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Ten China Predictions for 2021
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A year ago in these pages, I made ten predictions about China’s upcoming year. Here’s how they turned out:

  1. GDP will expand by 10%. Wrong (it grew 8%).
  2. Most Fortune 500 companies will be Chinese. Right.
  3. China will create five new billionaires each week. Right. (It’s now the world’s richest country)
  4. Extreme poverty and homelessness will disappear. Right
  5. China will narrow its Gini gap. Unknown.
  6. Average Chinese will outlive Americans. Right. (US life expectancy fell 3 years).
  7. Chinese vaccines will protect 60% of the world . Wrong. (It was 50%)
  8. China will revolutionize urban life. Wrong. The new city will open in 2022 .
  9. China will unveil the first exascale computer . Right. Three, and the Gordon Bell Prize)
  10. China will announce another quantum surprise. Right. (A quantum computer 10,000 times faster than Google’s Sycamore).

In fact, 2021 was the best year in Chinese history. Here’s what they did:

  • Eliminated extreme poverty.
  • Achieved 98% home ownership.
  • Mastered Covid, with a death rate 0.6% of America’s.
  • Grew the economy faster than ever, by $2 trillion PPP, four times America’s rate.
  • Became the richest country on earth.
  • Built three exascale computers. One runs AI problems 88,000 times faster.
  • Brought two gas-cooled Pebble Bed nuclear power plants online.
  • Fired up two thorium-fueled reactors, eliminating uranium from power generation.
  • Certified a Covid treatment that reduces hospitalizations and deaths 78%.
  • Became the world’s largest movie market.
  • Successfully tested the world’s most powerful solid rocket engine.
  • Flew three hypersonic missiles around the planet.
  • Released a fractional orbital bombardment missile, at 17,000 mph.
  • Commissioned three warships at a time to become the biggest navy.
  • Issued the most patents of any country and dominated scientific research.
  • Sold $140 billion retail online in 24 hours. Amazon’s record is $5 billion.
  • Made 55% of global energy savings.
  • Generated 1 terawatt of renewable energy.
  • Produced a new billionaire and 300 millionaires every work day.
  • Completed new train lines in seven countries, including Laos’ first.
  • Ran 12,000 cargo trains to and from Europe, up 30% on last year.
  • Joined RCEP, the world’s biggest trade pact.
  • Launched the world’s first central bank digital currency.
  • Built a programmable quantum computer 10,000x faster than Google’s.
  • Operated the first integrated, 3,000-mile, commercial quantum communications network.
  • Installed one-million 5G base stations, giving Tibet better 5G service than New York.
  • Communicated between satellites via lasers, 1,000x faster than radio waves.

Godfree wrote Why China Leads the World: Talent at the Top, Data in the Middle, Democracy at the Bottom, and publishes the newsletter, Here Comes China.

• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: China, China/America 
The China/America Series
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  1. TG says:

    An interesting article. Kudos for the overall prediction success. One quibble:

    “China will create five new billionaires each week. Right. (It’s now the world’s richest country)”

    Sorry, I think that’s the wrong metric. I mean, since the Mexican elites deliberately created a population explosion a few decades ago (“To Make Mexico Bigger and Better”), Mexican wages and living standards tanked, the country is only governable because of the safety valve of immigration to the United States – but all that cheap labor created a record number of Mexican billionaires. Does that really mean that Mexico is a rich country?

    Here are two good metrics:

    1. How may hours of labor does it take the median worker to pay for a pound of butter? (or a square foot of living space, or a lumen-hour of light, etc.)

    2. How much physical output does the economy produce (giga-watt hours of electricity, fresh water availability, etc.) IN EXCESS OF SUBSISTENCE – that is, how much of a real physical investable surplus does it have? India may have the fourth largest economy in the world, but with most of that tied up in keeping a huge number of malnourished peasants barely alive, India has relatively real actionable power…

  2. anonymous[267] • Disclaimer says:

    For perspective on today’s China, here is a just over 1 minute recorded video call, made by a Chinese policeman, using the telephone of the father of a girl who is a student in Australia

    With the father as a sort of hostage, the policeman challenges the girl regarding critical-of-China internet shiteposting, and tells her to come to the police upon her return to China from Australia

    Quick version of video, no sound but English subtitles

    longer version on Twitter

    • LOL: showmethereal
    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
    , @Yee
  3. ew says:

    Here’s a simple comparison. Due to land reform in the 1950, land was confiscated from landlords and redistributed to peasants. As a result, the poorest Chinese have a house with a plot of land back in their village. In most countries in the world, especially for regions like Africa and South Asia, having a house with a plot of land places you firmly in middle-class.

