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Sleepwalking Into a Non-White Future
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“About six-in-ten White adults of all ages say the declining share of White people in the population is neither good nor bad for society.”
Pew Research Center, August 23 2021

I was fascinated and frustrated by a recent series of polls conducted by the Pew Research Center on attitudes toward America’s declining White population. While there are several interesting layers to Pew’s findings, the key message is that a significant majority of White respondents indicated that they feel the declining share of White people in the population is neither good nor bad for society. In other words, they feel that nothing will fundamentally change for them or their children despite their slide into minority status. Pew point out that “the 2020 census showed the U.S. had a shrinking non-Hispanic White population … down 3% – or about 5.1 million people – from 2010 to 2020. The decline was widespread geographically, with 35 states seeing drops in their non-Hispanic White populations.” Pew contextualize this both in terms of immigration and natural increase among non-White populations, but also in terms of a rise in interracial marriages and the growing number of multiracial or multiethnic babies. While Whites retain the largest share of the American population among single-ethnic groups, Pew are clear that they are on an inexorable downward trajectory. The “non-Hispanic White population in the U.S. that identifies with a single race” is expected to fall below 50% by 2045.

H.L. Mencken once described faith as “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” Intended primarily as a barb against the religious, I couldn’t help but find it appropriate to the 61% of White adults who told Pew that the momentous changes outlined above will have absolutely no effect on American society and culture. This is to say nothing of the 15% of respondents who told Pew that such a transformation is “good for society” or “very good.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this last figure was dominated by Jews in Whiteface (see Kevin MacDonald’s comments on Jennifer Rubin’s unmitigated joy at White decline), but the general picture of this survey is undeniably of a White population sleepwalking into a future that has every indication of being very bad indeed.

Who are the sleepwalkers? Pew stress that “differences by age are especially pronounced.” Among respondents aged between 18 and 29, 29% say White demographic decline is good for society, compared with 13% who say it is bad. By contrast, “32% of Americans ages 65 and older say this demographic shift is bad for society and only 6% say it is good.” While there are some predictable differences between Republican and Democratic voters on whether the transformation of America will be good or bad, almost identical percentages of respondents from each party commented that it would bring about no meaningful social change and was neither good nor bad (61% of Republicans vs. 62% Democrats). Education does not appear to have had a dramatic effect on responses. Among those with postgraduate degrees, 14% replied that White demographic decline would be “somewhat bad” or “very bad,” while 18% responded that it would be “somewhat good” or “very good.” The largest percentage, in keeping with responses broken down by age and politics, was the 69% of postgrad degree holders who asserted that the transformation of American would be neither good nor bad.

“Neither Good nor Bad”

At the risk of over-analyzing a seemingly straightforward statement, I think it’s worth reflecting on the mental processes and cultural messaging that might produce the sleepwalking response highlighted by Pew. The results themselves, one might argue, could be interpreted in a “glass half full/glass half empty” kind of way, and there’s an element of truth to this argument. After all, more than 80% of White respondents to Pew refused to describe White demographic decline in America as a good thing. In the context of the demonization of White history and culture on a mass scale, and the intensification of social pressure against any form of White self-assertion, such a result could be seen as a Pyrrhic victory. Kevin MacDonald, along with several other writers at this site, have shown that there is systemic incentivization for accelerating the decline of White influence and demography, from diversity promotion in industry and business to discrimination against Whites in education and employment. The overwhelming message of modern multicultural society is that White majorities anywhere, and in any walk of life, are inherently bad, and that the easiest and most conclusive method of achieving a better, more vibrant, and more just society involves reducing White representation and flooding every historically White nation or institution with an ethnic panoply. Despite my own deeply pessimistic nature, I must confess to a level of astonishment that in the midst of such a hostile cultural context only 1 in 5 agreed that White demographic decline would be good.

But how to explain the hesitancy to describe it as bad? Isn’t it one of the most human instincts to regret loss of any kind? Each and every day, human beings regret the loss of loved ones, of wealth, of status, of youthful looks, of health, and of cherished possessions. White demographic decline, despite all propaganda, is clearly a harbinger of loss, indeed, massive loss. In simple terms, it marks a break in a chain of successive possession. You inherit land or possessions from an ancestor, and you pass it to a descendent, becoming in the course of that process an ancestor yourself. The United States of America has been a White project of successive possession since the days of the earliest colonies, and that project will come to an end on the day and hour that Whites cease to be capable of determining the direction of the nation. I say “capable of determining” rather than simply “determining” because there are clearly already hostile influential elites directing the course of contemporary America in ways antithetical to White interests. But a White majority at least entails the promise of hope that this situation can be rectified. The loss of the White majority is a loss of hope in recapturing the machinery and assets of the original project. After that Rubicon has been crossed, the only option will be to commence a new project that must have, at its heart, the recapturing of majority status.

Losing demographic control of White nations will resemble losing control of a car, since the consequences of being displaced on one’s own territory have been shown in the vast course of human history to be catastrophic, invariably being accompanied by a rise in violence, political subjugation, social ostracism, and dehumanization. Everything our “woke” critics wish to say about historical White imperialism or dominance are simply truisms of the human animal wherever it is found. What they now decry, they will soon prescribe. The dominant will dominate, and being a minority, especially when you are not historically adapted and tactically equipped for that position (unlike the Jews who are extremely well adapted to it), is a position of vulnerability to be avoided at all costs. Those who point to the protected status of minorities across contemporary Western nations forget that this is a side-effect of a particularly nasty White political hallucination that will evaporate as soon as Whites fall into minority status themselves. Whites who believe they will be granted, in an inter-ethnic quid pro quo, legal privileges, preferential paths to employment, and outsized representation in everything from TV ads to government have clearly not been reading between the lines of the hostile mass propaganda. They are living in a fool’s paradise. Where sleepwalking White’s expect reciprocity they will find only revenge.

In less materialistic terms, White demographic decline is also a harbinger of profound cultural loss. The signs are already here. When was the last time you saw a media depiction of a normal, ethnically homogenous White community or even just a normal White family? White demographic decline means Whites will see less of themselves, or nothing at all, in the products of the culture they inhabit. The surrounding culture will, at best, become unrelatable and meaningless, and, at worst, incredibly hostile or dangerous. If culture is the method by which a people speaks to itself about itself and its aspirations, then Whites can expect to become culturally muted, hearing only the browbeating messages of foreigners and losing all natural sense of direction as a consequence. White culture will either be forced to develop on the small-scale, in isolated pockets of ethnic homogeneity, or it will atrophy and stagnate. Faced with the demonization of historical White culture, in which it is regarded and presented as having the potential to inspire future White “wrongs,” White culture will also be subject to ever more aggressive erasure by the new dominant powers.

Liars, Cowards, and Gamblers

Faced with such potential losses, how and why have so many sleepwalkers conjured up a neutral, non-committal response? The first possibility, of course, is that deep down they hold more pessimistic views but are afraid to express them. All commentary on White Flight suggests that Whites abandon any area as soon as they become a minority, or even shrinking majority, in it. So how can people have neutral feelings for a process of decline on a national scale when they can’t even stomach it on Main Street? Is it possible that the results from Pew merely reflect apprehension and anxiety on the part of Whites to express their true feelings on diversity? While interesting, I don’t derive any comfort from this possibility. If there is so strong a sense of social fear that even an anonymous poll prompts evasion and disavowals of one’s own interests then the level of cowardice would be such that all is lost anyway.

I believe, however, that the poll results are at least in some way accurate in reflecting the true, though confused, feelings of the White population. The overwhelming majority of answers are reflective of inertia — of an inability to decide. I believe that the majority of these answers arise from a place in the White mind that is only too aware that diversity isn’t good, but also from a place that simply hasn’t been culturally equipped to see a little further down the road. I believe most Whites have an instinctual apprehension that White decline will be bad for society, but that they are so bombarded with contrary messaging that they struggle to conceptualize in what ways that society will be bad. And, unlike White flight, if the entire nation tips non-White, where is there to go? White Flight will itself become redundant. Whites will be locked in with diversity. Is the only option then, from a psychological standpoint, to simply engage in denial and hope for the best? The Pew results suggest so.

Contemporary mass culture is also a psychological trap in the sense that the White multiculturalist becomes little more than a gambler. The man in a casino mindlessly inserting cash into a fruit machine does so in an entirely artificial environment. He feels comfortable even as he loses money. He loses sense of time, and he continues to insert cash and pull the lever because lights flash, wheels spin, and there is an occasional but dramatic clang of coins into a shiny steel pocket. These are his meagre rewards. He feels good when they happen, but eventually the rewards stop and he has nothing left to give. The thought that the system was against him all along, and that his losses were preordained and predictable may not even occur to him as he walks away semi-dazed and uncomfortable with himself. The White multiculturalist is aware, consciously or not, that if he makes certain affirming noises about diversity, then he will receive the social equivalent of the flashing lights, spinning wheels, and clanging coins. He’ll attract many “likes,” for example, or if he really hits the jackpot he might get a grant or a promotion. He continues to insert the required price of the machine—support for diversity, but he’s ignorant, like the gambler, of the fact his environment is false and the system is designed for his bankruptcy. White demographic decline is the slowly emptying pocket of the gambler. Like all gamblers, the closer they get to the empty pocket, the more reckless and dramatic become the delusions of sudden winnings. For this reason, I expect that as White America’s decline accelerates, we can expect a superficially contradictory state of affairs in which swathes of Whites really do convince themselves that it’s for the best, and that society will be about to turn some magical Utopian corner. The gambler resists the thought that he was utterly stupid to ever have played the game. The multiculturalist will deny the suggestion that he contributes to his own downfall.

Fundamentally, this is what bothers me most about the Pew findings, and why I refuse the “glass half full” interpretation of them. Anyone suggesting that the dramatic changes in demography, power, and influence currently underway will be “neither good nor bad,” is living in an artificial environment in the national casino. Anyone who cannot see the stark and imminent losses on the horizon is living in an eternal present, divorced from the past and unable to conceptualize the future. They have no idea that the hour is getting late.

“A Kind of Triumph”

Inertia among normal Whites is in stark contrast to the palpable increase in joy and excited anticipation of opposing factions (see Kevin MacDonald’s latest piece examining the worst that Twitter has to offer). For the latter, there is no question of White decline being “neither bad nor good.” White demographic decline is instead a massive victory. It’s something so worthy of celebration, in fact, that they are counting down to it. Brookings Institute demographer William H. Frey, of unknown ethnic provenance, has opined in his 2018 Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America that “these changes are a good-news story for America.”[1]W. H. Frey, Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America (Washington D.C.: Brookings Institute, 2018). I find it endlessly fascinating that this prophet of good news gave his first major speech on the issue to, of all possible places, the American Jewish Committee at Houston’s Beth Yeshurun synagogue.

The remark that White America’s decline was a “good news story” reminded me of the British Jewish journalist Jonathan Freedland’s comments following the 2011 UK census. Freedland first pointed out that “the country is now less white and less Christian. In 2001, white people accounted for 91% of the total population. In the latest census, that figure is down five points to 86%.” For Freedland, 1948 was a pivotal year in British history because it “saw the arrival of the Windrush, the ship bearing the Caribbean migrants who would change the face of Britain.” He cajoled his readers into the belief that he is a jolly old Anglo-Saxon with clever references to “we” and “us,” arguing that “we should love the country we have become — informal, mixed, quirky — rather than the one we used to be.” Freedland then reported gleefully that “White Britons have become a minority in London, accounting for only 45% of the city’s population,” and ended his article with the astonishing remark that “the main story is surely that this country has undergone a radical transformation in this last decade and the ones before — and it has done so with relative peace and relative calm. No one will hand out any gold medals for that, but it’s a kind of triumph all the same.” Britain, like America, is undergoing its changes “with relative peace and relative calm” because it is also home to sleepwalkers, liars, cowards, and gamblers.


This is an unapologetically pessimistic essay, to the extent that its intention is not to demoralize but to assist with sharpening our vision of the problem at hand. This problem involves an artificial environment, a rigged system of temporary reward, and an ever-diminishing return for any Whites playing the dangerous game of diversity. In life you either gain or lose. There is no room for stasis. The idea that massive demographic change will be “neither good nor bad” is nothing more than an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable. The Pew findings indicate that any kind of White awakening to a full realization of the true nature of White decline will be a mammoth task.


[1] W. H. Frey, Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America (Washington D.C.: Brookings Institute, 2018).

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I get surprised looks when I advocate for white (European lines), but nobody has yet challenged me. They know I am right, they are just afraid to say it. I would not trust any polls, but especially one about this kind of thing.

    It must be true that whites need to wake up now, before it is too late.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: Sarah
  2. All information seems to be filtered through anti-white jews…, all info is suspect.

    What better way to disarm the stupid goyim but to tell them that all of the other stupid goyim are very happy to become a minority in their own nations, and there is nothing remotely to be concerned about.

    Nothing to see here goys! The white people are happy to be replaced! They don’t care!

    Trust me, if a white person has two brain cells, and UNDERSTANDS what it means to become a hated minority, that white person will surely object.

    On the other hand, the nice visitor here named “trite laxative,” has cautioned us to not complain about becoming a minority, because it gives the jews too much happiness.

    So, we should follow the trite’s advice…and just suck it up and accept our replacement….so as not to activate the jews’ glee.

    I am filled with joy that we have a high IQ intellectual such as trite laxative on our side. I shudder to think what that kind of intellect could do if it were aimed against our people.

  3. Don’t you know how surveys work?

    People answer how they think they’re supposed to, not how they really believe.

  4. Jeezus H. God.
    This piece was three time

  5. Too Long; Didn’t Read

    Do any Unz readers have jobs/lives/etc.?

  6. @Stoic_seeker

    It must be true that whites need to wake up now, before it is too late.

    So many otherwise educated people even in /our thing/ still haven’t gotten the memo. You should have been on the “wake up” thing in about 1995. We are decades past “too late” already. Why didn’t you act far sooner? The ship has sailed long ago, the statistics prove it. Demographics is Destiny.

    • Agree: 3g4me, Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Goddard
    , @follyofwar
    , @Briggs
  7. RestiveUs says:

    The poll’s question was too vague. Good or bad for whites within said society might have elicited a different response.

  8. Trinity says:

    Politically correct mumbo jumbo I heard today. Haiti fell from being the most prosperous nation in this hemisphere to the poorest because it abandoned Christianity. And Brazil, about the same size as America and older than America never became great like America because the people who came there were looking for gold instead of God. Look, I am a Christian, and I do believe that Almighty God can bless people and He did indeed bless America, but we know why Brazil and Haiti became what they became and it has nothing to do with religious beliefs.

    This is akin to saying that the democrats ruined Detroit. HOWEVER, I do think abandoning God has a lot to do with White America’s downfall. Speaking of abandoning God, remember Madlynn Murray O’hair? Well, guess what, I read an old article recently claiming that her son was denounced as an “anti-Semite” once for claiming he didn’t like hypocrite liars and Jews. I think it was some kind of infighting in some atheist group. Lest we forget how many “Bolsheviks” were allegedly “atheists. smdh. You can’t make this up. Christian bashing by atheists = “hell, yeah.” Criticizing Jews = anti-Semite. Some things never change.

    Do I think God is not pleased with current America? Well does a bear shit in the woods?

    • Agree: Hitmarck
  9. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry Andrew, no one’s buying it anymore.

    White trashionalists said for 30 years the crime rate would rise, and yet it has fallen to lows not seen since the 1960s, including the Floyd bump. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics haven’t seized any political power. Most of what you call “antiwhite” is promoted by whites (and it isn’t actually antiwhite nor is it popular).

    Nobody in the white community believes your pessimistic bullshit because it’s been tested for 30 years and consistently failed. America is safer and cleaner as its gotten less white. Your side was proven wrong, and now we laugh at you.

  10. Thomasina says:
    @Fred Not Reed

    Too long? What grade are you in? Just to be helpful, you might find more success on Twitter.

    • Thanks: The Griffins
  11. But how to explain the hesitancy to describe it as bad?

    Are Jews bad for the USA?

    • LOL: ziggurat
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  12. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Not Reed

    Joyce needs to learn to condense his chaotic thoughts in to something meaningful by setting mandatory maximum character limits for himself. His endless ramblings serve no purpose other than to relieve the day-to-day frustration of his disorganized and narcissistic mind. The audience doesn’t download his delusions directly in to their brains as he seems to think they do.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Troll: Joseph Doaks, Blackstone
  13. So does this mean we will soon have our own affirmative action?

  14. ..” Given immigration and demographic trends, Canada will become a Muslem country by 2050!”
    …see American Thinker…16 March 2016
    …Vancouver is now called Hong-couver and University of British Columbia is now called,
    ” University of a Billion Chinese”! Toronto is increasingly becoming a third world ( mostly Muslem) city, as is Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, et. al.! There are NO whites on media advertisements, as their “model” family is a black man, white woman and a couple of mulatto kids!
    ..after they destroy white,western civilization, the “\$\$\$\$ changers” will rule over low IQ mud colored brutes, and life will be boring for them, as their 2,000 year old plan to destroy the west, will mean that they will destroy their own privileged lifestyle….which they have enjoyed for over 2,000 years!

    • Agree: Annony Mouse
  15. @Robert Dolan

    Trust me, if a white person has two brain cells, and UNDERSTANDS what it means to become a hated minority, that white person will surely object.


    The ethnic Chinese were the “hated minority” in Indonesia and the CIA took advantage of that.

    Something for the whites in murrikans to chew on.

    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  16. Gemjunior says:

    This was a sobering piece, but unfortunately all true. I didn’t find it “three time Too Long,” and since I read pretty quickly I didn’t notice any block of time or life being absent… I think it’s important that White people share this with one another. Even if it is possible to form living areas like Orania (and it is) even they need more than ten White people in a sea of White-hating diversifiers. I wish White people weren’t so fond of putting their heads in the sand, I really do. But they are, so we will have to do what needs to be done. It’s just unfortunate that it has been left to this point when anti-Whites have so much control of society and the internet.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  17. One-off says:

    Sharp take but it is based on a false premise. The United States, and possibly Britain, won’t last long enough to see Whites become a minority. The rapid decline and dissolution itself are driven in part by the decline in Whites. A best case scenario would be the Czechs and Slovaks separating but what will happen here likely will resemble the Balkans. This will follow the replacement of the dollar as the reserve currency within the next decade.

    Poll how many think the United States will exist as it does now in ten years. There might be a plurality that thinks so but that opinion is moving toward a well-founded belief in dissolution.

  18. Wokechoke says:

    The Casino metaphor is excellent. Mounting Losses accompanied by Diminishing Rewards. Stupified bankrupt stumbles out of lobby at 3am thinking its 11pm while broke.

