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The Censorship of the Laptop from Hell in Context
From 9/11, to HIV-AIDS to COVID-19 and the“Great Reset”
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Matt Taibbi commiserated with Chris Hedges on his Russia Today platform. The two well-known journalists exchanged views on the body blow inflicted on the quality of journalism in America. They agreed that great injury had been done by the large scope of MSM efforts to censor information with great potential to drag down the electability of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Kevin Macdonald responded by noting the failure of Taibbi and Hedges to contextualize their alarm by acknowledging the major role of the Jewish political lobbies such as the ADL in limiting press freedoms.

The role of these limitations is stifling, for instance, legitimate debate on the gross inequities permeating Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Another result of this limitation is the failure of most public intellectuals to do due diligence when it comes to considering the role of false flag terrorism as a means of influencing public opinion in favour of Israel and against Muslims and Arabs. The Mother of all such acts of false flag terrorism occurred on September 11, 2001.

The credibility of many public intellectuals has suffered because of their failure to give close consideration to the lies and crimes of 9/11. Hedges and Taibbi have much company in failing to notice there is no genuine consensus among scientists, academics and various flavours of public intellectual when it comes to the subject of 9/11.

Who are the real 9/11 culprits? How did they do it? Who benefited? What global interactions developed after Sept. 11, 2001 because of the way the 9/11 events both happened and were perceived to have happened?

Many lists of prominent writers and pundits have been published identifying those that were and remain conveniently AWOL on the mostly unspeakable subject concerning the origins of the so-called Global War on Terror. The GWOT was quickly engineered as first and foremost a Global War on Muslims to serve the interests of Israel.

Inevitably, close consideration of the evidence in and around the 9/11 fiasco leads into the forbidden territory that is zealously gatekept by the Israel Lobby with its enormous role in intelligence agencies, media and public policy (for starters). The fatwa on discussing 9/11 in the venues where Hedges and Taibbi have thrived amounts pretty much to the manifestation of a Zionist power of veto over who can or cannot communicate in all sorts of media venues reaching large audiences.

Those who agree to remain basically blind to the huge geopolitical implications of the 9/11 false flag and its ongoing cover up include Snowden and Assange and Greenwald.

Then there are those such as Pilger and Escobar and Atzmon who cautiously weave around the edges of the forbidden subject trying, rather ingeniously sometimes, to avoid stepping on landmines. They sometimes imply blame even as they tend to escape the “gotcha” thuggery characterizing the custodians of the foundational Islamophobia-inducing interpretation of 9/11. Is Kevin Macdonald himself a part of this group of prevaricators?

The base explanation fed to the world by Ehud Barak on the very morning of 9/11 has been coercively sustained to this day as a core legend supporting some of the main tenets of the empire of lies, the axis of deception that Taibbi and Hedges rightly identify. Taibbi along with, for instance, Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn took their complicity with the 9/11 fraud one step further. They have conducted ad hominem attacks on the character of the much maligned “truthers” who perhaps were fashioned as prototypes for today’s “deplorables.”

The infiltration, subversion and exploitation of the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement weaves through the matrix linking many careers including those of Cass Sunstein, Alex Jones and the ultimate Infowars operative, Donald Trump. Where others saw conspiracy theories, President Trump saw fake news.

The practitioners of fake news are presently on full display. They are allied in their resort to the dark science of collaborative propaganda as part of the deployment of many weapons of subversion to annihilate the remains of US democracy. These weapons include an illicit media monopoly now springing into gear to steal the presidential election away from Donald Trump and a massive upsurge of hopeful deplorables.

I found it difficult to listen to Chris Hedges with his RT badge bemoaning the lack of “real journalists” who derive their conclusions from unrelenting reckoning with genuine evidence, no matter how menacing this evidence might be to the status quo. A self-declared intellectual descendant of Rosa Luxenbourg, Hedges has taken over the role formerly played by Left’s godfather, Noam Chomsky, especially at New York’s annual Left Forum. Funded generously by the Soros-styled Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung, the Left Forum has repeatedly banished those whose alleged “conspiracy theorists” formed the basis of important academic sessions. These sessions looked at a variety of false flag psychological operations including 9/11. The spurned public intellectuals, including me, responded to the purges of Hedges and his entourage by leaving the Left Forum to found our own Left-Out Forum.

The propaganda swirling around the allegedly new coronavirus, the lockdowns, the fake “case numbers,” and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is being safeguarded by an enlarged and rejuvenated set of media gatekeepers. The purpose of this gatekeeping is to muzzle and probably criminalize those who do not adhere to the party line of what Hedges and Taibbi rightfully describe as the “one-party informational system.”

Mark Crispin Miller is one of the first of the academics to be singled out for ritual defamation for his COVID commentaries. Long a pillar of the Media Department at New York University, Prof. Miller is an astute and widely published expert on propaganda whose many specialties include election fraud.

By not drawing the line at the nonsense fobbed off as the official explanation of the 9/11 debacle, the supposed A Team of ADL-approved public intellectuals contributed significantly to corrosion of the journalist system whose demise has been so persuasively flagged especially by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald’s unwillingness to go along with the media’s masking of the Biden scandal was marked in his recent resignation from the Intercept.

The gutting of the credibility of our main media systems puts us even more thoroughly in peril at the very moment when we are facing the unmistakable harbingers of mass enslavement directed our way in the name of public health and the Great Reset. The emergency measures keep piling up as plans are being pushed ahead for digital monitoring and mass arrests leading to mass incarcerations in so-called quarantine camps.