  4. Anonymous[851] • Disclaimer says:

    My top China prediction for the next century.

    Cities wil serve as IQ shredders, fertility rates in metropolitan centres are already below 1.

    50% of Chinese women in Beijing do not want children.

    low rural Chinese IQ* will lead to stagnation and eventually retrogression.

    In the end, as Liveleak videos show, China always has been and always will be one giant ant colony.


    Wang, 2001 (Average IQ of 76-81)
    Shandong province, china.

    Hong, 2001 (Average IQ of 65-82) Shandong province, china.

    Li, 1995 (Average IQ of 79-89)
    Guizhou province, china.

    Yang, 1994 (Average IQ of 76.81)
    Jinan, China.

    An, 1992 (Average IQ of 76,84)
    Guyang county, inner Mongolia.

    Guo, 1991 (Average IQ of 76.81)
    Hunan province, china.

    Fan, 2007 (Average IQ of 96, 98)
    Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province, China

    Li, 2003 (Average IQ of 92)
    Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

    Zhang, 1998 (Average IQ of 80,85,87)
    Kuitun region, Urumqi, China

    Yao, 1997 (Average IQ of 92-100)
    Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China

    Yao, 1996 (Average IQ of 92-98)
    Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China

  5. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:

    “Ran 12000 rail cargo trains to and from Europe”.

    As a lifelong railroad buff and obsessive, this is very heartening news.

    Not too long ago, the ‘received wisdom’ was that rail ‘had no future’ and was merely just a lingering relic of the 19th century, eating up subsidies and just waiting for the final death knell in the shape of 45 tonne road vehicles.

    The famous ‘Beeching cuts’ in the UK in the 1960s were the prelude to the eventual dismantling of the system.

    Basically, the Chinese, who are into rail in a big way, saved the railroads, and made them *more* than relevant to the 21st century.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  6. xxxeliss says:

    prediction for 2022 , China population will start to decline

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  7. Realist says:

    Yes, China is on track to exceed the U. S. in everything positive. The U. S. is in the crapper and is about to self-flush.

    • Replies: @loren
  8. This is why war is imminent. Each year that passes makes China stronger and the USA, the Anglosphere and the NATO goons, weaker. The USA will destroy the planet’s human population rather than give up its ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ over it, forever. Western, ‘White’, ‘Judeo-Christian’ rule, with ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ is Holy Writ, the religion of the Western elites. There is NO place in their world for ‘Yellow Devils’, ‘the Yellow Peril’, or ‘slopes’, ‘gooks’, ‘Chinks’ etc., let alone as world leaders It will be a World Race War, and will be humanity’s coup de grace, because it will stop the work to halt and reverse ecological collapse, endeavours in which China is leading and the West, as ever, lagging.

  9. @TG

    Chinese PPP economic activity is 20% plus more than in the USA, and much of the US ‘economy’ is financialised money shuffling and parasitism. The Chinese enjoy a basic sufficiency of all goods and activities, while in the USA, where everything is commodified and sold to the highest bidder, tens of millions live in squalor and want, while the rich enjoy luxury beyond the dreams of avarice. That the USA calls itself a ‘Christian’ country is the sickest joke, ever!

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  10. @anonymous

    Public lying, defamation, threatening, etc., are specifically banned in China.

    The Chief Censor (a 2200 year-old office) is China’s leading public intellectual. He publishes the rules and answers questions about his rulings.

    Most under-30 Chinese consider him too repressive; their parents say he strikes a good balance; their grandparents say he’s too lax. But NO Chinese think that a media free-for-all is a good idea.

    The result? According to a survey conducted for Associated Press, only 6% of Americans trust their media. According to annual Edelman surveys, 80% of Chinese trust theirs.

    According to me, who writes stuff like this, American media are far more consequentially censored than Chinese. FAR more.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Thanks: Rahan
  11. @Anonymous

    Yet, oddly, China’s IQ was 105 in 2018, on its way to the Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzen average of 108.

    We have 10,000 super geniuses, while China has 330,000.

    The result of this discrepancy is detailed in the article, above.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @Anon_1911
  12. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    As John Kenneth Galbraith astutely observed, “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is no doubt a reason. But the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-given right.”

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  13. Rahan says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Additionally, in 2021 Beijing begun walloping the private tutoring corporations and computer/internet corporations, forcing them to free up at least 50 million potentially high-end contributors to society, which they had sucked up, as corporations do, and forced into lobotomizing office routine.

