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The Age of Aquarius
Defense of the West - time to raise the white flag?
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Austrian border guards waving migrants through in 2015

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It may be premature to hoist the white flag. But with top Democrats calling for the abolition of ICE, the US immigration enforcement agency, and a long-engrained policy of using our military for nearly everything other than defense of the US, the option of disbanding our military apparatus is worth considering.

There was a time when I thought the use of the military to patrol borders would make sense. It would give our troops something useful to do. We have been stationing them all over the globe since WWII, getting into wars that have nothing to do with national interests, and rarely winning them anyway. But if Americans aren’t even willing to support an ICE type organization, what chance is there of turning the task over to our regular military?

Our allies in Europe face a similar dilemma. The EU’s eventual surrender to the Aquarius — the ship ferrying African migrants that was recently turned away from Italian waters by order of that country’s new right wing government — was largely hailed as a victory for humanism when Spain’s new socialist government allowed the ship entry.

Germany’s fragile new coalition government may still collapse, essentially over the dilemma of devising effective and humane measures to deter migrants from moving into Germany and settling at will. The new Austrian government, sympathetic to the tougher immigration stances of Bavarian and Italian neighbors to the north and south, may nevertheless get into a tit-for-tat spat with them over how to achieve their common goals.

Throughout the western world, the political will to control borders falls apart before images of officials physically restraining intruders. In this Age of Aquarius, soldiers are instructed by the political class not to stand in the way of anyone’s aspirations for a better life. Human rights organizations, with their small fleet of ships rescuing migrants in unseaworthy small boats off the coast of Africa, are at least now being accused by even “moderate” European leaders of facilitating the work of people traffickers and luring would-be migrants to risk their lives in such boats.

Nevertheless, on both sides of the Atlantic, “thou shalt not disappoint” foreign masses determined to settle in one’s country is a credo enjoying wide-spread acceptance beyond just the “loony left.” Especially if deterrence leads to babies crying! “Containment” as a western post-WWII defense doctrine has been replaced by the new “Cry Baby doctrine.” Even the use of soldiers for parades has become controversial.

An agreement among Germany’s coalition partners to house some migrants in former US army caserns has come under fire from many on the left for being inhumane. This month’s compromise between Germany’s two conservative coalition partners, one that would detain arriving migrants for 48 hours in transit facilities near the border, is still contested. Many within the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the third coalition partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, see the proposed border facilities as serving a similar function to extra-territorial ones that have long been used at international airports. The latest compromise envisions a short detention period that would allow officials to check whether asylum claimants had already registered in another EU country. If they had, they would be sent back to that country.

I had visited many army barracks in Germany as a civilian reporter in 1971. They struck me as palaces compared to “facilities” provided us infantry conscripts for months at a time in Vietnam a few years earlier. The “facilities” frequently amounted to nothing more than ponchos too short to cover both head and feet while trying to sleep outdoors in the monsoon season. The choice was rain pouring on one’s face or on one’s boots. The solicitude of western governments toward hundreds of thousands of migrants, a large number of whom are roughly the age of the average young conscript among their own citizens, is quite remarkable. Priorities have clearly changed!

I had once been a “proud” veteran, so it’s not without some pangs of regret that I contemplate the abolition of our military. Proud, but also ready to exploit whatever benefits might be derived from such status. When joining American Legion Paris Post No. 1 in January 1971, a main goal was to make contacts that might help me find a job in “The City of Lights.” It not only had a great location at 49 rue Pierre Charron just down from the Champs Elysees. It also had a wonderfully cozy atmosphere with furnishings reminiscent of what I imagined to be a traditional English gentlemen’s club. And a bar that offered free peanuts that filled me up enough in the Friday Happy Hours to avoid paying for at least one outside meal per week. My hotel room in the Quartier Latin was costing FF 12.5 daily ($2.50) and although breakfast was included (previous day’s baguette with some apricot marmalade and watered down coffee), the lack of cooking facilities left me with little choice than to dine out daily. Unsure of whether the GI Bill would cover my French courses, every franc saved helped lengthen my stay in Paris.

All the other veterans’ at the Legion seemed to be of World War II vintage. It didn’t take long for me to realize that most whom I had met at the bar were themselves still job-hunting in Paris a quarter of a century on. The Post Commander was very welcoming, anxious for “new blood” from America’s latest war to add to its membership rolls. But after attending one official meeting, his insistence that I wear one of the Legion’s funny Garrison Caps deterred me from future appearances. With no work permit and job prospects looking grim, and with the club’s peanuts growing metaphorically stale, I took the aforementioned job as a reporter in Germany, working out of Frankfurt for a new scandal sheet covering the shenanigans of American GIs.

The experience of travelling around US military installations in that country gave me a whole new perspective regarding America’s global forward defense strategy. Things weren’t going swimmingly in Asia either, but the internecine fighting, indiscipline and terrible morale among GIs themselves in Germany was a stark contrast to my earlier two-year army experience. The frequent spill-over of barracks’ social pathologies into adjacent German civilian areas aroused first suspicions that our global military presence might be creating as many problems as it was solving.

GIs Rioting in Germany, Headlined 1971 Story by Gene Tuttle
GIs Rioting in Germany, Headlined 1971 Story by Gene Tuttle

I covered several rape trials during the weekly newspaper’s short lifespan. Only one of the GIs found guilty had received a dishonorable discharge. The others generally got off with a jail sentence and a bad conduct discharge. The differences might seem quaint now, but in those days of compulsory military service, the perception was that would-be employers paid attention to the status of a young male job applicants’ terms of departure from the military, and the “dishonorable” was deemed more onerous than a little bad conduct was. And not all of the convicted rapists got discharged.

One soldier tried to grab my camera after I photographed him leaving the court room where he had just been sentenced to a mere one year imprisonment for being a participant in a gang rape. We wrestled all the way to the main lobby of the old I.G. Farben building, formerly of Zyklon B manufacturing fame and the then US Army’s V Corps headquarters. MPs and a colonel from the Public Affairs office finally got him to let go before he could expose my film. He was expecting his wife to join him in Frankfurt after finishing his jail time, so he explained, and he feared that she might learn through a newspaper photo that he had been up to more than just defending the United States while in Germany.

The German press in those days showed less interest in GIs raping Germans than they do today in cases involving Muslim refugees. Not that the former was a widespread phenomenon. Germans just tended to view the presence of GIs, most of whom were polite and friendly, as a cross worth bearing given the large presence of Soviet troops in Germany’s other part. The left generally longed for a quid-pro-quo deal that would rid the country of both armies. Throughout the west, unilateral surrender didn’t have the widespread public appeal that it does regarding today’s threatened migrant invasions.

The press in Europe overall was far more compliant then. When Nixon visited Paris, President Pompidou instructed journalistic colleagues at France’s only TV network, ORTF, not to harass their “American guest” with annoying questions about Watergate. I had been working at CBS News by that time, a job I had found — without any help from the local American Legion — after beating a path back to Paris following the bankruptcy of my Frankfurt newspaper employer. Our irate colleagues over at ORTF dutifully complied with their political boss. We at CBS thought Nixon would never leave the country after that momentary relief from the press back home.