Another theatre of preparation for the current scam was the HIV-AIDS fiasco whose main architect and entrepreneur was Anthony Fauci. Like an understanding of 9/11, an understanding of the HIV-AIDS manipulation forms some of the background necessary for realistic evaluations of the current COVID scheme. As with HIV-AIDS, the COVID scam seems to involve developing real or imaginary designer germs to create mass hysteria, compliant human automatons and controlled communications networks.

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  1. Yes, Tony Hall is on to some important stuff here. He writes above:

    Those who agree to remain basically blind to the huge geopolitical implications of the 9/11 false flag and its ongoing cover up include Snowden and Assange and Greenwald.

    Yes, their hatred for 9-11 truthers, is one key amongst the many pieces of evidence that Assange and Snowden are both CIA frauds, abetted by many hired shills such as Greenwald

    This is a classic, oft-repeated type of operation. Noam Chomsky named above, was launched into ‘rock star dissident’ status precisely because of his willingness to pooh-pooh evidence regarding the JFK assassination –

    Which was also a trait of the first of the major media-driven ‘leaker’ scammers, Daniel Ellsberg back in the 1970s … Ellsberg distracted from Vietnam war crimes with his ‘brave Jewish leaker’ posing, along with slamming ‘JFK assassination conspiracy theorists’ back then, just like Assange and Snowden do today re 9-11

    After that we had the Watergate scam, a silent coup of the USA Deep State against Vietnam-war-ending Nixon, with Jewish ‘brave journalist’ Bernstein partnering with US Navy intel agent Woordward, planted as another fake ‘brave journalist’, Woodward having worked directly under US military head of Joint Chiefs Admiral Maurer running the coup

    And then in the 1990s there was ‘brave gay Jewish investigative journalist’ Matt Drudge ‘exposing’ Bill Clinton’s affair with Jewish Monica Lewinsky, leading to a fake ‘impeachment’ in order to force Bill Clinton to become a major war criminal and kill thousands of civilians by bombing Serbia

    Along with Israel-supporter Julian ‘never really lived in the London Ecuador Embassy’ Assange, and faker ‘Edward Snowden’ – first allegedly ‘leaking’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer (!), then pumped by ‘brave Jewish journalist’ and ex-seller-of-gay-pornography Glenn Greenwald (see link above) –

    We also had the fake ‘leaking’ of more ‘brave Jewish journalists’ including a Mossad historian, selling the ‘Panama Papers’ with files embarrassing various targets of Nato and Israel

  2. anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the helpful discussion of 911. Taibbi and Hedges don’t have a gram of balls between them. They’re animated strawmen.

    911 is of course state crime. Anyone who won’t acknowledge that is a chickenshit asskisser. CIA did it with Mossad. But reasonable people can differ on the ancillary question: Mossad, henchman or mastermind?

    I think Mossad is more like the henchman, for the following reason. As with the JFK coup, someone shut down all US government emergency responses like a light switch, from the national command authorities down to the gumshoe law enforcement pawns. How exactly does Mossad do that? CIA can do that, with impunity in municipal law and regulation, state secrecy, a command structure of dotted-line reports in all relevant agencies, and eyes-only intelligence liaison agreements.

    But ultimately it doesn’t matter. You can think of it another way: CIA and Mossad are criminal enterprises constituting transnational organized crime. In fact, that’s how the outside world looks at it in law. They bear joint responsibility for internationally wrongful acts in breach of jus cogens. Who ran what is a question we’ll sort out when we got the SIS pukes shakin in the glass booth in the Hague, singin like canaries.

  3. While I do not disagree with your overall assessment, I think perspective and context alter our assessments. I watched a couple of Chris Hedges programmes on RT several years back. I could not get by the sense that he was controlled opposition. His approach to every topic was incredibly predictable, and most of his points of “opposition” to the official narrative were flimsy.
    Alex Jones, on the other hand, is an obvious blowhard. Ironically, the first time I had heard of him was when he was protesting the Bilderberg Conference near Ottawa in 2003. Before then, the whole Bilderberg thing had virtually zero coverage, and the 2003 coverage was more about the wacky conspiracy theorist Jones than the Conference. Jones identifies real issues, but his conclusions are often off base, perhaps deliberately. The ultimate Infowars operative Trump, very early on in the 9-11 “story” was openly questioning how the buildings could have collapsed with the amount of steel there was in them, having seen them being built.
    As for

    The Mother of all such acts of false flag terrorism occurred on September 11, 2001.

    recall that Saddam Hussein referred to the 1993 attack on Iraq as “the Mother of all battles” and was immediately pilloried in the press. At the time, I was mocked, because I questioned the context of “Mother”. I took it as being the birth of all wars in the ME and wars for Israel. The false flag terrorism that occurred on September 11, 2001, was just another child of the mother of all battles.

    Trump is hardly an ideal candidate for political office at high level, because he is a loose cannon. Being a loose cannon in Congress may be OK, because there are others who are at the same level or higher who can corral that. The Trump Party is dangerous to the Republocrats and Demicans because the parties cannot control him, other than by infiltration and sedition at high levels. Irrespective of his (or any other loose cannon) intents he will be undermined at every move. The Republocrats and Demicans, simply cannot allow him to continue.

  4. anastasia says:

    It’s a lot scarier to believe that so many people did vote for the criminal Biden than it is that the Dems stole the election.

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