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Speaking the Unspeakable
Why the Establishment Wants to Silence Donald Trump
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The establishment so wants everyone else to unfriend Trump supporters on Facebook. There’s even an app to block them. That’ll teach them!

Yes, Trump plays a bully boy and is appealing to populist (good), nativist, xenophobic, and racist sentiments (bad).

Those things need to be meaningfully addressed and engaged, not for self-styled sophisticates to raise their noses, dismissing them.

But focusing only on the negative aspects of Trump’s campaign has blinded people to the good — and I don’t mean good like, oh, the Democrat can beat this guy. I mean good like it’s good that some of these issues are finally getting aired.

Trump appeals to nativist sentiments, but those same sentiments are skeptical of the militarized role of the U.S. in the world — as was the case during Pat Buchanan’s 1992 campaign.

The New York Times recently purported to grade the veracity of presidential candidates. Of course by their accounting, Trump was off the scales lying. But he recently said the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State “killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity….The Middle East is a total disaster under her.” Now, I think that’s pretty accurate, though U.S. policy in my view may be more Machiavellian than stupid, but the remark is a breath of fresh air on the national stage.

But I’ve not seen anyone fact-check that assertion, because that’s not an argument much of establishment media wants to debate. Of course, a few sentences later Trump talks about the attack on the CIA station in Benghazi, causing Salon to dismiss him as embracing “conspiracies,” which is likely all many people hear.

Shouldn’t someone who at times articulates truly inconvenient truths be noted as breaking politically correct taboos? Trump says such truths, such as this nugget from the Las Vegas debate about U.S. wars:

“We’ve spent $4 trillion trying to topple various people that frankly, if they were there and if we could’ve spent that $4 trillion in the United States to fix our roads, our bridges, and all of the other problems; our airports and all of the other problems we’ve had, we would’ve been a lot better off. I can tell you that right now.”


This I think is a stronger critique of military spending than we’ve heard from Bernie Sanders of late.

But Trump — or Rand Paul’s — remarks about U.S. policies of regime change and bombings are often unexamined. It’s more convenient to focus on our kindness in letting a few thousand refugees in than to examine how millions of displaced people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somali might have gotten that way as a result of U.S. government policies.

People say Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants is unconstitutional. News flash: the sitting Democratic president has bombed seven countries without a declaration of war! We’ve effectively flushed our constitution down the toilet. Does that justify violating it more? No. But the pretend moral outrage on this score is hollow.

And there’s a logic to Trump’s nativist Muslim bashing. It’s obviously wrong, but it’s rational given the skewed information the public is given. Since virtually no one on the national stage is seriously and systematically critiquing U.S. policy — it’s invasions, alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel — then it makes sense to say we’ve got to change something and that something is separating from Muslims.

Some sophisticates slam Trump for acting in the Las Vegas debate like he didn’t know what the nuclear triad is. Well, I have no idea if he knows what the nuclear triad is or if he was just acting that way. But I’m rather glad he didn’t adopt the administration position of saying it’s a good idea to spend a trillion dollars to “modernize” our nuclear weapons so we can efficiently threaten the planet for another generation. People may recall that for all the rhetoric from Obama on ending nuclear weapons, it was Reagan who apparently almost rose to the occasion when Gorbachev proposed getting rid of all nuclear weapons. But Reagan is regarded as being totally evil, so “progressives” have to hate him so we’re not supposed to remember that.

So much of our political culture just feeds off of hate. People hated Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, so they backed anything GW Bush wanted. People hated GW Bush, so they backed Kerry or Obama or whoever without condition, no matter where it led. People hated Assad, so they helped foster the rise of ISIS. People now hate ISIS and some apparently want to nuke ’em. Who will they hate next? Russia, apparently. John Kasich — the great reasonable Republican moderate — says “it’s time that we punched the Russians in the nose” — who cares if that brings us closer to nuclear war? Many demonize Trump — at last, someone from the U.S. who some in the mainstream label a Hitler. Hate, hate, hate, hate. Can’t we just view people for who they are with clear eyes, assessing the good and bad in them?

Trump calls for a cutoff of immigration of Muslims “until we can figure out what the hell is going on” — which, given our political culture’s seeming propensity to never figuring out much of anything might be forever, but could actually raise real questions. Says Trump: “There’s tremendous hatred. Where it comes from, I don’t know.” Now, a reasonable stance would be to say let’s stop bombing until “we can figure out what the hell is going on.” But Trump — unlike virtually anyone else with a megaphone — is actually raising the issue about why there’s resentment against the U.S. in the Mideast.

Virtually the only other person on the national stage stating such things is Rand Paul, though his articulations have also been uneven and have been a pale copy of what his father has said.

Of course, what should be said is: If we don’t know “what the hell is going on!” — then maybe we should stop bombing. But that doesn’t get processed because the general public lives under the illusion that Obama is a pacifistic patsy. The reality is that Obama has been bombing more countries than any president since World War II — Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

At the Las Vegas debate, Trump said: “When you had the World Trade Center go down, people were put into planes that were friends, family, girlfriends, and they were put into planes and they were sent back, for the most part, to Saudi Arabia.” Which is totally mangled, but raises the question of Saudi Arabia with relation to 9/11.

Half of what Trump says is borderline deranged and false. But he also says true things — and critically, important things that no one else with any media or political access is saying.

Yes, Trump says he’ll bomb the hell out of Syria, as does virtually every other Republican candidate. But Obama’s already bombing the hell out of Syria and Iraq — but it’s quiet, so people think it’s not happening and assume that passivity is the problem.

People are correct in sensing is that Obama, Bush and the rest of the establishment are playing endless geopolitical games and they’re right to be sick of it all. The stated goals — democracy in the Mideast, getting rid of WMDs, stability in the right and protecting the U.S. public are obviously not going to be achieved by the policies of the establishment. They are in all likelihood pretexts and the war planners have other, unstated, objectives that they are perusing.

Trump touts his alleged opposition to the Iraq war. Some of us launched major campaigns to try to stop the 2003 invasion. I don’t remember seeing Trump at any of the antiwar rallies in 2002, but he apparently made a few remarks in 2003 and 2004. Certainly nothing great or courageous. But it’s good that someone with the biggest megaphone on the planet is saying the Iraq war was bad. People who are getting behind him are thus reachable on the U.S. government’s proclivity toward endless war.

And perhaps think for a minute about what a Trump-Clinton race would be like, given that she voted for the invasion of Iraq.

Now, Trump may well be no different than the other if he were to get into office. But he conveys the impression that he will act like a normal nationalist and not a conniving globalist. And much of the U.S. public seems to want that. And that’s a good thing. He’s indicating that there’s a solution to constant war and that he’s different from everyone else who has signed on to perpetual war. It’s good that that message is energizing people who had given up on politics.

Trump — apparently alone among Republican presidential candidates — is saying that he will talk to Russian President Putin. Having some sense that the job of a president is to attempt to have reasonable relations with the other major nuclear powered state is a serious plus in my book. He conveys the image of being a die-hard nationalist, but — unlike most of our recent leaders — not hell-bent on global domination. People who want a better world should use that.

And no prominent Democrat has taken on the position that we should seriously examine the root causes of anger at the U.S. government. The public is never presented with a worldview which articulates that position. The only one on the national stage to have done so in recent history was Ron Paul — and he was demonized in ways similar to Trump by much of the liberal establishment in 2008.

