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The Anti-Semitic Birth of the Zionist State
A History of Israel’s Self-Hating Founders
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Credit: Antonio Cabrera

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When the victims of Zionism finally have their day in court, the world will see just how cruel and racist the early Zionists really were.

JERUSALEM — “Self-Hating Jew” — along with other terms like “traitor, Zhid, Kapo, Nazi, and Little Jew” — are among the epithets used by Zionists to insult Jewish people who oppose or reject Zionism and its racist ideology.

A recent episode of Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro’s podcast “Committing High Reason” recalls the history of Theodor Hertzl, the founder of Zionism and of the Zionist State, and sheds new light on the term “Self-Hating Jew.”

Committing High Reason

Rabbi Shapiro sources all of his claims methodically and when one hears what Hertzl, who was Jewish himself, wrote about Jewish people, the only conclusion is that he was the quintessential “Self-Hating Jew.” There can be no doubt that he hated Jewish people and wanted nothing more than to dissociate himself from the “common” Jew. Furthermore, he was not alone: other Zionist leaders — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Chaim Weizmann, and others — were equally openly hateful of their Jewish brethren.

In 2018, Rabbi Shapiro published a 1,400-page book titled “The Empty Wagon, Zionism’s Journey from Identity Crisis to Identity Theft.” The book outlines the vast differences that exist between Judaism and its main nemesis, Zionism. The book was written for Orthodox Jews and indeed every Orthodox Jewish home I have visited in the last two years had a copy of this massive work. Even though it assumes a great deal of knowledge about Judaism, the book has an unprecedented amount of well-sourced information, so that even those of us who are not well versed in Judaism can learn a great deal from it.

The information presented in this particular episode of Rabbi Shapiro’s podcast can also be found in his book, and it leads to the undeniable fact that the founder of Zionism — and many of his contemporaries — hated everything about Jews and Judaism and hated the fact that they themselves were Jewish. According to Rabbi Shapiro and many other Orthodox rabbis whom he quotes, it was their hatred of Jews and not their desire to save them from anti-Semitism that was the driving force behind the creation of Zionism and the establishment of a Zionist state.

The founder of Zionism not only believed that the anti-Semitic trolls about Jews were true, but also justified them. He claimed only that these racist accusations applied to the “other” Jews, those who were not as secular and “enlightened” as he.

The story of Hertzl, as it is told in Zionist schools both in Israel and around the world, makes him seem like the savior of Jews, a man motivated by the desire to do good. However, a more in-depth look into the man and his motivations reveals that he despised Jewish people and wanted to separate himself from “common” Jews by creating a space, an existence for people like himself who were Jews by birth but despised what it means to be Jewish.

Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of right-wing Zionism and today’s Israeli Likud Party, was another classic case of the “Self-Hating Jew.” He wrote that “[t]he Jews are very nasty people and their neighbors hate them and they are right.”

Another Zionist spiritual leader, Uri Zvi Greenberg, wrote: “Those loathsome Jews are vomited by any healthy collective and state not because they are Jews but because of their Jewish repulsiveness.”

Zionists worship physical strength while Orthodox Judaism looks down upon it. In a conversation I had once with Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Dovid Feldman of New York, I asked about this. I told him that to people like me, who were raised Zionist, Orthodox Jews look weak and pale and very unattractive. Rabbi Feldman looked straight at me and replied: “You have no idea how hard we work to maintain this look. Being a Jew is a spiritual-religious existence, not a masculine physical one.”

Maushel (or Moishel)

In the October 15, 1897 edition of the Zionist paper Dei Welt, a publication that Hertzl founded, he published an essay, titled “Maushe,” about a Jew who is an anti-Zionist. The focus of the essay was a fictional character, a Jew Hertzl called “Maushel,” which was a derogatory name for Jews used by anti-Semites at the time.

The front page of the Zionist paper Dei Welt circa 1897
The front page of the Zionist paper Dei Welt circa 1897

Maushel — or Moishel, depending on one’s accent — is the “common” religious Jew. The article was originally written in German, with an English version published in another Zionist publication called The Maccabean. Here are a few examples of how Hertz depicts the Jews in his essay:

Maushel | Theodore Herzl
Maushel | Theodore Herzl

“Maushel is an anti-Zionist. We know him well and long and we always felt disgusted when we saw him.” Hertzl is all the more disgusted and chagrin by being obliged to acknowledge that Maushel is indeed “of our people,” though there is “not the slightest use of being proud of the fact,” which he laments results from “the co-mingling at one dark period of our history of a lower class of people with our nation.”

Hertzl goes on to say that “[t]he disgust which we had for him was coupled with pity. We sought to explain his miserable and wretched appearance. We told ourselves that we must tolerate him that it was our sacred duty to civilize him.” Wanting to disassociate himself from the Maushel Jew, Hertzl says, “He is the terrible companion of the Jews and so inseparable from them that one is always mistaken one for the other. “

Hertzl continues with his blatant hatred and writes that Maushel is “the antithesis of a human being, something unspeakably degraded and obstinate…Maushel proceeds with his own dirty business in poverty Maushel is a wretched schnorrer.” Then sadly Justifying anti-Semitic attacks on Jews, Hertzl says, “Maushel always supplied reasons for the attacks upon us.” In other words the Jews, the “real” Jews” like Hertzl are targeted by anti-Semites because of this distant, unrelated person who the anti-Semites confuse for a Jew.

Further, Hertzl writes:

In the eyes of the anti-Semite the Jew and Maushel were bound together; then Zionism appeared and the Jew and Maushel had to define their position, and now Maushel did the Jews a service: he divorced himself from the union because he is an anti-Zionist.”

In other words, Hertzl claims that only the real Jews are secular Zionist Jews. He then goes on to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism: “When people say that Jews do not support Zionism the answer is no! The Jew cannot be an anti-Zionist, only Maushel is.”

Rhetoric like this is very common in Israel today, that the real Jews are the secular Zionists and religious non-Zionist Jews are described in a variety of derogatory terms.

“That’s fine,” Hertzl continues, “let us be relieved of him. It is an opportunity to purify ourselves of these degrading elements.”

The confusion regarding Jewish identity and the claims that Zionism is part of Jewish identity is very common, and indeed very troubling. This deep misunderstanding of both Judaism and Zionism clearly can be traced back to the founder of Zionism, Theodor Hertzl.

What makes a Jew a Jew?

The great Jewish sage, Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on- – whose full name was Sa’id Bin Yousef El-Fayyumi — was one of the most important Jewish rabbinic figures of all times. He was born in Fayyum in upper Egypt in the late Ninth century; went on to study in Tabariya, Palestine, which was an important center of Jewish learning; and later lived, worked, and wrote in Baghdad. In what is considered one of his most important books — “Emunot Ve-Deot,” or “Beliefs and Opinions,” which he wrote in Arabic using Hebrew letters — Ga’on wrote that the people of Israel — in other words, Jews — are a nation only by virtue of their religious laws (he used the term Sharia in Arabic for religious laws). In other words, a people bound by faith.

A Page from Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on’s book “Emunot Ve-Deot”
A Page from Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on’s book “Emunot Ve-Deot”

According to Hertzl, Jews are a nation because, as he put it, “our enemies made us one without our consent; distress binds us together.” The former defines Jewish people as a religious group bound by laws and faith, the latter as an undefined group united by the hatred of non-Jews.

A eulogy to Hertzl

Vladimir Jabotinsky’s eulogy to Hertzl was a monumental offering of praise and even veneration. First published as a booklet in Odessa in 1905, it was written in Russian and later translated into Hebrew. In it, Jabotinsky discusses the legacy of Hertzl, whom, despite their differences, he admired deeply. In one section, Jabotinsky praises the wonderful features of a Hebrew and compares them to what he calls the disgusting features of a Jew. Instead of saying Jew, he used the horribly degrading, anti-Semitic term “Zhid.”

“Doctor Hertzl,” the cover of the booklet containing Jabotinsky’s eulogy
“Doctor Hertzl,” the cover of the booklet containing Jabotinsky’s eulogy

The eulogy begins with Jabotinsky admitting that no one has ever seen a true Hebrew (“None of us has seen the true Hebrew with our very eyes.”) and continuing on to say that the Jew we see around us today is not a Hebrew but a Zhid (“And so today, we take as our starting point the Zhid, and try to imagine his exact opposite,” in an effort to imagine a Hebrew.).

Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky’s photo on the Likud Party website
Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky’s photo on the Likud Party website

“Because the Zhid is ugly, sickly,” the father of Israel’s Likud Party writes, “we will give the ideal image of the Hebrew masculine beauty, stature, massive shoulders, vigorous movements,” Jabotinsky concludes:

The Zhid is frightened and downtrodden, the Hebrew proud and independent. The Zhid is disgusting to everyone, the Hebrew should be charming to all. The Zhid accepts submission, the Hebrew ought to know how to command. The Zhid likes to hide from the eyes of strangers, the Hebrew will possess brazensess and greatness.”

Hertzl, according to Jabotinsky, was the perfect specimen of the Hebrew that no one has ever seen.

Zionism — for whom?

If indeed Hertzl and the other leaders of Zionism were self-hating Jews and looked down upon the “common” Jew, what was their motivation for establishing Zionism and working so hard to found a Zionist State?

In Chapter One of his book, Rabbi Shapiro quotes one of the most respected rabbis of his day, Rabbi Chaim Soloveichik, who lived in Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. According to the quote, Rabbi Soloveichik says that Zionists wanted to create a state in order to destroy Judaism.

In other words, Zionists were secular and viewed themselves as enlightened and better than the “common” Jew. They looked down at Torah-observant Jews. They wanted a place where people like them, who did not look or live like “common” Jews, would be able to live without having to deal with (or even see) observant Jews, and where they could be like other nations.

The State of Israel was not created for the “common” Jew, the one with a long beard and payot (the curls that dangle from the side of their heads), those who lived in the shtetl (ghettos) of Europe. Neither was the Zionist state created for the Arab Jew, but for the secular European Jew, who wants more than anything to be European.

In a book that describes how Zionist leaders viewed the Jews of Europe, there is a photo that shows Jews in the market in Nalewni Ghetto in Warsaw. There is a quote attributed to Chaim Weizmann, a major leader in the Zionist movement and later the first president of the State of Israel. The caption reads, “Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel, or Palestine) was not meant for the peddlers of Nalewski, Warsaw.” These are the Jews that Hertzl and the other Zionist leaders despised.

When the victims of Zionism finally have their day in court, the world will see just how cruel and racist the early Zionists really were. The world will see that Israel, today’s Zionist state, is a perfect reflection of what the early Zionists were: racist, violent, and hateful.

In Israel today, Ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism are despised and ridiculed; non-religious, anti-Zionist Jews are pushed away; and Palestinians are merely collateral — the price that needs to be paid so that the vision of Hertzl and the other “Self-Hating Jews” could become a reality.

Miko Peled is MintPress News contributing writer, published author and human rights activist born in Jerusalem. His latest books are”The General’s Son. Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” and “Injustice, the Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five.”

(Republished from Mintpress News by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Israel, Jews, Zionism 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Sir. This is a very interesting article, and I learnt some new things here. It is interesting to see the conflict between the secular Zionists and the religious Judaists.

    But all their infighting does not ameliorate the harm they do to the rest of us—the goyim, such as their alienism, race-baiting, etc.

    It is time they all left Zionism/Judaism, because:

    There is no Judea, so there is no Judean (Jew) anymore.

    • Replies: @A Half Naked Fakir
    , @Malla
  2. 1. Zionism was conceived as the desire of Jews to be German.

    2. Eugenics is at the center of the zionist project.

    3. The war in Europe that zionist Jews provoked and managed was intended, by its Jewish leaders and among other things, as a culling of the Jewish herd. The first action taken by the zionist leaders who provoked and managed WWII was to remove German Jews — wealthy, skilled, educated — from Germany while leaving behind Eastern European Jews who were, in the eugenic scheme, less desirable “human material” for the “New Jew” that was to take shape in Palestine — Berlin on the Mediterranean.
    Those ‘rescued’ German Jews were re-distributed around the world, primarily in USA and Palestine.

    Jews killing other Jews is not at all alien to the Jewish mythos: at Mt. Sinai, Moses instructed the Levites to slay those Jews who were not fully committed to — or suitable for– the invasion of Canaan.

    4. To the extent that Jews were killed in Europe in the course of war, those deaths were intended by zionist Jews.

    5. Herzl had earlier asked Kaiser Wilhelm to assist in an “Exodus” of Jews from Germany. Wilhelm declined. But the elements of a Jewish Exodus include the destruction of the former host nation’s leadership, youth, and progeny, and theft of its treasure. “Exodus” was carried out in every detail in Europe.

    6. It may be that a similar culling of the Jewish herd (see The Probe Into the Israeli Vaccine Policy and Its Outcome Is Beyond Damning by Gilad Atzmon ) –as well as an Exodus operation on the European remnant on the Continent and European diaspora in USA, are primary goals of the Covid plandemic.

    From its earliest days the Covid crisis has been associated with World War II. Just as Jews engineered WWII, and engineered the election of Joe Biden under cover of Covid (see The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election ) so the same actors intend to complete the takeover of USA. It should not have escaped an alert Unz reader’s notice that Jews have dispersed from their former bases in New York City and Silicon Valley to Florida and Colorado. DC will be turned over to zionism’s BLM sepoy; perhaps DC will gradually be abandoned as USA fragments and centers of power are redefined.

  3. Ron, please give this article a top spot on your home page. It’s chronologically so far down it otherwise won’t be noticed.


    I’ll rip into it later.

    Thanks again.

  4. Mefobills says:

    All movements are funded.

    Some excerpts from

    Interestingly, some Rothschild’s opposed political Zionism until Lionel (London Branch) came on board. It was to Lionel that British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour wrote his famous letter.

    Sept. 28, 1882 Edmond Rothschild (Paris) received a guest by the name of Rabbi Samuel Mohilever. His mission was to raise money for Jewish settlements in Palestine, using Jews from Eastern Europe.

    The idea was to have Jewish labor to create and farm food prior to the arrival of the Jewish cognitive elite i.e. the Ashkenazi.

    Edmond financed 101 Russian Jews in a settlement close to Jaffa. Edmond went on to subsidize and create additional Jewish colonies in Palestine.

    In 1890 Political Zionism gained momentum. But, much of the Rothschild family was not on-board, and they were uncomfortable with Edmond’s activities. Other Rothschild’s who were more comfortable as guests in their host countries, used their own Rabbi’s, who were well paid, to create “The Anti-Zionist league of British Jews.”

    Herzyl didn’t work with Rothschilds in Paris, Frankfurt, or Vienna, but was well received by Lionel Rothschild in London.

