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Sir Richard Francis Burton: Explorer, Linguist, Race Realist
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Sir Richard Francis Burton, in 1864

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Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821–1890) was a nineteenth-century British explorer made famous by being one of the first White men to venture into the forbidden city of Mecca, plumb the depths of Africa with Sir Jonathan Speke in search of the source of the Nile, and to complete a translation of the Arabian Nights.

Most descriptions of him tick off his long list of accomplishments: world-class fencer, army officer, linguist reputed to have mastered dozens of languages, author of countless articles and books.

Burton, though born in England a thoroughly identified as an Englishman, was at the same time a Continentalist, preferring the cuisine and climate of France and Italy (where he had spent much of his childhood) to the deprivations of British boarding school.

He cultivated a reputation for bucking authority. He was expelled from Oxford for leading a group of students on a day trip to a steeplechase, and refusing to apologize for it.

With the British army in the Sind, he was assigned to investigate a “boy brothel” in Karachi that command feared was frequented by some soldiers. His report was so thorough, it generated whispers, though scholars do not think Burton was a participant—merely unafraid to roll up his sleeves and get the bottom of anything anthropological, no matter how taboo.

On religion, he was probably an atheist, and only played along with being a Catholic to satisfy his wife, Isabel. He thought Christian missionary efforts were foolish. At parties, he delighted in shocking his listeners with his exploits. It was rumored that during his exploration of Mecca, he’d killed an Arab who’d discovered him to be merely posing as a faithful Muslim. Whether this happened or not, he never denied it.

He is sometimes pictured in uniform; other times, disguised as an Arab. The National Portrait Gallery in London shows him with a massive scar on his cheek, the result of a Somali spear that pierced his entire face and smashed out two molars[1]This painting, by Sir Frederick Leighton, can be seen hanging on the wall of Professor Henry Higgins’ home in My Fair Lady..

The spear-piercing was re-enacted in Mountains of the Moon, a 1990 movie starring Patrick Bergin as the rakish and mustachioed Burton.[2]Burton should not be confused with the actor Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor’s fifth (and sixth) husband. The same movie shows him ducking in and out of huts with African women, a nod to suspicions that when exploring a foreign land, he left nothing unexplored.

An interest in Burton is easy to indulge. In addition to his own writings, which include some 43 volumes on his own explorations, there are countless biographies of him and his wife (including one by his wife), scholarly articles, and even societies dedicated to Burton’s life and works.

In many ways, Richard Burton might be described as one of the West’s first ethnologists. What fascinated Burton more than the geography of the lands he explored was the people. But one must dive deep to discover that Burton was a race realist of the first order.

He was emphatically not a racial egalitarian, but escapes the tag of crude “racist” by virtue of being an erudite and worldly Briton. Whatever the scientific explanation for racial difference, Burton believed in it unreservedly. What is more, he mocked those who held fast to visions of equality for putting sentiment over fact.

As much as he loved to explore, he did not think highly of colonial attempts to control foreign peoples. To him, it was a deck of cards waiting for a stiff wind. Miscegenation as a colonial strategy was a complete failure.

Jews, meanwhile, were seen as a sharply distinct people who, despite a long history in England, had the capacity to exercise outsized control of White societies. The “Aryan”, Burton said, has a poor understanding of Jews.

Black Africans

Burton had extensive travels into the heart of Africa. Perhaps most famous was his journey south with Sir Jonathan Speke in search of the source of the Nile, which brought him into contact with several different types of Africans and the Arab slave traders who bought and sold them.

He was unsparing in his descriptions. In the biography The Devil Drives, author Fawn Brodie[3]Brodie herself was descended from the Mormon community, and married a Jewish academic. wrote that while Burton had some respect for the Arabs he encountered in travels, Black Africans “fascinated but mostly repelled him.”[4]Fawn M. Brodie, The Devil Drives (W.W. Norton & Co., 1967), page 150.

Coastal Black tribes Burton called “supersubtle and systematic liars” who “deceive when duller men would tell the truth.” The Wanyika of east Africa he called a “futile race of barbarians, drunken and immoral; cowardly and destructive; boisterous and loquacious; indolent, greedy and thriftless.”[5]Id.

The Wagago men he described as “idle and debauched, spending their days in unbroken crapulence and drunkenness,” “celebrated as thieves” who would “rather die under the stick than level themselves with women by using a hoe.”[6]Id.

Brodie notes that “this sounds like rabid racial hatred, but Burton was first of all an exact observer. There was filth, mutilation, ignorance, indolence, drunkenness and violence. The natives did live in huts populated with ‘a menagerie of hens, pigeons and rates of peculiar impudence’, just like the poor in Ireland, as Burton was careful to add.

Another famous explorer, David Livingstone, is described by Brodie as loving the African natives. “Unlike Burton, he had faith in the Negro’s educability, industry, and capacity for moral improvement through Christianity.”[7]Id. at 223.

Burton was a contemporary of Francis Galton,[8]Galton, a eugenicist, was a half-cousin of Charles Darwin. and, along with James Hunt and Monckton Milnes, founded the Anthropological Society of London. Burton hoped the society would publish ethnological studies and operate as “a refuge for Destitute Truth,” permitting a “liberty of thought and a freedom of speech unknown to any other society in Great Britain.”[9]Devil Drives at 205.

More specifically, Burton was likely imagining frank talk about racial differences, sexual practices, and other forbidden topics.

In one early article for the society, Hunt wrote that “Negro cranial sutures closed earlier than those of the White man, therefore his brain was smaller.” Brodie writes that Burton, “long puzzled by his own observation that the Negro child, though as quick if not quicker in learning than the White child, seemed to stop developing in adolescence, accepted this.”[10]Id. at 206.

Burton, in a letter to Hunt in response to his paper “The Negro’s Place in Nature”, wrote: “Like other students of anthropology, I am truly grateful to you for having so graphically shown the great gulf, moral and physical, separating the Black from the White races of men, and for having placed in so striking a light the physiological cause of the difference—namely, the arrested physical development of the negro.”[11]Richard Burton , A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome, Volume II (Tylston and Edwards, 1893), at 119.

Burton ascribes this, like Hunt, to an insight that the sutures of the cranium of “lower breeds of mankind” close at an earlier age, such that his “physical and mental powers become stationary at an age when, in nobler races, the perceptive and reflective principles begin to claim ascendency.”[12]Id. at 119.

This letter is reprinted in one of Burton’s books, A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome, which describes Burton’s experiences in what is now modern-day Benin. He had been sent there by the British government to persuade the king to stop participating in the slave trade.

In the letter, Burton indicates that as early as the 1800’s, “wishy-washy sentimentality” was affecting the Western mind on race. He suspects that “my statements will be far from popular” and writes that “the pure negro ranks in the human family below the two great Arab and Aryan races. … The propensities and passions are tolerably well grown, the perceptives and reflectives are of inferior power, and the sentimental or moral regions remain almost undeveloped.”[13]Gelele at 132.

The chapter containing the letter to Hunt begins with a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1797 entry on Blacks: “Vice the most notorious seem to be the portion of this unhappy race—idleness, treachery, revenge, cruelty, impudence, stealing, lying, profanity, debauchery and intemperance, are said to have extinguished the principles of natural law and to have silenced the reproofs of conscience. They are strangers to every sentiment of compassion, and are an awful of example of the corruption of man when left to himself.”[14]Gelele at 118.

Africans freely adopt foreign customs, manners and costumes, “however incongruous,” Burton observes, and they despise agriculture. In descriptions that echo modern-day Black behavior, he says that “the cruelty of the negro is, like that of a schoolboy, the blind impulse of rage combined with want of sympathy. Thus he thoughtlessly tortures and slays his prisoners, as the youth of England torment and kill cats.”[15]Gelele at 134.

Burton predicted that the “negro, in mass, will not improve beyond a certain point” and remains, mentally, a child. He seems to suggest climate influence here, where the tropics “engender but few wants” and do not compel its inhabitants to hard work and foresight.

Blacks are terrible with animals, Burton observes. They never invented an alphabet, a musical scale, or “any other element of knowledge.”[16]Gelele at 134. “The negro, in his wild state, makes his wives work; he will not, or rather he cannot, labour, except by individual compulsion, as in the Confederate States; or by necessity, as in Barbadoes.”[17]Gelele at 136.

Burton visited Sierra Leone, a British colony of free Blacks, and came away horrified by the spectacle of Whites living under Black rule. The juries were “a machinery for tyranny” where “the worst of the Aku criminals were invariably found innocent and most of the innocent Whites guilty.”[18]Devil Drives at 208. The best approach, thought Burton, was White juries for Whites and Black juries for Blacks.

Racial dislike in Africa seemed to run both ways. Burton could not help but note that African demons were depicted as White and ugly, while European demons were depicted as Black and ugly.[19]Id. at 208. “The Africans will say that the White man is an old ape, and doubt that he is human. Thus we observe, that whilst the Caucasian doubts the humanity of the Hamite, the latter repays the compliment in kind.”

Burton mocked the efforts of the Christian missionaries to Africa. What must have been going through the Africans’ minds, he laughed, when the missionaries commanded them to replace their magic teeth, bones and wizard’s mats with consecrated palm leaves?

Burton observed the strong tendency of Black Africans toward unnecessary torture, something we see played out in news articles of today.[20]The South African practice of “necklacing”, whereby a burning tire is place around a victim’s neck, comes to mind. Wrote Burton, “Cruelty seems to be with him a necessary way of life, and all his highest enjoyments are connected with causing pain and inflicting death. His religious rites—a strong contrast with those of the modern Hindoo—are ever causelessly bloody.[21]Id. at 211.

Some European explorers, like race-deniers of today, wanted to attribute the Africans’ lack of progress to a simple lack of civilizational infrastructure. Burton dabbled with this thinking, but ultimately concluded that the problem was in their very bodies and brains.

Of their cruelty, he wrote, “I can hardly believe … this abnormal cruelty to be the mere result of unciviliation; it appears to me the effect of an arrested development, which leaves to man all the ferocity of the carnivore, the unreflecting cruelty of the child.”[22]Richard Burton, Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo, 2 vols (London, 1876), I, 217-18.

Some Burton biographers attribute his views on Black Africans to the “prejudices of the time” or a colonialism-inspired sense of superiority. The problem with this dismissal is that Burton was very much the iconoclast: he was often cross-wise with the mores of Victorian England, and willing—even at the expense of his career and reputation—to openly challenge them.

He was a sexual liberationist who thought British women were entitled to more than just lying back and thinking of England. He was a religious skeptic who thought Christian missionary efforts did not actually convert foreign peoples to Christianity. He predicted that Britain would be unable to maintain its empire in the face of constantly rebelling natives, as with India.

Later, as we will see, he was even willing to challenge Jews—which seems to have been as suicidal a mission to take in the 1800’s as today. So to say that he was simply echoing the small-minded racial bigotry of the time is incorrect. Burton was beholden to no man. He did and said as he pleased.

Nor can it be said that Burton lacked first-hand experience. He was in Africa. He interacted directly with Black Africans, observed their ceremonies, lived in their camps. He may well have spoken some of their languages. Add to all this the fact that Burton styled himself a professional observer, as a member of the military and later, the Royal Geographical Society.

Finally, the truth of Burton’s observations are backed up by more modern research. On the issue of rapid development of Black children followed by an abrupt leveling-off, J. Phillippe Rushton has written extensively.[23]William Robertson Boggs, Race and Physical Differences, American Renaissance, December 1992.

Whatever can observed of Africa and Africans, for Burton, it was no place for White Western man. “There is a time to leave the Dark Continent. … Madness comes from Africa.”[24]Richard Burton, Camoens: His Life and His Lusiads, 2 vols (London, 1881) II, 514-517.

Native Americans

A visit to the United States took Burton to Utah, where he intended to observe the Mormons. Along the way he observed American Indians, who were not “red” but reminded him of “a Tartar or an Afghan after a summer march” or the Mongolians he had seen in northern India.[25]Devil Drives at 183.

The Indian rode his horse “like the Abyssinian eunuch, as if born upon and bred to become part of the animal.” He saw their proximity to Whites as corrupting to them: the Indians closest to emigrant routes had become “beggars, liars, horse-stealers and prostitutes.” He doubted that Indians ever truly became Christians.[26]Devil Drives at 183.

Yet another journey—this one, through a diplomatic post to Brazil, brought him into contact with South American natives. Paraguayans, he said, were “a palaeozoic humanity,” but he took a dim view, as well, of the Jesuits trying to turn them into Whites.[27]Devil Drives at 243.

Burton, more eager than perhaps any man alive to explore foreign cultures, detested unnatural culture-mixing. Writes Brodie, “Though he himself delighted in burying his identity in an alien culture, the spectacle of others crossing over into a different society always troubled him, whether it was the Hindu in Goa who had become Christian, the African who wore the White man’s clothes, or the mountain man in the Rockies who, Burton wrote, ‘Betrays a remarkable aptitude for facile descent into savagery.’”[28]Id. at 183.


The small province of Goa is a territory on the western edge of India. After travels there, it became the subject of Burton’s first book, Goa and the Blue Mountains. Published in 1851, it describes the racial decline of a colony owing to interbreeding with the locals.

Recounting the glory of old Goa under Portuguese viceroys, Burton wrote: “The introduction of the Jesuits, the Holy Tribunal, and its fatal offspring, religious persecution; pestilence, and wars with European and native powers, disturbances arising from an unsettled home government, and, above all things, the slow but sure workings of the short-sighted policy of the Portuguese in intermarrying and identifying themselves with the Hindoos of the lowest castes, made her fall as rapid as her rise was sudden and prodigious.”[29]Richard Burton , Goa and the Blue Mountains, Digibooks OOD/Demetra Publishing, (Bulgaria), 26. Book originally published in 1851.

Intermarriage and interbreeding, while perhaps considered strategic by some European colonizers, plunged Goa into a morass. “The reader may remember that it was Albuquerque who advocated marriages between the European settlers and the natives of India. However reasonable it might have been to expect the amalgamation of the races in the persons of their descendants, experience and stern facts condemn the measure as a most delusive and treacherous daydream. … It has lost the Portuguese almost everything in Africa as well as Asia. May Heaven preserve our rulers from following their example!”[30]Id. at 48.

Burton found the offspring ugly. “The Mestici, or mixed breed, composes the great mass of society at Goa. … It would be, we believe, difficult to find in Asia an uglier or more degraded looking race than that which we are now describing.”[31]Id. at 53.

Rather than creating “hybrid vigor,” Burton saw the offspring as worse than either parent. “Their characters may be briefly described as passionate and cowardly, jealous and revengeful, with more of the vices than the virtues belonging to the two races from which they are descended.”[32]Id. at 55.

The starting material was not great, Burton wrote of native Goans. “This race is decidedly the lowest in the scale of civilized humanity we have yet seen. In appearance they are short, heavy, meagre, and very dark; their features are uncomely in the extreme; they are dirtier than Pariahs, and abound in cutaneous diseases.”[33]Id. at 57.

Burton took the view that long exposure to cold climates helped to forge White men into what they are today, and that some degeneration can be caused by climate alone, “All who have sojourned long in the southern parts of Europe, such as Italy or Spain, must have remarked the deleterious effects of a hot and dry climate upon a race that thrives only in a cold and damp one. An English child brought up in Italy is, generally speaking, more sickly, more liable to nervous and hepatic complaints, and, consequently, more weakened in mind as well as body, than even the natives of the country.”[34]Id. at 84.

Goa and the Blue Mountains caught the attention of a professor at the University of Delhi, who described the book as pure racism, a mindset meant to justify British colonialism.[35]Khan Aateka, Burton’s Racist Critique of Portuguese Goa, Research Review Journals (March 2019). The professor describes Burton as a dedicated imperialist, which is not the impression I got while researching. Burton certainly availed himself of the exploration and employment opportunities of the British empire, but did not endorse the enterprise in its entirety.

In fact, Burton concludes, regarding European colonization of India generally, that it was an unsustainable proposition. The Indians, whatever they said or did under colonial rule, hated the White English. “Everyone knows that if the people of India could be unanimous for a day, they might sweep us from their country as dust before a whirlwind.”[36]Id. at 85.


Sir Richard Burton disguised as a Muslim Arab
Sir Richard Burton disguised as a Muslim Arab

Burton seemed to think that Islam was a healthy influence for Bedouin and Arab peoples, who before Mohammed were given to gambling, drinking and other vices. Like so many other religions, Islam’s influence was ethnically bounded.

While “El Islam prospered amongst the kindred races, it fell flat elsewhere. No power of propagandism prevailed in China. In Southern Spain the faith maintained itself for a long time; its letter and spirit, however, were almost lost. The Zegris and Abencerrages were European knights, not Eastern. And when pushed forward into a Northern people, a single destructive defeat sufficed to set for it bounds which it has never attempted to cross.”

Burton here is likely referring to Charles Martel’s 732 A.D. defeat of the Muslims led by Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi at the Battle of Tours, which effectively stopped the Umayyad invasion of Gaul (and in the view of some, secured Europe for White Christianity.


Burton once famously wrote that “Had I a choice of race, there is none to which I would more willingly belong than the Jewish.”[37]Richard Burton, The Highlands of Brazil, (London, 1869), Vol. I, 403n. Add to this many selected comments from Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam, his foremost work on Jews, and one might get the impression that Burton was philosemitic.

The full picture is more complex, and many of Burton’s conclusions about Jews align with standard White advocacy objections to Jews and their influence in Western societies. He does not see them as “Whites who go to a different church,” in the popular understanding of today. They are ethnically distinct, boldly deceptive, and unified.

Among all Jews, he wrote, one finds those who are “fierce-eyed, dark-browed, and hollow-cheeked, with piercing acuteness of glance, and an almost reckless look of purpose.” He attributed to the Jews immense passion, pugnacity, love of mysticism, symbolism, and the occult arts, as well as “abnormal powers of lying” and “excessive optimism”.[38]Devil Drives at 265.

Jews are “bold and resolute, persistent and heroic but, but also subtle and unscrupulous. They may be guilty of greed and craft, and even ferocity, but rarely weakness and never imbecility.”

A formative experience came for Burton during his consulship in Damascus. For years, it had been the practice for Jewish moneylenders to use British officials as muscle for the collection of debts. The moneylenders expected Burton to carry on this tradition, but Burton had other ideas.

As recounted in The Devil Drives, there were three Jewish moneylenders who were especially hated by Burton. One, who Burton said had “sucked dry 41 villages,” approached him for assistance in collecting 60,000 pounds in debts. Burton replied: “I was not sent here as a bailiff, to tap the peasant on the shoulder in such cases as yours.”[39]Devil Drives at 256.

This then set off a round of letters to powerful Jews in London, accusing Burton and his wife of anti-Semitism. These powerful Jews included Sir Moses Montefiore and Sir Francis Goldsmid, the chief rabbi of London. The Jewish complaints may well have played a part in Burton’s being recalled from the consulship.

But Burton’s thinking on Jews was best set out by one of his own writings, Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam. Burton had a few negative things to say about Gypsies[40]Alternatively known as the “Roma” people. and Muslims, but about Jews, he had both powerful praise and deep scorn. Most of what Burton wrote went to print, though Wilkins, his publisher, censored a part dealing the Sephardic Jewish ritual murder of one Padre Tomaso in Damascus in 1840.[41]Also, “Father Thomas”, the episode was known as the Damascus Affair. Brodie says that this part was “sold” to Manners Sutton, who tried to publish it, but was blocked by a lawsuit filed by Isabel Burton’s literary trustee, D.L. Alexander.[42]Devil Drives, footnote 7 to Chapter XXIII. Brodie cites The Times, March 28, 1911.

Famously, Isabel Burton burned many of her husband’s papers after his death. It can only be speculated what papers were burned. It was the Victorian age, and there was always embarrassment about Burton’s English translation of the Kama Sutra and other erotic material. We may never know what accounts of Jews may have been burned.

Still, Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam is a treasure trove.

Some descriptions have the Jews as racially pure and, as a result, powerful. The “oldest family on earth, … indestructible and irrepressible life-power enables this nation without a country to maintain an undying nationality and to nourish a sentiment of caste with a strength and a pertinacity unparalleled in the annals of patriotism.”[43]Richard Burton , Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam, 5 (Herbert S. Stone & Company, Chicago and New York, 1898) (republished by Kessinger Publishing’s Rare Mystical Reprints,

Those who drove Jews from Biblical lands are gone. The Romans, too, are gone. “Eighteen hundred years after the Fall of Jerusalem, the dispersed Jewish people have a distinct existence, are a power in every European capital, conduct the financial operations of nations and governments, and are to be found wherever civilization has extended and commerce has penetrated; in fact, it has made all the world its home.”[44]Id. at 6.

Burton describes Jews as having “reporters in every chief centre of the world, … know all projects set to be undertaken, and entwine themselves in them, dictating that this man should be allowed to participate in these profits, that another should be excluded from those advantages.”[45]Id. at 61.

“(The Jew) may confidently look forward to the time when the whole financial system, not only of Europe from one end to the other, but of the whole world, will be in the hands of a few crafty capitalists, whose immense wealth shall, with a few pulsations of the telegraphy, unthrone dynasties and determine the destinies of nations.”[46]Id. at 62. Here, it is almost as if Burton is predicting Jewish Internet, financial, and media control.

Jews’ isolation and separation “justified the Hebrew in treating his brother-men as heathens barely worthy of the title of human.”[47]Id. at 11. “The inevitable conclusion of such a policy was that eventually they came into collision with all around them.”[48]Id. at 12.

In one amusing anecdote, Burton describes some back-and-forthing in the House of Commons, where at issue was legislation to lift civil disabilities for Jews. One William Abbott described how Jews prefer “sordid pursuits,” and is rebuffed by Lord Macaulay, who called opposition to Jews “bigotry.”

Burton himself, however, rebuffs Macaulay, stating that “our European ancestors had other reasons for expelling the Jews than the mere ‘bigotry’ and ‘brutality’ so unphilosophically ascribed to them by Lord Macaulay”.[49]Id. at 19.

In a chapter titled “Opinion of the Jew in England,” Burton is puzzled by the respectful treatment of Jews in England, which he regards as naïve. Its “confident ignorance in indiscriminate philanthropy are bestowed upon them equally with the African negro.”

Burton observed wild oscillations in opinion on Jews. “The Hebrew race is so marked in its characteristics that it has ever been the theme of over-praise or undue blame.”[50]Id. at 23. Changes of English opinion on Jews are “comically abrupt”.

He ridiculed the “vapid utterances” of “the Liberal School,” which declared that happiness and harmony would result from “battering down the ponderous walls of prejudice.”[51]Id. at 62. Because, though the Christian would give up his faith and race, “the Jew … will cling to (faith and race) with greater tenacity, as it will be the very root and main foundation of his power.”

He is repeatedly critical of British writers who defend Jews. “Popular books like The British Jew (Rev. John Mills), for instance, are mostly written in the apologetic tone; they are advocates and missionaries, not describers. … Glowing descriptions of Jews were preferred, these writers would not crowd their pages with the superstitions of the ignorant.”[52]Id. at 37.

Better, Burton says, is a quote from Saturday Review magazine, on what makes for Jewish power. “They are: religion, the capacity for making money, and internal union. … They are like the tenants of a beleaguered fort cut off from the rest of mankind, and obliged to protect themselves and to help each other.”

Financial dealings keep Jews from physical labor, writes Burton. “He—the ordinary Englishman—may be dimly conscious that the Jew is the one great exception to the general curse upon the sons of Adam, and that he alone eats bread, not in the sweat of his own face, but in the sweat of his neighbor’s face—like the German cuckoo, who does not colonize, but establishes himself in the colonies of other natives.”[53]Id. at 25.

Lower-class Jews pursue enterprises “held mean or dishonorable … such as demoralizing usury, receiving stolen goods, buying up old clothes, keeping gambling houses and betting cribs, dealing in a literature calculated to pervert the mind of youth.”[54]Id. at 28.

Burton observed a psychological strength in Jews, compared to the ease with which Whites were prone to depression: “I incline to the opinion that Gentiles have a natural alacrity in sinking—look how heavy I can be—but that the Chosen People have a natural tendency toward buoyancy.”[55]Id. at 27.

A few choice items from the book:

  • He says that there are “six millions of Jews scattered over the face of the earth,” a number that seems to make multiple appearances throughout history.
  • Higher-class Jewish women are “strongly and symmetrically shaped” though their features are not admired by the Christian eye.
  • Burton considered Jews, at least the Ashkenazi kind, to be physically hardy. Ancient practices of walking and fasting bred out weakness, he claimed.
  • He also thought they were resistant to disease, having avoided typhus in 1505, fevers in Rome in 1691, and cholera in London.
  • High achievers among Jews in any field often outdo the high-achieving gentiles.
  • Some old English families have Jewish blood.
  • Burton describes the two great branches of Jews as the Sephardim and the Ashkenazim. The Sephardim are identified with modern Spain and Portugal and claim descent from the tribe of Judah. Its three sub-orders are the Cohen, the Levites and the “Ammon Israelite.”
  • Ashkenazim, meanwhile, are identified with more northern areas, and take their name from Ashkenaz, the son of Gomer. They claim descent from Benjamin. They were present at the building of the Second Temple, described in the Book of Ezra.
  • On the restoration of a Jewish homeland in Israel, Burton says that “wealthy and prosperous Jews openly declare that they take no interest in the matter.”
  • But: those who “proved themselves hostile to Israel must be killed at all risk, either by the Jews themselves, or, better still, through the local authorities.”

Burton thought Jewish immigration to England was a terrible idea. Ashkenazi Jews living in the holy land were ordered by the Russian Consulate-General to return home biennially in order to renew their passports or give up their nationality, he wrote. Many landed in London, the “City of Refuge”, a step that could “hardly be looked upon with satisfaction.”[56]Id. at 50.

The Talmud, first published in Venice in 1520, according to Burton, was given a thorough treatment in Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam. Whatever else can be said of the Talmud, Burton said, Rabbi Ascher’s assertion that it enjoins Jews to treat Christians “as our own brethren” is grossly false.[57]Id. at 106.

“The most important and pregnant tenet of modern Jewish belief is that the Ger, or stranger, in fact all those who do not belong to their religion, are brute beasts, having no more rights than the fauna of the field,” Burton wrote[58]Id. at 73.

More choice examples:

  • Burton describes that in the “tract of Sanhedrin,” it states that a Gentile who strikes a Jew has committed a capital offense; “this ordinance is as old as the sojourn of Moses in Egypt. He who strikes a Jew strikes the Deity.”
  • In tract Ohaleth it says that sitting upon the grave of a gentile does not defile, because “they are not tenanted by human beings.”[59]Id. at 87.
  • Tract Bechoroth tells us that two things prevent the Jew from keeping the law of God—demons, and dependence on gentiles.

Burton sticks up for Whites in the “who attacked first” debate, writing that “Those who are so ready to admit and deplore the mighty provocations which roused a spirit of retaliation in the Rabbinical mind should equally make allowance for the natural feelings of the unfortunate Gentiles and heathens when the “People of the Synagogue” had their wicked will.”[60]Id. at 115.

He lists atrocities against gentiles, such as one in the fifth century near Medina where “thousands of the Christians of the Nejeran” were burned alive in a trench filled with combustibles, or this one: “A.D. 1135. The Jews crucified a boy at Norwich. According to the general report, they hired a Christian lad aged twelve as a leather-sewer, and converted him into a Paschal offering; they placed a bit in his mouth, and after a thousand outrages they crucified him, … leaving the remains hanging upon a tree.”[61]Id. at 121.

Whether there is truth to the list, I am not sure, though scholars are naturally disinclined to believe any of it. Burton wrote that European gentiles were close-minded to the notion that Jews would commit physical atrocities against them.

Burton to me had the right approach. He appreciated world cultures, wanted to see and write about them, and often had positive things to say about them. But he never confused cultural appreciation with cultural relativism. Travel, explore and exchange, he might have advised, but for day-to-day living, keep races in their places.

Christopher Donovan is a writer and White advocate living somewhere in America.


[1] This painting, by Sir Frederick Leighton, can be seen hanging on the wall of Professor Henry Higgins’ home in My Fair Lady.

[2] Burton should not be confused with the actor Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor’s fifth (and sixth) husband.

[3] Brodie herself was descended from the Mormon community, and married a Jewish academic.

[4] Fawn M. Brodie, The Devil Drives (W.W. Norton & Co., 1967), page 150.

[5] Id.

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  1. R.F. Burton is one of the most fascinating 19th C figures. I’ve read 4 his biographies & his personality still remains somehow blurred- for instance, I don’t know whether he was a bisexual or not.

    Jews are thoroughly described in this article, but apart from the Damascus scandal, they were not of much interest to Burton. What was, then, Burton’s life about?

    I would say he was not just an adventurer, but a larger than life figure obsessed with eroticism & non-European, chiefly Muslim and Indian cultures (not with their spiritual or religious aspects, but more with ethnographic & physical, mostly erotic practices & mores). A simple adventurer would not take upon himself to translate thousands & thousands of pages from the Arabic, Sanskrit, Portuguese, ….

    Also, he did not have some grand plan for the future or politics. I don’t think he pondered on questions like- Imperialism, whence & whiter? And what next?

    Anyway, a fascinating and neglected figure.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Jake
  2. orionyx says:

    “Mission to Gelele” is a true depiction of Wakanda, as opposed to the opium dream depicted in the movie.

  3. GeeBee says:

    This then set off a round of letters to powerful Jews in London, accusing Burton and his wife of anti-Semitism. These powerful Jews included Sir Moses Montefiore and Sir Francis Goldsmid, the chief rabbi of London. The Jewish complaints may well have played a part in Burton’s being recalled from the consulship.

    Oh, what a litany of like examples might be assembled! As then, as now, as forever more. Jeremy Corbyn – a man for whom I hold absolutely no brief whatever – is merely the latest in a long list of British victims alone.

    O tempora, o mores!

  4. Wielgus says:

    One biography I read of Burton (I forget the author) suggested his pious Catholic wife pretty much blew his fire out. Possibly also ageing and the effects of his hard life (a javelin through his face was just the most spectacular of them).
    He made enemies a little too readily to get anywhere in politics, and was quite an undiplomatic diplomat.

  5. TKK says:

    Blacks are terrible with animals, Burton observes.

    One day, I brought my puppy into my old job’s office because he had a vet appointment. This puppy, my boy, was stinking cute.

    All puppies are cute, but this little guy was a little meatball. Roly poly. 10 weeks old. About 4 pounds.

    A black co-worker, David, came in my office. He regarded my puppy with a totally blank face. Most people broke into a grin- even full grown men. I said: You don’t like him?

    His face was devoid of any emotion. My little guy literally rolled from crate- rolled- over to David’s feet and looked up at him, little tail wagging. I said: You can pet him. David took his hand like it was a distasteful chore and stroked it like a martian discovering a strange new life form.

    I told him to stop.

    It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life.

  6. Seems a rather hastily written essay. Burton came to understand the Jews as a result of depth and breadth of his experiences in life. Unfortunately, the curiosity and intellect to come to grips with his conclusions in his bowdlerized posthumous book about Jews is lacking. It is really incredible.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @macilrae
  7. Trinity says:

    Now I would describe this dude as an actual hunnert percent real “White Soopreemacissssssts.” Sorry, but IF someone like this dude actually existed today, I would have no more use for him than some negro thug. He dislikes negro laziness but he admires Arabs somewhat and loves the Jews ability to lie. He viewed the Ashkenazi as a physically hardy breed? lololol. Well, what the hell happened to that one. The dude was cruising the world and banging nonwhite chicks and even dark Africans. According to negro buck science this would make this guy not a racist since he likes nonwhite women. lmao.

    I’m not about to put this cat on my most admirable White guys list by any means. This guy would probably get along with that clown, Winston Churchill. Both are probably keeping each other company as I type this out. Both were REAL “White Soopreeemacisssssts” and both talked out of both sides of their mouth when it came to Jews. In the final analyses both seemed to be Jew ass kissers when all is said and done.

    Colonization was one of the worst thing the White man ever did. Should have let the nonwhites be and vice versa.

    • Replies: @frontier
  8. Seraphim says:

    Burton was recalled from Damascus because he crossed the Jewish usurers, refusing to cover their depredations with his authority and appearing to ‘abuse his authority’ giving consular protection to a Muslim sect on the way to convert to Catholicism which incensed Sir Francis Goldsmid, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, who denounced ”the lady whom Captain Burton has married [who] is believed to be a bigoted Roman Catholic, and to be likely to influence him against the Jew”. It was enough that Sir Moses Montefiore ‘The King of the Jews’ complained that ”is an established and well known fact that Consul Burton and his assistants do their utmost to afflict the Jews, and to sow discord between them and their neighbours”, for the British Government to ‘ignominiously dismiss him at the age of fifty, without a month notice, or wages, or character’. That certainly dampened his desire to ‘more willingly belong to the Jewish race’.

  9. Who cares about what this retard thought?

    • Agree: Thim, Rdm
    • LOL: TKK
    • Troll: HammerJack, Alfred, Jimma, Gordo
    • Replies: @Rdm
  10. Seraphim says:

    I must add that Burton showed himself hostile to the ‘sect of Greek Christians’ who had acquired a Synagogue and a cemetery belonging to the Jews from Tiberias, protected British subjects, ‘strongly protesting against this unjust sale’ and demanding the Turkish authorities to reconsider the question’.
    Interestingly, despite his genius for languages, he was never able to learn Russian.

  11. gotmituns says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Didn’t he actually go into the Kabah when he slipped into Mecca?

  12. Burton remains an enigma.

    As I said, there is no indication he had sexual relations with other women, so Isabel had nothing to be jealous about. But what about his possibly homo affairs? Apart from supposed hanky panky in the East, he belonged to English secret erotic societies, which included C.A. Swinburne  & various other “Uranians”. What Isabel thought about it? I guess she was not jealous, something along the line boys playing with each other, who cares….

    Isabel actually saved & promoted his career, pulling strings in high political & Imperial circles each time Burton’s irascible temper got him fired or demoted. They truly were soul mates, no doubt about it. She couldn’t live without him, nor vice versa. And- this is my speculation- I guess theirs was a sexless marriage. He wasted his erotic energies elsewhere, but not on females.

    Was he an atheist? I don’t think so. Just look at his mausoleum. He was, it seems to me, an eclectic theist who tried to incorporate in his life various cultural-religious traditions, Christian, Muslim, Hindu. Although, his religiosity looks unconventional, more cultural & ethnographic than spiritual or metaphysical. Burton was too much of an extrovert to be pious.

    Doubtless, he possessed an incredible amount of energy & vitality, curiosity about life, but- I don’t see any “deeper” purpose in it. He was not a thinker; nor simply an explorer (just look at his epic efforts in translation); nor did he possess an ambition to become a prominent figure in politics or higher culture.

    Be as it may, he was, I’d say, a man whose calling was a dynamic life on earth combined with passion for translation, especially on erotica, and insatiable curiosity of everything culturally non-European.

  13. Bill P says:

    Burton died a Muslim. This is something we have to be honest about. He didn’t leave much doubt about it despite his wife’s best efforts to scrub that away.

    I think he was ultimately very tormented by his dual identity. He never forgave himself for losing the Afghan woman he loved in his youth, even in the midst of all the debauchery of that sordid British affair in South Asia.

    It’s a very sad story what happened to that girl he loved when he was young. I can sympathize. Imagine the guilt he felt for being the ruin of his most beloved.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @ivan
  14. Schuetze says:

    he was assigned to investigate a “boy brothel” in Karachi that command feared was frequented by some soldiers. His report was so thorough, it generated whispers

    It was the Victorian age, and there was always embarrassment about Burton’s English translation of the Kama Sutra and other erotic material.

    Famously, Isabel Burton burned many of her husband’s papers after his death. It can only be speculated what papers were burned.

    “Initiated: Hope Lodge, Kurrachee, Scinde, India.”
    Burton was a Freemason, and his biography sounds a lot like Aleister Crowley’s who had many similar beliefs:

    Occultists, Freemasons, And The Secret History Of Radical Islam

    “In 1910, the English occultist, Freemason, and poet, Aleister Crowley, published a strange and now little-known work called The Scented Garden of Abdullah: The Satirist of Shiraz under the name Abdullah el Haji.

    In the work, which imitated Sufi poetry, Crowley claims to have been accepted into “the joyous company of the Sufis,” but that he cannot openly discuss Islamic mysticism, “if only because I am a Freemason.”

    In other words, the English occultist was suggesting that Sufism and Freemasonry were in some way connected, whether philosophically or through historical ties.

    He, however, was not the only one to think this.

    The explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton – whose translation of Eastern texts influenced Western spirituality – believed that Sufism was “The Eastern parent of Free-Masonry.”

    I agree with Burton’s conclusions about race, but there is significant evidence here that he could have been a pedo-satanist.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  15. Renoman says:

    Cool article, thank you.

  16. Interesting article.

    I find this one rather peculiar though:
    – High achievers among Jews in any field often outdo the high-achieving gentiles.


    All their behaviour seems to indicate a profound fear of the opposite.
    As soon as ‘you know who’ decided to protect his race just as much as they do all the time, and on top of it created alternatives to pure money transactions, they went into full panic mode.

    Their awareness that their true power lies in their ability to deceive makes them exceptionally paranoid as to be found out, and I presume Intel’s (((Andy Grove))) knew that only too well when he stated that ‘Only the paranoid survive’.

    The individualistic capitalist system suits them fine, as long as everybody else sticks to the ‘individualistic’ bit.

    • Agree: annamaria
  17. Truth says:

    Seems a bit of a negative Chap.

  18. The Portuguese certainly got the last laugh on this Anglo dullard. Goa was still a Portuguese colony long after the island sodomites too good for racemixing retreated with a stick up their ass and their tail between their legs.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
    • Troll: HammerJack
    • Replies: @A Mesrine
  19. “The most important and pregnant tenet of modern Jewish belief is that the Ger, or stranger, in fact all those who do not belong to their religion, are brute beasts, having no more rights than the fauna of the field,”

    Stands in stark contrast to the “Welcome the Stranger,” BS we’re being spoon-fed, which “accidentally” devolved into “Welcome the invader.”

    Excellent piece, Good Sir.

    • Agree: HammerJack, Annony Mouse
  20. @Bill P

    Burton died a Muslim


    Better one of them than one of ours!

  21. @Seraphim

    Moses Montefiore looks to me more like a Phoenician than a Jew from Judea.
    His coat of arms has a cedar of Lebanon as the central element, besides the motto of “Think and thank” (did he create thinktanks…?). His surname evokes “flowery mountain”, which looks like a reference to Cora/Persephone, who was a Hellenized face of the Carthaginian Tanit.
    If we assume that it was the rich Spehardi Jews/Phoenicians who confronted Burton, it also becomes clear why they were not interested in Palestine really.

    I am slowly starting to suspect that what was known as “International Jew” were actually Phoenicians, secret servants of Tanit and Baal.

    It is also interesting that the British appropriated the old Phoenicians possessions of Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  22. Trinity says:

    He has a Freddie Mercury look about him so the accusations that this cat could have been a homosexual or bisexual are probably right. hehe. Had no idea who the Goans were but I have seen uglier. The African women this dude boinked must have been some real beauts.

  23. Jake says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Burton was born in Devon, in the Celtic fringe of England, to a family that was primarily Anglo-Irish (meaning elite Irish Protestants) mixed with Anglo Celtic fringe gentry. He was not in any ‘racial’ sense Anglo-Saxon. He seemed to have only contempt for the entire history of Protestant England and the middle class and upper class cultures it produced. As the article notes, he had little more than contempt for the very best of English education. The only way he could have ever fit halfway easily into Victorian Anglo-Saxon society was to have whored for money so that he worked at fitting in.

    I think this may be the most important quote in the article: “Later, as we will see, he was even willing to challenge Jews—which seems to have been as suicidal a mission to take in the 1800’s as today.”

    The Anglophiles, which group controls The Occidental Quarterly as surely as it controls VDARE, are forever bleating that if only we could get back to the glories of Britannia ruling the waves and Victorianism as the shining light of culture, then we’d be freed from all this Liberalism that makes Negroes Numinous and allows, and facilitates, Jews per capita to reign and become the filthy richest.