Bernie Sanders has, of course, rightly touted his vote against the Iraq invasion in 2002 and has very correctly linked that invasion to the rise of ISIS. But Sanders had a historic opportunity to address these issues in a debate just after the Paris attack on Nov. 13, and actually didn’t seem to want to talk foreign policy. Now he’s complaining about a lack of media coverage. Yes, the media are unfair against progressive candidates, but you don’t do any good by refusing to engage in what is arguably the most defining debate of our time.

Even more troubling has been Sanders’s strange decision to adopted the refrain that we need to have the Saudis “get their hands dirty.” That’s exactly the wrong approach and one shared with most of the Republican field. Even at the liberal extreme, Barbara Lee has declined to take issue with the U.S. arming with Saudi Arabia as it kills away in Yemen.

In terms of economics, Trump is alone in the Republican field in defending in a progressive tax. Tom Ferguson has noted: “lower income voters seem to like him about twice as much as the upper income voters who like him in the Republican poll.” Trump has “even dumped on some issues that are virtually sacred to the Republicans, notably the carried interest tax deduction for the super rich.” Writes Lee Fang: “Donald Trump Says He Can Buy Politicians, None of His Rivals Disagree.”

Can progressives pause for a moment and note that it’s a good thing that someone who a lot of people who have checked out of the political process are backing someone saying these things?

It’s important to stress: I have no idea what Trump actually believes. Backing him as a person is probably akin to picking a box on The Price is Right. He could, of course, prove to be even more authoritarian than what we’ve seen so far. The point I’m making is what he’s appealing to has serious elements that represent a welcome break from the establishment, as well as some that are reactionary.

I have no personal love lost for Trump. Truth is, I lived in one of his buildings when I was growing up in Queens. His flamboyance as my dad and I were scrapping by in a one-bedroom apartment rather sickened me. I remember seeing the recently completed Trump Tower in Manhattan for the first time as a teen with my father and my dad bemused himself with the notion that he’d own one square inch of the place for the monthly rent checks he wrote to Trump for years.

And Trump for all I know is a total tool of the establishment designed to implode, as some of critics of Bernie Sanders have accused him of Sheepdogging for Hillary Clinton. Trump might be serving the same function for the Republican anti-establishment base. Or he might pursue the same old establishment policies, if he were ever to get into office — that’s largely what Obama has done, especially on foreign policy. Trump quips: “I was a member of the establishment seven months ago.”

The point is that the natives are restless. And they should be and that makes it an important time to engage them so they stay restless and funnel that energy to constructive use, not to simply demonize them or tune them out.

Sam Husseini is founder of the website

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
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  1. puffdaddy says:

    I find it hard to believe that you support the mass immigration (importation) of third world peoples into the US, and would call anyone xenophobic who does not support it.

    • Replies: @George Strong
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, VotePact — a Ron Paul would get my vote, but I still intend to abstain and to encourage others to do so. Reagan’s broken promises prove that governments govern.

    But this is a superb, insightful article.

    Mr. Husseini should expect a good bit of bigotry and bile below from the Trumpet section of this site’s serial commenters.

  3. Otherwise says:

    Trump is a NATIONALIST; Trump has a backbone. Now you know what Fascism is. Let’s hope Trump continues and preserves our Western, American culture. This was the allure of Hitler, and why he was able to end the Depression in Germany within two years–through production of consumer goods, not war production. Fascism in the 20s and 30s was the Nationalist response to the grindstones of Communism and International capital. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If they want to silence him then why is he on the news all the time?

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  5. KA says:

    Trump has exposed the hollowness of the stupid self destructive nature of the conservative and the bleeding heart liberal . They don’t have the guts to claim what belong to them. They look for escapegoat in Muslim ,black,Latinos. Liberal expitars their impotence or hides thir hopelessness by loving these muslim blacks and latinos and conservatives by hating them.

    They don’t have the guts to admit that the bankers and hustlers of Wall Street have used them with the military defense just the way poor stupid moronic or dreamy Muslim youths have been used in Chechnya Afgahanistan,Syria and Libya by the same forces through local vassal like Saudus and Pakistani elite who also blameHindus or Christian or Yezdis for their ills .

    People search for answers in wrong places be ause thats the only place they been allowed to by quiet,pervasive,diffusely permeated sublime propangada through pulp mazagine based historical narrative starting from school and ending in daily local tabloid news paper.

    The corrupted bankers and business and the educated Midfle class in India do same by blaming Muslim and Christian and Dalit for all the ills from population growth to pollution to road congestion to even the gains in election by the opposition. Ism sure Indonesia is no different .

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  6. Maj. Kong says:

    “Root causes” One of the left’s idiotic ways of thinking.

  7. unit472 says:

    Unfortunately, the turmoil in the Islamic world is as much homegrown as it is the result of US foreign policy. We aren’t omnipotent and inter-religious rivalries in Iraq, secular versus religious regimes in Egypt, etc. etc. are going to play out regardless of what anyone else does. Tourists were being machined gunned to death in Egypt long before anyone heard of Islamic State.

    OTOH it only took one month for 200 plus Russian tourists to be murdered after Putin intervened militarily in Syria so if you want cause and effect it is there not in some convoluted conspiracy theory involving Western diplomacy.

    The sad fact is Islamofascism needs a clash of civilizations to succeed and its jihadists will engage in terrorist atrocities against the West ( and Russia) in order to provoke a response. It doesn’t matter what our foreign policy is or is not. That is what Trump understands.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Hans Wust
    , @Thirdeye
  8. Leftist conservative [AKA "the preacher who will freeze you to make you immortal"] says: • Website

    good article…
    the thing you have to remember is that trump has a LOT of old friends…all sorts of people, like tom brady and herschel walker and many other sorts of people….these people speak well of him…that tells me that we need not fear trump as a president…to a great degree his public person as a candidate is an act…just like george bush had a fake public persona as a president and candidate…bush gave an interview in the mid 90s…it was on youtube for a while but has now disappeared…it was shocking how his persona in that time mirrored what he really was–a highly educated person….but by the time he ran for president he had developed a folksy, semi-belligerent persona to appeal to the white working class. THat is what trump has done as well.

    But trump is great….I don’t think we have ever had a man like trump be in a position to win the presidency…we should not let this opportunity pass us by…

    as for the left/liberal democrats…right now they represent an army of ideological drones…they are fake leftists whose purpose is to provide a propaganda base for manufacturing consent for economic growth via mass immigration and multiculturalism. the key to understanding american liberals is that formal education in america has a huge component of propaganda, pro-establishment propaganda. …the more educated, in general, the more propagnadized an american is.. ..liberals are in general more educated and more conformist…that is an axiom.

    The establishment seeks economic growth via population growth via immigration….liberal ideology provides a manufacturing of consent for this policy…america is run as a human livestock operation…they want more workers and consumers…fertile and fecund thirdworlders are the source of such workers and consumers.

    • Replies: @Otherwise
  9. Rehmat says:

    The US ‘Establishment’ is afraid of Donald Trump because he is unpredictable. They fear that once in power, Trump, being a multi-billionaire, might be impossible to be blackmailed by AIPAC.

    On the other hand, the great majority of American racists and Islamophobes have finally found the ‘Superman’, who can solve all their problems by waging more wars and further bankrupt US economy.

    PPP’s newest national Republican primary poll finds Donald Trump holding his largest lead yet in the wake of Tuesday night’s debate. He’s at 34% to 18% for Ted Cruz, 13% for Marco Rubio, 7% for Jeb Bush, 6% for Ben Carson, 5% for Chris Christie, 4% each for Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee, 2% each for John Kasich and Rand Paul, 1% each for Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum, and less than 1% each for Jim Gilmore and George Pataki.

