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Sens. Ossoff and Warnock Must Sever Their Leo Frank Connection
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Jews in America and particularly in the South have been energized by the election of Jon Ossoff to the Senate, the first Jew from Georgia to have that distinction. He was buoyed by the strong appeal to Black voters of fellow candidate the Rev. Raphael Warnock, who, as one commentator said, “had the coattails that delivered Ossoff’s win.” Their victories have given the Democrats a voting majority in the senate that, it is said, will remove legislative obstacles to the Biden agenda. The added benefit is the “rekindling” of the storied Black–Jewish alliance that some claim was the driver of the civil rights movement.

In their self-congratulatory euphoria Jews have promoted an entirely misleading narrative of a collegial history of Black–Jewish togetherness, commonality, and coalition that raises more eyebrows than smiles among rank-and-file Blacks who know better. Their melodramatic dreamscape often casts Ossoff as the second coming of another Jewish Georgian named Leo Frank, the B’nai B’rith president who was convicted of the 1913 murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, one of the many Gentile child laborers at the Jewish-owned Atlanta pencil factory he managed. The murder led to Frank’s trial, conviction, and his ultimate lynching, which is said to be the “worst incidence of anti-Semitism in American history.” The Ossoff cheerleaders have posed the 2021 election of a Jew as a “new era” in race relations that finally “heals the wounds” of Southern Jews who have lived under the pain of the Leo Frank affair for more than a century. Moment magazine’s slant is typical of that sentiment: “The wolves of hate had hunted Black and Jewish Georgians for too long. In 1915, the lynching of Jewish-American Leo Frank…gave way to a resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan.”

Georgia Jewish slave trader Leah Minis
Georgia Jewish slave trader Leah Minis

But the Jewish rehashing of the Leo Frank case is simply a cunning corruption of an unfortunate history: raising Leo Frank from the dead may be therapeutic but it also whitewashes a history of Jewish racial treachery in the South that Blacks—and especially Sen. Warnock—should “Never Forget.”

Georgia Jewish slave trader Levi Shetfall
Georgia Jewish slave trader Levi Shetfall

Jews and Black slavery have been connected in Georgia since its earliest colonial settlement in the 1700s. Jews had enjoyed a full freedom in the colony, but abandoned the place, according to historian Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus, because “Negro slavery was prohibited, the liquor traffic was forbidden.” When the colony’s leaders relented and permitted slavery, Jews returned and bought, sold, and worked enslaved Africans without reservation. Every one of the founders of Georgia’s Jewish community was a slave owner and they regularly placed advertisements in Georgia newspapers seeking to buy and sell human beings and soliciting help hunting down freedom-seeking “runaways.” For nearly two centuries Blacks and Jews in Georgia had a relationship, but it was no “coalition.” According to Steven Hertzberg, “There is little evidence to suggest that any of Atlanta’s Jews desired a greater amelioration in the condition of blacks”; rather, they “clearly benefited from the system of white supremacy.”

By the time of the trial of Leo Frank for the rape and murder of Mary Phagan in 1913, Jews had grown wealthy and satisfied with profits they derived from the slavery and Jim Crow systems, and they saw Blacks as no more than menial laborers and domestic servants. Atlanta industrialist and Chamber of Commerce official Oscar Pappenheimer was also one of the owners of the National Pencil Company, where Leo Frank committed the murder. In 1906, Pappenheimer actually wrote to the Atlanta Constitution to make a “practical suggestion” for “negroes”:

Georgia Jewish slave traders Mayer & Jacobe
Georgia Jewish slave traders Mayer & Jacobe

“I propose the registration of negroes in the southern states 14 years of age and more….Each person so registered should possess…a certificate…in which should be entered description, date and place of birth and, at each registration, record of abode, employment, conduct and reference….[T]hese certificates would before long be of great value to industrious, well-behaved people. Let others decide whether it be legal to pass laws bearing on this subject with reference to the colored race only…”

Pappenheimer’s “suggestion” was nearly identical to that which Adolf Hitler enforced against Jews thirty years later. This overt and public race hate from such a prominent member of Atlanta’s Jewish elite represents the racial mentality of the Jews of the South at the time of the Leo Frank case.

The actual racial history of Jews helps us to understand why it was so easy for them to go to such great lengths to pin the Phagan murder on a Black man—indeed, two Black men! They claim that the “real killer” was a Black man named James Conley, a sweeper at the factory, but the ugly reality is that the evidence overwhelmingly points to Leo Frank as the murderer of Mary Phagan.

First, when Frank was suspected of the crime, the wealthy Jewish owners of the pencil factory immediately hired the best attorneys as well as two of the most prominent American private detective firms—the Pinkerton and Burns agencies—to investigate the murder. Both agencies concluded exactly what the Atlanta police had found—that Leo Frank was the murderer of Little Mary Phagan. Frank was indicted by a grand jury that included five Jews, some being prominent members of Frank’s own synagogue.

In fact, Atlanta police began to suspect Frank because a strange series of “clues” popped up that appeared to point to a Black employee of Frank’s named Newt Lee, a night watchman at the factory who had discovered the girl’s body hidden in the basement. Police officers found that “evidence” had been planted to frame Lee and that attorneys and private security personnel working for Frank were the likely culprits. Frank produced Lee’s factory timecard that was obviously and suspiciously altered to show that Lee had time to commit the crime. Only Frank could have engineered that clumsy caper and it fooled no one. Next, police searched Lee’s home and found a bloody shirt in his laundry bin—but it was right after being told by Frank’s attorneys that “evidence” might be found there. The bloody shirt episode became the single incident that solidified police suspicion of the pencil factory manager, and the police arrested Frank and charged him with murder. And the Black man he tried to frame, Newt Lee, became a solid witness for the prosecution in the murder trial.

Leo Frank’s History of Racist Hate

As the president of the Atlanta chapter of the Jewish organization B’nai B’rith, Leo Frank was arguably the most important Jewish leader in the South. And so his exoneration became a matter of Jewish national security. Such a high-ranking Jew on trial for the shocking murder of a Gentile child, Jews believed, would be too harmful a burden for American Jews. In 1913, the group’s Anti-Defamation League had just been formed in Chicago and they were seeking a way to heighten publicity and donations for their cause. Such ulterior Jewish motives seem to have blinded many Jews to the actual facts of the murder and the surrounding issues that led Frank’s own detectives to accuse him of such a heinous crime.

The physical and circumstantial evidence all pointed unfailingly to Frank and even the ADL’s own expert, Steve Oney, had to admit, “I think there was a reasonable case against Leo Frank.” So “anti-Semitism” was not the driver of Frank’s prosecution. And as the case against him mounted, Frank made a fateful and hateful decision that his defense against the murder charge would be pure unadulterated anti-Black racism.

Frank publicly and openly referred to Blacks as “niggers.” His defense attorneys used the word “nigger” and other racist slurs dozens of times in court. His main attorney attempted to impeach the damning testimony of Black witnesses by telling the jury: “If you put a nigger in a hopper, he’ll drip lies.” One Black witness, Frank’s lawyers told the jury, “is a plain, beastly, ragged, filthy, lying nigger” who came from “a law-breaking race.”

The defense attorneys tried to explain away the planted bloody shirt incident but only exposed just how deep in the gutter they were willing to go. Luther Rosser was questioning the medical examiner on the witness stand:

Rosser: The shirt had the odor of blood on it when you first got it, didn’t it?


Rosser: Then, wouldn’t the odor of blood have killed the odor of nigger?


Rosser: Then, if a nigger had just put on his shirt and had taken it off in an instant, your nose would “get him”?

Have you ever smelled a negro, Mr. Rosser?

Rosser: More than you ever smelled. I was smelling them before you were born.

Frank’s legal team argued in court (and long after) that Blacks should not be believed—simply because they were Black—and that “negro testimony” was by definition inferior and unreliable. Further, Leo Frank argued that murder, rape, and robbery were “negro crimes” and thus, as a white man, he could not have committed the murder of Mary Phagan. And those arguments—which would have horrified Martin Luther King—were not simply trial gaffes or personal opinions: the national Jewish leadership campaigned for two years after Frank’s conviction using those profoundly racist “arguments” as their legal strategy.

Leo Frank: The Harvey Weinstein of Atlanta

But the testimony of Black witnesses was not Frank’s only problem. The National Pencil Company was filled with young women and girls—child laborers working long hours at starvation wages. It seems that Frank had a Harvey-Weinstein-Dominique-Strauss-Kahn-like habit of pressuring these vulnerable girls into sexual situations. One hundred years before the #MeToo revolution twenty of the young female factory employees swore under oath to the sexual harassment they suffered at the “lascivious” hands of Leo Frank. They testified that Frank ogled them, brushed up against them, touched their breasts, made lewd and suggestive remarks, and invaded their dressing room without knocking. Their testimony was so powerful that none of Frank’s attorneys dared to cross-examine them—not one. A white man confessed that he and Frank brought women to and had alcohol in the factory after hours.

Eight of the TWENTY #MeToo girls and young women who testified under oath of the “lascivious character” of Leo Frank
Eight of the TWENTY #MeToo girls and young women who testified under oath of the “lascivious character” of Leo Frank

Later, the Jewish advertising magnate who financed Frank’s many legal appeals, Albert Lasker, admitted that after he and colleagues met the B’nai B’rith president for the very first time: “It was very hard for us to be fair to him, he impressed us as a sexual pervert.” Little Mary Phagan, it was proven in court, had mightily resisted Frank’s sexual advances before being knocked unconscious and then strangled.

Of course, none of this Jewish race hate and sexual violence made it into the voluminous Leo Frank literature. But that has changed. The Nation of Islam’s The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume Three: The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man is a 536-page study referenced with thousands of footnotes and illustrated with maps, diagrams, and graphics that touch on every aspect of this controversial case. And though it was received enthusiastically by scholars of the case, it was banned from being sold on in 2019. Ron Unz offered his view that “It honestly seemed like one of the most thorough and detailed studies of a controversial historical event I’ve ever read, far superior to even the vast majority of top academic works.”

The great niece of the murdered girl is also named after her great aunt. Mary Phagan-Kean has studied the case for years. She wrote a book on the subject titled The Murder of Little Mary Phagan and maintained that Leo Frank was in fact the murderer and that to ignore the mountains of damning evidence is a calumny against her family and the cause of justice. Mrs. Phagan-Kean has endorsed the findings of the Nation of Islam:

“Nation of Islam volume is the most well-researched book published regarding the rape and murder of little Mary Phagan to date. The Phagan family appreciates the detail Nation of Islam brought to the case analysis.”

Those who can find something redeemable in the Leo Frank legend must necessarily ignore the Jewish racism and sexual violence that permeated the case. And that is just the beginning. The history of Jewish racism goes well beyond the Frank case—it was at the core of Jewish life in Atlanta, in Georgia, and throughout the South.

Before Rev. Warnock’s impressive senate victory he had aligned himself with a Jewish man of great character when he said:

“The Nation of Islam is significant….Its voice has been important even for the development of Black theology, because it was the Black Muslims who challenged Black preachers and said that ‘you’re promulgating … the white man’s religion. That’s a slave religion. You’re telling people to focus on heaven; meanwhile, they’re catching hell.’ And so we’ve needed the witness of the Nation of Islam, in a real sense, to put a fire under us and keep us honest about the meaning of the proclamation coming from our pulpits.” (See video below)

Bro. Warnock may not have known it at the time of his stated “significance” of the Nation of Islam but his 2013 analysis mirrors the testimony of the civil rights martyr Andrew Goodman, who was killed in the battle for justice along with James Chaney and Michael Schwerner. Goodman thoughtfully wrote:

…it is true that the white man (and by this I mean Christian civilization in general) has proved himself to be the most depraved devil imaginable in his attitudes towards the Negro race….The source and cause of this need for reaction can be attributed to white contempt and neglect. The historical contempt that the white race held for the Negroes has created a group of rootless degraded people. The current neglect of the problem can only irritate this deplorable state of affairs. The Black Muslims should constitute a warning to our society, a warning that must be heeded if we are to preserve the society. The road to freedom must be uphill, even if it is arduous and frustrating. A people must have dignity and identity. If they can’t do it peacefully, they will do it defensively.”

