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I have just finished reading Tom Engelhardt’s latest book Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World. I will be completely frank – it is a book I would have liked to have written myself. Indeed, I did try to write something like it a couple of years back but got so wrapped up in the complexity of what is taking place that I kept losing my focus as I was going along.

Engelhardt, however, gets it right. He cuts to the quick and never takes his eye off the ball: the national security state is here and now and while we were looking the other way beguiled by frequently fabricated tales of international terror it has gone global. Every American and many foreigners are now victims of an Orwellian universe of unending warfare coupled with constant surveillance and multifaceted manipulation that together make 1984 seem amateurish. Tom Engelhardt calls the development “Shadow Government” because it exists on the fringes of what we read every day in the newspapers and see every day on television.

At this moment we Americans are being subjected to largely fictional accounts of developments in the Middle East, where the United States is once again waging a war that not only makes no sense in terms of American interests but also is completely unwinnable by any reasonable standard. The question inevitably arises, “Why are we there and what are we doing?” Shadow government operates invisibly and is accountable to no one, its machinations providing an answer to that question, revealing the wheels within wheels that fuel the national security leviathan.

Shadow Government is a collection of articles written by Englehardt between 2011 and 2014 for his website Inevitably, there is some repetition of material as a result but the chapters can be read independently as each is built around a central theme. The overriding narrative is that the United States has become a global monster since 9/11, using the terrorist attack to justify a disproportionate response that has benefited certain interests that operate behind the scenes to dictate policy and, more important, keep the cash flowing into their pockets. Along the way the rule of law and any accountability for those involved in the secret state have been effectively abandoned while Washington itself has been on a binge wasting resources on a policy of global dominance that is not justified either by the nature of the threat or by geopolitical realities. As one Bush era insider commented “We are an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality.”

It is an empire that, inter alia, apparently mandates a Tuesday afternoon meeting of one hundred chiefs of security and intelligence to determine which American citizens will be placed on a kill-on-sight list. With no real enemies in sight, a White House unobstructed by either congressional or judicial restraint has been moving forward with a plan for total war at any time and potentially everywhere on the planet. Engelhardt notes how the world has been divided into six regional “commands” by the Pentagon in addition to the functional Stratcom for outer space, Socom for special warfare, and Transcom for transportation. There is also an active Cyberwar command already engaged in largely invisible internet based warfare.

Shadow Government is particularly good on a point that I too have been attempting to make for some years now, namely that all the spending and violations of both international and domestic law have not produced any good result. Indeed, the reverse is true as both friends and adversaries have been stung by American hegemony underwritten by more than 1,000 overseas bases, motivating those hostile to Washington’s pretensions to spring up everywhere in spontaneous fashion.

Tom Engelhardt looks at every country where the US boot has trod and notes that without exception each is worse off now than before. Invasions, bombing, regime change, kidnappings, secret wars and assassinations do not make many friends, even when the news is being managed in such a way as to represent such actions as necessary for national or even global security. The hideously expensive and ruinous foreign policy disasters in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and upcoming in Afghanistan, are all products of imperial hubris and a ruling class in Washington that knows nothing and could care less. Engelhardt rightly describes the foreign policy since 9/11 as a “train wreck.”

But as Engelhardt demonstrates clearly, even though Washington has created chaos worldwide by its thoughtless interventions, nothing in the status quo actually constitutes a threat to our nation, suggesting a massive military buildup to crush an enemy that does not really exist. Putting it all together, the cost of our secret government constitutes the greatest rip off in the history of the world.

And then there is the domestic side of the ledger. Huge (and illegal) data collection projects mean that no one’s personal information or activities once protected by law and regarded as “private” are any longer safe. Quite the contrary, as one can assume 24/7 surveillance. The United States government seeks to know everything and has the computer power and data bases to do just that while it protects itself from scrutiny through invocation of the state secrets privilege.

When the law is broken, and in spite of existing whistleblower laws, no one who exposes the crime is safe. Engelhardt observes ironically that the only one imprisoned in connection with CIA torture was the whistleblower John Kiriakou. Engelhardt notes that Washington seeks both omnipotence and omniscience, but in fact it achieves neither. It can destroy any conventional army that any adversary might field or destabilize and regime change any country, but clusters of lightly armed and highly motivated tribesmen elude its grasp. As Engelhardt observes, the Washington policy making elite fail again and again because they have no learning curve and repeat their mistakes over and over again. To be sure countless billions of phone intercepts sit in an enormous data base in Utah, but if no one can read them or figure out what they mean it has all been a waste of time. So the key question becomes, “Has the national security state actually accomplished anything?”

