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The Bigotry of Borders: How Leftism Welcomes a Sea-Invasion by Savages
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Caterpillars are racist. Fact. When a caterpillar is fully grown, its body is packed with tasty nutrients. But the caterpillar doesn’t want to share those nutrients with other insects, no matter how needy they are. This is ignorant and irrational xenophobia. Science teaches us that all insects have a common ancestor and are essentially the same under the cuticle. But caterpillars reject these plain scientific facts, embrace outdated separatism, and cling bitterly to crypto-fascist concepts like “species,” “family” and “order.” When a caterpillar meets a humble wasp that just wants a better life for itself and its offspring, the caterpillar will refuse to share its nutrients with its fellow insect.

Wasps on the waves: illegal migrants crossing the English Channel
Wasps on the waves: illegal migrants crossing the English Channel

Or at least, the caterpillar would refuse if it could. Fortunately, wasps are well-trained in the insect equivalent of antifa. They know how to overcome bigotry and hate with their stings. A well-judged dose of neurotoxin paralyzes the caterpillar’s xenophobic nervous system; the wasp lays its eggs without resistance; and wasp-larvae are soon happily sharing the caterpillar’s bounty. They’re also preventing the caterpillar from spreading its bigotry in its adult form. In the end, rather than one racist butterfly, there will be dozens of anti-racist wasps, all eager to fight hate and bring more xenophobic caterpillars to the right side of history. It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

The Brotherhood of Birds

Well, it’s a beautiful sight from the wasp’s point of view. But not from the caterpillar’s. The same is true of cuckoos and their hosts. If birds had language, cuckoos would be passionate universalists, proclaiming the Brotherhood of Birds and condemning the bigotry of borders whereby reed-warblers and rock-pipits seek to keep their nests for their own offspring. If the Marxist biologist Stephen Jay Gould had been a cuckoo, he would have cooed the following: “Avian equality is a contingent fact of history. Equality is not true by definition; it is neither an ethical principle (though equal treatment may be) nor a statement about norms of social action. It just worked out that way. A hundred different and plausible scenarios for avian history would have yielded other results (and moral dilemmas of enormous magnitude). They didn’t happen.”

A cuckoo chick celebrates the Brotherhood of Birds
A cuckoo chick celebrates the Brotherhood of Birds

In other words, if Stephen Jay Gould had been a cuckoo, he would have been a liar. But he wasn’t a lying cuckoo: he was a lying Jew. He didn’t falsely claim that species does not exist and that all birds are the same under the feathers. Instead, he falsely claimed that race does not exist and that all humans are the same under the skin. When wasps want to exploit caterpillars, they use neurotoxin to paralyze the caterpillar’s resistance. When Jews want to exploit gentiles, they use words like “racism” and “xenophobia” and “hate.” The effect is the same: paralysis and the collapse of resistance to predation and parasitism.

In Britain, we can see this process playing out very clearly as illegal migrants flood across the English Channel and begin feasting on the bounty that awaits them on British soil. In 2019, there were about 1,800 such crossings, which was bad enough. In 2022, there will be about 40,000, which is considerably worse. By saying that, I am of course being racist and xenophobic and hate-filled. I’m also being truthful: the migrants all come from failed states where nothing flourishes but corruption and crime. They bring that corruption and crime with them, neatly stowed in their culture and in the genetics that underlies their culture. But these truths are treated as “hate-speech” by Jews and by the leftists who apply Jewish ideology as they pursue the all-important leftist goals of power and punishment. The power will be for themselves and the punishment will be for their enemies.

“Vote for us, you racist scum”

And whom do leftists regard as their enemies? Take the leftist Labour Party, whose name proclaims its founding purpose: to defend the working-class and promotes its welfare. But Labour is now led by a lawyer, not by a labourer, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it has become an Orwellian party. In Orwell’s Ninety Eighty-Four (1949), “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” Orwell’s satire is modern British reality: the Labour Party now concerns itself with attacking its working-class voters and harming their interests. The Jewish Labour peer Maurice Glasman admitted in 2011 that his party opened Britain’s borders with malice aforethought, seeking to harm its own voters. He said: “In many ways [Labour] viewed working-class voters as an obstacle to progress. Their commitment to various civil rights, anti-racism, meant that often working-class voters … were seen as racist, resistant to change, homophobic and generally reactionary. So in many ways you had a terrible situation where a Labour government was hostile to the English working class.”

Decades too late, trusting and traditionally minded Labour voters got the message and finally understood that Labour had trashed tradition and turned against them. That’s why millions of them switched their votes to Boris Johnson’s Conservative party in 2019, handing him a big majority and trusting him instead to defend their interests. Once again their trust was betrayed. The Tories had no more interest in stopping mass migration than Labour had. They postured about stopping the ever-growing numbers of illegals crossing the channel and the results are plain to see: as noted, about 1,800 crossed in 2019 and about 40,000 will cross in 2022. Meanwhile, much larger numbers of non-Whites are entering the country legally from corrupt and crime-filled nations like India, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Muslim male, misogynist murder

And what happens to those who object to this flood of harmful non-White migration? They’re attacked by furiously buzzing leftists, who sting them with accusations of “racism” and “xenophobia” and “hate.” Take the leftist Rachel Youngman, a possibly Jewish physicist who is also “chair of charity Hibiscus which supports migrant women.” Ms Youngman was horrified when the non-leftist Nigel Farage accurately described the channel-crossers as “illegal migrants” and said that most of them are Albanian men “coming to join criminal gangs.” She said “the assumption of illegal actions by virtue of a nationality is a very dangerous route to take” and condemned Farage for “making an assumption that all people on boats are from Albania.” He’d assumed no such thing, of course, but Youngman is a leftist and not interested in the truth. Most illegal migrants are fit young men of low social value and high criminal potential, but Youngman didn’t want to talk about them. No, she wanted to talk about the small numbers of women among the illegal migrants. She said that these “women are at high risk of gender-based violence and trafficking.”

And yes, she was perfectly correct to say that. The women are indeed at high risk of “gender-based violence” and “trafficking.” And who will be committing the violence and carrying out the trafficking? That is a question that leftists do not want to face, but it was in fact answered by the world’s greatest leftist newspaper at the same time as Ms Youngman was attacking Nigel Farage:

A domestic violence victim who was stabbed to death by her former partner felt too scared to tell police the full extent of his abuse over fears that social services would take her baby away, an inquest has heard.

Raneem Oudeh, 22, was killed along with her mother, Khaola Saleem, 49, in Solihull in August 2018 by Janbaz Tarin, who had subjected Oudeh to a campaign of abuse and stalking in the run-up to the attack. The inquest heard Tarin once carved Oudeh’s name into his arm with a razor and would spend days sleeping in his car outside her house. …

Oudeh came to the UK in 2014 from Syria to escape war and join her mother. After befriending Oudeh at Solihull college, Tarin began “stalking and hassling her”, and she married another man in 2015, partly due to fears over her safety as a result of Tarin’s harassment. The marriage broke down and Oudeh brought up their son alone. By the summer of 2016, she was “down, upset – a single mum at the age of 20”, and still being “stalked” by Tarin, Norris said. Tarin harassed and frightened Oudeh into a relationship and the couple had an Islamic marriage ceremony in April 2017, Norris said.

Oudeh told her family that hours after the marriage, Tarin said to her: “We don’t have divorce in our culture. The day that you will be free from me is the day I will kill you.” … On 27 August 2018, Oudeh and her mother had gone to a shisha bar where Tarin accosted them and slapped Saleem. They rang the police but their response was delayed because of a firearms incident in the city, the inquest heard.

