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Stopping Cyber Hate
A new "crime" discovered by friends of Israel
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The many blog and information sites on the internet are attractive to many habitues precisely because they sometimes seems to be the last bastions for free expression. But free expression does not necessarily guarantee civility. Anyone who peruses comments on many of the major websites can confirm that there is considerable garbage mixed in with the occasional pearl. Racist, homophobic and bigoted comments of all types sometimes prevail, but it is up to the reader to filter out the trash and unless a comment is obscene or threatening in a specific way it is best just to ignore it. It is hard to imagine that anyone is actually inspired or motivated by the muck that appears in the internet comments sections.

But ignoring the dirt is not enough according to the New York City based Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Despite the best efforts by Tel Aviv’s industrious tribe of hasbara and the considerable self-censorship that already takes place, many comments on websites discussing recent developments in the Middle East are highly critical of Israel’s behavior. That is unacceptable to ADL, which would prefer to route the negative commentary to some limbo where it will never be read or even block the authors from access to the site. The caustic comments are now being referred to as “cyber hate.”

For those who are not familiar with ADL, it is a group established one hundred years ago to combat bigotry directed against Jews. It is generally considered to be a major component in the Israel Lobby. The ADL National Director since 1987 has been Abe Foxman.

ADL has recently been meeting in California with a British group called the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, which included the Community Security Trust (CST). The CST advocates physical response to anti-Semitic incidents, to include the equipping and training of organized “self-defense” forces. CST is controversial in the UK, partly because many British Jews believe they are adequately protected by the police. It has also been criticized because its Director is the highest paid head of any Jewish organization in the country and its finances are alleged to be non-transparent.

An article entitled “Web giants unite to fight online hate” described the purpose of the California meeting. It reported that a “game changing” agreement was reached with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft to take steps to stop “the proliferation of racist and abusive comments” and to “force racism and hatred from the web.” This will be accomplished in part by “tougher sanctions against those who post abusive messages.” The internet companies, who already have the ability to automatically block content that they disapprove of, will devise proactive strategies to deal with the problem while being guided in the process by the ADL, “a leading anti-Semitism watchdog” which has been designated the “co-convenor” of the project.

The issue of online hate is important to all web users as efforts to define and then curb it will affect everyone who works on the internet. There are, of course, constitutional rights to free speech that would be impacted by anyone trying to define what is or is not “hate” and there will be an inevitable tendency on the part of anyone seeking to come up with definitions to expand the scope to favor particular constituencies. Given the participants and the combatting anti-Semitism theme of the gathering, there should be no doubt that the meeting in California was only concerned with criticism of Jews and Israel and quite likely will have no interest whatsoever in controlling the much more widespread disparagement of Muslims.

Assuming that the ADL will be the focal point for future developments, it might be interesting to look at its track record in defense of civil liberties for anyone who is not Jewish and who might also be subjected to vilification that amounts to hatred. The ADL, which has trademarked the expression “Imagine a World without Hate,” claims to be against all forms of discrimination and bigotry but its actual focus is on perceived bias against Jews. It recently celebrated its hundredth birthday with a gala dinner in New York City attended by Vice President Joe Biden, who enthused “…I mean this sincerely: You have become America’s conscience. You have become the conscience of this country, no matter what the issue. You have been a pillar of the Jewish community, but you reach out and you have reached out your embrace for all communities. ”

All communities aside, Abe Foxman would be unemployed if he couldn’t demonstrate that the world is awash with anti-Semitism. In a recent foray in self-justification, he was interviewed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz where he restated his belief that Israel and the Jewish people are constantly under threat just because they are what they are, a contention that inter alia supports his $563,000 salary. And lest there be any confusion, Foxman also explained to Haaretz how he defines an anti-Semite. It is someone who criticizes Israel but doesn’t say anything good about it. By that metric, he calls Professor John Mearsheimer, co-author of The Israel Lobby, an anti-Semite. He has also stated that former President Jimmy Carter has been “engaging in anti-Semitism.” Foxman conflates most criticism of Israel with being an anti-Semite.

Foxman see prejudice against Jews everywhere he looks but has trouble seeing bias within himself. He endorses spying on American Muslims just because they are Muslims and therefore untrustworthy while leading the charge against the building of an Islamic cultural center near ground zero in New York City. He criticizes peace groups because they oppose Israel’s attacks on its neighbors and has also taken shots at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the German government, human rights activists, environmentalists, civil rights groups and anti-apartheid organizations.

Foxman defended his opposition to the New York Islamic center by maintaining that “Survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to feelings that are irrational. Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would characterize as irrational or bigoted.” He later called his statement an “inarticulate quote” but has never backed away from his contention that he believes that Jewish suffering is both somehow different and provides unique entitlement.

More recently Foxman has criticized race riots in Tel Aviv targeting Africans, who have been described by leading Israeli politicians as “infiltrators” and a “cancer,” while carefully and repeatedly noting that the violence was in response to crimes committed by the refugees, his way of always exonerating Israeli actions while delivering the mildest possible slap on the wrist. In contrast to his generous understanding of what he sees as the Israeli dilemma on migrants he is tough on his fellow American citizens who oppose the millions of illegals in the US. In May 2010 he referred to Arizona’s illegal immigrant legislation as an example of “nativism” and “bigotry,” manifestly “mean spirited” and xenophobic. He has not commented on the statement by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai that Africans must learn that “Israel is for the white man.” Even Foxman might find it difficult to explain that one.

It is possible that Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft were unaware of Foxman’s comments or that ADL itself has a history of behavior that some might consider either bigoted or racist. A notorious espionage case involving the organization became public twenty years ago in 1993. The police investigation ultimately exposed illegal activity that had taken place during at least forty years prior to that date, revealing that the organization had been running a private nationwide spy operation. The information obtained on American citizens and organizations was routinely shared with Israeli intelligence.

The ADL referred to its spying as maintaining “confidential investigative coverage” of Arab activities in the United States but the San Francisco police raid on ADL offices revealed that there were files on 600 organizations and more than 10,000 individuals, many of whom were neither Arabs nor in any way connected to the Middle East. Three quarters of the information was from city, state, and federal files, to include those belonging to the FBI that had been obtained illegally. Groups targeted included the NAACP, the ACLU, labor unions and a number of organizations considered to be supportive of “black anti-Semitism.” ADL even had a file on Palestinian-American activist Alex Odeh, who had been killed in 1985 by a bomb in his office, to include an office floor plan and keys. There was a public outcry over the extent of the spying and the city of San Francisco prepared to prosecute ADL and its officers, but the Clinton Administration Justice Department instead opted to halt the FBI investigation and do nothing.

Most recently, the ADL again showed its true colors, presumably also unknown to Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft. It became peripherally involved in a controversial poster campaign on New York City buses and subway stops denigrating Muslims that even the New York Daily News described as “shocking” and “incendiary.” The posters were provided by Pamela Geller, noted high profile Islamophobe. One poster says “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s In the Quran,” directing viewers to the site A photo of Hitler also appear on the poster before the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority deemed the graphic too offensive and ordered it removed. The ADL, in its presumed guardianship of a world without hate, examined the content and declared that while Geller “frequently crosses the line into racism when she criticizes Islam…in this particular case…it does not appear that she has done so.”

Perhaps it would have been considered reasonable “due diligence” for Google to Google and Microsoft to Bing the Anti-Defamation League and Abe Foxman on the internet before entering into an agreement to sign on to their agenda. Internet users don’t really need yet another control mechanism designed to favor Israel and its interests and the constantly repeated claims regarding the alleged surge in anti-Semitism are getting tiresome. Most internet users are sensible and recognize hate and bigotry when they see it, meaning that tinkering with access to the system will accomplish little and only discredit the overall integrity of the product. It is something that in the long run will hurt consumers as well as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    Foxman’s “Semitism” would be as odious as would be ‘antiSemitism’. Besides, if the Israelis would cease and desist their apartheid ethnic cleansing of Palestinians that might help.