  19. Dumbo says:

    First of all, the term “non- hispanic White” is sort of meaningless, or I don’t know what it means. Is someone from Spain a “hispanic White”? “Hispanic” to me is a term related to language. Just say White and non-White.

    Second, polls need to be taken with a grain of salt, because a lot of people reply what they think is the right answer, or an answer that won’t get them into trouble. So saying “neither good nor bad” is kinda the appropriate answer, as it implies the mantra of the age, that everyone is exactly equal and so it won’t make any difference. But, it’s also true that there are a lot of stupid people around, and perhaps they did not understand the question.

    Thirds, Jews and other assorted globalists have won. I doubt it will take until 2045 for whites to be less than 45% in the U.S., actually, I think they already are. They lie about all those demographic polls, just as they lie about Jews being “2%” and Blacks “13%”, and illegal Mexicans and Central-Americans a similar number that doesn’t grow every year.

    Also, our Global Masters have learned that pandemic diseases work better for population control than any sort of police-state stalinism, or even the constant threat of terrorism, so they will create a new disease every year and subject us to any whimsical rules they want. GAME OVER.

  20. Ano says:

    Yes, no apologies necessary for pessimism.

    Whites who bury thier heads in the sand to what is clearly going on just make it easier for their heads to be cut off-or be necklaced.

    Whites who think America is just going to be Brazil are seriously deluded…not just demographically; but above all politically.

    These people close their eyes to the top-down (((directed and orchestrated))) demonisation of white Americans which is growing in openness and vicisiousness.

    For now, the talk is ‘(whites)…have to die’ (Winfrey) or ‘let them die’ (that Virginia PTA negress).
    (Or pearl clutching reporters regretting how far more negroes are murdered vis a vis whites in absolute numbers.)

    Meanwhile, the bottom-up violent race-hatred of the ever-growing uncivilised negro (many of whom are inculcated to believe whites are actual demons) is just simply going to become bloodier as whites become fewer in number (and yet remain more successful than the ever-more disfunctional negro), and thus more vulnerable.

    Some more whites will possibly wake up, once the Democrats are renamed the Economic Freedom Fighters, and sing ‘Shoot the Boer’ at their rallies.

    The last sleepwalkers will- I guess- possibly wake up when the mob is at their front door- with the car tire in their hands.

    There will be no Spanish-speaking, nor brown, nor yellow rescuers of The United States. These people will have formed their own break-away states- rather than wait around for when it all hits the fan.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  21. Weaver says:

    I disagree with Mr. Joyce. It could be easy to change opinions. Personal experience, especially when the economy declines, dollar ceases to be reserve, and the government is made to cut spending will change things. Trump shocked the system, though voters are fickle and his impact seems to be fading in some aspects like foreign policy.

    People have simply to raise families, do the best they can, and decide as choices come up. How many are even prepared to defend their families right now? If whites fall in numbers, there might be nothing we can do about it. But we can raise families. The wheel turns, and the world changes. Move forward.

    Currently Jews rule and attack us, not all of them but as a trend. If Asians and Latinos take power, they might actually treat us better. And it might not take but a generation or two to get numbers up again.

    Also, if China rules the world, who can blame whites for what happens? Hopefully white guilt ends.

    • Replies: @W
  22. Anonymous[320] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Well mayabe I shoudl not repeat the obvious..Would jews celebrate a declining Black population as the Census points out..I remeber a jewish rabbi admonishing jewish men/women for intermarrying nonjews and thus declining the jewish population. I dont think that jew woudl celebrate declining jews in Israel. I dont understand… Jews had become wealthy, powerful withinWHITE Anglo Christian nations why do the jews hate WHITES/Christian so much????. Had jews achieve more in Muslims, and other non white countries???. How can you celebrate whites decline and also accused them of white racist supremacy,,,Whites are doing badly in University education, health, percapita income, employment/labor, more whites are dying of drug opiod overdoses than any other group…who profits\$\$..?? In a DEMOCRACY/tic nation can WHITES vote to keep their olitical power and even segregate themselves?? as other NONwhites do?? all attemps to integrate national multiracaial societies had failed: SAfrica, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, israel/palestine…Is multiculturalism a form of segregation/division…and usually antiwhite why??? i hear people demanding to be legal in the USA, but burning the USA Flag?? refugees immigarnst that came to the USA voluntarily but they staged a protest/strike because they dont want to speak English? can I go to Turkey and refused to speak turkish or burnt their flag??? why did you come here anyway?? I believe that those behind this demographic REPLACEMENT only see two races JEWS/oligarchy and non jews godless goyim labor…thats the NWOrder…Will jews live better more secure under a majority NONwhite USA???

    • Agree: Annony Mouse
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @ziggurat
  23. Franz says:

    People answer how they think they’re supposed to, not how they really believe.

    It’s probably worse than that.

    Are these polling areas chosen by Zip Codes? How many of you in working class environments ever been “polled” as opposed to students, who in some places are polled daily? What about polls that are taken near golf courses but never near trailer parks?

    These are loaded dice they play with.

    The go to where the know they’ll get the right answers — and that’s what they always get.

    • Agree: Thomasina, David Homer
  24. Dumbo says:

    Let us admit it. The Jews have won. They control our airwaves and television sets. They control the vertical and the horizontal. They can demolish buildings in plain view. They can create viruses to make us sick and vaccines to save us, or finish us off. Let us rejoice and hail our new Satanic overlords.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  25. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Not Reed

    It’s not like the displacement of the people who created some of the more advanced societies of modern times is even important at all is it? Good to know you have more important things to do with your time, like making pointless comments for instance.

    Was your username intended to be Fred Not Read but you were too busy to proof read it?

    • LOL: ziggurat
  26. @Fred Not Reed

    Not everyone reads as slowly as you.

  27. Well researched and written article. In terms of being depressing, I didn’t find it so, I just feel untity with the author and their outlook. We are all now aware of what challenges are stacking up. My advice is to take two positive actions for white advocacy for every action taken by our enemies. Even if it’s small actions there’s more of us than the enemy and we can become better coordinated than the masses of their foot soldiers. We will awake on mass and turn this around. I’m not sure what that spark will be but sooner the better.

    • Replies: @Goddard
    , @RadicalCenter
  28. Andreas says:

    They are living in a fool’s paradise. Where sleepwalking White’s expect reciprocity they will find only revenge.Whites have been sleepwalking for decades.

    Of course it will be revenge. Whites stubbornly refuse to accept the inevitable consequences of their own displacement. Their denial even extends to the fact that such reciprocity only exists within their own suicidal Judeo-Christian value system.

    The political displacement of Whites has already occurred.

    The complete numerical displacement of Whites is next. Many will live to see it… soon.

    At best, Whites will simply be despised for their weakness and subsequently marginalized to an existence of poverty and degradation.

    At worst, Whites will be actively persecuted and destroyed.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  29. as an Asian man, i support White People’s right to be White.

    here are my recommendations to support this cause:

    1. keep your GOVT in check: stop bombing, invading, manipulating, instigating, stealing, oppressing, raping non-White countries which lead to migration. most refugees don’t wake up and say: “i want to migrate to a White country”. they go whereever there’s peace & stability. usually, it’s White countries who seem all too willing to accept refugees. stop accepting refugees.

    2. those refugees already in White countries: assist them to return or find them non-White host countries. i can’t speak for immigrants. immigrants can leave/go whenever. (some refugees cannot return to country of birth: if you’re this ignorant, do research to find out why.. yes, im talking to you BLACK AFRICAN CHIMPS.)

    by following these 2 simple steps… the White man can preserve his Whiteness.

    • Thanks: mark green
  30. Tucker says:

    “H.L. Mencken once described faith as “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” Intended primarily as a barb against the religious, I couldn’t help but find it appropriate to the 61% of White adults who told Pew that the momentous changes outlined above will have absolutely no effect on American society and culture.”

    Absolutely no effect on American society and culture? Tell that to the Whites who are still alive in the former White ruled Rhodesia, which is now the black ruled Zimbabwe. Tell that to the graves of the dead, tortured, and mutilated White French who once ruled Saint-Domingue, which they stupidly turned over to blacks around 1804 and which is now Haiti. Or, on a domestic front, tell that to the Whites who were once the majority and rulers in American cities like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, E. St. Louis, Memphis, or who were once the overwhelming majority in states like California, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. Every one of those non-white majority cities or states are now experiencing a massive exodus of Whites who had a taste of being ruled by hostile non-white races and they decided that they did not like being subjugated to non-white races who hate, resent, and despise them and who, once they attained political and cultural dominance, eagerly used that power to punish and discriminate against Whites.

    The future for White Americans, for those of us who have the brain power and ability to see what the future will bring to Whites as a hated and despised minority inside the nation that they founded and once ruled – is a thousand times worse than what was depicted in the Kurt Russell movie ‘Escape from New York’ or the Mel Gibson movie ‘Mad Max’.

    And, we all know – or should know – who is responsible for charting this nightmarish future for White America.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta, mark green
    • Replies: @Fearlessfreep
  31. You drip. This is the stuff of your awakening! Ignore it at your peril!

  32. @Robert Dolan

    You moron! Did you read the same article that I read? Take your head out of your arse.

  33. Charles says:

    I don’t fully believe in the late Wilson Bryan Key’s “subliminal” theories. That’s its own argument. But he was completely correct about how overwhelming electronic media is in the lives of Westerners. I enjoy TUR, but I and everyone would benefit from completely abstaining from all TV, phones, computers, et cetera for a day or several days, if possible. Naturally it’s easier said than done.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
  34. Goddard says:

    I get surprised looks when I advocate for white (European lines), but nobody has yet challenged me.

    Human beings respond positively to well-reasoned arguments delivered by self-confident people. Cogent advocacy of white interests displays intelligence and confidence and will appeal even to many non-whites.

    For example: On another forum in which I use my own name, amid a contentious discussion about critical race theory being used in my local schools, I wrote that whites built the modern world and that if you are going to go after whites for the sins of their ancestors, then they have the right to shoot right back with the accomplishments of their ancestors. No one counter-argued, and my post generated a disproportionately high amount of likes.

    Whites need courageous spokesmen, new Enoch Powells. They can start now by unapologetically defending whites in cases of egregious anti-white bias, such as critical race theory. They need to argue not in a spirit of hatred of nonwhites but of love for whites.

    Whites will perk up their ears to such spokesmen; semi-whites will be drawn in and if not identify as white then at least give tacit assent to the advocacy of white interests; and many nonwhites will accept and even support such leaders, recognizing that living among the demoralized and decadent descendants of the race that founded this country does them no good, either.

    • Agree: mark green, Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  35. AndrewR says:

    “White demographic decline” would be neither good nor bad for whites in a world where whites weren’t subservient to Jews.

    Unlike most WNs, I’m not too concerned about what my grandkids will look like.
    Unlike all Democrats and most Republicans, I am very concerned that my grandkids will be hated and harmed for being white.

  36. Goddard says:
    @Apex Predator

    The ship has sailed long ago …

    It is tempting to look back and rue what could have been. We however have to live in the here and now. Whites can thrive in the new world that is coming, and the plans of evil people are often foiled in surprising ways.

    • Agree: ziggurat
  37. @Trinity

    As he said:

    “illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable”

    As I saw recently:

    “Atheists have predicted that there would be no second coming of Jesus for the last 2000 years and they get no credit”. Something like that.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  38. “Is it possible that the results from Pew merely reflect apprehension and anxiety on the part of Whites to express their true feelings on diversity?”

    Emphatically yes and furthermore, if they continue down that path, they will live in a society like the Red man was confined to except that while the savage was diminished, at least he enjoyed the benefits of White man’s brilliance in terms of science and technology, whereas, Whites won’t gain anything from a multicultural society where blacks and browns (latinx) have no interest in progress due to either indifference or ineptitude and it will prove to be worse than death for the most creative race on the planet.

    Do you want to be the three monkeys who can’t see, hear or talk about its own demise?

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  39. Sarah says:

    My heart goes out to you 💜❤. As White Caucasian I support Asian People’s right to be Asian.

    Asian people are the next target after the genocide of the White Caucasian race is sufficiently advanced.

    This has already started in East-Asian and South-East Asian countries.

    And especially in East-Asian: huge pressure to let in fake-refugees and for species-mixing; this is more and more visible in advertisements and entertainment and in some small sentences of their government members. For the moment, they still resist but for how long?

  40. So the key is which current “minority” (barbarian horde) will end up on top demographically.

    Over There, how do you reckon La Raza and assorted voodoo-Catholic Aztecs, Mayans and so on will get on with straight-off-the-Globemaster Islamic fundamentalists? And all sorts of blacks with either of those? Will the Chinatowns swear everlasting asian brotherhood with the Koreans, Viets, Cambodians and Japs? Cubans with the Mexicans; Mexicans with the guys on the reservations and Pacific Islanders? Irredentist Confederates with Yankees? Hindus and Sikhs with the Pakis?

    They all believe, fiercely, that they alone should prevail in the lands God has has granted them (i.e. wherever they happen to have fetched up currently). Savages do not like sharing. Look at the Andamanese, or Yanomami. Or the Israelis.

    And Whites are a not-inconsiderable piggy in the middle.
    I seem to see “the River Tiber, foaming with much blood”.
    Guys with the most ammo and best aim win.

  41. @NomadicLifestyleAdvocate

    keep your GOVT in check

    Of course, why didn’t people even think of this?
    All you’ve got to do is press the button on one of those handy voting machines, and for once a political representative who doesn’t hate your White guts and want you all dead will somehow emerge from the system and be magically elected. In the face of all previous experience.
    Bishbashbosh, job done. Thanks, IQ 105 guy.

  42. @Stoic_seeker

    White people will keep voting in a new batch of liars and thieves that are part of the overall program to impoverish those that have resources – white people. It is gov’t that has produced this problem and it will be gov’t that continues it relentless push for equality that can do nothing but take from the producers, white people, to give to the derelicts in the society with gov’t taking their usual large cut.

    White people are stupid. That’s the real problem. They keep voting for gov’t, any gov’t, that comes along as they’ve been told it’s their duty to vote for their extinction. Not 1 in 1000 understands that the real threat is the gov’t they keep voting for, always with the hope that they can elect a non scumbag.

    As long as people think they absolutely need a gov’t, this will continue. It is gov’t that creates all the wars and now the imported refugees. Gov’t created the discriminate against white people laws known as the civil rights legislation. It is gov’t that steals their funds by labeling it taxes. It is gov’t that makes white people a target for violence because it denies them their basic human rights of self defense. It is always gov’t that is the cause behind all the ills in the society but white people keep voting in the next set of oppressors. The bulk of white people are stupid beyond belief.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Fearlessfreep
  43. Because white Americans ceased to be a nation somewhere in the 60s. When you don’t possess a strong collective loyalty, you’re nothing more than a worthless consumer.

    Isaiah Berlin, in his famous essay on Tolstoy, “The Hedgehog and the Fox”, writes on influential reactionary French author Joseph de Maistre (

    This is the distinction that permeates the thought of Pascal and Blake, Rousseau and Schelling, Goethe and Coleridge, Chateaubriand and Carlyle; of all those who speak of the reasons of the heart, or of men’s moral or spiritual nature, of sublimity and depth, of the‘profounder’ insight of poets and prophets, of special kinds of understanding, of inwardly comprehending, or being at one with, the world. To these latter thinkers both Tolstoy and Maistre belong. Tolstoy blames everything on our ignorance of empirical causes, and Maistre on the abandonment of Thomist logic or the theology of the Catholic Church. But these avowed professions are belied by the tone and content of what in fact the two great critics say. Both stress, over and over again, the contrast between the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’, the ‘surface’ which alone is lighted by the rays of science and of reason, and the‘depths’–‘the real life lived by men’. For Maistre, as later for Barres, true knowledge–wisdom–lies in an understanding of, and communion with, la terre et les morts (what has this to do with Thomist logic?)–the great unalterable movement created by the links between the dead and the living and the yet unborn and the land on which they live; and it is this, perhaps, or something akin to it, that, in their respective fashions, Burke and Taine, and their many imitators, have attempted to convey.

    La terre et les morts– Americans don’t have this.

  44. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    You have a point, although crime has risen over the past few years, it’s way down from the early 1990s. Interestingly the number of police officers has increased from 700k in 1980 to 1.15 million today. Incarcerated individuals has gone up from 1.84 million in 1980 to over 6.41 million today. Incredible. We appear to be resting on the laurels of those brave and intelligent individuals like Rudy Giuliani who came up with the brilliant idea of arresting criminals and leaving them locked up for very long periods of time. That is beginning to change now, and we may begin to see an increase coming up. The decriminalization of many drugs and misdemeanors may keep the numbers from rising too fast, but I don’t see that as lasting. If the police had been allowed to arrest all the rioters from the Summer of St Floyd, the numbers would have been much higher. We’ll see what happens.

  45. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    fascinated and frustrated by a recent series of polls

    Polls at best just show what a bunch of dumb and non-reader types happen to feel. Not think, but feel since the majority of people can’t really puzzle things out because they don’t have the basic information to do so and just repeat something they heard elsewhere that sounds good. However, it doesn’t matter anyway since the US isn’t a democracy and what the majority may feel about something makes no difference, they’re not in charge of anything. Consent is engineered by the few who control the many. Immigration policies, all the various wars we’ve had, none were by popular demand but usually went against the interests of the majority. That those polled have some bovine level of understanding isn’t surprising; it’s meant to be that way starting with the educational system and working its way through the entertainment and news media establishments. Most polls are for purposes of how to bamboozle and manipulate the masses or they’re just plain propaganda.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  46. AndrewR says:

    What we will get is more anti-“non-white” sperging from dysgenic losers who derive all their self-worth from what other “white” men did decades or centuries ago.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Expletive Deleted
  47. anonymous[217] • Disclaimer says:

    All commentary on White Flight suggests that Whites abandon any area as soon as they become a minority, or even shrinking majority

    I live in Florida in a large, older 1980s development that’s mostly white with enough Jews to cause another sort of flight, but not much of an Hispanic presence. Next to us there’s a large, formerly white area of smaller single-family homes built in the 1970s that’s now almost entirely Hispanic. Last time I checked, crime rates over there were roughly four times ours in all categories. They park cars all over the front lawn, and the first thing you’ll notice is the number of Lexus and other super-expensive SUV’s and decked out pick ups. Id read Hispanic immigrants get the down payment from the government, and wonder if it’s still the case. The two Hispanic women who clean the bank branch in our development arrive in a Lexus SUV.

