult supervision, have minimal self-control and similar traits needed for academic achievement. It is hardly accidental that authoritarian, highly structured, discipline-heavy Catholic schools often out-perform public schools with troubled under-class students.

Now, given plain-to-see inner-city schools filled with disorderly students, how might the Obama administration help improve educational outcomes? Should the Department of Education fund “best practices” research on schools that have successfully put youngsters on the straight and narrow? What about laws that indemnify school personnel from frivolous litigation if a teacher pushes junior when breaking up a classroom fight?

No such luck. Instead, the Obama administration focuses on racial disparities in punishment as if unequal punishments were cause of dreadful educational outcomes. Now, ending inequality of punishment—disparate impact in legalese–outranks discipline as the pathway to black academic progress. Thus, in 2014 and cheered on by civil rights activists and many African Americans, both the Department of Justice and the Education Department issued new (though non-binding) guidelines to ensure that minority students were punished through expulsion, suspensions and other measures at the same proportions as their white (and assumingly, Asian) classmates (the “African American Education Initiative”). The underlying logic here is that penalizing African American students at the same rate as white students would slow the notorious school-to-prison-pipeline. Of course this public reasoning is a smoke screen—proportionality is just a façade to reduce the suspending or expelling of blacks.

Tellingly, Obama’s Executive Order uses language suggesting that black students just happened to encounter this unpleasant experience. Zero about what instigated punishment or how misbehavior destroyed the education of others. In a mind-boggling statement, the then Attorney General Eric Holder asserted that “This guidance will promote fair and effective disciplinary practices that will make schools safe, supportive and inclusive for all students.” Safer? And, if schools were clueless on what to do, districts also received a directory of federal school discipline resources plus an online catalog of relevant laws and regulations.

This softening of punishment may be spreading beyond presidential edicts. The New York City school chancellor recently proposed regulations that would forbid teachers from removing from class students who disrupted their classmate’s ability to learn, engaged in obscene behavior, or were insubordinate. The city council speaker, who is contemplating running for mayor, complained that these suggested changes didn’t go far enough.

Everything is absolutely Orwellian. According to one educator, kicking disruptors out of school deprives the miscreant of “valuable learning time” and often result from “mere” defiance of authority, not actual criminality. Meanwhile, punitive measures create “barriers” to graduation all the while hindering adult accomplishment. Suggested instead is “restorative justice”—permit youngsters to reflect on their behavior and then repair the damage done to others so as to build a “more equitable learning environment.” Discussing micro-aggressions is also encouraged. Going unmentioned, of course, are the classmates and teachers now happily liberated from trouble-makers.

Clearly, this discipline-by-quota will further racial segregate public schools since many disruptive blacks will go unpunished unless whites up their misbehavior so administrators can easily be even-handed. And better students of all races will predictably flee when miscreants discover their new-found diplomatic immunity. Ironically, the perfect tactic to eliminate disparate impact will be to create racially homogeneous schools, no doubt a god-send for administrators who can now freely expel half or more of the students and concentrate on those anxious to learn.


Unfortunately, the problem here runs deeper than Obama’s twisted vision of “good” (i.e., proportional) school discipline. If that were the only problem, the mess will disappear in 2017. Alas, the aversion to painless learning has infiltrated our DNA so retuning to the earlier era of domesticating young mischief- makers has become unthinkable. Picture the community outrage if the desperate principal at Thomas Hobbes Middle School brought back from retirement that take-no-prisoners, she-who-must-be-obeyed nun, Sister Anna Marie Godzilla, to terrify youngsters into learning? What parent would admit that their little darling makes learning impossible for everyone?

Ours is now the painless world of Sesame Street-style entertainment, computer games, field trips to museums, hands-on group projects that require no memorization or drill. Consider what recently occurred at New York City’s discipline-oriented charter school, Success Academy. To condense a long story, this school stresses order enforced by punishments but when it discovered that the school was ridding itself of its most disruptive students, embarrassed school officials had to apologize, calling a once secret “got to go” list an administrative error. Indeed, the Success Academy is being condemned for achieving its academic accomplishments by expelling chronic trouble-makers. What’s next— accusing MIT and Caltech of deceit by refusing to admit mediocre applicants? Perhaps troublemakers are now deemed endangered species needing federal protection.