A staple story for the bureau was the weekly Vietnam peace talks over at the Hotel Majestic. The US challenge was to extract our troops from that mess in a way that would save face and not damage our credibility in the eyes of other allies, like those Germans playing host to the troops I had just left behind. The “credibility” survived the eventual debacle. Unfortunately, so did the hubris that the US was the free world’s “indispensible nation,” as Madelyn Albright was to explain a few wars later.

Most of us growing up in the immediate post-WWII years easily subscribed to that view. Just how much WWII ideological mythos and bravado had conditioned our readiness to accept compulsive interventionism is not appreciated nearly enough. Tough job, was the attitude, but someone’s got to do it! Had FDR not — in the words of Claire Boothe Luce — “lied us into war,” we would have been faced with the unpleasant spectacle of foreign tyrants partitioning the White House into wings managed by a Shogun and a Gaulleiter. Harder to understand is the curious new national consensus that we needed to defend our “way of life” in umpteen countries around the globe while leaving our own borders porous and open to invasion by tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

We didn’t lose all those follow-on wars, of course. On the lovely Caribbean paradise island of Grenada, our victorious troops came, saw and conquered in relatively short order. When I went to live there as a diplomat some time afterwards, I was thankful that the only US military presence involved a few Marines guarding our Embassy. Grenada had experienced some domestic turmoil before our military “intervention.” (We weren’t to use the word “invasion.”) But after getting to know Grenadians fairly well, I suspected that they eventually would have worked things out somehow had we left them to their own devices. As became obvious by that decade’s end, neither the Soviets nor their Cuban friends were in a position to launch an invasion against the US using Grenada’s large new Cuban-built airstrip. So the question arose, did we really need even that one little victory?

Where would it likely take us, the demobilization option and the replacement of the old Containment Policy with a Cry Baby Policy? Not the ideal situation, scrapping our military! But with the political will for defending the country sapped, and overseas misadventures hopefully on the wane, we need to look at the bright side of that option. In the US, it would free up more money and human resources for community policing. Mass migration enthusiasts — so vociferous in well-healed suburban enclaves and some high-priced urban sanctuaries — would need more policing to continue feeling secure. Whatever else happens, America will remain a good place to make money, both for immigrants and owners of large capital assets.

I think frequent Unz-contributor, veteran and Mexican resident Fred Reed might also agree that Mexico would unlikely send tanks across the border if remaining US obstacles were removed. Why kill a goose that would continue to lay golden eggs?

With central and Eastern Europe political leaders stalwart about resisting migrant invasions from the south, and with some western EU counterparts showing signs of joining the resistance, President Trump’s doubling down on his earlier intimations about leaving NATO might strengthen some EU backbone in favor of loosening the transatlantic umbilical cord.

Austria’s 31-year-old Chancellor Kurz has long been out front in promoting the establishments of asylum processing centers across the Mediterranean, closer to the source of the mass migrations. Unmentioned is that this would probably require a readiness to use hard power, economic and possibly military, along with the long preferred soft power option. With its ca. nine million population, Austria is not exactly a heavyweight in either power variant. It’s not even a NATO member, as are most of its EU partners. But having just assumed the rotating EU six month presidency July 1st, it will attempt to help corral other like-minded member states — that may now include Germany — toward a tougher position on border control and abusive exploitation of asylum laws.

EU leaders in Brussels last month again promised to strengthen the Union’s common Frontex border control forces.

Don’t hold your breath!

Gene Tuttle, a retired US diplomat, lives in Vienna Austria

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Immigration 
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  1. fnn says:

    You worked for The Overseas Weekly?

    • Replies: @Gene Tuttle
  2. renfro says:

    I would just like to remind all the Americans on unz that if the country ends up in a real revolution that its the politicians you should shoot first . You can start killing each other later if that doesn’t clean things up.

  3. Kennedy Legacy, fifty years on. Two hundred million and counting to the final solution of the Ugly American.

    • Replies: @Wally

    German bases produced a few famous US Army miscreants-

    John Holmes, in the signal core in Nuremberg, first discovered he could make money in beer gardens with his monster penis letting homosexual German photographers take nude pictures of him. It was in the US army in Germany that his life as a gay hustler began.

    Richard Pryor stabbed another GI.

    German-American Jeffrey Dahmer drugged and raped a civilian in a bathhouse and drunkenly exposed himself to schoolboys.

    Having worked as a civilian overseas for years my interactions with US soldiers were minimal but never particularly pleasant.

    I was passing a Frankfurt beer garden and a beefy hickish GI who was in his late 20’s who threw a beer can at my group from a table for no reason whatsoever.

    In Dubai, a Chicano Marine Embassy Guard about my age who hung around off-duty with Arabs pimps and Russian hookers took offense to me in a low Dubai nightclub-probably because I out-earned him. He looked just like Richard Ramirez with sweaty hair longer than regulation and crazy glittering eyes over his Aztec cheekbones…I later saw him one day walking aimlessly off-duty on the side of the dusty Dubai road as I drove past and he looked up and gave me a crazy grin.

    “Wouldn’t want to run into him in the barrio,” I thought. American GI’s are held somewhat in check by base perimeters and superiors for the most part.

    My Australian co-worker had a worse experience even, in Mexican restaurant in Dubai where he was cornered by US Navy sailors hellbent on a 6-to-1 brawl.

    • Replies: @Guy Lombardo
  5. @fnn

    No – the short-lived paper I worked for was called U.S Press & Military Chronicle. It was founded by former reporters for the long-established Overseas Weekly, disgruntled over editorial restrictions by a new owner (a diamond merchant, as I recall) whose other business interests, so they claimed, made him overly timid about criticizing the military establishment.

    The new Overseas Weekly owner had deeper pockets. I assume his paper continued long after I left Frankfurt to return to Paris.

    Nice to know there are readers out there who at least still remember our weekly “competitor.”

  6. We have surrendered. The rest is just mop-up operations to clear out pockets of resistance.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  7. ” Our allies in Europe face a similar dilemma. The EU’s eventual surrender to the Aquarius — the ship ferrying African migrants that was recently turned away from Italian waters by order of that country’s new right wing government — was largely hailed as a victory for humanism when Spain’s new socialist government allowed the ship entry. ”

    No dilemma at all.
    A EU official paper of 2009 states that the EU needs sixty million immigrants.
    Macron talks about 200 million.
    The problem for those in Brussels is making the citizens of the EU member states accept this influx.
    Therefore the flow continues behind a smoke screen, except for countries as Hungary, Poland, and now also Austria, who explicitly refuse to have immigrants, or more immigrants, Austria

    • Replies: @El Dato
  8. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    It is the question of our time.

    Immigration restriction always polls well but do the public really want it?

    Or, is it like increased funding for government services? People say they want it but they also want tax cuts. Basically, they aren’t willing to pay the price…

    The price of proper border enforement is occasionally illiberal and inhumane treatment of potential immigrants. Not just illegal ones either, but we also need to accept that restriction will stop true love couples from being together. It will doom people to poverty. It will smash the hopes and dreams of millions. People will die and we will feel responsible.