    But Jews were already indispensable bankers to the English not merely at the height of Victorianism, when Anglo-Saxonism was bestriding the globe, but long before Disraeli ever came to be Prime Minister.

    So how are going to be freed from Jews by WASP culture?

    If you demand to have a culture from the southern part of the island of Prydein (Anglicized as Britain, from a Cymric feature 0f grammar) that speaks a Germanic language that was elevated greatly by a huge French admixture, and you want that culture to be free of the history of Jewish bankers controlling its financial and foreign policies, then you must reject not merely Anglo-Saxon Victorianism but also The Glorious Revolution, meaning you must reject the culture of 18th century England. You also must reject Oliver Cromwell and Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, because they made manifest what Judaizing heresy means in the real world: Jews quickly come to own and control.

    And that requires you to reject the whole of ardent English Protestantizing and all its culture wars against non-English speakers and Catholics in the British Isles. And that means you reject the whole of what we call WASP culture.

    Your great model should be GK Chesterton.

  24. Trinity says:

    If this guy were around today he would probably more than likely be part of the Antifa crowd and getting cozy with characters like George Schwartz, or a William Jefferson Clinton type, you can bet on it. This type of clown is a predator pure and simple. He aligns himself with whomever is currently at the top of the food chain. From the info provided in the article, this guy cuddled with Jews and was somewhat of a Muzzie lover as well, not exactly two pro-White groups of people. This guy was about as much of a pro-White crusader as George Pappy Bush. This clown takes off on the lowly negro who had no power at all back then and certainly was not a perceived threat at the time to the White race, it was the other way around. Yet, the two groups who at the time did present a problem to Whites, he cozies up to, go figure. Wonder how many mixed raced babies this guy fathered over in Africa? He is exactly the type of White man who brought us to where we are today. A self centered myopic, possibly gay or bisexual, race mixing bully of a man with no sense of morality, integrity, or concern for anyone other than himself.

    These are the same type of Whites that love them some negroes today in 2021 and turn on their own kind because, well damn it, it is fashionable and SAFE. The Anderson Cooper types whose ancestors in the past owned slaves. haha. And yet this guy sits up there with a straight face and looks down on rednecks saying the N-word. LMAO. Yep, if this guy, “Sir” Dick Francis Burton were alive today, he would probably be a guest on Anderson 360 and talking about the Atlanta Spa Shootings and “The Insurrection.”

    • Agree: Alexandros
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @annamaria
  25. Jake says:

    Sufism philosophically is indeed very much to Islam as Freemasonry is to Protestantism. Each is an attempt to mitigate and alleviate the many problems inherent in the ‘parent’ religion, especially the ‘might makes right’ philosophy that goes hand in hand with )to use Protestant language) every man his own priest reading Holy Writ for himself and deciding what it means.

    Freemasonry from its 18th century English origin was focused on two things: 1) expanding the British Empire and all things that culturally are Modern English, 2) refashioning all churches and religions so that they will gently accept being part of a One World Religion overseen by those who control Freemasonry.

    Sufism does to both Shia and Sunni Islam what Freemasonry does to Protestantism.

    Could Burton have had bouts of pederasty? The entire English elite schooling system was rife with boy-love. By college age, those Brit Elites were widely participating in ‘rent boy’ activities, in which they paid poor English boys for sex. Pederasty was very common across the entire Mohammedan world, and Burton saw it close up.

    Brit WASP Elite culture had been defined by philoSemitism since the time of archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell. Starting in the mid-18th century, it began splitting into two wings: the original pro-Jewish wing and the pro-Islamic/pro-Arabic wing. Burton was part of the latter.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  26. @TKK

    Blacks are wary of dogs because dogs can read them with unerring accuracy. Dogs see a black man’s Soul and, contrary to the prevailing propaganda, Black Soul is not a pretty sight. Dogs recognize that blacks are impostors, only pretending to be willing participants (sometimes) in white civilization. Obama put it best when he turned his back on Europe shortly after having first set foot upon its soil.

    Daily, blacks tell us how much they despise whiteness, yet for many whites, this just stokes their fires and makes them that much more fervent in abasing themselves, denying themselves and trying to make themselves more likable to their black critic. Of course, such behavior can only achieve ends the direct opposite of those intended. Added to his hatred of white civilization, the black now feels contempt for the sniveling white coward and scratches his head, trying to figure out how the universe could have gotten so topsy-turvy that a pathetic weakling like whites could come out on top vis-a-vie his black awesomeness. Attempting to account for this apparent discrepancy is the source of those strange Black Panther, Louis Farrakhan cosmologies.

    • Replies: @Crescent Moon
    , @Pheasant
  27. Malla says:

    In the letter, Burton indicates that as early as the 1800’s, “wishy-washy sentimentality” was affecting the Western mind on race. ….Whatever can observed of Africa and Africans, for Burton, it was no place for White Western man. “There is a time to leave the Dark Continent. … Madness comes from Africa.”[24]

    What many folks do not know or would be very surprised to know is that many of the colonialists were akin to libtards of their day. Yeah right…. they believed that with Western civilization, non Whites could be raised to a higher level and eventually all of humanity will become similar and one. A brotherhood of man. I do not mean all of the colonial officers but many were libtards of their day. It is because of the anti-colonial propaganda today that this fact is buried. Many of them loved and admired many aspects of the natives and wished them well and believed that with wise colonial rule, the natives will with time become like White people. If they Colonialists would have been purely racist, they would have realized that the races are so different that it is best not to interfere in their cultures and level of development. Lord Macaulay, mentioned in the main article was one of them, an abolitionist and the person who pushed English education in India. He did that because he believed that it was the duty of England to teach Indians the ideas of liberty from despotism (Asiatic social despotism) but ironically he is hated a lot by traditional Indians. The point is when libtards attack colonialism they are attacking fellow libtards of centuries back. Of course the colonial officers were far tougher and smarter people with a far better understanding of human nature than today’s libtard baffoons. Today’s leftard anti-fa monkey today could not lead a small company of tough village Sikhs unlike the colonial Sahibs of earlier centuries. The Sikhs would laugh on the SJW/anti-fa libtard’s face like lions and the poor libtard would run away sobbing and wetting his panties with the Sikhs roaring into laughter.
    Colonialism/White Man’s burden was in many ways, atleast partially a libtard movement of its days. So today’s libtards attack the libtards of earlier centuries, one more example of libtards eating their own in their morality superiority contests.
    The truth is when you have this leftard White man’s burden mindset, this desire to improve the world with some ideology may it be Christianity, Western civilization, liberalism, Marxism, abolish-ism, stopping cannibalism etc… or this craze for global peace and justice, ironically you would end up getting more involved in darkie and Yellow affairs. You might end up being called Imperialists for allt hat hard work!! Yup White libtards can easily become Imperialists for darkies and Yellows. You will end up getting hated even if you had good intentions. The darkies you were trying to help will hate you for trying to help!!! They are like the bitches who get abused by her thug boyfriend and you go to support the bitch and she attacks you for stopping his Thug from beating her!!!
    Also the darkies hate you for interfering in their (many a times) shitty cultures and grotesque practices even if your intention are good. It is like how Rhodesia differed from Apartheid South Africa. Rhodesia was led by Anglos and it did not have Apartheid, they believed that in the long term black Zimbabweans would become just like White Rhodesians with education and they would eventually in the future live like a “society of civilized men irrespective of racial origins” as stated by Rhodes himself. Next door in South Africa, the Afrikaners were more shrewd and less naive about human nature and they believed in separate development of the races, thus Apartheid. Sounds racist? Sure but at least they do not interfere in the cultures of those peoples in the reserves. Indeed, many early anti-colonial native leaders complained primarily about interference in their cultures rather than resource looting. Yet under apartheid, the darkies were left to live as they wish, their cultures left alone but even this was supposedly “evul”. You never win with leftards and darkies. You leave them alone and live apart—you be evul nazi, you try to help them —you be destroyin their culture.

    The truth is trying to civilize and raise the natives via Western civilization or education and giving them Western technology was a stupid mistake of the White race. Would the White Man’s burden have worked? The colonial Empires were cut short and truncated in time, they ended before their time due to various global conspiracies, so it is hard to say, how much they would have succeeded. Most likely it would have failed in the long term as the racial spiritual differences in between human groups is too deep. Might have worked on a small percentage of the natives, those with a certain IQ combined with a certain taste, a certain mentality, a certain moral character. Would have worked on a very tiny percentage of the natives. That is all, blood would come out thicker than water at the end.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @The Oracle
  28. @Jake

    You are basically right. Rather then celebrate their victory of 1588, the English actually should weep over the Spanish Armada demise. They were never good at self-liberation anyway, so the year 1588 essentially sealed their fate.

    I will only add that Celts were often Carthaginian allies, for example making up the great part of Hannibal army in Italy, since Galia Cisalpina itself was Celto-Phoenician mix.
    Carthagine-Rome rivalry has a shadow today in the very special obsession of Jews with the Roman Catholic Church.
    So maybe by his desire to become a Jew (surely a Sephardi one), Burton wanted to come back to his ancestral home.

    It is clear from the quoted letter that he crossed his chances when he married a “bigoted Roman Catholic”.

    • Thanks: Pheasant
  29. ivan says:

    I had a glance at the article linked from the Guardian. The usual shock and horror that anyone could believe that the sainted Jews could be into human sacrifice as in the case of Fr Toma in Damascus.

    The truth though is that Burton had thoroughly investigated the case along with Turkish officials and found the evidence overwhelming. Richard Burton is properly described as an agnostic who didn’t really care all that much about any religion, including Christianity. He had no particular axe to grind against the Jews and just for that reason, his judgement that a couple of Jews had in fact carried out a ritual murder of Fr Toma, carries compelling weight.

  30. I wonder if anyone was fooling around with Richard Walter Jenkins Jr. when his stage name was created. There seem to be some parallels.

    • Replies: @Alden
  31. TKK says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    What a luxurious life he led: to be able to travel, write, play in secret societies, and hold court on various topics.

    He was member of the elite. He had the decadence of time and money to investigate his whims.

    In the days of “hard choring”- putting up fences, managing livestock and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution where the individual was viewed as little more than a cog- he was cosseted and pampered.

  32. ivan says:
    @Bill P

    Burton is the type of guy who can shoot another in the head and have tea afterwards. Feeling guilty is not for him He himself didn’t care for any religion including Islam other than a cloak of national identity. His wife was a pious Catholic who made sure he shuffled off this mortal coil as an anointed Catholic. Admiration of the Fedayeen from afar seems to be a British predeliction: TE Lawrence, Charles Doherty and Wilfred Thesinger being among the most famous, but only comparatively few such as Kim Philby’s father went all the way to conversion. If nothing else such a conversion would be seen as a betrayal of one’s class.

    • Replies: @Crescent Moon
  33. Schuetze says:

    “they would eventually in the future live like a “society of civilized men irrespective of racial origins” as stated by Rhodes himself.”

    That didn’t sound like Rhodes to me, so I went looking for it and couldn’t find the quote. This sounds more like Rhodes:

    “I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings; what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence, look again at the extra employment a new country added to our dominions gives.”

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Malla
  34. Many comments here fail to understand Burton; perhaps not surprisingly, since he was an extraordinary & contradictory character.

    His “religion”: Burton was a universalist, who accepted all living great religions he came in contact with. He died a Catholic, which is perfectly understandable, having in mind Isabel’s role in his life. Without her, he would have been wasted a long time ago, devoured by imbecilities of British bureaucracy. Many anti-Catholic writers try to promote idea that Isabel “forced” him on his death-bed- which is absurd. Where Burton differed from his wife was his magnanimous & non-dogmatic approach to religions. He temporarily converted to Islam & became a dervish of Qadiri Sufi order, so that he could enter Mecca not as an “infidel”. But, this was just an episode in his life. He never continued Islamic religious practices in any way; more, he translated from Portuguese a super-Christian Camoes’ epic. As I said- he was not an introvert, contemplative or religious temper. Burton used all religions to satisfy his curiosity about mostly non-European worlds.

    And- an atheist would not design to be buried in a mausoleum which contained symbols of major religions:

    Then, he was, as I said, not a thinker but an observer. From his experiential knowledge, he had been drawing conclusions about human collectives. Of course- this is not “scientific”. How can you definitely ascertain traits of some community just passing through their habitats, or living among them a short time?

    What is refreshing about Burton is that he is impossible to categorize. He was, personally, not an Imperialist (although he participated in the expansion of the British empire); he observed many things about many people, and he was led by a dominant schools of thought of his time (cranial capacity etc.); Burton was a rare writer from the 19th C who insisted on black Africans’ cruelty & savagery (I forgot what he said about US freedmen)- in stark difference to almost all authors of that time who had been harping on Negro’s simple silliness & devotion to his Massa. Burton saw blacks as a threat, and there he was much more realist than other whites (even those from the South).

    As for Jews, they- wrongly- seem to occupy a significant part of his work & interest, but it was solely on account of his miscalculation in the Damascus scandal, where he, enticed by Isabel, hesitantly took side against local Jews- which was a mistake, having in mind supra-national nature of the British empire. He should have remained aloof. He was, in that case, mistaken. And Burton did not know much about Jews; his wider knowledge was about Arabs, Hindus & other “exotics”. He viewed them as just another type of Oriental exotics, without perceiving they would have played such a role in Germany & eastern Europe, or that they would excel in sciences & politics.

    Burton simply did not think about the future of technology, science, Europeanization of the world & possibility that Oriental civilizations could adopt European way of life & education as something integral to their future identity. And he would be astonished by Islamism, because Islamic cultural circle was in his eyes, more liberal & “free” re many areas of life (especially sexuality), so that some Muslim Pakistani grouping in UK would have made him speechless.

    What remains, in my view, strange & virtually impossible to decode is his attitude towards miscegenation. He frequently described himself as a “Gypsy”. There was something in him that rebelled against “whiteness”, and never mind his real extraction, his slightly darker complexion, combined with too much time spent among the “natives”- create an uneasy feeling that, while race realist, he was completely anti-eugenic in his outlook & not fully aware of necessity to preserve universal white European civilization.

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @teo toon
  35. Truth says:

    Well that’s an interesting take.

  36. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The Anglophiles, which group controls The Occidental Quarterly as surely as it controls VDARE, are forever bleating that if only we could get back to the glories of Britannia ruling the waves and Victorianism as the shining light of culture, then we’d be freed from all this Liberalism that makes Negroes Numinous and allows, and facilitates, Jews per capita to reign and become the filthy richest. But Jews were already indispensable bankers to the English not merely at the height of Victorianism, when Anglo-Saxonism was bestriding the globe, but long before Disraeli ever came to be Prime Minister.

    Jews. The English can’t live with them, and can’t live without them. It explains why they’ve allowed the Jews to destroy America. Greed. And Zionism explains why the Jews want to destroy America. They think THEY should by the globe’s moral authority, not the English. Again, for purposes of greed.

    Two Judas heavyweights, simultaneously slumming together and slugging it out.

    • Replies: @Malla
  37. Traddles says:

    Thank you so much for this piece about Burton. He deserves a large audience today, with his great range of experiences and observations. He has been one of my heroes since I saw what I recall as an even-handed portrayal of him in a BBC series of the 1970’s. I don’t think the BBC would be so even-handed today if they “portrayed” him.

    • Replies: @robwin
  38. Malla says:

    That didn’t sound like Rhodes to me, so I went looking for it and couldn’t find the quote.

    I could be mistaken but I think I picked that up from this video. Rhodesia episode of Myth of the 20th Century series.

    “Today we are joined by a very special guest Jayoh de la Rey to talk about Rhodesia and South Africa. After growing up in Detroit and working as a development economist in Africa, one day his convoy came under fire traversed a country road. Demonstrating his capability with a rifle, Jayoh soon found himself working with private mercenary groups defending diamond mines in South Africa. Now back in America, Jayoh reflects on his time spent seeing firsthand the realities of a still developing African nation, and implications it has for our nation back home.

    — Brought to you by —
    Hank Oslo, Adam Smith, Alex Nicholson and Mark Brown”

  39. Anonymous[926] • Disclaimer says:

    Enough with the Phoenicians!

  40. Z-man says:

    Even though he praises and exaggerates the Jew’s prowess a bit, Long Live Richard Francis Burton.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  41. aandrews says:

    A mission to Gelele, king of Dahome: with notices of the so called “Amazons,” the grand customs, the yearly customs, the human sacrifices, the present state of the slave trade, and the Negro’s place in nature
    by Burton, Richard Francis, Sir, 1821-1890 [Vol. I and II] [Vol. III]

  42. Miville says:

    English was in no way subject to betterment and enrichment when it integrated more French and other latinate vocabulary than it would keep most used native Anglo-Saxon and Norse words. Without that form of cultural enrichment it would have looked like far more Icelandic, which is literary superior. Pure Germanic and Nordic languages can actually far better emulate classical Greek syntax and word composition, as well as latinate word formation, as former Germanic and suffixes fell out of use as the germanic words were to be used by simpletons while more complex ideas were to be expressed into a more “international” vocabulary. Since that “enrichment” took place great English literature is bound to be of great quality and refinement only in as much as it drifts away from popular language into the academic jargon, whereas Saxon or Norse Sagas used to be the epitome of popular inspiration. The alliance of Anglo-Saxons with Jews brought the phenomenon to a further degree of deterioration as wherever they are Jews are busy as by instinct to cut all local people from their own cultural roots as well as to disparage their own language and turns of expression as irredeemably base (hence the interminable list of forbidden words supposed to be too vulgar or most incorrect politically), privileging international vocabulary of the kind other Jewish communities elsewhere have a greater chance to also know.

    The Irish and other Celtic rather catholic peoples were the first to be dehumanized (the oppression of Keltic people got a very serious business only with Jewish direct and ideological influence through Old-Testament-thumping by Calvinists) to be used as economic slaves and mocked as animals on a model that would then be applied to African Blacks, and most of all to console their own lower classes that were to be treated the same of worse with the threat they would lose that privilege of mocking Irish and Blacks the very day they would ask for better treatment and could even fall below.

    • Agree: Pheasant
  43. aandrews says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “…his slightly darker complexion….”

    Rather early on, he was sometimes referred to as “nigger Dick”. I don’t know if that continued throughout his life.

  44. Thim says:

    Freemason, occultist, degenerate, anti-Christian. Like Darwin, this Burton encapsulates the transition. The Christians built up empires over centuries that controlled nearly the entire world. Then these satanists like Burton and Darwin and Crowley came along and squandered it all in short measure.

    I can judge this guy from one thing I know something about, the Old South. Burton is quoted as saying the Confederates are like the nig nogs of Africa, in that they refuse to work.

    The quality of the man is revealed in that statement, he just repeats lying yankee propaganda as if it were truth, when 90% of Southern families owned no slaves and worked their asses off six days a week.

    Liar. He lied about the CSA, so the rest of it is lies as well. An untrustworthy man. Most of his “exploits” were likely invented whole cloth.

    Now he is with the god of freemasonry, in hell. Good riddance.

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @Anon
  45. teo toon says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    That tent – a copy of it – was featured in Angela Jolie’s Tomb Raider in which her father was buried.

  46. Traddles says:

    Well, if you’re going to be picky about it, Oliver Cromwell had a significant amount of Welsh blood.

  47. cleanthes says:

    Burton’s predictions for Goa have not come true. It is the richest state in India nowadays:

    • Agree: Alden
  48. Now that’s a moustache.

  49. Malla says:
    @Chris Moore

    They think THEY should by the globe’s moral authority, not the English.

    The World would be a million times better with the English as the Global moral authority rather than Jews. Trust me on this.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  50. The natives did live in huts populated with ‘a menagerie of hens, pigeons and rates of peculiar impudence’, just like the poor in Ireland, as Burton was careful to add.

    Is that rats of peculiar impudence?

  51. Malla says:

    As recounted in The Devil Drives, there were three Jewish moneylenders who were especially hated by Burton. One, who Burton said had “sucked dry 41 villages,” approached him for assistance in collecting 60,000 pounds in debts. Burton replied: “I was not sent here as a bailiff, to tap the peasant on the shoulder in such cases as yours.”

    LOL Jewish moneylenders sucking poor villagers dry. LOL. Every place on Earth, the same, the same.

  52. Anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    “ Freemason, occultist, degenerate, anti-Christian. ”

    Those 19th century English “freethinkers” espoused carefully differentiated biological criteria on the one hand, and carefully undifferentiated religious criteria on the other. How curious, such a curiosity for other cultures without religious discernment! They feigned not understanding the cultural implications of adoring Christ, or Kali or Coatlicue or Mahoma. In reality, the deeper thrust of their ideas was the undoing of Christianity and in particular of the Catholic Church.

    It would not be surprising in a 19th century Freemason if he chose to subvert Catholicism by asking for a Catholic burial, much like child-groper Joe Biden confuses today’s Catholics by going to weekly Mass.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  53. @aandrews

    That’s hilarious. Reminds me of classic Nicaraguan expression of surprise/outrage/disdain: “la verga de un negro”.

  54. Another famous explorer, David Livingstone, is described by Brodie as loving the African natives. “Unlike Burton, he had faith in the Negro’s educability, industry, and capacity for moral improvement through Christianity.”

    And since the nineteenth century we’ve seen how wonderfully Livingstone’s faith in the negro has been borne out – haven’t we?

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
  55. Shamil says:

    I am not black. I am an Aryan by race. Or as it is called Caucasian these days. My forefathers were the predecessors of the Germanic people who left the Iranian plateau and migrated westward some 5000 years ago. Guess what I don’t like dogs either. I sure find some puppies cute but culturally we are not raised to give mouth to mouth to dogs as some white peoples do. To begin with they carry diseases.
    So just because a black man did not pet your dog doesn’t make him inhumane. Obama has many dogs. Does that make him a better person ? Judge a man by the content of his character not skin pigmentation. Enough said.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @John Johnson
  56. Rdm says:

    Sometimes, reading up any texts left over from earlier generations written in a similar vein as one preference purely soothes one’s own prejudice, in a way similar to getting a fellatio, reinforcing one’s own opinion on all the races on this planet.

    It’s a favorite pastime usually seen in Gentiles. If one believes that Blacks are prone to violence, Jews are to bribery, Arabs are to secularity, Indians are to laziness, one might attributes Gentile as cunning judges. 

    Always judging other people, races. It’s a rarity to see non-Gentile wrote a book about other races. It’s the natural bent for Gentile, to categorize, pigeon-hole, label others. You would think it’s the language that makes Gentile opinions publicly available for other races for perusal. No where in other languages that one species spent so much time, wrote a home about other races, be in Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. It’s all Gentile favorite pastime. 

    • Agree: JohnPlywood
  57. @Bardon Kaldian

    Essentially, Burton was of the non-breeding 3-5% of the population—basically the type of outlier who would never be considered “normal” within any constipated culture. Human cultural evolution needs shit-stirrers such as Burton to escape and transcend from the cultural ruts which are a mainstay of the common run of people. In simple terms, he did not BELONG, while at the same time he introjected insights which would rarely if ever occur to those enmeshed and embedded within the matrix.

    In some respects Burton was a throwback to the Hellenes of some 2,500 years ago, long before the Hellenistic deformation and nearly a millennium before the Emperor Constantine superseded the spiritual messages of Jesus and for imperial purposes called the shots for the editing, re-directing, redacting and bowdlerizing various texts and scriptures into what the Roman Church and its successors and competitors established as various orthodox formulations of that phenomenon which I prefer to label as the JudieChristie Magickmindfuck.

    Basically open-minded and non-prejudicial, Burton can be regarded as an avatar of the ultimate collapse of imperial colonialism and as an ethnographer of the first-order–a field-man and not one of those sitzfleisch philosophs whose thought-processes essentially emanate from their fat frumpelstiltskins.

    Congruent with the later researchers such as Freud, Brown, May, Marcuse and even Jung and Steiner, though not precisely an intellectual himself; Burton can be considered to be a member in good standing of the Party of Eros, a harbinger of a possible Aquarian Age which casts off the tattered raiments of the imperially misdirected Age of Pisces.

    When Constantine opted for the bloody cross to replace the fish-symbol of the ancient Jesusites; he unconsciously dammed up the flow of inter- dimensional awareness. The result was the devolutionary adoption by the West of the Great Historical Double-Cross of slavery to the ancient Hebrew tribal WarGod, Yahweh, along with enslavement to the imperial state.

    • LOL: ivan
  58. @Schuetze

    Schuetzkorps: “pedo-satanist”? My, but you are still stuck within the Matrix established by his Imperial Highness, Constantine of “In Hoc Signe Vinces”. (Kill for Christ).

    The JudieChristie MagickMindfuck is a highly warped desecration of everything Jesus stood for. It is deeply devolutionary as it assaulted violently both the ancient wisdom schools of the post-Hellenic civilizations and the shamanistic cosmo-naturalism which the Mindfukkers denounced as “Paganism” and “witchcraft”.

    Get out of your rut, sir and smell the fresh air of personal freedom and mutual harmony.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  59. @Jake

    Agreed that Cromwell was the fly in the ointment. His brand of Puritanism was deeply Calvinistic, with its doctrine of predestination and its blessedness of greed and wealth. Calvin himself has been said to have had family origins as Cohens—the priestly class among Judaics. That scenario fits his philosophy quite precisely.

    Ultimately, Calvinist Puritanism has very little to do with Jesus, the gentle fisher of men, who spoke of love and forgiveness and tended to hang out with the likes of tax-c0llectors, bar-keepers, fishermen and prostitutes. He described the “elite” as unlikely to achieve oneness with the father, equating their greediness as akin to a camel slipping through a low and narrow architectural feature denoted as a “needle”.

    Calvinism was predicated primarily on the jealous father god meme and was exclusivist in much the same manner as Judaism, as against the universalism of the spiritual rebel, Jesus. This propensity is clearly evidenced in the horrible Old Testicles names they bestowed upon their offspring. There is something anti-human, imperialistic and devolutionary at the core of Calvinism as exemplified by Oliver Cromwell, who calculatingly invited Judaics back into Britain and who gleefully massacred the Irish.

  60. Enough about people of Phoenix?
    But in the Israeli Supreme Court, besides the notorious eye-pyramid you can find a large metal punica granatum:
    On the other hand, the Star of David is conspicuosly lacking.
    Well, why would bona fide Judeans be interested in Persephone/Tanit, whose symbol pomegranate actually is…?

    I must say, when I got first interested in Phoenicians in the bygone age without internet, it was very hard to find something on them. You almost had to rely on Flaubert’s ‘Salammbo’. BTW, Salammbo is depicted usually with serpent or white doves (once birds of Tanit, today symbols of peace), plus red hair of Mary Magdalene.

    The ‘serpent seed’ of Genesis ?

    Also, there is a Tanit symbol in Kubrick’s ‘Cosmic Odyssey’ (go to the end):

    And yet terms like fides punica once functioned in a similar way to the idea of Jewish racketeering today.
    Phoenicians also were very into creating monopolies (they took over all sites in Mediterranean where you could find snails for purple: Sardinia, Sicilia, Crete, Phoenicia), the understanding of monopoly (exclusive rights for trading this or that) being one of the less understood pillars of Jewish business supremacy today.

    How to distinguish between Phoenicians and Jews? Endogamy, marriages between uncles and nieces, which were forbidden in the biblical Judaism.
    Strange talk about ‘different biology’ like the infamous Sephardi rabbi Josef Ovadia. Mysteries-like forms of cult (Dorothy Rothschild Grove). Baal sacrifices (tophet, holocaust). Baal here and there, among names (e.g. Baal Shem Tov). The strange fact that the most notorious of Jewish Messiahs came from Sephardim (Sabbatai Zvi, Jacob Frank: for both of them ladino was a mother language). The strange fact that Sephardim were mostly spared by WWII (somehow, Bulgarian citizens miraculously and sucessfully stood up for their Jews).

    I will end with the quote from Flaubert’s ‘Salammbo’:

    ‘The brazen arms were working more quickly. They paused no longer. Every time that a child was placed in them the priests of Moloch spread out their hands upon him to burden him with the crimes of the people, vociferating: “They are not men but oxen!” and the multitude round about repeated: “Oxen! oxen!” The devout exclaimed: “Lord! Eat!”.’

    I think ‘”Lord! Eat!” describes pretty well what we see from time to time here on Earth.

    Well, as they say, what was the greatest feat of Satan? To convince people that he does not exist.

    • Thanks: ivan
  61. macilrae says:

    Unfortunately, the curiosity and intellect to come to grips with his conclusions in his bowdlerized posthumous book about Jews is lacking. It is really incredible.

    I can’t agree – this work is one of considerable scholarly depth and unique personal enquiry and is available online:

    The banned appendix covering the infamous blood feud came up for auction a few years back – it had been held in safe-keeping by the Board of Deputies of British Jews but it failed to reach the reserve which, as I recall, was around $200K.

    In the 1880s, commenting prophetically on the conduct of the Jews of Europe Burton writes:

    At this moment, Hungary is a case in point. The Magnate, profuse in hospitality, delighting in display, careless of expenditure and contemptuous of economy, sees all his rich estates, with their flocks and herds, crops and mines, passing out of his own hands, and contributing to swell the bottomless pocket of the Jewish Usurer. But the Magyar is a fiery race; and if this system of legal robbery be allowed to pass a certain point, which, by-the-bye, is not far distant, the Jews must prepare themselves for another disaster right worth of the Middle Ages. And they will have deserved it.
    “The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam (1898) pp64-5”

    A foretaste of the massive theft of Soviet government property by those oligarchs and wannabes during the Yeltsin years.

    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  62. bayviking says:

    So today we learn that cranial suture closure timing determines brain size which determines intelligence. Now after 55000 words we can debate whether Christopher Donovan or Richard Francis Burton were the greater racists.

  63. frontier says:

    Colonization was one of the worst things the White man ever did

    Along with slave importation and white-on-white wars.

  64. @ThreeCranes

    I have a giant breed (200 lbs) dog intact male who does not like blacks that much unless he knows them.
    Want to know who he really hates?
    Jews. Two different Jewish lawyers used to come into our shop and he would go insane trying to get to them. This went on for over a decade, same two lawyers.
    Dogs know.
    Jews are far more dangerous to his pack, dog knows if the pack goes down so does he.

  65. @Seraphim

    Talking to an Italian guy one day about Jews and he said “America is almost a Jewish country, you know Protestants.”
    Kinda true that, my ancestors were Puritans which were Zionists they came here in 1624.

  66. @ivan

    He seems gay to me. The wife was most likely a beard.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Joe Paluka
  67. @Crescent Moon

    The same was said to me by an Iranian guy who visited the Netherlands, “Jewish country it is”.

  68. ivan says:

    Agreed. If one had seen or heard of a victim of rabies, one would not be so sanguine about dogs. There may be more terrible ways to die than hydrophobia, but I can’t think of any. Truly great were those Europeans such as Louis Pasteur and Camille-Germain who came up vaccines and cures for diseases that had afflicted mankind for millennia.

  69. gotmituns says:

    The world doesn’t need anymore “moral authorities” running around telling anyone what’s right and wrong for them. Just let everyone go their own way.

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Malla
  70. @macilrae

    You misunderstand me. The problem is that few have the reading comprehension to read his work and understand what he is driving at, if they even have the curiosity.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  71. @Majority of One

    Not sure about fishes. Two dolphins were common on Carthaginian coins as well as on some Greek ones from Magna Graecia. Dolphins are the symbol of Dionysos and Apollo, the latter named as the demon of abyss in St John Revelation.
    In the end, the age of Fishes was pretty Apollonian, wasn’t it ?

    Two fishes are a sign of Paulian christianity, not judeochristianity of Saint James. Living in antiquity, judging from its symbol you could think it was some Dionisian mystery religion.
    Paul aka Saul is a rather doubtful character, and well placed among ruling powers of his age, maybe a client of Herod (for a Jew at that time, it was very uncommon to be a Roman citizen ). Even before reading on Qumran controversies, I had always a trouble with the fact that the greatest Apostle became such on the basis of private vision.
    Constantine the Great chose a new imperial standard, so to say, not became Christian. The state for him was greater than its religion.

    There was so much Eros in the age of Fishes (Antiquity, Reneissance, Modernity) that I am pretty sure the real age of Aquarius won’t be like that.
    Well, how much of the Age of Ram was in the Age of Fishes?
    And of course the Age of Ram had its own share of imperialism: Babylonian, Persian, Hellenistic.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  72. ivan says:

    Maybe you should read Ibn Khaldun. Whites were simply more curious. More given to find the source of things, more obsessive in their search knowledge than others.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  73. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve read a fair amount about Sir Richard Burton, he was one of the most interesting people in Victorian England. Few people have had such a full life and an intellect that is capable of appreciating all that has been seen and the ability to write it all down. A truly remarkable man.

  74. ivan says:
    @Crescent Moon

    AC/DC as they used to say in my youth. I don’t know much about his wife apart from her traditional Catholicism, which is the default faith of the Catholic women I have known such as my mother and aunts.

  75. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    Negroes are truly alien creatures and what you’re saying just reinforces my opinion of them.

  76. macilrae says:

    Sorry – and now I agree very much with you.

  77. @Shamil

    I am not black. I am an Aryan by race. Or as it is called Caucasian these days. My forefathers were the predecessors of the Germanic people who left the Iranian plateau and migrated westward some 5000 years ago. Guess what I don’t like dogs either. I sure find some puppies cute but culturally we are not raised to give mouth to mouth to dogs as some white peoples do. To begin with they carry diseases.

    You don’t like dogs because you are a Muslim. Muhammad said dogs and pigs are bad so you go with it.

    Stop trying to pretend the reason is anything but religious. Persians and Assyrians took pride in their war dogs before Muhammad came along and banned them.

    Anyways humans carry far more diseases so you should probably avoid them entirely.

    Judge a man by the content of his character not skin pigmentation. Enough said.

    Race is more than skin color.

    Eventually it will come out that Blacks are more likely to have a fear of unknown animals. It’s not “by chance” that this pattern has been so consistent with Blacks and dogs.

    It is most likely built into their DNA from living in an area where they were surrounded by hostile predators. That might have sounded absurd a few decades ago but it has already been proven that people can have a genetic fear of snakes and spiders.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Shamil
    , @Malla
  78. @Crescent Moon

    Talking to an Italian guy one day about Jews and he said “America is almost a Jewish country, you know Protestants.”

    Well here on Unz and in many parts of America the Bible isn’t considered Jewish. Rand and Chicago school don’t seem to be Jewish either.

    Really strange to see people here complain about Jewish influence and then quote the Bible or talk about how we need libertarian economic policy.

    We should get rid of Greek influence. So let’s talk about our favorite books by Greek philosophers.

  79. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not just dogs who have evolved to get along with whites, whites have evolved to get along with dogs.

    3,000 years ago, whites who hunted with dogs brought home more food than those who didn’t, and dogs used as guards for herds of sheep and cattle protected the food supply. Dogs working as watch dogs gave warning of invaders in enough time for whites to fight them off and survive. When your main weapon is a bow and arrow or a spear, a dog to fetch your wounded game increases your odds of eating dinner if the game is only slightly wounded and trying to flee.

    Whites who feel a strong liking for dogs were able to pass on their genes, and whites were didn’t were more likely to die off and have their gene lines culled. Whites have a mutual relationship with dogs that help both species survive.

    Even today, having a dog in your house means you’re more likely to survive a home invasion, by either giving you enough warning to flee or grab a gun, or by the dog scaring off the intruder.

    This is why blacks have no affinity for dogs, and dogs have no liking for them. They have no history of a relationship because blacks in Africa never needed dogs to survive.

  80. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    If Moses Montefiore looks more like a ‘Phoenician’ it is because he was a Sephardi Jew from Italy. He was born in Livorno in a family that had already emigrated to England and was already in the banking business. But they were claiming descendance from old Italian- Jewish families, most likely immigrated from Spain after their expulsion in 1492. Italian Jews adopted all Italian names.
    He married Judith Cohen, sister of Henriette Cohen who married Nathan Mayer Rothschild. He made rapidly a great fortune in banking and was the first Jew to be ennobled by Queen Victoria. He became extremely influential in tandem with the ‘Cousinhood’ (the banking family alliance of the Samuels, Goldsmid, Rothschild and Montefiore- an alliance of Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews)). He was of course a high ranking mason.
    But he was interested in Palestine and very much at that. He became a champion of the ”downtrodden Jews around the world”. He was the first (actually not quite) to submit to the Ottoman authorities a plan for Jewish settlement in Palestine. He visited Palestine seven times and poured his money into buying land in Palestine where he established the first Jewish residential quarter outside the walls of the Old City, funded also by American Jews. He may be deemed the father of Zionism.
    He didn’t ‘confront’ Burton. Burton dared to confront him and he was swept aside like a piece of trash, despite his aura of superhero.
    Leave aside the ‘Phoenician’ conspiracy theories.

  81. @Another Polish Perspective

    Some late 19th Century scholars/theologians/debunkers trained in the Classics, claimed that much of the more cogent works attributed to Paul were rather the works of Appolonius of Tyana, a visionary and reputed miracle-worker whose contributions were evidently burned to char up some steaks by some of the more fanatical early Constantinicated “Christians”, who, preceding him by well over a millennium, apparently heralded John D. Rockefeller’s noted dictum: “Competition is a sin”.

    How Dionysus and Apollo could have become conflated is beyond my understanding ,as the former was entirely dionesian (an exercise in Plato’s Daimonic) while Apollo was all about orderly rationality, ultimately a repression of any and all daemonic elements.

    Nothing particularly great about Constantine in that he was the primary agent for the destruction of classical civilization and the ensuing onset of the Dark Ages, an era when literacy was almost exclusively limited to the state-church control complex.

  82. @Anon

    The same applies to Indians, even more so i think, you will occasionally see Black dog owners and that also includes Blacks that are not keeping a dog to look tough e.g Pitbulls or Rotweilers but just simply as a pet but i think the last time i noticed an Indian walking a dog was well over a year ago and that is living in a city full of Indians.

  83. ” The natives did live in huts populated with ‘a menagerie of hens, pigeons and rates of peculiar impudence’, just like the poor in Ireland, as Burton was careful to add”.

    Yeah the poor in Ireland, and why were the poor, poor in Ireland?

    Could it have had anything to do with British rule?

    A lot of these colonial types were just full of their own shit,

    British rule brought the Irish to such an abject level of subjugation that the failure of a potato crop caused the deaths of up to two million Irish and the emigration of a similar number,

    It’s funny how the Irish produced the greatest writers in the English language in the 20th century,

    Be careful making judgements on entire races of people based on the observations of some imperial British explorer, however interesting a character he might be,

    Sure if you were to make a judgement on the British for example at this very moment in history what would be the first thing that comes to mind?

    The vast bulk of them seem happy to be treated as mere cattle lining up for an unnecessary ‘vaccine’ for a respiratory virus with an Infection Fatality Rate of 0.26%,

    When did they stop developing intellectually?

  84. Seraphim says:
    @Majority of One

    I wonder for how long people will be throwing around the BS of the ‘Constantinicated Christians’ destroying the Classical Civilization (of which they have no idea, classical studies disappearing for long from the school curricula – along with history and geography). It would be laughable, had it not been peddled with such fanatical conviction by sophomoric morons.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Majority of One
  85. ivan says:
    @John Johnson

    Fear of dogs and pigs is well founded. They are vectors of diseases all over the Third World. Rabies and encephalitis are not the type of diseases that let you go gentle into the good night. Don’t parade your ignorance any further.

  86. ivan says:

    That they are largely Phoenicians is a good hypothesis. Kind of explains why the modern “Jews”, at least the ones in the news revel in behaving and acting in a manner explicitly condemned in the Bible.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  87. @Da's Reich

    I have for long underestimated the Irish to my shame, come to think of it the Irish have 10 times more noble laurates per 10 million people than the Spanish do.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  88. @Crescent Moon

    As crazy as it seems, I’ve heard stories about normally friendly dogs snapping at blacks. Dogs may have a sixth sense about the character of a human they see. It’s been said to trust your dog’s judgment about a person.