    • Replies: @PermReader
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great article….thanks for posting this…. it takes a great deal of patience to write about this as Mr Giraldi has done….it takes patience, because the whole ADL Israel Lobby schtick is so absurd that people with no patience , like me, become apoplectic. Not Mr Giraldi, who is a paragon of rationality …. would that Mr Foxman had even a scintilla of Phil’s wisdom.
    Anti Zionism is not anti – semitism. What IS anti-semitism. I have no idea. Probably 95% of Israeli jews are not Semites. Lithuania, Moravian. Russian, American Not a lot of Semites there. Oh, the Palestian Christians and Arabs….uh, yeah, predominantly Semites. Oh, it’s just come to me. Anti Semitism must be : Opposing the State of Israel in it’s ungodly pursuit of Eretz Israel ! Guess what….I ‘m all for that opposition, and as an anarcho-capitalist individualist I can’t be against any race or religion. I confess to being opposed to land rustling, ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide. I can’t see how that makes me any kind of racist, especially not an anti Semite

    • Replies: @learned
    , @Anonymous
  3. NoldorElf says:

    To be honest, this should not be a surprise given Israel’s other actions as of late.

    They are suppressing honest debate about what is actually going on, which is Israel’s actions (which in many cases amount to war crimes and total contempt for international norms), and insisting that any criticism is anti-Semitic. I think that they know the truth, but they lack the moral integrity to face up to it. Others are ideologues and will do anything literally to support their extreme views.

    I think it’s time for the US to have an honest debate on whether Israel is truly an ally or something much more malicious. Looking at how the Israel lobby operates, the spying, and other actions, as a non-American, I think that the nature of the relationship is very bad for the US for a number of reasons. I’m not an anti-Semitic for pointing out the truth. That’s what the Israel lobby is trying to suppress here – freedom of speech and indeed, freedom to point out the truth.

    That being said, no honest debate is possible. Politics in the US has become so corrupt, so influenced by money, special interests, etc, that real problems are never addressed. Only candidates that are vetted by the very wealthy are allowed.

  4. Curle says:

    “Most internet users are sensible and recognize hate and bigotry when they see it . . .”

    I don’t know that they do. Given that I’ve lived my entire life being told that hate includes any comments about a population of people, no matter how true, that might operate to undermine the most idealistic propaganda being promoted about that population (with he notable exception of western successful populations), and that common sense suggests a different formulation, that hate involves some level of irrationality and that it doesn’t include the expression of facts, it seems to me that most people have been actively encouraged to be insensible in their identification of hate and bigotry. Hate and bigotry now being bywords for observations that tend to undermine dogmatic idealist propaganda.

  5. Neutral says:

    Every time I tell someone that jews will in the end censor the internet (and with that I mean they make all the major outlets like google, facebook, youtube stop anti Israel talk), people look at me as if I am Heinrich Himmler.

  6. Mr. Giraldi, I’ve never been disappointed in having invested the time to read a single article of yours. Thanks for the great work. I enjoy it wherever it appears.

    Foxman makes more than half a million a year. Lots of suckers out there bankrolling that salary!

  7. TomB says:

    Phil Giraldi wrote:

    There are, of course, constitutional rights to free speech that would be impacted by anyone trying to define what is or is not “hate” and there will be an inevitable tendency on the part of anyone seeking to come up with definitions to expand the scope to favor particular constituencies.

    No, not in private sector there aren’t such constitutional rights, which is why this lobbying can achieve such illimitable results.

    On the other hand the fundamental thinking behind the First Amendment has always been sort of the touchstone in this country for those who traffic in publishing comments and opinions about political and civic matters, due if nothing else to the American public’s embrace of that fundamental thinking. And that’s why this sort of initiative is so fundamentally contrary to American tradition and values.

    Once again though we are being told black is white, white is black, and it will ultimately be “un-American” to even publish what all kinds of other people are saying.

    • Replies: @macroman
  8. With respect to Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter and the extinguishing of all speech that can be remotely construed as anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, or anti-Jew, I believe the ship has sailed. Perhaps, here and there on Google, there may be interest groups that contribute sufficient revenue to Google that their Commentariat is but lightly muzzled. But, truthfully, what Giraldi describes is already a done deal.

    As TomB points out, those venues are private sector and have no Constitutional right of any kind, much less that of free speech. It would be my opinion that any push-back must focus on the right of any other “owned Internet domain” to publish as it pleases. That interface, in fact, is where the Zionists now push hardest on Federal and State legislators to define “hate speech” as “un-Constitutional speech”, and to establish the ADL as the entity that supplies the working definition of “hate speech”.

    You need no better example than Europe. Germany is so utterly controlled by Zionists that Germans are routinely jailed for “hate speech”. Appearing soon at a public square near you.

    Calumny, thy name is Zionism. Push back, and push back hard, or fall in line to the gallows.

  9. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Dear fat blattaria Abe Foxman

    I am a Native Born White American Patriot….and I have 0 allegiance to the hyper-ethnic Jewish state of Israel.

    Hey fat blattaria Abe Foxman…. What da you think of this one:The Historic Native Born White American Majority=The Race!!!… Hey didn’t the Kenyan Foriegner White House give LA RAZA…. THE RACE!!!! in Ingles… an office in the White House? Sure did.

    And fat blattaria Abe….. This Native Born White American Patriot has 0 doubt that you were enthusiastic about the slaughter of those Native Born White American Teenagers from the American Heartland serving on the USS Liberty back in 1967. Hey Abe when this slaughter occured…were yer dancing up a storm like those fun loving Israeli Art students in NJ back on 9/11?

    Warmest Regards Abe

    Bill Blizzard and his Men

  10. Noizpots says:

    Just wait until they start invoking that hideous law that allows them to sue worldwide over perceived anti-Semitic slander/libel and target some of the alleged haters… it’s coming in the new world of lawfare warcraft!

  11. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Abe Foxman=imported virulent pest species:GIGANTUS FATUS BLATTARIA…,according to the Entymologists.

  12. Jay says:

    Mainstream media sites will already delete and block comment messages that are simply critical of Israel. THey don’t have to be racist, homophobic or threatening. Mine have been deleted MANY times. Some like the WSJ may not delete as much, but they will tinker with the number of thumbs ups. I’ve seen posts of mine get maybe 50-60 likes, then later the number will magically have only 2 likes. Amazing isn’t it. I’ve been blocked and deleted from the LA Times, Boston Globe, Wash Post, CNN, ABC, you name it. The ADL btw was founded in honor of convicted child rapist and murderer Leo Frank, who was convicted in Atlanta in 1913…death sentence later commuted by crooked GA governor who took Jewish money. Frank was taken from jail and lynched (only Jew ever lynched in American history) in 1915. The official narrative has Frank portrayed as a victim of antisemitism of course. He got a fair trial, and 1913 GA would have much preferred to have nailed the initial black suspect of the crime, but the evidence was not there. The GA Board of Pardons and Paroles refused to grant Frank a posthumous pardon in 1982, but caved four years later to pressure from Jewish groups. They DID NOT exonerate Frank of guilt of the crime however. They based their pardon on the state failing to protect him from the lynchers.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  13. @Jay

    Jay – I’ve had the same experience personally and have witnessed the same frequently. Comments disappear and suddenly there are a whole barrage of pro-Israel comments appearing in their place. This war has been going on for a long time and unfortunately the Israel Lobby has both mastered the game and has huge financial resources to back up their efforts, but it is up to folks like us not to surrender and keep fighting before our country goes completely down the tubes. Thanks for the info on the founding of the ADL.

    • Replies: @Jay
    , @Scott Locklin
  14. fnn says:

    “ADL has recently been meeting in California with a British group called the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, which included the Community Security Trust (CST). The CST advocates physical response to anti-Semitic incidents, to include the equipping and training of organized “self-defense” forces.”

    Consummate hypocrites: ADL is a big supporter of laws prohibiting paramilitary training in the US:

    Anti-paramilitary training laws — adopted in 14 states in the past six years — have had a deterrent effect on violence-prone extremist hate groups and have resulted in successful prosecutions, according to a report issued by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

    The laws, which are based on an ADL model statute …

  15. “Survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to feelings that are irrational. Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would characterize as irrational or bigoted.”