    We have a nation held as common property and it seems that, tragically, we choose to avoid individually feeling the above at the cost of the potentially terminal depreciation of the collective asset.

  9. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    what is meant by ” disbanding our military establishment” DOME

    what does OME consist of :
    1. distribution many different facilities in many different countries
    2. technology a system of universities and corporations paid by government to develop
    3. fire power – effective and proven military with trained manpower
    4. clandestine activities ( invasion planning, regime changing, infra structure destruction)
    5. intelligence (fact gathering. . false flag event production…)
    finish the list please

    I worry should the DOM option be implemented, political control over the use, size and power of the military would end. Already public control has been subordinated to the “private party” military complex, post DOM the USA military would be replaced by a tyranny wielding armed private corporate military. The power of the 527 politically elected, salaried members of the USA might be eliminated, and replaced by private mercenary and greedy corporate interest. The private party military industry complex contracting has bleed Americans; worse those contracts and current private ownership enabled monopoly laws have allowed private parties to own the technology and to patent the use of methods military uses; its a short step for such contractors to ignore government all together and to become war lords. Private enterprise military serving private Pharaoh and corporate interest, might deny all Americans in fact, all humanity, throughout the entire world might be denied if private party military were to somehow be enabled. Such a risk is the scariest of all possible outcomes. Already our American national humanity is challenged by the transfer of public assets, knowledge, and services to private parties. Who in the military can produce the equipment, train the personnel and perform the intelligence needed? Its all contracted out to private parties.

    Private mercenaries already exist, the corporate ability to equip a military already exist, the corporate ability to hire and train military personnel already exist. The private corporations engaged in government and military contracting already provide all of the military know how, and already perform all of the services the military and government uses or needs. In short, private corporate MIC presence is already the USA and its Military, its just that the name has yet to be changed. Collectively these private defense contractors are media silent. Even more risky it is known that governments who privatize their duties and transfer their monopolies in public services to private parties take, because privatization provides a complete path for organized crime to replace the governing authority.

    Private party military would be untouchable! Already the private corporations staff the armies, spy on each person, block or redirect or gate for a price people’s access to knowledge, information and events, and produce and distribute psychologically designed propaganda (fake news and all) to control the public information environment and to produce from that controlled environment “programmed zombies”.

    Instead of exercising the DOM option, why not require the government to do its own research, and to staff and equip its own armies, and to train and educate its own citizens? Why not prohibit the government from contracting with or allowing non active military persons (no outsiders) to engage in, or consult to military or fund military activities to private parties? Eliminate the ability of government and military to engage private parties to do their work; prevent government or military from leasing privately owned facilities to do government or military work. Elimination by rule of law, privatization would restore American values in government and military. Government would become the largest employer once again.

    Already private parties operate government owned military units. Already highly trained very well equipped private corporate mercenary personnel and private military needs providers have become a take over threat: a private army might take over America and render the USA as a governing authority helpless. “DOM (disband(ing) our military) is the wrong way to go. Denying private party military industrial complex {DPP-MIC] could accomplish what DOM would do, but it would do so without incurring the risk that DOM might bring about; and it would serve as a giant step toward restoring American values into the 527 who are paid to run the Pharaoh controlled USA (it would minimize lobbying as a method of corporate control)

    The various departments of government, their contract universities, and contract corporations are already involved in the art of secrecy and deception; a logical next step, might be to overstep secrecy and deception and take full private control of America. The Internet has shown what happens when private parties are allowed to perform government work.

    In short, privatization has enabled private interest “to position itself” to replace our “for the citizen, by the citizen and of the citizen government” with a different government based on corporate mentality.

  10. White Privilege isn’t anything compared to Black Entitlement, which is pushed by the globalist International Jew proclaiming whites have to go save all the nations of the world. (Mark 16:15, Matt. 28:19)

    Go ye therefore, and make disciples all nations.

    And right after recruiting the Magic Negro (Acts 8:26-40) as a part of Virtue Signaling to the Magic Jew, the Magic Negro is in charge in a position of leadership:

    Acts 13:1 Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Nigger…

    Maybe the Jew Testament isn’t all that great of a book.

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    rescuing migrants in unseaworthy small boats off the coast of Africa

    All the boats I’ve seen of the invading armies of George Soros had new rubber dinghies to transport their human cargo to enthusiastic Israelis on the shores of Greece or NGO ships ready to pick them up from Libyan waters, ready to give the invaders the blueprints on what to say and what to ask for, at the same time, IDF snipers have been mass-murdering Palestinians for merely protesting on their own land.

    It’s the “Camp of the Saints,” written in Hebrew. This will teach those uppity Europeans who dare to block Israeli products made on land stolen from Palestinians in the West Bank.

  12. Sean says:

    But having just assumed the rotating EU six month presidency July 1st, it will attempt to help corral other like-minded member states — that may now include Germany — toward a tougher position on border control and abusive exploitation of asylum laws.

    EU leaders in Brussels last month again promised to strengthen the Union’s common Frontex border control forces.

    Germany bailed out Italy (actually a bail out of French banks who made huge loans to Italy) on the condition that they took, or at least allowed in the illegal immigrants across the Med. As is their custom Italy has reneged on its agreement with Germany. The French, who elected “I never mentioned mutulisation” moocher Marcon, have been subjugated by Germany as has Portugal Spain and Greece. Germany pays virtually nothing for it own defence , yet

    Germany can afford to take a million nonEuropean immigrants because it has already has proportionally fewer that any advanced Western county. Don’t “hold your breath for Germany”, it is finally having its revenge.

  13. Respect says:

    ” Our allies in Europe face a similar dilemma ”

    We , europeans , are not your allies Mr American Diplomat . Probably you know what american led Nato was created for :

    Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay was NATO’s first Secretary General, a position he was initially reluctant to accept. By the end of his tenure however, Ismay had become the biggest advocate for the organisation he famously said was created to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”

    You are occupants with your countless military bases in Europe . You are still dividing Europe , trying to isolate Russia , which is Europe , from western Europe . A Russia that defeated the nazi armies at a high price , for your benefit . You bombed Yugoslavia , you organized many coups d`Etat in Europe , which you as an american Diplomat must know very well . You organized the ucranian Maidan ( always keep the russians out ) and put a nazi Government in Ucrania which has ruined the country and left it with a 2000 euros/year renta per capita , like El Salvador . The americans , bombed , declared war to a lot of moslem countries fron Afganistan to Libia , what provoked the refugees that are flooding Europe .

    Well , Mr Diplomat , you as an american Diplomat know a lot of very interesting things , and maybe could tell us some , will you ?

    You should have listened to Eisenhower , yankees , and maybe the ” Pax Americana ” would not have been a failure .

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  14. @The Alarmist

    I suppose w’ve committed suicide.
    The beginning of the dark ages of mankind.
    As the christian church stopped all scientific progress from about 0 CE to 1600 CE, will mankind ever start scientific investigation again ?
    Of course, science will not stop immediately, but when low IQ humans will be the majority, or near majority, that by then experiments as CERN will stop, pretty obvious to me.