    I’m a cat person and haven’t heard anything about trusting your cat’s judgment!

  89. Truth says:

    This is why blacks have no affinity for dogs, and dogs have no liking for them. They have no history of a relationship because blacks in Africa never needed dogs to survive.

    Just when I thought this site could not get any more retarded…

  90. @Rdm

    While whites write about others, they write about themselves.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  91. ivan says:
    @Da's Reich

    To be fair, monoculture of potatoes was to blame. The potato had a much higher yield than other crops, which is why they were planted. Further it was largely the common English people who opened their purses to help the Irish. Selective memory, an art form that the Irish are as good as any in, is not a reliable guide to the past. And no it wasn’t the Irishness of the Irish that made them the object of scorn and hatred, it was their Catholicism. The Proddies may have forgotten all about the Virgin Birth and the Incarnation but they sure know how to hold a grudge against the “Mother and Son” religion.

  92. @Anon

    I agree.
    This whole topic around dogs is interesting. I had read years ago that dogs watch the face and are very good at understanding what we want by doing so. Now, I have watched dogs react strongly to people with darker skin so many times that I concluded dogs were unfriendly as they couldn’t read their intentions. Pheromones could also play a role.
    I don’t know if biologists have the answer to this or even want to touch this issue.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  93. Abbybwood says:

    Philip Seymour Hoffman could have played him. Probably very well.

    One of my favorite quotes reminds me of myself now:

    “The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost.”

  94. @ivan

    White explorers were the first to circumnavigate the globe. Whites are the most likely to be curious, whether it involves science or exploration. One of the reasons for Alexander the Great’s drive east was a desire to reach the Outer Ocean as it was called. He brought scientists along on his conquests to study and sent animal and plant samples back to his mentor Aristotle. An engaging Victorian trait was their interest in everything.

    A Chinese naval expedition commanded by Zheng He reached east Africa in the early 15th Century, but nothing came of them. Scientifically, the Chinese reached a certain point in the middle ages and then stagnated. East Asians are by nature conformist and in recent years have excelled at taking other people’s technologies and improving on them. Even the idea of “fashion” seems to be Western – the wealthy in non-Western cultures wore the same clothing styles and lived in the same building styles for centuries. An aversion to change.

    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @ivan
  95. Seraphim says:

    Were not the Jews behaving and acting in manners explicitly condemned in the ‘Bible’ since the time of Prophets and Jesus, of course? “The Scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So practice and observe everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach”. Were they ‘Phoenicians’?
    Actually people think of Canaanites, that Jesus praised their faith in Him (Matthew 15:21-28).

  96. @Seraphim

    Why leave aside the Phoenician connection?

    They were very ruthless and very successful. Rome feared Cartage for good reason. After the wars, where did all those Punii get to? There were far too many for the Roman’s to have sold more than 5-10% into slavery.
    I don’t think this area has been studied effectively. It would probably take genetic research to answer these questions.
    The Punic people would have been much more comfortable with Temple Judaism as their official religion. Odds are the Sephardi descend from a core group of Carthaginian leftovers. There were plenty of those looking for a new start after the Wars.

    One thing we know for certain about Carthage is their sacrifice of children to Baal-Molech. It was a huge component of their ‘religion’.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Malla
  97. Rdm says:

    In fact, Whites are also adverse to change.

    That’s why I said Whites as a cunning judge. They like to judge others, but when they are judged, they then got explosive and couldn’t contain their emotion. That’s the nature. Given the objective, those traits are sometimes considered as useful in certain circumstances, but most of the time, it leads to “arrogance”.

    It’s the Human nature that we all hate sudden change.

    • Replies: @Malla
  98. @Seraphim

    Yet another oxymoronicated religious nut clinging to his security blanket.

    Perhaps not atypically, you evidence indications of never having encountered autodidacts whose reading regimen has been such that their modest toe-dips into institutionally based classical studies is quite adumbrated by their independent studies into historical studies including the roles played by the crazed monks who were brought into Alexandria by a power-maddened bishop to accomplish two goals: The burning of the great library which contained wisdom possibly dating back to millennia before Caesar and his ultimate successor, Constantine, the damnable and two, the literal tearing limb from limb of Hypatea, the librarian of that treasure trove of traditional culture.

    By definition, those who doggedly adhere to the tenets of organized religion are the prime perpetrators (perhaps along with atheistic believers in rationalistic materialism) of higher cultural values through their typically “fanatical conviction (typical of) sophomoric morons.”

  99. @ivan

    From my studies it became evident to me that the root cause for the Irish clinging desperately to their Catholicism was in reaction to the extreme levels of quasi genocidal repression visited upon them by the British, first under Elizabeth I and her courtiers and latterly by the despicable Oliver Cromwell. Refugee “potato patch” priests bravely ministered to their “flocks” in the face of certain death under both the Elizabethan and Cromwellian “authorities”. Thus were they celebrated and lionized by the common folk of Ireland.

    It took centuries for that imposed loyalty–however misplaced it may have been considering ensuing centuries of a priest-ridden populace which only in recent years self-liberated from the strictures of “Holy Mother Church” — as has been so well depicted in the literary writings of the likes of Maeve Binchy and other contemporary Irish writers.

    By the way, I do not have a dog in the fight as my soul-side (ancestral DNA) contains neither Irish nor English forebears. However, on the spirit side, Lifetimes in Ireland, and more frequently Scotland, have engendered very little love for the Sassenach, particularly their frequently ravenous upper classes with all their pretensions to nobility.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Da's Reich
  100. Rdm says:

    They do, but mostly in good light.
    For others, write in condescending light.

    That’s the bottom line.

    Example, talking about IQ, Blacks’ are lower than Whites. But Jews are higher than Whites. From Jews’ point of view, blacks and whites’ are lower. In fact, the headline should look like this “Universities Lower Criteria to admit Whites and Blacks”, not the other way round.

    Blacks are athletically stronger than Whites.
    It should read like this “Whites are athletically weaker than Blacks”

    It’s like when Whites talk about other races, especially Blacks, they TALK DOWN. So when it comes to tic for tat, Blacks should TALK DOWN as well.

    E.A Ross and Burton will never describe
    “We as White race are genetically and athletically weaker than our counterparts Blacks”
    “We as White race are inherently inferior to Jews in IQ.”

    They never did. See the lens?

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @ThreeCranes
  101. ivan says:

    Agreed that the Jews were not always behaving properly. But the far-flung activities that they are credited with around the time of the Romans, are more in the nature of the capabilities of the maritime Phoenicians. Jews in the Bible were largely landlubbers. Carthagians are likely Phoenicians, and that partly accounts for the hatred of the Romans among certain “Jews”. For all the ill-treatment that was meted to the Jews by the Romans, there was remarkably little ill-feeling towards them from Jesus, the Apostles and St Paul.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  102. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Dating back as far as the Ptolemaic Era and extending perhaps into early Medieval times, proto-Judaism was quite the “evangelical” religion, converting tribes and nations ranging from various Berber tribes in the Sahel, to Ethiopians in the Horn of Africa and thence northwards when they met their highest level of demographic success where they converted (via their ruling Kagans) the entire Khazarian nation in ca 740 A.D.

    It is quite likely that those Berber tribes which converted to the religion and culture of the ancient Hebrews contained a significant admixture of Carthaginian and Phoenician descendants. Some of those tribes were quite instrumental in the Arab conquest of Visigothic Spain from those Scandinavian -cousins who had taken over Iberia upon the dissolution of the Roman Empire, which had been itself destroyed by their close cousins, the Ostrogoths.

    Empires rise and empires fall, some better, some worse. Civilizations, like this Constantinian/Christian one, also have their day and then, almost axiomatically, dissolve into the dustbin of historical waves and oscillations. Such historical eras are closely correlative with the Zodiacal sweep of millennial readjustments.

  103. songbird says:
    @Da's Reich

    The English often had a very condescending and I think frankly silly view of the Irish, comparing people who owned land to those who had been dispossessed of land and many other rights.

    It’s funny how the Irish produced the greatest writers in the English language in the 20th century

    However, I think it should be acknowledged that these were mostly Anglo-Irish, though, no doubt, class played a role.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  104. ivan says:

    Yes I always laugh at the counterfactual history promoted by the China boosters, helped along by authorities such as Jacob Needham. The Chinese savants had to be told by Matteo Ricci that the world was round and moved around the sun. The Greek Eratosthenes in a truly inspired feat of science and clear thinking calculated the circumference of the Earth long before Christ. Ole Roemer who lived around the time of Ricci, calculated the speed of light to within 25% percent.

    Joseph Sobran said it best :

    The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.

    BTW I am an Indian myself.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  105. Burton seemed to think that Islam was a healthy influence for Bedouin and Arab peoples, who before Mohammed were given to gambling, drinking and other vices.

    Every Arab I have met has said this exact thing.

  106. Ron Unz says:

    E.A Ross and Burton will never describe
    “We as White race are genetically and athletically weaker than our counterparts Blacks”
    “We as White race are inherently inferior to Jews in IQ.”

    I’ve never read any of Burton’s writings, but Ross was a meticulous sociological researcher, and dishonest Wikipedia slander notwithstanding, his long chapter on Hebrew immigrants seemed scrupulously even-handed:

    If the Hebrews are a race certainly one of their traits is intellectuality…The Jewish patrons of the libraries welcome guidance in their reading and they want always the best; in fiction, Dickens, Tolstoi, Zola; in philosophy, Darwin, Spencer, Haeckel. No other readers are so ready to tackle the heavy-weights in economics and sociology…The Jewish gift for mathematics and chess is well known…On the whole, the Russo-Jewish immigration is richer in gray matter than any other recent stream, and it may be richer than any large inflow since the colonial era…The Jew shines in literature, music and acting…

    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @ivan
  107. ivan says:
    @Majority of One

    Anti-Catholicism, is or was the permitted prejudice of the English and Scots after their conversion away from the Roman religion. Its kind of funny because they had to immediately repudiate their own forefathers who thought there was nothing wrong in going on pilgrimages or venerating the relics of saints. As is well known Colbett took an axe to the self regard of the Proddies, in his book, The Protestant Reformation, and things haven’t been quite the same since.

    For some years now I am of the opinion that when it came to propaganda, the Commies and the Muslims can learn a thing or two from the Proddies.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  108. Seraphim says:

    He did not ask for the Catholic burial, his wife called the priest when he was in agony and then she buried him with religious ceremonial.
    Why did she burned his diary and scores of manuscripts after she wrote his biography? She was a writer in her own right and clearly a collaborator in his writings, even co-author. Why her insistence that ”there is no historical evidence to support the theory that Burton was homosexual”?

  109. @Jake

    Well it wasn’t WASPs or protestants of any kind who decided to include the Jewish Bible in toto in Christian scripture.

    And it was Augustine and other early Catholic intellectuals who decided that Jews should be allowed to live among Christians without being harmed, which ended up catapulting them into a central position in Europe that has allowed them to wreak all kinds of havoc while enriching themselves.

    No doubt some of your criticisms have some merit to them, but your lack of perspective and weird obsession with Anglo-Protestantism undermines any utility your arguments might have. I’ve seen you make almost this same exact comment many times over.

    You’re a bit off kilter, aren’t you?

    • Agree: Rogue
    • Troll: Pheasant
  110. @ivan

    Anti-Catholicism, is or was the permitted prejudice of the English and Scots after their conversion away from the Roman religion.

    What are you talking about? There have been plenty of permitted prejudices in various eras. Am I to assume that your Catholic identity leads to to focus exclusively on anti-Catholicism?

    And does it need to be said that the Catholic Church, like any variant of monotheism, has been none to tolerant where it held sway.

    What point are you trying to make here?

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @ivan
  111. Rdm says:
    @Ron Unz

    I read E.A Ross in your web repo, Ron. Thanks for that. I read all of his description on all the races.

    As I implied in my post, was there any Jews that particularly have tendency to write about characteristics of all the races?

    Granted, the privilege to travel or visit any country back in the day was obviously granted to colonialists. An ordinary bumpkin would find it hard to ruminate on all the living creatures around him. Even then, considering Jews exposure to all the European Gentiles throughout 18th, 19th centuries, I sure hope there would be a few that described all those Gentile’s traits by Jews.

    My guesstimate is that it’s the trait more prevalent in Gentile than all other races. Gentiles like to probe other races characteristics than anybody else. Even E.A Ross has double take on Jews and so did Burton.

  112. Seraphim says:

    Half knowledge of history is more damaging that no knowledge. You cannot say that Carthaginians were ‘likely Phoenicians’. They were full blown Phoenicians, Puni.
    And you know what? Herodotus says that they have migrated to Tyre through Mesopotamia and Syria from the ‘Red Sea’, which all historians agree that it was the Gulf and the Arabian Sea. Even remotely from India! The Harappans.

  113. @TKK

    Europeans have a certain regard for dogs that no other peoples–not just blacks–seem to share.

    I suppose the same can be said about cheese. And perhaps some other things too.

    • Replies: @ivan
  114. ivan says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    The point I am making would be clearer if you had read my earlier posts.

  115. @Seraphim

    You’re certain they were not from Mohenjo-Daro?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  116. ivan says:
    @Ron Unz

    …and they want always the best; in fiction, Dickens, Tolstoi, Zola; in philosophy, Darwin, Spencer, Haeckel…

    Oh dearie me, every one else was reading the comics and lazing around with Huck Finn, I suppose.

    • Replies: @Truth
  117. ivan says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    Koreans eat them. But I don’t suppose those who are peering into the blackness of the black man’s soul would care to tell them that they are bunch of evil occultists for doing that.

    In India, one can get killed for eating beef in some places, but the roast beef eaters would regard that a mindless prejudice rather than a reflection of the care the Hindus have for the cow.

  118. Jimma says:

    My own quiet community of North Vancouver here in Canada experienced ‘diversity’ two days ago when an African-Canadian man, 28 years old, ran along a sidewalk slashing at people — most of them browsing at an outdoor book-sale set up in front of the local library.

    He’d carried out instances of violence across Canada in recent months.

    ‘Mental health issues’ is what people are saying. That’s fine, but what’s with the violence that seems to go with it with this particular ethnicity?

    Very few photographs of the perpetrator in the first 48 hours after the crime, and no photos at all of the innocent 20-something woman, browsing second hand books, then viciously stabbed to death…

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  119. Malla says:

    The world doesn’t need anymore “moral authorities” running around telling anyone what’s right and wrong for them. Just let everyone go their own way.

    Agree 100% but given a choice in between Anglos and Jews as the “World’s Moral Authorities”, the choice is easy for any intelligent man. Anglos. Anytime.

  120. Malla says:

    There were Phoenicians who might have come to India in ancient times, called Panis. Merchants travelling in huge caravans, hated by the early Rig Veda people as scumbags. Phoenicians might have been the earliest ancient East India Companies, might have even made it to the the Americas and maybe even taught iron working to West Africans.

  121. Malla says:

    They like to judge others, but when they are judged, they then got explosive and couldn’t contain their emotion. That’s the nature.

    All do the same. We Indians love judging others but cannot take judgement from others. So do blacks, so do Jews, so do Middle Easterners, so do Chinese. The thing that is unique about Western White people is that a significant portion of them are open to self criticism. In other populations this number is very small, nearly insignificant.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  122. Shamil says:
    @John Johnson

    Yes I am a Muslim and part of my aversion to dogs and pigs maybe my religious bias. By the way only pigs are impure in Islam, not dogs. Chapter “The Cave” in the Quran mentions a dog that befriended some believers who were escaping persecution with praise. Some dogs are better than some humans.
    But my aversion to dogs are not simply because of religion. Ask the Iraqi Assyrians, or the Egyptian Copts, or the pagans of Chitral(Pakistan) and you will find out that there is almost a universal aversion to dogs other than to keep them as watch keepers at the gates. They are great animals no doubt. But the Europeans are the only group of people I know who love to give them mouth to mouth and sometimes love them more than their kids. In fact I am beginning to think if pets are a factor in the declining birth rates of Europeans because having a pet kind of fills in the desire to have kids. I don’t know. The love of a disease carrying animal is definitely a strange sight for me to see and fathom.

    • Agree: Truth
  123. Malla says:

    Carthage is their sacrifice of children to Baal-Molech.

    Sacrifice to Baal Molech in Carthage, Gehenna region of Jerusalem where Kings of Judah sacrificed kids, Ritual Sacrifice of Christian kids all throughout Europe (and even Levant) and blood in Passover Matzo, molestation of children, pictures of nude young underage girls at home. What the hell are we dealing with here?

  124. A Mesrine says:
    @Supply and Demand

    23 years isn’t that long.

    • Disagree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
    , @CCG
  125. @Majority of One

    Mythology is a vast subject, not properly known today.

    “Two dolphins facing in opposite directions symbolize the dual cosmic streams of involution and evolution. This seems to be borne out by the strong solar and lunar characteristics which coexist in the symbolism connected with the dolphin. Closely associated with Apollo, the dolphin was believed to guide souls to their enlightenment. The Greek word delphis (dolphin) is related to delphys, which means ‘womb’ and stands for the feminine principle. This was reflected in the relationship between the dolphin and many of the Mediterranean goddesses, and yet the dolphin was also an attribute of Poseidon and intimately associated with Dionysus. There is a beautiful cup from the early classical period designed by Exekias, who painted the godly figure of Dionysus resting upon a ship which itself looks like a dolphin. Growing around its mast is a tree with fruit and leaves hanging over the sail, and around the ship dolphins swim. This masterpiece depicts the attempted abduction of the god by sailors who were turned into dolphins for their pains, which no doubt bears a deeper symbolic meaning. It is said that the Greek myths explaining the origin of the dolphin are all related to Dionysus, and the cycle of death and rebirth has been likened to the diving and leaping dolphin coursing its way across the watery abyss.

     Apollo is also a dolphin deity. Is he not called Apollo Delphinius? Legend has it that when Apollo had completed his temple near Mount Parnassus, he needed suitable priests. Spying some Cretans in a ship bound for Pylos, the great sun god leapt into the sea in the form of a dolphin and thence into the hollow of their vessel. Too large to throw overboard, the dolphin lay there, and the sailors were driven by forces beyond their control into the Gulf of Corinth and finally that of Krisa. There, as a beautiful youth, Apollo revealed himself to them and appointed them holy servants of his temple. He bade them worship him under the title Delphinius (Dolphin-like), and the site of the shrine, formerly called Pytho, took on the immortal name of Delphi. ”

    I would say this womb connection of close homonims delphis-delphys is a clue why dolphins were shown on coins together with Persephone/Tanit.
    Moreover, since Dionisios was a son of Persephone and Zeus, dolphins could signify Persephone’s son too.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  126. Anon[111] • Disclaimer says:

    “supersubtle and systematic liars” — aah, Talmudists. Their discourse is not reality based, but rather, desired outcome based. Weavers of a false reality. [Now, that’s it’s ok to judge whole peoples. Thanks author Donovan.]

    This isn’t anti semitic, progressive Jews are like all progressives, useful fools for evil. [Not by accident, but by Talm designed psyop, I believe . . .]

  127. Alfred says:

    As a kid, I read the books “The White Nile” and “The Blue Nile” by Alan Moorehead.

    The White Nile described the kingdom of Buganda (Uganda) and the harem of their king. It was the largest black kingdom in Africa at that time. The king had a vast number of wives. Girls were sent to his harem at a young age. Squads of eunuchs forced the girls to drink buffalo milk. Vast amount of milk were compulsorily consumed by the girls to ensure that they became rotund. Obesity in young women was a sign of great beauty.

    In the 1960’s, my father spent some time in Sudan. The people there admired fat men for being “healthy”. How fashions have changed.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Billy Corr
  128. @Seraphim

    I think it is right that Phoenicians are descendants of pre-Aryan civilizations of India, Harappans. Harappans were destroyed by Aryans (people of the age of Ram, Aries = Ram ), which would explain the enmity between Phoenicians (Hamites) and Romans and Greek (Japhetities). In Europe, Phoenicians seem to be the remnant of Neolithic people. The famous Basques, another Neolithic remnant, used to be organized by similar endogamic structures. The extinct Minoan civilization also belongs to this group.

    Like Harappans – and unlike Jews – Phoenicians were mostly urban. As for ancient Jews, we don’t hear much about other Jewish cities than Jerusalem.
    Prophets usually come to Jerusalem from essentially nowhere, probably from their nomadic tents.
    The lack of urbaizaton in ancient Israel may be responsible for relatvely fast and easy removal of Jews after the conquest by Assyria and Babylon.
    On the other hand, Canaanites had a lot of cities; Jericho, Sodom, Gomorrha, Megiddo to name those most famous. Since both Canaanites and Phoeniccians were Hamites, there may be connection here.

    It is curious how nowadays Carthaginians are called Semites, whereas even Flaubert in “Salammbo” repeats many times that they were Hamites.
    This strange change may be indicative of something. New agenda?

    Montefiore may be of Spain, or not. The name suggests Italian origins. But even Spain was Phoenician territory. After Rome erased the name of Carthagine in second centur BCE, strangely with probably Phoenician dynasty from Edessa, the one of Heliogabaal and Alexander Severus, the largest province of Spain is suddenly called again Hispania Carthaginiensis: after 400 years the name “Carthagina” comes back. So certainly the memory and “party” of Carthagina had survived all those years! And Carthagina itself is re-populated again.
    BTW, Edessa was turned into independent state by crusaders too.

    Another interesting fact is that Stoicism, with its pantheist creed, was created by the Phoenician Zeno of Kition, and developed by a great financier of Spain, Seneca. Majority of people are so focused on stoic ethics, that they forget to notice its metaphysics. I notice that Phoenicians, later not being able to worship openly their gods, the gods of Carthage, may have developed this idea that “god is everwhere”, “god is Nature”. Today, Nature is becoming a god again. Jewish Kabala, created by Sephardim thinkers, is a pantheistic system as well.

    As for Montefiore, I think that similarly to Benedict Spiniola, he stemmed from oligarchic families of Italian city states in Lombardy and Veneto (former Galia Cisalpina), the bastion of the anti-imperial Guelphs. The name “Venecia” could be easily turned into Phoenicia, after all. The cedar timber was one of Phoenician monopolies, besides purple and tin (which came from Sardinia, Spain and Cornwall), so I think a cedar tree as the main element of Montefiore coat of arms is telling. His motto “Think and thank” is like a hint to cosider this: Ponder what we achieved and be grateful!
    Another example: Benedict Spinola, a product of niece-uncle marriage, had a cousin named “Hannibal”. He also lived in some “Fen” church.
    The City was created by guys like him. Hm. Look at his coat of arms too: chessboard.
    The City coat of arms is essentially that of Genua, its motto “Domine dirige nos” could mean Lord/Baal/Adonai lead us! If you think that “Domine” refers to Jesus, it is what they want you to think.
    One of the most profitable trade of older times was tapping into different silver-gold ratios between East and West during Middle Age, gold in terms of silver being cheaper in the East. Toegther with Templars, the Italian city-republics of that time essentially engaged in arbitrage. But it is such a trade which was hard to engage in if you didn’t have your own state: Sultan did not give such exclusive priviliges to private persons. And do we have any Jewish-dominated states in Middle Ages…?

    The centuries-long fight of Inquisition with Marranos, a peculiar Iberian phenomenon, reminds us about the fight of Jewish prophets with “idols” and Baal. One is certainly impressed how much those Canaanites were devoted to the old cults. The original ancient Pharisees were said to be a party of the people, of those living in hinterland. If anyone was a party of Cannanites and Baal that were they, not Sadducees (like Laurent Guyenot wants), or puritan-style monastic Essenes and certainly not militant puritans as Zealots were. It was also Pharisees who advised a compromise with Romans, not Saduccees, and surely not Zealots, who died in Massada. Now you may not wonder so much why St Paul is both a Pharisee and a Roman citizens. You may also appreciate the fact that when Pharisees ask Jesus about paying taxes to Rome, they want to frame him as a Roman enemy, because they themselves are pro-Roman. And if you take a notice that later St Paul was not really welcomed in Jerusalem, you realize that Jerusalem was a place dominated by Saducees and zealots, not Pharisees.

    One funny thing is that in Biblical Judaism there was no ban on pronouncing God name. In fact, Karaites, who do not recognize Talmud, have no special problem with pronouncing God name, making in even into Mitzvah. On the other hand, rabbinical Judaism has no problem with names like Baal or Adonai, but it does have a problem with the Tetragrammaton. The answer may be rather straight: maybe Adonai and Baal are simply different gods than Yahwe.

    When Revelation, which seems to come rather from judeochristianity (the epistle of Saint James is another document from this current) than from St Paul circle, speaks about “the synagogue of Satan” and “those who claim to be Jews but they are not” it could speak either about Phoenicians or about Canaanites. It is the most logical answer in the context of Revelation own times.

  129. Pheasant says:

    ‘Blacks are wary of dogs because dogs can read them with unerring accuracy. Dogs see a black man’s Soul and, contrary to the prevailing propaganda, Black Soul is not a pretty sight. Dogs recognize that blacks are impostors, only pretending to be willing participants (sometimes) in white civilization. Obama put it best when he turned his back on Europe shortly after having first set foot upon its soil.’


  130. Pheasant says:

    ‘Blacks are terrible with animals, Burton observes.

    One day, I brought my puppy into my old job’s office because he had a vet appointment. This puppy, my boy, was stinking cute.

    All puppies are cute, but this little guy was a little meatball. Roly poly. 10 weeks old. About 4 pounds.

    A black co-worker, David, came in my office. He regarded my puppy with a totally blank face. Most people broke into a grin- even full grown men. I said: You don’t like him?

    His face was devoid of any emotion. My little guy literally rolled from crate- rolled- over to David’s feet and looked up at him, little tail wagging. I said: You can pet him. David took his hand like it was a distasteful chore and stroked it like a martian discovering a strange new life form.

    I told him to stop.

    It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life.’

    Blacks never domesticated dogs or other animals. Blacks never bond with dogs they just beat them.

  131. Pheasant says:

    ‘By the way only pigs are impure in Islam, not dogs.’

    Take your taqqiyah elsewhere. I have been told by hundreds of muslims that dogs are haram.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  132. @Seraphim

    I would like to shout CAUTION DECEPTION CAUTION DO NOT REPEAT ADOLF’S MISTAKE CAUTION in regard to sometimes here praised Robert Sepher (the name itself evokes Sephardim or serpent), of Atlantean Gardens channel on youtube.
    He claims that Aryans are descendant of Atlanteans, a belief Adolf H. also shared. Aryans are not descendants of Atlanteans, but Phoenicians and Basques may well be. It is even logical: Atlantis was a maritiem empire, likewise Phoenicians.

    Similarly, swastika in reality is a symbol of Harappan, Shiva-devoted Indian civilization destroyed by Aryans, not of Aryans themselves.
    Now you may have a beginning of an answer why “international money” financed Nazis.

    The original Aryan symbolism was that of solar religions; so Sol Invictus, or even Mithraism. Well, the cap of Roman Catholic bishops is still called “mithra”. So maybe Roman Catholic Christianity was perceived by its enemies as “Aryan religion”, especially in its “Ghibelline” version where the Roman emperor decided about bishoprics. Again, very different to what Guyenot says framing it as “Jewish-Sadducean conspiracy”, whereas indeed maybe intially it was an “Aryan conspiracy”, at least in its “imperial” form, started with Constantine the Great.

  133. @Another Polish Perspective

    The last book of the Old Testament, the Book of Daniel does not have yet a category of “false Jews” which could mean that such a people appeared in the time between the Book of Daniel and St John’s Revelation.
    That was a time when Carthagine was destroyed, which would lead to Phoenicians as the answer, since they also “disappeared” in that period.

  134. @A Mesrine

    It’s over half my lifetime and roughly the age that the Pedophile-Education system in the UK ejects their institutional catamites like Sir Burton. It’s plenty long.

    A quarter of a century of colonial control is frankly immense in globohomo years, especially for something as passé as white civilization.

  135. Trinity says:

    Mike Tyson had Cesar Milan on his podcast “HotBoxing With Mike Tyson.” Milan looked like he wanted to be somewhere else and hardly even looked Tyson in the eye and seemed to talk more to some other dude helping Tyson with hosting his podcast. Looks like “The Dog Whisperer” was picking up those vibes about Blacks and dogs as well. hahaha. To his credit, Tyson is a pigeon lover. No, not the pigeons he used to mug as a yufe in Brownsville, but the actual bird. Like some other famous Black fighters Tyson purchased large cats as pets, Battling Siki walked around with a lion on a leash, Foreman had a lion and a tiger, I even think Floyd Mayweather was gifted with a pet tiger. You wonder what happened to these animals. Roberto Duran, the Panamanian who was abandoned by his Mexican biological father, had a pet lion as well. Foreman was probably the exception to the rule about nonwhites particularly Blacks and dogs. Foreman raises German shepherds and horses as well.

    Apparently Foreman is a huge animal lover and is particularly fond of German shepherds. While the guy was heavyweight champion in his younger years he practically owned a zoo. He even took his German shepherd over to Zaire for his fight with Ali. It was said that this was a bad move for Foreman to make since the Africans in Zimbabwe were not fond of dogs.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  136. @Malla

    That’s true, there is a tophet nearby Jerosolime. Maybe that was a remnant of Canaanite religion, or it was utilized by guests from Tyre (Carthagine parent city) who were said to build Solomon’s Temple.
    Generally, it seems that occasional human sacrifices in times of trouble happened here and there, see Isaac, the son of Abraham, and the case of Iphigenia to be sacrificed to Artemis (Artemis looks sometimes like a version of Indian Kali) during the Troian war.

    But it was in Carthage where such a sacrifice developed in serial proceder. Also, unlike in the former case, the victims did not have names, and probably had no relations with devotees. It seems Carthaginians sacrficed children in a serial way, exactly in the same way others sacrficied animals (burnt sacrifice, almost like auto da fe of heretics later). I mean it was such a mass proceder that it couldn’t be their own children.

    In medieval Europe, rumours of human sacrifice appeared mostly in North Italy (Simon of Trent case) and Rhineland. Significantly, they almost always concerned male children which is the way Carthaginians did it.
    Again, it leads to the old female-oriented Neolithic cultures of “Great Goddess”.
    And womens are nice and hate blood ..? Hm.

    • Replies: @Malla
  137. Truth says:

    Oh dearie me, every one else was reading the comics and lazing around with Huck Finn, I suppose.

    No, Harold Robbins and Jim Thompson.

  138. Here is an interesting site which shows Phoenicians worshiping something like Shivaite lingams:

    Does this

    looks like this ?

    And what about that something from the Israeli Supreme Court… ?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  139. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Again, it leads to the old female-oriented Neolithic cultures of “Great Goddess”.
    And womens are nice and hate blood ..? Hm.

    There is a Goddess Kali in India (Wife of Lord Shiva) who demands animal sacrifice and in pre-British days even human sacrifice (atleast the Tantric black magic forms of her). Evul Colonial British banned this human sacrifice shit.

  140. Anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    @ BTW I am an Indian myself.

    Then you tower amongst whites also. “White” is an empty moral category. Envy, discord and despair is quite common among “whites” also, as I’m sure you are aware.

    BTW, I am “white” myself.

    • LOL: ivan
  141. Malla says:

    In fact I am beginning to think if pets are a factor in the declining birth rates of Europeans because having a pet kind of fills in the desire to have kids.

    This is stupidity par excellence.
    My paternal Great Grandad, a barrister in Utter Pradesh region of India during British Empire days, always had canine pets, atleast 2 at a time and loved them dearly like White people do. He was quite an Anglophile and lived life like an English Gentleman. He had 11 kids total. 5 boys, 6 girls.
    My mother’s father, my maternal Granddad, who was a doctor, lived in Utter Pradesh too, had pets too but he had cats as well as dogs. He was no Anglophile at all, actually he hated the British, was very traditional upper caste Indian of his day but he kept pets. 5 kids total. Two sons and three daughters.

  142. @Pheasant

    I have been told by hundreds of muslims that dogs are haram.

    This makes no difference, since jurisprudence isn’t determined by any number of Muslims, but rather, by professional practitioners of it.

    Most urban-dwelling Muslims won’t keep a dog in their home, though there are plenty of Muslim farmers, shepherds, and hunters who keep dogs well tended. Anyone familiar with the greater Muslim world knows this. From The Qur’an 5:4:

    They ask you what is made lawful for them. Say: Good things are made lawful for you. And those animals and birds of prey which you have trained as you train hounds, you teach them that which God taught you; so eat of that which they catch for you and mention God’s name upon it, and observe your duty to God. Surely, God is swift to take account.

    If it were forbidden to own dogs, then how do your “hundreds of Muslims” explain this verse?

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
    , @Pheasant
  143. Trinity says:

    Oops, meant Zaire, not Zimbabwe. Oh well, both are shitholes and they all look alike to me. hehe.

  144. Anon[181] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the perspective.

    Dogs can be a fulfilling hobby.. cattle breeders will often breed dogs, for example. Hunters too. Breeding and training dogs is often useful and intellectually satisfying. From there to having a household companion, with whom one has an emotional bond, it is but a short step.

    Agreed that nowadays people will go overboard and become ridiculous with their dogs. Still, if humans are going to err, it’s better they err on the side of affection and sentimentality than the opposite. As to the disease part, it’s a fair point, yet in a wealthy society it’s pretty easy to keep a dog clean and vaccinated.

    Personally, we have and Airedale and a Yorkie. My kids have learned disciplined care for a dependent creature, they have learned about the character traits and limitations in the races, and the youngest in particular has some ability as a breeder/trainer. But they have always heard that one should never confuse dogs with children, which is really a problem nowadays. Overall, dogs are an enriching experience for those who care for them.

    • Replies: @Shamil
  145. @Another Polish Perspective

    It is curious how nowadays Carthaginians are called Semites, whereas even Flaubert in “Salammbo” repeats many times that they were Hamites.
    This strange change may be indicative of something. New agenda?

    Yes, I’ve read something by a Jew of some kind–I forget who–in which he described himself as a boy identifying with Hannibal and the Carthaginians against the Romans. Clearly this was a Semitic vs Aryan thing.

  146. Trinity says:

    Colonization, importing Africans for slavery, and White on White wars were indeed terrible for Whites, but the worst thing without a doubt was letting the small hats into our nations. Should have given them the boot and told them to go elsewhere. When, where, or will 110 take place? The more I learn what a shill for Jews that England has been over the centuries the more I despise those limeys as well. They do have a cool looking flag though, food sucks, bad teeth, wet, dreary weather, and that Queen, Duke, knighted, Sir shit is lame. No wonder the Founding Fathers hit the road for parts unknown. Thank you, Founding Fathers.

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @Joe Paluka
  147. @ivan

    > The potato had a much higher yield than other crops, which is why they were planted.

    Which was necessary because of the high population density. The potato blight hit elsewhere in Europe as well but those were places with a lower population density and less monoculture so it didn’t cause the same mass hunger there.

    The Irish continued to breed unsustainably and managed to export their birth surplus to the colonies.

    Somehow all this is the fault of the Protestant English although I don’t really understand why.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @ivan
    , @Anonymous
  148. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Very interesting topic you brought up. Even the pre-islamic pagan Turks and pre Judaised Khazars worshiped Shiva lingams. If you ask me, today’s Hinduism is not very Aryan, the Phoenician/ Harappan element retook Hinduism in the later Purannic age. Though some Aryan elements survive, the oldest, noblest elements like the Rig Veda.
    The Rig Veda Aryan people constantly complained about these people called Pani. Basically Phoenicians described moving in huge merchant caravans and their description reminds one of Jews. Described as Misers and Robbers
    Panis or Phoenicians were very bad people according to the Rig Veda(1-33-3; 5-34-7; AV 20-128-4; VS 3-1). Panis were
    1)Robbers or thieves who stole the cows of Vedic Hindus.
    2)They were very greedy and rich.
    3)They accumulated wealth.
    4)They were miserly merchants (RV 1-124-10; 4-51-3; 8-45-14).
    5)They were called Dasyus RV 7-6-3 (Thieves) “Dasyus/Das/Dasas” which means “slaves” in Aryan north Indian languages were actually the elite priestly caste of the Harrapan Civilization. After Aryan conquests they were called slaves.
    6)In some places they were called Dasas (RV 5-34-5; AV 5-11-6). Same as Dasyus. Priestly elite caste of Harrapans who becomes slaves after Aryan conquests.
    7)They don’t worship Gods.
    8)They don’t do Fire Sacrifice.
    9)They never give Dakshinas (fees) to the Vedic Aryan priests.
    10)In some passages the Panis are shown as mythological figures, demons who withhold the cows and waters of heaven and to whom Sarama (the heavenly holy dog) goes on a mission from Lord Indra (RV 10-108). Lord Indra was the lightning God cognate to Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon Thor, Slavic Perun and Greek Zues in other Aryan mythologies.
    (Story of Lord Indra’s ambassador Sarama, the heavenly dog, has Aryan cognates in Greece and Iran, who was called Hermes.)

    Guess what? After the Vedas we had the UPANIshads, books written after the Vedas. The Panis made an entry into Aryan Vedic culture, it seems. What is also interesting is that Aryan Lord Indra (Indian Thor/Perun/Zues) though a very important god in Hindu mythological tales and the King of Gods in the Rig Veda is hardly worshiped at all today in Hindu India. No temple whatever.
    And guess what was the war in between the Romans and Carthagians called? Punic Wars. Pani-Punic. It looks like the ancient Greeks and Romans hated the Phoenicians too and described them as as greedy untrustworthy pigs similar to the description of the Phoenicians (Panis) by the ancient sages of the Vedic Rig Veda. What is with Aryans from Vedic India to Greece and Rome and their distaste for these Phoenician merchants? India might be one more place like the Mediterranean where the Aryan civilization clashed with the Phoenician. Also remember Sigmund Fraud (Freud), the Jewish crackpot, in his writings lamented the defeat of the Carthaginians by the Romans. he hated Rome (Europea, Catholic Church, Russia) and wanted revenge on Rome. hence his crackpot sex theories to destroy Roman (White) societies.

    • Thanks: ivan, annamaria
  149. @Oscar Peterson

    My point was that “Carthaginians are Semites” is a false claim, which appeared relatvely recently. Yet Flaubert knew they were Hamites.

    If Jews are Semites (descendant of Shem) and Phoenicians are Hamites (desendant of Ham), then the conflict between them, or different kinds of Jews (Sephardim vs Askhenazim and Mitzrahim) could be easily explained. Sephardim, or at least part of them, would be crypto-Phoenicians.
    According to Noah prophecy, Hamites, and especially Canaanites were in opposititon to both Semites and Japhetites.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  150. Rdm says:

    I would disagree with your latter statement.

    In fact, all races are open to self-criticism as long as it comes from within their community or household.

    The idea that majority of Whites are open to self-criticism is 19th century narrative, similar to overbearing landlords that would ask you “Let us know what we can be of any service.” The moment you start critiquing their manners and deficiency, that’s when you’d start hearing “GTFO out of my house.”

    We can also observe a similar social phenomenon recently. You begin to see self-righteous Whites yelling “Go back to your country!!!” It’s not surprising that the events of those instances coincide with recent happenstance of pigeonholing and labeling “racist” plaque on Whites people.

    I’m not here, downplaying or talking up about any races. I’m pointing out the particular traits that are prevalent amongst Whites and I have yet to see any thesis on Whites behavior and manners from all other races when it comes to their full spectrum. Granted, there might be a few Persian, Indian, Jews, East Asians scholars and all other scholars who would write such a study. But those are not a quality that you’d see frequently in those races. However we’d see the opposite in Whites.

    I agree with your first statement that all races judge others.

    I’m writing my observation in new thread. If you have time, I’d like to hear your thought on as well.

    • Replies: @Malla
  151. Rdm says:

    I’m not well expert in sociology and my knowledge on certain scholars’ thesis on races would be patchy.

    But I couldn’t think of any other races better than Whites when it comes to denigrating other races publicly. As you said, Whites are open to self-criticism. As I mentioned, it’s just a cop-out and most of them are mild.

    This is off-the-top of my head observation.

