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Solving the NFL’s Anthem Crisis: Send Them to Africa
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The NFL seems at a loss on how to deal with the current controversy over players (most of whom are black) knelling (“taking a knee”) during the national anthem. Every option is unappetizing.

The League could, for example, order owners to bench protesters but this risks escalating the protests if non-protesters decide to show solidarity with punished teammates. Or, like many universities, owners could try to placate protesters with public forums (“honest conversations about race in America”) to vent their anger about American racism, politic brutality, rotten ghetto schools, white privilege and all the rest and hope that this gesture ends the brouhaha. But, I’d guess that this peacekeeping effort would only further anger fans already sick and tired of spoiled millionaire athletes.

Not surprisingly, the league’s current strategy is to procrastinate in the hope that the players will grow bored with theatrical gestures while disgruntled fans will again crave their weekly fix of professional football.

Running out the clock is riskier than it might first appear. Professional sports are not eternal and recall that prior to WW II the two biggest spectator sports were horse racing and boxing. Professional football barely existed until the early 1960s and even a 15 or 20% decline in the public’s interest would be disastrous financially since league income is closely tied to TV ratings. Nor could most teams afford half-empty stadiums.

Now for the solution: hold at least one pre-season game in Africa, preferable in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. The logic is impeccable: first, games have already been played abroad (London) and, the NFL, like the NBA, is anxious to internationalize its “brand.” Boosting the popularity of American-style football in Africa would also add millions to league revenue while future African teams could provide NFL talent (five Nigerian players are already in the NFL but all these come to the US via colleges). Most persuasive, given that the NFL is about 75% African American, and the ancestors of most African Americans hail from West Africa, this pre-season contest would be a “homecoming” for many black athletes. Moreover, along with the players from two teams would come coaches, assistant coaches, owners and their entourages, trainers, equipment managers, wives, girlfriends, game officials and media folk to pump millions into the West African economy. Hard to image a better multicultural, race-healing gesture by the NFL owners and to sweeten the deal, the visit would include a five-day tour of the Nigerian hinterland.

Alas, not everything might go as expected. Clearly, the black players would be shocked by a poverty that would make East St. Louis look like Beverly Hills. Their response would, of course, be a typical reaction of any American tourist who encounters Third-World slums, dogs and pigs openly rooting around garbage and the like but it would be especially painful for American blacks who fantasize about their old “homeland.” Let them see what happens when whites are expelled and blacks run everything.

The second lesson, also learned by American tourists, is that almost nothing works in Africa—buses regularly breakdown, elevators are erratic, electrical power disappears periodically, roads are frequently impassible, nobody believes in schedules and on and on and on. Yes, everybody might be checked into the five-star Transcorp Hilton Abuja, but there can never be a complete escape from what makes the Third World distinctly Third World. And visiting the countryside would only exacerbate the discomfort, especially if they are stuck on a tour bus with non-functioning air conditioning in 110 degree temperatures and are delayed by scrawny animals wandering on roads.

Moreover, nearly all these players are multi-millionaires and will be correctly perceived as super-rich Americans and thus tempting targets for swarms of beggars, street hustlers, and con artists. Particularly disconcerting, their claim to be “fellow Africans” whose ancestors were unlucky enough to be captured by slave traders will be meaningless to the Nigerians since if everyone is black, blackness counts for zero. I’d also guess that locals would routinely plead with the rich NFL visitors to take them to America, perhaps as stowaways in the equipment bags. Just picture these wealthy athletes explaining how America is a pretty bad place for people of color where “just doing nothing at all” risks being murdered by white racist cops.

Matters will get worse. It is highly unlikely that they can escape levels of crime unthinkable to ordinary Americans, even residents of Detroit. It will commence at the Abuja airport with luggage items (especially electronic items) vanishing and continue with hotel maids pilfering small change, being cheated by vendors, equipment (even shoes and socks) disappearing during practices, and perhaps a few more serious offenses such as being mugged by armed gangs. Even fervent ideologically blinded social justice warriors will be forced to recognize what experienced travelers know when travelling in Africa—don’t trust anyone, never display objects of value no matter how small and don’t leave anything important lying around. And just wait until these naive Americans try to report a robbery to the police! Or are repeatedly arrested by cops who can spot a rich American a mile away, particularly one standing 6’5’’ who only speaks English while being bedecked in Kente Cloth. More than a few visitors will miss the “racist” albeit courteous pigs who eschewed upfront bribes to investigate a missing cell phone.

