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The Case for Secession
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“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”
Allen West, Chair, Texas GOP

Now that the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris regime and their Jewish entourage are measuring the curtains at the White House, it’s time to consider next steps. As bad as things are for White America today, they are about to get a lot worse. Physical, psychological, moral, and political threats hang over all our heads. We are being dispossessed in our own nation. The situation is grim but not hopeless. We have options.

In the continental US, 24 states voted majority for Trump, including some of our most populous ones: Texas, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, among them. The 10 largest Trump states comprise over 100 million people, and all 24 combined are pushing 150 million. This is a considerable block of people, with a considerable amount of power—political and otherwise. If these people wish to retain a modicum of self-determination—not to mention self-respect—they will have to consider the strongest possible actions. These actions include the possibility of literal secession from the United States. It’s time to examine that option with all seriousness.

Biden’s Jewish-Diversity Retinue

First, let’s be clear about the threat posed by the incoming administration. Even at this early point, it is clear that they hold an antipathy toward Whites, especially White males, and that they intend to either do as little as possible to support and represent White interests, or worse, to actively impede and harm those interests. Of course, we don’t yet know what the actual policies will be, but we can make reasonable inferences based on who Biden has appointed to his Cabinet thus far.

Of his “top 16” picks to date, we find the following: four White males (Brian Deese, Denis McDonough, Tom Vilsack, and Jake Sullivan); five Blacks, of whom four are women (Lloyd Austin, Marcia Fudge, Susan Rice, Cecilia Rouse, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield); one Indian woman (Neera Tander); one Hispanic man (Xavier Becerra)—and five Jews (Tony Blinken, Avril Haines, Ron Klain, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Janet Yellen).

Here we see a few points of interest. First, there are no White women at all—given that Jews are not White, at least not in the relevant sense of identifying as part of the traditional White population of America.[1]As I wrote recently: “Let me make this as clear as possible: Jews are not White—not in any relevant sense. Jews are White like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal are Black; that is, only to the extent that it serves their interests to deceive. Yes, Jews’ skin tone matches ours, but that is merely an unfortunate and superficial fact of biology. To further obscure the issue, they use plastic surgery to hide the nose and to minimize the uniquely repulsive effects of Jewish aging. This allows them to circulate in White society unnoticed. But they are not White. Neither are Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners. ‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia. Jews are not White.” Second, Blacks and Jews each have more representation than Whites among the top 16, which is amazing in itself, given that Blacks (12.8%) and Jews (circa 2%) are distinct minorities in this country. Third, at least one of the White men, Jake Sullivan, has proven himself to be remarkably philo-Semitic; his appointment “drew broad praise from Jewish leaders,” and his wife, Maggie Goodlander, worked extensively with influential Jews like Joe Lieberman, Stephen Breyer, and Merrick Garland (see here). Fourth, we have an interesting “double-banger” in Mayorkas, who manages to be both Cuban and Jewish, thus checking two important boxes. Fifth, by placing Yellen in charge of the US Treasury, Biden continues a long, nearly-unbroken line of Jews in charge of the top US financial institution.[2]The current officeholder is the Jew Steven Mnuchin. For a brief further discussion, see my book Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019: 140-142).

Furthermore, Biden has placed yet more Jews in important positions among his second tier. These include the half-Jewish John Kerry (environmental advisor), Jared Bernstein (council of economic advisors), Rochelle Walensky (head of CDC), and Jeff Zients (Covid czar and “counsellor to the president”).

And then, of course, we have the infamous “family ties” among both Biden and Harris. Biden’s three adult children all managed to acquire Jewish spouses: Hunter married “filmmaker” Melissa Cohen in 2019, daughter Ashley married Howard Krein in 2012, and (the now-deceased) Beau married the Jewish dry-cleaning scion Hallie Olivere in 2002. For her part, Kamala Harris married the Jewish lawyer Doug Emhoff in 2014, so we can be sure where her sympathies lie—as if there was any doubt. Bottom line: Look for lots of policies favoring Jews and Israelis, and little in the way of support for the 61% of Americans who are White. Look for so-called open borders (i.e. very generous immigration and amnesty policies), for promotion of all kinds of ‘racial sensitivity’ awareness and training, and for increased attacks on “hate speech,” that is, on anything that the minority-laden Judeocracy decides that it doesn’t like.

What to do: Independence!

Given all this, it is difficult to find a path forward for concerned Whites. Their quality of life, their financial security, and their physical and mental health are all more or less guaranteed to decline over the coming four years. As more Democratic-leaning minorities enter the country or are granted amnesty, and thus acquire voting rights, liberal-left anti-White policies will become more entrenched and more extreme. This process will then accelerate over the next 25 years, as Whites become a numerical minority in the US—currently projected for around the year 2042. Jewish influence will increase proportionately, given that they are by far the leading donors, and thus the leading wire-pullers, among the Democrats.

It is clear, then, that ordinary political means—the ballot box—will no longer suffice to promote White interests. The political system is irrevocably slanted against Whites, and it will not change in our lifetimes; at least, not in the nation as it now exists. Unless we consider radical structural change, anything like a present-day America is virtually certain to increasingly pander to Jewish and non-White interests, and therefore to suffer irrecoverable decline—socially, economically, culturally, intellectually, and morally. And it will become a very dangerous place for Whites as the coalition of the aggrieved wreaks vengeance. Anything like the America that we knew in the 1950s and 1960s is done, over, finished. The three seeds of its demise were planted many years ago: in the African slave trade that made Blacks an astonishing 20% minority already in the 1770s; in the “all men are created equal” clause of the Declaration; and most of all, in the flood of Jewish immigrants circa 1900. At that point, our fate was sealed. It was only a matter of time. Our end is now clearer than ever. And it will not be a happy one for Whites.

As the South recognized long ago, the only hope for long-term salvation lies in political separation. Had the Confederacy prevailed in the 1860s, the status of Southerners (and Northerners!) would be vastly higher than it is today. It is one of the great tragedies of history that a power-mad Abraham Lincoln—a man who disliked Blacks and who actually, and correctly, sought to ship them back home to Africa[3]See “The Great Emancipator and the Issue of Race” (here). Also, CNN recently reported that the nation of Ghana issued a call to Black Americans to “come home” to Africa—a great idea for all concerned.—decided to sacrifice thousands of his fellow countrymen simply to save “the nation.” In the end, some 650,000 American soldiers on both sides died; this is more than the death toll from WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War combined. And this is not counting thousands of innocent civilians and slaves who also died, nor the many thousands left with crippling and debilitating injuries. Lincoln was, without doubt, the biggest war criminal in American history. We continue to pay the price to this day.

GOP-Texas leader Allen West, a Black American, was correct, then, in his recent pronouncement that the anti-Biden (I hesitate to call them pro-Trump) states ought to separate from the corrupt morass of Washington DC’s America and form a new, better union. West considers them to be the Constitution-loving states, which is perhaps correct—although he should be careful there. In the following I will depict an ideal Constitution for a new White republic — a Constitution that is, to be sure, far beyond the political sensibilities of the great majority of White Americans at the present time.

The core U.S. Constitution is a fairly useful document, but it is notably vague on who can vote and it is infinitely malleable via leftist machinations. But at that time, in the 1780s, the vast majority of voters were White male landholders—which, tragically, allowed Jewish men to vote. This problem must be fixed in the new nation that West envisions. Also at first, as we know, women and Blacks could not vote. As a new, White-friendly, anti-minority nation, this “new America” must certainly allow White women to vote, but it has no obligation to any minorities of any kind. In fact, any clear-thinking and brave-hearted new nation would deny citizenship to all non-Whites: all Blacks, all Hispanics, all Asians, and all Jews. It would end, and revoke existing, birthright citizenship. All this is essential, if we want to get down to fundamental issues and to address the root causes of our present decay. A properly-conceived and executed secession movement can address all these issues in a single stroke.

Some Open Questions

But there are many logistical problems here, obviously. One is the matter of which states, precisely, would compose this new America. As I mentioned at the outset, there were 24 Trump-voting states, comprising some 150 million people. Further, with the exception of Alaska, they happen to be geographically contiguous, meaning that, in theory, they could unify and create a connected, single nation—one that would chop the remaining US into three or four separate blocks; but that’s their problem. Additionally, we can well imagine that portions—perhaps the rural areas—of several nearby states would also like to join this newly-emergent nation. Eastern and northern California, eastern Oregon and Washington, southern Illinois, Virginia south of the DC metro area, and parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, among others, may well choose to secede from their own state and join the “constitution-lovers.” We can easily imagine the combined numbers approaching 200 million people in all.

Then there are further issues. Given that Jews of all types will be violently opposed to this idea, we have to take into consideration the size of the Jewish population in each of these states. Among the 24, Florida is the outlier; it has a large Jewish population, comprising around 4% of the total. Of the remaining 23, only two (Ohio and Missouri) are over 1%, and of the rest, many are under 0.5%. Consequently, Florida is unlikely to go along with a new, constitution-loving, pro-White nation. Perhaps they will have to go it alone.

Along the same lines, large Hispanic populations, especially in Texas and Florida, will pose problems for a pro-White nation. But with significantly less clout than Jews, and without a Jewish lobby actively defending them, Hispanics will be out of luck. Perhaps they will find it in their own best interests to return to Mexico or Latin America—places that would welcome their relatively advanced education, skills, and comparative wealth.

There is a third problematic group, and that is Christian Zionists. If it’s true that up to 25% of American adults consider themselves “evangelical Christians” and that up to 80% of these are some version of Zionist—meaning broadly that they support Jews and Israel for Biblical reasons—then this poses a potentially large issue, especially in the southern states. But this is a regional issue, one requiring regional solutions. Secessionists will have to play up the benefits of religion, freedom, and independence, and argue that this outweighs any sanctions against local Jews.

All these issues come to a head in a larger concern: the problem of size. It has long been recognized, since ancient times, that overly-large states are in for trouble. Biologically-speaking, this makes sense. Humans evolved over 2 million years in small hunter-gatherer bands of perhaps 50 to 100 people; for millennia, this was the size of our ‘state.’ Our emotional and rational psyches evolved to deal with groups of this size, and no more. Larger groups are both unnatural and unhealthy; in larger societies, systemic corruption inevitably creeps in.

The ancient Greeks understood this intrinsically. Plato said that the maximum, ideal society would consist of 5,040 households, or around 25,000 people—for the entire city-state.[4]See Laws, Book 5 (737c-744e). Hippodamus argued for an even smaller state of 10,000 citizens.[5]As mentioned by Aristotle, in Politics II.8 (1267b). Aristotle broadly concurred, saying that the ideal state must be “one and self-sufficing.” In Book 7 of Politics, he elaborates:

[A] great polis is not to be confounded with a populous one. Moreover, experience shows that a very populous state can rarely, if ever, be well-governed; since all states that have a reputation for good government have a limit of population. … To the size of states there is a limit, as there is to other things, plants, animals, implements. For none of these retain their natural power when they are too large or too small, but they either wholly lose their nature, or are spoiled. … In like manner, a state when composed of too few is not, as a state ought to be, self-sufficing; when of too many, though self-sufficing in all mere necessaries, as a nation may be, it is not a state, being almost incapable of constitutional government. For who can be the general of such a vast multitude, or who the herald, unless he has the booming voice of a Stentor?

A state, then, only begins to exist when it has attained a population sufficient for a good life in the political community: it may indeed, if it somewhat exceeds this number, be a greater state. But, as I was saying, there must be a limit. What should be the limit will be easily ascertained by experience. For both governors and governed have duties to perform; the special functions of a governor to command and to judge. But if the citizens of a state are to judge and to distribute offices according to merit, then they must know each other’s characters; where they do not possess this knowledge, both the election to offices and the decision of lawsuits will go wrong. When the population is very large, they are manifestly settled at haphazard, which clearly ought not to be. Besides, in an over-populous state, foreigners and aliens will readily acquire the rights of citizens, for who will find them out? Clearly then the best limit of the population of a state is the largest number which suffices for the purposes of life, and can be taken in at a single view. (Book 7.4; italics added)

Remarkable insight, and utterly appropriate for the present day.

More recently, social theorists like Leopold Kohr, Ivan Illich, and E. F. Schumacher have also persuasively argued for smaller states. Kohr suggests that, under modern, technological conditions, the maximum size for a well-governed and rational state is perhaps 10 million people.[6]See his fascinating book The Breakdown of Nations (1957/2012). Say what you will about the small European nations today, but if nothing else, they are, for the most part, rationally governed; generally speaking, they “work”.[7]Yes, we all know that Greece is a basket case. There are always exceptions. But most small European nations provide exceptionally high qualities of life, and in this sense, they work for their people. And their smallness and ethnic homogeneity play a large part in their success.

This all helps to explain, first, the insanity of trying to manage a present-day America of 330 million people. Three hundred million Gandhis would be ungovernable, let alone the present American mish-mash. Second, it suggests that Allen West’s “new America” of perhaps 150 million is likewise far too big. Texas alone is 30 million people; it really ought to become its own nation-state. Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, all over 10 million, could easily be their own nation-states. The smaller US states might fruitfully band together. Ultimately, the 24 “Trump states” could form five or ten independent nations, which might then organize a local American confederation of some sort, to advance their collective interests—but without surrendering local sovereignty. Five or ten small, independent, pro-White nations would further allow for a fair amount of social and political experimentation, yielding successes that could be transferred to the others. And diverse states would be harder to undermine by any potentially-resurgent Jewish Lobby—just as a unified European Union is much easier to corrupt than 27 independent nations.

So This Means War!

“Yes,” says the critic, “all fine and good. But the mighty US military will come in and crush any budding secession movement. You haven’t a prayer against them.” Yes and no. A single movement by a single state might be squelched, but simultaneous movements across the nation would be much harder to address. We have to understand that our federal government is actually much weaker than it appears, at least when it comes to internal disruption. We can bomb the hell out of Afghanistan, but a “CHAZ” microstate in downtown Portland carries on for months, run by nothing more than a handful of degenerate anarchists. Black Lives Matter lunatics managed weeks of looting and burning because they were a diversified, incorrigible, lawless band, working in several locations simultaneously. “Oh, but BLM and CHAZ had the implicit support of the Democratic power elite.” Fine—but a multi-state secession effort would have the implicit support of many in the Republican power elite. For them, there is much to be gained. Lots of new states mean lots of new presidents, new governments, and new institutions (imagine: new universities not dominated by a Jewish intellectual class!). Plenty of new opportunities for business, charities, religious groups, academia—the possibilities are immense.

Still, we have to be honest. It could come down to war, at least in some form, and many in the military would doubtless support the secession. We need not worry about cruise missiles raining down on Dallas or Columbus, or tanks rolling through the Indiana plains, but we can imagine federal troops being compelled to take some sort of action. Well, then—defend yourself. Thus it has always been. As I’ve argued in the past, if a few thousand low-IQ Afghans can hold the US military at bay for 20 years, then a few million motivated Whites can do much more. After all, those unwilling to fight are those undeserving to win anything. We would do well to recall what Nietzsche said about liberalism and the struggle for freedom; I quote him at length:

My conception of freedom. The value of a thing sometimes does not lie in that which one attains by it, but in what one pays for it—what it costs us. I shall give an example. Liberal institutions cease to be liberal as soon as they are attained: later on, there are no worse and no more thorough injurers of freedom than liberal institutions. Their effects are known well enough: they undermine the will to power; they level mountain and valley, and call that morality; they make men small, cowardly, and hedonistic—every time it is the herd animal that triumphs with them. Liberalism: in other words, herd-animalization. …

For what is freedom? That one has the will to assume responsibility for oneself. That one maintains the distance which separates us. That one becomes more indifferent to difficulties, hardships, privation, even to life itself. That one is prepared to sacrifice human beings for one’s cause, not excluding oneself. Freedom means that the manly instincts that delight in war and victory dominate over other instincts, for example, over those of “pleasure.” The human being who has become free—and how much more the spirit who has become free—spits on the contemptible type of well-being, that dreamt of by shopkeepers, Christians, cows, Englishmen, and other democrats. The free man is a warrior.

How is freedom measured in individuals and peoples? According to the resistance which must be overcome, according to the exertion required, to remain on top. The highest type of free men should be sought where the highest resistance is constantly overcome: five steps from tyranny, close to the threshold of the danger of servitude. This is true psychologically if, by “tyrants,” are meant inexorable and fearful instincts that provoke the maximum of authority and discipline against themselves; the most beautiful type: Julius Caesar. This is true politically too; one need only go through history. The peoples who had some value, attained some value, never attained it under liberal institutions: it was great danger that made something of them that merits respect. Danger alone acquaints us with our own resources, our virtues, our armor and weapons, our spirit, and forces us to be strong. First principle: one must need to be strong—otherwise one will never become strong.

Those large hothouses for the strong—for the strongest kind of human being that has so far been known, the aristocratic commonwealths of the type of Rome or Venice—understood freedom exactly in the sense in which I understand it: as something one has or does not have, something one wants, something one conquers.[8]Twilight of the Idols, chap. 11, sec. 38.

Do we really want to be free? Do we want to be strong? Do we have the courage to be strong? I believe we do. I believe that White Americans—at least, some core segment of this group—will find it in themselves to take the reins, to fight, and consequently “to force the will of millennia upon new tracks” (to quote Nietzsche once again). Now is the time to act. We need to hit them where it hurts. And I can promise you, the American Judeocracy fears nothing more than a widespread, pro-White secession movement; it is their greatest nightmare. Let’s work to make it come true.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany. His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the books Eternal Strangers (2020), The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019), and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020). For all his works, see his personal website


[1] As I wrote recently: “Let me make this as clear as possible: Jews are not White—not in any relevant sense. Jews are White like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal are Black; that is, only to the extent that it serves their interests to deceive. Yes, Jews’ skin tone matches ours, but that is merely an unfortunate and superficial fact of biology. To further obscure the issue, they use plastic surgery to hide the nose and to minimize the uniquely repulsive effects of Jewish aging. This allows them to circulate in White society unnoticed. But they are not White. Neither are Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners. ‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia. Jews are not White.”

[2] The current officeholder is the Jew Steven Mnuchin. For a brief further discussion, see my book Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019: 140-142).

[3] See “The Great Emancipator and the Issue of Race” (here). Also, CNN recently reported that the nation of Ghana issued a call to Black Americans to “come home” to Africa—a great idea for all concerned.

[4] See Laws, Book 5 (737c-744e).

[5] As mentioned by Aristotle, in Politics II.8 (1267b).

[6] See his fascinating book The Breakdown of Nations (1957/2012).

[7] Yes, we all know that Greece is a basket case. There are always exceptions. But most small European nations provide exceptionally high qualities of life, and in this sense, they work for their people.

[8] Twilight of the Idols, chap. 11, sec. 38.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. gay troll says:

    Ah yes, finally the Jews will return to the White House.

  2. Great article on almost every point. Thanks.

    I haven’t previously heard, though, that Afghans have low IQ. Granted, that may be proof of my low IQ. But you make many excellent points. Multinational corporations problem unsolved, though. Giant media corporations unsolved. But let them all, all the new countries, legislate that a corporation is not a person so has no human rights. And the giant corporations to be demerged.

    And the Jews or their rabbis would love de-emancipation.

    Disclaimer. I am not an American.

  3. @gay troll

    They are now, always were, there is no kidding oneself there.

    Excellent article.

    • LOL: AndrewR
  4. Come take a walk through the south after the war. The bitter fruit of secession is everywhere: in every city and town, one legged men hobbling on crutches, empty sleeves pinned up where arms once were, and worst of all, the leather masks worn by so many to hide the holes where shot-away noses and cheeks and chins had been. Take a good look: this is what the folly of secession wrought, “a new standard of masculine beauty” based on mutilation, as southern historian Shelby Foote so eloquently phrased it.

    The southern Confederacy was fundamentally a moral failure. Secession fanatics did as most politicians do, only more so, corrupted our language and our symbols of freedom and perverted our national heroes. They held no beloved ideal or philosophy as tightly as their love of wealth. Give any one of them a heavy sack of gold coins or a feather-light declaration of liberty (as one author put it), and see which one he surrenders first. You see these old vultures preying on the young, boys ruled by the rising tide of emotions, the ones cynical old politicians and businessmen and army men use against them to convince them to fight and die, to slip out of this life in agony decades before their time, or to spend the rest of their brief lifetimes maimed in body or mind.

    Think twice, then think a third time, before you follow their mad example into catastrophe, for no one, but no one, stands with you this time around.

  5. KenR says:

    Secession fanatics did as most politicians do, only more so, corrupted our language and our symbols of freedom and perverted our national heroes. They held no beloved ideal or philosophy as tightly as their love of wealth.

    C’mon. That’s a cheap and baseless pot-shot. Replace “secession fanatics” with “unionists” and the same applies in spades.


    When it comes to question of secession today, I wonder if we are ready for it? It would be pointless to engage in such peril if the resulting patchwork of liberated states isn’t prepared to fend of the very same ills and subversions that poisoned the union they left. No doubt truth does exist in the notion that the process itself offers inoculation, forms an education and a keener awareness among the people of our foes. The problem is that right now at this stage people can’t even widely seem to identify their enemies and the poisons that ail them. It does no good to revolt only to re-affirm the same busted ideas that led to ruination.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @JackOH
  6. @KenR

    With today’s interconnected world, the likes of a civil war catastrophe are not likely. The left may want to keep preying upon those that want a separate peace, but they can’t muster the fire power long term to achieve their desire for continuous control.

    Any real secession movement might start a violent conflict, but it won’t last long. Everything is too interconnected with relatives all over the country to allow for the military to settle the issue.

    What is does require is a governor to declare that his/her state will no longer consider the Fed Gov as legitimate, which it clearly isn’t, and peacefully tell the Fed Gov to pound sand. Other governors will quickly follow this lead. Once that avalanche starts, it won’t stop.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
    , @Cynical Pete
  7. anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    racist garbage.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
    , @Radicalcenter
  8. There are several low key groups discussing possible break up of the US into more manageable regional republics and this to be done on an amicable basis. This approach appears far more workable than a revived confederacy with its racist roots and rants. The result might look like a New England republic, a Mid-Atlantic republic, A Southeast republic, South republic, Aztlan, etc., etc. Our current situation has become unmanageable and counterproductive. The Communists in China are enriching their populace while the Capitalists in the USA and nearly everywhere else are impoverishing their populace.

  9. Wyatt says:

    You’re a special kind of stupid, you know that right? Everything’s getting worse, nobody believes that the status quo is going to improve upon things. So why not try it again? There’s no chance at a better life as things are going. Who gives a shit about being maimed or killed when you’re being slowly ground down, decade by decade, by some villainous kikes who will happily murder brown kids for the benefits for their psychopathic kindred in some god-forsaken shithole in the middle of the fucking desert?

    There’s no happy end for young Americans in the future. There isn’t a comfortable retirement after years of working. There’s no loving family to sit at their bedside while they die. There is debt, there is loneliness, there is no future. Americans have become a people with nothing left to lose. Exactly what is wrong with ripping out the rotting heart of America or dying in the process? At worst, they die. Everyone will eventually. At best, they get the country back. And if it’s somewhere in the middle, then it will be satisfying seeing people like you eating those words you think have some much power.

    A Civil War redux will be, above all, very cathartic.

    • Agree: TKK
  10. lloyd says: • Website

    I had earlier commented that the only State led by wasp white men is Texas. At least as they figure in the media. Now I find that the Texan most high profile advocate for seccession is an African American Allen West. Paxton a Texan white man who has enforced electoral law in Texas is facing indictment charges for fraud. That leaves very elderly Paul Craig Roberts as the great wasp hope for liberation. From what he has been writing lately in his blog, he is in danger of getting himself arrested. Dalton here is actually advocating in Texas the removal of franchise for everyone except white people. He is tilting at windmills. From what I know Texas gets by quite well without imposed diversity. I think Texas should stick to that seccession or not.

  11. anon[911] • Disclaimer says:

    When your case for secession is based on the synthetic divide-and-rule factions of this state, your plans for secession are doomed. This state was built to fuck you over.

