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The Bill and Hillary Show
Will it ever end?
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Readers who have followed me both here on and also at The American Conservative should have no doubt about my feelings regarding the Clintons. In 1980s Bill’s global transgressions while a peripatetic Arkansas governor even became known to me when I was a CIA officer serving in Europe, a tale best left untold, and in my opinion the Clintons have always combined an oddly selective personal morality with an all-consuming sense of entitlement.

It has been credibly reported that the Clintons (Chelsea included) used to refer to the Secret Service Agents assigned to guard them as “pigs,” an unimaginable slur coming from a president regarding his own protection detail. That sort of counterculture contempt for others fed the miasma of sleaze and corruption that accompanied Bill and Hillary when in office. The dissimulation about Monica Lewinsky engaged in by both Clintons coupled with the sheer driving ambition that they exhibited were unseemly to say the least and the thought of the Clintons redux as something like an Imperial Dynasty in Washington should be enough to keep anyone awake at night.

Last week was a typical wallow in Clinton excess. Bill spoke at Union County College in New Jersey. He said that “white, non-college-educated Americans need to be brought along to the future” and stop trying to “reclaim the past.” It was a familiar bit of racist condescension, making clear that in the mind of the Clintons the Trump supporters are backward and not very smart, and it was only lacking key words like “redneck” or “white trash” to make the point more emphatic. It was a sneer worthy of Barack Obama’s dismissal of flyover America’s connections to guns and Bibles or Hillary’s putdown of women who choose to stay at home to raise their children and “bake cookies or do teas.” The future that Bill foresees, as he made clear in his speech, is “an inclusive, non-divisive America — an America that is oriented towards our future greatness, not trying to reclaim a past that is past and gone.” It is, in short, an America that needs to abandon its own culture and values in exchange for a globalism and multiculturalism that has worked so well in many places, just ask the Europeans. Or better still ask the Clintons, who have become very, very rich off it.

So the Clintons see their future tied to a mishmash of a country that is, a possible contradiction in terms, both “inclusive” and “diverse,” which will keep them and their like in power for the foreseeable future as opposed to a nation guided by citizens yearning for a “past” in which Americans were safe in their communities, sent their kids to good schools and had well-compensated jobs with health and pension benefits. Normally I would respond “So what?” as a Bill Clinton vision is inevitably some kind of pander, but the real danger of a Hillary in power comes with her consistently belligerent view of America’s role in the world, her own track record while in office, and her apparent willingness to create international conflicts where none are called for. Though Hillary is not so insane as to want to risk a nuclear war, she embraces policies that incrementally increase tension with Russia and could easily produce one. In that respect, she is far more dangerous than either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

Hillary’s foreign policy speech delivered in San Diego California last Thursday was in part a bowdlerized and embellished synopsis of her record but it was more than that a political statement. It was delivered in front of a massed array of American flags to a carefully selected audience, full of sound bites and laugh lines that will no doubt be excerpted and turned into campaign material. The speech was intended to highlight her “experience” vis-à-vis Bernie Sanders (who hopefully will trounce her in California today) and to dismiss Donald Trump as unfocused, ill-informed and dangerous: so “thin-skinned” that he might start a nuclear war on a whim. Even though the version of Hillary-confronts-the world is largely nonsense, it is inevitably being heralded by neoconservatives and the mainstream media, all fearful that either Bernie or The Donald will be elected and put an end to the corrupt and self-serving status quo.

The Clinton speech began with a gushing tribute to “our men and women in uniform,” obligatory as it was Memorial Day week. Whether the Clintons genuinely respect soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen is, of course, questionable as both came out of the antiwar movement and Bill personally engaged in fraud to dodge the draft by signing up with ROTC to obtain a deferment and then declining to participate. Hillary meanwhile tried to ban military uniforms in the White House when Bill was president.

As a sop to the military in the audience, Hillary also said “A President has a sacred responsibility to send out troops into battle only if we absolutely must, and only with a clear and well-thought-out-strategy,” an assertion contradicted by her public statements on Syria and her actions in Libya which demonstrate little regard for either U.S. personnel or for the poor bastards on the receiving end. People do change, however, and it is possible that Bill and Hillary now have a more appreciative and protective view of America’s armed forces, particularly as it is politically important to be perceived as friendly to the Pentagon and its interests if one wants to get elected president.

Hillary’s speech took credit for several initiatives that she was only marginally involved in, to include the Iran nuclear deal and the START agreement with Russia. Given Hillary’s beyond close ties to Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it is unlikely that she would have come to any agreement with Iran if the choice had been hers to make, but fortunately it was in the hands of President Obama and John Kerry. She has vowed to “enforce that deal vigorously” by means of “distrust and verify,” which some have interpreted as a readiness to modify or revoke the agreement once in office. She, later on in her speech, explicitly cited a willingness to go to war with Iran if necessary.

The Clinton speech repeatedly lambasted Trump for his sensible lack of confidence in America’s extensive series of alliances, most particularly NATO, without which, per Hillary, numerous enemies and ISIS would be “emboldened.” And she also criticized Trump for his willingness to deal with “dictators” in Russia, China and North Korea. Per Hillary, “Moscow has taken aggressive military action in Ukraine, right on NATO’s doorstep,” a complete reversal of reality as it is NATO that has expanded to Russia’s doorstep and it was Hillary’s protégé at the State Department Victoria Nuland who schemed to overthrow the Ukrainian government, starting the crisis that continues to this day.

Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, Hillary made a point of including in her foreign policy resume her standing up for “the rights of women, religious minorities and LGBT people around the world.” These are not legitimate foreign policy issues per se but they are important constituencies in the Democratic Party as long as one does not include Christians among the religious minorities. Hillary’s aggressive position on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom she has pledged to remove, would lead to the destruction of one of the few remaining vibrant Christian communities in the Middle East. As George W. Bush ignored the destruction of Iraq’s Christians and the Israelis have long since driven out nearly all of the Palestinian Christians, the birthplace of Christianity has become virtually Christian-free due to U.S. policy.