But perhaps the most painful experience will come from the sicknesses that plague innocents abroad. After all, these young, strong men never worried about brushing their teeth with tap water or the consequences of eating local street food. Absent strictly following the advice of the team doctor, everybody on the team will likely suffer from a multitude of unpleasant though non-lethal illnesses than involve diarrhea, vomiting plus various painful insect bites. A whole new vocabulary awaits: chikungunya, leishmaniasis, lymphatic filariasis, onechoceriasis among countless other tropical illnesses that will mystify the team doctor. Far worse might be the “souvenirs” (including HIV) collected by those who partook of the “local talent.”


No doubt, home-coming will be a most welcome although a few may have to be left behind in Nigerian hospitals, jails or have been kidnapped and whose release must wait months if not years of negotiations. Now, of the utmost importance, like all American returning from the Third World, they will quickly appreciate well-behaved, polite police and customs officials, functioning traffic lights, and spotless restaurants selling safe food. The race to the nearest airport McDonalds’ will be a stampede.

Hopefully, these NFL players will share their “educational” experiences with those on other teams. Yes, returning players may still believer that America suffers from toxic white racism etc. but there will be some good news. None of these who have personally experienced a week in Nigeria will have to worry that taking a knee during the national anthem will precipitate an unexpected race to the bathroom only to find no toilet paper, an overflowing, stopped up non-functioning commode, broken facets with just a trickle of brown water and vandalized towel and soap dispensers. In other words, the white-run United States of America does have its virtues. God Bless America!

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Africa, Blacks, NFL, Political Correctness 
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    “I sure am glad my great-granddaddy caught that boat.”

    Muhammad Ali on his return from his African “Rumble In The Jungle.”

  2. jim jones says:

    I suggest Liberia as a venue:

  3. I love the idea, except for the part where they’re allowed to return here afterward.

  4. White Afro-addiction will lead to the Afrocalypse of the West.

  5. El Dato says:

    Mr. Weissberg, this article needs an application of a spellchecker and grammar analyzer.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  6. Nevertheless, how Africa would have developed had not white man destroyed all states and cultures there remains a question.
    Jan Vansina, ‘Kingdoms of the savanna, A history of Central African states until the European occupation’, London 1966

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  7. utu says:

    As usually Weissberg is stoking the fire that TPTB want it to be lit. Race, whites, blacks, anthem and football are all very powerful memes using which one can play most Americans like a fiddle. It works every time. To large extent because of useful idiots or agent provocateurs like Weissberg.

    Hey Weissberg, go fuck yourself.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  8. johnd [AKA "jlee0"] says:

    make sure the NFL sends their very white curvacious cheerleaders as well–make sure that they get their dose of “brotherhood” from the locals.

  9. IA says:

    Great article. Hopefully the love affair will come to a swift end and whites will join the saner people of the world.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  10. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    My similar criticism, and some other comments including a reply to mine from commenter Randal, apparently did not survive the repair/reset process over the past day or so. As those may never resurface, I wanted to say that there are at least two readers with this impression of Mr. Weissberg’s writing. He offers nothing insightful, simply serving to keep a subset of this readership fired up by telling them that they are better than the blacks. A sophomoric clod compared to Dinh, Giraldi, Sailer, and the other first rate authors published here.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  11. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    No, it should be left ugly in appearance, too.

  12. @anonymous

    I disagree with you. All Weissberg is saying is that if those prima donnas were to see how pampered they are here in comparison to the life they would live in what their ancestors have built in Africa then maybe they would see the folly of their protesting. All he is asking them to do is to look into a mirror of sorts.

    I’ve noticed that a certain type of person literally just can’t stand anyone’s holding up a mirror to them. Why is that? Evidently, what they see must be so horrible that they would destroy the person who dares make them look so bad. They don’t realize that they look bad not because of something the other person did, but because that’s who they are.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Pj
  13. Okechukwu says:

    This is a load of garbage. If nothing works in Nigeria then we should expect their airliners to frequently fall from the sky, and of course they don’t. The place has all the accouterments of modernity, managed by Nigerians. So NFL players aren’t going to get the sense that they’ve arrived in some otherworldly dystopia separate and apart from all that they’re used to. There’s nothing they have in the United States that they couldn’t also access in Nigeria. And since millionaire NFL players typically don’t sojourn in the slums of Appalachia, we would not expect them to alter that pattern when visiting Nigeria.

    Having said all of that, I don’t imagine that the NFL would play an exhibition in Nigeria given that the people there have virtually no interest in football. Even Nigerian immigrants to the United States usually don’t take to football. It’s the American born like myself that like it. Because football is so idiosyncratically American that you literally have to be born into it. Same with baseball, which I also love but which the average African can’t make heads or tails out of. The NFL may play exhibitions overseas (and even regular season games in London), but the actual constituency for football is so small that all efforts to grow the game outside of America have failed. Sending American soccer players to play exhibitions in Nigeria would make much more sense.