    The case for secession is as follows: in universal-jurisdiction law, sovereignty is responsibility. Responsibility is accession to, at a minimum, the International Bill of Human Rights, the UN Charter, and the Rome Statute. The US has forfeited its sovereignty; all you do is assume it for your peoples.

    What you do is write the instruments into regional law and constitutions. The Rome Statute alone ensures your region will be shit through a goose – you commit to prosecuting or extraditing state criminals. You become a no-go zone for the perps of US war crimes, crimes against humanity, or aggression. With the International Bill of Human Rights you get the rights the USA has kept out of your reach. With the UN Charter you stop the US farming your children for cannon fodder for US government wars. You get representation like you never had in Congress, on treaty bodies, charter bodies, the ICJ, and the General Assembly.

    • Replies: @Franz
  12. JimDandy says:

    The Oklahoma City bombing seemed to be designed to crush the momentum of the “love my country but fear my government” American militia movement, and it did. My guess is Nashville is in the same universe as that. But I could be wrong.

  13. “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”
    Allen West, Chair, Texas GOP

    Allen West is a decent guy, but he’s very much the exception. There is zero point in breaking up the US if the shards would be organized along the same lines, which is to say, “proposition nations” of which anyone can be a citizen as long as he, she, or “they” believe in “democracy” and “diversity”. Real nations are ethnostates, and only real nations can stand the test of time because only real nations mean anything—the difference is akin to that between a family home and a flophouse. “Diverse” entities are zoos at their very best but inevitably devolve into jungles, which is what’s currently happening in the US.

  14. G J T says:

    Separation will only happen if globohomoshlomo decides it’s advantageous to them. It would be a temporary solution to a MUCH larger problem, that Jews already have a plan for.

    The more likely outcome is Jews decide the USA has outlived its usefulness and they need a new host to maintain their global hegemony. That host will be China and since they share so many traits in common (including the ability to manipulate one another and come out on top) the Jews will never, ever allow whites to create our own breakaway state within the USA. They can and will light the fuse and blow it into a million pieces before they allow such a thing.

    Jews are gearing up to pull the plug on ZOG USA, but it’s not going to be a peaceful separation of red and blue states. It’s going to be a plundering of the USA far worse than what they did to the USSR. They’ve pozzed the military for this very reason; because Jews play the long game better than anyone else. Did you really think they’d force faggots and trannies into our military and expect those creatures to defend THEIR interests? Of course not.

    The Chinese may not think it’s possible, but the Jews are going to make China what the USA is now. Don’t forget, there was a time when “elected” officials in the US didn’t slavishly bend over to Jews, but expected something in return for their betrayal of their country. China will go through the same process, where at first they think it’s a net-gain. By the time they realize it’s not, the USA will not exist. Not that they will care.

    Balkanization isn’t the answer. Standing up to Jewish power, and treating them as the nation-wreckers they are, is.

  15. Why Secession if Trump really won in a landslide? Most voters are unified and they overwhelmingly voted for Trump. We aren’t a divided nation at all. Quite the opposite and there is no reason for secession.

  16. Icy Blast says:

    Thanks, Wormtongue. Now go watch MSNBC.

  17. @anon

    We like racism. Racism is truth. “Diversity” is cancer.

    • Agree: PolarBear, Johnny Smoggins, bruce county
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  18. rgl says:

    Do it. Secede. Secession would mean, without a doubt, war. That can only be viewed as a good thing. For every American killing other Americans, that is one less American killing some poor overseas fuck – who, in the main isn’t white – whose only crime was harvesting olives. Or getting married. Or going the hospital. Or doing reportage.

    Do it.

    • Agree: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  19. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    To repeat, great article on almost every point. But it would be better to create two new republics. It is essential that the present USA be wiped out, but those secessions are by far the best way to do it. Almost all Americans would survive, and two secessions would vastly reduce America’s threat to the world.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
    , @Richard B
  20. Juri says:

    I do not believe that nobody has the courage and willpower to secede. And if by some miracle it happens, then liberals take it over like they did with every last thing you had.

    Like the UK . Only thing they got with their Brexit, was tougher communism.

    Secession by the nature is escapism. And the people who`s only solution to problems is running away, will never fight and defend anything they have.

    This is also reason, why gun`s are legal. Regime is sure that people will never ever use those guns, so there is no point to grab them.

  21. Ghali says:

    What I do not agree with is Dalton’s view that those who challenge the manufactured official narrative of the so-called “Holocaust” are called: “a small, renegade band of writers and researchers who refuse to accept large parts of this story. In reality, these researchers are the real and most accurate researchers. They are marginalised and ignored because of the power of Jewish finances.

  22. … this “new America” must certainly allow White women to vote,

    OK, a fuck-up from the get-go, or before anything has even started. You noted that women and non-property owners could not vote in the early years of this (former) Republic. Perhaps the Founders were wiser than Thomas Dalton. Though Amendment XIX (see also Part 2 and Part 3) was a big screw up, along with 90% of the Constitutional Amendments, voting rights were up to the States until just after the war caused by the 1st attempt at secession.

    As you wrote, the Constitution is “vague” on who can vote, but that’s simply because, like loads of other issues, that was left up to the various States. You don’t sound like you are pushing for a big powerful government of this proposed nation, and you’d better stick to that thinking. Big government in the first place and the usurpation of States’ Rights is what let the immigration invasion get out of hand. Do you think Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California would have let 30 million illegal Hispanics in if it were up to them? Do you think the legal immigration would have happened on this large scale if Senators were still appointed/elected by State legislatures? (Yes, Amendment XVII was another doozy!). Face it, plenty of white men and women in office voted to let this happen.

  23. The only way Jews are “not white”, is if you are using the term “White” in a religeous/political sense like the term “White Russian” wich meant a White Christian specifically.
    In that sense it is accurate since Jews are definately not Christians and have a distinct identity that is different from White European Christians.
    However from a strictly biological standpoint it is really not accurate to say that they are not white.
    Bioligically speaking if you take away all the cultural/religeous identity and just look at biology you can easily identify someone being white by simply looking at them. Is thier skin white?
    They may be hostile to white European, Christian culture but thier skin is still White, just like White liberal[ non-Jewish] may be just as hostile.
    So you are turning “White” into more of a cultural identity than a biological classification.

    Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners. [and Jews]
    these people are all considered “White” by the United States Census Bureau.

    • Replies: @Pruckus
  24. From reading this, I also think the author has no good understanding of US geography or has just not gotten around the place. Me, I’ve been everywhere in this here land.

    Jews in Florida are concentrated heavily in south Florida. The area north of the I-4 from the Atlantic coast to past Tallahassee and the non-beach parts of the panhandle are still in the South, just as an example.

    Your idea that the area should be contiguous is sound, and some States would definitely be wholly included in this new nation. However, because this one State voted 51-49 and this other voted 49-51, that’s no reason to classify them as new America material or not. If you’ve looked at election maps at the county, and even precinct level, you’ll know that the divisions run through almost everywhere. Yes, you can lop off the northeast “Acela Corridor”, big parts of the west coast, “Chicagoland”, but you get to an Austin, Texas or a Denver, Colorado, and you can see that lots of people are going to have to move.

    Can it be done this way, with delineated areas and mass migration in both directions? I don’t know if peacefully, and I don’t even know if it can non-peacefully.

    I’ll say this though: Something’s gotta be done, and the sooner the more peaceful, and the more possible.

  25. @Anita Patel

    I was hovering over the [Agree] button, but saw that last sentence again. What the US has in Crony Capitalism (closest thing to Fascism, in its economic sense). China looks good right now from far away, but the place is turning Orwellian at a rapid pace.

    With all the fast trains, bridges and gleaming towers, China is no place to emulate, Anita.

    • Agree: Radicalcenter
  26. Wally says:

    Strawman alert !!

    That was not what the South was.

  27. Hold up there, bros, maybe US Vice President Mike Pence is riding to the rescue

    Pence is said to be ready to use his powers 6 January to give Trump the election win … Pence is visibly on fire re election fraud, clip below

    He is, per the US Constitution, in charge of counting and accepting the votes of the presidential electors on 6 January

    There are legal memoranda circulating on the internet, some said to be from the White House, interpreting the US Constitution to mean that the Vice President has the authority and obligation to reject presented electoral vote slates by US states, which he believes are the result of fraud

    From 7 states there are two duelling groups of electors, one for Trump, one for Biden

    If Pence succeeds in creating election-count controvery in Congress with electoral slates being rejected, the Constitution then prescribes that the US Congress House picks the new President, voting in blocs by state … and the majority of states are Republican … Trump will win

    Mike Pence would have maximum information re his highest-level intelligence briefings, regarding China’s role with the Dominion vote-counting systems etc, which would inform his judgment of fraud in assigning electors

    Mike Pence speaking the other day on the election, 1 minute clip … he seems quite passionate and confident

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
    , @rgl
    , @Publius 2
  28. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    The first thing I do as President Harris is to stop all social security checks, medicare, medicaid, pensions, food stamps, student loans, and currency from entering the seceded states. Next, I charge the governors of the new states with treason, and send some FBI agents in helicopters and black SUVs to arrest and imprison them without bail. I also get court orders to place a lien on their house, and freeze their financial assets. It’s over fast.

    Btw, in a holiday newsletter I just received, I learned that an old friend of mine is preparing to decamp to Europe to live. What made it sobering is that he is a knowledgeable and analytical fellow, a Harvard Law School grad for what it’s worth, and he’s outta here.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Lee
    , @Johnny Johnny
  29. @Wyatt

    He doesn’t give a fuck about people like me and

    Leftists are perverts. They have no loyalty to God, nation or family.

    Killing them is always the best bet.

  30. John Hagan says: • Website

    Perhaps this is the future as some imagine. How this will effect the administration is in question yet the husband of Kamala is Jewish.

    • Agree: John Hagan
    • Replies: @Trickster
  31. GMC says:

    Sounds more like the Balkanization of the United States, and the end results, could be like Yugoslavia. IS there anybody in these States that are politically free , in order to begin this succession? Or will it end up being another American monkey F…k. , because every State, has been infiltrated by the NWO shills, and this past election just showed it. As another commenter said – Americans need to understand – exactly , who their enemy is , before the War, to get back America – starts. Hopefully, if Biden’s regime ends up in the WH, this will show the people – who their enemy is. We tried to get the peoples government back in Alaska , in the 70s and early 80s – the Establishment won out in the mid and late 80s. Mainly, because the Alaskans wouldn’t get their asses, get their guns and demand it.

    • Agree: gotmituns
  32. JackOH says:

    KenR, thanks for your excellent comment, sir.

    I welcome arguments broaching the subject of secession, but, you’re right, we’d have to consider the possibility the cure is worse than the disease.

    My starting pointing for thinking about secession–FWIW–is the startling legitimacy enjoyed by our civil rights apparatus, which, in my opinion, is unduly punitive of White males who are completely innocent of causing injury to anyone. I’m talking of affirmative action, of course, which has been hijacked by corporate America to serve its purposes.

    Maybe a politically minded writer with far better skills than I have could talk about the post-secession America that already exists. I’m thinking of the immense “population transfers” we call White flight. Seems to me that speaks to the already existing legitimacy of somehow separating from our deeply alienating Federal government.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  33. The seceding states would be in even worse shape than Civil War 1.0.

    Feds infiltrating every militia group and imploding them, Rhodesia-tier bush wars in domestic territory, a hostile Mexico potentially developing a two front war and global sanctions a mile long.

    I’m eager for all the Trumpers to try their boog and watch it get droned into dust, but it won’t happen. Boomers simply aren’t revolutionary material. 1968 proved that in spades.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Franz
    , @By-tor
    , @annamaria
  34. Franz says:

    With the International Bill of Human Rights you get the rights the USA has kept out of your reach. With the UN Charter you stop the US farming your children for cannon fodder for US government wars.

    The only thing it changes is your kids will then be fodder for UN wars. Our first was a long time ago, when Harry Truman sent the troops to Korea on a UN mandate.

    The UN is a collection of regimes bought by Rothschild/Rockefeller money. They sit on land the Rockefeller family donated after robbing it from America’s First Cheap Labor Era. Since we’re a generation or so into the Second Cheap Labor Era my guess is the UN mandates will now be handed down with money from Bezos-Gates-Zuck (etc.) who are all heroes of the current Cheap Labor Barons.

    At Fort Sumter the first American Constitution broke down and the latest version came into effect when the robber barons were able to use their money to buy tax-free institutions that exerted political power without a shred of responsibility. We’re up against that. States that secede will get hammered by the number of Feds working in each state… and it’s a really big number that will have the Armed Forces of the USA and the UN behind them.

    International Charters are big statements that sooth people into believing that there’s a lot of power on their side, and the United Nations will enforce it. Sort of a worldwide version of the QAnon nonsense. They are only a banker smokescreen and as big a joke as the term “international law.”

    Appeals like this will just make the Kissinger Prophecy come true:

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

    — Henry Kissinger. Speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

  35. Articles like this are why white nationalists are considered a lunatic fringe and a joke. A fairly well respected former officer and politician puts out some fighting words about Constitutionalists going there own way. Huge numbers of people would seriously entertain this idea. But leave it to the WN to come along and destroy it before it’s born.

    “Thanks so much Colonel West for the idea, but sorry, no niggers allowed!” I’m sure you are just going to have armies of normies and civnats beating down your door to LARP with you in your ethnostate.

    Ron Unz wasn’t wrong in his long essay about it being a loser movement who for 30 years hasn’t been able to see the forest for the trees. Your (((enemies))) learned how to hide behind moderate ideas for decades and only pull the radical agenda out once they were in full control.

    Apparently WN IQ levels can’t grasp this mild subterfuge as a winning strategy. So enjoy a few more decades of impotent rage knowing you blew it when you had a chance to get normie-cons over to your side of the fence.

    • Replies: @anon
  36. “It is one of the great tragedies of history that a power-mad Abraham Lincoln—a man who disliked Blacks and who actually, and correctly, sought to ship them back home to Africa[3]—decided to sacrifice thousands of his fellow countrymen simply to save “the nation.” In the end, some 650,000 American soldiers on both sides died… Lincoln was, without doubt, the biggest war criminal in American history.”

    I suspect that the antipathy held toward white people by the powers that control Biden, are more genuinely homicidal than Lincoln’s own ambition or that of the forces influencing him at the time. And I’m just guessing here, but whatever biases northerners and southerners held toward one another, they had to be organized into military units to routinely kill one another. Those non-whites presently aligned against white America have already begun the killing. There was never a need to issue them uniforms, divisional flags, etc. Several things suggest an even bloodier second war of secession.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  37. @Juri

    Then why will Biden and his Commie fags try to “grab” or tax them out of the hands of common men and women?

    • Replies: @Juri
  38. Amon says:

    Well this article degenerated into stupid babbling real fast.

    • Replies: @windship
  39. @RoatanBill

    You, as am I, are an expat, so in a sense it could be said that we chose to “secede” from the body politic of the USA. Perhaps an individual choice, perhaps a family choice, at least if there is no intention to return. This choice may become incredingly difficult to carry out going forward; “secession” may be limited to intra-USA movement rather than international. As for large-scale secession (a state or group of states), even if the sentiment is there, it would be an extremely difficult undertaking.

    Something such as you suggest seems more practical and possible, a sort of “nullification” feature with respect to federal “law” and regulations. Were there to be a number of state governments going that way, as is the case with legal marijuana, the federal gov’s enforcement capabilities would be stretched quite thin. From this a federal “laissez faire” policy with respect to states could well develop if only for purposes of expediency; pro-fed propganda would continue unabated, condemning the “rebel” states, but overt action against them would be far less likely.

    The inference I draw from this is that the anti-fed family should actively seek out sympathetic communities and become deeply involved with local, county and state politics until critical mass is reached to push for an “autonomous” zone such as those in Spain, in which central government’s influence is greatly reduced.

    I believe “soft secession” is viable in the USA. Such as is described in the essay is not.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @anarchyst
  40. GMC says:

    That’s is exactly what the US backed Kyiv government did to it’s people in Ukraine – stopped all the pensioner checks , etc. etc. – and Donbass went East and so did Crimea. When the Neo Nazis and the Kyiv Armies went to invade Donbass – they killed 10,000+ but they also paid a huge price. They started to go to Crimea, but the Crimean men, Russian cossacks, the MC Club Nightwolves and the Russian marines were waiting. The big question – will Americans finally see their true enemies – and bring out their guns and fight.

  41. Lee says:

    Anon said:

    I learned that an old friend of mine is preparing to decamp to Europe to live.

    Where in Europe does your friend plan on living? Looking for ideas myself.

  42. I do not doubt a secession or, rather, a Balkanization is just over the horizon.

    Interesting note: A former KGB scientist, years ago, forecast that the US would break itself apart and into three, possibly four groups, along with Alaska going to either Siberia or Canada, and Hawaii to China or Japan.

    Note the date: 2010. Ten years ago, eh? Interesting, yes.

    • Replies: @Anon
  43. Moi says:
    @Jim Christian

    Oh, c’mon. Deballed whitey has shown he doesn’t have the guts to do anything. Jews and blacks rule.

  44. Garliv says:

    The author writes:
    As more Democratic-leaning minorities enter the country or are granted amnesty, and thus acquire voting rights, liberal-left anti-White policies will become more entrenched and more extreme. This process will then accelerate over the next 25 years, as Whites become a numerical minority in the US—currently projected for around the year 2042.

    Where has he been? STEALING of Trump’s clear victory at the 3rd November election is now almost finalized and he’s talking about “yet to come in immigrants who will render Whites minority?” It is obvious that with or without “incoming minorities to render Whites as minority”, the game is over. Dems and their gangs will always win. Genuinely or fraudulently. And it seems nothing of effect can Republicans or Whites “nationalists” do. A clear and visible and open election fraud is few weeks away to COMPLETE SUCCESS. Next time they will repeat it. Who can stop them?
    This game is over. And secession “talk” will always be for amusements. Overwhelmingly Majority of Americans busy earning paycheck to paycheck and no time or inclinations to fight for anything. Only BLM & Antifa have resources to fight and it is their godfathers who are calling the shots. Sorry.

  45. gotmituns says:
    @A Competent Physicist

    Sir, we most certainly are divided. It’s the division of the lucid and the deranged.

    • Replies: @A Competent Physicist
  46. Franz says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Boomers simply aren’t revolutionary material. 1968 proved that in spades.

    Odd thing to say about ’68.

    While it’s true most of the anti-war demonstrators were an older bunch, 1968 was the year Lyndon Johnson threw in the rag and refused to run precisely because there was fear the situation was getting out of hand. Lyndon admitted it, noting that he was so associated with the war-of-the-moment that he didn’t want his candidacy to pour gas on the fire.

    Anybody doing that now? A local vet from the Iraq War was complaining at the local bar just the other night that he wished like hell there was some street action about foreign wars Trump said he’d end. He didn’t mean BLM, that greatest of all egghead-inspired diversions.

    “Revolutionary material” might have left the country during the soporific decades between Reagan and now . It sure was alive in ’68.

    • Thanks: GMC
  47. Secession is logical and desirable, and it’s already happening. While fagsisco erases Lincoln’s name from a school, corporations flee blue states for red.

    If the ‘Free United States’ could build effective borders to curtail undesirables, diverse blue states would eat themselves, literally (the first tank or helicopter used against us and no more trucks delivering food to big cities.)

    It’s obscene blue locusts are (still) allowed to move to red states to repeat their idiocy.

  48. JackOH says:

    IOW, if I wanted to argue for secession, I’d start by examining whether White flight from the cities to the suburbs and exurbs over the past 60 years constitutes some sort of secessionary fait accompli that need only be legitimized by some appropriate legal framework.

    Yeah, the idea of a separate America comprising hundreds of disconnected ringlet cities surrounding mostly Black metropoles sounds pretty crackpot to me, too. That’s the point of opening up sober debate, though. To clarify whatever in hell we’re talking about.

    • Replies: @rgl
  49. Jake says:

    That is a most interesting post. It sounds like a Readers Digest piece, the kind meant to evoke high poetry for those easily led by advertising. And, of course, it flips full meaning around and upside down in its attempt to both frighten people away from seeing the need to break apart the USA and persuade them that it would be joining the cause of selfishness to do so.

    A thing is not a moral failure because it is beaten militarily. The Russian anti-Bolsheviks, for example, were not moral failures because the Bolsheviks won. Bolshevism was, and and always will be, among the handful of most evil moral failures.

    From his comfy life in London, the then capital of Anglo-Zionist Empire, Karl Marx wrote a good deal about the necessity of the Southern Confederate cause being crushed. Marx knew that the Union was fully amenable to his goals and desires, just as he knew he was safe in London and could spread his ideas safely via the British Empire to all corners of the globe. Marx also knew that the Southern Confederacy was essentially antithetical to his goals and desires.

    Neocons and Leftists alike intend to have a tightly centralized Global Empire. They do not want to acknowledge that it is an Empire, and they even more so do not want to acknowledge that it is an Anglo-Zionist Empire. But it is, and it will only become ever more oppressive to the vast majority of peoples it rules, quintuply so for whites who are Christian in any historic sense.

    Yes, America’s Neocons and Leftists are purely evil enough to slaughter white Middle Americans by the tens of millions to force them to remain as virtual serfs to Anglo-Zionist Empire. And that is the reason to leave the Union that Karl Marx discerned as being on his side.

  50. Juri says:

    Then why will Biden and his Commie fags try to “grab” or tax them out of the hands of common men and women


    Because of collapsing brain dead Empires do irrational things. At the very end, Soviet Union did also weird tricks. Why this half dead Biden become president at all ? In the late Soviet Union, we were also ruled by corpses.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  51. gotmituns says:

    Yesterday in Nashville was the opening statement in the new secession. I’m very old now and have had my war, so all I’ll be able to do in this civil war is sit on the sideline with the women and children. But if an opportunity does come my way to help the side I’m on, I will do what little I can.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Trickster
  52. @Jim Christian

    JEWS come to more power during WW II..Got QUEER

  53. TKK says:

    There’s no happy end for young Americans in the future. There isn’t a comfortable retirement after years of working. There’s no loving family to sit at their bedside while they die. There is debt, there is loneliness, there is no future

    I say this a lot, but change that to WHITE Americans.

    The horrible unfairness of Affirmative Action cannot be overstated. White Americans are boxed out of even post office jobs.

    The entire range of government jobs that provide a comfortable retirement, paid sick time off and a living wage are overwhelmingly hoarded and awarded to BLACKS AND HISPANICS.

    To make extra money, I recently did remote work at home for a huge civil lawsuit, involving an “iconic” American brand. The people in the jobs at the top that actually have to make things happen- all white.

    But in their global PR, in their diversity sickness- constant fellatio of blacks and minorities.

    That’s what makes it so twisted, so disgusting. Smart whites know that blacks and Co. can’t get the job done. How many times have you called a customer service line, got a black or Indian- hung up to get a white or was promised X,Y and Z would be done, and it wasn’t.

    Violence is not what I am worried about at the top. I am worried about the slow slippage of America becoming a place- with no pockets of competence- where getting your power or your water turned on will takes weeks of calls or bribes. Where a medical appointment involves a nappy headed idiot speaking ebonics giving you a drug that will cause kidney or liver failure.

    And if you complain, if you demand basic white competence- you are arrested, fined, or worse.

    If you stop and think of the insanity- the ghoulish joke- of working to pay taxes to support entitled lazy sorry belligerents, to keep them fed and housed and coddled to only replace us—you will either kill yourself, leave the country or become a very violent man.

    The most dangerous people are the ones who have nothing to lose. That is the working class white man.

  54. Drup Jews good.
    Biden Jews bad.

  55. Jacob Jeremiah (Jake) Sullivan is likely to be Jewish.
    Wiki tells us what his parents did for work, but not their names.

    Jake’s wife:
    Margaret (Maggie) Goodlander
    Maggie has previously worked as a senior policy advisor for former senators like
    John McCain and Joe Lieberman. [Israel über alles!]
    Maggie is listed as a coauthor of the recent Impeachment legal briefs.