    American politics have always been: “Chose the lesser evil.”

    In 2012, American Zionist author, Marianne Williamson said that the US and Israel are not democratic states: “The way I look at Israel, I look at Israel the way I look at United states: The people of Israel are not the government of Israel… Any more than the people of the United States are the government of the United States. So even though I don’t, for the most part, agree with the government of Israel at all – and also as a Jew, because I am a Jew and committed to the existence of Israel,” Marianne said.

    She also claimed that she didn’t believe in the 9/11 official story either. “To have questions about 9/11, to me, is no different than having questions about the Warren Commission. And I don’t believe in the single bullet theory of the Kennedy assassination either,” she said.

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  10. geokat62 says:

    The sad fact is Islamofascism needs a clash of civilizations to succeed and its jihadists will engage in terrorist atrocities against the West ( and Russia) in order to provoke a response. It doesn’t matter what our foreign policy is or is not.

    Sorry unit472, the fomenting of Islamofascism to promote a clash of civilizations is precisely what US foreign policy is designed to achieve. And we all know why… the neocons/Israel firsters decided to launch a crusade in the ME, by regime changing those countries deemed hostile to the Zionist project, all in an effort to enhance the security of the villa in the jungle (see PNAC’s Clean Break or Oded Yinon Plan).

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  11. MTT says:

    Good piece, but…

    “Half of what Trump says is borderline deranged and false. ”

    I’m not sure that is anywhere close to correct. He certainly embellishes and is bombastic, but I don’t hear too many outright lies. But I could be wrong.

    Stopping or slowing Muslim immigration – bad for Muslims I guess, at worst neutral for me. But not deranged by any standard unless you are some progbot cultural marxist trying to destroy the nation.

    Talking of punching the Russians in the nose, teaching Putin a lesson and so on, trying to add Ukraine to NATO – potentially very bad for me, what with that SS-18 out there with my name on it. That’s at least borderline deranged.

    • Agree: tbraton
  12. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Much of what Trump says speaks to the average person because it’s blunt, gets to the point, isn’t couched in waffle-speak and, importantly, rings true in their ears. When someone says something that is essentially true people recognize it and their ears instinctively perk up. That’s his appeal, just cut to the issue and state what seems to be common-sense truth-mostly, anyway. Whether Trump is ‘the one’ or merely a charlatan can’t be known at this time. After all, he’s a newcomer to politics and has no political track record. It just shows how the public is sick and tired of having been dragged from one deception to another and that they’re willing to give it a shot, anything but what they’ve been getting. Even if he can’t accomplish anything but break up the china in the shop then that might be a good thing. What other choices do people have? Honestly, what is there to motivate a person to vote at all?
    The term ‘nativism’ is used as a pejorative term by people who fancy themselves as being some superior breed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the country and trying to prevent it from becoming a Tower of Babel. Let’s have a quid pro quo: for every Muslim accepted as an immigrant the Muslim world must accept a western Christian-or secular-as a resident, a one-for-one swap. Let’s have some real equality here. Of course it’s all a one way, unfair deal for us so far. But then the ‘nativists’ get slammed for not liking this unequal deal we’re getting.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @hoodathunkit
  13. @Anonymous

    You are right, he gets a lot of exposure which is a strange way of silencing somebody. Besides he is part of the establishment.

  14. Rurik says:

    nativist, xenophobic, and racist sentiments (bad).

    why is it white people are excoriated as evil and racist if we don’t want to be replaced with other races and cultures

    do they ever call the Japanese evil racists for not allowing everyone to make that island a multicultural hell hole like they’ve done to England?

    these anti-white snobs think they have whitey so far on the run with guilt that they can impugn our very desire to exist and persevere as evil and racist. We’re supposed to want to be replaced. How can we not? Don’t we know that we’re all evil racists at core and that the only solution to the vile existence of our type is to fund our replacements as fast as possible?

    And any who don’t agree with this are “nativist, xenophobic, and racist”

    well f*** you sir

    f*** you

    • Agree: Romanian
    • Replies: @Otherwise
  15. Art says:

    Can Trump evolve beyond himself to represent all of America?

    Can he learn to think and speak for America – not himself?

    I hope so!

    If he can – then he is what we need.

    • Replies: @Karl
    , @Gatopardo
  16. Rurik says:

    excellent post anonymous

    The term ‘nativism’ is used as a pejorative term by people who fancy themselves as being some superior breed.

    its very near insufferable

    you can almost hear the nasally, arrogant tone of the writer as he’s vilifying and demonizing your race and calling you a “racist” for not hating your people as much as he hates them

    I wonder, if these guys were to be given a choice:

    America keeps bombing your home countries and turning them into rubble and imposing a stone age dystopia – but Muslims (and everyone else) are still allowed to throng into Europe and all formerly white, Christian countries and demand that they accommodate you in every way as you historically overrun the West and thereby destroy it finally for all time and impose your genes and culture on them as a kind of reverse crusade and ultimate comeuppance for all the humiliations and defeats you’ve suffered over the centuries past as the West was dominant but today they’re in full-on suicidal mode and handing over their lands to you and everybody else


    America stops bombing and your home countries are able to thrive within their own borders, but the west slams shut the gates to the invasion

    which would they choose?

    actually I think I know which one they would choose ; )

    • Replies: @RobinG
  17. Trump simply read my youtube comment on Alex Jones channel:

    Based on the worldwide death count of innocent civilians, my list of mass murderers 2014/15 TOP 3:

    1. Barry Soetoro (Obama): King of the Fighter Drone immoral killings in Pakistan/Yemen/Africa/Middle east. The continuing Irak and Syria carnage and now the Ukraïne slaughter

    2. Benjamin Netanyahu: the GAZA slaughterer. Israël acts on it’s own, it has bought US congress.

    3. Pjottr Poroshenko/Arseny Yatsenyoek, the Donbass mass murderers of civilians. They act as a US puppets for Obama’s bankers Goldman Sachs criminal syndicat World peace makers: 1. Vladimir Putin/Lavrov , without a single doubt.

    So Trump can be easily influenced, and after election is over, he’ll bow for the US Jews, as all have done before.

    • Replies: @Karl
  18. @puffdaddy

    Husseini’s comment exposes him as human garbage. Muslim immigration/invasion is a litmus test.

  19. @KA

    You will say anything to justify the further immigration of you and yours.

    • Replies: @KA
  20. The worst paragraph of a mediocre article: Paragraph 12, which states, in part, “People say Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants is unconstitutional…We’ve effectively flushed our constitution down the toilet. Does that justify violating it more? No.”

    You seem to be implying that Trump’s proposed “temporary” ban on importing Muslims would be as unconstitutional as Obama’s warrantless wars. There is a lot of discussion about this on the internet right now; why don’t you read some? While you’re at it, why not read the Constitution? Where in the Constitution does it say that we have to allow one single immigrant into our nation, if we do not wish it? Where does it say that, because “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, we may not pick and choose whom we wish as compatriots? Does the First Amendment apply to citizens of the People’s Republic of China? (If so, somebody forgot to tell the Dalai Lama.) Does it apply to subjects of the House of Saud?

    Was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 overturned by the courts? No.
    Was the Immigration Act of 1917 overturned by the courts? No.
    Was the Immigration Act of 1924 overturned by the courts? No.