The pair then returned to Saleem’s address in Solihull where Tarin stabbed them both to death. He was convicted of the double murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 32 years after a trial in 2018. (Woman killed by ex feared losing access to child after reporting abuse, inquest told, The Guardian, 31st October 2022)

Rachel Youngman postures about her opposition to “gender-based violence and trafficking,” but she is actually working hard to increase both of them in the UK. As the no-nonsense male-supremacist Janbaz Tarin said: “We don’t have divorce in our culture. The day that you will be free from me is the day I will kill you.” He was referring to Muslim culture, where male supremacism, misogyny and “gender-based violence” all flourish. And here’s something else from the article: “the police response was delayed because of a firearms incident in the city.” The “incident” almost certainly involved more ethnic enrichers, just like this further example of “gender-based violence” from the same time as Ms Youngman’s attack on Nigel Farage:

Detectives are appealing for witnesses after a woman was raped in Bournemouth town centre. Dorset Police received a report at around 3.05am on Sunday October 30 that a woman was approached by four unknown men in Wootton Gardens and was raped. The men are described as Turkish with black beards and were all wearing black. The victim – a woman aged in her 20s – is being supported by specially-trained officers. (Woman raped in Wootton Gardens in early hours attack, The Bournemouth Echo, 30th October 2022)

Bournemouth is a genteel town on the English channel and once famous as a place where colonial officials retired after working hard to uphold White civilization in what is now called the Third World. At least, Bournemouth was a genteel town. Nowadays it’s enriched by ever-growing numbers of non-Whites who have migrated to Britain both legally and illegally. What would the colonial officials have predicted about that? They would have predicted exactly what has happened: the destruction of peace and prosperity. Whites once went by sea to civilize savages. Now savages come by sea to uncivilize Whites. Like America and France and many other Western nations, Britain is a juicy caterpillar offering no resistance as it is eaten alive by hungry larvae. Our paralysis is explained by the power of leftist rhetoric our own cowardice and desire to be seen as morally upright citizens in tune with elite thinking on race. But the recent success of “far-right” and anti-migrant parties in Italy and Sweden is proof that leftist rhetoric is losing its paralytic magic.

As rhetoric recedes, reality rises. The iron law of leftism is that it always most harms those it claims to care about most. For example, leftism claims that “Black Lives Matter” even as it sends the rates of murder and traffic-death soaring among Blacks all across America. Leftism claims to defend women and fight rape-culture, even as it opens the borders to uneducated and illiberal rapists from the most misogynist and male-supremacist cultures on earth. But that iron law of leftism will also apply to something that leftists genuinely do care about: their own power and privilege. Leftism is an ideology of lies that is now lying itself to death.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Britain, Immigration, Jews, Political Correctness 
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  1. Other countries have proportional representation like Scots.

    Labour was transformed by Blair and his chief fundraiser.

    These people nearly always oppose sensible immigration controls. It is called the paranoia factor.

    • Replies: @JM
  2. Don’t the Albanians have their own country? The Brits should return these confused young men to it so they can add to its vibrancy.

  3. Ghali says:

    If you replace Caterpillars with white males like Tobias Langdon you get the exact picture the Islamophobic Langdon is trying to paint. Let us be very honest. From Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria and Libya to Ukraine today, every refugees crisis was/is created by the U.S.-led Western regimes and supported by Neo-fascists like Langdon. All refugee crises are premeditated and coupled with civilians massacres. The U.S.-led Western regimes must be held accountable for these crimes. How can any human being even with a small brain like that of Langdon blame the victims, the refugees?

  4. Pablo says:

    “When Jews want to exploit gentiles, they use words like “racism” and “xenophobia” and “hate.” The effect is the same: paralysis and the collapse of resistance to predation and parasitism.” An interesting description. Interesting because it accurately describes the ‘Jewish ideology’. The Marxist Jews are the ones who are the racists (ask a Palestinian), the xenophobes–except for Israel, and the hatemongers–par excellence. The Jewish Marxist has a deep, bitter hatred of non Jews. Goyim. There is a reason why Jews have been horsewhipped out of every Country they have lived in with an exception being the USA.

  5. Leftism is an ideology of lies that is now lying itself to death.

    So is anti-Christ political Zionism.

    Stephen Sizer may be the most honest man in all of the UK.

  6. JWalters says:

    These large waves of migrants into Europe and the US are being caused by the banking mafia of the Zionist Empire. They triggered the migration from the Middle East into Europe by their Middle East wars for profit and for Israel. They triggered the migration from South and Central America to the US by their economic sieges against those people. In both cases a major goal was to destabilize and overthrow governments, and loot natural resources.

    Such large, sudden influxes in Europe and the US will naturally destabilize those areas too. Social systems will become strained. With low-skill immigrants wages and standards of living will be depressed. With large numbers of people who do not speak the local language, or fit in with the local customs and behavioral patterns, social cohesion will naturally become strained, and conflicts will increase. This will happen even if the immigrants are not disproportionately criminals, even if they are essentially normal people.

    For example, the prospect of a large flood of Ukrainian immigrants into neighboring European countries is not welcomed by the populations of those neighboring countries. This is despite the fact that the Ukrainian refugees are the same race, and from similar educational and economic strata.

    There is no need to claim that these refugees are predominantly savages in order to explain why these mass migrations are serious problems for the destination countries. We would be better off focusing the discussion realistically on the Zionist banking mafia behind these major, costly problems than on the poor peons who are the collateral damage. The reality is that those poor peons would rather stay in their home countries if they were not being made uninhabitable by the banking mafia of the Zionist Empire, in which we are embedded.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  7. Generic question for all here: has this author ever put himself on record about instances of White savages invading other people’s countries?

    The most obvious current example is in the place formerly called Palestine. Searches of both the general internet and this specific site found nothing of use. (Searches at UNZ include results in the comments, and that tells me nothing about the author’s views.)

    What has this author had to say about forcibly established White colonies in Africa? Has Mr. Langdon ever remarked about the older cases of Whites moving themselves into the Americas to entirely displace the local inhabitants? Australia and New Zealand? The Tasmanians got exterminated, and from all accounts the Canadians have until quite recently been working on that same project in their part of North America.

    Has Mr. Langdon ever remarked about the capture and transportation of “savages” to sell for zero-wage labor in rice, sugar, or cotton plantations?

    Finally, does anyone know Mr. Landon’s position on current attempts to Break The Borders by US Big Business?

    Big Business: Joe Biden’s Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Is a Legislative Priority

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mokiki
  8. IronForge says:

    Tall Fences make for Good Neighbors; and Tall Border Walls and Immigration Standards make for Good Neighboring Nation-States.

  9. Miro23 says:

    It really needs an ethnic definition of who is British. Up to 1950, Britain comprised of ethnic English, Scots, Welsh and some Irish. They have some differences, but are essentially very similar and have been living and working together on their islands for millennia.

    It’s late in the day, but Britain needs to revert to what most other countries do, and use historic ethnicity to define who is British and who is a foreigner. The next step is to define Great Britain as the national home of ethnic British people – who hold in perpetuity political power – with foreigners reclassified as long term residents.

    What’s happening here, is that the caterpillar is defining itself as a caterpillar, with caterpillar interests – nothing to do with any definitions imposed by wasps which are different and have different (hostile) wasp interests.

    Another point, is that nature if full of predators and parasites that have to predate and parasitize successfully to survive. For example wolves or mosquitoes. If elk and deer are too weak and disorganized to take defensive action against wolves than they’re in trouble. Same with humans against mosquitoes in tropical environments.

    So, with regard to Jews, they’re also humans, but they are ethnically different from British people. They define themselves as Jews and as part of historic (non- British) Jewish culture. They act together as a group to favour their own advancement in any Gentile society that will accept them as equals “Americans”, “Russians”, “English”, “French” etc. IOW they act as a wolf pack looking for weak, sick and disorganized herds to predate. And it greatly helps if they can protect their own unity while promoting the weakness, sickness and disorganization of their prey.

    At present, the sickest and most disorganized herds look like the Anglo ones ( US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

    • Agree: TKK
  10. The new PM of Italy is Giorgia Meloni, who should be known as “Merdoni” (meaning “big piles of shit”) because she just caved in on a cruise-ship-ful of illegals, even though she’d campaigned hard on the opposite stance.

    So, put not your faith in the mainstream right: they are cucked. The solution will be local, if there are enough left with the backbone to do something about it, which doesn’t look too promising so far.

