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The Art of Doublespeak: Bellingcat and Mind Control
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In the 1920s, the influential American intellectual Walter Lippman argued that the average person was incapable of seeing or understanding the world clearly and needed to be guided by experts behind the social curtain. In a number of books he laid out the theoretical foundations for the practical work of Edward Bernays, who developed “public relations” (aka propaganda) to carry out this task for the ruling elites. Bernays had honed his skills while working as a propagandist for the United States during World War I, and after the war he set himself up as a public relations counselor in New York City.

There is a fascinating exchange at the beginning of Adam Curtis’s documentary, The Century of Self, where Bernays, then nearly 100 years old but still very sharp, reveals his manipulative mindset and that of so many of those who have followed in his wake. He says the reason he couldn’t call his new business “propaganda” was because the Germans had given propaganda a “bad name,” and so he came up with the euphemism “public relations.” He then adds that “if you could use it [i.e. propaganda] for war, you certainly could use it for peace.” Of course, he never used PR for peace but just to manipulate public opinion (he helped engineer the CIA coup against the democratically elected Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954 with fake news broadcasts). He says “the Germans gave propaganda a bad name,” not Bernays and the United States with their vast campaign of lies, mainly aimed at the American people to get their support for going to a war they opposed (think weapons of mass destruction). He sounds proud of his war propaganda work that resounded to his credit since it led to support for the “war to end all wars” and subsequently to a hit movie about WWI , Yankee Doodle Dandy, made in 1942 to promote another war, since the first one somehow didn’t achieve its lofty goal.

As Bernays has said in his book Propaganda,

The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today.

He was a propagandist to the end. I suspect most viewers of the film are taken in by these softly spoken words of an old man sipping a glass of wine at a dinner table with a woman who is asking him questions. I have shown this film to hundreds of students and none has noticed his legerdemain. It is an example of the sort of hocus-pocus I will be getting to shortly, the sly insertion into seemingly liberal or matter-of-fact commentary of statements that imply a different story. The placement of convincing or confusing disingenuous ingredients into a truth sandwich – for Bernays knew that the bread of truth is essential to conceal untruth.

In the following years, Bernays, Lippman, and their ilk were joined by social “scientists,” psychologists, and sundry others intent on making a sham out of the idea of democracy by developing strategies and techniques for the engineering of social consensus consonant with the wishes of the ruling classes. Their techniques of propaganda developed exponentially with the development of technology, the creation of the CIA, its infiltration of all the major media, and that agency’s courting of what the CIA official Cord Meyer called in the 1950s “the compatible left,” having already had the right in its pocket. Today most people are, as is said, “wired,” and they get their information from the electronic media that is mostly controlled by giant corporations in cahoots with government propagandists. Ask yourself: Has the power of the oligarchic, permanent warfare state with its propaganda and spy networks increased or decreased over your lifetime. The answer is obvious: the average people that Lippman and Bernays trashed are losing and the ruling elites are winning.

This is not just because powerful propagandists are good at controlling so-called “average” people’s thinking, but, perhaps more importantly, because they are also adept – probably more so – at confusing or directing the thinking of those who consider themselves above average, those who still might read a book or two or have the concentration to read multiple articles that offer different perspectives on a topic. This is what some call the professional and intellectual classes, perhaps 15-20 % of the population, most of whom are not the ruling elites but their employees and sometimes their mouthpieces. It is this segment of the population that considers itself “informed,” but the information they imbibe is often sprinkled with bits of misdirection, both intentional and not, that beclouds their understanding of important public matters but leaves them with the false impression that they are in the know.

Recently I have noticed a group of interconnected examples of how this group of the population that exerts influence incommensurate with their numbers has contributed to the blurring of lines between fact and fiction. Within this group there are opinion makers who are often journalists, writers, and cultural producers of some sort or other, and then the larger number of the intellectual or schooled class who follow their opinions. This second group then passes on their received opinions to those who look up to them.

There is a notorious propaganda outfit called Bellingcat, started by an unemployed Englishman named Eliot Higgins, that has been funded by The Atlantic Council, a think-tank with deep ties to the U.S. government, NATO, war manufacturers, and their allies, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), another infamous U.S. front organization heavily involved in so-called color revolution regime change operations all around the world, that has just won the International Emmy Award for best documentary. The film with the Orwellian title, Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World, received its Emmy at a recent ceremony in New York City. Bellingcat is an alleged group of amateur on-line researchers who have spent years shilling for the U.S. instigated war against the Syrian government, blaming the Douma chemical attack and others on the Assad government, and for the anti-Russian propaganda connected to, among other things, the Skripal poisoning case in England, and the downing of flight MH17 plane in Ukraine. It has been lauded by the corporate mainstream media in the west. Its support for the equally fraudulent White Helmets (also funded by the US and the UK) in Syria has also been praised by the western corporate media while being dissected as propaganda by many excellent independent journalists such as Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Catte Black, among others. It’s had its work skewered by the likes of Seymour Hersh and MIT professor Theodore Postol, and its US government connections pointed out by many others, including Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal at The Gray Zone. And now we have the mainstream media’s wall of silence on the leaks from the Organization for the Prohibition on Chemical Weapons (OPCW) concerning the Douma chemical attack and the doctoring of their report that led to the illegal U.S. bombing of Syria in the spring of 2018. Bellingcat was at the forefront of providing justification for such bombing, and now the journalists Peter Hitchens, Tareq Harrad (who recently resigned from Newsweek after accusing the publication of suppressing his revelations about the OPCW scandal) and others are fighting an uphill battle to get the truth out.

Yet Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World won the Emmy, fulfilling Bernays’ point about films being the greatest unconscious carriers of propaganda in the world today.

Who presented the Emmy Award to the film makers, but none other than the rebel journalist Chris Hedges. Why he did so, I don’t know. But that he did so clearly sends a message to those who follow his work and trust him that it’s okay to give a major cultural award to a propaganda outfit. But then, perhaps he doesn’t consider Bellingcat to be that.

Nor, one presumes, does The Intercept, the billionaire Pierre Omidyar owned publication associated with Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, and also read by many progressive-minded people. The Intercept that earlier this year disbanded the small team that was tasked with reviewing and releasing more of the massive trove of documents they received from Edward Snowden six years ago, a minute number of which have ever been released or probably ever will be. As Whitney Webb pointed out, last year The Intercept hosted a workshop for Bellingcat. She wrote:

The Intercept, along with its parent company First Look Media, recently hosted a workshop for pro-war, Google-funded organization Bellingcat in New York. The workshop, which cost \$2,500 per person to attend and lasted five days, aimed to instruct participants in how to perform investigations using “open source” tools — with Bellingcat’s past, controversial investigations for use as case studies…Thus, while The Intercept has long publicly promoted itself as an anti-interventionist and progressive media outlet, it is becoming clearer that – largely thanks to its ties to Omidyar – it is increasingly an organization that has more in common with Bellingcat, a group that launders NATO and U.S. propaganda and disguises it as “independent” and “investigative journalism.”

Then we have Jefferson Morley, the editor of T he Deep State, former Washington Post journalist, and JFK assassination researcher, who has written a praiseworthy review of the Bellingcat film and who supports Bellingcat. “In my experience, Bellingcat is credible,” he writes in an Alternet article, “Bellingcat documentary has the pace and plot of a thriller.”

Morley has also just written an article for Counterpunch“Why the Douma Chemical Attack Wasn’t a ‘Managed Massacre’” – in which he disputes the claim that the April 7, 2018 attack in the Damascus suburb was a false flag operation carried out by Assad’s opponents. “I do not see any evidence proving that Douma was a false flag incident,” he writes in this article that is written in a style that leaves one guessing as to what exactly he is saying. It sounds convincing unless one concentrates, and then his double messages emerge. Yet it is the kind of article that certain “sophisticated” left-wing readers might read and feel is insightful. But then Morley, who has written considerably about the CIA, edits a website that advertises itself as “the thinking person’s portal to the world of secret government,” and recently had an exchange with former CIA Director John Brennan where “Brennan put a friendly finger on my chest,” said in February 2017, less than a month after Trump was sworn in as president, that:

With a docile Republican majority in Congress and a demoralized Democratic Party in opposition, the leaders of the Deep State are the most—perhaps the only—credible check in Washington on what Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) calls Trump’s “wrecking ball presidency.”

Is it any wonder that some people might be a bit confused?

“I know what you’re thinking about,” said Tweedledum; “but it isn’t so, nohow.”

“Contrariwise,” continued Tweedledee, “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

As a final case in point, there is a recent book by Stephen Kinzer, Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb And The CIA Search For Mind Control, the story of the chemist known as Dr. Death who ran the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control project, using LSD, torture, electric shock therapy, hypnosis, etc.; developed sadistic methods of torture still used in black sites around the world; and invented various ingenious techniques for assassination, many of which were aimed at Fidel Castro. Gottlieb was responsible for brutal prison and hospital experiments and untold death and suffering inflicted on all sorts of innocent people. His work was depraved in the deepest sense; he worked with Nazis who experimented on Jews despite being Jewish himself.

Kinzer writes in depth about this man who considered himself a patriot and a spiritual person – a humane torturer and killer. It is an eye-opening book for anyone who does not know about Gottlieb, who gave the CIA the essential tools they use in their “organized crime” activities around the world – in the words of Douglass Valentine, the author of The CIA as Organized Crime and The Phoenix Program. Kinzer’s book is good history on Gottlieb; however, he doesn’t venture into the present activities of the CIA and Gottlieb’s patriotic followers, who no doubt exist and go about their business in secret.

After recounting in detail the sordid history of Gottlieb’s secret work that is nauseating to read about, Kinzer leaves the reader with these strange words:

Gottlieb was not a sadist, but he might well have been…. Above all he was an instrument of history. Understanding him is a deeply disturbing way of understanding ourselves.

What possibly could this mean? Not a sadist? An instrument of history? Understanding ourselves? These few sentences, dropped out of nowhere, pull the rug out from under what is generally an illuminating history and what seems like a moral indictment. This language is pure mystification.

Kinzer also concludes that because Gottlieb said so, the CIA failed in their efforts to develop methods of mind control and ended MK-ULTRA’s experiments long ago. Why would he believe the word of a man who personified the agency he worked for: a secret liar? He writes,

When Sydney Gottlieb brough MK-ULTRA to its end in the early 1960s, he told his CIA superiors that he had found no reliable way to wipe away memory, make people abandon their consciences, or commit crimes and then forget them.

As for those who might think otherwise, Kinzer suggests they have vivid imaginations and are caught up in conspiracy thinking: “This [convincing others that the CIA had developed methods of mind control when they hadn’t] is Sydney Gottlieb’s most unexpected legacy,” he asserts. He says this although Richard Helms, the CIA Director, destroyed all MK-Ultra records. He says that Allen Dulles, Gottlieb, and Helms themselves were caught up in a complete fantasy about mind control because they had seen too many movies and read too many books; mind control was impossible, a failure, a myth, he maintains. It is the stuff of popular culture, entertainment. In an interview with Chris Hedges, interestingly posted by Jefferson Morley at his website, The Deep State, Hedges agrees with Kinzer. Gottlieb, Dulles, et al. were all deluded. Mind control was impossible. You couldn’t create a Manchurian Candidate; by implication, someone like Sirhan Sirhan could not have been programmed to be a fake Manchurian Candidate and to have no memory of what he did, as he claims. He could not have been mind-controlled by the CIA to perform his part as the seeming assassin of Senator Robert Kennedy while the real killer shot RFK from behind. People who think like this should get real.

Furthermore, as is so common in books such as Kinzer’s, he repeats the canard that JFK and RFK knew about and pressured the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro. This is demonstrably false, as shown by the Church Committee and the Assassinations Record Review Board, among many others. That Kinzer takes the word of notorious liars like Richard Helms and the top-level CIA operative Samuel Halpern is simple incredible, something that is hard to consider a mistake. Slipped into a truth sandwich, it is devoured and passed on. But it is false. Bullshit meant to deceive.

But this is how these games are played. If you look carefully, you will see them widely. Inform, enlighten, while throwing in doubletalk and untruths. The small number of people who read such books and articles will come away knowing some history that has no current relevance and being misinformed on other history that does. They will then be in the know, ready to pass their “wisdom” on to those who care to listen. They will not think they are average.

But they will be mind controlled, and the killer cat will roam freely without a bell, ready to devour the unsuspecting mice.

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  1. G. Poulin says:

    So if propaganda is so easy and effective, remind me again why democracy is such a great idea?

  2. he was an instrument of history. Understanding him is a deeply disturbing way of understanding ourselves.

    This was a _tell_.

    “Ourselves” is the sociopaths.

    It is excellent when they out themselves.

    Propaganda/”public relations” is the language of sociopaths–everything else makes sense when that is understood.

    There is a lot of debate out there about how many people have those traits, but my experience is that they are actually very rare (perhaps less than 1% of the population).

    If we think back on our lives, there are very few people who lie every day, consistently, to everyone, and are incapable of any form of honest relationships.

    They are easy to spot, and “normals” quickly avoid any interaction with them.

    But–they prosper in large organizations of all sorts where their back-stabbing and self-promotion can pay big dividends.

    They currently seem to be flocking to the universities, journalism, public relations and human relations department of corporations and non-profits, and of course political action of all sorts.

  3. Adrian says:

    Yes I am also unpleasantly surprised that Chris Hedges, one of the few journalists in whose integrity I still believe, got himself drafted to present this award to Bellingcat.

    A blogger on The Lifeboat News suggested that he didn’t know beforehand who would get the award. So was there a nasty little intrigue involved.?

    • Agree: Alfred
  4. Rebel0007 says:

    MKUltra as initially created by the CIA by evil psychopaths has not altogether been abandoned. It has been transfered over to the Pentagon under DARPA.

    These sadistic freaks cannot stop! This is an international obsession with corporations and governments all over the world! These people are lunatics and evil monsters! They are obsessed with the human brain, which is a complete mystery and obsession with brainless shit-heads who do not have brains! They are obsessed with mind reading, using various mind reading technologies, which is actually mind theft and mind rape! The technologies employed have ranged from brain scanning helmets in China to DEWs with brain theft and brain rape technology.

    It is not enough that the governments and corporations own everything. Now they want to own people’s thoughts too!

    Dr. John R. Hall runs the ICAACT website ( International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies) and has documented the existence of unconsented brain implants.

    I have been a victim of sadistic nazi Drs. I realize that it sounds impossible to believe, but they illegally implanted RFIDS, sensors, or micro-chips in my ears and nose while unconscious in a hospital in 2014. Initially, it sounded like excruciating tinnitus, like a screaching dental drill. After my first cell phone was hacked in June of 2017, someone started using DEWs on me within an hour or so. I believe that these ultra-low frequency signals are coming from satelites beamed to cell towers and smart meters. Anything with a motor repeats strange non-sensical chants. It is sick, evil, stupid, and insane to do this to people! Of course, like all rapists, the hospital and government officials at every level deny that they are doing this, just as they lied about 9/11 and the Lolita express! Deny and lie is their game!

    They are not winning! 80% of Ameticans believe that the government is the biggest threat to national security! 17% of people have government jobs, meaning that even their friends and families find them to be the biggest threat to America! Most Americans no longer believe or trust the media either! They lost! Everyone knows it but them! Every country on Earth knows it but them! Every American knows it but them!

    These people are monsters!

  5. started by an unemployed Englishman named Eliot Higgins

    Good on him – being able to create a thing that rises to such prominence in such a short space of time speaks volumes about this Higgins guy’s entrepreneurial ability. And if he wasn’t mobbed-up to begin with, he sure as fuck is now – which is a double-mitzvah (for him).

    If he did so starting from being unemployed, then anybody who turned down a job application from the guy must be kicking themselves. (‘Unemployed‘ is obviously used pejoratively in the blockquote; ‘Englishman’ is purely-descriptive).


    Also, the entire article accepts Bernays’ conclusion, but disagrees as to which objectives should be pursued.

    Bernays’ conclusions are hardly controversial: most people are gullible imbeciles. It’s not clear to me how much more empirical evidence we need before that becomes just a thing that everyone with an IQ above 115 accepts.

    So the question then becomes “OK, now what?“.

    As usual, the right answer is “Depends” – and not just for those with bladder control problems.

    If you want to do things that are just, exploiting gullible imbeciles would appear to violate the playing conditions. It would be hors jeu; not done; just not cricket.