  56. sonofman says:

    America is a Nation with a fundament of values that are relevant and inherent to all human beings. Anyone who expounds a separation of “Whiteness” is no better than an Al Sharpton and the exploitation of “Black” oppression, or anyone else who provokes tribal narcissism in America. Why are people talking about secession or civil war when the solution is so simple? The “Deep State”, the corporate globalists, the Democrats, Antifa, BLM, the communists, the socialists, the censurers, the liars, the history prevaricators, the cancelers, the deniers, the anarchists, the haters and anyone else devoid of common sense and critical thought, have all just committed seppuku by the collusion and execution of a crime that the judicial branch of the Government is obligated to punish by law. The DOJ only has to do their job, Joe Biden should concede, and all of the people who are now biting on the bullet that they shot in their foot should wake up and realize how seriously they have pissed off the American people, and justice is the only way to quell their wrath and prevent, not another revolution, but a defensive that will go beyond American borders.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  57. @gay troll

    The difference between the two Corporate candidates in the 2016 election farce:

    Clinton’s daughter married a wealthy Jew.
    Trump’s daughter married a wealthy Jew.

    Both women must have been born Jewish, or the nice Jewish boys would not be able to sire Jewish children.

    Now I need to update this to include Biden’s daughter and the 2020 election farce.

  58. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Secession won’t matter, if the breakaway republics go on to create a central bank, and then have the Usual Suspects running the institutions.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  59. Miro23 says:

    As a new, White-friendly, anti-minority nation, this “new America” must certainly allow White women to vote, but it has no obligation to any minorities of any kind. In fact, any clear-thinking and brave-hearted new nation would deny citizenship to all non-Whites: all Blacks, all Hispanics, all Asians, and all Jews.

    Personally I can’t see it happening. It would need a clear racial definition of the UCS (Union of Constitutional States). In the same way that China is the homeland of ethnic Chinese and Israel is the homeland of ethnic Jews, then the UCS would be the homeland of European Americans (stated at the outset).

    The UCS conversion of citizenship into long term residence status for non-ethnics would be possible. For example, Switzerland is the homeland of the ethnic Swiss but has a large non-Swiss population of long term foreign residents. They can’t vote or be members of the government, but have economic rights, pay taxes and are quite happy with the arrangement. They’re basically there for economic reasons and aren’t all that interested in Swiss politics.

    Then there are further issues. Given that Jews of all types will be violently opposed to this idea, we have to take into consideration the size of the Jewish population in each of these states.

    IMO it’s a mistake to lump all Jews together . The problem is the radical minority neocon types who also intimidate regular Jews – and this group isn’t spread around different states. They’re concentrated in New York/Washington and they’ll mobilize military action from there. There’s no chance of a peaceful outcome.

    Second, it suggests that Allen West’s “new America” of perhaps 150 million is likewise far too big. Texas alone is 30 million people; it really ought to become its own nation-state. Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, all over 10 million, could easily be their own nation-states. The smaller US states might fruitfully band together.

    True, but since the prospective UCS will likely soon be fighting a war with the Blue Zio-Reich it needs unity first. Talk of states independence will just cloud the issue.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  60. Considering that conservatives, the Republican party … and Donald Trump … are outright, overt enemies of real Americans, white Americans, the idea of a conservative, right-wing, GOP-led secession movement is laughable.

    Imagine a Texas-led secession. What would happen?

    Well, conservative Texans would likely

    a) have open borders and free trade, due to their economic ideology.

    b) engage in world-wide wars for Israel, due to their Zionist ideology.

    “The Constitution” is just a fetish object for right-wingers. It’s just a piece of paper, it can be “interpreted” in any way you want, and despite their pretenses the right-wing Republicans are just as bad as the left-wing Democrats when it come to just making up “interpretations” that simply fit whatever they want it to.

    A major impediment to pro-white policies is the Republican party and conservative ideology. Destroy conservatism and the Republican party and you may be able to get some pro-white policies.

  61. Trickster says:
    @John Hagan

    This woman is a real actress. The way she is looking at Biden suggests she s ready to go down on his nuts. It never ceases to amaze me, cynical and jaded as I am, the lengths people go to for more power, more prestige and more money which in the ends trips them up and casts them down.

    The American dream IS still alive and well. Where else can a black douche who could not get elected to run a lemonade stand end up being the Vice President (for 90 days is my estimate) and then President. But what will she be ruling over ? A slum ? It seems to me in typical black fashion they delight in being the Emperor (in this case Empress) of a ruin. One thing is for sure, the JuZ are going to have a field day manipulating this bitch.

    The US has come to a bad place, a fork in the road and immigrants who think they are coming to the land of milk and honey better reconsider staying where they are. Better a hut made of mud and cow shit than a cardboard box over a subway vent. People are fleeing California. New York is also a desert with those who can leaving and those who cannot ruined, on the verge of ruin or wondering when they will be ruined…………….and stuck in the City because they have no place to go. Folks are also leaving the US. Many Latinos are liquidating and moving back to the home country. The Banana republics so despised in the past are looking more favourable and stable than the country that continually destabilized them. Such is the irony of history.

    The article is right. The US is not what it used to be and perhaps those days are gone for good . Worse, as people feel they have less and less to lose or nothing more to lose they are liable to lose control and run amok.

    What a mess and we got into it one step at a time. As the old saying goes never let a small evil enter as greater ones lurk outside also waiting to enter. We let too many non Christians and darkies into the country.

    The framers of the constitution left us a great legacy and a great country. We, their advanced successors, we fucked them up !

    • Replies: @annamaria
  62. Miro23 says:

    A more realistic UCS (Union of Constitutional States) might restrict citizenship to people who’s ancestors were US citizens before 1965. That would more or less revert the UCS to the voter demographics of 1965 and equitably include ethnic Black Africans and a number of Latinos who who had lived for generations in the US.

  63. The “half-naked Fakir” (Gandhi) stood up to the mightiest empire to the then date and the “low IQ” Afghans stood up to the current mightiest empire because both believed in their respective faiths, i.e. Dharma (Hinduism) and Sunni Islam. What do the current crop of American Christians believe in? Nothing, save the saving and serving Israel, i.e. Jews.

    If your quote of Nietzsche is anything to go by then your musings are simply fantasies…

    “The human being who has become free—and how much more the spirit who has become free—spits on the contemptible type of well-being, that dreamt of by shopkeepers, Christians, cows, Englishmen, and other democrats. The free man is a warrior.”

    The “warrior” he is talking about isn’t the beer guzzler, rap listener, booty-twerking watcher, Israel worshiper but a pagan, uber mensch.

    A few hundred years from now White man will be spoken of with the same reverence as the dodo bird… just as some part of dodo remains in birds, some part of White man will remain men!

    • Agree: Trickster
  64. @Wyatt

    You know the feds will fight you by doing their bombing thing. They’ll destroy every bit of functioning infrastructure. And before any attempts of succession, they will flood your red states with diversity. But hey, die trying. White dead boys won’t bother the Biden administration one iota.

    • Replies: @frontier
    , @Wyatt
  65. I’m all in. Can I bring my unicorn?

  66. MLK says:
    @A Competent Physicist


    To paraphrase Trump, just exercise some common sense. What about the 2020 campaign, election and what has followed, substantiates the idea that Sleepy Joe won?

    My advice to everyone is don’t be like the hosts in Westword re this monumental election fraud: “It doesn’t look like anything at all to me.”

    MAGA is more than 80M strong. Indeed, apply the Pareto Principle for a good enough for government work 80% committed to our constitutional republic and free and fair elections thingies.

    The only substitute for consent of the governed is what is currently in fashion behind the curtain, communist-style power politics. We’ve been given a mere taste of what comes from the abandonment of the Rule of Law and protected liberties in favor of tyranny.

    I’ll let all of you in on a little secret. Ever more amped up surveillance, censorship and coercion is no way to run a railroad. It’s absurdly more expensive and presents lose-everything risk to elite and establishment interests alike. It currently seems cute to the powers that be because of the rise of CCP China seems like the solution to all their problems.

    The red states aren’t going to secede. Only a fool or a troublemaker says they should. Ditto with turning over the Republican Party to the RINO human scum. This is what the UniParty wants in a toxic brew along with MAGA being driven into a despairing quietism.

  67. Trickster says:

    Secession means destruction and heartache. Infrastructure as we know it will be destroyed. No heat, no electricity, no water.

    The average American is accustomed to the easy life….video games, fast food, weed and porn. How many people can live with just one change of clothes if that, sleep in a hole outdoors, eat every few days and piss and shit behind a bush, rarely clean their rotting teeth, bathe whenever they can and suffer cold, heat, thirst and hunger ? The US is 68% + OBESE ! Living like an animal outdoors is going to thin a lot of these unfit fucks who sit all day and drive the one minute to the convenience store to get a bag of chips and a soda.

    Large US cities would become sheer hell holes, where would the residents of a NY high rise get their water and food. And the “sophisticated” folks who have never slept in the woods would piss their pants at the animal noises at night and the bugs.

    Even the “hard ass cons” relaxing in Club Fed demand heated cells, proper sanitation, clean clothes and 3 squares. Anything less is considered abuse.

    Secession my ass ! And if by chance we do go that route and are successful then ALL non whites and non christians (sympathetic or not) have to be evicted or we will be in the same boat in the future.

    It looks like Apartheid and Adolph knew a thing or two HUH ?

  68. All this succession talk makes me think of the foiled plot of kidnapping Gretchen Whitmer. Created by feds so as to besmirch white men. For the record I think the great American break up will happen, and its is cooked into the history book already by our Jewish International Banking cartel. I embrace it when it happens, but I think we should control their variables for a change. So please white man, survive and thrive off their books first. My little suggestion is to control some towns, counties, and even a state. Do not take one bit of fed money, refuse to enforce federal laws, refuse relocation of migrants and blacks, and ultimately don’t pay federal taxes. Tie the bastards up in their beloved courts instead of avoiding air force bombs. Sadly it means a little less time at your gym and gun ranges, while spending more time sitting at boring meetings and court hearings.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  69. @Montefrío

    involved with local, county and state politics

    The local and county level are useless because the governor of the state won’t turn a blind eye toward it. Governors are the presidents of their states and are in line to become actual presidents should they secede. They are just as power mad as the potentates at the Federal level (President / Congress / Supreme Jesters).

    Action at the state level, or should I say at the Governor level would do it. A governor that’s willing to risk the wrath of the Fed Gov is what’s needed. A state like Texas that has the absolute right under law to secede because they had that written into the agreement when it became a state, should lead the way. Once the Governor of Texas told the Fed to pound sand and do it legally, there would be other kings, excuse me, governors of other states that would see their chance for trading the governor title for President, especially in Red states.

    It takes one governor / state to call the Fed Gov’s bluff and it’s all over. There’s no way the Fed Gov is going to send troops into a state that’s prepared and ready by mobilizing their national guard along with the announcement. Neighboring states would send their guards to assist and that’s a tsunami that can’t be stopped unless the Fed Gov is willing to risk an all out war with modern weapons and turn their shining light on a hill into a bonfire for the entire world to see.

  70. Trickster says:

    Yes, well I have also done my part for “freedom and democracy” but when the action starts I will not be sitting on the sidelines, neither will I be part of the action. Either will get a guy killed.

    Rather I will be looking out for Number ONE !

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  71. Oemiktlob says:

    While much could be said on this subject the one proof that secession itself is a good idea is the fact that TPTB and anti-freedom, anti-human types are against it and will perform intellectual gymnastics and employ pretzel logic that knows no bounds. That alone tells me all I need to know.

    • Agree: Radicalcenter
  72. @Ray Caruso

    The day Whites stop caring about being called “racist” is the day they can get up off their knees.

    A heartfelt denial of being “racist” just gives the word more power. The best response is just to tell the truth – everyone’s a racist, and they are, even if they’re only racist against themselves, like Whites or racist against everyone else, like Jews.

  73. As a new, White-friendly, anti-minority nation, this “new America” must certainly allow White women to vote

    And thus Dalton’s alabaster Utopia plants the seeds of its own destruction. For proof, just look at how white women have voted over the past 50 years: always siding with the poor oppressed Jew, the poor victimized black, the poor anybody-with-a-grievance-and-a-Twitter-page.

    Only white male landowners should vote. Period. Those old guys who built this joint knew what they were talking about.

  74. ATILA says:

    The civil war of the 19th century was motivated by racism with that of:
    “Those from the north to the North Pole and those from the south (with slavery as a plan) to the South Pole.”
    And in the end racism will be what will split the nation, this time simply because of exceptionalism or the white superiority of the Christian religion.

  75. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t want secession, I just want to throw all of you out. You don’t like this country anyway and all anyone has wanted to do since they could think was change it, to better suit themselves. Some people don’t want to be a part of the country and live in a Republic, those people want to make the country and everyone in it to their likeness. Those people could go live in their own ready-made utopia with their own people and other like minded people.
    Considering that would never happen I think the government should set up a program to repatriate some to places more suitable, I would like for our chosen countries of origin to like-wise set up programs to handle the influx of us, change school curriculum’s to suit us and our children. I would like money and housing available, small and big business loans, food vouchers, access to private schools and university, autos for mobility, vacations back to visit family and friends. We would also need access to government offices and jobs as police so we can take care of our own people, churches for the religious among us too. This list is not all inclusive because anyone should be able to take over their country as long as the votes say so.

    Poor Indians all that time and the Mexicans get to take over.

  76. @anon

    What a thoughtful, detailed, and persuasive rebuttal. Now I agree with you where before I was inclined to largely agree with the author.

  77. anarchyst says:

    You are correct. Before the “War of Northern Aggression” the united States (yes, I purposely did not capitalize “united”) held very little power. The post office and military control over the non-state “territories” were its primary functions.
    Residents of their respective states did not consider themselves to be “citizens of the united States” but considered themselves to be citizens of their respective states. For example, a Virginia citizen considered himself to be a “citizen of Virginia”,NOT a “citizen of the united States”.
    Nullification of federal statutes and laws is an effective way to subdue and limit the power of the federal government. Federal powers (are supposed to) emanate from the states themselves, not the other way around.
    For far too long, “the tail (federal government) has been wagging the dog (states)“.
    This is the only non-violent way for the system to change–from the inside. The states (us) need to take back OUR power.
    A good example of this is marijuana legalization which is being run by the states, and is being forced on the federal government. This is but one example where states have the power to “push back”.

  78. @brabantian

    Hope so, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    It appears that even if trump wins, the US will continue to decline and become more overcrowded, polluted, impoverished, Balkanized and untrusting thanks to both massive “legal” immigration and illegal settlement. Trump has never said he would try to end or even slow the “legal” physical, economic, and cultural dispossession of traditional Americans (mostly white Americans and their spouses) by unending waves of nonEuropean and nonChristian immigration. And he hasn’t.

    But it is worthwhile to have him win, for example, to the extent that his judges are more likely to strike down further unconstitutional impairment of our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights.

    It also appears that Trump will not impose a national mask mandate, antisocial-distancing mandate, or vaccination mandate, while Harris-Biden may well impose all three. The party behind Harris-Biden also will confiscate our best means of defending ourselves (firearms) and ban or harass websites with unacceptable opinions like this one.

    To indulge in some hardcore cynicism, I suppose if the powers that be are willing to let Pence give Congress the opportunity to reject fraudulently anointed Biden electors in favor of the rightful Trump electors, it will only be because they are satisfied that Trump/Pence will not do much to stop our dispossession or protect our interests and culture.

  79. anarchyst says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    There was no “plot” to kidnap tyrant Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.
    It was all “bar talk” as it was elevated to a “plot” by the democRATs themselves. They needed something to distract from the governor’s dictatorial PMS behavior.
    Just like Oklahoma City where the “citizen militia” movement was marginalized, neutralized, and driven underground, Whitmer’s “attempted kidnapping” was a farce–a propaganda exploit by the governor’s people–not a real “plot”.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  80. Trinity says:

    Secession? Yeah right, as soon as the white traitor trash, negroes, and other nonwhites destroyed the anti-White lawless areas, which would probably take less than 8 months, they would start flooding to the law abiding states. Yankees, Haitians, Cubans and other “Latinos,” as well as the local negro and negroes from other states have totally RUINED FLORIDA. And now they are in the process of destroying North Carolina, South Carolina, northern Georgia, and I hear the latest “hot city” for snowbirds is Nashville. Speaking of Nashville, prayers go out to that city.

    What we need is SEGREGATION. And NO, I am not about to GIVE UP moderate weather for some dreary ass albeit beautiful as far as scenery is concerned state in the Northwest. No mo’ runnin’ for this White boy. IF you have to give the white traitor trash and his pets some land, place them above the Mason-Dixon line, particularly in New England and all on the left coast. Put them in places like Madison, Wisconsin, Vermont, and puleeeze, lets FLOOD Boston with diversity.

    Anyhow, “secession” is horseshit. The White man and woman BUILT THIS LAND so why should WE give it away to ingrates who have done nothing but destroy this nation through criminality, violence, threats of violence, laziness and filthiness, disgusting morality and third world behavior, etc., etc.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  81. @Trickster

    Of course you have the right and duty to protect your own children and family first. You have the instinct of a normal decent man.

    What else do you mean, neither part of the action or on the sidelines, if you can explain to some degree without incriminating yourself?

  82. ruralguy says:

    Where would those soldiers come from, for this succession? Who would be the new citizens of this succession? Think about it. The U.S. military says 71% of American young people are either too fat, too dumb, too drugged up, or otherwise unfit to serve in the military. Only 1% of American young people are both fit to serve and motivated. Now, cut that 1% to 0.5%, because fewer than 50% of US children under 15 are white. With less than 50% white kids and most young people indoctrinated into woke beliefs, the replacement population of this new nation will soon be more woke and non-white than the states you would succeed from.

  83. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Franz your very common problem (35) is, you talk about the UN like it’s one big thing with no parts. The different parts of the UN vary greatly based on how much the US has been able to corrupt them. The US purged and corrupted the Secretariat pretty thoroughly. (One good source for that is Shirley Hazzard’s Countenance of Truth.) But in the UNGA and in most treaty bodies the US is a lonely helpless dunce, a laughingstock. The US can’t control the charter bodies either, so they just quit them. The UN doesn’t make any country go to war.

    NATO bloc media keep people in the dark about the UN so people will fall for the CIA propaganda. You will notice that media articles about the UN never link to the documents they’re reporting on. They just tell you what to think.

    Alfred de Zayas surveyed the world and found out nobody gives a shit what Kissinger thinks. He’s a fossilized dinosaur. No wonder that some Swiss guy recorded him for global luls – Geneva is the capital of the world. The Swiss know what the free world thinks.

    In any case, if you hope to secede, you got to accede to those agreements. No accession, no recognition. No recognition, no country. That’s just the way the world works.

  84. Gg says:

    Your idea is the American nation. Succession isn’t the answer states rights is / less federal government is. Succession will be mired in bloodshed that I don’t know that you’ll be ready for or even survive.

  85. @A Competent Physicist

    I have concluded that the election was stolen, and I am hoping that Pence refuses to count the fraudulent Biden elector slates from Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn, and Georgia.

    But it is really untenable to suggest that the electorate is not seriously divided, or that the legal votes cast were overwhelmingly for trump. Best educated guess is that Trump increased his vote total by millions from last time, increased his vote total more than the dems increased theirs, and gained more legal votes than Biden did in the aforementioned swing States. But by no means do we have a landslide win for trump or anything approaching consensus.

    • Replies: @A Competent Physicist
  86. @Trinity

    Why would we give up on some of our territory? Because we no longer have the numbers to reclaim it all and hold it.

    Better to avoid wasting precious lives fighting a futile battle for Los Angeles, NY City, or any of these heavily non—white and increasingly anti—white anti—traditional places.

    As for people destroying their new country in the territory that we cannot currently reclaim and then trying to enter our country: shoot them dead, as many as necessary till they desist, and bomb the daylights out of their Territory just over the border. That is what serious countries do to protect their borders and their people.

  87. AndrewR says:
    @Jim Christian

    He wants white women voting but not white men who happen to be “Hispanic.” He’s an idiot and so is anyone who likes this article.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  88. @rgl

    Sadly, if I were on the receiving end of the us government‘s many, many, many aggressive, nondefensive, nonretaliatory wars, cruel sanctions, drone attacks on civilians, arming and aiding savage Islamist terrorists, etc., I would feel the same way.

    But I am an American and we have children.

    Whatever happens, the us government will lose much of its ability to inflict wanton murder, terror, poverty, and displacement on tens of millions of people far abroad who pose no threat to us. I pray we can achieve that without mass violence over here.

  89. AndrewR says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    It’s a really dumb article and Unz humiliates himself by not having the slightest inkling of editorial discrimination.

    No, Mr Unz, you really don’t need to let every moronic crank and his mom submit an essay to your site.

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  90. Mike Tre says:

    So just lie back and think of the Union? Lol

    Spread the other cheek while you’re at it. Because you’re going to have a line of gay trolls waiting to take their turn with you. And from now on, they’re going in dry.

  91. Mike Tre says:

    The idea of secession is moot unless demographic realities are addressed.

    Those realities require hard men to make harder choices. I’m not sure there’s enough of them left.

  92. Art says:

    The Jews, the China Commies, and the elite gentile Deep State have our constitutional republic wired. Clearly, the congress, the administration, and the courts are unwilling to honor the command of the “We the People” part of the Constitution. Collectively they are stealing the 2020 election. Collectively they are the enemy of Christian Euro culture.

    Those who say we can never trust another national election are 100% correct. Our only path to personal liberty is through reclaiming local government for ourselves. The Jews, China-commies, and elite feminists, are busy putting their socialist stamp on our local governments.

    The truth is that without Christianity, there can be NO liberty. Only the practical ideals put forth by Jesus: of hope, sacred life, love of neighbor, truth seeking, forgiveness, and grace for all – can lead to liberty.

    Without those ideals being put in play – skin color politics is just animal play.

  93. HT says:

    Secession is the most important topic of our time and yet no one realizes it. It is actually the only realistic way to save liberty and freedom and civilization. America going forward is going to be anti-white and that will mean a decline in everything good about America. Whites must demand secession before it is too late.

  94. Anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”
    Allen West, Chair, Texas GOP

    Can these states get together and issue an ultimatum to the Washington that it should reform itself according to the rule of law (which is not going to happen, of course). These states could sign an agreement on economic cooperation which would include issuing new currency and abolishing various forms of slavery such as federal taxes, restrictions related to the fake pandemic, political correctness and all forms of assault on common sense. If the states declare that based on its long criminal history the Federal Government lost all the legal and moral authority and has to be abolished, that might pave a way to the new union of states.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  95. TKK says:

    The future of white America….?

    • Replies: @Trickster
  96. re: First principle: one must need to be strong

    There is an old proverb which says:
    Good times produce weak men
    Weak men produce bad times
    Bad times produce strong men
    Strong men produce good times

    Let’s see if we are still able to produce strong men

  97. Anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    The unanimous Declaration of the twenty three united States of America.
    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for freedom loving, law abiding and industrious people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to a criminal and pernicious entity which is currently but mistakenly called the United States Government , and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation from that evil and destructive entity.

  98. onebornfree says: • Website

    Why wait on states to succeed? It might never happen, and even if it did, there’s no guarantee that such secession would be suit the [racist or whatever] needs/desires of any particular individual [including the author of this particular essay] .

    As Scots poet Robert Burns pointed out:

    “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
    Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!”

    And even if it did happen at state level, it more or less guarantees a 2nd civil war, which is exactly what the 1% of the 1% are hoping for.

    Don’t forget, that 1% of the 1% [Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.] funded both sides of the 1st US civil war, as well as WW’s 1 and 2, the Germans war [communism versus fascism], and many others too before and after those listed here.

    Divide and conquer- It’s how they make money, gain more power , etc. etc.

    Forget political secession. Personal secession from the matrix [ie disappearing off of the radar to as great a degree as possible] makes far more sense, at least to myself.

    Food for thought: “If, as it seems we are, in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.” Philip K. Dick.