  11. JM says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    It is called the paranoia factor.

    Are you trying to say that Jews are paranoid about living in a society with too large a proportion of British natives, a thesis largely owed to the researches of Prof. Kevin MacDonald?

    Spit it out man!

    Actually the MONEY element (as well as the above) is all that concerns the powerful. Katie seems to nail it – all – here..

    • Thanks: Old and Grumpy, JWalters
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @JWalters
  12. JR Foley says:

    Goodnight Britain. Will the last person turn out the light !

  13. tom says:

    Brilliant caterpillar metaphor. No surprise who are “the wasps” of 3rd-world immigration in western countries. It’s disgusting that it has gone on for so long. Must be a whole lot of Shabbos goyim idiots and cowards out for themselves. The yen gotta have a yang.

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Chriss says:

    ‘sperm is equal but some is more equal’

    Let’s not let a single drop of national Catholic semen enter our vaginas.

    by Paul B. Preciado , philosopher, director of the Independent Studies Program Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Macba)
    published on January 17, 2014

    Body born with uterus, I close my legs in front of national Catholicism. I tell Rajoy and Varela that they will not put a foot in my womb: I have never given birth, nor will I ever give birth in the service of Spanish politics. From this modest platform, I invite all bodies to strike from the womb. Let us affirm ourselves as full citizens and no longer as reproductive wombs. Through abstinence and homosexuality, but also through masturbation, sodomy, fetishism, coprophagy, zoophilia… and abortion. Let’s not let a single drop of national Catholic semen enter our vaginas. Let us not give birth on behalf of the PP, nor for the parishes of the Episcopal Conference. Let’s do this strike as we would do the most “matriotic” of gestures

  15. Biff23 says:

    Whites have already lost their homelands. The replacement already happened. Younger generations in white countries are already majority non-white.

    There’s no solution. People opposed to the Great Replacement are *old*. Look at Meloni’s rallies. Row after row of gray, wrinkly, dying Italians. No hope there. Migrants are young and hungry. Therefore they’ll win. In 50 years, Italy’s going to look like Sudan.

    All this talk about “don’t black pill” or “there’s still hope” etc. is just false hope. We need the black pill.

    It’s like this: Your Mom sits you down and says, “Son, we’ve been slowly poisoning you for a year. The concentration in your body is so high you’re going to slowly die a horrible death.” Naturally you’re very upset, but your Dad says, “Don’t black pill, son. Keep your hopes up. We’ll find a way to save you.” Isn’t that exactly what your Dad would say after poisoning you? Keep you calm while you expire? The black pill is reality.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  16. padre says:

    Perhaps there wouldn’t be any flood, if you left them alone! White men are meddling there for two thousand years!

    • Replies: @Renard
  17. Dream says:

  18. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Immigrants should flood the EU.
    I heard Ukraine sent 5000 soldiers to Iraq . That country should be settled with 5 million Kurds .

    I heard Poland and Hungary also did participate through NATO in Libyan bombing .
    Those 2 countries should be filled with Congolese and Bantus and Nigerians .

    Now and then despite denials decades ago , when overt war breaks out ,we come to know still French troops are busy conducting raid , raping , and stealing minerals and oil from Wstern Africa and Uranium from Niger ,CAR and using slavery to run its operations and training the terrorists .

    Thugs, jail inmates , rapist , murderer and propel with chlamydia and HIV should flood the streets of France and its cities .

    Britain is still busy in many places . It has snot paid for its recent crimes against Libya . Britain is still trying to secure bases and instigate fight in Ethiopia .

    The migrants should work together sending Blacks to Mexico and then guiding the flow to TX and FL .
    Haitian should hire better lobbyists and find secure boats to come to FL and SC .

    The bastards in these few states keep on allowing invasions and coups in Haiti.

    • Replies: @boomerfeed
  19. Rob McX says:
    @Hannah Katz

    Don’t the Albanians have their own country?

    Why would they stay there? England has more to offer. Which war zone do you think these pictures are from?


    They were shot by Albanians in London. They drove an armoured vehicle around the streets while making a rap video.

  20. Katrinka says:

    Pedro Varela (Spanish National Socialist) explains in one minute how to wreck a country. The Jewish agenda in sixty seconds.

    • Agree: Lady Strange
  21. The roman says:

    I read more and more about the new government of Italy , and I noticed that everybody has a wrong perception . The right wing party who won the election in Italy is not against immigration, because it is simply not possible anymore in Italy ( and I suppose everywhere else in Europe). No chance to oppose immigration by voting it out. Salvini who was the only man in office who tried to stop at least the illegal taxi service provided by the ONG, went under trial for this and he is still risking to be jailed . The new italian government is trying again to stop the ONGs but all efforts seem invane. At this point it is very naive , not to say stupid, to expect anything else from the so called right wing parties other than empty rethorics

    • Replies: @boomerfeed
  22. Bookish1 says:

    White male being tested by mother nature for strength to survive

  23. Borders are gay and jewish. Its all righful Aryan soil by right of conquest. Its up to us though and our ancestors would be ashamed.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  24. The Democratic Party

    wants to


    The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority


  25. Open borders is a WEF and UN Agenda 2030 , zionist communist plan, as a stepping stone to a zionist one world government , and if a person reads the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Replacement Agenda, they will see this is a white race replacement agenda.

    America is in the process of having the white race eliminated by the 5.5 million illegals who have crossed the border since Biden was placed in office by the zionists , this is a low figure, the actual figure is more, but this is the figure they tell us and like most of what the regime tells us is a lie. The southern border is wide open and will stay wide open as this is a zionist UN Agenda.

    The demon-rats and the republi-cons are both responsible for the demise of the American culture and way of life, our military should be on the southern border and not over in the Ukraine supporting a zionist who runs a nazi regime, wrap your heads around that, close to a 100 billion, that we know of has been sent to the Ukraine, that we know of, the actual figure is probably twice that, but that is what the regime tells us, and no end in sight.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity and they are destroying America.

  26. TG says:

    “It may appear to be the interest of the rulers, and the rich of a state, to force population, and thereby lower the price of labour, and consequently the expense of fleets and armies, and the cost of manufactures for foreign sale; but every attempt of the kind should be carefully watched and strenuously resisted by the friends of the poor, particularly when it comes under the deceitful guise of benevolence…”
    T.R. Malthus, “An Essay on the Principle of Population”, 1798

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  27. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    the MONEY element (as well as the above) is all that concerns the powerful

    The powerful issue the fiat money, then they chase after it?

  28. Chriss says:
    @Desert Fox

  29. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    How are natural resources looted?

  30. Renard says:

    Over the time frame you mentioned (and much longer) every people “meddled” wherever they could, with the only exceptions being those who were too stupid and primitive to figure out how.

    Now you’re saying that anyone who has descended from capable and competent ancestors must now lose his country, and everything worth saving in it?

    You’re going to have to come up with a stronger justification.

    • Agree: Inverness
  31. Renard says:
    @Desert Fox

    Every word you typed is the gospel truth.

    The sad thing is that many of us are arguing about things which are faits accomplis.

  32. conatus says:

    from a 2019 article by Zach Goldberg in Tablet “Americas White Saviors” where he discussed bias for or against in-group.
    Libs were very against themselves as white people.

    “Remarkably, white liberals were the only subgroup exhibiting a pro-outgroup bias—meaning white liberals were more favorable toward nonwhites and are the only group to show this preference for group other than their own. Indeed, on average, white liberals rated ethnic and racial minority groups 13 points (or half a standard deviation) warmer than whites. As is depicted in the graph below, this disparity in feelings of warmth toward ingroup vs. outgroup is even more pronounced among whites who consider themselves “very liberal” where it widens to just under 20 points. Notably, while white liberals have consistently evinced weaker pro-ingroup biases than conservatives across time, the emergence and growth of a pro-outgroup bias is actually a very recent, and unprecedented, phenomenon.

  33. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:
    @Zachary Smith

    The most obvious current example is in the place formerly called Palestine

    Aren’t that many whites in Africa:

    How much of the 16,428,000 sq mi did the Americas locals inhabit?

    How much of the 2,969,907 sq mi did the Australian locals inhabit?

