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“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West
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“The promotion of secure tolerance will be permanent and irreversible.” Moshe Kantor, Manifesto on Secure Tolerance, 2011.

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In 2010, Harvard duo Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons published The Invisible Gorilla, which detailed their study of the human capacity to overlook even the most obvious things. In one of their experiments, Chabris and Simons created a video in which students wearing white and black t-shirts pass a basketball between themselves. Viewers were asked to count the number of times the players with the white shirts passed the ball, and many were later very satisfied to find that they were accurate in their counting. This satisfaction was tainted, however, when they were asked if they had spotted “the gorilla.” Amidst considerable confusion, the video would then be replayed for the puzzled viewers, who were stunned to see a man in a gorilla suit walk among the students and balls, take up a position in the center of the screen, and wave at the camera. They’d missed him entirely in their initial viewing. The study highlighted the capacity for humans to become fixated on set tasks, events, or other distractions, and miss even the most elaborate and remarkable of occurrences.

When it comes to Jewish activism, and especially Jewish activism in the area of censorship and mass migration, I fear that the same dynamics are at work. Panicked by this or that website or YouTube channel being defunded or banned, we miss the ‘Invisible Gorilla’ — a plan of action far more horrifying and deadly in its implications than any single act of censorship.

There are essentially two forms of censorship. The hard kind we are very familiar with. It consists in the banning or removal of websites, videos, books, podcasts, and social media accounts. It extends to defunding and deplatforming, and it reaches its apogee in the banning of activists from entering certain countries, in the arrest of activists on spurious grounds, and in the development of new laws with harsh criminal penalties for speech. These methods are dangerous and rampant, and I myself have fallen victim to several of them.

I think, however, that softer, more diffuse methods of censorship are even more insidious and perhaps even more catastrophic. We could consider, for example, the manipulation of culture so that even if certain speech is not illegal and carries no legal repercussions, it nevertheless leads to the loss of employment, the destruction of education opportunities, and the dissolving of one’s relationships. This is a form of cultural self-censorship, involving the modification of in-group standards, that has demonstrable Jewish origins. “Soft” censorship can also take the form of socio-cultural prophylaxis. Take, for example, the recent initiative of the U.S. State Department to initiate a drive to engage in the global promotion of philo-Semitic (pro-Jewish) attitudes. I really don’t believe that this will play out in the manner the State Department hopes, and I watch with interest to see precisely what the methodologies of this policy will be. I sincerely doubt its prospects for success. But what other way can this be interpreted than as a preventative measure, obstructing the growth of organic attitudes that, let’s face it, are more likely to skew to the anti-Jewish? Finally, isn’t it in the nature of contemporary culture, with its emphasis on entertainment, consumption, and sex, to be the perfect environment in which to hide many “Invisible Gorillas”? Isn’t it a whirlwind of fixations and distractions, replete with untold numbers of “woke” viewers happy to report that they’ve been enthusiastically counting passes and have the accurate number? Isn’t it rather the axiom of our time that, from the idiotic Left to the idiotic Right, Invisible Gorillas stroll freely and unhindered, laughing and waving as they go, hidden in plain sight?

Moshe Kantor: Oligarch Activist

If I could single out one point in time at which a process was set in motion that culminated in the heightened censorship that we see today, it wouldn’t be the recent banning of the NPI/Radix YouTube channel, or the removal of the Daily Stormer from the internet after Charlottesville. No answers will be found in the banning of Alex Jones, of Stefan Molyneaux, the European travel ban on Richard Spencer, the eviction of NPI from Hungary, or recent revelations about PayPal’s selective banning process. These are all symptoms that possess no answers in themselves. I do believe, however, that we can locate the immediate intellectual and political beginnings of our present situation in 2011, in the publication of a document titled Manifesto for Secure Tolerance. The document was written by Moshe Kantor, a Russian billionaire, pernicious oligarch, and president of no less than the European Jewish Congress, the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR, which we will return to), the World Holocaust Forum Foundation, the European Jewish Fund, and the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress. In short, this Jewish billionaire is the quintessential strongly-identified leading Jewish activist, fully committed to the advancement of the interests of his ethnic group.

As leader of so many groups, and mover in so many high circles, Kantor fulfils the qualifications of the early modern stadtlans, Court Jews who boasted of significant wealth and intensive relationships with non-Jewish elites. And he exemplifies many of the same qualities, acting always in un-elected but highly-influential intercessory roles, seeking to improve the tactical and material advantages of his tribe. When not crossing the continent bleating about ‘tolerance,’ Kantor also advances Jewish interests in his capacity as the President of Moscow’s Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery — a dubious establishment dedicated to extolling the disgusting and poisonous art of co-ethnics like Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, and Mark Rothko (Rothko is the subject of a 3-part series of TOO articles by Brenton Sanderson).

Although masquerading as a world-renowned “peace activist,” Kantor is in fact a devoted practitioner of international Zionism. A citizen of Russia, the United Kingdom, and Israel, this world parasite wages unconventional warfare by means of backstage diplomacy, policy development, and ceaseless lobbying for repressive legislation to be imposed on Europeans everywhere.

Let’s start with his Manifesto for Secure Tolerance. Its ethos can be summed up in its slogan: “Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.” The instinct is to describe such as phrase as Orwellian, but surely the time has come to describe such concoctions more accurately and plainly as “Judaic.” Surely only the Judaic mind has both the shamelessness, arrogance, and spiteful aggression required to present the removal of freedoms as the key to freedom?

Moshe Kantor: Dedicated Zionist
Moshe Kantor: Dedicated Zionist

Kantor argues that “tolerance,” which in his definition basically means acquiescence to globalism (promoted by Kantor as a universal good) and mass migration, is an essential aspect of a successful society. He argues that in order to protect “tolerance,” we should therefore impose “security requirements” (oppressive laws) that focus on “racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism.” Thus, Kantor’s creation of the idea of “Secure Tolerance,” which will see the gradual expansion of cultural and legislative repressions on Whites/nativists, first in the European Union, and then throughout the rest of the West. In Kantor’s own words:

Secure tolerance must be promoted in the public mind and practised in the most democratic way, that is, through law-making. In this way alone will the promotion of secure tolerance be permanent and irreversible. There is no better field in which to implement this project than the European Union because that in itself is a product of tolerance shown by twenty-seven nations for each other and because it is fully exposed to all the challenges of the day. The crucial factors, among others, however, determine the promotion of secure tolerance:

Education, above all primary education (we may be too late forever if we start to teach this difficult new language of communication to children over five years of age).

Secure tolerance is inseparable from the need to develop techniques or practices of Reconciliation in society, which, in turn, are based on the legal recognition of the historical truth of the Holocaust.

And, last but not least, secure tolerance and Reconciliation techniques should be formalized in a code of laws, both national and supra-national, the making of which, once started, is never to stop.

There is a lot to unpack here, but we should start with Kantor’s over-arching expressed goal, the one that opens and closes this section of his Manifesto: the imposition of supranational legislation imposing “tolerance” and outlawing dissent. Kantor’s appeal here to law-making being “the most democratic way,” is pure theater. As we will see, there is nothing democratic about the later course of Kantor’s proposals into becoming law. The Western public has never heard of Kantor’s manifesto or its later incarnations (honestly, have you?), and certainly never had an opportunity to vote on it. Kantor wants repressive laws, “permanent and irreversible,” the “making of which, once started, is never to stop,” in order to deal with, in his words, the “neo-Fascist politicians and organizations, radical nationalists and militarised racists who, in their turn are jeopardising European democratic accomplishments” and therefore represent “destructive manifestations of anti-globalism.”

Further theater is observed in Kantor’s choosing the European Union as a starting point because it “is a product of tolerance.” Of course, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the tactical advantage offered by the opportunity to give his legislative proposals a running head start by ensuring their adoption in twenty-seven countries in one swoop. Jews, of course, have much love for European unity in its current, bureaucratic incarnation. The EU is useful to Jews, who believe that Europe must be compelled to undergo its demographic death as a Continent and sooner rather than later. Supranational government in the form of the EU is seen as the most efficient means to this end. Why go to the effort of separately promoting mass migration in Germany, Britain, France, Spain etc., and navigating speech laws through each of their legal systems and parliaments, when the EU is the purse seine that can reap them all? It’s the same in the U.S. where Jews have always championed a strong central government rather than states’ rights. Jews have always perceived the capabilities of the EU as an engine of mass immigration. When Brexit happened, Ari Paul, writing in The Forward, argued in terror that a reversion to the nation-state government across Europe would be a “return to the state of affairs that gave us two world wars and the Holocaust.” His proposed remedy is the suggestion that the populations of the E.U. should be more tightly controlled through speech and hate laws, and the final solution “is to make the E.U.’s policy more favorable to multiculturalism and migration. … Jews are certainly going to play a role in which direction Europe goes.”

Moshe Kantor is one of those Jews. His insidious education proposals, designed to brainwash our children as early as possible, are mere copies of the tactics of the ADL and countless Jewish activists within psychiatry. And his call for the international legal protection of the Jewish historical narrative of the Holocaust is simply the worldwide criminalization of “Holocaust denial.” He is making speedy progress on all fronts.

ECTR and the Jewish “Think Tank” Strategy for Increasing Non-White Migration in Britain

Kantor’s 2011 manifesto was the product of an existing diplomatic trajectory to achieve the same goals. In 2008, Kantor had founded the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), as a:

non-partisan and non-governmental institution. It is envisaged to be an opinion-making and advisory body on international tolerance promotion, reconciliation and education. It fosters understanding and tolerance among peoples of various ethnic origin; educates on techniques of reconciliation; facilitates post-conflict social apprehensions; monitors chauvinistic behaviors, proposes pro-tolerance initiatives and legal solutions.

In other words, it’s something between a think tank and a lobbying group. This “think tank” strategy is absolutely crucial to the Jewish ability to bypass or exploit democratic institutions, and has been devastating in its effectiveness. As I remarked in my study of the use of this tactic in destroying free speech in Britain, Jews had been unable to get speech-restricting legislation through Parliament by relying solely on Jewish M.P.s until the Jew Frank Soskice designed and “piloted the first Race Relations Act, 1965, through Parliament.”[1]M. Donnelly, Sixties Britain: Culture, Society and Politics (115), & R. Honeyford, The Commission for Racial Equality: British Bureaucracy Confronts the Multicultural Society, 95. The Act approached the problem of White British resistance to mass migration from a different angle and “aimed to outlaw racial discrimination in public places.” Crucially, the 1965 Act created the ‘Race Relations Board’ and equipped it with the power to sponsor research for the purposes of monitoring race relations in Britain and, if necessary, extending legislation on the basis of the ‘findings’ of such research:

It was a clever tactic. The Board soon began sponsoring research from ‘independent’ bodies staffed by, and often explicitly created by, Jews.[2]Donnelly, 115. One of the best examples of such bodies, and certainly the most influential, was ‘Political and Economic Planning’ (PEP) a supposedly “independent research organization whose philosophy and methodology are based on the principles and values of sociology.”[3]Honeyford, 93. Ray Honeyford states that although PEP dabbled in other areas, “its most influential work has been in the field of race. It is no exaggeration to say that its work in this field is far and away the biggest source of information, ideas, and opinions about the state of race relations in Britain and the experience of discrimination by ethnic minorities.”[4]Ibid.
(Honeyford, 93.)
One of its 1977 publications has been called “the bible of the race relations lobby in Britain.”[5]Ibid, 94.
(Honeyford, 93.)

But PEP was never ‘independent.’ From its inception it was closely linked to the National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants (NCCI), a body which worked to advance the cause (and demographics) of Blacks and South-East Asians in Britain, but which was run by a group of decidedly pale, not to mention Hebraic, British-born lawyers. In one of those little instances of lack of accountability in our modern ‘democracy,’ in 1965 the NCCI had been inexplicably appointed to “advise the British government on matters relating to the integration of Commonwealth immigrants.”[6]I. Solanke, Making Anti-Racial Discrimination Law: A Comparative History of Social Action and Anti-Racial Discrimination Law, 85. From its early days of operation, the NCCI, which became the Community Relations Commission in 1968, was staffed with Jewish lawyers like Anthony Lester (1936–). Although never elected to any public office his own Wikipedia entry states that Lester was “directly involved with the drafting of race relations legislation in Britain.” In 1968 Lester founded the Runnymede Trust, described on its website as “the UKs leading independent race equality think tank.” Indicative of the ethnic composition of the Trust, and its deeper origins and goals, Lester had founded the organization with his fellow Jew, Jim Rose. Rose is described in the Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History as the “Director of the Survey of Race Relations in Britain. … The Race Relations Act owed much to him.”[7]W. Rubinstein (ed), The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History, 566, 810. So basically, if you see a ‘think tank’ described as ‘independent,’ you can be sure its board reads like a Bar Mitzvah invitation list.

One of the ways in which Lester developed and imposed his influence on the drafting of race legislation was in his capacity as ‘special adviser’ to Roy Jenkins, the far-Left successor at the Home Office of the Frank Soskice who, as mentioned above, is Jewish. With Lester behind Jenkins, Britain had essentially gone from having a Jewish Home Office Minister, to having a Jewish-influenced puppet in the same office. In Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda (1998), Lester himself writes about his involvement (though he is often ‘economical’ with the truth) in the drafting and implementation of race laws in Britain. Of course, Lester downplays his role and that of Soskice, writing that “the arrival, in December 1965, of a liberal and receptive Minister, Roy Jenkins, at the Home Office was of decisive importance in making the Race Relations Act. … When Labour came to power in 1974 I abandoned my practice at the Bar to help Roy Jenkins secure the enactment of effective legislation tackling race and sex discrimination.”[8]T. Blackstone (ed), Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda, 24. He further writes that “every democratic society should be concerned with promoting what Roy Jenkins memorably defined thirty years ago as a national goal: equal opportunity, accompanied by cultural diversity, in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance.”[9]Ibid, 22.
(T. Blackstone (ed), Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda, 24.)

But Lester wasn’t giving anywhere near an accurate portrayal of his own interest and unceasing activism in the field of race and multiculturalism. For a start, we know that it was Lester himself who penned the influential speech he now attributes exclusively to Jenkins.[10]C Williams (ed), Race and Ethnicity in a Welfare Society, 38. Further, scholar Peter Dorey notes that Lester was “the leading campaigner on race relations” for the Society of Labour Party Lawyers and that Lester had been at the forefront of the Society’s Race Relations Committee when it put pressure on the government for harsher legislation in 1966.[11]P. Dorey, The Labour Governments 1964-1970, 322. Illustrating the true nature of the relationship between Lester and Jenkins, Dorey cites correspondence between the two in which Lester castigated the 1965 law as a “shoddy job” and in which Lester presents Jenkins with a “shopping-list of discontents: the Government should commit itself to extending the race relations legislation to cover all public places, as well as employment, housing, credit and insurance services, and it should strengthen the Race Relations Board.”[12]Ibid, 323.
(P. Dorey, The Labour Governments 1964-1970, 322.)
Dorey notes that it was in response to pressure from Lester, channeled through Jenkins, that “the Government began to reconsider its race relations policy.”[13]Ibid.
(P. Dorey, The Labour Governments 1964-1970, 322.)

In truth, Lester was one of the chief architects of modern multicultural Britain and its accompanying repressive bureaucracy. It was Lester who by his own admission, in 1975, set out “coherent principles for new legislation in the White Paper on Racial Discrimination.”[14]T. Blackstone (ed), Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda, 22. The principles were that: “The overwhelming majority of the colored population is here to stay, that a substantial and increasing proportion of that population belongs to this country, and that the time has come for a determined effort by Government, by industry and unions, and by ordinary men and women to ensure fair and equal treatment for all our people, regardless of their race, color, or national origin.”[15]Ibid.
(T. Blackstone (ed), Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda, 22.)

The point of reiterating this particular process (and Brenton Sanderson has pointed to clear and well-documented parallels in Canada, Australia and elsewhere) is that this is what is meant by Kantor’s “most democratic” way of “law-making.” This process has the appearance of democracy in that legislation is eventually moved through a Parliament or Congress, but beneath this appearance is a sequence of events mired in ethnic activism, obscured methodologies, background lobbying, false representation, and ultimately, the passing of legislation entirely at odds with the wider democratic will. We were never asked, and, in Kantor’s political philosophy, we never will be asked. These laws will continue to be developed and imposed in this manner, and, as Kantor prescribes, they will “never stop.”

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation was Kantor’s first “think tank” vehicle for achieving “Secure Tolerance” legislation. Keen for the ECTR to have a “goy” face, he stayed in the background while initially handing the Presidency of the group to former Communist and President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski. Kwaśniewski had a useful history of neglecting and belittling the Catholic-National character of his people, and made himself known as an ally of Jews by formally apologizing for a 1941 killing of Jews at Jedwabne by Poles, and restoring citizenship to Jews stripped of it by the communist government in 1968. Since 2015, the Presidency of the ECTR has been held by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a dedicated globalist and arch-traitor of Satanic proportions. Beneath the Gentile faces, however, Kantor has always pulled the strings. This is his project, based on his manifesto, and his history of activism. The group’s board is stacked with honorary roles for non-Jewish politicians, but its legal direction is entirely dictated by Kantor and Prof. Yoram Dinstein, a retired Italian supreme court justice and former President and Dean of Law at Tel Aviv University. Dinstein’s area of expertise is mainly in war legislation, and his co-operation with Kantor is not really a departure from this since it amounts to a declaration of war on Whites everywhere.

2012–2015: The National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance

Between 2012 and January 2015, Dinstein and three other experts on constitutional law, backed by Kantor’s ECTR developed a draft 12-page pan-European “tolerance law” for adoption by the European Union. The law was intended to “criminalize ‘group libel,’ such as negative stereotyping, target group-to-group intolerance, and ban neo-Nazi and other discriminatory organizations in Europe.” On January 27, the draft legislation debuted at the European Jewish Congress, then meeting in Prague, with Kantor presiding and throwing his “support behind the proposal, which would grant harsher punishments for hate crimes against Jews, Muslims, Roma, women, and LGBQT alike across the continent.” Minor complaints came from Alan Dershowitz and Bernard Henri-Levy, who believed that an educational (indoctrination) strategy would be a more effective (safer for Jews) way of pursuing an end to anti-Semitism. Dinstein (and, one would presume, Kantor), according to Times of Israel, was “undeterred by the criticism, insisting that he would continue to promote the legislation to European governments, in the hopes that like Holocaust denial criminalization, which he said was initially perceived as a “pipe dream,” the tolerance law will ultimately take root.”