Rep. John Lewis—as did Rev. Warnock and Andrew Goodman—understood the significance of the Nation of Islam.
Rep. John Lewis—as did Rev. Warnock and Andrew Goodman—understood the significance of the Nation of Islam.

Senator Warnock’s witness of the Nation of Islam and the ultimate sacrifice of Andrew Goodman proves that his role models for leadership are solid and enduring. If there ever was a Black-Jewish coalition, Goodman—a very good man—was at the core. In today’s moment of great trauma and division leaders of great moral and intellectual character are desperately needed to correct a nation and a world on the brink of collapse.

Both Sens. Ossoff and Warnock, and nearly all of the unsuspecting public, have been brutally hoodwinked by a disingenuous Jewish leadership that has chosen to make Leo Frank—an unrepentant race hater, child rapist and murderer—into a Jesus figure for the Jewish people. If Jon Ossoff and the Jewish world choose to take Leo Frank as their model of racial climate change—as many Jews have demanded they do— Bro. Warnock and his Black supporters should shake Ossoff off his coattails and sprint in the opposite direction.

(Republished from Nation of Islam Research Group by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: ADL, Anti-Semitism, Blacks, Georgia, Jews 
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  1. “The Nation of Islam is significant….Its voice has been important even for the development of Black theology, because it was the Black Muslims who challenged Black preachers and said that ‘you’re promulgating … the white man’s religion. That’s a slave religion.

    I cant comment in an informed fashion about the Leo Frank case as I have almost no knowledge of it. As far as I know, I cannot discount any of the research referred to above.

    Anyone should have a right to adopt whatever religious practices they wish to, or in the case of NOI to adapt what they choose to, however the statement qouted above is to be generous, peculiar to me.

    Within modern Middle Eastern Islamic states, radiating out from the Saudis/Yemeni’s and even Egyptians and Iraqis, it is exceedingly common to find modern examples of (sub-Saharan African) ‘L’ Mt-dna within the population.

    This is a genetic contribution passed down exclusively by female ancestors. In Yemeni and Saudi populations, everyone has some sub-Saharan African ancestry genetically, and maternal line direct ancestry is very common.

    It is fairly unusual to very uncommon – even in North African Islamic states once under occupation by sub- Saharan Africans – to find PATERNAL ancestry from male Africans among modern citizens of non-African Islamic states (E1a /A) .

    The reason for this is not a lack of Male Sub-Saharan African presence in these states – there were millions of such male African slaves imported over many centuries into these Islamic societies.

    The reason for this genetic introgression imbalance between the enslaved African sexes within these Islamic states, is that the the male Sub-Saharan Africans were generally castrated unless used directly and immediately as military forces (Morocco),
    and the Sub-Saharan black females (MTdna ‘L’), who were producing offspring with their male captors, were the only major vestige of genetic inheritance that was passed on to these modern states.

    • LOL: Iris
  2. Once again, we here at the Unz Review get treated to another fine example of scholarship that we would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

    Although the over-all message of the essay is somewhat depressing, there were at least two heartening aspects.

    First, it was great to be reminded that among the grand jury that indicted Frank for murder there were five jewish jurors who voted for his indictment, and what’s more, they were from the very same synagogue that Frank attended! It’s always good and refreshing to see such examples of fair-minded, honest jews who do justice rather than protect fellow jews from their own misdeeds, as so many prominent jews of the time tried desperately to do with Frank. Instead of martyring a murderer, perhaps jewish leadership would be wiser to extoll the virtues of the five righteous jews who voted to have Frank indicted for his heinous crime.

    Along these same lines, it was likewise heartening to see the side bar with Prof. Jeff Melnick of Boston University taking a similar stance about Frank, rather than going along with the jewish supremacist flow of martyring a man who’s memory deserves scorn and derision, and nothing more.

    Kudos to the researchers and writers at NOI for producing a fine essay that should be required reading in our public schools, alongside the inevitable ‘Holocaust’ curriculum that our youth are exposed to in basically all our nation’s school systems…..

  3. Wyatt says:
    @Trial by Wombat

    Them muslims knew how to deal with their African population. If only we had been so prudent and not as focused on economics.

    • Replies: @MandingoSlayer
  4. While the NOI touts its Leo Frank book, I was aware of the hype around Frank’s “innocence” about 50 years ago. It didn’t take a “scholarly review” to verify Frank was guilty, it was accepted as common knowledge that Jew or not, Frank was a rapist and murderer.
    What the author misses in the entire article, is that organized Jewry, which would include the likes of Melnick, consider Jews to be a different race than Whites. “White supremacy” is a myth. That the all White jury convicted Frank based primarily on the testimony of two Negros, who themselves were accused by Frank, buries that canard.
    The lynching took place, because the citizens were offended that Georgia’s governor was bought off to commute the death sentence of the judge and jury. Rise of the KKK? Well, the original KKK was formed to mete out justice in the lawless post war South, which included lynching Blacks and Whites for rape and murder.

    • Replies: @Not Only Wrathful
  5. @Wyatt

    Or maybe pick your own damn cotton.

    • Agree: Iris
    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  6. tgordon says:

    NBC aired a two part mini series, The Murder is Mary Phagan, in 1988. I won’t dignify it with a link, but if nausea is your thing, read the gushing IMDB reviews. A prime example of the weight of media over facts in the sick carnival of official opinion.

    • Agree: Sean, Bubba
    • Replies: @profnasty
  7. Trinity says:

    Jews have exploited Blacks in the South for ages. Jews never suffered shit in the South, that is all horseshit. My family is originally from Georgia and they told me stories about a Jew who owned a lumberyard in a small rural Georgia town that worked poor Whites and Blacks like dogs for next to nothing. I have lived a great deal of my life in the Deep South, and most of the people here think the Jew is “the chosen people of the Book” and they are sinless. ROTFLMMFWAO. Those Whites who pushed around Black folk in the Deep South back in the day are the same type of Whites now who turn on poor Whites. Poor Whites often befriended Blacks in the South, and no that isn’t horseshit I learned from reading a book, it is what my parents lived to tell me about. Jews in the South? Oh you mean the store owners, the lumberyard owner, etc., etc. Persecuted my ass.

    The Swindle Whites Movement wasn’t for the Black man, it was for the Jew to usurp power from Whites at the expense of Blacks. Sure, Blacks received the scraps, but we all know who really benefited from the so-called, “Civil Rights Movement.” Whites certainly got screwed which is apparent more and more each day. MLK was as much of a sellout to the Black race as these white traitor trash politicians who sellout Whites now. I would think a Black man would do better to follow someone like a Marcus Garvey, but I try to stay in my lane.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Temporary Insanity
  8. Wally says:

    Worth repeating:

    – Black scholar, Dr. Tony Martin, goes into the history of the primary sellers & owners of slaves, Jews.
    Professor Tony Martin – The Jewish Slave Trade of Africans

    Video Link


    Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade:
    Jews and the Slave Trade:
    Jew slave ship owners

    • Thanks: profnasty
  9. @Mustapha Mond

    I’ll tell you what’s depressing:

    A) That these two jokers became Senators
    B) That people believe they won legitimately
    C) That the, no doubt, many who know they didn’t win clean races can’t be bothered to pushback about it. But, that’s the South for you, they are trained to “be agreeable” at all costs. And it often does COST alot.

    I’ll offer some more specific info about those elections tomorrow – it’s 1 AM. Yawn…

  10. Alden says:

    Not content with engineering a black Jew senate duo, the Jews just had to bring up the 100+ year old Mary Phagan case to boast and brag about black Jew solidarity against Whites. Shoulda kept their hands off their keyboards.

    Blacks should forgive organized Jewry framing a black man for rape and murder. I guess is the Jewish thinking. Let’s grasp hands, sing Oh Happy Day and continue plotting against the White goyim.

    Mary and the other girls made \$1.25 a week. The Jews will never just shut up about Leo Frank just as blacks will never forget the Scottsboro rapists. Most books about Jews in America still claim Frank was innocent. And even if he was guilty, there would not have been such a fuss had he been a goy. No sympathy whatsoever for Mary Phagan

    ADL is a non profit whose only source of income is tax exempt donations. ADL and every other foundation sells itself rather than a product. Foundations create and sell their stupid causes to the gullible to make a living.

    The best tax reform would be to abolish those donations.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  11. Leo Frank was one prominent Jew who didn’t get away with rape and murder.

    • Agree: Iris
  12. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent article. Kudos to NOI for their writing and research.

    • Agree: Rev. Spooner
  13. Ugetit says:

    The Swindle Whites Movement wasn’t for the Black man, it was for the Jew to usurp power from Whites at the expense of Blacks.

    That general concept cannot be stressed too often. It also applies to many other “beneficial” movements as well, including those that supposedly supported Whites, such as the so called “revolution,” the “constitution,” the “‘civil’ war,” “trust busting,” the “temperance movement,” the world wars, and the environmental movement, to name just a few.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false- face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve.

    – Mencken, H. L., Minority report: H.L. Mencken’s notebooks. p259.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  14. @Trinity

    “Jews have exploited Blacks in the South for ages.”

    Jews have exploited all the races in all four directions for ages… a grifter class can’t do honest day’s work!

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  15. There is nothing more futile or laughable than when “conservatives” give leftists instructions, such as “Sens. Ossoff and Warnock Must Sever Their Leo Frank Connection”. They don’t and they won’t. Leftists are the winners. This is their country. They do as they please. “Conservatives” are losers whose level of power is little going on zero. It’s too late now, but there was a time when “conservatives” could have fought. However, they were too afraid of being called “racist” or “anti-Semitic” and were too concerned about inking job-killing trade deals and giving tax cuts to billionaires, and, really, if they fought they wouldn’t be “conservatives”, would they? So if two Democrat senators who stole their seats fair and square wish to keep pretending a dead child raping and child-murdering Jew was an innocent victim of racist rednecks, they will keep doing it. What are “conservative” losers going to do about it? Run against them in another rigged election? Tweet from their banned accounts? This world belongs to the bold. “Conservatives” are dumb sheep and leftists are wolves. Of course leftists have won.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Thanks: Old and Grumpy, Alden
  16. @The Real World


    Yes, those are exactly the points I was referring to when I said the essay was ‘somewhat depressing’. Had the essay only focused on the Senate race outcomes, the essay would have been, as you say, really, really depressing for all the very same reasons you pointed out in your comment. Worse yet, as I pointed out in a comment I made immediately after the senate election races were over, we can expect many more results exactly like this UNLESS we start a movement that demands in all races for office across the country PBO!


    PBO! PBO! PBO!

    I mentioned this just yesterday to some friends who are as depressed as we are about what happened and they liked the idea.

    PBO Fever. Catch it!

    • Replies: @The Real World
  17. @Curmudgeon

    The jury may have been all white but it was also majority Jewish. So, by your logic, Jews assisting Jews is a myth. The non-Jewish Governor made an impassioned point that new facts had come to light when he commuted the sentence. He listed what they were in a complicated case and most historians have since agreed with him. It seems also that various Jews, who found Frank guilty, changed their minds when the facts changed.

  18. @MandingoSlayer

    I’m a White man.

    And even I find your nickname offensive.

    Just saying.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  19. profnasty says:

    i.e. buggering White men.
    Whites have zero chance of victory over Blacks/Jews. Zero. They have never won a war. Their claim to fame is burning their own children alive in Germany. Hilarious butt suckers. Oh, and a million dead, all White, in unCivil War.
    Why even try. You can’t win.

