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The Assange Persecution: British Courts and Media...GUILTY!!
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The months-long extradition hearings of Julian Assange, a trial that will forever define modern journalism, have been shamelessly whitewashed by British media. Too few news agencies reported on the utter abrogation of judicial Due Process and The Rule of Law exhibited in a British courtroom against an innocent fellow journalist.

This sham trial exposed a fundamental British truth: That the UK courts and its press are really America’s concubines, willing to fellate any US interest on command.

With the number of courtroom seats set at only sixteen, the few in attendance at Westminster Magistrate’s Court provided the only reporting from the trial to the world. Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murry reported daily the courtroom torture of Julian Assange. However, world media quashed the story!

Wrote Murry in outrage,

“… I simply cannot believe the blatant abuse of process that is unfolding before my eyes in this courtroom…. A complicit mainstream media has ensured those of us who know what is happening are very few…”

Extradition effectively began after Assange was dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy on April 11, 2019, and sentenced on May 1 to fifty weeks in jail for jumping bail for the safety offered by then-president Rafael Correa. The bell tolled when incoming president Lenin Moreno rescinded his asylum due to US pressure.

The judge for the extradition was Vanessa Baraitser, who was selected by Chief Magistrate Lady Arbuthnot whose husband James has substantial interests with UK and US defence and security contractors and has condemned Assange publicly.

This travesty of justice began at Baraitser’s opening gavel when she first denied bail and ordered Assange to be placed each day in a plexiglass box with one bailiff on each side of him at the back of the courtroom where he could not communicate with his attorneys. Baraitser’s order brought defence councils QC Edward Fitzgerald and QC Mark Summers together with prosecutor QC James Lewis in stipulating to allow Assange to sit, as normal, with his council. Baraitser denied the request.

Assange was punished before and during the hearings. Always handcuffed, he was moved between five isolation cells on his way to his plastic box. In Belmarsh Prison he has not been allowed proper medical attention, denied his books, writing supplies and access to his court documents, while being kept in solitary confinement.

When Trump became US president his Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that it was suddenly “a priority for the Justice Department” to arrest Julian Assange. Later William Barr as AG, in May 2019 issued a new superseding indictment -sealed and ignored since 2013- that added seventeen counts related to the 1917 Espionage Act. This had been an abandoned attempt by Obama AG, Eric Holder who refused to indict Assange using the Espionage Act. Yet the allegations were the same in 2018 as they had been in 2013.

Assange’s fate may have been sealed, however, when in the last weeks of the Trump/Clinton presidential Wikileaks provided to the American voter documentary emails that plainly showed that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) led by Donna Brazile, John Podesta, and Amy Wasserman Schultz were not promoting democracy at all, but instead a two-year conspiracy to elect only Hillary Clinton regardless of rising national support for Bernie Sanders. Days later…Hillary lost.

Abuse of Process by the prosecution gave many reasons for an impartial judge to summarily dismiss the extradition request. Bariatser’s court ignored the wiretap of Assange’s embassy office and of his privileged conversations with his attorneys, the US discussion of having him assassinated using poison and that much of the evidence produced by the prosecution was false and that QC Lewis knew it.

Baraitser on many days brought a laptop from which she read an obviously prepared ruling at the end of the day’s proceedings.

QC David Lewis spoke for the American interests while a team of four unknown Americans sat behind him each day passing him notes. The prosecution’s case hung on four main points: Assange was not a journalist nor protected by Free Speech or Political Prisoner statutes; Assange had committed crimes when he allegedly helped Chelsea Manning obtain a password for her leaked classified material; that Wikileaks put lives at risk by failing to redact important names when publishing the 2010 leak; and that Assange would certainly receive fair treatment in a US Gulag after being found guilty.

For testimony, the prosecution relied substantially on the written affidavit of US Assistant Attorney Gordon Kromberg who was the man who crafted the 2018 US superseding indictment against Assange. Kromberg provided many assurances of Assange’s guilty.

For the defence, QC Edward Fitzgerald and QC Mark Summers countered every allegation using expert witnesses with impeccable credentials. Baraitser again knee-capped the defence by not allowing more than thirty minutes to introduce each expert and their statements to the court. Rather, she allowed QC Lewis four and one-half hours for each of his cross-examinations.

The very legality of the US extradition request was first in question because the 2004 US/UK extradition treaty provided a specific exemption for Political Prisoners. A separate UK treaty, not specific to the US/UK treaty however, did not contain this prohibition. Baraitser ultimately favoured the prosecution, ignoring the exemption for political dissidents.

The defence produced experts with knowledge with working conditions of Alexandria City Jail, and the Florence, CO SuperMax- Assange’s fate. Twenty-three hours a day in isolation with one hour of exercise per day while shackled, two phone calls and one family visit a month and restricted access to his attorneys. Gordon Kromberg by affidavit, “assured” the court that Assange would not likely suffer these conditions.