  34. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    Shabbos goyim

    Is it impossible for gentiles to believe in/promote the destruction their own countries independent of Jews?

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  35. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Replacement Agenda

    Found where?

  36. Oh, the irony.

    When Europeans went to the Americas, Australia etc, they too were the immigrants.

    Why the double standards?

  37. @Hannah Katz

    True; but it is even truer to say that the Albanians have two countries: Albania proper and their newly-“liberated” sister “country” of Kosovo.

    Remember Kosovo? It’s an ancient Serbian province that was detached from Serbia by the NATO war, courtesy of Democrat William “Jefferson” Clinton and his fellow Libtard “humanitarians”. That war was most memorable for the bombing of Serbian Radio and Television headquarters in Belgrade “by accident” and the bombing of the Chinese Embassy (also, of course, “by accident”) in which a Chinese national was killed. The President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, was later tried at the Hague for “war crimes” where he died under “mysterious circumstances”. Irony abounds.

    (Kosovo is now “coincidentally” the home of the American military base Camp Bonesteel.)

    On a lighter note: the Serbs shot down an American “Stealth” bomber in the war; the Serbs were later photographed holding up the sign: “Sorry; we did not know that you are invisible.”

    • Agree: René Fries
  38. @Ghali

    In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful:

    Peace be upon thee, Ghali, and may thy daughter be most favored among the wives of the Emir of Kuwait. May thy gardens abound with dates; may thy camels Aldebaran and Deneb bear strong foals.

    The chief nuisance Muslims in Britain today are Pakistanis. I am sure you have heard of the “troubles” in Liecester recently. When was the last time the Evil English bombed Pakistan?

    When did the Evil English bomb Albania?

    Maybe you have a special secret history book revealed to you by the Angel Gabriel.

  39. @littlereddot

    With the colonies the natives fought back, and lost. We cannot, which goes to Katie Holmes’ point in the video above. Human trafficking is empowering and enriching a few. Slave trade never died, it just morphed into charity for refugees.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  40. Nico X says:

    Kalergi Plan + The Camp of the Saints = Planet of the Apes

  41. Ninety eighty four? really? one rule of pissing into the wind, is being literate…the second is having
    a proof reader @!


    When you controlled the past you control the future.
    When you control the present, you control the past.

    Insects are food chain, so are animals… Humans are the
    only animals with ego! the American people are responsible
    for their own destruction. They embrace control and shun
    Human over capacity is corrected by “natural selection, and “other measures”
    we check the (other box) this time.

  42. Sarita says:

    From Colombia I tell you my analysis:
    Animals are like humans, they have different kinds. Some animals eat other animals to survive, mostly to survive.
    And you will never find a tiger walking peacefully next to a rabbit, for example.
    They are honest about it.
    The same with humans; some humans kill other humans but…. It isn’t done to survive, mostly. Some humans kill other humans because they’re genocidal maniacs, they are sick.
    The wasp and (lately) the Jews are this kind of humans.
    The wasp are the worse; they bomb weddings, mosques, refugee camps, hospitals, schools.
    They destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and they killed 110 million natives and 49 million blacks to slave them and they laugh about it.
    This race, the wasp is very particular. They have killed more people than population they have. In other words, if the US, England, Australia and new Zealand have a total of 700 million, well, they have killed a billion of other humans.
    So, if they are say, attacked by other kind of humans like the Chinese and the Russians and are completely destroyed, no one in the planet, you know, the other kinds of humans will shed a year.
    They will all probably pass candy around.
    Remember, the wasp are considered “human” but are a completely different species.
    Funny is that the wasp call themselves “Christian” but, contrary to Jesus’s teachings, they will kill you without blinking. They love the money Jews got, so they drop Jesus and run to his Killers.
    And the Jews just love these monsters because it was thanks to the wasp that they thrive.
    That’s why the saying goes ..
    Birds of the same feather flock together

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  43. @Anon

    They don’t even hide it and acknowledge that they plan for “replacement migration”.


    Even Russia, Japan and South Korea are targets for this nefarious plan, of course camouflaged as supposedly helping countries solve their demographic problems resulting from low birth rates, by importing those of races with high birth rates.

  44. The greatest danger awaiting the US is not leftism aka cuckooism, it is cuckservatism aka selfservatism.

  45. Levtraro says:

    Legal and illegal immigration into developed countries from poor countries is essentially an economic-demographic problem.

    Owners of small, medium and large enterprises in developed countries have one major item of cost: labour. There is a permanent fear that labour would become scarcer and thereby increase its cost even more.

    Workers have decent salaries and benefits as a product of decades of fighting off Marxism. In addition workers bring with them other items of cost such as employers’ contribution to pension funds and other social security expenses, also connected to the fight against Marxism. On top of that, salaries tend to increase due to demographic processes that make workers scarcer and the burden of pensions larger. Increasing productivity of the hour of work only partially offset the decreasing supply of labour. But there is no Marxist threat anymore so how to roll back those gains by labour?

    The first solution to increase the supply of labour and thus bring salaries down was to bring birthing persons to the workplace. Good, but their pantsuits helped only until it made the demographic problem even worse, as birthing persons stopped birthing for the sake of their careers and just became persons in pantsuits. So bringing women to the workforce was a short-term solution for one part of the problem but it became a long-term additional demographic problem due to less births of workers.

    So what can an elite and pampered intellectual offer as a solution? Where is labour in excess supply? Yeeaah, in the nearby poor countries. Bring them here.

    This solution caused multiple orgasms in leftists central committees and in corporate board rooms. Leftists would appease their urges to help what they make in their minds as the weak needing their protection while increasing their electability and owners would increase the supply of labour bringing down salaries. Owners would not be directly affected by the deterioration of the cultural milieu because migrants were naturally going to live in separate areas.

    So leftist aparatchiks with elbow-patched tweed jackets and corporate honchos in Hugo Boss suits met and shook hands, had a lovely embrace and kissed each other à-la Breshnev-Honecker: they had a common policy.

    A few decades later, leftists were planting their aparatchiks in corporate board rooms in the name of diversity and equity while keeping the borders “porous” and corporate honchos were funding leftists lavishly. Rightists pretended that they were for “non-porous” borders but in fact they willingly were on board the new policy, making themselves and attachment to the leftist-corporate policy and helping to keep the appearance of the existence of alternatives.

    • Agree: Rob McX
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  46. @Ghali

    From Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria and Libya to Ukraine today, every refugees crisis was/is created by the U.S.-led Western regimes and supported by Neo-fascists like Langdon.

    You are fair and correct to remind us that numerous US regimes have needlessly created the modern ‘refugee crisis’ involving non-threatening entities such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere. Sad but undeniably true. Using the cover of law, Zio-America (and NATO) have spearheaded a vast criminal enterprise for the benefit of Israel, interconnected globalists, and their lackeys in Washington, London, and Brussels. These ruthless political manipulators deserve our scorn.

    I do not believe however that Mr. Langdon supports any of these predatory machinations. Moreover, America is being inundated by ‘refugees’ from failed, nearby states which are rapidly (and irreversibly) transforming our civilization. This existential threat to American culture must be identified as the clear and present danger that it is. Let there be peace. Let sovereign states also remain independent and separate.

    • Replies: @theo dore
    , @Robert Dolan
  47. The Bigotry of Borders: How Leftism Welcomes a Sea-Invasion by Savages

    I say:

    Globalizer as a term better suits the age than the outdated so-called “leftism.”

    JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) are using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration as demographic weapons to attack and destroy all European Christian nations.

    Plenty of European Christian politicians are colluding with JOG to attack and destroy the nations of the European Christian people.

    Teddy Cruz is actively colluding and conspiring with JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) to swamp the USA with mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire pushed the nation-killing 1965 Immigration Act and Republican Party treasonous filth like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump still push nation-killing mass legal immigration. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are in bed with the nation-killing interlopers in JEWS ORGANIZED GLOBALLY(JOG) on mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    I asked this of Ted Cruz at a town hall campaign event in 2015:

    And as for immigration, It’s quite simply true that if it wasn’t for mass immigration — the 1965 Immigration Act — the Republicans might not have lost California forever. And it’s also true that without mass immigration we might never have had Obama — and that means we might never have had Obamacare.