    • Troll: Cauchemar du Singe
  20. @Wally

    Yea what about blacks THEMSELVES…I have no love for the NOSE but blacks are just as responsible. They are not just some beautiful , innocent , holy angels that sat around riding unicorns and watching rainbows. blacks became Kangz and Queenz with immense wealth because of the slavery that they themselves perpetuated and enabled just as much, if not more so,than anyone else. All from their own internal wars amongst many tribes just like the Native Americans attacked each other . Ghana had actually wrote an article apologizing for what they had done. That they themselves actively and with complete authority were involved without anyone else telling them to do what they had already had practiced for centuries. QUOTE: “While an estimated 17 million Africans were taken from the western coast of Africa to become slaves in the Americas, millions more died during overland marches to slave-trading forts such as Elmina, after being captured by fellow black Africans.

    The idea that some Africans sold their own people into slavery has been downplayed by history books, but it’s a fact that Ghana has never tried to hide.

    “Long before the coming of Europeans to the Guinea coast of Africa, our local people here already practiced slavery,” Philip Amoa-Mensah, a volunteer guide at Elmina Castle.”

    • Agree: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @barr
    , @Geowhizz
  21. profnasty says:

    Why not just shine a light on the cockroaches. When they freeze, stomp on them.

  22. Mike Tre says:

    “ The Swindle Whites Movement wasn’t for the Black man, it was for the Jew to usurp power from Whites at the expense of Blacks.”

    At who’s expense? I’m sorry who’s trillion plus dollars was flushed on attempting the close the achievement gap, public housing, welfare, affirmative action… it wasn’t the Jews’ money, and it sure as hell wasn’t the negroes’ money.

    The Jews took power from the whites in part by weaponizing the negro against whites, and that has come solely at the expense of whites.

    Further, considering it is now essentially illegal to criticize, arrest, comment or even notice the scourge of black criminality and dysfunction, I’d say blacks are benefiting from the new normal just splendidly.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Trinity
  23. Trinity says:

    Weren’t Anderson Cooper’s ancestors owners of slaves? lolololol. Now this whiter than a different shade of pale guy with the Just For Men hair can’t be any more anti-White than “Honest Joe” from Scranton. AC, yet another “race expert” who has no real experience in dealing with everyday Blacks in a natural setting away from the microphone. Fellow Whites, this is the type of white traitor trash that bashes you for having the temerity for standing up for your race and demanding your slice of the American pie. This is the type of guy who lectures us working class Whites working the graveyard shift in some steamy hot factory or warehouse about “White Privilege.” Most of those white traitor trash Antifa rejects while not as wealthy as the Vanderbilts come from privileged backgrounds as well.

    I find it amusing that a great deal of the race experts on Black and White issues are Jews or White Northerners from Vermont or Minnesota ( of course Minn., is no longer snow white it seems.) Good ole Bernie Sanders is a triple threat race expert. Bernie checks the box for rich man of JEWISH PRIVILEGE, a Yankee and a current resident of one of the whitest states in America, Vermont. Bernie was so lazy that once he actually got kicked out of a hippie commune. Bernie is not only an expert on race but an expert on the working class as well. Good ole Bernie and his bros yo. hehe.

    • Agree: Alden
  24. annamaria says:
    @The Real World

    But wasn’t it nice to flash the names of the sanctimonious B’nai B’rith and the thuggish Anti-Defamation League and their direct (and cherished) relation to Leo Frank, “an unrepentant race hater, child rapist and murderer?”

    “B’nai B’rith states that it is committed to the security and continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.” At least, it was stated clearly that the security and continuity of other people have not been of the B’nai B’rit concern. The only Q is, how far the B’nai B’rit can go to protect and please their clientele for the expense of non-Jews.

    As for the Anti-Defamation League, after the ADL went dead-silent about the Jewish State’s arming the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi in Ukraine with Israel-made rifles, the ADL name has become a joke.

    Interesting, who exactly blocked the sale of the book “The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man” on There should be names.

  25. @Not Only Wrathful

    I doubt this is true, or while what you state may be true, it is not the truth. Frank lost 9 (9!) appeals, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Maybe it is true various Jews and most historians changed their minds, and that the Gov who had to get exiled to NYC for 10 years after the pardon did make the claim, but I doubt there was any truth to it.

    This article was very good, E Michael Jones also has good videos and information on this case.

  26. Ponder says:

    The truth is that exploitation has been practiced throughout the ages and in various societies. Fact. Humans, regardless of race, have the ability for good and for evil. What bothers me the most is that in the present world conditions where all mankind can live fairly harmonious and moral lives without resorting to exploitation as was once before, we choose not to. Yes, we choose not to. Industrialisation and scientific advancement is such that we can all live peacefully on this earth but we choose not do. We are genociding each other, GMOing food sources to engineer sicknesses and death, but also to control the food sources and supply for control and domination, etc etc etc and the worst part is that the fools at the bottom of the food chain (if you ain’t the 1% capitalist, I am of course referring to you), are instrumental in their subjugation by accepting false prepositions that facilitate said subjugation such race, immigration ………which are nothing but divide and conquer tactics. WallStreetBets just showed you asymmetric responses to the systems but nope we can’t learn. WSB banned politics and focused on economics and provided a glimpse of what can be achieved. And it had all types of individuals and races of all walks of life. If Leo Frank’s did the crime, he must pay. Period. We don’t have to make it about race or religion or whatever. So it should be but look at now, Dems and Liberals walk and conservatives are ‘domestic terrorists’. See how it works? What good is the hate and prejudice and malice?

  27. Alden says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    The facts never changed. The governor was at the end of his second term and received offers of a bribe sufficient for him and family to live in luxury for the rest of their lives.

    There was physical evidence; hair. Rapists often leave physical evidence including hair. Mary had shoulder length wavy reddish blonde hair. The rapist had 1-4 inch long straight black hair, which he left on Mary’s face neck shoulders chest. Not one kink of negro hair either on her chest neck or between her legs.

    Blacks have kinky black hair. Whites have straight wavy or curly hair in many shades from pale blond to black.

    Coroners always look for stranger’s hair on rape and murder victims. It was obvious from the first black straight short typical man’s haircut that a dark haired White men raped and murdered a child factory slave. One of the many girls Frank groped pawed and probably raped. Mary didn’t submit. She resisted and he strangled her. How many submitted?

    Frank was the only White man in the factory that day.

    That Jewish custom of no sex with wife 14,15 days a month means Jewish men look for sex elsewhere during the taboo days of the month. It leads to massive use of prostitutes extramarital affairs etc.

    Shiksas and goyim men are not really human but 2 legged animals put on earth by the old Jewish man up in the sky for the use of Jews.

    Even if organized Jewry admits the overwhelming physical circumstantial evidence that Frank raped and murdered Mary, they will just weep and wail and caterwaul about all the publicity and how badly Frank was treated.

    Actually, it was Frank’s brother up north, NYC I believe who started the “ Free Leo Frank” campaign. It would have remained a sensational but local story had Frank family and NYC Jews used it fir Jewish solidarity and fundraising.

    Who had access and left his hair on the victim?
    Which man in the factory groped and pawed the girl workers? Leo Frank, not the black worker.

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @annamaria
  28. @Trial by Wombat

    How is your comment relevent to the above article????

  29. I found this article quite interesting with its discussion of the Leo Frank crime.

    However, I have never come across in any Jewish piece some type of adoration or reverence for Leo Frank. In fact, I have never seen his name mentioned anywhere in Jewish written articles or on pieces describing the Jewish Community.

    As a result then, I have no idea where the authors of this piece is sourcing such information, considering that there are no source notes to this piece, which in of itself is a little odd considering it is basically a historical study.

    As to newly elected Senator Ossof, I don;t believe anyone should judge him from the ethnicity he is of nor the events that happened prior to the War for southern Independence but instead from what he does.

    If he turns out to be just another booster for Israel than corresponding criticism I would see as most warranted and such that I would agree with.

    However, to link him somehow with the crime of Leo Frank, which occurred over 100 years ago is a little disingenuous…

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Alden
  30. Ponder says:

    Andrew Goodman – even his photo gives the vibes that resonate with his name ; he must have indeed been a good man. Anyone advocating for truth and equal treatment and justice is alright in my view. Off I go to find out more about this martyr.

  31. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Sens. Ossoff and Warnock Must Sever Their Leo Frank Connection”

    Why must they? Ossoff and Warnock are crooks by trade , i.e. politicians , who might even have won the GA election by fraud, so WTF difference does it make if they do, or do not “Sever Their Leo Frank Connection”, they’re still crooks by trade.

    What Franks did , or did not do in the past is irrelevant, and besides, its impossible to know any truth about what did/did not happen then because the justice system he was tried in was, and is, just as corrupt as both Ossoff and Warnock!

    This is little more than an “in order to clean up their images, look good, and therefor fool more idiots in the general public into voting for/supporting them, two politicians need to disassociate themselves from such and such individual”.

    What a crock.

    No regards, onebornfree

  32. @Trial by Wombat

    That´s a slave religion.

    … dog whistle (I doubt they meant it in the Nietzschean sense). The relationship between blacks and Islam has always been schizophrenic.
    Yes, in theory Islam is colourblind but “abd” (lit.: “slave”) has the same meaning and connotations as “nigger” throughout the Arabosphere.
    Per the ancient custom a male slave who could recite the Fatîha
    ( ssurat 1, profession of faith) was no longer a slave but free, and a female slave shagged by owner was no longer a slave but a concubine with all attendant rights
    (as usual the practice was different)
    … often deferred (by slave), because the life of a freedman was worse.

    Throughout Black Africa Islam´s major appeal was the prospect of no longer
    being kaffir (lit.: “infidel” read: liable to be enslaved) i.e. either worship carpets and get four wives and hour-al-ain (yes, the virgins) – or be enshackled;
    quite the hard sell I´d say (and what the NOI means) 😛
    Besides, it meant the prospect of a job as asaker (lit.: “soldier”, black auxiliaries of Arab slavers) raping, looting and enslaving your neighbours (the irony here – unfortunately lost – is when Afrocentrists want to wax real pride an sheet they use the lingua franca of the slavers Swahili (lit.: “coast”, a bastardized Arabic)).

    Gerhard Rohlfs noted that in the furthest reaches of Islam in West Africa (where your slaves had come from until half a century earlier) the only discernible traces (of Islam, not of slavery) were polygamy, filth and parasitism by “religious” figures.

    – Yes, the Ottomans castrated male slaves as a matter of course
    (I may note Haydn himself narrowly escaped when Maria Theresia complained about his voice breaking, and you do not want to know whereal in the Franco-German realm trade in eunuchs was a booming business until the 18th century 😉 ).

    • Replies: @Ponder
  33. Trinity says:
    @Mike Tre

    Point taken, my friend. But lets put the blame on cowardly Whites who elect to self censor themselves as well. I have already pointed out the hypocrisy of white traitor trash like Anderson Cooper, but let me point out the hypocrisy of many of my Northern White brothers as well. I can VIVIDLY recall the 1975 Boston riots, was 14 at the time, and as a kid who was celebrating all the diversity of going to public school in JawJuh, I marveled at how my “Yankee liberal” race apologists had different standards for poor Southern redneck children and their children. It was okay for some poor JawJuh redneck to fight his or her way through public “skoo” but not my lily White Boston kid.

    This brings us to the legitimacy of the JawJuh Senatorial Race. Was the fix in? Hell, it was on tape, however, one must realize that the state of Georgia is over 30% Black and we also have a large Hispanic population, mainly Mexicans with some El Salvadorans who are prominent in the north part of the state which is loaded with chicken processing plants. Georgia has a population of over 10 and half million people and over half of that is located in metropolitan Atlanta. Atlanta is not the backwater it was decades ago, people from all over have moved there, and a great deal are Yankees, Blacks, and people of all stripes. I can certainly claim the Georgia Senatorial race would be more believable than the Presidential race. The White lady across the street from me and I live in the sticks, voted Biden/Harris for example. And the two repuke candidates were just awful and reeked of sleaze and sliminess. Every city of any size in Georgia is mostly Black, from Albany to Atlanta to Augusta from Savannah to Macon. A city of some size, Gainesville, Ga, is like driving through Mexico.

    And here is another interesting tidbit. Lets look at traitor trash two face White Southerners like Strom Thurmond who fathered a mixed race kid with a Black woman and all along allegedly standing up for segregation. smdh at that one. Of course I don’t think this was revealed until the old guy was taking a dirt nap. Imagine that.