The answer is a qualified “no,” only qualified because it has succeeded in shredding the US Constitution while creating a so-called unitary executive backed by a military industrial complex that is unrestrained by congress. That unitary executive and those supporting it from the shadows have successfully delivered war without end.

Finally, I would somewhat disagree with Engelhardt regarding his assertion that there is some hope for change because information available over the internet has created a greater awareness about what has happened to the United States since the end of the Cold War and most particularly since 9/11. That is certainly true but the problem with the internet is that it has as much bad information as good and is viewed askance by many. Furthermore, most of the public continues to get their news and analysis from the mainstream media, which is large part of the problem. Indeed, most Americans don’t have a clue about what is going on anywhere in the world, such profound ignorance leading to clichéd thinking about foreigners. Unless something hits Americans in their wallets or lands in their backyard they prefer not to think about issues like surveillance and war and many continue to trust the government even when it is absolutely clear that they are being lied to. The fear mongering about terrorism has made many otherwise sensible people value “security” more than their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

But as the current course of government trends more towards increased abuse of liberties it is indeed possible that there will be a tipping point leading to an awakening somewhere down the road. The process is, however, likely to be both incremental and slow. Then there just might be what amounts to a new American Revolution. I would like to see that happen in my lifetime and I suspect Tom Engelhardt would agree, but am not optimistic.

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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    A new American revolution is inevitable. Sooner would of course be better than later.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. I frequent this website because it covers many topics mentioned in my blog, for example:

    Aug 3, 2014 – They Really Come After You

    Startling news this past week was mostly ignored by our corporate media. After denying hard evidence presented by US Senate committee staffers, the head of the CIA finally admitted that his people spied on Congress. No one was arrested, no one fired, no one resigned, and no one outraged. President Obama said nothing. The leader of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi refused to criticize the CIA because:

    “In the past I have made my statements about the CIA, and they really come after you,” she told a group of reporters, chuckling. “There’s a price to pay.”

    Wow! Meek reporters did not demand that she explain further. She is a long-time Congressman and Democratic leader and openly admits that she is afraid of the CIA!

  3. and a follow up…

    Aug 24, 2014 – Generals have Enemies in Congress?

    A few years ago, famous peacenik Noam Chomsky suggested that a coup occurred in the USA and Pentagon Generals are running the nation. That seemed absurd, but not when one hears Army Gen. Charles Jacoby, head of US Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, saying during an Aug. 13 speech that it is “virtually impossible right now to make a strategic decision” due to funding unpredictability. “When you go to the Hill … old friends are not friendly on this subject and old enemies are still enemies,…“It’s really a different world approaching Congress about the budget.

    ”Enemies in Congress? Just because a Congressmen has a different opinion on national priorities should not make him an enemy, and certainly not publicly stated. The General never apologized for his supposed “misstatement” and no one demanded one. Does the General conspire to destroy his enemies, as Senator Pelosi has stated the CIA does? (see my Aug 3 blog) Recall that the Army run NSA has admitted that it spies on US Congressmen.As for future budgets, Congress enacted a specific plan for future annual budgets way back in 2011 to restrain growth. The problem is that Generals refuse to cut fat and plan for realistic budgets that don’t involve continual growth.

  4. Let’s agree to stop using the misleading Orwellesque term “National Security” and call it what it really is, “State Security.”

    Reclaiming our country means understanding that this “security” in not in the national interest – not that of millions of Americans disenfranchised by secret, unaccountable government – but is aimed at enhancing the power of elites and the deep state agencies they control.

  5. A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. (Albert Einstein, 1954)

    • Replies: @H
  6. No learning curve and repeat their mistakes over and over again. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker suggested Monday that it’s nice for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to come campaign for him, but what Walker really needs is money. (tpm)

    More money, of course…….

  7. Don Hawkins says: • Website

    Check out my brand new web log, just started it this morning…………

  8. geokat62 says:

    “… creating a so-called unitary executive backed by a military industrial complex that is unrestrained by congress. ”

    Phil, for what it’s worth, after the off-shoring of millions of mfg and IT jobs, most observers have replaced MIC to MSC, or military-security-complex.