  15. Heros says:

    The key goal of the Kaufmann, Morgenthau and Houton plans was the genetic destruction of Germany and Germans. After starving millions of German men in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps, they enslaved millions more German soldiers and sent them around the planet for years, even decades. Conditions in French slave labor camps alone were far worse than any German labor camp, and we won’t go into the gulags. After stripping the country of its men, Eisenhower deliberately sent thousands of famously horny black soldiers into Berlin to try to get the starving local Maidels to miscegenate. This occurred in every German city in all occupation zones and when Paton objected he was eliminated. Later, Muslim Turks were brought in to fill the labor and paternity shortages deliberately created, and the dilution of the German gene pool continued full throttle.

    AFN and Radio Liberty started broadcasting American Jazz music and American media across Germany while “de-nazification” (the cultural destruction of Germany) eliminated anyone not on board with the NWO. Young post war Germans were brought up in world bombarded with guilt and victors propaganda where the truth could not be uttered. They easily fell prey to Cultural Marxism, and by the end of the 1968 revolutions, toxic socialism and multiculturalism was firmly implanted across Germany and Europe.

    The next wave from 1968 to about 2012 was the period of cutting threads of social fabric, destroying the family, and tearing down nationalist and racial pride, while the Jewish homeland was strengthened and made invulnerable.

    About 2012, after Iraq, Egypt, Libya, then Syria, were invaded and devastated for Zionism and greater Israel, the long planned and long awaited invasion of Europe was unleashed. The EU had torn down all internal barriers with Schengen and its refugee settlement legislation meant that no EU country could resist the invasion. They thought, anyway. But “New Europe” had not been shrouded long enough in talmudic media mind control, so they have resisted the invasion. They sure better hope they win, because we know how jews treat those who defy them and become Amalek.

    What is important here is to understand that this was a multi-generational plan against all the Christian peoples of Europe. Then and now, the US military was nothing more than the nails driven home by jewish hammers, used to crucify Christian culture on the cross of Jewish Power.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
    , @ThreeCranes
  16. @jilles dykstra

    It’s not so much that science stopped, rather people became much more concerned with defence and subsistence. Weapons continued to evolve and improve, but the elite retreated behind walls and sent the troops out to take their levy. What was left to the peasants and serfs outside the walls was subkpject to levy and pillage of the barbarian hordes. Who had time for science beyond weapons and defenses?

    Wow, it’s funny how history rhymes.

  17. George says:

    “abolition of ICE”

    What they appear to want is for immigration to be back in the Dept of Justice, like before Bush II. It is not the abolition of DHS but is a start. That ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberterians’ have not been advocating this for decades is telling. In many ways, peace+dismantling DHS, Ocasio-Cortez is the only Libertarian running for the house.

  18. @Jeff Stryker

    >German-American Jeffrey Dahmer drugged and raped a civilian in a bathhouse

    Nah, he allegedly raped a US soldier he was sharing the barracks with. His posthumous accuser’s story:

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  19. @Respect


    I’m German-American and I make you for a Slav from Eastern Europe. Let me share a few thoughts-

    Refugees will never stay in Southern Europe because these folks are half-Arabs like the Sicilians or the Spanish and their countries will always be corrupt through Tony Soprano-type type politics.

    That’s why the Africans don’t want to hang around Malta or Sicily-these places are not much better than Libya because the people are Arabs themselves.

    As for the EU, Germany was fine before the Eurodollar.

    • Replies: @Respect
  20. The author doesn’t really say very much. He largely walks us through his own biography, making only a passing reference to some minor minor diplomatic post in Grenada. The German fight isn’t actually about refugees. Seehofer wants to be chancellor (no Bavarian Catholic has ever been chancellor) and is using the refugee issue as leverage to bring down Merkel. That seems to have blown up in his face, with polls showing all the government parties losing support. Nobody is going to provoke an early election they thing they are going to lose! It also has to do with the Bavarian state election in October. The author is correct though to see Trump’s antics as strengthening the EU and, at the global level, China. A Trump who spends all his time attacking America’s friends and sucking up to its enemies is a godsend for China. And in Europe, it makes the EU the only game in town.

    • Replies: @hyperbola
  21. mp says:

    I don’t know why black GIs would have to rape German girls. When I was over there, in the early 70s, frauleins were happy to bed them down. It was a freaky status thing for them, as far as I could tell. Now, I guess they have real Africans and ME types to assuage their needs.

    Another point: drugs were rampant. Enlisted blacks used a lot of heroin. White GIs smoked hash. The Army looked the other way. Whenever they clamped down on the drugs, and supplies dried up, racial tensions increased dramatically. When everyone was stoned, everyone more or less tolerated each other. Don’t know how it is in the Army, over there, now. But I can’t imagine it is any better, what with the homo and feminist stuff the military is in to.

  22. we are not going to be dismantling ice anytime soon, nor should we. I appreciate the history lesson. your experiences in the early days of nato are interesting. but they don’t have much of an impact on how nato has transformed from euro organization to that has extended it’s into the middle east and I suspect is considering even wider operations in the name of battling rogue states and terrorism.

    while the us should reconsider the return on investing in nato, nato is not going anywhere.

    The article is one of those subversives that speaks out both sides of the tunnel. ohh the screaming hordes invading the country — how horrible — — the answer throw up our hands in despair.

    No there are choices —

    1. actually enforce immigration law — we loved broken windows and touted its value yet a broken flood gate leaves leaders dumbfounded —
    2. willing to invade iraq and afganistahn but no stomach for ensuring us security at home — laugh
    3. fine employers that hire said illegal immigrants
    4. have to consider minimum wage laws that don’t reflect the actual ability of state and regional economies to uphold them minus greater expense.
    5. in all government institutions and services demand that and expect an english only posture.
    6. cease providing real estate property owners from renting property to anyone here illegal and no foreign from anywhere may own the land on which any foreigner may own a or operate a business.
    7. reduce the legal aide provided for those here illegally, including but not limited to immigration lawyers.
    8. those engaged in breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal immigrants should be arrested and that includes priests, pastors, legislators, governors, business owners and they should be placed on trial for treason and it is treason.

    treason defined

    a. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    b. The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

    as i have repeatedly noted and for which many consider over the top n— what is taking place is a low level war and the objective is no less that retaking the southwest. many us citizens mistakenly believe was stolen.

    there is of course that childish and utterlt reprehensible cynical nasty bit of socio-ethnic policy that thinks the answer to dealing with blacks is replacing them with mexicans —

    so much for the veracity, intelligence, and courage of whites who advocate such nonsense, as if mexicans will be singing khumbaya with you once they get what they want —

    good grief — white flag indeed


  23. Jake says:

    Tuttle is describing the suicide of the West, not in the silly sense that most who know the phrase from James Burnham have understood it, which is in terms of the Cold War. What Tuttle describes is the moral rot that has become normal across the West, a moral rot that means that people have become invested most in emptying out whatever inheritance remains of Western Civilization, which is the bastard secular child of Christendom.