    And now lets get back to lynching in the South, North, West, wherever, many of those lynched whether White or Black were guilty of heinous crimes like rape, child molestation, murder, etc. I have heard stories from credible sources of many White Southern men having relations with Black women in the South back in the day and I have no idea whether it was consensual or not, I have heard stories of Blacks raping White Southern women as well and I believe both accounts. The movie and book of the same name, “To Kill A Mockingbird” is mostly trash, but at least it is classified as fiction. Do I think some innocent Blacks might have been lynched? Sure, but I also think you could say the same thing about some Whites. And lest we forget about the poor Minneapolis child who was thrown from a balcony mall. In my heart of hearts, I have never witnessed that sort of hate in any White Southerner that I have encountered, nor I have ever read of a White Southern female kidnapping a 12 year old Black kid and burning him to death with a blow torch, which did indeed happen in Texas with a Black woman killing some poor white kid by torching him to death awhile back. Funny, don’t remember CNN being on the case with that story. We have roughly 5,000 recorded lynchings in American history? How many White women are raped every single year in America by Black males.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  34. Agent76 says:

    Oct 26, 2020 Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff

    Keeps ‘Progressive’ Values ‘Low-Key’ To Sway “Rednecks” in Georgia

    • Replies: @MGB
    , @Trinity
  35. barr says:

    They are not just some beautiful , innocent , holy angels that sat around riding unicorns and watching rainbows.”
    No ongoing crimes can continue with some participation of the locals . But we are talking of state machinery vs private citizen . America allow maintain and sometime participates still in slavery -like conditions in the countries that it occupies or manages militarily in Africa Asia and Latin America .

    “Long before the coming of Europeans to Guinea coast of Africa, our local people here already practiced slavery,” Philip Amoa-Mensah, a volunteer guide at Elmina Castle.”

    Serfdom has always existed .But Transatlantic changed the nature, severity ,and importance of the practice . We have our own labor abuse but it is nowhere as bad as it is in Arab countries or Honkong or Singapore . Prisoners get abused and exploited but nowhere it is as systematic and well organized as it is in the USA.

    Label doesn’t help to differentiate .

  36. @Mustapha Mond

    More needs to be done than simply all voting precincts use paper ballots.
    For many years now, a good deal of the vote rigging has occurred via paper ballot SCANNERS connected to the internet. Think Dominion amongst other manufacturers.

    Search the name Russell Ramsland (cyber election expert) and you will find plenty to read or watch.

    I haven’t watched this yet but, apparently, it’s very good.
    Also, this:

    Both related to the Nov election.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  37. @Wally

    Thanks and keep posting this video whenever the occasion arises.

  38. Geowhizz says:

    Interesting that history books focus so little on the complicity of blacks in the slave trade. They were major players after all as of course were Jews. Today’s media propaganda re black issues is puzzling. Evil non-semitic white slave owners get all the credit. What about the other guys. They were important too. You know, like slave raiders (largely black), slave traders (a diverse group of money men, buccaneers and assorted bottom dwelling creatures). And while Thomas Jefferson and George Washington get accolades for their slavey ways, what about the current owners of The NY Times. It’s been alleged there’s a bit of slave issue inconvenience in that family’s wood pile. Odd where the light shines.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  39. MGB says:

    Nothing says democracy like the biggest senate campaign war chest ever, most \$ from out of state, to elect some wet behind the ears sociopath. I come from a family of labor union Democrats and I find this disgusting. I no longer self identify as a Democrat or liberal. 2008 was the end. Any one who shows any enthusiasm over the D vs R dichotomy is delusional.

  40. @Not Only Wrathful

    Frank’s wife refused to be buried next to him.
    What do you speculate may have been the reason for that ?

  41. @Cauchemar du Singe

    He may have been the world’s worst person, who knows, his photo certainly looks creepy…but I find the Governor’s points convincing. Sure I’m biased by the objective insanity of most of the people who are obsessed with hating some obscure historical figure, but the Wikipedia account is persuasive to me. And if Jews were desperate to save Frank they wouldn’t have found him guilty in the trial.

    The Nation of Islam is also just outright an extremist hate group that would make the Ku Klux Klan blush. I’m sure that in between molesting their daughters and nephews and whatever they do some good for their community but they’re also stupid and possess evil beliefs.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Alden
  42. Trinity says:

    Interesting video, one of those “Asian types” that Whites think is on their side talking about fooling the “rednecks” of Georgia. He’s on the new breed of “Georgians” that have made this state unrecognizable. First they came for Florida, then they came for Texas and Georgia, get ready Wyoming. Orientals aka Asians, are some of the sneakiest fucks around, almost as sneaky and two face as da Jooz and a notch or two above the average Yankee when it comes to hypocrisy. IF Georgia was still a “redneck” state, not only would Ossoff and Warnock have received a handful of votes but outsiders like fake farm girl from Illinois, Kelly Loeffler and slimy David Perdue would have been run out of town as well. The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is the stereotypical republicant as well. Trump was right about one thing, Kemp is useless. White “rednecks” of Georgia as usual had no true representation anywhere. Loefller isn’t even from here and she is dumber than uber Black racist Warnock.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  43. Ron Unz says:

    For those interested in the Leo Frank case, here’s my own substantial article on the subject from a couple of years ago:

  44. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    “Some type of adoration or reverence”

    What sort of pig manure is this?

    Try defense.

    The Borg Collective is still defending their murdering Jesus.
    And the USS Liberty.

    Jacob Bogage:

    Leo Frank was lynched for a murder he didn’t commit. Now neo-Nazis are trying to rewrite history.

    Jeremy Katz:

    The Story of the Jews: The Leo Frank Case

    Michael Feldberg:

    Falsely accused of murdering a girl, a Jewish man was killed by a white mob in Georgia in 1915.

    Search continues for many pages.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  45. Ponder says:

    Swahili is Bantu. I can’t quite remember the right ratios but 80/20 if not more. 80 Bantu and 20 Arabic. A Swahili speaker cannot understand Arabic. But a Swahili speaker can vaguely understand a coastal bantu language. You can speak truth without adding falsehoods or maybe research the topic better. Oman is the only Arab country that learned to speak swahili, because to them, they have claimed, it is a beautiful language. Many common words understood in English from Africa are swahili, like simba or safari or habari. If swahili was Arabic, then arabs should be able to understand it, which they don’t.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  46. Alden says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    I have read numerous hysterical articles and chapters in books about the oppression of Jews claiming that Frank was innocent and the black fellowship worker raped and murdered Mary.

    In fact, that was where I first learned about it. In Jewish books and ADL AJC articles. Pre 1980, organized Jewry made a big deal of the Leo Frank case. Leo Frank, never the Mary Phagan case. She was just another piece of shiksa trash; a filthy abomination out on earth to toil for Jews. As was the man the Jews framed. It was a big deal for decades.

  47. I was born and raised in the town where Frank was lynched, and I had never heard of the Phagan/Frank case until a Jewish kid from somewhere else moved in and started talking it up. I had passed by Phagan’s grave and the site of Frank’s lynching countless times without knowing. Maybe it was an issue in different circles, but I don’t recall anyone talking about it.

    There was prejudice against blacks by many, but outright hatred wasn’t something that I ever saw. If segregation could have been achieved with equality, my guess is that most blacks and whites would have been happy with that.

    The black and white issue was always present, but I don’t think anyone thought much about Jews. I don’t think my mother thought much about Jews when she dragged me through Goldstein’s department store, or when she shopped at the local jewelry store that was Jewish owned. Stupid yankee and black jokes weren’t unheard of, but I don’t recall Jewish jokes at all. When my mother’s friend from Boston started telling jokes about Italians, we didn’t get it. We’d never thought of Italians (or Poles) as dumb or dirty, but it was nice to hear those jokes told about someone else for a change.

    I knew plenty of old people who were born around the time that Frank was lynched, and the type of homicidal and blind hatred that they are usually credited with is something that I never saw or heard.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @The Real World
  48. Alden says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    She also moved back home to NYC and came back and filed for divorce as soon as he was found guilty. Rape is also adultery isn’t it? So even in those days divorcing him was easy.

  49. And as for Ismael I have also heard thee. Behold, I will bless him, and increase, and multiply him exceedingly: he shall beget twelve chiefs, and I will make him a great nation.

    Many men (it is usually a male) responds to these posts by saying Kill the Jews or Kill the Muslims.

    Talk about a culture of death

  50. Alden says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    Wikipedia LOL falling off the couch laughing so hard. About the only reliable thing in Jewish blacks minority religious Wiki articles is dates.

    Frank raped and murdered Mary leaving his hair, straight dark Caucasian hair all over her. Frank was the only White man in the factory that day. She walked in and never came out. Physical and circumstantial evidence

    The quality of discussion on UNZ would be greatly improved by never using liberal lying propaganda wiki.

  51. @The Real World

    No doubt, cheaters will do everything they can to keep the scam going. No arguments there.

    But PBO provides an easy meme (and we know it has to be easy for the John Q. Public to get involved or even think about it), and more importantly, a paper trail that is verifiable. I mean, shit, it’s about all we have left to insure election outcomes are reliable, what with these miraculous ‘skin-of-the-teeth’ alleged victories of candidates like Jon Ossoff, a guy who has worked tirelessly for Israel and jewish causes basically his whole life, and not so much for America or its interests. And he just squeeeeeeezes by his conservative opponent (also a slobbering Israelophile to the nth degree) for another semi-upset in a state that was solidly conservative just a short while ago.

    It’s all very depressing. But again, a PBO movement/meme offers the tiniest ray of hope in an otherwise ultra bleak political landscape for the future of America. If Tucker Carlson promoted it, then it certainly would have a chance. Let’s give him a call and see what he thinks….. 😉

  52. The early colonial charters of Georgia (more than one, if I remember correctly) forbade Jews, slavery, alcohol, and lawyers within the colony, and I have always suspected that the spread of official slavery into Georgia was influenced by the entry of Jews into the colony. Maybe it was a coincidence that slavery followed Jews into the Georgia, but it is true that early prominent Jews were very much involved in slavery, while the average white was not.

    White privilege aside, the average white in the South probably dealt with blacks in a more equal manner that Jews ever did, because many were just as poor or worked alongside blacks. It’s also true that lots of those segregated department store lunch counters where a black man couldn’t get a sandwich and a cup of coffee were owned by Jews. There is far more to the history of the Jewish role in the South than is generally told.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Alden
  53. @Ponder

    The structure and all abstract terms are Arabic;
    you cannot expect the word for “hippo shit” to originate in the desert 😀

    Oman was a major hub in the East Africa-Indian Ocean-Arabia-Turkey slave trade,
    and the language was handy (I do not have percentages either).

    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Ponder
  54. geokat62 says:

    Very funny take on the topic of reparations…

  55. Abbybwood says:
    @The Real World

    I read that 250,000 newly registered mostly Black voters who did not vote in November put them over the top in GA.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  56. @Trinity

    Actual Georgians weren’t going to be represented no matter who won the senate races. I don’t recall Georgians ever being represented by their local or national representatives. At the national level, it’s not uncommon that the politicians aren’t even from Georgia, and our state politicians just want to become national politicians.

    It always kills me to see a fraud like Newt Gingrich talk up his phoney conservatism that is nothing more than the toxic mixture of invade and invite, water-carrying for big business and the MIC, and Israel-firstism that has made it certain that he couldn’t even compete or walk safely in the old district where he was unchallenged 20 years ago.

    Georgia has doubled in size since the early 90s and most of the increase if from immigrants and transplants who never planned to assimilate and are generally hostile to native Georgians, our history, and our culture. At this point, I’m not for freedom of movement within the states, and I don’t think that transplants and immigrants should ever be allowed to vote.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  57. Trinity says:

    Some came from as far away as California. I am sure neighboring states like Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and North & South Carolina did their fair share as well. Happened in a Senate race in Alabama involving Roy Moore if I remember correctly. Yet another election that was more than likely a complete fraud.