Dinstein’s document, innocuously titled “A European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance,” [full text here] but also known by the name “Model National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance,” was designed to legally implement Kantor’s ideological proposals as outlined in the 2011 Manifesto for Secure Tolerance, and made provision for the explicit criminalization of “overt approval of a totalitarian ideology, xenophobia or anti-Semitism.” It proposes to make “education in tolerance” mandatory from elementary school to college. All governments will be legally obliged to ensure their schools “introduce courses encouraging students to accept diversity. … It is very important to start such courses as early as possible in the educational programme, i.e. in elementary school.” The same measures will have to be imposed in the education of the military and the police, and for the entire professional class within society.

The statute also makes it a legal obligation for every EU country to ensure that public broadcasting “devote a prescribed percentage of their programmes to promoting a climate of tolerance.” It asserts a legally binding commitment that: “The production of books, plays, newspapers reports, magazine articles, films and television programmes – promoting a climate of tolerance – will be encouraged and, where necessary, subsidized by the Government.” Mass media will be completely given over to the development and dissemination of pro-diversity propaganda:

  • The Government shall ensure that public broadcasting (television and radio) stations will devote a prescribed percentage of their programmes to promoting a climate of tolerance.
  • The Government shall encourage all privately owned mass media (including the printed press) to promote a climate of tolerance.
  • The Government shall encourage all the mass media (public as well as private) to adopt an ethical code of conduct, which will prevent the spreading of intolerance and will be supervised by a mass media complaints commission.

In short, the proposals aim to make “commitment to tolerance” a total and legally binding principle, bringing about a revolution in culture. In other words, nations will be punished if their TV stations do not produce pro-tolerance propaganda, if they fail to indoctrinate their children in pro-tolerance propaganda, and if they fail to aggressively prosecute and imprison dissidents. In fact, it provides for the establishment of “special administrative units” dedicated to the direct surveillance of all individuals or groups deemed to possess “intolerant” views.” The statute develops a framework of “concrete and enforceable obligations that ensure tolerance and stamp out intolerance.” The proposals were also designed by Kantor and Dinstein to include explicit, special protections for Jews. Dinstein, for example, remarked at a 2012 presentation of an early draft to then-EU President Martin Schulz, that “Whilst current definitions of tolerance would preclude racism and religious-based bigotry, anti-Semitism must be individually stated as a separate definition. Holocaust denial should be a crime.”

Crucially, the statute provides for the legal protection of all standard Jewish historical narratives, not just that of the Holocaust. It asserts, for example, that “It must be understood that the “group libel” may appear to be aimed at members of the group in a different time (another historical era) or place (beyond the borders of the State).” Based on one of his most recent speeches, Kantor’s own interpretation of history leaves a lot to be desired: “Historically, Jews were always among the most loyal citizens of their countries, and did their best to integrate and to become pillars of society in all walks of life.”

Presumably, anything outside such a fantasy would be considered criminal hate speech. In other words, if a modern-day Italian made the claim that Jews were dominant moneylenders in England during the medieval period, and that they contributed to the hostility demonstrated against them during that time, and which resulted in their expulsion in 1290, this individual could be subjected to the same harsh legal penalties as someone who made “anti-Semitic” criticisms of Israel today, or “denied the Holocaust.” And these penalties are harsh. The document argues there is “no need to be tolerant to the intolerant.” Group libel, “Overt approval of a totalitarian ideology,” xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and public approval or denial of the Holocaust, are all to be treated as “aggravated crimes.” Juveniles “guilty of intolerance” will avoid prison, but are to be brainwashed via “a rehabilitation programme designed to instill in them a culture of tolerance.”

Since first presenting a draft to Martin Schulz in 2012, Kantor’s ECTR has presented the Model Statute in a series of meetings and seminars with international organizations, including the Council of Europe and the OSCE, as part of an intensive lobbying effort to have it written into law throughout Europe. There is currently a joint ECTR-European Council task force which is working on its implementation. Kantor has ensured his measures are massively incentivized. He has launched a \$1 million “Kantor Prize for Secure Tolerance,” an ECTR annual European Medal of Tolerance, and a research fund offering grants of “20–50 thousand Euro each” for experts who can advance the legal and cultural enforcement of diversity.

Incentivizing treason: Kantor, awarding the European Medal of Tolerance to Prince Albert II of Monaco: “Your Highness’ gesture of supporting historical truth and unveiling a monument commemorating deported Jews in World War II has been such a liberating act of contrition, all the more impressive because it concerned not only your own people, but also because of your own family’s political responsibilities for the course of events.”
Incentivizing treason: Kantor, awarding the European Medal of Tolerance to Prince Albert II of Monaco: “Your Highness’ gesture of supporting historical truth and unveiling a monument commemorating deported Jews in World War II has been such a liberating act of contrition, all the more impressive because it concerned not only your own people, but also because of your own family’s political responsibilities for the course of events.”

2016–2018: Kantor, the ADL, and the War on “Cyber Hate”

Beginning in late 2015, Kantor began accelerating a more global approach to “Secure Tolerance” by building a more intensive relationships with the ADL and focusing more heavily on internet “intolerance.” In January 2016, Kantor’s European Jewish Congress and the ADL announced “a partnership to cooperate on advocacy work within European Union institutions,” that would involve lobbying for the implementation of the Model Statute and for heightened levels of internet censorship. At a meeting of the EJC’s General Assembly in Brussels, it was announced that the move would “enable the ADL to have a greater impact on E.U. policies and programs,” while providing Kantor’s policies with a pathway to U.S. legislators. ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt boasted that “Working together, we will leverage our respective strengths to pursue our common goals more effectively.” An enthused Kantor replied, “I am delighted that we are partnering with such an august institution as ADL which has a longstanding record of fighting for greater tolerance and against the scourge of hatred, racism and anti-Semitism.” Ultimately, of course, it meant the further dilution of democracy in Europe, with an unelected and unsolicited gang of American Jews now free to engage in “advocacy work within European institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission.”

By 2018, Kantor’s effort at international Jewish co-operation to bring about “secure tolerance” had settled on the internet as a matter of major concern and as a potential springboard for further movement on repressive international legislation. There had been earlier grumblings. In 2015, then ADL Director Abraham Foxman, and also Yoram Dinstein, had called for measures to end internet anonymity and therefore expose the “intolerant” to “the censure of society. … If you want to be bigot you have to take responsibility for it.” But by 2018 this had evolved into the quest for more systematic, legal solutions to online dissent.

Moshe Kantor and the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt
Moshe Kantor and the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt

In March 2018, the sixth biennial meeting of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel. Run by the Israeli government, hosted by Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed by former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, and staffed by a large cast of Jewish academics from around the world, the Global Forum made a priority of “fighting cyber hate.” A modern day meeting of the Elders of Zion, the number of representatives from various Jewish organizations totaled just over one thousand, including leaders from the ADL; Simon Wiesenthal Center; American Jewish Committee; Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France; the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance; B’nai B’rith; World Jewish Congress; and the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy.

The Global Forum, in common with so much of what we have seen so far, is essentially a central “think tank” for the campaign to introduce internet censorship throughout the West. It devises intellectual and political strategies styled as “recommendations” for Western governments to restrict the freedoms of their respective populations. The ‘recommendations’ of the 2018 Forum included a demand that all governments adopt “a clear industry standard for defining hate speech and anti-Semitism” the latter being achieved quite quickly since the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism was devised in 2016.

The Global Forum called for the introduction of an international legal ban on “Holocaust denial sites,” and its plan to “eliminate anti-Semitism” is comprehensive. Among its more recent recommendations were proposals to establish national legal units responsible for combating ‘cyber hate’; making stronger use of existing laws to prosecute ‘cyber hate’ and ‘online anti-Semitism,’ and enhancing the legal basis for prosecution where such laws are

Latter-Day Elders of Zion
Latter-Day Elders of Zion

In much the same way that Kantor’s “secure tolerance” policy proposes that “restrictions are necessary for freedom,” many if not all of the Jewish intellectuals involved in the campaign to end free speech on the internet do so while shamelessly and hypocritically posing as the truest defenders of freedom and liberty. A classic example in this regard is Raphael Cohen-Almagor, author of Confronting the Internet’s Dark Side (2015) and a key figure in the Global Forum as well as perhaps the leading anti-free speech intellectual active today. Cohen-Almagor received his D. Phil. in political theory from Oxford University in 1991, and his B.A. and M.A. from Tel Aviv University. In 1992–1995 he lectured at the Hebrew University Law Faculty. From 1995–2007 he taught at the University of Haifa Law School, Department of Communication, and Library and Information Studies University of Haifa. He is a very strongly-identified Jew, having acted as Chairperson of “The Second Generation to the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance” Organization in Israel. He also shamelessly but aggressively postures himself as a “defender of democracy,” acting as Founder and Director of Center for Democratic Studies at the University of Haifa. He is currently Chair in Politics at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. As with other aspects of the “think tank” strategy, this is “democracy,” but not as you know it.

Cohen-Almagor’s most recent significant production, titled “Taking North American White Supremacist Groups Seriously: The Scope and the Challenge of Hate Speech on the Internet,” appeared in 2018 in the International Journal of Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy.[16]R. Cohen-Almagor, ‘Taking North American White Supremacist Groups Seriously: The Scope and the Challenge of Hate Speech on the Internet,’ International Journal of Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2018), pp.38-57. Along with an earlier piece from 2016,[17]. Cohen-Almagor, ‘Hate and Racist Speech in the United States: A critique,’ Philosophy and Public Issues, Vol. 6, No.1, pp.77-123. the article is an excellent sample and summary of Cohen-Almagor’s work to date, and also acts as a remarkable and important example of Jewish manipulation of discussions of free speech and the politics of White advocacy. The article’s basic argument is that American so-called “White supremacist” websites are a hotbed of dangerous hate speech which can be conclusively linked to criminality. Since hate speech “can and does inspire crime,” it is incumbent upon governments to introduce legislation banning such speech under harsh legal penalties.

We will never know how Charlottesville might have been remembered without the incident involving James Fields and Heather Heyer, but there is little doubt that it was perhaps the greatest propaganda coup that Jewish organizations could have hoped for. It therefore comes as no surprise that Cohen-Almagor should open his article with this: “On 12 August 2017, James Alex Fields Jr rammed his car into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters united against a white supremacist rally, Unite the Right, in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States of America (USA).” Despite the extreme rarity of violence from the Alt-Right, and the many singular aspects of this particular episode, Cohen-Almagor employs the most sweeping generalizations to assert the incident “illustrates the danger that the white supremacist movement poses to American society, and the close connection between hate online and hate crimes.”

Cohen-Almagor, along with the 18 Jews from the ADL, SPLC, and similar organizations he interviewed for the paper, are aware of the objections of classical liberalism to restrictions on speech:

[C. Edwin] Baker (1992, 1997), for instance, argues that almost all of the harm inflicted by free speech is eventually mediated by the mental processes of the audience. The audience decides its reaction to speech. The listeners determine their own response. Any consequences of the listeners’ response to hate speech must be attributed, in the end, to the listeners. The result is the right of speakers to present their views even if assimilation by the listeners leads to or constitutes serious harm. Baker (1997, 2012), like many American liberal philosophers and First Amendment scholars, wishes to protect freedom of expression notwithstanding the harm that the speech might inflict on the audience. … Consequently, many of my interviewees argue that American liberals thus tend to underestimate the harm in hate speech.

The key Jewish counter-argument is to assert that speech itself can be harmful and that “the audience” can be harmed merely by exposure to it. In practical terms, Cohen-Almagor contends that James Fields drove his car into a crowd at Charlottesville solely because he was exposed to hate speech — not because of his mental health, situational factors that day and immediately prior to his conduct in the vehicle, or because of catastrophic policing failures. Why everyone else “exposed” to “White supremacist hate speech” didn’t engage in similar conduct is left unexplained. Instead, we are to agree with Cohen-Almagor and his Jewish colleagues that “hate speech should not be dismissed as ‘mere speech.’ … The preferred American liberal approach of fighting ideas with ideas, speech with speech, is insufficient. Hate speech needs to be taken more seriously by the legal authorities than it currently is.”

Just as the James Fields episode is extrapolated exponentially to define an entire movement, so the issue of “hate speech” and censorship is based on an extremely small number of exceptional cases. Cohen-Almagor claims that “internet hate can be found on thousands of websites, file archives, chat rooms, newsgroups and mailing lists,” so one might assume that his methodology and argument would involve a wide range of examples where these thousands of sources are linked to thousands of instances of violence and criminality — particularly since Cohen-Almagor argues that “White supremacist” websites are “like terrorist groups.” The problem, however, is that he does no such thing, because there are no such examples.

In order to present even the most tenuously relevant research, Cohen-Almagor relies purely on unsophisticated comments from a handful of the most extreme and obscure racialist sites on the internet, and even here the author fails to provide a single instance where a White racialist website has suggested any acts of violence. So inconsequential and amateurish were such sites that by the time of writing his article Cohen-Almagor has to concede “quite a few sites discussed here are now defunct.” Having initially made a small directory of such sites, he admits the “vast majority of the web pages in that directory are no longer operative.” It is surely a damning indictment of the state of modern peer-reviewed academic journals that someone could publish an argument against the principle of free speech solely on the basis of the putative content of obscure and minuscule internet sources which are no longer even in existence.

In fact, Cohen-Almagor can’t even come to a fixed and satisfactory definition of “hate speech” or “hate sites.” This is presumably by design, with the intention that the topic is plagued by so many gray areas that any future legislation in the area is, like all existing examples of hate legislation, destined to be rhetorically capacious enough to ensure easy arbitrary interpretation by those in control. Early in his essay he asserts that “Hate speech is intended to injure, dehumanize, harass, intimidate, debase, degrade, and victimize the targeted groups, and to foment insensitivity and brutality against them.” But he also later endorses a definition of the Alt-Right, which is routinely portrayed by Cohen-Almagor and his Jewish allies as a body of “hate groups,” as merely “critical” of “multiculturalism, feminists, Jews, Muslims, gays, immigrants and other minorities.” Criticism thus becomes conflated with hate. It goes without saying that there is a crucial difference between the two definitions, and it is in the gulf between these two definitions that these activists seek to destroy freedom of speech. Mere criticism may not “injure, dehumanize, harass, intimidate, debase, degrade, and victimize” anyone, but the existence of a legislative framework privileging minority interpretations of such criticism will surely consign it to hate speech categorization.

Cohen-Almagor and his co-ethnic activists are equally vague in explaining exactly how “White supremacist” websites are morally or legally wrong. Despite its initial claims and promises, much of the article is in fact taken up with banal observations. White racialist websites, Cohen-Almagor informs us, often have “forums, discussion groups, photos and videos.” They offer “eye-catching teasers such as symbols and pictures.” Readers of such websites “talk to each other, thereby reinforcing their commonly held views, empowering people who share their beliefs.” A key strategy involves “encouraging interpersonal socialization in the offline world.” Members “use cyberspace as a free space to create and sustain movement culture and coordinate collective action.” Website proprietors can also “make appeals for funding.” Perhaps this is quite terrifying to Jews, but as a philosophical argument for the annihilation of free speech it is catastrophically lacking.

Cohen-Almagor provides no evidence suggesting a link between even the most incendiary racial commentary on the internet and acts of violence. The only two examples he attempts to provide are almost two decades old, and concern individuals with clearly unsound mental health — spree-shooter Benjamin Nathaniel Smith having exhibited all the signs of conduct disorder and psychopathy in adolescence prior to his 1999 rampage, and Buford O. Furrow having been hospitalized a number of times due to psychiatric instability and suicidal tendencies prior to his shooting spree at a Jewish community center, also in 1999. Even the most basic critique of such a proposed link would ask why, given the proliferation of the internet and social media between 1999 and 2018, there has been a decrease in violence from the far right. Indeed, if one can excuse the continued use of the “racist” and “hate” buzzwords, it’s difficult to disagree with one University of California, Berkeley study that pointed out: “Although White racist groups have proliferated on the Internet in recent years, there appears to have been no corresponding increase in membership in these groups or in hate crime rates. In fact, one might argue that the prevalence of racist groups on the Internet works to reduce hate crime, perhaps by providing less physical, more rhetorical outlets for hate.”[18]J. Glaser, J. Dixit & D. Green, ’Studying Hate Crime with the Internet: What Makes Racists Advocate Racial Violence?’ Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 58, No. 1, 2002, pp. 177–193 (p.189) The entire foundation of Cohen-Almagor’s argument — that there is a link between internet activity and White racialist violence — is a total fabrication.

It is a fabrication that is being used in conjunction with some of the biggest international Jewish organizations and, via the Global Forum, the State of Israel, to blackmail and deceive Western populations via a specious sense of morality (i.e., a “morality” that denies the legitimate interests of White populations in maintaining political, cultural, and demographic control) coupled with activism in the media and financial pressure on politicians. Christopher Wolf, Chair of the Internet Task Force of the ADL, argues shamelessly in an interview with Cohen-Almagor: ‘The evidence is clear that hate online inspires hate crimes.’ Cohen-Almagor writes:

Overly permissive and tolerant attitudes towards hate speech is a form of akrasia, whereby people act against their better judgment. Not just those who post but also those who allow such postings on their servers are culpable for their akratic conduct. Whether through ignorance, indifference or insistence on clinging to freedom of speech without caring about dangerous consequences, these are unjustifiable. Internet service providers are expected to abide by a basic code of conduct, one that objects to rather than celebrates violence and its promotion. When it comes to hate speech on the Internet, society and its regulators cannot continue to remain akratic and avoid responsibility for the harm that is inflicted.

2018–2020: Big Tech/ Big Capital/ Big Jew/ Big Brother

A key step towards making dissident thought unlawful, and ensuring “Secure Tolerance,” is the effort to represent it, in its totality, as culturally illicit. As early as 2015, Brian Marcus, head of the ADL’s Internet Division, had been contacting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with threats that allowing “hate” material on their service “would be bad for their business.”[19]R. Cohen-Almagor, Confronting the Internet’s Dark Side, (Cambridge University Press, 2015) 219. Backed with reports, policy proposals, and “recommendations” from their own alphabet soup of think tanks and solo Jewish intellectuals like Cohen-Almagor, the ADL and the European Jewish Congress began more widespread intensive lobbying of tech companies in late 2018. The acceleration of lobbying against Big Tech should be seen in the broader context of heightened activism for the implementation of “Secure Tolerance” more generally.

Although the ADL and YouTube had co-operated since at least 2008, intensification of this relationship in early 2019 culminated in YouTube changing its content policy. Jonathan Greenblatt announced the ADL had “been working with technology companies, including YouTube, to aggressively counter hate on their platforms. We were glad to share our expertise on this and look forward to continuing to provide input. While this is an important step forward, this move alone is insufficient and must be followed by many more changes from YouTube and other tech companies to adequately counter the scourge of online hate and extremism.”