With the hearing already underway, on June 20, 2020, the prosecution suddenly announced that it was introducing a brand new subsequent indictment. Evidence showed that the US prosecution had planned this move for months despite the de fence’s preparations. No matter. Bariatser gave the defence a mere six weeks to prepare to challenge the new allegations that the US had kept secret from the court and the defence for months.

Regarding the allegations of Assange helping Manning gain a password for access to classified information the defence and its witnesses showed that no password was required to gain access; that a journalist aiding a source is constitutionally protected and that Assange had gone to great lengths to redact sensitive information with Wikileaks working directly with US officials to do so.

As to the Manning leak becoming public, the defence showed that it was two journalists from The Guardian newspaper, Luke Harding and David Leigh, who published the security code in their tell-all book, “Wikileaks.” The code created by Wikileaks was to keep the Manning tranche safe while redacting. When Assange got word of Harding and Leigh’s treachery he alerted US officials. Yet, quietly the Guardian failed to comment. Publicly they let Assange swing instead of Harding or Leigh.

On June 26, 2021, the man the FBI used as its main informant in Iceland regarding Assange helping Manning break the non-existant password, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson recanted his testimony saying it was coerced. His claim is bolstered by Iceland’s expulsion of the FBI because it was fostering Thordarson to frame Assange.

After the many weeks in court, as expected Baraitser ignored virtually the entire defence and ruled that the US/UK treaty prohibition did not apply, Assange was not a journalist, nor a political refugee, he did help Manning access a code that did not exist, and he had not redacted national security information.

Unfathomably, Baraitser next ruled that Assange could not be extradited since incarceration American-style would likely force his eventual suicide.

Any celebration was momentary. Baraitser remanded Assange back into custody pending a US appeal. In Appeals, the UK High Court on Dec 10, 2021, ruled that renewed American “assurances” regarding Assange’s treatment in US prison could legally negate Baraitser’s inconvenient decision otherwise.

Assange next appealed to the UK Supreme Court but they refused him standing leaving Home Secretary Pritti Patel to twist the knife and approve Assange’s extradition on June 16.

The extradition, a Kangaroo court twelve years in the making will now return before the High Court in a last desperate appeal of Abuse of Process. But first, the Union Jack will be dutifully lowered from sight in the courtroom, to again being replaced…in favour of the Stars and Stripes.

Call the UK High Court now. +44 (0) 20 7947 6010. “Free Julian Assange!”

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last decade travelling and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” An archive of his many articles can be found at He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Britain, Julian Assange, Wikileaks 
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  1. roonaldo says:

    And we mustn’t forget the part played by Swedish authorities with their never-ending fake rape case against Assange and the steadfast refusal of the Australian government to do one thing for him.

    Meanwhile, the British government whines about treatment of its citizen-mercenaries captured in Ukraine, Australian authorities intervene to help their citizens caught heroin smuggling in Indonesia, the U.S. bargains for release of its operatives caught subverting governments around the globe, and the Swedes make sure their girls and women remain easy pickings for swarms of rapefugees.

    To call these grotesque goings-on Kafkaesque is a huge understatement.

  2. Bro43rd says:

    USA version of killing a chicken to keep the monkeys subdued. The US is a rogue state, forcing its system on the world by violence & coercion. Quite the opposite I was taught in the indoctrination camps aka public school. OTOH, it is worse elsewhere as millions of people still want to come here.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
    , @aspnaz
  3. I find it interesting that Paul Craig Roberts, someone close to the centre of power under Reagan, claims that Assange has broken no US law, primarily, I gather, because the laws being referenced only apply to US citizens.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. I remember how the so-called Progressives loved Assange when Wikileaks embarrassed the Bush Administration but in 2016 most of them suddenly started heaping abuse on Assange and defaming his character like the dutiful little ass-lickers they are.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  5. Karl1906 says:

    Assange won’t be extradited as long as the Ukraine-war is still going on and the UK have to pretend that they’re a “democracy”. And not just the most important US-accomplice in crime – governing their own prison island.

    I’d say when the next covid-fraud goes down in autumn will they ship him over. They’d be really happy if he died before. But, unfortuntely for them, he’s most likely not dying fast enough.

  6. It might be best to extradite him. He’s will soon die in a British max security prison. Moving him to the USA will generate lots more press attention. This forces the Americans to conduct a sham trial that will be difficult for the media to ignore. Lawyers can use the discovery process to dig up state secrets.
    It will be a kangaroo court, for an Australian.

  7. Charles says:

    This article is an excellent illustration of what White “conservatives” – including many of my friends – cannot believe or understand: the law means ONLY what a judge says it means; words in books or on 246-year-old parchment mean completely nothing.

    • Thanks: Tom Welsh
  8. What odd times we are living in.

    In the Sixties, the conflict was seen in terms of the Deep State(military industrial complex, big capital, elite institutions) vs the radicals, agitators, and street fighters.

