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Summary of Nasrallah's Speech, Quds Day, 2021
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Hassan Nasrallah during a discussion with officials from supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei’s office. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0.

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The permanent man of the hour, Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, opened his speech by saying that he has a throat infection that had come upon him this past Wednesday, and that he was not suffering from Covid, as some concerned supporters had inquired after seeing him cough much during his last Wednesday’s speech. And this was true. He spoke for a good 55 minutes without losing breath, and only occasionally swallowing between words as if a dry throat was bothering him a little – and I believe he only coughed 4-5 times: small, single, polite coughs.

So, after clarifying his health issue, he went into appraising and praising the Palestine cause, calling it:

A moral, ethical, religious and humanitarian cause for justice that all decent people of the world support and should continue to support.

He especially praised the Palestinians living under occupation for their endurance and patience; praised them for continuing with their resistance despite their unbearable sacrifices and mounting hardships; and also for having succeeded in improving and solidifying their civil and military resistance against the criminal, “rapist” jewish state. *(Millions of Arab resistors have been calling israel a “rapist” since 1948, even Arab msm in print and newscasters on TV regularly use the word ‘rapist’ to describe israel. This is the norm in the Arab world).

Nasrallah further added that Iran’s support for the Palestinian cause has been a major factor in strengthening the Palestinians, despite the heavy price that Iran has been paying for its support of a free Palestine. He said that:

Nobody now disputes that Iran is the strongest nation within the Axis of Resistance. For the past 40 years, the US and israel have attempted to topple the Iranian Islamic system and return Iran to the American fold and to the military barracks of America and israel. These attempts have failed, especially those of Netanyahu’s. Trump used to threaten Iran with war, and the Ayatollah used to say: “There is no war, no ghost of war,” – and no war happened. Now we have a new US administration that’s focused on resolving the Iran nuclear file. Now we don’t have the direct threat of war, although the threat of war is always there. Now Iran is in direct pre-negotiations with the US, requesting that sanctions be lifted before it returns to the negotiating table. And if sanctions are not lifted, then Iran will just continue as it has been: bypassing the sanctions wherever it can and seeking new ways to improve its nation’s condition. Presently, we can say that Iran has passed the danger period and no war against it lies in the foreseeable future. The war that israel and other Arab nations attempted to ignite between the US and Iran many times during Trump’s presidency did not materialize. They all failed. This explains why currently, the Arab nations that previously conspired for the US and Iran to go to war and failed are now changing their tune about Iran and opening direct negotiation channels with Tehran. US and israeli analysts now say that it was a big mistake to pull out of the JCPOA, because this allowed Iran to enrich up to 60% (used to be 20% under JCPOA), and it is precisely high levels of enrichment that worries israel the most.

Nasrallah ended his Iran segment by saying that Iran never has and never will abandon its friends and allies, despite the saudi-Iranian rapprochement currently in the works.

On Syria, Nasrallah said that saudi arabia cannot now impose old conditions on Syria such as: give up Iran and Syria will be restored – not when saudi arabia itself is presently attempting to befriend Tehran. He stated:

Syria is already on the road to recovery. It already controls large swaths of its territory, with only one region left to liberate, which is achievable through military operations. And the two parts occupied by the US and Turkey respectively have become geopolitical regional issues that cannot be addressed by military operations alone: the situation there is more complex with foreign and regional countries like Iran, Iraq and Lebanon directly entangled and affected. But altogether, we can say that Syria is moving in the right direction towards the liberation of all its lands.

Nasrallah continued with remarks on the changes in relationship between nations, post the Trump era. He stated that these changes work for the benefit of the Resistance and against regional israeli hegemony. He said:

Israel’s power has always been fundamentally drawn from US’s support for it, and now that this support is dimming under Biden, israel’s weaknesses have been exposed. Many alliances that were formed during Trump’s rule have now collapsed or gone cold, hence the current re-alignment of alliances in the region right now, as we see happening between saudi arabia and Iran, between Qatar, Egypt and Turkey. All this decreases the affects of israel’s power in the region.

On israel, he said:

No doubt israel has destructive firepower at its disposal. But the reality is that it is now a weak entity. Its domestic politics is in a deep crisis, with 4 consecutive failed elections, perhaps even a 5th coming – and all this is because Netanyahu refuses to give up his premiership seat, fearing imprisonment when he is no longer prime minister.

Nasrallah further pontificated how despite israel claiming itself to be a democracy, it now finds its future intractably seized by a single man: Netanyahu, who holds on to power purely for personal and not patriotic reasons. Nasrallah added how israel’s societal cohesion is also fraying, with israeli analysts now warning that israel is now on the path of civil war. He further explained:

This does not mean that israel will break out into civil war tomorrow, but that it is on a sure ‘path’ to civil war, marked by an increase in uncompromising hate-speeches exchanged between all jewish parties in israel. Evidently, there is a crisis of leadership in israel that is rendering it fractured and weaker.