    Quite simply, liberalism is literally the suicide of the West because Liberalism is the inevitable stage of the rebellion against Christendom when the various doctrines of Protestantism produce intellectual and moral chaos that cannibalizes what was built over centuries. We are nearing the end stage of that process, when the vast majority of the peoples who are inheritors of what was Christendom have been so emptied of anything of merit that they, like run down junkies, welcome death for themselves.

    There is no political solution, and even hoping for such only aids the death march. The only salvation will come from repentance for all of Modernism, which began with the Reformation. That repentance requires a sincere, sacrificing desire to revive Christendom. A secular West will die a suicide, and a secular West is the inexorable adult child of the temper tantrum tossing Reformation brat.

    That means a number of things. One is that no matter how entertaining Steve Sailer is in ‘noticing,’ his work is valuable only when it inadvertently nudges someone toward embracing the cause of Christendom. The same goes for all other entertaining and amusing irritants of the Left and the Left’s Neocon offshoot.

    Another thing it means is that wise people know that coming is a slaughter of Jews that will make Hitler and his gay-birthed, pagan-reviving socialists seem like small timers. This time, the Jews have jumped into bed with Mohammedans to destroy the West at the same time they have used WASP culture – which was born of a Judaizing heresy – to create a nation and pour feces on the heads of Arabs every second of every day. When the West crumbles across the board, Mohammedans by the hundreds of millions will rise up in an attempt to exterminate Jews. Jews will be happy to set off all their nukes. It will be a new version of the Pharisees on the walls of Jerusalem, alternately cursing the Romans for being racially filthy (i.e. not Jews) and demanding that God deliver them because that is God’s duty to the Chosen Race.

    And the spiritual children of Anglo-Saxon Puritanism will be right there with the Jews, shaking their fists at God.

    The New Dark Age will be worse than its predecessor.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
    , @lavoisier
  24. Respect says:
    @jilles dykstra


    I disagree that the Christian Church stopped scientific progress . When the Roman Empire collapsed under the barbarians of northern Europe , the Christian Church saved european civilization for more than 13 centuries . Christian Church saved greco-roman heritage and kept in touch with arab and asian cultures . Spain and Russia in the name of Catholic and Orthodox Christianity expanded european civilization to the Americas and Asia .

    About 5 centuries ago the barbarians of northern Europe , again , started undermining civilization , started producing all kinds of wars , of utopias and dystopias , religious , scientific , social …. which they have bloomed in the past two centuries and are destroying the so called West . I do not know if this time slavs and latins will have the streghth to save european civilization from germanics .

  25. @Guy Lombardo

    Dahmer was CAUTIONED for exposing his genitals to German children at an Oktoberfest and MAY (Though HE denied it) have been responsible for the death of a German who picked him up hitchhiking.

  26. Wally says:

    “I owe my permission to submit the Zionist plan for the final solution of the Jewish Question.”

    – ‘Father of [political] Zionism’ Theodor Herzl, letter to the Czar, November 22, 1899.

  27. Wally says:

    “A Russia that defeated the nazi armies at a high price , for your benefit . ”

    And what “benefit” was that?

  28. Respect says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker

    you missed where I am from , hehhehehehe , guess again ……

    you dont have to say where you are from , it is evidente , germanic , your nick says it all striker , who strikes , who destroys , a racist son of Adolf , BUT YOU ARE RIGHT meine freund , eastern and southern europeans are so corrupt , so poor , so moorish , so mongolic , so bad , smell so bad …. and germanics and germanoids are so rich , so beautiful , so pure , so intelligent ,so blond , so tall . that I AGREE WITH YOU and I reccomend all the refugees of the world to migrate to the good countries USA , Canada , Germany , the Nordics , Holland ,and even France .

    And from okie to okie , a little present , a magnificent song

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  29. This article is pushing the NWO line of open borders and that the forces behind open borders are in the majority whereas they are in the minority and are pushing open borders as a Zionist NWO agenda and the Zionist ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    Open borders is NATIONAL SUICIDE for any nation that accepts this concept , read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION to see what the zionists have done and are doing in the world.

  30. Mulegino1 says:

    Boy, it is a good thing that we liberated Europe back in 1945! Just think what could have become of our ancestral homeland if it had not been for all of those “victory bombs” dropped by the RAF and USAAF creating a path to freedom, or if the Red Army soldiers had not graciously waltzed into occupied eastern and central Europe spreading democracy by the truckload.

    The nightmarish horrors of a Europe of sovereign nations with real borders are too much for one mind to deal with. What could the Europeans ever hope to accomplish without the unmixed blessings and enrichment provided by Somalians and the ubiquitous wandering Wahhabi?

  31. FLgeezer says:

    Superb post Heros. My late, great Dad was stationed in Germany soon after WW2. I was too young to realize what was afoot for the poor German populace. However I’ll never forget how the war widows would cling to the caserne fences when our soldiers (of whatever extraction) would get paid. And the poor war widows would become poorer still when their baby daddies returned to America. The great German gene pool was left impaired.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  32. hyperbola says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Germans will be much better off when they finally get rid of Merkel. Remember that she was a protoge of the head of the Zionist organization in Britain, Lord Weidenfeld.


    Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration

    THE POWER OF GERMAN JEWRY has Merkel in a box. For what the Jews want, Jews get.
    In a Die Welt feature article, “We Jews Know How Bitter Escape Is,” Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress and Dr Josef Schuster of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, attacked Germans who oppose mass migration by non-whites as “neo-nazis.”

    Applauding Germany’s progress in developing an “open society,” lauding it as “good for Jewry,” the authors then demanded Merkel to increase the flow of migrants.

    Surely, the occupation of Germany by Jewmerica continues as Merkel listens to Jews more than Germans in her pursuit of mass migration of which seventy percent are single men……

  33. Dr. Doom says:

    So, a story of blacks being involved in gang rape means we should just let more rapists in huh?

    Can you see the Chutzpah? It ain’t the Jedi Mind Trick is it?

  34. @jilles dykstra

    As the christian church stopped all scientific progress from about 0 CE to 1600 CE, will mankind ever start scientific investigation again ?

    Was there not non-Christian Islamic world? Was there not non-Christian India? Was there not non-Christian China? Why couldn’t they do it? Why is it the world’s only hope was Europe?

  35. Respect says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Jilles dijkstra

    the dark ages started with despotic euroidiots such as Luther , Calvin , Descartes , Hobbes , Kant , Darwin , Marx , Freud , Napoleon , Hitler ,etc… etc…..

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @El Dato
  36. Art says:

    The road to bringing back our troops runs through Jerusalem – and Trump just gave Jerusalem to the Jews. Jerusalem wants war.

    We have zero reason to be at odds with Russia – they are our Western brothers. The same goes for the rest of Europe – they have no reason to be crossing swords with Russia. We could all be bringing our war machines home – US, Europe, and Russia.

    Problem – big big problem – the Jews have other plans for us – we are not through killing Muslims for them. The whole world is being manipulated into chaos by the Jews.