    Now, the deep state and the agitators are on the same page in using statist repression and street thuggery to suppress civil liberties, shut down dissent, and jail the whistle-blowers.

    CIA, FBI, NSA, BLM, ANTIFA, LGBTQXYZ, ADL, NYT, WAPO, Big Tech, Wall Street.

    Looks like Jewish Power caught them all in their web. And the violence is directed at the Deplorables who say ‘enough with foreign wars’ and ‘nationalism against globalism’.

    In the 60s and 70s, the dissenters and agitators were for Daniel Ellsberg against the Deep State.

    Now, the deep state and the creep street are on the same page when it comes to figures like Assange: Lock him up and throw away the key. FBI and CIA are united in the street thugs on BLM and Globo-homo, which are now paraded to ‘morally’ and ‘spiritually’ justify US hegemonsterism.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Thanks: Kali
  9. bert33 says:

    Assange and his hacker buddies were up to some criminal stuff and now he will have to face the music in an american court room and then we can all hear what he has to say for himself and exactly what these people were honestly up to, finally

  10. “It will be a kangaroo court, for an Australian.”
    I’m sure the irony is not lost on Assange.

    • Agree: Realist
  11. JR Foley says:

    That \$1.6 billion the president approved Ukraine came on top of the more than \$1 billion the Biden administration already sent to Ukraine in March. Whose side is Biden on since these funds could have built long overdue needed infrastructure in USA. Free Assange NOW !!!!

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  12. @roonaldo

    And of course:

    (…) Pritti Patel to twist the knife and approve Assange’s extradition –

    – knowing who and what PP is

    • Agree: roonaldo
    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @mocissepvis
  13. What is it that people refuse to understand?

    The Negro-Sickxons are a race of hominid island monkeys. They are not humans! This devolution didn’t happen overnight. This is divine punishment for their centuries of crimes against GOD, against Europe, and the rest of the world.

    To expect the same subhumans who cheerfully murdered Europeans during the Crimean War, the Boer War, WW1, WW2, etc… The same subhumans who do these kinds of things MONTHLY:

    And people are surprised these subhumans are out to murder Assange?

    The Negro-Sickxon deserves only extermination. Thankfully, it is finally happening.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  14. @Bro43rd

    They are killing him to send a message; but to whom, I wonder. As the Empire grows weak, a lot of “leaks” are bound to happen. Already China has called for investing the crimes of the USA and the UK. Russia seems to be resolved to capture foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. In future, the Empire may not be able to protect its capos, much less punish another Assange.

  15. dina says:

    This is the price to pay for telling the truth…. and they call it democracy

    • Agree: JR Foley
  16. anonymous[380] • Disclaimer says:

    There are endless, just endless weird things about the Assange case, making it clear it is not what it seems

    What Redmayne-Titley above calls the ‘unfathomable’ decision of UK Judge Baraitser to rule that Assange should not be extradited, was the fact Judge Baraitser was presented with a file on how much of the Julian Assange story seems to be an intel agency hoax, with Assange’s own ‘lawyers’ clearly working for US intel agencies, joining to hide the key story of the political bribery corruption of the US Virginia federal judges who would put Assange on trial

    There is very little said about one of the Assange lawyers, John Jones, who was thrown under a train and killed, apparently after he learned much of the Julian Assange story was fake, with Assange never actually ‘living in the London Ecuador Embassy’ all those years, and perhaps not living in Belmarsh prison now

    Let us recall that MI5-MI6-tied ‘British media’, notably the oily UK Guardian, joined with the CIA’s New York Times in pushing the whole ‘Wikileaks’ fame on the world in the first place, with Bibi Netanyahu telling Israeli media that the pro-Israel, anti-9-11-truth, anti-Palestinian Assange was a Mossad asset, and Zbig Brzezinski admitting that ‘Wikileaks was an intel feed’ on the USA PBS News Hour … People who trusted Assange with leaks, such as Peter W Smith and Seth Rich, have turned up dead … Rothschild family has posted Assange bail, and Rothschild lawyers have worked for Assange etc … see link above

    The key part in the Appeals reversal of Judge Baratiser’s anti-extradition decision, was the recent ‘story’ that Assange had ‘gotten married’ and had children and thus was mentally stable enough to go to US trial, whereas it is argued here and here that this ‘Assange wife Stella Moris’ is another fake intel hoax … with some thinking that Assange either died some years ago, or is held captive in such a way that his fake lawyers and fake wife are not saying what Julian really thinks

  17. @Carlton Meyer

    But what is AnAl doing about it? Nothing!

    Australian governments hate Australian whistleblowers.

    • Replies: @Realist
  18. Under Thatcher and thereafter UK returned to 18th Century.
    Go read up on John Wilkes and his attempts to report proceedings in Parliament !

    Go read up on why John Bunyan spent 11 years in prison.

    England is not a land of liberty……it was a repressive class-based top-down Norman Conquest Overlord Class society which ravaged the North – “Harrying of The North” 1069 from which the country never recovered.