The international Jewish strategy to bring the ethos of “secure tolerance” into tech culture again involved the high-level involvement of American Jewish groups in Europe’s “democratic” institutions. For example, in May 2015 the American Jewish Committee’s Transatlantic Institute (note again this constant reliance on a motley of Jewish ‘think tanks’), launched a fervent lobbying campaign at the EU with the aim to “detoxify social media. … Internet Service Providers are free to—and should—exclude raw hate speech.” Just to make sure the message was sent loud and clear, the AJC even hosted its main 2015 “Strategy Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism” in Brussels, during which the “AJC unveiled an action plan for European governments to address the intensifying crisis of anti-Semitism.” This, then, is our “democracy” — unelected, uninvited American Jewish groups presenting “action plans” (lists of demands) to a bloated, corrupt, and unaccountable bureaucracy.

• • •

Britain’s Jewish “Community Security Trust” (CST) has, since 2016, been working, again in an unelected and unaccountable capacity, with the European Commission on a “social media illegal hate speech monitoring” project. The CST was able to use the semblance of official authority given to it by this alliance to pressure social media companies by sending them regular performance reports on how well they were doing in removing CST-blacklisted speech from Twitter, Facebook and Google. In yet another stellar example of democracy in action, the unelected and unaccountable CST had earlier claimed the credit for developing “the EU Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online.” The code was imposed on Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Dailymotion, and, following the CST’s accusation that they were “not adhering to anti-hate speech laws across Europe.”

The EU Code of Conduct, however, was only ever intended as the first step towards “secure tolerance,” and Moshe Kantor remarked in one 2017 interview that, in his opinion, Big Tech was failing even to meet the basic Jewish expectations of the Code (removal of the majority of designated material within 24 hours). In a 2017 article for Britain’s Independent, Kantor insisted “we must now look to European political leaders to take stronger action, using legislation if necessary, to prove they’re serious about combating this problem once and for all.” [emphasis added] The broader push was always for heightened legal measures that would involve law enforcement, as Kantor had himself spelled out in his 2011 Manifesto. Incessant Jewish lobbying has resulted in Germany being the first nation to take the next step to “secure tolerance.” Recently, Germany adopted Raphael Cohen-Almagor’s proposal that “racism” be treated in the same way as terrorism and child pornography. In February 2020, the German government approved a bill to “force social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to report criminal posts to the police.” The Financial Times reports:

Under the planned new law, which is the toughest of its kind in the world, social media platforms will not only have to delete certain kinds of hate speech but also flag the content to the Office of the Federal Criminal Police (BKA). Posts that companies will be required to report include those indicating preparations for a terrorist attack and the formation of criminal and terrorist groups, as well as those featuring instances of racial incitement and the distribution of child pornography. The networks would also have to give the BKA the last IP address and port number most recently assigned to the user profile. [emphasis added]

Early resistance from Facebook to the legislation, focused specifically on the issue of “Holocaust denial,” prompted the ADL to go into attack mode. Reverting to tactics once used against Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent, the ADL dropped its “Boycott is not a solution” rhetoric that had been employed against the BDS movement, and initiated a “Stop Hate for Profit” advertising boycott in early June by circulating images showing advertisers anti-Jewish (really, often simply anti-George Soros) Facebook posts alongside which their ads were running. The move shaved almost \$58 billion from Facebook’s stock value, with over 1,000 major companies leveraged into action. ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s series of demands to drop the boycott include the granting of high-level access to “civil rights” (ADL) officials who will perform “regular, independent audits” of “hate” on the platform (which would allow them to engage in intelligence gathering, the collection of IP addresses etc.), immediate removal of “thousands” of White advocacy groups, and the use of Facebook software to “target” “neo-Nazis and White supremacists.” Simultaneously, the ADL and Moshe Kantor have been pushing a Holocaust-narrative marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere, with Kantor commenting “The best way to spread any message today is through social media.” Censorship and propaganda thus go hand-in-hand in the effort to gain a monopoly of the public mind.

As the world’s largest and most influential Jewish organizations tighten their hold on Big Tech’s conglomerates, smaller rivals have emerged to fill the dissident demand for platforms. One of the most promising of these is BitChute, a UK-registered technology company with British directors. Slick and easy to navigate, the site is an obvious alternative to those exiled from YouTube, and its growing popularity has frustrated Jews whose goal isn’t simply to remove dissident speech from the larger platforms, but to remove it from the internet, and the public sphere, forever. Two weeks ago, the CST produced a maudlin propaganda video denouncing BitChute and presenting all dissident thought as “incitement to murder.” In the course of the video, CST staff announce they’ve been gathering intelligence at the site and will submit a “report” to their “partners in government, anti-terrorism police, and in think tanks.” [emphasis added] The CST has also been concentrating its efforts on Gab, 4chan, and Telegram, and CST Chief Executive Mark Gardner claims that “contact with the police” has already led to the removal of some content.

The CST recently secured another UK government grant of £14 million (\$17.66 million), which it has been receiving annually since 2015. In fact, the group is so financially secure that it is now hiring “social media research analysts” so that it can better put pressure on the government to introduce legislation preventing free speech on the internet. Given that young British people are dying of cancer because the NHS claims to be unable to afford the necessary drugs, it must be a great comfort to their families that at least some Jews, somewhere, are collecting large salaries to browse memes on Twitter and send regular reports to the police about the hate they’ve found on Gab.

While BitChute has very low advertising revenue, and is thus relatively immune to boycott tactics, Jewish groups have nevertheless attempted to attack other parts of the site’s infrastructure. In particular, the site’s reliance on Disqus for video comments has been highlighted as a potential means of weakening the site, with Garner declaring “Disqus is part of this problem.” One presumes that a warning has been sent.

Online payment processors are another element of internet infrastructure that has been relentlessly attacked by organized Jews. Eric Striker’s National Justice recently revealed images from a private PayPal seminar in which audience members were told that “hate content” was referred to the ADL, among other “external partners.” Striker writes:

According to another training slide,1800 accounts belonging to individuals, non-profits and businesses in the last year have been eliminated for political reasons using guidelines provided by their “partners.” 65% were for what they categorize as white nationalist activity, while the next most censored group is people and organizations who advocate for immigration restrictions. A person cannot support Donald Trump’s winning issue from his 2016 campaign and still keep their Paypal, in other words. There is even a category for “prejudiced academic work.”

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman is himself Jewish, and it’s hard not to conclude that this was a very willing partnership. In fact, Jewish activism in Big Tech collides with another phenomenon — what Aaron Chatterji and Michael Toffel refer to in the Harvard Business Review as “The New CEO Activists.” Chatterji and Toffel cite Schulman’s decision not to locate PayPal infrastructure in Charlotte, North Carolina, as CEO activist economic punishment for the state’s legislation banning the gender-confused from using the bathrooms of the opposite sex. The Associated Press estimated that an ensuing boycott of North Carolina by heavily-Jewish Big Capital cost the state more than \$3.76 billion. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and Goldmans Sachs’s Lloyd Blankfein were similarly listed as “CEO activists” in the cause of advancing homosexuals and their culture.

Financial support to Jewish groups and associated “think tanks” and legal institutions is another crucial aspect of CEO activism. Logan Green, Jewish CEO of car-sharing company Lyft, pledged \$1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union when the ACLU was preparing to fight Donald Trump’s early attempt at an immigration ban. The ADL has received huge donations from most of the big names in Big Capital and Big Tech. For all the current theater about Facebook’s insistence on some modicum of free speech, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg last year made a personal donation of \$2.5 million to the ADL. This can be added to \$1 million from Apple, \$1 million from Fox, and \$1 million from Jewish Craigslist founder Craig Newmark for the specific purpose of fighting “online hate speech.”

That the ADL has been able to mobilize a massive and crushing boycott of Facebook is as much a “show of strength,” an act of intimidation against broader industry, government, and people, as it is a specific act against Facebook’s sluggishness in imposing the full list of measures demanded by Big Jew. So-called CEO activism is so very useful to the ADL because so many of the CEO’s are themselves Jewish and highly supportive of the cause. As Fenek Solere pointed out in a recent article for Britain’s Patriotic Alternative, it is almost impossible to separate Big Tech and Big Capital from Big Jew:

Public broadcasting networks both in the UK and USA are—and have been for many years—effectively owned and dominated by people like Sumner Redstone, Phillipe Dauman, Bernard Delfont, Lew and Leslie Grade and Alan Yentob. … But it is not only in the spheres of global communication, financial services and party political funding where people like Julian A. Brodsky, of Comcast, Michael Dell of Dell, Sandy Lerner, co-founder Cisco systems, Robert A. Altman of ZeniMax Media, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, Susan Wojcicki at YouTube, Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook, Aaron Swartz of Reddit, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Weimar at LinkedIn, Max Levchin of PayPal, Charles Schusterman of Samson Investment, Richard and Henry Bloch of the Tax Preparation Company, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, J Street, The Zionist Organization of America, The Republican Jewish Coalition, and the Christians United for Israel, hold sway. Some other areas in which they are disproportionately over-represented are: retail, governmental bureaucracies, hotel and leisure, theatre and the arts, academia, technology and software, international intelligence services, charities and NGOs, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, professional consultancy and the legal and judicial profession. Representative examples being: Devin Wenig of eBay, … Mark Weinberger CEO/Chairman of Ernst & Young, Samuel Ruben, Duracell Inc, Bernard L. Schwartz, CEO of Loral Space & Communication Inc, Rachel Haurwitz, co-founder of Gene Editing and Caribou Biosciences, Leonard Schleifer, founder of biotechnology Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell, Amir Ashkenazi, co-founder of Adap. TV and, Jay Cohen of Online Gambling, Talman Marco of Viber, Sean Pad of Tinder, Henry Crown, founder of the Material Service Corporation in Aeronautics, the Mossad run ICTS Europe specialising in international Security, Gumar Agujar and Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum, Arthur Belfer of Belco Petroleum, precursor to the infamous Enron organisation, Louis Blaustien of American Oil, Leon Hess of the Hess Corporation, owners of the NFL’s New York Jets, C, Morris Mirkin of Budget Rent-a-Car, Sheldon Yellen of Belfor Construction, Leonard Abramson of Health Maintenance Organization, Bennett Greenspan of Gene testing, Joel Landau of Allure, Martine Rothblatt of United Therapeutics, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Ben Rosen of Compaq Computers, Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon Communications, Ed Savitz owner of Amusement Arcades, and Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels.

The above listing is a mere indication of how prolific these power-brokers are and the degree of control they exert over our lives every single day. … All of them are committed Zionists and all of them are members and supporters of fanatically pro-Israel, Jewish partisan organizations.

And, as I wrote at the conclusion of my 2019 essay “The Necessity of anti-Semitism”:

Today, largely worthless “branded” consumer products are overwhelmingly Jewish, are promoted via Jewish dominance of the advertising industry, and their purchase by consumers is funded by Jewish financiers. Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Max Factor, Estée Lauder, and Marc Jacobs are just some of the Jews whose very names have become synonymous with debt-fueled consumer culture and the subscribing to carefully cultivated fashion fads, while Jewish-owned companies like Starbucks, Macy’s, the Gap, American Apparel, Costco, Staples, Home Depot, Ben & Jerry’s, Timberland, Snapple, Häagen-Dazs, Dunkin’ Donuts, Monster Beverages, Mattel, and Toys “R” Us have come to epitomize the endless and superfluous production of garbage for mass consumption on credit. The consuming temple of debt-fueled consumerism is also linked to the cultures of Critique, Tolerance, and Sterility. So-called anti-racism, support for gender confusion, and the celebration of mass migration and multiculturalism have become mainstays of modern advertising as the Racial Endgame nears its conclusion and the West commences its death rattle. You might ask, when you see rainbow-package Doritos, what tortilla chips have to do with sodomy, but that’s only because you’re suffering from a tolerance deficiency, and the best way to correct that is to admit White privilege, buy a Starbucks, and go try on a new pair of \$200 jeans at Macy’s. Critique, Tolerance, Sterility and Usury have converged. This is the necessity of anti-Semitism.

In light of all that has been discussed, we could add that “Secure Tolerance,” Big Tech, Big Capital, Big Brother, and Big Jew have converged. The final result will be the achievement of Jewish censorship across the West, a “permanent and irreversible” cycle of laws and repression, and the theft of our children’s future. Like Milton’s Satan, these groups will declaim in favor of equality and democracy, only to later wield the tyrant’s scepter in Hell.


How to finish such a pessimistic essay? It’s true that the information presented here is disturbing, infuriating, confusing, and heartbreaking. Can any practical lessons be derived from it?

One clear pattern observed in this essay is the overwhelming reliance on “think tanks” and similar bureaucratic vehicles for the intrusion of harmful Jewish influence into our “democracy.” Jews, even with their very significant financial power, rely on the magnification of their rhetoric, interests, and grievances through such bodies in order to accomplish their goals. This is where they can and should be challenged. Who is granting access and power to these groups? Can existing legislation be used to prevent the intrusion of these bodies into the democratic process and, if not, can new legislation be proposed to do so? The closest the dissident right ever came to a think tank was the National Policy Institute (NPI), which despite its name, and while fulfilling an important movement function, didn’t really produce any policies. At the present time, our movement clearly needs talented legal minds and institutions to unpack existing legislation, and develop new legislative proposals that, even if not explicitly racial, can seriously hinder the movement of harmful Jewish groups through the political body of the West. There is a serious lack of infrastructure of even the most basic kind, and we simply aren’t going to make any progress until this problem is addressed.

The second lesson from this survey of developments is that social media is likely to become an increasingly compromised and dangerous place for activists. In Europe, new laws are probably a few years away, but the broader plan will almost certainly eventually envelop Canada, Australia, and, despite apparent belief that the Constitution is invulnerable, even the United States. Already American legal scholars have developed arguments for curtailing the First Amendment in the case of “hate speech” (see, e.g., Jeremy Waldron, The Harm in Hate Speech (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2012), and it is widely believed that a liberal Supreme Court majority would adopt such reasoning. The clock is probably already ticking on internet anonymity, and the example of Germany indicates that direct police involvement in “speech crime” is on the horizon. Off-line activist methodologies should be increasingly explored. Failing that, radically alternative modes of using internet networking should be considered. For example, even if someone uses a completely outrageous Twitter handle, complete with comic book avatar, most people still have their entire lives online (job, home town, friends, likes, hobbies, vacations). Don’t forget who ultimately has all of this information, and the organizations that will increasingly be able to access it.

It’s becoming very apparent that social media is itself a form of social control. We now have the ability to identify someone in a crowd simply by cross-referencing a photo of their face with available internet information. In seconds they can be identified, their employer can be contacted, and their loved ones can be harassed. In a strange way, despite the atomized condition of postmodernity, we have social control levels approaching those of the middle ages. We have new forms of social shaming, and new forms of the public pillory. Dissident activists who face overwhelming costs if they are doxxed would be well-advised to reduce their internet presence to the bare minimum, in effect, deliberately fading themselves into obscurity, thus making their life harder for the Zionist-Globalist panopticon to search for and penetrate. Remember who you were before you became an employee number, a Facebook profile, or a Twitter handle, and protect that person like you’d protect your child or other loved ones.

For the time being, however, ongoing online activism should be continued with enthusiasm and without despair. This costs our opponents dearly in terms of effort, money, and worry. Each new platform presents difficulties for them to navigate, and delays other plans they may have. Be proud that you’re still active, and be proud that while so many others in life are merely counting passes, you spotted that gorilla. I’ll leave the final word to Sir Oswald Mosley:

We have believed in our fellow Europeans. And we have believed in the destiny of Europe. My friends, it’s all there, it’s all waiting. Of course it can be done. It depends upon ourselves. You say, “But again, we’re scattered individuals. … Everything’s against us. Governments. Money. Press. Television. All the new forces are used against us. All the great forces, all the material powers of the world, you say are against you. And so they are —you’re quite right to feel that. And I don’t underrate them.

But I don’t despair, and you shouldn’t despair. Because you, like I, have read something of history. You know something of the record of the achievement of Europeans. And dark as this hour is, it’s no darker, it’s not as dark, as some of the hours you’ve known in European history. When everything was cowardice, treachery, and betrayal, and when the Saracen hordes from far outside Europe swept right across that continent, small bands of men came together in resolution, in absolute determination, giving themselves completely, and saying: Europe shall live! And they stood firm, and faced the menace to Europe, its values, its civilisations, the glory of its achievements. And more and more rallied to their standards, and those hordes were thrown back, again and again and again.

My friends it’s an immense responsibility. You’re living in a historic hour — do remember that always. Live in that sense, I beg of you, of history and of destiny. Come together, get going, get working. Inspire other people like yourselves.


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    Watch his videos titled ‘Shooter’ ‘Monster’, and ‘The Myth of Jewish Genes’.
    Everyone should watch again Rep. Jim Traficant’s exposure to Zio-Communist influences in the US Congress, both in the House and Senate.
    & Trump needs to get Jared Kushner OUT of the White House ASAP IF he wants to win in November 2020!

    • Replies: @restless94110
    , @Moi
    , @Z-man
  2. Despite..

    – white gentiles outnumbering jews by 25 or 30 to 1
    – a church every six or ten blocks in every city and town across the nation
    – many Protestant & Evangelical uni’s (seminaries, law & journo schools), Liberty U, etc
    – many Catholic uni’s (seminaries, law schools), Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Federalist Society
    – university Boards of Trustees consisting of local business elites in high-white, few-jew regions
    – media magnates Rupert Murdoch, (the late) Ted Turner, Carlos Slim
    – families Mercer, Koch, Mars, Walton, DeVos & (Erik) Prince, Romney, Huntsman
    – Gates, Buffet, Branson, Bezos, Musk
    – untold THOUSANDS of: men’s sports and hunting & fishing clubs, gun clubs, farmer groups, school boards, chambers of commerce, credit unions — organizations with (depending on region) almost zero jews, organizations in which people interact face to face, discuss challenges, initiate projects…

    despite ALL of this..

  3. @Lizardicus Hidicus

    I took your recommendation.

    What is with this guy’s voice? Is that the charm of his rambling jumbled narrative?

    I think this must be a part of the Jewish plot to make sure that only nutty low voiced Shakespeare orators get through the veil.

    I need to go take a long cold shower. Next time I want to fall asleep late at night I’ll turn on one of the guy’s videos though.


    • Replies: @FletcherHanks
  4. Pheasant says:

    Jews inflitrate, manipulate and exploit.

    Thier tribe always come first.

    Jews are not 2 percent of the population.

    Try 15 percent.

    They will never not monitor Whites.

    They are natural spies.

    Most Whites do not realise.