    Sympathetically, this is completely understandable. Traumatized people may be left with PTSD dysfunctionality through no fault of their own.

    So it’s true everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions, but that doesn’t make them entitled to their own facts, to quote Schlesinger.

    Psychologically, those abused sometimes turn into abusers themselves, as a way of retaliating against a world that didn’t prevent the crimes done to them. But doubling down on wrongdoing doesn’t create a kinder, gentler world.

    • Replies: @Billy O
  16. learned says:

    This kind of behvaiors in another country or in US in another time would have been exposed as fradulent,coercive,and and against the public interest.
    Its been a while that Americans have been brainwashed in beleiving that this country was established on “Judeo-Christian ” values not pure “Christian” values! (who as pilgrimage separated themselves from otehr branches of Christianity let alone “judaism” .) The Jews came to enjoy (like other immigarnts) only after this counyryw as well establised,functioning,expanding and flourishing ( 3 millions came between 1890 and 1930) not when the country was struggling to survive and grow.

    Then we had our Bible “Scofieldized ‘ by Untermyer and Rothschild. Now the idea of defamation being ethnicized .The collective silence by the conservatives and the liberals show the emptiness in the core concpet what it meant before to be an American. We are destroying ourselves . Kerry’s comments that “You are the consicence of America” shows the depth of the moral and political regression of the crumbling societies that once scaffolded America. The same guys who went apoplectic over Obam’s apology welcomes these statments

    Today these entities define what should be our(American) concern, what should we fight for or against, how we shoould define ourselves, how we should apply standartd of justice / full force of laws to whom and when , who we should attack and when and what condition we should impose on other countries before attacking, how we should interpret and reinterpret the laws before applying sanctions,removing sanctions,and putting them on various blacklists .These entitites write Accolountability bills and laws and take money and demand appreciation for doing that from government and the public.

    I sincerley hope that the Arab world learn from European experinces of 19 th and early 20 th century and stop interacting with these entities or various incarnations of these entities . one hopes they learn from US .

  17. learned says:

    Anyting is antisemite as long as some one from the camp of the zionist says so. Not that long ago, it was an expression of antisemitism if one disagreed that Iran had a nuclear weapon program .

  18. Jay says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    You’re welcome Philip. With some of these sites, their shamelessness knows no bounds. Hopefully, that’s what will do them all in. We do what we can, and you make fine contributions with your excellent columns. Never stop.

  19. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    It should be obvious by now that Jews are not seeking equality. They are seeking Big-Brother-ism.

    In a genuine liberal democratic society, tolerance should be enough.

    First, let’s make a distinction between traditional meaning of tolerance with the democratic meaning of tolerance.

    Traditionally, tolerance didn’t mean equality-under-the-law but allowance of different values and practices among minorities. Iran is tolerant in this way. Non-Muslims are disfavored in certain areas and opportunities, but they are allowed to practice their own cultures in their own communities.
    Clearly, liberal democratic tolerance cannot work in that manner.
    In a liberal democracy, tolerance means every individual should have access to the same legal protections and professional opportunities.
    So, US is not a politically Christian-dominant nation that openly discriminates against atheists but nevertheless allows/tolerates Atheists to practice atheism in their own space or community. Atheists, even if in the minority, are deserving of the same laws and same protections as any religions person.

    So, tolerance in a liberal democracy means that we should recognize and make peace with the fact that we are all different, have different creeds, different faiths, different ideologies, and differences in ethnicity. We don’t have to like, agree with, welcome, praise, love, adore, adulate, revere, and celebrate the values, convictions, and beliefs of other peoples and groups, but we should, at the very least, agree that all individuals, regardless of their creed, should enjoy the same rights and protections under the law.

    So, if a radical atheist and fundamentalist Christian live side by side as neighbors, they don’t have to like one another. They don’t have to invite the other to one’s house. One doesn’t have to praise or endorse the view of the other person. They might greet one another in the morning, but we don’t expect anything more.

    And if the atheist wants to say that he thinks Christians are stupid, superstitious, moronic, hateful, and ridiculous, he has every right to say so… as long as he tolerates the right of the Christian to be ‘stupid, superstitious, moronic, hateful, and ridiculous’ with his own benighted beliefs.
    Likewise, if Christian wants to say that he thinks Atheists are hateful, blasphemous, satanic, evil, wicked, heathen-ish, and will burn in hell forever, he has every right to say so… as long he tolerates the right of the atheist to be ‘hateful, blasphemous, satanic, evil, wicked, heathen-ish, and burn in hell forever’.

    We wouldn’t say a Christian should be forced to mute his negative views of Atheists. Furthermore, we wouldn’t say a Christian should be forced to praise Atheist against his own convictions that are genuinely and sincerely religious and anti-atheist.
    Likewise, we wouldn’t say an atheist should be forced to mute his negative views of Christians. Furthermore, we wouldn’t say an atheist should be forced to praise Christians against his own convictions that are proudly secular and anti-religious.

    Furthermore, we wouldn’t say an atheist should be fired from his profession for his hateful views of religious people AS LONG AS he carries his own weight at work and does his work well.
    After all, didn’t Jewish liberals and ACLU say in the 1950s that no one should lose his job for having communist views or sympathies?
    The Constitution does say no one should be discriminated on the basis of race, color, or creed. Creed means conviction, faith, belief, ideology, worldview, and etc. So, even if we may despise someone’s creed in communism, Nazism, Islam, Zionism, Christian Fundamentalism, hippie-ism, etc, there should be strict separation of professional life and personal creed. If an engineer is very good at his job, why should he be fired because, apart from work, his personal creed happens to be communist or neo-nazi? Jewish liberals in the 1950s found nothing wrong with Jews with communist sympathies teaching history classes or economics in a nation that is capitalist and democratic.

    So, tolerance in a liberal democracy means the acceptance of the fact that all of us will never agree or see eye-to-eye on everything. There will always be differences of views based on religion, ideology, convictions, opinions, ethnic loyalties, historical consciousness, and etc. Some of these differences will be extreme and indeed hateful—like between Zionist Americans and Palestinian-Americans—, but in a free society, everyone should have the right to his creed, the right to express his creed, and the right NOT TO BE DISCRIMINATED AT WORK for his creed(except in cases where the work itself is associated with a certain creed, e.g. we wouldn’t expect an organization committed to Zionism to hire Palestinian-Americans as its advocates).
    What can be more illiberal than forbidding certain kinds of creeds, and what can be more super-illiberal than forcing people to praise a creed they don’t even agree with?

    But that is what Jews and homos want.

    As we should know by now, Jews are not content with tolerance—even the liberal democratic kind where Jews enjoy the same rights and same legal protections as everyone else.
    Rather, Jews demand that all anti-Jewish voices be muted in all ‘respectable’ and ‘influential’ spheres where power, privilege, and influence are concentrated.
    Indeed, if Jews have their way with ‘hate speech laws’, even non-privileged and non-rich individuals will be fined or dragged to prison—as already happens in Europe—for expressing honest views on how they feel about Jewish power and influence.

    But Jewish power isn’t content to merely silence, suppress, and mute criticism of Jewish power and influence. Jews feel that we must all be forced to praise Jews, support Jewish power, sign on to Israeli-Zionist supremacism in the Middle East, and slobber all over like dogs at the feet of Jews.
    Just look at the behavior of American politicians, and it is obvious that they feel obligated to sing hosannas to Jewish power(or else) just like rubber-stamping commissars once did to Stalin in the old USSR.
    Of course, Jews don’t have the power to drag us to Gulag or put a bullet in our heads, but Jews do control the gate of who is or isn’t allowed into ‘respectable society’, and that means most vain, status-seeking, and ambitious people learn pretty fast that they better grovel before Jews to get the goodies in life. And since society is led by elites, it means that gentile elites, being so slavish to Jews, will never muster the courage to lead the gentile masses lest the Jewish elites get upset.