    More food for thought: “The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset” :

    Regards, onebornfree

  99. gotmituns says:

    I’m fine with White women voting, but only if they have written permission from their husbands (of course, if they’re widowed, they must get the written permission from their eldest son). No spinsters should ever be allowed to vote. It goes without saying that jews of either sex and blacks should never be allowed the vote.

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
  100. It would seem that the new slogan of the democrats, “Build back better”, means build communism back better. They don’t have the capacity or intention to build back capitalism better.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  101. @Anita Patel

    I have seen your idea discussed on a number of sites and it makes far more sense than a succession by 24 states based on the author’s first contention that Trump lost the election so things will only get worse. My god, how could things get worse than what we had under Trump?

    It is obvious that the author has little idea as to what he is talking about.

    Nonetheless, I completely agree with your concept for the simple reason that the Federal government is too large and thoroughly corrupt.

    Despite this, other considerations have to be taken into account before such a move could be implemented. For example, what would a new infrastructure do with Social Security and the 60,000,000+ people who have worked all their lives and put hard earned monies into this system? You simply cannot dump this program and throw such a large group out on the streets, which is exactly what Trump, McConnell and all their cronies have been attempting to do since Trump took office.

    No, people who talk succession have no idea as to the consequences of all the intricate connections people have with each other throughout the United States, Red and Blue.

    But a complete overhaul of the federal government is essential as its current form is not sustainable. Replacing it with a Parliamentary system as in Canada is a far more approachable concept…

  102. Clemsnman says:

    HT, you hit the nail on the head. Liberty cannot survive as long as the current leftists hold political sway.

    But two points to make to everyone in this thread:
    1. SECESSION. please stop typing succession, it makes you look dumb.(or exposes it, as the case may be)

    2. A significant re-shuffling of the national boundaries most likely happens in a calamity, most likely an economic one. A dollar collapse being what I expect to happen.
    Which states hold gold reserves? They will be able to survive.

    But realistically, as long as most people are able to get the necessities of life not much will happen. But when they can’t, all hell breaks loose.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  103. rgl says:

    For the most part I agree with your post. Where I disagree is the ‘Dominion/China’ thing. The Democratic National Congress, surprisingly, is not a political establishment, but an economic one. It is an ‘Inc.’ i.e. an incorporated business entity.

    This non-governmental agency has a direct connection to Shadow Inc., the company that wrote the code for the Dominion election counting software.

    My point being, that more home-grown AMERICAN entities were/are the biggest culprits with regard to the incredible amount of election tampering, while China has next to no involvement. Another thing to wrap your head around … Shadow Inc. was created with seed money from the Clinton Foundation.

    Still wanna talk up the China (or Russia) angle?

  104. Oemiktlob says:

    Rather than relying on juvenile and immature missives and ad hom’s, why don’t you state exactly what you believe is “dumb” about the article and our hosts publishing it? Do you not believe individuals are free to associate with whomever they want, and, therefore by logical extension, possess the natural (i.e. moral) right to disassociate, discriminate and exclude others or what?

    Just trying to make some sense of your ambiguity.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  105. this “new America” must certainly allow White women to vote

    That will cause the New America to degenerate into old America in just a couple of generations. The decline of the west can easily be traced back to one gross error – permitting women the right to vote.

    Feminism has clearly demonstrated that women’s nature is far more base than men’s and women vote through their vaginas. While men conceptualize freedom as autonomy from the state and self sufficiency, for women freedom is license. The right to behave recklessly and then get bailed out by the male taxpayer (welfare), the unchaining of hypergamy (alimony, child-support, abortion etc) which has pretty much doomed the west. Feminism desires political power to enable women’s licentious behavior (backed by legislation) while shifting costs and accountability onto men. If ‘gender equality’ is allowed, then everything else (degeneracy, mass immigration, etc) follows. The white man’s atavistic drive for gender equality will doom his entire race.

  106. @Ray Caruso

    Agree, the nation-state is at least somewhat rooted in biological reality. Nation states require their members to make sacrifices for the greater good and this makes zero Darwinian sense unless you have some shared heritage.

  107. Begemot says:

    It could come down to war, at least in some form, and many in the military would doubtless support the secession. We need not worry about cruise missiles raining down on Dallas or Columbus, or tanks rolling through the Indiana plains [emphasis added], but we can imagine federal troops being compelled to take some sort of action.

    Look what happened in Ukraine’s Donbass when the people of Donbass tried to secede: armored battles, Scarab missiles and artillery targeting cities, air attacks, and atrocities. Don’t think it wouldn’t be like that here, if not worse, if it came to another civil war. Wars destroy far more than they preserve.

    This whole piece is the vaporings of a Mittyesque scholar, all “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

  108. @Juri

    You ignore another vital way that privately owned firearms are used. We use our guns to save our lives against non—government criminals and aggressors, many times every day across the USA.

    The right to keep and bear arms is essential for this purpose, particularly for the many millions of Americans who are too old, infirm, small, weak, or injured to have much chance at defending ourselves against younger, stronger, or more numerous attackers.

    Recently, various city and county and even state governments have ordered policemen stand by while we are attacked and terrorized and mauled on our own streets. Sometimes they even have the pigs direct us into traps where vicious misfits of all races can attack us. This makes our firearms all the more important.

    When the government cannot or will not defend us, and even sides with people threatening and hurting us and our families, we have to do it ourselves. That, unfortunately, is coming, faster and worse if Harris—Biden get away with their election fraud and start moving to further restrict and ultimately take our guns.

  109. Trinity says:

    I’m sorry, I respect Black men like Judge Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Herschel Walker, the late Muhammad Ali ( who didn’t hate Whitey near as much as he was portrayed and he was all for separating the races ) and maybe a smidgen more Black men and/or women, believe me, it isn’t many. The number of Blacks that gain my respect are few and far between because of their actions, not their skin color. What I am getting around to saying is this, No matter how much I respect someone like the aforementioned Blacks, I, nor do any other Whites, need some token right thinking Black man or woman to tell us what we as Whites need to do.

    Remember that cuckservative group of politically correct “conservatives” known as the Tea Party. They always featured some Black lead speaker telling a bunch of colorblind cuckservatives how to do things. LMWAO. Another thing is the resurgence of Black “con\$ervative” talking heads who in reality probably voted for Biden/Harris if the truth were known. Hell, a Black person knows full well that if he just tells the truth, remember the truth is anything that is fair to Whites, that he will be \$hadowed with speaking gigs, book deal\$, and beloved by every republiCANT that ever kissed Baby Nut&Yahoo’s smelly arse. Sorry, but if there is a secession, there needs to be segregation, face it, there are not that many Herschel Walkers or Clarence Thomas negroes around, a helluva lot more Tyrone The Thugs or Saint George and Saint Trayvon. And do you really think those neocon Jews will not pull the same shit because they will be along for the ride as well, stirring up the same shit AGAIN.

    People, a lot of these “conservative Blacks” are PLAYING Whitey. It is all about the MONEY. Guarantee you that a lot them voted for Harris/Biden, that’s right, they voted for Harris, not Biden.

    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  110. AndrewR says:

    My other comment on this thread made my point:

    For starters, he supports white women voting but not “Hispanic” men (many of whom are entirely white). He’s not a serious person.

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  111. rgl says:

    “That’s the point of opening up sober debate, though.”

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where on the planet you live), “sober debate” is entirely impossible in America. There is far, far too much hate in America for anything to come within a hundred kilometers of close to “sober debate”. Whites hate Blacks. Whites hate other Whites. The poor hate the rich. The rich, although needing the poor to maintain their riches, nonetheless hold the ‘lower classes’ in utter contempt. The religious hate the gay. The ‘hate list’ goes on, and on. How can you hope to have an enlightening, adult discourse in this environment? Rhetorical question, because simply put, you can’t.

    Genocide and slavery sowed the seeds of hate decades ago. As the religionutties like to intone, ‘you reap what you sow’. In this instance, they got it right.

    Secession, with all that entails, is likely the only thing that will calm the storm. Or it will blow up in your face. Regardless, as an added bonus, America, absorbed in it’s own national angst, will be less likely to cause murder and mayhem on the global stage. From my point of view, this is a good thing.

    Yes. You reap what you sow.

  112. @anarchyst

    Every time I see Gov. Whitmer on television, she reminds me of evil Nurse Rached (wretched), played by Louise Fletcher, in the great 1970’s film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Psychiatric nurse Rached loved nothing more than to grind down the male patients she lorded over, until all their manhood and self-respect were gone. Whitmer tries the same tactics on the White men of Michigan.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  113. @Anon

    Sounds like a good idea. Presumably West wants to repel the federal “laws” that are not authorized by any constitutionally enumerated power of the fed gov, then, like federal statutes purporting to criminalize marijuana.

    He must also want to stop our central government from murdering and starving and terrorizing millions of people abroad without a declaration of war and without any defensive or retaliatory justification.

    Right? Love how these people talk about obeying the Constitution. Usually quite selective. Maybe West is different.

  114. Gandalf says:

    My family has been here since 1740, 100% European DNA. However, I married a Chinese and had 3 children. I only recently became race aware, and wish I could change my choice for the sake of my children but its too late.

    I would support and love to participate in a new union, but would I be stuck with the diversity crowd??

    • Replies: @ElCristeroAmericano
  115. Oemiktlob says:

    Understood, but, he and others who hold that belief are free to associate and form a community of like-minded people whether anyone believes it’s “dumb” or “not serious”, are they not? What difference does it make to you if people who held this belief freely-associated so long as they did not aggress on your natural (i.e. moral) right to freely associate with like-minded individuals you want to associate with?

  116. @sonofman

    America is a Nation with a fundament of values that are relevant and inherent to all human beings.

    Universalism is an American conceit and there’s truly no such thing as a Proposition Nation. If there was, then people who disagreed on the Proposition would have their America-cards taken away. Of course, nothing of the sort happens as ideology–human thought–is impossible to police.

    America was an Anglo nation-state that became a multi-national empire. The “Proposition Nation” was simply the temperamental and cultural dominance of the Anglo-Americans. Now that Anglo-Americans are no longer dominant, the battle of ideas is over. The battle for everything else has begun.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  117. By-tor says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Where are the ‘revolutionary’ post-Boomer generations? A large part of these ‘college educated’ young adults ignorantly side with the wealthy, bi-coastal Democrat Establishment making up the membership of BLM, Antifa and the Bernie Sanders crowd of masked-up, virtue-signalling commune wannabees.

    • Agree: JimDandy
    • Replies: @annamaria
  118. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The demorats have no idea how to “Build Back Better.” Look at the steaming pile of horse manure they’re trying to get Trump to sign. A puny six hundred dollars of Covid relief to the peons (not even one month’s rent for many), while the vast majority goes to Wall Street, Israel, and other foreign aid. I don’t like giving \$2000 to millions of Americans, and I don’t want it for myself, but it’s better than giving billions to Jewish interests. I hope Trump vetoes that bill.

    Rather than building back better in their pipe dream of a green economy, where fossil fuels are phased out, under Biden/Harris our aging, crumbling infrastructure will continue its rapid collapse. Just as disgusted White workers in California are moving to Texas, a collapsing infrastructure in blue states should hasten the secession of red states.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  119. It really is incredible when one goes to neutral and in quiet moments begins to wonder how two bit freaks like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many far left violent activists, have been allowed to bring this country so low. Of course these two bit freaks also include the likes of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, the Bush’s and many more. Think of how little these people actually care about Americans and their future. These people of the lowest character and lacking in any love for their country represent no one but themselves and the toxic internationally minded elite they work for. It’s surreal what has happened and is continuing to happen to this country.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  120. annamaria says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Your post leaves the impression that you believe in the competence of the FBI. Unfortunately, your trust is misplaced.
    A foreign agent Christopher Steele (a former employee of MI6), was bought, as if he was a person of easy virtue, by the leading figure of opposition, certain Mrs. Clinton, to produce a slanderous dossier on POTUS. Instead of apprehending Mrs. Clinton for her treasonous activities, the FBI violated the US laws to help Mrs. Clinton in her affair involving the foreign agent Steele.
    The comical and impotent figures of Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Rosenstein, Barr, Schiff, Nader, and such filled the stage during a production of the Russiagate farce.
    The politically-correct ‘progressives,’ educated by the well-paid Rachel Maddow, decided to stand shoulder to shoulder with Beijing Joe (and his amazing crack-son Hunter) against the Russiagated Donald and the “deplorables.”
    Symptomatically, as soon as hard evidence of Bidens’ sexual digressions were aired, the ‘progressive’ MeToo had disappeared. The MeToo activists love Bill Clinton and his various acquaintances, such as the badly aged idiots of Russian Pussy Riot and the Maxwells family. This is so progressive! See also the “progressive” Google/FaceBook/YouTube blanket censorship over anything that can be qualified as ‘antisemitic’ by the ADL (created in memory of a rapist and murderer Leo Frank). The ‘progressives’ have been taken for a ride by zionists.
    The ‘deplorables,’ unlike Clintons, have a sense of dignity. As for the half-wit ‘progressives,’ they will undoubtedly have their chance to learn more about their most important tutors, the Trotskyists.

  121. @follyofwar

    Well stated. Merry Christmas season and a Happy New Year to you and yours..

  122. Trinity says:

    I have an idea, no one can run for political office unless they have performed a minimum of 4 years active duty in the military, none of that national guard or reserve horseshit. Well, that would take out a lot of the trash for starters, since most of these pro-Wars For Israel cats have never even been to boot camp, much less a war. HOWEVER, we had VFW POS like Pappy Bush and McCain, so there is no guarantee of anything but still making all politicians have to had serve in at least 4 years of active service in the military is a good place to start. Another bad thing in 2020 is that most high ranking officers in the military are little more than corrupt politicians themselves. More pencil pushing Eisenhowers around than Pattons, that’s for sure.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  123. Anonymous[828] • Disclaimer says:

    STOP dilluting yourselves…The RED States are as heavily controlled by the JEWISH globalists as are the impenetrable BLUE states..The state governors, AGs, local city schools, county boards, even the local dog catchers are all beholden to JEWISH\$\$\$, America willbecome a ONE UNITARY GOVT/PARTY STATE….MAGA deplorables dont have a political/economic MACHINES in any minimal way similar to the AIPAC/ADL/ACLU/SPLC end many other such organizations (usually illegal and financed by tax money),…MAGA lacks VISION leadership organizations, FINANCING, spite of being 90% of the electoral base in many RED states…they dont have a NATIONALISTS ethno/American MAGA cohesive movement…and they will never do because the deep jewish/state controlled apparatus will demolish any such movement under the guise of supressing WHITE supremacists, terrorism…remember Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy Brothers, Cinthya McCinney, Joe Trafficant, KennedyBrothers, …this JEWISH PROTOCOLS OF ZION had been working long hard patiently to achieve TOTAL/itarian control over USA, CHINA and the world..I hope I pray I dream I want to wake up one morning and read/see reports of the smallest little town somewhere in mom/pop/apple pie/rockwelian/Constitutional AMERICA declared themselves in OPEN armed rebellion to the new Biden Tyranny….PD so it was prophesied that from among you the smallest poorest forgotten little Americana (Bethlehem) …a leader shall be born to lead my people to FREEDOM…

  124. @Jim Christian

    Just like in the days of Civil War I, everyone did not pay close enough to the “border states”, i.e., states that were at war _within_ the state.

    It turns out we have fifty of those these days–the urban and some suburban areas vs the exurban and rural areas.

    “The map is not the territory” is a lesson that is sometimes only learned the hard way.

  125. Pruckus says:

    The Census Bureau very curiously omits “white non-hispanic” from its reporting totals. You have to back into it to arrive at the number of european americans. The CB is not an unbiased source of information.

    That being said, this post is not for you- it’s for the other readers and commenters. The first sentence of your post gives (((you))) away.

    Pale skinned Japanese and arabs would be white by your definition. Which is good for the Jews, right?

  126. Anonymous[423] • Disclaimer says:

    The Deep State is unwilling to let go of any vassal state, military base, or even sovereign countries it does not “own” or have any reasonable interest in running from its vast de facto empire, places where nobody even speaks English, practices “free market capitalism,” is not deep into narco terrorism or can refrain from decapitating every Christian or non-Jihadi home-grown raghead they cross paths with. The Deep State would sooner see such places leveled to the ground than remove them from their stamp album. So, no freakin’ way an outfit like that is gonna allow Oklahoma or Nebraska or even Guantanamo Bay, Hong Kong or Taiwan to flit away free from the “union” as an act of love. Any such place declares its “sovereignty” or part of someone else’s sphere of influence immediately gets Iraned or Venezuelaed with extreme prejudice until the survivors come crawling back to their masters.

  127. It’s really kind of funny. Now that the American public has seen a side of Joe Biden that he apparently kept hidden for years, one wonders what all the excitement was about when President Trump said a few things that seemed radical or mean spirited. How much more radical or mean spirited can one get than Biden challenging potential voters who don’t agree with him to a fist fight in the back alley, or calling women dog faced or donkey faced or calling a voter that simply wanted to ask him a question and a–hole etc. Talk about mean spirited? This clown is mean spirited. If he was asked the kind of questions and constant agitating like the media spent four years pounding on President Trump with, Biden would go crazy punching and kicking people, the cornpop….lol

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  128. nsa says:

    For anyone interested, has been amalgamating 18 Georgia Senate runoff polls using their proprietary model which corrects for pollster reliability, recency, and sample size. These are the statisticians who nailed the Nov. 3 election popular vote results within 0.3% of the final outcome. Divided government would be the preferred outcome…….the whorish politicians kept busy squabbling with each other leaves less time for fucking over the citizenry.

  129. windship says:

    That’s the trouble with identity politics – it’s highly contageous.

  130. annamaria says:

    One cannot overlook the role of ‘locals’ in letting the evil in. See Edgar Hoover (the assassination of JFK), Lyndon Johnson (the betrayal of the USSLiberty), the Clintons (the mass-slaughter of white people in defenseless Serbia and Ukraine and destruction of Libya to please the Banksters), the Bush family of war profiteers, and Dick Cheney of 9/11 fame. Who were the authors of the traitorous and pompous Patriot Act?
    USA PATRIOT is a backronym that stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.

    • Agree: Trickster
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  131. @gotmituns

    The lucid greatly outnumber the deranged. Trump won over 80 million votes and 410 electoral votes. Most of the country is sane. It’s a MSM illusion. Pure propaganda. A trick. We are NOT outnumbered.

    • Agree: Katrinka, Joseph Doaks
  132. @Radicalcenter

    The only real division is the SWAMP vs. the Patriots. A tiny minority of people, worthless academics, political hacks etc. believe this MSM propaganda swampy nonsense.

    A brilliant skilled propagandist can make a marginal minority opinion appear like an overwhelming majority opinion and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. We’re being gaslighted by the best deceivers in history.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  133. geokat62 says:

    The Case for Secession

    Fifty-five years after passage of Hart-Celler and articles about secession are proliferating.

    It took them over 100 years, but Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) achieved their long sought-after goal, a multiracial America in which the threat of another pogrom is greatly diminished.

    And if they asked Madeleine Albright (born Marie Jana Korbelová) if it’s worth it, she’d respond: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

    • Agree: HT
  134. Walter says:

    Secession happens if and only if the disposition of forces create the circumstances prerequisite. It does not occur under other circumstances. It is not a manifestation of political or legal desire or permission.

    Recall how Alaska left Russia. Recall how Texas seceded from Mexico. Recall how Crimea seceded from naziukraine.

    Generally secession takes place when a dominating power loses dominance, inter alia an imperial collapse…France seceded from Rome – that kinna thingie.

    The idea that “there is a case for secession” may be of interest to theory and legal philosophers, but so far as practical matters it’s irrelevant.

    Political change arises from changes in the disposition of power. Period.

    I note that power has shifted from Empire to China and Russia and Persia and so on.

    The Panarin predictions come to mind.

    I myself would prefer a trip to 1946 and the Studebaker dealer on Western Avenue…

    • Replies: @Hiya Doody
  135. Incitatus says:

    Succession? Interesting thought.

    Eight of fifty states pay more tax than received back from the Federal Government. Six are blue (NY, NJ, MA, CT, MN, CO – they pay \$52.9 billion more that received back. Two red states (UT, NE) donate \$826 million. Drop in the bucket.

    Chinless Mitch McConnell and Florida’s Rick Scott warned of a “Blue State” COVID Bail-out (states hardest hit by the pandemic). Yet his own and fellow red states are among the biggest ticks at the federal welfare trough year after year. Kentucky gets \$45.2 billion, \$2.41 for every dollar paid in federal tax (\$10,110 per capita). Mitch bragged about mainstreaming “Kentucky values” in his campaign debate. A paean for Federal welfare, all the while posing as a state’s right self-sustaining champion). Pure hypocrisy

    ‘Hanging chad’ Florida gets \$24.9 billion more than it pays (\$1,169 per capita). In addition every year, it seems, Florida depends on donor states to rebuild hurricane-destroyed infrastructure oft unwisely built/rebuilt in Hurricane zones. God forbid they actually exercise sound judgement on construction, let alone stand on their own feet and pay their own bills.

    But, of course, that’s a bridge too far. Senator [former governor] Rick Scott, narrowly escaped justice for Medicaid fraud in Columbia/HCA’s \$631 million judgement on criminality in his tenure. He pleaded the Fifth 75 times in his 2000 deposition. So many questions, so much incrimination, so much evasion. That’s the best Florida can do?

    Succession? By all means! Start thinking about paying your own bills, welfare queens!

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Troll: HT, Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @HT
  136. @Walter

    “Power” hasn’t “shifted” anywhere: It has always been supranational, silly goy.

    • Replies: @Walter
  137. @gay troll

    Ah yes, finally the Jews will return to the White House.

    Much as gay trolls return in tossed salad camouflage. All is well.

  138. annamaria says:

    “…the wealthy, bi-coastal Democrat Establishment making up the membership of BLM, Antifa and the Bernie Sanders crowd…”

    — The sanctimonious BLM leadership avoids poor blacks like a plague.
    Instead of stationing their offices in places like Bronx and Baltimore, the BLM deciders cling to wealthy white areas like the trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City.

  139. Abbybwood says:

    We already have secession.

    One only need look at the most recent electoral map, or better yet the one from 2016 where there obviously was not enough Democrat election stealing. Which was why their Queen lost to Trump. They thought they had it in the bag, what with the media, and many “Republicans” coming out against Trump. Best election ever!

    Our country is basically blue Democrat “woke” fools on the east and west coast with a few blue Democrat pockets inside a wide sea of red conservatives.

    As long as that sea of red ignores any Biden/Harris ultimatums (wear a mask for three months, keep schools closed, get the experimental Covid jab etc.), we can simply boycott the Biden/Chinese coup by electing new school boards, new mayors, new governors all of whom will stand up for freedom of choice and the Constitution.

    No sense in re-inventing a wheel we already possess that works just fine. Might need a bit of fine-tuning and lubricating, but it is a FINE wheel!

    Let those in the Blue Democrat States/cities drown in their “Woke” Sanctuary cities with “Woke” Soros funded District Attorneys like Gascon and others. It will only be a matter of time before the citizens realize they do not want to live in locked down cesspools of depravity.

    I say, “Lead quietly and resolutely by example with no lockdowns, no social distancing, life back to normal (but better!), school choice, playgrounds and businesses and restaurants open. Defy local and state governments with activism and running Constitutional activists for all open elections and using recall efforts to force dictators/hypocrites like Gavin Newsom out of office!”

    Just my two cents coming from one of the beast’s bellies: Los Angeles, California.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  140. HT says:

    Your numbers have been debunked numerous times. Do Red Southern states have disproportionate numbers of welfare people? Of course but that is because they are disproportionately black and those blacks vote DEMOCRAT. NY pays a lot of federal taxes because some of the largest corporations in the world are located there. But they are moving out because of high taxes. Who in their right mind would want to be like NYC now? California has one third of America’s welfare recipients because it is now a white minority. Get off Leftist web sites and learn how you are being played for a sucker with deceptive spun data.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  141. @Observator

    Think twice, then think a third time, before you follow their mad example into catastrophe, for no one, but no one, stands with you this time around.