  58. Sejomoje says:

    If Jews didn’t want to be remembered as holding massive power in the early South, they should’ve perhaps not built themselves these mausoleums the size of houses, which starkly contrast to the goy graves in proximity. This is Bonaventure cemetery in Savannah(the old synagogue in Savannah is smack dab in the most prime, beautiful, and central square in old Savannah, as well). Anyhow, it always stuck in my mind, after doing a walkthrough of it to take snapshots.

    When you first enter, the most prime ‘real estate’ is taken up by these lavish mausoleums before the path leads to the more expansive, non-aristocratic majority of the cemetery. Now, there are ‘goy’ mausoleums in this section – it is not a religious section, clearly, even though at one end the entrance has two massive Star of David topped gateposts.

    (guess I am not approved to post pics so here are the names on the mansion-mausoleums:
    Herman, Schroder, Myers, Reich,Ernst, Guckenheimer, Tiedeman, Schaul, Perlinski, and though it’s on the smaller side of the other mausoleums, the Frank family of course has a lovely one as well)

    note: if you google info about Jewish cemeteries or mausoleums in Savannah, the only picture results are from a small obscure ‘poor’ section which has it’s own chapel, but no fancy mausoleums – the power-Jews did not want to be buried here. Not surprisingly, their secular mansion-mausoleums are completely censored. I basically had to take out the “Jewish” from my google search, in order to see them! It is very obvious that the South was built by Jews, just using Savannah as an example(it is not alone, however), down to one or two famous elders, they were ALL Jewish. All you have to do is look at who has the biggest mausoleums. But you can’t notice this by googling, Thank G-D.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  59. Trinity says:

    I am sure there were also plenty of dead people voting in Georgia as well. I personally know of someone who died back in 2016, and their family was suddenly receiving mail addressed to that individual. Go figure.

  60. Z-man says:

    Blacks are dumb enough to fall for that Jew/N-Word alliance. They are just used as ammo against White Christians by the Judeo-Globalist elite.

  61. geokat62 says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    I highly recommend this excellent website, LEO FRANK CASE ARCHIVE: World’s largest Leo Frank resource:

    A few choice excerpts regarding Leo’s wife, Lucile:

    Whatever [Lucile Selig Frank’s] former beliefs, 21st-century research has uncovered indications of her true attitude in her will of 1954, indicating her wish to be cremated, and her subsequent verbal instructions for the dispersal of her ashes — which specified that her remains not be interred next to Leo Frank’s

    Lucille might not have known all the details about what happened at the National Pencil Company after twelve noon on April 26, 1913, but — if the June 3, 1913 affidavit of Magnolia McKnight, known as State’s Exhibit J*, and the corroborating affidavit of Minola’s husband Albert, can be believed — she probably knew that Leo Frank had tried to seduce young Mary Phagan and had then killed her to protect his status and reputation. Imagine the magnitude of suppressed pain, grief, and suffering Lucille endured after learning from Leo’s own lips what really happened that fateful noon hour while she was at the Opera House. Imagine what it was like for the rest of her life having to publicly pretend otherwise. It’s certainly not a burden most people could fathom, much less endure.

    *Affidavit of Magnolia McKnight (the household servant):

    Miss Lucile [Selig Frank] said Sunday that Mr. [Leo] Frank told her Saturday night that 
he was in trouble, and that he didn’t know the reason why he would murder, and he told his wife
to get his pistol and let him kill himself.

  62. Mike Tre says:

    I agree that whites have more than their fair share of racial traitors, and certainly more than all of the other races. But why exactly?

    Because for going on 6 generations our young people have been taught to hate themselves through Frankfort School indoctrination. Whites are taught to be ashamed of their heritage and that all of their successes throughout history have been at the expense of all other, implicitly noble races. So it stands to reason that so many of these brainwashed and hypnotized people work against their own interests, ultimately.

    Remove Jewish (as well as their sycophants and lickspittles) influence from our educational system (and all other institutions, for that matter) and I predict the number of white racial traitors will diminish greatly.

  63. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget the “Ann Frank” story in which a “poor little jewish girl” died in a concentration camp while her father was in the same camp being treated for an illness to which he survived.
    The “Frank clan” was a cabal of black-marketeers, counterfeiters and forgers who were committing criminal acts.
    Not only that, the “Diary” was partially written in ball-point pen, not invented until the 1950s.
    The “Ann Frank” story along with the “holocaust ™ ” story must be recognized for the hoaxes that they are and consigned to the ash heap of history.

  64. @Sejomoje

    A quick walk through the WWII vet’s section of Bonaventure shows who did the fighting. Few Jews were present, and of those few one was a member of a military band.

  65. Trinity says:

    Well I am actually a “halfback.” Originally from “The Land Of Pleasant Living” aka “Charm City” aka Baltimore, Maryland but since I have spent more time in Georgia than any other place with the exception of Florida, I feel I can speak on it. Also my parents and relatives are flat land hillbillies born and reared in Southwest Georgia, so at least I have some say in the state I currently reside in. YOU ARE SPOT ON HOW POOR WHITES WERE TREATED IN THE SOUTH, my kinfolk told me lots of stories. Hell, that is how my uncle and father ended up in Baltimore, Maryland, which back in the day was full of ex-Southerners. Poor Whites weren’t treated much better than Blacks. Blacks and rednecks at each other’s throats while Jews and Anderson Cooper sit back and watch. The same ole people that cracked a whip on a Black man’s back are now the ones goading the Black race and working class Whites to hate each other. The redneck isn’t the Georgia or Florida “Cracker”, it was and is the Jew and the White elitist. Just like pitting the Muslims vs. the Christians. Remarkable. I saw what happened to Florida and see what is happening to Georgia. Newt was just another Yankee opportunist. But then again, look at turncoat Southerners like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Linslee Graham, etc., etc.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  66. annamaria says:

    ” It would have remained a sensational but local story had Frank family and NYC Jews used it for Jewish solidarity and fundraising.”

    — Two organizations, B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League are covered all over with the stinky fame of the child rapist and racist Leo Frank, and none of the main 52 Jewish-American organizations finds this objectionable.

    The Anti-Defamation League, formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States. It was founded in late September 1913 by the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith, a Jewish service organization…

    Where are the fabled “Jewish intelligence” and “Jewish ethics” when the Leo Frank story is concerned?

    In 2004, B’nai Brith reported a membership of more than 215,000, with members in 51 countries and a U.S. budget of \$20,000,000. Approximately 85 percent of the membership is in the United States. There are at least ten million Jews in the US if you include cryptos. Yet, like Zionists, these imposters claim to represent all Jews.

    Some extra details:

    The ADL was formed to defend Leo Frank when he murdered and raped Mary Phagan.

    The details were disgusting. Her underwear was ripped and bloody and she was strangled to death with a wire. Her head had also been pummeled with a pipe. She went to get her paycheck of a meager \$1.20 and never returned home. She was raped and murdered and then her body was dragged to the basement.

    Police found strands of her hair and blood on the floor above, right across from Frank’s office. Frank nervously revealed the victim’s name in front of the police before they had given him any such details.

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith was created and supported by the same criminals that formed the Mega group, exposed by Epstein’s affair:

    The ADL would fight to have Leo Farnk get a posthumous pardon, which he got in 1986. … The ADL itself was created with Jewish mafia money. With connections to Meyer Lansky, Moe Dalitz, Bugsy Siegal, and illegal arms trafficker Hank Greenspun.

    uniting factor among Mega Group members is deep ties to organized crime, which was largely led by notorious American mobster Meyer Lansky.

    • Replies: @Alden
  67. geokat62 says:

  68. troof says:
    @The Real World

    Good Lord would you people quit it already with the “stolen elections” tripe? It’s a 50-50 system, and it doesn’t matter who sits in the office. The government is a product of political compromise, not “winning” and “losing”. NO matter what system is used, it is highly appropriate that the Senate would be evenly divided almost as a constitutional principle.

    Any real decisions have to pass a 2/3 majority anyway, which means most of the Union is in favor. And it’s just a federal government, not your personal overlord, or your tribal chieftain. Congress mostly controls spending bills. The only way this system fails is when the other “1/3” has a compact geography, AND it threatens the continental balance. For now it’s completely over the heads of any red hatted moron, or a conservatoon mental giant. You have zero stake here either way.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  69. annamaria says:

    What a coincidence: the rapist and murder Leo Frank and the forger Otto Frank.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  70. @OilcanFloyd

    Stupid yankee and black jokes weren’t unheard of, but I don’t recall Jewish jokes at all.

    When my mother’s friend from Boston started telling jokes about Italians, we didn’t get it.

    I lived in the South for a long time (Atlanta) before I finally grasped why they were so uptight about such things and, actually, didn’t get my sense of humor very much.

    The majority of the South was settled by primarily one group of people: Anglos from the UK. Later, black Africans were brought in. Those were the two cultures there for centuries. So, all the other European cultures were unknown to them. And some of them are very different from the English.

    If you lived in the Northeast, it was (maybe still is) very common to make jokes about the various cultures. People never took it too seriously; it was just fun to notice the differences and poke fun at them. I found Southerners to be very sensitive about such things. It’s the closest place to Stepford I’ve ever known.

    Sarcasm is another common form of Yankee humor and I couldn’t understand why I’d get blank looks when delivering a clever bit of it while living in GA. It just didn’t register — no ear for it.

  71. @anarchyst

    From the pencil factory to the ball point pen – the story of the Franks.

    Anyway, there is this explanation about the ball point pen entries in the diary:

  72. anarchyst says:

    Not only that, Otto Frank screwed the publisher of “The Diary of Ann Frank” out of shekels as well.
    Jews gonna jew…it’s in their blood.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  73. @Not Only Wrathful

    You see, if you’re going to revise an event from history, you need to show the evidence. That’s what holocaust deniers do: they demonstrate that the 6m number started way back when, show British aerial photos without flames belching from chimneys, show flimsy doors that open the wrong way, and on and on.
    You, Mr Wrathful, are saying “new facts”, “a complicated case”, “most historians”, and that “various Jews” “changed their minds when the facts changed”. At first glance that looks slightly compelling, but a moment’s reflection exposes rank semitism. This is the sort of filth spread by the NYT all over the planet. I am not convinced by your absence of an argument.

    “New facts” my Uncle Eustace!

  74. I assume that the southerners that you mention were white, so it is an odd situation. Ethnic humor is pretty much black jokes, so that’s off the table, even if it is funny or based in truth. I guess southerners are more apt to use irony than sarcasm. When I think of northern humor, I think of Jewish humor, which I usually find obnoxious or silly. Nothing at all funny about Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up.

    I left the Atlanta area for good about 12 years ago, so I’m not up on what’s going on now. But, even then, a good number of people were transplants or immigrants. It always cracked me up when they complained about how stupid and backwards the locals are, when they were really just complaining about themselves and blacks.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  75. @annamaria

    That’s me on Monday morning.

  76. Alden says:

    Okay, here’s what I remember about founding of Georgia colony. It was a project of a philanthropist named Oglethorpe. His idea was the poor English kicked off their ancestral tenancies by the enclosure movement could move to the colonies and be small farmers tradesmen merchants. They were freemen, not indentured servants and convicts. I’m not familiar with transportation and land distribution arrangements.

    Negros were forbidden for the same reason Spain and then Mexico and the Northwest Territories Indiana Michigan Illinois Wisconsin also forbade negroes.

    What always happened was slave owners would move in bring their negro employees with them. Soon a negro would want to leave an employer’s. The employer would file a lawsuit to declare the Negro a slave. Wouldn’t work the first time but after a while with pressure and bribes slavery would be legalized. That’s how slavery became legal in America, Antoine Johnson vs Cesear a negro employee who became a slave by a court ruling and order.

    It didn’t work in the Midwest. It did work in Georgia and Texas after the Americans got free of Mexico and brought in negro slaves; who have plagued Texas ever since.

    It was always lawyers who filed the cases to legalize slavery.