Hillary’s claimed standing up for the rights of women and LGBT is also suspect and begs for an answer to “When and where?” Attempts to enforce “liberation” of women in Afghanistan have failed utterly and it is difficult to find an instance where U.S. State Department objection to foreign sexual conventions has had any effect apart from making policymakers in Washington feel good about their efforts.

The Clinton speech avoided mention of the possible consequences of her hardline on Syria, where she threatens to make the same interventionist mistakes that she made in Libya only worse. Her promotion of a no-fly zone in Syria would guarantee going head-to-head with the Russian and Syrian air forces, dramatically escalating the crisis. Instead of talking about Syria directly, she instead prefers to discuss ISIS, but the Syrian problem is ISIS. And toppling al-Assad will only provide ISIS and the al-Qaeda affiliates with more options in the power vacuum that will inevitably develop. Hillary also avoided mentioning Libya, the greatest foreign policy disaster of her term in office, an intervention for which she proved to have been the principal driving force.

Hillary inevitably mentioned Israel twice, once attacking Trump for saying that he would “stay neutral” on Israel’s security, which is in fact a distortion of what Trump did say as he was referring to negotiations with the Palestinians, not security. She added “In particular, Israel’s security is non-negotiable. They’re our closest ally in the region, and we have a moral obligation to defend them,” demonstrating that for a “seasoned diplomat” Hillary nevertheless errs in her terminology as Israel is not an ally and the “moral obligation” to defend them lacking any genuine U.S. interest has never been demonstrated. It might be presumed that her concern is somehow related to the fact that the principal funder of her PAC is Haim Saban, an Israeli-American billionaire who has said that he is a one issue man and that issue is Israel.

Hillary’s speech, full of the contradictions and omissions that I have noted above, was based on the conjoined principles that America is “exceptional” and “if America doesn’t lead, we leave a vacuum – and that will either cause chaos, or other countries will rush in to fill the void.” It epitomizes the failure of both Republicans and Democrats during the past fifteen years. Promoting American leadership is a formula for continued interventionism and international bullying, the kind of interference in other countries that has spelled disaster, and it reinforces the impression that Hillary will be business as usual or even worse when it comes to foreign and national security policy since she is markedly more aggressive than Obama. If she and her husband meanwhile succeed in building the diverse political coalition that Bill envisions to sustain their personal grip on power it will be a long nightmare for most of us. Can we look forward to a President Chelsea Clinton?

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  1. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Anyone who’s seen that Youtube video with Hillary cackling hideously about the brutal murder of another nation’s leader has to or should realize Hillary has seer emotional, if not mental problems.
    That’s not who we want or need in charge of our nukes.

    Regardless of what you thought of Gaddafi, he deserved a trial by a jury of his peers. After all, when we bring ‘democracy’ to a nation, the right to trial is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy, not lynch mobs roaming the streets, hanging people condemned by hate.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @Avery
    , @Rehmat
  2. As always, an excellent discussion of the issues presented. As is indicated, the Harpy’s ascension to power would entail even the threat of nuclear war. The new book coming out now by a retired member of the US pretorian guard who had direct experience with the harpy’s erratic behaviour should highlight and corroborate books which have appeared in the last year from authors who interviewed similar sources. The fact that in 2011 the BBC even reported that the barbarians the US, largely at the harpy’s request, supported by France employed to eliminate the Khaddafi regime engaged in a mass murder of 30,000 Africans as “mercenaries” in the territories they had seized around Benghazi is something that will probably be thoroughly gone into in the course of the campaign. We can be sure that Trump won’t hesitate to bring this issue up. It is an issue that should eliminate the Clintons’ racial “firewall” since, though the lamestream media will certainly try, the fact that this mass murder has been documented will make it impossible to gainsay as a conspiracy theory rant. Once this provable truth becomes a serious campaign issue, I don’t see how the Clinton dynasty can be restored.

  3. “[Bill Clinton] said that ‘white, non-college-educated Americans need to be brought along to the future’ and stop trying to ‘reclaim the past.’”

    The junk heap of history he envisions for them, is one I’d rather see applied to that non-American college educated white man, a future in which he and his partner in power stop trying to reclaim their past in the White House.

  4. Realist says:

    “The Bill and Hillary Show
    Will it ever end?”

    Not as long as dumb bastards are allowed to vote

  5. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    jeezus, just what we need, more gaddamed hillbillies in government…!!!

    • Replies: @VisPacem
  6. Kiza says:

    From the time when Hillary became a young lawyer and a public defender on a rape case where she delivered her defendant to the prosecution, all the way to the recent Clinton Foundation scam, Hillary and Bill have been on a crime spree. But they managed to avoid ever being caught (suicides, protection by media owners etc etc) and kept failing upwards in their jobs (Benghazi). After such life long crime spree, putting away HRC for busting the State Department security would be similar to jailing Al Capone for tax evasion.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are not liars, they are criminals of the worst kind. But I do believe that Trump will squash Hillary like a rotten tomato she is, no matter how much the MIPC (Military Industrial Propaganda Complex) is on her side. The US people have had enough of the rottenly corrupt status quo and will vote for a change, no matter how true that change is going to be under Trump.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  7. LondonBob says:

    The talking heads assured me it was a brilliant speech. We will see how effective the new broadside against Mr Trump will be, I have the impression the media has started their campaign now after the polls showed Trump leading. Whether this has an effect we shall see, I suspect, like myself, a lot of people just aren’t listening.

    Of course the really important news was actually the dire jobs report, nothing can be done to change the nasty temporary slowdown the US economy is experiencing. I am sure Hillary remembers the slowdown her husband benefited from in 92.

