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The Anti-Asian Attacks Are the Pre-Show for Mass Anti-White Attacks
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It’s very difficult to say “this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen” about anything these days, because everything is so gosh-darn crazy. But we must admit that the “anti-Asian hate crimes are white supremacy” narrative is so crazy that if it was happening in say, 2015, it would be the craziest thing you’d ever seen.

I’ve almost totally stopped using Google, as it simply isn’t fit for purpose, due to the amount of alterations they’ve made to their algorithm for the purpose of arbitrating reality. I jump around between different search engines now, and none of them are as useful as 2015 Google.

I sometimes use Microsoft Bing, even. I think the situation with Bing is that they build an algorithm and then they are afraid to alter it for censorship purposes because it isn’t good enough to withstand alterations.

Here’s a Bing search for “anti-Asian”:

You no doubt noticed that the top story, from NBC New York, features a picture of a black man running.

I had to go see what was going on on Google. Even they couldn’t keep blacks off the first results, with the third top story showing a recent black gang attack on an Asian family.

The New York Times article that is the first Google result for “anti-Asian” actually lists the crimes.

Meanwhile, Newsweek on March 22 published an op-ed by one Craig Harvey, who is a “working scientist” (I don’t know what that is), claiming that black attacks on Asians are a blood libel.

All good people should be furious at this spate of attacks. But what we shouldn’t do is use it as an excuse to blame Black people, as some have done.

In OpEdsand articles critical of the media’s coverage of the crimes, some have taken to insisting that the lion’s share of the anti-Asian attacks have been perpetrated by African-American youths, based on a few widely-circulated videos on social media. These articles argue that the media has engaged in subterfuge to protect the racial identity of the assailants. “It is simply a fact that the demographic disproportionately most likely to commit hate crimes is African-American,” as Andrew Sullivan put it.

The problem is, this just isn’t true.

One recent study has provided the justification for the claim that non-whites where the majority of perpetrators of Asian-American hate crimes. The study was published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice in January, and it was based on data from 1992-2014. But the study clearly indicates that the identities of the perpetrators of hate crimes against Asian-Americans are overwhelmingly white: 74.6 percent of these crimes are committed by white assailants. Importantly, according to the methodology in the study, there is a ~20-fold difference in the cases of hate crimes reported against African-Americans (5,463) compared to Asian-Americans (329), which explains the large difference in percentage of non-white assailants by race.

(Anyone who can figure out that last sentence there gets a shiny new no-prize.)

When reading this, I saw the link to the study, and immediately clicked it, reading in the abstract that it was data from 1992-2014. I chuckled, then went back to the Newsweek piece – and was shocked to find that Harvey admitted that the study was from these years.

I would be very skeptical of the claim that from 1992-2014, whites were attacking Asians in hate crime attacks. But even if it were true, using a dataset that goes back nearly 30 years in order to prove something about what is happening right now is so ridiculous as to appear to be some kind of humorous gag.

Furthermore, that study is about 10,000 words long, and I don’t believe that the “working scientist” Craig Harvey read it.

If anyone actually wanted to know the statistics of recent attacks, they wouldn’t need a study – they could just go through the Times’ list of anti-Asian hate attacks from the last year.

I clicked through randomly on that list, and did not find a single case where a white man was identified as the perpetrator of an anti-Asian attack. As far as I was able to tell, 100% of violent attacks listed there, as well as apparently 100% of rude verbal attacks (which as I understand it are not actually crimes), were done by blacks.

The Times article does not mention the words “black” or “white” with regards to the attacks. Obviously, the Times is not going to publish the fact that, as far as I was able to tell, every single attack on their list was done by a black person. Furthermore, the Times linked to a wide variety of sources in their list, and it seemed to me that they went through and tried to purposefully choose sources that didn’t show a picture of the suspect.

Nonetheless, a large number of the articles did include pictures.

Or videos.

And they were all black.

Not mentioning this fact is crazy enough.

Coming out and claiming that it isn’t a statistical fact, and citing a data set from 1992-2014 as “proof” that 2021 attacks on Asians are not being done by blacks, is some form of very serious fraud.