    One of the major builders around here is Lennar, the Jewish outfit that got a huge bailout for their bad judgment in the aftermath of the financial crisis. I enjoy construction and have been walking various sites for the past few years with hundreds of new homes and townhouses under construction. The thing that strikes me is the complete absence of young white men on the job, while I’ll often see such young white men around town who’re apparently homeless and on drugs. The local church between the Hispanic area and ours is now effectively Hispanic, and it’s the Hispanics who turn a cold shoulder to the whites. White flight, in my opinion, must be mainly defensive and the opposite of what the Jews are portraying as “white supremacism.”

    • Replies: @GMC
  48. BCB232 says:

    This is ancedotal but my oldest son is now 20 and my 2nd is 18. There is, in his experience, a huge skew between white boys and white girls on these and other right/left issues, with the girls, not surprisingly, being on the left.

    • Thanks: Joseph Doaks
  49. HT says:

    We peaked out as a civilization decades ago when Whites were still dominant. Now we are in the long slow arc at the beginning of the decline as whites approach minority status. The signs are everywhere. Look at the culture and the arts and music. Almost nothing of quality being produced now as whites are pushed to the side. Most of the music we still listen to is from long ago. It is scary to think what this country will look like in 20 years. Look at every once great city that is already destroyed due to demographics.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @R2b
  50. @A Half Naked Fakir

    Emphatically yes and furthermore, if they continue down that path, they will live in a society like the Red man was confined to except that while the savage was diminished, at least he enjoyed the benefits of White man’s brilliance in terms of science and technology,

    Why is “White man’s brilliance in terms of science and technology” so “enjoyable”? Should non-whiteman’s “brilliance in terms of science and technology” be enjoyed too?

    whereas, Whites won’t gain anything from a multicultural society where blacks and browns (latinx) have no interest in progress due to either indifference or ineptitude and it will prove to be worse than death for the most creative race on the planet.

    Are you sure that ONLY the “blacks and browns” do as you have described?

    • Replies: @A Half Naked Fakir
  51. The goal and open intent of post-1965 immigration policy is to:

    1)import a very large number of nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS

    2)nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS have nonwhite children on US soil..

    3)so nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their nonwhite US children can vote the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY into a violently persecuted white racial minority within the borders of the US…

    Since 9/11..there was no need to jibber jabber incessantly about IQ test score psychometrics…all this did was to sidetrack massively away from fr0m a laser beam focus on post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT policy…

  52. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Those who point to the protected status of minorities across contemporary Western nations forget that this is a side-effect of a particularly nasty White political hallucination that will evaporate as soon as Whites fall into minority status themselves. Whites who believe they will be granted, in an inter-ethnic quid pro quo, legal privileges, preferential paths to employment, and outsized representation in everything from TV ads to government have clearly not been reading between the lines of the hostile mass propaganda. They are living in a fool’s paradise. Where sleepwalking White’s expect reciprocity they will find only revenge.

    Very true. As a matter of fact, the whites in a number of Western countries have already declined from the second-class citizen status straight into third. The (((project))) is now moving from “moderate” levels of anti-white oppression into open, full-spectrum hostility which is supposed to culminate into outright genocide.

    This is good news, in a way. Back in the day, the task of redpilling the whites was much more arduous since many didn’t even know the problem existed. Now they’re coming to me to discuss it. The first part of fixing the problem – awareness that it exists – is already done and that’s going into overdrive since the Tribe can’t resist overplaying their hand.

    This poll is misleading. The pressure will reach the boiling point much sooner than people think and the jews will be instrumental in bringing it forward. Many parasites throw their best parties right before they get flushed down the toilet.

  53. @obwandiyag

    Don’t you know how surveys work?

    People answer how they think they’re supposed to, not how they really believe.

    Particularly these days when many people believe that if they do say what they really think about blacks, immigration or anything else, they’re likely to have to answer for it at work or have a home visit by Antifa or BLM.

  54. Go anywhere in the world to a non-White majority run/demographic nation and what are you told??

    “Don’t _____the ________”

    I wonder why?

    So if you turn the US into a non-White majority run /demographic country, then anyone outside of the elite gated communities will find clean water and sewage processing/flush toilets a rare exception.

    People today thing that water/gas and electric infrastructure just runs itself……..

    2050 US = Brazil 2.0

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  55. geokat62 says:

    It is gov’t that has produced this problem…

    Not quite. It is Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) that has produced this problem.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  56. @Anon

    I agree with the article, but there is a caveat to my agreement. Yes, I would like America to look and feel more like the Andy Griffith show…but not only are those days gone in racial terms, they are gone in cultural terms. White people today are not the white people of yesteryear, which is how we got to where we are.

    But yes, I regret the loss of what whites built (in terms of classical music, architecture, literature, govt, etc.)…and the future will likely be harsh for whites as a non-privileged minority among privileged minorities. But how much classical music, good architecture, good literature, etc. is being produced anymore?

    And yes, white people and everyone else in our society were led/educated/deceived purposefully into the sorry state they are in today.

    But no, more Orientals, Hispanics, Christian Arabs, etc., is not necessarily a bad thing or not a bad thing at all. But swamped by too many persons from one region/country (Mexico), or by low skills and social problems, not good, nor is mass migration which allows foreign customs to strengthen over domestic ones. Alternatively, importing groups by high skills is bad too I think (thinking more of Canada here, where something about you need to have better skills than the average Canadian to immigrate…???…and competent, capable Americans displaced by foreign high-tech workers).

    So, turn off your TVs and social media and pop culture, stop chasing money, and re-find your culture. And most importantly, stand up to the lies!

  57. martin_2 says:

    What I always stress to people is that modern day causes, such as to protect the environment, to save rare species of flora and fauna, to “Save the Whales”, to prevent deforestation, and so on: only white people care about such things.

    There is an environmentalist movements in the UK called “Extinction Rebellion” whose protests might be mistaken for a meeting of the KKK because it is a sea of white faces. Non whites simply don’t get involved with these crusades. (I suspect that part of the appeal of Extinction Rebellion to young White people is to offer an escape from “diversity”.)

    Its the same with feeding the starving in Africa. Only young white people spend a year in Africa volunteering to dig wells, before going to university.

    My favourite example, which I have mentioned before. During the Ebola outbreak in 2014 there was an item on the BBC news about newly qualified British doctors volunteering to help out in West Africa. Now, something like 40% of newly qualified doctors in the UK are from an Asian background. Of the sixty or so volunteer doctors, all but one was white, and the odd man out was a black man who might for all I know have been a doctor from Africa telling them what to expect.

    I could go on. Who is it that pursues academic research in history, philosophy, mathematics, for its own sake? Even the discovery of the histories of the Continents of Africa and South America has been as a result of the work of White Archeologists. There are so many things that are taken for granted but will cease to be once whites are a powerless minority in their own ethnic homelands. Why can’t France be France, England be England, Ireland be Ireland, for the sake of diversity? Why does every white country have to be brown? There are countless brown countries already.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Thanks: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Miro23
  58. When a minority reaches 10%+ of the population, diversity becomes a negative and leads to conflict. When whites are a minority in USA, the country will implode.

  59. @RoatanBill

    Agree in principle, but all societies need some government. The less the better, of course.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  60. geokat62 says:

    Why can’t France be France, England be England, Ireland be Ireland, for the sake of diversity? Why does every white country have to be brown? There are countless brown countries already.


    Because after WWII, Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) concluded that ethno-states lead to fascism, and that fascism leads to genocide.

    Never again! means saying “goodbye” to blood and soil and “hello” to multiculti.

    That’s why the ADL coined the phrase, Diversity Is (((Our))) Strength!

    • Agree: Z-man, El Dato, The Griffins
  61. The cookie cutter houses destroying nature and civilized culture…does not matter which color…it is disgusting and a disgrace, but whites/ jews made the money honey, and housing hell is the game…

  62. @Tucker

    Stupid woke leftists think they’ll get a pass. Deluded morons.

  63. Namer says:

    I’m not even concerned. Civilization is collapsing worldwide and everyone will be wiped.
    Only a certain few will remain to take Earth as theirs.

  64. @geokat62

    All gov’ts are criminal enterprises at their inception, regardless of which clique controls them at any moment in time.

    The trick that the stupid always fall for are largely related to language. Theft is called taxation. Murder is called military service. Gang violence is called policing. A persons natural rights to travel, interpersonal relationships, self defense are circumscribed by licensing as in drivers license, marriage license, passport, gun laws / permits, etc.

    The people that vote for or condone any and all forms of government are asking for their natural rights to be diminished in return for the lie of security and social cohesion. Gov’t is the evil it pretends to prevent and it makes no difference who is at the controls because the controls exist to be misused by the sociopaths in the society with the full approval of the terminally stupid.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  65. One cannot assume that those who said they think the development neither good nor bad see no problem with it or do not care about it. It may be significant that they have not said it is good and that may be because they think it is bad but are afraid to say so.

    It may be that all of them fear what is coming yet are too afraid of the consequences of saying so to some stranger in the street. That does not mean that they will not vote for a leader who is not afraid to speak out. People want security and certainty and are unlikely to be entirely indifferent when those are threatened.

  66. sally says:
    @Robert Dolan

    they [the Whites] feel that nothing will fundamentally change for them or their children despite their slide into minority status. Yes the wealthy rich extractive capitalist were white in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Saint-domingue, and Hatii. and in major American cities, where white exodus is in progress, as Tucker (above) outlines. .. but .. equality is not allowed by the white.. the departing whites would not allow equality.. they did every thing in their power to divide the races and to keep one race superior to all others..

    Are we sure the retribution is become the victims are white? I am not sure, the issue of resentment for, and punishment for, long term mistreatment directed members of the target o race, though I agree the identification of those who are the cause of the issue are White, as Tucker outlined, White is merely a convenient and often to general identifier.

    In cases of “color rising” against whites, the molested whites often were the beneficiaries of exploitation by white capitalist? The national constitutions, the invading armies, the investors, and the colonial governments of those places either exploited or provided a platform for whites to exploit people of target OFTEN NATIVE PEOPLE OF color. I offer that the rise against colony descendants is not rising against any particular color (except that white is a global failsafe identifier) but instead such risings are retribution for past exploitation of the greater power earned by the once powerless.

    No descendant of a white colonist can defend themselves over being beneficiary to the crime of colonial exploitation often committed by his or ancestors. And the reason they can’t is because they have continued in their folklore, in their propaganda, and in their actions and deeds, the exploitation in whatever way they could. Washing color and race of origin out of the differentiators that define populations would decimate majority imposed behavioral and access control structures and it would reduce the justification for military and war.

    People should not allow governments to disarm them, but should instead seek to disarm the governments.

  67. @Fearlessfreep

    You may want to try thinking for yourself as opposed to regurgitating the conventional wisdom that is wrong.

    There is no such thing as small gov’t. By design, gov’t always grows to become the monstrosity the Fed Gov exemplifies.

    • Agree: Agent76
  68. R2b says:

    Interesting comment, and I agree partly.
    Racists like Joyce, and almost all of them, are on the wrong path.
    Nobody can among white’s raise that ”feeling”.
    It was once nurtured by harsh circumstances.
    Through the Christian Faith, all combating tribes united, and could create what is the epitome of human achievement.
    History though, has a goal, higher than the material reality.
    We have abandoned our faith, and we kill our children in the womb.
    And now we are at the end.
    The Millennium is over!
    It is just a fact.
    Don not bother with Joyces!
    Race is NOT the point, because it is all over!
    What to do?
    Convert from Racism to Christ!

    • Replies: @HT
  69. FvS says:

    Do you believe the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and Israelis are unintelligent ethnic groups? Because they are all yellow nationalist or brown nationalist in Israel’s case.

  70. Let’s give a big hand of applause to the many hard working race hustlers and race hustling non profits and (((for profits))) promoting diversity, refugee resettlements, open borders, CRT, while advocating for a rapid extinction of whites from society.
    We know who they are, where they live, eat, play and sleep, even where they hide on private islands, desert oasis, mega yachts, or heavily guarded compounds, they’ll need to be serviced at some point.

    Unlike the shitshow endless war withdrawal planning played out in Afghanistan by incompetent illegitimate Biden Regime, and those before him, patriots will have support from the best of the best. They’ll write war manuals about this CW2.0 as the greatest revolution in history. The instant mobile field court marshals/hearings and instant field executions alone will be selfishly revered by every dictator, tyrant, warlord and cartel boss the world over.

    Bring it on bitches!!!

  71. Pontius says:

    Once a decent middle class lifestyle required two full time incomes the fix was in.

    The people who hate you never had to worry about making ends meet.

    • Agree: Trinity, Z-man, The Griffins
  72. R2b says:

    And when you do, you conquer Rothschild and Rockefeller, both now, and in the afterlife.

  73. GMC says:

    I certainly agree , I was a senior construction superintendent in Florida for a few years before the 08 gov. induced depression at – Naples, Bonita, Estero, Cape Coral, Ft Myers area etc. and I had to work twice as hard because of all the spanish labor and few craftsmen. I layed out the buildings to make sure it was done right. And I ended up taking several spanish classes at a Naples HS to learn spanish – lol – but it was a good thing to do . The mostly white, w a few / black , hispanic people, esp. the smart \$\$ ones find gated or PUD communities for a reason. And there are some really nice places to live , but everyone understands why they have to live in those secured communities.

    Whites move out because the niggers move in and I mean any color of niggers. It’s called survival for most and USG, the zionists and the rest of the traitors are behind the Geo engineering . Why ? It’s an old Babylonian jewish talmud family tradition. Even Russian TV shows the ” minority problems ” that are killing the USA – the best counter propaganda Putin could ask for. Thanks.

  74. @Trinity

    Do I think God is not pleased with current America? Well does a bear shit in the woods?

    God doesn’t care about America.
    God doesn’t care who the president is.
    God doesn’t care if Republicans take back the House.
    God doesn’t care whether your football team wins.
    God doesn’t care whether you bake cakes for gays.
    God doesn’t care how much money you have in your bank account.
    God doesn’t care if you get rain for your crops.
    God doesn’t care whether you get home safe.
    God doesn’t care how you get your dick wet.
    God doesn’t care whether your son dies in battle.
    God doesn’t care whether your son dies of an overdose.

    All those things are things you care about, a lot, but you aren’t God.

    God cares about one thing: how we treat one another.

    Also, no real God would have a “chosen people.”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  75. @Deep Thought

    It’s absolutely horrifying the murder and mayhem the US has been part of in the last 100 years. Prescott Sheldon Bush – George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush should have been hung drawn and quartered for the unspeakable harm they have done to the world.

  76. I found a link that is appropriate here!

  77. Trinity says:

    Hispanic is a MIXED BREED of people. There are no White Hispanics. Just ask a White Spaniard if he or she is a Hispanic. And NO, a Hispanic is not a Latino, a Latina, or that stupid shit, “Latinx.”

    SPOT ON about lying about demographics. I am 60 and I have been hearing that Jews are 2% and Blacks are 13% of the American population my entire life. Remember how long they spewed the 11 million illegal invader figure? Probably for two decades. The actual figure is probably more like triple that if not more.

  78. geokat62 says:

    All gov’ts are criminal enterprises at their inception…

    Of course, just as “the bourgeoisie oppress the proletariat,” there is a kernel of truth to this.

    However, just as communism is built on the lie that an individual’s interests can be suppressed in favour of an abstraction called “class interests,” libertarianism is built on the lie that individuals are supreme and that racial groups are irrelevant.

    I think what has transpired in Western homelands over the last few decades has put paid to this lie.

    Groups trump individuals and so the State is a necessary evil that must be regulated to serve the interests of the dominant group of people. If not, we’re left facing this scenario…

    • Agree: John Regan
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  79. Agent76 says:

    “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” Ayn Rand

    • LOL: WSG, The Griffins
    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  80. @Fred Not Reed

    Do any Unz readers have jobs/lives/etc.?

    Yes, and we also have lunch hours.

  81. @geokat62

    Government, today, is the purposeful suppression of the decent people for the benefit of the human shit in the society with the political class insulated from any backlash by the police and military scum your taxes pay for.

    If you think gov’t offers you any benefit, then you’re delusional. They are the thieves, murderers and general scum they claim to protect you from. It is gov’t that prevents decent people from taking out the human trash in the society and allow it to build up to the point where they can form organized groups. If you take out the trash early enough, their numbers never reach critical mass.

    It is gov’t that makes you a potential victim for the protected antifa, BLM and other dregs.

    You want gov’t, you got it. Is it the paradise you envisioned?

    • Agree: Blackstone
    • Replies: @geokat62
  82. So, it’s no surprise that about 75% of white Americans don’t realize that we have been in an anti-white revolution for 50 years now, and that it is only accelerating. Of the remaining 25% that fear a bleak, non-white future there are perhaps 5% at best willing to do something about it? Is it possible for the 5% to organize for us a home? Maybe they can get another 10% to go along with them. These 5% absolutely need a plan, and total self-sufficiency. And, be it parents or friends or siblings or whatever, jettison the other 75% that are race-suicidal. My wife says she would rather “be happy” that hear these truths. I will never divorce her, but I will go to the new fortified home for whites, and hopefully she will rejoin me when she gets tired of “being happy.”

    Any attempt at organization will be infiltrated by FBI-ADL-CIA-SPLC-DHS-ATF-ACLU (really all just branches of Jew, Inc.) informants. I don’t doubt that some commenters on Unz, even regular ones, are informants. Better brush up on mob stool pigeon stories so that you can have a better chance to spot the informant and shun him.

    Right how we still have the ability to comment here. From watching the draconian “hate” legislation being instituted in Canada, Australia, Scotland, etc. I believe we may only have a few more years before we lose even this. So you 5% are running out of time quick.

    • Replies: @ziggurat
  83. Trinity says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    And somehow a little piss ant like yourself knows exactly what Almighty God thinks or cares about.

    ROTFLMMFWAO at this clown.

    Oh and “that chosen people” thing is explained in John 3:16. Splain that one to your Jew friends sometime.

    The Jew seems to have a problem with the Messiah coming as a poor peasant. Not some majestic full of himself pompous ahole like we have leading our nation today.

    The King of Kings was of the people.

  84. Oracle says:

    The people who are in control of us don’t want us to implement these two steps. The system has been set up to eradicate us and we are no longer in control of our destiny. Thanks for your well meant advice though.