    You (along with most libtards) seem to think that the cries of the Parisian mob of 1789 for “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!” form some kind of legal foundation for Anglo-Saxon law.

    • Agree: Thirdeye
    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  21. Otherwise says:
    @Leftist conservative

    Yes, Trump is an unusual opportunity. Unique in that he can be independent because he doesn’t need anybody’s money. His weak point right now is the lack of an organized base, like the Fascist movement had, but we will see. The only other way would be a military take-over by Nationalist forces. It is quite amazing, as you say, that highly-educated people can be so wrong politically, Not just liberals, but others who see through many of the Establishment’s lies. I would guess it’s a psychological/emotional bloc.

    True, also that on immigration, almost all see it in economic–not cultural terms; as if we are interchangeable economic units.

    Now what will happen in a Trump presidency? Will it be obstruction by Democrats and Republlicans? I tend to think so. What about the election process? Will he be a victim of the already documented vote-fraud that’s been going on for decades and which Ron Paul experienced in the primaries the last time around?

    In the event one of these scenarios occurs, Trump should be preparing Plan B–a military coup and limited dictatorship for about two years, at which point the public could vote their approval or not. Democracy has proven itself (as it always has) a failure. The greatness of the West did not occur under it.

    • Replies: @Eustace Tilley (not)
  22. @Rehmat

    A Muslim who supports more Muslim immigration. How shocking…

  23. Hans Wust says:

    Iraq and Libya were stable countries despite the differences among the population groups, secular states and still Muslims, something Saudi Arabia can’t afford.
    And it was the US intervention what broke those countries, destroyed their statehood and unleashed the forces that were kept calm.
    What about the genocide in Vietnam? Too old for you to remember?
    What about the blockade against Cuba?
    What about the bribing of corrupt Ukrainian politicians with $5 billions?
    What about the staged coup in Kiev to force Ukraine in the EU?
    What about the tale of WMD to invade Iraq or the tale of “dictator” of Gaddafi to invade Libya with the Proxy Army of Terrorists like in Syria now?
    The first two dared to trade their oil in euros and the last is a stumble to place a stooge that expels Russia from Tartus and draw a pipeline from Qatar.
    The Evil Neocons sow tares in the wheat, they use the differences to make brothers fight each other (Proverbs 6:19), to remember old quarels, to revive sleeping hatreds, and also plainly assassinate Presidents both in the US and abroad:
    Mc Kinley who opposed a Central Bank, Familiy Kennedy who wanted to check the Israel Nuclear Program and lend money with no interest, and Salvador Allende in Chile previous assassination of General Rene Schneider, the list is long.

  24. KA says:
    @This Is Our Home

    Go and figure out how to justify your behaviors. Nobody stopping you .Just don’t depend on association to explain the causality .

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  25. @KA

    You’re a Muslim, you support you and yours having the privilege of moving to other people’s countries. I don’t blame you, I just suggest that people ignore you.

    Can’t you express something more interesting than naked self-interest?

    • Replies: @KA
  26. “why is it white people are excoriated as evil and racist if we don’t want to be replaced with other races and cultures”

    We do live in a Dysfunctional society, as far as having children is concerned. We have killed millions of children ‘whites’ children because we are part of a society that thinks nothing of destroying unborn children. I recently visited another country and was amazed when I saw a billboard with an anti abortion sign and it said “mammy don’t kill me, I want to meet you and daddy”. Some ones, somewhere wants us dead or at least dying by having our next generation gone! Are you pro abortion? Then you are part of the problem, and don’t be surprised if that same ‘someones’ will import people from other places to REPLACE YOU. I agree with Mr. Trump; let’s stop importing Muslims until we know what is going on, and what is going on, is our intervention in foreign lands where we have no business, doing the dirty work of another little country in the middle east.

    p.s. I am a vet, and was there,…

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Jeff Davis
  27. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"] says:

    Absolutely correct.

    If The Great Emancipator, Lusitania Wilson, Day of Infamy Roosevelt, and WTC7 Bush have “flushed our constitution down the toilet”, then let’s make the best of it.

    If Obama can rule by decree, so can Trump. He should arrest the Supreme Court for Possible Conspiracy to Maybe Aid and Abet Terrorism by Possibly According Legal Rights to Suspected Terrorists, ship all nine of them off to Guantanamo, nominate his own flunkies, tell the Senate to approve them, and then have them make up the constitution – his way – as they go along (sound familiar?).

    Start by declaring that corporations aren’t “people”. Go on to say that the Interstate Commerce Clause doesn’t justify the Feds doing anything they damn well please to the formerly-sovereign states. Say further that the Constitution does not give the Federal Government the right to tell the People they can or cannot alter their consciousness through chemical means, that the People are free to make wise or stupid choices with their minds and bodies, and that it nowhere gives the Federal Government the right to force the People to take vaccines or buy health insurance. Rule that it nowhere gives the Federal Government any role at all in education.

    The possibilities are limitless. The alternative is to slide yet further downhill into a corrupt “third world” hellhole of tribal privilege, nepotism, and affirmative action sub-mediocrity: a hellhole with a culture of distraction, novelty, pornography, and compulsory decadence, in which endless wasteful wars enrich the cynical elite of the Capital.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  28. Mark Green says: • Website

    Pretty good article. I’m somewhat surprised that it originally appeared on Counterpunch. Good for them! A smug, mainstream site like Salon would never publish a pro-Trump piece like this. “Nativism”, “xenophobia”, “racism”. What condescending nonsense. Salon’s measured but fanatical level of political correctness is insufferable.

  29. KA says:
    @This Is Our Home

    Again I repeat ,try to figure out how to stay honest to your position. I am a Muslim and that is neither for or against your obliviousness of the process that has fired up the moronic base of the pitiful unwashed smart but ill informed Fox watching ( now they hate Fox because what it has sold them over the years) ,unstable middle class with vanishing hopes opportunities and impotent rage .

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
    , @Rurik
  30. KA says:

    Trump is not welcome
    by the war camps . But that is not what is surprising . The irony is the voters who hate Clinton or Rubio or vice versa don’t even look into the functions of the products they are buying . Its same tainted canola oil with the label of the originsl the extra vergin olive oil that are being used to cook the new rosy future .
    They are excitedly busy eagerly slapping themselves on the back the name of exercise of democratic rights or vaunted American quintessential independence

  31. @KA

    How about being a Muslim who looks out for objective interests over Muslim interests?

    America will not benefit from Muslim immigration so why not support people like Trump and other anti-immigrationists who seek to preserve the American people in their homeland.

    At the moment you are just a Muslim looking out for Muslim interests and nothing else. Thus you are irelevant and to be ignored.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @Avery
  32. Rurik says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    ship all nine of them off to Guantanamo,

    absolutely great post

    hear, hear

  33. Rurik says:

    moronic base of the pitiful unwashed … … ,unstable middle class with vanishing hopes opportunities and impotent rage

    and to think that they support Trump who would actually prevent more of your type from coming here


  34. KA says:
    @This Is Our Home

    At the moment , I am just busy exposing your impotent frustration .

    • Replies: @This Is Our Home
  35. Wow Oh WOW I have never seen so many people buying weapons and ammunition at a local big box store(hunting etc etc) .Something is up. The populace is frightened. I don’t blame them as some of the laws being passed are definitely scary to contemplate. Have you even inquired what our representatives/lawmakers have instituted recently while we were sleeping? This country is out of control. Oh everything seems normal. The system still works but is being stressed every day until!