    Lionel broke with the rest of the family and took up with political Zionism, while Edmond was more pragmatic, and mostly wanted to make money, or break even, on his operations in Palestine.

    Lionel became an active Zionist and became a personal friend of Chaim Weizmann. Meanwhile, Edmond resisted the idea of a state of Israel, but continued to fund colonial activity. Edmond even purchased crops at above the world market to support the growth of Jewish agriculture in Palestine.

    To give some sort of sense of the power of political Zion, Edmond had to bow down at one point. On May 5, 1887 Baron Edmond and his wife anchored their yacht at Jaffa. Edmond wanted to buy the wailing wall, and also build a huge Jewish shrine. Arabs were to be removed and re-settled elsewhere. The Pasha of Jerusalem had given Edmond approval to buy the wall, and the price was set at 750,000 francs.

    The chief rabbi of Jerusalem was against it, and the whole plan died. This would put the momentum of political Zion at 1887, which is before the first Zionist Conference in August 1897. Herzyl published his booklet “The Jewish State” in 1896.

    • Thanks: Schuetze, Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  5. DNS says:

    I think it was Ron Unz who once wrote that National Socialism was just Judaism for the German goyim, this article seems to back up this view.

    The Hebrew is the Übermensch while the Zhid is the untermensch. There was obviously a strong desire by Herzl and his fellow travellers to lift up the status of “the Jews” to meet European standards, which at that time were the gold standard seeing as European nations had come to dominate much of the world.

  6. A glaringly obvious questions remains: Why did the anti-Jewish Zionists strive to remain non-goyim and not assimilate, as many of their predecessors did over the ages?

  7. Anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    World Wars 1 and 2 – which lead to the creation of Zionist Israel is one ENORMOUS PSYOP. Basically one subset of jews set up and destroyed another different subset of jews.

    The ashkenazi jews – of turkic-mongol-khazarian ancestry – mostly secular cosmopolite “zionist jews” – which converted to Judaism for Political Expediency – set up and destroyed a different subset of jews (who actually practiced legitimate Judaism and used the Torah). Basically the ashkenazi fake-jews colluded with other ashkenazi crypto-jews within the Deutsch Government to set-up and destroy the Real Jews, and this ended up crippling the RottenChild Bankster’s economic rival Deutshland, and radically promoted the ashkenazi fake-jews, zionist israel, and the RottenChild Crime Clan (aka International Central Banksters).

    Typical modus operandi of the demonic CRIMINALS who HIDE BEHIND “gods chosen jews”.

  8. Thank you very much Ron. I’m proud of Your website…
    This was one of the best articles I read here.
    Miko Peled as well as Gilad Atzmon are in their own super-value in my eyes, absolutely stunning and great men.
    As the truth about these things to the world brightens then we can expect peace to finally land on earth. For the Zionists, it marks the end of time, fortunately for Europe and all of humanity.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson, moi
  9. gotmituns says:

    . “Exodus” was carried out in every detail in Europe
    Did they rob the Europeans like they robbed the Egyptians?

    • Replies: @lloyd
  10. Schuetze says:

    “To the extent that Jews were killed in Europe in the course of war, those deaths were intended by zionist Jews.”

    Precisely. This was Hitler’s greatest sin. Not that he committed the “holocaust”, but that he didn’t. The Zionists lined up all the dominoes for Hitler, but he refused to take the Zionist bait. More proof is available in a few simple undisputed facts:

    – At the Evian Conference in 1938 after Switzerland was being swamped by communist Jews fleeing Austria after Anschluss, Switzerland offered to set up temporary transfer camps to house all the Jews until they could be transferred on to somewhere the Allies could agree on. The “Allies” refused because their Zionist owners wanted a holocaust.

    – The US and UK air-forces and special forces did not attack the guards, fences or transport infrastructure at these supposed “death camps”. Just consider the scale of air drops of operation Market Garden and all those gorrillions of jewish lives that could have been saved if they had targeted “death camps” instead.

    – As the Red Army was approaching the “death camps” in 1944, the jewish “death camp survivors” were offered the choice of retreating with the Wehrmacht or staying behind to personally greet their Red Rapist Army liberators along their Zionist Kommisars. Most, including Elie Wiesel, chose to escape their imminent Zyklon gassing by fleeing with the Germans.

    – The Kapo.

    – The terms of the Havara agreements actually enforced Jewish eugenicist principles on the NSDAP. The Zionists only accepted the “best jews” for transfer, and stuck Germany with all the filthy jews they did not want. The NSDAP was even forced to provide special training and apprenticeships for the superior jews selected by the Zionists before they were transferred out to steal land in Palestine. Additionally, these selected racially superior jews were provided free shipment of household and other goods. Germany was even forced to provide electricity plants, trains and other vital phsyical infrastructure components and know how to the Zionists in Palestine as part of the agreement.

    – George Soros himself has bragged about 1944 being the greatest period of his life, when he was working for some mysterious “god father” fingering racially inferior Jews to be transported to what Georgi hoped, dreamed and ostensibly “believed” were the gas chambers.

    – IBM is accused of having helped the NSDAP use its punch card system to weed out Jews inside of Germany. Actually the entire purpose of the punch cards was to weed out jews deemed to be “racially and mentally” superior from the inferior jews that the Zionists had slated for elimination in the “death camps” they were desperately trying to force Hitler to set up.

    Pictured: Adolph Hitler, Thomas J. Watson, Richard Schmidt (interpreter), Albert Frohwein, F.H. Fentener van Vlissingen, Sir Arthur Balfour.

    Here is IBM’s Watson working with the pedo-homo Balfour trying to force Hitler to use IBM punch cards to weed out the stinky riff-raff jews from the genetically superior ones destined to be transported to Palestine with all their possessions and all their wealth.

    I am certain I will think of other examples of these unbelievably malevolent acts perpetrated by racial supremacist jews on other inferior jews, and I will probably reply to this comment myself…

  11. @SolontoCroesus

    Eugenics is at the center of the zionist project.

    The average Ashkenazy IQ is 115:

    Judaism and Evolution

    Israel’s average IQ is 94:

    IQ Compared by Countries

    If the pre-WWII average IQ of Ashkenazy Jews was lower than 115 (which is very likely), then perhaps that hypothetical eugenics project could have been aimed at diaspora Jews?

    Or is your claim completely unfounded and unreasonable?

  12. The biggest tragedy of ‘secular’ or also ‘reform’ Judaism, is that they never rejected the one horrific ‘religious’ practice which may be key to the psychological damage of the Jewish mind – child genital mutilation, circumcision, killing hundreds of infants every year and traumatising untold millions for life

    This practice is also shared by most Muslims, testifying to the Jewish role in creating Islam, and also by many USA people, abused & mutilated by their excess of Jewish physicians

    One of the prominent dissident Jews of the last century, French Jew Guy Dommergue (1924-2013) – one of the 10 or so prominent Jewish holocaust deniers – was an anti-circumcision activist, who thought that ending this barbarism was core to healing Jewish people and ending Jewish psychopathy

    If these so-called ‘secular’ Jews had ended this barbarism, this sole item they kept from Jewish religious rites, it likely would have led to Muslims and Americans abandoning this as well. In their rule over Palestine, post-Alexander ancient Greeks also tried to outlaw this barbarism, and the world would have been a better place if they had succeeded.

    Circumcision remains proof, that the Jewish-Christian-Islamic ‘holy books’, are all a horror, not the ‘divine word’

    • Agree: Abbybwood
    • Replies: @hyper bole
  13. @SolontoCroesus

    Can’t wait to see niggers take over arlington, as it was always meant for them. And blasting mount rushmore too. Just a bit of justice before the great cleansing.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  14. I’ve been reading Guyenot on Jews and this article is perfect. Jews killing jews. The OT is loaded with it. More and more, I realize that European history was never the same after the printing press. Open the OT, start reading. You are pulled into a schizoid world of murder, rape,incest and complete insanity. You hope for refuge, for solace but then Yahweh the Jealous- genocidaire shows up and things go from had to worse.
    The average people in villages must have been traumatized by hearing the Bible being read to them beyond the short passages during a Mass. Whole peoples wiped out. No wonder the Church tried to keep this under wraps.
    The Quran is pretty bad too just not as terrifying.

    I really hope Abrahamic religions die out. We need to move forward, abandon lunacy for reason. It may be uncomfortable for a while but it needs to be done. If we could get a significant mass of people to all pray for peace one afternoon it would be very powerful. Seeing is believing.

    • Replies: @John Q Duped
  15. Refl says:

    It may be that a similar culling of the Jewish herd (see The Probe Into the Israeli Vaccine Policy and Its Outcome Is Beyond Damning by Gilad Atzmon ) –as well as an Exodus operation on the European remnant on the Continent and European diaspora in USA, are primary goals of the Covid plandemic.

    This is an absolutely frightening and remarkable aspect of the corona scam: The degree to which the Zionists have put their own people on the frontline (or rather the chopping block). Once you dig into the Zionists’ dealings, it is tempting to conclude that they use COVID to cull the goyim and make the jews the masters of the world. You easily end up with a maniacal anti-jewish attitude!
    So, when seeing what the state of Israel is doing to their own people under the pretext of saving them is absolutely horrible to see – and a farcical rerun of what they did in the founding era of their statelett. It gives us all an idea of the scale this corona thing is being played on.
    So we d’ rather brace for worse to come. They will stop at nothing and they have the means.

    Thanks for the article. I saw the authors presentation of his book “The generals son” years ago and it is among the first things I point people to when I try to wake them up.

  16. Things didn’t turn out too well for Herzl personally or his children —

    As he lay dying of a severe heart attack, his last words to his friend, Reverend William Hechler, the chaplain of the British Embassy in Germany who remained at Herzl’s bedside until his death on July 3, 1904, were, “When you go to Palestine tell them I gave the last drop of my blood for my people”. He was 44 years old when he died.

    The disaster of Herzl’s life has been mirrored in the disaster of Palestine. His poisonous nature has been visited on Arabs/others who had lived in Palestine for thousands of years. Miko Peled, son of an Israeli general, has detailed the brutal savagery that Jews have brought to millions of innocent and unresisting Palestinians, ongoing in Greater Israel/Oded Yinon Plan.

    This has not been confined to Palestine. The pattern has been repeated worldwide by the same people for over a century now. It is to the credit of Jews such as Miko Peled, Ron Unz, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon et al. that they voice opposition to the Hyena. It is to be hoped they will have success, because the blood of their millions of victims cries to Heaven for a now long overdue vengeance.

  17. Schuetze says:

    “Why did the anti-Jewish Zionists strive to remain non-goyim and not assimilate”

    The easy answer is that they considered themselves superior not only to the jewish riff-raff, but that they considered themselves superior to the goyim as well. But I don’t think that this is the correct answer.

    The Sabbatean Frankist movement is alive and well, and its current incarnation is Globo-homo. Tel Aviv is the homo capital of the planet not out of coincidence. The English elites were riddled not only with crypto-jews, but also with flaming pederast homo’s. This too is no coincidence. The English “Public” school system is famously a homo-breeding ground where homosexuals were created before puberty. Many famous English elites of the last couple of centuries were pederasts and crypto jews. Churchill, Balfour, Keynes, and on and on.

    Fast forward to today and just look at all the satanic and illuminati symbolism in music, art and theater. This is the true face of Zionism, Sabbatean Frankism.

    Below are some shocking images of “lil nas” having anal sex with the devil. I could post the image for its shock value, but that is clearly what they want. Looking at that image, like looking at porn, gives them the negative energy that they feed on. At the end of the article is a video clip of young children screaming ecstatically for “lil nas” like teen age girls screaming for the beatles in 1964.

    Clearly the people producing this satanic garbage do not want to “assimilate” or contribute to Christian society. Clearly they want to infiltrate it and destroy. Then as now.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  18. Alfred says:

    Zionists had no compunction in launching false flags in the Middle East to force the naive Arab governments to kick out their Jews – many of them went to Israel.

    Iran, much to the chagrin of these Zionists, has not done that. Jews, like some other religions have reserved seats in their parliament. For many years, the Zionists have resorted to paying Jews to leave Iran. Nevertheless, quite a few Iranian Jews have declined to be tempted by this enticement.

    Today life in Iran is very good for the remaining 20,000 Jews who live there. During the time of the Shah there were approximately one hundred thousand Jews, but they were subject to persecution and experienced anti-Semitism. Although you might think that the Jewish life would get worse after Khomeini and the Islamic revolution, it actually improved. The Iranian Muslims are friendly with the Jews and relations between them are good.

    Many young Jews have left Iran to learn in Yeshivot, mostly in Baltimore. Jews are free to leave Iran to go anywhere, with the exception of Israel.

    Jewish Life in Iran (Jewish Magazine)

    • Agree: Jazman, Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Alden
  19. @brabantian

    Clopper provides historical context and lots of information (20,000 nerve endings in foreskin) in his 2 hr stage play.

  20. Who knows whether lockdowns and the Great Reset are not only about the coming economic breakdowns, leading up to the Social Credit Score cashless biometric lunacy society, but that the ideological esoteric root behind Corona might be found in Noahide Laws? – Walter Veith is on the same track: CORONAVIRUS, NOAHIDE LAWS, END TIME – WHAT’S UP PROF? 3 50:35 – 53.40:

    Video Link

    ‘Donald J. Trump: Champion of Noahide Law – ‘During his almost four years in office, Donald Trump has been the greatest supporter of Noahide law in US history.
    – Israel National News

    New exposure of Trump here (from 1:00:30), explained by Masonic and Jesuit expert Walter Veith
    (Qtards will of course deny this, themselves the result of the planned part of digital mind control – the new Qtard uruk-hai-bot army, the unwitting FUBAR controlled opposition, will still be used in 2021 by TPTB’s psyops perception & manipulation management teams)

  21. “As bizarre as it may sound, these are all part and parcel of Chabad Lubavitch literature, most typically the Noahide (or Noachide) Laws which are revered, respected and taken very seriously indeed. As German author and journalist Wolfgang Eggert reminds us:

    “By 1723 freemasonry had already incorporated the Noachidic statutes into its Constitutions… Charges & Regulations; freemasons have always called themselves ‘Noachids’. In 1991 when the first war on Iraq was started, George Bush Senior forwarded this peculiar “blessing” to the whole nation: The seven Noachidic laws were solemnly declared to be the foundation of the United States by the Congress and the President.”

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  22. Read the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, this a documented look at the zionists and they are destroyers of nations and humanity and America is their latest victim.

  23. saggy says:

    Another article by a Jewish shill published on Unz. The ‘good’ Jews versus the ‘bad’ Jews, as told by a ‘good’ Jew. So, the article is half truth and half lies, with the goal of misdirection, befuddlement, and mind control. Here’s an example:

    What makes a Jew?
    The great Jewish sage, Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on- – whose full name was Sa’id Bin Yousef El-Fayyumi — …… In other words, a people bound by faith.