If I had time, I would go through the entire New York Times list of crimes. But here’s the thing: if any of them had been done by a white man, we would hear about it.

We know, as a matter of fact, that when a white man commits a crime against someone of another race, it is not simply mentioned in the article – it is the lede.

The Handjob Massacre was framed as some kind of anti-Asian attack, however, when you read the actual stories, it is admitted that this is not what it was. Moreover, the shooter has not even been charged with a hate crime, meaning that the feds themselves are so convinced that it wasn’t a “racially motivated attack” that they are not even going to try to bring charges.

The media continues to use this high-profile mass shooting as a way to frame the ongoing attacks on Asians by blacks – which are clearly motivated by a black hatred for Asians, at least in large part – as some kind of white supremacy conspiracy.

I don’t usually like to hop on “conspiracy theories.” But listen: I’m just going to tell it to you straight. I personally believe that the Handjob Massacre was somehow staged by the intelligence agencies. I am not saying it didn’t happen, or that no one died, or whatever, but I do personally believe that somehow, the shooter – who is admittedly mentally ill – was compelled to do this shooting by something other than his own conscience.

I don’t have any evidence of that. But it is just almost too convenient, is it not?

There is an ongoing series of attacks on Asians by blacks. The media is downplaying it, because according to the media, blacks are always victims and basically incapable of violence. Then, all of a sudden, a mentally ill white man kills a bunch of handjob artists, because he says they were tempting him (despite the fact that these handjob facilities are very low-key, and do not tempt anyone). The media then uses this event to frame the situation every single time a black attacks an Asian.

What exactly are the odds of this? Do the media overlords have some sort of very powerful lucky charm?

The fact is, we know that there is such a thing as hypnotism, and hypnotic suggestion. The Handjob Shooter was in therapy. The MK Ultra program used mental health facilities as a base of operations for their mind control research.

I don’t have any evidence, but I do personally believe that some form of hypnotic suggestion was used to get this man to shoot up those handjob centers.

Anyway, I think that you, the reader, get the point: there is a concerted campaign by the blacks to commit acts of violence against Asians, and the media is either not mentioning it, or in certain cases, actually attempting to claim it isn’t real.

It is confusing is how this is even possible, but you’re seeing it.

What’s Next?

There are two obvious things at work here:

  • The media is trying to cover up black crimes, and blame them on white people
  • The media is trying to form the narrative that they are very concerned about “anti-Asian hate” so that they can start conflict with China while having a shield that their anti-China sentiment is not racially driven

But there is something else.

Blacks are all of a sudden attacking Asians on a large scale.

The reason they are doing this is because after the police were removed from the streets, police departments were defunded, and it was called racist to arrest black criminals, blacks began to realize they could get away with more crimes.

Blacks have known for years that they can attack other blacks, and that basically nothing will happen. In 2017, 83% of murders in Chicago were unsolved. In a whopping 95% of non-fatal shootings, no one was prosecuted.

At the same time, blacks knew that if they attacked non-blacks, there would be a real investigation, and they were likely to get arrested.

Now, they’ve started to realize that they can get away with attacking Asians.

Blacks see that other blacks are attacking Asians, for both fun and profit, and so they decide to go out and do the behavior.

Can you guess where this is going?

Soon, blacks are going to start attacking white people. They are going to rob, rape and kill us.

There will not be a big media spectacle claiming that “white supremacy” is responsible for rising violent black attacks on whites. Instead, the attacks will simply go uncovered.

Local media may or may not report it. If they do report it, it will be as single incidents. They will not say that there is “a string of anti-white hate attacks.”

The national media will not touch it, at all.

The national media has been avoiding brutal anti-white hate attacks since these attacks really got started during the civil rights era.