    • Replies: @Alden
  77. @anarchyst

    I wonder what percentage of US high-schoolers would agree with the statement:
    “Anne Frank was murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust.”

  78. Alden says:

    The Diary of Anne Frank was written by prolific Jew author Meyer Levin for the sun if 50K. There really was a girl named Anne Frank who died in one of the camps. She did keep a diary. But she was 10 11 and 12.

    Otto Frank and Levin signed a contract. Frank contracted to pay Levin 50K to write the diary that was published. Frank reneged. Levin sued Frank. Judge found that the published diary was written by Levin and not Anne. Levin was awarded his 50 K Frank never paid Levin the 50K. I’ve got the name, date and ruling somewhere on this computer.

    Anne was a child not involved in the black market dealings. Everyone in German and Soviet occupied Europe was involved in black market counterfeit ID etc during the war for good reasons. The Germans and Soviets just looted the occupied countries, especially of food. French Dutch and Belgians who were children during the occupation years grew upon an average 2 inches shorter 15-20 pounds lighter than before or after the war. The Germans and Soviets had no right to loot and impose all those restrictions on the countries they invaded and occupied. Black market it see your children starve.

    Meyer Levin’s best book is Compulsion. It’s about the Loeb Leopold murder if 12 year old Bobby Frank in Chicago. The period details about Chicago and the 1920s. are great.

  79. Alden says:

    Looked it up. The no negro law in Georgia only lasted 16 years, 1735 to 1751. Slavery legalized by royal decree if wiki is correct . The Spanish Mexican no slavery law was the major cause of the Texican revolution against Mexico. And look at the result, the Black Plague.

  80. Anonymous[973] • Disclaimer says:

    Tis indeed strange that Jews let go of slavery so easily in the 1860s and Muslim innocent angels continued it from the 1860s until today. Today Libya has open air slave markets where Muslims sell black slaves. 20 % of the population of the Islamic republic of Mauritania are slaves. The Islamic group Boko Haram traffic’s in slaves in Nigeria.

    This would make one think that just as Muslims dominate the African slave trade post 1864 that they also dominated the African slave trade prior to 1864 and this article is a poor attempt at takkiya

    Looking forward to some NOI research into this.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  81. Alden says:

    Coroner also found strands of Franks hair on his victim. Irrefutable evidence the rapist murder was not black.

  82. @Anonymous

    Those open air slave markets are part of the legacy of the Obama-Biden “liberation” of Libya. Obama, Biden and Mrs. Clinton should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  83. Well, according to GA GOP and the 6 million hours worth of ads they ran every hour of every day, and a minimum of 2, sometimes as many as 4 flyers I received in the mail daily, leading up to the election and runoff, I am fully expecting a “radical socialist” takeover here soon. Sweet!

    I was promised by the GOP that these two “radical socialists” were going to give me healthcare, which would be super nice right now. They’re going to tax the rich, sweet. I was also assured that millions of illegals would soon arrive, to add to the millions of illegals the GOP has already somehow let slip by on their watch, hmmm, scary. Many suggestions were also made by the GOP that super scary Antifas would burn down the GA capitol building and overthrow the govt. if these two won. Extra spooky, and ironic!

    The GOP telling me that Warnock was a Fidel Castro sympathizer, antisemite who wanted to destroy Israel almost made me go out and vote for him. Nice try GOP! I know the Democrats too well at this point though, a few years ago I probably would have ran out of my pants to vote for this apparent God Emperor of a guy named Warnock, as super cool as the GOP made him sound.

    He’ll fall in line. Like they all do. Nothing will change. He’ll soon be doing the bidding of the CIA, Wall St, AIPAC, whoever, voting for sanctions against any country set to receive some good ol ‘Merican freedom and democracy. It would be nice if Warnock, or any Dem for that matter was a peacenik who actually wanted to improve the lives of Americans, not holding my breath…

    I was re-watching this Whitney Webb vid from October the other day, its crazy how accurate it is, and makes obvious how this was all pre planned from the start. Trust the plan! Hahaha

  84. Trinity says:

    I guess we are even brainwashed at what is funny considering we had Jew or Black comedians shoved down our throats for years and years. I found Rodney Dangerfield funny, that’s about it for the Jewy comedians. I’m assuming The 3 Stooges were Jews, and I always found that shit lame as hell, Little Rascals, now that was funny. And yes, Yankee humor is extremely Jewy, but then again Jeff Foxworthy is a one trick pony and Larry The Cable Guy is from Nebraska. Find Larry pretty funny. Ron White is lame IMO. A great deal of Black comics use the same old Richard Pryor-Red Foxx-Eddie Murphy lame ass shit about being Black, how crazy White folk be and shit, and talking about sex, zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Btw, while in Florida, I had a New Joisey Yankee tell me that the hot sauce they had back in New Joisey was better than the hot sauce we had in Florida. You can’t make this shit up. lololol. Yankees do the same shit in Florida, they talk about the locals when Florida is one of the most transient states in America. Atlanta? Like any large city it is full of transients from all over.

  85. @troof

    Nope, won’t quit. Quite simply, you are a rube if you do not grasp that these election steals have been going on for a long time.

    For as long as paper ballot scanners have been real-time connected to the internet election results have been manipulated. Also, there are REASONS that many states no longer use actual machines to cast the votes. They aren’t good reasons they stopped.

    You are quite naive.

    • Replies: @troof
  86. @Kolya Krassotkin

    And you could blame the same lot for the sex slave trade of ISIS during its tenure in the Syrian/Iraqi caliphate.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  87. Ponder says:

    Just prove that the structure and abstract terms are Arabic without asserting it (I don’t know Arabic, so I cannot refute your assertion but I do know swahili and I am Bantu and what I wrote earlier is fact). And secondly, if the structure and abstract is Arabic, then how does that square with swahili being Bantu? Are you asserting that Arabic and Bantu share the same structure and abstract? (I am not a linguist). Are you suggesting Bantu copied Arabic? or both were independently formed? I ask this questions because Swahili is Bantu and that structure and abstract is definitely Bantu. So, your asserting of Swahili being a slave language is patently false.

    What I know for a fact is that arabs settled in Africa and inter married with the Bantu. Swahili did not come about because of Arab-African slavery but inter marriage. To this day, arabs live in east Africa and they have intermingled to the point of rarely finding pure-blood arabs. And they know swahili just like all coastal Bantus know swahili. Those are facts.

  88. Ponder says:

    And about hippo-shit in a desert, you are correct but miss the point. That is why swahili is about 80 Bantu and 20 Arabic. Most of the Arabic words in Swahili are to do with Islam and that which wasn’t in east Africa. Words like you have quoted ‘kaffir’ for an infidel who doesn’t believe Islam, ‘fitna’- instigating conflict mostly through lies etc. That just goes to prove the point even further of Swahili being Bantu incorporating Arabic words for the unknown. I am sure no one would claim Jamaican pidgin English is not of Anglo origin 😉

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  89. JWalters says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Agree completely. Expanding on this fine research, here are three relevant points made by Jewish Israeli scholar Israel Shahak in his excellent book (available free online)
    “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”

    “Any support of human rights in general by a Jew which does not include the support of human rights of non-Jews whose rights are being violated by the ‘Jewish state’ is as deceitful as the support of human rights by a Stalinist.”

    “The apparent enthusiasm displayed by American rabbis or by the Jewish organizations in the USA during the 1950s and the 1960s in support of the Blacks in the South, was motivated only by considerations of Jewish self-interest, just as was the communist support for the same Blacks. Its purpose in both cases was to try to capture the Black community politically, in the Jewish case to an unthinking support of Israeli policies in the Middle East.”

    “Although the struggle against antisemitism (and of all other forms of racism) should never cease, the struggle against Jewish chauvinism and exclusivism, which must include a critique of classical Judaism, is now of equal or greater importance.”

    Needless to say, by spilling the beans on the Talmudists, professor Shahak is not a member in good standing of the Jewish banking mafia.

    Also relevant,
    “‘NYT’ covers up Warnock flipflop under pressure from Israel lobby”

    That was when Warnock “folded under pro-Israel pressure and renounced earlier comments that were sharply critical of Israel”

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
  90. Ponder says:

    Sorry to butt in Trinity, but that has been my point all along; why accept divide and conquer tactics to prevail, coupled with hatred and prejudice and malice? We should simply accept the rule of law and equal justice regardless of one’s moniker: be it race or religion or status or sex or IQ or whatever. Be judged for who you are character-wise and what you do. Period. Open our eyes, so that we can see that what is happening is beyond the petty issue of race. As some say, it’s partly a class war between workers of the world against so called capitalism which is nothing more than socialism for the rich and capitalism for everybody else. But also way beyond that.

  91. @Ponder

    Even the word Swahili is Arabic. The idea the Omanis spoke Bantu
    “because it was so pretty” is so … Bantu I am at a loss for words.
    Swahili was spoken from Dar es-Salaam (lit.:”house of peace” = Islamic realm)
    to Gwadar (then under Omani rule) and would be understood in Mumbai and Brunei.

    – Which makes sense as it marks the limits of the Commonwealth of Wakanda.

    As a proud denizen of dar er gharb (lit.:”house of war” = the non-Islamic world)
    whose ancestors have fought the Turks for centuries (though ultimately to little avail 😛 )
    I cry HIPPO SHIT!!

    It would be easier if I knew what you are trying to defend …

    o The Afrocentrist use of Swahili? – The best example of a West African lingua franca would be Haussa; unfortunately they were slavers also.

    o The ´Ummah? – You wouldn´t like the Kurdish and Persian denominations I´m familiar with; especially their insistence on being Aryan 😀

    If pidgin is Anglo, where´s the problem?

    • Replies: @Ponder
  92. Ponder says:

    I am not trying to defend anything. I am simply pointing out that your assertion is not true. You probably don’t even know that Swahili is very malleable in the sense that zanzibar swahili is very different from kenyan swahili for example. The closest swahili to Arabic is zanzibari. But that is not what is spoken in the rest of Africa.

    Speaking Swahili in Oman thinking they did not understand while in a shop shopping is what led us to ask how they knew Swahili since after the discussion in Swahili, the seller in the shop responded in Swahili. Imagine Bantu shock since we know arabs can’t understand let alone speak Swahili. That is where I got my first lesson on how the Omani learnt Swahili. We were informed that They having relatives in east Africa learned swahili because they found it to be beautiful.

    Search the entire web asking if Swahili is Bantu or Arabic and see the results. So, you asserted something false in order to fortify your slavery point. You could have just made your point without adding misinformation to it.

    About the Jamaican pidgin English, I used that to demonstrate that it would be absurd to claim it was for example African when clearly its Anglo — like you claiming a Bantu language is Arabic.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  93. annamaria says:

    But they continue to squealing about Mengele, all while their Wolfowitz and Albright do the jolly murder of Middle Eastern children (by the millions) at the hands of the US military.

  94. annamaria says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Closer to home: “Zwi Migdal was an organized-crime group by Polish Jewish individuals, founded in Poland and based mainly in Argentina, that trafficked in Jewish women from Central Europe for sexual slavery and forced prostitution.”

    according to Jewish beliefs as expressed in the Torah, is that it is perfectly fine to keep slaves so long as they are not Jewish. Yet these Zwi Migdal also enslaved Jewish girls and a great many who ran the bordellos were Jewish women. …

    … have yet to see a single Jewish organisation express any embarrassment in regard to Epstein and his sex trafficking operation. On the contrary, Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, announced that he is actually a victim of the #metoo movement. He also occasionally insists that Jews should never apologise for using their strength.

    Maxwell has kept quiet. Wexner has yet to apologise. Like Dershowitz, he adopted the victim path, announcing that Epstein “misappropriated” a few shekels from his family and he regrets being associated with the sex trafficker.

    No shame.