    Go read up on how the Prime Minister, Attorney-General, and Lord Chief Justice held a secret meeting to see how to give the Russian spy George Blake a sentence beyond that which the law imposed………”separation of powers” – JOKE

    Assange has proven yet again – Blair whose wife played the Human Rights Lawyer claptrap at Matrix Chambers happily gave USA a one-sided Extradition Treaty without Due Process or Evidential Proof to show his servility to George W Bonzo

    and Blair was well-rewarded. The US bought themselves a Prime Minister

    The last true British Prime Minister (before Americans muscled in) was Neville Chamberlain……..Churchill (half-americas) began the sell-out and was rewarded thereafter

    • Agree: Kali
  19. @Carlton Meyer

    There won’t be a trial in USA…….he will simply disappear into the US Gulag System

  20. Realist says:

    The fact that Trump did not pardon Assange or Snowden bespeaks what an asshole he is. Trump’s allegiance is with the Deep State, not the vast majority of US citizens.

  21. Fred777 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “Moving him to the USA will generate lots more press attention.“

    Other than Tucker Carlson, that press attention will be of the “why haven’t we hung him yet” variety.

  22. @Paul Greenwood

    Yep, pretty much right on, but I do believe there’ll be a show trial of some sort before he disappears into the gulag and sometime later a terse announcement of his death by suicide.

  23. Realist says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Australian governments hate Australian whistleblowers


    Australia does as it is told. It is a good little US sock puppet.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  24. Jimmy1969 says:

    Why is it that guys like the Jew Daniel Elsberg or Mark Felt and other leakers were considered heroes of the left but this guy Assange is considered persona non grata.

  25. dearieme says:

    I usually have little time for self-indulgent lefties like Assange but I support him here. The Swedish persecution was vile, and the years locked up in an embassy was certainly more than punishment enough for skipping bail in Britain.

    The British and Australian governments are just being the US’s puppets here. I know they are that in general but surely to God they can ignore that relationship once in a while without risking a CIA coup against them.

    I suppose if the UK annoyed Brandon he’d relaunch the terrorist war in Ireland – which could never have lasted so long last time without American money behind it. If that’s the fear it might be healthier to say so.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  26. What Assange did was not journalism. He received stolen goods and should stand trial for it. Bradley Manning should have been stood up in front of a wall.

  27. @Charles

    You are obviously not a legal scholar. You misrepresent the part played by he judiciary. When A i.e. one judge makes a ruling on the meaning of words said to state the law and makes a decision which is contestable the system allows for appeals which can ensure that, in the end, opi nions at the highest level of the judicial system prevail. Given that laws, whether constitutional or legislated, are made y imperfect people without infinite foresight of what the Second Amendment might come to cover or what science might discover about foetuses – just for obvious examples to spark the imagination – there are bound to be arguments about meaning and current applicability which must be resolved. Can you think of a clearly better way of achieving resolution than giving the task to successively more numerous and professionally esteemed judges? (OK it’s a pity about some SCOTUS appointments, but what do you propose?).

    PS I’m horrified by Assange’s treatment and wouldn’t extradite anyone to the US.

    • Replies: @Charles
  28. @dearieme

    I don’t think there is any worry in Australia abut CIA coups. Even lawyers who are in or aspire to be in Parliament seem to have forgotten the old tradition that “the liberty of the subject comes first”. (When a superior court judge sat in the Practice Court to deal with a miscellany of short matters a senior QC would have to wait while very junior counsel argues a bail appeal from a magistrate’s refusal of bail).

  29. @Realist

    You overstate your case. But there are not enough Australian politicians with the background and confidence to avoid being duchessed successfully by the leaders of great and powerful friends

  30. @Carlton Meyer

    The press doesn’t care. They work for the deep state. If Assange should managed to be shipped here, he will be suicided immediately . The press will do a blip saying he was depressed. They will support it by stating the Bel Marsh Prison had him stripped naked in a cell for suicidal prisoners. They will make sure to emphasize the naked thing. Ghoulish lot are not free press is anymore.

    • Agree: profnasty
  31. @roonaldo

    You wrote about:

    …. the steadfast refusal of the Australian government to do one thing for him … [yet] … Australian authorities intervene to help their citizens caught heroin smuggling in Indonesia

    As bad as both the major political parties in Australia are in their bipartisan abandonment of Assange, at least that’s to be expected seeing as they’re owned by the same Zio cabal overlords that run the U.S.

    As an Australian myself, what I really find gut wrenching is the apathy shown from most fellow Australians on this issue.
    Press Freedom is one of the greatest issues of our time and Assange is Australia’s greatest hero in living memory. Yet foolish Australians cannot find the time to support him and instead are focused on ridiculous and unsubstantive minutiae.