    Keeping too many real talents from manifesting themselves in authentic ways. Now these people are circulating on the labor market again, and can’t even throw a tantrum a leave China (covid travel restrictions), so they are forced to find new niches for themselves, this time perhaps doing things which reflect their innate enthusiasm in more authentic ways and produce less generic contributions.

    In the West, the FIRE system begun leeching off talent from all other spheres of life for real in the 1980s, and today the actual institutions that keep society alive are ran by midwits and retards and a few ancient doddering smart people of character from previous generations.

    A society cannot afford to allow its best and brightest to be sucked up by corporate grinders. Nobody wins if this happens. Especially when the “demographic hole” opens up a generation later, when it turned out that the actual existentially important institutions are suddenly bereft of new smart and enthusiastic people.

    Forcing people to “go and work there, comrade, no choice!” old Soviet style is too crude. But periodic shakeups of the megacorps to make them stop hoarding talent which is better applied elsewhere sounds like a fine investment, if done sensibly and with a sense of proportion and understanding of one’s society.

    And if the goal is, of course, a long-term perpetuation of one’s society, as opposed to either banal predatory psychopathy, actively trying to kill it in the name of cosmic justice.

  14. neutral says:

    You can find a bunch of technical marvels that UK/France/Germany/etc were doing in the 1960s, but in the end the demographic doom in these countries means that none of it mattered. China is in the same place, even with its billion plus population their fertility collapse means they are already at deaths door, the sub Saharan flood of people will overwhelm even China, none of their achievements will be remembered by the black hordes that will eventually destroy China in a century or two.

  15. @neutral

    Gross ignorance allied to moronic race hatred. Fuck-wit of the day-so far.

    • Replies: @neutral
  16. @Rahan

    Or the parasite model, with predatory ‘elites’ who hate the masses in charge of the economy through control of the money power ie the neo-feudal ‘liberal democratic’ model as seen in the West.

  17. @Godfree Roberts

    Goes well with Keynes’ observation that ‘Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all’. Believe me, the nasty are TOTALLY in charge in Austfailia, and have been for decades. The nasty and the incompetent.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  18. @Anonymous

    Part of that is because of US military threats… That was one of the main impetus to push for rail connecting Eurasia. There are further connections being worked on. In fact Singapore and China are working on the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative. It is to connect Southeast Asia – bypassing the Straits of Malacca in a way – to Chongqing – which ultimately connects with Russia – Central Asia – and on to Europe.

  19. @Anonymous

    If rural IQ is so low – please explain how rural Chinese scratch and save and get into university in China and go to grad school abroad… Or they go direct to an undergrad program in the west – and yet can do so well in math and science….??? So what does that say about students in the US and Canada and the UK and Australia..??? Explain how that works….
    I personally know one from a know name village (to you) who they didn’t even speak Mandarin in his village… He barely could speak any English.. Yet he graduated a college in Central Florida with a 3.7 GPA…. how does that work…?

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Anon_1911
  20. Hello Godfree!

    As always, great contribution to TUR. Thanks.

    Just a personal aside, my wife spent quite a bit of time in China this year, and said it was really quite spectacular what they have achieved. Yes, they over-built the housing market, but regardless, their expansion rate by nearly every metric is mind-blowing. No wonder Joe Biden and Co. need to wear diapers!

    Nobody knows what the future holds in China-US relations, whether cooler heads will prevail, or whether idiots like Bolton and the uniparty neocons will prevail and drag us into armed conflict, regardless of who is in power. But one thing is for certain, whatever the West throws at China, the Chinese leadership, unencumbered with corporate oligarchical demands that supersede true national interests such as we have here in the USA, will almost assuredly make the wise moves both from an immediate perspective and from a longterm view. Oh that we had such leadership here in the States!

    One thing my wife was quite sad about, though, was she was there when there were some Covid outbreaks, and she was prevented from doing much of her planned traveling. I comforted her with knowledge that, unlike here in the US, the Chinese leadership understands what is going on, that they are a target, and that these incredible lockdowns and ‘draconian’ measures are there to prevent a REAL pandemic from getting hold in the mainland by constant vigilance and real-world drills for the responders and the public.

    Recall that Bill Gates recently warned the US government that we are terribly unprepared for an outbreak of (get this!) weaponized smallpox! He suggested we urgently allocate resources to deal with what he believes will be the next form of pandemic. One wonders if the Chinese leadership senses that maybe Mr Gates has something there, and that these lockdowns and again, ‘draconian measures’, are simply the most effective way to prepare the Chinese people for when the real big viral enchilada gets served up for the world to consume….. a meal Mr Gates apparently views as likely ‘inevitable’. Similar to how he previously believed and publicly warned of in the years prior to 2020, that an outbreak of a killer corona virus was also just a matter of time. His apparent ‘prescience’ is, to my mind, disturbing (and more than a little suspicious)……..