    “Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal:”

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  95. anarchyst says:

    Your statement:

    /”Anne was a child not involved in the black market dealings. Everyone in German and Soviet occupied Europe was involved in black market counterfeit ID etc during the war for good reasons. The Germans and Soviets just looted the occupied countries, especially of food. French Dutch and Belgians who were children during the occupation years grew upon an average 2 inches shorter 15-20 pounds lighter than before or after the war. The Germans and Soviets had no right to loot and impose all those restrictions on the countries they invaded and occupied. Black market it see your children starve.”/

    …leaves out the most important point. The continent was at war and the infrastructure was destroyed by allied operations. Blaming the Germans for the destruction is not only dishonest, but plays into the hands of “the big jews” who profited from the destruction of the infrastructure. Ordinary German citizens were also affected by the wartime destruction of the infrastructure as well.

    As every where else in “occupied Europe” many jews profited immensely while others suffered.

    Ann Frank might have been “innocent”, but her parents and others certainly were not…they were counterfeiters, forgers and black-marketeers of the highest order.

  96. Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    I agree that the Obama administration is guilty of war crimes for toppling the government of Libya and assassinating Ghadaffi . However do the 99.9% Muslim people of Libya ( and the Islamic republic of Mauritania) bear any responsibility for willingly setting up slave auctions and willingly and enthusiastically buying and selling black slaves?

    • Replies: @bjondo
  97. bjondo [AKA "5 dancing shlomos"] says:

    All but 2 or 3 Libyans ENTHUSIASTICALLY involved in buying and selling!

    Certainly a capitalist country. Friedman would be proud.

    Maybe the African Union leaders, European Union leaders,
    European criminal gangs, North American leaders, CIA thugs,
    are more enthusiastically involved in not just war crimes
    but slavery/crimes against humanity.

    Those responsible for the War Crimes are responsible for all other crimes that happen.

    Majority of Muslim Libyans just trying to survive.
    Don’t know if enthusiastically but probably willingly.

  98. @Alden

    Yes, Compulsion is very good. Nathan Leopold sued Levin over the book. This was after Levin had campaigned for Leopold to be paroled, which angered Meyer Levin considerably. Levin likely got too close to the killers’ true self for Leopold’s comfort.

    I think the Fox Movie Channel is showing the 1959 movie, Compulsion, based on the novel, this month.

    The most recent book on the subject, For the Thrill of It, was published in 2008. The author, Simon Baatz, dispels some of the myths, Nathan Leopold created about himself.

  99. @Ponder

    – That Zanzibari would be closest to Arabic is to be expected;
    anyways, you´re the expert 😀

    • Replies: @Ponder
  100. @Gordon Bennett

    Piss on Senator Jon O\$\$off. He’s well-financed by, and is under the control of, the Israel Lobby.

    Piss on Senator Raphael Warnock, that unprincipled hack who sold out to the Israel Lobby.

  101. troof says:
    @The Real World

    There are exactly 538 Electoral Votes in the United States as of 2020. Which ones were “fraud”? You could probably ask each of the exactly 538 State Electors, and none of their votes passed through any ‘machines’, paper ballots, or the internet. You are hung up on the completely false idea that the “popular vote” exists. It was 50-50 regardless of anything, the same in 2016 as in 2020. FIFTY FIFTY

    It is ONLY up to Congress to actually confirm the Presidential election: 12th Amendment, U.S. Constitution. Muh President is supposed to be determined by the State Legislatures, they sent back 538 Votes through the Governor of each State, and it is STILL ONLY UP TO CONGRESS.

    They could have thrown out ALL the votes, and let Mike Pence succeed as President by March 4th. This is how the Constitution actually works in America, which you completely missed. Hint: the federal presidency is not a personal avatar for your identity cult. It is a minor, unimportant official.

    Not a ‘leader’, not the “American Representative”, not “the most powerful man in the world”, not “your president”, “my president”, or “our president”. When the system works nobody can even remember his name. Only rubes and morons are invested in any of this.

  102. @annamaria

    “As for the Anti-Defamation League, after the ADL went dead-silent about the Jewish State’s arming the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi in Ukraine with Israeli-made rifles, the ADL name has become a joke.”

    The Anti-Defamation League is a friggin’ joke–and deserves to be.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  103. Anonymous[227] • Disclaimer says:
    @Orville H. Larson

    What’s wrong with arming Nazis ? I thought the authors and commentators at this webzine have proven that the Holocaust was a hoax and Nazis are innocent saints .

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @annamaria
  104. Ponder says:

    Again you miss the point — it’s not about expertise or proving I am right and you are wrong. Truth is very important, nay, make that absolute. We need to look at the truth of what happened, what is happening, in order to make the right decisions and take correct actions. We can no longer afford our prejudices and hatred and malice and racism to continue or we are all finished. Maybe you can’t see that, but its what’s coming and already is manifesting. No need to pretend that others are all evil and others Angels. There is no such thing. We need to curb and deter the base emotions and attitudes among all the ‘races’ and cease this nonsense of justifying the unjustifiable on baseless grounds like race or religion or whatever. Failure to do that inevitably will lead to things like ‘domestic terrorists’ 👹 for fairly innocent persons due to “wrong think” or “wrong values and beliefs”. Surely, there are many conservatives who aren’t racist or prejudiced who will be wrongly criminalised. No? It doesn’t give me any pleasure to see any injustice whatsoever. Do Arab Muslims enslave black sub-saharan Africans? Sure. But its immoral and illegal and most of all repulsive. Period. That practise should be totally eliminated.

    Back to the topic —- if Leo Frank was guilty as evidence proves, then he should pay the price for his criminal behaviour without issues of his being Jewish having any bearing.

  105. @Alden

    Thanks for the information. The “Diary” is required reading for thousands of US schoolkids (and others around the world, yeah, even in Japan!). Never mind who wrote it, this book (and “Night” by Weasel) is twisting the minds of young people this year. It is child abuse, and semitism.

    Oh yeah, WAS she murdered by the Germans? Was Weasel? You can almost feel The Holocaust slipping away.

    • Agree: annamaria, nokangaroos
  106. wootendw says:

    “…Leo Frank committed the murder.”

    It is highly unlikely that Leo Frank murdered Mary Phagan. It is more likely that Conley did the murder as an eyewitness, Alonzo Mann, came forward in 1983 and stated under oath and polygraph that he saw Conley carrying her body. There is no reason to doubt this and Conley even served time in jail for being an accomplice.

    That Conley was a liar and involved with Phagan’s murder is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt. Much of testimony against Frank came from Conley who changed his story frequently. Sure, the girls claimed Frank made advances toward them and they were not challenged. What would you expect given the atmosphere inside and outside of the courtroom at the time? The main reason Alonzo Mann did not come forward was because his parents advised him not to as he would have become a pariah in the community, as would anyone who testified in Frank’s favor.

    This does not mean that Frank was totally innocent, of course. He may have been an Epstein-like guy in the presence of young girls. Maybe he paid some of them for sex as Epstein did. But, being a pervert and being a murderer are two different things (believe it or not). Whatever Epstein did with young girls, he was never accused of killing any of them. Nor would he have reason to unless he had reason to believe he would be caught.

    It is plausible that Frank got girls like Mary Phagan to perform sex acts on him and that Conley knew of it and tried the same thing himself and wound up killing his victim, ultimately blaming it on Frank after changing his story numerous times. That would explain Frank’s nervousness.

    What is implausible is this sentence: “Only Frank could have engineered that clumsy caper and it fooled no one” in reference to the time change. Why couldn’t Conley have done that? He could read and write. And why would Governor John Clayton throw is career away by commuting Frank’s sentence if he didn’t believe Frank was innocent.

    And forget about Frank referring to black people with the n-word. Virtually every non-black person in the south (and many other places) referred to negroes this way back then. Quite a few black people probably referred to themselves this way in 1913. After all, there was no civil rights movement then. The nation was just one generation from the end of Reconstruction.

    Too much of the ‘evidence’ cited in this piece is about attitudes prevalent back then. Forget about Ossoff. This is about an unfair trial and lynching of a likely innocent human being.

  107. @Anonymous

    Not really, but at least 227 anonymouses claim six million murders by the National Socialists, without evidence. Innocent until proven guilty, and your “saints” is semitism.

    • Replies: @Anon
  108. Anon[686] • Disclaimer says:
    @Badger Down

    Are you doubting the words of a childless 60 year old ” confirmed bachelor” with an IQ of 55,712 ?

    Ron Unz has proven that the holocaust is a complete hoax and that every jew bakes blood matzahs every Passover using the blood of kidnapped gentile infants. The rest of the authors and commentators here at the webzine have confirmed the veracity of these scholarly findings.

    With these facts in hand , it is the innocent and altruistic Nazis that should be ashamed of receiving armaments from these devilish Jews. Better they buy armaments from the innocent and civil rights minded current day slave traders in the Islamic states of Nigeria, Mauritania, Libya and Somalia. Innocent Nazis buying from innocent muslims.

    • Troll: Alfred Muscaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  109. annamaria says:

    Sure. But the defenders of the profitable schema of Holobiz call all unpleasant people Hitlers, and put to prison (or leave jobless) all historians and engineers who dear to expose Mr. Wiesel’s (and such) “truths.”
    The ADL thugs (in the saintly memory of Jewish rapist and murderer Leo Frank) have been involved in physical attacks on historians.
    The oldest prisoner in a western prison is not the bloody traitor Pollard but a 93-year-old woman who dared to speak about holobiz lies.

    Elie Wiesel, Nobel laureate and self-appointed moral conscience for Holocaust survivors, praised the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes to make way for yet more illegal settlements in Jerusalem. His chilling statement ran in an ad placed in Ha’aretz. …
    Though Wiesel offers himself as a paragon of moral virtue, the truth is somewhat seamier. As detailed in this myth-shattering piece by Alexander Cockburn from the February 2006 print edition of CounterPunch, Wiesel assiduously campaigned for the Nobel Prize and has for decades tried to pass off his short book “Night” as a true account–a “testimony” in his words– of his experiences at Auschwitz, even though key scenes in the book have been exposed as fiction.
    –Jeffrey St. Clair

    The Jewish State got involved in providing Israeli rifles to the self-proclaimed neo-Nazis (banderites), whereas a representation of a pious zionist Kagan family went to do a collaboration with the neo-Nazi or Banderites (you know, the Babij Yar and similar trifles) in order to promote a civil war on a border with Russia. The Russian Federation is of course a new Amalek, never mind the bloody Bolsheviks Kaganovitch, Shaya Itsikovich, Frenkel, Zalkind, and other mass-slaughterers of Russians.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  110. annamaria says:

    You should argue with the decent Jewish judges (who were true to the rule of law) and Mrs. Frank when you depart to another world. They will explain to you with absolute certainty that Leo Frank was a rapist and murder. Or as another Jew (who tried to save the murderer) told about Leo Frank, a “pervert.”

    Chicago icon Albert Lasker is considered the “father of modern advertising”… He was an early owner of the Chicago Cubs, and as a philanthropist gave all his life to Jewish causes. When Lasker heard of the Leo Frank case, the B’nai B’rith leader had already been convicted of the murder. It was Lasker who financed all of Frank’s post-conviction appeals and orchestrated his international public-relations campaign. Lasker contacted a prominent publisher and a private detective and all went to Atlanta to meet the man they would spend the next two years trying to liberate. Lasker recalled the meeting in Frank’s jail cell:

    “It was very hard for us to be fair to him, he [Leo Frank] impressed us as a sexual pervert.

    By the way, where is the American Jewish Community to express outrage towards Lex Wexner, the mentor of Epstein (of Lolita Express fame)? – Nowhere:

    Epstein Victim Says Les Wexner Was Part of Elite Sex Ring

    “The Jewish Mafia – Wexner, Maxwells, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed:”

    “The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail,” have focused on the widespread nature of sexual blackmail operations in recent American history and their ties to the heights of American political power and the U.S. intelligence community, one key aspect of Epstein’s own sex-trafficking and blackmail operation that warrants examination is Epstein’s ties to Israeli intelligence and his ties to the “informal” pro-Israel philanthropist faction known as “the Mega Group.”

    • Replies: @wootendw
  111. annamaria says:

    Don’t put your words into other peoples’ mouths.