  9. Wall Street rules the Military-Industrial-Financialist complex. Security is just a euphemism for its garrison state. The electoral charade of the purchased duopoly of two parties is its public Punch and Judy show.

  10. Multiculturalism has been the enabler of this monstrosity. We could argue about how and when it got started – certainly, in earnest after WWII – but the salient fact is this: homogenous states have little to fear from racial and religious minorities in their midst. The citizens of such a state may fall to violent disagreement within their own communities over other matters, but they do not need government protection from outsiders who would not be allowed to move about freely under normal conditions. There was a time when dark skinned peoples were not allowed unbridled freedom within western nations. Now they are, and this new environment of toleration harbors dangerous racial and religious ideologues bent on our destruction. Things have come to the point where we can no longer even mention the names of our enemies. The Marxists among our own European people have been quick to exploit this opportunity.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @carroll price
  11. @Epaminondas,

    Yeah baby…

    Blame the darkie for EVERYTHING. Just imagine ALL the things you hate, then visualize darkie side-by-side, draw the “=” sign in between, mediate, mediate some more and finally pamper yourself that darkie is the source of all your miseries.


    Let’s enumerate all those terrible things that darkie did to White utopia and turned it into a hell:

    #1. Darkie was responsible for the Black Death. (The name is proof enough that it was darkie’s doing)

    #2. Darkie was responsible for the Irish Potato Famine (English removed all potatoes from Ireland for feeding their pet darkies)

    #3. Darkie was responsible for Second World War (Hitler particularly resented use of armed darkies by England and France)

    #4. Darkie was responsible for Bolshevism (Lenin wanted to liberate all allegedly oppressed darkies)

    #5. Darkie was responsible for Freudo-Marxism (Frankfurt School wanted to liberate all allegedly oppressed darkies sans bloodshed)

    #6. Darkie was responsible for the Great Depression (Darkie population expansion led to housing price slump and the stock market collapse ensued)

    #7. Darkie was responsible for Spanish Influenza (Surely some infected armed darkies mentioned in #3 fled to Spain)

    #8. Darkie was responsible for First World War (Everybody wanted to have their piece of the darkie meat, so war was inevitable)

    #9. Darkie was responsible for Patriot Act and NSA spying (Impending darkie doom led to this)

    #10. Darkie was responsible for American Civil War (Damn Yankees wanted all them folks’ expensive darkies freed and deported !&$*@&)

    #11. Darkie was responsible for Holodomor (Stalin’s daughter fell for a darkie, so he went crazy)

    #12. Darkie is responsible for White population decline (Sight of darkies is freaking revolting that white people stopped having babies)

    #13. Darkie was responsible for Mai Lai and Nagasaki (Darkie had it coming)

    #14. Darkie is responsible for inflation and dollar devaluation (Why don’t these damned darkies buy our treasury bonds)

    #15. Darkie is responsible for jobs off shoring (Darkies are dirt cheap; everybody knows that)

    #16. Darkie is responsible for global warming (More the darkies, more the breaths, more the CO2)

    #17. Darkie is responsible for immigration/multiculturalism (Darkie lovers want more darkies, and the God-forsaken darkies don’t even say “Hell No!”)

    Jeez dude, darkie was responsible for pretty much everything in the history of the Western “Civilization”!!!

  12. @Stone Garden

    No, he is right. The culprit is ‘multiculturalism’ not ‘the darkie.’ You are slaughtering a straw man. Diverse societies are low trust and require a strong central government to maintain order and pre-empt threats. This also requires overseas deployments, whether against Ebola or ISIS, as it is apparently a given that we are going to let these people in. We invade the world because we invite the world.

    This is why I wonder if old Boomers like Tom are actually propagandists engaged in deliberate deflection. The looming conflict is not between individualistic “freedom fighters” and the fascist state (which has fully embraced any number of individual, positive rights), but between K-selected and r-selected groups. If the national security state were as paranoid and powerful as Tom darkly suggests, who does he realistically think would be the first to get shut down–the Open Borders, We Are The World Left, or ‘racists’ like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire?

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What an uninformed comment.Get over yourself and your master race fantasy.The fact is EMPIRES COLLAPSE.Deal with it From the time of the pharaohs to the Greeks,Romans,Ottomans , British etc.