    As the Laconian famously said…. IF.”

    For those for whom the ‘if’ condition returns ‘false’, it does very little to bleat about how awful they are. You’re not going to cause a little switch in their brain to flick on (or off?), whereupon they realise the error of their ways and make a conscious decision to leave the gullible imbeciles unexploited.

    It’s even unlikely to affect their victims (remember, they’re imbeciles) – because otherwise some infra-marginal imbeciles would have to process their way through quite a bit of cognitive dissonance, and they’re not wired for introspection (or processing).

    So the sole real purpose (apart from κάθαρσις catharsis) is prophylaxis (προ + φύλαξις – guarding). Both good enough aims… obviously the writer is the one who gets the cathartic benefit, but who is going to be on heightened alert as a result of this Cassandra-ish jeremiad-ing?

    Non-imbeciles don’t need it; imbeciles won’t benefit.

    Here’s the thing: the gullible imbeciles are going to be exploited by someone.


    This is something that people of my persuasion struggle with. It boils down to the following:

    Let’s assume that a reprehensible thing exists already, and is unlikely to be overthrown by my opposition to it. Should I just participate and line my pockets?

    The resources used are going to be used whether I participate or not, so it may as well be me who gets them. After all, I will put them to moral uses – and while inside, I can do things that are contrary to the interests of the reprehensible thing.

    There is no satisfactory counter-argument to that line of reasoning, and yet I reject it.

    Then again: I was dropped on my head as an infant, so YMMV.


    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @Wally
  6. There is no truth in Trumps America!

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  7. El Dato says:
    @G. Poulin

    You have two choices:

    1) Democracy with a population that is at least minimally engaged and angrily stays that way (including removing powerful special interests from premises with pitchforks)
    2) Being “managed” on behalf of various power centers. This can be liveable or can turn into strip mining of your “resources”.

    Sadly, there is no algorithm that allows you to detect whether your are engaged or are being engaged on behalf of others. That would be easy. But one should start with a minimal state, hard money and the sons of the upper crust on the front lines and forbidden from taking office in government.

    That being said, this article is a bit meandering. Came for Bellingcat but was confused.

    Who presented the Emmy Award to the film makers, but none other than the rebel journalist Chris Hedges.

    Maximum Clown World.

    • Replies: @Johan
  8. El Dato says:

    I don’t think Stephen Kinzer is a psychopath.

    I don’t even think the quoted passage has any meaning whatsoever.

    Its one of those mumbling fadeouts that are needed in writing lest everything becomes a bit too dry.

  9. Adrian says:

    About Chris Hedges’ participation in presenting this award to Bellingcat “News from Underground” came yesterday up with this:

    a friend who knows the background of Chris Hedges’ involvement writes that “he was duped into presenting the Emmy to Bellingcat—and, from what I hear, he believes it was done intentionally to smear him.”

    As this friend is someone I (and many others) quite admire for his integrity and bravery, and as it’s wholly plausible that Hedges would have been set up, I am reserving judgementon his action, and urge people on this list to do so, too.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  10. FB says: • Website

    Hedges would have known who the nominees are…just seeing Bellingcat in there and knowing this is the Emmies…well, it’s hard to believe otherwise than Hedges is a clever fake…as I have long suspected…

    Let’s recall that Hedges in his previous life was an NYT war correspondent who covered the Bosnian conflict…knowing Yugoslavia quite well from visits there in the 1980s…his reports demonizing Serbs stood out like a sore thumb…

    I quickly pegged him as a complete liar, like the rest of the MSM propagandists that were repeating boilerplate canards meant to demonize the hugely successful nation of Yugoslavia…which of course they were trying to tear apart…

    For instance, ‘the Serb-dominated Yugoslavia’ was a standard sentence that appeared literally in every single story…repeated ad nauseum literallu dozens of times a day…and clearly meant to convince the reader that dismantling the progressive and ethnically harmonious nation of Yugoslavia was somehow the right thing to do…

    But it was pure bullshit…anyone who had ever been to Yugoslavia would instantly recognize that as a ‘WTF…?’

    There is much much more in Hedges’ closet…

    But then, miraculously, he had a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment a few years later [we are supposed to believe] and somehow became a ‘good guy’…

    Bullshit…Mr. Curtin nails the sly method here exactly…

    [The] bread of truth is essential to conceal untruth.

    An excellent article…

    PS…Counterpunch is a complete bullshit rag that has been coopted completely…Plutocrat Pierre Omidyar and his little ‘Intercept’ outfit is similarly continuing in the footsteps of prior plutocrat propagandists like the Ford foundation…Rockefellers and others…

    The ultimate goal is controlling YOU…they need you to be obedient and believing…and not ask any questions…

  11. @G. Poulin

    It’s not. But no one can think of much better….

  12. anarchyst says:

    The “boob tube” (television) is not called “talmudvision” for nothing…

  13. Mikhail says: • Website

    Not surprising, given a good deal of what he said in the 1990s on matters concerning former Yugoslavia

  14. Mikhail says: • Website

    Higgins was very recently propped on the BBC:

    Slickly packaged propaganda for sure.

  15. GMC says:

    Ya I Agree and I also think many of the Guinea Pigs were Active or Veterans that served in the Military. Medical records were easily available and if one served in a Combat Zone – that was a perfect ” Patient” to practice on. Americans have been propagandized for a century now and it has gotten more – perfected – decade after decade. Look at how Cold Hearted the American populace has become to Wars. They might even not notice their neighbors , being shipped out to re education camps – when the time comes – lol but not really.

  16. Dumbo says:

    Yes this makes sense.

    On the other hand, sociopaths may have a point – propaganda works, at least for a while, witness the whole “gay marriage” thing, how successfully it took over the world. But sociopaths, knowing no real empathy or real feelings, always end up overplaying their hand. I predict that their current promotion for transexuals, among other things, will end less well. They just don’t know when to stop. Because they have no understanding of the concept of normalcy, or limits.

    • Agree: gotmituns
  17. Sean says:

    CIA coup against the democratically elected Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954 with fake news broadcasts.

    The CIA bribed the army commanders to stand down their troops, then the CIA broadcast that two rebel armies were closing on the capital and the democratically elected government capitulated. When they tried the same silly tricks with Cuba it resulted in the US president being assassinated. Hidel, sorry Fidel was not going to give up his three women a day (different ones each time) without a fight. Major General Edward Lansdalewas a Central Intelligence Agency “pioneer in clandestine operations and psychological warfare”.but basically a copywriter and journalist. The business of advertising and entertainment (including pornography) is where you find the greatest practical knowledge about how to mesmerise people, not the CIA (the real CIA rather than portrayals in mass entertainment) In the TV series Bewitched Samantha did the real magic that does not exist, but Darren got stuff done by coming up with the ideas for ad campaigns. The commercially successful cartoonist (and former corporate functionary) Scott Adams is a trained hypnotist, and he predicted in 2015 that Trump would become president
    Reviews of Books
    Public Opinion, by Walter Lippmann
    by John Dewey
    The New Republic, May 3, 1922, pp. 286-287
    Now, Dewey reads this, and he is temperamentally more optimistic, and he thinks: ‘This is a really stimulating book, but Lippmann is wrong. He is setting the bar too high for the people. People were never supposed to be educated in depth about every issue, which is an impossible demand. Even Lippmann doesn’t have the time to master every issue, and he covers politics for a living. Instead, Dewey says, political issues generate their own publics in each case. I might care deeply about seven political issues. I might care about national health insurance, but I don’t care about gay marriage, or vice versa. So I get involved in one debate and not the other. I take the trouble of becoming informed about issues that interest me.

    They both admit that it is impossible to understand all issues and the the general public is never well informed enough on any particular one. Lippman say technocratic rule under a veil of participatory democracy is the answer. Dewey says people take the trouble to become very well informed about issues that directly concern them.

    The new public which is generated remains long inchoate, unorganized, because it cannot use inherited political agencies The latter, if elaborate and well institutionalized, obstruct the organisation of the new public. […]

    To form itself, the public has to break existing political forms. This is hard to do because these forms are themselves the regular means of instituting change. The public which generates political forms is passing away, but the power and lust of possession remains in the hands of the officers and agencies which the dying public instituted. This is why the change of the form of states is so often effected only by revolution (The Public and Its Problems: An Essay in Political Inquiry By John Dewey, Melvin L. Rogers)

    One could say Trump supporters do not represent the public, but rather a public coalesced by the issue of immigration and how it affects their lives. You cannot brainwash such people they know a ruling class is doing unconscionably well with massive expansion of credit, inflation subdued by immigration for jobs that could not be outsourced to China while the real real value of assets soaring. Theories of a market system supposed to run well when left alone, Hayek/ Public Choice crap about self interested bureaucrats driving us down the road to totalitarianism won’t fly with those negatively affected.

    The idea that everyone can become knowledgeable about everything is unfeasible and even if it could be done it would be wasteful because no one would really understand any political issue very well if everyone had to understand them all.

    • Troll: L.K, ChuckOrloski
  18. ” …work of Edward Bernays, who developed “public relations” (aka propaganda) to carry out this task for the ruling elites.

    Bernays, who was doubly related to Sigmund Freud, was the mastermind who got millions of women addicted to cigarettes.

    The contemporary term for propaganda or mind control is “perception management“, which sounds less nefarious, more bland and administrative.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Daniel Rich
  19. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    In the 1920s, the influential American intellectual Walter Lippman argued that the average person was incapable of seeing or understanding the world clearly and needed to be guided by experts behind the social curtain

    Brain-washing which continues to this day, that gets Americans to blindly support anything for Israel, no matter how many war crimes that apartheid nightmare commits, nor how many kids they shoot in the head, nor how much land they steal. Americans have been conditioned to always rally behind Israel, no matter the financial, human or moral costs, while we watch our nation’s infrastructure fall apart, due to lack of money spent on maintenance, money which is given to Israel to the sound of hearty cheers.

    Chrissie Hedges was an enthusiastic supporter of invading Iraq back then, but now is painting himself as some kind of anti-war acolyte. Too late Chrissie, those Americans who can still think remember that you have LOTS of blood on your grubby paws.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  20. Kali says:
    @G. Poulin

    It isn’t.

    Specifically the notion of “representative democracy” (a contradiction in terms) in which the electorate hands over the will of the individual to be re-presented by the elected is a terrible idea.

    That so many around the world have fallen for this scam is testement to the power of propaganda.

    • Agree: Alfred, Antiwar7
  21. Tom Welsh says:

    “He says “the Germans gave propaganda a bad name…”

    Amusingly ironic. The Germans (certainly after the 1920s) borrowed their most effective propaganda techniques from Bernays. An American visitor to Berlin in the 1930s had an interview with Dr Goebbels, and on his return to the USA told Bernays that Goebbels took great pride in his complete collection of Bernays’ publications, which took pride of place in his study.

    And of course to claim that “the Germans gave propaganda a bad name” was itself propaganda of the most insidious and brazen kind.

    • Agree: Antiwar7
  22. Tom Welsh says:

    The great mass of citizens would be much less gullible if:

    1. They had a proper education. Most human beings can easily master logic and mathematics before the age of ten; and indeed take great pleasure in doing so. They could also be instructed in the arts of trickery and deception – if the will to teach them existed.

    2. They had any leisure in which to inform and educated themselves – let alone to discuss political issues.

    Naturally, the Powers that Be are very careful to degrade education and to keep the workers’ noses to the grindstone, even when research reveals quite plainly that shorter working hours would result in greater production and better quality.

    The judicial murder of Socrates by the Athenian state is an early but classic example of the Powers that Be lashing out to prevent any danger of young people being educated in logic and morality. Arguably the execution of Jesus was another.

    • Replies: @Big Daddy
    , @americangoy
  23. Tom Welsh says:

    “These sadistic freaks cannot stop! This is an international obsession with corporations and governments all over the world! These people are lunatics and evil monsters!”

    Not quite. I would suggest that it is in fact the corporations that are truly “evil monsters”; but that is because, after all, they are literally inhuman and thus have no conception of morality or kindness.

    Our ancestors (or those of them who had the power) caused this evil by passing the laws that allow modern corporations to exist.

    To get rid of the evil, we need to change those laws so as to restrict the powers of corporations drastically. In a very real sense, they are exactly like the magical devices used by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, or the golem. Created to carry out human wishes, they have run wild and now further their own completely inhuman goals.

    Every year their resemblance to Skynet gets closer.

    • Agree: JoannF, TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
  24. Alfred says:

    Around 1980, during the Marcos era, I was working for Philippine Airlines in Manila. One day, a Filipino colleague – let’s call him John – came into the office with a wide smile and told us this story.

    John had been assigned by top management to pick up a peasant – let’s call him Peter – and to put him on a flight to the USA – First Class. To treat him as a VIP. Peter had not been in Manila before and certainly had never been on a plane. John had a rickety little old car. He was chosen for the task because he was a very down-to-earth person and could communicate well with people from the countryside.

    Apparently, Peter had some special skills that the CIA wanted to see for themselves. On the road leading to the airport, Peter asked John to take his hands off the steering wheel. John did so. Peter was able to steer the car in heavy traffic without touching the steering wheel. A feat that much impressed John.

    I was not there so this story is second-hand. However, I have absolutely no reason to doubt the veracity of John. I just hope that Peter came back to the Philippines intact.

    It is pretty obvious that the CIA would never stop research on things like this. Perhaps they have had some breakthroughs. I have no idea. It brings to mind the work of professor Rupert Sheldrake

    Rupert Sheldrake – Morphic Resonance

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
  25. gotmituns says:

    I was an adult before the 1960’s and haven’t owned a TV now going on 20 yrs. or so. I only listen to classical music on the radio and local news (5-10 mins. a day). I know the score and it’s damned hard to propagandize me. When I realized everything was BS was when Nixon bombed N. Vietnam for ten days (Christmas bombing) and the Vietnamese pleaded to get back to the “peace talks.” I said to myself,[all these years and they could have done that at any time] – Holy Sh*t. But of course, they waited until I had finished my tour in country and had gotten wounded twice. Nobody gets up early enough in the morning to BS me.

    • Replies: @S
  26. “Kinzer … repeats the canard that JFK and RFK knew about and pressured the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro. This is demonstrably false, as shown by the Church Committee and the Assassinations Record Review Board, among many others.”

    In Kinzer’s earlier book, “The Brothers,” an expose on the Allen and John Foster Dulles, he states that while still in office Ike gave the verbal green light for the CIA to make the hit on Fidel and this got passed on to JFK who supported the effort. I always thought that Bobby was pushing the CIA to get Castro as revenge for the humiliation of the Bay of Pigs. Is this all made up “history”? Just asking.

  27. “Kinzer’s … repeats the canard that JFK and RFK knew about and pressured the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro. This is demonstrably false, as shown by the Church Committee and the Assassinations Record Review Board, among many others.”

    In Kinzer’s earlier book, “The Brother”, an expose on Allen and John Foster Dulles, he writes that while still President, Ike give the green light to the CIA to do a hit on Fidel. It then got passed on to JFK who signed on for it. Bobby as AG supposedly pushed the CIA forward with it as revenge for the humiliation of the Bay of Pigs. Is this “made-up” history? Just asking

  28. cranc says:

    So Hedges has made clear his opinion of Bellingcat and distanced himself from any interpretted sense of endorsement which accompanied his presenting of the award ?
    Easily done. Come on Chris, we’re waiting…

  29. Is there anyone we can trust?

    Perhaps not.

    Is it just part of the human condition that as any writer or any publication gains a reputation for truth and revelation and dependability, that that reputation is sooner or later leveraged for gain or influence or access?

    I can think of a number of examples where I’m almost certain that that is the case, although I’ll avoid writing their names.

    In the end, we are all of us really quite alone in the universe, enjoying only periods with the illusion of support and fellowship.

    On the example of the Kennedys, the assassinations provide perhaps the greatest illustration of how things work.

    I should say that I regard them as two chapters in one book. John’s killers had to be Bobby’s killers also because that intense younger man, once holding the powers of the presidency, would have relentlessly hunted down his brother’s killers.

    We know that he did not believe the Warren Commission, though he did not go around saying that. He even apparently had some idea of who the killers might be, never telling others any details of his suspicions.

    Books have for decades been churned out by either the CIA or friends of the CIA or unwitting assets of the CIA arguing for the truth of the Warren Commission.