  85. Phibbs says:

    There is some good news: America is 5% Asian. Asians and whites co-habit peacefully and intermarry. Asian women beautify the gene pool, too. As long as non-Muslim Asians arrive into the country we Caucasian Christians be glad, but only if that Asian share does not exceed 20%. As for the 30% Hispanic population, they are not as smart as Caucasians, but they do assimilate by the third generation. I have confidence that they will not make the quality of life decline all that much once they are in the majority in 50 years — as long as they do not insist on bilingualism, that is. Also, Hispanics and Caucasians will intermarry with more regularity, thus making most Americans in the future a hybrid of Hispanics and Caucasians — basically a Eurasian society for the most part. And that does not bother me. The real problem will always be the Big Four of Ruination: 1) Jews. 2) Blacks. 3. Muslims. 4) Afro-Latinos/Mulattos.

  86. SafeNow says:

    The respondents to this poll are hypocritically giving a socially desirable response. They fully know that they will be very frustrated in a watered-down future where there are not enough white physicians, veterinarians, airline pilots, electricians, plumbers, and so on to go around – – and that they or their children or their dog will sometimes take the hit on this. They would not truthfully answer follow-up questions drilling-down on this point. I remember when the question came up “Would you rather live in Haiti or Norway?” and the mainstream pundit response was, Gee, I haven’t been to those places, um, that’s a hard one, I just don’t know.”

  87. Not hard to explain – it’s a historical pattern of human behavior – as per ‘Sir’ Michael Tyson, when asked of his next opponent’s plan to beat him: “Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the mouth!”

  88. @Anon

    Safer and cleaner, yes, that exactly describes our decade of life in Los Angeles. You lying fucking tool.

    • Agree: Blackstone
  89. geokat62 says:

    You want gov’t, you got it. Is it the paradise you envisioned?

    Do you really think anarchy will lead to utopia?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  90. @Yorkshirebruce

    Yes. So anyone here should be planning to withdraw their children or grandchildren from government schools in the many jurisdictions that impose “mandates” masking and vaxxing and regimenting these poor young people. Put them in “online public school” or, better yet, private school or homeschooling where that’s feasible.

    Cancel TV “service.”

    Stop using facebook, instagram, twitter, yahoo, google for communicating, searching, entertaining, anything. Shift purchases away from Amazon towards smaller family businesses, or just do without when possible.

    Stop enriching sports team owners and leagues that glorify BLM and Antifa and shit on us, our culture, our rights, our attempt to have honest elections, control our borders, and protect our very lives. No more “major league” sports. Same with other corporations that insult us and try to intimidate and lecture us, like Starbucks, or promote perversion like mcdonald’s and others.

    Move away from jurisdictions that impose vax passports or mandates or lockdowns. Deprive them of tax revenue and, eventually, congressional seats.

    Any excuse for every supposed patriot or dissident not to do all of these things?

    • Agree: W, Thomasina, ziggurat
    • Replies: @Rumplestiltskkin
  91. If only the Germans knew during WWII how (((FUKUS))) would betray them, firebomb their cities, melting streets, burning civilians alive, rape and murder them with impunity, they would have culled every synagogue in Western Europe.

  92. W says:

    The US as we understand it won’t exist within 20 years. That should be taken into account when you plan or make predictions.

    If Asians and Latinos take power, they might actually treat us better. And it might not take but a generation or two to get numbers up again.

    Not likely, the table has been set for white ethic cleansing for a long time, when the US falls, areas controlled by non whites will not be safe.

    Being white means having people wanting to be you, be with you and hate you at the same time.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  93. The main problem with this speculation is that it assumes linear progression with time (if A happens, then B happens, then C will happen). Life is seldom linear, except over a very short period of time. For example, consider WW1. It was in every country’s best interest to just get along prior to the war. Europe was entering a golden age. Then a black swan happened that literally turned everything to sh*t.

    Black swans, which are generally thought of as once in a lifetime events, happen much more frequently than that. Does that mean that things will turn out better for White people. No. Things could turn out badly for Whites in a much shorter time period than predicted for reasons that are not even contemplated now. Conversely, events could unfold that help White people regain their senses and their country.

    WAG black swans include the vaccine turning deadly over one or two years, nuclear war (limited or unlimited), young turks in the military seizing control and/or nuclear weapons, Russia and China forcing oil off the dollar, truckers refusing to deliver goods to the cities, catastrophic crop failures in the US, etc., etc. The list is endless.

    What seems improbable is that events in the US regarding Whites will proceed as currently predicted.

    • Replies: @Eternally Antifascist
  94. 20 years ago I was that sleepwalker. Uncomfortable with what was going on, but finding only multicult hegemony in my surroundings.

    I began my rehabilitation at the library, and then moved online. I endured a few dust-ups with SJWs and it strengthened my beliefs. Now I am a different person, awake and bringing the light to others.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  95. Fred777 says:

    Not easy. But once you do you realize how little you miss it.

  96. It seems that the vast majority of white people don’t much care. Meanwhile, a small minority of no doubt heavily politicised white Democrats see the growth in minority numbers as boosting their political tribe and a small number of mostly older voters worry about it. Isn’t these pattern of sentiments pretty obvious when you talk to people or walk down the street?

    What is the convincing killer argument for why they should care a lot? There must be something better than fantastic ruminations of a future genocide. No one normal believes anything close to that.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  97. bomag says:

    anti-“non-white” sperging from dysgenic losers…

    So what. I’ll take any soldiers.

    The other side has worse and they get applauded.

  98. Seems to me that others perceive Whites to be a race of witches. The accusations of racism sound a whole lot like accusations of witchcraft. Like we, as Whites, have some magical ability to keep Blacks down in poverty or something.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  99. moi says:

    How dumb must whitey be if (s)he is not alarmed of becoming a minority in the country his ancestors built? One has to be American to be this stupid.

    • Agree: BluEidDvl
    • Replies: @BluEidDvl
  100. South African Airways, before going bankrupt, discriminated against the White minority with ‘statutory transformation targets’.

    “SAA has been accused of racism for rejecting white cadet pilots on the grounds of race, who met the educational and physical criteria. By filling out several dummy applications, journalists from the newspaper Beeld established that the online form had been programmed to reject any white applicants. The South African trade union Solidarity instituted legal action against SAA, resulting in the policy being revoked.”

    “SAA’s normal recruitment process allows for the employment of white male pilots as and when vacancies exist; particularly when no candidate is available from a previously-disadvantaged background. Like all other South African companies, the airline is also required to meet statutory transformation targets. This means that, in recruiting, the airline has to ensure that the demographics of its employees match closely those of the country as a whole. This is in line with the employment equity definition which includes white females.”

  101. @geokat62

    There is no such thing as a utopia.

    Getting rid of government gets rid of the most organized group of criminals in the society. Once they’re gone thedecent people will get rid of the minority of the people who cause all the trouble.

    It is government that is destroying the society inch by inch. They start the wars, invent the nonsense laws that are the primary problem.

    Face it, when the dollar goes to toilet paper, the fed gov is history. Although just as evil, competition between states will rapidly discover winners and losers, and that alone will get the most onerous part of govt off our backs. Then the next step is to whittle away at that obscenity once people learn what the taste of more freedom feels like.

  102. @Critical Thinking

    The white and asian minorities in the usa should be able to run these things just fine, where they are in control and working together.

  103. @Namer

    That map reflects a rather optimistic projection, given the surprisingly low fertility rate of many people who were raised Mormon.

    but I certainly hope so — I’ll gladly take much larger Amish and Mormon populations in the usa, and be relieved to live and raise our children near them, given the likely alternatives.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  104. al007 says:

    Natural Selection at work…………..nothing to see here

  105. @Dumbo

    Jews always fall from the catbird seat when the money from debt scam comes apart. It won’t be different this time.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  106. beau says:

    across the planet, white people number less than one billion out of a population of over 7 billion.

    given what this MINORITY (whites) has produced versus what the MAJORITY (non white) has produced, the LOGICAL individual would take the position that the white minority must be protected, not destroyed.

    the sad truth is that most are not logical and represent a very large group of emotion driven, easily manipulable people who can be counted on to act in their own worst interest.

    demographics is destiny and the white creators being replaced with non white takers and destroyers will bring about another DARK AGES. so be it. plan accordingly.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  107. Becoming a minority will be a disaster for whites. How stupid so many white people tragically are. I was warning whites in Canada in the mid 1980’sabout the evils of third world immigration. Nobody listened. Sleepwalking indeed.

    The killer is that this impending tragedy could have easily been totally avoided.

    • Agree: profnasty
  108. Sara Lee says:

    “The “non-Hispanic White population in the U.S. that identifies with a single race” is expected to fall below 50% by 2045.”

    As of 2021, for those aged 18 or younger in the U.S., whites ARE ALREADY A MINORITY BELOW 50%.
    It is now. You don’t have to wait into the future another decade, or 3 decades.
    It’s here. Now.

  109. @Robert Dolan

    Jews are the worst enemies whites have, insidious.

  110. Z-man says:

    Fatalistic but hard to argue with the conclusion.
    But action must/will be taken to change that outcome.

  111. @AndrewR

    Barse-ackwards, jimbo. Almost as sloppy as Steersman.
    All I want is for me and mine (who’ve scraped by on these rocks for at least 4500 years, probably longer, excess WHG via earlier west continental Farmer, maybe more local in the female lines) not to be erased from the world with extreme prejudice because of what other ”’White”’ men are accused recently of doing, not so long ago.
    Dog, bad name, hang etc.
    Kick a tame dog long enough …
    … there’s a reason we’re still here.

  112. Before the census results were announced I was told repeatedly that Hispanics increasingly identify as “white” therefore there was nothing to worry about.

    Moreover, if we are all one race (the human race) why are Jews and leftists gleefully celebrating the demise of whites if we are all the same?

  113. Miro23 says:

    My favourite example, which I have mentioned before. During the Ebola outbreak in 2014 there was an item on the BBC news about newly qualified British doctors volunteering to help out in West Africa. Now, something like 40% of newly qualified doctors in the UK are from an Asian background. Of the sixty or so volunteer doctors, all but one was white, and the odd man out was a black man who might for all I know have been a doctor from Africa telling them what to expect.

    That’s on interesting point that I hadn’t thought about – but it’s quite true.

    It doesn’t apply to the British working class, but the British white middle class have this extreme out group social responsibility that other national groups lack. It’s natural Wokism where you sacrifice your own interests for every kind of “social justice” cause in perverse way in which the greater the personal cost, the greater your virtue.

    It’s a religious type virtue enhancement phenomenon – the image of Christ on the Cross.

    Jews have learned how to manipulate it – pushing their own advancement through guilt based stories – and other races are also catching on to the profitable “victim – charity” game.

  114. @Twin Ruler

    It’s how they “think”. Zero-sum.

    You gots dis an dat, musta tooken summa mine. Gib.
    How took? Well, by witchcraft, since nobody saw ya.

    How do the shaman/sangoma bring de lightning? Be afraid ..

  115. @Triteleia Laxa

    What is the convincing killer argument for why they should care a lot?

    Well mostly it’s put to me as “what’s going to happen when there’s not enough of Us left to feed and house these utterly useless knuckledragging meatbags? And why should We?”

  116. @Sara Lee

    Only today, we found out 4-18 year olds in the US are only 45.8% white

    • Replies: @Kamisama
  117. the most important stat is not what % is “nonwhite,” it’s what % has a parasitic survival strategy–so I am much more concerned with containing Negro and Muslim fecundity than Asian

  118. Is it possible that the results from Pew merely reflect apprehension and anxiety on the part of Whites to express their true feelings on diversity? While interesting, I don’t derive any comfort from this possibility. If there is so strong a sense of social fear that even an anonymous poll prompts evasion and disavowals of one’s own interests then the level of cowardice would be such that all is lost anyway.

    I wouldn’t go that far – they’re just refusing to give a straight answer to a pollster from the hostile media, not exactly refusing a call to battle…

    most people have to be lead, that’s always been the way things are.

  119. Richard B says:

    why do the jews hate WHITES/Christian so much????. Had jews achieve more in Muslims, and other non white countries???.…Will jews live better more secure under a majority NONwhite USA???

    A Jewish professor in the 1980’s once said two things to me I never forgot. He said, in response to the Israeli statesman Abba Eban’s comment that Israel must be Jewish and democratic.

    How can anything Jewish be democratic?

    and, while shaking his head in disbelief, immediately followed that one up with

    Jews are the smartest and dumbest people at the same time.

    Now that they’ve exhausted their intelligence with things like infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, etc. we’re beginning to see the stupidity. Especially when it comes to social management. They’re just no good at it.

    The predator and parasite is outliving its food supply. Oops!

    Where next? China? Good luck with that. Unlike Whites in Europe and the US, China doesn’t strike one as being all that into power-sharing or being milked for resources and pushed around.

  120. It’s not just immigration that is driving white decline in Europe, the USA and Australia. Whites have to a certain degree, brought it on themselves. The early 1970’s saw both the legalization of abortion on demand and the introduction of “the pill”. Even before that, beginning in the 1960’s, the message directed at white couples was to be responsible, and limit the number of children to no more than two or three at the most. Then there was the feminist movement, that secured outside the home careers for women which practically rendered them childless as they were told children would hamper their chances for success and promotion. All of this was a combined strategy designed with one purpose: To get whites to engage in their own destruction, and sadly it has worked like a charm.

    Hollywood, controlled by you know who, began pushing the interracial narrative back in 1966 with the at the time controversial movie: “Guess who’s coming to dinner”. It was very profitable for the studio at the box office, so obviously many curious people paid to see that trash. And from there, the agenda has only been pushed harder. Today it has become accepted mainstream in the culture, as we see more and more white girls and young women setting their family trees back five thousand years in a genetic sense.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  121. Trite Laxative says,

    “No doubt hostile comments will come in. “But don’t you know the Jews hate us and this is a big plan to wipe us out. Why are you hiding the truth?”

    To which Rob Reiner will respond with glee. He now not only gets to feel generous, socialise the costs and feel heroic, but he also gets to LARP as if he is on the beaches of Normandy fighting Nazis, when really is just disagreeing with complete fantasists. Well done fantasists! You’re helping.”

    Thanks to the superior intellect of Trite Laxative, I have seen the error of my ways. All this time I have been ranting about the power of organized jewry. I didn’t realize that by doing so I am making the jews happy and smug! My criticism makes the jews feel heroic!

    I stand in awe of a great intellect… be able to see things in such a deep and meaningful way… have such superior analytical skills…..WHEW!

    Let this be a lesson to all of you here on Unz. com—–your ranting about jews only helps the jews!
    Better to just keep your mouth shut and allow your people to be utterly destroyed. There is nothing you can do. Don’t bother sounding the alarm…’re falling for a jewish trap!

  122. @Namer

    Them and who’s frickin’ army? Why do they neckbeard so shamelessly, but shave their top lip? Tell me.
    “Hay Lord Genghis, there’s some weirdobeardo dudes with big hats over there. Should we leave ’em be?”

    • Replies: @Alden
  123. @Fred Not Reed

    Do any Unz readers have jobs/lives/etc.?

    No, actually we sit at home all day in our Section 8 housing, laboring over a single column on, in between eating and gazing at the Jewbox.

    • LOL: europeasant
  124. @Deep Thought

    “Should non-whiteman’s “brilliance in terms of science and technology” be enjoyed too?”

    Show me a country that’s built up by non-whites other than Japan (and at least they credit Europe and America) and lately China that comes close to Bulgaria, let alone Austria or Norway. Woke jive is all well and good but without the White Christians the world would still be mired in the Middle Ages!

    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  125. @TheObsoleteMan

    No, whites did NOT “bring it on themselves.”

    Everything you mention was engineered by organized jewry. Whites didn’t vote for abortion; it was legislated by an activist court.

    I’d be willing to bet the pill was/is pushed by jewish pharma.

    The message regarding the limit on children was directly from Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb) and the fucker was on every talk show pleading for whites to stop having babies because of “scarce resources.”

    While asshole Ehrlich was telling us not to have kids, Celler and Javitz opened the borders and told us that, “This legislation will not change the demographics of America!”

    The feminist movement is jewish as well, all of the leaders were jewish women. Feminism is marxism applied to gender.

    And you got who is pushing race mixing…..Hollywood jews.

    Literally every problem we face can be directly traced back to organized jewry. When your pattern recognition kicks in and you SEE it, it cannot be unseen.

  126. KenH says:

    After all, more than 80% of White respondents to Pew refused to describe White demographic decline in America as a good thing.

    No doubt a percentage of the 61% of whites don’t like the demographic changes but were playing it safe by being Switzerland on the issue. And no doubt there are whites who have no opinion on the darkening demographics of America and they are in for a very rude awakening. In my life I’ve found the whites most optimistic about race relations or are neutral tend to have little experience with racial diversity especially concerning blacks and mestizos in large numbers.

    Like Joyce said white people who truly answered “neither good nor bad” tend to vamoose for whiter climes when their living environments darken and this tells us how they really feel.

    Life in multiracial nations is always a zero sum game and if one or two races are doing well it’s usually at the expense of another race. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that blacks and hispanics are more optimistic and with higher birth rates while whites are pessimistic and unhappy with lower birth rates. This is a sign of non-white privilege thanks to Jewish power and influence.

    The latest census is proof that the white genocide project sponsored by Jewish elites is a resounding success. Mass third world immigration, feminism and interracial relationships and marriage are leading to the rapid diminution of whites sought by Jewish elites.

  127. geokat62 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I’d be willing to bet the pill was/is pushed by jewish pharma.

    Given the ethnicity of the inventor of the pill, Gregory Pincus, I’d say your bet is pretty safe.

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
  128. I’m confident my mixed race grandchildren will dissent from the current fad of claiming all white people are racists and scapegoating the “cis-genered, heterosexual white patriarch.” They know I am not a racist even though I claim I’m not, and I know their parents are teaching them to avoid judging others and, where forced, to judge on the basis of “content of their character” rather than the “color of their skin.”

    Regarding immigration, I agree we have a short term problem encouraged by corporate elites who want cheap labor, but most immigrants are coming from Latin America, Asia (including Southwest Asia) and Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. They will rapidly become “white adjacent,” just as immigrants from Italy and Greece earlier became “Anglo adjacent.” If we can get past the immediate crisis without going full monte totalitarian, they will eventually assimilate the values of the Bill of Rights. They won’t accept being blamed for all society’s problems because they are white (adjacent), which is the current direction when you consider the racist attacks on East Asians.

    I’m proud of my half Scandinavian heritage, and my daughter’s middle name is Linnea in recognition of Carl Linnaeus. But one can be proud of one’s own heritage without denigrating or feeling superior to others. I can be proud of the achievements of European civilization without going off the deep end of paranoia, which is precisely where the elites are trying to drive whites. Their agenda is divide et impera, and white nationalist paranoia about a growing non-white (but white adjacent) population, and the desperate desire to maintain a pure “white” majority are extremely useful to that agenda.