    Its simple economics production and trade leads to excess which leads to taxation and growth of the ruling class which leads to expansion and overreach and the inevitable collapse.

    Tragically during the collapse the ignorant masses will look for any scapegoat the ones with a different skin tone,language perhaps religion to blame but the truth is it was inevitable no amount of homogeneity could have prevented this (even if such a thing was possible , it isnt ..even in those ” homogenous states” as you put it people still somehow find factions to blame like gays,punks,socialists and so on.)
    you should travel more

    • Replies: @H
  14. “The process is, however, likely to be both incremental and slow.” (To which the mind rushes to add “…absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event.”)

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Revolution, in America, are you serious?

    With a population dumbed down by a failed education system, and an electronic and print media in the propaganda business, along with the fact that most Americans are more concerned with the Kardascians and their local sports teams, or the new I phones, the probability of a revolution is between zero and minus one.

    And on Tuesday Americans will go to the polls to elect the hired help–those who service Israel, Wall Street, the Corporations, and the banks.

    Anyone who votes is a sap. That person just validates a system that is not what the founders envisioned.

  16. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Pray thee, what did Epaminondas mean when he said …

    There was a time when dark skinned peoples were not allowed unbridled freedom within western nations

    Then you come in and claim…

    Diverse societies are low trust and require a strong central government to maintain order and pre-empt threats.

    So let me get this straight, for pre-shadow government utopia to return, the darkie MUST be deprived of “unbridled” freedom i.e. ENSLAVED.

    And you self-admittedly agree with him.

    I must say Epaminondas is the more honest man here Anti-Gnostic; he’s speaking his true intentions while you carefully couch your designs in scholarly language, where non-slave societies become “diverse” and “low trust”.

    the first to get shut down–the Open Borders, We Are The World Left, or ‘racists’ like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire?

    I am sure Saddam and his 2,000,000 dead countrymen are happy in their graves… for not having been ‘shut down’.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  17. @Stone Garden

    Iraq actually proves our point: multi-cultural societies require autocratic, centralized states. Advocates of democratic rule and open borders like George W. Bush deposed Iraq’s autocratic ruler. Now Iraq is splitting along its ethnic and creedal lines. See how this works?

    Again, that’s why I wonder if people like Tom and Lew Rockwell are engaged in deliberate deflection. The Middle East is where all these multi-cultural, libertarian myths are blowing up, and none of them are getting the obvious. You know that router on your shelf by which you’re reading this? The Assads kept all of them in government offices. Didn’t stop the Sunnis from standing up and shrugging their shoulders. Assad controls about a quarter of what used to be Syria. We know exactly what happens after the national security-state scales up beyond its level of fiscal and moral support: nobody worries about “police brutality” because the police and soldiers have all left to protect their families.

    Tom, Patrick, Juan, Lew et al. are bleating about ‘fascism’ while the sub-groups in a polyglot, propositional nation are all tensely eyeballing each other over increasingly crowded territory. We keep adding more and more groups, the state keeps scaling up, and it will all end in tears. Tom won’t talk about that.

    • Replies: @Stone Garden
  18. @The Anti-Gnostic

    The culprit is ‘multiculturalism’ not ‘the darkie.’

    Absurd. And stupid. And not derived from logical analysis.

    Multiculturalism is not the cause; multiculturalism is part of the concealment apparatus.

    The “culprit” is corruption. The culprit is a SCOTUS that released the hounds of corporate fascism upon the political process. The culprit is grasping, dishonest, lying elected “representatives” who hew to one and only one principle: getting rich and getting powerful.

    The purpose of multiculturalism is to keep blind fools like you busy bemoaning symptoms, instead of directly and aggressively treating the causes.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
    , @H
  19. Macroman says:

    Great review. On the question of hope, I think Americans in their 20s (which I am not) are recognizing and understanding what is going on and will work for change. On the media issue, there is also the fact that the Intercept, Vice News, and to a certain extent RT are all doing much better news (raw, fact-based, on-the-ground) and they are drawing young, smart audiences. The “mainstream media” thing is getting old because it is dying like the newspaper before it.

  20. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Iraq actually proves our point: multi-cultural societies require autocratic, centralized states. Advocates of democratic rule and open borders like George W. Bush deposed Iraq’s autocratic ruler. Now Iraq is splitting along its ethnic and creedal lines. See how this works?