By any objective standard, President Obama and his co-believers are undermining the education of young African Americans. Why? Two possibilities suggest themselves. First, thanks to their ideologically corrupted thinking they are well-intentioned but misguided. They honestly believe that leveling expulsions rates will boost black achievement levels and they are impervious to reason or evidence.

The second explanation is darker: educational attainment is filtered through a muddled Marxism definition of equality. So, given a choice between wide race-related outcomes where some excel versus a society where everybody is barely able to read, the latter outshines the former. Better everyone suffers than just a few prosper. Thus understood, whatever the source of their thinking, Obama and other ideologues reject educational excellence though they are will to spend billions to sustain the charade.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Public Schools 
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  1. Langley says:

    Murder laws have a disparate impact on blacks.
    Repeal them.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Jim
  2. Gene Su says:

    I think I know why public school administrators put up with this stupid charade:

    – For every black kid they expel, the school loses a portion of their funding.

    – If schools expel a lot of disruptive black kids, they will also have to expel a lot of disruptive white kids, which will cause them to lose even more funding.

    – Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of angry hell as parents accuse school administrators of unfairly allowing white bullies off the hook. I can imagine all sorts of accusations:
    “My child is being picked on by a couple of white pricks. If they were black, you would have protected him from them.”
    “How come you are so hard on my kid? If he was white, you would have let him off with a slap on the wrist.”

    – Therefore, it’s more convenient just to let all the disruptive kids run amok.

    – Google John Taylor Gatto for more details.

  3. Jim says:

    Obviously a large number of students in US public schools do not belong there. I wonder if a completely different type of school oriented around some kind of job/apprentice approach might work for some of them.

    But this is a very difficult problem to deal with. About 25% of the US black population has IQ’s below 75. They are virtually unemployable in the current US economy.

  4. I mostly agree, but I will not countenance corporal punishment in schools. Sixty years ago, I went out to elementary school in a poor Western Pennsylvania town. My third grade teacher, Miss Stein, was a sadist who loved to paddle kids, especially black kids, until they cried. As a “good white boy,” I was only paddled once, for reasons that I never knew. Don’t try to tell me that corporal punishment can be applied fairly – it can’t.

    • Agree: iffen
    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
    , @Henry
  5. @Adolf Verloc

    This is why we can’t have nice things. You’re so butt-hurt about getting spanked 60 years ago by a mean lady teacher that you will stand in the way of today’s teachers physically punishing disruptive kids? Have you seen an African classroom? Watch some YouTube videos. There is zero learning going on. Vice has a series of short videos on a Chicago school for disruptive kids and it’s much closer to a day room at a prison than a classroom where anybody could learn math or reading. But because you lack the maturity to forget your one spanking, the rest of the nation must suffer the consequences of our system failing to tame hyper-violent low IQ troublemakers.

  6. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Another unspeakable truth that everyone knows about but keeps mum about is


    It’s true that blacks are naturally more aggressive in temperament. But if most blacks were built like Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman, they would be far less trouble.

    But the combination of aggressive personality and stronger muscles makes blacks very unruly and arrogant in their nasty baboonishness.

    It’s like an article about cats. Cats act nice because they are smaller than us. If they were bigger, the would kill us.
    Imagine if all Negroes were 4 ft tall. No matter how mean they were naturally, they would behave out of fear.

    It would be nice if we could bio-engineer Negroes into micro-Negroes. A Pocket Negro could even be a pet. It’s like if a bear were the size of a dog, it could be a pet. If a tiger were the size of a housecat, it could be a pet.

    But it’s worse than a case of nastier temperament + stronger muscle.

    There is also Jewish-promoted Holy Negro Cult that would have us believe that Negroes are Eternal Victims of ‘white supremacism’, and therefore, Negro violence/crime must be suppressed in the media — just pretend that ‘youths’ did it — and on the occasion when bad black behavior is discussed, the blame must go to whites or the system. So, if blacks fight in school and get suspended, blame ‘white teachers’ for suspending more blacks than whites.