    Of course I reject the excesses of the 1619 Project and take pride in the ideals of the American and French Revolutions, even though I recognize the past barbarities of slavery and genocide. The revolutionary promises of the universal, unalienable rights of individuals, the sacrifices of our ancestors from 1775-83 and again 1861-65 to attempt to secure those rights for all Americans, and the eventual de jure fulfillment of those rights during the civil rights struggle are all part of the 400 year struggle to make American what it should be. That struggle has not yet completely vanquished de facto racism, and is threatened by international elites and their useful idiots in the CRT movement and other identity politics including “white” nationalists.

    I can take pride in the positive accomplishments of a man like Thomas Jefferson while recognizing his hypocrisy both in his relationship with Sally Hemings and in mortgaging his slaves to build Monticello, making it impossible to free them all in his will. I can recognize the integrity of George Washington for avoiding such indebtedness and freeing all the slaves he personally owned, while admitting his racism in dealing with Indians and his elitism during Shay’s Rebellion. I know many blacks who revere MLK, Jr. and Fred Hampton, who reject the racism and scapegoating of CRT and Ibrahim Kendi. They are our allies in becoming a race neutral society where the size of the pure “white” population is no longer relevant.

    I understand the anxiety of the author, as well as who and what is provoking it, but we need to look beyond our own fears and embrace our potential allies in the “white adjacent” and yes even in the black communities. (A shout out here to Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Gothix and RuinedLion.) Remember that Trump’s support in all those communities was larger in 2020 than in 2016, I believe because they were starting to recognize the fascist tendencies of the Democratic Party.

    • Troll: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @geokat62
  129. ziggurat says:

    A poll was done in Britain, asking 2 questions:

    1) Are you aware that these demographic changes are taking place?
    Note: The pollsters showed news articles describing the steady white decline.

    2) How do you feel about the fact that white Britons are already a minority in London and are likely to be a minority across the whole of Britain by 2060?

    To question 1, there were 67% who said they were aware.

    To question 2, there were 68% who said it was bad, 5% good, and 26% no opinion.

    This poll was done by “Patriotic Alternative”, which is a white-positive political organization. They say they did not tip their hat when doing the poll. Many respondents were nervous, because they were thinking that the pollsters were a pro-immigration group.

    Given the British poll, I’m surprised at the Pew poll of Americans. Is there that much difference between white Americans and white Britons on this topic? Maybe it’s because America is further along on the white erasure that we’re just accepting it. Or maybe the Pew poll is a push poll, not intended to inform, but intended to demoralize.

    The American poll resulted in 24% who said it was bad, 15% good, and 61% no opinion.

    The British poll had almost the opposite results of the American Pew poll.

    Also, Patriot Alternative has a really video about there polling:

    In 17:50 in the video, they describe one young women who insisted that the demographic change wasn’t happening. But then the pollster asked, “well, what if it was happening, would it be good that whites became a minority?” She got flustered and left without returning the survey.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  130. HT says:

    Being a race realist and wanting to protect and preserve Western civilization from savages is not racist nor anti-Christian. The truth is the most important Christian value.

    • Agree: Z-man
  131. MrE3001 says:

    Lol. Less crime. You’re as retarded as they come. You can’t believe that. And you can’t expect anyone else to believe it, either. Stop wasting words, jew.

    • Agree: europeasant
  132. @Robert Dolan

    Literally every problem we face can be directly traced back to organized jewry. When your pattern recognition kicks in and you SEE it, it cannot be unseen.

    I think a lot of people see this but if you tell them that they should spread the message, complain, protest about it they don’t want to go there as it’s “anti-semitic”, “Nazistic” and “racist”. Even many of the leftists who support Palestine don’t want to go there, yet if this weren’t true there would be no Palestinian problem, no Western support and funding of Israel, no wars in the Middle East, etc.

  133. geokat62 says:

    … but most immigrants are coming from Latin America, Asia (including Southwest Asia) and Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. They will rapidly become “white adjacent,”

    Wait… Mestizos, Chinese, Indians, and Arabs are all “white adjacent”? Does that mean all these people are “jew adjacent,” too? If so, do you favour cultural enrichment for Eretz Yisrael?

    I’m proud of my half Scandinavian heritage,

    No need to tell us what your undisclosed half is. We can surmise that on our own.

    They are our allies in becoming a race neutral society where the size of the pure “white” population is no longer relevant.

    No longer relevant? Like the pure “jew” population in Israel is no longer relevant?

    Your kumbaya nation was what they promised the Afrikaners, remember? The proverbial Rainbow Nation turned out to be a living hell for whitey.

    • Agree: John Regan
  134. Quizzler says:

    I read comments all across Unz and really feel the majority actually THINK about their comments. I personally may or may not agree with what they have to say but I respect them. This type of comment required no thought whatsoever. Sounds purely emotional to me. You can spin it however you want, just like people interpret the Bible, the Constitution or our so called laws. But the country is not cleaner nor safer. My little spin on crime falling to its lowest levels since the 1960’s… many people were here then and how many are here now. Percentage wise you could be right (make you feel better?) but with the massive population explosion we have had since the 1960’s, crime would have to be UP……more people, more crime. More pollution, urban sprawl, less open areas, strain on fresh water, more welfare. But do not worry if white people are the majority when the country, the United States of America, implodes……that will be the least of your worries.

  135. aandrews says:

    If you have school-age children, one of the best things you can do for them is to make other arrangements for their education.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @aandrews
  136. Jim H says:
    @James Scott

    ‘Jews always fall from the catbird seat when the money from debt scam comes apart. It won’t be different this time.’ — James Scott

    Say buddy, could you spare me a hundred Yellenschrift for a cup of coffee?

  137. Weaver says:

    There will always be bad places in the world. The fault is with those who let in the immigrants, often for cheap labor. The fault is also with those who support a foreign policy that disrupts foreign economies, leading people to the US. Cold Warriors, for example, have greatly harmed the US. They claim to fight imaginary foreign opponents, and the US imports people either out of guilt or because they were allies in the imaginary struggle.

    It’d be advantageous, a great way to preserve capital, to know just where is best to live before such an event. It might be that parts of Latin America are relatively safe. In the US, refugees and migrants are sent to white and conservative states. There’s very little opposition to it. So many profit from cheap labor.

    But no one wants to admit fault. No one wants to tell conservatives they’re partly at fault.

  138. @A Half Naked Fakir

    The economic and technological dominance of the white West is a recent phenomenon, that started a couple of hundred years ago. Before then, China did build-up a society that surpassed all those in the West. Some other countries in East Asia, and in the Indian Subcontinent, probably did so too.

    If Francis Fukuyama had lived in that era, he would have declared an “End of History” then and it was won by the non-whites. But he would have been proved WRONG because the next phase of human development, which turned out to be more than 1000 times greater, would be led by the West!!! Therefore, he declared the “End of History” in the 1990’s instead. But then, later he had to walk back on his “End of History” theme:

    In the document, Fukuyama said his idea of the end of history had been challenged by China, which, with its authoritarian semi-capitalist system, might become the world’s most powerful country.

    Those included “meritocracy, a disciplined party hierarchy, respect for education, and above all, a sense among the rulers that they have a certain responsibility to act in the public interest”, Fukuyama said, referring to measures the Communist Party has taken over the past six years under Xi.

    A new phase in human history might be starting now– with the relative decline of the current hegemon:

    “The United States is not likely to regain its earlier hegemonic status, nor should it aspire to,” he wrote.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  139. @Ukraine Tiger

    Another second coming: the department store is all that’s left of the American Way.

  140. rgl says:

    Your angst amuses me.

  141. ziggurat says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    So, it’s no surprise that about 75% of white Americans don’t realize that we have been in an anti-white revolution for 50 years now, and that it is only accelerating. Of the remaining 25% that fear a bleak, non-white future there are perhaps 5% at best willing to do something about it? Is it possible for the 5% to organize for us a home? Maybe they can get another 10% to go along with them. These 5% absolutely need a plan, and total self-sufficiency. And, be it parents or friends or siblings or whatever, jettison the other 75% that are race-suicidal. My wife says she would rather “be happy” that hear these truths. I will never divorce her, but I will go to the new fortified home for whites, and hopefully she will rejoin me when she gets tired of “being happy.”

    I think that has a good strategy. What this community is doing is trying to get people (regardless of race) to protest anti-whiteism (e.g., anti-white policies, rhetoric, etc).

    The way they are doing it is by using carefully chosen words and arguments, which are designed to persuade whites that they are being attacked and that they can/should defend themselves. Also, they are creating white-positive art. (E.g., here is a good album: )

    This will create a community opposed to anti-whiteism and that knows how to persuade others to join the struggle. They call it a “curative contagion”, which is a viral set of words & arguments.

    The related book “Go Free” explains in more detail:
    Go Free: A Guide to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind

    • Thanks: Joseph Doaks
  142. anon[538] • Disclaimer says:

    Eastern Europe and Russia will be the last majority white areas on earth. I imagine some American, European, and Canadian whites will someday want to move there if things dont go well where they are at.

    • Replies: @Juvenalis
  143. Kamisama says:
    @Cliftonville, Roger Acton

    No problem. Just reclassify Hispanics as White.

  144. JLK says:

    I note that the 2020 census had the black population shrinking relative to past censuses, under 13% now.

    The nonwhite rise is in the Hispanic and Asian populations. With regard to the latter, who cares? With regard to the former, I’m not as pessimistic about how they will ultimately integrate into American society as many others here are.

  145. Wokechoke says:

    That’s extremely sad to see a young woman in a demented sort of denial.

  146. @Badger Down

    Some Jews are good, some not so much, like any other group, however defined.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  147. @Deep Thought

    In China the Government controls the capitalists. In the USA and the West, the capitalist bloodsuckers own the Government. Hence the intractable hatred of China, that cannot be co-existed with. The parasites will risk everything to ‘…bring China down’.

  148. @Robert Dolan

    You’re the type that would prefer rich ‘Whites’ to keep on breeding, and the global untermenschen go extinct. Why not be open about it?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  149. El Dato says:

    I hear the guy was told by his lawyer to maybe not bring his antifa buddies to the school

    Bring back lynching, I say. It was a good regulator of bullshit.

  150. @Apex Predator

    Actually, Apex, those who could see beyond their own generation should have realized what was coming 30 years earlier, when the Hart-Celler Act was passed, which opened the floodgates to third world invasion. (Doubtless its most ardent proponent, Jewish congressmen Emmanuel Celler, knew it). The so-called Greatest Generation were clueless as to what type of country they were condemning their grandchildren to.

    Now, many Boomers today will never have grandkids, as they were heavily influenced by Jewish biologist Paul Erhlich’s runaway best seller “The Population Bomb.” The lack of White replacement sufficient to maintain its population has been exacerbated by Gen-X and Millennials, whose birth rate has fallen even below their parents. I’m surprised that Joyce didn’t bring this up in his otherwise excellent, ominous article.

    Young Whites, consciously or not, realize that the lives of their children may be far worse than theirs. This Covid hoax has also driven down White procreation further, where it is approaching 1 child per woman, and marriage rates continue to decline. The lack of children, a problem which other ethnic groups don’t seem have much of, only accelerates our inevitable extinction. The ONLY possible solution is Secession. But Whites in great numbers would have to, if necessary, take up arms and fight for it. At this point in time, it doesn’t seem likely.

    • Agree: Briggs
  151. Alden says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    This is why Amish men grow beards but shave mustaches.

    Way back about 15540 when the religion began mustaches were the fashion for military officers. The people who became Amish hate the draft, and their military experience. They lived in Holy Roman Empire territory. HRE always in need of of conscripts . So no mustache was a sign of resistance to the draft and later became part of the mandatory dress code.

  152. @Gemjunior

    “It’s just unfortunate that it has been left to this point when anti-Whites have so much control of society and the internet.”

    Unfortunate? People who see their country and way of life being destroyed by traitors within their own ranks need to be willing to use stronger language than that!

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @HammerJack
  153. @anonymous

    “Consent is engineered by the few who control the many. Immigration policies, all the various wars we’ve had, none were by popular demand but usually went against the interests of the majority.”

    And unrestricted abortion, homosexual “marriage.” transsexualism, etc., etc., etc.

  154. W says:
    @Robert Dolan

    This is to important not to tell us what the link is.


    • Replies: @bob jones1
  155. If there is so strong a sense of social fear that even an anonymous poll prompts evasion and disavowals of one’s own interests then the level of cowardice would be such that all is lost anyway.

    As I so often commented when Audacious Epigone had his poll blog going here, I strongly question the polling method. “Anonymous”? How was the respondent contacted for questioning?

    If they call you, it’s not anonymous. They have your number.

    When you lose your livelihood for telling the truth, lying to the pollster is an act of self-preservation.

  156. @mulga mumblebrain

    The %age of whites has dropped from about 33% of the global population at the start of the 20th Century to about 19% at the end of the 20th Century, and is currently down to probably 15% or less. Why shouldn’t a white person be concerned about this? It would be acceptable if the population of other races declined in proportion to the decline of the white race, or if the rest just remained in their own continents/countries. Obviously if the numbers of one race decline while the others rise, the race increasing in population will seek to replace that of declining population as nature abhors a vacuum. An ideal balance would be if a third of the world population were white, a third black, and a third yellow, as it probably was for much of the past.

  157. hillaire says:

    polls don’t tell you what the proles think… they tell the proles what to think…

    to wit: 7 out of ten respondants noticed a definite improvement in their eyesight once diagnosed with arse cancer so keep up the glyphosate soaked breakfast cereals..

    studies show…

    6 out of 10 white people agree that being marginalised by a highly partisan racialised government and their brown replacements is fantastic… and hope they will be imprisoned or at least brutalised mentally and physically some time in the near future…

    a recent poll shows..

  158. @Anon

    yeah because white people locked up all the blacks they could

    stop n frisk kept blacks in jail in NYC where they belonged

    show me ONE country, ONE, that is brown and is well-run and first world. ONE.

    even hispanic- they do not exist.

    it is ludicrous to expect these people to come here en masse and create anything else than a facsimile of where they came from.

    the safe, clean areas…who is the dominant demographic there? sure af ain’t Baltimore

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  159. @W

    what would mexicans do if they didn’t like other people in their neighborhoods?

    what would blacks do?

    there’s your answer and your solution

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  160. Weaver says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    We do have a bad political tradition; so, it might be inevitable. Maybe something more durable will result from the ashes.

  161. aandrews says:
    @Fred Not Reed

    I guess it’s a safe assumption you’re not a book reader either.

  162. Juvenalis says:

    Eastern Europe and Russia will be the last majority white areas on earth. I imagine some American, European, and Canadian whites will someday want to move there

    Russian Federation is inherently multiethnic state with hundreds of different ethnic groups. East Slavic «Velíkaja Rusʹ» ethnic European Great Russians made up ¾ of Russian population per census a decade ago. Far from homogeneous—and White Slav «Rússkij» people have much lower birthrates (and sadly much higher abortion rates—highest in the world) than Asiatic/Caucasian Muslim peoples of Russia.

    Total Russian population shrinking or stagnant at best. In 1990, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic population was 147,532,000. In 2020, Russian Federation on same boundaries: 143,479,000 people. And population skews heavily toward 200 other ethnic groups in Russia with higher birthrates outbreeding traditionally Orthodox Christian European Russians, especially Muslims like Chechnya.

    Vladimir Putin’s government vehemently opposes any sort of “white nationalist” ethnonationalism—racial solidarity with White peoples of Europe and America! Alleged Nazi agitators/far-right extremists get locked up in prison for threatening stability of Putin’s Russia—which is more or less built on uniquely Russian civic nationalism. Putin celebrates Islam and Judaism alongside Orthodoxy as traditional religions of Russia.

    Already Moscow has more Muslims than any city in Europe (~1.75 million Muslims; >10% of Muscovites and growing). Islamic migrants need not cross Russian border—millions of nonwhites born Russian «Rossíjskij» citizens with free movement throughout their country.

    Unless Russia is to swallow imperial pride, surrender her racially diverse empire inherited from Soviets and Tsars stretching Siberia to Vladivostok, shrink Russia to European core territory, forcibly deport millions of Caucasians, Central Asians, Asiatic Muslims who are now Russian citizens…while still reeling from humiliating 1990s losses of former СССР republics to NATO expansionism: extremely unlikely Russia will be ethnonationalist model to the West, saviour of White race. Russians definitely won’t want millions of wealthy white American refugees who chose to abandon their homeland when going got rough! Russian people endured endless hardships and horrors with an «Ey, úkhnem!»…

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  163. @Dumbo

    ‘Have won’. ‘GAME OVER’.

    Words of an enemy, foreign or domestic.

  164. ziggurat says:

    For Aristotle, democracy is possible only within homogeneous ethnic groups, while despots have always reigned over highly fragmented societies.

    A multi-ethnic society is thus necessarily anti-democratic and chaotic, for it lacks philia, this profound, flesh-and-blood fraternity of citizens. Tyrants and despots divide and rule, they want the City divided by ethnic rivalries.

    The political and social harmony of a country supposes a minimum of ethnic and cultural unity.

    Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance – April 28, 2011 – by Guillaume Faye

    Mixed-race societies substitute ideology or dogma for those innate bonds, but these are not as strong, which is why such societies tend to militarize and become totalitarian in order to preserve some unity.

  165. R.C. says:

    We now have two generations of programmed cowards in America.
    Secession now.

  166. Meet Israels White Supremacist Jews: Israel’s TOP RABBIS and the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT

    • Thanks: ziggurat
  167. With a poll that asks such a touchy question about race that might paint the person being polled as a racist, you will never get good results. The majority of whites are scared to death of being called a racist so they would rather lie than give their real feelings on the subject.

    • Agree: The Griffins
  168. @Juvenalis

    Millions of American whites going to Russia would be a death knell to the Russian nation, the same poisonous mentality that has allowed the US to turn into the mentally diseased nation it is today would contaminate Russia. The white people’s of North America will need to suffer monumentally in order to find their inner strength, in order to fight back against the forces that are causing their decline.

  169. @JLK

    The black population is barely shrinking even with all those black on black murders and abortions. The bigger problem is that the mixed mulatto population is exploding and it’s because white women love to burn the coal and shit out mongrels.

  170. Briggs says:
    @Apex Predator

    The second south italians and jews were let in, was the beginning of the end.

    But if we really wanted to retain a decent country, the absolute LATEST we should’ve risen up against this was 1995, you’re right. That was the absolute LATEST possible time our demographics were still reparable.

    It’s nightmarish now. It’s over.