  36. Avery says:
    @This Is Our Home

    Agree: the poster [KA] is an anti-Christian denialist Islamist.

    Islam is anathema to Western Christian civilization.
    Anathema to founding principles of US and to American culture.

    • Replies: @Mark Green
  37. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Muslim immigration to the west is an act of suicidal folly.

  38. Thirdeye says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Indeedy. Like it or not, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits restricting immigration of specific groups.

  39. @KA

    Wow a Muslim who stands for Muslim supremacy! It’s as interesting as a murderer who is against criminalising murder.

  40. Thirdeye says:

    You might want to consider how Wahhabism, a recent development in the history of Islam, attained the power that it has today. It was a marginal tendency on the Arabian peninsula that was used (unsuccessfully) by the Brits to destabilize the Ottoman Empire during WWI. The Wahhabi were too lame and backwards to accomplish much on their own, but they gained power under the Brit administration under the League of Nations mandate. Having Wahhabis in power, dependent upon Brit support to maintain their power, was a way to suppress Shiite populations who were not enthusiastic about Brit rule and gain a measure of control over the Wahhabis themselves. The first “clash of civilizations” was between the Wahhabis that the Brits installed in power and the other religious groups that they ruled over. The basis of Wahhabi power soon became oil wealth, which was by and large not shared with the populations marginalized under Wahhabi rule.

    Wahhabi rule in Iraq was overthrown by a secularist-Arab Nationalist coup d’etat in 1958. The division between Sunnis and Shia were kept under wraps, albeit repressively, until the US destruction of the Iraqi state in 2003. Unlike the Wahhabi-ruled states, Iraq used its oil wealth for the material betterment of its citizens.

    The target of the Wahhabi-inspired war in Afghanistan, under US and Saudi sponsorship, was other Muslims.

    Play the world’s smallest violin for the sponsors of Wahhabi power when the war they have been waging throughout the Muslim world spills over into their own turf.

  41. attonn says:

    If New York Times says Trump is a liar, then I believe everything he says.

  42. Mark Green says: • Website

    Your broad generalizations seem unreasonable. It’s religious fundamentalism coupled with war (not mere faith) that breeds the extremism that you decry. And not all Muslims are fundamentalists.

    Another huge problem is the West’s zealous crusade of ‘liberal/neocon interventionism’. That secular ideology has been used to justify the ‘secular’ West’s massively harmful policies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon and beyond. It’s become a vast criminal enterprise. Just count the dead. Survey the destruction.

    True, Muslim fundamentalism can distort the thinking/behavior of followers of Islam, but this truism applies also to fundamentalist Jews and fundamentalist Christians.

    There are many rational and well-educated people in the Muslim world. I’ve met some of them. I’ve discovered that countless Arabs and Persians are very intellectually engaged and science-driven. Many have only a mild religious impulse (if any), not unlike many educated Christians. Give them credit. Don’t bomb them. US aggression is why they hate us. Don’t you get it?

    As for Islam, countless ‘Muslim’ intellectuals do not take literally all the fairy tales and absurdities found in ‘holy scripture’. Do you?

    I ask because religious fundamentalism of all stripes can be dangerous. But that’s not all.

    Secular arrogance combined with powerful weapons technology is the most lethal combination of all. If you disbelieve this, then survey the destruction that’s been done by Zio-Washington in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Palestine, in Lebanon and beyond. The people responsible for this barbarism should be punished. Instead, they’re considered heroes by millions of low-information, TV-addicted Americans.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Avery
    , @KA
    , @Karl
  43. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Re: “Trump says he’ll bomb the hell out of Syria”

    Not so.

    He said he’d bomb the hell out of ISIS, which is quite a different thing.


    • Replies: @joe webb
  44. pyrrhus says:

    The notion that banning the immigration of muslims is unconstitutional is so ridiculous that it undercuts the entire article. Do all 8 billion people residing in foreign countries have American constitutional rights??? Hint–none of them do, unless they are American citizens, and SCOTUS has so ruled….

  45. @in the middle

    Aren’t you concerned about the quality of the population of which intelligence by any definition is surely a major part? Surely it’s not enough for someone to be white and nominally a Christian if some sort if they produce a lot of children with IQs under 90.

  46. joe webb says:

    thanks for retrieving that.

    This article is pure crap. The Arab seeking an insurance policy…he luvs the jews.

    not worth any comment but I will note with regard to the Arab inability to think, that his Trump owned apartment building has zero to do with anything except the Arab illogic…Ill logic.

    And American “policy”, more crap. it is jewish policy . how does such crap get it here anyway.?

    Joe Webb

  47. @anonymous

    Let’s have a quid pro quo: for every Muslim accepted as an immigrant the Muslim world must accept a western Christian-or secular-as a resident, a one-for-one swap. Let’s have some real equality here. Of course it’s all a one way, unfair deal for us so far. But then the ‘nativists’ get slammed for not liking this unequal deal we’re getting.

    Let’s have a real quid pro quo: for every Muslim accepted as an immigrant there is one less immigrant accepted from somewhere else.

  48. Avery says:
    @Mark Green

    {Your broad generalizations seem unreasonable.}
    Which ones ?

    {… the extremism that you decry}
    Which one of my statements in my post you consider to be decrying extremism ?

    And where in my post did I say anything about individual Muslims, other than that particular poster whom I know from previous exchanges to be an anti-Christian denialist Islamist ?

    Questions for you:
    Would you like to live in a Muslim majority country: Yes or No.
    Would you like Islam to be the dominant religion of US: Yes or No.

    And I am quite familiar with the Iranian/Persian civilization, before and after they adopted Islam. The greatness of Iranian/Persian civilization predates Islam by 1,000s of years. It has nothing to do with Islam.
    However, their adoption of Islam has affected the daily lives and expected behaviour of ordinary Iranians, hasn’t it ?
    For example: would you like religious police to stop your wife/daughter on a street in US and tell her she has to cover her head or that her skirt must be x inches below the knee ?

    Or you do not consider that sort of thing anathema to Western Christian civilization or American culture.

  49. @Anonymous

    CounterPunch is a readable left wing site. AntiWar is also good. I like to get out of the echo chamber sometimes but mainstream sites like Salon are just dross.

  50. RobinG says:

    “America stops bombing and your home countries are able to thrive within their own borders, but the west slams shut the gates to the invasion

    which would they choose?”

    Total bullshit false comparison, Rurik. Where’s the option that US hasn’t destroyed their infrastructure, reduced their cities to rubble, contaminated their land with DU… How and where is this “thriving” supposed to occur? I had (mercifully) forgotten this depraved aspect of your illogic.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  51. KA [AKA "Carthage"] says:
    @Mark Green

    If you want to bring the stupidities of the human being in clear bold relief in front of our nose,nothing tragical , dangerous and more contemporary than this article from NYT

    could be possibly cited to shine lights on the dysfunctional inappropriately out of date orthodoxy of economic political faith of the American masses that includes Tea Party, media, Congressmen,and Senate Finance Committee , above all the very executioners of the laws (favoring the Bond Holders against any other equally if not more legitimate claimant )

    Reason includes many including the glorified publicly emphasized ignorance , corruption, faith in slogans ( engaging in anti bailout polemics but ending up actually proposing government/congressional bailout but to pay Hedge Fund ) , general hatred against common poor folks ,and marked dependence on campaign donation .