  8. How did the party of George McGovern ever become the party of Hillary Clinton? I certainly favor turning that clock back.

  9. 5371 says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Hopefully Hill herself goes out exactly the same way.

  10. Avery says:
    @Greg Bacon

    {Anyone who’s seen that Youtube video with Hillary cackling hideously about the brutal murder of another nation’s leader…}

    Well said.

  11. “In 1980s Bill’s global transgressions while a peripatetic Arkansas governor even became known to me when I was a CIA officer ….”

    Go on … everyone would love to hear a few stories about Mena and the cosmetic case that Bill carried around.

    “Though Hillary is not so insane as to want to risk a nuclear war ….”

    I don’t share your optimism … this is the same cackling war-criminal who gloated over knocking off a head of state, and she has been “getting away with it” for decades (I think the last time she was actually held to account was when the Watergate Committee fired her?). She likely thinks she could carry off a successful nuclear war at the cost of a city or two, but don’t worry about her and her friends because they have special places set aside to ensure the best and brightest survive to continue the good fight.

  12. Kiza says:

    If the establishment wins and appoints Hillary over Trump against the will of US people, just like they are now appointing Hillary over Sanders against the will of the US people, Obama will leave a special legacy to Hillary: an escalation to war against Russia.

    Here is a great blog on this:

    As one Russian military analysts says: the margin for error has been reduced to almost zero, the situation is really tight in the Baltics where Russia, to supply its enclave of Kaliningrad, has to fly in the international air-space always followed by NATO fighter jets. If either side makes an error, or there is mentally unstable individual, or some US officer and Rapturist has some fire-power at his disposal or …. When two armies are facing each other across a single border, an incident could easily lead to the end of the World. Add on top of this face-off a US missile “defense” system, which Hillary Clinton placed into Poland herself (signed agreement with the Polish criminal Radoslav Sikorski) and the things in Europe are worse than in 1914 and 1939 put together. One too-hot a summer in a nervous refugee invaded Europe could lead to a big shootout.

    In other words, Hillary does not have to escalate too much to get into a war with Russia.

  13. bjondo says:



    come nov 2016


    seems first posting not accepted

    • Replies: @dahoit
  14. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed….and if a National Origins Immigration Policy had been in place that completely excluded all nonwhites…..Bill Clinton would ever have been elected POTUS in 1992 and 1996….and…Barack Obama would never have been elected POTUS in 2008 and 2012.

    And in 2016, American would still be 90 percent demographically Native Born White American and Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of ever being elected POUTS on Nov 8 2016.

  15. fnn says:

    The crackpot worldview of high-IQ Democrat Tyler Cowen takes for granted the necessity of American imperialism (among other things):

    First, white men in percentage terms have become a weaker influence in America over time, yet America still is becoming a better nation overall. Second, some of America’s worst traits, such as the obsession with guns, the excess militarism, or the tendency toward drunkenness, not to mention rape and the history of slavery, seem to come largely from white men. Third, it seems highly unlikely that “white men” is in fact the best way of disambiguating the dominant interest groups that have helped make the West so successful. Fourth, America is global policeman and also the center of world innovation, so it cannot afford the luxury of a declining population, and thus we must find a way to make immigration work.

    • Replies: @anonn
    , @Wally
  16. Dr. X says:

    “The Bill and Hillary Show
    Will it ever end?”

    Not as long as dumb bastards are allowed to vote

    Absolutely. I’ve given up on bitching about corrupt, venal politicians. You can’t blame a leopard for having spots, can you?

    The problem is that the idiotic American public is either too stupid, too lazy, or too corrupt itself to boot these creeps from the public sphere. The idiotic American public elected Clinton twice and Obama twice, and there’s a better-than-even chance they’ll elect Clinton’s wife. I understand that the public will make a mistake every now and then, and get suckered by an occasional con artist, but this is a pattern. It’s willful. This kind of sleaze is what the public wants.

    “Land of the free, home of the brave,” my ass.

    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @JackOH
    , @Realist
  17. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    And what follows from what I have written above is the following:the White Guy Trump Bros were shocked that Barack Obama was elected POTUS in 2008+2012..Barack Obama wasn’t, for he understood that the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was importing his high fertility-highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…which is also Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party Voting Bloc. And if Hillary Clinton wins, we hear the high-pitched-squeals of White Guy Trump Bros:”How could anyone vote for Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

    In the larger scheme of things, Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian and Native Born White American Males are being targeted for violent extermination by the Obama Administration and the 2017 Clinton Administration. Legitimate
    Acts of self-defense on the part of Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia and Native Born White American Males will be re-described as acts of terrorism justifying an even greater scale of Democratic Party violence against Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia and Native Born White American Males….our fates are must definitely linked, for we are both being targeted by the Democratic Party for extermination.

    The Democratic Party is completely illegitimate as far as Native Born White American Male racial interests go….and I do not give my consent to be governed by the Democratic Party.

    Professor Noel Ignatieve the founder of White Studies, and spiritual advisor to the Democratic Party, said in front of his class:”White Males must be fucking exterminated!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Replies: @Avery
  18. We are watching the beginnings of a slow motion train wreck. Heartbreaking…heartbreaking.

  19. Avery says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    {Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian ….targeted for violent extermination by the Obama Administration and the 2017 Clinton Administration.}

    Everybody and his brother (…and sister) will be exterminated if the fit hits the shan.
    Russia has made it clear that no part of the globe is safe from retaliation.
    And they have the technical means to back up their stance.

    [Russia’s new “Satan 2″ nuclear missile system can’t be stopped, but can destroy an entire nation in a flash]

    [Nuclear Weapons: Who Has What at a Glance]

    Russia: 7,700.
    US: 7,100.

  20. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Noam Chomsky continues to issue coded death threats to Donald Trump…just yesterday:Donald Trump is Hitler….Germany 1939…you know I am Jewish…White Nativism….