    Best of health to you and yours in the New Year, GR. Take care.


    • Thanks: Godfree Roberts
  21. neutral says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Let me amend that, it is already dead when you combine the cratering birth rates with the imbecilic thoughts of the average Chinese.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  22. The only dark sign in the list is the number of billionaires – its a sure sign that Chinese society has a resource allocation problem.

  23. onebornfree says: • Website

    China Won’t Be Taking Over the World:

    “While the US has its problems, future global Chinese supremacy won’t be one. Far from being in a position of overwhelming strength, China and its Communist leadership face imminent multifront domestic crises that will threaten the existence not only of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but the existence of the Chinese state as a unified whole. ”

    From:”China Won’t Be Taking Over the World”

    Also: “Cracks In the Great Wall Part 3 – China’s Charm Has Expired”:

    …..and: “If the US Wants to Beat China, Why Is It Copying China’s Socialism?” :

    “Regards” onebornfree

  24. meamjojo says:

    Damn! We better kick their ass and put these whippersnappers in their place while we still can!!

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  25. Anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Sorry, but you’ve got one crucial part of that analysis wrong.

    All that you say is true except that the forces which pull the strings behind the Great All American political puppet show are the most rabidly anti white white hating people on this planet.

  26. miha says:

    > Average Chinese will outlive Americans. Right.

    We don’t know yet so could be right or wrong.
    However currently :-
    [ 77.30 years ]
    [ 79.05 years ]

    Overall there are some interesting observations in the article but don’t expect any objectivity from Godfree Roberts. Seems he’s impervious to any negatives regarding China. His published work is therefore not really fit for referencing or quoting to others.

  27. Anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:


    One thing the Chinese are *NOT* is being stupid, gullible, naive, sentimental, sanctimonious fools.
    As it happens most people of white descended stock are not, either.

    But for some very very strange and absurd reason, the political class of white nations *are* gullible, stupid, naive, sentimental, sanctimonious fools.
    For whatever reason, the gullibility virus seems not to infect the Chinese political caste, if anything, they are even more hard headed and tough minded than your typical Chinese – and that’s really saying something!

    For that reason, there will be no massive African immigration into China.

    You can bet your boots on that one.

  28. Ian Smith says:

    Xi Jinping to Godfree: “Um, velly good, but a ritter ress teeth next time!”

  29. @Godfree Roberts

    So Godflea you now saying that chinee most gurribre people on whore pranet?? Now you in major trouble Godflea.

  30. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    If you approached yer typical salt-of-the-earth Cockney English working class man and bluntly told him to his face that ‘Britain’s future economic prosperity crucially depends on having massive, uncontrolled open borders style immigration from Africa and the Indian subcontinent’, he’d do one of two things:

    1/. Proceed to genuinely laugh his head off.

    2/. Bark back at you “You’re fucking mad!!!”.

    And he’d be right.

    Yet precisely that some proposition is the most dearly and fanatically held belief off the political class which runs the western world.

  31. Mike Tre says:

    tl; dr:

    1 China is the Best
    2 China can do no wrong
    3 China is my daddy
    4 China is the Best
    5 China thought of it first
    6 China invented everything
    7 I have never been to China
    8 China has the biggest penis cumulatively
    9 China is the Best
    10 China would definitely bang China

    • LOL: nokangaroos
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Yee
  32. Yee says:

    demanded she delete a Twitter account that mocked Xi Jinping.

    Well, if she had shitpost a rock star or movie star instead of Xi Jinping, she would have to not only delete it, but also make a public apology and pay for all legal fee occurred, because she would have been sued.

  33. Yee says:
    @Mike Tre

    You can always turn on the TV to get a different opinion.

  34. Yee says:

    how much of a real physical investable surplus does it have?

    I think China has already passed that stage, since China is now the biggest or 2nd biggest spender in R&D.

  35. @onebornfree

    Chinese dont like taking over far away lands… But in any event – the same arguments were used in the 1950′ 60′ 70’s 80’s etc…. It hasnt worked as predicted by some… Others realize it is simply going back to historical norms..

  36. @miha

    Kindly share with us a direct quote and link to something I have written that is false or misleading.

    • Replies: @Jazman
  37. @onebornfree

    Uh huh.