  171. This article is provocative and informative. It certainly describes a demographic change in the U.S. and some of its effects. In the late 1990s, I spoke to a Park Ranger, a civil service employee, who worked at a Civil War fort located near Pensacola Beach, FL. At the time I was working at the Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC), via a contract with Escambia County School District. The visit to this park was part of a program whose purpose was to gradually acculturate this population into mainstream society, which this excursion was an example. During our visit I happened to talk to the aforementioned Park Ranger and expressed an interest, in the job he had. He immediately replied that because I was a white male, that it was impossible to be hired because of the emphasis on hiring blacks, latinos, and females through the Affirmative Action Program, a program that hires people based upon their race/gender, and not upon their qualifications/merits. My immediate thoughts based, on this encounter, were surprise and dismay. Now I know what it is like to be discriminated against because of my race and gender. To wrap up my response to this timely and important article, I wish to reveal a particularly telling anecdote.

    I lived in Brooklyn, NY for approximately thirteen years. This was during the latter part of the seventies through the early part of the nineties. During that time, I was participating in a particular form of psychotherapy called “Primal Therapy,” which was sometimes mistakenly referred to as Primal Scream Therapy, which was a misnomer. One part of the therapy was something referred to as buddying, which usually entailed two people using a padded room at the Institute, where they talked about their feelings which might involve crying, shouting and pounding the walls and floor. I had asked a black lady to buddy with me, which she consented to. This session usually begins when the two individuals enter the room, shut the door, and assume a position on the floor which could be sitting up against one of the walls or laying on the floor. About ten to maybe fifteen minutes into the session I told her I didn’t feel comfortable buddying with her. She said, “Mark, we usually feel comfortable being with our own kind.”

    • Replies: @The Griffins
  172. ANON[377] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Robert Dolan

    The jooish house of cards built on lies will collapse at some point. Unbelievably, it hasn’t yet with all the obvious jooish programming. The day will come again with ugly joo faces sloping down and their weak bodies labelled with the yellow joo star.
    Might not be us who make it happen, but minorities see the joo unlike YT. The hatred joos have programmed toward us will be targeted at them. They can flee to isntreal, but parasites need a host. Our collapse is theirs. I just hope I live to see and even take part in the mass awakening.

  173. Druid55 says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    In the end, though, the tribal pull always wins with ALL!

  174. ANON[377] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Robert Dolan

    All true. I have found certain coping mechanisms for YT. Some are too vested in the narrative like my Marine friend. He has killed people and will not accept the truth. Probably why so many military guys kill themselves. That and job preference for haitians and blacks over patriotic whites (Ashlee Babbit- state sponsored murder of a vet by an useless AA hire).
    Next is ignorance (majority). Programmed by (((education))) and (((media))) into believing a useless burden to society like floyd is holy and revered.
    Finally, just fear. YT is still comfortable (homes, food, jew box) so they can betray other white victims. But, it will come for them no matter how they capitulate.

  175. Katrinka says:
    @bob jones1

    Problem is White men no longer have the guts to do what you propose.

    • Replies: @The Griffins
  176. Celine says:

    Sorry, gents, but it all ended at Stalingrad. Three to four generations on and you’re totally ruined globally, a blob of recessive traits. Look yourselves in the face. Look around your neighborhoods, your communities. Your mothers are whores and your fathers are drunks and your children, if you even have any, will be too. You’re fat, you’re addicted, you’re dumb, you’re lazy, you possess insane thoughts no matter where you lie on the silly political spectrum, and those of you who even think about such realities as pending demise are the equivalent of the chicken in the interlude between having its head severed and falling down dead – you’re merely a body, running around the barnyard for a minute or two, unable to recognize that you’ve already been killed.

    • Agree: Tony massey
  177. White people are being socially engineered to embrace their own demise. This a fact, not an opinion. Any objective analysis of western society would bring you to that conclusion. To what end? That is the question. Why do those at the top of the geopolitical food chain, including many whites seem bent on destroying us ? To answer that, one must ask what motivates people more than anything? I would argue legacy and success of ones progeny. Whites still hold more assets and influence than any other citizenry. We also consume more than any other citizenry. I am convinced that the real motivation behind this is the ptb seek to dispossess these assets and disempower us to prevent our ability to challenge them. I believe at some point they came to the conclusion that current resourse consumption is untenable if they want them and their progeny to continue to live in opulance. So to address this and ensure their children inherit the earth, they laid out a plan to dispossess, disempower and eventually depopulate the masses, starting with us. I believe once we are sufficiently rendered powerless, they will shift to other demographics or take a more wide based approach. They would still need skilled people to serve their needs., build their mansions, exotic cars, polish their shoes and cook their delicacies. That would necessitate leaving some of us around but not a meaningful amount of us. My point being is that they arent gunning for just because we’re white per say. Theyre gunning for us because it makes perfect sense when you see the bigger picture and their ultimate goal/s. Everything going on right now is connected. When you see it all through this lense, it all makes sense and the next steps become predictable. The covid hysteria, the climate hysteria, the anti white policies and rhetoric, the mass immigration, the blm riots, the constant propaganda, the dumbing down of education, the propagation of socialism. All of this leads to the same things. Upward flow of assets and power into the hands of fewer and fewer people and constricting the peoples ability to challenge it. In a nutshell, theyre attempting to bring about feudalism on a global scale.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  178. @Mark Weatherly


    Thanks for sharing, wacko…uh, Mark.

  179. @Katrinka

    Actually they do, Katrinka.

    See Sgt Pentland’s recent spot of trouble as an example. And that just one of many.

    If Sgt Pentland was black (or better yet a black dyke) and the perp a white male, the Jewbox would have lauded the incident as a heroic defense of the neighborhood etc…

    Instead he was convicted of assault by an Obama appointed female “judge”.

    The only way forward is an attempt at secession, and after that a campaign of resistance in the same model as the IRA.

  180. GioCon says:

    Most Americans are politically naive. They don’t realize that US politics are about identity tribalism, and if you don’t belong to the tribe that wins elections, you can kiss your rights goodbye. When minorities in Congress speak about their respective “victimized” communities, and how every social problem “disproportionately” effects their community, they’re speaking tribalism. Don’t expect them to do anything for you if you don’t belong to their tribe. Black Senator Warnock was the author of the racist amendment in the covid relief bill that gave federal funds to black farmers and restaurant owners. Whites were either not eligible for the funds, or they could only apply several weeks after blacks did. This racist law was eventually struck down by the courts, but this is an example of how, despite the fact that whites probably also voted for Warnock, he nevertheless only worked to help his own tribe. White Americans have been lulled into thinking that all people really are equal, that America is a fair place where law and order exists, and that racism had been put to bed long ago. But the Democrats and their “woke” mobs rocked that boat and are laying the groundwork for racial animosity all over again.

    • Replies: @USA1943
  181. @Celine

    It’s not gonna work out for anyone, Celine.
    Of course you know that as well.
    Who knows? There’s maybe a chance in say 50 years that whoever is still standing doesn’t even have bugs to eat. Or at least not as many bugs as they would like to eat.
    Doubtful they’ll truly miss the bugs once they’re totally gone tho. Out of sight…
    Once enough folks think it can’t go on anymore it prolly will stop and hey become something worse.
    I take it back. Maybe it does work out for someone. Not many i wouldn’t think.
    Hows you planned on pushing your way thru this morass, Celine? All the coattails looks from here have been taken. Careful if you’re standing on a rug.

  182. geokat62 says:

    Excerpts from, NYC psychoanalyst calls whiteness incurable ‘parasitic like condition’:

    A white New York City psychoanalyst is under fire after publishing a report decrying his skin color as a “malignant, parasitic like condition” without a “permanent cure.”

    Dr. Donald Moss — a published author who teaches at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute — published “On Having Whiteness” last month in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

    “Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has — a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility,” an abstract of the article on Sage Journals says.

    “The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world. 

    “Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse,” states the paper, also published on the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed site.

    The “deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples,” the abstract says — and “once established, these appetites are nearly impossible to eliminate.”

    While “effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions,” there is “no guarantee against regression.”

    “There is not yet a permanent cure,” the abstract says.

    Although the New York Post refers to the author of the report as a “white New York City psychoanalyst,” the Patriotic Alternative’s Mark Collett does an excellent job exposing the ethnic origins of this individual in his latest video, Jewish Professor calls Whiteness Parasitic

    The highlight of the short video (under 10 mins) is the following excerpt Collett somehow managed to dig up from a book the white psychoanalyst Dr. Donald Moss wrote, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Man (page 69). It gives us a small window into what might be motivating someone to write such an article:

    My grandmother reminded me of my obligations as a Jew. She said I was twice indebted: to her for the blood she had once given me and to Abraham for everything else. She said these debts must be honored. Until they are honored, she said, dying was not within my rights. She said: “You are our only revenge. You are our Hitler. Promises have been made. The dead are watching and must not be disappointed.”

    She said the machine will work forever. In America, every part can be replaced. Every vital fluid can be found, everything kept clean. What has been done once can be done again. What has been achieved can be repeated.

    She said: “You will die only by an act of will. As long as you are alive, Hitler has lost.”

    • Thanks: ziggurat, Thermostatus
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  183. @Agent76

    Good ‘ol Annie Rand! She was supposed to have been an upper class baroness or something and her individuality tanked when she died in the horsepital with the taxpayers covering her SSI medical treatment she couldn’t pay for herself.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  184. USA1943 says:

    There are Consequences to Ignorance and Stupidity.
    Example If Americans want to have Massive Immigration of unskilled, Uneducated People from Countries Hostile to the USA, Who have had MAJOR Problems assimilating into any Country they have gone to and Greatly INCREASE Crime and Murder and Rape (Ask Sweden formerly a very peaceful Country) Then maybe they need to look in the Mirror and say this is on me. Even the Founding Fathers wanted to limit Immigration To Whites from Europe who would assimilate easier and to have LONG Moratoriums on Immigration to give the incoming groups time to Assimilate so the different groups are not fighting each other, Then Ted Kennedy came up with the Hart-Cellar/1965 Immigration act to allow Groups with nothing in common from all over the Globe to come in and Americans Overwhelmingly Supported it, and Now There are no more long Moratoriums on Immigration almost all coming from low trust societies, with corrupt values, and Surprise many of the groups are hostile to the USA’s dominant group (Whites) In fact Hostility to Whites is the Glue holding many of the Democrat Groups together (Example LGBTQ and Muslims) and the Worst part is White Leaders are scared to call out the hostility to Whites, and forget about them advocating for Whites that is a pipe dream.

    All they had to do was Stick with what the Founding Fathers put in the Constitution and Bill of rights especially 1790 bill of rights, Now the once Dominant group is a 2nd class citizen at best.

  185. Anonymous[939] • Disclaimer says:

    Every. Single. Time.

    Great find geokat62. Thanks.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  186. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Before too late for what?

    The human species is from one biological source and has expanded into all that we have been. there is the one goal that is crucial for the human species…that it survives indefinitely. and even that is absolutely concern for all alive for we all die…and what is ceases to be of any concern to us.

    so what are we alive through our lives to do about what can happen to white people a particulate of the total human population? are we to drop bomb them sanction and starve, riot and murder, endless political games, color revolutions currently, waste human resources now, to ensure white people survive?

    for how long are we to do such then, into the future for white people to live forever?

    and what of nature? Isn’t there a functional aspect to all this that is basic? like you survive if you can and if you cant that’s it! you must be able to survive and respond to all natural developments successfully, mutate successfully? suppose a functional biological demand arises due to some unique environmental change occurs that white people but not all humans, cannot respond to successfully develops! what then for white people

    And look at white people now with their Covid! Who made Covid and put it into the environment and have built this massive program of propaganda, hostile medical systems globally to kill that are killing ordinary humans maximally, including ordinary white people? Isn’t all of that product of the while elites… that they thought of, created, developed over the planet…led by the white Jewish power section but roping in all elites, even those of color, on the side of mass human murder?

    How in the hell are white people, most of them ordinary like the rest of us, to survive in such reality then? How is any human to survive such period? As I began to read I realized that the stage we have evolved this is silly irrelevant issue… this article here. Deliberate! Propaganda! Can humanity as a whole survive, continue to exist! and for any real time longer given what we ourselves have done to the planet! To ourselves??

    It does not look good for humanity at this point. Humanity has become decisively suicidal and at this point we have ringed ourselves with the death devices globally, that would not take much again to trigger. The question is not white survival! who the hell cares! But of humanity as a whole! That question maybe can raise some concern among people.

    But even that question given the general contempt I note among humanity for itself I live among… given how we are! how contemptible we have behaved among ourselves for so long, and the fact that we all die anyway… raises any basic concern these days. Increasingly the sense is developing that humanity is on its collective way out of existence

    • Replies: @Weaver
  187. geokat62 says:

    Happy 5782, everyone!

    Biden Hosts a Jewish High Holidays Call:

  188. @Joseph Doaks

    Funny that you object to the word “unfortunate” while not mentioning the term “anti-white” which is quite the euphemism.

  189. geokat62 says:

    Introductory paragraph to, The One Thing Jews Should Be Doing To Combat White Supremacy:

    What did you feel when you heard the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, chant, “Jews will not replace us?” Fear, of course. Bewilderment, perhaps anger. But I bet a lot of Jews felt another emotion, which they’re less likely to articulate in public: snobbery. “Replace you? Where, behind the counter at Wendy’s? We’re successful, industrious, upper-middle class. You’re the dregs of society. Replace you? Don’t kid yourselves. When it comes to America’s class hierarchy, we replaced you and your kind long ago.

  190. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Red Ice:

    When the CDC was talking about how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, they weren’t joking. This is frightening footage out of Philadelphia.

  191. geokat62 says:

  192. Weaver says:

    Current wars don’t serve any ethnic interests, except maybe Israel’s. Covid is the product of the US and China working together. (US funding in Wuhan.) Imagine what’s possible if all of humanity worked together. I don’t personally fear Covid…

    US dysfunction is perhaps explained as a larger failure of the US system. Wars, healthcare (eg Covid vaccines), so many things are for profit at the expense of the whole. If China or another power becomes dominant, it could have similar problems, just as we’ve seen throughout history. You seem to believe whites have always been dominant.

    Why would humanity cease to exist? There are billions of humans.

    • Replies: @anon
  193. Weaver says:

    Her Objectivism was basically, “what’s right is whatever she says is right.” Supposedly Leonard Peikoff, a student of hers, wrote a book explaining it, because she couldn’t explain it herself. The Internet says she declared it the only official version.

    I dunno why, on the official website for her cult, “socialists” are credited with warning that her “capitalism” leads to monopoly when conservatives were making the same warnings when liberalism was first spreading and the bourgeoisie growing. It’s just people taking credit for ideas hundreds if not millions had stated previously. Bunch of stupid ideologies.

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  194. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    I posted up by mistake the unedited copy of my post! sorry about that but yet I thought enough got through to demonstrate that I do not think white people were always dominant.

    Why would humanity ceased to exist? I thought I was clear enough about that too. We have become very suicidal indeed! and in that direction we have the powerful Zionist death cult interest that contributes strongly to suicide impetus. And those people are prepared to blow up the planet if they are going to lose their power by the ending of capitalism… which must be changed if humanity is to survive

    As I said the means of collective suicide are vast and easily equal to the billions of people alive. And at this savage stage of life we have evolved at the end of capitalism, the means collective suicide appear easier to trigger.

    To me it does not matter by ethnicity who live on as long as humanity lives on. I do have that interest! I have children and grandchildren and would die happy if they are alive and well with families of their own. But white elite/Jewish capitalism must go. That is the major problem! the last stage of exploitative systematic social organization.

    Once capitalism is ended by popular uprising, and resulting popular systematic social organization of life in what remains of the nations that would be torn apart by revolution, all human problems become tractable, can be worked out without apocalyptic resort

    • Replies: @Weaver
  195. Weaver says:

    I appreciate the reply. I don’t expect capitalism’s end will change things as much as you hope. Elites are always in charge. One elite passes, another fills the void. Exploitative systematic social organization, as you call it, doesn’t have stages. It’s permanent in one form or another.

    Politics is more like a wheel going in a circle, not an advance in a direction. When the US dollar finally loses reserve status, when the US can no longer import goods from China, the world will continue much the same as it always has, just with new players, new powers.

    The US elite seems to want global domination in part to prevent nuclear war, prevent the spread of nukes also. So, as with every side, it has its set of arguments.

    I do expect most any new elite will be better than the US/Europe’s, for what it’s worth. I’m white. The people in charge of the US are crazy. A multipolar world order might be better. Some say China will eventually attempt its own unipolar order, under China.

    • Replies: @anon
  196. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know but Marxist economic analysis has much value as far as I saw/see. You will admit wont you that there is change, development, concrete stuff that changes reality?

    like for eg capitalism is for profit and cost efficiency can be crucial to profits. capitalism cant work otherwise but by efficiency in production… unless an ultimately unkempt, bureaucratic absolute monopoly arises and does not care. yet still inefficiency in production would get to that eventually and destroy even if it has no competition.

    such a monopoly would die and it would die faster the moment some competition appeared. but the development of productive efficiency to high yet still developing levels, leads to the question of ‘what is to be done with the people!’ that is a question already faced by current social economy for efficiency in production eliminates jobs in reams.


    and such productive efficiency is not relative only to capitalist drive but to the drive of all society to make things the best for the salient benefit of enhancement of collective ordinary survival. the collective drive for efficiency in production, in all that we do, produces a material base that revolutionizes society comprehensively.

    Indeed it is revolutionizing society now, from the top down for the capitalist has not sat and awaited the working class ordinary revolution from the bottom up to usurp him, but is carrying out his own revolution from the top down in pre-emption of that popular potential. the capitalist seemingly has always been involved in such pre-emption – setting up this Covid revolutionary day for the elites in all probability ever since all the way back to Marx and Engels

    we have come to this day on which capitalism is exhausted and a whole tremendous transformative new potential exists for humanity in the developed, technologized state of this day…for both the rich and the ordinary classes. the rich are preparing a Brave New World. the ordinary are seemingly out of it, successfully browbeaten by the rich and elite

    but it is a day/potential that cannot be achieved/realized by the capitalists. their interest is of course exploitative: they have stolen all the wealth and cannot afford to give it back, or to be usurped by revolution from below…or they will be eliminated.

    so they have set up to eliminate such ordinary, popular, working class revolution from the bottom as they must, and knew all along what they had to do…again from the time of Marx and Engels, but inclusive also Huxley and Orwell explained. so here we are actually in a revolution from the top down that contains the elimination of most of the current human population, the concentration of absolutely all social power in the few elite hands, and the institution of a whole new technologized world, but one for the minority elites with all the social power captured by them

    I don’t know if I did decent job explaining my idea but nothing is written in stone and time frames, relative to social systems can be far more extensive than the impression of them you convey. yes we have had along period of exploitative elitist control but long by what standard.. that made them so long they are now permanent: and has become all we can organize by socially…our only top-down, organizational possibility?

    in the process there has been constant and widespread popular roil and revolutionary action that has been successful in many nations, often were overturned by violent invasive action, not jettisoned by the people who created and lived them for any failure on their part to be effective in meeting the peoples needs.