    • Agree: Katrinka, Jizmo
  5. There needs to be legislation to protect hate speech. Of course, incitement of violence against anyone should stay prohibited. But the right to hate, to shout “I hate apples” or “I hate figs” or “I hate Whites” or “I hate Jews” needs special protection. It’s harmless, after all.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens, Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Rich
  6. It’s interesting to consider the individuals of Jewish heritage, who are not just dissidents in some valuable way, but Jews who actually and regularly denounce Jewish mafia activities, as below

    Three of these rebel Jews are regulars on Unz Review

    Gilad Atzmon (UK)
    Nathanael Kapner (USA)
    Henry Makow (Canada)
    Israel Shamir (Russia & Israel)
    Ron Unz (USA)

    All of these Jewish-heritage people get called ‘anti-semites’ and worse

    The ‘diversity’ of Jews themselves, needs and merits substantial protection … defence of the brave minority Jews, is a helpful angle in this struggle

  7. @Pheasant

    “Jews inflitrate {sic}, manipulate and exploit.”

    Says the shill for the M.I.C. and the U.S. plutocrats.
    Look, look, over there, it’s ‘the Jews’.
    Don’t look here at the US ‘plutocrats’ and the M.I.C., there is nothing to see!

    • Troll: Richard B
  8. @04398436986

    Gates, Buffet, Branson, Bezos, Musk

    Musk bailed out of South Africa to avoid compulsory military service, so forget about loyalty plus his ancestry is murky.

    North Europeans generally tend to be individualistic due to hunter-gatherer origins unlike Jews who are hyperethnocentric. K MacDonald covered these contrasting traits in his The Culture of Critique series.

    BTW Jews also tend to be more vindictive. This explains much of their activism against persons of European descent. Anthony Lester cited above said the following.

    My involvement with the vexed problems of racial injustice, bigotry and intolerance began long before 1976. My involvement was shaped by my origins and experience: by the nightmares of a fortunate British Jew who escaped the Nazi Holocaust only by the accident of birth in Britain; by English anti-Semitism

    Barbara M. Roche, another tribe member and former UK immigration minister, said this.

    Britain has always been a nation of migrants. There were in practice almost no immigration controls prior to the beginning of the 20th century. The 1905 Aliens Act was a direct response to Jewish immigration, and it is difficult to deny that it was motivated in part by anti-Semitism..

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Richard B
  9. J Daley says:

    I first read this essay in The Occidental Observer. I also read the Unz Review everyday where many of Andrew Joyce’s essays are regularly republished, but it was not to be found anywhere on the UR homepage. I wondered why Ron Unz hadn’t published what is, IMHO, one of Joyce’s most powerful and important essays. Then, I searched the internet to see where else this essay was republished and much to my surprise found an entry for it in the Unz Review. The publishing date was, July 15, 2020. So, I searched UR’s homepage once again, and still didn’t find it. In the past, when Joyce was republished in the UR he was given one of the two coveted lead article slots. But, not this time. Why not? Why isn’t Joyce listed? Why republish him then hide him? The purpose of looking for this article elsewhere, and especially UR, after already having read it in TOO was to read the Comments. Upon opening this essay in the UR, there were only 8 comments which indicates that not many even saw it. Andrew Joyce’s essays draw dozens of comments at TOO, and many more when they have been republished in the UR. So, when an essay of this magnitude gets only 8 comments after being posted for two days, something doesn’t add up. What’s this all about? – J Daley

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @PetrOldSack
  10. Daemon says:
    @james charles

    Those groups are not mutually exclusive.

    In an ideal world, they’d both be wiped out.

  11. Marc Chagall, disgusting? Why?

    I find his art quite beautiful. Credit where due…

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Disagree: Al Liguori
    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  12. I would not say our enemies consist solely of Jews, while they may be overrepresented we may “rest in peace” knowing that we have many upper class who are against us as well. In America many of the biggest enemies of ordinary working and middle class white live in the Washington-Boston corridor, places like Westchester county, rural New Jersey, Connecticut, they hate ordinary working class peoples guts with a passion. While we should be aware of some Jewish people being against working class interests we must not give upper class whites a free ride, they are just as guilty and are still even today far more numerous.

  13. Charles says:

    I just got a hardcover copy of Gus Russo’s 2006 book “Supermob”. If you wonder EXACTLY what the extent of Jewish and organized crime power is, you’ll find some answers in this book. I’m only about 100 pages (of almost 600) into it. It’s the kind of book a person will have to re-read a few times to truly comprehend the incredible detail of names, places, and facts presented.
    If you search for it, you’ll generally see it priced at many times its original \$35 HC price. A few weeks ago I luckily saw an internet seller who had a like-new copy and was offering it for thirty bucks – it was either luck or Divine Providence. I would encourage anyone and everyone to find a way to read it (and own it) if at all possible.

  14. Ron Unz says:

    I just got a hardcover copy of Gus Russo’s 2006 book “Supermob”. If you wonder EXACTLY what the extent of Jewish and organized crime power is, you’ll find some answers in this book.

    You might or might not already be aware, but last year I published a long article based upon that Russo book as well as his other one, and the books of several others:

    I don’t recall having any difficulty in buying the Russo books for a reasonable price, so maybe many of the cheapter copies on Amazon were bought up after my article appeared…

  15. @Pheasant

    Jews are 1/7 of the world’s population, even though only a tiny fraction are declared Jews or participate in explicitly Jewish activities.

  16. @04398436986

    UNFORTUNATELY…it appears the Jews have won. They control just about everything on the net, media and monetary systems. They own Congress and anyone who wants to make big money in this country and most of Europe. Everything in some way shape or form appears to go through their “hands” sooner or later. The Gorilla reference is basically that you must be Oblivious to the Obvious if you want to survive in this country.

    They have practiced for thousands of years in honing their craft of being the victims and they aren’t going to let go of it anytime soon. They have taught their pets, the Blacks how to use similar tactics and add gang banging and rioting to get their way. I see little hope because American whites are nothing but cowards because anything you say against them could result in a loss of your livelihood. Never in history have they had such total control and power. They control almost all the universities and colleges where their Communist doctrines are embedded in empty headed students who know nothing about society or the world.

    I see no Enlightenment in the future as they totally put their foot on whites and Western Civilization. We will be left with crumbs for survival while they will continue their raping of the treasury and wealth of nations they destroy.

  17. Derer says:
    @james charles

    Are you instructed or getting some reward for repeating your nonsensical garbage? It is loosing effectiveness.

  18. ziggy1 says:

    Polish prezydent i a Jew. His father- communist torturer- was a Jew.

    • Replies: @ziggy1
  19. @Amerimutt Golems

    If it had not been for Anglo-American white males, slavery would not have been abolished, and World War II would not have been fought against Nazi Germany, making the world safe (ripe?) for Judaism. So naturally these two groups are in league against: Anglo-American White Males. Gratitude!

    • Agree: Malla, Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  20. Derer says:

    Moshe Kantor, a Russian billionaire, pernicious oligarch, and president of no less than the European Jewish Congress,

    I am curious where did Mr. Kantor, previously a penniless Russian proletariat, got “his” billions. A. was it by a honest hard work? or B. was it by a honest hard swindle of Russian people?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Moi
    , @TGD
  21. @Oliver Elkington

    They have been brainwashed by the same media/education/entertainment/propaganda as most everyone else.

    • Replies: @Oldtradesman
  22. Jorge Videla [AKA "yt bulger"] says:

    how do the jews succeed in jewing? corruption of politicians with jew money. too many jew politicians and people notice. so once again it can be seen that the jew and his “cultural marxism” is actually foiled by marxism-leninism. what fraction of stalin’s victims were jews? how over-represented were jews in the nomenklatura post stalin? the jew thrives in a milieu which is also supported by the goyish bourgeoisie. the bolshevik revolution was in the end a jewish suicide cult. they got it from the cheka and from the ss. you’re seing the same thing today. there is something about jews, part of their identity is being hated. if they aren’t hated, they do what they can to make themselves hated.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Ma Laoshi
  23. Anon[316] • Disclaimer says:
    @J Daley

    Andrew joyce is too good for you he should find a jewish wife and forget about everything he wrote here

  24. Truth3 says:

    The idea that “Hate” is somehow a “Sin” or the sign of derangement or other mental failing is completely nonsensical, yet has become the mainstream fixation.

    It is completely correct, and indeed, virtuous… to “Hate” evil, and the evil-doers.

    Even the Catholic Church went off the rails since Vatican II by proclaiming… “Hate the Sin, but Love the Sinner.”

    If you do not Hate Evil, you are simply an accessory to it.

    If you do not Hate Evil-doers, you facilitate more of the same.

    Jews are by far the greatest Evil-doers throughout history.

    They deserve… by far and rightly so… to be the most Hated people on the planet.

    • Agree: Druid, mark green
    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  25. Biff says:
    @Ron Unz

    From your link:

    and by early 1942 FDR signed an executive order shipping some 120,000 Japanese-Americans off to grim concentration camps, with those individuals sometimes being forced to leave their homes on very short notice. As a result, they lost nearly all the property they had steadily accumulated over two generations, most of which was either seized or otherwise ended up in government hands. Similar government edicts led to the confiscation of numerous German-owned businesses throughout America, many of which had enormously valuable assets.

    And I just got done reading:

    In the world of reparations are some groups better at retrieving/extorting them than others?

  26. Rob McX says:

    Cohen-Almagor relies purely on unsophisticated comments from a handful of the most extreme and obscure racialist sites on the internet, and even here the author fails to provide a single instance where a White racialist website has suggested any acts of violence. So inconsequential and amateurish were such sites that by the time of writing his article Cohen-Almagor has to concede “quite a few sites discussed here are now defunct.”

    And many of the parties encouraging acts of violence are no doubt agents provocateurs shilling for the ADL and their accomplices in government and law enforcement. One example I can think of is Hal Turner, who regularly urged listeners to his radio show to commit acts of violence against specified persons, sometimes supplying their addresses. He was later revealed to be a paid FBI informant.

  27. Wally says:

    Speaking of “rebel Jews”:

    Jew “Holocaust” Revisionists:

  28. Wally says:


    – white gentiles outnumbering jews by 25 or 30 to 1”

    See the false ‘tiny Jewish minority’ nonsense demolished here:

    Issues with counting Jews / post-WWII Jewish census figures:

    Counting Jews who don’t want to be counted:

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Wally
  29. 4justice says:
    @Oliver Elkington

    The Jewish community is whipped up into being proxy warriors for the oligarchs. They think they are attacking Christianity to protect their community, but it is really to remove the last protections our society has to keep the oligarchs from enslaving us all since our rights in the US are claimed to come from God – and they will be enslaved with along with us.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  30. This was too fatiguing to read past a few paragraphs.

    Everything, from Rothko’s communication of feeling through simple colour, to someone banally observing that we often use laws to secure freedom, triggers you.

    And if your thinking is this tiring for me to just read, then how utterly exhausting must it be for you, to be trapped in your own thoughts.

    • Disagree: thotmonger
  31. anon[370] • Disclaimer says:

    Whining white wimp.muh freedom getting stolen.jesus what next.

    • LOL: Saggy
  32. Anonymous[686] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article.

  33. GMC says:

    While Jew Frank Soskice was busy in merry ole England, helping to destroy that country in 1965, the New York jewish lobby was re-writing the US immigration laws. We went from allowing only 700,000 folks in per year. incidently, they were from white Europe { 80% anyways } . So , Johnson signed the death of white European America in , and the Open,Unlimited , Unvetted flood gates stopped most of the white European society { from 80% down to 8 % } . Today, the US has 100 million more participants, and the white European society is – Gone. And now that America has been destroyed , the Americans can be included in the long list of countries destroyed by the Zionist Jews , but of course, it all wouldn’t be possible , had the non jews in government etc. , been so easily manipulated. I wonder if the Jews will write in their history, how it stole 6 million Trillion dollars from the stupid American Goys.

  34. Brewer says:

    Read again Gilad Atzmon’s “Pilpul for beginners”.
    People might also benefit from serious inquiry into what exactly “reality” means.
    The sentient World is guided by “memes” – ideas that become entrenched in the collective consciousness – and become the “reality” from which most of the general populace act and react.
    Although it appears to be simply sophistry or casuistry, I think some (not necessarily Jewish but predominantly so) use pilpul as a potent tool. Pilpul creates realities in the non-analytic mind. Pilpul artists don’t care about any one who sees through the facade. They care about the edifice they build in less inquiring minds – and they are probably right – most non-Jews accept the product of pilpul without question. Take, for example, the edifice of Psycho-analysis which is totally fraudulent, now known to be so by serious thinkers. It is still being taught and practiced – as if it offers resolution to psychological problems despite evidence to the contrary.
    One has to admit Jews have been very successful at instilling myths into the non-Jewish consciousness. Once established as “everyone knows” type concepts, these memes become very powerful and hard to defeat because a stigma is attached to every dissenter. At that point, any reasoned, dissenting opinion can be dismissed with a simple ad hominem – “you are a”(denier, anti-Semite, racist etc.)
    Truth and reality become no defense.

  35. Almost too much information to grasp, and ultimately terrifying. There can be little argument against the author’s thesis, since the evidence is everywhere to be seen. The world is indeed like a sack with the string being pulled tighter to prevent the contents from escaping. It is a short step from banning inconvenient truths to criminalizing them. Even more frightening is the entrenchment of false history as truth and the proposed criminalizing of the truth as false hate speech.

    Today, it seems overwhelming, with so few people fighting a war with almost no ammunition.

    • Replies: @Art
  36. @Oliver Elkington

    While we should be aware of some Jewish people being against working class interests we must not give upper class whites a free ride, they are just as guilty and are still even today far more numerous.

    Intentionally corrupting the lifting of the veil, done in the article? If you are referring to the caste of middle-class whores in media and politics, administrations, corporate life, finance, it needs mention that they are lower-ups on the feed-chain. Not strategists. The flip side of course is that they are indeed more prone to being infiltrated, doxed, and intimidated by any counter-initiative.

    The suggestion of organizing, what I call the link between acting and denouncing, always lost here at, in this article is for once lifted. Also the individual stances versus collective elements, is a true value, again always missed here at Partly this has to do with both commenters and authors being Jewish and click-bating rather then genuine alternative resistance incitement.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  37. @J Daley

    So, when an essay of this magnitude gets only 8 comments after being posted for two days, something doesn’t add up. What’s this all about? – J Daley

    Draw your own conclusions. Mine? Partly this has to do with the readership ambitioned, numbers of readers and commenters being more important then investigative minds and quality of argument. Not educating and organizing but staking out a gullible public to play out, at any given opportunity, that is elitary-opportunistic. Hence the fear mongering and coVit-19, echoed here at, as much as @MSM (R-onn in person and Kar-Linn).

  38. El Dato says:

    An extremely disturbing article found in the New York times:

    “A Racial Awakening in France, Where Race Is a Taboo Topic”

    With an eye on the United States, children of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are bringing race into the public discourse, in a perceived challenge to France’s universalism.

    Today it is being challenged perhaps most vociferously by the many Black French who have gone through a racial awakening in recent decades — helped by the pop culture of the United States, its thinkers, and even its Paris-based diplomats who spotted and encouraged young Black French leaders a decade ago.

    And people are on the lookout for “Russians”.

    Most of France’s new thinkers on race are the children of immigrants from the former colonial empire. Growing up in households with a strong sense of their separate ethnic identities, they gradually began to develop a shared sense of racial consciousness in their neighborhoods and schools.

    In other words, intersectionalism takes hold.

    Pap Ndiaye — a historian who led efforts to establish Black studies as an academic discipline in France with the 2008 publication of his book “La Condition Noire,” or “The Black Condition’’ — said he grew aware of his race only after studying in the United States in the 1990s.


    Rokhaya Diallo, 42, a journalist who is also one of France’s most prominent anti-racism activists, said she became aware of a shared sense of race only after she became an adult and often found herself the only Black person in an academic or professional setting. She grew up in La Courneuve, a suburb of Paris known as a banlieue, in a building with mostly immigrants from France’s former Southeast Asian colonies.


    “I’d talk about it with my brother,’’ Ms. Diallo said. “We weren’t able to put it in words, but I remember how it annoyed us — cannibals, stupid Blacks, things like that.”

    By contrast, American shows that were broadcast later in France, like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or “The Cosby Show,’’ showed Black people who were “comfortable in their skin,” Ms. Diallo said, adding, “The only positive images of Black people that I saw came from the United States.”

    Thanks to a U.S. government program, Ms. Diallo, who founded an anti-racism organization called Les Indivisibles in 2007, visited the United States in 2010 to learn about “managing ethnic diversity in the U.S.”

    more “studying”

    Another co-author, Rhoda Tchokokam, 29, grew up in Cameroon before immigrating to France at the age of 17. While her racial awareness emerged in France, it evolved in the United States, where she went to study for two years, watched all of Spike Lee’s movies and discovered the works of Toni Morrison and Black feminists like Angela Davis and Audre Lorde.

    extremist “studying”

    Read between the lines and see the destruction being pushed like high-fructose corn syrup.

  39. ivan says:

    One of the difficulties in accepting lessons from this bunch of Jews; exemplified by Kantor and Greenblatt, is how ugly they are. There is something to physiognomy after all.

    • Replies: @G J T
  40. @Derer

    He is called an “oligarch”, which practically means a successful Russian-Jewish gangster. Of course he is interested in promoting “tolerance”.

  41. @niteranger

    “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” 109 historical corrections (really many more than that) demonstrate there is a breaking point. The Enemy always goes too far, overextending their reach. They are not gods.

    Permanent pessimism is a learned response and can be unlearned.

    • Thanks: omegabooks
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @Irish Savant
  42. Isn’t it rather the axiom of our time that, from the idiotic Left to the idiotic Right, Invisible Gorillas stroll freely and unhindered, laughing and waving as they go, hidden in plain sight?

    Like the (((invisible gorilla))) that knocked down building 7? 😉

    Let’s start with his Manifesto for Secure Tolerance. Its ethos can be summed up in its slogan: “Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.” The instinct is to describe such as phrase as Orwellian, but surely the time has come to describe such concoctions more accurately and plainly as “Judaic.”

    Sounds exactly like Herbert Marcuse’s “repressive tolerance”.

  43. fnn says:

    The late Frank Zappa on censorship and the ADL:

    • Thanks: Biff, Robjil
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Iva
  44. Moi says:
    @Lizardicus Hidicus

    The US started censorship and the end of free expression when it accepted (and promoted!) the term “Anti-Semitism” and the holocaust of 6M.

  45. Moi says:

    Putin probably helped him out.

  46. Robjil says:

    JQ is all about White Rug Supremacy. Six companies control ninety percent of the world’s MSM. All are controlled by Zionists.