    We have those eco-loon misfits from Extinction Rebellion glueing themselves to the road in protest in relation to a NON-PROBLEM (ie: CO2).
    Increases in its concentration in the atmosphere is an enormous benefit to agricultural output while simultaneously having no downside seeing as there is no empirical evidence to support the ludicrous notion that man made emissions are causing the bulk of the negligible warming the Earth has experienced over the last 150 years.

    We also have the Covidiots (ie: the multiple vaxxed busy bodies), that snitch on those of us that don’t comply with lockdowns and Covid restrictions, that also sneer at us for non-compliance on masks/QR codes etc.

    There’s a lot ordinary Australians could be doing to pressure our government to DEMAND Assange’s return.
    Our Federal government could get Assange home if they really wanted to by threatening to exit the Five Eyes arrangement, close down all U.S bases and shut down the CIA installation at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory.
    (As a sweetener we could start buying Russian and Iranian oil or reestablishing diplomatic and trade relationships with Nth Korea, Venezuela etc or signing on to China’s Belt and Road Initiative – all things we should be doing anyway, irrespective of the outcome of the Assange issue seeing as the Anglo-Zionist empire is a sinking ship and we should untether ourselves from it before we drown with them).

    On a personal level, Australian citizens could do as I already do and conduct a personal boycott campaign against all U.S and British products and services until Julian is returned home.

    If a critical threshold of us did that it would certainly impact their bottom line.

  32. aspnaz says:

    Johnson is the classic public school product. At school we were indoctrinated with all the bollocks about how great was Churchill, that the UK was decisive in winning the second world war, all the poppy bullshit as if those people died for any reason other than being forced to die as casualties of power games.

    Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of good aspects to public school education, but British history was not one of them … “We are British, We are special”.

    In the end the British stiff upper lip – the romance of war presented by Dam Busters, Escape from Colditz and all that crap – was proven by Covid to actually be the shakey sphincter of the common coward.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  33. profnasty says:

    History lesson:
    Assange revealed Hillary’s involvement in spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign.
    Her quote on Assange, “Can’t we just kill him?” So this whole embroglio is simply the Death Struggle between Hillary and Donald. Hillary, after the Biden Steal, seems to be winning; re. the arrest of Steve Bannon.

  34. aspnaz says:

    Judge or magistrate? I have a family member who is a magistrate, she has no knowledge of law, ask her about anything other than car parking tickets, and she is totally ignorant, the reason being that when she is in court she has someone from the government to advise her about the law. Basically she is a puppet for the government. She gets to feel important, the government gets to pretend that there are neutral courts.

    • Agree: mocissepvis, Charles
  35. profnasty says:
    @René Fries

    PP is a PITA.
    (Pain in the ass.)

  36. @Curmudgeon

    Mr. Assange has also been accused of treason against the United States. But how can it be treason when he is not a US citizen? Can any lawyer out there answer this question?

    If anyone broke the law, it was Private Bradley Manning, not Julian.

  37. @Charles

    It’s actually much worse than that. Most of Amerika’s “white ‘conservatives’” believe in the power of the State, especially when it’s applied against ferners, no matter how illicit, immoral, and oppressive. In practical effect they’re no different from the woke left-wing mobs they claim to despise.

    • Agree: Charles
  38. @René Fries

    – knowing who and what PP is

    Another one of the Jew-imported wog infections that is subsuming and destroying Britain, a fact that the average Briton doesn’t seem to be the least bit bothered by.

  39. @Priss Factor

    I noticed this, too. The government has basically become the mob. How screwed are we when we have no one to turn to for legitimate justice? Standing up for ourselves? Apparently that is off the table. However, this government mob, these legal criminals, won’t whack us. But they will ruin our lives if we step out of line.


    I call this Jew, Inc. And that’s just a few of the American departments (you forgot the loathsome SPLC). The list could easily grow to the hundreds if you start adding in Mossad, WEF, Soros’s NGOs, etc.

    I don’t feel like David and Goliath. I feel like a gnat and Goliath.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  40. @Priss Factor

    Just think, if Trump (“I love Wikileaks”) had had the guts and dropped all US charges against Assange, this would all be over. I’ve read that, in his final days in office, Trump was all set to pardon Julian, the paperwork was written, but he was afraid follow thru due to pressure from deep state servant Mitch McConnell.

    Actually, I’m not sure if the word “pardon” applies, as Julian has yet to be convicted in a US court. Plus, he is not a US citizen, if that makes any difference. Still, Trump had the power to put a halt to the extradition and failed to do so.

    Also, did Assange waste seven years of his life wasting away in the Ecuadorian embassy in London? What did he hope to gain by hiding there? It’s not as if the UK/US authorities were about to drop the charges (though Sweden did drop the trumped-up rape charge). The granting of asylum only heightened their resolve to nail him. Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe Assange should have taken his chances when Obama was president. (Though not officially a pardon, he did free Manning after all). Julian only postponed the inevitable.

  41. chris says:

    Unfathomably, Baraitser next ruled that Assange could not be extradited since incarceration American-style would likely force his eventual suicide.