    There’s nothing wrong with the word “Nigger” or “Negro” in any dictionary. It’s the word that describes either the color or social status at the time. But Blacks would take it to their heart and beat your ass if they heard N-word from other races. It’s because of the connotation that carries with the word. We can argue ad infinitum whether or not one should take the word to their heart. But at the end of the day, it’s the connotation.

    As Burton observed, Africans live in huts, dwell in debauchery, deficient in cognitive ability as he presume those traits must be the result of cranium sutures closing early.

    Let’s turn our head and think about for a second from the perspective of other races. Let’s imagine

    The dichotomy of Whites people in building their racial consciousness can be seen no further than the admixture of their love for racial purity and yet their hate for conformity. This would also explain as to why Whites rank 2nd or 3rd in psychotic disorders and victims of schizophrenia. Their dormant psychosis can lead one doctoral student to shoot up an entire theatre full of innocent people. Whites turn adolescent faster than any other races. The combination of sexual suppression at younger age and early adolescence makes Whites oftentimes victims of schizophrenia and can lead to shooting up a massage parlor full of patrons.

    Of course, this is just a combination of one prejudice and pseudoscience. But my point is, nowhere in history books would we have a privilege of such a treaty written by some nutwits from, let’s say Japanese about Whites.

    If Whites can convert any other races physique into some kind of derogatory jokes, it’s not because of they being open to self-criticism, it’s because of their inherent nature of probing other races into some kinds of joke.

    If you think I’m making stuff up, spend some time on E.A. Ross thesis. He even admitted when it comes to anger and self-reflection, Whites are sporty. “Sporty”, not schizophrenia. See the description? If Whites denigrate Pakistan as “Paki”, or Indian as “Brownie”, I’m sure they’d have for all those Eastern Europeans as well, it’s their nature. The idea is the sticky connotation that describe either a trait or culture; backwards, dirty, attached to those words. If non-White races excel in describing Gentile’s traits, mixed up with pseudoscience over centuries, I’m in no doubt that we’d be hearing “Skit-in-Chiefs” derogatory term for Whites as well. But those are not the traits common in other races. That’s my observation.

  152. @Jake

    The Anglophiles, which group controls The Occidental Quarterly as surely as it controls VDARE, are forever bleating that if only we could get back to the glories of Britannia ruling the waves and Victorianism as the shining light of culture, then we’d be freed from all this Liberalism that makes Negroes Numinous and allows, and facilitates, Jews per capita to reign and become the filthy richest.

    The Occidental Quarterly is published by the Charles Martel Society (obviously named after the Crusader, the Crusades being defensive military actions by the Christian faithful in the face of genocidal jihad onslaught) and edited by Kevin B. MacDonald of Culture of Critique righteous fame who was raised Catholic and graduated from a Catholic high school.

    So while it’s hard to see such a source as WASPy, it seems your point is that any failure to recognize the Jews-for-white-genocide initiative as motivated by anything other than their John 8:44, 15:24,25 diabolically murderous hatred for God Incarnate Jesus, His work and His flock (whom they see the descendants of Christendom as being) plays into Jew deception just like the Protestant heresies do.

  153. Schuetze says:

    Here is an interesting article by Russ Winter about these satanic pederasts who sold out the English people to their Sabbatean Frankist fellow travelers:

    Cecil Rhodes and His Warmongering Buggery Hegemony

    “Rhodes later maintained a significant lover relationship with Scotsman Sir Leander Starr Jameson, who was a baronet known as “Dr. Jim” and British administrator of the lands constituting present-day Zimbabwe. He ended up loyally nursing Rhodes during his final illness. Jameson was a trustee of his estate and residuary beneficiary of his will, which allowed him to continue living in Rhodes’ mansion after his death.

    Although Jameson died in England in 1917, after the conclusion if WW I his body was transferred to a mountaintop grave in 1920 beside that of Rhodes in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe). Tellingly, Cecil Square is today one of the main homosexual cruising areas of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

    On December 29, 1895, a band of 500 British adventurers led by Rhodes’ lover Jameson forcibly tried to seize control of the Boer republics in an “unofficial” armed takeover. “

    All these Freemason members of the Round Table were buggering each other and any boys they could get their hands on….

    “Over the years, Rhodes accumulated a shifting entourage of fit young men known as “Rhodes’ lambs.” They were almost always blond-haired, blue-eyed, athletic types. Within the space of a few years, he would be mingling with a powerful coterie of homosexual, lesbian and bisexual men and women, all of whom would become members of, or be politically associated with, his secret society. Another key operative of the British supremacist homosexual power structure was the “self-confessed pederast” Reginald Baliol Brett (aka Lord Esher).”

    Richard Burton was just another one of these filthy boy raping swine. There is no reason what so ever to idolize him or put him on a pedestal.

    • Thanks: ivan
    • Replies: @Malla
  154. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Shiva did not exist in the Rig veda, there was a Lord Rudra. Shiva or Shiba is actually originally a God from the Mongoloid Kiratas (still worshiped as “Shiba” in Nepal and India’s North East) and may have its origin in Tibet. After all Shiva’s abode is Mount Kailash in Tibet and the place was holy even for pre-Buddhist Tibetan Shamanic Bon religion as well as later Lama Buddhism. Shiva and Rudra was made into one later on. Later the linga worship of the Phoenicians and harrapans might have been added to this syncretic mix. This is not strange as Shiva Ling worship was pushed by South Indian Brahmans like Adi Shankara and the South Indian Dravidians are the most closely related to the Harrapans-Elamites-Semites and their Brahmans might have Harrapan elite ancestry as well as Aryan. In South India we have the story of King Mahabali. Bali=Baal. Mahabali was forced underground by the avatar of Lord Vishnu, Vaman. (Ram and Krishna are other avatars or reincarnation in human form of Lord Vishnu) This forcing of Mahabali underground by Vaman is considered Brahmanical victory over pre-bramanical South India. Even today Mahabali is celebrated in the South Indian festival of Onam in Kerala. South Indians are more Harrapan Indus valley People-primitive Black Australoid tribal mix as the Indus Valley people went deeper South from North India to escape the invading Aryans.

    One more important point about Lord Shiva, he is related to Saturn worship as Lord Shani (Saturn) worships Lord Shiva. We know Saturn worship is common among the elites. Black box of the elites. The Teflin of the Jews is a Black box, mounted on the head during prayers tied to the finger of Saturn, Saturday the day of rest-Shabbas for Jews. The black box in the UN religion room. Saturn symbology used in the logos of many companies. Shiva is related to Time in his form as Kaalbhairav (Kaal means time) and thus Cronos, Saturn, Cronology etc….

    However in Hindu mythology, Shiva is a simple straight forward God called ‘Bholenath’. “Bhola”means innocent. Very naive and stright forward but also quick to anger. His dance of destruction when angry when he is in the form of Nataraja. Many a demons would meditate to simple minded naive Lord Shiva and gain some boon only to misuse it. This would leave the problem to be solved by Lord Vishnu, a very cunning and shrewd God especially in his form as Narayan.

  155. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    The concept of Shiva was also used to unify the various races of India later on. Caucasoids including Aryan & Dravidians/Harrapans, Australoid Black tribals and Mongoloids like the Kiratas/ Tibetans/ Cambodians/ proto-Chinese etc.. as the new emerging Indian civilization became a combination of all of their cultural elements and the Indian population a mix of the above. Lord Sadashiva (Shiva’s form) is even considered by some a ‘Great Tantrik’ Aryan-Mongoloid Guru from Tibet who had defused a big racial war between Aryan, Austric, Mongolian, Dravidian and primitive Australoid races in India by marrying three women of different races. One was Gauri who was white or Aryan. Gauri is also called Parvati. Indians call White people “Goras”.
    Other was from the primitive black Australoid tribals, Kaali, and Ganga who was Mongoloid Kirata. It is said that a prolonged war between Aryans and non-Aryans persisted during His era.

    In Hindus mythology, before His (Lord Shiva’s) advent, there was no well knit social order on this Earth. The days of matriarchal order had gone but the matrilineal order was still continuing in the society. All were living like the animals, no one would marry and the conjugal relation between man and women was like that of animals. In such a state, mother had to upbring family and the off springs – a pathetic state for the women of those days.

    So, in such circumstances, Lord Sadashiva (a form of Shiva) had to introduce ‘MARRIAGE’ into the primitive human society of those days and thus He (Lord Sadashiva) married ‘GAURI’ the Aryan girl. Lord Sadashiva blessed the Human Society with the ‘Vaidyak Shastra’ (the unique Medical Science based on esoteric (Tantra) practices. He also introduced into the primitive human society the Art, Music, Dance, the Tandava Dance (a great spiritual dance). As a result of His great efforts the human society progressed further and Civilization’ came into existence.
    Lord Sada Shiva in fact wanted to create a sublime Human Society with the assimilation of Aryans and non-Aryans, where all could live in peace and harmony.

  156. @Another Polish Perspective

    More time available and my studies in mythology would rise to a fraction of your erudition in that fascinating field.

  157. @oliver elkington

    I would discount the ‘peace’ laureates myself as two of them, Trimble and Hume did not bring about peace, they helped the fudge that is the Belfast Agreement come into being which meant only a cessation of the northern conflict but at a huge cost, which has yet to be paid,

    And the other two, Williams and Corrigan only got those awards because they came from the Catholic community in the North and were lauded as they opposed IRA violence without any acknowledgement of the root cause of said violence.

  158. @ivan

    Why were the Irish dependent on the potato is the question to be asked,

    The only way an Irish peasant could feed his family was by growing the potato, and he found himself in this position because of British rule and the laws they used to keep the Irish in a downtrodden state,

    Look up the penal laws,

    The original English settlers were Catholics so that assertion of yours does not hold up,

    It was just convenient for the British to have another reason to justify their actions in Ireland post Reformation.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @ivan
  159. @songbird

    James Joyce is considered the number 1 on the list of said writers however the Anglo-Irish point is spot on,

    One caveat I would add is that the Anglo-Irish want to be included in the umbrella of Irishness which of course is fair enough, but not selectively surely?

  160. @Malla

    Are those Pani lewd? The Pani story reminds me the so called testament of Canaan:
    “This remarkable document, the Will of Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world’s theological literature, the Babylonian Talmud, where it is presented thusly, “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.” (Eustace Mullins, The Curse of Canaan).

    But even Mullins didn’t catch Phoenicians.

    The old Judaims was patrilineal but after the Second Temple Period it somehow became matrilineal, which could have something with invasion by matrilineal cultures like Canaanites or Phoenicians.
    The Old Testament is full of stories of Israelites tempted by Canaanite sacred prostitutes (eg. Numbers 25:1), like Tamar seducing Judah. It is telling that Matthew genealogy of Jesus has four of them (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsehba), whereas Luke has none of them. Why are they in Matthew?! Also genealogy of Jesus is still patrilineal.

    On the other hand, the cult of Saint Mary appears only in 5th century CE, and among all places – in Phoenician Tyre!!!

    The entire story is pretty shocking, in the way it apparently goes on for centuries. It seems they have already taken over Jewry, so Aryans are no serious challenge for them. It had to be pretty fun to watch Aryans killing Askhenazim for them during WWII. From their point of view, their enemies were killing their other enemies (Japhetities killing Semites).

    All those Pani/Phoenicians cultures seem to stem from previous ages, maybe even from the fallen angels, who were said to descend upon Mount Carmel, today in North Israel. Nowadays Mount Carmel is the holy place of Bahaaism, a rather strange faith from India with the main temple in Israel (!).
    If they came from fallen angels, that could explain their obsessive endogamy, since entropy is working agaisnt them. It could explain their worship of women too, since they would be a progeny of the seductive power of human women, who succesfully tempted even gods. The sacred prostitution is a natural consequence of having such a history.

    The Saturn thing points to Cronos, who was a Titan, thus “fallen angel” in the parlance of Bible, since Titans lost a war with Gods. They are now supposedly underground, in Tartarus, until the world be destroyed by fire. When it is to be according to Shiva ?
    The common Saturn theme is Saturn eating its own children, i.e. humans. Human sacrifice?

    They spread its worship wide. Some Linh Dinh is meditating in his last article here on Sebald and Saturn.

    Maybe some humans are just pawns of Gods and some pawns of Titans, and Titans apparently are winning now. Maybe it is a game of chess, with gods and titans playing their humans.

    I have recently noticed that Revelation 13:16 (the sign of beast) is a parody of Exodus 13:16:

    Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads

    Exodus 13:16 And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Malla
  161. utu says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    I’ve read something by a Jew of some kind–I forget who–in which he described himself as a boy identifying with Hannibal

    Freud as Hannibal: The Politics of the Brother Band
    I myself had walked in Hannibal’s footsteps; like him I was destined never to see Rome, and he too had gone to Campania when all were expecting him in Rome. Hannibal, with whom I had achieved this point of similarity, had been my favourite hero during my years at the Gymnasium; like so many boys of my age, I bestowed my sympathies in the Punic war not on the Romans, but on the Carthaginians. Moreover, when I finally came to realize the consequences of belonging to an alien race, and was forced by the anti-Semitic feeling among my classmates to take a definite stand, the figure of the Semitic commander assumed still greater proportions in my imagination. Hannibal and Rome symbolized, in my youthful eyes, the struggle between the tenacity of the Jews and the organization of the Catholic Church.

    • Thanks: Oscar Peterson
  162. Malla says:

    All these Freemason members of the Round Table were buggering each other

    Round table??? It was the Round Table which played a part in destroying the Colonial Empires, they were globalist Satanic pigs who destroyed the British Empire from within. Supported the spread of Communism, destroyed traditional Western culture via Cultural Marxism/MK Ultra Mind Control Programming, post colonialism guilt bullshit, White genocide, the promoted the black skinned Cheddar Man hoax to make the Brits believe that blackification and race mixing genocide is the way to go. The Satanic forces (Round table, Chatham House etc..) which worked against the White Man’s burden, worked towards dissolving the Empire were the same forces promoting “Cool Britannia”, “Feminism”, “Rebel without a cause B.S.”, Globo Homo, immigration of hostile outsiders to White lands.

    Nesta Wesbster from her book “Surrender of An Empire” about how the British Empire was backstabbed from inside to be dissolved
    “which displays its moral superiority by assuming in every difference with another country that England must be in the wrong, and that the opponent is therefore entitled to sympathy and support. The influence of this type of denationalised idealism may be dearly traced, since the beginning of the century, in the wanton sacrifice of British interests at many a vital point, most notably in India, Egypt and Ireland.*
    Mr. Bland locates this school of thought at present largely in the Round Table Group, Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs) and the League of Nations Union.”

    “The following is an extract from a letter received by the present writer in 1925 from a British official in the East :
    I take a very serious view of the intrigues of the ” Round Table ” and ” Fabian Society ” amongst the superior Civil Services of the Crown. I have for some time past been doing all in my power to combat this evil, but with no success, as the “ Round Table ” is now very strongly represented in High Places in official life and in Parliamentary circles : and practically holds any Government in its power which is in any way dependent on this particular class of permanent official, combined with the political Zionists in maintaining the Party in position. I have just retired from where I have been the last five years . . . and have seen and felt— -very much to my cost — the power wielded by these two pernicious bodies working together.”
    “The paralysis that has afflicted every Government in turn may in part be produced by a group of political ” Idealists,” in the main sincere, but not unsusceptible to dangerous guidance. I find it difficult, however, to believe that such institutions as the Round Table Group, Chatham House, the League of Nations Union or even the Fabian Society — which has certainly succeeded in penetrating the Ministries and the whole Civil Service — could, unless in alliance with financial power, exercise so decisive an influence on the councils of the nation and bend statesmen of every party to their will. More potent causes for the suicidal tendencies of the British Empire must be at work — the Hidden Hand operates under many disguises.”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  163. @Another Polish Perspective

    It seems probable that the Maronites of Lebanon had been goddess worshipers before Christian orthodoxy came down hard and thus the Cult of the Virgin became their leitmotif. This formulation was buttressed by French crusaders during that era and initiated the Maronite rapprochement with Rome.

  164. @Peter Lund

    It was not population density that was the problem, the Irish were forbidden from passing on any land they owned intact, it had to be subdivided between whatever amount of sons were in the family,

    Look up the penal laws,

    The Irish “continued to breed unsustainably” as only a colonising Brit could say,

    The British raped, pillaged, plundered and murdered their way across Ireland for centuries but you can’t understand that they may have had some culpability with regard to the dreadful way the Irish had to live for centuries?

    You need to read more.

  165. @Malla

    I reckon Kaali is that bad, man-eating goddess Kali?

    Interesting, I tried to google it and got Kaali, the meteorid crater in Estonia. Maybe there is some connection between Ugrofinic people and Hindu people too.

    But Parvati got a small elephant from Shiva! Funny!

    I read that Ganesha was also called Ekadanta, One Tusked, which evokes the figure of unicorn, a figure symbolizing the progeny of gods and humans in Western mythology, and sacred bloodline as the object of desire.

    It also brings to mind the horn imagery of the beast from both the Book of Daniel and Revelation of Saint John.

  166. @Malla

    Just read that Indra main opponent was a serpent/dragon, Vritra.

    So in India we have Aryans opposing the progeny of Serpent, similarly to the situation in the Bible.

    But at least Hindu mythology seems to be much clearer as to the identity of the serpent.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  167. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Thanks very interesting

    Mount Carmel is the holy place of Bahaaism, a rather strange faith from India with the main temple in Israel (!).

    Bahai is from Iran actually. Baha’ullah from Iran claimed to be a prophet. Of course not a great move in Islamic Iran who would not accept any prophet after Mohammed. But it is believed by many that Bahai is a Zio planted religion, promotes race mixing and all your money ends up in Israel! Even Falun Gong may be a planted Zio ideology or may be that is just CCP propaganda, I do not know, but I am open to the possibility that it is.

    I reckon Kaali is that bad, man-eating goddess Kali?

    The same, however Goddess Kali (black) is Good and attacks and kills demons. But she can take dangerous forms in the Left hand form of esoteric Tantra which is basically black magic and involves Sex, urine, excreta and the like. Another way to reach God!!! Also Kali worship may represent some pre-Aryan religions which was absorbed into Hinduism.

    But Parvati got a small elephant from Shiva! Funny!

    Actually the story goes that Parvati created a humanoid boy named Ganesh from the dust on her skin. And she commanded him to guard her house until while she bathed. But Shiva her husband comes back and wants to enter the house but Ganesh his son stops him. Both father and son do not know each other. Out of anger Shiva lops off his head. Parvati is mad on knowing this and then later they put an elephant head over Ganesh. Ganesh is the God of wisdom and to remove obstacles in life. And yes he is called Ekdanta, one tusked. Very correct. Also it seems some idols with the trunk in one direction (left or right I forget which) are bad luck in your house (should only be in temples) while the trunk on the other side brings good luck.

    So in India we have Aryans opposing the progeny of Serpent, similarly to the situation in the Bible.

    Thanks but guess what happens later. That is ancient vedic Hinduism. Later the snake becomes a good entity. Shiva has a snake around his neck, Lord Vishnu sits under a huge snake, Lord Krishna (avatar of Vishnu or Vishnu who takes human form) says in the Bhagvad Gita that he is a cosmic snake!!. That is why I meant, Hinduism went from Aryan to something else. It is as if the older Harrapan elements took over again and vestiges of Aryan culture survived but now it is more Harrapan/Phoenician. And this new Hinduism is quite new, newer than Christ in the AD period. For example the earliest idols of Ganesh only start appearing in temples in the 7th century AD. Before that he was a minor god of mahoots, the guys who train and ride elephants. In between Buddhism and Jainism were the major religions.

    BTW, do you know of any relations in between Celts and Semites/Hamites? Were the original Hamites/Semites originally Celts? I think Mullens speaks about this. And there are some strange relations in between Harrapa Civ and Celtic culture. And the British (Celtic) DNA found in Pharoah Tutunkamen’s male side, which was hushed up. Red haired priests of Seth.

  168. ivan says:
    @Peter Lund

    I think the Oirish protest too much. They took advantage of the British Empire as much as anyone else. A fellow like Paul Keating can rise up to be Prime Minister of Australia yet carry a giant chip on his shoulder about days past. Sinn Fein can run candidates from Nigeria but the English are verboten. Too many such hypocrites

    I read somewhere that the Irish volunteers in the WWII operation known as Market Garden were denied any kind of aid by the Irish Government when they were in penury in the 1960s. These men did not take up arms against Ireland. They fought Nazi Germany. Yet they having fought on the side of the British was enough to bring out all the spite some Irish have for the English.

  169. ivan says:

    Thanks for your comprehensive accounts Malla.

    My mother would tell me that Mahabali Chakravarty was pushed into the ground by the Lord pressing down on his corpulent body. I found it puzzling why we Keralites celebrate the descent into the netherworld of one of our own kings. But that’s the way of mythology I guess.

    • Replies: @Malla
  170. ivan says:
    @Da's Reich

    It’s all water under the bridge now. I don’t see any reason for anyone to apologise for the past, even if committed by one’s own father. One can make amends of course, but there is no reason for anyone, not responsible for such misdeeds to take the burden of.guilt for them, upon himself.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  171. aandrews says:

    “The more I learn what a shill for Jews that England has been over the centuries the more I despise those limeys as well.”

    Hilaire Belloc (1922). The Jews, p223.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • LOL: Rdm
  172. @Trinity

    “The more I learn what a shill for Jews that England has been over the centuries the more I despise those limeys as well.”

    The average Englishman was never consulted on this, so you can’t blame him.

    “They do have a cool looking flag though, food sucks, bad teeth, wet, dreary weather”

    The bad teeth thing is pre-WW2 when Americans had bad teeth too.

    Bad British food is another American stereotype from the distant past. If you turn on the cooking channels you’ll notice most of the top chefs are British, who come out with new dishes all the time. All the American “chefs” are 300 pound Mexican and Italians who are always finding new ways to put more grease on barbequed pork. American “cuisine” is only for those wanting to live a short life.

    As for the wet-dreary British weather, you might as well write off the whole US west coast from Eureka, California to the Canadian border, because there you have the same or similar dreary, wet climate which is beautiful and green all year around.

  173. @Shamil

    “But the Europeans are the only group of people I know who love to give them mouth to mouth and sometimes love them more than their kids. In fact I am beginning to think if pets are a factor in the declining birth rates of Europeans because having a pet kind of fills in the desire to have kids.”

    It’s feminist women who do this who need their minds looked at. The dog substituting for the having of children is another manifestation of decadent city living and being controlled by feminist thinking. We all know who brought the world (((man-hating feminism))). The East Asiatic women are currently being brainwashed, next will be India and the Muslim world. The only way to keep feminism out is to stay poor and I don’t think any Muslims want that.

  174. @Jimma

    “African-Canadian man, 28 years old”

    That’s an oxymoron, to be a Canadian, you need to be white, otherwise the whole term “Canadian” just becomes a meaningless term. The word Canadian then means any warm-blooded bipedal creature that comes to the political unit called Canada to squat within its borders.

  175. @AnonStarter

    Moslems are permitted to keep a dog for a purpose such as hunting or herding, but not as as pets. So, modern-day Moslems may fudge the rule by keeping a Maltese as a guard dog.

    While driving down a particular street, a number of times I passed a woman with a hijab headress walking a Huskie dog. I wonder if and how she justifies keeping the dog.

    Mohammad was a cat man. The one good thing that can be said about him.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  176. @ivan

    Indeed the past is the past and I would never look for an apology from any person or country for situations I did not experience or suffer from,

    I’m also fully aware of Ireland’s past and the dreadful things that we did to each other in the usual disputes over land etc,

    We Irish are still so parochial and it infuriates me, and a huge reason that Britain was able to subjugate the island was because we had no central power structure and so were easily played against each other,

    The one person to recognaise this weakness was the man called ‘The Great O’Neill’ who was educated at the court of London, but ten years before his defeat at the Battle of Kinsale in 1601, he was putting down a rebellion in the province of Munster on behalf of the British crown,

    Interestingly the army of O’Neill was an Ulster army and after its defeat the plantation of Ulster began and over 400 years later the descendants of those planters are the ‘Unionist’ community that is a slight majority in the made up country of Northern Ireland and so remain as intended all those centuries ago as a bulwark against Irish unity,

    Where Britain could make amends is to help them come to some federal arrangement with the rest of the island and leave Ireland once and for all,

    Only then will Ireland start to make progress as a nation.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Majority of One
  177. @ivan

    I’ve used that Joe Sobran quote myself and appreciate the fact that you don’t have an attitude against European folks. Didn’t know that tidbit about Chinese history.

    India and China are in a Cold War now.

    • Replies: @ivan
  178. @Crescent Moon

    Just because you think he was hot doesn’t make him gay.

    • Replies: @fnn
  179. @Crescent Moon

    Some Jewish wolfhound swindled one of his ancestors out of dog biscuits.

  180. CCG says:
    @A Mesrine

    Goa came under direct Portuguese control in 1510. The Crown’s hardcore Catholicism (Manuel I was also the Grandmaster of the Order of Christ, the successor order of the Knights Templar) meant that Catholicism and Portuguese culture were always promoted among the Goan subjects. Non-Catholic women had to convert before marriage. Over 90% of the population in the Velhas Conquistas was Catholic and Lusitanised by 1790. Hence it took a military invasion for Goa to become part of India in 1961, the majority of Goans were not interested in being ruled by Indians.

    British India as an entity began with Clive’s victory on behalf of the East India Company at Plassey in 1757 (that too, the British controlled most of India through multiple vassals like Maharajas, Nawabs, etc.). Christianisation of British India was a non-starter – neither the Company nor the Crown made serious efforts in evangelising the natives to join the Anglicans. British military men like Kirkpatrick would even convert to Islam to marry native women without getting into trouble with his superior officers.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  181. ivan says:
    @Da's Reich

    Its not whether the UK leaves Ireland. I believe a plurality in the mainland itself do not care about this question, the older generations who cared about it having died out. But rather the sentimental wishes of the remaining Protestants in Northern Ireland itself. And I think it is also tied at the hip with the Scottish question.

    Having seen how lightly “Catholic” Ireland treated the question of homosexual marriage, I don’t think the younger folks in Ireland proper itself are bound by sentiment about the “old days” either.

  182. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Well, indeed the question is where the Carthaginians disappeared.
    The Phoenicians remained in their places in what was named Syrophoenicia, part of the Roman Province Syria created by Pompey in 64BC. Septimius Severus divided Syria into Coele Syria in the north and Syria Phoenice in the south with the old Phoenician city of Tyre as capital and since Heliogabalus with Emessa (not Edessa as you seem to believe) as second capital. This part retained the name of Phoenice (Phoenice I or Phoenice Paralia “coastal Phoenice”and Phoenice II or Phoenice Libanensis) until the Arab conquest. Phoenician cities of Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre were granted Roman citizenship and remained centers of the pottery, glass, and purple dye industries; their harbors also served as warehouses for products imported from Syria, Persia, and India. It was the most commercially active part of the Roman Empire and the Syro-Phoenicians merchants were as busy as their ‘Phoenician’ ancestors and were everywhere in the Empire. The cult of Baal survived as illustrated by the grandiose ruins of the Temple of Baalbek, the ancient Heliopolis Syriaca.
    This is the region where Jesus met the ‘Canaanite woman’ (while preaching, obviously to the Jews – ‘the lost sheep of the House of Israel), ”into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon”, which Mark describes as a ”Greek, a Syrophenician by nation”(γυνὴ ἦν ῾Ελληνίς, Συροφοινίκισσα τῷ γένει).
    Carthaginians remained in Spain. Scipio Africanus creates ‘Carthago Nova’ in 209 BC, given the Latin right by Julius Caesar, renamed ‘Colonia Victrix Iulia Nova Carthago or Colonia Vrbs Iulia Nova Carthago’ by Octavianus and made made the capital of ‘conventus iuridicus Carthaginensis’ under Claudius. ‘Hispania Carthaginensis’ was a Roman province segregated from Hispania Tarraconensis in the new division of Hispania by emperor Diocletian in 298 and not by Heliogabalus. BTW, Septimius Severus was a Pun.
    After the destruction of Carthage numerous large Punic cities, such as those in Mauretania, were taken over by the Romans, although they were permitted to retain their Punic system of government. Carthage itself was rebuilt as a Roman city by Julius Caesar. They remained in contact with Phoenicia at all times and the Punic language survived till the Arab conquest.
    So, there is no much mystery about the Phoenician ‘survivals’. Part of them, and most likely the North-African and Hispanic were Judaized becoming Jews, part of them were Christianized becoming more ‘Romans’.
    How much of their Punic religion survived is a matter of wild speculations, especially for those who want to explain the ‘origins of Christianity’ without the Christ. Or for the Jews who try to justify their wrongdoings blaming them on the ‘miscegenation’ with the ‘Canaanites’, or the ‘Khazars’. Didn’t the Jews ”said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?” when Jesus accused them to be ‘the synagogue of Satan’: ”Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do”?

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  183. ivan says:

    It was always so with China. There is hardly a constituency in India, excepting some old fellows in the diplomatic services and some businessmen, who would like to see the situation improve. No great loss to us. Their treachery and general bad faith is well known in all states littoral to their territory. I am not going to expand on this, for fear of triggering the Chicom trolls lurking around.

  184. fnn says:

    In fact I am beginning to think if pets are a factor in the declining birth rates of Europeans because having a pet kind of fills in the desire to have kids.

    The Chinese also have catastrophically low fertility rates, and they are known for eating the pets instead of loving them. When you look around the world, affluence and feminism seem to be the main factors causing low fertility rates. But in Israel, even secular and feminist Ashkenazi Jews have above replacement level fertility rates-hinting that Hitler was not entirely wrong with the militant nationalist part of his ideology. Strangely, (IIRC) right-wing nationalist Ashkenazim from the former Soviet Bloc have typically low white European fertility rates.

  185. fnn says:
    @Joe Paluka

    Doesn’t he look a lot like one of those guys from the Village People? I don’t care enough to research it , but I seem to recall reading that none of the group were Gay.

  186. Ron Unz says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    How to distinguish between Phoenicians and Jews? Endogamy, marriages between uncles and nieces, which were forbidden in the biblical Judaism.

    Although I’ve only lightly skimmed through this thread, I noticed quite a lot of discussion about whether Jews are actually Phoenicians/Carthagians.

    This has always seemed pretty plausible to me, and isn’t really a new idea. I first came across it forty-odd years ago when I read the very famous Outline of History published a century ago by H.G. Wells, in which he proposed it. Whether he came up with the theory himself or borrowed it from someone else, I can’t say. There are lots of reasonable arguments:

    (1) The Phoenicians/Carthaginians were the leading merchants/businessmen of the Ancient World, while nobody ever regarded the biblical Jews as being in that category.

    (2) When you look at the locations of the larger ancient Jewish communities, they often seem to be pretty much where the Phoenicians/Carthaginians had been. Meanwhile, the latter seem to have mostly disappeared, or at least are no longer mentioned in the sources.

    (3) Under the conventional framework, the Phoenicians were very closely related to the ancient Israelites, basically their Canaanite cousins who lived on the Coast. I think their royal families occasionally intermarried.

    (4) Wells’ plausible hypothesis is that after Alexander conquered Phoenicia and Rome destroyed Carthage, those defeated surviving populations might have been drawn to the messianic relation of a closely-related Semitic people, namely the Jews, and converted to it. Since their numbers were so much larger than the original Jews, they swamped and absorbed them.

    I’ve never bothered looking into it, but since Wells’ influential history discussed it 100 years ago, I’d assume it’s been sometimes considered by historians or archaeologists in that area.

  187. @Da's Reich

    True. Ireland needs to unite as a nation and kick the bloody quean the hell out. With that land now blessed with the liberation both implicit and explicit of getting out from under the skirts of the priesthood, there is no longer any need for the Ulster Protestant factor to fear being culturally and religiously subsumed under “Holy Mother Church”. They can remain as sobersided Calvinists, all dour and proper, while the more ensorcelled of the majority Catholics can continue to bow and scrape at the feet of the vinobibulous Blackrobes.

    Possessing Norse DNA to enhance their Celtic heritage, the Irish should revel in their once traditional independence from any outside domination. Even the somewhat independent from Rome church of St. Patrick and the many monasteries back in the days before bishops appointed by the “Holy See” ,possessed this nationalist sensibility.

    Dating back to the era of the Book of Kells, the culture of the Irish people was rich and blessed with their pre-Christian Druidic heritage which was inclusive of a deep understanding and integration with the magic inherent in a close relationship with the natural world.

    Their Christianity during the earliest period was not under the dictates and domination of Rome. It was deeply integrated with Celtic cultural traditions and understandings. Rome has been the arch-enemy of the Celtic peoples since the days when Caesar conquered and genocided the Celts of Gaul. Constantine’s revolution essentially replaced, ultimately, the imperial Empire with the imperial Church.

  188. @Ron Unz

    Those conversions of several Berber tribes from across the Maghreb, most particularly from parts of Morocco through much of Tunisia and even into far-western Libya, to Judaism, segues well into the theories espoused by Wells. That would explain why the the Arabic invasion and conquest of much of Visigothic Spain included a considerable force of Jewish warriors. That group of people eventually became a major element in Andalusian Spain and ultimately became known as the Sephardic element among the various Jewish nations.

    Amongst my Jewish friends and acquaintances from over the years, I have discovered that the Sephardim tend to be more finely featured, than say the Khazarian Judaics who emanated from southeastern Europe. There is also a delicate, highly aesthetic artistic sensibility among Sephardics of my acquaintance, particularly among their womenfolk. To me, this indicates a long period of deep enculturation which took place over many centuries, if not millennia.

  189. Seraphim says:
    @Ron Unz

    The problems of Judaism vs whatever are seriously obscured by the exclusive concentration on ‘Judaean’ Judaism. Bring in the Alexandrian Jewry and the Diasporan one in Hellenistic-Roman times which largely outnumbered the Palaestinian one and the picture changes.

  190. @Seraphim

    The “Temple of Baalbek” was a Roman era superimposition upon ruins of a faaaaar earlier culture, in which the immense blocks of stone were set in place into a structure that could not even be erected today by the most powerful cranes currently in existence. When monumental cut and shaped slabs of stone weighing thousands of tons are moved around we are probably witnessing the remnants of a civilization dating to an era which is buried in the proverbial “mists of time”.

    That unknown era in human history certainly predated the most recent major ecotastrophe as described by Velikovsky in his seminal works “Worlds in Collision” and “Earth in Chaos”. Contemporary archaeologists detest Velikovsky as well as the geologists who have determined that the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid are far older “than is dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio.”

    Reasons why planetary pre-history is so roundly denounced by both religionists and materialists is that these prehistoric realities put the lie to their theories of a 6,000 year old earth as per Old Testicles speculation as well as the myths of “progress” as propounded by those whose faith rests firmly upon the rationalistic speculations of the Cartesian/Darwinian crowd.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  191. @Malla

    I’m fairly certain that within the Sephardi, via the Punii, there is occult practice that involves child murder to appease demons and maintain spiritual power. It is also likely that sorcery was transmitted to Khazarian Jews after their conversion. The Sephardi have always seemed to be the most psychotic. The Sabbatean-Frankists, the murderous Doenmeh, all came out of Sephardi circles as did the most brutal slave traders in the New World. If a person digs they start to see the evidence that the murder of Armenians and Assyrian Christian’s was a Doenmeh project using the Turkish state and placing the blood libel on the Muslims.

    Decades ago, Oprah had a women on her show who claimed her Jewish family were satanists. That would never get air play today.

    It is pretty clear that Rothschilds practice satanism. They spell it out for everyone to see.

  192. @CCG

    The adoption of the egregious practice of circumcision made its way to acceptance among the British aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie during the period when the “John Company” was entwined with the various extensions of the Moghul Empire. Both the women and the youths within Muslim majority society were not very accepting of the intact penile status of British officers. In order to more readily get into their knickers, some of those randy rompers decided to take the cut.

    Over time, particularly among cavalry families, the practice became de rigeur. Eventually, the notion of neonatal removal of man-hoods became the rage throughout the upper reaches of British society. It also served as an easy entree for intermarriage between somewhat penurious Brit twits and Judaic women from wealthy merchant families. A prime example of that practice was the primarily samesex oriented Randolph Churchill, who married into money in the person of Jennie Jerome (family surname nee Jacobsohn). The infamous product of their union was one Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.

    From the Sceptered Isle to America, the neonatal sexual assault and battery campaign against innocent and helpless baby boys began running rampant among well to do American couples, beginning to become somewhat predominant during the Edwardian era.

    When indoor plumbing and hospital birthing became majoritarian in the US, right around the Second World War, the infamous practice rapidly became nearly universal in urban communities and in rural areas, began primarily in Roman Catholic hospitals, where apparently the priests had become enamored with the tractability of obedient Jewish and upper-class boys and youths as compared with rebellious and rambunctious Irish brats.

    Many priests and seminarians became devout admirers of the lollipop experience and were influential in the encouragement of that post-natal practice in the hospitals which came under the rubric of Holy Mother Church.

    • Replies: @CCG
  193. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    Moslems are permitted to keep a dog for a purpose such as hunting or herding, but not as as pets.

    The primary takeaway is that there’s some difference of opinion on this matter. The general custom is avoidance of ownership, particularly where the dog would have to share living quarters with humans, as in an urban environment. However, there is not a single Qur’anic ayat or hadith that explicitly forbids said ownership while there are hadith attributed to the Prophet which appear to discourage it.

    Interestingly, there are also hadith in which the Prophet ordered the protection of a mother dog nursing her pups as well as an account of a prostitute whose sin was forgiven for providing water to a dying dog:

    Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A prostitute had once been forgiven. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Thirst had nearly killed him, so she took off her sock, tied it to her veil, and drew up some water. Allah forgave her for that.”

    Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 3143, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2245

    In recent years, I’ve witnessed increased scrutiny of the hadith discouraging ownership that provides historical context to them, referencing an outbreak of disease likely borne by dogs.

    • Replies: @Malla
  194. ivan says:

    The Blue Nile and the White Nile by Alan Moorehead were phenomenal books. One can’t write like that about Africa or the Third World these days; with that superior but not condescending pen of the best writers. There has to be numerous genuflections to the superior ways of the locals before the White Man ruined it all.

  195. ivan says:

    Human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice seems to be the Ariadne’s Thread that runs through all this. Though I don’t see it as an exclusively Phoenician trait.

  196. Schuetze says:

    Perhaps this was the real grand bargain: The homo British upper crust, running “Round Table Group, Chatham House, the League of Nations Union or even the Fabian Society” agreed to support the Zionists in their quest for Eretz Israel in exchange for Globo-homo. This seems to fit together very nicely.

    The “powerful coterie of homosexual, lesbian and bisexual men and women, all of whom would become members of, or be politically associated with, his secret society” would have been ready and willing to sell out the lower class British commoners in exchange for Israel, the Kalergi plan of mass immigration, race mixing and Judaic enslavement. In return, the elite pederasts and dykes got their globo-homo paradise of Baal/Molloch worship and sexual predation of the masses.

    • Replies: @Malla
  197. @Alfred

    If you check out Indian porno sites on the internet, you’ll observe that many of the gals featured
    would be considered candidates for Weight Watchers in many Western countries.

    In poor societies, conspicuous girth – even to the point of morbid obesity – is a status symbol,
    irrefutable proof of a household’s wealth.

    “Our women don’t have to drive cattle from place to place or herd the goats; they can stay home and

    Some nineteenth-century travelers concluded that Chinese foot-binding had much the same
    demonstrative purpose.

  198. Malla says:

    Mahabali Chakravarty

    I did not know King Mahabali was a Chakravarti. Chakaravartis mean sovereign Lords of the Wheel. Or Lord of 360 degrees all around. Chakra=wheel, varti=-above, above the Wheel. Strangely Chakravati concept came with the Scythians and while most Scythians became warrior Kshatriya caste like Rajputs, some joined the Brahmins. There are Bengali Brahmans with surnames “Chakravarti”.

    I found it puzzling why we Keralites celebrate the descent into the netherworld of one of our own kings.