    Chomksy is very open about the fact that he is voting for Hillary Clinton even though Trumps Foreign Policy is much less violent than Hillary Clinton’s.

    Noam Chomsky and Aviva Chomsky are waging violent hyper-ethnic Jewish warfare against The Historic Native Born White American Majority via a proxy…The Black Lives Matter Proxy….

  21. Rehmat says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Why did Qaddafi need a trial? He was no mass-murderer like his friends-turned judges – French Sarkozy, UK’s Blair, American Obama and other convicted mass-murderers. Qaddafi’s major crimes were his threat to IMF and the Zionist entity.

    In March 2016, US president Barack Obama in an interview with ‘The Atlantic’s’ Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard, blamed British prime minister David Cameron, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and other European leaders for the current chaos in Libya, saying he had more faith in them being invested in the follow-up, given Libya’s proximity.

    Obama acknowledged the problems faced by Libya since the fall of Qaddafi in 2011, referring to the situation as a mess – and in private as a s**t show.

    Obama’s former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton (her son-in-law is Jewish) played a major role in the regime change in Benghazi. Hillary’s assistant Victoria Nuland’s ( a Zionist Jew)bloody hands were all over US-NATO war on Libya.

    American analyst Edward S. Herman claimed that Libya was destroyed by the US, UK, and other European leaders for Israel.

    “Israel is a major regional rival of Iran, and having succeeded in getting the United States to turn lesser rivals, Iraq and Libya, into failed states, it has been extremely anxious to get the United States to do the same to Iran. And Israel’s leaders have pulled out all the stops in getting its vast array of US politicians, pundits, intellectuals and lobbying groups to press for a U.S. military assault on Iran,” Herman said.

  22. dahoit says:
    @Dr. X

    Consider the opposition in all those elections.
    What other result would one expect,when Romney dissed 47 % of the electorate at once.Dole was a weak retread,and Bush 1 a semi retard?And how did Bush 1 get in?His opponent was worse in that regard.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  23. dahoit says:

    And the funny thing,bent dick never got 50% or better of the vote in either election.
    Real populists.

  24. Ivy says:

    The Clintons have had a chip on their shoulder about perceptions of their Arkansas lives. That manifests itself in various ways, from Hillary’s 1990s venting to Bill’s more recent college address.

    Bill grew up in Arkansas, and there is a part of him that probably wants to create some physical, mental and emotional distance from a place that has been alternately ridiculed or ignored by so much of the media over the years. He acts out like so many strivers, grasping for a new life and image while trying to bury the old one lived in Hope and Little Rock with those Others. That doesn’t usually work out very well, as such things just aren’t likely to stay buried in the sub-conscience forever. For him, the Other is part of himself, which leads to episodic acting out via various vices from Monica Lewinsky to Foundational excesses.

    You can take the boy out of his past, but you can’t take the past out of the boy.

  25. You write “the Israelis have long since driven out nearly all of the Palestinian Christians . . .”

    Your anti-Israel prejudice is probably irradicable. But you could at least get your facts right.

    from Wikipedia article on Israeli Christians: The rate of students studying in the field of medicine was also higher among the Christian Arab students, compared with all the students from other sectors. the percentage of Arab Christian women who are higher education students is higher than other sectors.[3] despite that Arab Christian account 2.1% of the total Israeli population, In 2014 the percentage of Arab Christian of the total Israeli Universities students was 17.0%, and 14.4% of the total Israeli College students,[37]

    also from Wikipedia Birth rate
    years number of children aged 0–4 in thousands
    2008-2011 10.7
    2004-2007 11.2
    2000-2003 12.3
    1996-1999 12.7

    Total fertility rate for Arab Christians: 2012: 2.07 | 2013: 2.03 | 2014: 2.19

    So they’re an elite over-achieving tiny minority who are having more and more children per couple, not what you said.

  26. @anonymouse

    And I guess there is nothing I can do to eradicate your pro-Israel bias. Palestinian Christians have been departing since 1948, at which time they constituted 15% of the total population of the entire Mandate area and 25% of the Arabs who wound up inside Israel. They are now under 10% of Israeli Arabs, concentrated in Nazareth and Bethlehem, and their numbers are declining. Unlike their Muslim brethren they have traditionally had good contacts with the West through their churches which has made it easier for them to depart and escape the indignities inflicted on them by the Israeli government, which has, as you may know, numerous laws that discriminate against them. Churches are also regularly vandalized by Israeli Jews and Christian clergy are spat on in the streets. The only Christians truly welcome in Israel are the Christian Zionist lunkheads who buy into the Israeli propaganda machine.

    • Replies: @schmenz
    , @Sherman
    , @OLD JEW
  27. JackOH says:
    @Dr. X

    “The problem is that the idiotic American public is either too stupid, too lazy, or too corrupt itself to boot these creeps from the public sphere.” Agree 100%, reluctantly.

    I’ve done some public speaking addressed to what I thought were reasonably well-educated folks. People, I thought, who could be counted on to have some basic understanding of the subject. I’m a pretty good pitchman, and I do my homework. With some exceptions, they were-how do I say this?-blank, as though something had vacated them of thought and feeling. They seemed a bit like the guys in Oliver Lange’s novel “Vandenberg”, guys who didn’t know or feel enough to move from their reorientation camp from which they’d just been liberated.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. VisPacem says:

    In truth, Bill Clinton was not a ‘hillbilly’ to any degree.

    He was privileged and coddled from his high-school days, selected and groomed by some ideologically driven corrupt Democratic lawyers, politicians and their cronies.

    So, there is nothing in Bill’s background that even hints of an honest day’s work, a link with the soil, or even the beautiful hills and local culture that form part of the topography of Arkansas.

    Much less does such pertain to Hillary.