    There can be no true serious talk about race unless we talk about Negro aggression and muscle.

    If Negroes were small and weak, all this PC about ‘white guilt’ would be far less dangerous.

    Think of being in a room with Mike Tyson. Suppose Mike Tyson saw himself as a victim and you as a ‘honkey oppressor’. You would be shitting cuz Tyson is much stronger than you.


    think of being in a room with Emmanuel Lewis. Suppose Lewis saw himself as a victim and you as a ‘honkey oppressor’. He couldn’t do you no harm. Even if he accused you, you would just pet his nappy little head, give him a huggy-wuggy, and say, “oh, I’m so very sorry, you cute little Negrolet.”

  7. @Jim

    About 25% of the US black population has IQ’s below 75.

    And that is only part of the story. When you combine that low IQ with the higher testosterone levels and a culture defiant to all authority, you get pure chaos. In Detroit schools, today, students demonstrate only 4% proficiency in reading. 4% – try to let that thought sink in for a moment and imagine the scene. Unless you’ve spent a good deal of time in a majority African area and seen their behavior without external (i.e. White) controls, you simply can’t imagine it.

    • Replies: @Jim
  8. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Conservatives need to invoke the concept of ‘safe spaces’.

    White cons can make a powerful case based on data and facts that whites often suffer when integrated with blacks who are tougher and more aggressive. Look at all the interracial statistics on bullying, battery, assault, intimidation, and etc.
    It is almost entirely black on white.

    So, the Right should call for SAFE SPACES for white kids. What parent wants his or her kid to be bullied or bloodied in school, especially racially?

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Stephen R. Diamond
  9. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Negroes be nuts.

    Just look at this video:

    I mean WTF.

    What’s really depressing is the consensus that this is a good thing.

    The newscasters like it, the Negroes in the Hood like it, Obama likes it, and I suppose white Libs like it.

    A white female cop starts to dance like a monkey with some jiveass ho, and it is praised as model policing.

    With what other race would something like be praiseworthy? If a cop acted like that with a white girl, she would have been put on probation for unprofessional behavior.
    But with Negroes, the assumption is they are just wild and crazy. They don’t understand sense, logic, and values, so we must handle them like animals.

    It’s like what they say. If you encounter a dangerous wild animal, you can’t reason with it since it is not a rational being. Instead, you must understand its psychology and act accordingly to put it at ease.
    It seems this is now the national attitude toward Negroes. Negroes are nuts and beyond reason. So, try to understand their psychology and try to put them at ease by making them feel funkily at ease. Treat them like children who are bigger and stronger than you.

    If they boogie-woogie, just pretend to boogie-woogie along to either make them happy or calm them down.

  10. @Stan D Mute

    Do you not even consider whether today’s teachers are capable of applying corporal punishment effectively?

    This proposal reminds me of the U.S. invasion of Iraq: intervention that will inevitably make matters worse. But then, something must be done, right?

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  11. SFG says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss, I love your idea.

    Christians should probably start with the ‘safe space’ rhetoric–after all, evangelicals are pretty much a despised minority these days. Once every group has its ‘safe space’, no reason whites can’t have one.

  12. SFG says:

    Trying reeeaaallly hard not to make any S/M jokes, especially with the nerdy-cute teacher you’ve got in the pic… (I’d prefer to be the one holding the rod, if anyone’s curious.)

    Seriously, I have no doubt corporal punishment would be something the more honest black parents would be OK with, as long as it were black teachers meting it out. (I wouldn’t want to be the last white kid in that school though.)

    Note it’s also acceptable in the South, which is full of the less-civilized (for better and worse) breed of whites, who know how to keep their ornery backwoods kind in line. Ol’ Jimmy-Bob knows a paddlin’ works better than the timeouts favored by John and Sarah Wigglesworth-Cohen for discipline when kids start to go off the strait and narrow…

    • Replies: @iffen
  13. rod1963 says:

    Best thing to do is segregate. Blacks and whites don’t belong in the same classroom, the hatred that blacks have for whites combined with their low IQ’s and lack of impulse control make them incompatible with normal class rooms that have a mix of Hispanic, Asian and white kids.