    When a person knows that his own people share nothing for which they will collectively fight, and when he knows that the other side, though fragmented, share a very strong collective vision of what they are fighting against, he then posts drivel such as yours, which at best blurs his own sense of doom, and which at worst, confesses it.

  142. @Anon

    Virtually none of those monies mentioned are actually needed in a functioning state…if citizens work together instead of being divided by government clap-trap, the quality of life will go up dramatically despite being a “rich” nation or not so rich….have your state militia and armed citizens defend their state.

  143. @Ray Caruso

    Real nations are ethnostates. Not quite so. Russia for instance has over 100 ethnicities, Prc close to 100.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Ray Caruso
  144. denk says:

    USA is the land of fucking idiots,

    That’s the Mar poll, mind you.

    To hell with the joos,
    Its the people , stupid.

    These crazies sitting on all that nukes is the greatest menace to planet world, the only good USA is one broken into 50 parts.

    Bring it on, before these crazies spring their end time Armageddon wet dream on all of us. !

  145. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    No, Biden would not react because he isn’t real. He is a mannequin with Robert Reich standing behind him pulling strings.

  146. @Abbybwood

    Secession would be easy. Knock out the Hoover Dam n the entire Left Coast would lose power n water overnight. They would sue for peace the very next day.

  147. December 26, 2020

    Michael R Freeman
    1771 Hodgenville Road
    Lot 57
    Elizabethtown, KY 42701
    [email protected]


    President Donald J. Trump
    45th & Landslide-Elected 2nd Term President of The United States
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, D. C. 20500

    Subject: Invasion and Financial Collapse of the United States

    Dear Mr. President

    Sir, in writing to you, I thought to myself, “Who am I to send words of comfort and encouragement to The President of The United States, after all I’m only one of 74 million people who voted for you. Mr. President, being just one of the 74 Million who believe in you, our Vice President along with your assembled Team of Patriots and like Millions of Americans, having disconnected myself from the Leftest MSM Narrative, I still find myself left with concerns.”

    Sir, I know who I am and after reviewing our history from September 11, 2001 to present and witnessing the countless Heros who answered the call when enemies attacked our nation, when weather disasters, of epic proportions, befell our states and citizens rose to meet each calamity, I observed in these The Reborn spirit of America’s Patriots of Old. Sir, without hesitation these moved into harm’s way and having done all they knew therefore to stand, Heroes, men and women of every occupation imaginable. . . They Stood!

    When one thinks back on these events, one cannot miss the fact that many will forever go unnamed, but are forever befitting the name: Patriot – Hero. Finding myself in a mix of so great a host, I know I am least of our Nation’s Citizens. With that being said, it doesn’t diminish the Love I feel for my/our Country.

    Mr. President, allow me to take comfort in knowing I’m not just one, but I’m part and parcel of an Enormous Host who believe “You Were Called and Separated For This Hour.” I’m one of a Host of Millions who sees you, not as a Jehu (Jehu’s bowing before Shalmaneser III, King of Assyria, doesn’t fit you) and though many see you as a reborn Abraham Lincoln, I DON’T, but I do see you as. . . President Donald J. Trump – Old Ironsides (quite befitting after all the broadsides you’ve taken) 45th, and by Overwhelming Numbers, Reelected Second Term President of the United States of America!

    Having been born in 1952, I’ve seen more Presidents than most and less than some, but none who have ever done what you have for the people of our Republic. Mr. President, for the first time in my life I’ve seen people throw off the yoke of skin color and cry out in unity. . . “We Are American!” Glory Be To God! In all candidness, Mr. President, I don’t believe those Leftist Marxists saw that one coming!

    Sir, if no one’s told you, “God’s Grace (God’s Unmerited Favor) Has Been Given To You, To Bear What Must Be Borne.”

    For a moment, one man to another, one citizen to another, let us become still and let the Holy Spirit, witness how Abraham Lincoln spent hours on his knees seeking Divine counsel . . Is the Gettysburg Address the product of that council? Was Lincoln not a man separated unto that hour by He who is Most High? I believe so Mr. President, I believe you do as well.
    And now hear, President Abraham Lincoln’s, immortal words spoken over the Battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. . .

    “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that Nation, or any Nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

    But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow, this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us, that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

    Abraham Lincoln
    November 19, 1863

    Many do not know, Mr. President, because they’ve been taught poorly, that on that day, November 19, 1863 on fields, not far from where our 16th President was speaking, there layed untold numbers of dead yet to be intured. The smell of death was in the air as President Lincoln gave prayer. . . “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perrish from the Earth.”

    Mr. President, my eyes have seen it and I know with a surety, yours have: “A New Birth. . . The Born Again Nature of the Spirit of Liberty coming to rest on a host of no small water.”

    Blessed be God, Father of All Creation, The Father of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that in this time and place we have leading our Nation, not a man born in Hodgenville, Kentucky (10 minutes down the road from me) and raised in Illinois, but a New Yorker, who, like Lincoln, has been Called of God and Separated to Lead Our Republic through this Time Of Tribulation. . . To lead us against Tyranny from Within and Without. You, Mr. President, are at the Helm of Old Ironsides, You Command That Mighty Vessel, An American Built Vessel that can take a broadside from an enemy, brush it off, then bring her connons to bear, forcing an enemie’s capitulation or sending the same to the netherworld.

    Sir, there’s much to say, but I surmise I’ve little time to accomplish my task. Forgive, Mr. President, not only my forwardness, but now my lack of transition. I desire to draw your attention to the pressing matter of what We, by consensus of numerous upon numerous posts, Who Stand with You, Believe Is Facing Us As A Nation:

    1. Coup d’etat
    2. Civil War
    3. Secession
    4. Martial Law
    5. Capitulate to the Marxist Left

    With a Coup d’etat by the Marxist left having been well documented to the satisfaction of 74 Million people and Secession off the table (Unthinkable) as it brings dishonor to all who gave their last measure of devotion to the cause of “Union,” that leaves Civil War, Martial Law or Capitulating to the Marxist Left.

    Mr. President, there are 74 Million Patriots saying that capitulating to the Marxist left is off the table. Sir, All Americans are aware of the seriousness of choices before you today. . . Choices, not of your making, but forced on you by a Secret Government, Not a Government of the People, By the People, For the People, but a Government whose Foundation is built on self-serving motives and treason, a Secret Government made up of people who have sold out our nation for Fiddles Made In China, Fiddles Plated In Gold. . . The devil gets his fiddles from China and since he owns the souls of China’s leadership, he gets third rate fiddles at bargain basement prices.

    The other day I heard rumblings that Republican States should form their own Union. Such a suggestion is tantamount to treason as well as a betrayal of all who gave their last measure of devotion on a battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and every other field of every other War the U. S. has fought since, but don’t let the Supreme Court try to rule on such a motion, they lost touch with Our Constitution years ago. One might think the Supreme Court of the United States was unlearned, poorly taught or just willfully ignorant. . . reading “The Gettysburg Address” and it’s message to all generations, having been set forth in Perfect Clarity, would prove of little value to the Supreme Court, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors and all who have been taking their orders from the Deep State. . . The Communist Block.

    Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address ever established Our Law of Union – Unity of the Whole. The United States of America Is One Body made up of individual states with all it’s citizens being members in particular. Our Unity Is Absolute, Sealed in American Blood, A Binding Contract, An Unbreakable Covenant that No Man or Human Court Can Dissolve.

    Mainstream Media Outlets were keen to show Leftest Marxists attacking our history and vandalizing the Memorial to our 16th President. Their attack was a message for all who disagree with their philosophy, who reject Socialism, Marxism and Communism, it was a message, from, Balaam, for us to prepare ourselves for Their New Reality, a Nation flooded with a people currently pressing at our border, with some already here dug in, a people not “Of” our people.

    Have we not already witnessed illegal immigrants and homegrown revolutionaries carrying flags of other nations, marching in mass on our streets and professing they will take by force what they say is now, in their imaginations, rightfully theirs? Did they not swear, by oath, they would burn Portland, Oregon to the ground? (What do you think about this Minnesota?) We on the Right are not blind. . . We’ve seen the lives they’ve torched so as to be able to take what they want while sowing fear and intimidation. Sir, on a news clip from the west coast, a woman plainly stated, with her gang of revolutionaries behind her, “this is a war and in a war. . . People Die.”

    Mr. President, from where I stand, such a declaration is proof positive that an invasIon is not forth coming, but Communist Expeditionary Forces have already entrenched themselves on our soil. It’s plain as the nose on a person’s face that the Hammer and Sickle Party have gained positions of leadership in our nation, disregarding their oath to the Constitution of United States of America. These men and women, not bothered by Covid-19, but rather suffering from a severe case of Pinocchio Syndrome, have begun their takeover. The Mainstream Media, airing news bites over and over again, the Left’s version of shock and awe, show “their” revolutionary brothers and sisters spouting, not only vituperations, but threats of running people out of their homes and claiming for themselves the hard work and sweat others achieved living in a Nation practicing capitalism.

    Foreign invaders, with liberal minded snowflakes, pretending the United States has somehow wronged them, have claimed California, Oregon and Washington State for themselves, but now, after the Showing of MAGA Californians (Nicely Done California, Nicely Done) it’s very possible the Left’s claim to West Coast ownership is in dispute.

    In like manner, The Communist-Democratic Block, Headquarterd at 13 Rue Madeleine, Washington DC, wishing for complete dominance of the East Coast, got a wake up call when New Yorkers came out in force to show Unity in their support of President Donald J Trump, this to the befuddlement of. . . what’s that mayor’s name again? You know, the guy who used Covid-19 as a weapon against the elderly. No matter, he’ll not escape justice. Sir, New York, New York The Big Apple let consumers of communist graphic novels (comic books for the unlearned) know New York City belongs to the People and not the People to the City. Maybe the Left’s grip on the East and West Coast is not as secure as they thought (hence why they’re needin’ an army from south of the border). Mr. President, why doesn’t the Left think voting machines in Swing States and on both Coasts we’re preloaded? Why was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court throwing a “Hissy Fit” that could be heard through the walls? Sir, why did the Communist Democratic Block go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio. . . I know, I know Sir, they’ll shout me down for that one, but just thought I’d be askin’.

    The Marxist Left, if given the chance to open our borders to all, “Unreservedly,” will Repopulate America with a following indebted to them alone, a following that will eventually turn on them (not that they’d care) as resources to feed, house, provide medical care and potential for good paying jobs, dry up! What then Mr. President, will America still be One Nation Under God, A Nation of the People, By the People, For the People or will we have been removed forever from the earth. . . Sir, consider the diaspora of the Jews. . . the Jewish War with Rome 66 – 73 CE/AD and the Bar Kokhba War 132 – 136 CE/AD. . . The Nation of Israel ceased to exist until 1948, Jerusalem, the Holy City, with no stone left standing, became the Roman Colony of Aelia Capitolina with a temple dedicated to Jupiter.

    I pray your patience as I lay out before you what every American has watched transpire in the Clinton – Obama White Houses as well as what you inherited when you took Constitution’s Wheel, Unferled Her Sails and Brought Her Into the Wind.

    Sir, allow me to start with The United States Army’s 305th Intelligence Battilon (AKA -KRAKEN) and our Special Operation’s Soldiers. It’s been reported that Special Ops soldiers have secured a CIA Controlled Server Farm in or around Frankfurt, Germany (this, denied by Facebook fact checkers three times out of three when I posted this information). The report, although unconfirmed says “the operation didn’t go down without incident,” suggesting that Special Operation Soldiers died in the takeover of this Rogue CIA Operation. Having watched several videos, consensus leads me to believe the operation was real, but as to it’s operational aspects and loss of life. . . I, like many Americans, wait to hear the whole story.

    Election tampering, as eluded to by Retired, U. S. Air Force Lieutenant General McInerney, brought to light the “Conspicuous Absence” (forgive the oxymoron) of DOJ, CIA and FBI footprints, which in itself is evidence as to why they didn’t investigate “Election Fraud” here at home and abroad. This, of course gives rise to one inescapable conclusion: The Biden Ticket, along with U. S. Senators and Congressmen, Elite Contributors to the Biden-Harris campaign as well as Leadership and subordinates of the CIA, FBI and DOJ were not working for the United States, but working for a Secret Government, a Left Wing Party gone rogue. Not only did these work covertly within their numerous cells, but the upper echelon of this group plotted with China, Iran and Russia against the People of the United State and your administration To Overturn The People’s Choice. . . To OVERTHROW The 45th President of the United States and get back on track to bring about a Total Economic Collapse of the United States.

    The Report by Wide Angle, with Brendon Fallon, Titled: “U. S. Military vs. CIA” (for the moment still posted on YouTube) spotlighted CIA complicity by linking intelligent assets of the CIA, acting in real time with China, Iran and Russia to bring down Donald J Trump, President of The United States and covertly replace you, Mr. President (by way of Election Tampering) with Leftist Marxists of their choosing. . . it’s safe to say these Jabbawocks have been in the pockets of China, Iran and Russia for some time now.

    Mr. President, I know we look through a glass darkly at times, but this glass is becoming easier to see through. Agents of a government that is no government (AKA – The Deep State) acting in concert with China, Russia and Iran weaponized Covid-19 and are most assuredly behind Covid-19’s release.

    The above worshipers of Ba’al (Baal) are Responsible for Untold Numbers of Covid-19 Deaths and are Murderers of millions and millions of Babies, here at Home and Abroad. They’re Responsible for the kidnapping of children, children sold into the sex slave industry and the continued poisoning of our people by allowing drugs to flow through our borders by putting restrictions on the very Law Enforcement Agencies who knew how to stop them. Their Treasonous Actions resulted in Worldwide Lockdowns, Intimidation of American Citizens, Violent Demonstrations, Loss of Small Businesses throughout America, as well as the Loss of Jobs (life sustaining paychecks) Throughout Numerous Sectors of the Business World.

    Currently, Plebs of the Communist Way are being met by Police and on several occasions, by MAGA Patriots. These brothers and sisters of the “Hammer and Sickle” are more and more having to rethink why they ever took to the streets to begin with, but they’re still out there.

    These terrible happenings are but a sick magicians trick to keep Americans focused on Covid-19 and Violent Acts perpetrated by Leftist Plebs, while Deep State Actors, members in good standing with The Red Chinese Ballet, danced The Hammer and Sickle Cha Cha Cha then Skipped Through the Tulips With, not only China, but with Iran and Russia.

    United in their philosophies, the secret government here in the U.S., working hand in hand with the enemies of our nation, carried out attacks on our National and Local Elections. But now, like the Priests of Bel, having been “Unmasked,” if finding themselves unable to take the White House by fraud, they’ll attempt to disassemble the United States, immediately seeking to take the West and East Coasts of America. As for Hawaii, The Islands of Samoa, Alaska and Puerto Rico. . . well, are they slated to become our next Pearl Harbors as China, Russia and Cuba go for the land grab in a vacuum created by a manufactured War?

    Sir, when the Left commits themselves wholely, there will be a a lot of good people trapped in areas with no feasible way out for them. Knowing this, I for one, will make my way to stand with New England’s Patriots, having been born in Bangor, Maine, raised in Fall River, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island (the good people of Kentucky are more than prepared to take care of any Leftist insurgency into The Bluegrass State as well as those in two of her cities as already demonstrated). Some of my ancestors, immigrants from Quebec, Canada and England are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Fall River, Massachusetts. . . No I’m not related to Lizzie Borden, but her grave site is a stone’s throw away from the graves of my family, just as our enemies are a stone’s throw away from removing Our Union from the face of the earth and turning the United States into a getto for our posterity.

    Forgive the sidebar Mr. President, I promise to press on with matters at hand. Many, but not all these “Traitors” have been flushed out of their unmucked stalls and are being seen under ultraviolet light for what they really are: “A Rodent Infestation”. It’s time for the Dancing Rats to be brought before a Military Tribunal, it’s time for them to admit their affair with the Fiddle Masters Three, the devil’s helpers: China, Iran and Russia. Mr. President, the devil went down to “Georgia” alright, but he also traveled about the U. S. and the Globe seeking those whom he may devour, offering many his Plated Fiddles Made of Gold. . . Fool’s Gold that is.

    This Treasonous Leadership, led by Barack Hussein Obama (a non-citizen as proven by the investigation conducted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and conclusions of three different forensic document examiners. . . available for all to read) have entrenched themselves in our government. Obama, on some level, had to have known American Patriots would not tolerate a “Stolen Election,” that is of course, unless he was stupid enough to believe we on the right would capitulate, even after knowing of their ballot tampering (Wake Up Supreme Court). I doubt this is the case though, I believe they’ve prepared themselves and have in place, a catalyst for igniting All Out War Upon Our Nation. . . Not hard to figure out since the Left already made public announcements proclaiming the very same.

    Mr. President, your patience as I lay out their movements, showing their intent by way of “Manipulation by Design” and their “Design” as A Prelude To A Mass Invasion so as to bring about the Financial Collapse of the United States.

    The ultimate goal of Obama’s Deep State, if failing to gain the White House, will be to act in concert with China, Iran and Russia to bring War to Our Republic and have it Broadcast by “THEIR” Mainstream Media Outlets worldwide. Why? To give the UN or NATO an excuse to launch military operations against our nation, this, under the guise of restoring order as they seek out their real target, Securing the Oval Office, first, for Biden-Harris then, at some point in time, inserting Michelle Obama into the VP seat (Joe doesn’t have the stamina to stay the course). All this, I believe will come about should you fail to comply with the outcome of this fraudulent election.

    A peaceful transference of power, even though fraudulently gained, will “Automatically Bring About Our Destruction in Four Years or Less.” These criminals who sold out our nation long before you took the helm of Our Great Ship, will pick up where they left off, and again, We The People Will Witness Our Jobs and Resources Disappearing by use of the Communist Red Wand.

    Just out of curiosity, how much did “Billary” make in that Uranium sale to Russia? How much did the Clinton’s take in from their Phony Foundation and what about the 16 Million Dollar bribe to Billary? Mr. President, Americans will not soon forget Barack Hussein Obama claiming our jobs “Were Forever Lost” and that you, Mr. President, would need a “Magic Wand” to bring them back. . . Well Sir, We the People have never seen your Magic Wand, but if you did have one, without a doubt, it’s colors would be Red, White and Blue!

    Mr. President, All America and the World knows you dealt “Their Portfolios” a severe blow by “Putting America First!” The Leftists of America didn’t store their treasures up in Heaven or the United States for that matter. . . these career politicians transferred the bulk of their “I’ll Gained Goods” into nations overseas, then to make their treasure horde grow the larger, they sold out Our Industries and Jobs to them that now wish our downfall and to those who seek to destroy us. . . America, what do you think?

    Between the Clintons, the Obama’s and the Bidens one could fill volumes just writing about their money making schemes, that’s right, some have already made it into print! Anyways, the whole of America knows their stories. How? The dust in the streets been talkin’ about them folks for years.

    Should you, Mr. President and We the American People resist, the Left has made it clear America Will Burn (Kamala Harris) her words, not mine and I believe her. . . The proof has always been in the taste of their puddin’. But in this instance. . . Having telegraphed their intent, do we give them carte blanche to carry out their will or do we finally let them meet the United States Ship Constitution?

    Most believe Our Military will respond to Your Authority as Commander-In-Chief and would repel all borders approaching our coastlines (UN Troops, NATO Troops and even Chinese and Russian Troops, should they be added to the mix) but the cost in American Lives from this move by Obama, fueled by the maker of cheap fiddles, would be incalculable. Human life means nothing to them. So, knowing this, do we fight or capitulate? Sir, do you honestly believe The United States Military’s rank and file would follow a Biden-Harris order to attack their own people, their own families? Of the 74 million people who stand with you, many are currently serving in our Nation’s Armed Forces. While some might choose to exit the military of the United States as in Abraham Lincoln’s time, the majority would stand with their President. . . You, Donald J Trump, Legally Elected President of the United States. Sir, for the Preservation of Our Republic, bring Constitution’s cannons “to bear” on our enemies within and without.

    It’s been reported that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has suggested “Martial Law” (for just cause, President Abraham Lincoln used Martial Law to Save Our Republic and I praise God that he did). There are Americans hoping for a Blitzkrieg operation conducted by U. S. Troops supported by Law Enforcement and Patriot Militias (These being directed at Leftest held States, Cities, Prisons and Jails). An operation like this has the potential to lessen destruction in these areas, while Special Operations Soldiers round up the Secret Government and their minions throughout our Nation.

    As Leftest Marxists see their “Leadership and Source of Money” Paraded Out In Handcuffs, see their Leadership Black Hooded then airlifted to Cuba, would this not lessen violence and destruction?The reality of taking a broadside from “Old Ironsides,” would, without a doubt, bring about a reconciliatory posture in many of our wayward citizens and send illegals running back to their Nations and snowflakes back to college-saferooms or seeking safe-places in their mama’s basement. Mr. President, such a show of force would go a long way in bringing the Left’s weakest followers forward. . . forward and eager to be first to make a deal.

    Sir, is the aforementioned not an appropriate response to tyranny, is it not an appropriate response against hellhound’s of aggression, is it not an appropriate response against the Ahab and Jezebel Worshipers of the Baals? Is it not an appropriate response to those who invited the Witch of Endor Into The People’s House? Let now, the words of Samuel (Elohim) as spoken through the mouth of the Witch of Endor to Saul the King, come to pass on these who have brought the United States of America to the brink of Civil War.

    We The People, under your direction, are ready to aid and assist in stopping them now and stopping them completely. Capitulation Is Tantamount To Destruction. Have we in America not learned the lessons of our complacency. . . with the Presidency in their hands, our Republic Will Perish From This Earth Within 4 Years.

    Mr. President, below is my original letter to you, but after several tries, starting in November and realizing my electronic-mail would never get through, I thought to chance the USPS, believing the majority of our Postal Workers are hard working Americans and just as horrified to see what’s been perpetrated in their name as we are. Nevertheless, I will continue to use other means to reach out to you. . . this being the insane new normal, then again, everything the Left has done is insane.

    Sir, below is the major portion of my original letter, but it has been added to as time passed and as I felt new points needed raising and others better clarification.

    I Pray, Mr. President, my correspondence reaches “The Resolute Desk.”

    Dear Mr. President

    These last couple of months, FB, has intercepted, blocked and sent off to “The Phantom Zone,” posts of many American Patriots using a policy of. . . shut down anything they disagree with.

    Sir, we believe FB to be culpable in attacks on American Citizens throughout the United States, not just our freedom of speech, but as FB continues to post Mainstream Media Election Results On Every Trump Positive Post, they show their hatred of “The Free Exchange of Ideas as well as Free and Fair Elections.” FB’s follow-up, by putting people in FB JAIL and limiting the people who can see posts sent out by FB Users, demonstrates their disregard for our privacy when sending or receiving a post, our Freedom of Speech and their Contempt for Our Constitution (where are you Supreme Court?). Mr. President, this is a Communication’s Blockout and while not a complete Blackout, it’s having it’s intended affect.

    A Citizen’s Army Awaits Your Call, Mr. President. Like you Sir, We don’t want War, but neither will we surrender to a Leftest Marxist Regime whose sole purpose has been to undermine and demoralize the morale, discipline and motivation of Americans. Sir, these Leftist Marxists have attacked us wholely. . . mind, body and spirit. They’ve attacked Our Unity, Our Constitution, Our Flag, Our Military, Our Law Enforcement, Our Children, Our Elderly, Our Christian Heritage, Our Jobs and Our Patience. . . which has been stretched to it’s furthermost limits.

    We know you’re in possession of raw intelligence, Mr. President, more than we’ll ever have, but it doesn’t take raw intelligence to see “The Snake Slithering Around The Globe,” it’s just takes a people whose eyes are wide open and a people who, being vigilant, stand ready to defend Our Republic from Within and Without. If what we’ve laid out here dovetails with information already in your possession, then more power to It.