    Irrelevant given the context in which the original statement was made.

    I asked whether or not it is factually correct to say “the first to get shut down–the Open Borders, We Are The World Left, or ‘racists’ like Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire” given the “strong central government”‘s elimination of nationalistic Saddam even though he was allegedly racially qualified.

    You cunningly exploited the mention of Iraq to evade Epaminondas’ insinuation that “dark skinned peoples” should not be “allowed unbridled freedom”.


    Kindly explain why the Chinese State has been, since the last 2500 years, starting with the Han Dynasty and culminating with the Legalists, a “strong central government”. I suppose Han China was overflowing with multiculturalism (even before they annexed of Tibet and Central Asian territories)?

    Kindly explain why India, with over 1000 ethnies and tribes, never have a “strong central government”, starting from the Mauryans and Guptas to Delhi Sultanates and Moguls till today?

    What kind of diversity necessitates totalitarianism???

    Is it the diversity of phenotypes, with “dark skinned peoples” running around with “unbridled freedom”?

    Or is it…

    Diversity of factionalism and vested interests and power-hunger and worldviews/ideals???

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  21. Nobody will read this book except those who already know it is true. It is a good thing to help organize thoughts.

    Still, our fundamental problem is how to break out into the wider audience of clueless Americans, those who just don’t want to believe, and won’t read about it.

    This book is at best an aid to those who will make that effort, those willing to read it, willing to think these thoughts.

  22. moi says:

    To be precise, it’s the surveillance and security state. Forget all that free/brave stuff you heard.

  23. @John Jeremiah Smith

    The only thing keeping this jalopy together is a nuclear-armed federal government which, being nuclear-armed, is going to find plenty to be corrupt about. Remove them, and all that multiculturalism so near and dear to the hearts of restive minorities and their guilt-ridden white patrons dries up and blows away like a tumbleweed .

  24. @Stone Garden

    You cunningly exploited the mention of Iraq …

    Silver-tongued white devils and their cunning exploitation!

    You may have noticed that glorious, multi-cultural India is an open-air sewer that high-g Indians devote substantial resources and energy to escaping. That’s how I know white American culture is superior to theirs–they’re here.

    Diversity, liberty or equality. Choose one.

  25. @The Anti-Gnostic

    I have been lurking in this site for some time now, and while I was not too eager to join the party, this particular comment sprang me from my laze and urged me on.

    I must say I feel quite amused by this gentleman who talks about r/K selection theory, links to Orthodox Christian sites, and then makes definite claims about “superiority” (even Charles Darwin or Ernst Mayr could not give a straighforward answer to the question “Who’s superior?”, but he apparently can)!

    I have heard of Multiple Personality Disorder before, but sadly, never came across a paradigmatic specimen…….

    Well then, here I go, let’s see, the tiger (Panthera tigris) is a beautiful, indeed, majestic creature; an apex predator, its strength, intelligence and instincts are unparalleled in nature; we admire it (from afar); we read poems about it; it’s been the symbol of royalty and empires; the Chinese even believe its skin and bones to have magical properties; and yes, we have “Tiger Moms”.

    The rat (genus Rattus) on the contrary, are looked down upon; its widely considered to be filthy, parasitic, disease-laden and not to mention vicious; given its reputation, is it unsurprising that many people lose it at the mere sight of one of them ; it’s very name is used to swear (“Rats!”) and its image was used by Germans against Jews and by the Americans against the Japanese to represent something truly abominable and consequently undesirable.

    But, at the beginning of the 21st century, the tiger is a critically endangered species, and in all probability, it won’t survive this century.

    But the rat is going stronger than ever before. Even the British feel helpless faced with it.

    Now tell me, good sir, who’s superior?

    Based on your self-admitted logic, sheep could feel justifiably “superior” to men, after all, glorious, made-in-the-image-of-God man, is a naked ape with a thin, useless skin, that intelligent men devote substantial resources and energy to cover. That’s how the sheep knows that it is superior to them–they’re using its wool !!!

    Don’t get me wrong, sir, in a way you are right!!

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  26. @The Reluctant Nihilist does seem to attract a few homosexual men with bipolar disorder.

  27. @The Anti-Gnostic

    a few homosexual men with bipolar disorder

    C’mon. “That’s gay, bro”, is a abuse teenagers hurl at each other.