    Mass legal immigration is the issue that’s demographically destroying the United States. But you, you support dramatic increases in mass immigration.

    I don’t think you can continue on trying to confuse the American people about the difference between illegal immigration and mass legal immigration — so why do you support mass legal immigration?

    Tweet from 2015:

  48. babu says:

    I just pray to Allah that UK becomes an Islamic state and implement Sharia law at the earliest.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. The Tories have kept the mass immigration floodgates open. The mass immigration into England started in the late 1940s, picked up considerably in the 50s and 60s and exploded after Tony Blair’s treasonous 1997 open borders immigration policy went into effect.

    The Tories have very little credibility as an oppostion force to counter the mass immigration proclivities of Labour. England is now one of the most densely populated parts of Europe.

    Demography and debt are leading to a very volatile political atmosphere in England. Civil war will be the most likely outcome. The Bank of England has engaged in the most radical bout of monetary policy in its existence. England’s disastrous mass immigration policy has kept the wage inflation that would ordinarily occur during bouts of monetary extremism at bay. The Bank of England has used mass immigration policy to mask the wage inflation that would’ve happened under normal rates of immigration.

    MUSLIM RAPE GANGS have been killing, raping and brutalizing English young ladies for decades.

    The JEW/ENGLISH Ruling Class of England has used the importation of foreigners as a demographic weapon to destroy cultural cohesion in England.

    The JEW/ENGLISH Ruling Class of England wants to demographically deconstruct England so as to make it a deracinated zone suitable for plutocrat plundering.

    There is no FREE SPEECH in England.

    There is no FREE SPEECH in the USA.

    The ruling class of the American Empire is just as evil as the ruling class of England.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Commentator Mike
  50. Anonymous[106] • Disclaimer says:

    “Meanwhile, much larger numbers of non-Whites are entering the country legally from corrupt and crime-filled nations like India, Pakistan and Nigeria.”

    Hadn’t the Limey dogs under the whip of the Rothschilds gone to those places in order to exploit it for the Jew and the King, the hungry hordes wouldn’t be flocking to the shores of Britain… you’re reaping what you have sown!

  51. @Dream

    Your link works by going to Twitter, where the trail ends. There are references to incest out there. One is It admits that incest is common in Pakistan.

    You 6,000 number is mentioned but there does not seem to be any evidence in print. Do you have a solid reference, a real source?

  52. @JWalters

    You can’t help but notice a pattern by which they overthrow legitimate governments and install kosher ass kisser’s to facilitate their One-World One-Gender-WEF-You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy agenda.
    There GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM Media Maggot machine runs 24/7/365 spreading Holocaust Survivors bs nonstop and the stupid Goyim eat it up as truth.

    We have gone past the point of no return and are left with only one solution, and that’s global civil war on hebs and their Woke followers.

  53. Miro23 says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    The ruling class of the American Empire is just as evil as the ruling class of England.

    The problem in both places is that there’s no political party to challenge their ruling elites. For example, in Germany there’s the AfD , in Italy the Brothers of Italy and in Spain VOX – all making useful gains.

    Clearly, the Jewish dictatorship has its most vice like grip on the Anglo world ( US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

  54. @Levtraro

    You end up with wage slavery worse than old style slavery. In slavery the slave owner provided accommodation, food, clothing, health care. Now you have to pay for all that and probably end up more overworked than many slaves of old. Some people even have to do several jobs to pay for all that. And then you have to pay taxes and all sorts of fees the slaves were exempt from. And often you end up getting robbed by the banks paying for what you don’t own as when you lose your job because the company relocated to a lower cost zone they repossess your house, car, etc. which you “bought” on loan but can’t pay back, although you may have actually paid a lot of money towards it over the years.

    The thing is the capitalist employers are not much better off than the wage slave employees since they’re up to their necks in debt to the banks. .The business model is something like this: your debt to the bank is 10 times the value of your assets which is 10 times the money in your business bank account, and this is considered a “profitable” business as long as you can keep paying the interest on the bank loan that you will never pay back, and everyone is happy with that.

  55. @The roman

    The right wing party doesn’t want to do anything about immigration because it cares about it only to win votes while being busy stealing everything for themselves. You can pass laws and prosecute the people who work for the NGOs if you really want to, but the reality is that voters and the public are too pathetic for any elected official to care about.

  56. @Charles Pewitt

    Yeah, and nobody cares. All they care about is that Russia must be defeated. They don’t care about the prices or anything other than sending billions in arms and aid to the Ukraine. Some maybe care but not that they can, or will, do anything about it.

    Wave the Ukrainian flag while living in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk to show your support for the in thing of the moment; they’ll throw more coin into your begging can than if you waved a Russian flag, that’s for sure.

  57. @Anon

    When will Turks return Constantinople and all Arabs go back to their peninsula though?

  58. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Baboo? Ain’t you a dothead nigger from Banglastan … before the British become Muslim, you’re going to be Hindoos again, kicking and screaming and no more cows for you swines.

  59. The Republican Party goes EXPLICIT WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS or it goes dodo.

    The Republican Party is controlled by anti-White and anti-Christian donors who push mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION. The European Christian ancestral core of the USA must remove the Republican Party donors from power by abandoning the Republican Party and the Republican Party politician whores en masse.

    Young White Core Americans are being demographically attacked and saddled with unpayable government debt and central bank created private debt. The top 5 or 10 percent of the US population has benefited immensely from the Federal Reserve Bank’s constant use of monetary extremism to create and inflate asset bubbles in stocks, bonds, real estate, art and many other assets. Young White Core Americans are now debt slaves and government mules who are supposed to keep paying all the debt that only enriches the top 5 or 10 percent.


    Creative destruction must be deployed by White Core America to implode and collapse this disgusting and rancid financial house of cards. A debt jubilee and debt repudiations and the declaration of ODIOUS DEBT and debt discharge made easy must be the way forward for White Core Americans who have had enough of the anti-White crud from the globalizers and the plutocrats and the transnationalists and the Bolsheviks and the foreigners and the brain dead boobs insensate to all this crap unfolding all around us.





  60. The Democratic Party

    Openly calls for





    Native White Working Class Americans…

  61. Europe is committing suicide in very many ways. This is only one of them.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  62. …All the continent

    Suffered thus, as his coils would not relent

    But rather tightened as its populations

    Fought for breath against the depredations

    Of the Enemy’s protected columns.

    By the millions his bestial golems

    Came, with his unholy blessing and the funds

    Wrung from their native hosts, whose nations’ guns

    Were trained on their own folk should they protest.

  63. There is noting else to discuss than the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act=THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT……

    Now here is blast from the past:




    Leo Frank to 13 year old Mary Feigin:”‘Mary…was it good for you?….Ha…Ha!!!…stab…stab…stab…die bitch!!!….”

  64. JWalters says:

    Thanks for linking to this excellent video.

  65. theo dore says:
    @mark green

    The OP raises a good point in what he says I mean the US has wrought so much devastation in those lands he’s mentioned you know by shock&awe and total war.

    But isn’t it strange how the ‘left-overs’ from those countries devastated then come to the West and are given safe-passage. It doesn’t make sense does that previously the might of western military bombed them countries back to the stone-age but then that same civil-service arm of western-military then lets in all the left-over refugees even to the detriment and expense of the natives of the west. Absolute pain followed by some sort of weird pleasure.
    This series of events does not make sense. Do you have an explanation?

    • Replies: @mark green
  66. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:

    So, the Negro-Saxon were the WASP demanding nutrients from the black, white and red catepillars. And the kikes were the WASP keepers?

  67. @Ghali

    If what you claim is true it is a great reason not to let them into nations founded by white people. If some country bombed my nation and was dumb enough to let me move there I would also wreak havoc.

    • Agree: Rob McX
  68. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    The Negro-Saxon MI6 and SAS support the US/CIA ops whenever and whereever they could. Stop being blind.