    All mass shootings, especially in our Schools and in our Churches along with Citizen’s, who being gunned down by a sniper barricaded in a upper floor hotel room, brought about a cry to disarm America. All shootings bring about tragic results and leave families and communities in trauma, but not all shootings have the same motivation or trigger, as these shootings demonstrate.

    As mass shootings declined and the Second Amendment held strong after each shooting, neighborhood shootings, in Democratic Run Cities saw an uptick in violence and death, but these neighborhood shootings, with their enormous loss of life, unlike the aforementioned shootings, didn’t attract near the MSM response that other tragic events did. Why? Don’t answer that Sir, we know why!

    Try as the left did, again they were unable to Disarm America and so returned to their never ceasing attacks on our Nation’s Immigration and Border Policies. These Leftest, in their motivation to Terrorize America Into Capitulation, continued with their never ceasing communist tactics by ways and means of “Elitist Money,” money used to employ Criminal Elements from South America, Central America and Mexico then embed them into, at first, small groups, then later into caravans on their way north.

    Enjoying a modicum of success, the left’s efforts not only allowed, but aided unsavory elements to creep into the United States. The leadership in these groups and caravans used good and decent people like puppets. . . And no puppet disobeys the will of its master without consequence!

    Mr. President, how many communist revolutionaries are hiding throughout our Nation? Have they been armed in like manner as Antifa? Do they already have targets of opportunity plotted, but await their “Go Order?” I remember 9/11 and I also believe it could happen again.

    The Flooding of Our Nation with illegal immigrants was in no way, no wise, an accident. Leftist Marxists knew exactly what they were doing and it’s OUR CITIZENS, who keep paying the price, not from inept Governors Mayors, Senators and Congressmen, but from Treasonous Governors, Mayors, Senators and Congressmen.

    Can we afford to be an America where one doesn’t feel safe to walk our own streets, who don’t feel safe driving to and from work along with concerns of going out to dinner and will our children return home safely tonight. How many on the West Coast, right this moment, don’t feel safe in their own homes. . . How many in Democratic Run Cities know this same feeling all too well?

    Who were the “Elitists,” that, watching group upon group infiltrate our southern border, came up with the idea of organizing Caravans to march through Central America, into Mexico then seek to circumvent our border? Obama made “Cages” when groups led by Coyotes forced marched their Human Cargo, girls and boys for the sex trade and drugs to poison our people, across our border. The making of cages was an illusion pulled off by Barack Hussein Obama, to distance himself from complicity in the growth of Coyotey led groups that eventually turned into the “Caravan Movement.”

    Did Obama lack the will to stop illegal entry into the United States? No, but instead gave his “Wink of Approval.” Obama is directly responsible for the snowballing of this invasion into our nation. It’s no coincidence that the Left was trying to Disarm America while their leader, Barack Obama, was Defunding Our Military and allowing the penetration of our borders. Why was Obama Defunding our Military? Why were limits put on those who were protecting our borders? Why was the Left ever pressing to rid the Constitution of The Second Amendment? All this sounds suspiciously like Softening up a Target before an invasion. Sir, let’s look elsewhere for similar tactics.

    In like manner, ISIS, willfully and purposely drove Muslims out of the Middle East, sending them in Mass Caravans to overrun Europe. The mass migration of Muslim immigrants into Europe was never an accident, it was never an unintentional byproduct of War, but a purposefully designed and strategically executed Iranian Backed Plan. . . It worked. Mr. President.

    The pertinent question now facing all Europeans: “Is Europe setting on a powder keg of dormant extremists waiting for their Go Orders?” Just Sayin’, Mr. President, the pieces are definitely in place. I’m left wondering how many Europeans are left wondering. . . “Did our leaders sell us out to the devil? Do our leaders now scurry about in the pockets of Iran, China and Russia?” How many European leaders want to see the end of you Mr. President? While I truly believe there are Honorable Leaders throughout the world. . . I also believe they’re becoming fewer and fewer.

    Not all fleeing the War Torn Middle East are horrible people. Many only sought to keep their family together while looking for food, water, shelter, safety and security. . . No different than we here in America seek for our families. It doesn’t come as a surprise that embedded in wave upon wave of Muslim immigrants, were ISIS Terrorists, Murderers, Rapists and garden variety criminals. These implanted thugs brought something even more dangerous into Europe, they brought a Radical Ideology that, although able to peacefully coexist with European Socialism (for the time being) the settling of immigrants, without a plan for their return to their home countries, didn’t set well with many Europeans who truly had compassion for them, but did not want their Ideology taking root or to suffer loss of jobs because of the strain it would put on their labor pool. Mr President, when there are more people than there are jobs and resources. . . Something bad will always happen, but I believe the Left factored that in as well.

    Sir, London is the capital of Great Britain, but who now has control of London? Many here in America still remember how you were treated by the Mayor of London and the idiotic Macy’s Day type balloon, an effigy of you Mr. President. . . The posturing done by that little twerp and his followers was not just an insult to you, Mr. President, but an insult to all who voted for you, love you and stand with you, at home and abroad. I’m curious as to how many Caliphates have popped up in Europe and Scandinavia since that disgusting display?

    The mainstream media here in America, joining with media outlets throughout the world (interesting how people outside the United States seek alternative news outlets just as we we do) have ratcheted up their communist propaganda in an effort to swell their ranks.

    Mr. President, I’ve made friends with a Christian man and woman, each from different Countries (Greece and Nigeria) and their outpouring of support for you is heartwarming. We trade posts (when not blocked by Facebook) and news from one another’s countries and we’re all in agreement that yellow journalism is alive and well in the 21st century. In spite this, there is an ever-growing body of followers throughout the world who are praying for you and our nation. . . Praying The Light of Freedom Never Goes Out.

    Those of us who have been on the earth long enough recognize the Communist Playbook. Totalliterian Regimes ever use race, poverty, status, cultural diversity of a nation, along with wrongful interpretations of history to “Disassemble a Target Nation.” Here in the United States the affect of their infiltration and indoctrination can be seen state by state, city by city, community by community, college by college, snowflake by snowflake, yet, even after all this, We The People of The United States refused to give up our Second Amendment Rights. O-O-O-H How Upsetting For the Left!

    Sir, it’s these very rights that frighten the left. But, in retrospect, while holding tight to our Second Amendment Rights, many of my generation (baby boomers) lost touch with our Christian Values, forgetting the Lesson’s of Scripture and losing sight of the lessons our Founding Fathers had to learn when our nation was still in its infancy. . . Mr. President, I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed because I too lost touch with that, that which should’ve mattered most. . . Complacency has brought the United States to this volatile point in time.

    Even now, at this writing, Leftest Marxists seek, not just to Defund Law Enforcement Nationwide, but to Dissolve Law Enforcement all together and now, adding to this demand, these communist oriented people want the immediate release of all inmates incarcerated throughout the United Stated! For What Purpose? For who’s purpose? No worries, Mr. President. . . We the People of the United States know the answer to this one as well.

    With caravans being checkmated at the border, the Left lacks the sizable army it really needs, but should they take control of Prisons in Leftist run States and release the inmates, the Left, being armed with habitual offender mussel, will carry out their strategy of raw aggression by losing inmates to rampage through cities, towns and small communities of America. Mr. President, the left wants what it wants and it’ll have what it wants by any way or means unless we stop them now.

    The Actions and Demands of these Leftist Marxists is a Clear Sign of A Mass Invasion from the south and from the UN, NATO or both. When combined with a Communications Blockout and Misdirection by mainstream media, along with help from Obama’s Deep State, that is, Antifa, BLM, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Leftist Governors and Mayors, Republican Rhinos. . . The Stage for a second and larger invasion now seems more imminent than ever.

    Should War break out the UN, NATO, China, Iran and Russia will do all they can to ensure the set up of a Biden/Harris Puppet Regime, who will then open floodgates bringing in a Second Army of people who will have to be countered by 74 Million Patriots. Some Americans have already banded together in groups (hence the growth in gun sales) some in State groups, some in Community groups, some in Family groups. . . and all have made themselves “Ready Groups.”

    Mr. President, should you Sound The Call for Martial Law and Call To Arms a Citizen’s Militia, We Will Answer Your Call! In looking over the left’s strategy here at home, it’s plausible to believe they’ve always been afraid you would do something unexpected. . . like calling up a well armed American Militia (Hence the Left’s Call to Disarm America). As an added note, Mr. President. . . we don’t need leftist billionaires to supply us!

    The Left made a big mistake, Mr. President. . . the ever living spirits of those patriots of old has given witness to our spirits, that at The Trumpet’s Sound, we are to rise up and join the fight. . . Not At the Voting Booths this time, but on battlefields made of concrete, glass and steel. We’ll not be an army of untrained soldiers as the left might surmise, but a Band of Patriots, who from East to West and North to South, is filled with Well-Trained Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMTs and First Responders of every kind. . . and should any Forigen Power not know, America Is “Filled With Hunters,” Male and Female, who can shoot the gonads off a Flea at 500 yards, take down a Wild Boar at zero-dark-thirty, then in no time at all, have sausage-gravy cooking next to fresh pork chops and ready to serve before the sun wakes up. . . Just Sayin’ Mr. President, them who be communist leaning, “Needs Beware!”

    Sir, at the MAGA Rallies, the cry to “Lock Her Up” was not some meaningless rant. . . A Republic Militia stands ready to assist in gathering up Ringleaders of The Communist Persuasion.These woodchucks, thinking they’re slicker than a minnows belly, needs be in custody and heldover for trial. Mr. President, like you, we believe in Law and Order, we believe in the rights of of those charged with treason, and any additional crimes, to be properly represented as they stand before a Military Tribunal. But we also believe they would not have done the same for us. . . but then again, that’s the difference between us and them, isn’t it?

    I came up with a “Short List,” but a list, that most, who hold fast to Our Republic and the founding principal: “We Are One Nation Under God.” (Yes, I know of Eisenhower’s insertion of One Nation under God) nevertheless, for Leftests who remain willfully ignorant or fell for Oprah’s blather. . . Mr. President, if I may be so bold: One Nation Under God Means, The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob and Father of Our Savior, Christ Jesus. God is at the very core, the very heart of Our Nation’s Founding Documents. . . If any should doubt the Belief of Those Patriots of Old, Their Belief in “God and Republic,” let them see what Francis Scott Key (War of 1812 for those who didn’t pay attention in U. S. History) penned as the final verse of that which would become Our National Anthem:

    “Oh Thus Be It Ever

    When Free Men Shall Stand

    Between Their Loved Homes

    And The War’s Desolation

    Blessed With Victory And Peace

    May THIS HEAVEN Rescued Land

    PRAISE THE POWER That Hath Made

    And Preserved Us A Nation

    And Conquer We Must

    If Our Cause Be It Just

    Let This Be Our Motto:


    And the Star Spangled Banner

    In Triumph Shall Wave

    Ore The Land Of The Free

    And The Home Of The Brave”

    Mr. President, Is it not a just, right and proper course that those who perpetrated attacks against us should be named, charged and brought to accountability?

    1. The Head and Governing Body of the Secret Government

    2. The Leftest Democratic-Communist Leadership in the House of Representatives and The Senate

    3. The Mainstream Media

    4. Leftist Elite’s who Funded Uprisings against Our Constitution and the American People

    5. Governors and Mayors, who knowingly sent Covid-19 infected people into nursing homes, thereby Exterminating many of the Late Great Generation and Baby Boomers. . . even after you, Mr. President, sent Hospital Ships and Offered All Manner of Aid

    6. Leftest-Marxist Judges (including those on the Supreme Court) Prosecutors, Police Chiefs and Jailers who released Known Criminals back into society, Criminals who Reoffended by Murdering Our CITIZENS

    Mr. President, there is one who stands out amongst all the rest. . . His money and his complicity in the intimidation, destruction and murder done by BLM and Antifa, as well as being behind bankrolling/bonding these thugs out of jail, needs to be called out.

    7. George Soros
    Mr President, George Soros, is backing and supplying monies to antifa and is responsible for all the harm they’ve done, including the seizure of several city blocks in Seattle, Washington. Antifa, using the takeover to their full advantage, assaulted people, extorted money from business owners and fired shots at people while the Mayor and Governor turned a blind eye to all their unlawful actions.

    Mr. President, can you imagine the hearts of Police Offices after being told to surrender the Police Station to Communist Thuggery? Mr. President, think back to the history of a Police Station from your neck of the woods. . . Fort Apache, The Bronx. This Precinct Police Station was a “Safe Haven” in its day and if stories told about her are true, she even came under attack a time or two.

    Sir, America should never forget these Antifa Thugs were equipped with up-to-date weaponry and gear, to include AR-15s, bulletproof vests, sidearms, as well as other military paraphernalia. Who purchased the gear that antifa was wearing? Who supplied Antifa with their firearms, if not George Soros. Soros, the Communist Billionaire has been supporting Communist regimes for years and not satisfied, has now sunk his teeth into the Wrong Nation.

    8. The Leadership of the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ along with many of their subordinates

    9. Former Political Appointees to Positions of Authority in the Bush, Clinton and Obama White Houses

    10. Evey Person who had part and parcel in “Selling Out Our Nation” for Their Own Personal Gain

    11. All who spied on Americans in Attempt to Sway and Steal our votes and overthrow our legitimately elected President, Donald J Trump

    Mr. President, this was a short list and I’m sure many could add more to it, but before ending, I ask as a concerned parent, Consider “The Sex Trafficking Industry.” Is the Caribbean Island, AKA – Orgy Island, The Only Secret Place Our Missing Children End Up? Bill Clinton Is Not The Only One To Visit This Place. . . What Happens To These Children When They’re No Longer Useful Or Profitable?

    12. Leftist-Marxist Leadership of California, Oregon and Washington State as well as Hollywood Elitists, who’ve been scrambling to create Laws and New Definitions of what a PEDOPHILE IS. . . need to be part and parcel of all “Pizza Shop Prosecutions.” After all their sole purpose is to protect themselves from future prosecution.

    Mr. President, You’ve United Us, of that there is no doubt, Now Unite Us Legally. . . Call Us To Arms, It’s Time To Crush The Head Of The Serpent.

    In closing, Americans, along with so many wonderful people abroad Pray The Holy Spirit Ever Blesses You and our Vice President With The Gifts Only He Can Give.

    We Love You Mr. President and Our First Lady, We Love Our Vice President and Second Lady and Every Member of Your Team. We Are Ever With You. . . Give The Call, Mr. President, And Watch A Nation Of 74 Million Patriots Arise.


    Michael R. Freeman – Kentucky

  148. AKINDLE says:

    You are right, But, I don’t respect any of these black presumed “scholars”. Even supposedly “Conservative” Colin Powell voted for Obama. The fact is, Anti-White policies accelerated under Trump. The RNC convention had more black speakers than whites…..Four years of Trump and his staff promoting blacks, hispanics, illegals (DACA), and “More immigrants than Ever”. Nothing pro white was in his or his staff’s agenda except for whitey to pay their taxes and shut up. The smart whites figured out what a obnoxious empty suit he was and stayed home. The black and hispanic hero Dump needs to go away in disgrace, and thanks to loser Dump for not doing the right thing, we are now stuck with that crook Biden, who has been grifting in Government for over 50 years.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  149. @kampfbeobachter

    Well, Observer, you have something of a point here. I’d add that genuine and durable nations have a clearly dominant race or ethnicity, a common language, and a common culture in addition to and above local and regional and minority-ethnic/religious cultures. The Russia Federation has all that, and thank God for it.

    Dozens of the “one hundred plus” ethnicities in the RF are insignificant numerically, culturally, economically, and politically, and they are in any event required to be fluent in Russia and respect the majority and founding people, to get anywhere in society, education, business, media, or government. That’s a good thing for Russia’s cohesiveness and ability to survive tough times, spiteful economic sanctions, war, and all external and internal challenges largely together.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso, annamaria
    • Replies: @ElCristeroAmericano
  150. Biff says:

    If the powers that be ever needed an excuse to try, convict, execute, or just kill on the spot the Trump’ deplorables(all 74 million and counting) secession would be it.

    Ad fear and hatred to ruthlessness and the war is on.

  151. frontier says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    You know the feds will fight you by doing their bombing thing

    Nonsense. If they did that the empire would be over, like completely gone, the whole house of cards would crumble down, Europe included. No, they aren’t that stupid… but your fearmongering is.

  152. Richard B says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    It is essential that the present USA be wiped out

    Looks like it’s wiping itself out at break neck speed.

  153. Richard B says:
    @gay troll

    Ah yes, finally the Jews will return to the White House.

    Maybe so. But one thing’s for sure, the Jewish/Black alliance is going to go belly up.

    And I don’t just say this because of Biden’s recent unfiltered Zoom This country is doomed comments, but because it’s obvious that that alliance’s time has finally come.

    To put it bluntly, blacks have outlived their usefulness to Jewish Supremacy Inc. and are about to be dropped like a used rubber.

    Actually, it’s a process already well underway, but things like Obama’s presidency and then later BLM served to distract attention away from this obvious fact. Not to mention all of the pro-black/anti-White propaganda (something that would hardly be necessary if blacks were really doing well).

    Ironically, blacks will disappear from the scene faster than Whites. In fact, toward that end, US society is shaping up to look a lot like your average prison yard where everything is about race.

    In that case, the usual prison-like alliances will form, ie; Whites & Latinos vs blacks and whatever. In short, we’re fast approaching the day when we’ll be able to say about blacks what President Ford said about Vietnam, Our long national nightmare is over.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  154. “For who can be the general of such a vast multitude, or who the herald, unless he has the booming voice of a Stentor?”

    Technology has solved that problem in ways the ancient Greeks could not envisage. Perhaps other ideas they held are outmoded as well?

  155. @kampfbeobachter

    In a liberal multicultural state, unassimilable aliens are deliberately brought into every corner of the nation, and especially into its capital, because Jews and Jew-influenced traitors have decreed the people of the nation are worthy of having a nation. In such a state, the core population is reviled while low-IQ, criminally-inclined aliens are lionized and called an “enrichment”. By contrast, Russia is an ethnostate that merely tolerates autochthonous ethnic minorities. Russia is not anti-Russia the way the US is anti-(White) American or Germany is anti-German.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  156. FatR says:

    Oh boy. Mr. Dalton, if you want your side to lose forever – or to confirm that the white nationalist Right loses endlessly because it is just too stupid to win – you could not have penned a better article to that end. Let’s make only the briefest list of obvious blunders in the text:

    (1)Your diagnosis for whites of America is that the current course will cause them discomfort. Your prescription for them is to subject themselves to the supreme discomfort of the civil war. What can I say but “lol”.

    (2)For that matter, what actual positives are you promising those who may follow your ideas in return for their blood and toil, and committing horrid warcrimes on almost unprecedented scale (because that’s the only way to establish a racially pure ethnostate), and risking physical annihilation? The same system that screwed them over, except without darkies? Platitudes of Friedrich “I’m a virgin who wants to be a chad” Nietzsche that led his nation that for some reason decided to take them seriously into utter defeat?

    (3)”Small communities are da best”. No, for winning wars they aren’t. Like, self-evidently. In fact, peasant rebellions throughout the history tended to get quickly smashed exactly because the lower classes failed to organize on the level above small communities, so that after the initial shock the rulers could concentrate overwhelming force against one local rebel group after another. Did you already forgot, that you are inciting a war, or is going from abstract principles to thinking on how to actually win completely beyond you?

    (4)And speaking for your justification on why the local communities are the best, nice job reminding all the readers, that they are just evolved animals, who live only once. That will surely motivate all those people who aren’t adventurers by nature (those are already enlisted in the forces which are likely to be used to suppress secessionists) to lay down their lives for your cause! Not.

    (5)The problem of ideologically divesting yourself and your message from the Confederacy’s legacy of defeat is too hard, man, better to embrace that legacy! It’s not like people don’t like to bet on lame horses, or anything. And if in the process all the “America, f*ck yeah!” people – the main type of people, other than complete mercenaries, loyal solely to their paymasters, likely to serve in the law enforcement and military – are alienated, well, it’s not like you’re actually thinking about how to win.

  157. Dalton why don’t you take your bullshit Nazi ideology to Europe where it belongs. I am an American of European heritage on my Father’s side and Mexican and Yaqui Indian heritage on my Mother’s side. My Grandfather of Mexican blood was a first generation American and volunteered to go to war after Pearl Harbor. He earned his right to be an American. He fought for this country, he bled for this country and he killed for this country. Up until he was too sick with cancer to do it anymore he served in the VFW color guard carrying the stars and stripes to honor American veterans regardless of their color or religion.

    So I say to you the same thing I say to the Black Nationalists. If you and the Black Nationalists don’t like my indigenous American ass then they can go back to Africa and you can go back to Europe. This is my land and don’t you ever F#cking Forget It! People like you Dalton and the BLM deserve each other because you all were cut from the same racial chauvinist cloth. So I say Constitutionalist Freedom loving Americans of all colors create a new nation based on the old documents and ideals of Freedom and Liberty while we send all the White Nationalists and Black Nationalists to a reservation to kill each other. How do you like them apples Dalton?!

    I have sympathy for the White Working Class (My Father was from the White Working Class as are many of my Uncles). In many ways I am one of them but despise Nazi scum. I don’t like Zionists either. Jewish Chauvinists are pretty much Jew Nazis, but you White Nationalists have a continent of your own. Go liberate Europe for your kind before you start talking about setting up a Nazi State here.

  158. @RadicalCenter

    Russia also respects it’s minority groups and treats them well and they in return are loyal to Mother Russia. This is why the majority of Chechens chose to end their war for independence and were granted a large amount of autonomy from Moscow.

  159. @Gandalf

    Race Aware of what?! You are human, your wife is human, your children are human. Your race is like mine. Human!

    Why apologize to the “White Nationalists” for anything? They most likely have Mongolian, Turk, Arab or African blood in their veins.

    I am first and foremost a Christian (Old School Catholic), secondly I am an American (who is loyal to America as an ancient Roman Legionaire was loyal to Old Rome), thirdly I identify with my Family (Mi Familia), my blood for whom I would fight and die for. Faith, Family, Fatherland. Blood and Honor. The rest is bullshit. The rest are constructs.

  160. Walter says:
    @Hiya Doody

    Oh dear!

    Sometimes it takes time to realize that the disposition of forces has changed. Marx calls this hysteresis.

    You all might wanna read a book.

    Start with “Losing Military Supremacy”, Martyanov.

    Then of course there’s the little matter of having disposed of its industrial capacity and abandoning the education of the children, and of course the objective fact of imperial bankruptcy…

    Nevertheless, naturally, the zionists, indistinguishable from the other cryptonazi people, are in parasitic control on the animated corpse. That’s a one shot process, inherently.

    Enjoy the freak show…

  161. Jiminy says:

    No sane politicians are going to allow the breadbasket of the country to be taken away. Once their followers stomachs are cramping with hunger pangs, they will lose control of any situation no matter the propaganda levels. After taking away so many liberties from the great unwashed, small concessions will be allowed and given back to them. Little pleasures that go a long way in alleviating rising discontent.
    But the sad thing with the possible splitting of the country is that certain people are survivors. They will always be there. The faceless men in the shadows pulling the strings. There would be no escaping them. It would be like watching a lizards tail regrow after breaking off, only to be replaced with the exact same tail.
    I was thinking that maybe the long game is to end up with an offical negroid only region, sort of given as a reward for being loyal foot soldiers.
    Because ultimately whites just don’t outbreed other races, and it’s just a numbers game.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  162. noname27 says: • Website
    @gay troll

    When have they ever gone away?

  163. Trickster says:

    Well you are spot on. Assuming there is a split, the good part will have to ruthlessly expel all undesirables and keep them out that means if you are non white and non christian you get transported to the border and shoved over.

    Otherwise down the road the same infiltration will take place and we will be back to hosting the rabble rousers and shit from the rest of the world and we will be in the same place as we are today.

    If we are called racists, fascists or whatever who cares. Japan has strict immigration laws and Israel, that libertarian and respecter of human rights (as long as it is in another country) kneecaps anyone lurking around their border wall and middle fingers the naysayers and critics !

    We pay billions to the Zionists and we cannot do the same ??