    What incredible drivel !

    • Agree: Pop Warner
    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  24. @Eclipse The Black Nobility

    It’s beyond comprehension that Trumpeters still see their sell-out as the Lone Ranger fighting a solitary battle against the forces of darkness, when he turned his family and the White House into a zionist mini-shtetl.

    Or the US military who perhaps imagine they are fighting a christian cause by occupying and looting countries that are in the path of the Oded-Yinon Plan. Or that still imagine their country, wrecked by Jewish-Freemason satanic forces who openly at the highest govt levels dictate policy, is somehow righteous.

    Boneheads like this are just laughable.
    Except of course that it isn’t funny.

    In simple summation: THE ODED YINON PLAN is Israel’s plan
    to completely destroy the Middle East and then rebuild the entire
    area as “GREATER ISRAEL” using the United States as the
    murdering fool to do all of the destroying while Israel commits
    not a single soldier to the effort… as usual.

  25. How can you be an atheist, and still consider yourself Jewish but not Hebrew? Judaism is the religion, while Hebrew would be the based tribe. Jews twist language around, and make things mean what they aren’t. Must be some sort of language usury. The term anti Semitic is another example. Who is exactly against a family of languages? Why not anti Jew or anti Hebrew? What are they telling us with the misuse of words? Enough musing, I was aware Hayek was secular but never knew he was “self hating.” Life for the entire 20th century would have been much more peaceful if he just identified as German, and just quietly walked away from Judaism.

  26. Mefobills says:

    Some paraphrased excerpts from The Kaballah, the Mother of all Harlots, Book 1, Sabbatai Sevi.

    Sevi was born to a Jewish family in 1626 in the city of Smyrna located in modern day Turkey. Sabbatai was trained in business and studied to become a rabbi. During his studies, he became a scholar of the Talmud and Jewish culture, but also got caught up in Kabbalistic teaching, which at that time had grown strong. He eventually became leader in the messianic movement of the Kabbalistic system. The number 666 is a holy number in the Kabbalah, and it was the number/name used to identify King Solomon. When Sabatai started to preach that he was the incarnated messiah, he told his followers that he would reveal himself to the world in 1666, assume his role as the “messiah of the world” and would rule out of Jerusalem. When Sabbatai made his proclamation in 1666, he was arrested by the Turkish government and given the choice to convert to Islam or be executed. He chose the Muslim faith.

    Sabbatai met another Jewish rabbi b the name of Nathan Gaza, wo eventually became known as the prophet of Sabbatai. The secret doctrine of Kabbalah was handed to to Sabbatai, to further develop and fit the life of Sabbatai. (Gershom Scholem, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, 1961 pg 297)

    The secret doctrine of Kabbalah is alien to Christians and Secular people. It is off their cognitive map. It includes concepts such as Tsimtsum, which in Kabbalah means to withdrawal or retreat. God withdraws himself into himself and creates an empty space, where he can reveal himself as the Creator. The empty space is a vessel, which can be broken by god; “Shevirah Ha-Kelim is the verb for a vessel that can be broken. En-Soft is Hebrew word for infinite being, and Tikkun means mending or restitution.

    Kabbalists believe that god will break himself out of his vessel in due time by coming forth as the Messiah and restoring all things to himself again by closing the empty space that he had created.

    OK, now for the interesting part, and why the Sabbatean Frankists are willing to do just about anything depraved to get their way:

    At the bottom of the empty space there are formless hylic forces, the Kelipoth. The process of the world consists in giving shape to these formless force, to make something out of them.

    As long as some sort of process (Tikkun) has not been done, the primal space, and in particular the lowest space, is the stronghold of darkness and evil. It is in the depth of the great abyss, in which demonic powers have their abode.

    The soul of the Messiah was embedded in the original diving light, and since the beginning of creation, this soul had dwelt in the great depths, held in prison of the Kelipoth, the realm of darkness.

    Both the most holy soul AND serpents dwell at the bottom, and the serpents try to seduce the Holy Soul (the Messiah to be).

    Kabbalistic thinkers like Sabbatai believe that if God wants to move from point A to point C, but if he gets stuck on point B, he will have to free himself from B, or get HELP.

    God needs help by special people on earth.

    God is in confusion where he consists of one male and one female being. En-Sof is the male part which withdraws into himself and creates the Kelipoth or they abyss. The female part of God falls into the hole (Kelipoth) and takes the form of the holy serpent. Surrounded by evil spirits, she is tempted at all times, but at the same time tries to set herself free to climb out of the hole and establish herself as teh messiah on earth.

    Important: En-Sof (male portion of god) has created human beings on the earth who are capable of setting the holy serpent free and bringing her up on the earth, but only those who are trained in the secrets of the Kabbalah can be of help.

    I’m sure some of the Unz readers have seen male Jews trying to fornicate the wailing wall, which is where they believe the female part of En-Sof resides.

    The secret way to achieve their goal, which also manifested in Sabbatai Sevi and later Jacob Frank:

    1) To destroy all evil on earth and make it totally good.
    2) To destroy all good on earth and make it totally evil.

    In practical terms, Kabbalists believe number 2 above is operative. That means the future Messiah will not live a sinless life on earth, but will live out the most possible SINFUL LIFE and degrade himself into apostasy.

    Kabbalist believers will never confess they are a follower of the Kabbalah, but instead will make lying as their refuge. After the teachings of Jacob Frank many Jews publicly converted to the religion of their host country (Italy was Catholic, Russia was Orthodox, Northern Germany was Protestant and so on). In Muslim nations they converted to Islam. Note that earlier Sabbatai Sevi had converted to a Muslim. It is ok to be a liar… good even.

    Only by breaking the law of God can a Kabbalistic Jew serve God and be given eternal life in the future to come. Therefore, they go to great lengths to sin and lead as many others into sin as well. This can be seen in the Talmud where incest, fornication, adultery, etc. are promoted as virtue and something to be desired.

    My addition: The worst degradation was the exiled Jewish community in Babylon. The Temples had long distance silver trading with the Merchant class, who in turn were allowed to charge interest. In other words it was not the palace authority in Babylon, but instead was the public Temples who allowed the merchants to make deals and profit in foreign lands.

    The Kabbalists are trying to serve God by sinning.
    They will reverse everything by calling evil good and good evil.
    They are trying to speed up the return of their messiah by sinning on a massive scale

    Normies have trouble with this stuff, because it is off their cognitive map.

    Sevi changed the nature of Judaism in 1666, especially by turbo-charging the Kol-Neidre to allow sanctioned pre-crime, including murder.

    I constantly advocate for Jew removal, and this would also include ferreting out the illuminists who are part of the Kabbalah system.

    It will take some sort of Fascism or a sovereign Kingdom to realize that there are elements within the body politic that have to be removed, something like removing toxins from the blood stream.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @AnonStarter
  27. “The great Jewish sage, Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on- – whose full name was Sa’id Bin Yousef El-Fayyumi — was one of the most important Jewish rabbinic figures of all times. He was born in Fayyum in upper Egypt in the late Ninth century; went on to study in Tabariya, Palestine, which was an important center of Jewish learning; and later lived, worked, and wrote in Baghdad. In what is considered one of his most important books — “Emunot Ve-Deot,” or “Beliefs and Opinions,” which he wrote in Arabic using Hebrew letters — Ga’on wrote that the people of Israel — in other words, Jews — are a nation only by virtue of their religious laws (he used the term Sharia in Arabic for religious laws). In other words, a people bound by faith.”

    This passage should put to rest any doubts about the Jewish and Muslim alliance to undermine the world as they have been doing for two millennia. The fight over Palestinian is a minor irritant for them both and they will overcome it for their common good, all the while sucking dry the vigor of non semites.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  28. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews are the self declared enemies of Mankind.

    They are the enemies of Truth.

    When will Mankind rise as One and proclaim that We follow Truth, and that the Enemy of Truth (((Satan))) will no longer be tolerated?

    On Easter Sunday… let us remember… Jews hated Christ then, hate Christ today.

    Christ = Truth.

    Jews = Death to those that are followers of Truth.

  29. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    The statement: “the ‘world’ hasn’t been the same since the printing press was created” makes total sense. From the printing press came books, newspapers, radio, TV, movies, and now internet, personal phones and other constant mind programming devices.
    And about church and religious service: Here the Bible says things that bring hope and comfort but read a little further and that all collapses in a heap of fear, confusion and contradiction. Just who decided what should be in the Bible and how it is written is something to consider. A realist knows there are serious issues with this book. Old and New T’s.

  30. @Rational

    “It is time they all left Zionism/Judaism, because:

    There is no Judea, so there is no Judean (Jew) anymore.”

    If no Jew then no Christianity and certainly not the abysmal Islam. Only tricks cozening crowds of the desert!

  31. Schuetze says:

    The irony here is that the one group on this planet that needs “Tikkun Olam” far more than all others is the jews themselves. But just like the topic of this thread, Jews hate themselves too much, so instead they try to mess everything else up as much as they themselves are. We cannot help the “good jews” because they call us anti-semites and deny us free speech, even as the “bad jews” inject them with experimental mRNA gene therapy drugs. Their never ending efforts to try to turn everything upside down is their own prison, their own special form of psychopathic insanity.

    In my inner heart, I hope that some variant of ‘Physician, heal thyself’ will take hold, and jews, who should know themselves better than anyone else, will deal with their devils within. But at this point we, the goyim, cannot afford to wait a single second longer to deal with them and the apocalypse they are bringing down on humanity and the entire planet.

    And I do fear, like you, that “some sort of Fascism or a sovereign Kingdom” is the only answer, for they have already corrupted the very meaning of “democracy”.

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. Thank you, Mr. Peled.

    Yes, Jewishness was originally a religious identity that required a process of assimilation into the House of Israel. For a large span of human history, descent defined one’s religion.

    Yet this discussion remains incomplete if we fail to examine one of the core convictions of Jews as set forth in their religion: that of prophecy. The manner of approach to this prophecy tells us a great deal about the disposition of orthodox Jews and that of their ostensibly irreligious counterparts.

    The classical orthodox Jew holds that restoration of the Temple and Israel’s kingdom on earth could not occur until the arrival of Moshiach (the Messiah). Zionists exploited this ancient heritage to affect fulfillment of prophecy by their own hand, assuming a function otherwise reserved for the Messiah. Of course, said exploitation would not have succeeded without the assistance of Gentile potentates whose own convictions dovetailed, if only in part, with those of Zionists.

    On the surface, Zionists were irreligious, yet they frequently appealed to the eschatology of their forebears in order to advance their agenda:

    But messianic subtexts were by no means confined to religious parties. The secular Right under Menachem Begin in 1948 called “for the restoration of the whole Land of Israel to its God-covenanted owners.” [31] The secular biochemist and centrist leader Chaim Weizmann, the president of the WZO, testified before the Palestine Royal (Peel) Commission in 1936 that the Balfour Declaration was the fulfillment of God’s “promise to his people,” comparable to the Persian Cyrus’s sponsorship of the “return” of the Jews to Jerusalem to “rebuild their Temple.” [32] And speaking before that same royal commission, the ham-eating socialist leader Ben-Gurion affirmed that “the Bible is our Mandate.” [33] The “eternal Book of Books” is mentioned in the first paragraph of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. [34]

    As such, while they eschewed much of orthodoxy, they continued to enjoin a pragmatically religious perspective, repurposing Judaism as they saw fit.

    One other note:

    The term “zhid” is similar to the Arabic zahid, which usually refers to an ascetic or abstemious individual. From a traditional perspective, it’s a laudable description, as it connotes virtue in austerity. It’s not terribly surprising that, given his penchant for “playing God,” the Zionist transformed it into a denigrating epithet.

  33. This infighting of the humans “left behind” on planet earth needs explaining. After years of study I concluded that humans went feral on the planet surface and the different tribes or races have been fighting it out for dominance, mimicking the power structure during alien occupation. Abrahamic religions are really Anunnaki cargo cults, primitive minds overrun by a superior race worship the interventionists as gods.


    My own investigation into pre-history was my that question in the back of my mind for decades about how humans became hairless during an ice age. I thought that is impossible, monkeys and apes have lots of fur and they live in the sweltering jungle. Fur provides protection from insects and scratches, sunlight, sunburn and if you run through the brush in a fur coat you aren’t going to get cut to pieces like naked ape man. Then I came across Zacharia Sitchin books and the mystery of human origin now had a far more rational explanation than either the Evolutionists or the Creationists.

    Those Jews claiming superiority over other races has far deeper roots than tales in the Old Testament, it goes back way farther than mainstream historians want to admit, human domination strategies are rooted in alien intervention. Humans are a product of genetic engineering, not by the Creation God, not by Evolution, but by lesser gods – the Anunnaki who came here and created us as a domesticated slave race. Dazzled by advanced technology, religions were formed around those that “fell from the heavens”, some claimed to be the overlords “pets” or the chosen ones.

    Then after many thousands of years, holy texts were modified to exclude the alien interventionists by power hungry priests and mankind fell into a deep post interventionist trance like state of believing in the false tale of God creating man in one day with mud.

    It never dawned on us during out rise to reason (because our minds were locked into religious myth) that humans were far different than the rest of the animal kingdom, we had to work for a living to pay rent and buy food. A gorilla will not use a shovel, but we can be ordered to dig a ditch, we can be taught a language and made into a good little slave who follows commands.

    We stayed in this amenesia until the modern world, and the study of genetics, busted our minds out with the Ancient Alien theory. And here we are now, false Jews have returned to Palestine, right where the Anunnaki landed their spaceships, Jerusalem is a space port of the gods, and billions anxiously await their return.

    • Thanks: GMC, Schuetze
    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
  34. Jameson says:

    The funniest thing about people who complain about so-called Zionism is that in their crazed madness they never come to grips with the actual problem facing the world and that is Islam. God (of the Bible, not Allah of the Koran who is actually in the Bible known as Satan) does have a sense of humor, and the fact that the same people who hate the Jews and Israel, ranting against the supposed evils of “Zionism” are today, as we speak, welcoming with open arms, Islam within their own borders where it will eventually wreak all the same havoc that it has done throughout the lands it has spread in since it was created over 600 years after Christ. People are afraid to confront Islam, because they will kill for Muhammad, so instead they attack the Jews. All non-Muslims need to unite in absolute unity and confront and oppose in every way any further spread of Islam anywhere it has not already destroyed the indigenous civilization and religions.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  35. It simply doesn’t matter. Jews whether Zionist or not are subversive and destructive to any country they inhabit. If they are not cast out destruction befalls that group.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  36. Anon[464] • Disclaimer says:

    They are their own “Devils” within.