    Basketball. There’s a sport that is much more accessible and much more popular internationally. There are African basketball leagues and national teams (Nigeria has a league and a national team). What you are pining for has already happened with respect to the NBA. Wealthy Black American professional basketball players do go to Africa to conduct clinics and play exhibitions. Very wealthy, actually. NBA players earn vastly more than NFL players. Yet none of those experiences have tempered their advocacy for social justice and equal treatment in the United States. It’s a stupid suggestion for you to make, in an article replete with stupidity. You personally would not come back from a trip to a European slum with a newfound willingness to accept less than equal treatment.

    Speaking of sports, white sports fans often riot, loot and destroy entire city blocks when their teams win or lose. You should address that phenomenon instead of this faux outrage over peaceful anthem protests. I say your outrage isn’t genuine because you can’t be that dumb. I know you’re just desperately latching onto anything in order to promote your agenda.

    • Replies: @Rich
  14. @jilles dykstra

    Well, considering that homo Africanus had been in place for 100,000 years, and no one had thought to throw a saddle on a zebra, I’m inclined to believe that they might have been just about on the verge of developing the wheel by now.

    Written language, of course, would remain a mystery.

    • Replies: @lmfao
  15. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I used to feel that I was learning from him, and still agree with Mr. Weissberg about the delusional racialism embodied in the football players, Confederate statue removers, et al. But he recently seems to be mailing it in, and some of his columns strike me (and apparently commenter utu) as the other blade of the scissors that keep Americans divided.

    Here, he has stapled onto this month’s Defining Issue of the Decade several paragraphs of bad news about Africa. But if things were peachy over there, Mr. Weissberg’s “knelling” football players would still be just as wrong here. Wouldn’t they? That needn’t be addressed if the only point is to whack-a-black and tee up the predictable comments.

    Substance aside, the frequent typos and other technical errors are annoying. Establishmentarians seize on that stuff to prevent themselves and others from thinking critically and to discredit publications like UR. If nothing else, Mr. Weissberg should try harder or ask for editorial assistance.

  16. Pj says:

    Some creatures are incapable of seeing reflections, don’t cha know.

  17. I am afraid I don’t see the “crisis” here. Some footballers decide not to stand for the anthem. Most don’t have a clue about the actual crime statistics, and many are violent felons themselves, but whatever. Our insane clown president sees a way to make some political hay with a portion of his base, so he tweets insults. The rollout goes so well that he turns it into a project, going so far as to suggest that standing for the anthem should be required by federal law. And a few weeks later it turns into a race war of words, with Mr Weisberg trotting out the inevitable “Go back to Africa”. Meanwhile our wars roll on, the new congressional budget includes a 12 figure deficit, we lose four soldiers in Niger. I simply don’t get why this is even being discussed. The protests are peaceful and pretty much over with. Why not just let it die?

  18. “Why not just let it die?”

    Because the casus belli is a lie. Kaepernick originally protested because of police genocide of innocent young black men.

    1) How can it be genocide if the black population in America is growing (and has been for the last 400 years) at a higher rate than the white? (Are you liberals math literate enough to understand the concept of “rate” or velocity?)

    2) How many black men are killed by police in a year? 500? 400? There are 42,000,000 blacks in America. Half are women so ignore them. Of the remaining 21,000,000, half are less than 14 in age. So that leaves 10,5000,000 murderable black men. And of all those prime targets police only manage to kill 500? That’s one out of 210,000. That’s very poor shooting. Our police need to attend marksmanship classes.

    One black man in a fairly large city is shot to death every year. Is that so surprising? Is Kaepernick seriously arguing that not one black man out of a population of 210,000 acted so badly that he didn’t deserve to die at the hands of law enforcement?

    Kaepernick is a lying fool. Or unforgivably ignorant. As are all the buffoons who follow his lead. If this is what we are forced to witness, if dim-bulb black football players are to be those whom we look to for guidance in racial affairs, then f*ck it. We’ll tune out. We’re too smart to be hornswoggled by this.

  19. Rich says:

    I would suppose that the reason those jets stay in the sky is that they weren’t built by Nigerians. According to the most recent statistics, 100 million Nigerians live on less than \$1 a day and over 60% live in what’s called “absolute poverty” according to the NBS.
    And White fans rarely riot, loot or destroy entire city blocks, Black fans often do it. If Whites are so bad, why does every single Black in America, as soon as he gets a couple bucks, move to a White neighborhood? Why are so many Africans immigrating to the US if Whites are so racist? Reality.