    And repeat: Lazar Kaganovich was a mass murderer (Holodomor in Ukraine)
    Naftali Ferankel was a mass murderer (GULAG)
    Rosalia Zalkind was a mass murderer (mass murder of officer corps in Crimea)
    Shaya Itzkovich was a mass murderer (Holodomor in Kazakhstan)
    Isya Berg was a mass murderer (a secret police officer and inventor and user of gas vans)

    Elie Wiesel was a liar and profiteer. Otto Frank was a shameless profiteer.

    During WWII millions of human beings died terrible death but only Jews made a profitable business out of the war. The leading Zionists of the time were the main cheerleaders of the war (see also the ongoing bloody Wars of Israel in the Middle East).

    Pollard, Maxwell’s family, and Epstein worked for Mossad and against the US interests — as well as Chertoff, Krystolls, Perle, Wolfowitz, Ledeen, and other Israel firsters.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  112. wootendw says:

    I’ll stick to the Leo Frank case and the earthly evidence, annamaria.

    And I did NOT say Frank wasn’t a pervert if you had bothered to read what I said, which is that perverts do not necessarily commit murder (duh) even if Frank was one (which we do not know for sure).

    • Replies: @Trinity
  113. Trinity says:

    Leo Frank dindu nuffin, dem JawJuh crackas wuz auntie-Cmites, yo.

  114. My name is Mary Phagan-Kean and I am the great-niece of “Little Mary Phagan,” who was raped and murdered by Leo Frank on April 26, 1913.

    On April 26, 2019 (ironically exactly 106 years since Little Mary was murdered), Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced that he would lead yet another official inquiry into the 1913 conviction of the murderer Leo Frank.

    Let me be clear on behalf of the Phagan family: We have studied this case and all the available evidence, trial documents, and news reports and there is absolutely no doubt that Leo Frank was the murderer of Little Mary Phagan. D.A. Howard was approached by a group of supporters of Leo Frank who have absolutely NO INTEREST in justice and have for years ducked and dodged the actual evidence that proves Leo Frank’s guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Howard set up a so-called “Conviction Integrity Unit” based on this single century-old case. The pro-Frank clan then continued to feed D.A. Howard false and deceptive data and outright lies to force him to do their bidding. The Phagan family was not contacted to give our evidence and perspective and Howard refused to acknowledge any of those who had a different point of view.

    This century-old murder case was rife with fraud and deception from the beginning and is laid out in detail in the Nation of Islam’s 536-page book. For instance, a May 4, 1913 Atlanta Constitution article titled “Impostors Busy in Sleuth Roles in Phagan Case” asks: “What interest’s are promoting the planting of evidence in the Mary Phagan mystery?” The Atlanta detectives stated, “ [W]e are convinced that there are mysterious forces antagonizing our investigation.”

    That planted evidence was specifically targeting the African-American night watchman at the factory, Newt Lee. Had the police not discovered the fraud Lee would very likely have been lynched!

    Later, Leo Frank’s most zealous supporter Albert Lasker—the man who financed Frank’s 13 post-conviction appeals—casually admitted to his biographer that he and his agents had committed serious felony. Lasker said that the “detectives” he hired put “much perjured stuff” into the case in order to overturn Leo Frank’s conviction! And it appears that even today this kind of dishonest activity has not stopped.

    These facts—and many, many more like them—used to be available on the internet until very recently. D.A. Howard was defeated in the last election but the Conviction Integrity Unit he set up is still operating under the new District Attorney Fani Willis. Ms. Willis might do well to ask why the original documents in the case have all of a sudden been removed from the internet, and who had the power to remove them and why. How can the case be properly reviewed without them? Indeed, the books, videos, articles, and court documents that provide a full and balanced view of the case have been systematically removed SINCE THE CONVICTION INTEGRITY UNIT WAS ANNOUNCED!!! Obviously, Truth has become offensive or objectionable and has been deemed “hate speech” in order to impose censorship. But FACTS ARE NOT HATEFUL!!!

    The public and the media will still be able to access those critical official documents that the Leo Frank crusaders are trying to hide. We have made them available at where we believe they will be safe from the Leo Frank censors and their internet-cleansing campaign.

    Attorney Willis inherited this corrupt process, but will she bow to the same pressure that was put on her former boss to exonerate a man who raped and murdered our family member? Believe it or not, there are still documents from the Leo Frank case that are being hidden from the public because they have been classified as “GEORGIA STATE SECRETS”! Our repeated attempts to obtain them were denied again in December 2020. What could they be hiding? What could be so secret about a case that is 106 years old!? And why isn’t the media pursuing this extraordinary government action?

    As of today, no word from Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis on whether her office will finally give long overdue justice to the victim, Mary Phagan. Can we expect that she will stand by her own words?

    D.A. Fani Willis: “Cases won’t be for sale under my administration. Not for an endorsement, not for money, not for anything.” “You have my word, during my tenure as district attorney in Fulton County, we will become a beacon for justice and ethics in Georgia and across the nation.” “[D.A.] Willis vowed to bring ‘transparency and accountability’ to the DA’s office,” reported the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

  115. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Well of course all those Jews are mass murderers and Nazis are innocent angels that ever killed or harmed anyone. Duh , that was my whole point. Mr Unz has already proven umpteenth times that the holocaust never occured and his expose on blood ( sort of superfluous as if there is any other kind of matzahs lol) matzahs was worthy of the Pulitzer prize .

    Little known fact. There is some hasbara going around that flour and water are the only ingredients allowed in kosher matzahs. Then how do you explain the fact that all matzah is fire engine red ?!?!?! Its all the goY blood. Matzah is 90% GOY BLOOD !!!

    • Replies: @annamaria
  116. annamaria says:

    You may try to be honest if you please, and stop defaming the lives of millions of people (including the Jewish people ) who perished during WWII.

    As for your compassionate complaints about the lack of objectivity on this forum, it is long overdue to stop propagating the lies of the Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg (of the “soap and lampshades” fame) and American fiction-writer and supremacist Eli Wiesel.

    Also, it is long overdue for the ADL (created in memory of a rapist and murderer Leo Frank) to stop harassing honest historians and engineers who, by the way, helped to correct some holobiz numbers already (the Aushwitz numbers are currently 1/4th of the original claim).

    Meanwhile, tell the Knesset that they need to figure out, whether the Knesset likes neo-Nazis & Baderites or not. The same ‘figuring out’ should be done by the Kagans’ clan of warmongers; the activities of their Mrs. Nuland-Kagan have been against the holobiz dogmas in the most exceptional manner.

    Israel weaponized Ukrainian self-proclaimed neo-Nazis with Israel-made rifles:

    Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine:,622,x68,y52&height=826&width=1420

    Mrs. Nuland-Kagan and the self-proclaimed neo-Nazis:

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Trinity
  117. Anonymous[686] • Disclaimer says:

    Why are you such an anti-nazite . Our host , a national treasure in his own right , has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the holocaust was a hoax perpetrated by blood matzah bakers. Nazis are wholesome innocent aryans and there should be absolutely no problem arming innocent Nazis with any weapons they choose. Please , stop sullying the good Nazi name.

    Also , I have never complained about lack of objectivity at this webzine. Quite the contrary, I am happy to be in such a place where we can all agree on the settled science that the holocaust was a fever dream cooked up by blood matzah bakers to steal more gelt and shekels from gullible goyims. You are the one who is spreading the lie that it is somehow wrong to sell armaments to innocent slandered Nazis.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  118. @wootendw

    Whatever Epstein did with young girls, he was never accused of killing any of them. Nor would he have reason to unless he had reason to believe he would be caught.

    He was not accused of murder in a court of law but we don’t know that he, or any of his “punters, tricks, johns” such as the Clintons et al. didn’t murder any of the girls on his island, in some gruesome ceremonies in his temple perhaps. Has the FBI traced every single girl he has ever abused or brought into his stable for others to abuse, as they should if they were serious about exposing his entire network of political and business associates and their sex crimes, or are any of the girls “missing”, sort of as “missing in action”?

    • Replies: @wootendw
  119. annamaria says:

    You need to reread your post and add some logic to it. The only thing that transpires in your post is your hatred towards Ronald Unz. And here is the difference: Mr. Unz is a Mensch, and we know his name.
    You, on the other nad, is the anonymous “Anonymous” in a business of slandering the Mensch.

  120. Trinity says:

    Damn it Jim, it is the big gorilla, Vitali Klitschko, standing there in that photo you provided. I have heard rumors that the Klitschko brothers had Jewish blood in them, regardless, Jew or not Jew, to hell with the Klitschko brothers. I WAS a big fan, not anymore. Even IF Vitali is 100% White, he is a \$habbos goy. Glad Tyson Fury sent baby Klitschko into retirement now more than ever.

  121. wootendw says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “…we don’t know that he, or any of his “punters, tricks, johns” such as the Clintons et al. didn’t murder any of the girls on his island, in some gruesome ceremonies in his temple perhaps.”

    Generally, I do not accuse people without evidence. There is no evidence of this, nor evidence against it. For all we know, @annamarie may be a friend and associate of Ghislaine Maxwell who’s pretending to be otherwise. Or you could be.

    The possibilities without evidence are endless. And even evidence is not proof. In fact, you don’t even have probable cause to investigate until a witness comes forth or a body is found, etc.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  122. @wootendw

    Of course, and it is for the FBI to provide that evidence. But are they looking hard enough? Or are they too busy manufacturing evidence against “domestic terrorists” while suppressing evidence against the elites? Former senior FBI agent Ted Gunderson indicates that the FBI has always been covering up for the Satanic elites and their rape and murder of missing children.

    FBI’s Lanning sides with Satan, says former top bureau official
    EIR Volume 17, Number 23, June 1, 1990

    Former FBI official Ted Gunderson, in an interview to EIR editors Jeffrey Steinberg and Carol White, warned about the spreading plague of satanism and satanic-related crime and sharply criticized the bureau for covering up the crisis… “I am convinced that we are confronted with a serious satanic penetration of every level of society, government at every level.”

    And this is way before any Qanon. Nothing has changed and it has got worse.

  123. geokat62 says:

    I once made the following observation:

    They’ve got the “carrot and stick” routine down to a science…

    Excerpts from, “Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance”: The Anti-Defamation League’s Latest Attempt To Increase Jewish Influence Over the Black Community:

    The agenda behind this endeavor is two fold. The first is to create a system of financial carrots and sticks for leading blacks to break racial solidarity with figures and groups Jews feel undermine their ethnic interests, such as the Nation of Islam. The second is to strengthen Jewish influence over Black Lives Matter, especially in regards to its support for the Palestinian cause, which the ADL has expressed a strong interest in purging from their discourse.

    The ADL’s aggressive backroom attempts at co-opting black causes have been so egregious that a coalition of left-wing groups have come together specifically to resist them.

  124. anarchyst says:
    @Temporary Insanity

    Your statement: /”Jews have exploited all the races in all four directions for ages… a grifter class can’t do honest day’s work!”/
    …is absolutely spot-on…
    This is a major reason why jews are so “sensitive” about their deportation to WW2 German “work camps”.
    For the first time in their lives, jews were forced to perform manual labor-something that they had never done previously.
    The “sting” of a jew doing manual labor is still demeaning to them and still exists to this day.

  125. Jewish chutzpa has no limits. Leo Frank was guilty as charged, and had it not been for the good citizens of the town who took justice into their own hands he would have walked. Some crimes deserve public hanging, and the rape and murder of a minor is just that sort of crime. Anyone brash enough to regurgitate the bullshit trope that Frank’s punishment was anti-semetic; well there’s rope enough to go around. Talk about being cucked. What does Warnock have to say about Leo Frank’s attempt to frame an innocent black man? Had it not been for the grace of God, and the efforts of a brave black female lawyer from Baltimore, the poor black dude would have hanged, and chances are Leo, the fine upstanding Jew, would have done it again. F the ADL and their ilk. It’s time the Hebrews look in the mirror and ask why so many countries tossed them out. That those countries were Christian was lucky for them. To see what they have instore for White Americans, just look at what happened to Christians after 1917 in Russia.

    • Agree: anarchyst
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