    1990. China’s economy has come to a halt. The Economist
    1996. China’s economy will face a hard landing. The Economist
    1998. China’s economy’s dangerous period of sluggish growth. The Economist
    1999. Likelihood of a hard landing for the Chinese economy. Bank of Canada
    2000. China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin. Chicago Tribune
    2001. A hard landing in China. Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas
    2002. China Seeks a Soft Economic Landing. Westchester University
    2003. Banking crisis imperils China. New York Times
    2004. The great fall of China? The Economist
    2005. The Risk of a Hard Landing in China. Nouriel Roubini
    2006. Can China Achieve a Soft Landing? International Economy
    2007. Can China avoid a hard landing? TIME
    2008. Hard Landing In China? Forbes
    2009. China’s hard landing. China must find a way to recover. Fortune
    2010: Hard landing coming in China. Nouriel Roubini
    2011: Chinese Hard Landing Closer Than You Think. Business Insider
    2012: Economic News from China: Hard Landing. American Interest 
    2013: A Hard Landing In China. Zero Hedge 
    2014. A hard landing in China. CNBC
    2015. Congratulations, You Got Yourself A Chinese Hard Landing. Forbes 
    2016. Hard landing looms for China. The Economist
    2017. Is China’s Economy Going To Crash? National Interest
    2018. China’s Coming Financial Meltdown. The Daily Reckoning.
    2019 China’s Economic Slowdown: How worried should we be? BBC2020. Coronavirus Could End China’s Decades-Long Economic Growth Streak. NY Times
    2021 Chinese economy risks deeper slowdown than markets realize. Bloomberg

    • Thanks: GomezAdddams
  38. @HammerJack

    Please provide a direct quote and link to a false Chinese government statement or unkept Chinese government promise.

  39. Eighthman says:

    I fail to understand how demographics will halt China’s relative progress when US birth rates and population growth are both in trouble.

    • Agree: showmethereal
    • Replies: @last straw
  40. @Eighthman

    I fail to understand how demographics will halt China’s relative progress when US birth rates and population growth are both in trouble.

    Yes, China’s aging problem is greatly exaggerated, together with some of its other problems.

    China’s median age compared to some other countries (excluding Italy and South Korea, two of the worst in terms of aging):

    Why China is anti-fragile
    Dan Blumenthal illustrates by negative example how utterly wrongheaded Washington’s strategic approach has been

    Overall, the article is an excellent summary of China’s achievements in 2021. I would like to add just the following:

    1. China’s EV and EV battery industries reached an inflection point in 2021 and are poised to enter the world market in earnest in the next few years.

    2. China’s artificial sun:

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  41. @last straw

    All these ‘China is about to fail’ stories, a staple of the Western MSM for decades, are driven by pig ignorance, ideological hatred, racism and Sinophobia. The Western ruling elites are going raving mad because a non-‘White’, non-Western, non -Judeochristian is rising to global eminence. That fills them with genocidal RAGE.

    • Replies: @kauchai
    , @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  42. @HammerJack

    Aren’t racists just the dumbest morons that there are. This thing thinks itself ‘funny’.

  43. @Ian Smith

    Ian Smith, Rhodesian racist Fuhrer-a deliberate choice I suspect from this racist pig. Crude racist pig.

    • Thanks: Ian Smith
  44. @neutral

    Roberts attracts the scum de la scum of Sinophobe racists with his FACTS. The truth scares racial supremacist Westerners to death.

    • Replies: @Tdstype2
  45. @onebornfree

    Mises, as the worst type of Jew, peddled an ‘economics’ that guarantees mass poverty and grotesque inequality. His latter-day acolytes, little pustules of greed, hatred and stupidity, HATE China because they are not ‘Western’, and their economy works for the good of all. Regards, onebornfree of the hatred of others.

  46. kauchai says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You hit the nail right into the pig’s head. Bravo!

  47. @miha

    You have the ENTIRE Western MSM to indulge your race hatred with. A few facts and a little truth have caused you to suffer an allergic reaction.

  48. Tdstype2 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Yes, Godfree brings out the racists like honey brings ants, that is for sure.

  49. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Some tosser by the name of George Magnus – who was a prominent pro EU stooge in the UK’s recent Brexit wars – has just published a corker of a column in The Guardian on ‘China is Finished!!!’.
    Just another variation of the same theme barked weekly by the Financial Times, The Economist, the NYT etc etc these past forty years, (at least).

    The old adage is if you throw enough mud at a wall, some if it will stick. True in virtually every life situation, but these (literal) tossers seem to have found themselves a Sisyphean Teflon coated wall to vent their anger, frustration, fear and self hatred at – and unlike goldfish which *CAN* learn simple void/avoid life lessons, these wankers still continue with their useless masturbatory humiliating indulgence – and will continue for 50 years more.