    The main/closest/most favored allies of Jews are homos, and these hissy, pissy, fussy, vain, and narcissistic queers have adopted the same attitude of the Jews(and of course, Jews have encouraged it). So, it’s no longer enough for us to tolerate homos. Indeed, it’s not even enough for us to mute our criticism or negative feelings about homosexuality(which entails men sticking their sex organs into fecal organs) and transvestism(where perfectly healthy body parts are mutilated/amputated so that the person can change into the ‘opposite sex’).
    No sir, even that isn’t enough. Instead, we must ‘welcome’, ‘praise’, ‘revere’, worship, and sing endless praises to the homo movement and its agenda. All politicians in big cities MUST march in ‘gay poo-ride’ parades. The media(almost totally Jewish-controlled) even try to conflate the term ‘pride’ with a sexual behavior where guys put on women’s underwear and bend over to indulge in fecal penetration.

    As the result of such media/educational conditioning, the first thing children will think of when they hear the term ‘pride’ is the image of two guys who bugger one another and pretend to be ‘two daddies’. And the first thing children think of when they see a beautiful rainbow is some women who had her breasts cut off, was fitted with a pseudo-penis, and was pumped with artificial hormones to become a ‘man’.

    So, forget about just tolerating Jews and homos. Forget about just muting one’s negative views of Jews and homos. Instead, one must force oneself to sing praise to Jews and homos EVEN IF, deep in one’s own heart, one knows Jews are Zionist killers and homos are a bunch of ridiculous fairies.

    It’s like it wasn’t enough for the state in George Orwell’s 1984 to merely silence Winston Smith. It wasn’t enough for the state to make him physically obey. Instead, the state had to own Winston Smith’s soul and make him love Big Brother. He had to be re-educated and re-engineered at the very core of his soul. And this is what the communists did in places like Red China.
    It wasn’t enough to silence thought-criminals. It wasn’t enough to intimidate them into obeying the state and doing as told. Instead, all those suspected of ‘thought crimes’ had to be re-educated and mentally tortured to the point where they felt repentant and felt genuine devotion to Chairman Mao.
    Today, new FBI candidates must stand before the statue of MLK, which is rather like how all school-children are made to pledge to Che Guevara in Cuba and all school-children are made to bow before the Kim statue in North Korea.
    Tolerance is no longer enough. Muted criticism is no longer enough. Instead, you must praise and bow down before Big Bro of MLK worship, Big Brother of AIPAC-supremacy, and Big Brother/Sister/Whatever of homomania.

    But only Jews and homos get this special treatment. When it comes to Mormons, we know we should tolerate their right of conviction and creed. But if we find something negative about Mormonism or the Mormon community, we say so. And we certainly are under no pressure to praise the Mormon community. Same goes for Palestinian-Americans, Muslim-Americans, Russian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Conservative Americans, Liberal Americans, working class socialist Americans, etc.
    We have to tolerate them(even if we don’t like them) and acknowledge that they are deserving of the same protections under the law and the same opportunities in professions as the rest of us do.
    But we are under no obligation to suppress our personal creed about them and we are certainly not coerced to praise to them to high heaven.

    So, why do Jews and homos get special treatment?
    Why are Mormons not allowed to practice polygamy and how come incest-sexuals are not allowed to practice same-family-marriage but homos are allowed to redefine marriage into ‘gay marriage’ in the name of ‘marriage equality’ when, in fact, ONLY homos are given the power to mess with marriage laws? Some ‘marriage equality’.

    But things are getting worse. It’s not enough that Jews and homos enjoy tolerance, muted criticism, and obligatory praise of their power/influence from other communities. (Anyone who wants to become anyone in politics, business, or culture has to suck up to Jews and bend over to homos.)
    Jews and homos want to take away even the right of tolerance from certain Americans, especially people on the white right and Palestinian-Americans.
    The ‘hate speech’ laws that Jews and homos are trying to cram down our throats and up our asses would not even tolerate the creeds of white/conservative people who believe in white pride, white power, white interests, European identity, & true marriage, and who properly perceive Jews to be their main political, social, and cultural enemy. Such people are to be blacklisted from all professions and even fined and imprisoned for holding views that are anathema to Jewish power.

    And in this, Jews, who’d once been associated with the free speech movements, are the main neo-Stalinists in the West that has fallen under the Iron Curtain of Jewish Supremacist Political Correctness.

    This scumbag Abe Foxman—who’s like the Newman character on SEINFELD—is calling for nothing than the neo-Stalinization of Jew Worship. It’s not enough for the ADL that Jews enjoy all the equal freedoms in the US. It goes out of its way to destroy anyone with the slightest criticism of Jewish power or influence. It spies on people, collects secret data. It also has direct connection with the government, super Jewish oligarchs in Wall Street and Las Vegas, and the Big Media that is almost totally Jewish-controlled.

    We are not living in any kind of liberal democracy anymore. Francis Fukuyama was wrong. The End of History is NOT liberal democracy but Jewish oligarchy.

  20. Art says:

    Jews are masters at using words to their advantage – masters at the manipulation of language. The use of the word “Semitic” does two things for them – it avoids the use of the word “Jew” – and it hides them.

    When the term “anti-Semite” was first used, the word “Jew” in the western mind, had automatic negative connotations. When the word “Jew” was used, a very negative image came to peoples mind. Using the term “anti-Jew” would only reinforced the negative. Any negativity ascribed to Jews must NOT be spoken. Today when a Gentile uses the word “Jew” in any context – fear among the Jewish people mounts.

    The second advantage to “anti-Semite” was that its value as “guilt tool” greatly increased. There are 500,000,000 Semites and ten million Jews. Hating 500,000,000 people is more bad. Today the use of the term “anti-Semite” has evolved – today it really means “anti-Jew” – a tem which MUST not be spoken.

    It is ironic that the most virulent anti-Semites in the world are the Jews themselves.

    • Replies: @macroman
  21. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    The concept of ‘hate speech’ is very useful to Jewish Supremacists.

    As Jews had been too closely associated with the struggle for Free Speech in their climb to the top of the political, economic, and cultural hierarchy, it would be rather shocking to everyone—Jews and gentiles alike—to hear that the Jewish powers-that-be are no longer for Free Speech.

    But Jews now fear Free Speech since the main purpose of Free Speech is to protect the right of free expression among the powerless against the powerful.
    After all, the powerful don’t need free speech protections since they have the power and means to say and do as they please. It’s like Castro clan and Kim clan in Cuba and North Korea don’t need free speech protections. They have all the power to say whatever they like and force everyone else to agree. If anyone needs free speech protection in Cuba and North Korea, it is people without power.

    When US was wasp-ruled and anti-communist(as many Jews were involved with communism, radicalism, anti-Americanism, and anti-white-ism), many Jews were for Free Speech since they felt vulnerable. If the powers-that-be didn’t respect free speech, many Jews(who were radicals or had ties with radical groups) could have been crushed by zealous anti-communist/anti-Jewish gentiles who held the real power. After all, even in a democracy like the US, the rights of German-Americans and rights of Japanese-Americans had been trampled during WWI and WWII.
    So, Jews needed free speech especially during the early yrs of the Cold War since, with anti-communism as the main political mode of Wasp-ruled America, Jews had only legal protections to rely on as protection from the iron fist of the powers-that-be.
    Also, as Jewish Culture War in American entailed stuff like pornography—that offended many Americans—, Jews promoted absolute Free Speech to increase their ammo power against White America.

    But that was then, this is now. Jews no longer need Free Speech protections since they have near-total control of media, academia, government, courts(even to the point of using their whore judges to force ‘gay marriage’ on every state), both political parties, banks, information technology, secret intelligence(NSA is like a branch of Israeli government), and think-tanks.
    In the new order, the people who need Free Speech protection are critics of Jewish power. It is an undeniable fact that Jewish power is THE POWER in the US.