    They are the Devil’s People.

  37. @Jameson

    Goofball….the Pollards opened the borders of every Christian nation to import muslim “refugees.”

    The HIAS (and many other jewish groups) are at the forefront of muslim immigration…..and if we protest they call us racists…..while Israel refuses to take any refugees at all.

    • Replies: @Jameson
  38. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Jews killing other Jews is not at all alien to the Jewish mythos: at Mt. Sinai, Moses instructed the Levites to slay those Jews who were not fully committed to — or suitable for– the invasion of Canaan.

    That’s the founding of Judaism, when Moses and crew killed the Hebrew heretics worshiping the Golden Calf.

    An authentic Jew, modeling the founder of Judaism, takes special relish in killing treacherous and treasonous Hebrew scum.

    Moses makes Hitler look like a soft touch. That’s the real reason these liberal, libertarian and neocon diaspora “Jews” are shitting their pants. They want to play at being a “Jew” without getting their hands dirty with the blood of Hebrew heretics.

    They, too, have been “Christianized.” But they want the riches of Zionist-thug gangsterism without actually committing to Christianity. They’re degenerates who want it all, the equivalent of bisexuals. No wonder there’s so much sexual confusion in the Anglosphere.

    But as the saying goes, In for a penny, in for a pound. They got in bed with Zionist atrocities, got rich off of Zionist atrocities, maintained the 9/11 inside job lie, continue to maintain the larger Zionist establishment narrative… let them burn for their treason.

    Then maybe true Christianity can finally take root.

  39. @AnonStarter

    In Polish, Jew is called “Zyd” (with a dot over the Z). Its pronunciation is only slightly different from “zhid”. This word has no other meaning in Polish than indicating a person’s ethnic/religious belonging. As most of them gone crypto during WWII and after the war, many young (uneducated) Poles have no idea what the word means.

  40. gotmituns says:

    “Where there is no anti-Semitism, there are no Jews.” Theodor Herzl

  41. @Mefobills

    From what I’ve read, it would appear that Edmond first appeared in Ottoman Palestine in the 1870’s, shortly after the Crime Clan financed the Suez Canal. He was also credited with establishing the first railroad in Palestine and in bringing in Jewish colonists.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  42. BorisMay says:

    This article ignores certain vital facts about Hertzl’s original concepts concerning Zionism which he presented to King Wilhelm of Germany when seeking support for the foundation of the nation state.

    The original idea was that the Jewish settlers would share political power on equal terms with the Palestinians as well as share the land and resources.

    Unfortunately for Hertzl and King Wilhelm, the Rothschild banking family had already bought Jerusalem (in 1829) from the Ottoman Empire, and they were running all the kibbutzim in the area.

    While the Rothschilds adopted Zionism in name, they dropped all the sharing of power, land and resources and imposed their fascist will on the new state.

    It is the Rothschild’s self hatred and loathing of genuine Jews, rather than the faux Jews which are the Rothschild family that is the problem. The Rothschilds are almost certainly not genuine Jews. They adopted Judaism as a cover to benefit their evil practices which are based upon drug running, indentured prostitution and slavery. They use Washington DC as their bodyguard, the City of London to launder their ill gotten gains and they run their mafia (Mossad) our of Jerusalem.

    The problem is not Hertzl, or the original Zionist concept, but is purely the modern bastardisation of Zionism at the hands of the Rothschild mafia.

    Everything in this article is just smoke and mirrors used to hide the truth.

  43. @Schuetze

    Again, Scheutzkorps, what is your homophilophobia thing all about? Seems a bit insane to me. Rather typically clinging to Kali Yuga separations to my assessment. It is psychologically, emotionally and spiritually impossible to “create homos”.

    The matter is primarily spiritual and relates to human cultural evolution. By earlier than 500 B.Caesar, the Hellenes had come to the understanding that these evolutionary developments have favored the gradual development of a bisexual norm. That normative behavior was totally altered and changed by the devolutionary successors of the Creator of the JudieChristie Magickmindfuck, the Emperor Constantine.

    Historically, it is highly evident that Connie was the promoter, producer, editor and publisher of the “Holy” Bible. That so-called “holy” book was highly redacted to create the doctrines of “original sin” and the Heaven or Hell fear-meme. It was all about control over the lives of humanity by infusing them with confusion,fear and generalized dumbing-down illiteracy.

    The alleged “gospels” were written approximately five generations after the death of the great spiritual pathfinder, Jesus, the Jewish rebel and truth-teller, as very clearly evidenced in the excluded book of Thomas. Thomas does not go on and on about the Yahweh (may he drown in a vat of burning excrement) “I, thy god am a jealous god. Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. Creator, had he felt a need to communicate verbally, might have said something like “I’m Creator. Do as you will, but bear in mind that you should do unto others that which you would have done unto yourself.”

    You cling to alleged “Christianity”, which, particularly in its Calvinist (Cohen) version, is all about materialistic greed, ego and adhesion to the Old Testicles. Easter Sunday, Oestre to the pre-“Christian” Celts, is essentially a celebration of rebirth as per the Vernal Equinox, under the rubric of the moon cycle proceeding after that cyclical high-note.

    The true celebration should be of the messages of love and forgiveness which were the crux of Jesus’ mission to humanity. It has nothing to do with the evil of the Roman crucifixion combined with Hebrew circumcision—together recombinant as the Great Historical Double-Cross and with the perversion of the now departing Age of Pisces as the declining act of Kali Yuga—the Age of Delusion, Decline, Destruction, Demonization and Devolution of human cultural and spiritual evolution.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  44. @Notisraelshamir

    They wanted to become [or to be considered as] a goy, that is a nation like Germans or English were in the end of 19th c. Do not forget that almost all European nations were ethnic states or unions of ethnic units. And it was quite normal for, say, Corsicans to resist assimilation. A Jew could not become a generic goy, there is no such thing, goyim do not form one happy family but are divided into nations and tribes. So a Jew had to join an ethnic group as distinct as his own. It was before mass immigration killed the ethnic state. It was a very different period of time. Today, resisting assimilation is practically illegal (considered a form of racism), but then it was the normal attitude. The Jews as a nation, defined by blood, not by faith, was the Zionist idea, when Germans or French defined themselves by blood, not by faith. This is an answer to your pertinent but anachronistic question.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @geokat62
  45. Excellent article. I consider orthodox-Jews who are anti-Zionists my brethren.

  46. (Jecke* jokes notwithstanding an Israeli should be a tad firmer in German –
    and “Zhid” literally only means “Jew” in Russian; btw the reason Zhadow changed his name)

    Herzl sounds no different from contemporaneous Turnerbund, Sokol, crna ruka and
    Young (((Turks))) who, as is well known, were all terribly self-hating.
    West European Jews´disdain for their eastern Glaubensbrieder was a given
    (Marx: “stinkend”, “weichselzöpfig”, “diese schmutzigste aller Racen”) and jokes
    about kaschrut vs. Western ideas of hygiene are legion
    (Jewish elites opposed immigration from the East as it would cause backlash).
    So Herzl only took German national romanticism** and turned it around to counter
    assimilationist tendencies (very strong in the German realm***) but in an
    enlightened, anti-Talmudic, “modern” way (hence the somewhat forced definition of a Jew as someone whom anti-semites ™ hate; the development of
    modern “anti-semitism” 1873 – 1926 would merit a separate monograph).
    We see the identity crisis is still going strong 😀

    *Israeli term for very German Jew …
    – Tel Aviv, shortly after independence, two Jeckes watch the Haganah march by:
    “Look at that rabble, will ye?” “Wemenem sogen Sie dos; compared to our SA!”

    **Following the Napoleonic Wars, largely because of the great nations Germany alone was not united (the untold secret why all European royalty is half German is the realm was a wellspring of unemployed princes). Of note, half the Burschenschaften and carriers of the 1848 revolution were Jews (!). The black, red and gold (“powder, blood and fire”) is usurped 😛

    ***Canetti (always the sensitive observer) held that Jewish hatred for the West in general and Germany in particular was rejected love; Amos Elon called it “what might have been”.
    The only upside of the current situation is these questions are now moot.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  47. @saggy

    You are the driveller. That statement by Saadia the Gaon has been previously documented by others, including Israel Shahak in an endnote to his “Weight of Three Thousand Years” book.

    • Replies: @saggy
  48. Art says:

    Hmm – the Zionist Jew looks down on the Torah Jew. How about the Talmudic Jew? Are the Euro Jews primarily Torah or Talmudic? What role does the Talmud play in Zionist Jew culture?

    It seems that the ME Torah Jew is for the most part a nonthreatening character – but that the Euro Talmud Jew is filled with hate for humanity.

    Does the Talmud align with and feed Zionism?

  49. @israel shamir

    How can Jews possibly be defined by blood? From my readings it would appear that there are no fewer than 5 distinct, or at least ethnic strains, which comprise the Jewish nations.

    Most commonly encountered in North America are the Khazarians, who were mass converted to Talmudic Judaism by their Kagan in ca 732 A.D. Second most recognizable grouping is the Sephardim, primarily Berber/Carthaginian/Phoenician blends with a soupçon of ancient Hebrew admixturing, primarily of the Cohanim/Levite priestly class. Third in numbers, though not social acceptability in the Zionist \$tate are the Mizrahim, a conglomeration of converts and ancient Hebrew tribal strains. Fourth in numbers, perhaps are descendants of the Hebrews, mostly have been relocated many centuries ago to locations such as Aleppo, Damascus, Alexandria and Baghdad. Finally, we have the Ethiopian Jews, converts two or more millennia into the past, highly discriminated against by those who rule in the “Promised Land of milk and honey”.

    Though the Zionist \$tate is in the process of developing a trans-Jewish nation; at present the reality is a conglomeration of Jewish tribal-nations.

    • Replies: @israel shamir
  50. @nokangaroos

    Semantics, my Dear: “Anti-semitism” is an illogical semantic trope, as “Semite” was pretzeled into applying only to Judaics. With a majority of today’s Jewish peoples having little or no ancestry devolved from the ancient Hebrews; the conglomeration of Judaics cannot, in all linguistic honesty (as against political correctness) be labeled as Semites.

    As a Johns Hopkins DNA survey determined that the Palestinian people express something like an 80% ancient Hebrew ancestral pool; the historical irony, to those who can grasp it, is utterly overwhelming.

    From this simple ethnographic realization, the actual Semites in Occupied Palestine, are downtrodden and vilified by those who occupy their traditional homeland. If Judaics feel a need for separation from the unspeakable livestock (goyanim) my suggestion is that they give the governments of Australia and the state of Western Australia a financial offer they cannot possibly refuse. The semi-tropical northwest corner of the ‘down under’ continent is essentially unpopulated.

    Sufficiently gratified with filthy lucre for resettlement elsewhere in Australia, the relative handful of residents–those who would refuse to convert to Judaism–would likely be satisfied to remove elsewhere in that vast land.

    The Yentas in Miami Beach would be so envious of all those fine beaches…and the wonderful tans.

  51. GeeBee says:
    @Majority of One

    The true celebration should be of the messages of love and forgiveness which were the crux of Jesus’ mission to humanity.

    All of the Christian gospels – including those that were not among the four selected by the church fathers for inclusion in the New Testicle – were reverse-engineered biographies of one sort or another, written both to fill a void left by the charlatan Pied Piper Saul of Tarsus, who knew nothing and therefore said nothing about the life of his selected ‘poster boy’ Jesus, and to satisfy a not unreasonable demand on the part of Saul’s multitude of dupes who wished to know something more of the poster boy than the mere death and ‘resurrection’ that Saul had spun them.

    I apologise, but I had formed the impression that, like me, you had nothing to do with this Jesus nonsense, and I find myself surprised to read that you somehow find reason to divorce him from Saul, but then to make very specific claims as to his life, presumably derived from something other than the canonical gospels.

    The best such evidence that I have come across in thirty years of looking into this endlessly fascinating subject, are various works by among others Bart D Ehrman and Robert Eisenman. These do not attempt to construct an alternative to the Saul/canonical gospels narrative, but rather to correct the notion (deliberately created by inverting the scriptural chronology of the New Testicle) that ‘in the beginning were the gospels’, and that Saul then came along simply to spread the word. When, in fact, Saul came in the beginning, so far as orthodox Christianity* is concerned – he was without a doubt the founder of orthodox Christianity – and he then made up a lot of stuff about the now irretrievable figure we know as Jesus, who was probably stirring up various trouble in Judea, and whom Saul, by his own admission, never met, but whom he claimed to have seen in ‘a vision’ (yeah, right.) The non-canonical gospels, as you will know, present a wide variety of mostly equally tendentious reverse-engineered fantasy, little or none of which appears to be based on anything other than folk legends and, more especially, the authors’ whim.

    So I’d love to know where you – someone whose words I always respect – actually stand on this subject and how you came upon this idea of a Jesus derived from outside the NT which, if I read you aright, you correctly set little or no store by ?

    * Not to be confused with the Orthodox Church of course.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  52. geokat62 says:
    @israel shamir

    It was before mass immigration killed the ethnic state.

    The Rothschilds/Soros push for open/pluralistic societies killed the ethnic state via the twin poisons of mass immigration and cultural Marxism:

    “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew…” – Alex Soros

    The slogan “Never again!” was a rallying cry that really meant say “goodbye” to blood and soil and “hello” to multiculti.

    Underpinning this slogan is the following equation:

    ethno-nationalism = fascism = genocide

  53. @Yukon Jack

    Here is a rough draft of an Neanderthal out of Sumer theory based on Zacharia Sitchin’s writings. Sitchin’s timeline of Anunnaki arrival and manipulation of the human genome starts 445,000 years ago. This coincides with the ancient alien theory of occupied Sumerian as no fossils of Neanderthal exist prior to their arrival exist, that Neanderthal is one of the first Anunnaki Homo Erectus hybrids, and that the tale of Abraham’s exodus out of Ur is actually much older than thought and represents the story of the Neanderthals leaving Sumer when the gods created better hybrids.

    So if you wonder why Jews (potential Neanderthal remnants) act inhuman toward Goyim, one theory is that Jews are a rival race of later Anunnaki hybrids. Only time will tell as genetic research is going to eventually prove our origin, and I am confident that DNA studies will continue to unravel our mysterious sudden appearance on earth. Sitchin provides a very rational alternative to what the Bible or modern science says about our origin. Humans were artificially created by cross genetics of space aliens and local bipedal hominids (our Homo Erectus ancestors).


    “According to Sitchin, while the Anunnaki production of gold was increased by mining in South Africa, so was the physical effort to extract it.

    After continuous day and night gold mining for a period of 150,000 years (450,000-300,000BC), the South African Anunnaki mine workers revolted. The mutiny was resolved through the intercession of the brother/sister gods of the Anunnaki named Enki and Ninharsag by genetically engineering an African ape-woman to create a replacement laborer.