    All the Chimps get sent back to Africa their beloved homeland. Keeping them here is seeding the same problems for the future.

    None of this is going to happen so the dream is stillborn ie it is a giant shit storm and we are caught in it without umbrellas and capes.

  164. noname27 says: • Website
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    On the contrary, in legal dictionaries, corporations are persons. A person is not a flesh and blood sentient being. A person is a fiction, from the Latin ‘personna’, which means a ‘mask’ or an actor on stage.

    For There is No Respect of Persons With God – Romans 2:11 – But What is a Person? – Parts 1 & 2

  165. Trickster says:

    LOL Trinity. we would have not a single politician. Mission accomplished ? Can you see an 18 year old Biden for example with three DIs in his face screaming and shrieking, pushups, monkey jumps, punishment drills, beatings ?

    As I frequently comment, the people most anxious to rumble are those who have never been in action. The ones who have shrink in horror at the thought. The ones who have not imagine themselves Rambo saving the world etc. With a bow and arrow, they see themselves taking out a whole fucking Regiment.

    Its hard sometimes to be not amused but it is no laughing matter.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  166. Trickster says:

    An enlightening video. HAving lived in S/Africa there are a lot of aspects to the film that the average person may not notice:
    1. The abolition of apartheid was supposed to make life better for blacks. It has not ! As the black man said, he can sit next to a white man now BUT has no job and no money. This is the case for MILLIONS of blacks in S/Africa not only native born but the border jumpers from the rest of the continent.
    2. Note Julius Malema arrived in a Benz and looks plump and well fed. His supporters dont have a bicycle and suck salt. The black man shits all over his own more than the white man ever did. Julius owns a mansion in Sandton in Cape Town, a high end mostly white area. His loyal followers live in shacks in slums.
    3. The “middle class” blacks partying in the Park throw their trash on the ground.
    4. What were once high end residential areas are now terrible slums.
    5, Violent crime is common, something non existent under Apartheid with at times 10 or more black men raping black women in their own community
    6. Blacks from all the other shit holes in Africa have infiltrated into S/Africa contributing to the ruin of the country.

    The black ass from the UK doing the documentary never or hardly comments on these points. The piquant paradox is that he enjoys a better life in the UK versus his Bros in Africa.

    I encourage UR readers to look at your documentary several times. You will notice things not readily noticeable or absorbed from one viewing. It is the classic example of how blacks, wherever they live, ruining the very place they live. They are most happy when living in a slum.

    Finally, Afro Americans need to take note. If you think living in Africa is a piece of cake and you are into your roots and all that, better get on your knees and thank Whitey for bringing you here.

    YOU never had it so good under the Cracker and your BROS never had it so bad under their own Tribal Chief.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  167. noname27 says: • Website

    You need an education:

    The so-called American Civil War was a war declared by the Rothschild controlled Federal Government on ALL THE STATES. Before that war white Americans were freemen and blacks were in involuntary servitude. After that war ALL Americans, both black and white, were citizen slaves of the Federal Government.

    The so-called Union Soldiers were just useful idiots in that treacherous anti-white campaign.

  168. Trinity says:

    I was lucky enough to have been too young for Vietnam, but I had people over there as well as uncles who served in WWII and Korea, my father was in Korea. I can only imagine some of the horrors witnessed in war. Blown off faces and limbs, just truly gory scenes. I remember looking at a book filled with crime scenes, one photo that I can never get out of my head years later was a murder scene where someone had their head blown off with a shotgun. My gawd, kudos to homicide detectives, forensics and all other law enforcement who have to deal with this shit. I would not have the stomach for that type of work at all.

    But lest we forget Smokin’ Joe Biden is/was a tough scrapper from Scranton, Pa. Biden was ready to go toe to toe with Corn Pop and Corn Pop was one bad mutha fucka, yo. lolol. And don’t forget, Biden challenged some fat guy to a pushup contest. haha. Creaky Joe probably couldn’t do one legitimate pushup and would need help getting down on the floor and getting back up. The guy is a disgrace and has made America a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Biden & Caramel aren’t qualified to run a McDonald’s restaurant.

  169. @Ray Caruso

    >>the people of the nation are not worthy

  170. Trinity says:


    Yes, Whites took the land from the Indian, anyone who says otherwise might as well be a lying Jew. And any DECENT White is willing to help the Indian out, but NO ONE ELSE. Comprende? Yes, Whites took away a good portion of the Southwest from mixed race Mexicans, however, the last time I checked, much of the Southwest during that time was largely uninhabited, and it was the White man who built it up from nothing. And it isn’t as if the Mexican was at peace with the Indian. For a Mexican to identify as an indigenous person or Native American is really, really reaching. The Jew and Black did very little IF anything in making America, they did plenty of destroying though.

    WHY in the hell do Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Orientals, etc. even live in America and Europe. All these whiny cocksuckers do is whine about “racism,” “White Privilege,” “White Supremacists,” “anti-Semitism,” ( hell, most of the Jews whining don’t even look Semitic) blah, blah, … But these crybaby phonies continue to come here in droves and refuse to go back to Africa or their beloved Israel. Hell, I thought that was the reason for Israel to be created so Jews could live away from White Gentiles. Hell, looks like the Jew NEVER wanted to leave America and Europe in the first place and why should they when they have their collective asses kissed all the time by idiotic moronic Whites who buy into their fairy tales.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant, PolarBear
  171. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cthulu Smith

    Interesting note: A former KGB scientist, years ago, forecast that the US would break itself apart and into three, possibly four groups, along with Alaska going to either Siberia or Canada, and Hawaii to China or Japan.

    As an Alaskan, I’d choose Russia over Canaduh – seems only right as you can’t swing a dead cat up here without bumping into Russian history.

    That said, I seem to recall some years back a Russian politician arguing that the sale of Alaska to Seward was actually a 120 year lease agreement.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  172. @A Competent Physicist

    “We’re being gaslighted by the best deceivers in history.”

    So true! I can actually understand why millions were deceived into voting for Biden. If I read or listen to any of the mass media it doesn’t take long until I find myself feeling as if I just stepped into the Twilight Zone. A steady diet of that and anyone might be affected — brainwashing works! But the smarmy, superior attitude of the bald-faced liars on MSNBC and CNN ought to be a red flag even to the true believers, they can’t report on a single story without finding a way to slip in something negative about Trump.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  173. Trinity says:

    As an American, I think I would choose Russia over Canada as well. The Canucks are even more pussified than the average White American, hell, they are almost as pussified as the White English feller and Frenchie pasty pastry boy, which makes since given the British and French influence up there.

    Guaranteed you won’t see any Africans or Pakis over in Russia running amok and raping Russian women. Those Russian men will stomp a mudhole in their smelly asses.

  174. @Clemsnman

    SECESSION. please stop typing succession, it makes you look dumb.(or exposes it, as the case may be)

    YES. Please God, let it be.

  175. I have been saying secession is the only solution to preserving (at least part of) Old America. I am a Patriotic American Nationalist of European and Native American ancestry. I cherish the Freedoms and Liberties of the America I grew up in as a kid back in the 80’s and 90’s (pre 9/11).

    With that said having been reading articles on the Unz Review for sometime now I think I have a better understanding of the “Alt-Right” than I initially did. Originally I was all for an “Alt Right” because I saw the Establishment GOP Right as being part of the problem (and still do). The Establishment GOP of Bush, Romney, McCain type was also Globalist, Imperialist, Free Traders and Israel Firsters. Now I understand what the “Alt-Right” is I am treating them like the ideological plague that they are because quite simply they are Nazi Like Racial Chauvinist Ideologues rebranded as something new “Alt Right” when really it’s the same extremely narrow old ideas that brought the great German Nation to ruin in the 1940’s.

    In reality the Alt-Right is just the flip side of the coin from the Antifa/BLM ideologues on the “Alt-Left”. You are all cut from the same cloth and someone like me and my family could never live in peace under the rule of any of you. That’s why I firmly cling to my identity as a Patriotic American and the only new American Political Entity I would be willing to fight and die for is one where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still King and there is Liberty and Justice for all.

  176. @Richard B

    So are blacks just going to quietly disappear sans welfare checks and AA?

    • Replies: @Richard B
  177. @Trickster

    I found the patronising supercilious attitude of that affirmative action ‘journalist’ absolutely galling. If he had to survive without AA he’d at best be tossing burgers in MacDonalds.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  178. Trinity says:

    I like to refer to Colin Powell as Colon Bowel. I can’t tell you the number of people that used to sing praises about this clown, all of them WHITE. Some had lofty titles like “Dr.”, a REAL MEDICAL DOCTOR, a surgeon at that, a two star General, and other “smart” and “elite” type of folks. Meanwhile, a dumb ole hillbilly like me sees right through the Herman Cains, the Colon Bowels, the Jesse Lee Petersons, the Candace Owens, etc., these negroes are PLAYING Whites for book deals, speaking engagements, and talk show gig\$. They all probably voted for Harris/Biden. HOWEVER, I do believe that Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Herschel Walker are pretty legit. I haven’t seen any of these guys go off track and they all have been in the public eye for a long time. Hell, Clarence Thomas might be the best SCOTUS there is, of course with the 9 lames we have up there, that is kind of like bragging about being the champion figure skater in the Dominican Republic.

    Look at those two plumper trumpers known as Diamond & Silk. Good lawd, does anyone with two brain cells actually think these two overweight shawties taint running a game on White America fo’ some easy money. Trumpstein even had these two sows speak at his rallies and ALWAYS had Blacks and other nonwhites right behind him. Never mind that 99% of the crowd was White, somehow, Blacks always got the seats right behind Trumpstein in full view of the camera. Think of the odds? smdh and lol.

    • LOL: frontier
  179. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Apex Predator

    What’s the alternative? Thumb-twiddling neo-cons that larp as White men. Pro-Whites Whites haven’t won since the good ol’ days, anti-White Whites have never won and never will.

  180. The solution is simple. If producers would just stay home and stop producing for 90 days, all the non-producers causing the problems would weaken and die of starvation. Problem solved.

  181. Mr. Dalton, you are doing something very typical of white nationalists that frustrates the hell out of me which is promoting secession, civil war etc……but that appears to be all you are doing, which is writing about it and promoting it. I’d be happy to be mistaken, and am open to being corrected. So, maybe I am mistaken. If so, what are you doing besides writing columns on the occidental observer to achieve this goal? Are you stockpiling guns and ammunition (good luck on finding ammo, at least right now) for the inevitable violent combat that will take place in order to arrive at your desired scenario? Are you actively recruiting young to join this violent conflict you plan on waging? Are you training and/or training others to engage in inevitable battles with the U.S. military, including the famed government killers, the United States Marine Corps? I hate to disappoint you but if you think a good chunk of U.S. military personnel will join your side, you are dumber than this shitty column you wrote. Remember, sheep do what they are told. Feel free to share anything else you are actually DOING to achieve lofty and extremely unrealistic goal besides writing shitty columns on the Occidental Observer.

    It’s one thing to LARP about creating white ethnostates, which you and many of your white nationalist brethren are doing….but it’s an entirely different matter to actually FUCKING do something, which historically you guys don’t do. Every time I ask you guys how you will actually accomplish this, it’s crickets. Please break the trend and give me an explanation of the specific steps you are now taking to accomplish this goal of yours. Your crappy column lacks this.

  182. Oh, and Mr. Dalton, I’m currently reading your book, “Debating the Holocaust”. So far, I think it’s a very well-written book that contains several pieces of information that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the traditional, mainstream holocaust narrative. Just to be clear, this stupid column you wrote has no bearing on the high quality of your book that I am reading. That said, from how idiotic this column is, I am wondering if it is a different Thomas Dalton that wrote “Debating the Holocaust”.

  183. Trickster says:
    @Irish Savant

    You are right. He was a fucking black asshole gone to South Africa to lick the nuts of the powers that rule and the blacks that suffer. He is one of a type.

    Just after Apartheid was ended and all the way to the turn of the century we used to have these shit bird black Americans come to SA, take a quick one hour tour through the Township, return to their first class hotel, order room service and fly back to the US. In CapeTown about one hour from a two week trip would be spent in a slum area. The rest of the time they spent sight seeing and waxing about being able to tool around a beach that once was whites only.

    They would then rock a T-Shirt with some slogan and a raised fist superimposed over some ANC freedom fighter image and fly back to the US. ” Yo Bros, I wuz wid da strugal” and their homies in the US would respond with vulgar applause “Yu is one cool Nigga Bro. Da wite devils is dun ! Black Powa, niggas rule”

    These visits to bond with the Afro brothers in the Townships came to an abrupt end when the niggers in one Township highjacked the bus and robbed all the niggers from the States. How cool is that ? LOL

    Look, there is no hood, City, County, State or Country which when taken over from Whitey is not turned into a dump. In Africa, the West Indies or the US it is the same thing. The black man once he rises to the top shits all over his fellow tribesmen. In all of these Third World countries, the ruling politicians during the Colonial / Apartheid era would drive around in one car (usually a Humber Hawk or Australian Holden) with a driver and perhaps another vehicle with a security detail of 4 men if that.

    The black ruler these days though tools around in a bullet proof high end Euro wheels (or Rolls Royce) with a 10 car entourage of sunshade wearing goons and hangers on, motor cycle outriders with sirens blaring and an Army/ Police battalion closing off all access roads and lining the route . He moves effortlessly from one palatial mansion to the other where his 13 or more wives or concubines, each with their own BMW’s, government “jobs”, private apartments, bodyguards and another level of moochers and parasites wait to serve his needs.

    All the way to the Palace gates his subjects line up screaming and shreiking as his Lordship approaches and vanishes in the distance hardly glancing at any of them. “OUR LEADER!”

    Finally when all the hullaboo is over and our maximum leader is getting a blow job from his newest 18 year old and 14th wife, just before he rocks the imported caviar, Dom Perignon, Cuban cigar and calls his tailor in London and banker in Geneva……his loyal following return to their hovels, unemployed, no money, no food, no education, no clothes, no future. Their ambition and eternal joy is looking forward to the time when Chief Bongo Ngoro returns to his palace in the opposite direction or listening to him berate the white bastards responsible for their poverty decades after whitey has departed.

    THIS is the eternal tragedy of the black man ! They have a future in the white man’s society and nothing but misery under their own black rulers heel.

    These are the things our fearless black journalist/ reporter should have touched on. He did not because he would have to admit that had he or his ancestors remained in Africa he would be one of the dirt poor downtrodden instead of the arrogant, self serving, sanctimonious and patronizing prick he is !

    • Agree: mark green
  184. Richard B says:
    @Irish Savant

    So are blacks just going to quietly disappear sans welfare checks and AA?

    Good question. One possible answer is Yes.

    Much like they quiestly disappeared from the neighborhoods in LA they formerly and rather famously occupied for decades. Them getting the boot by Latinos was a big deal, at least for blacks. But it wasn’t given a lot of hoopla at all, for obvious reasons.

    And though it wasn’t given a lot of hoopla, it’s no secret blacks were unhappy about it. But their leaders were curiously silent, no doubt having recieved orders from the real owners of this country to stand down and keep quiet. Orders which they obeyed since they know who butters their bread (and it isn’t the black community, that’s for sure).

    The point being, the same thing is now happening on a national level.

    For this reason, screaming, yelling, rioting, raping and murdering blacks will be, if not exactly a distant memory, much less than it is now, a lot sooner than later.

  185. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    “Universalism is an American conceit and there’s truly no such thing as a Proposition Nation.”

    Not this again. It gets tiring having to correct you, but I suppose that is my cross to bear.

    Aelius Aristides, a Greek who received Roman citizenship in 123 A.D. stated –>

    “You have divided into two parts all men throughout your empire…everywhere giving citizenship to all those who are more accomplished, noble, and powerful, even as they retain their native-born identities, while the rest you have made subjects and the governed. Neither the sea nor the great expanse of intervening land keeps one from being a citizen, and there is no distinction between Europe and Asia…No one is a foreigner who deserves to hold an office or is worthy of trust. Rather, there is here a common “world democracy” under the rule of one man, the best ruler and director…You have divided humanity into Romans and non-Roma…and because you have divided people in this manner, in every city throughout the empire there are many who share citizenship with you, no less than the share citizenship with their fellow natives.

    And some of these Roman citizens have not even seen this city [Rome]! There is no need for troops to garrison the strategic high points of these cities, because the most important and powerful people in each region guard their native lands for you…yet there is not a residue of resentment among those excluded [from Roman citizenship and a share in the governance of the provinces]. Because your government is both universal and like that of a single city-state, its governors rightly rule not as foreigners but, as it were, their own people…

    Additionally, all of the masses of subjects under this government have protection against the more powerful of their native countrymen, by virtue of your anger and vengeance, which would fall upon the more powerful without delay should they dare to break the law. Thus, the present government serves rich and poor alike, and your constitution has developed a single, harmonious, all-embracing union. What in former days seemed impossible has in your time come to pass: You control a vast empire with a rule that is firm but not unkind…”

    In a similar fashion, the American identity has not been lost within the past 60 years, it just has transformed, similar to when the Thirteen Colonies began as primarily British, but subsumed other European groups who were historic rivals, and eventually non-Europeans. The Welsh, the Cornish, Bavarians, the Catalans–they were distinct sub-Europeans groups, but over generations they intermingled and dispersed in our great land. Americans are a mixture of European and non-European ethnostates who, like any and all groups, self-identify. They know who they are and where they come from, and create groups who share their self-identities. Furthermore, the default for American is American and not a particular race, regardless of one’s willingness to admit it this decided fact. When you call yourself a black American or a Chinese American, you are still an American, as in residing in the nation referred as the United States. And while Yankees and Southerners and Midwesterners are clearly different, they are not separate “tribes” or “nations”, just locations with groups of people who self-identify geographically, socially, and culturally.


    This identification is the direct result of indoctrination…from our Founding Fathers. The term “proposition” is found in the first two sections of the Declaration of Independence. We were formed from political and religious refugees and migrants from a dozen European nations to start, and conjoined from the beginning with freed slaves and Native Americans. We were inspired by a great diversity of political philosophies and practices. We have welcomed immigration from the first day, explicated by the First Congress.

    Posterity to the founding fathers meant the creation of an independent nation, with a vigorous and adaptable form of government, with a body of liberties that were malleable to the times. Thomas Jefferson bore witness to the new government as a unique combination of the freest elements of English law and political custom. While he was concerned that unrestricted immigration of peoples from lands unacquainted with the principle of representative government MIGHT undo the careful work of our Founding Fathers, he said prophetically, “from such we are to expect the greatest number of immigrants”.

    Furthermore, posterity does NOT refer only to one’s own children, but as with the synonymous “legacy” also has the broader meaning of what we leave behind. The Founding Fathers were self-consciously leaving behind other than a genetic legacy. The motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum” reflects their legacy, setting up the mechanisms of government they invented to secure liberty against tyranny. Recall Article I, Section 8, Clause 4: “The Congress shall have Power To…establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…” By definition, naturalization extends citizenship, and all the rights and duties related to it, to an outsider, that is, someone not the posterity of a signer of the document. The Founding Fathers clearly desired “to invite foreigners of merit and republican principles among us.” Indeed, the intention was whites and Europeans, but who imagined at that time non-whites and women would be able to embrace these principles? But there is no racial or gender criteria to adhering to republican ideals in the Constitution.

    Even accepting “Our posterity,” means the descendants of those citizens only at the time of ratification, given the healthy dose of non-British in the United States who were among the ratifiers, the concept simply cannot be granted to the British exclusively. Moreover, the events leading up to the war, the war itself, and the failure of the Articles of Confederation constitute our early legislative history. In none of the seven uses of the word, therein, is posterity used in any obviously restrictive fashion during this time frame. And, of course there is the naturalization clause, which assuredly had no ethnocentric nor biological provision. One could argue the slave trade clause had such had such an ethnocentric nor biological provision, but it is clear it was not aimed at non-British or non-whites. And then there is the naturalization clause, which certainly had no ethnocentric nor biological provision to it.

    Now, IF we assume the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to be a limitation on the power of government, as to themselves and their posterity–defined as descendants in their own personal blood-lines–by intentionally excluding those other people from the protections of the Constitution, and by failing to make a different provision for their protection from government, THEN the Founding Fathers left them completely unprotected from government, granting the Founding Fathers even broader authority enjoyed by the British monarchy, which was restricted by the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. In effect, the Founders and their blood-lines set themselves up as “nobility”, with unfettered rights, with all others designated as “peasants”, having no rights. The historical record clearly demonstrates that the Founding Fathers did NOT partake in such an endeavor.

  186. anarchyst says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    What most people are unaware of is that the internet is “putting a crimp” on the actions of the globalists.
    In “the old days”, there were only a half a dozen of “news outlets” that controlled not only the flow of information, but the narrative.
    With the internet, the “genie cannot be put back in the bottle”.
    All one has to do is observe the “fact checkers” and attempted censorship going on in the major “social media” outlets, such as facebook and instagram. This so-called “fact checking” and outright censorship will fail as more and more people seek REAL news from non-traditional sources.
    The American presidential election was declared for Biden, despite massive fraud going on, which the major media outlets refused to report. Hopefully, enough people saw through the fraud and subsequent cover-up by the mainstream media.
    The globalists have “bitten off more than they can chew” with their phony pandemic and associated “lockdowns” and mandatory “mask-wearing”.
    The “medical profession” is also losing credibility as we speak by going along with the forced societal and infrastructure-destroying mandates, as well as their attempts to destroy much of humanity with their “vaccines”.
    The internet has done more to assure that the “powers-that-be” and their lies and fabrications will not go unnoticed.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @annamaria
  187. geokat62 says:

    The Founding Fathers were self-consciously leaving behind other than a genetic legacy.

    So true!

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 was a law of the United States Congress that set the first uniform rules for the granting of United States citizenship by naturalization. The law limited naturalization to “free white person[s]… of good character

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  188. Corvinus says:

    We know that laws can, and will, change, as they are product of the times.

    The Alt Right assumes that the creation of the United States was undeniably monolithic. “Europeans” came to North America, conquered and settled. But they were other than united in the beginning by common ideologies. Europeans had their own “redoubts”, ethnically and/or culturally, in the Thirtee Colonies. Remember, the Germans, the Irish, the Italians, the Slavs, the Poles–ALL had been considered at various points in time of unworthy of assimilation and citizenship. It made little difference that they were “white”–they were “foreign”. HOWEVER, the Founding Fathers left open the door for future generations of Americans to weave other groups of people into the American fabric–European AND non-European.

    The notion of “whites” or “European-whites” being bound together came about as a result of Social Darwinism and imperialism in the late 1800’s–the distinction that separated “us” from “them”. In this manner, the “lowest-rung” whites were deemed superior in social standing than their darkie counterparts, while at the same time knew full well their “pecking order” within the European hierarchy. The following source offers extensive evidence to prove this point.

    One of the first and most important thinkers of the nineteenth century to elaborate this view of society was Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau, who began publishing his L’essai sur l’inegalité des races humaines (Essay on the inequality of the human races) in 1853. Gobineau’s history presented human development for the first time as a contest of races. His book was heavily researched in an attempt to draw together the most up-to-date scholarship of the new realms of science, especially German archaeology and philology and French anthropology. He concluded that contemporary nations were the patrimony of a racial past defined by the conquest of weaker races by stronger ones. He posited three great races, the white, the black, and the yellow, that engaged in constant battle. For Gobineau, the victor and true driving force of human history was the white, or European, race. Yet, this victory came always at a price. Lesser races never disappeared. Instead, they mixed into the conquering races, leaving a weaker whole. The mixture, in fact, elevated lower races, in which he included the yellow and the black and their lingering influence among European peasantry and urban working classes, while the white race was degraded.

    Georges Vacher de Lapouge, in his study of European skulls in 1888, saw three European races and ordered their quality and value: European Man, Alpine Man, and Homo Contractus. He argued that none of these races directly correlated with a specific nation, but his descriptions of their behaviors and religious ideas were clearly meant to correspond to Germany, Southern Europe, and the population of European Jews. The naturalized German citizen Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote in 1899 that the German race struggled to maintain its purity because of the Darwinian form of natural selection that caused Germans to feel a revulsion toward intermixing with lesser races. Overall, this putative science of race uncoupled nationalism from its liberal roots, implying that those who lived within a national community did not necessarily belong. One could act, speak, or feel German or French but never be German or French.