  28. @The Anti-Gnostic

    Silver-tongued white devils and their cunning exploitation!

    Whatever you fancy, or rather, whatever effect random words have on your hypersensitive psyche.

    You may have noticed that glorious, multi-cultural India is an open-air sewer that high-g Indians devote substantial resources and energy to escaping.

    We were NOT talking about national hygiene in the first place.

    You sure are an escape artist par excellence. Try a hand at electoral politics – you’ll go places.

    That’s how I know white American culture is superior to theirs–they’re here

    They are the Pilgrim Fathers of their people!

    And oh, BTW, those inferior Indians will one day… well, why don’t you listen to the former Conservative Party deputy chairman.

    Diversity, liberty or equality. Choose one.

    Robespierre was spoilt by the choices; he chose them all

  29. @Anonymous

    Whaaaat??? Jews are darkies and contribute to diversity/multiculturalism?

    If Auster/Gottfried/Mercer/Stix/Steyn/Geller/Pipes/Savage/Levin/(Another) Levin/Hart got to hear you, they’d put you through the Jewish Inquisition, you evilest-of-evil Nazi, Fascist, Liberal, anti-Semitic, Jew-hater!!!


    White nationalism is fine as long as Jews are White.

    Black nationalism is fine as long as Jews are brother-sufferers of Blacks.

    Communism is fine as longs Jews are the Commissars.

    Capitalism is fine as long as Jews run the Fed and SEC and the Chicago School.

    But, if you dare exclude Jews, indeed, if you dare not bow in servitude towards the Jews, they’ll have you Deir-Yassinned.

  30. @Epaminondas

    Replace “dark skinned people” with “blond-haired, blue-eyed Jews from east Europe” and your analysis would be spot-on. The same group that owns the Fed, Wall Street, controls the MSM, and generates the smut being produced and disseminated by Hollywood.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Don Nash

    by invention or convention, perhaps a convention on the what, mall, street, ubernet, dot inc government, blatantly comprimised, what day exzactly when & with what wares shall corrupted rots piled higher than a shape shifted constellation of fauxx patsy pi sky equal a living definition for culture, revolution or life thats compatable with a peace even an imbicilic empire may even recognise, conveinyeintly obtained or acvessed like so much by product or waste ? , how much $, how soon, previous civilizations demise, appears as likely the big secret these types pracyice so well the lies it pertains, a little long just like an unwelcome dream, eih, freedom’s bar today aka countergeit ignareince, they got an app 4 that called i don’ t subscribe

  32. H says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    It’s completely implausible that state political instability and, yes, even gene pool corruption is accomplished all in the name of the fleeting and relatively small-time profits of ‘corporate fascism’. The people who really make the decisions don’t really need more money, because they’ve been hoarding it for centuries, and it’s unlikely that decisions about gene pool corruption are made lightly.

    The ‘corporate fascism’ theory is the obfuscation. It’s about power, not profit. Separating the lower class chaff from the upper class wheat, by greater degrees of cognitive capability, is one of the prime methods of ensconcing that power for eternity.

  33. H says:
    @Don Hawkins

    Smoke another one Don, and then I invite you to join the adults when you sober up. You’re merely vomiting the same simplistic Universalist Brahman propaganda (unsurprisingly from Jew Brahman Einstein) that ruined the Boomer generation and the country they inherited. It’s merely hyper-emotional poetry that is strangely able to fool the stoned mind into thinking it reflects some type of reality. Real politics, and therefore life and your relative ability to lead it unencumbered, pretty much embody the opposite of your chosen quote.

    To wit, Einstein was who he was, genetically and culturally speaking, due to ethnocentric social values and the resultant socio-political processes that specifically reject the ideals that the quote implies. That process, and only that process, will ever-continue to produce Einstein-like individuals. However, to hear Einstein and his co-ethnics tell it, they would recommend that you do as they say – and not as they do. Why is that? Perhaps it’s so you don’t have the innate urge to dissect the veracity of philosophically and politically superficial quotes.

  34. H says:

    Does that hold true when I rationally want the naggers that live next to me to stop committing crimes at 10x the rate of the population who settled the area? Or am I merely irrationally looking for a scapegoat?

    The ‘scapegoat’ lecture only works on reddit. On blogs like this, you’ll be both argued and laughed into submission quickly and easily.

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