  69. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:

    Best comment in the thread.

    The Negro-Saxon did and still do the biddings of the kikes willingly and with full consent.

    It is hilarious to see them cry about it. God Almighty will exterminate this wretched, half jew rat race. When he is done, he will send the Arabs to swarm pissrael. And Judgment Day will have been delayed for a dozen centuries more.

  70. Corvinus says:

    Of course, the hierarchy of race begs the question: If other, non-white races are inferior to “whites”’, then is there a hierarchy within the “white” race? Would not certain “white” groups be considered superior to others that seem “less white” or “not quite white”?

    Indeed, French philosopher Michel Foucault traces race discourses as far back as the 1600’s. The earliest discussions centered on race as being of lineage, language, and tradition, correlated with religion and personal character. To be a member of the Saxon “race” was to speak and live like a Saxon, as compared to other groups.

    Now, would a Saxon (or an Frank, or a Norman, or a Visogoth) in their heyday have referred to themselves as being “white”? Furthermore, Foucault looks at how the idea of race “mutated”. In the 1700’s, to be a member of a particular race centered on having a specific physical appearance loosely tied to lineage. By the mid to late 1800’s, race morphed into a biological concept based on the theories of Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin.

    Let us also refer to the Greeks and Romans, the foundation for “Western civilization”. Their ideas resonated during the development of the modern European university in the 1700 and 1800’s. Here, classical texts we know and love collided with the racial markers and attitudes of their day–along with Biblical justifications for slavery–as intellectuals of the time period created racial categories placing Europeans at the top rung when it came to scientific and cultural achievements. This result is other than surprising, given how the earliest charts of racial differences were rooted in racial superiority, as scholars has deemed the ancients as being the quintessential “white civilizations”. Yet, would Greeks and Romans have referred to themselves as being “white”?

    There seems to be this conflation of “Western Civilization” and “whiteness” as embraced by the Alt Right today. To me, they are claiming “Since we have inherited the classics because they are our specific genetic and cultural legacy, we are a superior people by which all other peoples are measured and judged”. So, iSteve (and company), how do you rectify this notion with beliefs from the Good Book? The Bible says, “From one man he made all the nations. We are God’s offspring” (Acts 17:26, 29).

    1) Do you agree or disagree with those Christians consider Europeans to be a “chosen people and Jews to be the cursed offspring of Cain, the ‘serpent hybrid’ (a belief which is known as the two-seedline doctrine)”? Why?

    2) What are your thoughts regarding Wesley A. Swift’s doctrine (he was founder of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian) that non-Caucasian peoples have no souls and therefore can never earn God’s favor or be saved?

    3) How is “race realism” justified from a religious position considering that Christianity’s drive is towards universalism? Just to make it clear, Christian universalism refers to “a school of Christian theology focused around the doctrine of universal reconciliation – the view that all human beings will ultimately be saved and restored to a right relationship with God”.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  71. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    In your world the English dindu nuffin to Pakistan. No invasion, no mass shootings, no partition. And USer militants haven’t been bombing weddings, funerals, and civilians in general. CIA? You betcha:

    The Italians bombed Albania because they were too scared to bomb London.

  72. @mark green

    Most of the “refugees” are NOT real refugees, but are invaders being used by organized jewry to undermine White nations.

    If the jews love refugees so much, send the refugees to Israel.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  73. @Old and Grumpy

    the colonies

    In its heyday, Britain managed to control vast swaths of the globe with a tiny army. How did they do it? By ruling through comprador elites of the natives (petty kings/chiefs/sultans etc).

    The US Empire has now taken over from the British, but they are still using the same tools. Only now the leaders of the EU are the comprador elites.

    How else can one explain their reception of vast numbers of refugees and immigrants, knowing full well that it is detrimental to their societies? Any person with half a brain knows that this is committing suicide.

    And yet the EU leaders did it. That part is not surprising, they are totally sold out to their US masters.
    But for me, the really interesting part of is this: That the apparently intelligent and well educated public in the EU took in all of this without a whimper. Why? How?

    In searching for answers to these questions, I have become in awe of the amazing power persuasion pioneered by Eduard Bernays. Goebbels was a little babe compared with his guru.

    Anger against the immigrants wont do Europeans any good. The only thing that can save them is that they recognise who the real enemy is.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  74. @Biff23

    I’ve been pondering these issues for years and I see no way to fix this mess.

    And even though I believe in God, I do not believe that God is going to save the White race.

    Surely the Orthodox Christians in Russia prayed their asses off and they still got slaughtered.

    If Whites do not unify and fight back, then Whites will be exterminated by the jews’ proxy army of non-white orcs…..and in fact a slow genocide has already started.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Lucius Vanini
  75. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Why would God have to save the degenerate “huwhite” race? They are neither repentant nor actually serious about God. Anything other than submission and complete repentance to him is on the same level as pagan LARPing.

    Put God first and he just might save the race. But you are right, this aint gonna happen.

    • LOL: Lucius Vanini
  76. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:

    Lol, this post absolutely DESTROYS (((huwhite nationalism))).

  77. @theo dore

    This series of events [Invade the world. Invite the world.] does not make sense. Do you have an explanation?

    Yes. There is a simple (though shocking) explanation. It all adds up. Kevin MacDonald was the one of the first to point out this apparent contradiction.

    The (((people in charge))) of steering America into a Brave, New, Zionist-friendly World want America to become less White and less Christian so that this (unidentified) rising, dominant minority (guess who!) can continue its undeclared takeover of US government/culture without the threat of any effective pushback from a (declining and demoralized) formerly-unified White, Christian Majority.

    Through unified and coordinated, methodical, strategic planning, this brilliant (and ruthless) minority has accomplished the nearly-impossible.

    These plucky survivors are succeeding transforming the US into a cauldron of resentful, dysfunctional, and disunified factions who will never join forces to take the steps necessary to challenge the brave, new, pro-Israel (((US establishment.)))

    They have won the grand Culture War without firing a shot or even being detected (except by ‘anti-Semites’.)

    • Replies: @theo dore
    , @Lucius Vanini
  78. RestiveUs says:

    It wouldn’t happen otherwise.

  79. @littlereddot

    US is importing immigrants just like the EU is doing. The elites are in it together.

  80. @Ghali

    every refugees crisis was/is created by the U.S.-led Western regimes

    … what about India (Rohingyas, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Tamils…), Uganda (> 100.000 Rwandans), South Africa (Zimbabweans, )?

    And then, the term “Islamophobic” simply is ridicule. A phobia is a non-reasoned/non reasonable fear, whilst the “Islam” (quotation marks) bears a record of many “exploits” that cannot but generate a a great many very reasonable fears, see (the said death toll having occurred mainly at a time when world population was under 1 bn) and – maiming infidels (jihâd) being an OBLIGATION (for instance Q 4:95) to every faithful “muslim” (quotation marks).

  81. Kat Grey says:

    The eventual disappearance of European ethno-states will be the greatest catastrophe in human history. It will mark the end of the most innovative, enterprising and elightened civilisation ever recorded in the annals of history. However due to the corrosive envy of other, lesser endowed races, the white race will become first a marginalised minority in a sea of brown; then its extinction a reality,living on as a recessive gene in some future freak bkue-eyed mulattos. This could still be halted while we remain the majority but it won’t be due to shyster Leftwing politicians, beta do-gooders and liberal white females sluts with terminal jungle fever.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  82. @littlereddot

    Oh, the irony.

    When Europeans went to the Americas, Australia, etc., they too were the immigrants.

    Why the double standards?

    That’s a question which only a believer in a liberal morality would ask and think important. Funny you should ask it, because you don’t care about what’s “right” and “wrong,” but about condemning a hegemonic group because it’s made you feel small and derivative.

    You won’t even take steps to make reparation for putative wrongs your ancestors might’ve inflicted on the earlier populations of your country–wrongs still inflicted, if what is said about the Dalits is true. You act like a moral judge handing down verdicts from on high; but actually you’re lecturing from a dunghill.