    If the author of this article is serious about peace – he has to say Jew and Israel – period.

    Short of that – nothing is going to happen. We all know that to be true.

    Think Peace — Do No harm – bring our troops home — Art

  37. @Heros

    Agree. Great post. And more.

    People claiming German ancestry make up a plurality of American citizens. For the Jew’s revenge to be complete, these would-be Nazis too must feel the boot. And they have. As our economy has been de-industrialized, as our leading exports are wheat, corn and soy, one sees that the Morgenthau plan has been implemented here and economists such as Paul Krugman are perfectly content with that. They view Americans-as-sales-clerks with Asians-as-builders-and-makers with complete equanimity.

    The Morgenthau-Krugman plan.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  38. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    @ Heros right on. but it was not just the genetic destruction of the German

    It is essential to trace the origin of the multi-generational plan, how was it propagated, who propagated it, and who and what were the expected benefits and ultimate beneficiaries. What exactly was the plan..etc.

    About 1865 Whaler’s were discovering that the supply of whales (whale oil) was depleting, and British and French slave traders were out of business as a result of the American Civil War (freed the southern slaves), Banksters would need a new profit maker.

    About 1865 all roads lead to the great petroleum awakening. London and Paris banksters [financiers of whaling and slave vessels] discovered petroleum was replacing whale oil and were jealous that the Germans were far ahead in the race to get take the oil from the Arabs. The Germans had arranged to swap the Arab oil for a highway from Baghdad to Berlin. So why did the Paris and London banksters financially support (and there-by control), the Jewish Congress ( Switzerland, Hertzl 1896-97) which was organized by angry outcast Jews seeking a way to improve their lot.

    How did the bankster plans to take the oil from the Arabs and at the same time to block the German corporations already in position to access to the Arab [Ottoman] oil involve backing the Jewish Congress?

    By what methods would the London: Paris banksters take the oil from the Ottoman Arabs? Plan A regime change the Ottomans failed at Salonika, 1904-8 era, as the angry Ottoman burned the entire Jewish community out, and dispersed them to NYC and Moscow so plan B took hold. Inundate the Ottoman territories with Jewish settlers (weaponize migration); grow the numbers, install rule of law, privatize property rights (same as the British and Post British Americans did to the American Indian) to toss the Arabs off their own oil rich land.. Just about every message to the Jews beginning in 1897 involved the message return to the Homeland.. Balfour to told them where it would be, 1916, WWII, regime change in Russia, by 1932 the bankster plans were well underway, and so on

    WWI transferred control of Arab lands (to the British and French Mandates; Palestine) and it subordinated Germany’s corporations so they were powerless to profit from the spoils of the war; WWII outed Russia

  39. @Respect

    I don’t care about a dead house painter with syphilis.

    My point is that refugees will never want to hang around Sicily or Albanian because these are nearly as poor as North Africa.

  40. @FLgeezer

    German poverty only lasted 10 or 15 years. By 1965 Frankfurt and Berlin were rebuilt and the Mark was stronger than the US dollar.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  41. @ThreeCranes


    If Jews are so eager to retaliate then why are German-Americans and Arab-Americans a) relatively prosperous and b) live in close proximity with Jews on the East Coast. Why did the Jewish powers ALLOW so many Germans and Palestinians to immigrate?

    Eisenhauer (His German-spelling was changed in WWI) was the grandson of four German immigrants.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  42. Thomm says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Why did the Jewish powers ALLOW so many Germans and Palestinians to immigrate?

    You will never get a straight answer on this question from the White Trashionalists.

    Remember that a White Trashionalist simultaneously believes that whites are superior, yet can be oppressed by a group* that they outnumber 40 to 1 in the West.

    The essence of being a WN Wigger is to not see any contradiction between these two beliefs.

    *A group that is white in appearance, after all.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  43. Merle Haggard was being ironic. He was mocking people like you.

  44. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:


    Goodbye West.

  45. Them Guys says:

    We are seeing, the true meaning of the book of Daniels Huge Babylonian Statue with the head of gold, and chest of silver, waist/mid section of bronze and the two legs of Iron.

    But unlike the falsehoods promoted by most every of todays apostate pastors and tv show churches, where they all follow the lead of pastor Hagee and Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and teach a falsehood about how the book of Daniel explains the progression thru history of the ruler empires down thru the ages. Ie: Head of gold= Nebuchanedzer, Silver= Medes and Persians=bronze= Alexander the great (I think?) and the two iron legs represent Roman empires two-part empire.

    Where Hagee and Falwell and Robertson go off the rails in teaching of what comes next with the only remains left standing after that Daniel statue was totally destroyed, and the only remains left are the Ten Toes of the former two iron legs of Roman rule empire. They claim and believe and teach that those Ten remaining Toes are the EU nations, back when first promoted EU consisted of less than 10 eu nations, and every apostate pastor and 65 million rabid pre trib raptureists foamed at mouth in anticipation of EU soon will be 10 nations and that’s when Christ returns and they get raptured prior to his return.

    They kept claiming and insisting Daniels Statues remaining ten toes means the EU Is a revived Roman Empire, which also means it EU is the real actual Beast with seven heads and ten horns etc and is soon to produce the famed anti Christ man aka a fake 2nd coming Christ figure.

    Which will lead to israel and its jews to get attacked by anti christ and EU beast, and start WWIII so god can save every jew ever born, and give every jew ever born a free pass back door key to heaven due to jews orig first covenant will always stand and never get replaced…That flies in face of what reality is…Of course in NT gospels and books it clearly states that the new covenant of christianity has indeed replaced jews old covenant, and that No such thing as every jew ever born gets a free pass into heaven due to being “self chozens” etc..However based on their apostate false beliefs their way is correct and proper bible.

    What the obvious true meaning of the remaining ten toes from the last earthly empire in the statue means, based on whats written of it, it states that all ten toes are a “Mixture of Iron & Clay or aka Mud”…And it states that mix of iron and clay is a Weak mix that never really can mix properly as clay sticks to iron, but never melds into and with iron as a permanant bond.

    Now it should be as clear as a struck bells ringing sound, that obviously the real meaning is seen daily before us all and has been for some time now….Iron equals European Whites, and Clay or Mud as clay becomes when wet, is code word for african and other non white darkies and negroes.

    And we see clearly that all this massive and long ongoing agenda to force integrations between whites and non whites, and forced imigrations into white and ONLY into white nations, is what those ten toes really means.

    As far as I know of, even now after the EU has grown to include around 27 countries, well past the 10 nation eu haggee insisted represents that book of Rev ten headed and seven horns Beast etc. He and the rest of apostate pastors still claim it as true. They by now probably have re-invented their prophetic mumblings and mambo jahambo falseified interpretations to somehow allow for that ten nation/ten head beast to Now have close to three times as many heads eh?

    But regardless, they to a man, have never yet ever admitted to any such belief of a ten iron mixed with mud/clay toes which is all that remians of roman empire, as well as all the prior empires depicted by head of gold, chest of silver and waist middle section of bronze that ruled world before Rome did, as having anything to do with mass imigrations into only white nations of non white negroes, and browns with a negro african mixed dna. I guess that is too Non PC correct and they all fear being called a vile racist eh?