    In newly unified Italy, northern Italians in Lombardy saw the threat of southern peoples, the Sicilians or Neapolitans, as racially enervating. They were thought to be different because of their hot-blooded, less rational characters—elements believed to emanate from their hotter climate and their proximity to Africa. Similar ideas existed in Spain toward those from the south, in particular Andalu sia. In northern Spain, notions of racial purity became important adjuncts of the Basque nationalist movement that sprang up in the late nineteenth century. The presence of foreign guest workers, or maketos, from other parts of Spain, was perceived as a threat to Basque purity. Sabino Arana, an early founder of Basque nationalism, proposed miscegenation laws in 1901 to prohibit the marriage of Basques to Spaniards.

    Imperialism helped solidify a view of the world as a hierarchy of races with Europeans at the zenith and all others arrayed below. One ugly symbol of this worldview was the “human zoo” that appeared throughout fin de siècle Europe in international fairs and other public spectacles. This kind of menagerie, replete with dioramic portrayals of humans living in their “typical” habitat, produced wide-eyed amazement among Europeans of the late nineteenth century and established racial hierarchy not just as an elite, scientific view of history but also as a popular one. By the 1880’s and 1890’s, race existed as a concrete idea recognizable to any European. Race became an essential element of national strength—and required defense and protection.

    Of course, the hierarchy of race begs the question: If other, non-white races are inferior to “whites”’, then is there a hierarchy within the “white” race? Would not certain “white” groups be considered superior to others that seem “less white” or “not quite white”?

    Are all Finns superior to all Iberians, who tend to be of a darker skin tone? Is a low-education Swede automatically “better” than a highly-educated Greek? Did not the Romans, a “darker” Latin group, conquer and “civilize” less-developed barbarian tribes such as Britons? Was not Great Britain the product of made up of mixed peoples from different levels of that hierarchy? How would one “ethnically handicap” Romans, Angles, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Gaelic Celts, Jutes, and Frisians?

    In addition, what does “anti-white” even refer to? How are white people “anti-white”? Must all whites declare they are “pro-white”; that is, state they are part of this “tribe”? What are the consequences of those deemed “anti-white” by “pro-whites”? Are pro-white men and women more “successful” compared to anti-white men and women? Will their advice lead to a “happy and secure home life” for those deemed “anti-white”?

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @geokat62
  189. @Corvinus

    It gets tiring having to correct you, but I suppose that is my cross to bear.

    Endlessly reviewing the millions of comments on this site in order to unload lengthy effortposts would make me tired too.

    Anyway, the Roman Empire is long gone, like every other multi-ethnic empire in human history.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  190. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    There used to be a time where you would offer up a spirited defense, but nowadays you just mail it in. Getting trained in the courtroom, my friend? Read Gorilla Mindset by Cernovich. That will put a pep back in your step.

  191. geokat62 says:

    We know that laws can, and will, change, as they are product of the times.

    Are you supportive of rescinding the law that declares Eretz Yisrael to be a Jewish state?

    Should they not also embrace “multiculti” just as Western countries have been “encouraged” by JSOs to embrace?

  192. @SaneClownPosse

    A central bank may be needed, but it should be owned by the government of the new republic and all within it should be government exployees on fixed salaries, no bonuses.

    And they shouldn’t be rotating door employees, but persons who have progressed from lower ranks in the same organization

  193. Sulu says:

    As attractive as secession appears on the surface no one is ever going to do it for the simple reason that it would totally fuck up the dollar which would make everyone poorer and their future more uncertain.


  194. Incitatus says:

    Don’t blame your skepticism. I was the same. Has nothing to do with souls on welfare, Blacks etc. Has everything to do with crony state politicians (most pose as self-supporting, states-rights pioneers) who are, in fact, on federal welfare. Who milk the Union for everything they can get while pretending to be holier than all else, jealous of one penny bound for anywhere but their own state.

    Precedent? Post Revolution (1790s?) South Carolina and Georgia (great states and great people) were solicited for support of a new capital – what is now Washington DC. A bargain was struck on condition that the nascent Federal government [the Union – other states] would pick up their late war costs. It’s been downhill ever since.

    “Your numbers have been debunked numerous times”

    Really? Enlighten us. My source is Rockefeller Institute of Government:

    “Who Gives and Who Gets?: Explore the Balance of Payments between States and the Federal Government”

    Explore it and decide for yourself. Any comment on Mitch’s “Kentucky Values” [which in prior years included Kentucky tobacco bail-outs: there was/is no level of Dante’s Hell Mitch isn’t willing to service for personal power at the expense of other states].

    “Get off Leftist web sites and learn how you are being played for a sucker with deceptive spun data.”

    Hate to disappoint you. There are many, many conservatives in donor states tired of being financially bled while being demonized by pissant welfare queens. Think about it.

    Here’s another aspect/source to consider:

    “Suicide Mortality by State”

    Hope you’re not in Wyoming (number one).

  195. annamaria says:

    “In “the old days”, there were only a half a dozen of “news outlets” that controlled not only the flow of information but the narrative.
    With the internet, the “genie cannot be put back in the bottle”.
    — Agree.

  196. Mr Jew says:

    Democrats are the party of the cities and densely populated urban areas. Most US the counties are still red, and that’s true even in blue states like NY, PA, and the others. So if Democrats did rig the election–which seems likely to me–that, in my view, was the act of secession, where they seceded the USA from the majority of Americans. All we’re doing is making it official. I don’t know if I’ll be welcome in your new republic, but you can’t argue with my reasoning.

  197. Mr Jew says:

    Democrats are the party of the cities and densely populated urban areas. Most US the counties are still red, and that’s true even in blue states like PA, NY and the other areas. So if Democrats did rig the election–which seems likely to me–that, in my view, was an act of secession by them, where they stole the Federal Government from the Trump voting majority. All we’re doing is making it official. I don’t know if I’ll be welcome in your new republic, but you can’t argue with my reasoning.

  198. ZOLA says:

    The writer projects himself as if he woke up after 50 years and he’s very much surprised to see the chosen in government positions for first time in his life! If genuine then serious doubts towards his intellect and intention. Just do a very light search regarding the religion-only since it’s the fast way of finding- of people of power in government, congress etc. All you need to do put the name of the person and term Israel connection. If you have not done it before be prepared for lots of surprises.
    This power and domination has always been there, increasing constantly.
    The only difference is that up until recent era they were hiding it and now they don’t need to hide any more and they rob it in your face. They have disabled and infected defense mechanisms of any society such as free unbiased press, tv so you can’t even protest to this supper disproportionate representation and influence of certain people. All sides are bought and corrupted.

    See these comments by speaker of the house as an example. You can find similar ones by republican, by so called freedom caucus, teas partiers,etc. American interest?

    “ At the Israel America Council’s National Conference Nancy Pelosi put Israel before America.
    “I have said to people when they ask me if this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid…and I don’t even call it aid…our cooperation with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.”

    In current Georgia’s much advertised run-off election, the first thing did every candidate did was to show their humility and absolute submission to masters. Just read this about 3 of them, no need to say anything about the 4th. Which one you think will be thinking about American interest?

    As for secession, his idea is very childish. As if allegedly red sates are paradise compared to blue. As if they are 100% purely republication to form another nation. What about the “ unrepublican, or non so-called-whites” ? Deport them to blue states? He live in a fantasy dream world, same illusion as some of the Trump fans thinking he’s their savior.

    Now this empire has started collapsing for sometimes, after a certain draw it just speeds up. It will happen and nobody can prevent it at least they way things are. After all the empire has done some nasty things in the world, and this world or universe no doubt will returns the actions. Read history of any other empire, some in their own time has been more powerful and more glorious that ours.
    Ours will come down to ruins because of self inflicted wound.

    These words by Alan Sabrosky former director of studies at US army war college sums it up well:

    “If these Americans and those like them ever fully understand just how much of their suffering — and the suffering we have inflicted on others — is properly laid on the doorsteps of Israel and its advocates in America, they will sweep aside those in politics, the press and the pulpits alike whose lies and disloyalty brought this about and concealed it from them. They may well leave Israel looking like Carthage after the Romans finished with it. It will be Israel’s own great fault.”
    Alan Sabrosky (September 10, 2009) “

  199. @RoatanBill

    “What is does require is a governor to declare that his/her state will no longer consider the Fed Gov as legitimate, which it clearly isn’t, and peacefully tell the Fed Gov to pound sand. Other governors will quickly follow this lead.”

    Will never happen, no matter what the federal provocation.

    The states have become addicted to “revenue sharing” and other monies from the federal gov’t, so much so, that many would immediately collapse if that federal spigot were shut off. And it would be, immediately after a governor uttered such a declaration.

    The only possible scenario for your proposal to work is to totally reform the state gov’t FIRST in order to remove the dependency on federal monies. And, even the “reddest” and/or most self-sufficient and/or most independence-minded states are run by a political class that has zero interest in weaning themselves off the federal teat.

    In other words, it would require the citizenry FIRST to overthrow their state and local gov’ts before there might be a ghost of a chance of any state telling the fed gov’t to pound sand.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  200. @Cynical Pete

    Some governor is going to realize that the Federal spigot, of which you speak, isn’t going to last much longer as the US Dollar fades in purchasing power. Think longer term but act short term.

  201. geokat62 says:

    The Case for Secession

    Some have legitimately criticized this proposal as being unrealistic. But, all things considered, I think it has more of a chance of succeeding than the proposal put forward by Ron Unz, A Grand Bargain on Immigration Reform

  202. annamaria says:

    Nancy Pelosi:

    if this Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid to Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.

    These words should be quoted each Fourth of July to remind the US citizenry who is in charge of both the US Congress and the DNC. The Lobby.

    Before Nancy has sailed on her profitable enterprise at the US Congress, her dad, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was a U.S. Representative from Maryland and a mayor of Baltimore for 12 years. Baltimore, the patrimony of Democrats…
    Nancy’s dad knew well how to pander the moneyed cabal.

    While in Congress, D’Alesandro strongly supported the Bergson Group, a “political action committee set up to challenge the Roosevelt Administration’s policies on the Jewish refugee issue during the Holocaust, and later lobbied against British control of Palestine.

    What was this Bergson group about?

    Hillel Kook, also known as Peter Bergson, was a Revisionist Zionist activist and politician. Kook led the Irgun’s efforts in the United States during World War II to promote Zionism and raise awareness about the plight of Jews during the Holocaust. He later served in Israel’s first Knesset.
    Kook helped found the Irgun.

    This Irgun:

    The Irgun was a Zionist paramilitary organization. “The policy of the new organization was based squarely on Jabotinsky’s teachings: every Jew had the right to enter Palestine… Two of the operations for which the Irgun is best known are the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the Deir Yassin massacre…

    The Irgun has been viewed as a terrorist organization…Specifically, Irgun “committed acts of terrorism and assassination against the British… and it was also violently anti-Arab.”

    Testimonials about the Deir Yassin massacre:

    A young fellow tied to a tree and set on fire. A woman and an old man shot in back. Girls lined up against a wall and shot with a submachine gun.

    Nancy Pelosi grew up in a family of politicking profiteers. One cannot expect a noble thought from this woman. Pelosi sees the US Congress as a source of her personal enrichment. As for her declaration about “our commitment to our aid to Israel,” the aid will be from the pockets of ordinary Americans and will not touch Nancy’s vast personal fortune of \$120 million. She is a rabid profiteer devoid of decency.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Thanks: mark green
  203. Most of the people where i live at think nan nan is bad because Trump says she is.
    None of the above, which is good info(but old), would even register with them.
    If Trump said she was, eh, ok, she’d be, eh, ok.
    Trump would be wise to cut a deal with her.she’s prolly not beneath doing so. He might actually be able to break his contract and live in mar a lago.
    He does have a contract, that he signed, saying he wouldn’t live there.
    His former neighbors seem pretty intent on his honoring it.
    Nan nan might deliver him the perfect place to await his pending indictment from new York.
    Either way it buys him time.
    Time is all ya need annamaria.
    Methinks his is running out and a deal will have to be cut soon. I doubt he gets a good one.

  204. TJM says: • Website
    @Ray Caruso

    I agree with you Ray Caruso. I liked your family home vs. flophouse analogy.

  205. Rather silly, given who is in each group. Based on personal experience the Trump people come from a tradition that is willing to stand and fight, Biden’s does not.

    It is likely that the former can fun the latter off, rather than secede. I knew a lot of the later, at Hopkins, and later on Wall Street and in the main they are cowards, preferring to hire, the likes of BLM and Antifa, rather than running any personal risk.

  206. Sam 12123 says:

    The counties that voted for Biden represent over 70 percent of the nation’s GDP. They contribute far more to the federal treasury than the Trump counties. Their citizenry is significantly better educated. I agree, it is time for them to be unburdened of the Trump counties they are supporting.

  207. Sam 12123:

    The counties that voted for Biden represent over 70 percent of the nation’s GDP. They contribute far more to the federal treasury than the Trump counties. Their citizenry is significantly better educated. I agree, it is time for them to be unburdened of the Trump counties they are supporting.

    Your assessment is partly true, but misleading. Biden won the urban vote. This zone includes many affluent Whites, corporate headquarters, as well as millions of low-IQ Blacks and various POC. The cities are where the money (and minorities) are. Biden’s base also incudes a lot of suburban housewives. These women are often ‘well-educated’, but they are emotionally-driven. These unique factors (not to mention the devious impact of Big Tech and the biased MSM) are what make and keep many US counties blue.

    Trump on the other hand won the White, male vote. This is not widely reported but it is true. Trump is also smarter than Biden.

    Trump’s base (White males) constitute the most industrious, consequential, and innovative group in American (and world) history. Worth considering.

    • Replies: @Centaur
  208. annamaria says:
    @Sam 12123

    “counties that voted for Biden.”
    — Sure, Chicago and Baltimore went ahead! The irregularities in this election were so interesting that your lot should stop already attacking Byelorussia, Venezuela, and Russia for ”lack of democracy.” Hold your horses, meaning your Hilary, Nuland-Kagan, and other Schiffs and Obamas, from their humanitarian bombings of sovereign states like Syria and Libya (formerly a gem of North Africa, which currently features a flourishing slave market. Viva Obama and Clinton).

    What is so special about Beijing Joe? His crack-using and thieving progeny or his obvious onset of dementia?
    Here is a sampling of younger Bidens to give you an idea of what kind of trash this family has been churning out:

    Caroline Biden, daughter of James Biden, was busted in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019 after slamming her car into a tree. Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans noted Biden, who was driving without a license, “had difficulty focusing on the conversation” as he questioned her.

    So, this gal: Borrowed a credit card from someone to pay a bill at Bigelow’s Pharmacy… She then used it to open a line of credit with BP and over a year charged \$110,000 to the account, but – she says she was a naughty girl and is very sorry.
    And then, there is this DUI with the tree ramming while whacked incident.
    And before that there is a little matter of hitting a cop who displeased her.

    And before this “gal,” there were the amazing exploits of Hunter Biden, who should have been in prison for his crack habits and lewd behavior. But no. His dad has helped to arranged a rape of Ukraine for Hunter — in addition to using the sweet position in US Congress to profit from the Chinese.

  209. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam 12123

    In a de-industrialized and extractive financial economy, is that really saying much? If it was really as you say, wouldn’t the imperial coastal thalassocracy have unburdened itself of the heartland tellulocracy already? But they never do. I wonder how much “GDP” they’d actually have without a hinterland to draw from.

  210. In a White-only country, what would become of Jews like Ron Unz? Would he be allowed to live there?

  211. Bruce W. says:

    I got a whole year’s worth of crazy in a one hour read.

  212. Centaur says:
    @mark green

    Nate Silver examined the 60 counties with the highest average level of education and compared them with the 60 counties with the lowest average level of education. High education counties voted for Clinton while the low average education levels voted for Trump. He found that the biggest single predictor of a Trump voter was education level. The more education a person has, the less likely they are to vote for Trump. The white males who are voting for Trump are not the most “consequential.” They are the least educated and least consequential. Middle age white males without college degrees are dying at an alarming rate in this country. They are dying deaths of despair. They are Trump’s base. He is a demagogue who exploits their desperation.

    Trump’s sister, a retired federal judge, describes her brother as a cruel man who has no principles, a man who cares only about herself. She said that she know who took the SAT’s on his behalf. If his IQ is so high, that would not have been necessary.

    • Replies: @mark green
  213. @Centaur

    I haven’t examined your alleged ‘data’ or crunched any numbers about ‘county-wide education’ but I’m very skeptical about your claims. Where are the citations?

    How does IQ figure in this picture?

    Formal education does not equal intelligence. This is important.

    Are we to believe that only smart or ‘educated’ people can figure out what you and your cronies apparently know about Trump vs Biden/Clinton?

    Please tell us why. This should be amusing.

    It is a fact that the vast majority of America’s low-IQ populations (Black and Hispanic) vote overwhelmingly for Biden/Clinton/Obama. This bloc comprises tens of millions of voters. And yes, their education level is low.

    Whites on the other hand are somewhat split over Trump (vs Clinton or Biden) but Trump always wins the White vote (as Romney did).

    On the other hand, statistical analysis can be manipulated. Easily. I learned this in my first college course on statistics.

    How did Nate Silver separate ‘high education’ counties from low ones? Residency? High school test scores? English-proficiency? Methodology can easily produce conflicting results.

    There’s also the phenomenon of ‘group think’ at work in voting patterns. Conformity. Indoctrination. Virtue-signaling.

    Young college grads, for instance, are hopelessly indoctrinated and conformist. This population makes up a sizable part of the Democrat Left.

    Consider Hollywood. Are CA liberals ‘smarter’ than Whites in America’s greater Midwest? Regional IQ data does not support this.

    The great divide in America involves values, lifestyles, religiosity, and cultural traditions. And race. So please quit bullshitting us about ‘education’ and political sophistication.

    Have you been to SF or LA recently? How do they rate on the ‘education’ scale? LA, for instance, is now majority Hispanic. How are their schools doing?

    What’s with all these semi-literate Clinton/Biden voters?

    It’s also worth noting that, now that CA is reliably ‘blue’, public school test scores there have dropped to their lowest levels in State history. Coincidence?

    Finally, may we discuss race?

    Whites prefer Trump. Shouldn’t this fact be noted?

    I’ve seen misleading ‘liberal’ propaganda of the sort you are peddling tossed around for decades. It does not impress. It is often fraudulent.

    Trump remains the preferred candidate of White America. Between him and Biden, it’s not even close. This fact matters. Whites, after all, invented and built America.

    I don’t particularly care about the alleged (collective) IQ of Trump’s enemies (Blacks, browns, yellows, Indians, Jews, assorted LGBTQ, indoctrinated young Whites, suburban housewives, etc.) Their collective wisdom does not impress me. Who are you trying to shame?

    Also- I don’t trust (((Nate Silver))) any more than I trust Trump’s envious, low-achieving sister. Trump is far-from-perfect but at least he’s not an obedient, compromised swamp creature like sleepy Joe and his White-loathing POC running mate.

    Conclusion: Your statistical ‘analysis’ does not impress. Politicized, pseudo-scientific hoaxes about ‘education’ and political choice are commonplace and tendentious. They are generally trotted out for political purposes.

    The Frankfurt School circulated calumnies of this kind 8o years ago. These tactics are insulting and dishonest.

    I suspect that your personal worry is that Trump’s base is energized and overwhelmingly White. This is what concerns so many people on your side of the spectrum. Jews desire greater ideological schism among Whites–not racial unity. Yet that’s what’s starting to appear.

    Jews fear White unity. At the same time, they revere and cultivate Jewish cohesion. Trump’s base is beginning to understand this. That is your problem. Try dealing with it honestly.

    • Replies: @Sam 12123
  214. Sam 12123 says:
    @mark green

    That data is as compelling as it is simple. It consists of the 60 US counties with high average education levels and the 60 US counties with the lowest average education levels. He has published it. It is online. Trump wins in low education level counties and gets trounced in the high education counties. Trump did better this year than he did in ’16 in the cities where the alleged voter fraud took place. He lost this election in the suburbs. The college-educated abandoned him. The higher the education level a person has, the less likely they are to vote for Donald Trump. Trump’s core constituency is older white males with low levels of education. He wins them overwhelmingly. The bad news for Republicans is that that constituency is a shrinking one. They are the reason that counties that voted for Trump only contributed thirty percent of the country’s gdp.

    In other news… It looks like Trump is going to have to get on the telephone with Georgia election officials again to demand a “recalculation” in order to “find” more votes. It isn’t looking good for Republican Senate candidates. I say, thank God we are in control of those Dominion voting machines and stuffing the ballot boxes! Everyone knows the only election a Republican can possibly lose is one that is fixed.

    • Replies: @mark green
  215. @Sam 12123

    Why are you obsessing over claims involving just 60 US counties? Your assertion proves what?–that Biden is smarter than Trump? No. That cannot be claimed. Trump is far smarter than Biden. Trump’s base is also smarter than Biden’s.

    Biden is a shadow of Trump. Biden is also a corrupt DC politician that’s gotten rich working for decades in Washington. The ‘Big guy’ is a crook. The evidence is compelling. Does this not interest you?

    Do you consider the evidence–gained lawfully–found on Hunter Biden’s computer about widespread influence-peddling (by the Biden family) insignificant? Please address this question.

    Biden’s cognitive abilities are also in decline. Do you consider this unimportant?

    BTW- how many counties are there in the US? Any idea?

    There are over 3100 counties in America. Trump won most of them.

    But keep in mind that Biden remains the overwhelming choice of low-information, low-IQ POC voters, as well as LGBTQ zealots, Antifa thuggery, and Jewish voters. That’s your camp.

    Fact: there was widespread fraud in this last national election. There was also egregious levels of media bias and suppression that favored Biden and the Dems. These tactics are unscrupulous. They are anti-democratic.

    This is how your team operates. It’s dishonest. It’s disgraceful.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  216. @Sam 12123

    Their citizenry is significantly better educated.

    Not better educated. Better indoctrinated, into the world’s newest religion, the imperial Diversity PC Cult. American universities today, outside of STEM degrees, are little more than seminaries for training ignorant fanatics in how to be good subjects of the globalist corporatocracy. These seminaries don’t even require SAT scores anymore! Dumb will do! They need Interventions n Deprogramming more than anything.

  217. Kayjay says:

    I know Im late to this article but I do agree secession is the best option. My concern will be keeping the new government small, it should have very little power and even less money.

  218. @ZOLA

    ZOGA Says:

    “As for secession, his idea is very childish. As if allegedly red sates are paradise compared to blue. As if they are 100% purely republication to form another nation. What about the “ unrepublican, or non so-called-whites” ? Deport them to blue states? He live in a fantasy dream world, same illusion as some of the Trump fans thinking he’s their savior.”

    If you created a Greater Idaho plus some parts of Nevada and California the non-white population would be an afterthought.

  219. @mark green

    “mark green says:
    January 6, 2021 at 6:08 pm GMT • 6.0 days ago • 200 Words ↑
    @Sam 12123
    Why are you obsessing over claims involving just 60 US counties? Your assertion proves what?–that Biden is smarter than Trump? No. That cannot be claimed. Trump is far smarter than Biden. Trump’s base is also smarter than Biden’s.

    Biden is a shadow of Trump. Biden is also a corrupt DC politician that’s gotten rich working for decades in Washington. The ‘Big guy’ is a crook. The evidence is compelling. Does this not interest you?”

    Biden might very well be the MOST corrupt swamp creature to ever run for the Presidency let alone be “elected”. He even puts the Clintons to shame. Ryan Dawson has some really good reporting on the Biden’s sordid history. How smart can you be to want this in charge of your country? He’s a pervy creep too. Maybe education and intelligence are not as related as the leftards would like to think.

  220. Publius 2 says:

    Welp this comment sure did not age well.

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