We used to have a section on this site called “race war” that covered the daily attacks on white people by the blacks. You can go back and look at the archives if you want. I decided to remove the section after 7 years, because I think people got the point, and it just seemed demoralizing. (Furthermore, we were having a financial crisis at the time due to a lack of donations – good reminder that you should donate.) I remember that when the media reported on this website, they would say something like “they have a ‘race war’ section featuring what they claim are attacks on whites by blacks” – but every article we ever posted, thousands of them over a years-long period, was just an excerpt and a link to a mainstream news item.

There is a site called New Nation News that continues to cover these attacks. They happen every day, and virtually never make national news, because – and this is key here – the media already has a protocol to cover them up.

Unless it is something like Jessica Chambers, who was burned alive by the blacks, the story would never make it to national news, and there was never a suggestion of a racial motive. It is always “robbery gone wrong” or some other such explanation for clear racial hate killings by blacks.

But here’s the thing: even though the national media doesn’t cover these attacks, the police do investigate and eventually arrest and imprison the black responsible.

But that is going to change.

When the new wave of anti-white crime emerges, the police will not deal with it. Most of these Asian attacks that are happening now are not solved, with the police saying “they don’t have the resources.” The black police chief of Oakland told an Asian reporter who was asking him about the Bay Area’s string of Asian attacks exactly that:

“The message is very clear to me, that I’ve been very clear that I’ve, from the beginning, when I took over as chief, that I want to reduce crime in the city of Oakland. That with limited resources, I have to use those resources and efficiently and effectively as I can.”

The reason police don’t have the resources is that police departments have had their budgets cut by the Black Lives Matter movement.

In 2020, Oakland vowed to cut the police budget in half. In 2021, Oakland has had a 230% increase in violent crime, with a 314% increase in homicides. Even as crime continues to skyrocket, BLM activists are calling for less policing. They are openly calling for more money to be cut, even as the blacks themselves are saying they want police to come back because everyone is getting shot.

The Guardian did a story about Oakland last month, saying that blacks are begging the police to come back but the city is intent on continuing to cut the budget, ostensibly because of Black Lives Matter’s political power.

Most people would say that the number one reason they pay taxes is for safety. But the money cut from police is being redirected to bizarre programs to do with special online Zoom schools for black children and clean needle programs for drug addicts.

This same story is happening across the country: police departments have had their budgets cut at the request of the Jewish media, and they no longer investigate most violent crimes. Especially if no one dies, they basically don’t even bother.

The attacks on Asians are the first step the blacks are making outside the zone of black-on-black crime. They’re seeing if they can get away with it. They are getting away with it. Police don’t have the resources, and they also don’t want to arrest blacks for any reason.

We are looking now at a situation where you are going to see endless, outrageous attacks on whites.

However, you are only going to see it in your personal life. You will hear that family members, and friends, and friends of friends, have been attacked or killed by the blacks. But you won’t see it on the media. The media is already prepared to cover this up, and the government has prepared the police to not investigate.

This is only one of many reasons that I’ve spent the last year telling you to move out of the big city.

The Asian attacks are an intermediary step before the blacks start to realize that they can just attack and kill whites and face no consequences.

Chaos is the Goal

The thing to understand here, and the only way this makes any sense, is if you understand that the goal is chaos. They are purposefully creating a hell on earth.

The plan is to turn governance of the United States over to the United Nations. In order to justify that, they are going to create completely outrageous levels of chaos on every level – social, economic, political, and everything else.

This is in line with the Revelation of Saint John of Patmos, which appears to be an instruction manual for what is happening. When the US is taken over by the United Nations, they will introduce some kind of new digital currency, which will be issued as “universal basic income” tokens, which will be linked to a computer chip implant in your hand (somehow, the chip will be coded with “666” – possibly using Bill Gates’ 666 patent for an implantable chip that mines crypto currency using body activity).

Americans have already given up all of their freedoms to this virus hoax. When the violence comes in hard and hot, and the bottom falls out on the economy, Americans will be willing and ready to surrender to the UN.

This is going to happen relatively quickly. I expect America to enter a state of complete chaos on the streets this summer. The police have already been defunded, and the only thing that has to happen is for the blacks to realize that they can kill whitey at the same rate they are currently killing other blacks, and nothing will happen to them.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
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