    Worse they have a culture that considers learning to be a “white man’s thing”. When they see a black child trying to learn the others gang up on him/her and beat the snot out of them. Their culture is like a barrel full of crabs, they are into pulling one another down.

    Even with segregation, it’s best to leave education of blacks to be voluntary. Let the others go and be feral like they want to be.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  14. @Priss Factor

    So, the Right should call for SAFE SPACES for white kids.

    I confess I often can’t tell whether you’re being ironic.

    Are you actually advocating that rightists ape the worst features of the left?

    Don’t you see that you will actually be promoting thinking in this cowardly fashion!

    Hypothesis: You’re a short-termist, just like the pseudo-left.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  15. Henry says:
    @Adolf Verloc

    Of course black boys would get paddled more considering their documented tendency to misbehave at a higher rate than white kids. Interracial paddling might actually be a problem though so send them to their own schools, or better yet to their own civilization.

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    So many blacks are rotten and nuts.

    Posted by Ryan Miller on Monday, November 2, 2015

    It is time for some truth.

    But the damn media are controlled by Lib Jews whose main interest in blacks is to promote white guilt into moral paralysis or Moralysis so that whites will never gain the power of unity and identity.

    Negroes mess up the US because they are naturally wild and stupid.

  17. @rod1963

    Even with segregation, it’s best to leave education of blacks to be voluntary. Let the others go and be feral like they want to be.

    Problem is, the Thumpers. From the moment we discovered the savages in the dark continent, the Thumpers have been on a holy mission to civilize them. The Jews and Mohammedans knew better then and now. But the Thumpers just knew that their boy Jeebus would save them. Just dunk that nappy head in some water, say some magic words, and praise Jeebus – that cannibal would instantly become a solid hard working law abiding New England Quaker. In Jeebus name, Amen!

    The Thumpers knew then and know now that if their fairy tales are true that negroes are exactly like us. If not, then the fairy tales aren’t true. Four and a half centuries later, those Jeebus loving negroes will turn America’s greatest city, “The Arsenal of Democracy,” into Detroit. But the Thumpers can not learn the lesson. The Thumper doubles down and turns the other cheek. When his wife and daughter are raped, his son brutally murdered, the Thumper turns his other cheek and forgives. Because if the negro is not just like us then that book of fairy tales isn’t true. So the negro has to be, must be, and nothing – absolutely nothing – can change the Thumpers’ minds. And America is a majority Thumper nation.

    So we will continue to see 3% of the population committing over half the murders, tens of thousands of innocent white women raped by negroes each year, tens of thousands of violent assaults and robberies. Negro classrooms will continue to most resemble day rooms at prisons. And the most valuable people in America will continue to be the ultra rare unicorns like Obama and Ben Carson because the Thumpers can parade them around like holy icons and say, “See what Jeebus did!”

    • Replies: @Tark Marg
  18. @Stephen R. Diamond

    Do you not even consider whether today’s teachers are capable of applying corporal punishment effectively?

    Effectively? What does that mean? As I wrote, this population has an average IQ of 85 and a quarter of them are below 75. They have high testosterone and low time preference along with a genetic propensity for violence. If I were King, they’d be returned to Africa to fulfill their destinies free from any interference from other races (as we are doing with Sentinal Islanders). Nothing short of that will prevent the rape, brutality, and slaughter of innocents in America. Short of repatriation, they should be managed as they manage themselves back on the dark continent. And no, the vast majority of our teachers cannot do that themselves. We do however have a lot of war veterans who need jobs. Arm them and let them “teach” our ineducable negroes.

  19. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    You dammy, the whole idea of ending immigration and segregation IS all about creating or preserving SAFE SPACES for whites.

    EU should stop immigration and send all refugees back cuz Europe should be a safe space for those of European ancestry.

    We should make the same demands in the US.