    Says more about them than anything.

    Anyhow, this Magnus-wanker has published several books on this feces thesis, and has a Twitter account devoted to the same.

    ‘Soros funded’, I hear you mutter.

    The frightening thing is that this dunderhead is a leading ‘economic policymaker’ in the UK.

    Now you know for sure that the UK is fucked.

  50. Anon_1911 says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Yet, oddly, China’s IQ was 105 in 2018, on its way to the Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzen average of 108.

    Richard Lynn is a massive fraud when it comes to Chinese IQ scores, the data from his book on national IQ in China comes from the following study

    Surveillance on iodine deficiency disorders in China in 2005: an analysis of intelligence test

    Which uses the Combined Raven’s Test in China (CRT-C2) where the scores are normed according to Chinese averages, hence 100 IQ in the CRT-C2 is not equivalent to 100 IQ in Western European IQ tests.

    One could equivalently show scores of 110 in places like the Congo or even amongst the Australian aborigines using IQ tests normed to the means of their population.

    Here is a meta-study comparing IQ scores in China, aim was to see the difference between iodine-deficient and iodine-sufficient children

    The effects of iodine on intelligence in children: a metaanalysis of studies conducted in China

    For iodine-sufficient (i.e. normal) subjects, the IQ scores varied between 75 and 97 with a mean of 86 (n = 2417)

    For iodine deficient subjects, the IQ scores varied between 68 and 88 with a mean of 76 (n = 2342)

    To sum it up, Chinese IQ scores are not that high, this is likely why PISA and China have a special arrangement for the former not to publish PISA scores from outside of Beijing, meaning China’s PISA scores are as a result consistent with Singapore, unsurprising as both Beijing and Singapore are magnets of intelligent ethnic Chinese, but hardly representative of Chinese from the hinterlands and in lower tier cities.

    We have 10,000 super geniuses, while China has 330,000.

    This would mean China would have scientific achievement at least one order of magnitude higher than America, this is of course untrue and the reason for this is the aforementioned fabrication of Chinese national IQ by Richard Lynn.

  51. Anon_1911 says:

    If rural IQ is so low – please explain how rural Chinese scratch and save and get into university in China and go to grad school abroad… Or they go direct to an undergrad program in the west – and yet can do so well in math and science….??? So what does that say about students in the US and Canada and the UK and Australia..??? Explain how that works….

    Because cheating and deception are rife in China


    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  52. I’ve been doing work with Chinese firms for 2 decades.

    And all I can say about this article is “trolls get the most replies”

  53. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Look – as I said earlier, the biggest most rabid, fanatical white hating bastards on the face of this planet are to be found in the Deep State which runs the USA – and western Europe too, for that matter.
    That’s the main reason that, I, a white man, roots for China – and buys Chinese products whenever possible to do my little bit in helping to magnify China.

    Case in point:

    The other day, some local area health bigwigs in the good ol’ US of A, basically, disqualified persons with white skin from a new Covid treatment purely and simply because they had white skin. No other reason or justification given. Frank unabashed racial discrimination against American citizens on the basis of skin color and skin color alone. State sanctioned frank racial discrimination against natural born American citizens to boot.
    Just think that one other ‘fuck off and die’ says the American government to persons born in the USA who happen to be of European ancestry.

    No murmur, no protests, no nothing.

    Can you imagine the furore if the Chinese disqualified Uighurs from medical treatment on the basis of race and race alone?

  54. Eighthman says:

    I continue to be amazed at the utter lack of imagination by US elites and so called experts.

    I don’t see alarm bells ringing about the issue of Artificial Intelligence. Putin seems to understand the gravity of this issue.

    Take a good look at Alexa, Watson or the new Orcam device. We can’t be that far from having intelligent missiles, drones and jets that will be vastly beyond anything Kamikazes offered. Imagine a robot flying at supersonic speeds and able to instantly dodge countermeasures ( if any are offered). Imagine an entire US Navy carrier fleet destroyed with pinpoint accuracy in a matter of minutes. Add to that an intelligent antimissile shield to fend off US nukes.

    Imagine a jet that can hunt F-35’s using sensors, radar and optical recognition. Without stealth, what’s left?

    This is where China/Russia are headed. Could the first one “to get there” achieve world dominance without firing a shot?

    • Replies: @Eighthman
  55. @Anon_1911

    Ohhhh… So that is how you console yourself. Lol. I have seen cheating first hand in western tertiary education… In spite of what that psyops propaganda you read – it is definitely not worse. Western professors will even openly admit they give out grades. China’s education system is far more competitive.