    On the other hand, as someone with a long interest in the events, I believe that a great many of the books against the Warren Commission were also written by the same interests. Not all of them, but many.

    Books especially that either are so preposterous or poorly written and edited that they effectively discredit those who do not accept the (absurd) findings of the Warren Commission.

    After all, it was some CIA disinformation officer who came up with the term “conspiracy theorist” in the 1960s to discredit genuine critics of the Warren Commission, a term of such lasting power, it is still widely used, its application having spread to a large number of topics.

    Those with power do tend to keep guiding events no matter how hard we struggle to understand and correct the course of affairs.

    Power is a very real thing, almost physical in its presence, and it is rarely overturned by truth or justice or fairness.

    It’s not an inspiring view, but I fear it is reality.

  30. Carolsmdh says:

    I just found the unz review. Could each writer please make an abstract/summary of no more than 200 words before these articles start their trail of tears death march?

    Sorry I got no attention span. Extracting the takeaway is just too much work. Maybe some faithful reader can take the job of summarizer for the rest of us. I would always read that first.

  31. Big Daddy says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Superb! Excellent grasp of history. The facts are right in front of us that government always stinks.

    Capitalism,decentralization, trial by JURY, strong property rights forever! (Libertarianism, in other words)

  32. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Ditch your TV and social media, and then try harder.

  33. “He sounds proud of his war propaganda work that resounded to his credit…”
    redounded ? ? ?
    interesting factoid, difficult time finding bernays propaganda (regardless of your politics, a seminal work that should be part of everyday school study) in the local lie bury, OR to lend through university system… seems odd…
    of course, in our present version of Empire/Matrix, a truthteller like senor curtin can tell all the truth he wants to, all day long, and twice on sundays; AS LONG AS relatively no one is listening to him… (no offense, you obviously realize it is BECAUSE you are a truthteller that you lack mainstream cheerleading)
    but once your little soapbox starts being effective, once the crowds start to pay attention, THEN the full weight of Empire’s hobnail boot will come down on you… the usual program of ignoring, slandering, ridiculing, and ultimately destroying the reputation (if not life) of anyone daring to defy Empire comes into play…
    further, Empire has gotten to the point where the velvet glove of propaganda covering the iron fist has been discarded… The They don’t even pretend to use superficial if misleading propaganda to fool us; they just do their eee-vil deeds in full light of day and effectively dare us to do anything about it… not even bothering with the bullshit windowdressing of small dee democracy any longer…
    freddy douglass knew it, paraphrasing : Power NEVER devolves voluntarily, it must be taken back…
    i don’t think fat, lazy, stoopid, entitled, self-involved amerikans have the stones to do that…
    welcome to your panopticon dystopia, kampers ! ! !

  34. refl says:

    It has only just started. Now are in for a looong commenter thread, some of which might rival with the article in length and be superbly informative, others less so, some even BS. The trick is that over time you learn where to go for the information.

    By the way, “Attention Span” is a key issue in propaganda. The described Sandwich technique works better, when you are half asleep while consuming your daily dosis of brainwashing.
    So it is certainly useful to gain some training in digesting longer portions of text.

  35. Read the Protocols of Zion and Orwells 1984, this is where we are at.

  36. joe2.5 says:

    Interesting request. The “faithful reader” who summarizes (or extracts the takeaway, as you say) would then automatically be in a position to exert propaganda to some extent, as explained in this very article (knowingly or not is irrelevant.) Wouldn’t that theoretically defeat the avowed purpose of this site — that of providing a spin-free outlet to opinions and facts repressed or distorted by the dominant propaganda?

  37. Funny that an image of a TV was used for this article. Netflix, which pumps out a steady stream of woke propaganda – sexualising children, pro-tranny etc – was founded by Marc Randolph. Randolph’s great uncle was Edward Bernays. We’re in a situation where people not only get constantly mind-raped by the media, but also PAY for the privilege.

  38. : “The central role of the news media on 9/11- The power of TV . Imagery was the driving force behind the 9/11 deception .The 9/11 PSYOP relied foremostly on that “weakspot” of ours.
    We all fell for the images[motion pictures to Bernays] we saw on TV at that time…”

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Crazy Horse
  39. JoannF says:

    Haven’t looked at Bellingcat (not exactly a sophisticated operation if you ever worked in the ad business) since MH 17 and Putin’s Syria pacification, but upon reading this article it became clear that Hedges must be either an idiot or deeply embedded.

    One doesn’t exclude the other, of course. The uneducated public wouldn’t need to catch up on so much information, and still get a great head start if they ever found out wtf “cui bono” even means – but that’s not gonna happen.
    It’s just not how the human mind works.

    • Agree: FB
  40. Svevlad says:

    I see this scheme is falling apart.

    Why? If you ask me, mass arrival of people from low-trust societies. They refuse to believe propaganda, and must be bribed. However, the way things are going, they’re gonna be the only people left – the elite, in order to bribe them, would have to get money, which the people won’t give since they’re low-trust people and don’t believe the elites bull.

    Long story short? Mass impalements, probably in the billions

    • Replies: @Old and grumpy
  41. Thanks for a good laugh. Blindingly obvious phonies always cheer me up, and here we have clown car full.

    Morley’s JFK wheeze was a fixation on certain Cuban bad apples, painstakingly crafted to obscure the institutional underpinnings of CIA’s JFK coup. So it’s no surprise to find him fellating CIA and tingling under Brennan’s finger, which smells like altar boys.

    Remember? Before Saddam was aiming imaginary WMD at us, he was marshaling imaginary terrorists to get us. Hedges was hip-deep in that at the NYT, before his lugubrious fish eyes were everywhere. And all his writing since is bonegrinding one-note monotony, “Boo-hoo-hoo, everything is terrible,” with not a hint of what to do, obvious as that is. That sort of querulous impotence is the trademark of the compatible left.

    Kinzer is immediately recognizable for his CIA boilerplate: “a way of understanding ourselves.” The canonical example of this wheeze was Updike’s JFK maunderings about leaves and grass and We We We We. It wasn’t we, it was CIA, you bignosed dipshit. Makes me wonder if Kinzer mentioned that Gottleib pitched in on Reeve Whitson’s Manson PSYOP. No, actually, it doesn’t make me wonder, of course he didn’t.

    CIA apple-polishers.

  42. @G. Poulin

    after trying everything else democracy is the best system for usury.

  43. DanFromCT says:

    Jacques Ellul’s 1973 Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Minds is still the antidote to Bernaysian brainwashing. Short of reading it, there are excellent reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Ellul makes the same point as the author here, that no group is more taken in by propaganda than the educated classes who fancy themselves above propaganda for being constantly immersed in it.

  44. @Rebel0007

    Agree, the book The Committee of 300 by ex MI6 officer John Coleman details who is behind these agendas, can be had on amazon.

  45. Chris Hedges is hard to read, and I don’t mean his written work. In his essays he’s the iconic reporter traveling all over the world, telling it like it is and speaking truth to power. But he refuses to report the truth about the False Flag Terrorist Attacks of September 11th, 2001. But when he sees the video clips of the towers coming down that day, he likely honest enough to think to himself,”what’s up with that?” But he also thinks to himself, “I have to make a living…” so he remains silent.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  46. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    The HolyHoax is gotta be a Top 3 piece of brainwashing if not Number One.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. @JessetheGreen

    There are many like that, they are afraid to call out the truth of 911, which is, it was done by Israel and traitors in the ZUS government.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Daniel Rich
  48. @Svevlad

    Who needs trust as long as “gimme that” is in full operation? The low trust folks are here for the handouts only. They’ll be culled long before they can turn on our mutual masters.

  49. Saggy says: • Website

    Gottlieb was responsible for brutal prison and hospital experiments and untold death and suffering inflicted on all sorts of innocent people. His work was depraved in the deepest sense; he worked with Nazis who experimented on Jews despite being Jewish himself..

    Interesting article, but what kind of absurd BS is the above?

  50. Bookish1 says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Was there truth before Trumps america?

  51. @Sean

    You are a case in point.

    • Replies: @Sean
  52. Very good and relevant article, and mostly pertinent, sensible comments. These fall apart in two categories: the resigned, desperate ones and the more sanguine comments. Methinks Bernays and his disciples in the CIA and the business world have painted themselves into a corner.

    Thanks to their labors, we have now reached the point where everything has become at the same time its antithesis: words have lost their meaning altogether. Absolutely everything is now merely expressed in a monetary value. Therefore, nothing is left with meaning or value, as Umberto Galimberti has demonstrated.

    On the other hand, the opportunities for Communication Guerilla are everywhere now. Never before has Communication Guerilla been so easy to put in practice. This can give us a lot of fun, and we need that because hard times are upon us all. The entire system seems on the verge of collapse, precisely because words and language have become meaningless and useless. And where language stops, the violence begins.

    • Replies: @Geowizz
  53. @Alfred

    There are thousands of people in the Philippines who can do that, and quite a few in Egypt.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  54. sally says:
    @G. Poulin

    Democracy is a great idea, but the Oligarch class refuse to permit its main requirement or precondition to exist as this article makes so very clear.. That precondition is that every many, woman and child is equally informed about the past and current socio, economic environment ( in other words the news is complete, honest in detail, and forthright in explanation.

    Martin Luther posted in 1492[?] his tenants on the Church wall proclaiming to the world that everyone man woman and child was entitled to hear the sermon [religious propaganda] directly in the native language of those to whom such sermons were given. In other words the middle man who explained the meaning and thereby controlled the perception of the masses was to be cut out. Soon after that came copyright and patents wherein the elite traded propaganda like stocks and bonds in the coffee houses throughout the Anglican world, the Kings college had to pass on the proposed writing or art before such publication or art was allowed to be published to the public less the writer would join those who were already occupants of the Tower of England. writings were given monopoly of Copyright and inventions were granted monopoly of patents by the approving authority, which was the Kings control over the university, that made the grant of monopolies or that refused to allow the writing or invention into the public sphere. read John brewer’s “The Pleasures of the Imagination, English culture in the Eighteenth Century who also wrote philosophical ideology in terms expressed by Popular Politics at the Accession of George III, and the birth of a Consumer Society, and The common People and Politics 1750-1800: popular Political Participation, and The Sinews of Power: War, money and the English State 1688 (glorious Revolution) to 1783 when (John Locke) extracted from the Glorious Revolution the inalienable rights of mankind..that became the basis of the Declaration of Independence. see also

  55. S says:

    ..Nixon bombed N. Vietnam for ten days (Christmas bombing) and the Vietnamese pleaded to get back to the “peace talks.” I said to myself,[all these years and they could have done that at any time]

    Yes, a bit like how we had to go through the misery of Korea, Vietnam, and the decades of the Cold War, only to have it all put to an end (so we are told) relatively quickly in the latter 80’s by a few years of some high US defence spending, the Pope working with Polish Solidarity, and perhaps most importantly of all, by simply and deliberately driving oil prices into the ground.

    If it was that easy to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ‘Fall of Communism’ why the hell hadn’t they done it earlier?

    Yes, the micro-cosm of it’s real enough, if you’re on the ground getting shot up and wounded (or worse), but overall the macro-cosm of this manufactured and contrived so called ‘progressive’ Hegelian Dialectic between Capitalism and Communism, ‘right’ and ‘left’, ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, which has been in place since 1776 and 1789, hasn’t been real.

    Nor has the ‘convergance’ of Capitalism and Communism to form global Multicuralism been real, real in the sense of it being spontaneous and naturally occurring.

    It’s been very much a ‘guided’ top down affair from the beginning, naturally ‘for everyone’s own good’.

    Humanity has been being ‘played’.

    • Agree: Malla
  56. Republic says:

    Why Does Chris Hedges Hedge His Bets?

    Then there are writers, artists, and communicators of all types, whether consciously or not, who contribute to the obfuscating of essential truths even while informing the public of important matters. These people come from across the political spectrum. To know their intentions is impossible, unless they spell them out in public to let their audiences evaluate them, which rarely happens, otherwise one is left to guess, which is a fool’s game. One can, however, point out what they say and what they don’t and wonder why.

    Chris Hedges serves a very useful role in supporting the empire, he is the classical example
    Of a limited hangout.

    • Replies: @Adrian
    , @David Bauer
  57. Alfred says:
    @Desert Fox

    I think 911 is a sort of litmus test for writers and historians. If they fail this test, you can toss all their writings unread in the bin.

    They all know very well the real perpetrators. By not admitting it, they have made it clear that they are for sale.

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  58. @G. Poulin

    remind me again why democracy is such a great idea

    I was watching a TV show about North Korea where actual North Korean (carefully chosen) families were interviewed.

    Their answers to every question were “The great leader creating everything. We owe everything to the great leader.”

    At first I thought I was listening to dumb propaganda.

    On further thought I realized they were telling the simple truth, since the “great leader” could have them executed at any time for any reason. “The great leader” was owed their very life.

    Conclusion: North Korean propaganda is more honest than western propaganda. In Democratic societies the elite has to lie.

  59. Sean says:

    I do have pretty good knowledge about what interests me. At least I am not one of those Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder sufferers who seems perfectly normal until they are triggered by a mention of the CIA.

    If you are interested in such things I suggest

  60. Alfred says:

    Thank you for that. Any details? Or links? I have lived in both Egypt and the Philippines but this is the only example I am directly aware of.

    The Copts of Egypt periodically report “miracles” but I have no idea if these events – which are sometimes watched by thousands – are staged or not.

    I suspect that these are staged so as to scare the Muslims. They tend to happen when times are bad and the Muslims are giving a hard time to the Christians. A search for “Coptic miracles” yields 64,000 hits.

    My Dad used to go into the deserts of Egypt prospecting for minerals. He would take many laborers and two trucks – in case one got stuck. That is how he survived many scrapes with the desert.

    One laborer was a smart Copt – Daoud (“David”). The Muslims who wanted to have a shit were afraid to go alone into the desert at night. They would pay Daoud to accompany them. One night, a Muslim decided to go alone and not to pay the fee. Daoud surreptitiously threw a stone beyond the man relieving himself. The laborer ran back to the camp shouting and claiming that he had seen an “afreet” (“apparition”). There was a great commotion as everyone woke up. After that incident, the fee went up and they all paid their dues. 🙂

    Years later, Daoud got an infection in a finger. He did not go to see a doctor until the sepsis had spread. He was told that he should let them cut off his finger. He refused. Eventually, he died. He was a tough man. He had lots of kids.

  61. Anon[540] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you have an up-to-date reading link/recommendation?

  62. Wally says:

    Speaking of “gullible”.

    If the public can faithfully believe in the impossible “holocaust” narrative, they can believe in anything.

    There is no more ridiculous a tale.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    – P. T. Barnum

    • Replies: @Saggy
  63. Wally says:

    Talk about “gullible”.

    Belief in the impossible “holocaust” narrative is as gullible as it gets.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    — P. T. Barnum

  64. Regarding the articles reference to the case of Sirhan Sirhan and RFK, I think the research by Scheflin and Opton is pertinent.
    They published The Mindstealers in 1976.

    I pick this out of my memory of the book and it isnt any accurate quotation of the wording.
    In it they suggest Sirhan Sirhan was suitable as a scapegoat while he himself wasnt a competent assassin and thus whatever hypnosis or mind control he was subjected to it only gave him some behavioural traits that would fit into the manchurian candidate narrative without him really being under that kind of strong influence.

    That said, my own view of this subject is that although strong mindcontrol is difficult to achive, there are ways to bypass a persons volition by manipulating emotions.

    Say you are bent on using violence when you have an enemy.
    And that you are on record for having murdered people before.
    And that after that, you were chosen to be implanted with a cybernetic implant rendering a datacommunication link available directly to a number of nerves.

    The availability of microelectrode matrices allows the perps to rapidly establish a large number of connections going both ways, both for sensory and motoric nerves.
    And then by using a computer program they may identify a particularly useful subset of nerves.

    Using only a few nerves it is possible to stimulate positive and negative emotional states.

    For encouragement or the opposite.
    For passive behaviour as well as aggression.
    Such basic emotions belong to our old ‘reptile’ nervous system.
    There is nothing in our higher cerebral functions that can unequivocally tell us whether we have become aggressive by ourselves or by remote control.

    If we know ourselves and have never been violent we would react with surprise if we turned aggressive for no apparent reason but for somebody who has previously used violence it would be much harder to detect something anomalous.