    A realist knows that the essential thing is to get one’s way, to consult one’s own racial/national interests first and last. The Europeans and Euroamericans should keep their conquests and their lands, however many lands they’ve taken from other groups. That’s what’s called prevailing–scoring goals in the other side’s net while they don’t score in yours!

    Nor did the Europeans actually “immigrate” to the Americas and Australia. They didn’t go through “Immigration” and “Customs” at Ellis Island. They came as conquerors; they possess by right of conquest–the only “rightful” territorial sovereignty–and should keep what their ancestors sweated and bled to get. (There’s no magic in being the first in a place: it doesn’t confer any kind of ownership: owning comes of acquiring and doing whatever is needful to keeping.) They have invaded all the continents–but should tolerate no invasions of their domains.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @littlereddot
  83. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Kat Grey

    Thank God China is there to offer quality products at a reasonable price to continental Europe. They should nuke the Great Shitstain though. Or we should wait for Based Rishi to finish the job?

  84. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Is this wop retarded? Muh conquest. Conquest by Muslim wombs is what is happening. Man, there is no hope for these people.

    The only thing prevailing will be the uncontrollable Muslim population. “Conquest” of their homelands was the cause leading to this.

  85. theo dore says:
    @mark green

    It’s so sad what you described considering the west reached sheer heights of greatness with potential for more. I guess we will just get more polarization with violence probably the end inevitability which would be devastating.
    Perhaps if western man had been more morally inclined before thrusting himself into such mis-adventures as Vietnam all the way up to Ukraine today, things might have panned out better.

    (((They))) really have done a massive number.

  86. Mokiki says:
    @Zachary Smith

    We got this country the old-fashioned way – genocide. Anyone that wants to displace us should have to do the same thing.

    • Thanks: Lucius Vanini
  87. @HeebHunter

    Is this wop retarded?

    Lol, AmerimuttRetard is such an appropriate moniker! Speaking of wombs, when I see your contemptible comments, I think of what your mother must be (or have been) and Tony Montana’s saying of his substance-abusing wife, “Her womb is so polluted….”

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  88. @mark green

    The (((people in charge))) of steering America into a Brave, New, Zionist-friendly world want America to become less White and less Christian so that this (unidentified) rising, dominant minority (guess who!) can continue its undeclared takeover of US government/culture without the threat of any effective pushback….

    Mark, I’m well aware that this is a popular narrative among us White Advocates; but while I think that some Jews act with this strategy in mind the main Jewish motivation is less thoughtful.

    One, Jewish hatred of Europe-descended goyim seems reflexive, instinctive, compulsive– such that the objective is to get what looks like revenge on Western Civ without sufficient thought of what it’ll mean for Jews afterward. I believe that Jews, at least the majority and rank-and-file among them, would be wise to help preserve the civilization to which they owe wealth and influence unprecedented in their history. If they kick over the ladder whereon they’ve climbed to such heights, I think they’ll regret it. But they reflexively want what they imagine is “payback”: it’s in their marrow, such that they seem to fly toward it on automatic pilot.

    Flooding America just to change it to death, making Euroamerica marginal instead of center-stage, seems a cardinal object for its own sake inasmuch as it looks like vengeance. Also, many Western Jews, as much the dupes of Jewish anti-goyim narratives as goyim are, fear that cohesive, proud, powerful Europe-descended societies will repeat the pogroms, expulsions, persecutions of Europe, perhaps even the “holocaust.” This despite the fact that history never stops and has moved on, with White non-Jews being for generations the best friends that Jews have, even indispensable in creating and maintaining their ethnocratic state in the Middle East.

    Two, as the last sentence suggests, Jews have been getting what they want while Euroamericans have been the majority, even with the latter at 90% of the pop (1960). What likely purpose would replacing Euroamericans serve except to gratify hatred of them and prevent their pulling another “holocaust”?

    Three, Judeo-Christianity is, on balance, more a help than a hindrance to demographically destroying Euroamerica. Nor does it challenge Jewish power.

    Judeo-Christians are at the forefront in facilitating the Third-World invasion. No mystery: their creed, peddled by ancient Jews to Europe, inculcates suicidal “unselfishness” and charity. When the professional liar called the pope tells Italians they’re bad Christians if they don’t welcome black-African migrants, all of whom are poor, he’s only telling the truth! Moreover the creed sorts well with the crazy notion of equality, a secular version of the notion that all souls are equal before God. Bottom line: a sure impediment to White collective egoism, which is what we need and have always needed.

    As for Judeo-Christian antipathy toward Jews, where is it? As far as I can see, it actually exists only among the Judeo-Christians who blame Jews for killing Christ, or hate them for rejecting the Judeo-Christians’ alleged Messiah. And there seem few of them, especially in comparison to those, like the Christian Zionists but not only them, who rather understandably view the nation of Israel as uniquely special, since they derive their religious scriptures from it as well as, according to their belief, their Redeemer and his Apostles.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  89. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    I am ashamed to have been born a huwhite amerimutt. I cant change my birth, but I can fight against the jews and their “huwhite” golems, to my homeland’s benefit!

    Germany lives! You will all pay for 1945!

  90. HeebHunter [AKA "AmerimuttRetard"] says:
    @Lucius Vanini

    Nice pagan LARP rant. May God destroys all satanic “huwhites” and preserve the faithful Europeans, no matter how few in number!

    • Replies: @shadowy_figure
  91. @HeebHunter

    Nice pagan LARP rant. May God destroys all satanic “huwhites” and preserve the faithful Europeans, no matter how few in number!

    God’s not doing a very good job of this right now but He has imparted you with an apocalyptic revenge fantasy and He has cursed me with unbelief.

  92. @Lucius Vanini

    You won’t even take steps to make reparation for putative wrongs your ancestors might’ve inflicted on the earlier populations of your country–wrongs still inflicted, if what is said about the Dalits i

    Oh dear, does your pettiness know no limits? So you want to bring the same accusations/quarrel into this thread?

    So when are you going to take me up on the wager?

    If I test more than 25% Indo Aryan on a DNA test, I will donate $50,000 to my local Dravidian temple, and $100,000 to YOU.
    If I test less than 25% Indo Aryan on a DNA test, you will donate $20,000 to Patrick Lancaster of Donbas.
    Costs of all incidentals including DNA tests,legal costs, passage and accommodation of lawyers/witnesses to the DNA test will be borne by the loser.

    Come on, have the balls to take me on.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  93. @littlereddot

    C’mon, have the balls to take me on.

    C’mon, hypocrite, have the guts to put your moral integrity to the test.

    It’s not me that you need to subdue, but yourself and your fears. That excuse-making for not ascertaining whether you owe reparation to the South-Asian peoples your ancestors might’ve oppressed, with things like conquest and a caste system and cultural imperialism, has gone on long enough. It’s destroyed your lofty moral pose. It’s shown you to be as phony as a billion-rupee bill in your incessant scolding of Whites.

    Your need now isn’t defending your moral pose anymore. It’s been shown for what it is–just a pose. Your need now is making a case that you’re moral at all.

    Just take the DNA test like any morally earnest person would do, then act according to the results. It’s between you and your conscience, and making bets with me or anyone else has nothing to do with it.

    But why you think you shouldn’t pay reparation to the Dravidians if you have 20% or even 10% of ANI Indian DNA, is strange. Another way of dodging your obligation? If the test shows 10% or even less, pay less to Dravs, to make amends for those fewer ancestors of yours who were Aryan invaders, imposers of caste, cultural imperialists who imposed Hinduism and Indo-European language.

    Show that you’re better than the Whites you love to throw your shit on, instead of a Tartuffe.

    • Replies: @littlereddot

    Oh, the irony.

    When Europeans went to the Americas, Australia, etc., they too were the immigrants.

    Why the double standard?

    How far are you willing to go with this lust for collective punishment? If people’s ancestors have done anything you judge morally wrong, must they, the descendants, submit to being victims of the same wrong without complaint, saying “Oh well, my people did that, so why shouldn’t it happen to me? Don’t wanna be inequitable!”