    No more immigration to keep US a safe space for white folks.
    And bring back segregation to allow white folks to have safe communities away from the ghastly Negroes.

  20. Realist says:

    “Repeal them.”

    I assume you mean blacks.

  21. @Priss Factor

    You dammy, the whole idea of ending immigration and segregation IS all about creating or preserving SAFE SPACES for whites.

    So, why did the globalists beat you to the slogan? All those smart ashkenazi, I guess.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  22. @Priss Factor

    I’m all for voluntary association and you and your ilk minding your own business.

  23. Jack Cade says:

    If we were an honest country, we wouldn’t torture these young adults in what amounts to a Puberty Prison. High school is too much for them. Let them graduate in grade 8 or so, and then enter a trade program of some sort.

  24. iffen says:


    Watch it, some of us can read you know. (As long as you don’t use too many big words.)To which civilization should we aspire? The one currently on display at Yale perhaps?

    the pic

    Since you have broken the embarrassment ice, I wish he had asked Mercer for one of her pics.

    • Replies: @SFG
  25. @Stan D Mute

    I was spanked a few times in elementary school over 50 years ago. I don’t remember what it was for nor do I care.

  26. sund says:

    I tutored some at risk black students at at charter school a few years ago in south Boston. There were just a few virulently racist students who disrupted class, and I kicked their asses out as soon as I could. To me, it’s much more important that the majority of the students do well than we try to save a hateful racist student who doesn’t want help.

    Let those types drop out of school as far as I am concerned. Save the majority by ejecting the small rotten core.

  27. Tark Marg says:

    Once again we see runaway empathy, which I call empathobesity or empathallergy.

    It seems to me that humans have broadly set level of empathy. Once there were plenty of genuinely deserving persons in need who could be worthy recipients of empathy. Now that such people are much fewer in number, we have empathy, being set at a constant level, directed to those who are unwilling or unable to do anything useful with it.

    This is analogous to how our immune systems, being used to a certain level of pathogen load historically, are now targeting self antigens as genuine pathogens have disappeared.

    Analogous to allergy, we find this empathallergy most concentrated amongst those who who are also most suffering from immune allergy; wealthy, secure, educated, urban people, and for the same reasons.

  28. Tark Marg says:
    @Stan D Mute

    You have a point, but the thumpers of today are no followers of “Jeebus”, they’re secular professors of sociology.

    What the thumpers of yesteryear and of today have in common however, as I see it, is that they have run out of deserving candidates for their empathy because they come from secure and prosperous backgrounds. So their empathy attaches itself to false targets unwilling or unable to reciprocate, just like their immune system attacks self antigens.

    In other words, they’re victims of a runaway instinct, like people suffering from allergy or obesity.

    This should be named, and pointed out rationally and scientifically if you want to change it. Please consider using the terms empathobesity or empathallergy to describe this situation to sceptical audiences.

  29. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    All ideas are malleable and can be shaped by those who claim it.

    Take free speech.

    One side defines it this way, another side defines it their way.

    The thing for us is to define ‘safe spaces’ to suit our needs.

    The concept in and of itself doesn’t favor them or us.

    It all depends on who is arguing and making the demand.

  30. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The problem is groupthink. Most people are cattle.

    Consider this:

    This sort of makes sense. Not because loving homos makes you more sane but because most normal people are conformist, therefore they are more likely to go along with the governing ideology or value system. In contrast, those with odd or eccentric personalities are more likely to go against the grain.

    Since homo-worship has become the new religion and official dogma of the West(controlled by Jews), most normal people will celebrate homos(like most normal North Koreans celebrate Kim dynasty and like most normal Cubans celebrate the Castros). It will be the odd sort of person who is more likely to defy this dogma.

    But the reverse would have been true in the past. When the official value system castigated and denounced homosexuality, most normal people were hostile to it whereas the odder type of person was more likely to tolerate the homo stuff.

    In a communist society, the normal person agrees with communism since most normal people conform and seek social approval. It takes an odd person to say ‘Marx sucks’.