    Oh, no, this was very fanthomable: it was a completely political move to prevent Trump from getting any ‘credit‘ he could use with whatever constituency he might have sold this to.

    No, this “win“ was going to be handed over, by these vengeful, despotic, obsequious, criminal bastards, directly over to their brethren, the Democrats to hang on their mantelpiece.

  42. @JR Foley

    The figures you mention are chump change. What about the \$60 billion Congress approved, with unanimous support in both House by the democrats, and only token opposition from the cucked republicans?

  43. Assange next appealed to the UK Supreme Court but they refused him standing leaving Home Secretary Pritti Patel to twist the knife and approve Assange’s extradition on June 16.

    Many people are not aware of the fact that ingratiating ethnic minorities in power could be extremely cruel. Patel is totally controlled by the Americans but that doesn’t hide her cruel and opportunistic personality.

    • Troll: JM
  44. Charles says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I agree that there are reviews of decisions made by judges, and it is true that a defendant always has the right of appeal. Obviously no judge is infallible. My opinion is that the letter of the law is, except for an odd Constitutionalist here and there, irrelevant. Opinions vary of course.

  45. The propaganda the Bolsheviks, the Khazar Jews who took power in Russia in 1917 murdering 66 million Russian Christians before all was said and done, put out was every bit as outrageous and false as the propaganda they put out in the Guardian, The New York Times, NPR, et al. today. The Russians aped the official line, but they did so sullenly–forced to under threat of torture and death.

    A couple years ago, Julian Assange’s father and brother were touring the US trying to work up support for Julian. I tried to arrange a caravan to meet them at one of their stops and posted something about it on Reddit. I was absolutely shocked at the eagerness of my fellow Americans to repeat the stupidest propaganda against Assange.

    Perhaps we are not worth saving.

  46. Here is my take on this poor creature named Julian Paul Assange — who throughout his adult-life believed in “Truth, Fairness & Justice” of the so-called liberal West such as the United States or the United Kingdom or Sweden or Canada.

    However, we know from American Pravda series — created by Ron Keeva Unz — that the truth, fairness and justice of the so-called liberal West are merely a facade covering up the inherent intolerance, gross unfairness and systemic vengeance!

    Julian Paul Assange made the grave mistake of staying or hiding in the United Kingdom instead of fleeing to the Russian Federation or to the People’s Republic of China when the first opportunity he had.

    Lo and behold, Edward Joseph Snowden did not make the mistake that Julian Paul Assange made.

    Edward Joseph Snowden did not stay in or near the lion’s den after removing the fleshy carcass that lion planned on devouring!

    It is probable that, Julian Paul Assange received his information from Seth Rich — a murdered Democratic National Committee employee.

    Julian Paul Assange was not at all concerned that, truth, fairness and justice of the so-called liberal West do not apply to anyone who does not cover-up the crimes of liberal West.

    So, although it is heart-breaking to see Julian Paul Assange suffer miserably, I have to say, Julian Paul Assange sealed his own fate from the very outset by not fleeing to the Russian Federation or to the People’s Republic of China as highly intelligent and highly foresighted Edward Joseph Snowden did.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  47. MGB says:

    yeah, the american justice system is finally gonna get to the truth. yeah. dumb ass.

  48. C’mon, there’s nothing new in this. The UK political and legal system are simply showing their true colors. Proclaimed “rule of law” is a lie for the feeble-minded.

  49. JM says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Our Federal government could get Assange home if they really wanted to by threatening to exit the Five Eyes arrangement, close down all U.S bases and shut down the CIA installation at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory.

    Hahahahaha! Get real! Destroy the US Alliance for a pretty dubious celebrity…and from a “leftist” party that privatised our hugely popular national bank and sold out to Globalism down the line!

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  50. @Paul Greenwood

    This show trial is going so well for the show business world that the only explanation is that Julian Assange is actually a mere actor payed by Israel to play a character representing free speech condemned to death, so as to generate an appropriate jurisprudence. The one sure way to defeat opposition once for all is to control and play it yourself : no risk of divine or other unknown intervention, in particular the strongest-acting of all, martyrdom. Never forget that Wikileaks consisted in revelations aiming at shaming the US for the benefit of Israel, by a Chomsky-like approach, as the radical left only knows to do. Anyway nobody has ever succeeded in becoming a renowned figure of the far left without first selling his soul to Israel Eternal. If you don’t or just lack of enthusiasm about it, you never get known even as a oppositional figure or a victim. Israel Eternal can be confronted only with spirituality first, which means from the right horizon of politics and ideology.

    If Assange had been a real enemy in that affair, at the level of knowledge he is supposed to have garnered, he would not have committed such a series of stupid choices, like taking refuge under Ecuadorian guard : South American intellectual left has always been pure prostitution and moreover it no longer has any local popular support. If Assange had been really playing hard he would have chosen quite other allies in the world, like Iran, Syria, Turkey, even China and Russia would have been a less bad choice. He would have been careful to avoid to set any foot in Great Britain and Sweden and also in France or Switzerland : the USA themselves would have been a less inappropriate choice. Britain is the USA minus the First and Second Amendment.