    In our Zion MSM, the entire history of Jews is touted as a white rug without a speck of dirt. Any Jewish dirt is swept under that rug. No is allowed to see the dirt. It has been very difficult to see this dirt for years until the internet.

    This is how they remain in power with an iron fist for the past hundred years since 12.23.1913.

    Meanwhile, the old rulers (European Caucasian) are touted as having the dirtiest rug of all since that is what Zion MSM touts all time.

    The real White Supremacy is supremacy of narrative. The pure White Rug of Jewish power that is endlessly waved over the masses.

    JQ has White Rug Supremacy. Any dirt is swept under that rug and never to be seen by the masses.

    • Replies: @Dani
  47. My only disagreement is about the art of Marc Chagall and Marc Rothco.

    When I was 16 a Rothco painting hung in the foyer of a museum in Pittsburgh. I was alone and as I sat and looked at it tears came to my eyes. I cannot explain this reaction.

    Chagall’s paintings are sweet and joyous.

  48. Iva says:

    If Kantor wants to put immigrants in countries and teach those countries “tolerance” maybe he should start from Israel. There was a time when Israel was accepting black Jews ( I think ) from Ethiopia. All women had to take vaccine with hormone that cause spontaneous abortion. , and after a while Israel said “we don’t mix well together” and gave them one way ticket and even payed the countries who accepted them. I wonder what would Jews say if the countries they live in would say “go to Israel, we don’t mix well together”?

  49. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    “Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.”

    BLM, funded by billionaires Jews like Soros, who have convicted Jew terrorists sitting on their board, is doing what worked so well for the Jews; Instead of screaming ‘anti-Semitic,” they scream RACIST and the other side wilts away.

    Wonder why BLM doesn’t go after the racist pro-sports leagues? Especially the NFL, which has NO black owners and only two POC owners, a Pakistani American and an Asian American.

    The three biggest US sports leagues have just six people of color as principal owners.

    Or would going after the pro-sports owners, mostly Jewish, see their funding cut?

    • Replies: @3g4me
  50. Z-man says:
    @Lizardicus Hidicus

    Get rid of Kushner and his ditzy daughter.
    PS. I read about 2 paragraphs of this long, long article.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  51. Nothing beats an invisible gorilla as an agent of mind, social, political and economic control. Jews have perfected the science and art of control after centuries of practice. Western nations have become nothing more than mere symbols of power. But it is the Jewish invisible gorilla that pulls the strings. When you exercise such total control of the instruments of power in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, you have the world at your feet and deep in your pockets.

  52. Hegar says:

    To summarize, regarding Britain:

    Labour in 1968 started British legislation against “race and sex discrimination,” creating the Jew-written Race Relations Act.

    Labour’s Jewish Home Secretary *Frank Soskice was succeeded by Roy Jenkins in 1965, with Jewish *Anthony Lester behind him.

    *Anthony Lester wrote Home Secretary Jenkins’ important race speech. He was the leading race campaigner in the Society of Labour Party Lawyers, and on the Society’s Race Relations Committee. He dictated to the extreme socialist Roy Jenkins how to write race laws.

    In 1975 *Anthony Lester wrote Labour’s principles for new race legislation, in White Paper on Racial Discrimination.

    At this time, and especially after ruining the economy and losing to Margaret Thatcher three times in a row, Labour planned mass importation of new voters.

    The head of the five top Jewish lobby groups in Europe, Moshe Kantor created the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, for writing “tolerance” laws. It was first headed by Polish Social Democrat Aleksander Kwasniewski, and since then by Labour’s Tony Blair.

    The work at the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation rests on Moshe Kantor and Yoram Dinstein – an Israeli who among other things has worked at the extremely socialist Amnesty International, in every European country staffed by Marxists and Social Democrats. In Britain Amnesty is almost completely filled by Labour members.

    When Brexit happened, *Ari Paul, who writes for pro-Labour The Guardian and the extremely socialist Jacobin in the U.S., connected Brexit and national governance to The Holocaust.

  53. tomo says:
    @Oliver Elkington

    the marriage from Hell:
    masters of bribing, fraud, lies etc….. meet the cheapest to bribe, materialistic, easy to propagandize, turned-against, each other, materialistic Anglosheeple

  54. Hibernian says:

    Don’t know when this was, think the ’70s; they couldn’t have gotten away with it after 1985 at the latest.

    • Replies: @ivan
  55. The zionists have effectively silenced the goyim by the zionist owned MSM and the zionist owned alternative media and so have free rein to spew their zionist propaganda non stop 24/7 and especially now with the kabals coronavirus scam/demic, with their coronavirus bullshit sprayed on we goyim night and day.

    Read The Protocols of Zion and read the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed to see the zionist playbooks.

  56. Poco says:
    @james charles

    I’ll disdain both thank you very much. It isn’t an either/or proposition. In fact, several groups overlap.

  57. I think you (author) are crazy. And a very sloppy “thinker”.

  58. Rich says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    In the US there is, it’s called the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Unfortunately, we’ve become a nation ruled by appointed judges who laugh at the Constitution, twisting its words to mean whatever they want. Hate crime laws are obviously unconstitutional in that they restrict free speech. That ruling was brought to us by the otherwise reliable Rhenquist. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic. Oh well.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  59. Trinity says:

    Funny, how da Joos have no problem with Jewish run CNN and other networks spewing hate and vile speech against Whites 24/7. What they really fear is people EXPOSING JEWISH LIES about historical events and people EXPOSING JEWISH CONTROL OF OUR MEDIA, OUR FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC POLICIES, CONTROL OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, ETC.

    IF America had ANY REAL MEN AND REAL WOMEN LEFT, THE KIND OF MEN AND WOMEN WHO BRAVED THE ATLANTIC, BRAVED THE INDIANS AND BUILT THIS COUNTRY FROM NOTHING, THEY WOULDN’T COWER TO A SMALL BAND OF GLORIFIED GYPSY TRASH. Jews only have power in this country because of White greed. IF Whites valued integrity, the truth, and loyalty to their people ( White people) Jews would have NO POWER at all in America. Money is indeed the root of all evil and people will sellout their own mother for it. To Blacks credit, I haven’t seen but just a few Blacks attack Nick Cannon for his recent statements about Jews, MOST Blacks are either backing Cannon or at least not speaking negatively towards Mr. Cannon. Whites have a problem with traitorous behavior and lack of loyalty to their own.

    America is a racist nation in 2020, but White racism isn’t the problem, hell White cowardice is one of the reasons that Jewish racism, Black racism, and other nonwhite racism is so prevalent in America and goes unchecked. (((They))) silence any White civil rights activists by labeling them racist and REFUSING to give them a platform to speak the truth. IF someone like Dr. David Duke is granted time on the Talmudvision, ( this happened years ago, but they won’t even debate him now for fear of looking bad), they face STACKED AUDIENCES FULL OF ANTI-WHITES, and are shouted down, all this planned well in advance.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  60. 3g4me says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Stop with the purported hyphenated ‘murricans, already. A Pakistani is a Pakistani, and a Han is a Han. With or without magic papers, they’ll never be Americans.

  61. Hegar says:
    @james charles

    james charles, sounds like a name for “Eric Striker” to hide behind. Or you’re just a fan of that swarthy Latino-mixed communist, with his worship of the Soviet Union and Ernesto “Che” Guevara. You want people to ignore the Jews and think it’s “capitalists” who import immigrants. When it has been socialist parties all over the West, always. If you would take the time and read Andrew’s article you would see what Labour has done to Britain. The same as the Socialists in France, the Social Democrats in Sweden, etc.

    Even you should be able to understand that the politicians who overwhelmingly benefit from immigrant votes are the ones who want immigrant voters. And that, as we who oppose immigration have always said, the Right is beaten in this issue, and follows two steps behind the Left.

    But you have dutifully learned to cherrypick examples from the Right and ignore the massive immigration strategy on the Left. That’s some incredible chutzpah – not surprising considering where your ideology comes from.

    Even you should be able to understand that leftists completely dominate the schools, and indoctrinate children for hours every single weekday. Or maybe you want to pretend it’s “the capitalists”. Keep using Jew-invented Marxist propaganda words to obfuscate.

    I’m sure the socialist teachers and professors, quoting socialist politicians and academics, are secretly pushing mass immigration, feminism and the homosexual agenda – all projects with proudly leftist founders – because of “capitalism”.

    Never mind that “capitalists,” people who start and run businesses, are their main targets. Which you like since you are a failure. You want other people’s money since you were too lazy to study in school. You support their agenda of massive taxes for people who studied hard and made something of themselves, and of businesses – you are too dumb to be aware of how this makes all of society worse off, and actually then means less money even for you, the recipient of welfare and other privileges.

    If you would be able to study the issue through several generations of history you would know this, but the whole problem here is that you were unable to study in the first place. All you could do was absorb the leftist teacher’s propaganda like a good goy. But then you had a change of heart and decided you didn’t want to share the loot with immigrants. Well, too bad. As Labour and others realized, White voters abandoned them steadily, so they needed new voters. You can’t get the parasitism you prefer without your imported non-White allies. So I know what choice you make. Even while you pretend that it’s someone else’s fault.

  62. Charles says:
    @Ron Unz

    I should have mentioned that the reason I was looking for it in the first place was b/c of your article, which I had only read recently. Regarding the cost of a copy – any site I looked at (this was 3-4 weeks ago) usually had it priced at over \$100. Amazon has HC copies which begin in so-called “acceptable” condition at \$131. You must have touched a nerve.

  63. @HammerJack

    Brainwashed? No. The gentile upper-class are not stupid. They are individualists with agency. Individualists are first and foremost greedy bastards truckling to jewry’s social, cultural, and monetary power. For the truckling individualist it’s better to administer the Hell that exists than to serve in Heaven. What some of us call “brainwashing” is nothing more than a series of propaganda statements the gentile upper-class use to justify their greed.

    The gentile upper-class know what’s going on. They care about themselves first, you last. They are realists, not “truth-seekers.” Protecting jewry protects their secondary position as administrators. You’ll not “persuade” them of anything that might endanger their position.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @malkin_fanboy
  64. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    “Supermob” is a fantastic book, for those who want to see how Jew mobsters took over the movie and music business, then the USA.
    The Kosher Nostra mob that Sidney Korsak put in place back in the 1930-1960 is probably still around and more powerful than then.
    Korsak always kept a low profile, which has worked wonders for these Matzoh Ball gangsters.

  65. Ma Laoshi says:
    @Jorge Videla

    “if they aren’t hated, they do what they can to make themselves hated”
    Yes, ehmm, of course this is how it works: as long as officially designated victim groups get showered with money, all the incentives are to continue doing what you’ve been doing.

    With this A-word (antisemitism) we’ve been hearing so much about, it’s a delicate balance. You don’t want so much that those pesky goyim actually get off the couch and do something, like take away the jews’ money; and yet you don’t want too little A-word either, for fear of outsiders is what keeps the jewish sheep in line behind their elites, who certainly aren’t planning on sharing their billions with Shlomo Sixpack. This is simply how religious/supremacist cults always maintain their cohesion, and this particular one has had ample time to hone its craft.

    As Mr. Joyce also asks, when somebody like Moshe Kantor picks up the microphone to say “We jews expect”, who is that “we” he’s talking about? Nobody ever voted for him, not even within the kosher club; and yet there he is, telling the lower races what’s what.

  66. @brabantian

    You forgot Brother Nathaniel Kapner, now an Orthodox Christian. Before I found out about the others on your list, I found this dude. Lives in Colorado I think.

  67. TGD says:

    I am curious where did Mr. Kantor, previously a penniless Russian proletariat, got “his” billions. A. was it by a honest hard work? or B. was it by a honest hard swindle of Russian people?

    It was a giant swindle devised in the USA by Harvard economist, (((Jeffrey Sachs))), who called the process “shock therapy.” There are a huge number of articles on the Russian rigged auctions so I won’t bother you with the details.

    Once cash was extracted from the businesses that the oligarchs “bought” at the auctions, they were taught how to move the money out of Russia and around the world by (((Marc Rich))), a criminal on the run from US arrest warrants. Rich was living the good life at his schloss on Lake Zug in Switzerland. The last day that Bill Clinton was in office, he granted a full pardon to Rich. One wonders exactly how Clinton was rewarded for that pardon?

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  68. G J T says:

    One of the difficulties in accepting lessons from this bunch of Jews; exemplified by Kantor and Greenblatt, is how ugly they are. There is something to physiognomy after all.

    And they are nowhere near as hideous and grotesque as many others are. Claiming there is no genetic basis for a Jewish race — or even that their race doesn’t play any role in their historical behavior patterns — is patently ridiculous. These creatures are literally the spawn of Satan — spiritually indeed, but also physically.

  69. @4justice

    Jews are the old reliable tool of team evil. Have been for centuries. What motivates the elite, particularly white ones, to turn on their kind is the question we should all ask. My guess is centuries of out-breeding with the princess daughters of rival tribes, created offspring that didn’t truly belong to any tribe.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  70. Greg Bacon says: • Website


    America did have that kind of ballsy man, like the kind that stood up to British musket fire, but that DNA has been mostly wiped out, thanks to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the never ending ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’

    The courageous DNA that came from these Americans got left on some forgotten battlefield. When you keep sending the brave and healthy men off to fight banker wars, and millions get killed or seriously wounded–both physical and mental wounds–and do this for over 100 years, you can see where our balls went to.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  71. Iva says:

    Amazing. Love it.

  72. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Besides Rich, Slick Willie also pardoned the Jew terrorist Susan Rosenberg, convicted of bombing some federal buildings and being in possession of a large cache of guns and explosives. Got 58 years but only served 16.

    She was on BLM’s board until outed, not sure if she’s still there or slithering around somewhere else.

    Comrade Susan had been suspected of killing two cops and a guard, but the DA couldn’t make the charges stick.

    Her favorite pastime was giving all sorts of support to the violent Black Liberation Army, who loved going out and dry gulching cops. In other words, shooting cops when they weren’t looking.

    Amazing how many times Jews pop up when talking about destroying the USA.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  73. @Z-man

    “PS. I read about 2 paragraphs of this long, long article.”

    One can only imagine your horror when you discover the artifacts known as ‘books’.

    • LOL: DaveE
    • Replies: @Z-man
  74. Corleones were amateurs.

    Judge In Epstein Case’s Son Shot Through The Heart By Assassin Dressed As Fedex Driver

    Video Link

  75. Don’t know if this has ever been proposed. But this article was really depressing and it sure seems we need a new approach to this question. Could we maybe identify a very persuasive, really likable individual to represent we Goyim. Then we make an appointment with the Jews, maybe at a really fancy restaurant. Our representative could plead our case to the Jewish leaders, ask that they just leave us alone for a few hundred years.

    They’re human beings and at some point their hearts would have pity for the Goyim, n’est-ce pas.

  76. @Wally

    Thank you, Wally. As for ‘counting Jews’, US law prohibits the counting of Jews in any US census. The Jews have quietly made such data collecting illegal. Only Jews may monitor Jews and only Jews may ‘count’ Jews. Meanwhile, the US government is counting Whites, measuring their income, and using these numbers to level the disparity between ‘privileged’ Whites and underperforming POC.

  77. @Old and Grumpy

    “What motivates the elite, particularly white ones, to turn on their kind is the question we should all ask. My guess is centuries of out-breeding with the princess daughters of rival tribes, created offspring that didn’t truly belong to any tribe.”

    Self-interest, for one. In England the increasingly poor aristocratic families who relied upon land and feudal labor would often marry into Jewish merchant families with much greater wealth.

    There’s also the issue of spiteful mutations that Ed Dutton and Michael Woodley raise. Decreased competition in the upper strata results in the accumulation of genetic defects that, over generations, result in increased rates of mental illness, etc.

    It is interesting how Europeans were so easily conquered, though, compared to Chinese or Japanese. It could also be the case that Christianity was a particularly poor belief system in the context of competition with highly clannish groups, not to mention the Hebrews figure prominently. Jews dominated commerce and sometimes politics in the various Islamic empires, but they haven’t managed to turn Muslims into self-loathing wimps in the same fashion as modern Europeans.

  78. J Daley says:

    I see that I commented prematurely (Comment #9). My apology to Ron Unz. I didn’t consider the lag time in your postings. It was pleasing to see that this essay is being given the attention it deserves.

  79. 100 years ago , Henry Ford wrote ” The world’s foremost problem” still is

    • Replies: @Robjil
  80. @Sick of Orcs

    The Enemy always goes too far, overextending their reach. They are not gods.

    Maybe this is abusing the argument. The Jewish mindset alas the “plan” justly consists in underwriting the argument to the contrary. All they do is sabotage the “enemy”(Western European values) and set up minorities against each other, lest deflecting the fight from their own. If they would, on the contrary have a real master plan, that would then be enlightenment, a long term goal set, a balance or a sincere ambition of equilibrium. This is not the case. The “plan’” consists in “crowing on a pile of dung”, ruling the crowds, power for no reason, but as a defense against progress, change, sustainability, harmony, aggressiveness based on innate fear for encroachment on the group´s unsteady pillars of survival. If Jews thrive, society is sick.

    Jewish “strength” is mostly no clear goals, and oversized ambitions. If there was not an environment to feed on, take them out of finance and as society stands, out of media and politics, Jews would live in dungeons, get out in the morning as tricksters to skim the public marketplaces for easy bait as wallets and brightly colored handkerchiefs. The proverbial crows croaking and pecking for bling.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sick of Orcs
  81. Robjil says:
    @Common sense Giuseppe

    It is a great read. It sounds just like today. Nothing has changed in hundred years.

    Freedom of speech is the only possibility to end this nightmare.

    Humanity is yearning to be free.

  82. And the solution?

    Take back control of the microphones.


    • Agree: mark green
  83. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    If Jews thrive, society is sick.

    Or, if society is sick, Jews thrive. It is then that their services are needed to identify and remove the sick by selling goods and services that make the sick, sicker.