    But it’s the opposite in a right-wing anti-communist order. Most normal people will detest communism while the odder sort is more likely to defy norms and be open to communism.

    So, the recent study is less about mental health and attitude toward homosexuality than about mental health and conformity to officialdom.
    It goes to show that sometimes the normal and sane can be crazier. In their hunger for approval and consensus, the mentally normal can become sheeplike whereas the more eccentric can see outside the box. It’s like what the Klaus Kinski character says in Dr. Zhivago. “I’m the only free man.”

    I’m not saying crazy people are saner. I’m saying that in a crazy order run by crazy elites, the crazy individuals may be more able to resist the official lunacy since most normal people merely seek to conform and seek approval. In a fanatical Muslim society, the odd person is more likely to declare himself a rational atheist whereas the normal is more likely to scream for Allah.

    Ann Kroning(author of article) is a sheeple. A conformist. She uses the term ‘homophobia’ which is not a phobia. She uses it because she conforms to the new governing ideology promoted by Jews who control the media and academia.

  31. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    These SJW’s are not warriors. They are whiners. They are crybabies. That’s what they should be called CRYBABIES crying out for someone to change their diapers.

    There was once the Red Diaper Babies.

    Social Justice Whiners are Wet Diaper Babies or WDB’s. They are going WAAAAAAHHHHH cuz their diapers are wet and want others to change them.

  32. Jim says:

    The clearance rates for homicide in places like Baltimore has become so low that we are getting close to repeal of the murder statutes.

  33. Jim says:
    @Stan D Mute

    Androgen levels are higher for blacks than whites in young males but not in middle age and older males. Of course most crime is committed by younger males. Perhaps more important than androgen levels is the prevalence of the 2R allele of the MAOA gene. Black male prevalence is about 5% while it is only .1-.2% in white males.

    Clearly there are huge racial differences in homicide rates across the world. Check out a list of the most violent cities in the world. Most are in Latin America. The US has 2-3 cities in the list, all heavily black cities. Despite the fact that China has a large number of cities with enormous populations, none even come close to making the list of most violent cities.

  34. Yeah, crucifixion for failure will do wonders for those failing math scores.

  35. What a disturbing article.
    No compassion ( its just weakness…); no reference to material conditions…. implied: racial discrimination simply does NOT exist. All faults in education of black americans is the result of liberal permisiveness ( no evidence/data necessary). School to prison pipeline? Justice in action. No doubt the world’s HIGHEST incarceration rate, both absolutely and per capita is also an indicator of social success ( crime of course is NO MORE than a moral failure…unless you are rich, in which case its merely a result of excess will to grow the economy).
    Poverty….? What? Their own fault ! ( the real unemployment rate, more like 23% rather than 5% is irrelevant)
    30-40 years of neoliberal eviseration of society…oh, fuck off ! Bullshit! Gross income /wealth inequality ? Death of an individuals’ hope in the future; the legitimate hope for a family, a stable home, a chance to have a few nice things for your kids ? Whatever ….
    ….The saddest thing ? When a society reaches a certain level of decay, resentment begins to float free, hatred goes sniffing for something to sink its teeth….and what better object than a vocal minority, a minority with a dubious moral profile. Everything going to shit….best to kiss up and kick DOWN. Works well– Southern oligarchs relied on this divide and rule strategy for years….
    Anyway, lets make sure they understand the nature of PAIN…i am sure they’ve never encountered it before….

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  36. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “No compassion”

    OK, you fix the problem of blacks acting like wild apes with your compassion.

    If blacks were poor and desperate but willing to learn, I can understand the need for sympathy.

    But when they are guffawing like lunatics, running around like baboons, hollering like gorillas, acting like thugs, and etc., I’m not gonna waste my ‘compassion’ on them.