    However when you consider all thats transpired just within our lifetimes so far, no other explaination regarding those ten toes of iron mixed with mud/clay makes more sense.

    From a perspective of course that you do believe biblical prophecy has merit and various historical issues and happenings sure do seem to prove validity of such prophecy and future predictions.

    So it seems those apostate jewdeo-zio-christian pastors have once again dropped the ball, and invented totally wrong headed interpretations about Daniels biblical book and statue eh.

    And if all they claimed is wrong, that has to mean antichrist man false christ fake 2nd comming etc is going to arise elsewheres…Israel perhaps? once jews rebuild the 3rd temple so antichrist man has a proper throne to be seated upon? From where he then can create worst catastrophy and world WWIII Nukes and Chaos, that even the most hardened and rabidly blood lusting jew cannot even dream possible?….Maybe they can even call all that their, “Samson Option” for all worlds non jewish goyims eh?

    One things certain, those daniel book explainations about each statue section of gold-silver-bronze-iron etc have definatly come to pass as outlined by the prophet Daniel. So, if europe nations left after the crash of Roman Empire are represented by those remaning ten toes, we sure are seeing a massive influx of “Clay/Mud” race peoples unable to fully assimilate same as Iron and mud mixture can never really form lasting solid mix eh?

    The future does not look so bright now like we prior were told to believe as kids, when we kept being told of a great bright future as long as we “Obey all Laws-Learn as much as possible in schools-Work very hard- Pay All and Every Tax!-and save some spare cash for a rainy day, and all shall be swell and a bright future to be had by all”….Hows that working out since NAFTA and 1965 almost Open borders policy agendas and barely still standing american infrastructure, and totally corrupted zio jew hyjacked fed govnt. and nation huh.

    Whats next after enough Iron peoples discover how Iron mixed with clay Mud peoples simply canot remain a solid mixture?…..I think most folks knows the answer, and for them what remain clueless Research: Detroit Mich. Before 1960 and After right up to todays Detroit of 2018 for best clues of your Iron & Mud mixed future in every and only white nations, to soon get followed by all nations regardless of nations race of inhabitants and owners. But Where will international jewry flee to and hyjack as new Host nation this time around eh? Jews ran Out of unaware and non-jewized up nations and peoples, and mid east israel sure don’t look very swell to most jews today. Another jewdo delema similar to jewish lightning, only delemas do not pay off in cash like their magic jew lightning does…They will get paid I am certain, just not in cash moneys this time perhaps.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Anonymous
  46. Rogue says:
    @jilles dykstra

    A bit sweeping on the negative influence of Christianity to scientific progress.

    Apart from anything else, the Christian church had no secular power for the first 300 years of it’s existence, so was hardly in a position to block scientific progress during that time.

    However, I have thought about the very same possibility regarding lower IQ immigration, race mixing on a large scale, and the resultant erosion in higher brain power at the top level being a possible inhibitor to the increase of knowledge as we know it today.

    But the Chinks and Japs aren’t into ethnic suicide (nor the Israelis for that matter), and from what I can gather they’re smarter than us anyway, so probably not.

  47. Rogue says:

    The Dark Ages continued with corrupt, venal wicked popes and only fully ended with the Reformation.

    Luther and Calvin grouped together with Freud and Marx? Really?

    You clearly just blather whatever comes into your head.

  48. @Thomm


    Okay, so why can’t the US interior Podunk regions do shit except sink into post-decline despite their possession of the primary economies (Food, fuel)?

    How are the Irish (And the Jews) and the Italians and all the other non-Anglo groups around the NYC/Beltway axis able to have a higher standard of living and make so much money; same with LA.

    Is it proximity to the ports?

    Why are rural whites and semi-rural whites ALWAYS poorer, less educated, less capable of a high GDP even when their Wrangler jean-class ass “is sat” on natural resources like oil?

    Why are white trashionalist regions always the ones full of junkies-crack in the 80’s, then meth, then heroin?

    Why do they have out-of-wedlock birth rates even though the Italians on the East Coast are Catholics while the Baptists and other evangelical Protestants at least promote birth control?

    Why do are they poorer than Jews or white ethnics on the East Coast. Forget Jews, let’s assume they practice nepotism. But Italians. Irish. Albanians. Persians on the West Coast.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  49. As became obvious by that decade’s end, neither the Soviets nor their Cuban friends were in a position to launch an invasion against the US using Grenada’s large new Cuban-built airstrip. So the question arose, did we really need even that one little victory?

    Well, we got a halfway decent Clint Eastwood movie out of that little war, didn’t we? Doesn’t anyone remember Heartbreak Ridge?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. @Them Guys

    Jews & Detroit

    Jews left Detroit about 45-50 years ago-some of the Zio nuts will say they sold their houses to blacks just to make the hillbillies and Polish miserable. Or maybe their kids got the law degree and did not want to make Rye sandwiches.

    Point is that Jews were the FIRST (I think the very first) whites to leave Detroit, even before the middle-class engineers and managers at the plant. The hillbillies who were from the South to begin with drove back down the hillbilly highway. Polish were stuck but most moved to Warren.

    So Jews have nothing to do with Detroit.

    Detroit is sort of similar to Chicago but for some reason ended up completely ghettoized while Chicago has managed to remain somewhat within the orbit of the First World.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  51. El Dato says:
    @jilles dykstra

    A EU official paper of 2009 states that the EU needs sixty million immigrants.

    No problemo. That’s about five times the population of the Netherlands.

    If we carve out a new General Protectorate by taking a fat chunk of Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany with Luxembourg in the middle, this can be done. If it is rougly circular, it could reach the suburbs of Bonn and Paris and have a common frontier with Switzerland, too. This would definitely put to rest any discussions about Alsace-Lorraine and the approaches to Verdun.

    The only question is whether it will have the right to uparm with nuclear weapons?

  52. El Dato says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The easy answer would be that it is not the best who remain (underlying fallacy: the mean of the distribution is assumed to be universally applicable)

    Why are rural whites and semi-rural whites ALWAYS poorer, less educated, less capable of a high GDP even when their Wrangler jean-class ass “is sat” on natural resources like oil?

    By that kind of rationnel, Nigeria should be Wakandacountry instead of an overpopulated problem zone controlled by TotalElfFina and their mercs or whomever.

    Protip: You ain’t gonna get rich by “sitting on” natural resources. You will probably lose your house due to “eminent domain” or similar.

  53. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    Austria’s 31-year-old Chancellor Kurz has long been out front in promoting the establishments of asylum processing centers across the Mediterranean, closer to the source of the mass migrations. Unmentioned is that this would probably require a readiness to use hard power, economic and possibly military, along with the long preferred soft power option.

    Instead of Chancellor Kurz, we may need rogue Colonel Kurtz.

    (Yes I know that guy is reimagined from colonialist “exterminate all the brutes” Kurtz in “Heart of Darkness”)

  54. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Hell yeah.