    It is for this reason that attacks on Jews are largely futile. The problem is not in the Jews, it is in the Western society, which is indeed sick (in the sense of drifting, almost being in a daze after WW II and the advent of nuclear weapons made the pre-WW I “armed and aggressively self interested” policy appear to lead directly to a nuclear WW III). If you have carrion, vultures will come — but they didn’t kill the animal. And vultures may not be pretty, but destroying them simply means more animal carcasses to dispose of. It doesn’t keep the animals alive.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  84. @niteranger

    The pessimism that runs through your comment is unfounded.
    Jews are in the process of destroying themselves. They are incapable of avoiding self-destruction. Their current actions in America will galvanize Euro-Americans into racial awareness. It is inevitable that pride and greed will destroy the foundation of their power. The US dollar is not far from losing reserve currency and Jews know this. They desperately grabbed Ukraine and have large real estate holdings in Patagonia. Their position in The West, especially America and France, is fragile.
    Their position in Israel even morse so. I don’t see a Greater Israel coming any time soon. To accomplish it, they would have to whip up massive anti-semitism in America and Europe to push Jews into emigrating. If they take that option, their position in the West weakens significantly. They lack the numbers and the will to fight. The IDF is not an effective fighting force. All I see them do is bully Palestinian children and shoot pregnant women. They lost in Lebanon. They require the US Israel Legions and ISIS to do anything that would produce a Greater Israel. After 9 years, Syria is still standing. In my opinion, the Rothschilds are failures and Israel can only stand with massive financial parasitism from Germany and the U.S. The Jews are so desperate they are after Poland for ‘Holocaust Reparations”.
    I see a great deal of room for optimism. I believe the Arab world is weary of rulers that fellate for Jewish/American hand-outs and the West is at a consensus: leaders are despised, not trusted and under attack.
    There is plenty of room for optimism, especially as the financial house of cards continues to demonstrate incredible fragility. When that falls, look out. The game will be over and the day of the rope will be nigh.

    • Replies: @Derer
  85. Gast says:

    What I find strange is the fact that the things Kantor is lobbying for, have been implemented in Europe for decades. So, it doesn’t make much sense that Kantor sees Europe as a starting point of his agenda.

    Here in Germany the immigration of foreigners has been on the agenda since the 50s in the West (the East was blessed in this regard), when the “Gastarbeiter” were imported (“guest workers”, a misnomer, since there was never the intention that these men were only guests for a while. There was evil deception from the beginning). And like in the tale of the boiled frog (probably a urban myth) this immigration of foreigners of ever lower quality has increased steadily. After re-unification this agenda was implemented in the East as well. And everybody knows about the madness of 2015. I was convinced before 2015 that Germany was doomed since the immigrants were too numerous and are more fertile than the real Germans (feminism and the infertility which is connected with it are a big thing here). So 2015 were the last nails on the coffin. What would be the point of increased immigration? Since the economy will be hit because of the worldwide lockdown (according to a jewish plan), an increased import of parasites would only lead to chaos and a Mad-Max-scenario. I am not sure that the jews want that. But who knows.

    And Germany was not a free speech country after WW2 either. In the West there was the criminal offense of “Volksverhetzung” (“incitement of the people”) in place since the 50s. But media propaganda was more important than throwing people into the prison (in the East this was a different matter, of course). And with the re-unification the Stasi-methods of the the East were implemented in the West although there was no need for Orwellian repression since the technology allowed slightly refined, but more effective surveillance. Now there is a very repressive system in place. The repression will increase but this will probably hurt the economy too, since the motivation of the productive people will decrease when they realize that they live in an open tyranny. So there will be natural limits for this repression of wrongthink.

    So, I must come to the conclusion that Mr. Joyce gives Kantor much more importance than he deserves. He seems to be just another pompous jewish functionary who only states what is already there: a jewish tyranny thinly disguised under the appearance of “democracy”.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Disagree: thotmonger
    • Replies: @thotmonger
  86. Z-man says:

    Long-winded drivel, just like you.

    • LOL: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  87. I was just reflecting on the size and scope of jewish disloyalty and evil.

    Consider….the jews send white Christian boys to fight and die in proxy wars for Israel……
    and then here at home the jews support Antifa/BLM to attack and murder the very same white Christians that fight for Israel!

    Consider also the fact that brave white Christian men fought in both world wars, essentially to serve jewish interests…..and the jews repay us by wrecking our nations with massive immigration, abortion, feminism, porn, gay rights, etc.etc.etc.

    I ponder this shit and I just can’t get over it…..the sheer level of nasty disloyalty and hypocrisy and hatred they have for us when we have sucked up and helped them out in every way possible.

    It’s INSANE.

    At this point they are expecting us to just go ahead and allow them and their buckwheat pets to mass murder us, and they have managed to convince many of our own that we deserve it.

    Doesn’t Home Depot sell some kind of jew eradicator?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  88. Derer says:

    What is your point? This is (was) predominantly white Christian country, although much diluted by now due to the “intolerance” I guess.

    Since you bought it up…who screw our foreign policies, think about backroom players Kissinger, Brzezinski, Albright, Holbrooke, Berger and continuation of contemporaries Schumer, Schiff, Nadler who think about Israel first, ooh and a removal of elected president.

  89. Once more, if you don’t control the money supply then you can’t control your future, i.e. you cannot let an outsider become a billionaire on your backs and then complain about him oppressing you with that loot. And to get that boot off your neck, either overthrow him by force (manly) or live with it (unmanly) for there is no good third option.

  90. You got to hand it to them though. They somehow transformed the most advanced and powerful civilisation in world history into self-hating obedient Eloi.

  91. Derer says:

    Quite a plausible assessment, however the “destruction” process have resulted in many innocent from the West perishing for the ME conflict when one side keep cleverly using the 75 years victimhood.

  92. The de-bunking of the holohoax is the beginning of the end of J-power in the West.

    The truth will set whites free.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  93. @Sick of Orcs

    “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Aha! I hesitate to take old Abe to task but the real point is that if you can fool enough of the people enough of the time you’ll win out. That explains our current predicament.

  94. Go1A says:

    It’s interesting to consider the individuals of Jewish heritage, who are not just dissidents in some valuable way, but Jews who actually and regularly denounce Jewish mafia activities…

    Very good point. Add to your list Rabbi Joseph Kohn, who argues that Israel should be dismantled:

    He states that “[t]he only way to truly bring about peace would be to end Zionism, end the occupation in it is entirety, allow the return of all refugees and restore the rights of the Palestinians in their ancestral land.”

    • Replies: @Malla
  95. Art says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Today, it seems overwhelming, with so few people fighting a war with almost no ammunition.

    I share your pessimism – the Jews control everything of large scale in America. The media, internet, Wall Street, congress, the deep security state, the MIC, and the prosecutorial legal system. Every company that depends on advertising, shoulders the yoke of Jew cultural approval. Same with the education system. We are now ripping down our heritage.

    As long as the dollar maintains value – the Jews will be in control of America. When the FED and the dollar dies – then we can rebuild from the ground up. We can adopt the Jeffersonian principles of local control – never giving power over our land, to a strong central government.

  96. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    IT IS INDEED INSANE, my friend. I go to the gym and make it a point to talk to every single White male of “fighting age” about the military. I live in the Deep South and I can tell you from experience that White Southern males, (the most hated group in America by Jews, leftist and other anti-White misanthropic cretins, are ironically the most patriotic to a country that despises them, ) go figure that one out. I tell these young men, if it takes working 3 jobs, DO NOT JOIN THE MILITARY, that they are not fighting for America or people that love them, they are fighting for Israel and people that despise them. Almost all are racially aware and not shy about it, but they are totally CLUELESS about the Chosenites and Wars For Greater Israel. One small step to the Moon, my friend.

  97. Trinity says:

    Actually IF Hitler was protecting HIS NATION from falling prey to Jewish Bolsheviks who killed MILLIONS IN THE HOLODOMOR, why is the Holocaust, whether true or not, even a big deal. As far as I know, Jews captured are no different than any other POWs that have suffered at the hands of another army. Oh, and what happened to THE FORGOTTEN 5 MILLION NON-JEWS THAT THE GERMANS ALLEGEDLY KILLED IN THOSE CAMPS? Sheesh, when did the Germans find time to fight half the world on two fronts and kill 11 million POW? smdh. Are the forgotten 5 million less than the Jews? Look at all the American soldiers, airmen, or sailors who were captured by the Japanese, the Koreans, the Viet Cong? Did not these men SUFFER GREATLY. Look at the German soldiers who suffered in the Rhine Meadow Death Camps, were not their lives of some value to their people? Look at the White Southerners who suffered during Sherman’s “March To The Sea?” Speaking of Sherman, he is often credited with saying, “War is hell,” so why should Jews suffering in a war, a war that many say they instigated in the first place by staging boycotts against Germany and controlling Germany the way they do America right now. I am almost positive that Hitler and other Germans didn’t wake up one day and say, we must hate Jews only because they are Jews and aren’t like us at all. Nearly every German that I have encountered in real life is very reasonable, rational, super intelligent, and while not very emotional, they are extremely kind people. It doesn’t add up that Germans were these monsters. Total bullshit.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Druid
  98. @04398436986

    The Mercers are Jewish. And they belong in jail.

  99. profnasty says:
    @Ron Unz

    Yes, it was an incredibly deep, well written article.
    I especially enjoyed the appearance of Lew Wasserman.

  100. @Oldtradesman

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is a few Jordan Petersons.

  101. Jews hate boycotts. Boycott the Jews.

    Also, write your pedophile in Congress.

  102. lavoisier says: • Website

    Serving in the US military today has become dishonorable for the very reasons you explain in your post.

    You serve an unjust people, an unjust cause, and are dishonoring your own history and culture with your service.

    I was in the lineup at a grocery store around the 4th of July and we were being asked to donate money to our military “heroes.” All the other patrons willingly said yes and donated generously. When I was asked to donate I said no very clearly and the others who heard my response were clearly offended by my decision.

    I think I was the only one in any of the aisles at the time who had refused to support our “heroes.”

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  103. @Trinity

    I do largely the same. I too now tell the people I love not to join the US military. Why fight on behalf of a government that now uses its power to make you second class, suspects you’re a terrorist because of your white skin and now grants preferential treatment in housing, education and hiring to criminal invaders over you, because you’re white and they are not?

    If ZOG wants to rule the world,” I tell them, “send José, Shaqwana, Shanaynay and their other pets to do the fighting, bleeding and dying. Protect your health, well-being and future for your family and friends, for the people who love you.”

  104. @lavoisier

    I, also, do not donate to our “heroes.” When they come home, I will gladly help them. But while they are running fool’s errands on behalf of a corrupt US government and although I wish them no harm, making things easier for them to persist in their misguided folly, even if only with a small donation thereby signaling my approval, is no act of kindness.

  105. The state of the world.

  106. A.K.Patal says:

    It is interesting how Andrew Choyce fell into the very trap that the Harvard Scholars wrote about it. His mind is consumed by the hated of seeing non-white people immigrating to America and Europe that he completely missed the INVISIBLE MAN right in front of him: the Jewish Hatred for the European Union! The Jewish hatred for the EU is so obvious. For instance, who is behind Brexit?
    If you really know how would the Jews feel about the EU, all you need to do is ask Benjamin Netanyahu. And Joyce has wasted so much ink, over 10,000 words, but failed to see the invisible man because his perception is distorted by his hatred of seeing non-white immigration to Europe and to the US. How sad!

    • Troll: geokat62
    • Replies: @Flubber
  107. The good news is, once you see the gorilla, you can’t unsee it.

    Israel is the Jewish Achilles heel. As Rich Cohen puts it Israel is Real: the Jews turned their Temple into a book, and now they want to turn it into a Temple again. And that makes them vulnerable. We can hear all their preaching of tolerance. But when they shoot unarmed Palestinians in the face in their own country, we may all ask how sincere they are, and what their endgame is.

  108. DaveE says:

    ……they are fighting for Israel and people that despise them.

    I think we need a Shlomo to Go movement.

  109. Skeptikal says:

    Re “Dissident activists who face overwhelming costs if they are doxxed would be well-advised to reduce their internet presence to the bare minimum, in effect, deliberately fading themselves into obscurity, thus making their life harder for the Zionist-Globalist panopticon to search for and penetrate. ”

    I have long wondered, also in various comment threads, why any kind of alt news site has at the bottom “Follow us on Facebook.” WTF? Why are they so stupid?
    How can any thinking individual or org. be so clueless and stupid as to send their readers away from their own site or blog and TO EFFING FB???

  110. Maybe this from today’s “The Australian” will give pause for nuanced thought which is not greatly encouraged by the article:

    Jewish leader Mark Leibler’s lessons showed Noel Pearson the way


    Cape York leader Noel Pearson in Brisbane. Picture: Glenn Hunt


    Cape York leader Noel Pearson has spoken of his great love for his mentor Mark Leibler, the Jewish lawyer from Melbourne whose example taught him that indigenous Australians can resist victimhood even in the face of persistent racism and victimisation.

    Mr Pearson recorded a speech that was played at the launch of Michael Gawenda’s biography of Australia’s most powerful Jewish leader on Monday. Mr Pearson told the audience: “I love and ­respect this man.”

    Mr Pearson was a young law graduate when he met Mr Leibler in the Collins Street offices of the famous firm Arnold Block Leibler, where Mr Leibler has been a partner for almost 50 years.

    The Jerusalem Post has described Mr Leibler as one of the world’s 50 most influential Jews.

    Mr Pearson said the Jewish model of perseverance, dedication and success that it represents had been a beacon and “something that is a model for my own thinking about our predicament as indigenous Australians and how it is that we might turn our parlous lot around”.

    “The first lesson I learned from our Jewish community and its leaders like Mark is the imperative to be vigilant against racism … no people are more keenly aware how dangerous the virus of racism can be,” he said. “The second thing I learned from the Jewish community and from Mark in particular is that whilst the Jewish people have long been victimised, they have never succumbed to victimhood. And that paradox really seized me.”

    Gawenda’s book, The Powerbroker: Mark Leibler, an Australian Jewish Life, includes a cast of high-profile Australians — among them Paul Keating, John Howard and Julia Gillard — who came to know Mr Leibler and to call him a friend. Others, including Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr, see Mr Leibler as no friend at all.

    The book charts what Monash University Publishing describes as a surprise turn in Mr Leibler’s life “when a social and political conservative became a committed advocate for a radical reform on behalf of Australia’s indigenous people”.

    Mr Pearson said the Jewish community’s steadfast defiance, self-reliance and determination to prevail made him think about how his own people could, in the full ­illumination of the truth of history, turn their eyes to the future.

    “According to the example I have seen, we will be able to as ­indigenous Australians maintain our religious and spiritual identity with our culture and homelands while engaging in the wider world,” Mr Pearson said. “In Cape York I began to talk about our children having a future from Cape York to New York. That is the future I envisage for the young people of my community.

    “We should be able to keep a strong spiritual base in our homes whilst at the same time, like the Jews, engage in the wider world according to our talents and our preferences.”

    Mr Pearson said the most important lesson from Mr Leibler and other Jewish leaders was about identity. They showed him that it was possible for an indigenous person to be a member of their “tribe” and citizens in the wider world.

    “The assimilationists would have us believe that we should ditch all the tribal stuff and just ­become citizens. I think the equally wrong approach is to think we are just members of our tribe. We are both and we should feel that it is our right and our entitlement to have the best of both worlds,” he said.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  111. Skeptikal says:

    I just ordered the book from my library.
    That is I checked the online catalogue for our regional system, and there it was in one of the member libraries, so I put in a request. It will be delivered to the library and they will notify me via email that it is there.
    I mention these details just to put in a big “Yay!!” for the American public library system.

    So, check out your library system’s online catalogue and see if there are any copies in the system.

  112. Wally says:

    “Thank you, Wally. As for ‘counting Jews’, US law prohibits the counting of Jews in any US census.”

    Indeed, Mark, I covered that and other specifics here:

    And to no surprise:
    ‘Ethnicity’ option on next UK census could show a huge ‘increase’ from previous censuses to more than 400,000 Jews in UK:

  113. Skeptikal says:

    Absolutely true.
    The only people who took actual steps to abolish worldwide slavery were white Anglo Protestants—in England and in the USA (Quakers). Later English missionaries went to Africa and took steps to abolish the trade there, esp. with Arab traders.

    The international trade in slaves was centered in East Africa, North Africa, the periphery of the Indian Ocean. Millions of young men were castrated in order to provide enslaved eunuchs for the Ottomans, for the Chinese, for North African kingdoms, etc. It was Jews who specialized in this gruesome aspect of the trade, centered in Verdun and other cities. Some of the earliest enslaved people were the Slavs of the Volga River communities, enslaved by marauding Vikings and sold in Constantinople.

    In East Africa, many coastal tribes and kingdoms captured the Bantus and sold them to Arab and other traders. This trade was well established by the time Europeans showed up in Africa. But new plantations around the Indian Ocean, especially it seems those started by French colonials, were a rich new market for slaves.

    The BLM movement betrays its ignorance of the history of slavery when it makes all whites the enemy and fails to acknowledge that only Protestant American and English whites (not just males, by the way) were the FIRST in world history to take action to abolish all slavery.

    You can read all of this in the Wikipedia entries on Slavery and also Arab slavery.
    Also on the central role of the Jews. One interesting factoid, per the Wiki entry, is that both Islam and Judaism prohibited selling co-religionists into slavery but not others. This actually acted as a disincentive for Arab Muslims to convert Africans to Islam.

    • Replies: @antibeast
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  114. I definitely hate those who do not hate. (something)
    People must hate otherwise the people become zombies.
    Wait a minute that what Jews want.
    Jews want all of us to become zombies.
    Jews hate all goyms and they will always hate goyms.
    Jews are exceptional They want to reserve the hate for themselves.
    Quite selfish don’t you thins so?

  115. ANON[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Aleksander Kwaśniewski

    ” Kwaśniewski had a useful history of neglecting and belittling the Catholic-National character of his people, and made himself known as an ally of Jews by formally apologizing for a 1941 killing of Jews at Jedwabne by Poles, and restoring citizenship to Jews stripped of it by the communist government in 1968.”

    Itis worth noting here that Kwasniewski is not a Pole. His father was a jew, IZAAKA STOLZMAN a/k/a Zdzisław KWAŚNIEWSKI. He is buried in the jewish cemetery in warsaw.

    The story of his father mirrors the story of most top members of the communist party of the time. They were jews sent by Stalin to rule Poland on his behalf after ww2. He trusted them more than the Polish communists. This ruling cadre was never removed after the fall of communism. There was no post-communism Neuremburg trials. After the fall of communism these communist murderers peacefully lived out their lives on state pensions. Power was simply passed onto their children. They changed their names in order to blend in. The wife of the current president Duda also has similar origins. He even proudly boasts of her jewish origins, and how proud he is to have a jewish daughter.

    Alexander Stolzman Kwasnieski has no right to apologize on behalf of the Polish people as he is not a Pole. He gave away the Auschwitz museum to isreal. Over 12 crosses and 2 memorials to non jewish victims of the camp were removed during the transfer. They were removed by the jews once they got control of the camp on account of the crosses being “offensive”.

    An interesting note is that while they were giving out passports left and right to their brothers in Tel Aviv, they totally ignored tens of thousand of Poles and their descendants who were deported to Kazakhstan and other parts of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the SU, other countries repatriated nearly everyone they could. Germany alone repatriated over 1 million people. To this day Poles living in Kazakhstan have an extremely hard time being acknowledged as Poles and receiving the paperwork so they can return to their Fatherland.