    Anybody leftist attacking only the USA with reserving first an even harsher animus for Britain, Israel and social-democracy in general proves he is in somebody’s pay and also most probably a White anti-White racist. Actually the official version of Assange’s story doesn’t hold any water : the guy should have been dead after all he is supposed to have been through, and also given the infinite means to suppress him his adversaries have. The Mossad don’t tolerate the presence on Earth of one single opponent like he is supposed to have been. There wouldn’t have been such a frequent mention of him in the media : you never hear about what happened to the Bankers in Ireland nor about to what is happening right now in Holland. Assange before being dumped into the Memory Hole would have been proven to have committed real awful crimes or aided organizations such as ISIS, not mere misdemeanours against feminists in Sweden.

    Most probably, Assange showed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy and then in Belmarsh prison only at definite scheduled times. The rest of the times he has been in other more comfortable anonymous British or Israeli cinema facility (maybe the Tavistock Institute) under an anonymous identity, to receive instructions to play his part. The affair is moving way too slowly to be real, like the war in Ukraine. His job is to tell the world by his own acting that Free Speech is a thing of past present humanity can no longer afford, and to produce the abundant jurisprudence to that effect.

    All opposition to globalism that enjoys MSM presence whatsoever is faked. Another good example is M. LePen’s candidature as an opponent to Macron in France’s last presidential election : she is paid (very lavishly : she is a hard negotiator) to play stupid and to lose.

    • Replies: @antitermite
  51. Agent76 says:

    Dec 11, 2021 Julian Assange is a heroic dissident and a visionary: that’s why they hate him


    In this Whistleblower Newsroom editorial, host Kristina Borjesson discusses the illegal actions to which Assange has, and continues to be, subjected to by three nations—the US, UK and Sweden, working to fulfill the American government’s aim to get him to the US to face espionage charges.

    Video Link

  52. Jimmy1969 says:

    The Jews will leak info when they want it…like Daniel Ellsberg …and Mark Felt who never fought in Vietnam and hundreds of thousands of others but …if you leak Israel secrets about their nuclear weapons or about Americans and Israeli intersts then you are toast

  53. Jimmy1969 says:

    Did you know that leaking has gone gone on for centuries …it just depends upon on who does it.

  54. “Real Journalism Uncovering Deep State Secrecy”
    “The Railroading of Julian Assange”

    • Agree: Agent76
  55. RobinG says:

    Are you a member of The Committee?

    • Replies: @Face_The_Truth
  56. @JM

    Agreed, we’re not going to get any party in Australia threatening the U.S alliance anytime soon.

    I was just putting out some alternatives that could be pursued by a future leadership that had a spine and was not beholden to foreign benefactors.

    As for your description of Assange as a ‘pretty dubious celebrity’, you have to be joking.
    No matter what metric you utilise to assess what he’s done, Assange is a hero that will be talked about with admiration for generations to come.

    It hasn’t escaped me that some here in the commentariat are suggesting Assange is as thick as thieves with the cabal that runs the Anglo-Zionist empire – some have even suggested he’s in cahoots with the Mossad.

    One thing we can be pretty certain of is that these commenters (like Miville in comment # 50), have a documented history of peddling disinfo in the UR on behalf of their Zio controllers so that speaks for itself.

  57. @bert33

    Quartermaster’s bum-buddy.

  58. @Francis Miville

    A very interesting analysis.

    My own suspicions were raised as the “smoking gun” exposed in “Collateral Murder”, has been surpassed on many occasions in terms of bodycount & /or callousness – the wedding party bombing, plantation airstrike, that last Kabul droning, just to mention a few – with the US military’s admission of complicity, along with the standard issue apology of “tough shit”.
    It’s hardly an earth-shattering revelation that the USA is targeting civilians in war zones.
    They did that in Vietnam and in WWII, so what’s new?

    A 3rd world embassy would be a pretty dumb choice for such a smart guy.
    All those you mentioned would have made far more sense.
    Even Israel would have made more sense, especially since he’s visited there several times.
    (a funny thought ~ Brandon could have asked KSA to offer him refuge)

    Still, what Julian Assange represents is far more important than the man himself.
    But if it’s all scripted, the outcome is moot.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  59. It’s very simple. In the Empire of lies truth tellers must be destroyed.

    Also, nobody gives a shit about Manning. It was the publication of the Podesta files that sealed the Australian’s fate. Who killed Seth Rich?

  60. roonaldo says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Some time back I recall a group of Australian parliamentarians trying to raise funds to help him, but I didn’t follow their efforts. From your description of apathetic citizens, I presume they couldn’t galvanize many people to help out.

    Perhaps Aussies (as well as those in all “Five Eyes” nations) will rebel against the oppression, which, though different in kind, may perhaps be more shackling than that described by Robert Hughes in “The Fatal Shore.”