    After considerable trial and error, according to the Sumerian story, a suitable hybrid worker was developed. Capable of gene manipulation technology, the Anunnaki implanted the ape-woman’s egg into surrogate Anunnaki maidens. This early hybrid could not sexually reproduce, but at a later time, some of these hybrids (referred to as black heads in Sumerian tablets) were moved from Africa to a place the Sumerians called E.DIN in Mesopotamia and further engineered to be able to sexually reproduce.

    Some considerable time later, some of the Anunnaki (including royalty) began to mate with human females.”

    After the Anunnaki left earth a war has been ongoing between various hybrid factions. Human survivors of the Anunnaki engineered flood (which is the gods wiping out their illegal planet intervention) left the different human tribes on their own – humans went feral on the planet surface and have being fighting it out like packs of dogs for dominance, territory, and religious beliefs of chosenness.

    Both Neanderthal and Homo Sapien have 23 Chromosomes, I assume that the first fossil with this definitive 23 pair marker can not be older than the Anunnaki arrival of 445,000 years and if Sitchin is correct on his timeline, the first hybrid homo is only 200,000 years old. Don’t be dissuaded by geneticist talk that human/neanderthal split 2 million years ago – that is based on a calculation not fossil evidence. So if Neanderthal AND modern man both have 23 pairs compared to all monkeys and apes who have 24 pairs (48 chromosomes) then we can make the assumption that our unique pairs comes from Anunnaki genetic engineering and we might even postulate the Anunnaki have 23 pair themselves so they could breed with us.

    The problem with 23 pairs is that at some point a mutation occured and an “eve” or an “adam” with 23 appeared then bred with the 24 pair population. This is not possible, any 23 pair would be sterile to breeding with the general population AND we would still have a mix of 23/24 pairs in modern humans BUT no 24 pair chromosome humans exist and thus Natural Selection can not be the origin of 23 pairs. Basically, in simple terms, a 23 pair mutant would never be able to breed and lead to our lineage. Human 46 chromosomes is powerful evidence of genetic engineering origin for man.

    This Sumerian tale of the gods breeding with their human slaves is echoed in the Jewish Bible. The Bible has a tale of God taking Adam’s rib to make woman. That is a watered down perverted retelling of real genetic engineering by the gods, a.k.a. Anunnaki geneticists and chief Enki. Enki first made Adam then he made Tiamet (Eve) then he had to modify them further so they could breed.

    Genesis 6:2 New American Standard Bible
    … the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

    Who are these “sons of God” chasing earth women down and breeding with them? Sitchin says God is Anu, the Anunnaki king, and his sons are the Anunnaki crew who “fell from the heavens to earth (like Satan cast to earth). Space devils in the heavens above (think space empire) came to earth and some may have been condemned to earth for taking earth women wives. Satan being cast out of heaven are Anunnaki rebels who broke Anunnaki law and were condemned to earth as heaven didn’t want them back. Our fathers in heaven are space devils, we are the product of their lust, half breeds of alien humanoids and local earth hominids – and get these we are hybrid abominations that heaven above doesn’t want us – thus humans are bound to earth – a prison planet – where the remnant Anunnaki experimental breeds fight it out for dominance – and thus Jews are in war with all their rivals and they want all of us dead – just as heaven does.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  54. saggy says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    You are the driveller. That statement by Saadia the Gaon has been previously documented by others, including Israel Shahak in an endnote to his “Weight of Three Thousand Years” book.

    More drivel. There are no ‘great Jewish sages’, the whole religion is degenerate genocidal lunacy. Shahak documented that as well. This recent vid might help your understanding ….

    Video Link

    • Replies: @jihadijew
  55. Alden says:

    Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles Persian jew Zoroastrian and Christian alleged refugees go back and forth all the time.

    • Agree: Alfred
  56. lloyd says: • Website

    Well yes. And unlike the ancient Hebrews from Egypt, they haven’t stopped. I at least can read the Old Testament with a sense of the sublime and morality. Under Yahweh’s commands, they took everything. Under the commands of their leaders, they having achieved their objectives, knew when to stop and make peace with their neighbours. The Zionists have taken the worst of the Old Testament. The Christians and maybe the Moslems have taken the best.

    • Replies: @jihadijew
  57. @Mefobills

    Sevi (sic) changed the nature of Judaism in 1666

    Not exactly.

    That happened during the reign of Solomon, when the Levites, conscious of prophecy that would transfer “the scepter” of Genesis 49:10 to a Gentile, concocted “The Lie” to which Jeremiah refers in Chapter 8, Verse 8 of his eponymous biblical book.

    After this corruption, the Temple was destroyed and Jews were forced into the Babylonian exile, where use of Hebrew was outlawed. Later, Cyrus assisted their return, whereupon the record of Scripture was re-written using another Semitic language, allegedly “by divine inspiration.”

    Jews continue to wait for a Messiah that’s already come. Such was the result of events that occurred among the House of Israel many generations before Jesus was even born. 1666 is too late a starting point from which to perceive it.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  58. Jameson says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It is insane, it is civilizational suicide to be bringing Islam into the West. But that is the problem, not Zionism. If anything, the Jews and Israel are the canary in the coalmine that the West should have learned the lesson from! But instead of seeing it for what it is, the Muslims, who have never created anything, just conquered and then lived off the previously created resources and civilizations, attacking the Jews in the land they held long before Islam was created, the idiots in the West blame the Jews for the troubles! No one cared that the Christians of Iraq, who again, were there long before Islam was invented, were utterly devastated and destroyed by the insane United States trying to bring “freedom” to the Muslims there. The problem is Islam. Period. End of Story. Joining the Muslims in attacking the Zionists and Israel is pure insanity, and cowardly.

    • Replies: @The_seventh_shape
  59. zimriel says:

    Rhetoric like this is very common in Israel today, that the real Jews are the secular Zionists and religious non-Zionist Jews are described in a variety of derogatory terms.

    If you are founding a nation-state, this is exactly what you MUST do. Likewise, the only real Americans are those who support Americans’ right to the posterity their forefathers granted to them. The real Americans are not the cuck megachurch Churchians, and certainly not the #wokers.
    I quit reading the article here.
    The Jews created a nation-state, like the nation-state they had in the Iron Age. Rather than attack these Jews, let us praise them and emulate them.

  60. @Schuetze

    Before you say any more what about cleaning up your act and admitting that you are peddling fake history. One obvious example; Balfour (Lord Balfour not Sir Arthur long before the rise of Hitler) was dead before Hitler beam anyone consequence in the government of Germany. The photo is a fake.

  61. @Notisraelshamir

    Because this article is bullshit and differentiating between secular Zionists and Orthodox jews is meaningless. The notion that Orthodox jews aren’t motivated by the same anti-goy worldview that Zionists are is laughable, their scripture is loaded with calls from God to destroy their “enemies” (people living in lands Hebrews coveted). It was the Orthodox jews who would sacrifice gentile children and it is the orthodox jews who call non-jews lesser than animals, acceptable to rape from age 3 on. The Zionists just put a secular European veneer on the foundation yid cult that Orthodox espouse. The only positive thing about the Orthodox is that they don’t hide their evil beliefs and customs like Zionists do

    Zionists like Herzl still embody the Jewish spirit and attitude, hating everybody but him and his own. Zionism is just an interpretation of the same inhuman, disgusting belief system all jews adhere by, whether they are haredi or communist. This article’s attempt at an Esau gambit is pathetic, ALL jews are part of the problem and ALL jews are enemies of humanity

  62. @GeeBee

    Lots to go through here. Lets start with (S)Paul. Agreed that it was his perspectives as the “psychedelicized pharisee” (perhaps amanita mascara—see “The Magic Mushroom and the Cross”. Author, I believe, called himself Dante Alighieri). With whomPaul was in contact to develop the thesis, I have no idea. It’s doubtful, though, that it was all spun out of his head like Venus popping out of the head of Zeus, in yet another legend.

    There are some aspects attributed to (S)Paul which, according to exegetical works I read in an allegedly channeled “Spiritualist” source dating to the 1890’s; that were claimed in that work to have been cribbed from the now “lost” works of Apollonius of Tyana. Book burnings of any possible alternative mythos (or historical truths) were rife under the likes of Justinian and Theodosian, Constantinian Imperial successors, who either had so devolved intellectually or simply had been rendered ignorant by priestcrafters; that they assailed, assaulted and destroyed the Hellenic Wisdom Schools as well as treasure houses such as the Library of Alexandria. It was all about not only controlling, but absolutely dominating the message…anything sound familiar regarding today’s mainscream media?

    Spiritual researchers have arrived at the conclusion that the very nadir of the ultimate destructiveness of the Kali Yuga world age of some 6,000 years, occurred somewhere around 500 Anus Dominated, an era when literacy rates in the Western world devolved to their lowest level in all of recorded European and Mediterranean history. That fall was precipitated by the deliberate destruction of the remnants of Classical culture, an era, which in my estimation was the highest intellectual and cultural achievement level in known Western history.

    It was not until the peak of the Italian Renaissance, almost exactly a full millennium after that downfall of civilized standards; that Western man began to recover culturally from those events resulting from Constantine’s JudieChristie Magickmindfuck. In a very literal sense, combined with the devolution in urban civilization, the traditional shamanic wisdom of country folk (denounced by the “Christians” as “Pagani/pagans) was essentially shattered beyond any possible direct recovery.

    Not included in the canonical “gospels” were manuscripts and scrolls which were discovered in recent years in the caves of Nag Hammadi. It was from these virtually indisputably original texts, neither bowdlerized nor totally destroyed in the destruction of “off message” writings, where probably the gem of the lot was unearthed in the “Book of Thomas”. In that scripture we find accounts of Jesus which were close to contemporaneous with his era.

    The Jesus of Thomas was all about tenets calling for love, forgiveness and other spiritually cohesive (rather than religious dogmas) doctrines which suggests that Jesus may have actually existed and who espoused human brotherhood and the concept that the spirit of Creator is to be found within. Of course, the notion of an individual containing a spark of Creator and the potential to become a love-centered creator in one’s own right, was automatically and axiomatically excluded from the canonical books.

    Thus, from many Eastern sources and closer to home for some of us, the “Red Road” of peace espoused by the Lakota people of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Black Elk, natives who lived without taxes, laws, police, governments et alia; strike me as being far closer to my personal spirit path than perhaps 90% of Constantine’s Bible.

    • Replies: @ivegotrythm
    , @GeeBee
  63. @Yukon Jack

    Having read some of Zecharia Sitchin’s works, I found them fascinating, engaging, yet somewhat disquieting. The account does not ring exactly as pure as the tone of a silver bell. The perspective offered by Yukon Jack (not bad if cut with Rose’s lime juice) is a bit troubling as it appears to emanate from a rationalist-materialist-scientistic perspective and elides its way through any possible spiritual point of view.

    Sitchin’s writings are based upon what we presume to be Sitchin’s readings of Sumerian tablets; a decoding talent which is not likely to be shared by very many scholars or researchers. That being the case, as in getting a medical prognosis, suggests the need for a second opinion by a presumably objective source. Also, the particular tablets should receive a materials and chemical analysis to determine whether they happen to be compositionally identical to similar tablets which would be of little interest to those who have become invested in the Annunaki hypothesis.

  64. Right_On says:

    The US and UK air-forces and special forces did not attack the guards, fences or transport infrastructure at these supposed “death camps”.
    To be fair: US and UK bombers would have had to fly three times the distance that their Soviet counterparts would to reach Auschwitz in 1944. Uncle Joe should have dealt with the problem. He would have received glowing headlines in the NYT: “Brave Russian Flyers’ Mercy Mission to Save Jews in Nazi Death Camps”.
    Anyway, high-altitude bombing wasn’t an exact science and many prisoners would have been ‘exterminated’. We’d probably still be paying compensation to this day.

  65. Anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Zionist Israel and so-called Zionist-Notzees were basically created by
    ELITE JEWS persecuting POOR JEWS

    And then they attempted to frame Germany, who were the RottenChilds Bankster (fake jew) main economic rivals. How convenient?

    Classic RottenChilds Crime Clan Modus Operandi.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  66. @Wizard of Oz

    That photo is very real my dear sayanim. How hasbara of you to make such an absurd claim.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  67. @Jameson

    But who opened the gates of Europe to these Muslims? For decades Jewish intellectuals and money men have been ramming at those gates, insisting, as Bernard-Henry Levy puts it, that we ‘open our hearts to The Other’.

    It’s not the first time they did it either and they supported the Muslim invasion of Christian Spain hundreds of years ago.

    • Replies: @Jameson
  68. “Jews” “Hebrews”

    Sorry, not buying it.

    Should read: European honkey born into a money worshiping cult being used by the Angloid-Murican elite in their settler colonial project in Palestine!

    Hitler and the Nazis were part of the fiendish plot. No surprise since Hitler is part “Jew” himself, 100s of thousands of his military were “Jews”, even high ranking officers. Therefore we can use the rules here at Unz to easily determine that the Third Reich was a “Jewish” conspiracy!

  69. If that was the intention of the early Zionists then their project has been a failure. The birth rate of the orthodox Israelis far exceeds that of the secular Israelis and the religiously conservative ‘Maushel’ types gain more and more control of the society by the day.

    Whether Israel is viable in the long run remains to be seen.

  70. @AnonStarter

    “Zhid” has nothing to do with Arabic zahid. Nirukta, or the Indian pseudo-science of etymology, which has a happy home in Islam, is based upon superficial and shallow appearance. It is a silly parlor game to draw deep meaning from random appearance. Zhid is Polish for Jew, without any more derisive mean than the word “lawyer” itself has because of what it connotes. In Russian, if it used to replace “Yevrei” it of course takes on a different meaning. Otherwise Zhid comes from Iudai, with a change of sound from I to J as often happens with v and b.
    It is funny that the word “kike” was a derisive word used by German Jews to call Russian Jews, based on the “sky” ending of many names. In other words, “kike” is itself a Jewish term for other Jews.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  71. @Majority of One

    You jump to really wild conclusions. Constantine was a Trump like politician at the formative time of Christianity. Like Trump paying lip service to Israel, Constantine paid lip service to Christianity, because he had no choice. But Constantine himself was never a Christian, although the Christians fervently pretended he was and said he was baptized on his death bed. The symbol on Constantine’s banner at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 was a Mithraic symbol, the Chi-Rho, just as the symbol on his opponent Maxentius’ shields was another Mithraic symbol, the Sol Invictus. The Sol Invictus is now the rays of Sun behind the Statue of Liberty, and the Chi-Rhi is the coat of arms of the Papacy, and the Rx symbol of the pharmakon, or medical prescription, originally the Antidote of Mithridates. The Old Testament took the form it did, and the names it now has like Genesis and Exodus, because of the Septuagint Translation into Greek which was completed at the latest by 150 BC. This was done not by Pharisee Jews but by others, who eventually became Christians. The Pharisee Jews cursed the Greek Translation although, and even though, it created many Jews in Asia Minor, but these Jews were not initially Pharisees. The essential four gospels were written between 75 and 180 BC, but way before Constantine. What other materials were or were not included in the NT Canon has nothing to do with Constantine. He did step in to keep order among the Christians at times, but as a politician, not because he had a dog in the fight.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  72. @RedpilledAF

    Maybe the photo is real but that doesn’t answer my criticism of the poster’s credibility. For him to have called Lord Balfour “Sir Arthur Balfour” and identified him as in a photograph taken (or composed) long after he had died surely makes it a waste of time to rely on his comments as based on reliably credited facts? Do you not agree? (I’m not sure whether I should care about your opinion in view of your slinging the word “hasbara” about with not the slightest justification).