    Were you to travel in those Ozark and Boston mountains of Arkansas you would meet some typical, honorable, hard-working Americans. I have. And I can testify that they have nothing in common with Bill or Hillary.

    • Agree: Kiza
    • Replies: @edNels
  29. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I see where DailyMail has a story of Clinton getting together a lineup of entertainment celebrities who’ve come out for her. I guess an endorsement from some decadent Hollywood types is worth it’s weight in gold in influencing the herd of gullible American voters. Also, another article reports on her delivering a speech on ‘inequality’ while wearing a twelve-thousand dollar jacket. The more one learns about the Clintons by merely reading up on them, something the mass of Americans seem to be incapable of doing, the more one’s eyes glaze over at the stupendous amount of sleaze one comes across, just endless. They’re certainly the king and queen of sleaziness. Apart from that their recklessness is downright dangerous to everyone on this planet. They’ve had the limelight, they’ve gotten plenty of applause, they’ve accumulated more money than they can reasonably spend, yet it’s still not enough, it’s never enough for these sickening parasites. They have been hanging around for way too long:
    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  30. bjondo says:

    lying rate for jew


  31. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The Clinton Cockroach reign is a direct consequence of The Greedy Cheating White Mega-Ceo control of US labor policy. Control US immigration policy and you control US labor policy.

    The Clinton Cockroach Reign is a direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. The Clinton Voting bloc was pumped up into a massive scale as a direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….this applies also to the election of the narcissistic homosexual war criminal Kenyan Foriegner in 2008+2012.

    Greedy Cheating Class White Liberal Mega-Ceo monumental GREED and aspirations of Demi-God life and death power over the Native Born White American Working Class is what drives America down the road to societal collapse…..thermonuclear war….and the riegn of the cockroach whom the Clinton’s will joyfully reign over with Chelsea in a billion year Cockroach Riech!!!!!!….Unfortunately….this is where it is all heading…..this is the endgame after the Clintons emerge from their concrete nuclear bunker…..

  32. alexander says:

    Great synopsis, Rehmat.

    I think there is a 97% probability that a newly anointed “Queen Hillary”, will find some staged “pretext” to throw the Iran deal in the crapper…and become the first Queen of the United States to use Mini nukes on Iran……multiple times.

    Actually it is more like a 99% probability.

  33. Sherman says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    “They are now 10% of Israeli Arabs, concentrated in Nazareth and Bethlehem”

    Last time I checked Bethlehem was in the West Bank, not Israel.

    Arabs who live in Bethlehem are not “Israeli” by anyone’s definition.

    You should get your facts straight before frothing at the mouth.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Rehmat
  34. anonn says:

    I’m a leftist and hate the Dems almost as much as you guys, but it’s absurd to describe Cowen as a Dem. He’s a prominent libertarian, a cult of antisocial psychopaths determined to bring the rapture by starving grandmothers to death. While there is not much separating Rs from Ds, it is the R party that has allowed itself to be influenced by libertarian bootlickers.

  35. Wally says: • Website

    The tired slavery canard again.

    Black researcher, Dr. Tony Martin, let’s us know who the prime owners of slaves really were, Jews.
    Suppressing Jewry’s Role in Slavery / Familiar Tactics
    Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

    • Replies: @edNels
  36. Wally says: • Website

    Last time I checked Bethlehem was in the West Bank, not Israel.

    But the sleazy ‘Israeli’ Jews claim that the West Bank is theirs, is part of ‘Israel’.


  37. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Hi there VisPacdm!

    No of course I used the term..”Hillbillies”, my mom’s people were from through the Cumberland Gapp, AKa, hillbillies, I think… I have pretty good respect for our American Heritage, including our hillbilly people, which I think I am one.. on mom’s side anyways.. Well, we have a story about how Johnnie Appleseed, was in the family… over there in Hunington Co. Indiana… but I came to know that about all the folks back there have the same story, IOW’s… BS!

    • Replies: @VisPacem
  38. geokat62 says:

    You write “the Israelis have long since driven out nearly all of the Palestinian Christians . . .”

    Here’s another perspective:

    Palestine/Israel, or the Holy Land, is important for all three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    Members of all three religions as well as several others (including the Druze) have lived primarily harmoniously in this land for generations. For centuries, the majority of the indigenous people of historic Palestine were Muslim. Christians, Jews, and others, who together made up around ten percent of the population, were accorded treatment superior to that accorded religious minorities (e.g. Jews and Muslims) in Europe at the time.

    With the rise of a political ideology, Zionism, calling for the creation of a Jewish state, among some European Jews in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, and the coinciding increasing persecution of Jews in Europe, European Jews began to immigrate in large numbers to Palestine.

    The first wave of Jewish immigrants (the first Aliyah) was not made up of Zionists, but rather consisted of Jews fleeing European persecution. Later immigrants went with the specific plan of creating a Jewish homeland in this largely Muslim land.

    Thus, in 1881, Muslims made up about 86.6% of the population, Christians were about 9.1% of the population, and 2.8-4.3% of the population were indigenous, non-Zionist Jews [see Righteous Victims by Israeli historian Benny Morris].

    By 1947, The huge number of Jewish immigrants to Palestine brought the percentage of Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land to almost 33%, while Muslims now only made up 58% of the population and Christians only 7.9%. [see Still, in 1948, the Jewish population only owned approximately 5.6% of the land.

    In 1947, the United Nations partitioned Palestine into two states, giving the Jewish population 55% of the land. Fighting broke out, and by 1949, 804,767 Palestinian Muslims and Christians had been expelled or had fled from their homes [see Abu Sitta, Salman, The Palestinian Nakba: 1948, The Register of Depopulated Localities in Palestine]. Israel had taken over an additional 23% of Palestine, leaving the indigenous Arabs with only 22% of their historic homeland.