    YOU and your ilk fix the problem with your gushy wushiness.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  37. @Priss Factor

    No, i bet you are not going to waste such a RARE COMMODITY as YOUR compassion on ” lunatics, apes, gorillas and thugs”. How i envy you !! Its all so clear cut ! No nuances, no shades of colour….
    No doubt you will never admit you are a hater ( they DESERVE it, its only JUSTICE !) , however, i can understand hate. What i can not accept is the fact your attidude plays in perfectly with the vicious divide and rule tactics of the elites. Like i said: kiss up–kick down.
    Not sure what ” gushy wushiness” is, but i’d rather be that than a fucking dog.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  38. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “No nuances, no shades of colour….”

    Nuance? Where is the nuance in black behavior? Black rowdies beat up teachers, fight all the time, listen to rap all day, have no concern for others, and shit on everyone.

    You want nuance. Consider English ladies having tea and crumpets, not negroes munching on watermelons, robbing cigars, and hollering like apes.

    “No doubt you will never admit you are a hater”

    I would rather be a hater of crazy black behavior than a lover of it.

    You go on being a lover of the race that is the main enemy of civilization.
    You celebrate the Black Plague.

  39. Gerry1211 says:

    That’s about as rational a comment I have come across in this country. In Europe every country has numerous different options of further education after basic school. There is no sense in having kids into regular HS when they clearly do not belong there. Instead letting them attend a technical, hands-on school, has turned out to be very successful. No one is unemployable…..when given a program of instruction that caters to their abilities. I’m not sure that the problem of an IQ below 75 pertains solely to the African America population, the white population is equally effected. The common thought is that as long as we throw money at it it should work. As long as we do not address the needs of EVERY child we will never be competitive with the rest of the Western world. For openers we need a STANDARD Curriculum across the U.S. that requires the successful passing of a final exam that stands for the level of education achieved. Right now an American HS diploma does not reflect any educational level. It shows the student ATTENDED HS but not what he learned and therefore is not acceptable for University entry anywhere in Europe.
    Currently “educational experts” who themselves are product of a severely flawed system are “addressing” the issue. None of which leads anywhere.

  40. Oh, stop this shit. You are ONLY a hater of “crazy” black behaviour: the “main enemy of civilisation” and “the black plague” ?. You are an unreconstructed racist. And i DO NOT defend uncivilised behaviour by blacks OR whites.
    Your racism BLINDS you to any blinds you to the fact that you tar All black americans with the evils of a minority. Your hatred blinds you to the fact that there are many, many whites equally barbaric. Most of all, your your tawrdry malice ignores ALL social causation for so called “racial” problems.
    However the most UNFORGIVABLE aspect of your comments, is you mindlessly perpetuate the divide and rule tactics of the 0.01%.
    If you were not so spiritually malignant i would pity you.

  41. SFG says:

    Plenty of Southerners can read, and read quite well–Tom Wolfe, etc. I guess my point is that northeastern sophisticates tend to get stuck in their mental models and Southerners, being more rural, etc., have a better grasp of certain aspects of human nature, having to deal with them–you got a dumb ornery kid, you gotta spank him a few times. Each way of life has its pluses and minuses. The ‘best’ way is somewhere between the Harvard Gender Studies department and the cavemen, and the exact point on that continuum varies from time to time. I’m sure in case of a prolonged social collapse the South would do a lot better–a country boy can survive, as Hank Williams said.

    Mercer’s cute. I think Unz mostly wants her around to avoid charges of anti-Semitism, though. Personally I’d like to see a rapprochement between the alt-right and the Jews, but you’d have to have a lot more Jews go anti-immigration for that to happen.

    • Replies: @iffen
  42. iffen says:

    I keep day dreaming about an alt-left. I have dropped the dime on liberal democracy and its universal suffrage a few times, but I have always hung up before the call was completed.

    The Southern rural population numbers are greatly diminished. Even so, a lot of the small and medium sized towns with their haphazard rural/suburban development still offer a good life. Those individuals of lesser ability are being slammed hard; it is as bad as the worst urban ghetto. It tends to be dispersed so one does not see the stark contrast that will grab your attention.

  43. Ed says:
    @Stan D Mute

    Your “African classroom” bit revealed you to be ignorant not clever. In Africa, classrooms are orderly & the teacher rules with an iron fist. Caning or other firms of corporal punishment for misbehavior are judiciously applied.

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