    This fact of the jewish ruling class has to be acknowledged whenever analyzing politics in the former communist states in eastern europe.

    • Thanks: Druid
    • Replies: @ivan
  116. I say we should nuke Israel first, after all they did 9112001 and now they are gutting our nation and destroying our first amendment freedoms. Why should we let little shit Israel do us in, maybe we should assert ourselves and fight back. Just a suggestion.

    It is silly to pretend anymore that Israel is our friend. Israel is our sworn enemy, the Zionists hate our freedom and they hate our prosperity. Bibi Netanyahu has promised that when he gets done using Amerika like a golden calf, he will destroy us. I believe him. So why not drone him first? Just an idea that might have a positive effect in the world.


    So instead of sitting around getting kicked in the teeth all day by these insane supremacist Jews, I say we give them a taste of their own medicine and bomb them back to the stone age. Why not just use Israel for our Middle bomb range? Trump wants to build a whole new slew of micro nukes, why not test them out on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Wouldn’t that be fair since they destroyed the Trade Towers, maybe some payback is in order.

  117. Flubber says:

    The Jews are not pro-Brexit.

    The reason for the massive political instability at the moment, along with the drive to censor as the post author documents, is a desire to re-establish control with reliable puppets.

    The election of Trump and Brexit before it, was clear evidence that the establishment was losing its vice like grip on the people.

    And the whole point of the EU is to establish a form of government where the people have no say and the lobbyists, powered by vast amounts of slush funds, drive the elites agenda.

  118. ivan says:

    Thank you. I’ve always believed that Stalin used Jews whom he could trust to crush the remaining nationalists in the Central European countries. He was after all the Commissioner for the Nationalities under Lenin. These Jews in turn will be fodder for his show trials when the time comes. If Satan had a lieutenant on Earth, his name must surely be the ex-seminarian Ioseb Besarionis dzе Jugashvili.

    • Agree: Art
  119. @PetrOldSack

    I sure don’t. American society was very healthy for a very long time. Importing a tribe notorious for wrecking healthy societies was its undoing. But a trusting nature is part of the Anglo-Saxon psychological makeup. You may consider that a fatal flaw but it derives naturally from having built “high-trust” societies wherever they have gone.

    • Replies: @Mike Fridelle
  120. antibeast says:

    The international trade in slaves was centered in East Africa, North Africa, the periphery of the Indian Ocean. Millions of young men were castrated in order to provide enslaved eunuchs for the Ottomans, for the Chinese, for North African kingdoms, etc. It was Jews who specialized in this gruesome aspect of the trade, centered in Verdun and other cities. Some of the earliest enslaved people were the Slavs of the Volga River communities, enslaved by marauding Vikings and sold in Constantinople.

    The ancient Egyptians in North Africa as well as the ancient Semites in the Levant (Assyrians, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, Babylonians, Hittites, etc.) have always practiced slavery which was a big part of their Mediterranean economy since ‘antiquity’ with the Greeks and Romans later participating in the slave-trade. Egyptians enslaved both white Semitic and black African slaves as depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics found in the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Phoenicians were arguably the greatest slave-traders in the Mediterranean World who sold white slaves which they bought from Greeks and Romans. White slavery was later practiced by Moors and Mongols during the Medieval Age and continued to be practiced thereafter by Ottoman Turks in Eastern Europe and by Barbary Pirates in North Africa. Only after the Spanish Conquest of the Americas did white Christian Europeans (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English) begin to take part in the African slave-trade when the genocide of Indians led to labor shortages in the European colonies of the New World.

  121. @restless94110

    Do you have any arguments, or just criticisms of the author’s accent? How very American of you.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  122. ivan says:

    Frank Zappa could get away with anything. He was one of the greats of rock. Everyone from Pink Floyd to Deep Purple to Neil Young would have come out in support. It has to be said though that Jewish Princess was a cruel song, much more so than Catholic Girl although both are vulgar.

    And I agree that he like Bobby Fisher is one of those Jews who call it like it is. God bless him.

  123. The Transparent Cabal is catching some ink. Again, The Sickness as explained by O’Brien in 1984

    “It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be”.

    Note: Since everything is inverted by doublespeak in 1984, why not the real identities of the characters? I mean if the Ministry of Love is actually about terror and torture and hate, could not O’Brien who works there actually be Goldstein in disguise?

    “Recently Germany adopted Raphael Cohen-Almagor’s proposal that “racism” be treated in the same way as terrorism and child pornography” A. Joyce p.17. Compare this current strategy to that found over a century ago in The Plantation Owner’s Blueprint to Planetary Control*

    “In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion… will brand it with the same contempt.”

    Prediction: The way the Judeo ethnic mega crimes have stacked up so quickly, where Madoff = multi billion dollar Ponzi scheme, Sacklers = opioid overdose epidemic, Weinstein + Epstein = mass sex abuse, trafficking and blackmail, Goldman Sachs + Lehman Brothers = subprime mortgage calamity, noeconservatives Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, etc. = 2003 War on Ira3, etc. etc. the day is not far off when Semitism as we have come to know it will be entirely repulsive to much of humanity. At that point people will accept the charge of antisemitism the way hospital bacteria eat penicillin.

    p.s. Regarding the question of Jewish loyalty to their host nations, Israel is a growing crack that can never be fully reconciled. Over a century ago, Supreme Court Justice Brandeis tried to paste over this fresh blister to an ancient, gnawing concern. But he was patently dishonest with his Parushim secret society. And machinations with Frankfurter to advance the ethnic state of Israel willingly and potentially delayed the end of World War 1, lest Palestine slip through their fingers. Ugh.

    *Otherwise known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Protocol 19:3

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Art
  124. ziggy1 says:

    Aleksander Kwasniewski is a Jew

  125. @FletcherHanks

    Do you have any arguments, or just criticisms of the author’s accent? How very American of you.

    So when I said the priggishly-accented guy had a “rambling jumbled narrative” you don’t look at that as an “argument?”

    And when I joked that “I think this must be a part of the Jewish plot to make sure that only nutty low voiced Shakespeare orators get through the veil” that is also not an “argument” to you personally?

    The guy made no sense and his videos were so stupid that I seriously did argue that maybe they are purposely made to make people stupid.

    So, there were 3 arguments in my post. How very dumbass of you not to read and understand.

  126. geokat62 says:

    Enjoyed reading your post. I was especially struck by this statement:

    I mean if the Ministry of Love is actually about terror and torture and hate, could not O’Brien who works there actually be Goldstein in disguise?

    I think most would agree the ADL has become Orwell’s Ministry of Love.

  127. Richard B says:

    Long-winded drivel, just like you.

    You wouldn’t know. You didn’t read it.

  128. Richard B says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Lester and Roche are ethnocentric psychopaths.

    Jews hate anyone they can’t control or who doesn’t want to be controlled by them.

    That’s what they mean by “antisemitism.”

    Calling it antisemitism is what makes them psychopaths.

    Their psychopathology feeds their supremacism and thier deeply internalized dishonesty and corresponding shamelessness is why they victim-blame constantly.

    If blacks are marred by moral imbecility, then Jews are by moral insanity.

    Is it any coincidence that their rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of civilization?

    They’re not just a threat to Whites. They’re a threat to the world.

  129. That’s why it’s important to know how to ‘counterfool’ the masses.

  130. Richard B says:

    UNFORTUNATELY…it appears the Jews have won.

    Have won what exactly?

    Civilizations come and go. True.

    But this civilization is the most complex and unpredictable in the history of the world.

    Judeocracy Inc. may be good at infiltration, subversion, betrayal, destruction and death.

    But it’s no good at social management.

    Let alone managing a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before.

    It’s no coincidence that they are in charge at the very moment civlization is in free fall.

    Judeocracy and Civilizational Collapse go together.

    That’s why what we’re really witnessing is nothing less than

    The Pyrrhic Victory of Judeocracy Inc.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Malla
  131. @PetrOldSack

    I disagree with the idea that all Jews are Joker-tier nihilists, plenty of those to be found in every race and religion.

    If we had better laws which prevented undesirable behaviors, such as the currently legal usury, nepotistic sub-clans could be curtailed.

    Two immediate clear goals to strive for:

    Ending credit card usury.

    Canceling all “hate” speech/crime laws.

  132. Malla says:

    On that note check this out from a British government report on action against slavery in East Africa, 1895


    The “evul” imperialist British were trying to force the Zanzibarians to give up slavery. And they got some help from the “evul” Germans.

    British Admiralty document of 1850 on ways to stop the slave trade

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  133. Malla says:

    The international trade in slaves was centered in East Africa, North Africa, the periphery of the Indian Ocean.

    Yes indeed.
    Map of Africa showing the main slave trading routes in 1889

  134. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Censor the treasonous, dual loyalty obsessed ADL. This is America and we will fight to protect our Bill of Rights and our Constitution from the pathologically paranoid ADL and their 5th Column supporters.

  135. sarz says:

    You can download that and many other books for free from Z-Library at The business model behind Z-Library is not clear to me. Many out-of-print books are available.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  136. Okay, so let’s take us a little look at Occupied Palestine in the guise of I\$rael. It was a Zionist project from the get-go, if you understand the fact that Zionism, like several other “isms” was created outta whole-cloth by the Rothschild Crime Clan on behalf of the trans-millenniums agenda of the Babylonian Blood Brotherhood, aka the Sanhedrin and their various minions and cohorts.

    So. Israel? Now we’re talking the mythological 10 lost tribes and not Judah, the tribe ,as well as the tribe of Benjamin. So semantically, should that stolen landscape not be described as Judah and not Israel? Maybe, it’s just because Israel grabs those ambulatory oxymorons (aka “Christian” Zionists) by the short hairs. Sounds more biblical, more discrete, more politically-correct.

    Thusforth, not only has the land itself been stolen from the Palestinian people, whom I once discovered via some research, are genomically 80% descended from the ancient Hebrews. They were the working class and peasantry/small merchants, tradesmen and craftfolk during the Roman imperium–useful types. Only the elites, big time merchants, temple fiefdoms, general movers and shakers, were deported into exile by the Romans. After all, they constituted a general pain in the ass for administration of the territory and contributed little or nothing to the Imperial Exchequer. So we’re talking land-theft in the first instance and identity-theft in the second.


    Ah, but the people–the Jewish People. Folks, there is no such animule. There are Jewish peoples, but only in Rothschild-Zion are they being melted down and welded into some semblance of a people (Ethiopian Jews and other more colorful types excluded, of course–wouldn’t wanna mess up the gene-pool of the most racist people on the planet).

    There are Jewish PEOPLES: The Yiddischer Ashkenazim and Khazarians; the Sephardim; the Mizrahim; those exclusioned Ethiopians and yes, some modest percentage of those exiled descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. And of course, we cannot omit the Aharonites/Levites–the priestly class. Have a listen to “Fiddler on the Roof” and consider: “And SHE wants to marry the Rabbi’s SON?” You see, as well as manifest racism, we also have extreme levels of classism in the game. The Rabbi’s son would logically be descended from the priestly class. Chances are that “SHE” would be a mere Khazarian, probably quite innocent of possessing even a soupçon of ancient Hebrew ancestry.

    As difficult as it may be to fathom, go back 2,300 to 1,800 years and the Judeocracy determined that they needed more numbers to pull off their multigenerational agenda of achieving world dominion, killing off and/or enslaving the Goyim. So they adopted the missionary position even before the Christians caught on to the scheme.

    Originating out of the Asir region in the southern end of what is now called “Saudi” Arabia, the Hebrew tribes gradually ascended northwards into Alexandria in Ptolemaic Egypt and concocted a massive revision of the Pentateuch and latterly, the remainder of the Old Testicles. From those origins, they trickled into Palestine,down into the Yemen, across the narrow waters into Ethiopia, along the littoral into the Maghreb and east-northeastwards into Syria, what is now Turkey and Iraq and into Persia. So we have Arabic Jews (whom Mohammed battled during his early career); Ethiopian Jews; the Mizrahim of the Fertile Crescent and those Berber tribes who converted to Judaism and became one of the two prongs of the conquest of Spain–the Sephardim.

    Centuries later, The Kagan of the Khazarian empire decreed that his people convert to Judaism and thusly we had his personal descendants, Lazar Kaganovich (Stalin’s chief henchman who was responsible for the Holodemor against the Ukrainian peasantry–starving out around 9 million of those “useless eaters”) along with the arch Neocon, Robert Kagan and \$. Ct. “Justice” Elena Kagan.

    Then there’s another division amongst those of Jewish heritage. Okay, so we all know about the Zionists and their “Chosen People” mythology of being the pets of their own created Wargod, Yahweh. Bloody bastard. Just take a read of Leviticus. No god in his right mind would be anything but universalist–that is IF we are talking the Creator–or the entity the Lakota people call “Wakan Tanka”, the Great Mystery. A great many Jews regurgitated at all the bull and became atheists. We proceed from them on to likely the heavy majority of Reform Jews and perhaps a modest plurality of Conservative Jews. Seems like those folks like the rituals and traditions, centered on family and community life–no great harm there.

    Then we arrive at a whole nother bunch, the Noble Jews. The noble ones do not consider themselves particularly special,, but tend to be universalistic and humanistic. In the main they appear to be embarrassed about Zionism and frequently support the BDS movement, for example. They bring those qualities which are best in the Jewish tradition, central to that being a Mensch, a decent human being.

    Semantic mindfuckery, dating back at least to the late Fifties/early Sixties, deliberately skewed our understanding of the chasm of difference between discrimination and prejudice. Research and open-mindedness are the core and essence of the inner meaning of discrimination. You read, you listen, you observe and you learn that entire groupings of people (races, some would insist) are not all of the same mind or attitudinal sets. The prejudiced damn the whole lot without further consideration.

    We must always be mindful that yes, there is a Jewish problem. Should that extend to all individuals of a Jewish background? Not quite hardly. Such unconsidered, lockstep thinking is nothing more than a trap. Net effect of mere prejudice is to lump the good with the bad and the ugly–such as the man whose photo “graces” this essay we are assessing.

    If ALL Jewish people are lumped into one odious amalgam, the noble Jews will essentially disappear and the ordinary, everyday people who happen to be Jewish will fall flailingly and unfailingly into the hands of those agents of the Sanhedrin, that above top secret body “Outed” in his book: “Tell the Truth and Shame Satan” by Derek Menuhin, son of the late musical prodigy, Israeli born Yehudi Menuhin.

    It is by means of the noble and righteous amongst the Jews that the human race will ultimately overcome the stinkpot agenda of the ones who constitute the bad and the ugly.

  137. Ah yes, forgot yet another grouping of Jews, small though it be–the Jewish prophets. As a general statement one could say that Jews are an extraordinary people–whether its in the Levis or more to do with the culture, Jews tend to be high-achievers and anything but ordinary, everyday Joe-Blows.

    Consider the man whom I consider to be the greatest lyrical poet of the 2oth Century and now even into the 21st with “Murder Most Foul”–Bob Dylan: “Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot, fighting in the captain’s tower, while calypso singers laugh at them and fishermen hold flowers.” Here, at the age of 24, Dylan, nee Robert Zimmerman, native of Duluth, Minnesota, essentially sweeps the field and de-thrones a pair of the most acclaimed poets of the 20th Century. These lines are drawn from his “Highway 61 Revisited” album–the song: “Desolation Row.”

    Another musician with elements of prophetic qualities was the late Leonard Cohen, whose surname indicates that his ancestry was of the priestly class. He done them one better and gifted humanity with some wonderful lines–both a prophet and a Mensch.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Majority of One
  138. lloyd says: • Website
    @Greg Bacon

    The brave soldiers in all victorious wars end in grave yards. They are the stupid ones who are sacrificd. After the war, the smart ones who looked after themselves take over the political leadership of the country. That is why crime drops after wars for one generation. The criminal young men are the dead war heroes. That is of course a rule with exceptions. Joe Kennedy junior thought Daddy would rescue him from having to pilot a flying bomb. Somehow Daddy never found out about it and the President let it through.

  139. @niteranger

    They do have one Achilles Heel. The Holocaust Myth. This is wellspring of their power. This is the wellspring of them feeling united. Expose it and their house of cards collapses. It is the Holocaust Lie that they are so terrible afraid of exposing, for everything they have accomplished is based on this LIE. If it is ever exposed ALL OF THE WORLD WILL WAKE UP.

    Hate Speech laws is their only true fight. They hope to permanently silence dissent. Once everyone is muzzled they can continue their fleecing of the world.

  140. Bookish1 says:
    @Majority of One

    bullshit! Dylan was and is a nobody

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  141. @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Not high trust societies……but a society with CHRISTIAN values. Our weakness and ultimate demise was being a nation of Christians. As Christians we cannot fathom the machinations of the Jewish mind. We never would believe they they work in unison as a virulent tribe to gain total control of all of our media outlets to destroy and enslave us from within. We never believed that they would systematically destroy Family (No Fault Divorce Laws of the 70s), Pervert us with Horrific Pornography, Kill Millions via Abortion Rights, Gay Rights, LBGT, Pledge of Allegience out of our Schools, Change our Immigration Laws, Flood our Country with Illegal Aliens, Subvert our Educational Institutions and pollute and indoctrinate the minds of our youth….wage an all out war against Christianity. Demoralize our Citzenry by killing our National Pride….NOW TRYING to ERASE our History by dumping White Guilt, White Patriarchy, Institutional Racism, Structural Racism, Critical Theory, Cultural Marxism……. ALL THIS SHIT IS BY DESIGN. We have been completely subverted with Jewish Propaganda.

  142. Art says:

    Thanks — very interesting on early US Zionist history.

    • Agree: mark green
  143. @Majority of One

    Bookish,eh? Nobel Prize in literature going to a nobody? Close to 100% foreskins in the Norwegian parliament and at a per-capita (not per household) average income of \$85,000/year, Norskies tend to be a bit difficult to geld.

  144. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Roderick Spode

    I find Moishe Zakharovich Shagal’s insults to Jesus Christ quite ugly.

    Moishe depicted Jesus as an 18th century Chasidic Jew. Chasids are in the lineage of the Pharisees, hence Moishe was depicting Jesus as one of those Jesus damned as two-fold children of Hell (Matthew 23:15). Moishe also used the common Jewish insult on the Holy Name of Jesus. The Hebrew use of “Yeshu” (ישו) in Shagal’s blasphemy is a Jewish mockery of Jesus’ actual Hebrew name “Yeschua” (ישוע). Yeshu is a Hebrew acronym for “May his name and memory be blotted out.”