    This problematic to Jews. As Jewish narrative has closely been associated with victim-hood in the Holocaust, condemnation of Nazi book burning & war against ‘degenerate art’,, and struggle for free speech against ‘hysterical anti-communist witch-hunts’ in America — in other words, speaking truth to power — , it’s difficult for many Jews to admit that they are now the Rulers of America and that the critics of Jewish Power are the real powerless who are now speaking truth to power.
    This is why even ‘non-white’ Liberals like Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas have been purged and blacklisted. They noticed and spoke truth to Jewish power. They violated the Narrative that would have us forever see Jews as Eternal Children of the Holocaust. We are supposed to see Sarah Silverman as Anne Frank.

    Jewish attitudes is similar to long-ago Christian attitude after Christians took total power over Europe. Though Christians now had the power to hunt, persecute, torture, burn, and kill people, they clung to the cult of eternal Christian martyrdom through the Narrative of the Crucifixion of Jesus and the feeding of Christians to the lions—if such a thing really happened. So, never mind that Christians were persecuting Jews or killing pagans(as witches). They endlessly played the victim card.
    Today, Jews are at the top of the heap in power in the West(thereby around the world), but Jews still wanna fool everyone that they are the ‘survivors of the Holocaust’. Or they’ll repeat the story how their millionaire grandfather wasn’t admitted to some Wasp country club in the 50s or 60s as if that constitutes some injustice on par with Jim Crow. (And never mind that Jewish country/golf clubs were discriminatory in their own way.)

    So, Jews still wanna own the cult of Free Speech while suppressing real free speech among the powerless who dare speak truth to Jewish power.
    How do they do this?
    By a terminological sleight-of-hand trick whereby speech that Jews don’t like or find dangerous to their power is designated as ‘hate speech’, which is said to different from ‘free speech’. But then, who determines what is ‘hate’? If Palestinian-Americans dominated America, wouldn’t they say Zionism is hate speech and supremacist ideology since it called for and practiced ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and discrimination against Palestinians? Couldn’t capitalists and traditionalists say communism/socialism is ‘hate’ since communists hate individual freedom, personal property, religions, and etc? Couldn’t supporters of True Marriage say that the homo agenda is hateful since it denigrates and degrades marriage and family by associating them with deviant/perverted sexual behavior? Couldn’t one argue that an agenda that equates the male fecal organ with proper sex organs is hateful toward truth and good health? Can anyone name a single lifeform that was birthed through a poop hole?

    So, ‘hate’ is determined by the powers-that-be, and therefore, ‘hate speech’ is a tool used by the powerful to silence the powerless.

    Of course, clever Jewish operatives will say we need ‘hate speech laws’ to protect helpless and powerless blacks, browns, and yellows from wicked white supremacist nationalists, but this is bogus. Groups like the KKK have no power in this country, and almost all whites loathe them. Also, contrary to the Jewish-controlled narrative, there is far more black-on-white violence than other way around. There is also far more black-on-white hatred and intimidation(much of it in rap music peddled by Jewish-owned music industries). As blacks are physically stronger and more aggressive, they constitute the main bigots and bullies against whites, browns, yellows, homos, and etc.

    So, all this ‘hate speech’ business is really to muffle speech that is critical of Jewish power that is THE POWER in America. Jews pretend to push ‘hate speech’ agenda to protect non-white minorities from non-existent ‘white supremacists’, but this is just smoke-and-mirrors to trick us because the real goal of ‘hate speech’ laws is to silence all speech by the powerless — white, black, brown, yellow, Palestinian-American, and etc— that dares to speak truth to Jewish power that is THE POWER in America.

    ‘Hate speech’ really means Jewish elites hate free speech that is critical of Jewish supremacism.

    But by making a distinction between ‘free speech’ and ‘hate speech’, Jews can have the cake and eat it too. They still embrace the cult of Free Speech while, at the same time, invoking ‘hate speech’ to silence the powerless who dare use real free speech to speak truth to Jewish power.

    So many people have been fooled, and it’s about time we woke up and spoke truth to Jewish power because it is the duty of the powerless to use free speech against the powerful.

    We are all Palestinians, and we need a cultural intifada in America.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Gypsy says:

    Another exceptional essay, Philip. And I’m sure that if you’re not #1 on the ADL’s Shit List, you’re at least in the top two; I’d wear that as a badge of honor.
    If the ADL is “America’s Conscience”, may the Goddess help us all. We’re doomed. (Of course must one consider the source, a political joke named Biden.)
    And can we please all recall that jewish student who posed as various “anti-semites” online under a number of different guises? I wonder whose bankroll HE was on.
    I credit the recent atrocities committed against the Gazans for this new wave of attempted zionist speech control; criticism of Israel was, rightfully, so pervasive, scathing and widespread that the ZioFascists were compelled to put an end to any intelligent discourse that dared to question “the chosen ones”.
    “Cyber-hate”…I’m laughing my head off. Well, as they say, it takes one to know one.

  23. There are two main duties I believe that I and other Jews have if we want to combat anti-Semitism (a term I think is vague and disingenuous–Jew-hating or something like that would be better):

    1. Educate fellow Jews who are clueless as to why exactly anti-Jewish feelings exist. Currently, a lot of Jews hold silly beliefs about why they are disliked. They are oblivious to all the perfectly understandable reasons (Jewish support for cultural Marxism, Jewish suppression of ideas and speech, Jewish support for mass immigration, etc.) and they instead leap to the conclusion that any dislike of them by non-Jews must be irrational (like a mental disorder or something?), based on childish jealousy of Jewish accomplishment, or based on some ancient anti-Jewish declarations by early Christian leaders like Constantine. Encourage our fellow Jews to instead reverse these attitudes by doing good deeds, by being loyal citizens of the countries they reside in (so long as those countries aren’t actively engaged in war against Israel, I guess), and by returning to Christians the same generosity and openness that Christians have indeed shown to Jews over the centuries.

    2. Ignore immature uncivil nonsense online as Giraldi suggests and do not seek to censor anyone who isn’t on your own personal web page, and respond to coherent and civil criticism of Jews/Israel with coherent and civil correction, if the criticism is incorrect and requires it–as much of Giraldi’s is and does, by the way.

    To that last point, one thing that worries me is Giraldi’s apparently casual embrace of concepts like “homophobia” and “Islamophobia”. First of all, these terms, like the troublesome “anti-Semitic”, are used on anyone who criticizes the victim group in question–no matter how civil or valid the criticism. Second of all, these terms connote a state of mental unhealth, as if required evidence of a normal functioning brain is to never criticize anyone or anything, much less to dislike anyone or anything.

    If Giraldi has indeed internalized these concepts as I perceive he has, then it makes his detailed focus on overzealous self-proclaimed “cyber hate” policemen like the ADL seem rather arbitrary. Civil criticism of Israel, after all, is much more acceptable in most places than equally civil criticism of gays, blacks, or Muslims. One typically just gets you called “controversial” or something like that, the other gets you publicly shamed and blacklisted.

    One last point that all readers should be aware of: the ADL and similar organizations are to Jews what the GOP is to conservatives, and probably even worse. The confusion between influential activist Jews and regular everyday Jews is understandable and non-offensive to me, especially since many of you probably personally know very few Jews or none at all, but if you can just keep that in mind then you’ll be seeing the issue a bit more clearly.

    • Replies: @KA
  24. Here’s a short summary of my position for those who don’t care to read my long previous comment:

    I wish I could get more Jews to understand that groups like the ADL are actually divisive, harmful, and dangerous to Jews in the same way that groups like the New Black Panthers are actually divisive, harmful, and dangerous to black people.

    • Replies: @Wladyslaw
    , @KA
  25. Julius says:

    Kosher Reich, right now, and no complaints allowed.

  26. rod1963 says:

    No, the ADL, ACLU and SPLC are not dangerous to the Jews. In fact they are powerful agents that work in their behalf promoting a set of agendas that is destructive to the U.S. and it’s people. This is why they are flush with money because they do things that the Jewish community approves of.