    The Europeans invaded continents inhabited by peoples who’d been there long before them. So you think that if Euroamericans’ and Euro-Australians’ territories are invaded by alien groups, they should submit to the invasions because they should think it proper to have their turn to be invaded?

    In Benin and other West African countries tens of millions are descended from slave-hunters, slave-traders and slaveholders. If say Americans went to Benin and started enslaving the people there and the latter didn’t like it, somehow I don’t think you’d say–

    Oh the irony.

    When the Dahomey, Kaabu, Igala, Oyo, Asanteman, etc., flourished before the European imperialists stopped their slave trades, they too were slavers.

    Why the double standard?

  95. @Lucius Vanini

    Of course I am dying to take the test, and to give you $100,000

    All you have to stake is $20,000

    Say yes, stop stalling.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  96. LOL

    Your shrill replies and stalking shows
    1. you are really butthurt. Probably because you feel insecure.
    2. you have too much time on your hands. Go get a job, then you won’t be so poe and insecure.
    3. you have no personal achievements, so you cling so tightly to the glory of your race.
    Truly successful people are much more confident in themselves, so they are rarely so tribal/racial in their thinking.

    Please keep writing, show us the real ugly you.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  97. @littlereddot

    Of course I am dying to take the test, and to give you $100,000.

    Well then take the test! LOL!!! What’s stopping your attending to your own moral obligation–which, initially, is to ascertain whether you owe anything to the historically oppressed?!

    And give the $100,000 to some fellow Third-Worlder of yours. Don’t require them to bet lol!

    I don’t want your money; I don’t need your money. I have no idea as to whether you bear any particular degree of I-E ancestry; I’ve merely pointed out that your land and heritage too are hardly free of “man’s inhumanity to man,” and you should address and redress that before you scold Whites.

    If I were a moralizer like you, I’d have taken the test and acted according to the results long ago, not depending on anyone else’s doing anything.

  98. @littlereddot

    You are really butthurt. Probably because you feel insecure.

    Since you seem to like Mark Twain (I think he’s overrated), I’ll quote something I read from him long ago, which goes like–

    “If you can’t answer a man’s argument, don’t worry, you can always call him names [including butthurt and insecure].”

    Why haven’t you replied to what I said in Comment #97 here–

    In Benin and other West African countries there are tens of millions who are descended from slave-hunters, slave-traders and slaveholders. If say Americans went to Benin and started enslaving the people there and the latter didn’t like it, somehow I don’t think you’d say–

    “Oh, the irony.

    “When the Dahomey, Kaabu, Igala, Oyo, Asanteman, etc., flourished before the European imperialists stopped their slave-trades, they too were slavers.

    “Why the double standard?”

  99. Why haven’t you replied to what I said in Comment #97 here

    Because I don’t respond to obvious attempts at obfuscation.

    It shows you are too chicken to take the bet.
    Too stupid to take the bet.

    Which one is it?

  100. Because I don’t respond to obvious attempts at obfuscation.

    No, it’s because you know your point has been discredited. You know your desire that Whites be collectively punished for the “crimes” (which actually are no crimes, only behavior natural and necessary in the real world) of their forebears has been shown to be silly.

    Yes, consulting our self-interest in all situations and circumstances is healthy and conducive to well-being, irrespective of whatever we or our forebears have done in the past.

    The people of West Africa would be wise to resist enslavement, however many millions of people their ancestors enslaved (or how many they themselves enslave now, because, since the Europeans left, slavery is alive and well in Africa again). And White Americans would be wise to resist the Third-World invasion tooth and nail, though Whites invaded the far Western Hemisphere, following Columbus.

  101. @We are all Dumb

    It is all rightful Aryan land by right of conquest. It’s up to us though and our ancestors would be ashamed.

    Whoever you are, and whether or not you say what you actually believe, these words are a valid signpost for Whites searching for well-being rather than suicide.

  102. Dr. Doom says:

    We outnumber the enemy by 30 to 1. Winning is simply destroying the problem.
    The invasive species can be easily expelled after the Bagel Boyz are toast.
    This Life is a Test. Those who fight and resist the Synagogue of Satan shall Live. The cowards and traitors that “go along to get along ” are damned.
    Do the Right Thing. Fight and crush the nose goblins. 30 to 1.
    Jesus shall not return until your town gets an enema. No Babylon. BABYLON MUST DIE.
    Those that do the Right Thing shall be rewarded. Even if it’s only a few. The rest are dust in the wind…

  103. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Ummmm – you do realize Pakistan was a colony of the British for a very very long time right???? Brits “have to” let in lots of the former colonies they looted and built their wealth off of.

  104. @HeebHunter

    Is this wop retarded? Muh conquest.

    The only thing prevailing will be the uncontrollable Muslim population. “Conquest” of their homeland was the cause leading to this.

    Is your point that we need a time machine to go back and prevent the European conquests in the other continents, which happened centuries ago?

    If not, since the technology isn’t ready, your point must be that, owing to some Moral World Order lol, we’re being punished for being selfish and wicked. We deserve what we’re getting!

    Put God first and he just might save the race.

    Well, you understand enough to call yourself “Retard,” but not much more. Evidently you’re not only addled but hallucinating from the toxic snake-oil peddled by Pharisee Paul.

    When it comes to practical questions, I focus exclusively on what might be done in the present and future. I don’t see much prospect of preventing the Age of Exploration and Colonization, as it was water under the bridge long before I was dragged up. Clearly the thing to do now and for the future, as always, is to consult our self-interest firstly and lastly, whatever the circumstances. That alone is a healthy function of organisms. We don’t have to accept these Third-Worlders, irrespective of what we did to their homelands. We can resist, and some of us already do.

    There’s no natural law according to which we must tolerate being invaded. (If there are, Hungary and Israel are performing miracles.) The Third World is invading much of the West because the West is allowing it to, because too many people have subordinated self-interest to silly figments like equality and the virtue of unselfishness. Get rid of these asinine notions, and not another invader need come over one’s well-guarded and well-armed frontiers.

  105. @Robert Dolan

    And even though I believe in God, I do not believe that God is going to save the White race.

    Surely the Orthodox Christians in Russia prayed their asses off and they still get slaughtered.

    If Whites do not unify and fight back, then Whites will be exterminated by the jews’ proxy army of non-White orcs….

    Dolan, you are a total breath of fresh air, a stark contrast to mental degenerates here like that one who rightly calls himself “Retard,” who didn’t understand a word of what you said. You are a rational man.

    Yes, of course, prayer didn’t save the Russian Christians. Prayer is mental masturbation. Action is what gets things done.

    I challenge any Judeo-Christian who says otherwise to pray us out of this mess. According to his own book of fables his god says, with the utmost clarity–

    And all things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive. —Matthew 21:22

    It can’t get any clearer than that! Now, presumably people have been praying for an end to these outrages which our enemies have been inflicting on us day after day. But just so there’s no doubt at all, let the Judeo-Christians here pray for a specific desideratum–say a sudden end of the invasion from Mexico, or of the incredible victimization of children by the peddlers of the transgender myth. Let them pray that these outrages end today!

    Or how about we get those election results we expected? Say a 50-seat majority in the House and a Red majority in the Senate. If a god who’s supposed to be all-loving and all-powerful doesn’t come through after saying unequivocally that prayer will get you whatever you ask, rational beings will know that the whole narrative is bullshit–just snake-oil served to suckers so huge chancres like the Vatican can exist.

    No one would be happier than I to be proved wrong, but I have no hope of that.

    “If Whites do not unify and fight back,” you say, Mr. Dolan, “then Whites will be exterminated by the jews’ proxy army of non-White orcs….” Right, or they’ll at least become that abused, marginalized minority that Talmudic all-haters want them to be. Therefore unifying and fighting back is what we need. Our enemies are afraid of that. They’re have no fear of our praying!

  106. @Robert Dolan

    Most of the “refugees” are NOT real refugees, but are invaders being used by organized jewry to undermine White nations.

    Yes. They are bio-weapons. Moreover no one is under any actual obligation, barring a morality (i.e., opinion) calculated to enslave one, to accept real refugees. If Jews think otherwise, let them accept them in Israel.

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