    Mahabali (Great Bali or Great Baal) was supposed to be a good kind and according to mythology he was ready to give Lord Vaman a kingdom of three footsteps. Since Vaman was basically Great Lord Vishnu in reincarnation (Mahabali did not know this), one step covered the heavens, the other nearly all of earth and then according to the tales, King Mahabali offered his own head for the third step due to which he was pushed into the underworlds. During Onam festival, he is supposed to come back spiritually onto the Earth plane every year to bless humans.
    Anyways, you know many of these tales were cooked up by Brahmins but some history and symbology are intertwined in these weird ass tales.

    • Replies: @ivan
  199. Seraphim says:
    @Majority of One

    The block of Catherine II (the ”Thunder Stone”) which is the base of the statue of Peter the Great (”The Bronze Horseman”) in St. Petersburg is the largest stone ever moved by humans. It weights 1250 tones (initially 1500, but carved during the transportation), one and a half times the weight of the trilithon blocks at Baalbek, carried for a distance of 6 km by 400 men using capstans, ropes, sledges, in two years, all scrupulously recorded in the minutest details. The trilithon of Baalbek were moved just for 800 meters. ‘Human, All Too Human’. No need of ‘aliens’. But feel free to stick to your Sitchin.

  200. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    ust read that Indra main opponent was a serpent/dragon, Vritra.

    Vrita was a Ashura. In Vedic Hinduism Ashuras are the bad Gods/demons and Devas are the Good Gods. For some strange reason among Persian Aryans, the Devas are the bad gods and the Ashuras are the good gods but because “s” in Sanskrit becomes “h” in Persian (hence Sind becomes Hind and thus Hindu, which is a Persian term), Ashura becomes Ahura. Hence Ahura Mazda the prime god of the Zoroastrians. The Persians were the odd man out in this and I do not know why they flipped the Good and Bad gods. Among other Aryans, Devas is related to Good Gods. For example in Lithuanian, God is called Dieve, in Latvian- Dievs, in Latin- Deus, in Catalan – Déu.
    The word Divine and Diety in English is from this same Aryan term from which we get the North Indian Hindu term for gods-Devtas.
    The Persians did a 180 degrees opposite to all other Aryans for some strange reason, in the Gathas, the oldest texts of the Zoroastrian canon, the daevas are “gods that are (to be) rejected”. In the Younger Avesta, the daevas are divinities that promote chaos and disorder. In later tradition and folklore, the dēws (Zoroastrian Middle Persian; New Persian divs) are personifications of every imaginable evil.

    BTW Hindu God Indra is not only related to Thor, Perun and Zues but also Roman Jupiter, Baltic Perkūnas, Dacian (Romanian) Zalmoxis, and Celtic Taranis.
    But as I said Indra worship has stopped in Harrapafied Puranic Hinduism of today but there have been Aryan peoples who were isolated in valleys and hills of the Himalayas and thus less mixed both culturally and genetically unlike the Aryans down south in the Indian heartland. I talk of people like the Kalash or pre Islamic Nuristanis or pre-Islamic Pamiris. Many of them still have some Nordic looks left and their prime God is still Lord Indra. If one has to understand primordial, pure unmixed ancient Vedic Hinduism you would have to study the religion of the Kalash today.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  201. Malla says:

    Thanks, I agree. However the predominantly Ashkenazi Rothschilds are mere managers to higher Sephardic families, most of them having lived in Iraq only recently. Families like the Kaduris, Dangoors and Sassoons (Opium trade). Nearly all of them lived in Iraq, century or two back. Even if Iraq is Islamic today, for them it will always be Babylon. Sir Naim Eliahou Dangoor revived the title of Exilarch, or the King of Jews.
    “In 1970, he revived the title of Exilarch – an ancient title held by the supreme leader of all the Jewish communities in Babylonia, up until the 13th Century.”
    The top families are all still old Sephardi families of Babylon.

  202. @Malla

    I think that Celts are either Hamites or a mixture of Hamites and Japhetites. Celtic cultures took mostly the same areas where Neolitic cultures spread.

    Mullens “Curse of Canaan” is a pretty good book in its first chapters, but he also has his agenda, depicting the history as a grand struggle between Canaanites and Semites. The former became too large for their intital population, and the latter became all Aryans for him.

    “You should have no problem in looking about you and deciding who are the true descendants of Shem, often fair-haired, fair-skinned, predominantly blue-eyed, healthy, creative, productive, proud, disdaining to engage in any dishonest activity, and always fiercely individualistic, these are the people who remain true to the tradition of the people of Shem. The Canaanites, on the other hand, are generally shorter, darker, more furtive, and almost always engaged in some type of criminal activity, usually with special government approval or license.”

    This is Mullins. He obvioulsy “forgets” Japhetites.

    He also is a great fan of Huguentos, not being able to say even once that they were actually Calvinists.
    But I think he is close to being right, depicting Hamites as the progeny of Cain, through Ham’s wife Naamah. You may be advised to take note too that Freemasons are obsessed with Cain, who symbolizes “freedom from God”.

    Where are the real Semites? It was said that from all progeny of Noah, Semites spread least. They took Arabian peninsula and Caucasus and Iraq area. Maybe Armenia, Azerbeijan, Georgia, Iraq, Kurdistan…. incidentally almost all those places are where warfare is simmering.

    The real/Semitic Jews? Maybe the Mountain Jews of Azerbejian. Probably some remnants of Ten Lost Tribes.

    I think Jews should be divided for original Semitic Jews (mostly Mizrahim, and Karaites) and Hamitic Jews (Sephardim). Askhenazim would be Japhetic Jews. You surely notice that Mizrahim are the most insignificant part of Jewry, and the most harmless too.

    One interesting piece of info, not in Mullins is that three synoptic Evangelies refer to three sons of Noah: Mark is for Ham, Matthew is for Shem, and Luke is for Japhet. That would explain why Venice patron is Mark the Evangelist.

    Egypt belonged to Hamites, so any common DNA between Britain and Egypt would point to Britain being in part a Hamitic colony. The numeorus Neolithic ruins, stone henges etc make it even more probable. Britain exported tin in ancient times and Phoenicians were guarding Gibraltar so no one else would go there.
    But of course the British want to pretend that they are Ten Lost Tribes, repeating the Phoenician ruse 😉
    So they have hidden DNA results, as you write.

  203. @Another Polish Perspective

    Some say that Pashtuns of Afghanistan are Jews too, again remnants of Ten Lost Tribes:

    If that is true, then ZOG would be trying to get rid of all “real” Jews.

    Syria was Semitic too.

    • Replies: @Shamil
  204. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    I am rather troubled that all this covid madness may have an occult meaning.

    As I said, there is a telling parallel betwen Revelation 13:16 and Exodus 13:16, Revelation is a reversal of Exodus, the sign of God becomes the sign of beast. It also reminds the Phoenician tactics of claiming the name of Jews.

    Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads

    Exodus 13:16 And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt.

    I find it both ironic and telling that with multiple covid rules, suddenly multiple possibilities of martyrdom have opened. Yet, unlike early Christians, modern Christians are not eager to make use of such possibilities.
    I just visited one “Christian” site and they were discussing there an idea that ‘not wearing masks is a sin against the commandment of love towards your neighbours’.

  205. @Malla

    There was such a movie “Wicker Man” which depicted some modern isolated Scottish community practicing the old paganism, e.g. May pole, orgies around summer solstice, and of course, the human sacrifice in the shape of “Wicker Man”. The victim was prescribed to be “a king’s man”, which would point to some opposition between Celts and rulers, maybe like between Harappans and Aryans.

    Now telll me once more that Scots are Ten Lost Tribes of Israel! hahaha !

  206. @Another Polish Perspective

    “The rebirth will be sadly not yours, but of our crops”

    He is a king’s man because he is a policeman. The community istself is ruled by a justice of peace who
    is a chief priest too (king-priest in the way of Melchizedek…. ?)

    • Thanks: Malla
    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @thotmonger
  207. CCG says:
    @Majority of One

    Circumcision is not a practice followed by Catholics in India, for obvious reasons (Chapter 15 of the Acts of the Apostles). The Anglosphere is nuts.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Alfred
  208. ivan says:

    King Mahabali offered his own head for the third step due to which he was pushed into the underworlds. During Onam festival, he is supposed to come back spiritually …

    OK it makes sense now. Mahabali offered his head as a stepping stone to Lord Vishnu, and great was his reward as he comes back to bless his people every year during Onam. A chivalric man that Mahabali.

  209. ivan says:

    Circumcision makes sense if one has a tight foreskin. I suspect that is why many go for it.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    A red head Linda Laura Sabbadini, an Italian Jew, becomes a head of G20 women group W20. Sabbadini sounds like Sabbatean… A blazing star on her breasts too.
    She is skilled in the tools of lie, statistics.
    The name Laura may be significant too, a reference to Reneissance covert Cora/Persephone depictions, as in the group of portrets from of women with vegatation around head (flowers springing out of head was a Baal Hammon symbol too), as it would grow out of her, one breast bare, and a shawl (snake symbol?) across…
    Here Laura by a Venetian painter, Giorgione.

  211. @Another Polish Perspective

    The same style…. the infamous Lucrezia Borgia by Bartolomeo Veneto, from Venice, of course.

  212. @Another Polish Perspective

    I understand. Thanks.

    I’m pretty sure what I remembered was what Utu showed in his reply to me–Freud’s recollection of this pro-Carthiginian youth.

  213. @Ron Unz

    Wells was in the center of NWO conspiracy, so it is worthwile. It is anyway the earliest such a remark I heard of. I dimly remember reading something like that also by Toynbee.
    I think the matter was looked up some time ago, and the decision was made up to cover it by making from Phoenicians “Semites” first, and second, not really speaking about it. There used to be dearth of not only scientific books on Phoenicians, but also of any novels devoted to them.

    The important reasons why:
    1) the rumours of human sacrifice in Carthagine could lead to flame up the problem again for Jews. Even nowadays they backtracked from claiming that tophet was anything significant in Carthagine.
    2) it would ultimately lead to new divisions in judaism, which already divided, would necessarily be polarized in nationalistic direction within itself, and not against the world only. The new zealots for “pure Judaism” would be born, this time anti-Phoenicians. Already among Litvaks in 18th and 19th century there was a movemnet to denounce the Babylonian Talmud in favour of its Jerusalem version, as well as ethics-directed musar movement.
    3) it could discredit the Zionist plan of taking Palestine over

    However, maybe some new “Phoenicia” was planned to0, since after WWI besides the British Mandate over Palestine the second, French one, was created in Lebanon.

  214. @Malla

    I agree.
    The Babylon connection slipped my mind.
    That brings up another aspect of the perverse, elite religion. Inanna worship. That deity takes on aspects of either gender and enjoys manifesting through ‘hosts’.
    It may actually go back to Sumer.

    • Replies: @Malla
  215. @Another Polish Perspective

    The former Carthaginian territory in Africa was already ruled by the French, so maybe this is why they got Phoenicia proper aka the Lebanon mandate.
    I am not really sure why the Lebanon mandate was created and whether its creation had anything to do with Palestine too (just thinking: external limits on a future Israel…?!).

  216. @ivan

    Phimosis is a comparatively rare phenomenon among males, with likely less than 5% possibly needing corrective procedures.

    However, the rate of the cut among Caucasian and African ancestored males in the U$ still arches higher than 60% as the sins of the great-grandfathers (more frequently mothers back in the 40s-50s) are continuing to be visited upon their descendants. In my own family, my niece acceded to the demands of her husband, demanding that his son look just like daddy. What this amounts to, mytho-culturally is a blood-ritual, a most archaic Bronze-Age practice, predicated upon substitution for child-sacrifice rites (seen Abie and Isaac).

    Interestingly, primarily as an agent for a quasi-existential fear-meme imposed by the ruling financial elite crime clans; the “land of the free and home of the brave” remains as the only Western regime to continue this loathsome, barbaric practice on a mass basis. Public attitudes, long molded by mass media and those ongoing blood-rituals, remain firmly in the saddle, riding roughshod over the inherent human rights of innocent newborns.

    • Replies: @ivan
  217. @Another Polish Perspective

    As for Talmuds, almost all contoversial content (like the Will of Canaan) is in Babylonian one, so favouring the Jerusalem version was already a positive development.

    Even today Litvaks are amongst strongest opponents of Zionists. Moreover, they have
    a Zionist-independent right to be in Jerusalem, since they started to settle there pre-WWI, with the agreement of the Ottoman goverment.

  218. Trinity says:

    Circumcision of the penis isn’t the problem with White Gentile males, it has been castration of the gonads that has and is the problem with White Gentile males.

    Back to Sir Dick Francis Burton. A lot of what we read about this guy’s exploits is more than likely pure bullshit. We see in 2021 how much shit we read is total lies and bullshit, what makes you think this kind of thing hasn’t been going on for centuries. Jew or not Jew, people lie their asses off more often than not, especially when it comes to telling fairy tales about clowns like this guy and/or some drunken flunkie like Winston Churchill.

    Look at the sendoffs for Pappy Bush and John “Songbird” McCain. Good gawd almighty, these guys were made out to be an amalgamation of some sort of God combined with a Superman. I highly suspect a lot of our so-called heroes of the past could not measure up to what was written about them, hell, a lot of it could be an exaggeration at best, or an outright lie or fairy tale at worst. Schools teach our children that Saint Martin Luther King was almost the moral equivalent of Jesus Christ and yet the guy was a sexual deviant who allegedly beat the shit out of prostitutes, most of the time it is alleged the prostitutes were White at that. So much for the Patron Saint Of Non-Violent Protesting & King Of Racial Harmony. I think I read somewhere that the “reverend” wasn’t above getting his “drank on” as well. IMO and I could be wrong, I think a lot of what we read about good ole Teddy Roosevelt could be slightly exaggerated as well. Yeah, I know Teddy was shot and still managed to finish his speech and all, BUT…… And Mickey Mantle hit a baseball 700 feet in the air, and Babe Ruth swung a bat that weighed close to 4lbs, haha, now I am exaggerating. Ed Roush actually swung the heaviest bat in baseball history btw.

  219. Shamil says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    As a Pashtun I can tell you that this theory has been thoroughly debunked. To begin with the Pashtun language Pashto is Indo-European and not Semitic. This is usually enough to brush aside this far fetched theory. Secondly, Pashtuns are a warrior race like most Aryans. If we had any Jewish blood we would have long surrendered to trespassers and opened money exchanges.

  220. @Shamil

    The language itself is not deciding, Diaspora Jews sometimes created their own languages (yiddish,ladino), but sometimes adopted the local tongue. A lot of Soviet Jews did not know even the Hebrew alphabet.
    Also at least some ancient Jews were pretty warlike; Romans had a lot of problems in Palestine due to the zealot (zealous for Law, a bit like some muslims) sect opposing them, for zealots fighting the Roman invasion of Palestine was like a holy war. It seems that majority of them died in the end. And at their very beginning, the task of Israel was to conquer the land of Canaan, with weapons of war, of course.
    I suppose the genetic tests would have to be made. Since there is no benchmark Jewish DNA, the differences between Pashtuns, Pashtun tribes, and their neighbour populatons would have to be analyzed.
    I also think that if answers were positive, even partly, it would not be made public.
    ZOG does not really want Jews who do not love Israel.

  221. @Another Polish Perspective

    Let’s assume biblical Israel had 500 000 people. That would make 41666 people per one of 12 tribes. If one of them found themselves at the peripheries of Assyrian empire, we would be talking about what was left of them and how they would fare after 2700 years.

  222. @Schuetze

    Who has killed more – pedo-Christians or pedo-satanists?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  223. @Majority of One

    Christianity over a period of 2000 years has suffered the same fate as the US Constitution has over 200 years.

  224. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    The field of mathematical statistics was already replete with with heavy duty mathematics by the 1960s as anyone perusing a textbook from that era can attest but along comes the Jews to make it more complicated than necessary. This is the sum total of much of their contributions: Make a subject so hard as to be pointless, and then claim some special insight into the phenomena, which fortunately for their reputation cannot be field-tested, or are already field-tested using more empirical methods.

    Mathematical statistics, and probability had already come to a high level of development the authorities such as Karl Pearson and R A Fisher in the 1920s, the various tests of significance were instrumental in perfecting industrial processes and interpreting biostatistics, while with the old Bayesian analysis, made some further types of inferences are possible – as they had used it real-time in hunting submarines in WWII. But along comes these mathematical Jews with their special art of muddying the waters with unnecessary mathematics, without being unable to provide a coherent account of the inferences that are possible.

  225. Trinity says:

    Probably be the pedo-Satanists or maybe the pedo atheists since (((communism))) is said to be responsible for the death of nearly 100 million people worldwide.

  226. ivan says:
    @Majority of One

    I think I get your point, as a pornography addict – I bought my VHS machine only for that reason – the Jews pushed the attractiveness of the circumcised member onto the goyim which the women found it irresistible, while a fraction of the men of the the AC/DC type, anywhere up to 30% by my reckoning are pushed to greater promiscuity. Add their willing foot-soldiers among the blacks and unwilling nubile girls from South of the border and one has that treacly mix that permanently traps the Americans in a tar pit of decadence of the sort that brings down the wrath of God.

    But of course the Christian Zios can’t see this, for them these purveyors of filth are exactly the same kind of people as Jeremiah and Jonah were. Which makes it doubly frustrating for anyone who wants to overthrow the chains of the shekels.

    In Exodus, there is an obscure passage where the Angel of the Lord attacks Moses as he winds his way through a mountain pass. Tante Zipporah his wife, perhaps one of the original scolds, lambasted him, saying that this was because Moses had not circumcised his son. And ever since they’ve had to have this sign as a mark of their special election. St Paul had to assure the converted gentiles that circumcision of the heart was all that matters.

    It is Holy Week, and you can appreciate my difficulties listening to the readings especially from Exodus where God apparently frees the the Habiru, promising them a land overflowing with milk and honey, only to punish them for every transgression of his caprice, making them wander around for forty years, to the point where not even Moses was allowed into the Holy Land.

    As to the story of Abraham and Isaac, this passage makes sense to me only in the light of God the Father following through with the sacrifice of His Son; this ending being different from what happened between Abraham and Isaac.

    But my point of the desirability of circumcision has to do with the fact that it seems to be a better solution to “last drop in the pant” problem in urinals, and the sometimes painful restraint imposed by a tight foreskin on a raging boner.

  227. Seraphim says:

    Zalmoxis, or Zamolxis has nothing to do with ‘Thunder Gods’. Zalmoxis was a man, the type of shaman, prophet, high-priest, ‘deified’. Herodotus called him a ‘slave of Pythagoras’ who went to the Getae and taught them the ‘Ionian ideas’, although he doubts the stories of the Greeks about him and plainly says that he believes that Zalmoxis lived ‘long before Pythagoras’.
    The confusion arose from the same Herodotus who said that Zalmoxis was a ‘divine being’ who was called by some of the Getae ‘Gebeleizis’.
    Now, this Gebeleizis (or Gebeleixis, Nebeleizis), was related to a supposed Thracian god of storm and lightning, ‘Zibelthiurdos’ (a linguistic ‘reconstruction’ after a Latvian zibele/thunder, ‘of a ‘Jupiter Urius’ mentioned by Cicero in his ‘Oratio in Pisonem’ accusing Piso of the sack of his temple ”the most ancient and the most venerated of all the temples of the barbarians”). Herodotus mentions in a rather confused passage that the Getae ‘during a thunderstorm shoot arrows into the sky, and utter threats against the lord of the lightning and thunder, because they recognize no other god but their own’.
    Zibelthiurdos is not known as such, but it might be in reality the ‘Thracian Horseman, or ‘Thracian Heros’, whose cult was widespread in the Balkans and is clearly related to Indra.

    • Thanks: Malla
  228. Malla says:

    There is a book on dogs in Arabic called “The Book of the Superiority of Dogs Over Many of Those Who Wear Clothes”. Ibn al-Marzubān’s 10th-century collection of quotes, anecdotes, and folklore on the virtues of dogs. Originally composed in response to a friendly challenge to demonstrate the moral decline of humanity, the book begins with a lament for the virtuous people who came before and who have left in their stead only the villainous. The main charges against humanity are insincerity and hypocrisy: today humans are merely “people who look like people” rather than actual people capable of genuine affection. This is back in the 11th century!!!

    The dog on the other hand protects its owner, it is loyal in hunting and guarding, it watches over one’s possessions, and by barking in response to cries for help it even guides those who are lost back to safety. Dogs exemplify the virtues that have slowly disappeared from humanity. Ibn al-Marzubān recounts four nearly identical anecdotes in which dogs kill the adulterous wives and “friends” of their owners. They sacrifice themselves for kings and children, and they punish the deceitful women and men who behave “like animals” as they flaunt social taboos like adultery and murder.

    It’s hard to place the essay in a culture that was ambivalent towards dogs at best. In one of the hadith (Sahih Muslim), the angle Gabriel has a date with prophet Muhammad to deliver the word of God, but he stands him up because there’s a puppy hiding under Muhammad’s cot.

  229. Malla says:
    @John Johnson

    Muhammad said dogs and pigs are bad so you go with it.

    Actually pigs may be dirty in the Middle East but not so in Europe. Has to do with pig behaviour in both these places due to climatic, vegetation factors. In Europe, one is equally likely to catch some disease from other meats as much as pigs. Pork is not more dangerous in raised pigs compared to beef or chicken in Europe unlike the Middle East. That is why Middle Eastern religions like Judaism and Islam ban consuming pork, but that is best suited for Middle Eastern conditions only. Well explained in the video below.

    In many third world countries, you can catch dangerous diseases from eating vegetarian food due to the lack of hygiene in agriculture, crops grown in human feces, sewage waters. Eating pork in Europe is far less dangerous or unclean than eating street food in many third word countries due to lack of hygiene.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  230. Malla says:

    Maybe this could explain the core psychology of this White people’s obsession with dogs.
    Kitty Jones, a spokesperson for the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy, a student government-sponsored group at UC Berkeley.sez
    “People increasingly view their companion animals as valued members of their families because in every way they are, Our dogs, cats and other companions love us and we love them, we share our homes, our food and our lives with them. There is a growing movement for animals around the world that is shifting our culture and the way we regard other species. Our justifications for human supremacy and exploitation of other animals are running out. Just because cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and other animals were born in bodies different from ours doesn’t make then any less worthy of equal rights of bodily autonomy and freedom. By rights we mean the right to be cared for and fed, the right to not be tortured, the right to be with their families, the right to not have their throats slit. Scientists have demonstrated that animals are intelligent and sentient, but more importantly, (they) are capable of suffering. In our ability to suffer and our desire to live and be free, we are all equals.”

  231. @Rdm

    See comment 108 below.

    BTW, we’ve plowed this field many times before here at Unz.

    Blacks are not stronger than whites. White men win and have won the world’s strongest man title for many years. Whites dominate all Olympic events except running and jumping.

    As for intelligence, although Jews may test higher per capita, there are so many more White/Euros that the super intelligent ones far outnumber the Jewish ones.

    You won’t do well here unless you learn some facts that can be backed up with real statistical data. Really, you should follow the links and educate yourself.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  232. Seraphim says:

    Good that you bring in the “Babylonian connection”. Somehow people have lost sight of the role of Babylonian Jewry, which was the real center of Judaism, the seat of the Nasi (Exilarchs) after the suppression of the office of ‘Patriarch/Etnarch’ (Nasi) of the Jews in the Roman Empire in around 430 AD. The Etnarch exercised a quasi royal power over Jewish communities.
    The office was revived under the Persians and lasted until 1258 AD, in conjunction with the famous Talmudic Academies of Pumbedita and Sura, which produced the Babylonian Talmud. The Nasi claimed descent from the royal line of David.
    Babylon is also the origin of the Radhanites (Radhanim), the Jewish merchants that dominated the trade between the Christian and Islamic worlds during the early Middle Ages (approximately 500–1000), continuing the trade in spices, perfumes, jewellery, silk, oils, incense, steel weapons, furs, and slaves, along routes previously established under the Roman Empire. Their trade network covered much of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of India and China.
    It was from Babylon that Charlemagne ‘imported’ the Babylonian-Jewish scholar Makhir ben Yehudah Zakkai (allegedly ”of the seed of royalty of the House of David”) making him the leader of the Jewish community of Narbonne. His descendants enjoyed for centuries many privileges and bore the title of “nasi” (prince), even ”Rex Iudaeorum (King of the Jews) at Narbonne. The place of residence of the Makhir family at Narbonne was designated in official documents as “Cortada Regis Judæorum”. Makhir is said to have founded a Talmudic school there which vied in greatness with those of Babylonia and which attracted pupils from many distant points! Some historians (Arthur Zuckerman) attempted to identify him with Natronai ben Habibi, an exilarch deposed and exiled in a dispute between two branches of the family of Bostanai in the late eighth century.
    The region of Southern France and Catalonia is also the place where Kabbalah was born.
    Babylon was without doubt instrumental in the conversion to Judaism of the Khazars.
    And they have little to do with the ‘Phoenicians’, but with the real Semites – Babylonians, Assyrians, Arabs-.
    So really the Rothschilds are ‘parvenus’, front-men. They are not the ones in command.

    • Thanks: ivan
  233. Peläez says:

    Pedro Páez y Jaramillo, S.J., (Portuguese: Pêro Pais; 1564 – May 22, 1622) was a Spanish Jesuit missionary in Ethiopia. Páez is considered by many experts on Ethiopia to be the most effective Catholic missionary in Ethiopia. He is believed to be the first European to see and describe the source of the Blue Nile, which he reached on 21 April 1618.[1]

    Domènec Francesc Jordi Badia i Leblich (Catalan pronunciation: [du.ˈmɛ.nək fɾən.ˈsɛsk ˈʒɔr.di baˈði.a i ɫə.ˈβɫik]; Spanish: Domingo Francisco Jorge Badía y Leblich; 1767–1818), better known by his pseudonym and nom de plume Ali Bey el Abbassi[4] (Arabic: علي باي العباسي‎, Alī Bay al-Abasī), was a Spanish explorer, soldier, and spy in the early 19th century. He supported the French occupation of Spain and worked for the Bonapartist administration, but he is principally known for his travels in North Africa and the Middle East. He witnessed the Saudi conquest of Mecca in 1807.

    • Replies: @Peläez
  234. Peläez says:

    Ruy González de Clavijo (died 2 April 1412) was a Castilian traveller and writer. In 1403-05 Clavijo was the ambassador of Henry III of Castile to the court of Timur, founder and ruler of the Timurid Empire.[1] A diary of the journey, perhaps based on detailed notes kept while traveling, was later published in Spanish in 1582 (Embajada a Tamorlán) and in English in 1859 (Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour at Samarcand AD 1403-6).[2]

    • Replies: @Peläez
  235. Peläez says:

    ……In 1614 the galleon landed in the port of Seville and settled in the nearby town of Coria del Río. After three years of meetings and negotiations in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, the embassy failed to seal its commercial agreements with King Philip III, but left a deep mark. Most of the Samurai decided not to return to their country, instead choosing to stay in Coria which resulted in their hundreds of descendants who share the same surname: “Japón”.

    • Replies: @ivan
  236. Malla says:

    That deity takes on aspects of either gender and enjoys manifesting through ‘hosts’.

    Oy Vey, She is back with a vengeance in this age of Globohomo.

  237. Malla says:

    In fact, all races are open to self-criticism as long as it comes from within their community or household.

    Not always. For example when I try to point out to my fellow Indians that we are ourselves responsible for our condition, our mannerisms and primitive attitudes and our choices as a nation are responsible for our sad condition and we should not blame the British or the Islamic rulers before them (both of them had done good for the country, especially the British Empire), and we should focus on self improvement, I was attacked and called a traitor and “enemy of Mother India” and attacked physically. When I told my fellow Indians that it was not China but we who invaded in 1962 and that China does not “want to keep us down”, same thing, called, “Traitor”, “Whore of Chinese /CCP Imperlialist barbarians”, “Traitor to Motherland”. In one place in the China case, this guy called his friends in a restaurant and made me apologize for “being a whore of the foreign Chinese Imperialists” and going “against our Great Motherland”. When I have supported Muslim victims in the attacks by Hindu mobs, same thing. I tried to explain we do not need these unnecessary enmities forced upon us by our political elites, same thing. “Enemy of Mother India”, “Traitor”, “Was your Great Great Grandmother a whore for the filthy Muslims barbarian invaders, did she enjoy it?”, “Go to Arabia and live there, you do not belong to India”, “Go to Pakistan”,”Muslims will always be outsiders/ foreigners in our Great Motherland (Matru-bhumi), one day, we will bleed and die and fight to kick them out of Indian and we kick you out too, shameless traitor” were the responses, I received from Indian nationalists.
    I have given up.

    The idea that majority of Whites are open to self-criticism is 19th century narrative,

    I disagree, it is a reality today. If it would be mere narrative then the Western media would not able to push White Guilt so easily. Non whites do not tend to have similar guilt.

    You begin to see self-righteous Whites yelling “Go back to your country!!!”

    Sorry, common in other populations too.

    Granted, there might be a few Persian, Indian, Jews, East Asians scholars and all other scholars who would write such a study. But those are not a quality that you’d see frequently in those races.

    I think that is due to many reasons. Firstly white people went and explored the World and saw the diversity in humanity. More so than Arabs who earlier had built a huge Empire from France to China and even Africa below and having a central location in the Middle East, they too wrote many books describing human diversity. But Whites saw more of the World and its diversity and they had a desire to study and categorize everything. They not only studied humans but also flora and fauna. You had those White people with their nets catching insects and then trying to classify them into families. No other civilization did that in such detail.

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Rdm
  238. @Oscar Peterson

    The boy you are thinking of was Sigmund Freud, who hated Rome and admired Hannibal. Phoenicians are, of course, Semites. Freud thought he was a Semite, but he was not. Freud was a Jew, but being Ashkenazi, Freud was not a Semite but Turko-Mongol, without knowing that, of course. Turko-Mongols are a very plastic people, as Einstein remarked of himself. The Turko-Mongol part was in Freud’s subconscious. Disraeli on the other hand, seems to have had the same admiration for Hannibal as Freud did. Disraeli was both a Jew, and really a Semite, because Disraeli was a Sephardic, descended from those Phoenicians who colonized North Africa and Spain. Disraeli called himself “Sidonia” in his novel Coningsby: “So you see, my dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”-(Coningsby; or, The New Generation.) Sidonia is a character in the novel which is a combination of Disraeli himself and Lionel de Rothschild. The NAZIS wholeheartedly adopted Disraeli’s philosophy, that about “the blood” and the necessity of a race sticking together, if it does not want to be destroyed, or assimilated, one way or the other. And they even credited Disraeli.

    Disraeli thought that Jews were a “race” rather than a religion, which is logical since he was a Frankist who converted to Christianity, but, in his mind, remained a Jew by “race” if not by religion. And, of course, Disraeli thought the Jews were the master race. Freud also thought that Jews were a “race,” and, it goes without saying, “the master race.” Freud, according to Bakan came from a “Frankist family.” They did not convert to Christianity, but they like to pretend they were Germans. And Freud turned Moses into an Egyptian. Herzl was a Frankist who wanted all the Jews to convert in Saint Stephan’s in Vienna, and become Germans, while he held back as a witness. Then he got an offer, as a journalist, to become a spokesman for Zionism, instead. (Weizmann hated Herzl, “the hired hand.”)
    The Phoenicians were the “Northern Kingdom of Israel.” Hiram of Tyre, you may remember, built the Temple of Solomon. And the Phoenicians, or the Northern Kingdom of Israel, gave the Southern Kingdom of Judah their god, who was Moloch, but whom the southern Kingdom of Judah called Yahweh. The Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah went their separate ways when the Assyrians invaded in 722 BC. The Phoenicians joined the Assyrians and became the “Ten Lost Tribes.” They colonized North Africa and Spain ( in Hebrew and Phoenician, Spain is called Sepharad, named after a Phoenician city) but after getting whacked by Alexander the Great—the destruction of Tyre in 332 BC—and getting whacked by the Romans—the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC—they came back to the fold of Judah when the Hasmonean-Maccabean kingdom was established in 138 BC. You gotta have a kingdom. That is, the Phoenicians identified themselves as Jews since Rome hated Carthaginians but loved Palestinian Jews. Along with the Phoenicians as New Jews, came a number of their Berber allies who converted to Judaism and today inhabit the Atlas Mountains, and elsewhere in Morocco and North Africa.
    Disraeli’s character Sidonia-whose name, by accident or design, inevitably recalls Virgil’s “Sidonia Dido” -warns Coningsby, an English Goy, that “Jewish patience has its limits. If prevented from developing his talents and gratifying his desires, the Jew will not tamely continue under a system that seeks to degrade him. He will turn against the establishment, armed with the purse and the vote.” When asked what he would do if England did not fulfill its promise to hand over Palestine to the Jews, Chaim Wiezmann said “they would destroy the British Empire the way they destroyed the Russian empire.” (Disraeli said that “the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists.”)
    The Turko-Mongol pagan Khazars of the Ukraine and Crimea, on the other hand, were converted to Karaite Judaism around 732 AD. There already were Jewish converts in the area and especially the Caucasus because of the translation of the Old Testament into Greek by the LXX of the Alexandrian Therapeutes, (a “baptizing sect” sister branch of the Essenes of Qumran, and the Sabians of Iraq). The Septuagint translation was actually cursed by the Pharisees! Karaites are like Sadducees (but not exactly Sadducees), that is, they are “pre-Pharisee Jews” or “non-Pharisee” Jews, like the Therapeutes, the Essenes, the Sabians, but without the baptizing element, which is Zoroastrian. The Pharisees, on the other hand, were a creation of the Babylonian Scribes like Ezra, who added even more purity rules from Zoroastrianism, as well as the Genesis story, which is why they are called “Persians” or “Pharisees.” (You can see the Pharisees here shaking their heads.)
    Just before the destruction of the First Temple in 587 BC, the priests of Yahweh, who had been out of favor because their god did not prevent the Assyrian yoke of 722, the one in which the Ten Tribes got Lost, made a comeback, this time by supporting the Babylonians. They stopped child sacrifice at the Tophet and eventually adopted the Babylonian Kapparu as Yom Kippur. Only that was a big miscalculation. It was the road to Armageddon—they set Josiah the boy king, which the help of a witch in the family of the High Priest, to attack the Egyptians at Armageddon in 609 BC. But Josiah was killed, Judah became briefly Egyptian, and then when the Babylonians came to the rescue the Priests of Yahweh, the kingdom of Judah disappeared altogether because of divided loyalties. The common people of Judah went to Egypt. Jeremiah calls them the “bad figs.” The priests and scribes went to Babylon. Jeremiah calls them the “good figs.” Jeremiah, son of the High Priest Hilkiah who invented the Book of Deuteronomy, was a Babylonian secret agent. He was imprisoned by the pro-Egyptian Jews, released by the Babylonians and given carte blanche and offered a pension. The Babylonian puppet King of Judah, when Jerusalem was no more, Gedaliah, was the grandson of Shaphan the scribe who actually wrote up Hilkiah’s scenario and expansion program in the Book of Deuteronomy in 621 BC. Gedaliah was, of course, a friend of Jeremiah, the Babylonian secret agent.
    When the Pharisee Scribes came back from Babylon in 398 BC (the Sadducees came back first in 517 BC) they tried to get the people who went to Egypt to also come back under their control by writing the propaganda piece “Exodus,” which claimed that Egypt was the real captivity. Neither Egypt nor Babylon were “captivities.” Each was a choice by one or the other party.
    The Karaites are either like Sadducees, or pre-Pharisee Jews, or they are like other non-Pharisee Jews, the Essenes for example, who became Christians. But when the Pharisees of Spain found out that the Karaites, their arch rivals, had converted a whole people, the Khazars, they set about reconverting the Khazars to Pharisee Judaism. Which they did with the “Obadiah Reforms” around 850 that are described in the epic the “Kuzari,” written by a propaganda workshop in Toledo under the pseudonym “Yehudah Halevi.” The gist of the Kuzari was the argument that the Khazars as Karaite Jews did not share in “Jewish Luck” because they were not Jews by blood, but if the Karaite Khazars became Pharisees they would be “adopted” into the Tribe and become descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And then they would have “Jewish Luck.” So Freud, an Ashkenazi, or Khazar, thought he was a Semite. But today’s Karaites of Russia know they are not Semites; they know they are Khazars who converted to Judaism, but not Pharisaism, and do not recognize the Second Temple nor the Talmud. The NAZIs liked the Karaites and thought of them as “good Jews.” Or maybe they thought of them as “good figs” because they were not Talmudic Jews, who for the NAZIs were “the bad figs.” Times have changed since Jeremiah.
    The Khazars, both Pharisee and Karaite, moved to Poland and Lithuania from Crimea and the Ukraine, around 1390 by being hired by the Lithuanian Dukes Gediminas and Vytautus to collect taxes from the serfs. When moving they specified by treaty that their own law, not that of the Lithuanians, was valid in their shetls. This was confirmed by Polish Kings like Casimir. That is where the Ashkenazi got their skills as landlords and slumlords, by running the serfs for the Poles and Lithuanians as tax collectors, or “stewards.”
    Then along came Shabbatai Zevi, who, in 1665 claimed to be a Messiah, pretended to convert to Islam and so the Donmeh, or “Deep State” were born in Turkey. Another branch of Shabbateanism is Hassidism. Out of both the Turkish Shabbateanism and Polish-Ukrainian Hassidism came Jacob Frank. Jacob Frank converted first to Islam when it was convenient, then, around 1765 to Catholicism, twice, the second time at the hand of the King, and with him 25,000 Shabbatean Jews also converted. They were given titles of nobility and stipends. This proved that lightning did not strike a Jew who converted, so then came, Marx, Heine, Lenin’s great grandfather, and grandfather, Hollywood, and Louis Dembitz Brandeis, (who was also a Hungarian Frankist, but not a convert to Christianity. He was a convert to Zionism) . Out of the Frankists also came Adam Mickiewicz, Chopin, and modern Poland. And since then so many Poles have been going back and forth from one identity to another that the country is so confused that one could say: “Ex Polonia Tenebrae.” The same thing is happening in the Ukraine.

  239. ivan says:

    …and we should focus on self improvement, I was attacked and called a traitor and “enemy of Mother India” and attacked physically. …

    You did well there, I can only imagine the type of monkeys that attacked you, are same kind that think nothing of lynching a defenseless man, that made India a byword for lynchings all over the world.

    Indians that it was not China but we who invaded in 1962 and that China does not “want to keep us down”, same thing, called, “Traitor”, “Whore of Chinese /CCP Imperlialist barbarians”, “Traitor to Motherland”. In one place in the China case, this guy called his friends in a restaurant and made me apologize for “being a whore of the foreign Chinese Imperialists” and going “against our Great Motherland”.

    Here though you are completely wrong . Don’t be taken in by that Australian nut , I think his name was some Maxwell or other who wrote the book on the Indo-China war of 1961/62, essentially putting all the blame on India. Read something by Bertil Lintel to get a perspective on the origins of that war. In any case Tibet was an independent nation kept as a buffer between British India and Tsarist Russia. Large parts of Southern Tibet were in fact ruled by the Sikh Dohra kings, who operated from what is now Kashmir. And further the culture of Tibet owes a lot more to India that whatever nonsense the Chinese claim.

    “Enemy of Mother India”, “Traitor”, “Was your Great Great Grandmother a whore for the filthy Muslims barbarian invaders, did she enjoy it?”, “Go to Arabia and live there, you do not belong to India”, “Go to Pakistan”,”Muslims will always be outsiders

    Terrible indeed is the fate reserved for India if we do not restrain these newly empowered RSS fascists.

    • Replies: @Malla
  240. ivan says:

    Thanks for all the information on the Spaniards. They were indeed great explorers.

  241. ivan says:

    Basically they were a lot more Jews than is in the official record. That would account for them popping up all over the place. Go forth and multiply as God commanded.

  242. @Seraphim

    You certainly should mention Karaites, Jews who renounced Talmud, and who also stem from Babylon.
    In Babylon Mizrahim and Sephardim met.