    Now tell us please where and when the photo was taken and who is in it. It’s not news that IBM and other American companies did well under the Nazis.

  73. @Anon

    I gained the opposite impression, that it was created by modern Maccabean Jews who hated and wanted killed all assimilated Jews, interpreting non-Zionism or not wanting to move to Palestine as the equivalent of hellenization in the Maccabean era.

    It also appears they thought they needed six million Jews killed to give legitimacy to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. That’s why we keep hearing of that number, they teach it in all the Holocaust museums that are being created all the time. (According to a new one opened in Adelaide this year.)

    So I now see Zionist and Maccabean as synonyms, and the pretend Holocaust, the killing of European Jews, however many died, as their own intention, going back to Samuel Untermyer and the Jewish economic boycott of Germany. What else was it for?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @jihadijew
  74. GeeBee says:
    @Majority of One

    Many thanks for that. I recall reading the gospel of Thomas in Bart D Ehrman’s reproduction of all of the non-canonical gospels (many of which only survived, as you mention, in the Nag Hammadi hoard, thus escaping the various maniacal ‘cleansings’ of ‘heresies’ that you mention). Apropos of this last, I don’t know whether you are familiar with Karlheinz Deschner’s ten-volume work Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums? It is only partially translated into English, the last volume appearing only a few years ago (Deschner died in 2014 aged almost ninety). It is a grim history of Christian triumphalism, in the wake of Constantine’s granting it the status of Imperial religion, and chronicles the very acts of vandalism upon the glories of antiquity that you mention. And yes, it is of course exactly of a piece with today’s neo-Puritan purging of ‘wrong-think’ and ‘thought-crime’. Cesar Tort has much of the translated work over at his rather bizarre site here:

    Thomas is, of course, Greek for twin, and didymus is a Latin word with the same meaning. You might recall that the NT Thomas was associated with Judas/Jude (one of the three or possibly four brothers of Jesus), and was variously referred to as Judas Thomas and even Didymus Thomas – ‘Twin-Twin’. Eisenman thinks that ‘Jude’, ‘Judas’, ‘Thomas’ and ‘Didymus’ were all the same guy, and one of Jesus’ brothers. This is also most interesting from the perspective of Saul. He needed a poster boy with some popular street-cred. What more so than someone whom recent folklore claimed had returned from the dead?

    Cut to the Gospel stories centring on Jesus’ ‘betrayal’ by this same Jude/Judas. Very likely his own twin brother. And if an identical twin, someone who had volunteered to make the sacrifice of taking their leader, his brother’s place – I think you get the message.

    Anyhow, in spite of his slightly unpleasant tone, your respondent ‘ivegotrythm’ says much that I have always believed regarding Constantine. The point you make is the most important one of all, however, regarding our ‘Christian heritage’: it’s essentially a can of worms, and the foul vector in the destruction of what you accurately describe as ‘an era which…was the highest intellectual and cultural achievement level in known Western history’, and which, as you again say, saw ‘the traditional shamanic wisdom of country folk (denounced by the “Christians” as “Pagani/pagans) …shattered beyond any possible direct recovery’.

    Again, I have always agreed with you that the Italian Renaissance was like Spring buds in May, but then what happened? The blasted Reformation, with its re-imposition of 100% octane Christianity and its ‘Magic-Mindfuck’ as you so graphically describe it.

    Alas, I cannot agree that Saul’s poster boy was in any way a special person preaching love and tolerance. He was just one of the many candidates for Chrestos plying their freedom-fighting trade in early first-century Judea, but one who, crucially, had an aura about him owing to the trickery that had seem him ‘return fro the dead’. It was likely this that made Saul select him for his extraordinary bid for fame (and wealth of course – he was a Jew after all) with his syncretism melding one of the rather trendier Jewish cults around at the time with Mithraic elements from the Eleusinian Mysteries.

    There is something else regarding Saul, however, that almost no-one (especially Christians) seems either to understand or to confront. It is that he preached nothing less than the complete abrogation of the Torah. Not only open table fellowship with gentiles and putting the mohel out to grass, but something far more lurid, and which ran counter to the most cherished of all tenets of Judaism. I refer to the drinking of blood (albeit symbolically). Under the Torah, blood was unclean and was not to be touched, much less ingested. A man, for example, was not allowed to share his bed with his wife when she was menstruating. All animals killed for the table had to have the blood first drained away by kosher slaughter. Yet Saul came up with the one thing most calculated to insult and outrage any practicing Jew, and especially the direct family of his ‘poster boy’, whose brother James the Just was a fanatically devout Jew.

    Saul actually went about preaching the symbolic drinking of the blood of James’ deceased brother. That this caused an almighty feud with James and his associates not even the Book of Acts bothers to pretend otherwise. In fact, this allusion to the feud in Acts is actually a prime example of what the Tübingen School referred to as tendenz – something that despite being inimical to the writer’s intent, was so widely known at the time he was writing that the author understood that he could not get away with simply ignoring it. The accepted tactic was to come out and boldly state that this feud existed, and then try to ‘defuse’ the inconvenient truth it represented.

    Devout Christians therefore dutifully (and uncritically) point to the verses which the author of Acts inserted, whereby this absolutely fundamental disagreement is lamely stitched together by means of the fatuous ‘Council of Jerusalem’. It was propaganda from the moment Saul’s chum ‘Luke’ wrote Acts as an excuse for his friend’s behaviour.

    Anyhow, it’s a fine spring day and we mustn’t drive ourselves into madness by dwelling upon the legacy of Christian Puritanism that so pollutes the world of today. I’m off to make an offering to Bacchus!

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  75. @Majority of One

    In the days of early Zionists, they were aware of Ashkenazi Jews only; Sephardis were considered a tiny quaint admixture.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  76. @ivegotrythm

    While you may be technically correct that the term “zhid” doesn’t find its origin in zahid, I’m not playing any “parlor game” and appreciate the opportunity to stand corrected. “Zhid” is, in fact, derived from the Hebrew term y’hudi, which is virtually identical to the Arabic yahudi.

    Yet given that the Haredim refer to themselves as those who “tremble before God,” it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to draw an association between “zhid” and zahid. Pious Jews would likely not disavow the connotation.

    FWIW, there is no “Nirukta” in Islam. See Idris Shah’s Sufism for further details about the richness of trilateral root word families in Arabic.

  77. Schuetze says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    IBM ad from ca 1934

    Already after the census in 1933, IBM was helping the NSDAP identify the profession of jews so the Zionists could figure out which racially superior jews would be sent to steal land from Palestinians:

    “IBM’s Hollerith punch-card system stored any information, such as ethnic type, profession and residential location”

    Edwin Black, author of the book “Hitler founded Israel 1933 The Transfer Agreement”, clarifies this:

    Black explains that the Zionists weren’t taking jews on a first come first serve basis, but that they were deliberately selecting who would be able to survive and help build the infrastructure needed to the state of stolen palestine.


    In the previous clip (below) Black also describes how German water plants and infrastructure were built in Israel in order to raise enough cash to pay the British who were demanding \$5000 to allow German Jews to emmigrate to Palestine. He also explains how these Jews were allowed to export entire households with all their goods, and how critical this German infrastructure was for the jews to steal Palestine and settle more jews there.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  78. jihadijew says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. “Information by any Means Necessary”.

    We all make a dent in Media’s monopoly on information.

  79. jihadijew says:

    Problem reaching to your website.
    It is refreshing to see some informative comments. Thank you. Unlike comments from “self proclaimed intellectuals” that brings my old rebellious instinct back.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  80. Jameson says:

    No doubt many of the problems in the West are exacerbated by the intellectual Jewish class, but they are not following their religion either, so their Jewishness isn’t really the issue. But in any case, if the Christians of the West are too weak, too pathetic, too feminized, too beat down by the modern liberal ideology to save their own Civilization, then piss on them, let them all eat shit and die, they and their Civilization DESERVE to die a horrible painful death, one that we both know they are going to die. At this point, nothing short of a full genuine MIRACLE from the God of the Bible can save the West. And that won’t happen without a major revival, and that seems highly unlikely given the state of the modern church in the West which has become little more than just another pathetic example of liberal dogma ideology destroying more institutions. Wish I could be more optimistic but frankly I see zero hope that anything other than the West first becoming Third World, then after that Islamic. If it is true, as you suggest that this is all the fault of “the Jews” then so be it, but that fact alone is not sustainable long term as the real reasons in the end as having caused the end of the West if we really are talking about the very survival of our civilization. If all the Jews were killed today nothing would change.

  81. Malla says:

    According to Lysimachus of Alexandria, in the reign of King Bocchoris: a discernible group called the jews began to descend on temples throughout the length and breadth of Egypt. These jews did not work for a living, but rather begged and demanded that others provide for them. This group was also heavily inflicted with disease and began to grow in numbers creating a famine: so much so that King Bocchoris decided to consult the creator god of Egypt; Ammon [i.e. Amun], via his principle oracle. This oracle instructed that Bocchoris should drown those most infected with the disease (the lepers) in the sea by wrapping them in sheets of lead, but that those less infected by the disease (the impure) should be collected together and cast out into the desert. By doing this then Ammon promised that the favour of the gods would be restored and the famine would end.

    Among those who were less infected (the impure) there was a lot of debate as to what should be done next, but a leader arose among the these new citizens of the desert called Moses. Who promised the jews that if they followed him and trusted no one but him and themselves then they would meet with success and reap future bounty. This they did by raping, pillaging and murdering their way to a new land which they then named Judea and founded a city; Hierosyla, in honour of all the temples they had robbed and destroyed on their path to the land of milk and honey.

  82. Schuetze says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    And another good one:

    Chaim Arlosoroff was murdered by the “revisionist” (Likud) jews for negotiating the Haavara agreements with the NSDAP. Here are a few juicy excerpts:

    “Jabotinsky responded that because of the mistreatment of the Jews of Palestine by the Turks, any debt of gratitude had been forfeited. “If the Jews in Palestine were not slaughtered wholesale, it was not due to Turkey’s humaneness towards the Jews but to the presence of Ambassador (Henry) Morgenthau in Constantinople and of two American cruisers off Jaffa, which
    demonstratively served us
    . If the German Ambassador in Turkey advised the Turks not to quarrel
    with the Jews in Palestine, it was also due to his fear of the Americans.” He further argued that
    the Europeans did not know or care about the Jews with the exception of the British. If the Jews
    wished to have a representation in the future of Palestine after the Allied victory, they had to take
    part in the fight for it.
    Three key members of the committee, Otto Warburg, Ussishkin and Alfred Klee were opposed to the Legion. They demanded, even before the committee meeting in Cophenhagen commenced,
    that the Legion issue be dealt with. It must not put on the agenda. ‘Jabotinsky was invited to a private conference by Tschlenow and Jacobson, who were briefly joined by Arthur Hantke. For three hours, the three men (particularly Hantke) tried to convince Jabotinsky that Germany would win the war that the Zion Mule Corps”

    The US was already “serving” the Zionists during WWI, before the Balfour agreement was even made public!

    “The Final Solution to the Jewish problem was not developed when Hitler came to power in 1933. What was formed and understood was that 550,000 German Jews were seriously at risk. They
    had nowhere to go. No one wanted them, except, and even then with limitation, the Yishuv.
    Whom the Yishuv wanted was clearly, coldly, pragmatically, defined by the Labor Zionists under Ben Gurion – they only wanted the young and the fit to build the new state. It was a hard, practical decision. The Yishuv, they felt, could not absorb every Jew that wanted or needed to come. Jabotinsky, on the other hand, did not think in practical terms when it came to Jewish rescue. The Revisionists wanted everyone and would worry about absorption later. They wanted mass settlement.”.

    There we have it, Ben Gurion and the labor Zionists were more eugenic. They were working with the NSDAP to restrict migration to stolen palestine of only the “right” and “good” jews.

    “From Prague he travelled on to the Zionist Congress in Warsaw, where violent tumults awaited him. The Zionist Workers’ Party, of which Arlosoroff was a member and the Revisionists, were at each other’s throats. Arlosoroff’s speech was interrupted by repeated heckling, rebuking him for his diplomatic activities, his attempts ‘to help the Jews by holding discussions with the Nazis,
    and accusing him of caring only for the German Jews and of taking an unnecessarily gloomy
    view of the situation

    In fact, the Zionists made Haavara agreements with Poland, Chechoslovakia and Romania who all wanted to get rid of their jews years before the war started. Already in 1933 jews were ready to kill each other in order to be the ones who decided which jews got to migrate to stolen Palestine.

    “Sima and Arlosoroff strolled along the beach, Sima walking a few steps ahead of her husband. Suddenly two men walked towards him out of the gloom. When they had reached him they
    stopped, and the shorter one shone a torch into Arlosoroff’s face. ‘Are you Dr Arlosoroff?’ he asked in Hebrew. When Arlosoroff replied that he was, he continued, ‘What time is it?’ Arlosoroff awkwardly took his watch from his pocket. Before he could reply the second man pulled a revolver and fired at him. Arlosoroff collapsed, and the two men disappeared silently
    into the night.”

    Jews killing jews over which jews were good enough to emmigrate to stolen Palestine already in 1933. Those EVIL Nazi’s, they forced these communist pedophile homosexual jews to kill each other.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  83. DrWatson says:
    @Chris Moore

    While researching the subject I came across some shocking documents (shocking even to a seasoned self-taught expert on the subject) about some Jewish criminal activity/mentality and how they were covered up. One is about the ritual murders of children:

    “…The Chicago Daily News published an afternoon article detailing the ritualistic nature of the wounds and speculating that members of a “religious cult” might be involved. Within ten minutes of the edition hitting the street, trucks were sent out to bring them all in; all copies were ripped off the newstands and taken back to the news building where they were burned.