    Profiling of suitable candidates is therefore important for selecting an assassin.

    The advantage for the agencies who use it is obviously that the assassin isnt aware of being used and therefore cannot leak anything about his controllers.

    Otherwise paid assassins may of course be hired.

    Jose Delgado demonstrated the use of emotional control very convincingly by applying it to Bulls and could flip the bull back and fort between a passive and aggressive mood.

    It doesnt take much fantacy to apply it to people.
    And he actually did it to one of his consenting patients flipping her between such contrasting moods.
    In addition he also showed that he could record nerve patterns from monkeys using a dec computer and then replay the patterns repeatedly producing virtually identical repetitive behaviour by the monkey.
    Off-ON-Off-On like a remote controlled robot.
    He also said that the depressing conclusion is that we humans may be manipulated like robots although I dont remember his precise wording.

    Therefore what Chris Hedges says may be his honest opinion but it doesnt really apply.

    I have only scratched the surface.
    AI available today makes it possible to maintain what to the targeted individual seems like a stream of thoughts or like a conversation with an external source.

    Thus it is possible to attain much more complex aims than those using simple control of emotional states.

    An early version of a computer program that made the users believe it was conscious was Eliza from around 1970.

    You can imagine how much further they have advanced today.

    There are natural applications of this in the domain of psychiatry both good and bad.
    And that type of application has probably been running for decades.

    There are signs that the technology had matured around 1975 when Delgado quit the US institutions for which he previously worked.

    Barry Trower has reported that at that time intel agents were told not to mention implants anymore.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @utu
  65. Rebel0007 says:

    @Tom Welsh

    Yes, I agree that the corporations have been awarded power that is totally without any moral or legal justification. A corporation is a legal entity that can do whatever it pleases without accountability.

    America is the land of the free for corporations, the government and nobody else!

    Perhaps I should incorporate!

  66. : “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the spiritual , cultural , political and economic decline of the United States of America .” By John Coleman pdf
    “No group did more to propagandize the United States to participate in WW1 at a time when the majority of the American people were opposed to it .
    Much the same tactics were used by the social scientists at Tavistock to get the US into WWII, Korea ,
    Vietnam, Serbia and the two wars against Iraq .
    With the advent of Wellington House [home of the Tavistock Institute] , funded by the British Monarchy and later by Rockefeller and Rothschild and the United States , Western civilization entered into the first phase of a plan that would provide a secret government to rule the World , namely the Committee of 300.”
    The British are still at it : “War propaganda firm Bellingcat continues lying about Syria .”

  67. Another one trying to mess with minds of those in the know… the Devil won the battle of the titans against God and the winner spawned the first man but he created the woman out of the loser and this way he would always screw the defeated party. Gottlieb is but a son of Adam and he is merely carrying out the wishes of his Forebear. The war between the two sides will continue as long as the one craves what the other has…

  68. Saggy says: • Website

    There is no more ridiculous a tale.

    Unfortunately that is not the case, in the public absurd tales dominate ……

    • Replies: @anon
    , @WAlly
  69. @Alfred : “9/11 is the ‘Litmus Test” :

    “It all comes down to 9/11 .Everything that has happened has happened based on lies …The preponderance of evidence that refute the official lies is overwhelming …Everyone in government ,in the media and in the public eye who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool .
    Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward , a liar and complicit in mass-murder . Everone-everywhere can be measured by this litmus test .”

    • Agree: Republic, Alfred
  70. @Peter Grafström

    A very interesting area on the subject of implants is “alien implants”.

    It looks like the implants are often real but used technology publicly available today (example, carbon nanotubes with transmission and reception capability). It is entirely possible that these civilians were the victims of Deep State mind control experiments that developed and tested similar technologies on human subjects.

    The “alien” red herring is a cover story (disinformation) to keep the “bad guys” operations secret.

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  71. anon[222] • Disclaimer says:

    what’s the message here, Saggy, are you suggesting Jesus ain’t White?

  72. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting bit of information:

    American public relations consultant, marketing pioneer

    Edward Louis Bernays (November 22, 1891 − March 9, 1995) was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”. Bernays was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life. He was the subject of a full length biography by Larry Tye called The Father of Spin (1999) and later an award-winning 2002 documentary for the BBC by Adam Curtis called The Century of the Self. More recently, Bernays is noted as the great-uncle of Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph.

    • Agree: FB
    • Replies: @L.K
  73. TKK says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Citizens United is the paverstone that cemented the “rights” of corporations regarding campaign contributions and that can be ginned up for many more rights.

    To the question: Are corporations people?

    The US Supreme Court increasingly says: Yes.

    A legal entity created solely to make and maximize profit is treated as a warm blooded sentient plaintiff.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  74. Do you remember the movie “A Face in the Crowd” that stars Andy Griffith? It touches on this subject of government/elites using television as a psychological weapon/mind control. Unfortunately, I think most people that saw it did not comprehend it.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  75. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    There were about four million Jews under Hitler’s reach during WW II; six million were killed and five million were still living after the war. Now that’s some myth.

    At first they stood by Elie Wiesel’s absurd story that ten thousand were burned each day in trenches at Buchenwald, and when that was exposed as an obvious lie, it was Auschwitz. Yet while Auschwitz’s four million number has been officially reduced by three, Jewish power is so great it’s still a crime to challenge the six million fairytale. The balance of two million, supposedly gassed with diesel exhaust in Sobbibor, Belzac, and Treblinka, has proved to be as bogus as the rest.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  76. Shaman911 says:

    And we have the kaleidoscope of Black & White. Freemasonaries immanent colors of deception, false illusions, plus backwards and upside down views. Yes means No. Left means Right. When you mix these colors you get Gray and that’s how they operate. Between Fantasy and Deluded Illusions.
    History is ” Fantasy Agreed Upon”

  77. Rahan says:

    Mind control exploded with the Internet.

    Check out, for example, “Bambi Sleep”—a hypnotic program that can turn any listener, of any gender, into a “cock slut”, implanting a sex/porn addiction as strong as heroin or crack.
    With a bit of searching you can find forums of people discussing who fell how low in their life, before managing to start climbing back up, after experimenting with such “digital drugs”.

    Today’s Western paradigm is “amplify any weakness”. The moment you show any weakness, it grows a “support group” around it, then a “market segment”, then a political lobby, and giving in to this weakness at a million times more intense rate than without all the “encouragement”, becomes a “human right”.

    Analyze how “Bambi Sleep” works—the triggers, the techniques—they’re written down in Pastebin and other places. But…don’t listen to it. It may sound like fun and games, but so does crack.

    And yet, these files aren’t just lurking in say an adult website for pervs, where you have to prove your age to register. No. It’s on Youtube, Last FM, everywhere. A kid will listen to it. Has listened to it. Youtube will ban Conservatives who mention Christ or White civilization, but leaving on mental programs that turn random kids into “cock sluts” is fine.

    The 21st century will be the century of mind control. Corrupting viruses will be trying to enter your mind from all sides. Choosing what to watch or read or listen to, is now like choosing what file to download to your computer.

    Only the stake is, of course, not your computer, but you.

    It’s no longer a question of consciously reacting to something. It’s a question of frequencies, triggers (perhaps implanted a couple of years ago in a completely different media), and what have you.

    First the CIA “stopped doing mind control”, hahaha, then NLP “was debunked”, and in the last half century we’re all supposed to be an insane mixture of robots who need drugs to “think correctly”, and at the same time centers of free will, and everything we do is “a human right”.

    We live in an “age of consent” today, of constant agreement forms. Satan needs to be invited in, that’s how he works after he lost the war against God, so be very, very careful what you consent to and how.

    And lastly, remember this year’s news in Italy, how the cops busted a bunch of doctors brainwashing kids with electricity and suggestion into developing false memories of abuse, so that they can be taken from their parents and given, for a comission, to other families?

    Remember how the world pretended, and still pretends, that this never happened?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Zumbuddi
  78. mcohen says:

    So what is bogus.
    The numbers or the holocaust.If it is the numbers how many exactly died.You claim to know that it was not 6 million so how many was it then.

    • Troll: NoseytheDuke
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @refl
    , @Wally
    , @Mark Gobell
  79. “Above all he was an instrument of history.”

    Night-creatures like Gottlieb as instruments of Providence accords with the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge. Reality is a torture chamber for souls. Grim, but probably true.

  80. @Lake County Laurel

    A Face in the Crowd

    a 1957 American drama film starring Andy Griffith (in his film debut), Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, directed by Elia Kazan. The screenplay was written by Budd Schulberg and is based on his short story “Your Arkansas Traveler” from the collection Some Faces in the Crowd (1953).

    Budd Schulberg

    Schulberg was raised in a Jewish family the son of Hollywood film-producer B. P. Schulberg and Adeline (née Jaffe) Schulberg, who founded a talent agency taken over by her brother, agent/film producer Sam Jaffe. In 1931, when Schulberg was 17, his father left the family to live with actress Sylvia Sidney. His parents divorced in 1933.
    . . .
    World War II
    While serving in the Navy during World War II, Schulberg was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), working with John Ford’s documentary unit. Following VE Day, he was reportedly among the first American servicemen to liberate the Nazi concentration camps. He was involved in gathering evidence against war criminals for the Nuremberg Trials, an assignment that included arresting documentary film maker Leni Riefenstahl at her chalet in Kitzbühel, Austria, ostensibly to have her identify the faces of Nazi war criminals in German film footage captured by the Allied troops. Riefenstahl claimed she was not aware of the nature of the internment camps. According to Schulberg, “She gave me the usual song and dance. She said, ‘Of course, you know, I’m really so misunderstood. I’m not political’”

    A Look Back … Budd Schulberg: Documenting the Horrors of the Holocaust

    Imagine having the opportunity to use your talent to bring to justice those who have committed horrifying crimes against humanity. Writer Budd Schulberg was presented with and seized such an opportunity when he served with the Field Photographic Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) — the forerunner of today’s CIA — during World War II. Schulberg helped gather evidence of the atrocities committed in Nazi concentration camps to present during the Nuremberg trials.
    A Hollywood Prince
    Schulberg was born Seymour Wilson Schulberg on March 27, 1914 in New York City. He was the son of B.P. Schulberg, head of Paramount Pictures. Schulberg spent most of his childhood in Hollywood, surrounded by movie stars.

    Paramount Pictures participation in propaganda before, during and after World War II:
    from United States National Archives

    In mid-1942, and at OWI’s [Office of War Information, “operated June 1942 – Sept. 1945”] request, Paramount Pictures (Paramount News), RKO Radio Pictures (Pathé News), 20th Century-Fox (Movietone News), Universal Studios (Universal Newsreel), and the Hearst Corporation (News of the Day) voluntarily formed a private, nonprofit, fully government-funded organization, named the United Newsreel Corporation.

    Each newsreel company, with War Department approval, was permitted to send two civilian camera crews to the major fighting fronts. Once the 35mm film was exposed, the original footage was gathered and combined with motion pictures filmed by military combat cameramen. All of these reels were sent to the War Department for evaluation and to be censored, as necessary.
    . . .
    When it was finished with its review, the military would make copies available of the approved footage to all U.S. newsreel companies, including United News headquartered in New York City. . . .
    In the meantime, United Newsreel partners would document motivational and informational stateside stories and send them to New York City where OWI personnel would review the film for content, censor it as needed, and release the approved footage back to the partners for their use. At that point, war front and home front scenes would be selected as needed to visualize the United News stories set for the next issue.

    Integrating “canned” music and sound effects, occasional wild sounds, a rare sound-on-film speech segment, and an OWI-written narration in the appropriate language, the corporation manufactured 16mm prints and distributed them through the established overseas outlets of the partner companies. Further distribution was made through military and diplomatic channels in areas and to audiences not served by established nongovernment networks.

    As the war continued, congressional opposition to OWI’s domestic operations curtailed almost all stateside funding, and by 1944 it operated mostly abroad, where it helped to maintain Allied confidence and to undermine enemy morale. At the war’s end, President Harry S. Truman cited OWI for its “outstanding contribution to victory” and promptly abolished it, effective September 15, 1945.
    The relatively short history of the OWI is marked by political intrigue, overstepped authority, and an extraordinary drive to do its part to help shorten the war. This history makes for some fascinating reading.

    The Nazi Plan, written by Budd Schulberg, 1945

    The Nazi Plan was shown as evidence at the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in Nuremberg on December 11, 1945. It was compiled by Budd Schulberg and other military personnel, under the supervision of Navy Commander James B. Donovan. The compilers took pains to use only German source material, including official newsreels and other German films (1919-45). It was put together for the US Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality and the US Office of the Chief Counsel for War Crimes.”***

    “In the course of this work, Budd Schulberg apprehended Leni Riefenstahl at her country home in Kitzbühl, Austria, as a material witness, and took her to the Nuremberg editing room, so she could help Budd identify Nazi figures in her films and in other German film material his unit had captured. Stuart Schulberg [also] took possession of the photo archive of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s personal photographer, and became the film unit’s expert on still photo evidence. Most of the stills presented at the trial carry his affidavit of authenticity.”

    From the Letters of Rabbi Stephen Wise:

    “(London, 1945 [probably sometime between May and July 1945])
    . . . talk and lunch . . . with Justice [Robert] Jackson. He’s a real person, I don’t wonder that Roosevelt began thinking of him as a possible successor. He . . .has grand and spacious ideas on the Nuremberg trials in mid-October, with Weizmann, Goldmann or S.S.W. [Stephen S. Wise] as Jewish witnesses to present the Jewish Case –not permitted as Amicus Curiae!

    In itself it becomes the greatest trial in history, with what Jackson calls its broad departure from Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. Retroactively “aggressive war-making” becomes criminally punishable–with membership in the Gestapo prima facie proof of criminal participation. He seems to think very well of Felix Frankfurter and glorifies Ben Cardozo and Brandeis.”

    –> Jews including Schulberg’s father, as head of Paramount Studio, produced propaganda films to con Americans into joining a war they were opposed to and to maintain “Allied confidence” during the war;

    –> the Jew Budd Schulberg worked to fix or create evidence after the war in preparation for Nuremberg trials;

    –> Nuremberg trial judgments were decided in advance, guilt pre-ordained by Rabbi Stephen Wise, one of the key propagators of the “soap and lampshades” myths and disseminator of the “Regnier telegram” alleging a holocaust of Jews.

  81. renfro says:

    In the 1920s, the influential American intellectual Walter Lippman argued that the average person was incapable of seeing or understanding the world clearly and needed to be guided by experts behind the social curtain

    bs……(most) average people could discern the truth of anything if they were given the facts…but they arent given the facts, they are subjected to the endless babble of pundits personal opinions which are formed by their own agendas and self interest.

    The same thing goes for all the average people who do fall for and parrot the pundits babble because it reinforces their own personal prejudices and/or hopes and fears.

    Has the Us reached the point where a large segment of America is too stupid to exist….probably.

  82. FB says: • Website

    This is really an exceptionally fine article for thinking individuals…one of the best I’ve seen on this website…

    As for mind control in the home of the fee and land of the slave it is an easily observable fact…nowhere on earth do you see ordinary folks supporting the agenda of the plutocracy which makes them increasingly poor…

    It is enough to ask, how can people be so stupid…?

    And your answer is in exactly what the author outlines here…especially the part about the incredible power of the electronic media…moving pictures and television especially…but also music…

    This is all part of the cradle to grave indoctrination system…and the end result is mind control…

    Now most people are familiar with the MK-Ultra program…but how many are aware of the existence of the USAF ‘Lookout Mountain Laboratory’…or the 1352d Motion Picture Squadron which operated there and produced some 19,000 classified motion pictures…more than all the Hollywood studios combined…?

    Now there are a lot of curious ‘coincidences’ that happened in the 1960s in a very tight little patch of land in the foothills of LA, where the so-called ‘hippie’ movement and music scene sprung to life…seemingly ‘organically’…

    You see just a stone’s throw from that secret government film studio…on Wonderland Ave [notorious for the Wonderland murders in 1981, involving porn star John Holmes…and the subject of the later movie ‘Wonderland’]…the son of an army officer and chemist working at Edgewood Arsenal in MD…where the notorious chemical tests on over 7,000 unsuspecting soldiers were carried out…decided to set up shop in Laurel Canyon and begin the ‘hippie’ movement…

    His name was Frank Zappa…he was soon joined there in Laurel Canyon by many other scions of the MIC such as Jim Morrison…the son of Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison, commander of US forces during the Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’ that kicked off the Vietnam War…

    The bridge of the USS Bon Homme Richard, January 1964.