    Talking that Rothschils are front-men does not seem to be entirely true. They were embedded in Frankist conspiracy, they are even mentioned in Olga Tokarczuk ‘Books of Jacob’ as a part of Frankist ‘machna’ (company of fellow-travellers, so to say), the book for which she got Nobel prize, but which, strangely is to be published in English only in November 2021. I understand Tokarcczuk got an order for a ‘Frankist monument’ and wrote a book, since she said that she had no pleasure at all when writing it and it is not a kind of book she normally writes.

    Babylon was simply too far to have significant influence on Western Europe Jews. It even had a sparse influence on the Jews of Palestine, who were more connected to Europe. Kabbalah was created after all in Spain, not in Babylon, and I do not think exclusively by imported Babylonian Jews. I do think Kabbalh creatros were of Phoenician origin.
    I still think endogamy is pretty sure of a sign of some internal sect/group in Judaism. This Naim Dangoor who Malla mentioned in comment 207, is also a product of endogamy.

    Taking into account how they were all driven out, it does not seem Babylonian Jews, others than ‘Dangoors and families’ retained much power. It also does not seem that ‘Dangoors’ were much concerned with the fate of the rest.

    ‘At 38, Nassim told AFP he left Baghdad to finally live “a normal life” and get married, as the only remaining Jewish women in the city of millions of people were two elderly ladies.


    Israel, on the other hand, is now home to 219,000 Jews of Iraqi origin.’

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  243. @Seraphim

    “Radhanites” was a copyist mistake for “Rabbinite.” It appears in just one text on geography and itineraries, and is intended to be a distinction to “Karaite.” Speaking of “royal line of David,” my car mechanic is one. So is my girlfriend. The mechanic tells me he is the real power behind the Rothschilds, and they are just “front men.”

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  244. @ivegotrythm

    ‘Pharisee’ comes from Hebrew ‘Perushim’ (breaking away), not from ‘Persians’.

    Phoenicians are Hamites, not Semites, and certainly not the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. I find it telling that you insist both that (1) Phoenicians are Semites, and (2) Askhenazim are not Semites. In this way, you get Phoenicians as the only true Semites, ergo the only true Jews.

    Unlike Israelis of the Northern Kingdom Phoenicians were not exiled by Assyrians since they paid a lot of money for staying in Phoenicia to the Assyrian king.

    The name ‘Sidonia’, derivative of ‘Sidon’, a Phoenician city, is once more a clue that it is about Phoenicians. Disraeli name, Benjamin, is also telling, since
    Benjamin used to be a tribe of ‘new Jews’; St Paul was of Benjamin tribe too.

  245. @Another Polish Perspective

    At some moment, Zoroastrism broke up, with the result that one of its later traditions really appreciated Ahriman (bad god), putting it on par with a good god (Ahuramazda). That led to removal of a moral element from a religion, so to say, since it was not clear who is more powerful, Ahuramazda or Ahriman.
    This in the end generated bogomils, cathars, and Kabbalah (where demons are a powerful party, unlike in Torah) according to the motto ‘God is powerful, but Satan is powerful too’.
    The real satanists I talked with do not negate God’s existence, but simply say that Satan is more powerful than ‘weak’ God.

    If anything, it was these later divisions in Zoroastrism that could have been a Babylonian conspiracy.

  246. @Another Polish Perspective

    Bingo. It is Pharisees who say that “Pharisee” comes from Perushim and not Farsii. Phoenician is a Northwest Semitic language like ancient Hebrew. Phoenicians are a branch of the Canaanites. Like, well, ancient Jews. Phoenicians are found north of Judea. Israel was the Northern Kingdom. Hiram who built the Temple is from Tyre. Does that strike a bell? Ham, Shem and Nuh are not the real criteria for such things outside of a Yeshiva. Besides, Ham is usually taken to be black, which Phoenicians are not. Nor is Flaubert an authority on who is or is not a Semite, although Hamites should be easy to recognize. You sound like Goering: “Wer Juedi ist, stimme ich.” I am sure you agree and disagree.

  247. @Another Polish Perspective

    This break-up tradition of Zoroastrism was called Zurvanitism.
    It claimed that Satan had a creative power on its own, making ‘The Peacock’, worshipped today by Yezdis, who should be put together with bogomils, cathars and the rest of dualists.

    Here in the West, Yezdis have recently become the lionized victims of ISIS.

  248. @ivegotrythm

    Well, there was a very old tradition on Phoenicians being Hamites, and to be precise, Canaanites. After all, it was the stated point of Israeli invasion of Canaan to get rid of them. Canaan broke all agreements and settled among Semites, instead of staying with his brothers in Africa. Such a tradition makes clear why Israelis were fighting Canaanites, but not Egyptians or other Hamites who lived where they were assigned, so to say.

    Only Cushites, the progeny of Cush, a son of Ham, were said to be black. Cush became black as a result of lying on the Arc of Covenant. So speaks tradition, incidentally showing Arc as a gadget of gods.

    That Phoenician language belongs to a losely connected Semitic group is a linguistic division, not racial one. Phoenician, is not well known too, on par with Etruscan maybe, another exinct language.
    And well, why other Semites are not to be Jews, but only Phoenicians…? There were other Semitic languages too.

    The Noah-sons tradition was respected for a long time and has a huge explanatory power, even today, or especially today, certainly stronger than divisions by language families. I find it suspicious that this tradition almost completely disappeared, whereas yet in 19th century it was a common knowledge. Well, I suppose it had to disappear in the world in which race was declared to be just a social construct, otherwise non-existent.

    And if this tradition is not important today, it should be no problem for you that Phoenicians are Hamites. But for some reason you are keen to make them not just Semites, but legitimate citizens of the Northern Kingdom.

    That Hiram Abiff is said to participate in building of the Salomon Temple, does not mean that he was Israeli. The very fact that he is a named as a guy from Tyre means that he is not Israeli. Also, luckily, despite his death and disappearance of his secrets, Temple was completed, which means he wasn’t really a necessary element in the process.
    The story of his death is a bit suspicious, since the reasons given for attack look a bit spurious. I would rather suspect some Jewish conspiracy on religious ground. It was to be a temple for Yahwe, and not for Baal, after all.

    And anyway, why should I take seriously the Hiram Abiff story, but neglect the story of Noah, and, especially, the story of Canaan?!

  249. @Malla

    Seriously Malla.
    There is a guy whose channels always got banned off youtube ‘Mr. E’. He did extensive study into the question of ‘where the hell did all these trannies come from’? He found it went back to the Sumerian-Babylonian god Innana-Ishtar, a very ancient cult.

    I haven’t watched TV for decades. If I go to a tv right now I can pick them out. In your neck of the woods, Priyanka Chopra is one. They are everywhere in Hollywood and spreading through the world as part of GloboHomo-Satanism.

    In the U.S. they have made inroads into state and federal legislatures.

    The push to normalize transgenderism is to make these people appear benign as opposed to a 5th column, which they are.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Malla
    , @Majority of One
  250. Speaking of Disraeli, he has spilled the beans. “The decay of a race is an inevitable necessity, unless it lives in the desert and never mixes its blood.” In Lord George Bentinck, Disraeli tells us that if ever the founders of the “great Anglo-Saxon republic” in North America should “secede from their sound principles of reserve and mingle with their negro and coloured populations . . . , they would
    become so deteriorated that their states would probably be reconquered and regained by the aborigines, whom they expelled.” All well and good. The idea that one billion is an optimum population for the planet is one that no sane mind can reject. However, is the vaccine being distributed in a way which will eliminate the least desirable elements and assure the survival of the most desirable? True, those who ask for it should definitely get it, but is it being offered equitably, so that those who should get it on all continents are given a fair opportunity to eliminate themselves from the gene pool?

  251. Trinity says:

    Blacks are not well represented in sports like Olympic weightlifting or strongman competitions because they don’t normally gravitate to those sports, however, the ones that do can put up some good showings. There is a young Olympic lifter out of South Carolina named CJ Cummings who is putting up some pretty impressive numbers. Mark Henry was tremendously strong in strong man events, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, very rare for someone to practice all 3 since Olympic weightlifting is more of an athletic event and takes quite awhile to learn the skill set. Big Jim Williams bench pressed over 650lbs RAW in only a t-shirt in the early 1970s and is reputed to have benched 700lbs in training. No aids like bench shirts and that bullshit that powerlifters use today to inflate numbers. This was when a 500lb bench press was exceptional and 600lb bench presses were a rare feat. I could name you a ton of powerlifters who were/are Black and excel or excelled in that sport. Whites are well represented but Blacks do well in powerlifting. Internet sensation Larry Wheels is super strong. I have never seen anyone overhead press 405lbs ( outside of an olympic lifter) so easy and strict. Whites seem to do better in strength events like shot putt, discus and hammer throw as well but there again, those are sports most Blacks don’t gravitate towards. Recently I saw some Black swimmers in the Olympic trials a few years back. I thought I would never see that one.

    Basketball? Whites could do better, however, a lot of Whites especially nowadays do not put a lot of time into the sport. Pistol Pete Maravich back in the day would dominate against Black players and make them look foolish. Pistol Pete lived, breathed and slept basketball. They use to have H-O-R-S-E competitions on television between NBA players and Pete generally won most of these competitions. So much skill is nothing more than practice, practice, practice, practice. Sure you can be born with better genetics, be born taller, stronger, faster, but skill and will are just as important.

    IQ? Take that genius with a 185 IQ and drop him off in the backwoods with a tent, and a change of clothes and see how well he survives. Have him do a brake job on your car. IQ is relevant and like everything else is relevant. I could be the strongest man in the world but I am not about to beat Devon Larrant in an arm wrestling match or push Randy White around on the football field back when the “Mananimal” was in his prime days in the 1970s. IQ is one measure of intelligence it isn’t the end all of determining how smart human beings are and how many IQ scores are even LEGIT and how many are just fabricated horseshit. What exactly is the highest IQ score one can obtain? I always thought anything above 160 was very rare and anything above 180 was super rare.

  252. @ivegotrythm

    ‘U5b2c1 less than 8,000 years ago. Found in a Phoenician individual from a Carthage tomb in Byrsa Hill, Tunisia’

    Pure Carthaginians seem to have disappeared. Paleolithic people are fighting a losing battle. I find it also interesting that U5 haplogroup is especially vulnerable to death by AIDS. Clearly, gods do not like them. Not being content with the Black Death, they cooked a new disease.

    They nearest living cousins in Europe seem to be Basques, Cantabrians, Finns, Samis, and Estonians, which may have something to do with the meteorid crater in Estonia named like the Indian goddess of destruction, Kaali.. (see comment 170)

    I bet the next war with Russia will have something to do with Estonia.

  253. Malla says:

    There is a guy whose channels always got banned off youtube ‘Mr. E’.

    Thanks I will check it out and if Jewtube is banning him, he mostly speaking the truth. maybe find him on Bitchute.

    In your neck of the woods, Priyanka Chopra is one.

    Yes she is connected to the Hollywood Satanic world. I got that feeling too.

    He did extensive study into the question of ‘where the hell did all these trannies come from’? He found it went back to the Sumerian-Babylonian god Innana-Ishtar, a very ancient cult.

    Yes, there is some serious Whore of Babylon shit in all this. We have hijras/chakkas trannies in India for centuries. I think Indian civilization in some way is a leftover from some earlier Babylonian event. We got astrology or Jyotish (Jyoti-Light) from Babylon too. That is why I say, Hinduism today is more Harrapan/Phoenician than Aryan though it has major Aryan elements still mixed in. The Indus valley Civilization was called ‘Mehlua’ and was close to Babylonia region in trade and cultural exchange, it is not very far, Indus river system of today’s Pakistan from Tigris-Euphrates river system of Iraq . The invading Aryans called them Harrapans barbarians and hence the term for non Hindus (barbarians) in Hinduism, “Mleccha” comes from “Mehlua”, from the Indus valley civilization the Aryans conquered. The Indus Valley Civ or Mehlua may also have been connected to Babylonia-Iraq via the pre Aryan/Persian Elamites of Southern Iran, situated in between both the river system civilizations. The Sumerians might have been a type of Aryans too though their language is an isolate, they had blue eyes and they appeared out of no where in Iraq region (came from a foreign place) and improved the place up enormously.

    Wait, was not Middle Eastern Goddess Ishtar related to the European Goddess Ostara, the goddess of fertility? That is where Easter comes from (which is this Sunday) and thus Eggs and Rabbits, symbols of fertility, you know Rabbits breed very fast. “Breed like Rabbits” as they say. Maybe Goddess Ishtar got twisted in Mystery Babylon into the opposite of fertility, trannies, who knows?

  254. @Another Polish Perspective

    I find it also telling how modern genetics is obsessed with AIDS. This is literally the only disease considered in the quoted Wikipedia article on haplogroups.
    That scientist researched at all the correlation between AIDS and racial characteristic is a hint that the idea of targeted bioweapon could be true, and that AIDS could be a weapon against unwanted human progeny which is somehow obsessed with sodomy and fornication.

    I have never seen a monument to people dying of cancer, but more than one dedicated to victims of AIDS.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Malla
  255. Trinity says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Only a handful of monuments in the world dedicated to the victims of the Holodomor, hell might only be two or three, who knows? How many monuments and/or museums for the “victims” of the holocaust? Hell, how many do we have in America alone? The “holocaust” didn’t happen in America so why should we have museums about this event that happened thousands of miles away on another continent?

    Another thing you will never see is a monument, or memorial dedicated to all the White victims that were murdered by Blacks during the past century up to present day. Imagine the number of victims on that list. It would definitely dwarf the numbers of American soldiers killed in Viet Nam. Would that be too controversial or “racist?” Nope. They have a memorial dedicated to Emmet Till, so what exactly is the problem with having memorials dedicated to victims of Black on White violence.

  256. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Back in ’68-69, I met an individual whom I consider to possibly have been a true tranny. Steevie Rome sincerely felt that he had been mistakenly born with outdoor rather than the indoor plumbing which apparently had been his status through a long succession of lifetimes. To conceptualize this, one has to be open-minded towards the concept of reincarnation; an ancient tradition of realization, which essentially got redacted out of Constantine’s Bible.

    My pickup bears a bumper sticker which reads: “Born again…and again, and again”. In order to sell the myth that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins; the founders of Constintinianity could not possibly accept a tenet as “off-message” as reincarnation—otherwise, what would they do to replace the fear-mechanism explicit in the Heaven and Hell meme?

    Back to the tranny phenomenon. It is my firmly held opinion that some very few individuals are born with a primarily feminine spirit, but that inner reality is saddled with an unsuitable body. Again, those individuals are but a tiny, minuscule minority. Nowadays, for whatever unfathomable reasons there are a growing number of faux-trannies. My observation is that they would be more accurately described as either transvestite queens or as faeries, genetically male, but inclusive of a strong dose of feminine qualities. Down deep, it is most doubtful that the more fully matured of them would ever desire to lose their full manhood, but as with many feminine gays; they tend to go with fashionable trends and have strong desires to follow the latest crazes.

    We must bear in mind that elemental chromosomal biology dictates that all females possess a twinned pair of X-female chromosomes. Such individuals are all-woman. The “all-man” John Wayne myth is braggadocios bullshit. Males are all born female in the early gestation period and become masculinized via their single Y-chromosome while in utero. So on an elementary biological basis, there is no such animule as an individual who is “all-man”. This would go far to explain the “soft” aspect of a moderate, albeit very noticeable, proportion of gay males.

    However, the spiritual element must not be overlooked, particularly in consideration of “butch” lesbians appearing among the XX female population. Because they are fully female, only their male minority DNA and reincarnate aspects of their spirit could be causative for their quasi-male self-identification.

    In short, I have attempted to explain the current “tranny” rage. Politically and culturally, it appears to be used and encouraged by those shotcallers who wish to maintain their long-held Caesarean strategy of maintaining power by means of divide and conquer. That is how the tiny minority of bloodline financial elitists are able to remain overlords of the vast majority of humans.

  257. Rdm says:

    …we should focus on self improvement, I was attacked and called a traitor and “enemy of Mother India” and attacked physically.

    I understand your intention. However, it’s not like there’s no such thing as “White trash”, “White cuck”, “Redneck”, “Honkies” and so on. If Whites are so open to self-improvement or criticism, we wouldn’t have a history of “Slater the traitor”. I’m not surprised your fellow brethren calling you “traitor”. After all, all races are the same in accepting criticism. But your intention is also for the betterment of them. Time will tell. 

    I disagree, it is a reality today. If it would be mere narrative then the Western media would not able to push White Guilt so easily. Non whites do not tend to have similar guilt.

    I don’t think you and I are not much different in our perspective. But there’s a tiny bit of angle in our views differing. 

    Are there any derogatory words to describe any White person on earth that carries centuries of connotation? Come to think of it, we don’t have. As I mentioned before, most of the time, people got riled up at the words, not because of the intrinsic meaning of the word, but because of the connotation. In order to ruffle one’s mind and provoke the reaction, the word must have a deeper meaning to it. 

    Have Whites ever been called “racists” in our lifetime? The words “racist”, “karen” are recent phenomena. Even then they couldn’t take it. Imagine add another decade of constant hearing such words and constant bombarding people with the news like  

    – Racist Karen lost her job. 
    – White racist called out in the gym and lost the job. 
    – White racist died of covid. 

    I’m sure in 20 or 30 years down the road, Whites will be flipping once they hear those words. 
    I’m not accusing Whites of any wrongdoing. I’m simply putting forward the “connotation” of words and how each race accepts on those words. 

    Sorry, common in other populations too.

    In my entire life experience, I’ve never seen an Indian man yelling a White person “Go back to your country.” Or was there such an attitude in India? I don’t know. But White person asking Native Americans “Go back to your country” is common. 

    But Whites saw more of the World and its diversity and they had a desire to study and categorize everything. They not only studied humans but also flora and fauna. You had those White people with their nets catching insects and then trying to classify them into families. No other civilization did that in such detail.

    I agree. That’s why I said when it comes to categorizing, there’s no other race better than Whites. 

    I’m not downplaying the contribution of Whites. Every traits White possess, we’re not talking about the other side of the spectrum, i.e., pigeonholing, categorizing, labeling all other races. But it’s not like Whites enjoy getting labeled themselves. They claim themselves already that “They are individualistic and do not conform.”. That’s the bottom line. They can’t take the criticism, it’s the cop-out already. 

    Of course, any legitimate sane person would realize that 
    – Not all Whites are racists. 
    – Not all Blacks are Niggers. 
    – Not all Muslims are terrorists. 

    If we’re talking about the individuals, we’re all different. But the label. It’s only meant for all other races except Whites. Now that Jews are controlling the narrative, they Whites are getting their own medicine and lo and behold, THEY HATE IT.


    Anyway, I’d say I agree with most of your points. This is just an exercise or exchange of our perspective. 
    You have quite an extensive background of northern India. 

  258. Malla says:

    I think most of these homos at Round table were either Jews or Freemasons. Why would they destroy the British Empire? The Fabian Society reminds me of the Theosophists who basically started the Indian Independence Struggle to destroy British Raj. Check out Anne Besant. She claimed in front of a lower caste Christian woman that she was a Brahman in her last birth , Brahman not any other Hindu. She was major figure in the Indian Independence Movement against the British Empire, she gave slimeball Gandhi the title Mahatma or Great Soul!!! These Theosophists also played a part behind Hindu fundamentalism and Buddhist fundamentalism down in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. That is why we get Zio-controlled Buda Bala Sena Buddhist fundamentalists in Sri Lanka like the Hindu fundamentalists here in India.
    But when these Theosophists went back to Britain, they all became Fabian Socialists. So Right winged nationalism for Hindus but anti-nationalism for Britain and the West!!!
    Many of the non jewish, real British aristos (like other European aristos) died fighting in WW1. WW1 was a genocide for the real aristos of Europe leaving behind Jew aristos-Jewstros and thus the European peoples and the peoples of the Empires were left without protection from the Satanic Zio elites.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  259. Malla says:

    Don’t be taken in by that Australian nut , I think his name was some Maxwell or other who wrote the book on the Indo-China war of 1961/62,

    But the CIA report on that war blamed India too for its Forward Policy on the border with China The CIA would not take a pro-China stand in those days. Anyways ,until the classified official Henderson-Bhagat report of the Indian Army/Indian Govt is not declassified, we will never know what really happened.
    Australian journalist Neville Maxwel, had supposedly been given access to that report by the Indian Govt but he possibly had Commie sympathies (like most Western media people) so it is possible he gave a pro-China version of things.

    • Replies: @ivan
  260. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective,time%20of%20the%20Black%20Death.
    British Genes Resist AIDS
    Now, in a provocative report, scientists at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md., say they have found that a genetic mutation that protects against the AIDS virus, by preventing the virus from entering macrophages, emerged in Europe around the time of the Black Death. And, they have found, this AIDS resistance gene is astonishingly common in people whose ancestors lived in areas of Europe that were ravaged by the Black Death.

    O’Brien and others have found that 10 percent of Caucasians have a copy of the gene, which slows the progress of HIV infections by several years, and one percent have two copies, which provides nearly complete immunity to HIV.

    The HIV resistance gene is most common among British and other northern European people, and declines in frequency further south. Thus, it is present in almost 14 percent of Swedes but appears in only about 5 percent of Italians and is absent in Saudi Arabia. It is absent in Africans, American Indians and Asians. The gene emerged in the Caucasian population long after Caucasians split from Asians, which was about 50,000 to 100,000 years ago, O’Brien said. And so, although the bubonic plague began in Asia, the HIV resistance gene is not there.

  261. Alfred says:

    Circumcision seems to help prevention of Sexually-Transmitted Infections – including HIV.

    There is conclusive epidemiological evidence to show that uncircumcised men are at a much greater risk of becoming infected with HIV than circumcised men

    The inner surface of the foreskin contains Langerhans’ cells with HIV receptors; these cells are likely to be the primary point of viral entry into the penis of an uncircumcised man

    How does male circumcision protect against HIV infection? (2000)

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Majority of One
  262. Alfred says:

    I was brought up in the Middle East to believe that dogs and pigs were considered to be unclean because they sometimes eat feces.

    At Saint Catherine’s Monastery near Mount Sinai, the monks crapped in a place where their shit dropped into the pigsty. Well, that is what my Dad told me. Maybe he was pulling my leg. He had a weird sense of humour that I have inherited.

    I have never been to the Monastery to check it out. But I doubt if this still goes on. It always seemed to me to be an excellent version of recycling. Bill Gates and co. would doubtless approve. 🙂

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @anonymous coward
  263. Schuetze says:

    “So Right winged nationalism for Hindus but anti-nationalism for Britain and the West!!!
    Many of the non jewish, real British aristos (like other European aristos) died fighting in WW1. WW1 was a genocide for the real aristos of Europe leaving behind Jew aristos-Jewstros and thus the European peoples and the peoples of the Empires were left without protection from the Satanic Zio elites.”

    I think we are arguing the same point. These English pedo-homo-masonic elites were more globo-homo than they were English, their allegiances too. So the question becomes did these queer freemasons die in WWI for England, or for some kind of sufi-globo-homo-molloch-satanic new world order?

    Count Rakovsky during his interrogation in 1938 by Stalin’s sadistic jews said:

    “If one day you were to be present at some future revolution then do not miss the opportunity of observing the gestures of surprise and the expression of stupidity on the face of some freemason at the moment when he realises that he must die at the hands of the revolutionaries. How he screams and wants that one should value his services to the revolution! It is a sight at which one can die … but of laughter.“”

    Does this not sound a little masochistic/sadistic/satanic? Is this not something we would expect to hear from Lady Gaga, Madonna or even Cardi B? That these homos, after getting their satanic rocks off watching others die in satanic sex rituals would also scream about their service to the globo-homo revolution, while helping his torturers achieve the ultimate orgasm is really the ultimate fulfilment of “Do what thou willst”.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Seraphim
  264. annamaria says:

    Burton’s ideas were perpendicular to Antifa & wokes’ neoliberal religion.

    the truth of Burton’s observations are backed up by more modern research. On the issue of rapid development of Black children followed by an abrupt leveling-off, J. Phillippe Rushton has written extensively.

    Whatever he observed of Africa and Africans, for Burton, it was no place for White Western man. “There is a time to leave the Dark Continent. … Madness comes from Africa.

    If you try to tell this to the billionaires Oprah & Soros and a millionaire “just hurry,” they will not approve Burton’s message.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  265. Pheasant says:

    ‘This makes no difference, since jurisprudence isn’t determined by any number of Muslims, but rather, by professional practitioners of it.’

    Oh really?

    Where do you suppose my muslim interlocutors (from all parts of the Islamic world) got the idea in the first place?

    ‘If it were forbidden to own dogs, then how do your “hundreds of Muslims” explain this verse?’

    Its my job to explain this verse? How exactly? It is on me to explain?

    P*ss off.

  266. ivan says:

    The CIA does not determine anything for India. Nehru was content to leave the border issues on the back burner, since these were very sparsely occupied or inhospitable places. Now when the British left in 1947 the border was largely unmanned. Pilgrims were free to move in and out and there was little control of any kind. Then came the Communists in China with their invasion of Tibet and the whole picture changed. The so called Forward Policy was simply aggressive patrolling of a border area which naturally happens when a neighbour gets expansionary. There is no reason whatsoever to respect the Chinese lachrymosa over the border if they cannot respect ours. And it is not just the border, the watershed of India is in the Himalayas. Blaming the Forward Policy is putting the cart before the horse. Nehru himself was roundly panned for his overtures to the Chicoms which bordered on naivete.

    The Henderson-Bhagat report is leaked all over the internet. I had a copy somewhere. It dealt with the deficiencies of the Indian armed forces, it’s preparedness and so on that led to the Indian defeat. Its the usual type of military document that results from an internal investigation. But you don’t have to read the report to know that it cannot critise the intent of a policy of the government, that would be insubordination, only the execution of it, unlike what the shill Maxwell wrote.

    Maxwell himself was part of the entourage that was feted in Beijing during Nixon’s visit to China. Kissinger was enamored of his thesis that the Indo-China conflict was exclusively India’s fault. Or more likely in his well worn cynical way he used it to grease the skids. Apparently Chou en Lai toasted Maxwell as the only Westerner he could trust. Imagine that : A thug who got his break in the underworld of Shanghai betraying his confreres praising another con , this time a journalistic whore.

    Incidentally the “unbreakable” bond between China and Pakistan, their “all weather friendship” dates from the Indian defeat in that war. We owe the Chinese big time for triangulating against India through Pakistan.

  267. ivan says:

    I won’t put it past the monks. After all it would be put down to rigours of the monastic life.

    Not all of the religious though are cut from the same cloth. The best pork in my part of India comes from the convents where the pigs are fed the surplus food from the attached convent schools .

  268. ivan says:

    That’s basically nonsense. One gets the cluster of diseases known as AIDS through anal intercourse. It’s largely a homosexual disease and is positively correlated with promiscuity.

    I think if one controls for sodomy among heterosexuals, one will find that the affliction is spread by anal intercourse.

    The UN in the year 2000 or so, under the guidance of fellows like Anthony Fauci who even then was a major pest issued one of their usual dire jeremiads that tens of millions of Indians and Chinese would die of AIDS if measures were not taken. Well I can assure you that opportunities for assignations are India today compared to the time when I was a student some decades ago, yet nothing remotely approaching the scenario painted by the UN has panned out.

    Do these Jeremiahs then hang their heads in shame at having misled the people? No they hunker down waiting for the next opportunity for their Chicken Little acts, as we see today with the Covid scamdemic.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  269. Trinity says:

    Burton might not have been a full fledged philo-Semite but his admiration for some of the Jew’s qualities particularly the Jew’s ability to lie and deceive turned me off this guy right away. During this guy’s lifetime, Blacks were hardly a threat to the White race, so if Burton was really a crusader for Whites he would have been far more wary of the Jew and Arab. Not that I disagree with much of what Burton says about the Black race, for they are notoriously lazy, and cruel to animals FOR THE MOST PART.

    No White “crusader” or White person concerned with the welfare of the White race could find anything remotely admirable about the Jew or his Arab cousin. I have sympathy for the Palestinians, however, I do not wish to live among Palestinians/Arabs, Persians or these people who call themselves, “Jews.” IF the Jew wandered aimlessly for so many years without a homeland and then he finally acquires one through Whites slaughtering other Whites, than the Jew should have had to leave Europe as well as Australia, Canada, America, etc.

    These rich elitist change whichever way the wind is blowing. I heard it through the grapevine ( cue: Heard It Through The Grapevine by CCR, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye and many others) that when Jimmy Carter was running for either the Senate or Governor for the state of Georgia that he visited a KKK rally to talk about his opponent being pro-integration. This rumor could be false of course but knowing how politicians are I would be more apt to wager it to be the truth. Good ole boys from the Deep South, Jimmy Carter and William Jefferson Clinton were hardly Lester Maddox or George Wallace once being elected to the highest office in the land. In fact, Carter and Clinton kissed more Black ass than all of their predecessors with exception of JFK and LBJ. My guess is IF someone like Hitler ever came into power in America, some of these leftist and right wing neo-con types, ( face it, Jews run both sides of the aisle) would become the biggest supporters of the Hitler like dude around. Whispering Bill and Hillary would be giving the Sieg Heil to fire hydrants, lamp posts, billboards, old ladies crossing the streets. haha. People like this have no TRUE BELIEFS or PRINCIPLES, they do what is advantageous to them and to hell with principles, morality, others of their own race, etc., etc.

    • Replies: @Malla
  270. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Disraeli was definitely talking of the Spanish Medina Sidonia*. There is no allusion to the ancient city of Sidon (albeit Medina Sidonia was originally a Punic colony). But who really read Coningsby?
    ”Sidonia was descended from a very ancient and noble family of Arragon, that in the course of ages had given to the state many distinguished citizens. In the priesthood its members had been peculiarly eminent. Besides several prelates, they counted among their number an Archbishop of Toledo; and a Sidonia, in a season of great danger and difficulty, had exercised for a series of years the paramount office of Grand Inquisitor. Yet, strange as it may sound, it is nevertheless a fact, of which there is no lack of evidence, that this illustrious family during all this period,in common with two-thirds of the Arragonese nobility, secretly adhered to the ancient faith and ceremonies of their fathers; a belief in the unity of the God of Sinai, and the rights and observances of the laws of Moses. Whence came those Mosaic Arabs whose passages across the strait from Africa to Europe long preceded the invasion of the Mohammedan Arabs, it isnow impossible to ascertain. Their traditions tell us that from time immemorial they had sojourned in Africa; and it is not improbable that they may have been the descendants of some of the earlier dispersions; like those Hebrew colonies that we find in China, and who probably emigrated from Persia in the days of the great monarchies. Whatever may have been their origin in Africa, their fortunes in Southern Europe are not difficult to trace, though the annals of no race in any age can detaila history of such strange vicissitudes, or one rife with more touching and romantic incident….” And he goes on and on about the history of the Marranos until:
    ”During the long disorders of the Peninsular war, when so many openings were offered to talent, and so many opportunities seized by the adventurous, a cadet of a younger branch of this family made a large fortune by military contracts, and supplying the commissariat of the different armies. At the peace, prescient of the great financial future of Europe, confident in the fertility of his own genius, in his original views of fiscal subjects, and his knowledge of national resources, this Sidonia, feeling that Madrid, or even Cadiz, could never be a base on which the monetary transactions of the world could be regulated, resolved to emigrate to England, with which he had, in the course of years, formed considerable commercial connections…. No sooner was Sidonia established in England than he professed Judaism, which Torquemada flattered himself, with the fagot and the San Benito, hehad drained out of the veins of his family more than three centuries ago.He sent over, also, for several of his brothers, who were as good Catholics in Spain as Ferdinand and Isabella could have possibly desired, but who made an offering in the synagogue, in gratitude for their safe voyage, on their arrival in England”.

    Benjamin used to be one of the Twelve Tribes of the House of Israel. Benjamin was the youngest son of Patriarch Jacob/Israel.

    *Alonso Pérez de Guzmán y de Zúñiga-Sotomayor, 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia, GE (10 September 1550 – 26 July 1615), was a Spanish aristocrat who was most noted for his role as commander of the Spanish Armada that was to attack the south of England in 1588.

  271. Seraphim says:

    You are joking, aren’t you? I see that you like to play the jester.
    Radhanites are ‘Jewish merchants from the land of Radhan’, the region around Baghdad.

  272. @Alfred

    Three somewhat separate AIDS clusters were designed, with Congre$$ional monetary backing, by the Army’s bio-war complex at Fort Detrick, Md ca 1979, according to the researches of Dr Alan Cantwell. One was designed for use in Haiti, a second for Central Africa and the third was disseminated in a package with a Hepatitis B vaccine which was freely accessed to gays in Manhattan the next year.

    Bio-war has been going on for decades, now and certain populations were deliberately selected as guinea-pigs and/or targets. The blame game should be aimed at the perps, not the intended victims.

  273. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Babylon was not at all ‘far’ from Spanish Jewry in the Mediterranean ‘Muslim World’.
    Sephardis maintained relations with several of the rabbinical schools of the Middle East, such as Sura and Pumbedita.
    So was Moshe ben Hanoch, a rabbi from the Yeshiva of Sura in Babylonia, the most important Talmudic academy in the world (along with Pumbedita) who around 945, with three other scholars, left Sura in a fundraising endeavor for the deteriorating academy; their target was the Jewish Diaspora throughout the world, especially in Europe. Captured by the Moorish-Spanish admiral Ibn Rumahis they settled eventually in Cordoba. The Jewish community of Cordova named Moshe its rabbi, and Hasdai ibn Shaprut organized a yeshiva that became, for a time, the center of Talmudic studies and the recipient of legal consultations from all over the Jewish Diaspora, answered through famous ‘responsa’. Because of Hasdai ibn Shaprut’s support and Moshe ben Hanoch’s scholarly knowledge, Cordova became the seed of independent Western Jewish thinking, but adhering more to the Babylonian Talmud.
    The origins of Kabbalah (as we know it) are in the ‘Torah study’, practiced in Talmudic Schools.

  274. Malla says:

    Count Rakovsky during his interrogation in 1938 by Stalin’s sadistic jews said:

    Lady Gaga, Madonna or even Cardi B

    Thanks that was great. The look of surprise and horror in the faces of those “morally superior” snotty White libtards, when the future Haitian style free-masonic Communist coloured revolution comes in the future, would be priceless.

  275. Malla says:

    admirable about the Jew or his Arab cousin.

    Arabs had a much good reputation in the West before Israel came along. There was a lot of interest in Sufism among European Orientalists. Britain had a good reputation (and highly trusted) in the Arab World before it started supporting Zionism or forced due to Zionist forces. Britain’s support for Israel destroyed the reputation it enjoyed in the Arab World. Most European travelers to the Middle East wrote very admirably about Arab hospitality, about how even in the middle of the night, some Arab would provide lodging to an European (or any) traveler in his own home. Maybe it evolved as a desert Culture thing, providing emergency lodging to a traveler might have meant the difference in between life and death in the desert. Turks had a far worse reputation as the “Terrible Turk” than Arabs and maybe Persians in those days.
    Even in North Africa pre-1900, Arabs/Berbers did not hate Christian Europeans so much but hated the Yehuds (Jews).

    • Agree: Rdm
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Alden
  276. @Seraphim

    Yes, Benjamin was a tribe. I only meant that in antiquity it was a tribe often assigned to newcomers, converts to Judaism, which is also consistent with the fact that Benjamin was the youngest tribe.
    It is also consistent with other ancient practices, for example, in Rome, where new Roman citizens, coming from the assimilation of Italy, were assigned to just few of tribes (tribes) out of 35, a reason of many tensions.
    Which tribe do Judaism converts get nowadays?

    Overall, Disaeli’s Sidonia story confirms the Phoenician hypothesis in at least two points:
    1) it makes cleat that it is not clear how Jews found themselves in Africa
    2) the Diaspora in the West Europe originated not in the wake of persecution, but due to mercantile reasons, which inherently were designed to have a “global” character.

  277. Seraphim says:

    ‘Count’ Rakovsky? What Count? I am curious to know where from did you get that?
    Christian Georgievich Rakovsky was a Bulgarian born Romanian citizen, Bolshevik politician and Soviet diplomat, lifelong collaborator of Leon Trotsky, prominent activist of the Second International, founding member of the Comintern, served as head of government in the Ukrainian SSR, member of the Trotskyist ‘opposition’, ousted from the Comintern, the Central Committee, and eventually from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1927, exiled to Astrakhan where he maintained contact with Trotsky, then deported to Yakutia, finally breaking with the ‘opposition’ and publicly denouncing Trotsky and his supporters as ‘agents of the Gestapo’, denounced as still belonging to the “trotskyist centre” and that he “knew of Trotsky’s instructions for sabotage and terrorism”, arrested in 1937 and sentenced in 1938 to twenty years in prison and finally shot on 22 June 1941 when the Germans invaded.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  278. @Shamil

    The “Jewish” thing about the Afghans is not a “theory” it is a piece of nonsense made up by the Durranis when Islam came along to give themselves Old Testament lineage. It is like the idea that the British are the “Lost Tribes of Israel.”

  279. @Another Polish Perspective

    In the second sentence of my comment 284, it should be “Benjamin was the youngest son” instead of “Benjamin was the youngest tribe”.

  280. Alden says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Richard Jenkins was rescued from his village by a school teacher who mentored him from about age 10, and used the gay network to get Jenkins admitted to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and on his way to fame and fortune. Info is in his endless biographies. A successful rent boy.

  281. Alden says:
    @Crescent Moon

    How did you control the dog? Was he a guard dog you left at your business overnight? Interesting story.

  282. Schuetze says:

    Apparently I mis-remembered that he was a count. In any case it does not deflect from my comment about him and the book Red Symphony”.

    One interesting part of his testimony is about the jew Walther Rathenau, a rich industrialist and heir to the AEG fortune. AEG was a mirror image of GE in the USA. Rakovsky exposes Rathenau as being a direct member of the Illuminati, and thereby gives proof to the contention that the Jewish elites of Germany had indeed stabbed her in the back in 1918. Rathenau was behind the transporting of Lenin to Russia in 1917, he supported the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, and he was the guy who got the west to lift their blockade of the USSR at Rappalo in 1922.

    Here is a quote that wikipedia attributes to the illuminati traitor Rathenau:

    “I am a German of Jewish origin. My people are the German people, my home is Germany, my faith is German faith, which stands above all denominations.”

    Here is what Rakovsky said about him:

    “others of “Them” – a certain Rathenau – accomplishes the journey of Lenin through enemy Germany.

    I know only that one of ‘Them” was Walter Rathenau, who was well known from Rapallo. You see the last of “Them” who occupied a political and social position, since it was he who broke the economic blockade of the USSR. Despite the fact that he was one of the biggest millionaires”

  283. Alden says:
    @Majority of One

    I thought the original Christian symbol was the shepherd’s crook of the good shepherd Jesus depicted a a beardless boy about 14 a shepherd.

    The fish was just a little identification sign, easy to draw more like Masonic hand signals for a new religion under on and off persecution by the authorities.

  284. Alden says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    In modern terms, Isabell was Burton’s PR team publicist, literary agent. Today she’d arrange book tours, lucrative speeches , appearances on talk shows and produce documentaries about her explorer husband.

  285. Alden says:

    Hospitality to travelers was the custom in Europe and N and S America right up to the mid 19th century in rural areas. Bad roads scattered towns no hotels or stores, rural people took in travelers. Sometimes travelers paid, sometimes travelers did some work, or the hosts refused offers to pay or do work. Isolated rural people enjoyed seeing strangers and hearing the news. Some of the European novels have the characters traveling and staying in strangers homes not inns and hotels Even today American farmers let wandering homeless stay in their barns overnight with the warning don’t smoke in the barn.

    In old rural societies homeowners extended hospitality to strangers and expected it when they travel. American southerners, black and White are still known for hospitality because it’s still rural and old fashioned . Have your car break down on a rural or suburban road and people stop to help.