    This seems relevant:

    the Hungarian revolution of the 19-fifties was a most impressive example of human progressive/revolutionary social activity… which was invaded and demolished by the Soviets

    and of course we have had Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela: Libya also. and I want to include both current Iran and prior to destruction Iraq in that collection of progressive nations that did a great work that benefitted all their people especially their ordinary folk.

    the drive for popular efficiency industrial/technological/economic/scientific drives social perfectibility, and the need for massive social adjustment to incorporate such perfectibility in concrete terms in the routine life. such social adjustment at this stage is fully revolutionary, requiring basic change, permanent change, in the way society is run from the bottom up. it does mean the end of social classes as we have known and lived them for as long as we have

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Weaver
  197. Evgenis says:

    “The second south italians and jews were let in, was the beginning of the end.”

    What’s wrong with South Italians? I mean I know they’re genetic outliers on the European spectrum, but it’s not like culturally they’ve damaged and looted White America and the USA like the Jews have. Where are the South Italian Jennifer Rubins or Emanuel Cellers?

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  198. Weaver says:

    Oh, Marxism is just a Western scam. It’s an impossible promise to enable what used to be called a “tyrant”, or a small group acting similarly, to come to power. Did the Bolsheviks see the Soviet Union as “communist”? No. It’s always this revolution that’s talked about but never happens, rights that are promised but never realised.

    Historically, if you want to come to power, you promise some unhappy group better treatment if they’ll support your rise to power. And your power grabs within society are justified as serving their interests. You also empower a new elite whose power comes from your rule, not from the past.

    In the West we say this is some unheard of, unique revolution, because we don’t read our history. But it’s just not. The Greeks are where we get the idea of tyrant from. They described it differently sometimes, but that’s roughly what it is.

    Anyway, Marxism believes that capitalism has to come first, destroy everything, separate people into workers and capitalists, then the workers come to power. But in the Soviet Union, it hadn’t undergone “capitalism” yet. And again, that wasn’t even seen as communism by the people undertaking the revolution themselves. They saw it as something new, not capitalist but not communism either.

    It’s just a dream to inspire people towards revolution. If you believe in such a dream, you might do good things, just as some Taliban radical might do good things, but it’s just another cult. You just joined a cult to serve an exploitative elite, as you call them. But results are up to those in charge. If people want to create a better society, they can do so under liberalism or socialism. It’s up to those involved, especially those in charge, as to the results.

    China needs a closed system, needs an authoritarian system, to resist the West. When Syria tried to reduce its socialism, it lost control. Syria also saw an expanding wealth gap, which is harmful in any society. (A good liberal society would not allow a large wealth gap.) There are different aspects here to consider.

    The US really is not a “capitalist” society today in most respects. We’re better understood as a “managerial” society. We have managers in charge of both big businesses and big governments who manage property that is not theirs. They come to power based on the unique skills they have to offer in managing that property, which is again the property of others.

    The only real revolution that has happened is fewer are needed to work agriculture. That is primarily what is different about today from thousands of years ago. We also have better technology in general, larger scale society, easier transit.

    In the Soviet Union, in China, in every society you have exploitation. We have it today; we will have it until the end of time, always.

    When classical liberalism was first on the scene in Europe, you had conservatives warning that it would lead to monopolies and wealth gaps, which were countered with promises that it would not. So, Marx isn’t the first to develop that theory. Marx also rambled about a lot of things.

    The earliest political science book from Europe, the earliest good one, is Aristotle’s Politics. He talks of the need for a large middle class. Because a sharp wealth divide leads to what? Instability. Machiavelli talks about citizens having unity over their common material situation, talks also of generals needing to eat with their soldiers to show a common connection. The Spartans, of Greece, similarly ate together and aimed for unity among their free. Societies are always trying to create a sense of unity, because everyone knows that something like Marxism results if there is a lack of unity.

    If you live long enough, you’ll dream that if just something happens, utopia will arise. And if you keep living, you’ll see that it doesn’t. In your life, you might see society get better, and you might see it get worse. But there’s no utopia. People strive for dreams that can’t be realised.

    People like me dream that if we just get a homeland, we’ll be safe and happy. But politics continues. There will always be problems. Under Marxism, the Bolsheviks argued that if they just killed enough people, just a few more million, just a few more million, just a few more that utopia would arise. And it never did. In the end, they just did horrible things for an impossible ideal. Similar to the Bolsheviks, Israel does horrible, horrible things to Arabs, for an impossible ideal of a safe homeland. In the US, some of the Neocons who support US wars were originally Trotskyites who were simply angry that Stalin took power. The Neocons were just another elite, not true believers.

    Striving for the impossible is just part of politics. You might find that an elite offers you a better life, for a time at least, in exchange for your support of it.

    I have my criticism of current US society. I have my set of reforms I would make. But as Belloc warned in his “Servile State” book: “Socialism” is just a return to slavery. It’s just a more complete form of slavery than the exploitation you see under capitalism. Poor people are just promised the impossible to get them to do things, for an elite to make use of them. None of these revolutions are as promised. It’s just for the weak and uneducated to believe in.

    If you want a list of books to read, you can learn from most anything that predates the European Enlightenment. But generally if you read from multiple periods, multiple sides, multiple civilisations, you’ll learn the most. Marxists of course tend to want to destroy history, so that people can’t learn different aspects of history, can’t resist. If history books are destroyed, then humans will just have to relearn those thousands of years. But reality doesn’t change.

    • Replies: @anon
  199. Weaver says:

    Solzhenitsyn is whom one should read to understand the Soviets and the Bolsheviks. Or, what I should say, is he’s the best authority I know, because I’m not from Russia.

    He wrote The Gulag Archipelago and 200 Years, the latter book describes the Bolsheviks as seeing Russians as a foreign group to be conquered, because most (~90%) of the Bolshevik leadership was Jewish or part Jewish.

    Burnham, an ex-Trotskyite who converted from Trotsky to Catholocism, wrote “the Managerial Revolution” and “the Machiavellians”, two different books.

    Belloc’s “Servile State” (some find it unpleasant to read) and GK Chesterton’s “Outline of Sanity” (fun, easy, free online read) are good.

    Anyway, you’re not likely to have time to read even Solzhenitsyn, but there are a lot of books to read if wanting to find criticism. In the West, “conservatives” like me generally reject ideology. And that comes from… yet another pair of books, Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolutions in France” and Russell Kirk’s “Conservative Mind.” Since you’re coming from a Marxist country, you likely assume these books argue for liberalism. Well, Kirk was more of a liberal than I am, though he also explicitly rejected all ideology. But I’ve never considered myself a capitalist, and I want things in the US like Universal Basic Income (my goals might change with the situation in the US).

    But the point here is they were writing from a particular time in history, with a particular set of values, but they were also arguing against ideology, against these simplistic mass ideologies. Kirk’s highest argument, his truth, was to reject ideology fully. As such, he never even attempted to create a doctrine. His doctrine was to reject doctrines, and there’s a lot of wisdom to be learned there. So, to explain, Kirk would have me focus on what I value, what I want to achieve, where my duties are. And he’d remind that if I pull off some radical revolution, all things decay and the new society couldn’t be expected to last. So, doing some horrible thing would probably not lead to the results I’d hope for. It’s better then to make the best of society as we reasonably can.

    But there are just a lot of things to learn. Paul Gottfried, perhaps in an attempt at fame, wrote about the Therapeutic State, which was meant to be an expansion of the managerial state from Burnham. Before his death, Sam Francis, another writer, crushed Gottfried’s book in a review. I doubt you’ll have time to read much if anything listed, but here’s the review, which just gives you a window of what a political analysis looks like.:

    There’s always an elite. We can’t escape being ruled by others. But we can support “good” elites over worse ones. The ideal is perhaps an ideal (I’m abusing Aristotle a bit here) of Aristotle, to attain “aristocracy”, rule by the best in society, masters who will treat us well. Similarly, the ideal is perhaps as from Burnham’s Machiavellians, that “freedom arises from a balance of power,” which is to say an elite that can’t fully exploit us due to a balancing of powers.

  200. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    oh boy! all of that makes little sense to me weaver. by all you discuss paper should make itself and stay paper forever, never decay and become compost and more ultimately in the process of life. by all you discuss the world is just there unchanging.


    so there is nothing but scam as Marxism…men and women none ever sincere yet who spent their lives doing such intellectual work! no sincerity at all, no honesty in that entire intellectual trend and its entire product?

    what about the concrete world that we can and have proved and its reality as relative to everything else. we can prove change right here and now, prove things and how they came about, what they are made of how they function and change over time. we can tell the same about humans to a great extent so far…how we came to be. we can see society working all around us, out of which we came. we now our bodies and how they work help ourselves when we get ill for example because we know why we get sick and how to heal a lot of it so far

    what you say is shocking making it hard for me to read let me tell you. stuff like this tends to bounce off my brain. suppose I had been living for 2k years by now I would be able to remember lots of things that did not exist in the BC, that we fond out discovered and made and so changed life basically, a change you deny….

    oh what the hell…!!!

    • Replies: @Weaver
  201. @Evgenis

    Currently they sit on the Supreme Court with the Jews, destroying whites by the day. They must be seen as quite the good goyim because there is not a single seat for an Irishman there, another group of very good goyim.

  202. Weaver says:

    It’s fine. In the US, Americans are brainwashed into Cold War thinking as well. If I tell an American we should do more to help the poor, reduce the wealth gap, he’ll tell me that’s Marxism. And then he’ll tell me Marxism means we end up in work camps, with millions murdered.

    But yes, people fighting for the US during the Cold War were scammed. People fighting for the USSR during the Cold War were scammed. Politics is often about scamming people into fighting for false promises. Americans were lied into the Iraq War. The Syrian War is based on lies. That’s just standard for politics.

    But you can also have good people doing good things. The US currently still has a pleasant standard of living which is the result of many things but partly the result of good intentions, good faith. We are still very free here, in most respects. China has done a lot to improve the lives of its people. Things can improve even if the doctrines are bad.

    But yea, I’d have to talk with you more. I dunno exactly what would click with you. I’ve had talks with my dad. I explain something to him. Then he turns on Fox News and repeats whatever they say. Fox isn’t even an ideology; it’s just a talking head telling him what to think. My dad was against the Iraq War, but in the spirit of “supporting the troops” tends to support the warring, doesn’t want to hear that it was based on lies. He doesn’t want to hear that those in power are bad people.

    Much of society is a lie, but what’s real is we have families, as you said, we have friends, kin. We can enjoy this world and be safe, do good for those around us, find fulfillment.

    • Replies: @anon
  203. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Then you’ve got nothing to worry about, so why bother dropping by with your agitprop? Be seeing you.

  204. Weaver says:

    Just because the future looks dire doesn’t mean Stalingrad could have changed things.

    Anyway, Hitler shouldn’t have declared war on the US, and he shouldn’t have scared Britain into declaring war on Germany. Those are major mistakes. However, as strong as the Soviet Union was, he had no chance anyway, unless somehow getting the US to ally with him. While the rest of Europe spent on welfare, Russia was spending on war. Russia’s military was massive; Stalin dreamed of taking all of Europe.

    Germany defeating Russia would be like Japan defeating China today. It’s just not possible. While Germany was able to take Russia by surprise, before it could attack; he also gave Russia the myth that they were fighting a defensive war. Hitler’s attack probably transformed Russia, under Stalin, into a very different polity, which is to say a stronger, better functioning, more united one. Russians also came to see Germany as ethnic purists viewing Slavs as mixed and subhuman. According to Serbs, for example, a million Serbs were killed by Hitler.

    So, Hitler did a great deal of damage to northwest Europeans. Maybe he also saved Europe from Stalin. Who knows? We’re here regardless of who is to blame, but things are absolutely not as dire as you think. It’s always more difficult to preserve something than to destroy it, but playing the “what if” game is for losers.

    Losing to France in 1066 is why we’re where we are. No, Cromwell destroyed England. No, the French Revolution is to blame. Etc. The list continues. There’s some Irish folk song that still complains about the Vikings (Irish Ways and Irish Laws). Oh, how perfect things were before those Vikings! Well, before the Vikings the Tuath Dé ruined things for the Fir Bolg. No, Sargon of Akkad ruined everything, created the first empire we know of, set the example of evil. No, etc.

    Life continues. If people are strong and capable, we’ll be fine. If not, we’ll be like every other race that becomes weak and corrupt.

    • Replies: @USA1943
  205. geokat62 says:

    There is no such thing as a utopia.

    Indeed. And here are the key failings of libertarianism:

    • Replies: @Weaver
  206. USA1943 says:

    Hitler had to declare war on the USA, They had a treaty with Japan so once Japan was at war with USA, Germany had to help Japan, Just like if China attacks Taiwan then USA would have to declare war on China, Even the South China sea Islands basically unpopulated tiny Islands, USA has to go to war over China for Japan, there is no choice, it is mandatory, does not matter who the President is, The President, Congress and Senate and the American people could be 100% against it, it does not matter, We have ZERO Choice.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  207. Weaver says:

    My understanding is Hitler was obligated to attack the US if the US attacked Japan first. But Japan attacked first; so, no obligation. I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time.

    I realise the US provoked Japan. The US knew the attack was coming. But just like with Germany attacking Russia, the US was able to portray WWII as a defensive war, as a war in which we had “no choice” in. There was an incredibly strong anti-war movement in the US. Japan blew that away with Pearl Harbor.

    Whenever China takes Taiwan, and I hope it doesn’t of course, my understanding is the US is not fully obligated to declare war in Taiwan’s defence either, but that’s a separate matter from Pearl Harbor. If I believed the US was about to war with China, I’d move.

  208. Weaver says:

    We need virtuous elites, and elites need to be from the same group as those they rule over.

    I like where the writer says some ideologies might be designed to break. I believe some wish for the US system to “break” in that way, to then prove the promised predictions of Marxism. Libertarianism certainly seems like a weak system that could break easily.

    There has been a movement similar to libertarianism, that I know of: Chinese Taoism. Buddhism might have been similar in India early on, but that’s just a guess of mine. Buddhism was originally supported by the merchants in India, I’ve read.

    According to Marx, nationalism is a means of capitalists to manipulate and oppress workers. So, of course, it has to be destroyed. Bolsheviks need to destroy all of history, all tradition, all religion, etc. Then, finally, their dream can be released. And that dream is the enslavement of mankind under Jews.

    But the Chinese obviously interpret and apply it differently. So, “Marxism” today doesn’t equate with the original version. US Marxism is probably closer to the true spirit, and the Chinese hate woke culture. So, “Marx” today has come to be a new thing. I know it’s fashionable to say the woke are wrong, but they’re not in this case. Marx is trash; the Cold War made fools of all participants. Russians fought for people who hated them against Hitler, who might have also hated them; however, maybe Russia’s elite was less and less Jewish after Stalin took over.

    A frontier ideology is a good description of libertarianism. I have a book from Chronicles, no longer sold there, but the author says as a society fills, it might be natural for government to expand. He writes how a young man struggles to learn an ideology, then masters it, then as he grows old he comes to question it… Anyway, there’s a book; so, one of the geniuses once associated with Chronicles made a similar point.

  209. @Weaver

    I tried reading dear Annie’s “Shatless Bugged” three times but her wooden characters and obvious lack of real- world ass kickings led me to think very little of her.

    “Rand was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum on February 2, 1905, to a Russian-Jewish bourgeois family living in Saint Petersburg.”

    Screw the fallen woman. She was friggin’ aggro over the loss of something she never had, her mommy and daddy’s privelige of looking down on people with impunity.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  210. Weaver says:

    There might be some praiseworthy aspects to the book, but I certainly view her as an enemy. I think someone from the America First Party recommended the book to me. I remember when I first got it (maybe 2004), excited to read this revolutionary book. But it wasn’t for me. I enjoyed some of it early on at least.

    Books like LotR, Narnia, nonfiction like Machiavelli, Aristotle, Solzhenitsyn, etc. all excited me. I can read and reread even just a page, a sentence from those books, and it’s usually enjoyable. People who like Ayn Rand are clearly very different from me.

    The “Imaginative Conservative” website comes to mind. People on the right have “imagination” and so are different from Rand. And that website hosts, or hosted, libertarians; but no one is perfect.

    I learned the Anton LeVey Satanist movement values both Nietzsche and Ayn Rand. Not surprising, I like none of those 3 people.

    A question I have is whether Rothbard was my enemy. I’ve read almost nothing by him. I might never have time to read him. But I am curious. And I’m obviously aware he’s Jewish, but that doesn’t make him my enemy. I was surprised to read Wilhelm Röpke was Jewish, though it makes sense, explains some things, explains why he’s not better.

  211. @Anon

    You’re delusional if u don’t think minority majority metro areas aren’t experiencing an uptick in crime after a steady decline from a couple decades of gentrification. Ghettos are where the majority of crime takes place in the first place. Hey since u think importing 3rd worlders is so wonderful why not move to Somalia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Mexico or El Salvador w/ your pets/brethren. Adios

  212. All young White people that are concerned with the long-term survival of the race must get educated, must get influential in academia, politics, business and media and must work towards re-instating White ethnic interests.

    Quoting from geokat62’s post, can you see the fanaticism that Jews are indoctrinated with?

    My grandmother reminded me of my obligations as a Jew. She said I was twice indebted: to her for the blood she had once given me and to Abraham for everything else. She said these debts must be honored. Until they are honored, she said, dying was not within my rights. She said: “You are our only revenge. You are our Hitler. Promises have been made. The dead are watching and must not be disappointed.”

    The dead are watching. You are our revenge. Promises have been made. These people are raised with such thinking patterns it’s no wonder they are full of irrational hate towards non-Jewish White people. In this Jew’s eyes there’s no difference between German Nazis and White Americans even though White Americans fought the Nazis. They’re all the same Edomites/Amalekites to him – a group of people he must work to destroy, because he is programmed that way by religion.

    Non-Jewish Whites must also become fanatical. Otherwise the preservation of White people is not guaranteed.

  213. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Jesus Humphrey Christ-on-a-blown-tire Bike: 2,700 words!

    I read the occasional Ron U article. Emphasis on occasionally. They’re usually good, but like fine wines, not for everyday chugging/mental imbibition.