    Just months later, the guy on the right would guide his ship into the Tonkin Gulf, and the young man on the left would begin a remarkable transformation into a brooding rock god.

    The Bon Homme Richard, by the way, was launched on April 29, 1944, under the sponsorship of Catherine McCain, the grandmother of a certain presidential contender.

    Now this by itself might not be such an interesting coinkidink…were it not for the fact that every other soon-to-be superstar of the hippie music movement was from the same kind of MIC [even deep state] background, or from blue-blood, old-money families…and they all just kind of got together in Laurel Canyon by ‘chance’ and decided to start the ‘counterculture’ movement…

    And of course a regular at the Laurel Canyon ‘music’ scene was another ‘musician’ who would soon become notable not so much for his music…

    He was great, he was unreal – really, really good.

    He had this kind of music that nobody else was doing. I thought he really had something crazy, something great. He was like a living poet.

    –Neil Young, on Charles Manson…the ‘musician’…

    Eventually…a reporter wrote a book Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties…which came out earlier this year, and was positively reviewed by Rolling Stone…

    It’s hard to explain Tom O’Neill’s new book Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties without sounding like a conspiracy theorist down a rabbit hole — you try telling your friends that a reporter spent two decades researching the links between one of America’s most notorious criminals and the government’s super-secretive mind-control program MKULTRA without getting a few snickers.

    About ten years before that book came out…a writer named Dave McGowan wrote the Laurel Canyon series, which points up many of these very strange ‘coincidences’…that seem to tell us that the whole hippie movement was in fact created out of whole cloth as part of a plan to co-opt the genuine antiwar movement…and to distract the youth with drugs [LSD, promoted by CIA asset and UC Berkeley prof Tim Leary] and a hypnotizing new kind of ‘rock and roll’…

    Inside The Laurel Canyon: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

    If you grew up with these rock ‘classics’ like The Doors…Mamas and Papas…Crosby, Still and Nash…and many others…be forewarned…you may never think of this music in the same way again after reading this page turner of a series…

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
    , @Biff
    , @anarchyst
  83. @Justvisiting

    Concerning carbon nanotubes. Real implants need an antenna which can never be much smaller than half a wavelength.
    So exotic nanotech isnt necessary.

    Actually all active electronic components have a thickness in the microscpic range.
    Think about microprocessors.
    Full of such miniature parts.


    I say this because people who bring up nanotech usually believe this would enable the construction of miniature devices very hard to uncover.

    Further there is the problem with powering a miniature device.
    Miniature battery means very low power.

    RFID often uses an external field as a power source. Again this means they need an antenna to acquire energy from the external field.

    No miniaturisation is possible that would make significant use of the properties of carbon nanotubes.

    One example of scientific research I saw demonstrating carbon nanotube transmitters used a 15 cm antenna!
    You may construct miniature electronic components but they cannot be used for communication without a macroscopic antenna.

    I bring this up because I have encountered people who believe it is possible to mind control people with nanosized objects injected in the blood.

    For real implants hink centimeters not nano.

    An engineer who revealed some data about cybernetic implants said they were like chicklets.
    Pieces of chewing gum.
    But the term chicklet is also used to describe old style capacitors with two wires attached.
    Sounds more like it to me.
    That would be a proper size for an antenna in the UHF to microwave range.
    That engineer said they are fastened to the bone structure and have the same properties as bone in the xray region.
    Therefore they are invisible on an ordinary xrayscan.
    Macroscopic and yet invisible, thats how they do it.

  84. refl says:

    The numbers or the holocaust.If it is the numbers how many exactly died.You claim to know that it was not 6 million so how many was it then.

    That is a very good question. To answer it, the first requirement would be to assure that scholars, who dig into this matter, are not threatened with jail. The tough revisionists say that it were 300 000, which are the Red Cross numbers. Personally, I find that line of argument unconvincing. Then, there is David Irving, who accepts the Einsatzgruppen shootings and comes up with 2.5 millions. Sadly, he has come to these conclusions after having been threatened and thrown in jail – so a rather unconvincing way of coming to valid historical conclusions.

    My take is that the number in itself is mythical to start with – regardless, what the real numbers are. Then, as I believe to have learned, in the spiritual sense, a Jew who permanently abandones the community is regarded as a dead Jew. If the numerous people who did that in the course of the horrific events of the 1940s are included, then the 6 millions might work out.

    I once read a comment on these pages, a long time ago, where someone asked, why a number of prominent Jewish survivors ended up commiting suicide – an important point: What was it like for these people, whose suffering was very real, to see their story being abused for the most inhumane political purposes?

    I read commenters here calling the father of Anne Frank out as a liar. Now, the reception of the diary has transformed this girl into a comic book character, and the book was most likely tampered with. But for a father not to be able to protect his child and survive her is the worst that can happen. There is nothing ridiculous about the story.

    It is only a story infinitely darker then the Hollywood addicted idiots that the decadent western public is composed of could ever imagine.

    This is so sick there are no words for it.

    • Replies: @Wally
  85. renfro says:

    Whoever wrote the Protocols……those controlling this country have certainly followed its instructions with great success.

    ”In Order To Put Public Opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make them lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in matter political, which it is not given to the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public. This is the first secret.

    11. The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord”

    Imagine what Americans could do to right this country if they were to ever unite under just a few common goals. Are there too many who are too stupid to understand or do that…..probably.
    But as the old truism says……”20% of the people do 80% of the work”…….so for those of you who get it….keep on keeping on.

  86. Johan says:
    @El Dato

    “1) Democracy with a population that is at least minimally engaged and angrily stays that way (including removing powerful special interests from premises with pitchforks)”

    There are no revolutions by means of pitchforks in a democracy, everything is weakened by compromise, false promises, infiltration, manipulation, etc. You cannot stay angry all the time too, it is very bad for your health, it needs to be short and intense to be effective, which is exactly what democracy prevents.
    Democracy turns you into a petted animal.

  87. Adrian says:

    Hedges would have known who the nominees are…just seeing Bellingcat in there and knowing this is the Emmies…well, it’s hard to believe otherwise than Hedges is a clever fake…as I have long suspected

    Well if this really was a ploy to smear Hedges it seems to have been quite successful as far as you are concerned. Oh wait you have “long suspected” him. Well you didn’t need much then.

    You believe that “seeing Bellingcat in there” should have put Hedges on his guard. Looking at the video of that very well attended ceremony, where this documentary was only one of the many awarded films, it seems to me that it mustn’t have been all that easy to pick out who was there, apart from the fact that Higgins has an eminently forgettable face.

    Moreover, the award was not to him nor to his outfit but to the Dutch documentary maker Hans Pool for a film ABOUT Bellingcat that was originally broadcast by the Dutch liberal-protestant broadcasting corporation VPRO – a broadcasting corporation that is known for anti-establishment documentaries (which this one doesn’t seem to be). I don’t even know at this stage whether Higgins was there.

    At any case I prefer to postpone judgment until I know more about the circumstances – but then I have not “long suspected” Hedges.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @FB
  88. @Sean

    I predicted Trump would win in 2015. All one had to do was look at the news clips of his 2x a day rallies of 15,000+ people, while his rivals, in both parties, were at best, half that. That included the fraud “lefty” Sanders. The polls were manufactured.
    The message was simple: stop illegal immigration; and “drain the swamp”. Most people, these days, are cynical about politicians, with good reason. For the population outside the densely populated coasts/borders, illegal immigration and the swamp are synonymous.

  89. WAlly says:

    However, belief in Christianity is not mandated. It’s not forced down your throat in public ‘schools’.
    And rejection of it does not get you thrown into jail.

    Below is where free speech on the truly impossible “holocaust” storyline is illegal, violators go to prison for Thought Crimes. In all western countries, persecution, harassment, violent attacks & threats are the order of the day against those who engage in free speech about the impossible claims within it.
    Those are obvious admissions that the storyline doesn’t stand up to scientific, logical, & rational scrutiny.

  90. FB says: • Website

    Used up my LOL buttons…

  91. Crazy Horse [AKA "Gall"] says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    Yeah I remember people saying that it must have happened that way because they saw it on TV. The idea that it could have been staged never occurred to them. Even if it defied the laws of physics.

    The old “seeing is believing” but never taking into account mass hysteria nor noting the fact that witnesses who were actually there didn’t see what was on television.

    The so called “ghost plane”. The plane that magically passed through the South Tower like Casper the Friendly Ghost is a perfect example of media manipulation.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @turtle
  92. @TKK

    If corporations were people, they could vote. I’ve never seen a corporation’s name on a voters’ list. The Supreme Court is a political decider, and a whole lot of their decisions fly in the face of reality.

  93. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    John Dewey, the American Pragmatist philosopher famous for his promotion of “progressive” education, himself wasn’t very well informed when in 1928 he visited Soviet Russia and praised the new government to the skies in a series of articles for the New Republic.  See them collected in
    Impressions of Soviet Russia

  94. FB says: • Website

    Your silly comment actually deserves a more serious debunking…

    Hedges, like all presenters at such awards ceremonies, would have been given the list of finalists…for the particular category he was presenting…weeks in advance…

    Are you really that stupid…?

    What does picking out ‘faces in the crowd’ have to do with it…?

    As a professional journalist with years of experience, are we supposed to believe that Hedges looked at that list of finalists and did not bother to find out that a documentary about Bellingcat was one of the nominees…?

    But let us ‘reserve judgement’…LOL…and see you try to explain this…?

    • Replies: @Adrian
  95. @Crazy Horse

    Israel and traitors in the ZUS government did 911 and to see how they did it , go to

    • Replies: @L.K
  96. Skeptikal says:

    Very disappointed in Chris Hedges.
    I hope he makes a clarifying statement soon, and that if/when he does so it will be covered at UR.

    I had heard of Kinzer but first saw/heard him on Hedges’s TV show (is it on RT? Can’t recall).

    Anyhow, I was very favorably impressed by Kinzer: by his commonsense and low-key delivery and explanations that seemed to be not pulling punches. I think the topic was Syria.

    So, is it possible that Hedges got roped into this Emmy stunt somehow via Kinzer?
    Is it possible that Kinzer was actually taken in by Gottlieb’s avowal that he had voluntarily ended MK Ultra, and acknowledged that the point of it was all a joke and a failure? Uh-huh . . .

    Sounds to me sort of like the Epstein suicide. Except a whole secret program got “suicided” and we are expected to just move on, folks, nothing to see here. No need to dig and delve about the MK-Ultra program. All charges are dropped via early death.

    Is this some kind of psy-op whose purpose is to “pre-neutralize” future “conspiracy theories” as to how assassinations and other ops were engineered?

    We all know that the most effective elements of narrative control are the ones that pre-define what is taboo and “ridiculous” and “tin hat territory.”

  97. Biff says:

    the progressive and ethnically harmonious nation of Yugoslavia

    Granted, outside powers tore it apart, but no way are Croats and Serbs ethnically harmonious – on the contrary – I’ve witnessed venom spitting exchanges myself.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @L.K
  98. Adrian says:

    Why Does Chris Hedges Hedge His Bets?

    Hedge his bets on what?

    • Replies: @Republic
  99. @G. Poulin

    No it’s not. “We the people” in the US Constitution meant the elites of the Republic, it still does today.

    In simple terms elected governments assert that their legitimacy stems from two primary sources: some founding set of principles say – a constitution, and “representativeness” including ratification of the constitution by a representative mechanism, usually via some form of suffrage i.e. election.

    When academia and paid mass media trumpet the representation necessarily flows from limited suffrage and legitimacy of governance is established because of that assumed representation, both propositions are furphies, flawed – they are not objective truth.

    The Arrow Impossibility and the Gibbard Satterthwaite Theorems showed that there is no way of accurately determining group preferences using an ordinal voting mechanism. This was and still is the trumped-up untruth, sugarcoated as the panacea to true governance, However it will ensure the elites in power can be bought by the highest bidder, to work on their behalf instead of the rest of the population.

    One of the core issue in the conflated propaganda we take for granted is limited suffrage ie. elections means democracy, means representation of the electorate, which means good governance with good checks and balances, this started from the days of John Dewey whose body of work was reputedly to have 30 odd definitions for the word “democracy”. Dewey’s hard-sell included in”education” and religion, and had long been the accepted formula to tout democracy works since.

  100. FB says: • Website

    That wasn’t my impression traveling the country…

    Of course I was a young, single guy at the time, so mostly interested in ‘having a good time’…but nobody I ever met there described themselves as Serb or Croat…lots of mixed marriages from what I could tell…and not many religious folks…

    Slovenes were definitely distinctive and a bit less friendly…didn’t see Kosovo, but I can imagine at the time it was already a problem area…

    Other than that, it was in fact very harmonious…

    I’ve seen Serbs and Croats at each others’ throats too, but that’s in the diaspora communities, where they suddenly discover their ‘nationalities’…LOL

  101. L.K says:

    anon 191

    Edward Louis Bernays (November 22, 1891 − March 9, 1995) was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”.

    Why not include the following from the same entry?

    Edward Bernays was born to a Jewish family,[7] the son of Ely Bernays and Anna Freud Bernays. His great grandfather was Isaac Bernays, chief rabbi of Hamburg. Bernays was a “double nephew” of Viennese psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud—by virtue of his mother, Freud’s sister, and of his father’s sister, Martha Bernays Freud, who married Sigmund.

  102. L.K says:

    Granted, outside powers tore it apart, but no way are Croats and Serbs ethnically harmonious – on the contrary – I’ve witnessed venom spitting exchanges myself.


  103. Adrian says:

    You are remarkably quick in resorting to abuse (“silly” “stupid”) – I also noted that in some other posts of yours.

    Hedges, like all presenters at such awards ceremonies, would have been given the list of finalists…for the particular category he was presenting…weeks in advance…

    How do you know? How many awards ceremonies have you participated in? Also: we don’t know exactly how this documentary was described. Even if it had the word “Bellingcat” in the description the fact that it originally came from a fairly critical television channel of approximately Hedges’ own persuasion (VPRO -liberal protestant) might have misled him.

    The VPRO is known for producing and broadcasting quality (and sometimes avant-garde) programmes, documentaries and films, the target audience of the VPRO is highly educated and creative people (e.g. artists, designers, scientists).(Wikipedia))

    I haven’t seen the documentary myself yet and I don’t know how positive it is about Bellingcat’s work. And perhaps Hedges didn’t either. But your intimate knowledge of award ceremonies no doubt allows you to infer that he saw it or, at least, should have seen it.

    Anyway the author of the lead article here, Curtin, set his readers on the wrong track by suggesting that the award was to Bellingcat itself rather than to the Dutch film maker Hans Pool (he wrote:

    There is a notorious propaganda outfit called Bellingcat, … that has just won the International Emmy Award for best documentary.

    • Replies: @FB
  104. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Went to a movie tonight. Two previews stood out: a black father wrongly convicted of murder saved by a courageous black attorney, and a horror movie called Antebellum, about some blacks magically transported via some kind of time travel to be abused as slaves in the pre civil war south.

    Oh yeah, there was an anti-fox news movie with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Megyn Kelley, and Margot Robbie.

    I detest Hollywood guys. It literally is pure propaganda at this point.

    Who rules over you is who controls what onscreen.

    What group controls what occurs onscreen in America……even the TV commercials? Oh yeah….I forgot.

    • Agree: NobodyKnowsImADog
  105. L.K says:
    @Desert Fox

    You seem like a well meaning fellow but you do the 9-11 Truth movement a disservice by repeatedly linking to the Judy Wood disinformation.

    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Refute Judy Wood’s Theory
    May 13, 2011

    Judy Wood’s Blatant Misrepresentation of 9-11 Facts
    February 21, 2013

    • Agree: NoseytheDuke
    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @bike-anarkist
  106. FB says: • Website

    You really are spectacularly retarded, aren’t you…?

    So now this excellent author is at fault…?