    • Thanks: Malla
  286. Seraphim says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    The Burtons’ mausoleum was designed by Isabel. Another PR exercise. Some interesting details about it @

    ”After Burton’s death, Isabel held séances at the tomb with Ada Goodrich Freer (“Miss X”) to contact him. She had taken a cottage at 2 Worple Road, which she called “Our Cottage”, opposite the churchyard in Mortlake. On her death she left the cottage to Gerald Arthur Arundell.
    According to The Tablet (20th June 1896) Isabel’s own body was embalmed “by disembowelling and stuffing (not by the new process of injecting in the veins), in order that her body may be kept above ground by the side of her husband, in the mausoleum tent at Mortlake” and one assumes the same process was used for her husband in Trieste. Curiously “the testatrix stated that she had bought, adjoining the tent, a vault for four bodies, and that two places were to be reserved, in order that, if a revolution should occur in England that arrived at the desecration of the dead, the coffins of herself and her husband might be lowered into the vault.” As this ground is all used now, the danger must have receded. She left explicit directions to her literary trustees that “she forbids any one to print a single immodest word, and she especially charges her literary trustees not to issue or allow to be issued one coarse or indecent word in connection with her late husband’s works.”

    Don’t forget that Isabel was an Arundell, old aristocracy, Catholics, the only Catholic peers of England. She was the ‘Lady’ who married the tramp. When she met him, she wrote to her sister: “That man will marry me.”
    As she was a writer in her own right, some scholars believe that Richard Francis Burton himself wrote under her name, though it is unclear. I would rather think that it was the other way round!

  287. @Schuetze

    Haven’t read ‘The Red Symphony’ until now.
    I find it telling that this Rakovsky came from Dobrudzha in Romania, a region many frankists came, like Moshe Dobrushka aka Thomas von Schönfeld who devoted himself to the cause of French Revolution. Who would think Romania/Rumelia is such a revolutionary land….
    Really, Frankists should have found a Romanian author to write their Nobel monument. But they clearly had unhealthy interest for Poland. Couldn’t we get a German-Soviet war over the Baltics instead…?

    It is funny how ‘they’ had everything programmed, and got stuck when Stalin finally replaced Lenin/Trotsky at helm. Makes sense that Kierkegaard, a critic of Hegel, wrote ‘The Repetition’. If an outcome is pre-set, then dialectics is false. This is their weakness.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  288. Seraphim says:

    Rakovsky spoke also about the Warburgs, Jacob Schiff, Guggenheim, Hanauer, Breitung, Aschberg… who ”who financed the October revolution”. He spoke about the “Bund” of the Jewish proletariat, from which emerged all the Moscow revolutionary branches, and to whom it gave 90% of its leaders”, but pointing that ”In reality Christianity is our only real enemy, since all the political and economic phenomena in the bourgeois States are only its consequences”.
    He doesn’t speak at all of his political activity in Romania (he even run for Parliament on the list of the Conservative Party!) being a founder of the Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSDR) he met lots of heavies of the Socialist movement: Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Jean Jaures, Plekhanov, Vera Zasulich, Angelika Balabanov. He hosted Trotsky on his property in Dobroudja in 1913 and Alexander Parvus (aka Israel Lazarevitch Helphand) in 1915. Arrested as a German spy at the entering of Romania in WW1, evacuated to Moldova along with the Government an Army, he was ‘liberated’ by the mutinous Russian troops in May 1917 and immediately left for Odessa and for his career as Soviet leader (First Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Ukrainian SSR, founding member of the Comintern).

    ‘Red Symphony’ suggests that ”His facial outlines were not typically Semitic, but his origin was nevertheless clear” and some ‘knowers’ of the secrets suggest that his real name was Haim Rakover! Well, this is BS. His real name was Krastyo Georgiev Stanchev (Кръстьо Георгиев Станчев), which he himself changed to Krastyo Rakovski (Кръстьо Раковски), being a descendant on his mother side of the Bulgarian national hero Georgi Stoykov Rakovski (Bulgarian: Георги Стойков Раковски) (1821 – 9 October 1867), known also as Georgi Sava Rakovski (Bulgarian: Георги Сава Раковски), born Sabi Stoykov Popovich (Bulgarian: Съби Стойков Попович), a 19th-century Bulgarian revolutionary, freemason, writer and an important figure of the Bulgarian National Revival and resistance against Ottoman rule, who also exercised part of his revolutionary and literary activities in Romania, where he died.
    Now, most of the ‘revelations’ of Rakovski were common knowledge (and be sure that the NKVD knew it better than Rakovski). The ‘Red Symphony’ is highly suspicious, a former ‘German spy’ and member of the Soviet delegation at Rapallo wouldn’t have talked about ‘a certain Rathenau’, as if he didn’t know who Rathenau was. Rathenau was ‘known’ as ‘the secret Kaiser of Germany’ already in 1911, based on Rathenau famous quip: ”Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, guide the economic destinies of the Continent and seek their successors from their own milieu” made in an article of 1909, in fact deploring the existence of an ‘oligarchy so closed as that of old Venice’.
    What makes it likely that it is a fabrication (a clever one and a tad too clever) is the quite unnecessary introduction of the Disraeli/Coningsby/Sidonia/Lionel Rotschild meme (a favorite of conspiracy theorists), quite incongruous with the language of a committed Marxist-Leninist.

  289. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    If you would rely on historical sources instead on literary fictions, it would become clear how Jews found themselves in Africa.
    Josephus Flavius, Antiquities of the Jews, XIV, 110-115:

    ”And let no one wonder that there was so much wealth in our temple, since all the Jews throughout the habitable earth, and those that worshipped God, nay, even those of Asia and Europe, sent their contributions to it, and this from very ancient times…. Strabo… speaks thus: “There were four classes of men among those of Cyrene; that of citizens, that of husbandmen, the third of strangers, and the fourth of Jews. Now these Jews are already gotten into all cities; and it is hard to find a place in the habitable earth that hath not admitted this tribe of men, and is not possessed by them; and it hath come to pass that Egypt and Cyrene, as having the same governors, and a great number of other nations, imitate their way of living, and maintain great bodies of these Jews in a peculiar manner, and grow up to greater prosperity with them, and make use of the same laws with that nation also. Accordingly, the Jews have places assigned them in Egypt, wherein they inhabit, besides what is peculiarly allotted to this nation at Alexandria, which is a large part of that city. There is also an ethnarch allowed them, who governs the nation, and distributes justice to them, and takes care of their contracts, and of the laws to them belonging, as if he were the ruler of a free republic. In Egypt, therefore, this nation is powerful, because the Jews were originally Egyptians, and because the land wherein they inhabit, since they went thence, is near to Egypt. They also removed into Cyrene, because that this land adjoined to the government of Egypt, as well as does Judea, or rather was formerly under the same government. And this is what Strabo says”.

    Jews abroad far outnumbered those dwelling in Palestine – and had done so for many generations, emigrating in all directions. For economic reasons in the first place. And for a reason rarely addressed, proselytizing (” Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselve”) actively and successfully (contrary to what most people believe, Jews were the most privileged ‘minority’ in the Roman Empire and ‘belonging’ to the tribe offered major advantages) and continued even after the birth of Christianity in competition with it. That Jews targeted the old Phoenician settlements in Spain is nothing to wonder about.

  290. @Seraphim

    For an intelligent person, you gonna get what you want out of life until you realize there is something seriously wrong with the official reality. It is the end of any idealism, and of any drive. After such a realization, one starts to wish for internal emigration.

    No wonder Einstein stopped being creativel after he divorced his first wife in order to marry his niece, Else (4 years after this marriage he got the Nobel prize). I like how Rakovsky calls this kind of close marriage ‘hermaphrodite’, talking about Roosvelts. For such small quips, which draw from the knowledge of ‘their’ ideology (here: exchengability of sexes), I would incline to think that the Rakovksy interview is real, even if some elements were planted. Nevtheless, if someone is depicted as a conspirer, as Lionel Rothschild is, it does not mean that he isn’t.

    And, yes, I think NKVD probably knew this stuff… after all, it was they who directed the great impostor ‘Trust’ affair. But this knowledge was also behind Stalin’s purges of ‘old revolutionaries’. Not that Stalin could be sure what his destination was….

  291. @Another Polish Perspective

    Funny how Stalin actually helped Poland during the Polish-Soviet war in 1920, ignoring repeated Tuchatchevsky telegramms to join forces with him. No, I don’t think he specifically wanted to help Poland (In Poland Stalin is mostly remembered for not helping the Warsaw uprising of 1944), but certainly already then he didn’t want to help ‘the world revolution’.

    • Replies: @ivan
  292. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    I feel really sorry that I have to tell that you go off the rails. For a Polish (that I assume you are) not to know where Romania is is puzzling (not to say that your snide remarks about Romanians is offending).
    Moses Dobruška or Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey, alias Franz Thomas Edler von Schönfeld was the first cousin of Jacob Joseph Frank, aka Jakub Lejbowicz, born in 1726 in Korołówka, in Podolia, or in Buchach on a Korołówka street, ”the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1626–1676) and also of the biblical patriarch Jacob”. Moses Dobrushka was the son of Salomon and Schondel Dobrushka, a wealthy couple of tobacco merchants in Brnn / Brno, Moravia, where Jacob Frank goes to hang out for a few years, beginning 1773.
    Jacob Frank’s converted to Catholicism in 1759 (at his second baptism in November of that year, he had the Polish King Augustus III as his godfather), Jacob Frank becomes known as ‘Josef Dobrucki‘. Dobrucki just means ‘good person’ in Polish and Dobrushka is just a diminutive of it (Dobruschka is also a small town near Königgrätz [Hradec Králové] but in Bohemia). On Dec. 17, 1773, Moshele renounced Judaism and embraced the Roman Catholic faith, and at his baptism in Prague assumed the name of Franz Thomas Schönfeld. Subsequently, together with his brothers, he was raised to the nobility. In 1791, he was living the life of a comfortable, wealthy man in Vienna. Then, within a year, he joined the local, anti-royalty Jacobin club, and by 1792, he changed his name to Sigismund Gottlob Junius Brutus Frey, or Junius Frey and off he goes to France to fight for the Revolution, together with his sister Leopoldine, and brother Emmanuel. He was arrested for treason and shortened of his head on 5 April 1794, along with the Dantonists.
    In short Polish Jews. No relation whatsoever with Dobroudja (which is Turkic name) that at that time was part of the Ottoman Empire but became part of modern Romania in 1878. Anyway Romania is not Rumelia, southern part of present Bulgaria. Rumelia derives its name from Rhomania which was the real name of the ‘Byzantine’ Empire. The only possible connection with Frankism is that Sabbatai Tzvi was a Rhomaniote Jew, the Jews native to Eastern Mediterranean. Perhaps the name of ‘Sabi’ of Georgy Stoyanov Rakovski could suggest a remote relation to Sabbatai Tzvi (Rumelia was teeming with Dönmeh), but I won’t bet much on it.
    Sabbatianism died in its place of origin but had an enormous success in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and is the springboard of Hassidism, Chavod, and the ‘Polish Messianism’ of Adam Mickiewicz (who was married to Celina Szymanowska, whose parents descended from prominent Frankist families).
    So, keep the Nobel Prize for Olga Tocarczuk.

  293. @Seraphim

    Dobrucki does not really mean ‘good’ in Polish, even if the root ‘dobro’ is there. It could be a derivative of Dobrzyn as well.
    If Frank wanted to be named ‘a good one’, his surname should be ‘dobry’/good. And such a surname already exists in Poland.
    As for a surname ‘Dobrushka’, well, it could come from Dobrucki but it could come from Dobrudja too…
    The question is, however, about Frank lineage. Tokarczuk book makes clear that his entire intellectual support was in the South (Ottoman Empire), this was also a place where a wife was found for him. His wife and he spoke ladino, not yiddish. Frankly, first time I have heard about Sephardi Jews in Poland is in the context of Frank. Podole was the Ottoman vilayat between 1672-1699 so maybe Frank family came there at that time.
    Tokarczuk’s book does make clear that Frank habits and customs were Turkish. The problem is that Frank is a foreigner in Poland, he does not know Polish, but he does know Turkish very well: his questioning by the Polish Inquisition tribunal is conducted in Turkish, not yiddish, and certainly not Polish. In this sense, a novel about him should be probably written in Turkish by Orhan Pamuk, a much better writer if you ask me than Olga Tokarczuk, but he already had a Nobel, and also a male gender and sex.

    Frank was always represented by someone, or translated, he did not take part in famous public debates with talmudists. He does not look like a Polish Jew by culture at all. So I thought that maybe Dobrudsha was his land of origin.
    I suspect that his Turkish/Sephardi origins could result in the fact that his cult was based on a close net of family-connected believers, who looked mostly like Sephardim for me. He was opposed by Askehanazim establishment, the further north Frank went, the less receptive Jews were to his ideas. The Polish Catholic Church soon imprisoned him for life as a heretic, so hard to say ‘he was extremely popular’. In fact, Tokarczuk’s book (which seems to be well-reserched, up to discussing theses of public debates of frankists) does not say anything about new frankists converts in the areas north of Lvov (Lemberg). It also makes clear that Nachman of Busk, an Askhenazi follower who provided us with stories of Frank teachings which he secretly wrote down (he was forbidden to write them down by Frank, again a hint that we are talking about some religion based on “unwritten teaching”), was not really accepted/liked by Frank. Maybe because he was Askhenazi.
    After he was freed by the Russian army during the Confederacy of Bar, Jacob Frank got a letter/passport from Russians which allowed him to travel and to settle in Austria: you could maybe say that it was ‘Lenin’s trip a rebours’. Afterwards he went to Offenbach, nearby Frankfurt.
    He named his daughter ‘Eve’,but none of his sons was called ‘Adam’: he seems to have been a bit obsessed with women and ther ‘first’ sin. One more clue that he was following the trail of “serpent’.

    Romaniote Jews were actually Greek Jews, speaking a mixed language named “Jevanik”. Did Sabbatai speak Jevanik? Frank was definitel not one of them. I think that most plausible is that he was of Sephardi family which somehow found itself in the wake of the Turkish conquest of Podole. Otherwise, why would he find his wife among Turkish Jews? Also, when it was useful to him, Frank claimed to be an Ottoman citizen and that was somehow accepted by Turkish magistrates (well, he even converted to Islam once, at least according to Tokarczuk).

    First heard that Celina Szymanowska was a daughter of frankists…. The image of Celina is that she wasn’t very much into mystics. Ksawera Deybel is said to be a femme fatale of Mickiewicz. She was a member of mystical association known as ‘The Wheel of God’s Cause’ (Koło Sprawy Bożej).

    It is a bit confusing that Bulgaria was Rumelia and Romania was Silistria under Ottoman Empire. But I don’t think that such a conusion (I mistook Rumelia for Silistria, not Romania for Bulgaria) was disrespectful unless you are a very touchy Romanian.

  294. @Seraphim

    Proselytizing was mostly connected with Hasmonean (Herodian) dynasty nuptial offensive: so the kingdom of Adiabene became Jewish. The great menorah depicted as a part of Titus triumph, was allegedly a gift from the queen of Adiabene. Incidentally, Adiabene is also an area where Tarsus, a city of Paul/Shaul, can be found. Could Paul mission have anything to do with Adiabene and with a lack of circumscision zeal there? Maybe Laurent Guyenot is not totally off the mark, just it was pharisees creating a missionary judaism without circumscision/judeochristianity, something for new converts among Herod’s neighbours, and not Saducees inflitrating Roman aristocracy.
    One millenium later, Adiabene became the county of Edessa, which could glue with the fact that crusaders were somehow interested in Jewish things in the Near East, the primary example of such policy being of course Templars.

    Jews in Cyrenaica? Possibly Carthaginian infilitration, since Cyrenaika was a Greek settlemet bordering Carthagina.
    The Jews in Egypt, outside Alexandria, were a progeny of Jewish military settlements (cleruchia) of Ptolemies. Funny how Jews, who cannot fight on Saturdays, were working as mercenaries.

    Jewish proselytizing did not take place on lower levels of society like the Christian one did, even if some say that the advantage of one free day in a week was the strong argument for Judaism. It is also even clear from Josephus that proselytizing was taking place in lands close to Palestine (Adiabene, Egypt-Cyrenaica), which supports the view that it was a part of dynastic policy of Hasmoneans. But there was not much proselytizing in the Hellenistic period, which could mean too that proselytizing was connected much more with judeochristianity than with rabbinic Judaism. It was often not clear for outsiders whether they were dealing with Jews or judeochristians.

    Well, I suppose the Kitos war (115-117) is a good test where Jews really were: in the East. However, it is a bit suspicious that Judea/Diaspora fighting was rarely coordinated and no volunteers were heading to Judea to fight Romans from the broader Jewish world. The first, the second, and third Jewish war originated and were fought in Palestine, whereas Kitos’ war main theaters were elsewhere. Would that mean Judaism of Palestine had susbstantianl differences with mainly Pharisean judaism of Diaspora? I find it entrely possible since we do not hear about Saducees, Essenes or Zealots outside of Palestine. It is also in line with Phoenician tradition of not fighting on their own, but of hiring mercenaries. All that meant that crypto-Phoenician Diaspora would not really support the Jews of Palestine in fighting. I would say Phoenicians were Jews of Diaspora par excellence, and not really interested in Palestine. Maybe it was they who created the rather positive ‘diaspora’ myth, whereas Jewish traditions speaks simply about the exile, which is a negative outlook.
    Since so much of Jewish life was centered on Jerusalem, don’t think large numbers of believing Jews would emigrate due to solely economic reasons.

  295. @Another Polish Perspective

    The very name ‘Frank’ was a name Askhenazim in Poland applied to Sephardi Jews, correctly recognizing them as coming from the West of Europe. In the same way, crusaders were often called ‘Franks’ by muslims, since they mainly came from France, at least the first ones.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  296. robwin says:

    Quite right. That was a terrific mini-series.

    • Thanks: Traddles
  297. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Sephardi Jews expelled from Spain and winding up in Turkey (where they mixed with the Romaniotes) reached also the Romanian Principalities of Valachia and Moldova (as agents of the Ottoman Empire, especially in financial problems*) were they were called invariably ‘Frânci’ to differentiate them from the ‘Jidovi/Jidani’ (жидовка / жид) of Eastern origin (Polish-Lithuanian). Jacob Leibowitz was a traveling merchant in textile and precious stones visiting often Ottoman territories, where he earned the nickname “Frank”, the general appellation for the ‘Westerners’ by the Turks. It doesn’t really say much about a supposed origin from there. All data indicate that his origin is in Ukraine, his area of activity is Galitian and Austrian.
    Sabbatianism being a millenarist/messianic movement had a large following, but after its condemnation by the Talmudic authorities and the apostasy to Islam of Sabbatai Zevi, going into ‘occultation’. That Frank’s conversion to Catholicism was as sincere as that of the Marranos, I have little doubt.
    Dobruska has nothing to do with Dobroudja. That ‘it could have’ is not a proof and in any case can’t be a base to build fantasist theories to suit your pet theories (it has nothing to do with the ‘Phoenicians’). It is much more plausible that the name has to do with the town of Dobruska in Bohemia, not far from Brno, where a Jewish community is recorded since 1666.
    And in any case it has nothing to do with Rakovski.

    *See for example the story of Joseph Nasi (1524, Portugal – 1579, Konstantiniyye), aka Joao Micas, the Portuguese Sephardi, member of the House of Mendes/Benveniste, who became an influential figure in the Ottoman Empire during the rules of both Sultan Suleiman I and his son Selim II and a ‘great benefactor of the Jewish people’. Negotiating peace with Poland and influencing the election of the Polish king. He was awarded the monopoly of the beeswax trade with Poland, and of the wine trade with Moldavia, and maneuvered in the latter country to keep princes favorable to his policies in power.

  298. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    I recall a story where Frank Zappa’s dog was growling at Bob Dylan and Frank quipped ~ “He doesn’t like Christians.” i.e. The dog may reflect the attitude of its master. And of course they pick up the fear of the stranger.

    Or something else. My mother got a rescue dog that would attack her at the strangest times, like when she tried to clean up its puke.

  299. @Seraphim

    Still, the Sephardim have a habit of suddenly appaearing somewhere and confusing their community. Inspired by Rakovsky, I looked up Spinoza again, and his Sephardm parents came to the Netherlands from Portugal just 17 years before Spinoza birth. Then, some of Spinoza family soon left Netherlands for Jamaica. I would say, they have a habit of ‘being on the move’, rememberng also how Einstein and his family travelled around Europe, cruising around South Germany (once, an area of many ritual sacrifice accusations), from Prague to Bern (Ulm- Monachium- Mediolan-Zürich-Aarau-Winterthur-Schaffhausen-Bern-Prague-Zürich-Berlin). In this sense, they are actually nomads.

    BTW, did you notice that if you count months, the Great Depression started (24.10.1929) on the anniversary of Spinoza birth (24.11.1632)…?

    Moldavia for a long time was a Polish-Ottomanian condominium (Both the sultan and the Polish king had to approve a hospodar), so it was an area of Polish influence. But the fact that for Frank Turkish was a favourite language up to the time of his examination by Polish Inquisition also confirms that most probably his direct circle was also Turkish-speaking Jews, i.e. Sephardi Jews. But even your example, Joao Micas, was buying monopolies, which I once pointed out as modus operandi of Phoenicians and Sephardi Jews. How both the Christian and Muslim rulers did not see that the policy of trading with monopolies (and preferring monopolies to free market) makes them hostages to Jews, and empowers Jews only, is beyond me.
    BTW, the biblical Jews never-ever tried in monopolies, only Phoenicians did.

    There were some Genovese colonies in Moldavia, so maybe there was some Phoenician influence. Frank’s obsession with Shekina could be a distant echo of the Phoenician devotion to Tanit.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  300. @thotmonger

    Never let a dog express hostility to a human being. It is like allowing your teenage son to grope girls; it won’t end well.
    I think that their is something to a dog wanting to read a human’s face but it can’t due to the skin tone. I’ve noticed a lot of dog breeds manage to break up the colors in the face with a straight line of white or beige running up the nose. I suspect but how would you prove it?
    I have never taught a dog to dislike anyone but I have noticed they naturally dislike blacks and police, some but not all, without any training or cues.
    I find certain dog breeds and pigs to be extremely intelligent. Cats are a different type of animal but again we have evolved with them for 5,000 yrs and they chose us! Supposedly that is why it is so hard to train them; strong independence streak. There are these types of civets cats that breeders have developed and they behave more like dogs; high affection and interaction, more responsive to training and food as a motivator.

  301. @Malla

    Can you point us to more info about the “Zio-controlled” Buddhists in Sri Lanka? OR more broadly about Jewish conduct in and around India being malevolent or parasitic? In the words of some learned East Indians?

    • Replies: @Malla
  302. In the meantime, the new party of autochtonous Arabs, Ra’am, is becoming a king-maker in the state of Israel. Taking into account that Hebrew has just one letter, aleph, for vowels, the name could probably be read as re’em, unicorn. Since the unicorn (together with griffin; isn’t some Harry Potter a member of the house of Gryffindor?) is a symbol of pre-Aryan cultures, it would mean Canaanites ruling Israel again!

    Besides, all signs point to the possibility of the state of Israel being prosecuted by a black female prosecutor of the International Criminal Court soon.

  303. @Another Polish Perspective

    I once met a Jewish girl who looked quite like her, especially with these large, green seductive eyes. She also was low on mimics, which could testify to her possible Neanderthel genes. Maybe there is something about the famous Khazar theory (the name ‘Kazan’ could be a derivative of Khazar, too).
    Overall, she was quite a pleasant girl, far away from the typical stereotype of bolsterous, loud, shrewdly Rachel.

    And again, Salammbo, for comparison:

  304. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    It’s confusing only when you confuse past situations with present ones.
    Rumelia was the general denomination of the Balkanic parts of the Ottoman Empire (Beylerbeylik or Eyalet of Rumeli). After the Berlin Congress 1878 and creation of the Bulgarian state, the name was restricted to ‘Eastern Rumelia’, the region south of the Balkan Mountains, annexed by Bulgaria in 1885.
    România is the official name of the state north of the Danube independent since 1877, which was granted by the Congress the Northern Dobruja (part of the ‘Eyalet of Silistra’ or Silistria, which was a division of the larger Eyalet of Rumeli) in exchange for the Budjak (Bessarabia) which was also part of the Eyalet of Silistria, ceded to the Principality Moldova by the Congress of Paris in 1856 but occupied by the Russians in 1878. The southern Dobruja was incorporated in Bulgaria. But what is today România (i.e. the former Principalities of Valachia and Moldova united in 1859 when it adopts the name of România, officially consecrated in the Constitution of 1866 and recognized internationally, was never part of the Eyalet of Rumeli. In fact the Principalities were vassal states of the Ottoman Empire, but never part of it. Turks were not permitted to settle in. And they never been part of Poland, despite a noticeable influence, both political and cultural.
    So, from 1878 onward the names Romania, Bulgaria, became designations of states of defined national entities. Rumelia remains only as a geographical and historical designation. Of course, use of ancient denominations were and still are invoked in territorial contests, especially in regions with mixed populations. Romania and Bulgaria went twice to war for ‘Dobruja’. Bulgaria with Greece and Serbia for ‘Macedonia’.
    Peoples go to wars over ‘incorrect’ names. Is it Gdansk or Danzig? Breslau or Wroclaw? You know better.

  305. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    I wonder where your obsession with Tanit comes from. Shekinah means ”presence or manifestation of God which has descended to ‘dwell’ among men” (in the Tabernacle, in the Temple, wherever the people of Israel is assembled in certain numbers). Its origin is strictly Biblical. Shunning the Gentiles, ”it rested solely among the Israelites, confining itself solely to those of this multitude who were of pure and therefore aristocratic lineage and who were wise, brave, wealthy, and tall”. It is actually the Holy Spirit. Idolatry and other sins (especially those associated with the Canaanites) cause the Shekinah to depart. A cult of a ‘Queen of Heavens’ was always viewed as an abomination and a cause of the departure of Shekinah from the first Temple (hence the punishment of the exile), it departed the Second Temple and returned with the Christ. That raises the problem of the ‘sincerity’ of Jews’ conversions.
    Sabbatianism is a messianic cult. Messianism is a Jewish phenomenon. The product of a Jewish frame of mind. Its themes are ‘redemption of Israel’ (without the Christ), ‘gathering of dispersed Jews in the Holy Land’, Tikkun Olam’ (Jews as ‘repairers of the world’ ‘by overcoming all forms of idolatry’, ‘model society’, Jews as “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation”, “a light of the nations” or “a light to the nations”, promoting everywhere ‘social justice’). Inevitably it had political, revolutionary and conspiratorial dimensions which attracted the suspicion and opposition of the authorities in place, Kings, Sultans as well as Rabbis who were not too keen to give up their leading positions. Sabbatai Zevi has all the marks of a religious charlatan riding on the wave of the messianic apocalyptic crazes that gripped the 17th century. Jacob Frank is not too far of the mark. But that they were secret worshipers of ‘Tanit’ is preposterous.

  306. @Another Polish Perspective

    Iconic scenes? It saddens me to recall it was Britt Ekland who acted in this anti Christian horror film. As if being the shiksa stripper in The Night They Raided Minsky’s was not degrading enough.

  307. @Seraphim

    Why Tannit?
    Because she is a remnant of the old past, a great goddess of pre-Aryan matriarchal culture, a child-eating goddess of Carthaginian tophet, like Kaali of Harappans in India. Maybe the only ‘living’ goddess(last seen in Kubrick’s “2001: Cosmic Odyssey’) like that who can be clearly identified.
    The Shekina problem is instructive: there is no reason for godly presence/Holy Ghost to be feminized, but it did. Similarly, there is no scriptural reason for a raving cult of Maria in Christianity (or even the cult of three Marias), but it starts in the 5th century in Phoenicina Tyre. I suppose the Kabbalist cult of Shekina in Judaism appeared in a similar way to the appearance of the cult of Maria in Christianity.
    There are no scriptural reasons either for the cult of Shekina or of Maria. Therefore, they must have been evolved remnants of old cults. Frank did not worship Tanit, but the evolved form of Tanit-as-Shekina.
    You should also take note that Tannit was translated by Greeks into Aphrodite, the goddess of love, not into Hera or Athene. Likewise three Marias could be read as three loves: erotic (so strong that Marie Magalene had to be refused with ‘Noli me tangere’ by Jesus, which in itself may be a hidden polemics with the cult of Maria Magdalene), maternal (Mary), and devotional (Mary Salome/ the annointing woman).
    Like an underground spring, the old cult themes are coming to the surface. Frank’s obsession with women centered on their sexual aspect: figuratively, it was inspired by Aphrodita, not by Athena or Artemis.
    The ambivalence surrounding the female element can be detected in two genealogies of Jesus too – one with women, another without them.

    According to Tokarczuk, Frank got really obsessed with Shekina when he was imprisoned in the monastey of Czestochowa, seeing her reflections in the ‘Dark Madonna’ icon of Czestochowa. The area itself is full caves, and he said that Shekina will appear ultimately from the underground through one of those caves.
    The resulting obsession with caves as ‘the dwelling places of Shekina’ on the side of Frank reminds us about the famous painting by a Venetian artists, Giorgione (It sounds a bit like Gorgon, mythological female monsters known since the beginning of Greek literature), known as ‘Three Philosophers’ of 1509. There are many interpretation of it, but I incline to one which says depicted are the great pantheists: Pythagoras, Maimonides, and a prototype of Freemason.
    What no one is talking about, though, is that they are standing close to the cave/pit. That obviously reminds us about ‘the pit’ of Revelation, as well as the expression ‘Sons of the Pit’ used by thQumran Essene community to denote their opponents.

    Millenarism was popular in Christianity too, just around the 1000 year. The results were crusades, and Holy Grail legends (well, if Christ did not really come on clouds, maybe he came down as Holy Grail). In fact, it is interesting that millenarism did not return around the 2000 year. Christians must no more long for the return of Christ.

    • LOL: ivan
  308. @Another Polish Perspective

    If you look closely, you will see that Pythagoras holds a drawing of Crescent Moon and Sun which could create the sign of Tanit, if you rotate the drawing by 90 degrees, 90 degrees implied by the tools of the young man in green ( note the green elements of the previously posted here (comment 216) picture of ‘Laura’ by the same artists, where the depicted plant could be actually accacia, a known masonic symbol).

  309. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    He didn’t help because at that time Stalin was a devotee of the principle of “revolution in one country”. This perhaps was to distinguish himself from Trotsky who was a votary of “world revolution”. Tukhachevsky although from the minor nobility himself was perhaps the most nihilistic of the lot. In addition Stalin was not inclined to operate under anyone’s shadow. Trotsky was the leader of the Red Army . It doesn’t take much to realise that Stalin had no desire to help his nemesis at any point. In any case Stalin was no great strategist at that point and was not fully committed to anything except the power struggle within the Communist Party.

  310. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    So, I was right after all. It is not about Tanit, Phoenicians, Jews, Frank, Rothschilds. What is in the back of your mind is the ‘Explanation’ of Christianity without Jesus Christ ”the Son of God, the only-begotten, begotten of the Father before all ages. Light of light; true God of true God; begotten, not made; of one essence with the Father, by Whom all things were made; Who for us men and for our salvation came down from Heaven, and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and became man”.
    ”I have seen a man who seemed to himself to be wise; but a fool had more hope than he”.

  311. Malla says:

    Can you point us to more info about the “Zio-controlled” Buddhists in Sri Lanka?

    There was a documentary on Iranian Press TV about the rise of the fundamentalist Buddhist BBS or Buda Bala Sena (‘Buddhist Power Force’) in Sri Lanka. They were quite anti-Muslim as well as anti-Christian, basically the Buddhist version of the Hindutva RSS of Sri Lanka I cannot find it now. In that a non BBS Buddhist monk told the journalist about Zionist backing (or creation) of the Buddhist fundamentalists.

    In the words of some learned East Indians?

    I do not have much right now except this
    In the 1920’s , the Maharajah of Kashmir asked Sir Arthur Lothian, “why the British government was establishing a ‘Yehudi ka Raj’ (Rule of the Jews) in India?”. The Viceroy of India then , Lord Reading, was a Jew, the Secretary of State of India at that period, Mr. Edwin Montague, was a Jew, the High Commissioner, Sir William Meyer, was a Jew.

  312. @Seraphim

    I said nothing about Jesus ( well, Turin shroud looks for me like a pretty good proof of the essential element of the story).
    I said something about Maria, Maria, and Maria.
    Looks like you too are devoted more to Marias (well, doesn’t Marias trinity reflect the Trinity of God?) than to Jesus himself: a common problem in many Christian denominations, and the open way to Christian crypto-pantheism as advocated by Laurent Guyenot.
    Take ‘the Mother’ away and people get crazy. No wonder it sometimes ends in tophet. I am more and more convinced that the roots of this traditional ‘cult of woman’ are deeper than Christianity itself. Unassailability of women, implicit superiority of women in the end generated feminism. The implicit message is that women are perfect, and men imperfect. Eva good, Adam bad, contrary to the Scripture.
    But then, why is then Jesus ‘Son of Man’ (BTW an epithet you do not hear much in the Church nowaday), and not ‘Son of Woman’…?

    At least the Greeks knew the notion of a bad mother, like Medea was.

    And besides, didn’t Jesus himself said that family love is conditional (Matthew 5:30)?

  313. @Alfred

    Saint Catherine’s Monastery near Mount Sinai

    I don’t know what it’s like on the Sinai Peninsula first-hand, but the idea that Christian monks keep pigs is preposterous. Monks don’t eat meat.

    • Thanks: ivan
  314. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    You are telling too many lies here. Mary the Mother of Jesus lived with some of the Apostles. After she died she was bodily assumed into Heaven. You may or may not believe in this story, but it certainly dates from the first or second century AD and certainly not from the 5th century AD as you imply.

    The Shekina is personified as a woman because Wisdom is personified as a woman in the Bible. Wisdom being of the highest good as God commended in Solomon. Wisdom who waits at the city gate early in the morning for her lover, in a clear allusion to the need to seek her early in the morning with prayer and meditation . But all too often men instead prefer to think of sex at that hour. As I heard in a sermon once, the first thought that occurs when one thinks , getting up in the middle of the night, represents the actual ‘god’ that rules one’s life.

  315. @Another Polish Perspective

    The indirect proof of Christianity authenticity could be the fact that that are Marys who try to jump on the bandwaggon of Jesus, and not vice versa.
    Moreover, whereas Jesus do not wish to be touched by Mary Magdalene, he invites Saint Thomas to do exactly this. Similar problem of keeping women at bay was present in the early Buddhism, which at least avoided the problem of holy mothers, holy wifes, and holy daughters; in other words, a genealogical hook for heresy. If at least Marys apart Mary the mother had other names… but apparently the goal of the party of Marys was to make theme in one big goddess, a trinity counterbalancing the Holy Trinity of God.

    What can happen when this tendency is allowed to run wild, can be seen in Islam: Shiism is essentially a party of the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima (Ali would be no one without her). In my opinion, Christianity tried to achieve the same with Mary Magdalene, and its sequitur, the legend of Holy Grail, aka the Holy progeny of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In the end, that luckily generated maybe just a small schism of Gallicanism.
    Unlike in Islam with Fatima, the teleological reasons for Mariolatry were not actualized, so to say. It is also interesting that in Islam, with Fatima annointing, the mother of Muhammad himself, Amina, descended to relatively low posititon: there can be one queen only, and that was Fatima.

  316. @ivan

    Yes, the story of Mary the mother appears together with Christianity, but her cult starts only in the 5th century, which clearly means that it wasn’t a part of the original Christian doctrine. It seems the cult was introduced on the account of the general development of the cult of saints in late antiquity. But even that does not explains her clearly superior position in comparison to other saints. Mary was ‘pure’ ? Well, Noah was pure too, and didn’t become a saint.

    As for Mary Magdalene? In the light of the nature of her cult, she clearly seems to be a plug introduced in order to hijack Christianity with the help of ‘bloodline’, in the way Ali hijacked Islam with the help of Fatima ‘bloodline’. Now the important question: Who is obsessed with ‘bloodlines’…? Someone who possess them. You find ‘the bloodline’, you find cui bono.

    As for the third Mary, Mary Salome? Already her second name seems to be mocking Saint John the Baptist, recalling this saint nemesis. She is supposed to annoint Jesus with spikenard oil. I couldn’t find the symbolic/occult meaning for spikenard (which however, comes from India: was it used by Harappans?), but the fact that spikenard is a part of the Pope Francis coat of arms (together with the Star of Ishtar), is already suspicious. Symbolically, the annointing through spikenard by Mary Salome could be seen as UN-DOING of Christ baptism by St John the Baptist, especially as her second name is Salome.

  317. @Another Polish Perspective

    Actually Pope Francis later exchanged the 8-arms Star of Ishtar for the classical pentagram-based star of Kabbalah.

  318. @Another Polish Perspective

    Taking into account that the spikenard story appears only in Marc among synoptics, it could be a covert reference to Ham (knowing tham for Ham was Marcus, for Shem -Matthew, for Japhet – Luke), of the same kind the reference to ‘Marcus’ on the banner of Venice is.

  319. Rdm says:

    Hey Chris,

    Do you plan to write

    1. James Holmes, PhD student shot up in Colorado theatre, killing 12 [2012]
    2. Dylann Roof killed 9 prayers in Charleston Church [2015]
    3. Stephen Paddock, killed 61 people in Nevada [2017]
    4. Patrick Crusius, killed 23 people at Walmart, El Paso [2019]
    5. Robert Long, killed 8 people in Spa [2021]

    It’s not a complete list yet, but they all represent some kind of pattern, don’t they?

  320. Seraphim says:

    These people of feminist ‘Another perspectives’ are, perhaps unconsciously (their ignorance of Christianity – and really of the ‘esoteric’ lore that they pretend to know -, is too great to realize their blasphemies against the Mother of God Prechistaya) votaries of the ”Woman arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus”.
    Better ignore them. You can’t discuss with them.

  321. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    The reason for Mary’s exalted status is that she is one who unhesitatingly obeyef God, to the foot of the Cross. For that reason she is the model of obedient and long suffering Christian faith, but ultimately triumphant over death. From the time of Jesus’ conception to His death and everywhere in between she would be His greatest disciple. A model for , Christians.

    Mary Magdala is a “woman who loved much”. Fairly obviously she does not touch Jesus except to wipe His feet, if indeed she is that same woman. Even the apostles in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar understood that consorting with “women of her kind” causes a scandal.

    The rabbit hunt over Mary Salome may amount to something if that is indeed the name of the woman who broke the nard of perfume over Jesus’ head to the consternation of the miserly Judas.

  322. ivan says:

    Sir, you are clearly an authority on these matters. PP is more of an all round dilettante. I wanted to write more but my wife told me of the sad news of the suicide of two young girls

    It seems to be a clear case of the victims being brainwashed by false teachings :
    At least one of the girls is a Christian.

    I am going lay low on matters that I do not really understand for now.

  323. Seraphim says:

    I was inspired by the fact that tomorrow is the Благовещение Пресвятой Богородицы (Annunciation) on the true Orthodox Calendar. She is so exalted because she became the ‘container of the God Whom nothing can contain’, ‘most glorious dwelling of Him Who is above the seraphim’.

    All of creation rejoices in you, O full of grace,
    the ranks of Angels and the human race;
    hallowed Temple and spiritual Paradise, glory of Virgins;
    from you God was incarnate,
    and He, who is our God before the ages, became a little child.
    for He made your body a throne
    and made your womb more spacious than the heavens.
    All of creation rejoices in you, O full of grace;
    glory to you!
    There is little doubt that the author of this hymn was St. Basil the Great (330-379 AD).

    Most holy Theotokos, save us!

  324. @ivan

    I am not a dilettante, I am trained historian of antiquity. I also studied early Christianity.
    I did not study frankism or Romanian history professionally, I give you that.
    But if you prefer sola fide, it is your choice.
    And certainly I am not “a woman in purple’. I am not even a man in purple 😉 You better take note what Angela Merkel (Angela the fallen angel hahaha)
    and her friend in arms, Ursula von der Leyen wear now.
    Red & Red.