    As for the good Mr. Joyce: has he never read Strunk & White? Has he no sense of editing?

    Mein gott!

    Dude, PUHLEEZ keep your pieces in the 800-900-word range. Better 3 small pieces well-written (and thus well-READ) than one humongous verbal stem-winder that gets eaten by the Tempus Teal Deer (TLDR).

  214. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

    I do not see the behavior you discuss as independent of comprehensive material reality. happiness is relative, doing good is relative totally. I did not understand the natural parasitism of the political party that the Bolshevik experience exposed. in that I was later. those who use Marxism to create the |Bolshevik reality knew. real politicians always knew.

    the parasitism of the political party isn’t independent reality. they must eat to live and political corruption gives them long term security in having something to eat always. Marx said so…the political party is parasitic and corruptible.

    the Hungarians in 1956 came up with an answer, practical! they implemented it and the Bolsheviks smashed them. that generally development proves what I don’t understand about all you talk say…the interdependence relativity of humans and life as a whole that which out of we came and remain part and potential in.

    humans have already made the wrong evolutionary choices and I don know if we can undo them, the continuation of capitalism is one such choice, Christianity the same as choosing what the Jews lay before us…Christianity and capitalism basic among much else that is obviously insane like homosexuality abortion, transgenderism etc.

    I don’t see those things as choices between bad and good. purely, what the hell is that bad and good. Bad and good do not exist save as factors of debate and description of behavior based in religion limitedly. cause and effect is the relativity here the way of life itself. we must do what is consistent with a survival. we must discover what that is and do it, it is relative to the position we find ourselves in in life. if we have been exploited and are ordinary our behavior is so disciplined by that reality. we must make the evolutionary choices that are consistent with our survival and such choices will help revolutionize life.

    technological advance is also basic relative to changing life fundamentally. the overall basic technological development we have achieved has already changed life and is increasingly making working people redundant in life. the capitalist intend to solve that problem by depopulation and revolution from the top down. the working people have no choice but to do the same from the bottom up eliminate the capitalist and organize life for the people. the Hungarians in 1956 demonstrated one way that could be done

    so by cause and effect we live…that is the way of nature. you talk with an air of conclusion that divorces one from reality. we were not always here. white people were not always here, were not the first people. there is only one human species. the world was here long before us. conservatively life is around 178 millions years old., by human standards that is a huge quantity of time. but the planet was not always here then what came first the solar system and then planets? and how long ago was that? how long did the solar system take to come into being and set itself up…and where is that currently in its own evolution and life, and what would the anwser to that mean to and for us.
    and beyond the solar system what is there. there clearly is a there to that? so what is it?

    I don’t see that we can be conclusive to anything the way you are. when I speak of Marxism I know lots that there is to it, all the scam prior to the Rusky Revo and afterwards into all that has gone on to this point. but there is much I found functional in Marxism relatively…relative to many things I did used to do up t now analytically. I live open ended: humans know what we know so far and must come to know as much as possible giving us seemingly our best chance at indefinite survival.
    Can humans achieve eternal life even with the Zionist material artificial material synthesis?

    can humans come to know all there is to know about existence? I don’t know but as it stands we do not know nearly enough.


    the Russian Khazars chose and converted into a Black’s mans religion in the sixth decade of the tenth century Anno Domini.. and began the transformation, religious, that made Jesus white: and then following the whole history of the human species of white origin… false and delusional, that everybody came to believe, setting humanity back a long. long, long, long way, full of ethnic division/racial enmity, ethnic cleansing, utter ‘racial’ hate, that proved often genocidal historically, currently.

    the Jewish in the reformation of the Black mans religion made themselves the ‘chosen’ and we can see what that cult has produced in them in us…pure naked and increasing insanity with suicidal drive and impetus. Jim Jones and his religious cohort in Guyana comes to mind

    my point is that there is no ‘good’ and ‘evil’ individual factors of what I wonder…religion? Jesus!? God? underpinning any living behavior at all. there must be factual reason cause purpose driving behavior…cause and effect and survival. people don’t just do good or bad. what we need to do to ensure survival we call good. what we call bad is often arbitrary…when we lose out in a project by the action of others with whom we find ourselves in competition. we lost to them so they are bad.

    but we then find that we ourselves likely caused or generated the competition – or attack- by what we ourselves did to those people originally that led to their current behavior by which we have lost…prolly dearly

    currently popular revolution from the ground up is all that can save the majority of people ordinary humanity from being depopulated, killed off, a process currently under way on planet earth. that would be good behaviour from the people’s POV if they were even aware of it for the most part, of what is happening to them. the depopulation of the majority of humanity is bad behavior on the part of the rich for it can be seen that the survival of a minority over the majority, a minority bent on converting themselves into inanimate material would lead to human extinction soon enough regardless

    and that leads us to the real equation of our current day…that between the rich and the ordinary people that is not bridgeable at all! one half of the equation must be eliminated for the existential potential of each side depends on the elimination of the other systematically, socially. didn’t Marx say that? no matter! it is absolutely true! which is why the rich and elite do not hesitate to depopulate the rest of us

    the survival if the human species then in whatever systematic organizational formation does not depend on any circular coming into being of elites around the world forever and ever but on the revolutionary activity of ordinary people changing fundamentally the way of life of humanity to eliminate forever the seeming very circular coming into being and going out of existence of social elites. so then the good can come into being which ‘good’ is the survival of ordinary humanity in whom reside the potential for the continuation of the human species in nature

  215. @cylindrical crown

    Good for you, in that you have named the topic that most Americans are simply too stupid (left hand side of the Gaussian IQ curve) to comprehend and therefore to consider as to projected outcomes. I am writing about the “quantity” of nuclear weapons that exist in America’s “arsenal”, most of which have a location (undisclosed) and are likely “ready” for “initiation”!

    The dilemma is: What happens to ownership, physical possession, electronic control and targeting of such weapons if in 20 years the (intelligent) White segment of the American population drops below approximately 1/3 of the White race (and I do not include mixed mestizos, White miscegenated with typical mextizo, or mulatto, White miscegenated with Negro as a part of the White race) and becomes subjected to discriminatory laws, regulations, decrees, random POC violence within a neighborhood, and/or other legalistic or actual violence leading to large numbers of deaths? These weapons are “large”, obviously lethal, and some can irradiate “handlers” if such are typically POC’s who have no “conception” of nuclear physics and will die within days and possibly radioactively contaminate a “large” area!! The presumption is that some type of mextizo, black, some “Asians”, form of government, or multiple such governments, representing different tribal “groupings” attempt to seize such weapons from the historically White members of the armed forces who are the vast majority of the persons presently controlling those weapons. In a perverse manner such tribal groupings would not hesitate, for even a microsecond, to use such weapons in order to accelerate the extermination of Whites in America. The problem that such would encounter in doing such would be the collateral damage to their communities and peoples.

    But I have always maintained that Hiroshima yield-size weapons would be an excellent defensive and yet thoroughly destructive weapon to be used by White communities to eviscerate black-brown communities without destroying most of the habitant. And I claim that if a group of people have lived in a country/society for centuries and have provided the blessings of liberty and freedom to all whom have legally resided in such a country; but now those very same “others” in that society are “licking their chops” at the thought of mass rape and execution of White females and the systematic slaughter of White males in order to act out some type of psychopathic “revenge” against the White citizens of that society because generally speaking the Whites were “superior” in intellect and thus led that nation in becoming the prosperous, safe, peaceful, free society that it was, until every rag-picker from around the world proclaimed their God-given right to invade that society and become the new extended parasite class that demanded that Whites work until they drop dead from exhaustion but constantly produce so that the rag-picker parasite class had all the “goodies” available to them, FOR FREE, on this planet!!!

    In such a circumstance the White segment of society is indeed justified in defending their people from mass extermination by using every weapon available to them for protection. And if such weapons vaporize large groups of “others” off of the face of the planet, then perhaps those “others” should have thought about how they could live in HARMONY with their fellow citizens before they developed their psychopathic “brain farts” about revenge for feeling inferior!!

  216. JamesO says:

    “This is to say nothing of the 15% of respondents who told Pew that such a transformation is “good for society” or “very good.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this last figure was dominated by Jews in Whiteface ”

    Jews are 2% of the American population.

  217. aandrews says:

    The anti-white garbage is coming from the universities and the university system has been fully captured.

  218. Pablo says:

    The decline of the White population is a result of the War on the White Race that has been going on for decades. The people promoting this idea, Jews, openly admit this. They are just smart enough to use the terms, “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity” to mask their Hatred for the White Race and its Institutions. White people who think the decline of the White population is no big deal will get a rude awakening. Likely when it is too late.

  219. @Ralph B. Seymour

    I’ve been away for a week visiting relatives in New York, so I apologize for the delay in replying.

    The speaker is a bit naive on energy. Setting aside one day to pray to the energy gods is just bullshit. It serves no realistic purpose as it will be ignored. For energy, the US needs Thorium nuclear reactors (SMR’s) by the railroad car load to add to the existing capacity and to replace the older generating plants, nuclear and fossil. I’m a proponent of EV’s because they are simply better in all respects. I could care less about the carbon nonsense because any climate change is controlled by the sun and the galaxy. Human influence is a rounding error.

    We should transition to a mostly electrical future and that should include reducing our dependence on the existing grid because the future will surely not be compatible with a single point of failure. We need regional grids and even neighborhood grids and all the way down to single home “grids” called self sufficiency. The future needs to dump the monopoly control mechanisms in all respects, and the electrical grid as it exists today is an excellent place to start.

    His information ideas are never going to happen as long as there’s a gov’t that wants the existing infrastructure as the ministry of propaganda. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc are gov’t organs of disinformation. If they didn’t exist, the Fed Gov would invent them, and actually did invent them by proxy. As long as stupid people get their information from the State’s propaganda organs, nothing changes. It is when the SHTF economically and the average brain dead voter realizes he’s been had is when said voter will wise up because there is no alternative to the reality rapidly approaching.

    His sensemaking assumes that people are smart enough to make sense of information. That is far from the truth. The average person is dumb as a stump and will believe anything some authoritative voice tells them. Huge swaths of the population vote. They believe in religious fairy tales about gods, resurrection and all manner of blatant bullshit. These people are the stumbling block towards future progress and only their awakening to the realization that absolutely everything the gov’t tells them is a lie will convert them to listening to alternative sources with a completely different interpretation.

    This is going to be one tough nut to crack. I doubt this can happen before there is a revolution that brings in a different “authority” and narrative and then the dolts will listen to the new message, not because they agree with it but because the new boss says so. They’re too stupid to do otherwise. His sense making diplomats ARE the new government that the sheep can follow. If that transition away from the current thieves and liars doesn’t happen, then there are no sense making diplomats. If there’s a dissolution of the USA and we get a chance at various smaller gov’ts, then people can vote with their feet and the tribes he mentions can gain control of geographic areas. That’s the only way this might work.

    Council of elders. That is truly funny. He’s proposing a new set of scumbags, nothing more. Same with his censure idea. Any group given any kind of authority will quickly become corrupt as that’s what all gov’t is – corruption written into law.

    His incentive idea would put the world back to pre industrial revolution standards. It’s a good idea to charge the true cost of things, but recommending a tax mechanism is insane. Tax means gov’t control and extortion via the barrel of a gun. That’s no way to restructure the society, one new force replacing the old. The world needs corporations to produce the goods and services the mindless masses need to survive. Those corporations need to be restructured to be less destructive at a fundamental level and the first thing would be to get rid of the concept of a corp being a gov’t controlled and licensed entity. Corporations should not pay any tax at all. All corporations should be the private domain of their investors with the stipulation that they can not absorb other corporations and grow to humongous scales. There needs to be competition in every segment of the market and gov’t control eventually means gov’t capture and no real competition against the market leader.

    etc, etc, etc

    He’s naive.

  220. Dr. Doom says:

    There are 180 Million White People in America alone.
    The Globe is infested by only 15 million Jews.

    Who will win this Race War? Not Zion Pigs.
    The White Identity is now a thing, a Real Thing.

    Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.
    The days of White intrafighting are coming to a close.

    A New Order of White Identity is now coming into being.
    The Whole World will shake when this birth goes mainstream.

    Which now it WILL.

  221. geokat62 says:

    HIAS doing HaShem’s work!

    … any chance HIAS will try and resettle any of these so-called “refugees” in the Apartheid state?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  222. @Anon

    Did anyone else’s jaw drop to the floor when they read this?

    My jaw hasn’t dropped like that since yesterday, since I read that the National Archives put “trigger warnings” on our founding documents, posting “contains language some may find offensive.”

    Someone seriously missed the stories of Chicago, of Oakland, of New Yorkers attacked in the streets, of mass looting (not “Floyd bump”– this is pretty much daily, somewhere now, in “flash groups”)– they missed the whole “Soros AG’s and DA’s let criminals go without bail so they can re-offend immediately? For that matter, someone doesn’t realize “Floyd” was not a “bump,” but a “we’ll riot whenever we are not in control/power,” exactly as we see in the middle East? That it is now part of American culture?

    And then to add “cleaner”? Are you kidding? Areas of major cities look like Third World slums, with people camping out on public streets, people “do their business” on public streets — all this got by someone?

    I wish I could like in that kind of head-in-the-sand bliss…

    • Replies: @Truth
  223. @RoatanBill

    Yes, I of course I agree. People are dumb as bricks — and this guy is naive.

    I’m amused by people’s ideas about all this. I think he is some sort of PHD.

  224. @RoatanBill

    I couldn’t resist borrowing liberally from some of your comments on the “Sleepwalking” article and sending them to Charles Ortel who, in spite of the fact that he seems to be a bright enough guy, spends considerable time and energy making videos recounting the minutiae of crimes committed by the political class, as if exposing every last bit of it will make a difference.

    He’s certainly old enough to know better, but is still apparently tone deaf to reality.

  225. @RoatanBill

    On a different subject.

    You might not be interested in all the treachery of 911. But if you are, this Dennis Cimino interview is fantastic:

  226. Anon[165] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred Not Reed

    “Do any Unz readers have jobs/lives/etc.?”
    Well, they do have lives in that they must exist in physical forms, and can type out posts with one finger at whatever public library lets them use their desktops before throwing them out for the evening.
    But jobs…come the fuck on. The posters here aren’t educated or talented people, who would hire them to do anything? Maybe a few of them have minimum-wage positions at Wal-Mart or something that requires a pulse and sneakers to wear. That’s about it.

    • LOL: Commentator Mike
  227. How many blacks are there in America nowadays ?

    Television and media suggests they are the majority.

    Whites must’ve become a minority suddenly without even realizing it.

    Based on the number of advertisements featuring blacks it suggests that they are now the dominant source of spending power and the most important consumer base

  228. aandrews says:

    Domestic terrorism can take many forms, inspired by a wide range of violent ideologies whose common, dangerous feature is the resort to violence rather than the peaceful expression of views and resolution of differences. Individuals subscribing to violent ideologies such as violent white supremacy, which are grounded in racial, ethnic, and religious hatred and the dehumanizing of portions of the American community, as well as violent anti–government ideologies, are responsible for a substantial portion of today’s domestic terrorism. Tackling the long–term contributors to this challenge demands addressing the sources of that mobilization to violence – with leadership from relevant domestic–facing agencies, coordinated by the White House’s Domestic Policy Council and in close partnership with civil society [translation: snitches].

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @aandrews
  229. aandrews says:

    I was wondering what the new obsession would be, after they got their asses handed to them in Afghanistan.

  230. Hunchback says:

    I am rather skeptical this PEW research is representative at all. Even classic Democrats understood that Trump won because of being against immigration, with Hilary wanting even more. Trump would have won a second time without intervention. Further, white flight is a real phenomenon; even leftists — or Greens here in Germany — don’t live in ghettos and send their children to private schools because they are white.

    I’d say most people are little interested on politics or “the future” anyway, they mostly care — nowadays — about fornicating to increase the filth in their lives, or traveling, making money and so on. Few, unfortunately, read books, let alone serious books.

    As Vox Day once said, a determined right minority is enough to pull the majority towards their policies.

  231. @Robert Dolan

    I know and understand this is a Zionist program directed against whites, what I meant was that too many whites didn’t reject it, they embraced it, and by embracing it, they embraced their own demise. I didn’t even mention the old “school busing federal law”, that allowed negro kids from the ghetto to be bused into the white suburbs, and vice versa.

  232. Truth says:
    @American Reader


    As I’ve said numerous times, most of you dummies have taken the Lethal Injection already, so an angry Knee-Grow is the least of your problems.

  233. aandrews says:

    “The Pew findings indicate that any kind of White awakening to a full realization of the true nature of White decline will be a mammoth task.”

    There are templates in not all too distant American history that demonstrate how full realization of the true nature of things can crystallize to diamond hardness over a relatively short period of time. The pressure on white Americans needs to be drastically ramped up.

  234. geokat62 says:

    A must watch documentary, Why is Sweden multicultural?

    • Thanks: aandrews
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  235. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks. Great documentary. Watched it and saved it.

    I especially appreciate them noticing that the anti-white invasions are not good for the jews. This project will end them since it’s both weakening their host countries and waking up whites while the other goyim already hate them or push their own tribalism. This will get very ugly for all sides but, frankly, I can’t wait.

    That said, they should have noted that the jewish public excuse for “multicultural” Sweden – jewish ability to blend in among other minorities – makes no sense whatsoever. In Sweden they are a tiny fraction of a percent so how come they’re still feeling unsafe (lol) in a country that’s already 25% invaded? How come they’re only accelerating the invasion despite the fact that the invaders are Muslim hostiles?

    The answer is that the plan is a total, worldwide, white genocide. They’ll fail and pay for it but that is the plan.

  236. @geokat62

    Not shown: her 60-yr-old husband. Call me old-fashioned, but I still say she’s too young. Well, I’m about to be carted off to Diversity Training Camp for remarks like this. See you guys on the flip side.

  237. BluEidDvl says:

    NEVER underestimate the stupidity of the average White American. And precisely because of that stupidity, he/she is likely doomed. We have a disease of the mind that has left us defenseless. The absurd belief in equality has left us believing because this is “America” that things will just continue on as they always have?. They won’t. Hell, even the Germans, a literally occupied nation & people who’ve had an unrelenting propaganda campaign against them for the last 76yrs have shown a greater survival instinct than the average White American.

    Demography IS destiny. If we White Americans do not wake up to that fundamental fact, this “experiment” is over..

    • Replies: @moi
    , @littlereddot
  238. moi says:

    Could not agree more. Very sad.

  239. @BluEidDvl

    That is because Americans believe in individualism.

    Individualism is the ultimate form of Divide and Conquer

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