    • Replies: @Roderick Spode
  145. Malla says:
    @Sya Beerens

    Thanks. Dr. Martin’s book is an eye opener too. The Castro family were quite big Sephardic slavers.

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  146. Al Liguori says: • Website

    The Church did not accidentally go off the rails; she was dynamited off the rails:

    As you say, the Catholic moral theology on hatred has been perverted by the Novus Ordo (“New Order” ). Catholics are not merely free, but virtuous in hating evil and evil doers:

  147. Seraphim says:

    Blown by the winds he broke.

  148. Malla says:

    Add James Perloff to that list (Check out his alternative history of WW2) and the guy who writes the blog “Jew Amongst you’

    And the Ruebel guy who created the “Not so Chosen” series. Banned by Jew Tube faster than Hitler speech videos!!! Man!!! They were scared of his videos or what.

    Video Link

  149. Malla says:

    Check out the ‘Neturei Karta’ sect of Judaism which opposes Zionism. Claims that Jews can only go back to the holy land when the Moshiach arrives and not the other way round.

  150. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Mike Fridelle

    OK, I enjoy a good conspiracy as much as the next guy but that list of accomplishments is a little too impressive to believe that any one group of people could pull it off. I often feel the same way about people who say that European Colonialism destroyed Africa. In the African case, there never were all that many Europeans there relative to the total population and landmass. So to say Europeans enslaved the continent and destroyed their civilizations always seems to me to be attributing almost supernatural powers of conquest to Europe. Yes, they enslaved people. Yes, they conquered some places. But the overall story is a lot more complicated. Same with the Jews in your examples. You can be factually correct to say that there were Jewish people involved in various things you mentioned (like pornography) but it attributes way too much power and intrigue to them to say that the reason pornography subverted normal sexual mores is that they had this sinister plot that unfolded in perfect accord with their interests by design. It’s like if you got in a fight in the 4th grade and then for the rest of your life told everyone that Superman beat you up and that’s why you are unemployed now.

  151. Anonymous[127] • Disclaimer says:

    they sold slaves based out of la palma island. they even sold canarians to pr and cuba as well. that family has been terrorizing us for literally hundreds of years, and nobody knows it.

    • Thanks: Malla
  152. @Al Liguori

    I don’t care. Thanks for your reply though.

  153. anon101 says:

    The article fails to mention that the whole thrust of the manifesto is to counteract Islamic extremism and alleged nuclear ambitions of Iran. There is concern for Moslem and left-wing supporters of Iran and Palestine in the West, but right-wing or conspiracist anti-semitism scarcely comes up. The author of the manifesto advocates for restricting immigration not open-borders (presumably he wants less Moslems in the West). So the author is an Israel-firster rather than a communist subversive.

    Worth reading from the manifesto – the decline of the West:
    “Politicians and political institutions – governments and parliaments – have inadvertently created a virtual world, a world far apart from the real world of real people. As a consequence, crooked politicians have wormed their way to power, corruption and mercenary lobbying practices have risen dramatically. Public political activity has subsequently declined. A broad mass of the people, primarily young people, became severed from political life and excluded from decision making on crucial national and local problems.

    As a result of the runaway growth of incomes of top world businessmen, primarily financiers, politics is becoming elitist and new social and ethical gaps have opened up in society. Belief in the values of Western civilization is on the wane: principles such as the integrity and professionalism of civil servants and businessmen, the State as a hired servant of civil society and the separation of powers as a guarantee against bureaucratic arbitrariness are no longer sacred. These adverse developments undermine the moral and political leadership of the Western community in the eyes of the other – larger – part of humankind, strengthening the positions of political groupings that advocate the ideas of a “special road” or “special order” for their people and even groups of nations and faiths. To this end, inhuman misanthropic values are being preached every now and then to provide an ideological foundation….”

    • Agree: annamaria
  154. @Gast

    If indeed you agree that there is a “Jewish tyranny” (i.e. a disproportionate, dishonest and very selfish Jewish influence in USA, Europe and beyond?) then it should NOT be a “conclusion” but rather a minor point that Joyce may have exaggerated Kantor’s role.

    End Judeo Lese Majeste.

    • Replies: @Gast
  155. Malla says:
    @Richard B

    The Pyrrhic Victory of Judeocracy Inc

    So true.
    Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me
    Deitrich Eckart

    In the last part of the book, Adolf Hitler says to Echart

    “The truth,” he said, “is, indeed, as you once wrote: one can only understand the Jew when one knows what his ultimate goal is. And that goal is, beyond world domination, the annihilation of the world. He must wear down all the rest of mankind, he persuades himself, in order to prepare a paradise on earth. He has made himself believe that only he is capable of this great task, and, considering his ideas of paradise, that is certainly so. But one sees, if only in the means which he employs, that he is secretly driven to something else. While he pretends to himself to be elevating mankind, he torments men to despair, to madness, to ruin. If a halt is not ordered, he will destroy all men. His nature compels him to that goal, even though he dimly realizes that he must thereby destroy himself. There is no other way for him; he must act thus. This realization of the unconditional dependence of his own existence upon that of his victims appears to me to be the main cause for his hatred. To be obliged to try and annihilate us with all his might, but at the same time to suspect that that must lead inevitably to his own ruin — therein lies, if you will, the tragedy of Lucifer.”

    • Thanks: Richard B, annamaria
    • Replies: @geokat62
  156. geokat62 says:

    He must wear down all the rest of mankind, he persuades himself, in order to prepare a paradise on earth. He has made himself believe that only he is capable of this great task…

    That’s why I keep saying they plan on Tikkun olaming us to death.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  157. Malla says:

    There was an article by Prof Revilo Oliver (I do not remember which) where at the end he talks of the end game where in the last days, there in a desolate desert planet Earth, with virtually not much life left, no trees, nearly no animals, no birds, something like that video scene from “She Will Take It Back” by Pink Flyod, that last tree in the desert. Imagine such a place in the future earth, where the last Jew on earth (thus last human & last large mammal) gasps for water in this global desert and collapses, never to get up.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  158. @Mike Fridelle

    Christian values

    All in all, I also tend to see Christianity as ultimately a negative, regardless of it´s historical importance, it´s sociological impact, it´s longevity.

  159. Gast says:

    Since the whole article is about Kantor and his alleged exploits, it is not a “minor point” to state that all his alleged achievements in the present and the future have already been cemented in Europe a long time before he popped up on the political scene.

    By the way, it is certainly possible – contrary to your allusion – to make a minor point through a conclusion.

    And you underestimate jewish power, if you characterize it as a “disproportionate, dishonest and very selfish Jewish influence in USA, Europe and beyond”.

    • Agree: thotmonger
  160. Malla says:

    That’s why I keep saying they plan on Tikkun olaming us to death.

    Ironically when they have their kosher wine, they cheer each other with “La’chaim” which means “to life”. But their actions will eventually bring death on earth. How ironic!!!!

  161. @Ron Unz

    As of today, Supermob — hardback (\$35), paperback (\$18) and ebook (\$15) versions — can still be purchased online through publisher Bloomsbury’s US Site. The Outfit is also available there.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  162. Ron Unz says:
    @Tom Ratliff

    As of today, Supermob — hardback (\$35), paperback (\$18) and ebook (\$15) versions — can still be purchased online through publisher Bloomsbury’s US Site. The Outfit is also available there.

    That’s very interesting…

    As far as I know, Bloomsbury is a perfectly respectable press and Russo a perfectly respectable author, whose book was favorably reviewed in the MSM. Yet Amazon only carries copies at exorbitant rates:

    Given Amazon’s book-selling near-monopoly, it’s hard to believe that Bloomsbury wouldn’t want it available there, so this may be the first case I’ve come across of Amazon effectively banning a mainstream book.

    I certainly don’t recall this situation last year when I bought a copy, so perhaps my long article may have triggered this decision.

    • Replies: @Tom Ratliff
  163. @Ron Unz

    So after a little more investigating, it turns out that all is not what is seems. Note that on the Bloomsbury US site there is no option to add any of Russo’s books to your cart — no “Add to basket” button or the ability to select the quantity desired. I set up an account with them to see if it would make a difference, but it did not. So I suppose it is out of print, but the placeholders remain.

    I also checked the Bloomsbury UK site. It is possible there to purchase a paperback copy of The Outfit, but not Supermob.

  164. Rolf says:
    @Ron Unz

    Fest Ron
    I am looking for the Book „The jewish March of folly“ by Amotz Asa-El. Cant find ist. You have any Idee?

    • Agree: Cowry
  165. Mr. XYZ says:

    “The group’s board is stacked with honorary roles for non-Jewish politicians, but its legal direction is entirely dictated by Kantor and Prof. Yoram Dinstein, a retired Italian supreme court justice and former President and Dean of Law at Tel Aviv University.”

    Israeli, not Italian?

  166. Dani says:

    Robjil – It was refreshing to read your comment, as every single word of it is the spot-on truth. You didn’t mince words or go out of your way to make it seem as though you weren’t delivering the truth as many of us know it. I can appreciate that because I rarely see it.
    As we are overwhelmed with so much truth lately (those of us caring to look for it, at least), I find I am becoming fixated on the most simple of truths that need to be addressed before other business at hand – such as the fact we have a world, post WW2, that has SO VERY MUCH hinging on, and has come about because of, something that did not happen at all in the way in which we are force-fed it was – the Holocaust.
    Making it especially disgraceful and insulting (and criminal) is the fact there are so many TRUE genocides and holocausts (Dresden) that DID happen that get no mention and there has been nothing implemented in THEIR name.
    I will never get over the fact I was as young as 6 in 1977 when I first became aware of the Holocaust but was 44 years old before I became aware of the execution and deliberate starvation of my own Ukrainian people in the first half of the 20th century. Yes, I am resentful and don’t deny it.
    Thanks again for your simply honesty.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  167. geokat62 says:

    I will never get over the fact I was as young as 6 in 1977 when I first became aware of the Holocaust but was 44 years old before I became aware of the execution and deliberate starvation of my own Ukrainian people in the first half of the 20th century. Yes, I am resentful and don’t deny it.

    I had a similar experience. I had no idea that my own Hellenic people were forced to participate in death marches and were genocided in Anatolia by the Ottoman Turks, from 1915 to 1922.

  168. Cowry says:

    This article is revolting.

    Now it all makes sense.

    Hitler. Holocaust. Bolsheviks.

    Do you know that Israel’s nukes are pointed at European capitals? Berlin, Moscow, London, Rome.

    of course they will first nuke Europe. Not their neighbors (what is there to nuke), but Europe, whose symbols the jews hate. Its churches, its abbeys, its monasteries, its Rome, and its antiquities. the jews rip through the middle east, destroying church after church with their erdogans and islamists, so they already prepare nazi armies in ukraine to destroy all of europes heritage. Will it be any wonder that eventually Israel will be destroyed, and the world over, jews will be hated and persecuted for persecuting the world?

    jews are an arrogant people, arrogantly believing in its essential difference from all others, arrogantly deciding the fate of nations, a nation of elites. This means they will be again decimated.

    rulers always get massacred when they go too far. People always butcher other people when they feel oppressed by them.

    the next Holocaust is coming to the jews, as the genocide comes to the whites and palestinians and arabs.

    Jews being especially chosen, will in fact destroy the entire world for their mental diseases of being jews.

    of course when it comes, the jews will nuke eveyrone on th pretext of preventing a holocaust. typical jewish genocidal garbage.

    jews always persecute in the name of tolerance of themselves. all jews enemies are nothing but jew haters who deserved it. vicious historical cycle for which jewish arrogance is uniquely responsible.

    poor other people.

    • Replies: @KowloonWC
    , @Malla
    , @anarchyst
  169. @Malla

    People adapt. They tell us. And so the flat bread of the future may be made of rats, ravens, roaches — and other people.

    Personally I would rather we emulate the dolphin family who have been plying the seas for tens of millions of years. That way our fossil record would not end up so thin.

    • Agree: Malla
  170. KowloonWC says:

    Worst is, they just don’t get it. Don’t get how they systematically drag others into Hell. They just can’t leave things alone. Can’t leave people alone. Psychos.

    Of course they’ll nuke us in the name of preventing imaginary anti-Semites from nuking them!

    Just imagine the hell their neighbours must be going through. The Jews control NATO and Saudi Arabia, and through both sow violence and discord in Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, while Joe Shmo in America goes along with it. We build monuments to our soldiers, but they’re basically mercs. Israel’s bitches.

    The Jews are definitely gaming all of us. Even Ron Unz is gaming us as is evident with his last Bankrupt Whites statement. They can’t help themselves. Even the “Unz Jews,” who may dislike the left, but we’ve all wrongly assumed this makes them White, and identify with Whites.

    They don’t.

    They think of themselves as objective, righteous, outside observers. Typical Jewish garbage, dragging us to Hell.

  171. This satisfaction was tainted, however, when they were asked if they had spotted “the gorilla.” Amidst considerable confusion, the video would then be replayed for the puzzled viewers, who were stunned to see a man in a gorilla suit walk among the students and balls, take up a position in the center of the screen, and wave at the camera. They’d missed him entirely in their initial viewing.

    I call bullshit on that one. This experiment, like the Stanford Prison-experiment, will be in the 60% of psychological experiments that can’t be replicated, or my name ain’t Felix Krull.

    • Agree: Kali
  172. Malla says:

    Do you know that Israel’s nukes are pointed at European capitals? Berlin, Moscow, London, Rome.

    of course they will first nuke Europe. Not their neighbors (what is there to nuke), but Europe, whose symbols the jews hate. Its churches, its abbeys, its monasteries, its Rome, and its antiquities.

    Superiority-inferiority mixed intertwined complex feelings w.r.t White goyims (especially northern Euros) and (up to a lessor extent) even Yellow goyims especially the Japanese. Only when these two races are annihilated (killing, race-mixing etc…) and/or degraded, can they then truly feel like true elites among the brown black masses over whom they would rule over. The future brown black slave masses will truly live a hell like existence. We are all future Palestinians after all.

    Also all Europeans (not only Italians) are the descendants of Ancient Romans according to them, the spiritual children of Emperor Titus, who destroyed their Globo central bank ooops, I mean their Second Temple.

  173. anarchyst says:

    Your statement:

    Do you know that Israel’s nukes are pointed at European capitals? Berlin, Moscow, London, Rome.

    of course they will first nuke Europe. Not their neighbors (what is there to nuke), but Europe, whose symbols the jews hate. Its churches, its abbeys, its monasteries, its Rome, and its antiquities.

    …is incorrect.


    If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.

    In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”. With today’s situation in Iran, Israel may just have to “light one off” to get its “American lapdog” to respond appropriately.

    The “power outage” in Atlanta was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand”, as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection.

    This is one of many Israeli companies that possesses a “special exemption” granted by the U S government that frees it from customs inspections.

    Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned or nuclear triggers (tritium) were being renewed, getting ready for “the big one”.

    As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit (Iran).

    Israel’s “samson option” is a real threat to “light one off” in a European or American city, if Israel’s interests are not taken seriously.

    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper.

    No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place. israel’s nukes were brought into the country under “diplomatic pouch” and are already in position in the various American and European cities.

    Look for another false flag operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.

    Israel’s choice of USA cities will be: Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta. New York City is off-limits due to it being the epicenter of israeli mossad operations in the USA.

    Israel’s choice of European cities will be: Brussels, Paris, or the real prize Rome. The jews would LOVE to destroy the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.

  174. anarchyst says:

    Israel’s nukes are already “in place” in major American and European cities. No delivery systems are needed.

    Look for the jews to nuke Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Chicago if their “needs” aren’t met. Jew York City is “off-limits” as it is the capital of the American component of world jewry’s criminal enterprise.

    European targets will be Paris, Brussels or Rome, Rome being the prime target as the visceral hatred of Roman Catholicism knows no bounds, despite their sabotage of the Roman Catholic Church with their influence at the Vatican II Ecumenical Council.

    The jew-run blackmail situation that exists among the world’s leaders, movers and shakers needs to be exposed and shut down once and for all.

    One way to defuse and shut down the jewish sexual blackmail operation would be for those politicians, movers and shakers who participated in Epstein’s “fantasy island” to “come clean” and admit their transgressions to their various country’s populations.

    Admit to wrongdoing, promise never to do it again and name the blackmailers.

    This action would be enough to collapse the whole jewish-run criminal cabal and have the jew criminals scurrying like rats to israel.

    One can only hope…

  175. Iva says:

    I am reading now a critique of the book by daughter of Polish Jews/communists, Ludwika Wujec. “If you want to build a new society really quickly, there is no other way then to raise a “new man”, total reformation of his conscience – to do this , you need terror. Where there is terror, there are victims. 

  176. “Kwaśniewski had a useful history of neglecting and belittling the Catholic-National character of his people, and made himself known as an ally of Jews by formally apologizing for a 1941 killing of Jews at Jedwabne by Poles …”

    Really, Andrew?

    Kwaśniewski committed several serious errors but apologizing to the Jews massacred by Polish anti-Semites is not one of them. (Wtf did you expect Kwaśniewski to do: not to apologize!)

    But let me begin with “neglecting and belittling the Catholic-National character of his people.”

    If Kwaśniewski had really done that, he would have done a valuable, historic service to the Polish Nation, as Catholicism has always been the worst tragedy that has ever befallen this tragic, confused Slavic nation. (Don’t have time to develop this argument more, but I could recommend a couple of books if you want.)

    Suffice it to say that it was because of Polish fanatical Catholicism that Poland ended up being wiped off the map of Europe for over 120 years (At one time, at the end of the 18th century, Poland had more Catholic priest-parasites than soldiers). Suffice also to say that it is because of Polish fanatical Catholicism that Poland has become one of the most russophobic countries in the world, endangering peace in Europe today the same way it did before the 2nd World War by blocking any initiative to work with Soviet Russia to fight Nazi Germany and prevent the outbreak of the War. (Yes, Poland signed a pact with Hitler before Russia did and was hoping the Hitler would help Poland “solve the Jewish problem.”)

    And it was Poland who eagerly stepped in to help dismember Czechoslovakia when Hitler was given a go-ahead to annex Czechoslovakia–as part of the appeasement by the cowardly and treacherous governments of Great Britain and France.

    No wonder that Churchill called Poland “the hyena of Europe.”

    Instead, it was Kwaśniewski who, like almost every other politician before and since, has betrayed the Slavic (not Catholic) character of the Polish nation by signing a concordat with that international religious mafia known as the Vatican, which still promotes Jewish religious fables as infantile as they are dangerous.

  177. Bert33 says:

    Someday the arabs are going to shut Israel off, for good. They are working nookers. And probably other stuff. And Israel will use their nookers to kill a bunch of arabs too. And then China will have to do global domination by themselves with their in-house unpaid captive uigur global dominators.

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