    Today, the state of Israel is 80.1% Jewish, including Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights (only 20.8% of this Jewish population is Israel-born), 14.6% Muslim, 2.1% Christian, and 3.2% are of other religions (excluding the indigenous inhabitants of the above-mentioned occupied lands) [see the CIA Israel Factbook]. The birthrate of non-Jews is higher than that of Jews, leading some Zionists to look for solutions to the so-called “demographic threat” posed by Arab citizens to the Jewish state.

    In the West Bank (under military occupation since 1967), 75% of the population is Muslim, 17% is Jewish (84% of whom are citizens of Israel living in Israeli Settlements), and 8% are Christian and other religions [see the CIA West Bank Factbook]. In the Gaza Strip, 98.7% are Muslim, 0.7% are Christian, and 0.6% are Jewish (virtually all of whom are citizens of Israel living in Jewish-only settlements) [see the CIA Gaza Factbook].

  39. A good analysis of some of the foreign policy disasters of the Clinton Crime Family, Phil. You mention the “oddly selective personal morality” of Hillary and Bill but forgot to add that it is a moral code derived from Caligula and Messalina. And Kiza and Greg Bacon are right. With the Queen of Chaos as president, nuclear war with Russia is a horribly real possibility.

    • Replies: @fish
  40. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Hi Wally:

    I knew you were No Good,, and Thanks for proving it for sure! with this BS post!

    Ed Nelson aka Geoshmoe.

    • Replies: @Wally
  41. fish says:
    @Ralph Raico

    The real Dr. Raico? If so I enjoyed your 10 part seminar on the history of liberty!

    • Replies: @Ralph Raico
  42. Frankie P says:

    No need to read wiki, which can easily be edited into a mendacious stew by Hasbara idiots. Why don’t we take a look at what the Palestinian Christians of all denominations say.

    Kyros Document 2009

  43. Rehmat says:

    Come on Netanyahu – you could had lied better.

    Bethlehem is indeed in the West Bank which is under Israel’s military and illegal Jewish control. However, for the world consumption, West Bank’s president is Mahmoud Abbas, an Israeli double agent whose “Palestinian mandate” expired in January 2009.

    By your logic, the five million foreign Jews living in occupied Palestine are not “Jews”, but Nazi-collaborators Zionists by so-called “Israel” is ruled by Zionists.

    • Replies: @Sherman
  44. Sherman says:

    Hey Homer

    I’m glad you’re such an erudite scholar of history.

    You must have been a top student at your madrasa.


  45. @Realist

    “Not as long as dumb bastards are allowed to vote.”

    Well, whether Americans are “dumb bastards” or not–and one wonders about that!–they’re easily conned every election year. They vote for bought-and-paid-for hacks, chickenhawks, and the like. They don’t vote for Ron Paul.

    Face it, lads–that’s the country we live in.

  46. @fish

    Yes, it’s me, fish, and many thanks for your kind remark.

  47. @Rehmat

    I have said on several occasions, and will continue to say so until the day I die, that the murder of Qaddafi was one of the saddest, sickest events I’ve ever seen. Whatever Qaddafi’s personal faults might have been (and it’s never been proven that he had anything to do with the Lockerbie bombing), he was a decent man doing a difficult job, whose warnings and observations turned out to be prescient. So passed a decent man at the hands of a murderous, cackling bitch. I am forever ashamed and appalled to belong to the same country as Hillary Clinton.

    • Replies: @phil
    , @WorkingClass
  48. @Kiza

    ” . . . But I do believe that Trump will squash Hillary like a rotten tomato she is, no matter how much the MIPC (Military Industrial Propaganda Complex) is on her side. . . .”

    I’ll be emerging from hibernation to vote for Trump. If his foreign policy is even 10 percent better than The Pantsuited One’s, it’ll still be infinitely superior!

    • Agree: Kiza
  49. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    . . . But I do believe that Trump will squash Hillary like a rotten tomato she is, no

    [”like a rotten tomato she is, no …”…].

    like tne rotten tomater that the bitch really is.. !

  50. phil says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Go ahead and call the Hildabeast a cackling bitch, but don’t call Qaddafi a decent man.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @mr. meener
  51. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Democratic party dissolved the American people and elected a new one.

  52. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Didn’t Bill Clinton once say that he decided to bomb Serbia in 1999 (an illegal act of war btw,) only after he had a conversation with his wife?

    The bombing of Serbia was yet another American war crime that has been conveniently dropped down the memory hole.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  53. OLD JEW says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    Mr. Giraldi,

    You wrote:

    “Palestinian Christians have been departing since 1948, at which time they constituted … 25% of the Arabs who wound up inside Israel.”

    In 1948 about 160 thousand Arabs remained in Israel. Thus your 25% equaled 40 thousand. persons.

    ” They are now under 10% of Israeli Arabs ….”

    Ten percent of one million 600 thousands is about 160 thousand.

    Thus their numbers have increased about four times from 1948 to 2016.

    How strong was your logic when you wrote in the same breath:

    “….. and their numbers are declining”

  54. @phil

    phil, I wasn’t aware that he’d invaded any other nations causing mass casualties, is that the case?

    I know he constructed more than a decent irrigation system, the likes of which does not exist anywhere else in Africa. He also subsidised food, medicines, electricity and education for his people, amongst other things, which seems pretty decent to me. I thought he came across as a bit of a nutter but I know little of life in Libya.

    When that the people hath cried, Caesar hath wept. That sounds more like it to me.

  55. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Hi Philip!
    I am just a little … ”tipsyey” at the moment.. what I want to say, isn’t germaine to your post…

    Well, shit, I lost, my flocus… hell if I canremmber, I do know this f’n key board is going in the recyclle bin in oneddamed minute!

    • Replies: @OLD JEW
  56. Realist says:
    @Dr. X

    The Republican elite have, also, been screwing their followers for decades.