    And they along with Foxman want to cement their control over public criticism of their odious behavior via changes in the law. They not only want to make criticism of Jews a third rail(which it already is) but make it a crime.

    Hitler and Stalin would certainly approve of Foxman’s actions. He learned well.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Excellent.points Andrea. The Jewish dream.has always been thesame: to make all the “goyim”.their slaves. They want us all to be Palestinians.

  28. Wladyslaw says:
    @Power Child

    I was very reluctant to divulge the below, but realize I need to add my voice to yours through many tears. I am rabinically Jewish, certainly more Jewish than Ariel Sharon was. In May of 1942 the Nazis gave the order to round up what was left of the Jewish community in Poznan, 1500 part Jews, all one quarter or one half Jew. My mother was on that list. To hide she joined the Polish resistance army at age 17. In one of her early missions she posed as a lusty buxom peasant girl with a basket of apples, all laced with lethal doses of cyanide. She flirted with all her life with a Nazi occupation commandant and he went for it, keeling over dead after one bite. From both ends of a bridge troops began firing at her and the two resistance fighters with her. They jumped into an icy November river and swam for five miles in and out of ice as troops fired at them from both sides of the river killing one of my mother’s guards. Finally a spot was found where escape was possible and made. My mother married my father to hide her identity. He was a wounded veteran of Sept. ’39 who joined the resistance after recovering from his wounds. They were both captured in early ’44 and sent to a slave labor camp in the rail yards to the north of Hamburg. With great joy and pregnant with me, my mother watched the firebombing of Hamburg from the top of the air raid shelter. She knew liberation had to be near. I was born the day of liberation, being delivered by Scottish medics in a mobile officer’s command vehicle. The unit was from Scotland and the officer from Edinburgh. So excuse me if I have a soft spot for the brave Scots. Technically I am a so-called Holocaust survivor, but I refuse to play that game. By all rights and Israeli law my mother earned an inheritance for me in Israel and the right for me to say what I am saying. My mother raised me to love Israel, but today’s Israel is not the Israel my mother raised me to love. Once upon a time Ariel Sharon was a hero in my eyes. No more. He is a criminal. Several years ago on the Desertpeace website I repudiated my inheritance. Give it to the Palestinian whose home was leveled, whose olive trees (800,00 so far) were cut down and burnt, whose livelihood was taken. Shame on Israel. Shame! Once again as in the times of the prophets Israel has become a whore worshipping false gods; and the false god this time is Zionism. How can adenoi have a physical home? Einstein was right in his opposition to a secular state of Israel. He said it would result in the world hating Jews.
    So what changed for me? My epiphany was the war crime against humanity that Operation Cast Lead represented not only for me but for many young American Jews. The raid on the aid flotilla in international waters killing 19 , outright executing the teen Turkish-American Bolshevik style, compounded matters even more. Six years agoI was at an event and met a young American Jew who had just returned from Israel after being there for six years from age 16. When he learned that I was involved in the early days of the House of Love and Prayer in San Francisco (near 10th and Judah), he lionized me telling me we were legendary in Israel. Interesting. He sang some old Jewish songs while playing his guitar and leaving me with flowing tears as I remembered the old days with Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach, bless his soul and name, and an old dear friend Rebbi David Herzburg, loved by many. Both are dead but live on in memory. Together that remade the face of modern Hasidism. I asked the young man why he left Israel. He said that it was self-destructing and he didn’t want to be part of it. As I later learnt that sentiment is shared by many young Jews but only some of the elders. Oh, if they only could hear Schlomo again. He was the singing rabbi that instructed while singing and playing the guitar. The most powerful story he ever told was about two old enemies, one Jew and one a goyim Pole, that shared a cell at Auschwitz. They were both blown away together, their blood on the wall together. The audience at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco was left in stunned silence. You could hear a pin drop. Ironically, the story reflects exactly what happened to the grandfather of my teen years Polish sweetheart. Told where to find her father’s dried blood on a certain cell wall at Auschwitz, my sweetheart’s mother found it and was able to run her hands over it just before she died herself. That Pole who was blown away at Auschwitz did not have a drop of Jewish blood, yet he shared the same fate. Shame on you Israel! Shame! Shame for the hatred you are showing. My mother did not fight so that you could commit vile war crimes against humanity. Extremist Jewish American settlers make the most vile online remarks, especially on Facebook for all to see, about Palestinians; and no-one stops it. My mother had a pet peeve about hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy is overwhelming. Shema Yisrael, adenoi elehenu, adenoi ehad. You mouth these words, but don’t say it with all your heart. Power Child, it’s a long road ahead of us to turn this around.

  29. KA says:
    @Power Child

    Yes . You are right . It is like telling American military industrial complex that wars are bad for America.

  30. Wally says:

    Must reads here:

    Jews edit Wikipedia to their benefit
    Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course

    Is this what one does when they have truth on their side? I think not.

  31. The military industrial complex is actually another good analogy: of America, but counter-intuitively putting America in a worse position.

    What exactly has the ADL done for Jews or Israel besides turn more people decisively against them? The only ones who benefit from groups like the ADL are the people on those groups’ payrolls.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, the only real way to fight negative stereotypes is to change them yourself and represent your people favorably. The ADL does the opposite.

  32. macroman says:

    The right to free speech can’t trump the right to private property because it would be self defeating (some people would have rights to talk on others’ property while others had no right to property or speech). So the fact that Google or whoever can censor content they publish is free speech, while enforcing rules on what Google can publish would be a violation of free speech. The right to “free speech” does exist in the private sector in that sense, and this right does not give license for speech on other people’s property. So the quote of Phil is exactly right, and your retort belies a misunderstanding of “free speech.”

    • Replies: @TomB
  33. macroman says:

    “Jews are masters at using words to their advantage.”

    1) You are not a “master at using words,” so your authority on this issue is suspect.
    2) You are a bigot.

    • Replies: @Power Child
    , @Wladyslaw
  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nice article Phil or whoever. With all that research it would have been nice if you had taken a look at the “agreement” ADL struck with the companies. According to the companies, they contributed to the crafting of the whatsit and there is no binding language anywhere. The thing itself only suggests better complaint mechanisms and responsiveness to complaints. I’m not sure i see a downside as long as this is applied evenhandedly. Nice rant though.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  35. @macroman

    Most of the Jews I know are pretty articulate, and many are downright clever. Jews tend to excel in fields like journalism and advertising where crafty, deceptive use of language is unfortunately the key requisite skill.

    Obviously this doesn’t apply to ALL Jews, and in practice applies mostly to less observant Jews for whatever reason, but their representation among the verbally advanced is high enough that as a stereotype it’s valid.

    I would instead take issue with Josh’s use of the word “their”, which does not make clear enough to whose advantage these Jews’ sophistry lends itself. A Jew who uses language craftily and deceptively almost always harms other Jews in the end, even if he benefits himself in the short term. (This isn’t just my pet theory, by the way: it’s backed up by the Torah.)

  36. KA says:
    @Power Child

    Islamophobia is the proverbial non elephant in the house . It provides the noises to the permanent guests in the house . It allows to do certain things,plan ahead,execute the desires,and despite the visibilities to the millions ,it allows the planners to stay under the conscious audio visual realms ..
    Non issues like Marxist distortion of culture and the multiculturalism serve the purpose islamophobia does but the former do it on a different level and for longer duration.

    • Replies: @Power Child
  37. a.z says:

    there are despicable attacks on our prophet and our god and in the comments sections of all the news sites but nothing is done. i personally replied on one such attack on bloomberg news site and i assure you there was no cussing but my reply was not posted but the the vitriolic attacks on my religion is posted unabated. i do believe the american view on freedom of speech is sacrosanct and the first and last line of defense for your systems so if there is selective use of that system under your justice system you without a doubt will be alienating more muslims and giving the understanding to outsiders that all americans are at best ignorant and at worst all americans hate muslims regardless of their affiliation.

  38. @KA

    I didn’t really understand your comment (maybe you could rephrase it?), and I was also distracted by your use of the word “Islamophobia”.