    • Thanks: ivan
  325. @Seraphim

    I thought you are more a historian (even if a ‘confessional historian’, as it is known in trade) than a believer, but unfortunately, you are a believer above else.
    You won’t discuss because you simply won’t accept some arguments. Did you read Qumran documents, by the way…?

    Well, at least you agree that danger comes from woman.
    Did you consider that “a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication” could be a Holy Grail, a symbol of bloodline policy, or “filthiness of her fornication” …..?! Overall, why are fornication and sexual sins so important in the Scripture?

  326. @Seraphim

    Basil the Great, from Cappadoccia, bordering Phrygia, a place which generated Phrygian cap of the French Revolution, the cult of the Great Mother Kybele, and the montanist heresy which elevated women!

    Was Basil the Great working on smuggling the Great Mother Kybele into Christianity…?

    In his early life in Cappadocia Julian the Apostate got so disgusted with Christians that he lost his Christian faith there. And Julian knew Basil the Great there !

    • Replies: @ivan
  327. Malla, are you aware of any special symbolism (especially ancient one) of spikenard (Sanskrit: naladam) in Indian culture?
    It is a plant which actually comes from India.
    In antiquity, was it so expensive in India as in the Mediterranean ?

    • Replies: @Malla
  328. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Interesting stuff from a book by Indian Nationalist Brahmin Bal Gandadhar Tilak. Tilak was very anti-British and anti-Muslim. From his book “Arctic Home in Vedas”
    “Indo-Aryans: Indra kills Vritra, the coverer, the serpent

    Zoroastrian: Thraetona kills Ahi (serpent) Zahhak.

    Celts: Cuchulainn, the Sunhero, is described as having a wife, who is variously named as Emer, Ethne Ingubai. Battle of Moytura and also of the fight between Labraid of the Swift Hand on the Sword, king of an, Irish Hades, whom Cuchulainn goes to assist, and his enemies called the Men of Fidga. They were fought on the eve of November, “when the Celtic year began with the ascendancy of the powers of darkness.

    Greek: Herakles rescues the cows and his wives are Auge (sun-light), Xanthis (yellow), Chrysêis (golden), Iole (violet), Aglaia (resplendent), and Eône, which cannot be separated from Eos, dawn. The story of Persephone, daughter of Zeus carried away by Pluto, who was, however, able to retain her at his side only for six months in the year. We might also cite in this connection the legend of Demeter or Mother Earth, who is said to rejoice for six months in the presence of Proserpine, the green herb, her daughter, and for six months regret her absence in dark abodes beneath the earth.

    Irish: Diarmait’s death meant the eve of November of All-Halloween, the night before the Irish Samhain. The Lammas fairs and meetings forming the Lugnassad in ancient Ireland. This is known in Welsh as Nos Galangaeaf, or the Night of the winter Calends, the time when they thought the goblins (demons, dasas, dasyus) appeared. Tthe final crushing of Fomori and Fir Bolg, the death of their king and the nullifying of their malignant spells, and as the triumphant return of Lug with peace and plenty to marry the maiden Erinn. The story of Gwin and Gwythur, who fought for the same damsel, and between whom peace was made on the condition that they were to fight for the damsel “on the Calends of May every year thenceforth till the Day of Doom, and he who should prove victorious on the Day of Doom was to take the Damsel to wife.” This is interpreted by Prof. Rhys to mean that “the Sun-god would recover his bride at the beginning of summer after his antagonist had gained possession of her at the beginning of winter.

    Norse: The great feast of the Norsemen occupied three days called the Winter Nights and began on the Saturday falling on or between the 11th and the 18th of October.

    As regards the ancient Greek calendar, Prof. Rhys has shown that the old year ended with the festival of Apaturia and the new one began with the Chalceia, an ancient feast in honor of Hephæstus and Athene, the exact date being the ènu kai nea of the month of Pyanepsion, that is, approximately the last day of October. Prof. Rhys then compares the Celtic feast of the Lugnassad with the Greek festival named Panathenæa, and the feast on the Calends of May with the Athenian Thargelia, and concludes his comparison of the Celtic and the Greek calendar by observing that “a year which was common to Celts with Greeks is not unlikely to have once been common to them with some or all other branches of the Aryan family.”

  329. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    He also mentions the geographical conditions of the Arctic Aryan homeland where the sun went below the horizon for a long period (still known in Hinduism as ‘Ati-Ratra’). Aryan performed the various night-sacrifices (Ratri-Kratu) which included the famous horse sacrifice (Ashwamedha Yajna) to make Indra stronger so that he can defeat the abductors of the sun, so that the sun comes back bringing with him light, heat, waters and therefore vegetation on earth so that the Aryan cattle could fatten on it. The coming up of Sun after the long absence on the day of vernal equinox was the beginning of the Aryan New Year and that of their ritual cycle. In Hinduism the names of these celestial enemies: Vritra, Namuchi, Shushna, Shambara, Vala, Pipru, Kuyava, Arbuda, Svarabhanu, etc. They were the denizen of the Aryan ‘nether-world’ (tisrah prîthivih adhah).
    From his book
    “But if an express passage be still needed to prove conclusively that the region below the earth was known to the Vedic bards, we refer to VII, 104, 11, where the bard prays for the destruction of his enemies and says, “Let him (enemy) go down below the three earths (tisrah prîthivih adhah).” Here the region below the three earths is expressly mentioned; and since the enemy is to be condemned to it, it must be a region of torment and pain like the Hades. In X, 152, 4, we read, “One who injures ms, let him be sent to the ‘nether darkness’ (adharam tamah),” and, comparing this with the last passage, it is evident that the region below the earth was conceived as dark.

    In III, 73, 21, we have, “Let him, who hates us, fall downwards (adharah),” and in 11, 12, 4, the brood of the Dasyu, whom Indra killed, is said to be “sent to the unknown nether world (adharam guhâkah).” These passages directly show that region below the earth was not only known to the Vedic bards, but was conceived as filled with darkness, and made the scene of India’s tight with Vṛitra. It may, however, be alleged that “below the three earths” may simply mean underneath the surface of the earth. But, in that case, it was not necessary to speak of all the three earths, and since we are told that the region is below all the three earths, it can refer only to the nether world.

    This is further proved by the passage which describes what is above the three earths. The expression, corresponding to tisrah prîthivih adhah or “the region below the three earths,” will be tisrah prîthivih upari or the region above the three earths,” and as a matter of fact this expression is also found in the RigVeda. Thus in I, 34, 8, we are told that “the Ashvins, moving above the three earths (tisrah prîthivih upari), protect the vault or the top of heaven (divo nâkam) through days and nights”; and Ashvins are said to have come on their car from a distant region (parâvat) in the preceding verse of the same hymn. The phrase divo nâkam occurs several times in the Rig-Veda and means the top or the vault of the heaven. Thus in IV, 13, 5, the sun is said to guard (pâti) the vault of the heaven (divo nâkam); and as regards the threefold division of the earth it is mentioned in several places in the RigVeda (I, 102, 8; IV, 53, 5; VII, 87, 5), and also in the Avesta (Yt. XIII, 3; Yasna, XI, 7). In IV, 53, 5, this three-fold division is further extended to antariksha, rajas, rochana and dyu or heaven.”

  330. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    And check this out, I had written about the Dasyus, Dasas or Das who were the priestly elites of the Harrapans whom the Indo-Aryans conquered and started calling ‘dasas’ as slaves which exists to this day in Northern European Languages. Well the Iranians/Persians had a term for Dashyu too. but since ‘s’ in Sanskrit becomes ‘h’ in Persian, they were called Dahyu.
    From Encyclopedia Iranica

    DAHYU (OIr. dahyu-), attested in Avestan dax́iiu-, daŋ́hu- “country” (often with reference to the people inhabiting it; cf. AirWb., cot. 706; Hoffmann, pp. 599­-600 n. 14; idem and Narten, pp. 54-55) and in Old Persian dahyu- “country, province” (pl. “nations”; Gershevitch, p. 160). The term is likely to be con­nected with Old Indian dásyu “enemy” (of the Ary­ans), which acquired the meaning of “demon, enemy of the gods” (Mayrhofer, Dictionary II, pp. 28-29). Because of the Indo-Iranian parallel, the word may be traced back to the root das-, from which a term denot­ing a large collectivity of men and women could have been derived. Such traces can be found in Iranian languages: for instance, in the ethnonym Dahae “men” (cf. Av. ethnic name [fem. adj.] dāhī, from dåŋ́ha-; AirWb., col. 744; Gk. Dáai, etc.), in Old Persian dahā “the Daha people” (Brandenstein and Mayrhofer, pp. 113-14), and in Khotanese daha “man, male” (Bailey, Dictionary, p. 155).

  331. @Malla

    I would disagree that Celts are Aryans, however.
    The names like ‘Cuchulainn’ sound similar to South American/Aztec names like ‘Huitzilopochtli’ and so on.
    Kinship would explain human sacrifice by both cultures, too.

    As for Greece, it is mixture of Indoeuropeans like Dorians and pre-Indoeuropean cultures, like Mycean and Minoan ones. Their organization around palaces seems to be akin to city-oriented Harappans.
    On a legendary plane, both Europa and Kadmos were actually Phoenicians.
    Kadmos went into Greece when he looked for his sister Europa. ‘The rape of Europe’ myth could be a transfiguration of the Dorian invasion, maybe.
    In historiography, there is a controversial ‘Black Athena’ thesis of Martin Bernal, who claims that a great deal of Greek heritage comes from Africa and Asia, actually. Well, you could certainly ask why you could find Thebes both in Egypt and in Greece (where it was the city of Kadmos). Besides, it was Thebes which introduced a band of homosexual lovers as a cornerstones of their elite unit (The Sacred Band).

  332. @Malla

    In European mythology, the legendary land of the northern civilization (but this civiliation aspect wasn’t so strong as with Atlantis) was called Hyperborea. Sometimes Swedes were called ‘Hyperboreans’.

    The theory of three earths certainly sounds interesting, but I have no idea why ‘earths’ (continents ?) and why three. Hades aka Tartar seems to be some version of a hollow Earth theory.

  333. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Malla, are you aware of any special symbolism (especially ancient one) of spikenard (Sanskrit: naladam) in Indian culture?

    Sorry bud, nothing much.

    BTW, what do you think about this? Aratta, the origins of the Sumerians found.

    Pre-Sumerian Civilizations of Ancient Ukraine – Tim & Heatherlee Hooker Megalithomania Interview

    Megalithic Discoveries in Ukraine: Lee & Tim Hooker – FULL LECTURE – Megalithomania 2009

    Lost connections to the origins of the magnificent super-cultures of Sumer and India are explored and restored in this fresh, personal perspective on the remarkable megalithic cultures of Ukraine. This territory was the site of the most enormous ancient cities on Earth associated with Aratta, the first recorded state in history and the fabled homeland of the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. This talk introduces the Trypillian civilization; Neolithic Vedic serpent graves; the Serpent’s Wall; Druidic ceremony at the vast megalithic temple sanctuary of Stone Grave; the False Mountain of Enlila and the granite sanctuary-observatory of Steppe pyramid (still venerated by Tibetan llamas).
    More here

  334. @Another Polish Perspective

    The connection between Phoenicians, Kadmos, Moon (to be followed by Kadmos in order to find a place for Thebes), and progeny of “dragon teeth” creates a bridge to the imagery of dragon and Apollyon in Revelation of Saint John.
    Similarly, the immortal backers of Troians (pre-Indoeuropeans) are Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Ares.
    We are living in a culture which could be described by the worship of theses four gods: respectively, love, craftsmanship &arts, ecology & nature, war.

  335. Alfred says:

    One gets the cluster of diseases known as AIDS through anal intercourse. It’s largely a homosexual disease and is positively correlated with promiscuity.

    So black Africans like to bugger their women but north Africans don’t? 🤣

    Or is it all because there are lots of homosexuals in black Africa but very few in North Africa?

    No my dear Ivan. The big difference is that people in the Middle East practice circumcision. Black Africans do not. I venture to guess that north Africans have more man-to-man sex than in black Africans. In some black African tribes, they murder boys who are believed to be homosexual. But that is not something that you will find in your NYT. 🙂

    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Majority of One
  336. ivan says:

    Bro don’t you wash that part of your anatomy at least once a day, during your ablutions. That is all the hygiene that is needed. If you don’t you are gonna reek of the urinal in a day.

    I am glad you brought up the topic of AIDS in Africa. If you read this book AIDS : The Failure of Contemporary Science
    by Neville Hodgkinson as I had in 1997 after listening to and reading much rubbish about AIDS, it was a complete eye-opener as to the alternative
    explanations that existed. I was up to speed with all the articles in SciAm and the NYT (through the IHT which was published in India in the 80s), but they did not carry even a hint that there existed alternative explanations for the aetiology of AIDS. So much for scientific objectivity. The book describes among other things the miscounting, the misunderstandings and downright lies that characterised the narrative around AIDS, especially in Africa.

    Notice that in the above map Mozambique has almost no AIDS? It is part of Black Africa too. Yet it reports zero cases. How can that be when they have a large pool of migrant workers in South Africa too? I suggest that you take all these maps with a large grain of salt, for the statistics are totally unreliable and the tests they ran in Africa – the ELISA test – gave too many false positives, and in fact is susceptible to pick up other the detritus of other virii such as the malaria one as a marker for AIDS.

    So my advice remains : Give up promiscuity and stay away from buggery. After all in the early days the joke around AIDS, is that it stood for Anally Injected Death Sentence.

    Actually it sounds even better in my native Malayalam : Assenethil Iddichethnu Devanthinda Shiksha, – which in direct translation reads Rear Ending, God’s Punishment.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  337. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    My dear academic joker, now you’ve gone and really done it. Even I know that Basil (who has a feast day in January) and his brothers are honoured as the Cappadocian Fathers (with their elder sister Macrina as an eminence grise) for their work in integrating Greek philosophy into Christian theology. In addition the whole family lived saintly lives – is it any wonder than an apostate like Julian fled from their odour of sanctity as a vampire flees the Cross?

    In Christian theology both philosophy and religion are considered pathways to the Truth, with of course the last mile being covered by faith alone

    Incidentally as I don’t have to tell you Jaroslav Pelikan converted to Orthodoxy from his Lutheran upbringing, late in life.

  338. ivan says:

    The Holy Mother is the most effective missionary for Christ there is. In Islamic countries, where every avenue of theological entries are blocked by their adamantine insistence that Jesus was no more than a prophet, she appears in dreams to women in difficulties and through the amelioration of the same bring them closer to Christ. In India, Hindus flock to the shrines devoted to Mary to ask for favours and they seem to be answered at a better rate, than that of Catholics according to some wags.

    • Agree: Seraphim
  339. @Alfred

    As should be expected Bantu tribes are all over the map when it comes to circumcision. Neonatal cutting is nothing less than unwarranted and unjustified battery sexual abuse of innocents.

    Among many tribal entities in New Guinea, the practice has become part of manhood initiation and though it is heavily recommended, it may or may not be mandatory in all these disparate cultures. As having a tribal-adhesion purpose and because there is little or no effect on the subconscious mind; the custom is not particularly despicable. Similar cultural memes also hold in the Philippines across many religious and cultural boundaries. Generally there, the procedure is done at the age of 12 or 13 and is probably a holdover from ancient tribal rituals.

    Noticing where Chad and Gambia, both heavily Islamic, are outliers in the circ map. Here again, one size does not fit all.

    Medical practitioners, particularly in the U$, are no longer in most instances independent operators. As they work in huge HMO’s and with many in governmental slots; their findings and attitudes as to circumcision having a positive role in dealing with AIDS is somewhat open to question. Just now noticed Ivan’s deeply informed response, so will leave the stage to him.

  340. @ivan

    Ivan, it appears that you may be somewhat of an orthodox, Orthodox Constantinian Christian Creationist. How do you explain that men too, have a “G” spot?

    As the prostate gland extends into the lowest intestinal tract, it has nerve-ending receptors to internal massaging. I read some pages relating to French prostitutes in Marseilles, who back in the days of sailing ships, received the bulk of their clientele from horny sailors on shore leave. Two things sailors do when they hit port. First, they are off to a bar and get smashed and second they hit the building with the red light in the windows.

    Too much to drink and the seamen became a bit erectively challenged. Over time, the word got around in those “houses of ill repute”. So they kept a candle handy close to their base of operations. Whenever necessary those handy little tools allowed those seamen to dispense of their semen and leave the premises in fine fettle.

    • Replies: @ivan
  341. @Rdm

    The pattern is mk ultra/perfidious judaica/msm bullshit.

    Tell me about the rabbits George.

  342. Seraphim says:

    This is a hard take for ‘Another Perpectives’. It requires at least a modicum of advanced schooling and overcoming their sexual obsessions.

  343. ivan says:
    @Majority of One

    Sir I am a Catholic. While not a Six Day Creationist, I do believe that the essential body plans in the animal kingdom are already preset from some ages ago. Evolution as it happens involved relatively trivial matters such as skin colour and the size of beaks. It is similar to the “evolution” that happens with the Covid virii. It is deeply deceptive of the evolutionists to push such trivia as evidence of the much more challenging issue of the maintenance and change of overall form.

    When one expels matter from the body one experiences pleasure. The whole urino-genital area is covered with nerves to experience this. Fairly obviously the perverted minds of humans can find ways to fetishsise this into perversions. St Paul alluded to men who use other men as women , in many cases to the exclusion of women as particularly reprobate. As everyone knows the “libido dominandis” , the will to dominate is legion among the prison population in the great US of A, this being of the highest pleasure to them rather anything to do with nerve endings. It is the ritual humiliation of those who take up the female position that drives all these butch perverts.

    Sailors are vulnerable to abuse if the commanding officers are scum themselves. As they said long ago: The Royal Navy was run on ‘rum, sodomy and the lash’. In the fishing fleets run by Koreans, feminising the Indonesian and others who were the deck hands was rampant. Basically there seems to be countless men will abuse other more vulnerable men when they are out of earshot of civilisation.

    • Agree: Seraphim
  344. ivan says:

    I would not want this to be interpreted as some sort of manifesto against homosexuals in general only the Pink Lobby. I’ve known homosexuals since my schooldays, and they are no different from the rest when it comes to general characteristics such as their kindness, their propensity to violence, their fears and hopes and the rest of it.

  345. The symbol of Carthagine today in Denver International Airport: a blue horse, aka Blucifer (Blue Lucifer).
    Note that its ears actually look like a mini horn, so it could be seen as unicorn too.
    The unicorn symbolized independence (also from gods), which is obviously evoked by this horse posture.

    DEN is a Phoenician den, not an Aryan den as some like to think; swastika too is pre-Aryan.

  346. @Malla

    It is hard to judge, but I am SLIGHTLY inclined that it is NOT pre-Summer, 60% probability this is not about Sumer.
    I am not an expert in neolith, I have always avoided this mess of cultures where every new ceramic pattern is moulded into a new culture. Also, if you find a new ceramic pattern, it can mean a new culture/settlement, or trade.
    The basic difference between history and archeology is that the former is primarily based on written sources, the latter on material sources.

    Reasons why it is not Summer:
    1) they said the “script” which was found definitely has no wedges, so it is not cuneiform. Wedges are essential element of cuneiform writing.

    2) There is no reason to move from Ukraine to Sumer. Ukraine is, in fact, quite different geographical area. Even if something catastrophic happened there, Ukraine preserved its habitability much better than Sumer.

    3) By talking about Dalai-Lama coming there, they partly disclose their agenda, which is centerd on few civilizations which were allegedly founded by
    “fallen angels”, which would be Tibet, Lebanon, Babilon (but not Sumer), Egypt, Atlantis. The name “Arrata” is similar to the mythical Tibetan kingdom of “Agharta”.Did Dalai-Lama come to Sumer too? No.

    4) “completely peaceful”, Earth goddess, Malta temples connection, trade not war…. those are currently code-words for pre-Aryan civilization in general. I can’t get how they connect “completely peaceful” and “women”, but this is of course the part of modern agenda too. Trading instead warring too.

  347. @Another Polish Perspective

    Obviously their exact reading of the names of gods as Sumerian ones is dependent on their deciphering script which is nothing sure here.

    You could obviously ask why they look for Sumerian connection. Well, since Sumer is recognized as the “first” civilization of our age, that would make Sumer a descendant of matriarchal, peace-loving, trade-seeking, Earth goddess people!
    Ergo: we were somehow hoodwinked in patriarchy, but our heritage is matriarchy!

  348. @ivan

    Homosexuality is so unnatural it cannot be simply explained by libido dominandi. Despite great efforts, homosexuality in nature has not been confirmed except in incidental way.
    As far as its cultural aspect, male homosexuality (passive one) could be reduced to the problem of fallen angels too, especially since one of its synonims is derivative of “Sodom”.
    As we know, fallen angels were to be god-like figures who lusted after earthly women.
    Such a situation invariably elevated females over males, since the former were closer to gods. A simple solution to such an imbalance would be for males to become like women, so they too could engage in close carnal relationship with immortals, aka sacred prostitution.
    If we agree that many cult practices were founded as cargo cults, in sacred prostitution, a male would play a god, a woman – his mate. The fact that a sacred prostitute was obliged to accept almost anyone who wanted her, would point to the elevated position of god/ male.

    In his novel Flaubert conspicuosly depicts a statue of Tanit as a bearded woman. It is still a woman, not a man (no penis), but certain elements of hermaphroditism are present.

  349. @Another Polish Perspective

    ‘Fat, bearded, and with eyelids downcast, she looked as though she were smiling, while her hands were crossed upon the lower part of her big body, which was polished by the kisses of the crowd. ‘

    Tanit from ‘Salammbo’ by Flaubert

  350. Malla says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    You have interesting points but I would disagree on one.

    2) There is no reason to move from Ukraine to Sumer. Ukraine is, in fact, quite different geographical area. Even if something catastrophic happened there, Ukraine preserved its habitability much better than Sumer.

    Actually, Northerners conquering rich agricultural land in the “Middle Zone” (in which the Indus valley Civilization, Tigris Euphrates, Nile, Anatolia, Iran are located) and maybe becoming the ruling elites is very common in history. In some cases Southerners conquered this fertile crescent zone too like the Arabs from the Arab peninsula during the spread of Islam.

  351. @Another Polish Perspective

    Woo Woo. There is not one single known contemporary or past human culture where historians and anthropologists have not encountered samesex eroticism. Your religious perspectives are based on the Constantinian MagickMindfuck. Creator obviously would not have allowed for this persistent trait unless there was some deep cultural need for those who stand outside the family circle and can thusly add fresh perspectives to an otherwise possibly stagnant society.

  352. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Libido Dominandis explains the major part of the prevalence of the phenomenon of the dominant /submissive behavior we see among that section of the population. Among the higher primates, our so-called cousins according the Darwinists, the loser in a fight for dominance acknowledges it by showing his posterior to the winner. God in His wisdom arranged this to prevent further violence. The point of the violence after all is to gain access to fertile females.

    But only in the perverted minds of mankind, would the propensity to dominate lead to a fetisising of the same into a vicious and sadistic form that underlies a whole subculture, which now threatens normal society as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    The words of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ on these matters cannot be gainsaid: …For it is from within him (the sinner) that murder, fornication, impiety comes from (and not from without)..

    • Agree: Seraphim
  353. @Majority of One

    Oh no, not again this idea that guys are somehow especially creative etc. BTW, look at yourself, for support you bring an idea that is deeply rooted in what you call Christian Mindfuck too, namely, that all creation is ultimately good (‘Creator obviously would not have allowed…’).

    There were many historical societies where we have no records of homosexuality, e.g. ancient Mongols.
    The Chans were not Christian and punished sodomy by death. Lack of tolerance towards sodomy is hardly Christian.

    Nowadays, most Blacks in Africa are strongly anti-gay, as you probably know.

  354. @Another Polish Perspective

    I meant ‘gays’, of course, not ‘guys’ in the first sentenece of the comment no. 363-

  355. @ivan

    Libido dominandi is focused on males playing active part, whereas homosexual culture is determined by its feminine aspect. It is a way to become a female, not a male. The end result is changing of sex, or casstration (in the past).
    Also, for homosexuals their behaviour has no reproductive value whatsoever.
    So I don’t think libido dominanidi is a good explanation of the phenomenon, except maybe in prisons where it is one of few ways open to prisoners to show their domination.

  356. @Another Polish Perspective

    Also, in prisons it is used essentially to degrade someone, which I don’t really think is the main goal of homosexuals after all.

  357. @Another Polish Perspective

    “We have no records…” Is that the Imperial WE, or do you have significant data to back up that asservation? What is it with you people who are stuck in this realm of homophilophobia? Also, what is so “holy” about Constantine’s bible? You seem mired in the morass of Roman imperialism.

    • Troll: Seraphim
  358. @ivan

    Alexander Dugin agrees with me on certain ambiquity of Cappadocian Fathers:

    ‘The teaching of the Cappadocian or Palamite Fathers does not completely conflict with pagan norms, but only transforms pre-Christian archetypes in Orthodox contexts.’

    ‘….transforms pre-Christian archetypes in Orthodox contexts.’ = creates the cult of Mary(s)

    Alexander Dugin is a crypto-pagan, and of course, a fighter of Great Mother, smuggled as I said by Basil the Great, among others. But like attracts like.

    ‘It is the truth that the West has plunged into its depths, it is the truth about salvation, the transformation of the world, a new pleroma, a new quality of being, resurrection from the dead, the transformation of bodies, the sunlight that should come from the lips of the Great Mother. ‘

    Of course I am not a fan of Great Mother (where is a Great Father?), but I agree with Dugin’s statement about the aseptic qualities of the West, which makes longer travels there a bit boring:

    ‘When I was walking the streets of Paris recently, I suddenly noticed that I was missing something. And I realized it was odorless, sterile, aseptic. The only fragrance in the West is perfume. Earth, air, flowers, trees only started to smell in Poland, and when I returned to Russia, I plunged into the madness of smells. The West is dead land. It will only come back to life when it is settled by Cossacks, Tajiks, and Kazakhs. They will bring life with them, they will bring fragrances.’

    Those aseptic people sometimes looked to me heretic: TOO PERFECT, thus sinners before God.

  359. @Another Polish Perspective

    It is really simple and valid for the entire Dugin-kin, so I will put it in points:

    1) They worship Great Mother because she is not Great Father
    2) They worship Adam Kadmon (Cadmus, of the sacred dragon/serpent myth) because he is not Adam of the Bible
    3) They worship the idea of Ragnarök because this is not the second coming of Christ. Dugin is constantly alluding to this, talking about the inevitable clash of two worlds, Eurasia and Atlanticism.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  360. @Malla


    You could have fooled me but your dishonesty gave you away. Whites were never invited by the natives to colonize or turn them into “civilized whites” as some of you fools would like to believe. Instead, they went to these places to exploit the natives and to cart away their resources for the betterment of their own European countries. There is no European country that did not benefit from the theft of the resources of the colonized natives. But these facts mean absolutely nothing to your ways of reasoning. Rather than admit that you were thieves and deracinated satanist, you convinced yourselves that you went to these foreign lands to civilize and educate the natives. What an absurd claim that only psychopaths are capable of.

    In most of the foreign and native countries you went into, you did not build schools or hospitals or a transportation or power grids, the basics for minimum development. Where you did, it was the barest minimum for the treatment of the small natives you employed or gang pressed for the exploitation of the resources of these lands. The roads and railways that you managed to cobble together were mostly single lane or narrow gauge tracks that runs from the hinterlands to the ports where the stolen resources of the natives were shipped to Europe and to North America so that your elites can live lives of gambling, idleness and debauchery. The things that you have the gumption and the shamelessness to accuse the natives of. Imagine the gall of a degenerate like Richard Burton and other perverts like him to accuse Africans of cruelty and laziness, the very traits that your race displays and deploys in unrivaled magnitude. What insolence you have to accuse others of the very pathologies that you are abundantly endowed with. What hypocrisy you have. And you are surprised that no one with half a brain pays attention to whatever you say or write about? Why would they regard with any degree of seriousness the words of liars and deceivers and satanist who are demonic and completely estranged from the God of light?

    Today, you continue with your unalloyed exploitation of countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Every year, countries like France cart away billions of dollars worth of wealth from their so called ex colonies who only have flag independence to enrich Paris and have their garish festivals of pretense as a civilizational culture while denigrating the very natives who work hard to produce these stolen resources as lazy, low IQ and children. Really? You have the courage of thieves and the lying serpentine tongues of evil incarnate.

    Seriously, you, who believe in your lies and hypocrisy should go sit on the garbage of history because that where you deservedly belong so that you can be taken away to the landfills like the thrash that you are. But instead of covering your heads in shame, you project your psychological grievous shortcomings onto Blacks and Jews. My God, what lunatics you white racists and supremacists are.

  361. Seraphim says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Dugin is a bit of a crackpot with a knack for self-promotion. His ideas about Orthodoxy and Russia are a hodge-podge of Staroverism, ‘Sophiology’, Rodnoverism, Kabbalism, Guenonism, French “Nouvelle Droite’, National Bolshevism, White nationalism, Mongolism, Geopolitics, pseudo-‘Eurasianism’, Islamic ‘eschatology’ (his promotion of the jester Sheik Imran Hossein is incomprehensible and it cost him his dismissal from University), noisy ‘anti-Westernism’. He peddles all the clichés that Western anti-Russian propaganda take as a its ‘understanding’ of Russia, of ‘Russian soul’, of Russian policies, and justification for its ‘containment’ and ‘isolation’ of Russia.

    • Thanks: ivan
  362. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    Boss I don’t know what your angle is in continuing. At this stage it seems that your shtick is to take a sentence or a phrase and turn it around like the famous ELIZA program of Joseph Weizenbaum, with the innovation of adding much greater content, due to the advances in computer search technology. If there is indeed a human being behind this, I sincerely apologise for my mistaken characterisation.

    Seraphim below (post 371) has taken the mediocre Dugin whom I don’t know much about, except that he is supposed to be one of Putin’s pals, to the cleaners.

    He peddles all the clichés that Western anti-Russian propaganda take as a its ‘understanding’ of Russia, of ‘Russian soul’, of Russian policies, and justification for its ‘containment’ and ‘isolation’ of Russia.

    I’ll add that the Russians seem to me be among the ‘whitest’ of white peoples. I mean were composers such as Tchaikovsky and Shostokavitch working in any recognisable “Asiatic tradition”. Yes we have Borodin and Rimsky-Khorsakov adding local colour to their music, but that is their genius in expanding the tonal arrays available to Western music. And who was Anna Karenina – an Asiatic woman from the steppes? Surely she is the Russian equivalent of Madame Bovary . (I have not read both books by the way, but they are on my bucket list.) then they had Vladimir Nabakov, who wrote highly regarded novels in Russian and English. Their renowned mathematicians of the early years such as Kolmogorov wrote in German. The artistic and scientific elites in Russia from times past, at least since Peter the Great worked in the Western tradition, which they themselves helped to create. Mass-murderer Uncle Joe Stalin himself was no slacker in promoting Western art and culture in the USSR, even though in his dying years he seemed to have turned his back a little and went back to his drifter years of youth.

    British propaganda and that part of the Germans who align with the Ukranians, continues to alienate the Russians as some sort of Asiatic horde for their own purposes. Naturally the Russians feeling much angst that all their gestures of goodwill are rebuffed, would withdraw from further contact. This then becomes further proof of the “otherness” of the Russians – it never fails with the Western idiots.

  363. @ivan

    No knowledgeable person will deny tha Russia has an Asiatic element. This element is present in twofold way:
    1) biological. Where did the Golden Horde disppear? After crossing Ural, Russians become markedly Asian.
    2) cultural. Russia has been shaped by both its Mongolian and Byzantine legacy.
    Feliks Koneczny, a Polish version of Spengler, considered Russia to be a mixture of Turanian (Mongolian) civilization based on military camp and Byzantine civilization of god-like emperor/power worship, namely supremacy of power over religious law.
    What Russian theoreticians like Dugin see as a mystical unity of Russian people, many others see as Russian lack of individualism, or ‘slavish spirit’, or Byzantinism.
    The supremacy of power over religion in Byzantium was seen, for example, in popularity of multilation punishments in Byzantium (blinding, cutting ears, cutting tongues, cutting hands, castration) which were seen as preferable to death punishment as they did not infringe upon The Fifth Commandment (Not to kill). This was said to exemplify a perverse spirit of religion in the service of power known as Byzantinism, namely ostentatious hypocrisy.
    If you can detect similar perversion in ‘Arbeit macht frei’ on the gate of Auschwitz, or in Gulag system officially depicted as a system of re-education, not of punishment, you would be correct; for Konieczny, Germany was mostly Turanian civilization with admixture of Byzantinism and Judaism.

    But you are right, that has not much to do with Holy Mary, or Basil the Great,or Phoenicians, and certainly not with Tolstoi or Tchaikovsky which you brought for no apparent reason at all except to claim that ‘Russians are great whites’. But no one here claimed that Tolstoi or Tchaikovsky were Asian.

    As for myself, I am operating on data more than you. I hope you noted it.

    • Replies: @ivan
  364. ivan says:
    @Another Polish Perspective

    I note only that you are the type of Pole, now that to my relief I see that you are not an elaborate ruse, that see themselves as furthest fringe of Western Civilization. How did that work out with the Nazis? Did not the Teutonic Knights, those ass backwards knights for their version of “Christ” consider the Poles to be heathens. And note further that Stalin only took the Pripet Marshes from Poland. God forsaken lands that he wanted to do away as a conduit for invasion. Yeah the Poles have a right to cry into their Porridge about Russian expansionism. But horse-fwcking Catherine was a German princess.

    And all of these places were piss poor as you can see if you read the first chapter of Gunther Grass’s Tin Drum.

    As for the Golden Horde it wouldn’t take much to eliminate them from the face of the earth as a Chinese emperor of the 17th or 18th century apparently did.

    And it is completely laughable to catalogue the punishments of an earlier era as indicative of higher or lower states of civilisation. Do you know what the quant English punishment of “breaking on the wheel” mean? Or “drawn and quartered” winding through the streets as late as the 18th century in Scotland? Or that France held public executions till 1930?

    We can do this till the cows come home.

  365. A Jew(ess) confronts her Carthaginian (“Jewish Imazighen”) heritage:

    They came from “Sahara”:
    “My grandmother’s parents came from Ouarzazate, which lies beyond the Atlas Mountains, where the Sahara begins, and somehow that seemed to her a sufficient explanation – “and in your grandpa’s village there was no Jewish school.” It is hard to imagine Jewish proselytism in Sahara.
    All that may mean more than you think since once upon a time Sahara was a fertile land with shallow seas or lakes around (all that sand must have come from somewhere…sea bed?). It means a people of the previous age.

    Besides, a notice about “Frank”:
    “the two Frenk women – a derogatory term for Mizrahim (Jews from North Africa and the Middle East)”

    It follows, Jakob Frank was really from the Ottoman Empire, as I said, not Poland.

  366. And how many of you have been aware that Berel Lazar aka “Putin’s rabbi” is actually a Jew from Milano, a city of serpent (“vipera”)…?
    No, really, so many Jews in USSR and they had to import one from Italy…?! Strange.

    The old coat of arms of Milano:

  367. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.

    Genesis 3:15

  368. @ivan

    You should not mistake gruesome ways of death with the especially gruesome way of using mutilation for life as a punishment.
    It also has not much to do with material level of civilization. Byzantium was certainly advanced civilization, yet they perverted the Scripture as reading in it encouragment for life mutilation as punishment in replacement of death penalty. The cruel streak in human heart never sleeps.

    Here, straight from the merry England, one way of capital punishment I have never heard of: pressing to death. The victim was apparently unworthy of Shakespeare attention, so we have never heard of her.

    ‘On March 25 1586 Margaret was taken to the toll-booth on Ouse Bridge and pressed to death under seven or eight hundredweight.’

    Besides, yet in 20th century the English had especially pervert habit of attending non-public, morning executions. A crowds used to gather before a prison at 5 am (!).

  369. The art of writing apparently reached Palestine from Egypt (!) through Canaanites.

    It is a subtle downgrading of biblical Jews too: what did they bring out of Egypt? Not even writing…

    The last progeny of fallen angels in Egypt…?

  370. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Lund

    The Irish Catholics lost their land in various seventeenth-century confiscations, chief of which was Cromwell’s Act of Settlement. The Irish lords who had owned their land since time immemorial were pauperised and reduced to being tenants of English Protestant settlers who deeply hated them and vindictively diminished their condition through extremely degrading penal laws which prevented them even from being educated. They were made to subdivide their land down the generations in order to enforce downward social mobility. In the eighteenth century the landlord enjoyed a de facto almost absolute power of life or death over the tenant, checked only by revenge assassinations carried out by peasant secret societies. By the nineteenth century it was universally agreed that the Catholic Irish were the poorest and most miserable peasantry in Europe, including Russia, with many commentators – including prominent abolitionists – alleging that their condition was worse than that of negro slaves in America. It is not fair to expect prudent family planning from such an oppressed and degraded people. After the land reforms reduced the power of the Cromwellian landlords in the late nineteenth century Ireland did become a normal agrarian society without the absolute misery and destitution which had characterised it previously. So yes, it was all the fault of the Protestant English for reason which you have not bothered to research or understand.

  371. It is possible that Minoans were ancestors/kins of both Greeks and Phoenicians.
    The legend of Cadmos (equaling to the Phoenician ancestry of Greece) seems to have some grounds in DNA.

    Minoan and Phoenicians shared purple industry. They seem to have had a ‘snake goddess’ in the pose of the Tanit symbol (hands up). Their civilization was saturated with trade to the extent that this apparent monetalization/financialization resulted in credit card-like tokens!
    For reasons of earthquakes on Crete, they would obviously be devoted to chtonic gods. Their cave rituals look like pre-Eluesinian Mysteries.
    And they even had the red Templar Cross (around 10:00), besides concentric circles patterns on ceramics! A ritual human sacrifice for ‘hard times’ is also suggested (37:40).
    Nevertheless, the lack of sea gods is significant. Despite being a maritime civilization, the Minoan religion center was underground, not in waters.
    The same case was in Carthagine, where neither Baal nor Tanit nor Eshmun were gods of sea.

    At the end (40:00+), the presenter is proposing the idea of angry Great Mother followers cleansing the new male god out of the island, which is obviously betraying her agenda, but also stress the fanaticism of these devotees who were unable to leave their “Mother” despite her apparent defeat by the forces of nature. In other words, All Glory to the Great Mother!

  372. “we clearly saw Tyre and Sidon were essentially abandoned at the same time Minoan palace society came to life. Both the Minoans and the Phoenicians were renowned sea traders, and dominated the seas at the same time without any sign of fighting between them. Both societies mixed the roles of their trading house, king’s residence, and administrative center. Both societies were peaceful by nature, a highly unusual trait in those times of widespread armies and warfare. And when Minoan society finally fell, the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon came to life again. There was no other people or society in the Mediterranean during those centuries which shared all these remarkable occurrences.”

    This interesting article makes a thesis that Minoans and Phoenicians were the same people. Moreover, it ponders on the Phoenician proclivity for “blending in”,which surely would make it easier for them to take over the people of Yahwe who bordered them. Afterwards, rabbinic Judaism renounced Jewish military tradition but embraced trade: all developments without any grounding in Torah.

    “As has been pointed out, the Phoenicians preferred to blend in with the powerful people around them, and not be singled out. They adopted surface elements of these other cultures, and even built temples in honor of these other peoples’ deities.” (well, they build the temple of Solomon)

    Noteworthy is also a tradition of king-priests, later taken over by Protestant monarchies of Europe. No wonder Jewish Freemason lodges took Melchizedek for a patron. “Local religious orders” could also transform into royal chivalry orders, like the Order of Golden Fleece, or the Order of Garter.

    “As previously mentioned, the Phoenician trading house served not only as the home of its king, but as the administrative center of the city. In addition, the king or a member of his family served as the highest-ranking person in their local religious order.”

  373. @Rdm

    The Chinese had categorization down millennia ago. The Indians too. This post lacks historical or cultural context, focusing on a civilizational meme of Post-Renaissance Europe being the only people ever to “categorize others.”

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