    Eight copies of the issue were obtained by a woman named Mrs. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning who published a women’s journal called “Women’s Voice”. When she called the daily news office to ask why the paper had been recalled, she was told that there had been “complaints” about it and it was likely to cause “racial unrest”.

    Mrs. Van Hyning had her own suspicions and sent the father of the two murdered boys, Anton Schuessler Sr., a copy of Arnold Leese’s definitive work JEWISH RITUAL MURDER.

    Jewish Ritual Murder Leese [Full PDF ]

    Schuessler read the booklet and was stunned by what he learned. He then made the mistake of going to the police and demanding that the possible ritual murder angle in his sons’ death be investigated.

    The Cook County Sheriff of the time was a Jew named Joseph Lohman. Lohman immediately placed Mr. Schuessler under arrest on suspicion of killing his own children.

    A jewish deputy named Horowitz was sent to the Schuessler home with a party of men. Having ransacked the house looking for “evidence”, Horowitz then placed Mrs. Eleanor Schuessler and her family under virtual house arrest, forbidding them to leave the house or speak with anyone on the phone lest they “spread rumors about the jews.”

    The two Chicago detectives in charge of the case, Irish lieutenants James Lynch and James McMahon, later complained angrily that Lohman’s Cook County investigators had destroyed evidence, threatened and tampered with witnesses, and generally impeded their efforts to solve the case at every turn.

    Anton Schuessler, Sr. took a lie detector test which completely cleared him, as well as proving that he had an ironclad alibi for the murders. Instead of releasing him, the authorities committed Anton Schuessler to a private mental institution in Des Plaines, IL operated by a Dr. Leon Steinfeld. Mr. Schuessler was rushed right into electroshock treatment, where he died the same afternoon he arrived at the “sanitarium”…”

    It is well worth reading the entire document, especially considering the length Chicago Jews went to cover up these ritual murders.

  84. Mefobills says:

    Jews continue to wait for a Messiah that’s already come. Such was the result of events that occurred among the House of Israel many generations before Jesus was even born. 1666 is too late a starting point from which to perceive it.

    The Jacobin stream of history started with Sevi. This was a world-wide phenomena, and diaspora Jews were shocked when Sevi converted to Islam. They were shocked again when he died and wasn’t the Messiah.

    Secretly, Sevi also turbo-charged the Kol-Niedre to allow pre-crime, and the justification was that one can openly lie, e.g. the conversion to Islam.

    There was a large increase in the number of “conversos” as I mentioned.

    I agree with your basic premise, but the Sevi was a change in Judaism that occurred. It is not too late in history to perceive this change in the same way that it is not too late to perceive the changes that happened after the Temple fell. Judaism continues to morph as Talmud is received wisdom from sages.

  85. @John Q Duped

    I think only a historian can truly appreciate the printing press and its effect on Europe. Suddenly, tbe town folks began to read and not just the Bible. The effect on society had to have been revolutionary. Imagine that a person could suddenly study the Revelation of John; many argue it is not even a Christian document.
    I consider it semitic garbage personally. I think the real author was Flavius Josephus. Not just the Revelatjons but the whole NT is, imho, fake and written by the Flavians. I consider the OT to be a similar fake. The faking of a religion is the work of a parasite priest class. Kabalah is all reworked, stolen Tantric Hindu doctrine, including the symbolism which was stolen from Egypt, Iran and India.
    As far as I can see, Jews are fakers. They are incapable of creative acts; theft and parasitism seems to be the driving force in the culture.

  86. @Mefobills

    Thanks for clarifying your position.

    Much appreciated.

  87. Schuetze says:

    Found it! Here is a fantastic Ernst Zundel review of Segevs “The Seventh Million” where Zundel details all the eugenacist plans of the Zionists to racially select only the best jews for stolen Palestine. I originally watched this on Youtube, then it was removed. Next I found it on Bitchute, then it was removed. Now I found it on Archive. Who knows how long it will take before “Wizard of Oz” and his Hasbara cronies get it taken down. Well worth a watch.

    (the screen capture doesn’t work, click on the image anyway and the video will start)

    Starting at 4 minutes it gets very interesting.

    – Up until Stalingrad the Zionists were on the German side. The English imprisoned Zionists out of suspicion that they were Nazi spies. Many of the Haganah were Nazi spies.
    – 16:14 Teddy Kolleck major of Jerusalem, Ben Gurions chief assistant, meets with Eichmann who allows the transfer of young Austrian Jews to England, for later transport to stolen Palestine, who had been in an agricultural training camp.
    – Betar the Zionist Fascist Youth movement actively worked with the NSDAP to get young, racially superior jews to emmigrate to stolen Palestine.

    (the screen capture doesn’t work, click on the image anyway and the video will start)

    – Most of the Betar Youth were assisted in their illegal emigration to Palestine by the NSDAP. Zionist cooperating to the hilt with the “Nazis” all the way until 1943.
    – second half of 1940 Irgun (revisionists Jobatinskyites) formed itself into LEHI/Stern Gang and met with Germans and offered to help in the war against the British
    – Lehi wanted to form a fascist state analog to “Nazi” Germany to fight against the British
    – The revisionists/Lehi work with Germany to actively fight British rule in Palestine.
    – The new wave of Immigrants were called “Hitler Zionists”. They were also called Jeckels because they wore German Jackets and German clothes.
    – These Hitler Zionists/Jeckels gave Israel its government organization and legal system
    – Postal system, electrical system, postal system, water system were all brought by these Hitler Zionists/Jeckels
    – In hindsight the effort of the Zionists to only bring the best, the supermen, to Palestine, left all other jews to their own fate once war broke out
    – The “ideal settler” were Hayutz (pioneers) who wanted to work on a commune (communists). When immigration permits were issued Betar gave priority certain emigrants. Those who wanted to go to another country but Palestine were ignored.
    – Weizman complained that the Germans were giving permits to invalids.
    – The Jewish Agency even sent a list of people who should not have been sent. They even wanted to return these “invalids” back to Germany.
    – They complained about the “political affiliation” of the immigrants. They rejected 120 emigrants from Dachau on the basis that “they may have been communists”.

    That is all from part 3. There are still Parts 4-12 where Zundel goes through these Jewish books exposing the truth about this period. Zundel still hasn’t covered all the Zionist Eugenics which are not only fascinating, they completely eclipse anything the NSDAP was planning. Perhaps I will have time to review some more. In any case UR readers should at least take a look at all the information in this “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel.

    • Thanks: jihadijew
  88. Schuetze says:

    Part 4 “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel.

    – 2:30 Zionist Agent/official “Senator” threatened to cut back on the number of Jewish Immigrants allowed from Germany if the quality was not improved. They would stop allowing immigrants with only 6 months of agricultural training. In other countries up to 2 years was required. Senator also threatened to stop approving applications for family reunification.
    – To many “businessman” with children were arriving, rather than young men and women.
    – Merchants were not to be allowed unless they were Zionists
    – Zionists demanded to choose who were desirable and who were undesirable. Simple Jewish emigrants were undesirable.
    – Since there were 3 million jews in Poland and only 600 thousand in Germany they wanted more Polish jews so they could get more money (1936)
    – 12:00 the Zionists demanded a written commitment from jewish emigrants to work 2 years on the Kibbutz.
    – German jews brought their belongings in huge wooden crates that were used as sheds and even homes. One Jew brought 1.5 railroad cars full of belongings. The crates contained furniture, pianos, refrigerators, mahagony furniture, crystal.
    – Doctors and craftsmen brought their tools
    – private cars, entire libraries.
    – The first Jeckels warned the new arrivals to wash their vegetables and watch hygene.
    – Almost have the German immigrants were in their 30’s. They were forced to change their professions. One of every 2 doctors in occupied Palestine were jews from Germany. In 1946 35% of doctors in occupied Palestine were born in Germany.
    – The Jeckels were identified as German and were often called “Hitler” or “Hitler’s Zionists”.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  89. @Schuetze

    I’m pleased to see such a comprehensive response to my challenge to your credibility based on an error about Balfour. I had never heard of Edwin Black. I now find that what he says is particularly potent because he is a Zionist.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  90. @Schuetze

    Interesting, but why do you refer to land in Palestine as “stolen” in the 1930s? Setting aside possible instances of Jewish neighbours behaving in ways which effectually drove Arabs off the land they were farming what was done which could be described as theft before 1948?

    • LOL: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  91. @Schuetze

    Lots of interesting stuff but why make yourself sound silly by suggesting I am in some way hasbara?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  92. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I had never heard of Edwin Black. I now find that what he says is particularly potent because he is a Zionist.

    Actually, I discussed Black’s work quite a bit in one of my long articles from a couple of years ago:

    After Lenni Brenner finally managed to find a (tiny) publishing house for his ground-breaking history of the Nazi-Zionist economic partnership of the 1930s, organized Jewish activist groups became terrified that the story would get out. So they apparently scrambled to gain control of the issue by very quickly publishing Black’s book on the same topic, which carefully put the right “spin” on the facts while completely excluding the most explosive details, gaining glowing endorsements from top Jewish leaders and MSM coverage. The strategy largely succeeded and Black’s book probably received 10x or 20x the attention of Brenner’s, although the latter was earlier and is far more comprehensive and important.

    It’s like that alleged saying of Lenin about the benefits of leading your own opposition…

    • Thanks: Schuetze, Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Wizard of Oz
  93. Schuetze says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I don’t believe that I did suggest that you are “in some way hasbara”, although I do have my suspicions, mostly from past comments of yours not from this thread. In any case, thanks for the compliment and for looking at my comments.

  94. Schuetze says:
    @Ron Unz

    Looking for some information on Lenni Brenner’s book “51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis” I came across the entire book in PDF at

    I have started reading it…

    • Thanks: jihadijew
  95. Schuetze says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Perhaps they were merely squatters before 1948, but their intention was theft from the very beginning. I would argue that the moment when someone moves, ie squats, into someone else’s house with the intent of making it their own is the moment that theft occurred. Perhaps some slick shyster lawyer would argue that the squatter could not be certain at the time they moved in that their theft would succeed, and that is why it wasn’t “theft”. Or a shyster might argue that the squatter intended eventually to pay some compensation for the house after he had gained title. But I am far too pragmatic to accept that typically judaic abuse of language and intent.

    A similar case from the same period would be the millions of jews, poles, and chechs who stole property from Germans who were forced to vacate after their ethnic cleansing by the Red Rapist Army and their comrads the mostly judeo-communist partizans. In my mind they too are guilty of theft.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  96. @Schuetze

    C’mom. You can do better – as you have shown – than a silly smirking LOL to my question about how you justify saying Jews were stealing land in Palestine in the 30s. Sure, many of them had Lebensraum as much in mind as A.Hitler but that doesn’t justify allegations of theft in the 30s. BTW do you know how much freehold land which was open to private ownership there was in Palestine under the Ottomans?

  97. @Mefobills

    Jews know Jesus is the Messiah Divine.

    But it’s as He said, they hate Him and His Father so much (John 15:24, 25) they’ve chosen to serve His betrayer the devil (John 8:44).

    That’s why Jews refrain from killing all the Christians at once. They know immediate genocide would send Christians directly to The Father’s House as Jesus promised those who suffer for being His.

    Jews seek to corrupt Christians first to preclude them from eternity in The Father’s House.

    Jews want to deliver Christians to JewDaddy the devil.

    Hell has open borders. Heaven has very strict immigration standards.

  98. @Schuetze

    I think you deserve to be able to equip yourself with a more nuanced view based on knowing more facts. A good start would be the Wikipedia article on Jewish land purchases in Palestine 1880 to 1948.

    • LOL: Schuetze
  99. Anon[260] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “…it was created by modern Maccabean Jews who hated and wanted killed all assimilated Jews, interpreting non-Zionism or not wanting to move to Palestine as the equivalent of hellenization in the Maccabean era…”

    Whether or not the original Zionists and ZionistNotzees were “Maccabean or assimilated Jews” is not important. They were COVERT OPERATIVES who were working for the Usual Suspects aka RottenChilds Crime Clan, and also used overt USEFUL IDIOTS such as ANTIFA and other BLACK-OP PROVOCATEURS… They sacrificed some of their own as a means to an end – their ultimate two-fold goal was to 1) cripple Germany which was trying to break away from the RottenChilds BANKS, and 2) strengthen their own World Image Position and International Central Banking Cartel System.

  100. @Ron Unz

    Thanks for reminding me that I probably had read of Edwin Black in your linked article where you comment that he seemed to have provided a relatively sanitised version of the Nazi connection. I probably got the cause of my FT comments about Shamir and Begin, viz. that they were murderers, being cancelled from there.

    I am not sure that he deserves criticism for not referring to Shamir’s failed overtures to the Nazis in 1940 in the context of the 1930s economic development of Palestine by Nazi assisted Jews which was very much more consequential. And for a real quibbler’s quibble I don’t think you were right to apply the word “angry” to Churchill’s 1920ish article on Jews and Bolshevism ( I note you rely on David Irving for your text ). Churchill was mostly coming across as a philosemitic admirer of Jews though I noted with interest his use of the same words as were used by Henry Ford to label the bad Jews, viz. International Jews.

  101. @ivegotrythm

    Constantine was the emperor and you said he (as a “politician like Trump” ) had no choice? Agreed that Connie was no Christian. He did, however, employ Eusebius and his gang to edit and redact the various scrolls and manuscripts which they constituted as the “Holy Bible”. This was an act of state power, where the Church was established by him to become the latest prop to buttress the Roman state.

    In order for me to accept the 75 date (I presume you intended Anus Dominated rather than Before Caesar as your calendric exposition) there would need to be some further evidence offered as to that rather early date for the probably post-Pauline “gospels” being written.

    You do appear to be well-informed as to Mithraic symbology. However, we must ever bear in mind that the highly privileged successor to the Roman state, the Roman “catholic” church, made and maintained the historic claim that Constantine’s message at the battle versus his opponent for the Augustine titularity, signaled “In Hoc Signe Vinces” (in this sign, conquer)…the sign being the representation of the evil, torture death by crucifixion. Hence: slavery to the state combined with slavery to the religious dogmas as the Great Historical Double-Cross.

  102. @GeeBee

    Thank you, GeeBee, for your thoughtful and insightful perspectives regarding both the breadth and the depth of. any possible discourse on these interrelated subjects. Most gratifying kind words, as well.

    Your perspectives concerning the Judaic animadversion towards blood and its central inclusion into the “elevation of the host” and all the additional blood-rituals associated with the fractures between traditional Pharisaic Judaism and the Pauline-derived orthodoxies of Constantinian-decreed Christianity; presented a bit of an eye-opener for me. Additionally, I was little acquainted with the mass of politics inherent in the book of Acts, which writings I have not read in about half a century.