    Very insightful…and proving exactly that you are the most dangerous type of useful idiot he perfectly describes here…those who are deceived and confused just enough to think they actually know something…and then go spreading misinformation like a virus…

    There is no point even trying to debate your preschool nonsense here…I have been invited to speak at many conferences in my professional life, and I would always know the names of the other panelists and other vital information…

    You obviously have no idea how these things work because you are a retarded shlump…

    Even as far as these doofus smellywood awards go, I have heard people who have been presenters talking about it publicly…

    Do you actually think you just get a phone call that says ‘be here on such and such a night to present an award…oh, and wear black tie…click…’

    Who operates this way, Bugs Bunny…?

    You are seriously stupid man…

    There are even rehearsals for such things…

    Oh and btw…thanks for telling me that wikipedia thinks this Dutch propaganda outfit that created this piece of garbage is wonderful…whew…good thing I know this now…

    PS…it’s been several weeks since this event and Hedges has not said anything…

    • Replies: @Adrian
  107. americangoy says: • Website
    @Tom Welsh

    “The great mass of citizens would be much less gullible if:

    1. They had a proper education. Most human beings can easily master logic and mathematics before the age of ten; and indeed take great pleasure in doing so. They could also be instructed in the arts of trickery and deception – if the will to teach them existed.

    2. They had any leisure in which to inform and educated themselves – let alone to discuss political issues.

    Naturally, the Powers that Be are very careful to degrade education and to keep the workers’ noses to the grindstone, even when research reveals quite plainly that shorter working hours would result in greater production and better quality.

    The judicial murder of Socrates by the Athenian state is an early but classic example of the Powers that Be lashing out to prevent any danger of young people being educated in logic and morality. Arguably the execution of Jesus was another.”

    Absolutely, 100% agree.
    In our modern society, we work 8-10 hours daily and drive to/from work 1-2 hours daily.
    Our schools do not teach logic, common sense, financial sense….

    • Replies: @turtle
  108. americangoy says: • Website

    “Democracy is a great idea, but the Oligarch class refuse to permit its main requirement or precondition to exist as this article makes so very clear.. That precondition is that every many, woman and child is equally informed about the past and current socio, economic environment ( in other words the news is complete, honest in detail, and forthright in explanation. ”

    This is IMPOSSIBLE.
    1) First, the majority of people are normies, i.e. gullible retards. Retard being a technical term.
    2) Second, amongst those who are not complete tards, they DO NOT WANT to know. They simply want to be left alone. Watch the kickball / throwball game for children, maybe get a BJ. Limit of most ambitions for 99% of the people. They WILL physically fight you if you discuss such topics with them.

    3) Worst of all, I postulate that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the mass to make any logical decisions on any relevant topic, as the information required to be gained, processed, analyzed (LOL, by a normie) is too much on any ONE issue…. imagine doing this on a plethora of issues, DAILY, from science decisions to international relations to which weapon system to equip the military.

    Democracy is an IMPOSSIBLE system in modern world (it could have been done in ancient world, less so in medieval world, after that it is impossible).

    … Hell people, a republic, “representative democracy” (contradiction in terms as someone above me wrote) is impossible now in our modern world. We have geriatric normie retards who just happen to be sociopaths (i.e. zero empathy and human emotions) happily signing any and all laws, papers, statements which their tribal “staff members” shove in front of their dumb, eternally grinning for the cameras, faces.

    So even evil sociopaths can be controlled by the system we have in place now – just throw them a “black mass” with a children sacrifice once in a while to make them feel special, and they will feel superior to the normies, hell, they will even cheat themselves in thinking they control the system.

  109. @Been_there_done_that

    Bernays, who was doubly related to Sigmund Freud, was the mastermind who got millions of women addicted to cigarettes.

    Bernays labeled them ‘Torches of Freedom,’ pegged the pre-women’s lib tag to it and had socialites lit up fags on 5th Avenue.

    The rest is history.

    • Replies: @skrik
  110. @Greg Bacon

    Brain-washing which continues to this day, that gets Americans to blindly support anything for Israel, no matter how many war crimes that apartheid nightmare commits, nor how many kids they shoot in the head,

    The Apartheid State has killed 1 Palestinian child, every ~3 days, since September, 2000.

  111. @Rebel0007

    Remember we are a Republican form of government not a pure democracy.
    I hope you got them removed. I do have limited experience with victims. I pray for wisdom knowledge and assistance in helping them.

  112. @Desert Fox

    There are many like that, they are afraid to call out the truth of 911, which is, it was done by Israel and traitors in the ZUS government.

    In order to kill JFK and make Oswald the scapegoat, two Secret Service agents were removed from JFK’s limo. Had they been standing on the back of it, the Oswald story couldn’t/wouldn’t fly = planning ahead.

    Here’s another thought to ponder:

    As the 4 ‘Muslim pilots’ weren’t actually able to fly by instruments, they had to ‘visually’ hone in on their ‘targets.’ For this story [of 4 Muslim men flying planes into buildings] to fly [no pun intended] the weather in the North-Western US had to be clear for the 4 ‘pilots’ to fly to their perceived ‘targets’ by eye only [see image below]:

    Therefore, the burning question is: who knew the weather would be cloudless on 9/11 [in NWUS]?

    Or: who made sure it would be cloudless on 9/11 [in NWUS]?

    … so this story could be sold to the masses?

    All questions = planning ahead

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  113. @FB

    Thanks. Very insightful commentary [and I learned a new word: coinkidink]. It deserves more than a simple ‘Agree’ click.

  114. Adrian says:

    I remarked in my previous post that you were remarkably quick in resorting to abuse and as if to prove my point you came up with quite a few beauties this time:

    spectacularly retarded…
    …you are the most dangerous type of useful idiot … spreading misinformation like a virus…your preschool nonsense… you are a retarded shlump…You are seriously stupid man…

    And then some unkind words for the VPRO:

    …this Dutch propaganda outfit that created this piece of garbage …

    I might have missed one or two.

    And then in an almost comical PS as if you belatedly remembered that you were supposed to argue here instead of foaming at the mouth:

    PS…it’s been several weeks since this event and Hedges has not said anything…

    Yes, it looks as if he has put his foot in it and is considering how to extricate it in the most effective way. But why should he hurry up to satisfy people like you who have “long suspected” him anyway.

  115. @Daniel Rich

    Brainwashed by the TV images I saw on 9/11, for many years I believed that planes struck the Twin Towers . After learning of the demolition of building 7 by pre-planted explosives and researching further ,I learned that I had been victimized by government propaganda spread by the mass media and Hollywood , there were no planes (CGI’s ?) and the Naudet Brothers video was faked . See : for example. and : “Were the Naudet Brothers insiders ?”

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  116. Biff says:

    Dude, that Laurel Canyon link had me distracted for most of the day. Not sure how exactly accurate it may be, but ill definitely save it and link it in the future. Really good stuff. Thanks.

  117. skrik says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Torches of Freedom

    completely trivialises. Try this; are you familiar with what I term the Bernays haze?

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.”

    There is a lie in there, surrounding “must cooperate” – it’s simply not true – but worse, worst: “an invisible government.” The latter is what is termed ‘deep state’ tyranny; the foul, unelected and criminal puppet-string manipulators (part of OR behind the 1%).

    The lie-cloud they choke the sheople’s minds with is deliberately ‘spiced’ with scientifically designed psychological propaganda, and that’s what does the majority of dumbing-down damage.

    Ta ra! The Bernays haze. rgds

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  118. @L.K

    I stand by what I have said , A & E does not go far enough in their reporting, for example they focus on building 7, when actually there were 7 WTC buildings destroyed, these were buildings 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and the twin towers, and Dr. Judy Wood addresses all of these and no planes were used.

    It is apparent to anyone, that the destruction of the WTC was a joint project of Israel and the ZUS and none dare call it conspiracy!

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @L.K
  119. Republic says:

    Those words were from the Curtin article.

  120. anarchyst says:

    There’s more to Admiral George Morrison.

    He was part of the group associated with the investigation of the deliberate israeli attack (actually act of war) against the USS Liberty (GTR-5).

    Admiral Morrison wanted a complete, impartial investigation of the attack, but was countermanded and shut down by Admiral John S. McCain.

    Despite Admiral Morrison’s protestations, the “cover-up” was put in place by Admiral McCain (Senator John McCain’s “daddy”). The “fix” was in…

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  121. @Rahan

    NLP “was debunked”

    Glad you mentioned that–despite claims by the “experts” and “scientists”, NLP is dangerous stuff and it works.

    Many years ago I practiced with it. It teaches you to convince others by omitting words in phrases and letting the “target” fill in the blanks for you. Then they believe (what you want) is their idea. Many sales organization teach these techniques (often without attribution to NLP).

    NLP also uses body language to influence others. The trick here is to mimic the body language of your target so they believe you are “like them” and can be trusted. Then you start walking–if they follow you they are “hooked”.

    A good example of NLP is the speaking style of the creep who heads Scientology. His words make no sense because he is using NLP.

    As with all brainwashing techniques, some people are more susceptible than others.

    The victims are easy to spot–their eyes glaze over when it “takes”.

  122. Julius says:

    Sad that even an article like this that claims to get to the bottom of things is unwittingly acting in the “useful idiot” role by spreading CIA cover stories.
    There was and is a very extensive and on-going mind control research and real-world program by the CIA and others, and many, many people are and have been involved. Gottlieb was their scapegoat and their cover story, their “bad apple”..he was not a “lone wolf” mad scientist.

    The article below covers more accurately and in more depth the on-going history of mind control research and activity by the deep state:

    This Is What Happens When You Don’t Stay in the Prescribed Swim Lane
    Gottlieb: “I feel victimized and I am appalled at the CIA’s policy, wherein someone or some group selectively pinpoints my name by failing to delete it from documents released under the Freedom of Information Act without any permission from me. That is, my name is selectively left on released documents where all or most others are deleted.”

  123. Wally says: • Website

    – Hapless mcohen, doesn’t even know about the scam that he’s trying to defend.

    It is the “Holocau\$t Industry” that laughably claims 6,000,000 Jews & millions, up to 5,000,000, others were murdered, not Revisionists.

    – It is the “Holocau\$t Industry” which claims that millions upon millinons of ‘human remains exist in known locations, not Revisionists. Those remains, in fact, do not exist.

    – It is the “Holocau\$t Industry” which absurdly claims that four million Jews and millions of others were killed in “gas chambers’ which were scientifically impossible as alleged.

    Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the laughable ‘holocaust ‘narrative is the message.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  124. Wally says:

    ” The tough revisionists say that it were 300 000, which are the Red Cross numbers. Personally, I find that line of argument unconvincing.”

    – Why do you find “300,000” unconvincing”? Please present your basis for an alleged higher number. Please present proof that any Jews were murdered period.

    – The complete destruction of the contrived Anne Frank mythology, fake diary, and her criminal family; you’ll love the numerous and different handwritings:

    Anne Frank’s Diary Gains ‘Co-Authors’ / and much more:

    – Irving’s laughable ‘get out of jail early’ claims have been completely debunked, see”

    Irving’s ‘holocaust’ lite / but what ‘2.4 million document’?:
    ‘Irving attempts ‘rehabilitation’ via the Hoefle Telegram’:
    Grubach’s Open Letter to David Irving on his recent change of mind about the Holocaust:

  125. @anarchyst

    Agree, read these books, Blood in the Water by Joan Mellen and Remember the Liberty by Phillip Nelson, both books have contributions by the survivors, books can be had on amazon.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  126. Skeptikal says:
    @Desert Fox

    I am a great fan of Chris Bollyn (I think his first name is Chris). I have seen a few of his presentations,and they are very convincing regarding the level of preparation that went into—had to go into—the 9/11 attacks and the ensuring rapid elimination of physical evidence, and cover-up.

    I always discounted Judy Wood, from comments I read about her and a general sense that she “went too far” in her theories.

    Then I actually watched her detailed video presentation. About 1.5 hours. I was dumbfounded.

    If there is a video out there that specifically addresses the phenomena she focuses on and refutes her points/questions, I would like to see it.

    I don’t think it is valid to diss Judy Wood from the logic that giving her credence might undermine the rest of the 9/11 Truth Movement, because her hypothesis is more far out than others’. So that all 9/11 Truthers are tarred with the “crank” label.

    Her hypothesis is “far out,” but how, then, explain the phenomena she singles out? Any takers?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @L.K
  127. I wrote a comment of CounterPunch’s Facebook page about the bullshit Morley article: it was never posted.

  128. anarchyst says:
    @Desert Fox

    I have them both, as well as the BBC and Al Jazeera documentaries on this “act of war” by our “friend and ally” (sarc) israel.
    If I had my way, israel would have been turned into a “glass parking lot” on 9 June 1967.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @turtle
  129. @Skeptikal

    Agree, and DEWs ie directed energy weapons were used on the WTC and have been used elsewhere, for instance in the California fires, where some houses were burned and half the house was left standing, etc., the deep state has weapons that would boggle the mind, and they are using these weapons on we the people.

    An example is the chemtrails that the deepstate is spraying in the skies to allow the atmosphere to be ionized by HAARP micro transmitters to heat the atmosphere to allow weather control ie guiding storm fronts, tornadoes, hurricanes etc., causing devastation in selected areas, and blaming global warming.

    See and

  130. Geowizz says:
    @Hans Vogel

    Lewis Carroll in “Through the Looking Glass” has a go at “truth” in a dialogue between Alice and Mr Dumpty. Paraphrasing: Alice to Humpty “You can’t make words mean whatever you like! Humpty to Alice “I’m the master and yes words mean exactly what I say they mean!”
    I’d be astonished if precedents to this phenomenon don’t exist.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  131. annamaria says:

    The illusionists turned banal scoundrels:
    Comment section; a word on Luke Harding’s “Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.”

    Harding works as a foreign correspondent for the Guardian newspaper. His book draws heavily upon the “Steele Dossier.” … Harding’s Wikipedia page is also very interesting… For example, on pp.37-38, Harding describes a three-day event in November of 2016 that was sponsored by the Halifax International Security Forum in Halifax, N.S. …the participation of Sir Andrew Wood, a former Ambassador to Russia from 1995-2000 is … interesting. Wood and McCain were participants in the Ukraine panel.

    Sir Andrew Wood is a close friend of Christopher Steele (of the Steele Dossier) and an associate of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., which is Steele’s private spy agency. … “Before the election, Steele had gone to Wood and shown him the dossier.” (p.38). Wood is wired into the arch-NWO Chatham House, which is home to The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the companion organization of which is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). …

    At this conference in Halifax, Wood briefed McCain about the contents of the Steele Dossier … The senile senator from Arizona evidently decided that ” the implications [of the dossier] were sufficiently alarming to dispatch a former senior U.S. official to meet with Steele and find out more.” The emissary, David Kramer, is currently a senior director at the McCain Institute for International Leadership: Kramer was formerly the President of the highly questionable Freedom House, a nest of NWO neocons and neoliberals. … Please, recall McCain’s role in the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014.

    … Luke Harding might be MI6 with journalism for a cover. Then there is the bizarre case of Carter Page, the former U.S. Marine intelligence officer and purported lover of all things Russian and of Putin. This obsessive enthusiast is beginning to remind me of another obsessive Russian enthusiast, U.S. Marine, and defector to the Soviet Union; Patsy Oswald. … this Trump-Russia fraud is more than a takedown of the crooked Don. It seems to be an ingenious way of further demonizing Putin and the Russians, and, if so, it is working like a charm. The MSM echo chamber cannot get enough of it. and neither can the NWO.

    Andy Wood the Scoundrel should be stripped of his “Sir” title due to his lies, dirty scheming, and subversive activities:

    In January 2017, Wood was revealed by The Independent to be the British diplomat who had played a key role in unsubstantiated claims that Donald Trump was involved in a sex scandal being used as “Kompromat” by Russia to control Trump. When questioned by the newspaper, Wood admitted his role but said “My view is that these are serious matters and that they should be investigated. I don’t think I have done anything wrong at all in what I have done.”

    Andy Wood has been whoring for the empire, with great ease of a person of easy morals. He is just another Le Mesurier — the profiteers that have no honor.

  132. L.K says:

    You obviously did not even bother to read the articles by Bollyn and by Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth that I linked to above.

  133. annamaria says:

    “Sir” James le Mesurier or how to dirty the name of your forefathers:

    Almost immediately after Le Mesurier’s alleged plunge to his death from the window of his Istanbul apartment, reports began to emerge of tampering with video reports and of the removal of links to articles detailing the career of the controversial “private security” operative.