Nasrallah here also made mention of the recent explosions and that ‘errant Syrian missile near the Dimona’, saying that if israel was caught in a real war where thousands of missiles were falling on it from multiple locations, it would find it impossible to defend itself. He added:

Militarily, in a real war, and because of geography, israel is now the weaker side. Lately, the israeli military has attempted to assure its citizens that they are protected, but these assurances have been received in a luke-warm way. Israel’s domestic front remains unprepared for war, as shown to us by how chaotically their first-respondent teams dealt with human injuries and fires breaking out in israel lately. And to top it all up, israelis are now extremely concerned that the armed Gaza branch of the Resistance has now entered the West Bank and Jerusalem, complicating israeli security plans in these territories and endangering the lives of their soldiers and illegal settlers. How will israel deal with this new and very concerning development? *(He nodded lightly and smiled at the question). And, as regards the israeli army and its strength and power, we read much about the position of the israeli military, especially its land forces where israeli media continues to exaggerate its ability and strength, yet, the reverse is in fact true. Considering that israel performs the most military exercises of all nations in the region, if it were really as strong as it claims, it would not need to organize and perform all these numerous military exercises on a non-stop basis. We observe that a society’s sickness does not appear overnight, but over years, and currently we are witnessing israel’s sickness manifesting in all areas of its society, despite the israeli military and many governments having hid the sickness from view for years – and all this is occurring during a time when a new Palestinian generation of committed resistors is rising and very much present, the youth of our resistance elsewhere is also being renewed, our faith in god, and our faith in our cause and our rights are also being renewed. These are all very important developments that enhance our position. This is why today, on Quds Day, I ask all good people, good muslims and christians to continue supporting the Palestinian cause for liberation, especially right now that the scales are is in their favor.

On Lebanon’s maritime border with israel, Nasrallah re-iterated and re-confirmed Hezbollah’s position which is:

We want nothing to do with the decision-making on this issue. Our political arm and representation in government and parliament have been instructed to draw a neutral white page on this issue. Our responsibility as a resistance group is to protect our homeland, not to decide where our borders are. We have no say in this – we don’t want a say in this. We have no worries about these future negotiations because we do not believe that anyone in Lebanon, be they a politician or a civilian, be they an ally or an antagonist, we think no one would want to give away any of our resources to friend or to foe alike. And I assure you here that when it comes to negotiations with israel, we are the stronger party. Lebanon is not weak. The Resistance is exceptionally strong and the negotiations when they happen again will be conducted with this fact in mind. Gone are the days when we submit to anything israel wants from us.

Throughout the whole speech, Nasrallah’s voice and demeanor were calm and collected; he did not once raise voice or get excited or angry – just even tempered and calm speaking throughout, with the occasional crack of his cheeky-boy smile. And this temperament served well his final point in the speech – I mean it was more of warning than a ‘point’ – a warning delivered in the calmest of voices:

We know that this coming Sunday israel will be starting a massive military exercise that will last a few weeks. It’s been a while in preparation and the whole israeli military in all its aspects will be involved. Considering the current violence taking place in occupied Palestine, and considering all the domestic troubles that israel and Netanyahu are currently in, this imminent israeli military exercise should put the region, and not just the Lebanon, on alert. I do not wish to worry anyone here, but of course, we all need to know the current atmosphere and be on alert. We in Lebanon are alert and ready. As of this Sunday, the day that the israeli exercises begin, we will be taking our own measures, in a calm and measured manner, from inside Lebanon: unseen and unheard. And it’s important here that our enemy knows that we will be ready and vigilant should they make a wrong move towards Lebanon during these big military exercises. Any wrong step towards Lebanon will be treated as an adventurous gamble. Any military or security acts (meaning car bombs, explosions etc) by israel that target Lebanon during this military exercise, under the cover of this exercise, will be immediately responded to. The size of the exercise does not scare us. We are ready. We will not forgive the enemy even the smallest of mistakes.

Here, Nasrallah expressed further praise for the Palestinian cause. He also praised all the supporters who have stuck to the cause through decades of hell and high water. He encouraged them to remain active and helpful towards the cause, and he briefly and proudly reminded audiences of all the powers now at the disposal of the Axis of Resistance.

Lastly, he closed his speech with a smile and a simple sentence: “Just be patient,” he said.

(Republished from Plato's Guns by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Bookish1 says:

    I like and respect Nassrallahs but from a personal point of view why should I take a side in that middle east conflict. Let jews and palestinians settle the issue themselves. From a racial perspective both jews and palestinians are tribal and hate whites. So if you are white you should be concerned with your own race and think tribal. From a national perspective even friends are enemies in the middle east. Think USS Liberty.

    • Agree: Boss Hogg
  2. Anon[261] • Disclaimer says:

    Hate to break it to you but woke culture has not molested Palestinian society like it has the US and major European cities. Palestinian society is not race-based or race-obsessed. Never mind that there are many ‘white’ Palestinians; and never mind that the Palestinians have but a single enemy: the Jewish invader.

  3. Old jew says:

    Do you have the complete English

  4. Notsofast says:

    there’s only two tribes left: neocon zionist nwo globalist scum and everybody else is now palestinian.

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