    I never understood why he didn’t just have the cocky ghetto scum dragged off to a court martial for insubordination. After having shown Alpha Male status against MuscleSwede as is necessary. These guys are NOT going to behave well afterwards.

  55. FLgeezer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    >German poverty only lasted 10 or 15 years.

    Your assertion is true. Germany got back on its feet despite having been trashed. And the reason is the brilliant work of Konrad Adenauer and the Bundestag. Their generation had not been compromised by miscegenation nor the unrelenting attempt to make Germans feel guilty about everything everywhere. Just imagine that the grandchildren of “holocaust survivors” are still being rendered tribute by the current generation of German taxpayers. Absurd!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  56. Anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @Them Guys

    Chinese laugh at the ethnocentrism and belief in old wife’s tales then get up in the morning to build great nation.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  57. El Dato says:

    “Last good guy” is…

    Uh…uh… Vespasian? Charlemagne? Charles Quint? Louis XIV? Newton/Leibniz?

    Heck, I dunno. It’s like trying to make sense out of the Multiverse.

  58. @FLgeezer

    My grandparents would send hand-me-down clothes to relatives in Frankfurt until about 1960. By 1984, when we visited them, their neighborhood was nice. Detroit suburbs were slipping, even then.

    But when the Euro took over by 2005 I noticed Germany was overwhelmed by immigrants. All penniless or near-penniless. Foreign street whores were everywhere. Coke and heroin dealing Turks were everywhere.

  59. Them Guys says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I didn’t mean “jews and Detroit” in that way Jeff. I know jews long ago left Detroit and they went to every suburb of Detroit and several surrounding counties that are called “Greater Detroit Areas”.

    But many jews still keep their buisness’ in the orig Detroit locations. Many jews I did work for at their homes and buisness’ for 25 yrs. Own various place of business such as the Roney family that owns a ten story huge building on woodward ave in heart of downtown Detroit. Also David Lynch of Merril Lynch et al wall street broker fame…and others with lesser fame and smaller buis ventures likely still have locations in detroit…Many jewish suburban dwelling lawyers still do too.

    I was more meaning of jews control most every major important thing in msm and fed gov etc.

    When I stated “Where will jews flee next”…I mean to which other country than current jew host nation America. By Jew Host nation I believe its understood to mean, any nation that currently or prior has hosted aprox 1/2 or more of worlds entire jew population. They NEVER keep all worlds jews in one country, not even in Israel which most every jew claims a vast love affair to or with.

    The main reason for that is, ever since 4,000 yrs ago or so, jews have never created their own nation and have always been a Parasitic peoples. Ergo jewry as a whole Must keep at least 1/2 of global jew population within an Other Goyim gentile prosperous nation so the residing jews in that host nation can do typical jewish scams and rip-offs etc and swindle host nation to pay Israel and do wars for jews.

    So where will jews flee next means to which other new host country will jews attempt to infiltrate once the USA nation peoples aka non jew goys follow suit with the prior 109 host nations and boot jewry out as done prior in Every nation ever to host jewry.

    PS:Chicago is 2nd or is it 3rd largest population of jews within entire usa lands…with plenty billionaire and multi millionaire jews too, like them what funded Hobammy for us prez and Ill. state senator…..So maybe That has a lot to do with why Chicago is not as ghettoized as Detroit is eh.

    Plus state of Ill city of Skokie Ill. has worlds largest population, other than in Israel, of holyhoax survivahs living there. That too may play a part in Chicago maintained better than Detroit.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  60. Them Guys says:

    Yes and it only took 5000 yrs for china to get NAFTA Free entire factories from former Detroit and other usa cities locations. Plus many GM Auto guys like my biker Buddy the Electrical Engineer who GM sent for six month rotation shifts, for a total of 18 months spent teaching ignorant china men factory workers all the Hows and Whys so they can now run auto plants etc. And before he was sent to china, his other GM buddies like Millwright’s were sent to china to re-assemble all those huge auto plant machines and presses used to make cars with. They too had to spend enormous amounts time to teach Chinese auto workers the hows and whys etc….

    Add to NAFTA Free Bees, all of the Stolen and scammed high tech info and once china tech guys do reverse tech and do copy cat builds of American invented stuffs…Then yes one can claim china as a great innovative nation….Yet why did china wait so long and remain in abject poverty for several thousands years prior to all this stolen and handed free bees wonderment?


  61. @Them Guys

    “PS:Chicago is 2nd or is it 3rd largest population of jews within entire usa lands…with plenty billionaire and multi millionaire jews”

    Yes and a Jewish fellow by the name of Rahm Emanuel is currently the mayor of Chicago. Also it looks like there is a very good possibility that Illinois will have a Jewish governor in JB Pritzker.

    Both are very rich but JB has a lotta dough roughly around 3.5 billion. That’s a lotta gefilte fish.

    Itz amazin that the tribe will soon control the largest city in the midwest and soon control the state.

    “That too may play a part in Chicago maintained better than Detroit”

    The mayors of Chicago and everyone with half a brain realized that if Chicago’s black population continued to increase, Chicago would go the way of Detroit. Of course no one will say that. There is an active effort to move the blacks out of Chicago and into the surrounding territories. Cabrini Green and other large housing sites have been torn down and itz denizens were moved out but not to Wilmette of course.

    The housing areas have been torn down because new studies ( ha ha) have recently found out that people (blacks) cannot prosper and act civil when there are large concentrations of them (blacks), so they need to live in one and two story structures and among white people.

    Coming soon to an area near you ,or if they haven’t already been relocated there, to spread the so called diversity is good mantra.

    We must understand that we live in a “Propaganda Matrix” and itz all round us.

    What pill will you take?

  62. lavoisier says: • Website

    I agree we are in trouble because there is nothing (Catholic Church) to stand in the way of the madness of a modern liberal worldview where religion is seen as foolishness and there is no higher value than an irrational egalitarianism coupled with a societal worship of money.

    But there is no reason to believe that Christianity is actually dealing with reality. Science has uncovered secrets that may have better been left as secrets. The rational man is incapable of embracing faith.

    The West is dying for sure and I agree lack of faith is central to that death. The Catholic church historically always served as a guardian against all sorts of societal mischief and nihilism, including the ever present Jewish mischief, but it is now a hollowed out core of an institution proclaiming a faith that has no basis in reality and has become an aider and abettor of the destruction of the West through its insistence on open borders.

    We are a people without a moral compass, easily manipulated and controlled by the money changers.

    But where can we find our moral compass? Where can we find transcendent values today?

  63. Anonymous [AKA "Rachel mckenzie"] says:

    Transparency is the key in business and human dealings, i got cybercatt07 at gm ail dot c om… on here thinking that he was one of these fakers but to my surprise he turned out to be the realest i have ever met, i hired him for two different jobs and he did both perfectly. If you are still contacting unethical and fake hackers then you will be a clown after seeing me drop this comment about a true hacker, be smart.

  64. FS Friend says: • Website

    Gene, Your name came up in a conversation in Palm Beach today and in a warm memory in Vienna a few months ago. I am very sorry that we fell out of touch. Dave Rogus

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