    A phobia is a psychological term indicating an irrational fear or strong dislike of something. It connotes a state of mental unhealth, in contrast with a healthy functioning brain that treats the offending stimulus rationally and calmly.

    For example, an arachnophobe throws a fit if she so much as sees a spider, even if the spider is tiny and incapable of harming her. The spider may even be trapping the very mosquitoes that would otherwise be a nuisance to her, but she doesn’t care because she is blinded by her phobia. Her phobia is a disorder in need of correction so that she can be brought to a healthy functioning state and a higher quality of life.

    Are you saying that so-called “Islamophobes” have an irrational fear or dislike of Muslims? That they are mentally unsound in some way? That their mental fitness can be measured by the extent to which they desist in whatever behaviors you believe characterize Islamophobia? If not, then why do you call them “Islamophobes”?

    • Replies: @learned
  39. Wladyslaw says:

    Stop playing word games and think with your heart. The world will be a better place.

  40. TomB says:

    Your groundless belief that my merely making the legal observation that your First Amendment rights exist only vis a vis governmental restraints meant that somehow I am in favor of extending those rights vis a vis private restraints has led you perhaps not to perdition, but certainly to sophistry and foolishness.

    Who, after all, *other than you,* says that you have a “right to free speech” vis a vis the private sector, or the right of free speech vis a vis a landowner on his own private land?

    That’s sophistry. For no reason. Why fetishize/torture the phrase beyond it’s received understanding? One has the First Amendment right of free speech vis a vis the government and its restraints, period.

    And the kicker is that you yourself unconsciously recognize this: Hence, your very opening words: “The right to free speech can’t trump the right to private property because …”

    I.e., you, decrying the use of phrase in a certain way, that you *yourself* just unconsciously felt the need to use.

    Not to mention then tried insulting me for an alleged misunderstanding of things.

    Sort of like … one’s shot not only missing its target, but finding its way into one’s own ass.

    Steady on, big guy.

    • Replies: @Macroman
  41. Let’s not forget this sort of nonsense.

    “Like many other news websites, Common Dreams has been plagued by inflammatory anti-Semitic comments following its stories. But on Common Dreams these posts have been so frequent and intense they have driven away donors from a nonprofit dependent on reader generosity.

    A Common Dreams investigation has discovered that more than a thousand of these damaging comments over the past two years were written with a deceptive purpose by a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website’s discussion of issues involving Israel.”

  42. @Anonymous

    Thanks Ther. If the agreement was as insignificant as you suggest why did the Jewish participants enthuse over it and describe it as “game changing” from their perspective? Maybe you should go to the link and see how they describe it.

  43. moi says:

    Terrific article. With traditional media firmly in control, I guess it’s time for Abe to control Internet message boards. Wonder what’s next…

  44. Macroman says:

    Your groundless belief that my merely making the legal observation that your First Amendment rights exist only vis a vis governmental restraints meant that somehow I am in favor of extending those rights vis a vis private restraints has led you perhaps not to perdition, but certainly to sophistry and foolishness.

    I did not accuse you of wanting to apply the right to free speech to private property — I was trying to illustrate a point. I failed.

    Who, after all, *other than you,* says that you have a “right to free speech” vis a vis the private sector, or the right of free speech vis a vis a landowner on his own private land?

    That’s sophistry. For no reason. Why fetishize/torture the phrase beyond it’s received understanding?

    Are you being ironic?

    And the kicker is that you yourself unconsciously recognize this: Hence, your very opening words: “The right to free speech can’t trump the right to private property because …”

    I.e., you, decrying the use of phrase in a certain way, that you *yourself* just unconsciously felt the need to use.

    I appreciate the insight into my subconscious.

    Not to mention then tried insulting me for an alleged misunderstanding of things.

    Sort of like … one’s shot not only missing its target, but finding its way into one’s own ass.

    When did I insult you?

    • Replies: @TomB
  45. TomB says:

    When did I insult you?

    Ah, since you obviously didn’t intend to it was I who over-reacted there. Apologies. We’re good.

  46. schmenz says:

    An excellent article containing info we need to know. I was, however, saddened to see Mr Giraldi using the current buzzword “homophobia”, a meaningless term if ever there was one (which, if it means anything at all, means “an irrational fear of men”), and a term coined, incidentally, by the very Lobby his article decries. I hope that people are still allowed to express their revulsion over sodomy without incurring a wagging finger from Mr Giraldi.

    I would also point out that the FBI has a long history of collaborating with the ADL going back at least to the 1940s. Louis Freeh was particularly subservient to honest Abe Foxman. This kinship between the two has always been a troubling note in US history.

  47. This is nothing more than an extension of the concept “New Anti-Semitism”. Look it up in Wikipedia. It’s the notion that ANY criticism of Israel is BY DEFINITION “anti-semitism” because supposedly Israel is the representative of all Jews everywhere.

    Zionists in Europe have already gotten laws passed in the EU criminalizing criticism of Israel as “anti-Semitic.” You can expect such laws to be pressed for here in the US.

    As for Web sites censoring criticism of Israel, my case involves Josh Marshall, owner of the Talking Points Memo site. Some years back I used to engage in arguments with rabid Zionists on that site, many of which became quite heated. At one point, Marshall decided to introduce moderation of the forums, and he declared that no one would be banned without 1) multiple violations of protocol, and 2) warnings in advance.

    ONE WEEK LATER, after an exchange I had with various Zionists, Marshall banned me from his site with no warning and no notification. It was clear from previous comments he had made to me that he considered me an “anti-Semite” and an “eliminationist” (whatever the hell that meant). What it really meant was that he was a “closet Zionist” whose “hot buttons” over Israel had been pushed by my posts. ALL of the rabid Zionists on his site remained active while only critics of Israel such as myself were banned.

    Now, anyone owning a Web site certainly has the right to control who he allows to comment on his forums in any way he wants. But it is the height of hypocrisy to declare a policy of fair moderation of comments and then ban anyone without warning or notification just because one’s “hot buttons” are pushed.

    Interestingly, when I exposed this behavior on his part over at Huffington Post – I was banned THERE, too!

    I post numerous tweets and retweets of articles I find critical of Israel and Zionism (including this one) on Twitter. If the sort of social pressure Phil is speaking of becomes common, especially in the largest social media, the Internet will be Balkanized into “politically correct” and “deviant” sections which will damage society as a whole. “Political correctness” has already gone way too far in social discourse.

  48. @Don Nash

    Was there any public anti-semite who was not a liar? Have you heard about the normal human who doesn`t like for instance,Indians, and who declare this again and again in public.

  49. Fred says:

    Abe Foxman is a man that needs to deal with his own hatred against others. Biden has always been a prime Israel Firster in our nation. I also think that Israel is awash with antigentilism which is a huge problem in that country. Israel is an ultra nationalistic state and of course, practices apartheid and has many Jewish supremacist laws. So who are the actual haters and persecuters?

  50. learned says:
    @Power Child

    This is not a disease. Islamophobia is kind of stupidity that people like to flaunt . Some like to create and sustain it to do other evil things .

    • Replies: @learned
    , @Power Child
  51. @learned

    If it isn’t a disease, disorder, or some other kind of mental phenomenon then why do you insist on referring to it with psychological language?

    • Replies: @learned
  52. learned says:
    @Power Child

    stupidity or criminality is not a disease .

  53. learned says:

    “The latest New York Review of Books contains an excellent analysis of the failed peace process by Nathan Thrall: “Israel and the U.S.: The Delusions of Our Diplomacy.” The thrust of the piece (which will be no surprise to those who read Rashid Khalidi’s book) is that the US perpetuates the conflict even as it insists on mediating it because it fails to pressure Israel to allow the creation of even a “small, poor, and strategically inconsequential Palestinian state.”

    Thrall says three schools of US mediators have all failed to stop a Greater Israel. The three schools are neocon obstructionists like Elliott Abrams; those who say we can only get two states by embracing Israel, like Dennis Ross, Israel’s lawyer; and those who say we can only get two states by putting pressure on Israel, like Barack Obama and Aaron David Miller. But Obama’s school has been discredited by “holding power”

    This can come under ADL’s new charter as well as another example of selective blaming of Israel .