    These dangerous people even go out to warn that this type of intervention by elected officials might in future prevent potentially win -win situation for hedge fund manager in case Illinois or other state find themselves in same situation as Puerto Rico has found . The masses don’t recoil at the potential dangers of bringing Argentina or Greece type of collapse back home despite the Hedge Fund managers employing similar strategies of enlisting the help of disaffected racist group,creating AstroTurf movement and mounting media blitz and forcing similar solution on Greece and Argentina.

    The Tea Party type conservative that grew out of a floor from a man ranting against home mortgage bailout ( who was completely silent on similar repeated bailout by government favoring rich , corporations, and fund managers from 1999 or even earlier ,and distorting the debate in racial undertone and fudging the facts to suit his rantings )do not wnat to understand or accept that America’s dilemma to day in multiple domains are created by the very people,ideas,organizations that they uphold,love,and try to preserve .
    They are looking for escape goat they way a Vietnam Vet still does for his broken hip- only if no Vietnamese fought against Americans , he would not be in this situation.


  52. geokat62 says:

    Thanks for sharing the link, schmenz.

    Sam, remember your comment about a strong POTUS and that Trump represented the only hope to stand up to AIPAC? Interested in getting your comments on the following:

    On the subject of Israel, Trump added, “Sheldon knows that nobody will be more loyal to Israel than Donald Trump.”

    [Trump’s] also the only Republican candidate with Jewish grandkids: his daughter, Ivanka, became Orthodox after marrying real estate scion Jared Kushner. The family keeps kosher, observes the Sabbath and attends the upscale synagogue Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun.

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @schmenz
  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    LOL. You’re either an idiot or liar troll. Hitler was a left progressive: a vegetarian, gun grabber, head of a politicized labor union. Worse is that after he lost the war he left his people disarmed, especially the women, who were raped practically to death by Russian soldiers and the “good guy” American GIs.

    Where’s your evidence that Hitler ended the depression in two years? He didn’t nationalize the German economy toward making war goods, but consumer goods?! What complete and utter pulled-out-of-your arse bullsh*t.

    But you Nazis and fascists are always like that.

  54. Otherwise says:

    Among the sources fore Hitler’s economic “miracle” was his first biographer (and opponent) Konrad Heiden. Hitler was widely popular, ending the nightmare of Weimar…YouTube has some talks with specifics. And then there’s the conveniently forgotten opinions of famous people from the days before “political correctness”…

  55. Otherwise says:

    For Hiter as some sort of “leftist” read Mein Kampf or a couple of Goebbel’s speeches available at Amazon under the title of “Communism with the Mask Off”. Bennie…sounds like a name from a certain group.

  56. Karl says:
    @Max Havelaar

    >>> and after election is over, he’ll bow for the US Jews, as all have done before

    everything AIPAC knows about manipulating the Washington elites – it learned from the American dairy farmers.

    • Replies: @Max Havelaar
  57. Karl says:

    >>> Can Trump evolve beyond himself to represent all of America?

    well, historically, he did do, whatever it took to sell over-priced condos.

    Maybe he’ll have a VisionQuest, and decide to compete for one of Hillary’s core bases, by picking the neurosurgeon as his running mate.

  58. Karl says:
    @Mark Green

    >>> US aggression is why they [ie.e., Muslims] hate us

    And here I was, imagining that the long lines outside of US Consulates in Muslim nations, were because they want to teach us Al-gebra – which is, of course, an Arabic word for the math they learned from the Persians they invaded & slaughtered.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  59. geokat62 says:

    And here I was, imagining that the long lines outside of US Consulates in Muslim nations…

    Karl, hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, Muslims have perished as a result of the neocon/Israel firsters’ decision to launch a crusade in the ME, by regime changing those countries deemed hostile to the Zionist project, all in an effort to enhance the security of the villa in the jungle… and you have the chutzpah to crack jokes about it?

    You’re one sick puppy, Karl.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  60. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Okay Otherwise, you’re wrong. The Third Reich borrowed it’s way to prosperity(thanks to Wall St and London) and then launched it’s conquest of Europe a couple years too early when the money ran out and the bills came due. It then lost all of it’s gains when the two front counter-offensive(financed by Wall St and London) pushed it back into Germany and euthanized it.

    Trump is an opportunist that has exactly one core principle – get the best deal for yourself in the moment that you can, and everything is negotiable. Trump’s not in Hitler’s league, because for openers he’s neither a wounded war veteran nor an amphetamine addict.

    • Replies: @Otherwise
  61. RobinG says:

    But nowhere near as sick as Kevin O’Keefe.

    Remember when Bibi accused the Mufti for the Holocaust? There was discussion here. Kevin O’Keefe responded to Hrw-500:

    Bibi is signalling to the “anti-Islamist” right within Europe to rise up against those liberals and stop the enforced Islamization of Europe dead in its tracks. He’s basically “absolving” and awakening the European demon that merely sleeps, this is what Merkel absolutely understands. She’s terrified, not of Islam, but of the European right, as is Obama, as is Cameron, as is Hollande et al. Western political leaders have warned that the rightwing EU demon merely sleeps, it hasn’t gone away.

    Bibi is signalling, yes you massacred jews when you felt threatened, you were shamed with guilt, but your were influenced and manipulated by Islam, now it’s time to recognise the new threat to your way of life. In other words, you’re forgiven, you’re absolved from your guilt, you’re new targets are the very same Islamists now invading your lands, threatening your own survival, off you go.”

    That’s a fascinating analysis, and you may well be correct (its the only explanation that doesn’t leave ol’ “Bibi” looking like the victim of a tragic head injury). But I fear it will have to be reiterated, and/or stated more bluntly, in order to have the desired effect. I hope you’re right, and I hope it works.

    (Emphasis is mine.) I believe Hrw was just posing an analysis of Bibi. But Kevin takes it from there and ‘hopes’ the European demon awakens and lashes out. A thinly veiled call for genocide, eh Kevin?

    Trolls and jerks are bad enough, but there are also seriously sick SOBs.

  62. joe webb says:

    I welcome comment on this bit. Trump has said that we should get out of the ME wars. What else has he said in this regard inasmuch as I have not been paying close attention.

    As for the ‘loyal friend to Israel’, that is a statement that could go in many directions, including, For Their Own Good, the US jerks the leash on Israel and stops its war-making on Arabs, etc.

    For example I could be the jews’s best friend by stripping israel of nukes, and ultimately ending the Judenstaat by sending jews to various other countries, or let them find some land somewhere like in the middle of Australia where there was nobody around for them to harm, except a few Aboriginess, and who cares? There is that Big Rock somewhere in Australia, The Jews could haul some of their wailing rocks over to Australia and cement them to the rock (Ayers or something.)

    Then they could have a kind of Safari Park there too with African animals and Jews doing what they do best, killing one-another. Great showbiz opportunity. They could also build little concentration camps and give the goyem thrilling and scary rides on elephants and ostriches, and tell Bible stories from the OT. Aboriginees could be used as Canaanites getting struck down by G-d.

    So, I suspect Trump has something like this in mind for the Judenstaat, all the while dancing with the rabbis around the Torah or the menorah, clapping and bobbing and singing, and wailing “Down by the Ri…ver of Babylon(or whatever) we sat down and we wept…” as Trump thinks to himself, jeez, these ugly jew women, where did they ever come from. And the Orthodox…clowns, even uglier.

    Joe WEbb

    • Replies: @RobinG
  63. RobinG says:
    @joe webb

    Good to know you have a sense of humor.