  61. What do you expect from a cabal, MSM presstitute vermin, loathed by the public, with good reason, and constituting a sewer of lying, hate and fear-mongering, service to power and stupefying self-regard and hypocrisy?
    The vermin in Austfailia gave Assange a Walkley Award (the highest award here for journalism) for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Journalism’ in 2011, and within months the scum began to turn on him-obviously on orders from ‘higher up’. Now, hatred of Assange and slander of him as a ‘rapist’ and lies about Wikileaks, and total ignoring of the war-crimes by the USA his group exposed, is UNIVERSAL among these insects. And, as with hatred of China and Russia, it is visceral, with the dirty psychopaths whose infest the MSM often rigid with rage, their hideous visages contorted with animus.

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  62. @roonaldo

    Austfailians are brainwashed, pig ignorant and stupid. You can expect NOTHING good from 70-80% of them, and cowardice often grips the more decent fraction.

  63. @antitermite

    No, no, no! When the US military butchers ‘admitted’ their ‘accidentally’ blowing seven children to pieces in Kabul, the uniformed psychopath declared it a ‘righteous’ action. Evil that deranged is a danger to ALL humanity.

  64. @roonaldo

    I live in Sydney and have been to a couple of Assange rallies and demonstrations and they drew large numbers – although not nearly enough for my liking.
    (I would’ve much preferred to see the whole city shut down with countless hundreds of thousands demanding answers).

    I’ve attended private meetings where John Shipton (Julian’s father) was the guest speaker and I had the good fortune to have a brief conversation with him.
    John Shipton oozes sincerity from every pore of his body and he’s stated in no uncertain terms that his son is not in cahoots with the Anglo-Zionist security state – not that this needed to be said seeing as even Blind Freddie can see that Julian Assange is a force for good.

    But those attending the rallies are a small percentage of the populace. The vast majority of Australians (no doubt coinciding with the obedient mask wearers/social distancers/vaxx mandaters that slavishly follow all government edicts and never question anything), are asleep at the wheel.
    Many of them actually believe the propaganda coming from the corrupt MSM that Assange and Wikileaks compromised the security of the western alliance.

    Every Australian should be demanding Assange’s immediate release and approaching their local member of parliament with the words:

    ‘WHAT are you doing to secure the release of Julian Assange ?’

    • Thanks: roonaldo
  65. @aspnaz

    bollocks about how great was Churchill, that the UK was decisive in winning the second world war

    Perhaps “critical” or “essenyial” would be better than “decisive” but it is hard to deny that the Battle of Britain was decisive in the sense that if Britain had succumbed it is extremely unlikely that the US would have got behind the USSR in the way it did or bombed Germany so heavily tha huge resources were diverted to defence of German cities.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  66. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    The government has basically become the mob.

    “In 1963, Leonard Read warned Americans that ‘our once-upon-a-time Republic” was degenerating into something else; “we are headed into a kakistocracy,’ he wrote.

    Kakistocracy means ‘government by the worst.’ Read particularly liked James Russell Lowell’s definition: ‘a government… for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools.’


    However, we should be mindful of that resentment, lest it lead us down dark paths. Although Leonard Read warned us of a ‘a political situation founded on knavery and foolish­ness,’ he also cautioned:

    ‘Let us never refer to any individual as a knave or fool. This is inferiority showing through in ourselves. Everyone errs, more or less. Hang labels only on notions which appear to be knavish or foolish.’

    In other words, think of the struggle as against bad ideas and values more so than bad people.”

  67. @Wizard of Oz

    bombed Germany so heavily tha[t] huge resources were diverted to defence of German cities.

    Oh please Dunce of Oz, not more justification for the incendiary fire bombing of German civilians by the Anglo Zionist empire.

    ‘Diversion of German resources’ was never the motive for killing defenceless women and children.
    It was always about spite and vindictiveness by the Zionist controllers of Churchill and FDR.

    The Germans had to be taught a lesson for exiting the control of the Zio run international banking system and choosing sovereignty over abject prostration.

  68. @RobinG

    North American and Western European legal systems were founded on the very principle that: You point out the man and we will apply the charges of crimes that fit him.

    So, Julian Paul Assange was doomed from the very beginning of his adamant refusal to flee from the North American and Western European legal systems when he was free to move around.

    Personality-wise Julian Paul Assange has always been such an arrogant SOB — to put it mildly — that he will insist on entering inside a woman from her rear-end when she begs him to enter inside her from her front.

  69. @Truth Vigilante

    In this Life-hating fanatic’s lexicon, an ‘eco-loon’ is anyone who values Life on Earth and has enough nous to understand high-school science. The more weather and climate disasters worsen, the more rabid these Evil psychopaths become. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to point out their idiocies because admitting error is verboten for hard Right psychopaths, whose gigantic egotism rests of the hilarious notion that they are really, truly, smart.

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