    • Replies: @Okechukwu
  20. joef says:

    The back to Africa movement died with Garvey, and it is currently politically untenable, so fruitless to seriously contemplate. Besides, no African nation would gladly accept our afro american burden, and would not tolerate the levels of daily antisocial behavior that we choose to accept. Subsaharan Africans would not have any problem making afro americans accountable for their bad behavior (and so undesirable for the average afro to live in). Further, afro americans would be unable to easily extort unreasonable economic/political demands from them, as they are capable of doing in the USA.
    Afros know from past experience, that when they complain, American liberals will immediately try to accommodate those demands, however unreasonable .

    Thus, there is no disincentive for afros not to make unreasonable demands upon American society. Ultimately it becomes our (non afros) responsibility to interrupt this destructive cycle… because most afros are simple victim’s of classical conditioning, formed by instant gratification of their every whim… whereas liberals are more culpable (despite being reality challenged) because they knowingly cater to every unreasonable afro complaint. But it also may be too late to readapt afros, from hateful spoiled brats, to peaceful productive citizens (their cooperation in this area seems lacking). This failure will result in ever increasing afro burdens, with their eventual exceeding of their carrying capacity causing an economic reset (leading to massive social unrest).

  21. bjondo says:

    NFL already goes to israel compliments of israeli, robert kraft (whose wife happy nephew joined JTF, jew terrorist force, not the U.S. military).

    receivers can earn bonus points by catching bottle rockets from gaza, history’s largest concentration-extermination prison. save jew ground get 2 points. don’t mention stolen, prison, apartheid, get 3 points.

    brady can play grenade tosser, for he so loves the JTF (jew terrorist force).

    besides the ‘patriots’ have so much in common with the jew state. both are cheats and thieves.

  22. Anonymous [AKA "Ene"] says:

    It is “Abijan”, not “Abuja”, you illiterate idiot. Why don’t YOU go to Africa and then stay there.

  23. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great suggestion.
    Too bad FOX news is not brave enough to air it.

  24. Ras says:

    For those who were not around 50 years ago, more than a few white chaps burned more than a few US flags in protest of the war against the people of Vietnam .

    • Replies: @David In TN
  25. Okechukwu says:

    I would suppose that the reason those jets stay in the sky is that they weren’t built by Nigerians.

    Planes are built by entities called aircraft manufacturers. In and of themselves planes would fall from the sky if not properly maintained, managed and operated.

    According to the most recent statistics, 100 million Nigerians live on less than \$1 a day and over 60% live in what’s called “absolute poverty” according to the NBS.

    Yeah, many Nigerians are poor. But a dollar goes a lot further there than here. What’s your point anyway? Do you want me to describe the kind of wretched poverty that has gripped Europe at various times in history, and which makes present-daay African poverty seem like a trip to Disneyland?

    And White fans rarely riot, loot or destroy entire city blocks, Black fans often do it.

    Don’t lie on the Internet. It’s too easy to be exposed. Setting aside the murderous thuggery of European soccer hooligans, let’s stick to America, shall we?

    11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore

    White sports fans have a long tradition of destructive rioting following sporting events. They even rioted, destroyed property and murdered innocent black people simply because a white man lost a boxing match to a black man.

    Race riots in dozen cities follow Johnson fight victory

    At 135th-st and Eighth-av in the better class negro quarter a mob of white men stormed a street car, pulled a negro into the street and kicked and beat him. Police rescued the negro. Another mob attempted to lynch a negro buying a paper. The negro drew a stiletto and held the mob off until police arrived.

    In the “black and tan” and “San Juan hill” negro sections mobs set fire to a negro tenement house, hurled stones at windows, and tried to keep the occupants in by blocking the exits. The fire department routed the mob.

    Smaller riots were of frequent occurrence throughout the night and early morning.

    If Whites are so bad, why does every single Black in America, as soon as he gets a couple bucks, move to a White neighborhood?

    No one says whites are “so bad.” I’m even married to one. Successful blacks, like all successful people, move into neighborhoods suitable to their station. Often those neighborhood are majority black like these:

    Affluent Black Neighborhoods

    Why are so many Africans immigrating to the US if Whites are so racist? Reality.

    Gee, I don’t know. Maybe for the same reason Europeans fled their squalid, dysfunctional shitholes for a better life in America.

  26. @Ras

    As someone who WAS around 50 years ago, I can report the “white chaps” were looked upon with utter contempt.

  27. General Buck Naked committed many crimes, but he never once carried a concealed weapon.

  28. Hal says:

    Why not just stop playing the national anthem before games? Or do not bring the players out of the locker room until after it has played? In the first case there is nothing to protest; in the second potential protesters are not visible.

    Problem solved.

  29. Remember that just about every major antebellum American statesman (Northern and Southern) were huge proponents of “sending them back.” It was called the American Colonization Society:

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