    The meat:

    According to recent information, the source of Le Mesurier’s stress was him not being able to pay back a large amount of financial aid he had received. It was also found that Le Mesurier planned to leave Turkey just before his death.”

    Le Mesurier sat at the centre of a tangled web of money laundering companies. The wheels were beginning to come off his operation.

    With so much money passing through his hands – Western governments sent upwards of \$200 million to the White Helmets – and such lax controls the temptation to defraud must have been immense.

    Are we sure Le Mesurier was not under investigation by the British authorities? The British Foreign Office statement following his death was strangely tight-lipped.

  134. L.K says:
    @Desert Fox

    I stand by what I have said

    Don’t you always? But that is just evidence that you are a shallow thinker, nothing more.

    It’s like when you authoritatively – and foolishly – assert that Hamas is a Mossad front.
    I recall that a poster who is vastly better informed on ME issues than you, anonStarter I think is his/her handle, tried to explain that you are mistaken about this matter… no go.

    As for the 9-11 terror attacks being the product of Israeli/ Zionist agents we are in full agreement, as Bollyn, for example, has amply shown the Zionist fingerprints all over this terrible crime.

    At the end of day, the real perps got away with this monstrous attack, just as they always do.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  135. @anarchyst

    Both Israel and the ZUS jointly did 911 and the USS Liberty , the ZUS gov and Israels gov are satanic, diabolical, demonic, draconian creatures.

  136. @L.K

    Two others that share the opinion that Hamas is a Mossad front, are Ron Paul and Steve Pieczenik who was a former undersecretary of state and a naval officer, there are others.

    I may be a shallow thinker, but at least I can think, unlike the ones who believe the ZUS on everything put on the MSM.

  137. The power of the corporate/deep state mainstream media has just been demonstrated by the crushing defeat of Corbyn and the Labour party in the UK .
    “…the election was affected by a political smear campaign that was entirely unprecedented in scale and vitriol in the history of Western democracy. The smear campaign was driven by billionaire – controlled media outlets , along with military and intelligence agencies , as well as state media like the BBC..
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been described as the most smeared politician in history …Journalist Matt Kennard recently compiled documentation of dozens of incidents in which former and current spooks and military officials collaborated with plutocratic media institutions to portray Corbyn as a threat to national security …also.his view of Palestinians as human beings saw him targeted [time and time again]by the imperialist Israel lobby …”By Caitlyn Johnstone

    • Replies: @anon
  138. Antiwar7 says:
    @G. Poulin

    It’s not, unless it’s small scale.

    Democracy now is government by sociopaths, the 2% of society who can grift their way to the top and convincingly pretend to “feel your pain”.

  139. Antiwar7 says:

    Chris Hedges has always been a useful idiot (or worse) for pro-war agendas, going back at least to the early 1990’s when he reported on the wars in the former Yugoslavia for the New York Times. Stephen Kinzer, as well, but Hedges was even more egregious.

  140. Antiwar7 says:

    I don’t just agree with what you said: I emphatically agree.

    You nailed it on Chris Hedges. He was a total pro-war, dishonest propagandist when he covered the Bosnian War. And Counterpunch has really floundered since Alexander Cockburn died, with clear signs of control or self-control on behalf of the pro-war elite. And the Intercept? What a joke.

  141. Tony Hall says:

    Chris Hedges does not pass the 9/11 litmus test,

    • Replies: @Adrian
  142. @9/11 Inside job

    Your reply doesn’t address the questions about the weather and who knew it would be a cloudless day on 9/11, 2000.

    A narrative [of men incapable of flying planes by instruments] had to be plausible [like Oswald, who couldn’t spray JFK’s brain and blood tissue onto a motorcycle agent to the rear and left of JFK’s limo, needed Secret Service agents to be off the back of the limo].

    Please explain [if possible at all] who was capable of pulling the [weather] feature off…

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  143. @skrik

    Try this; are you familiar with what I term the Bernays haze?

    I pay no tax over the money I make.

    My sky’s clear.

    [I do pay VAT whenever I buy something – cash only.]

    You have to be careful when judging people you’re not familiar with…

  144. annamaria says:

    Zio-nazified Virginia:

    It’s been two years since Roberta Kaplan and her co-conspirators filed their sham lawsuit against organizers, speakers and attendees of the August 12, 2017 rally in Charlottesville VA, and the media is once again carrying water for her. The latest puff piece on the Jewish lesbian lawyer appears in Glamour Magazine, a strange choice given how conspicuously lacking Robbie and her accomplices are in that particular trait.

    A specter is haunting Virginia — the specter of Leo Frank.

  145. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    You [and Caitlin] are saying that Deep State and Israel support Brexit? (Or, at least, Johnson’s “Brexit-lite.”)

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  146. Adrian says:
    @Tony Hall

    Only a fool fights on all fronts at once.

  147. turtle says:

    An educated citizenry which is capable of critical thinking is NOT in the interests of TPTB.

  148. turtle says:

    “State of Israel” = JAMES*

    One among many, though perhaps the foremost.
    Verily, a JAMES gang.

  149. @anon

    I have read some commentaries that Israel supports Brexit as the UK, freed from any constraints imposed by the EU, will be more inclined to use its military in support of Israel’s interests in the Middle-East and in particular against Iran . I believe that Johnson is already touting the benefits of leaving the Common Market in striking great trade deals with Israel . As the EU had a major assist in its creation from the US and the CIA the “Deep state ” is , like the British public , probably conflicted about Brexit , therefore , as you suggest , the UK will end up with Brexit-lite .
    See: “The real agenda behind the CIA’s spawning of the EU”

  150. @Republic

    Yes, Hedges is a liar (albeit an articulate and erudite one) and clearly part of the controlled opposition. He spoke here in Portland, Maine a few years ago, and when I asked him during the Q&A whether he had read the work of Dr. David Ray Griffin proving that the official story of 9/11 is a fraud, he dumurred, saying he thought that Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, et als. were just “asleep at the switch”. Riiiiight……

    • Agree: Republic
  151. @Daniel Rich

    Unfortunately , 56 years after the assassination of JFK we are still arguing over whether or not Oswald was a patsy, he was , and whether or not the kill-shot came from the front and from the direction of the “grassy knoll” , it is very likely that it did . See the comments on Laurent Guyenot’s article on the “Umbrella Man “. Likewise people will still be arguing 56 years from 9/11 whether or not planes hit the Twin Towers , as the mass media and the deep state will never allow the truth to be told . As the deep state , for want of a better term , controlled the 9/11 Commisssion , the narrative and the mass media on 9/11 , I am not sure how concerned they were about how plausible their lies were , I like the public are very gullible .No bodies at Shanksville , no problem , impossible cell phone calls from planes , no problem , evidence shipped to China , no problem , a passport that survives a raging fire , no problem ….
    Due to the predictive programming and the numerology,gematria/kabbalah/occult ritual involved
    (see S.K. Bain :”The Most Dangerous book in the World : 9/11 as mass ritual “] ,it appears that rain or shine the attacks had to occur on September 11, 2001, so control of the weather on that day would have been of great importance to the planners of the false flag attacks ,
    we know from the many articles on weather warfare that such control is possible . However whether or not it was used is another subject of debate see for example : ” Dr. Judy Wood : 9/11 Gatekeeper Extraordinaire “ . For supporters of Dr.Judy Wood I am afriad that this article is not kind to her theories . As mini-nukes have a long history of having been used in demolitions , they well could have been used with other explosives to demolish the Twin Towers .

  152. mcohen says:
    @Mark Gobell

    What does this mean.

    January 1942 to February 1943.

    It should be understood that full sets of inmate statistics for all of the camps mentioned in these reports, either do not exist in the GP message archives, or were not collated into tables.

    • Replies: @Mark Gobell
  153. mcohen says:

    So how many died in the Holocaust if what they claim is false.Surely after so many posts on unz you would have come up with a number you could prove to be true..
    That’s something that I just cannot understand.You continually deny six million died but have no estimate yourself

    Come on wally lolly….where is wally,does wally have a number. Lol

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wally
  154. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    It was 6 bazillion.

    Please Mossad don’t murder me.

  155. Mark Gobell says: • Website

    mcohen asked :

    158. mcohen says:
    December 14, 2019 at 1:05 pm GMT
    @Mark Gobell

    What does this mean ?

    Quote :

    Bletchley Park Concentration Camp Decodes

    2. Relevant extracts from seven of the fourteen available Bletchley Park GPCC monthly / periodic intelligence summary reports, GPCC series, OS1 to OS7.

    These summary reports contain analyses of the GPCC daily inmate returns and more general GPCC messages for other establishments, covering decodes for the period:

    January 1942 to February 1943.

    It should be understood that full sets of inmate statistics for all of the camps mentioned in these reports, either do not exist in the GP message archives, or were not collated into tables.

    The names of establishments mentioned in the published summary report extracts, in no particular order, are as follows:

    · Oranienburg
    · Sachsenhausen
    · Dachau
    · Mauthausen
    · Gusen
    · Ravensbruck
    · Buchenwald
    · Flossenburg
    · Auschwitz
    · Stutthof
    · Hinzert
    · Niederhagen
    · Lublin
    · Debica
    · Hegewald
    · Wewelesburg
    · Ischl
    · Zwringen
    · Jawichowics
    · Kobierszyn
    · Hertogenbosch
    · Linz
    · Gross-Rahming
    · Breststen

    End Quote

    Answer to mcohen :

    It means :

    Full sets of inmate statistics for all of the camps mentioned in the summary reports covering decodes for the period January 1942 to February 1943 for the list of camps shown, either do not exist in the GP message archives, or were not collated into tables.

    Various camps are mentioned in the periodic summary reports as shown in the above list.

    Archive records of inmate statistics exist for some of these camps in the form of summary tables, ( as per the published Auschwitz tables for 1942 / 43 ) and / or raw decoded German radio messages from which the tables were compiled once intercepted and decoded.

    Archival records for inmate statistics do not exist for all of the camps mentioned in the list.

    The short version is that the archives do not contain either individual German radio decodes of inmate statistics nor collated periodic summary tables for all camps listed, only for some of the camps.

    Only Auschwitz inmate data has been published on the site.

    The links to the Auschwitz inmate statistics for Jan 1942 to Feb 1943 are in the right hand panel, along with Excel data, charts and relevant commentary.

    Bletchley Park Concentration Camp Decodes


  156. annamaria says:

    The unraveling of MSM’s profitable lying. The owners of the main lying corporations must be sued to penury before the world goes in flames:
    Comment section (sorry for the lengthy repost):

    I’m beginning to think Strzok was part of a Clinton/Podesta crisis management/deep state plan to bulletproof Clinton from both the Uranium One scandal and the festering email scandal: open a limited and controlled “matter” to give the appearance of a thorough investigation of her time as SOS, then have DOJ absolve her before the convention. And use the same DOJ investigators who quietly blessed the Uranium One sale, despite detailed evidence presented by confidential informant Walter Campbell.

    Campbell, like the Podesta Group, was a lobbyist for Russia in the effort to get the sale approved. Unlike Podesta, he registered under FARA. He was reportedly so appalled by what he heard from his Russian clients – that massive donations to the Clinton Foundation were sealing the deal – that he reported his concerns to the FBI, and became a CI, wore a wire, collected all manner of evidence. When the deal was approved anyway, he reportedly asked his handler, how was that possible? “Politics” was the reported reply. He was then placed under an order not to reveal any of his evidence, not even to Congress, under penalty of imprisonment. It has not yet been reported who supervised the DOJ Uranium One investigation, or Campbell’s handler, but it is fair speculation that the same core conspirators pursuing an “insurance policy” to protect against a Trump victory should be suspected, until more is known. Particularly Strzok, who was everywhere, who may have been the only top person at FBI to have seen Huma Abedin’s laptop

    As top counterintelligence agent at FBI, did he also supervise the review of the DWS laptop [Debbie Wasserman Schultz] and Becerra server retrieved in the Imran Awan investigation? The Seth Rich laptop whose contents, according to Sy Hersh’s phone rant published in August, proved, per an FBI report Hersh claimed to have had read to him, that Rich was the source of the Wikileaks DNC emails.

    The Uranium One deal reportedly netted the Clinton organization \$135M, mostly from foreigners on both sides of the controversial transaction – the Russians seeking approval for strategic purposes, the sellers for monetary ones. It is likely the CIA also had to secretly sign off on that deal. It is hard to fathom why the US would approve it, unless there were corrupt purposes to be served: the Clintons and their many retainers to amass the funds needed to run their organization, the deep staters to amass the leverage they could use to exercise control over the levers of power from a known political machine with whom they’d already learned to profitably coexist, with the “cover” of the Clinton Global Initiative liberal goals to assuage the guilt, justify the actions as serving a “larger good.”

  157. Wally says:

    That’s easy.

    – No Jews died in the so called “holocaust”, the “holocau\$t” is a proven fraud.
    – There were no mass exterminations as alleged and you cannot prove otherwise.
    – Please show us the claimed millions upon millions of human remains claimed by your guys to exist in known locations. We await.
    – Tell us how the laughable ‘gas chambers’, that supposedly killed four million Jews and millions of others, supposedly worked. We await.
    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:
    Babi Yar: The [alleged] Einsatzgruppen ‘Killings’:
    “The Holocaust” Is a Myth That Conceals Our Shame:
    Teaching Holocaust, Don’t know much about history, by Philip Giraldi :

    • Replies: @anon
  158. Zumbuddi says:

    Drag Queen Story Hour — where public libraries host men dressed as women to read to “birth – to – fifth graders” who are “gender fluid”.

    A Jew started it.

    Exactly as you outlined.

  159. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    – No Jews died in the so called “holocaust”

    LOL, zero. In which bot-Wally totally debunks himself. Have to imagine the Wallster near top of Ron’s list of boring clutter.

    • Replies: @Wally
  160. Anonymous[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Like the song says:

    You gotta walk that lonesome valley,
    You gotta walk it by yourself,
    Nobody here can walk it for you,
    You gotta walk it by yourself

  161. annamaria says:

    The DNC’ stench:

    DOJ refuses to release records of Imran Awan:

    Glenn Simpson, a fool in service to Clinton (and head of Fusion GPS) defends Steele dossier:

    According to British press reports, Orbis and Steele were paid £200,000 for the dossier. Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee the sum was much less — \$160,000 (about £114,000). Simpson’s firm, he also testified, was being paid at a rate of about \$50,000 per month for a total of about \$320,000. If the British sources are more accurate than Simpson’s testimony, Steele’s takings from the dossier represented roughly half the profit on the Orbis balance-sheet.

    Dm. Alperovitch, the profiteering traitor to a country of his residence and very special Jewish person who has been effortlessly defying the rules of FBI investigation; see Clinton’s server: “The Democratic National Committee tells BuzzFeed News that the bureau [FBI] “never requested access” to the servers the White House and intelligence community [Dm. Alperovich the main source of “information” in kind of fancy fairy tales] say were hacked by Russia.”

  162. Wally says:

    – How do ‘bots’ “debunk themselves?” You’re making no sense as usual.

    – Got proof of any Jews dying in the fake & impossible “holocaust”?

    – Please show us the claimed millions upon millions of human remains claimed by your guys to exist in known locations. We await.
    – Tell us how the laughable ‘gas chambers’, that supposedly killed four million Jews and millions of others, supposedly worked. We await.


    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  163. I can think of very few writers/thinkers/journalists/educators besides Ed Curtin who could dare to imagine tackling the past hundred years of Deep State history–from its Freudian offshoot-beginnings with Sigmund’s nephew Bernays to the latest mainstream babble on our TVs, movie screens, “smart phones,” etc.–I say, I can think of very few to take on such a 100-year history besides Ed Curtin.

    Curtin does it as provocatively as he does because he has a carefully considered way of walking us through the detritus-littered mazes. (In his “creative” work, I’ve watched him walk through less-cluttered, less littered mazes to show us the beating heart of natural wonders.)

    In spite of Ed’s consummate abilities, the task here is overwhelming, the litter and B.S. is piled too high. (Even former heroes, like Hedges, seem to be on slippery slopes.)

    I hope Ed will continue to probe. (I’m sure he will. He’s too good, too brave, to pertinacious to subsist.) I hope Ed will consider putting his brilliance to work in a book–utilizing that kind of spaciousness to fill in the gaps. (Yeah, I know…there are many gaps. That, too, is part of the Deep State shenanigans. And, then, of course, there’s finding the publisher with the guts and means to see the project through.)