    The exegetical studies, centering on the University of Tubingen, were also influential in development of a truly intellectually critical reconsideration of the entire basis for Christian orthodoxy. My one rather minor disagreement with your perspectives on Protestantism would be that Jan Huss (from what little we know about him) and latterly, Martin Luther, initially took their stands and adopted their stances in reaction to what they correctly deemed was widespread corruption in “Holy Mother Church”. Essentially, both men began as reformers, not as radical revolutionaries.

    As a staunchly bullheaded and honest German, Luther was more a man of his times than what he portended in the later developments within his movement and within Protestantism in general. His era was merely awakening in depth historical study (cue the University of Tubingen) and had thusly a very minimal “Grundlage” upon which to erect the superstructure for an alternative to the established church.

    In other words, his understanding of history was essentially limited to the mythology of orthodox Christianity. Thusly, he made the decision to base his new direction on being “saved” by faith and grace rather than by good works. With a foundation based strictly on “scripture”, Luther was limited in his depth of understanding. It was only nearly four centuries later that historians had so retrieved Classical studies and depth investigation of “holy scripture”, perhaps in concert with a growing understanding of worldwide religions and spiritual perspectives; that informed individuals could come to grips with a broader context within generalized understanding of the overall matrix within which Christianity was embedded.

    Blood rituals. I find it mordantly and ironically amusing that the central blood ritual in some of the many sects within Orthodox Talmudism, is found in the “Bris Millah”, where symbologically, the Mohel, in sucking off the blood of the sacrificial victim of the Abraham and Isaac myth; that act constituted the very first blow-job for the now neurotically programmed infant into a subconscious process newly dominated by a feeling of betrayal by his recently bonded mother and literally into the arms of an overarching Patriarchical separation of that Wounded Weenie from that selfsame maternal bond and (as in the archetypical exemplars of Woody Allen and Jerry Lewis) to fall into a lifelong skewing of his primary animal-instinctual relations with women into an apparently primal transference to a transference of primary eroticism towards an impositional need for oral gratification.

    No claim is laid by myself to any formal training in psychology, psychiatry or psychoanalysis. However, I have broadly read in the works of Freud, Jung, Reich, Marcuse, Brown and in a recent rereading of “Love and Will”, Rollo May.

    From the works of these primary sources for psychoanalytical exploration and from my own experiences and observations from over the past 64 years of my existence in this lifetime; I have arrived at the conclusion that neonatal sexual assault by means of gross bodily assault upon the physical integrity of an unconsenting and innocent individual; great psychological harm can be inflicted upon an entire culture.

    This broadly shared unconscious transference has resulted in America, most particularly, there has developed a wounded mass psychological bonding of pain and a resultant mass neurosis, generally quite unexamined, in that it happens to be America’s dirty little secret. As a Brit, you are certainly aware that your nationalized medical care system basically booted out this despicable practice on a broad scale basis several decades ago. Unfortunately, American manhoodless today is made up of alleged grown men, who deep within their psyches happen to be adulterated neonates.

    The “tranny” phenomenon, much aided, abetted and encouraged by powerful occulted forces, is but a single manifestation of the impositional unmanning of American men. All cultures require balance between the feminine and the masculine elements. Not exactly emasculated, but visibly de-masculated American men are not psychologically capable, en masse, of balancing the feminine dynamic. Thusly, American women are increasingly mounting the saddle and occupying the driver’s seat throughout this ruptured republic’s institutions. Instead of a balancing of the previous patriarchal society, the cultural result is a virtual displacement of roles, somewhat akin to the destruction of Native American tribal culture, where men became rather superfluous to the life of the community.

    Hopefully, GeeBee, I have not deviated too extremely from the kernel of our discourse and into the realm of my ongoing preoccupation with a primary driving-force behind the devolution of American culture over the past 80 odd years. Continental Europeans will find this meta-analysis to be, at least, a rather novel perspective, as those folks have suffered through different forms of tribulations during this aforementioned timeframe. Perhaps, as a Brit, where the practice was somewhat universal for a number of decades, you can steer a middle-course between the Skylla and Charibdis representing those with intact manhoods and a majority of my countrymen who have lived through an altered state of consciousness which was imposed upon their psyches within hours of their births.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  103. Schuetze says:

    Part 7 “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel.

    (click on image to start video)

    Zundel is focusing on Tom Segev’s “The Seventh Million” here, and it is 1950. The jews are trying to extract every last drop of blood from Germany, even as they are implementing the Morgentau plan to genocide all the Germans. Zundel shows how the Nuremburg Tribunals are essentially about nothing more that perpetual reparations. Adenauer completely sells out Germany and agrees to Jewish extortion based on claims that are legally laughable if for no other reason than multiple Jewish organizations all claim jurisdiction over these undocumented Jewish fantasies. Germany is completely under the control of the Allies, including Stalin.

    Then in 1950 Ben Gurion has a brain storm. He wants to retroactively declare war against Nazi Germany in 1950, even though in 1943 he wanted to join the Nazi’s in war against England! The US Democrats had the same brain fart in february 2020 after Biden “won” the election over Trump. Chutzpah kmows no limits, not incest, not rape, not genocide, not even blood sacrifice.

    Instead Ben Gurion and Israel turn to the allied occupying powers in Jan. 1951 to impose reparations of 1.5B. Germany had already provided to Israel 60 ships, oil pipelines, irrigation systems, 5 electric plants and an entire train system plus much, much more, even though Germans were still starving to death. The Jews were still not happy with merely more extorted money, Germans were forced to take the knee and admit guilt and accept that these payments would not absolve Germany of guilt.

  104. @israel shamir

    Presumably, Mr Shamir, you are referring particularly to the broad majority of individuals who constituted the population base of the early Zionist state in Occupied Palestine.

    I am confident that you are fully aware that the broad mass of the Ashkenazim are descended from families who were long resident within the “Pale of Settlement” ,where the population base was primarily ancestored by those ca 732 A.D. Khazarian converts to Talmudic Judaism. If my “reading” of Fiddler on the Roof was correct, descendants of the ancient Hebrews within the Pale, were primarily of the Cohanim and Levite clans/tribes…as in the telling remark by Yenta: “And SHE would marry the Rabbi’s Son”? Class structure was already clearly established, from Lithuania, clear on southeastwards to the foothills of the Caucasus.

    As having been relocated to either northwestern continental Europe, or to the Ottoman dominions in such cities as Salonika, the Sephardim would, as you point out, have constituted a minor grouping in the early Zionist settlements.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  105. Schuetze says:

    Listen how these horse traders forced reparations on Germany:

    Adenauer’s speech in 1951 had been dictated from Israel. Hitler had called Versailles a “Diktat”. It was happening again. Fischer and Goldman of WJC were provided a copy of Adenauer’s speech about reparations and edited it before it was given. Germany was starving and the Jews were extracting blood money. Adenauer’s speech was sent to Israel for approval before it was given. Even communists like the Maquis were allowed to demand changes in his speech accepting “German guilt”. Jerusalem had already drafted a response to Adenauer’s declaration of guilt before it was given. While these same jews were demanding for the genocide of all germans they were horsetrading with the Germans over how much reparations they could extract.

  106. GeeBee says:
    @Majority of One

    You have indeed have ‘deviated too extremely from the kernel of our discourse and into the realm of my ongoing preoccupation with a primary driving-force behind the devolution of American culture over the past 80 odd years’, but in a fashion which, I can assure, you, anticipates my own theories regarding the despicable trade of the mohel and its astonishing prevalence in the Land of the Prepuce-Free. All that you so eloquently state regarding this bizarre trend is something I have often dwelt upon and raged against. Here in Britain, there has been what I can only describe as a fad among people of my own kind (the English upper-classes) in having their sons circumcised, a wholly lamentable development that one can trace to sometime in the nineteenth-century. I recall pleading with my sister not to visit this foul example of genital mutilation upon my nephews, but she would hear none of it (my own parents, thank goodness, had never even considered it in my own case).

    All that you say resonates powerfully with my own ideas, and I thank you for your insights in this regard.

    As for your remarks regarding Luther, I am sure that you are right. Not so, however, with ‘Calvin’. He was a nasty little fanatic, who inspired the odious and despicable Puritans who did away with good King Charles in the name of – it is incredible to think – ‘freedom and democracy’. Three hundred and fifty years on, we have the inheritors of English Puritanism – the sons and daughters of the dismal Mayflower crew – still adhering to Adolf Hitler’s memorable summation of Protestant Christianity as ‘the first religion ever to execute people in the name of love’. And ‘Murca has done and continues to do ‘God’s work’ around the world in exactly the fashion that Hitler described.

    We could, you and I, go on for hours and weeks in this fashion, but I fear we might hog the limelight and frighten the horses. Suffice it to say that it is always most gratifying to encounter kindred spirits. I shall be off once more to imbibe further libations in Bacchus’ noble name!

  107. jihadijew says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I am so grateful for few commenters like you, Schuetze and some others in the past who have provided their views with supporting documentations saving their opinions. Washington Compost and NYTimes are responsible for that department.
    Because of Schuetze today’s posts, not only I learned so much in one day. And the day is not over yet. I bought few books.
    As I said the self delusional wise men who dont have much going on in their life in old age beside boredom tend to provide unsolicited opinion on any subject and waste space on this site. just look at these lonely old men/women opinions right here under this article. Not single collaboration. My message to them is get a life, do some volunteer work. You will be lot happier.

    It is so reassuring that people who are always in search of information are not alone anymore.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
  108. @Majority of One

    I long ago accepted the explanation of the theory that there was a mass conversion of the Khazars behind the Ashkenazim ancestry that it was Arthur Koestler’s fantasy and attempt to say Jews were not Semites. My understanding was that the ancestors of Ashkenazim went East from Germanic speaking lands to be welcomed by the rulers of Poland-Lituania and that they were already about half Middle Eastern (not Khazar) and half European, probably Celtic . Do you have anything more up-to-date from DNA studies?

  109. Polish Jewery was undoubtedly an amalgam, including both moderately numbers from Germany, et al and probably larger infusions into rural shtetls from the Khazarian diaspora from throughout the Pale of Settlement. Do check out their own site: for all the disputations you can possibly stomach as to their origin. The most reasoned take is that the priestly Aharonites and Levites were essentially Middle Eastern missionaries and cadres who labored to add-judicate the Khazarian conversos. Celtic Jews??? Oh please.

  110. Schuetze says:

    Part 9 “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel.

    The Allies refused to float the occupation Dmark on world markets until Adenauer settled with the jews. The jews demanded a declaration of Guilt by Germany. December 1951 Goldman, president WJC, and a coalition of Jewish organizations arrived in NY. Goldman wasn’t negotiating for Israel, but for all of Judea. Adenauer presented a letter drafted by Goldman himself in Israel.

    The letter Adenauer presents says, in the words of Goldman: The honor of the German people requires that they do all they can to compensate the jewish people for the injustice done to it. Germany would welcome the possibility of aiding in the building of Israel by providing goods on the basis of Israel’s demands for \$1.5billion. Germany was under allied occupation and had severely limited sovereignty.

    [This is a similar predicament to the Palestinians, under the British mandate from 1918-1948, being forced by the British to accept a Zionist invasion of blood thirsty land thieves.]

    Once the jews got their declaration, a giant debate ensued among the jews. Many jews didn’t want German reparations, they wanted the complete genocide of all of Germany. They said that Germany was Amalek and it should be expunged, eradicated. This is precisely what Theodore Kaufmann demanded in his book “Germany Must Perish” in 1940 before the war even began. Many jews wanted revenge, not reparations.

  111. lloyd says: • Website

    I used to have my site sargon press cross linked to Unz Review. Then it got taken off. I have requested it be reinstated but was ignored. I had turned it into a commercial site, i.e. I was crosslinking it to sell my Amazon books. If you care to google sargon press, you should see it.

  112. Schuetze says:

    Part 10 “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel

    Using Tom Segev’s book, originally only in Hebrew, the seventh million, Zundel keeps hammering on the giant genocidal swindle the jews perpetrated after WWII.

    This is one of the best videos of this series. Zundel explains how Segev exposes how Adenauer had to accept a “proclamation of guilt” written in Jerusalem by the jews in order to allow Germany to be able to exchange Dmarks and start international trade for Germany after the war.

    Well it turns out that after having edited Adenauer’s fake admission of guilt, the jewish press across the planet mounted a syncronized campaign to claim that this admission wasn’t sufficient, and how Israel should never accept reparations from these German monsters. It was all fake. And the extortion goes on today. Jews not only are a race of swine, they are a race of filthy parasites.

    click here for the video

  113. Schuetze says:

    Part 11 “The True Story of German Jewish Relations” series by Ernst Zundel

    Using Tom Segev’s book, originally only in Hebrew, the seventh million, Zundel keeps hammering on the giant genocidal swindle the jews perpetrated after WWII.

    This one is mostly about Menachin Begin and his lies that led to Germany suffering under a perpetual veil of fake guilt.

    Knesset vote to approve German guilt and German reparations, speech by Begin:
    “Remember what the Amalek has done unto thee”

    There is not one German who has not murdered our fathers, every German is a Nazi, every German is a murderer. Every German has an evil gene, every German must be eradicated.

    Here Begin now relabels the “death camps” as “Torture chambers”.

    Adenaur and the German politicians once again stab Germany in the back and concede to Jew demands in a concession speech written by the jews themselves.

    The entire hoax is based on Israeli politicians like Begin defaming Germany and claiming to refuse to “accept blood” money while demanding more reparations and more confessions of guilt. Typical Jews.

    click here for video

  114. @Wizard of Oz

    I have some familiarity with the area of land purchases.
    Arab elites preferred deniability past a certain point; they didnt want to be seen to be betraying their own people.
    It became political at a certain point to get approval from the Ottomans; you couldnt just go to Damascus and deal with the ‘branch office’.
    This is really annoying because I forget the family name. Greek Catholic, Egyptian resident, came out of nowhere. They were instrumental in land sales for the Jewish Agency.
    The intent was to get a critical mass on the ground then win in a civil war. Land costs made buying significant amounts prohibitive. Plus, at a certain point it became obvious wbat their plan was.
    I don’t think that there was ever any doubt by Rothschilds, the top of the Jewish Agency or màjor jewish organizatiins what the plan was: dispossession.

  115. It does make you wonder if the Zionists saw the Nazis and their fascist allies as the means to be rid of those ‘Zhids’ they despised. The history of German Zionist collaboration with the Nazis to move young and vital Jews to Palestine seems further proof of a very nassty enterprise, indeed.

  116. @Chris Moore

    The Dutch authorities had to protect Spinoza from being murdered by the Rabbis.

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