    • Replies: @learned
    , @TomB
  54. TomB says:

    The thrust of the piece (which will be no surprise to those who read Rashid Khalidi’s book) is that the US perpetuates the conflict even as it insists on mediating it because it fails to pressure Israel to allow the creation of even a “small, poor, and strategically inconsequential Palestinian state.”

    While this is a bit off-topic I can’t help but respond out of exasperation. Exasperation at how bloody thoroughly even criticisms like this are nothing more than playing a tune written by Israeli partisans so as to divert attention away from reality.

    That is, the whole idea of us “pressuring” Israel a bit here and there has been a staple of the Dennis Rosses and Aaron Millers and Martin Indyks for decades now just to keep the U.S.’s thumb in the mix. Time and time again of course this or that President or SoS gets an insane idea to go try mediating again, bolstered by the whispers from such people that if oooonly we get the soup for the Israelis juuuust right, bada bing, we’ll see a breakthrough. And of course such breakthroughs never come, but then the whispers start again all over: If ooonly we had made the soup a littttle warmer, or colder or blah blah blah. And never never never mentioned—because that’s what is being diverted from—is the idea of the U.S. doing anything really really significantly different.

    If you really want to know what’s keeping Israel from making peace it isn’t just this little bit of pressure that we will, say, delay sending them our latest missiles or etc. by 6 months or so, or cut back a bit on their funding. What’s keeping Israel from making peace is the U.S.’s wholesale subsidization and defense of Israel *not* making peace. I.e. our making it far more beneficial for Israel to *not* have peace than to have what they are enjoying now which is, essentially, perhaps even more invulnerability from attack than *we* enjoy, a nice roaring economy bolstered by us paying so much of their defense costs and giving them favored trade terms, and then and most importantly running interference for it militarily and diplomatically. Such as … attacking Saddam, an d being at Iran’s throat, and being at war with ISIS, and putting the arm on the rest of the world not to sanction Israel. Including giving Israel absolute protection from any oil sanctions.

    Not that Israel’s existence or health matters in terms of the U.S.’s vital or even important national interests, but without our doing all the above now for so many decades just like everyone else Israel would have to live with the consequences of its actions, and would have to have made peace with more of its neighbors.

    So concentrating on the “diplomacy” aspect of this issue is just such a bloody laugh and diversion. At the last big “diplomatic” meeting we had with Israel which was Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama what happened is that in a patented Israeli move right before the meeting started a new provocation was announced: In this case the issuance of permits for more settlement building in Jerusalem. *Right before Netanyahu was due to shake hands with Obama, but just earlier enough so that Obama would have had to have been informed.

    So what was this “diplomacy” of the sort it is suggested that Israel gives a damn about? It was nothing less than Netanyahu greeting Obama with the words “Hello and fuck you, Mr. President.”

    *That’s* what Israelis think of “diplomacy.” Even with us who they owe their very existence to probably.

    And the irony is that because we have no vital interest in supporting or defending Israel, it’s not just that the expenditures we have made for her in our blood and treasure have been wastes, it is that they have worked *against* our interests and harmed us immeasurably *beyond* just those already signficiant losses.

    So that if you really want some peace to break out, all it takes is for the U.S. to go neutral. But if you want more of what you’ve been getting, keep peddling the boob-bait about more “diplomacy.” Keep seeing the 0n-ward march of the settlements just as has been witnessed in the last 45+ years. Keep seeing the slow-motion ethnic cleansing in effect.

    “Diplomacy” in this field is nothing less than a sham, Kabuki bit of theater for the edification of the boobs, or for Israeli partisans who see with each “breakthrough” that what this has truly come to mean is just the U.S. pouring more money into Tel Alviv, period.

    • Replies: @KA
  55. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    In the USSR, there was ‘free speech’ but no ‘anti-people speech’.

    Same kind of sleight-of-hand.

  56. @Philip Giraldi

    Here’s an example from the trenches:

    I actually remember this loon showing up on Takimag.

  57. KA says:

    Recent physical attacks on a rabbi and on another occasion on another Jewish person in UK over their criticism of Gaza war make it very plausible that CST is now more than in just the planning phase.
    Attack on Gallway conforms the suspicion that the goons are out on the street as well as on the airspace of the media .
    France has not lagged far behind either both at the street corners fighting through the French version of JDL and inside the French Parliament working with the French version of AIPAC .

  58. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Nice replies in return of this question with real arguments and telling
    all regarding that.

  59. Karl says:

    >> Assuming that the ADL will be the focal point for future developments

    we invented Abe Foxman to keep the likes of Philip Giraldi from keeping his eye on the ball.

    so far, the plan is playing out perfectly.

    the moths cannot stop themselves from flying straight into the flame.

  60. Billy O says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Sorry,Fran , “holo” means “all”. If there were survivors, you’re talking about a partiocaust.

  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    right on….
    And the ADL & AIPAC are and have always been ‘Anti-Christic’! This basically is the same hatred of Christians that they say the non Jews or ‘Goyim’ have against the Jews which they call Anti-Semitic!
    Will the same hate laws apply to their hatred as well? Or will their hypocritical hate be allowed making exceptions for Anti – Christism? Such hatred is heralded in all of the Zionist publications & websites! The Zionists actually gloat about their hatred while doing an about face and condemning hatred against them! Hypocrites!

  62. The ‘friends of Israel’ have been managing political speech in America and shaping our historic narrative since their mass arrival here over a century ago.

    Controlling free expression–not to mention how we view the past and glean meaning from it–has allowed this successful faction to shape our future. The continued dominance by crypto-Israelis in Western news and entertainment media has given them a bounty of unrivaled political opportunities. And woe to those who dare take them on, as they often disappear from public life. This process, unfortunately, is not new. Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Joe Sobran, Hillaire Belloc, and countless others have complained about this phenomena for generations. It is a unique human story involving host and parasite.

    Incredibly, we Americans have long been under crypto-Israeli management. Yesterday’s editors and gatekeepers are today’s architects of ‘hate speech’ legislation and thought crimes. As old taboos fall, new ones are erected.

    Ironically, as speech restrictions increase here at home, Washington’s willful and uninterrupted subsidy of real violence on behalf of the friends of Israel abroad has risen at a similar pace. We are living in a soft Orwellian nightmare.

  63. KA says:

    1 Professor atatcking Palestinian woman in NY city and police is watching —

    No wonder intenet needs to be controlled and sanitized with hymns of “stop hate” so that real hate continues.

    Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn:

    2 Neither is this heard , I guess courtsey to the self censoring of self hate

    “The Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s report:

    “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill – and it is our duty to treat this disease,” Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on Sunday at a conference titled “From Xenophobia to Accepting the Other.”
    With regard to Jews he said: “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse

  64. Larry says:


    The Judaists (who believe they are “Jews” but are mostly whites whose ancestors coverted to Judaism in the Middle Ages) are afraid people will speak out against their crimes—like bribing politicians and Judges, corruption, male genital mutilation (b’peh, the sexual assault of young boys), organ trafficking, crimes against humanity in Gaza, alienism/the alien invasion, insider trading, blackmailing politicians, stealing trillions from govt. and corporations, oppressing patriots by calling them nativists, racism, the holohoax racket, human trafficking of girls from Russia, incest and rabbi child sexual abuse, etc. etc.

    Many of these crimes have been exposed by other Judaists, who have been the victims of rabbis and organized Jewry.



    So how do the Judaists deal with their life of crimes? Instead of changing their behavior and becoming more civilized, and stopping their evil deeds, they instead abuse the victims who speak out against them, call them “anti-semites” and bribe the politician even more to make laws muzzling the public—so they can keep living their life of crime without a word of opposition.

    So this is just one more scam to muzzle and suppress the public from speaking out against their evil deeds, so they can do their evil deeds with impunity.

    Anti-Semitism: The biggest scam of the Judaists, to cover up all their other scams.

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