    Thanks, Ed. And good luck! You light up these dark times.

  164. I should have written, “too pertinacious to desist.”

  165. annamaria says:

    MSM presstitutes, these castrated eunuchs in service to oligarchs, versus an intelligent and courageous man Udo Ulfkotte:

    In 2014, the German journalist and writer Udo Ulfkotte published a book that created a big stir, describing how the journalistic profession is thoroughly corrupt and infiltrated by intelligence services.

    Although eagerly anticipated by many, the English translation of the book, Bought Journalists, does not seem to be forthcoming anytime soon.

    The unfreedom of speech and information in the sanctimonious western world:

    The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book Bought Journalists appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.

    His book and interview give a well-deserved black eye to such disinformation / presstitution center as the Atlantic Council.
    The impressive set of presstitutes at the Atlantic Council:

  166. annamaria says:

    “The Atlantic Council: Experts on the Front Line of Disinformation,” by Bryan MacDonald:

    “The Atlantic Council: The Marketing Arm of the Military/Security Complex,” by Paul Craig Roberts:

    Eva Bartlett:

    This describes what #Bellingcrap, Atlantic Council, Integrity (lack thereof) Initiative, Ken Roth, and the associated faux human rights groups, the Guardian and other fake news presstitute media have been doing on #Syria:

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  167. @Wally

    “The greatest swindle of all time – Uncovering the Holocaust lies ” :
    Professor Norman Finklestein : “Considering the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry , the wonder is that there are so few skeptics ”

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  168. @annamaria : ” Udo Ulfkotte murdered – German journalist who spilled the beans on CIA media influence has died at 56 from a heart attack ” By Michael Krieger
    Quote by Ulfkotte : ” I was bribed by billionaires – I was bribed by the Americans to report not exactly the truth .”

  169. @9/11 Inside job

    The ZUS gov has been chemtrailing Montana for over 30 years almost daily, by my own observation and I also saw this in Europe when on vacation over there.

    Chemtrails contain nano particles of aluminum and barium and strontium , which allows the HAARP micro wave transmitters to ionize the atmosphere to heat the atmosphere to guide storm fronts and tornadoes and hurricanes and to cause drought in selected areas and floods in selected areas and to then blame global warming for these HAARP caused events.

    Over the years I have called federal and state and county officials and have been met with denial and mocking , I still call , even though it is of no avail.

    Chemtrails show the power of the deep state, it is an open secret right there in the skies , but none dare call it conspiracy!

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  170. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Annamaria 167, thanks for reminding us of Imran Awan. CIA crack whore Tanya Chutkan sent Maria Butina up the river to boost illegal CIA war propaganda, so it’s natural to find her doing OPSEC for illegal domestic CIA agent Hina Alvi. So is Chutkan bribed or blackmailed? Or does she just remember what happened to insubordinate judges Robert Vance and Gladys Kessler when they annoyed CIA?

    Anyway it’s fun to watch CIA ratfuckers at work. In this case they played musical chairs with DoJ staff to install their CIA mole as counsel, then fabricated lots of false excuses while Tanya wrote the gag order with a CIA laser dot on her head.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  171. annamaria says:

    There were people, with the names and addresses, who had authorized the mass slaughter in Syria for personal material and political gains: “The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. ”

    … there is evidence of gross media manipulation and falsification from the outset of the protest movement in southern Syria on March 17th [2011].

    The Western media has presented the events in Syria as part of the broader Arab pro-democracy protest movement, spreading spontaneously from Tunisia, to Egypt, and from Libya to Syria.

    Media coverage has focussed on the Syrian police and armed forces, which are accused of indiscriminately shooting and killing unarmed “pro-democracy” demonstrators. While these police shootings did indeed occur, what the media failed to mention is that among the demonstrators there were armed gunmen as well as snipers who were shooting at both the security forces and the protesters. …

    From Day One, the Islamist “freedom fighters” were supported, trained and equipped by NATO and Turkey’s High Command. …

    The same “false flag” strategy of killing innocent civilians was used during the Ukraine Maidan protest movement. On February 20th, 2014, professional snipers were shooting at both demonstrators and policemen with a view to accusing president Viktor Yanukovych of “mass murder.”

    It was subsequently revealed that these snipers were controlled by the opponents of president Yanukovych, who are now part of the coalition government.

    The “humanitarian mandate” of the US and its allies is sustained by diabolical “false flag” attacks which consist in killing civilians with a view to breaking the legitimacy of governments which refuse to abide by the diktats of Washington and its allies.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @anonymous
  172. annamaria says:

    “France Manipulated,” by Thierry Meyssan:

    Even before her confirmation by the Senate, the future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contacted London and Paris to conduct a dual military operation in the “broader Middle East”. …

    In November 2010, i.e. before the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy signed the Lancaster House Treaties in London. The official aim is to pool defense elements, including nuclear elements, in order to achieve economies of scale. …

    The CIA then organized a secret meeting in Cairo to which President Sarkozy sent a delegation including lobbyist Bernard-Henri Lévy, a former lover of Carla Bruni and Ségolène Royal. Muslim Brother Mahmoud Jibril becomes the leader of the “opposition to the tyrant” when he leaves. Among the Syrians present were Malik Al-Abdeh (a former BBC official who created BaradaTV with CIA and State Department money) and Ammar Qurabi (a member of a host of human rights associations and creator of OrientTV). …

    The former Minister of Justice, Mustafa Abdel Jalil [a friend of Bernard-Henri Lévy], who had tortured Bulgarian nurses, becomes head of the provisional government.

    Madame Ha-Ha-Ha with Al Qaeda freedom fighters: Hillary Clinton with Libyan comrades-in-arms, whom since have proven, backed by much evidence, to be affiliated with al-Qaeda like the LIFG in Libya.

    In the early days of the invasion, Gaddafi said that those who were behind it were not Libyans, but rather al-Qaeda and foreign fighters. Qatar has since proven to play a central role. The country’s leader, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, was one of Hillary Clinton’s closest partners and among the biggest contributors to the Clinton Foundation at the time. … It was also a known fact that Gaddafi had long challenged the Saudi Dynasty—in the homeland of Wahhabism and Sunni extremism. …

    It was at this time that Gaddafi also warned that millions of Africans would flee from Libya and head for Europe if Libya was destabilised. Millions have since undertaken the voyage to Europe via Italy.

    Clinton’s gift to Lybians: “Horrifying militia rule in Libya, massive suffering, due to NATO war 2011:”

    Records are now being collected and cases investigated, in order to gain evidence that may be presented to press charges against several of these warlords.

    The details from massacres have not been hard to find, and the people of Libya are taking photographs as proof everywhere, tired of being governed by fear and terror. The population live in constant fear of abductions, kidnappings, rape, killings – beheadings, crucifixions and widespread use of horrifying torture.

    Pictures of severed heads, tortured bodies and crying parents because their loved ones are abducted and kept without trial in prisons for years, flood the Libyan pages. The “prisons” are filled with political prisoners, this all happens under the watch of the European governments and the authority of Western and UN-backed Tripoli. Amnesty International and others are silently watching, doing almost nothing.

    The Lybians should send copies of the photographs of “severed heads, tortured bodies and crying parents” to Mrs. Clinton and her “humanitarian” daughter Chelsea, as well as to Sarkozy and his relatives. Along with the aged playboy (and faux “philosopher”) Bernard-Henri Lévy, the criminal “deciders” should be sued, to penury, by the victims of the profiteering games in the Middle East.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @anon
  173. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    TY for sharing.

    Here is logically sound piece on the instrumental role Iran has played in the defeat of ISIS (after the US and its allies fueled its rise) from Newsweek (which just refused to publish piece on OPCW falsification of Syrian “chem. attack” report – maybe they don’t want another prominent resignation like @Tareq_Haddad).

    If Iran Falls, ISIS May Rise Again

  174. anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

    The “humanitarian mandate” of the US and its allies is sustained by diabolical “false flag” attacks which consist in killing civilians with a view to breaking the legitimacy of governments which refuse to abide by the diktats of Washington and its allies.

    Remember Neda?

    Apply the principles from Sharyl Attkisson’s TEDTalk that annamaria posted @172 —

    On June 20, 2009, the 26-year-old stepped out of her car on a Tehran street near where Iranians were massing in protest of what was seen as the farcical re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    California attorney Eric Brill analyzed the election results and Mr. Mousavi’s complaints about them. He concluded that
    “No credible evidence published so far indicates that Ahmadinejad stole Iran’s 2009 presidential election – or, for that matter, that any fraud at all occurred.”

    The death of Neda Agha-Soltan . . . 23 January 1983 – 20 June 2009) drew worldwide attention after she was shot dead during the 2009 Iranian election protests. Agha-Soltan, a student of philosophy, was participating in the protests with her music teacher, and was walking back to her car when she was fatally shot in the chest. . .

    Is it usual for face and eyes to bleed from a chest wound, and for blood to flow in against gravity?

    Her name is often miscited as “Neda Soltani”. Neda Soltani is a different woman, whose Facebook profile photo was mistakenly published in many articles about the incident. She tried in vain to remove her photo from the internet. Claims from both sides have been made, including claims from the Iranian government that she was the same person as Agha-Soltan and had faked her own death; and others who claimed that she was herself an agent of the Iranian government impersonating Agha-Soltan to sully her memory. Within two weeks, she had fled from Iran and was granted asylum in Germany in 2010

    Really clumsy back-pedaling.

    AGREE w anon(113): Thanks for sharing, annamaria.

  175. Adrian says:

    It is not clear to me what some contributors have against Hedges. Some say he has failed the litmus test on 9/11.

    Well, he has been clear enough about the abuse of this event to destroy civil liberties and to justify foreign aggression. But he has indeed said, when challenged on the point by Jon Gold among others, that he didn’t know whether in the official version of 9/11 we were lied to. I think he does, accustomed as he is to look sceptically at official “information” on almost any other matter.. So why doesn’t he acknowledge it in this case?

    Another activist, the Australian Caitlin Johnstone, provides an explanation for an almost similar attitude in her case:

    (a large quote follows but Caitlin has allowed the use of her articles anywhere without restriction):


    I very rarely mention 9/11 except in passing.

    There are two reasons for this:

    Firstly, the narrative control battle
    has already been decisively won by the other side. The mainstream understanding is that anyone who talks about what really happened on 9/11 is a crazy crackpot who must not be listened to, because the establishment narrative control campaign to discredit and demonize critical thinking on the subject succeeded many years ago. If today’s ubiquitous internet access had happened to coincide with 9/11 and the grassroots push to find out the truth behind it, that narrative control would have been far more difficult if not impossible for the establishment to shore up. But the timing didn’t work out that way, and now the narrative is fully locked down except in the margins of discourse which have no effect on the mainstream.

    Secondly, even if there were some way to show everyone in the western world the truth of what happened on 9/11, the establishment propaganda machine would immediately narrative manage the problem away. The operation would be blamed on rogue actors, maybe a few powerful establishment loyalists would face consequences (though probably not) and be replaced with other establishment loyalists, and then the imperial propaganda machine would pace everyone into an understanding of why it’s still right and necessary to support the US-centralized empire and its globe-sprawling war machine. The status quo would march on essentially undisturbed. This is one hundred percent guaranteed as long as the empire still has a functioning propaganda engine.

    This is why I focus on attacking the establishment propaganda machine using clear, undeniable arguments against which people haven’t been preemptively prejudiced against by narrative management campaigns, in a way that people can verify independently for themselves.

    As I explain in my article “How To Defeat The Empire”, people can only hope to oust the oppression machine by using the power of their numbers to do so, and they won’t use the power of their numbers to do so as long as they’re successfully propagandized. The way to kill the empire’s ability to propagandize people is not to run up to them saying things they’ve already been conditioned to view as bat shit insane, it’s to help them see in their own experience that those outlets are behaving in an untrustworthy way here and now. Distrust in the mass media is already at an all-time high, so all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction.

    That’s where I choose to pour my energy. Not into attacking a heavily-armored narrative about something that happened 18 years ago, but into independently verifiable deceptions happening here and now like the mass media’s conspiracy of silence on the OPCW scandal, Bellingcat’s easily debunked lies, and the various deceitful narratives used to manufacture consent for the imprisonment of Julian Assange. I can point to these things in a way that people will actually get curious about and look into for themselves, rather than slamming the cognitive door with a conditioned reflexive “LOL shit up 9/11 truther.”

    It is good and right to ask questions about 9/11, but that’s a rabbit hole that only opens up for people when it opens up for them. You can’t force people to jump down it. Believing I should keep pushing 9/11 truth on principle because they lied to us about something evil is like believing I should keep bashing my face into a brick wall on principle because it shouldn’t be there rather than simply walking around and going through the open door.

    However, unlike Hedges, Caitlin has made it clear enough that she knows we were lied to on 9/11, inter alia by recommending this brilliant little video by Corbett:

    But then, of course, she hasn’t got as big a fish to fry as that prominent American activist.

  176. annamaria says:

    The glorious state of the USA or chickens have come home to roost:
    “Mueller Report based on fabricated evidence. Former NSA technical chief, Bill Binney, says CIA created the ‘evidence’ for the Mueller Report’s allegation that Russia had hacked DNC,” by Eric Zuesse:

    … there are at least five items that we’ve found that were produced by Guccifer 2.0 back on June 15th, where they had the Russian fingerprints in them, suggesting the Russians made the hack. Well, we found the same five items published by Wikileaks in the Podesta emails.

    Those items do not have the Russian fingerprints …

    All the evidence we’re accumulating clearly says and implies, the US government — namely the FBI, CIA, the DOJ, and of course the State Department — all these people involved in this hack, bought a dossier and all of the information going forward to the FISA court.

    All of them knew that this was a fake from the very beginning, because this Guccifer 2.0 character was fabricating it. … Well, when they sent their lawyers over to challenge that in a court of law, the government failed to prove they had any connection with the Russian government.

    They basically were chastised by the judge for fabricating a charge against this company. … the entire Rosenstein indictment is also a fabrication and a fake and a fraud for the same reasons. The judges seem to be involved in trying to keep this information out of the public domain.

  177. HueHueBR says:

    Is this for real or just for show?

    I had some involuntary experiences with this technology, but I wonder why go public with this now.

  178. my2cents says:

    Contrary to so many lies about Germany, Germans did not engage in propaganda. They did not have to . Hitler gave the Banks the middle finger printed his own money and not only rebuild Germany from the ashes of WW1, but also got Germany out of the Depression. All in 4 years time. So he was hugely popular with his people who considered him a savior. He became the envy of the rest of the world. Was greatly admired by Gandhi and caused former British PM David Lloyd George to travel to Germany to meet with Hitler.

  179. utu says:
    @Peter Grafström

    “Sirhan Sirhan was suitable as a scapegoat” because he was Palestinian whose alleged motive was RFK’s alleged pro Israel position.

    • Replies: @Peter Grafström
  180. @utu

    Right, but I was thinking of the manchurian candidate (=mc) aspect.

    Thus I used ‘suitable scapegoat’ in the sense of propagating that kind of conspiracy theory.

    And Opton and Scheflin, I believe, did a good job in debunking it as a major aspect in the rfk murder case, although Scheflin has later confirmed that mind manipulation has been researched extensively in the US.

    However the reason Opton and Scheflin came to the conclusion that the mc aspect would not apply, was, in my view, simply because an assassination is more effectively carried out by using professional hired guns, with some suitable diversion for cover up.

    That doesnt outrule that something similar to the hypnotised robotic manners of a charicature-like manchurians candidate may still be attainable.

    The reproducibility Jose Delgado obtained by replaying repetitively previous recordings of neural patterns seemed to him both for monkeys and human subjects to confirm some robotic characteristics of biological creatures.

    In other words it is possible to bypass free will and to remote control a living creature.

    To what extent this extends to all higher cerebral functions I dont know.

  181. kattt says:
    @G. Poulin

    democracy is just a way of keeping the masses thinking that they are choosing something, when they are not

  182. How do we know thar Edward Curtin (who he?) isn’t part of the same or indeed another conspiracy?

    The main subject with which I associate Bellingcat is the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine. He was one of the main players who fingered the Russians as responsible for supplying the missiles to the rebel forces. I found the evidence for this compelling. If Curtin doubts it, let him address it directly.

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