  57. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve done some public speaking addressed to what I thought were reasonably well-educated folks. People, I thought, who could be counted on to have some basic understanding of the subject. I’m a pretty good pitchman, and I do my homework. With some exceptions, they were-how do I say this?-blank,

    This is a common experience. Many of those who are considered “well-educated” are also very narrow with blinders on. They know the nuts and bolts of their own field but outside of it they’re totally lost. People with reputations for being very smart can be astonishingly stupid. The emperor has no clothes so one can’t take anything for granted. Mid-level ordinary people often exhibit a better insight. Possibly this is due to our educational system which encourages narrowness.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  58. @exiled off mainstreet

    You assume that Trump will a) not hesitate to bring it up and b) that if he does, the Ministry of Truth (the media) will not find a way to make an issue of how outrageous his behavior is in doing so (as in the Raza-affiliated judge).

    I don’t think one can count on either assumption.

  59. JackOH says:

    Thanks, you’re right. That middling group of apparently secure, well-educated salary-earners is very tough to talk to. Great people, but they’re very vulnerable to politically therapeutic auto-suggestion or auto-inoculation. I almost can’t blame them. Everyone wants to believe he’s master of his own destiny, and very few people want to admit they’ve been puppetized by some damned scheme.

    • Replies: @anowow
  60. VisPacem says:

    Congratulations on your heritage. It’s a noble one. And don’t forget that the first real victories against the English in our revolt against them was due to the self-resourceful and courageous folks in Eastern Tennessee, Kentucky and the Appalachians.

    The Clintons and a too many corrupt plutocrats and oligarchs in both political parties are on the opposite side of history when it comes to loyalty to soil, family, culture and honor.

  61. OLD JEW says:

    Dear Geo,

    1. I enjoyed your comment. A lot. It adds spice/flavor to the Giraldi commentariat.

    2. Do not throw away the keyboard. An old wired (not wireless) USB keyboard “saved my day” yesterday.

    I had upgraded the BIOS on my laptop (supposedly to fix the touch pad that stopped working after installing Windows 10). Side effect: The funny arrow keys on the laptop keyboard stopped working.

    These keys are a necessity to make changes in the BIOS andto make the laptop bootable again.
    My friend David, said: use an external wired USB keyboard. It worked. See, I am using my laptop.

    So happy.

  62. Wally says: • Website

    It’s noted that you cannot refute my post.

    What about the US Census don’t you understand?

    You’re a hasbarist pretender. A dime a dozen.

  63. dahoit says:

    My thoughts too,November.
    But they’ll forever live in the hearts of their countrymen.Blech.

  64. The media’s upset over Trump’s popularity reminded me of the scene in 2001 Space Odyssey where Dave is going to pull the plug on Hal. Unfortunately our Rulers seem to have recovered their sense of entitlement. Mr. Bill, aka as the First Black President, is now playing Uncle Tom in calling out the citizens he represented as crackers and white trash, who should preferably die, but if this is not possible sit down and shut up. Global governance is gonna be paradise, but did you really have to mention our bright future with Chelsea? Let’s take it one catastrophic decade at a time.

  65. When the global apologists are at a loss they always go back to the vomit that people want to “reclaim the past.” As desirable as it would be to have a functioning country again, that’s not even what people want from their politicians. They would like to have a seat at that m-f-ing table.

    While Bill is trying to bring along poor, ignorant white trash such as myself (Note to Bill: We now refer to them as precariats.) it doesn’t help to say “we’ve already stolen everything not nailed down so get over it.”

    Fer instance, Hill is out in her Armani jacket and gets her purse snatched. Bill tries to chase down the perp but fails. The purse has $10million in it and the snatcher is living large. Bill says but, but but and everyone who matters says “Bill, stop living in the past.”

    We have tried for decades to stop the theft of our country. Look at the stats on the percentage of people who have disagreed with Washington for decades. But you all said you knew what you were doing. Some say you did and some say you didn’t but if you did know, it should be a hanging offense.

  66. anowow says:

    That demographic went out big time for the Iraq War. They are the most susceptible to “statesmanship.” They aren’t stupid, they are quite successful in their own lives. This group, more than the lumpenprole gimmes, demonstrate that democracy doesn’t work. When people talk about democracy’s susceptibility to demagogues, the mental image is of Huey Long wowing the rubes. The demagogues of our day, however, pretentiously rumble about dignity, “extremism” and America’s role in the world. A successful demagogue has to eventually give his crowd something that will benefit them, and so do the demagogues who pander to the professional classes. They provide them with justifications and moral posturing for exploiting cheap labor and engaging in the kind of self-indulgent sexual behavior and egocentric, atomized hyper-individualism that was proscribed for generations.

    • Agree: Kiza
  67. JackOH says:

    anowow, thanks, you speak the truth, brother. Yesteryear’s “middling salary-earners” were more likely, as I see it, to have their moral blindnesses and cruelties tempered by religiosity and charitable feeling, patriotism, concern for family, civic responsibility, concern for public reputation and private character, ethnic and fraternal pride and fellow-feeling, etc. Lots of hypocrisies (see Twain or Sinclair), but a lot of genuine goodness, too. Today’s version of that group is, as you say, bought off with packaged “justifications and moral posturing”. They’re mostly okay with that, and that’s just rotten. I wish I could say something better, but I can’t. Thanks again.