  56. @Anon_1911

    Except the Chinese who migrated to Singapore were not the elite of the gene pool. As to PISA scores – China doesnt just use Beijing. PISA is for OECD countries. China is not part of that group. So it would be stupid to compare school systems in an undeveloped part of the country. In the same way the US doesnt use numbers dominated by school districts where the people are the poorest “trailer park” crowds. In fact Massachusetts is the highest rated in the US (which is sometimes used) and its scores still are not that high. Not sure if you are just ignorant or biased… And are Korean and Japanese IQ lower too..??? If you knew anything about their historical development and the region as a whole – then that must factor in to your folly.

  57. @Anon_1911

    Pari passu, China’s achievements–social, governmental, scientific, technological, economic, intellectual, governmental–have already far surpassed ours, on their way to outshining us by an order of magnitude. Be patient. They’ve only had 70 years under our embargoes and endless attacks.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  58. Eighthman says:

    Coming soon to a smartphone near you: an alternative currency. Huawei has set up a digital wallet on its phones in Africa

  59. @Godfree Roberts

    There’s the rub. China represents a last chance for humanity to avert Western-driven self-destruction. The crucible of two centuries of trauma unprecedented in any country, the genius of scores of giants like Mao, Zhou, Deng, Xi et al, the eclectic selection of the best of various philosophies and ideologies from Confucianism to Marxism, and decades of experience in success and failure in the PRC itself, have produced an utilitarian, meritocratic, rational system that is now adding radical egalitarianism, ecological centrality and an even more benign paternalism in protecting citizens, particularly youth, from ‘Market’ predation, to its modus operandi. Which is why the West, led by the USA, has such malevolent, genocidal, intentions towards it. Evil cannot abide the Good.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. @Anon_1911

    Just be patient, racist. China will soon be motoring away from a decaying West. You can add iodine to the diet, when the Government controls the country, but it’s harder to remove high fructose corn syrup from food when corporations control the ruling regime.

  61. Anonymous[244] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    The industry which really defines the USA – in terms of being the quintessence of the character of what turbo charged, shameless, exploitative American style hyper capitalism is all about – is the hard core prnography industry, in particular its online iteration.

    Ruthless, deeply unpleasant, shameless, disgusting, exploitative and money grubbing.

    Apparently, in terms of turnover, it’s the biggest industry in Los Angeles !

    The porn merchants – money bleaches in the US – are regarded by the ‘good folks’ of SoCal as just another breed of ‘respectable businessman’ – and the whores who appear on it as ‘celebrities’.

  62. Eighthman says:

    I’ll reply to my own post. If the above is what hobbyists can do, what do think China/Russia will come up with? AI is coming to military applications. God help us all.

  63. Antiwar7 says:

    How many billionaires are there in Mexico? (English Wikipedia, citing Forbes, lists 13.)

    And is that in local currency, or in USD? The Forbes list is for USD billionaires.

  64. anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    And the IQ tests on ethnic Chinese living in the U.S. and European countries showing similar high mean IQs are also faked?

    Now for my personal anecdote: As a U.S. graduate student at Peking University for a year, the widely acknowledged ‘smartest’ student in our class was a peasant girl from the middle of Chinese nowhere (she later joined the faculty at Peking University). Though not a math concentrator, she would take math classes on the side for fun! Anyone who has lived in China for an extended time knows that a lot of Chinese from all walks of life are smart and capable.

    • Replies: @Anon_1911
  65. Anon_1911 says:

    And the IQ tests on ethnic Chinese living in the U.S. and European countries showing similar high mean IQs are also faked?

    Those are the creamy layer of the Chinese population, we can get similarly high figures of IQ for Indian and Nigerian populations in the West as well.

    • Replies: @anon
  66. anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    Those laundrymen and manual laborers brought over from Canton in the 19th century were the ‘creamy’ layer of China? That would be news to them.

    • LOL: showmethereal
  67. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Achieved 98% home ownership.

    What does that even mean? 98% of adults in China own their own homes? How is that even possible?

    Mastered Covid, with a death rate 0.6% of America’s.

    By completely shutting down their cities and borders for the past two years, nothing to brag about.

    Became the richest country on earth.

    Doesn’t mean much. The real measure is GDP Per Capita, they are about 1/6 that of the US, i.e. the average American is ~6x richer than the average Chinese, $68.3k to $11.8k.

    Built three exascale computers. One runs AI problems 88,000 times faster.

    Still 50% slower than Google’s Sycamore.