    While “stripping israel of nukes” would be terrific, the other stuff isn’t necessary. They can stay right where they are and share the country with the Palestinians – like they always did before the Zionist nonsense. The Jews who were too racist for that would emigrate on their own.

  64. Otherwise says:

    If Hitler borrowed his way to prosperity, why didn’t the rest of Europe and the US do the same? Because Hitler was a Nationalist and not dominated by the international banks. The Third Reich partly borrowed and partly created it’s own notes to fund large public works projects. To think that Hitler launched a war due to financial reasons is ridiculous: the goal was to destroy the Soviet monster that threatened Europe and gain more living space for the German people, after reclaiming lands stolen from Germany under the Versailles Treaty.

    If Trump is an “opportunist”, he wouldn’t be challenging both parties “internationalist” policies of open borders, “free trade” with slave-labor countries, and continued involvement in the Middle East wars for Israel’s benefit and the Western/Internationalist drive to destroy Russia. All this is consistent with a Nationalist, America-First policy. I sense you’re a hyper Socialist who can’t wait to vote for the criminal Hillary or the Socialist (who wants to get rid of the quite innocent Assad) Bernie Sanders (who also has no trade policy like Trump’s but only the abstract attack on the “1%ers). Trump for a 2-year dictatorship and shut down the Whorehouse in Washington–Congress. Have they not brought us to near ruin?

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Very good article. Hopefully it will help lead many people to see the worst problem we face. Which is that the 2 parties are 2 halves on 1 whole. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The insiders of each party are all in bed together. Trump, because he can’t be bought our frightened by those who own the 1 party with 2 halves, is screwing that up a bit, And that’s good for all of us.

    Now if only we had a Ralph Nader making waves in the Democrat primary we might feel truly hopeful. And I think the only way we can see a Ralph Nader, as opposed to the fake that is Bernie Sanders, is to see Trump totally shake up the establishment.

    The very fact that this country has millions of people who feel deeply that the worst problem we face is the perpetual warring centered in the Middle East and are going to vote for Hillary Clinton ought to be enough to force anyone to see that the system is out of control. And we are the fools playing the game exactly as the establishment wants us to.

    Trump is the only candidate this year in either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum that angers and frightens the establishment.

  66. @Karl

    No Jews run the FED-Goldman sachs criminal cartel [derivatives: financial weapons of mass destruction and Socialisation of private, corporate debt] and US Mainstream Media?

    They simply follow the Protocols of Zion, false or not, describing the satanic verses from hell.

    In real terms:
    1 create corporate monopolies(Wallstreet) and put Jews on top
    2. buy US congress and have them lie to the public

    This is what we see most in US election time: never address real issues for 99% Americans.

  67. schmenz says:

    Trump’s recent speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition forum was also less than reassuring. Everyone talks about his being “booed”. But few are talking about what he said to them which didn’t get boos.

    Yes, it could be just the usual politicking, saying the things a particular audience wants to hear, but then again he could be serious, in which case he would prove to be little different from the other candidates with regard to the Middle East in general and the Holy Land in particular.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  68. Rurik says:

    Where’s the option that US hasn’t destroyed their infrastructure, reduced their cities to rubble, contaminated their land with DU… How and where is this “thriving” supposed to occur?

    the option is reparations and rebuilding and war crimes trials

    temporary succor for the tragic victims of these atrocities

    all day long

    but what the options are not is to send throngs of war (and economic) refugees in to Germany and France and Sweden and America’s heartland as if destroying more people’s way of life and creating more strife is the solution.

    I understand if there are some people who’ve learned to hate Americans for the wars our criminal government commits. Even today there are a lot of Russians and Jews and others who will hate all German people until the day they die.

    It’s human nature to look at poor working class people and blame them for the crimes of the uber-wealthy, because they can’t get at the uber-wealthy. But they can get at the working class people of Maine or N. Dakota or Hamburg or Paris and make them suffer, for sure. So this rage and hostility is understandable, it’s just wildly misplaced.

    The reason they’ve been able to rend Syria and Ukraine apart is because of ethic and cultural differences. Proximity + diversity = war. And they know it. I hate war and strife and but I don’t hate any people. I think all people are entitled to self-determination. Even working class traditional Americans.

    If the people of the world want to punish criminals, then punish the criminals who commit the crimes. Not people who just look like them, OK?

    If that sounds “depraved”, then what can I tell you. I just can’t become the kind of person who’s consumed by hate. Even for Germans or Americans or Jews or Muslims or anyone.

    It’s the individuals who are rotten. It’s the scumbags in the government who foist these wars, not the poor saps who pay for them in blood and treasure. Either in Syria or Oklahoma.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  69. woodNfish says:

    “Trump plays a bully boy and is appealing to populist (good), nativist, xenophobic, and racist sentiments (bad).”

    This is just more LSM psychobabble and lies. Neither Latin Americans or Muslims are a race, so defending our borders and temporarily banning Muslim immigration is not and cannot be racist. It is also not xenophobic because it has nothing to do with liking or not liking Latin Americans and Muslims, and everything to do with economics, unemployment, and national security. What part of jihad does the DNC leftist shill, I mean author fail to understand?As for nativism – shouldn’t our government that we pay for support its own citizens first before supporting immigrants? There is no universal right of immigration into any country, nor should there be. There can be only one conclusion about the author of this article – he’s a DNC leftist shill, a shill for the 1% and Wall Street, and a moron.

  70. geokat62 says:

    But few are talking about what he said to them which didn’t get boos.

    Thanks for sharing that link, schmenz:

    When asked about whether a President Trump would push for recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, he hedged, saying he would have to think about it. That got boos from some in the audience, including a man in the third row. Trump pointed the man out directly and told him to relax. “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be very happy,” Trump told him.

  71. RobinG says:

    You said, “…the option is reparations and rebuilding and war crimes trials..”

    There’s even been a hue and cry for Iraq to compensate the US for the expense of the US invasion and destruction of Iraq.
    And you know it, so can only conclude your false choice was your real position, and this one is disingenuous. Slippery slitherer. And if your post, on another thread, was really ‘ironic’ does that mean you were also mocking the possibility of the US general populace awakening? Maybe it does.
    My apologies if I’m berating you erroneously.

  72. Rurik says:

    There’s even been a hue and cry for Iraq to compensate the US for the expense of the US invasion and destruction of Iraq.


    And you know it, so can only conclude your false choice was your real position, and this one is disingenuous. Slippery slitherer.

    now it’s my turn to lol
    it wasn’t a false choice. It was a hope. An aspiration. Do I expect it to happen tomorrow, no. Is it impossible? No. It could happen. And the man who is being condemned as the only alternative to Hitlery- and more of the same, is the only, if unlikely chance such a possibility has. It certainly won’t happen with that hag, and we all know it. In fact we’ll all just get more of the same.

    on another thread, was really ‘ironic’ does that mean you were also mocking the possibility of the US general populace awakening? ..

    no, I was not mocking the possibility of an American awakening. Hardly. In fact that is what I see happening with the ascent of Trump. And Le Pen in France. They are pro-Putin and anti-war. But they’re also populists who don’t want to destroy the cultures and peoples of America and France respectively.
    I believe some people would advocate for mass immigration into America and France for several reasons. Animosity towards America and the West in particular, and ancient resentments going back to the colonial era in general.
    So there are a lot of overlapping issues here. Muslim immigration into the West. Syrian refugees. American responsibility to the people of those countries who America’s Zionist government has wronged terribly.