  68. She is Israels last chance to take control of our nuclear arsenal.

  69. I understand that there are new concepts emerging in America, namely “jobless economy” and “citizen-less democracy”. I can certainly see the citizen-less democracy -this is how we get Hillary Clinton as President. She gets nominated by the 1% and then promoted by the media, which is owned by the 1%. The citizens get to cast their votes for her, and if they don’t, the vote tally gets rigged to “indicate that they did”. All the appearances of democracy but no citizenry actually needed.
    But how will she govern? Another concept is coming (a jobless economy) – with all manufacturing off-shored and automation taking over low skilled jobs like truck driving and waitressing, a greater amount of Americans will not have even measly wages to live on. Hillary will trot out the same old grandiose, trickle-down, cut taxes on the rich crap leftover at the Oval Office from the Reagan years. And the media will tell everyone that times are good. And we will get more foreign wars to employ more jobless as military. And some starving folks will rebel and any such disquiet will be put down by our own military.
    Finally, we will have the ultimate concept – an empty empire. An empire that is broke, but still capable of wandering abroad killing foreigners; and with people living there but who are not participating citizens. An empire of Bullshit.

    • Agree: Kiza
  70. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Okay, wage continual war against Hillary Clinton. There are lots of reasons to oppose Hillary, her Israel First positions, including opposition to BDS, which are racist at very least, are prominent in my mind. But it’s very unlikely that her presidency will have worse consequences that Reagan’s, who managed to turn millions of Americans and one of two national parties, against their own government; or GHW Bush’s who legitimized racism as a campaign tactic (and thus we have Trump); or GW Bush’s whose policy in Iraq has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and fed the rise of terrorism along with the gutting of individual rights.
    Shall we rally around Trump then?

    • Replies: @richard vajs
  71. @phil

    I would love to put you in the center of Libya right now with no way out

  72. Sbaker says:

    Imelda Marcos and her sexual predator husband will soon be back in power.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  73. @Anonymous

    Damn right, another Clinton Administration will have worse effects on America than the Reagan Administration did – not because Reagan’s policies were better – but just because Reagan inherited a healthier America. It takes a team of quack doctors to kill a patient. And Hillary is just the latest and last quack – inheriting a patient who is already at room temperature and drawing flies. She will prescribe the same poisonous bleeding and strychnine injections that Dr. Reagan did, and the patient will finally go to eternal rest.

  74. “They’re our closest ally in the region, and we have a moral obligation to defend them.”

    Giraldi is correct: Israel has no claim on us a defender. The assumption of a special relationship dates to the election season of 1948. The Democratic Party’s bank account was running dry, and Harry Truman faced defeat. To the rescue came presidential adviser and committed Zionist David Niles who whispered into the president’s ear promises of all the money to be had if Truman were to recognize the new state of Israel against the advice of the State Department. Truman believed that the Holocaust entitled Jews to an exclusive state, but it was the flood of Jewish money – I hope I am not taken for a bigot – that caused him to be swift in recognizing Israel on May 15 1948.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @anon
  75. @Alan Bickley

    The assumption of a special relationship dates to the election season of 1948.

    Perhaps correct wrt to the “special relationship,” but the enshrinement of the “Jewish state” on the platforms of both political parties was the work of none other than Benzion Netanyahu, in 1943-44.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been the unquestioned favorite of Jews, especially in New York which then had the largest block of delegates in Electoral college.

    But by the time of the 1943-44 election season, Jews had “just gotten word” of mass deportation of Jews from Hungary, at the same time that American Jews were keenly aware that the 1939 British White Paper that barred Jewish entry to Palestine was set to expire — it had a 5-year time limit.

    Jews in USA wanted FDR to pressure the British to admit more and more Jews to Palestine, and also to admit more Jews to USA.

    With electoral politics in full-swing, Benzion Netanyahu, then an acolyte to Vladimir Jabotinsky, proposed that Jewish leaders approach Republican candidates and request that they include on their party platform support for a Jewish state in Palestine. Benzion Netanyahu achieved his goal: the Republican party added a plank to its platform that endorsed a Jewish state.

    Rabbi Stephen Wise, who, we are told, was never political and urged Jews not to use political means to advance Jewish interests, nevertheless brought news of Benzion’s successful venture with Republicans to Democratic party bosses. The rabbi persuaded the Democratic machine that it was essential that they, too, include a plank in their platform endorsing a Jewish state in Palestine.

    And the word was made flesh.

    So it has been ever since the 1944 election campaign when Benzion Netanyahu pitted Republicans against Democrats and caused both parties to pledge their undying support for the Jewish state.

    Post note: Avigail Arabranel, a psychologist born and schooled in Israel, has diagnosed Benzion Netanyahu as “psychopathic . . . out of touch with reality.”

  76. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Alan Bickley

    Actually the USA has no alliance with Israel at all, not least because having a formal alliance would require Israel having to declare recognized boundaries. Since Israel is still in the process of stealing the west bank this can not be done. Truman put his narrow political interests ahead of the national interest of America like a soulless prostitute.

    Btw, you will be called a “bigot” for making any criticism of Israel.

  77. @Intelligent Dasein

    Yes. Qaddafi was doing what he could for Libya and for Africa. A decent sort like Syria’s Assad. Compared to scum like Obama, Merkel, Hollande or Cameron Qaddafi looks very good indeed.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  78. @Rurik

    Yes I know about the curse of debt money. I know about the Rothschilds and the Bank Of England and the history of the bank in the U.S.. I praise President Jackson and curse President Wilson. I know about the Gold Dinar and the Petrodollar. I understand the relationship between honest money and peace/prosperity. I learned these things late in life because Ron Paul sparked my interest. I learned these things late in life because it is the genius of evil to hide things in plain sight.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  79. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Loophole in democracy it is if ignorant American public brainwashed with Jewish sponsored media left to choose a president for a most powerfull / warmongering country on earth.
    Simple to say that Hilary was and is a failure as a politician and public still can’t see that.
    Hilary is no position to deal with present kaos in middle east and most of it her making and she is not in a position to deal with Putin and she will create another Cuban missile type stand off with powerful tacticians Russian Putin.
    CIA should get ready if Hilary is destine to be president and greater American interest should prevails not to see her dream to materialised.

  80. Hibernian says:

    Aren’t they both dead?

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