    Produced a new billionaire and 300 millionaires every work day.

    In Yuan or dollar? Regardless, extreme inequality doesn’t make a country richer, it just makes the 99% feel poorer. If this keeps up there will be more unrest. And what does every Chinese do when he gets rich anyway? Emigrate to America!

    • Troll: d dan
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  68. @Ian Smith

    Ian Smith—the racist from Rhodesia —-are you now in London with Boris or perhaps in New York chumming with Donald (Jewboy) Trump —or Australia with Scottie Morrison or up North with Trudeau in Ottawa talking to O’Toole? Without Canada –NATO has no chance against Russia in Ukraine.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  69. Anonymous[986] • Disclaimer says:

    Now it’s all “Yap yap yap Evergrande! ….. Woof woof woof Evergrande! …… Yelp yelp yelp Evergrande! …. Bow wow wow Evergrande! ……. Bark bark bark Evergrande! … Evergrande! Woof, Evergrande! Woof woof woof.

    So yap the barking dogs of the Financial Times, The Economist, the WSJ, the NYT etc etc. My ears have been assaulted by this *incessant* yapping for all the past week.

    Oh the positively *orgasmic* orgyilistic joy of the Onanists of these shitty publications!

    They are jumping up and down in the air and positively spunking off in ecstasy that – in the their own minds – ” China is finished !!!! “, just like these ‘very very clever people’ have been pontificating about for the past 40 years.

  70. @anon

    One thing about anonymous racist, Sinophobe, cretins like this faecal smear, is that their fear and race hatred makes them fevered liars. The one about completely shutting down their cities for two years is the work of a very tiny mentality, riven by fear and hatred, a brainwashed to perfection.

  71. Mehool Bhai here and I laugh ….Hahaha this Goatfried Rabbit is either a Chicom or a Chicom shill. Well paid by Chinese regime. What all propaganda he writes and fools us here. Hahaha
    But reality says the different things.

    Foreclosure Rates Increase 190x in Four Years, Sign of Imminent Mortgage Crisis
    Recently, the town of Yanjiao, Hebei has been facing a major issue – people have stopped paying their mortgage. This small town was initially notable for being only 30km away from Beijing’s.
    A foreclosure specialist in Yanjiao has recently revealed that in the last two years, the number of foreclosed homes in Yanjiao has risen dramatically, with the majority of those coming from large banks. As of October of this year, the current amount of foreclosed homes in China has reached 1.68 million, 190x more than the measly 9000 back in 2017.

    China’s Economy Is Facing the Most Difficult Period in 40 Years, Hard Times Are Coming
    Foreign companies are withdrawing from China, small and medium-sized enterprises are in difficult situations. Some even went bankrupt due to the increased price of raw materials and the rationing of power supply, resulting in a large number of unemployment. The “double reduction policy” hit the education and training industry hard. And many more
    ———Mehool Bhai, Bharat always wins.

    • Troll: showmethereal
  72. Anonymous[529] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Just look at India’s latest trade deficit figures.

    Enough said.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  73. Anonymous[529] • Disclaimer says:

    Despite all the bullshit one reads these days, massive and persistent trade deficits, balance of payments etc – especially when concerning developing nations – are *the* surefire way of predicting eventual economic meltdown in the said nation, or in a more long term view, economic stagnation.
    Don’t let anyone kid you otherwise.

  74. Malla says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Indian Nationalist crackpot Mehool Uncle at it again. China may collapse, USA may collapse, Mehool Uncle, but India may never take off. What about that? At least the Chinese pulled many people out of extreme poverty and built some extremely impressive cities. We will remain in slums forever. Your hero Modi failed big time.

  75. loren says:

    China does not have

    the negro problem
    the federal reserve
    lots of immigrants

  76. @Mehool Mehta

    Those silly Chinese, wanting apartments. A cardboard box on a median strip, with a hole out the back for bodily functions is enough for Mehool. Sheer luxury. He’s thinking of sub-letting.

  77. Jazman says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Look at this propagandist and he is very popular in Serbia where small pro western population sharing his videos on every possible social media

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @大丈夫
  78. @Godfree Roberts

    Nonsense. It is not told to the public what is censored (that would run contrary to the very purpose of censorship).

    I could give you a nice, long list of things that are censored here. Lies is only a part of it. Unpleasant truths another. And a lot of things I cannot make sense of why on earth they have been blocked.

  79. 大丈夫 says:

    According to Mr. Roberts, these will be (A) all lies or (B) urgently necessary measures that have to happen exactly that way to demonstrate Chinese superiority.

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