    Should working class young American pay the price for Dick Cheney’s and Obama’s war crimes and assorted atrocities?

    Many issues over lapping.

    And if you don’t know if I was being factious about Iran pumping out atom bombs like so many Toyotas, then who’s being silly here?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  73. RobinG says:

    Killary’s hideous cackle is her ‘tell’. The bigger the fake laugh, the bigger the lie that will follow.

  74. @Anonymous

    If they want to silence him then why is he on the news all the time?

    Because corporations love profit more than ideological loyalty.

  75. @geokat62

    Exactly. The “Clash of Civilizations” is the grounding “narrative” for the Zionist destruction of the Arab world.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  76. @in the middle

    p.s. I am a vet, and was there,…

    A willing and clueless hired killer wrapped in the flag. An unindicted war criminal, from an illegal war of aggression. A graduate of the University of Kool-Aid.

    I’m sure you appended this comment in an effort to persuade us that “you
    know what you’re talking about”.

    Total fail.

  77. geokat62 says:
    @Jeff Davis

    Thanks, JD. Where’ve you been? You should visit Giraldi’s articles more often. I really enjoyed reading your regular exchanges with Nurit B, remember her?

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  78. @geokat62

    Appreciate the friendly comment, but sorry, geokat, but I don’t remember any exchanges with a Nurit B. Is it possible you have me confused with someone else? Anyway, send me a link to:, and perhaps it will jog my memory.

    Best of the holiday season to you and yours, and to all the folks at the Unz Review.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  79. geokat62 says:
    @Jeff Davis

    …but I don’t remember any exchanges with a Nurit B.

    Do you remember writing this (it was one of my favourites):

    Let me applaud your skill. You are among the best Hasbara I have ever seen. That said, you are clearly a Zionist propagandist and complicit in Zionist crime.

    I could waste a perfectly fine day rebutting all your cleverly specious points, but I won’t allow you to steal that much time from me. Rather, I have a summary of an ethics-based point of view, and a reading list for others who may have actual lives to live, but might want to get straight at the full truth. Enjoy.


    By the way, I’m an American and a Jew.


    Here, NB, is the antidote to your Kool-aid dreams. Drink deeply and wake up to reality.

    We often hear the phrase “Israel’s right to exist” and along with it, “Israel’s right to self-defense.” Hear them endlessly, by propagandists who repeat them endlessly. But endless repetition does not make a thing true. And the seeming “legitimacy” that arises from this endless repetition is not legitimacy at all, but rather the “truth rape” of well executed propaganda.

    Yet the truth exists.

    And here it is: a fact-based, truth-based, ethics-based summary.

    In 1917, the British Imperial elite and the World Zionist Organization colluded in a criminal conspiracy to steal Palestine from the people — 95% Arab — who had lived there for 70 generations, and to give it to the Jews/Zionists. That’s ***STEAL***, as in take what doesn’t belong to you.

    This “plan” was a crime of conspiracy then, as the theft and murder in it’s execution is a crime today. A crime is still a crime, despite 90 years of control and censorship of the media.
    A crime is still a crime despite 90 years of impunity from prosecution or 90 years of protection through propaganda. JUST AS NO AMOUNT OF TIME CAN CONVERT A CRIME INTO A LEGAL ACT, NO AMOUNT OF TIME CAN CHANGE A LIE INTO THE TRUTH; .

    The Zionist entity called Israel is nothing less than a geopolitical crime-in-progress. This is the truth that the Jews will never be able to “disappear”, and that the digital age and internet have finally set free.

    So when next you hear propaganda about Israel’s “right to exist”, consider: what crime has a “right to exist”?, what criminal enterprise has a “right to exist”? Add to that: what criminal has a “right to self-defense”? What criminal has the right to commit violence in the furtherance of a crime? What criminal has the right to fight back against the lawful authority that arrives to halt the crime and arrest the criminals?

    Israel, the Zionists, their enablers, and their supporters are criminals: thieves and murderers on a global scale. They have no “right to exist” (as criminals) and they have no “right to self-defense” as they commit their crimes.

    Yet, they do have rights. And I stand in defense of those rights. They have the right to surrender to a competent authority, and not suffer summary execution. The right to a fair trial. If found guilty, the right to a proportionate penalty. And finally, once the offending parties have “done their time”, the right to rejoin society and resume a peaceful cooperative existence.

    The Zionist criminals cannot be allowed to continue in their criminal ways. And while I feel for the Palestinian and Arab and Moslem victims of this crime worldwide, as an American and a Jew I see with absolute clarity the immense danger these crimes pose for Jews the world over, who, whether it is true or not, will be seen as accomplices in the crime. A new holocaust is being built, and the Zionist criminal project Israel is the cornerstone of that catastrophe.


    Here are the crucial sources for understanding the situation the world finds itself in today vis a vis Israel.

    The last three are long, scholarly, and frankly, a bit dry. However, the first, for obvious reasons, is quite entertaining.

    “Concerning the Jews” by Mark Twain

    The Hidden History of Zionism

    Behind the Balfour Declaration

    Benjamin Freedman

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  80. @geokat62

    Okay. Absolutely. That’s my work. The world really should read that Twain piece.

    • Agree: geokat62
  81. Whether a temporary ban on Muslim immigration is wise policy can certainly be debated. But the claim that it is unconstitutional is nonsense. The U.S. Constitution places no limits on what criteria congress can place on whom may immigrate. The 1st Amendment requirement that congress allow the free exercise of religion applies to people already here, it does not say anything about who we have to admit into this country. Indeed, the very fact that people residing here do have a right to practice their religion suggests that maybe we should be very careful about bringing in people who have religions incompatible with a free society.

  82. Muslims do not belong in the United States, and while I do not want the U.S. having to do with the Middle East or those who live in it, I also do not care one bit about phony Muslim resentment. They are a backward and anti-Christ people. Likewise, for Israel and Israelis.

  83. Gatopardo says:

    I’ve taken on the personal task of educating Donald Trump. While skeptical of him personally and politically, I also recognized early on his usefulness in bringing up all the “don’t go there” issues that Americans are so blind to, even though he also spews a lot of redneck xenophobia to build a populist base. So I figured, let’s fix that, and I’ve been tweeting @realdonaldtrump with daily snippets of political wisdom from alternative media outlets, inviting him to a more sensible position, particularly on foreign policy, as the President of a peaceful U.S. would have to be. Maybe a lot of tweeters could kind of build a perception bubble around him that might actually make a difference? I don’t know, but strangely, he scares me less than all the other candidates in both parties.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  84. RobinG says:

    “….he scares me less than all the other candidates in both parties.”

    AMEN. All the things I don’t like about Trump can either be contained by the system or else recovered from later. But there’s no recovery from death, and Hillary looks like a prescription for WWIII, with Bernie bumbling along not too far behind her.

    Tweets can be effective. As you say, you need a cohort. Good luck. I signed up for his emails and have written to him via the contact page there. When he gets around to really bashing Hillary, he should point out that Amb. Chris Stevens and others were killed in Benghazi because Stevens was there to facilitate the ratline of jihadis and weapons going from Libya to Syria. (And now that the Russians are there, a lot of the takfiri are regrouping in Libya.) Thanks a lot to Hillary and Barry for building up ISIS.

    Trump vs. Sanders would be a feast for the press, Bernie’s hair vs. The Donald’s, 🙂

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