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Sanders Hard Left Creeps Up On Complacent Trump GOP
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The day after Robert E. Lee Day in Virginia was instructive this year [Leftists and Journalists Smear Richmond Protest for Being ‘So White ,’ by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 20, 2020]. Despite corporate media hysteria, thousands of gun owners peacefully protested in Richmond, VA without incident, a notable contrast to the usual Leftist rioting [‘The civil rights march of my life’: Thousands of pro-gun protesters, many heavily armed, rally peacefully in Richmond, by Ryan Miller and John Bacon, USA Today, January 20, 2020]. But that may be the problem—while conservatives protest politely and go home, Leftists are waging a permanent insurrection against the Historic American Nation. In the Bernie Sanders campaign, they have their most effective vehicle yet.

Sanders has now abandoned his (and the old American Left’s) past pro-worker positions on immigration. He has embraced Open Borders—which will render all of his other “pro-worker” stances irrelevant. As a result, the only way a Sanders Administration could function is through repression. Plenty of Leftists are ready to tread on us and they’ve had decades of media and academic indoctrination telling them it is justified. The only force that can deliver for the American worker: a strong nationalist movement that will stop immigration, defend America’s heritage, and ensure this country isn’t simply consumed by the Third World population surge.

While journalists sniped at the pro-gun demonstration, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe posted a video of Bernie Sanders field organizer Martin Weissgerber speaking rapturously about the Soviet Union, fantasizing about sending Republicans to re-education camps, and armed revolution.

Not surprisingly, Weissgerber’s mom is reportedly an Executive Producer for a local NPR station, showing once again the deep connections between radicals and the “mainstream” Left.

Just a few days earlier, another of Sanders’s field organizers was caught on camera ranting about gulags, attacking police, and burning cities if Sanders does not get the Democrat nomination. Kyle Jurek, an “anarcho-communist” working for the campaign [Sanders Field Organizer: “If You Can’t Handle Me At My Most Communist, You Don’t Deserve Me At My Most Anarchist”, by Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics, January 15, 2020], had also been arrested for operating while intoxicated and other offenses before James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released its video footage last week [Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Expose, by Joshua Caplan, Breitbart, January 16, 2020].

One would think this would be the perfect opportunity for the campaign to jettison a political liability–the Sanders campaign could simply cite Jurek’s alleged offenses to dismiss him. But instead, it’s Project Veritas that has been contemptuously brushed aside: the campaign refuses to say whether Jurek is still employed. The MSM has put no pressure on the campaign and the news cycle has already moved on.

One almost admires the Sanders team. They certainly have more spine than the Conservatism Inc. hacks who invariably grovel before hostile journalists. While nationalists have been deplatformed by Corporate America and persecuted by the government, even the most radical Leftists can comfortably operate on every major platform and never worry about deplatforming, definancing, or getting legal representation. They can also assume favorable coverage from the corporate media.

In contrast, as Editor Peter Brimelow has reported, it is currently impossible for a group that supports the immigration platform that elected the current President of the United States to book a private conference venue anywhere in the country.

This isn’t even just an American phenomenon. Recently, Austrian Identitarian leader Martin Sellner had his personal bank account forcibly closed for the fourth time—in addition to being banned by both the American and British “conservative” governments [The Mark of the Beast, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 18, 2020]. Do Leftists have to deal with such problems?

Perhaps many capitalists are simply, like Lenin supposedly said, “rope sellers,” short-sighted enough to supply the hard Left the weapons that will destroy them. Or perhaps Big Business really has moved beyond the nation-state and this is just a case of strange bedfellows uniting for the shared cause of unlimited immigration.

Either way, corporate America does not suppress th e Democratic Socialists of America. It suppresses us (which is why we’re suing.)

The DSA endorsed Sanders for president in March 2019 [Democratic Socialists of America endorses Sanders for president, by Tal Axelrod, The Hill, March 22, 2019]. A few months later, the DSA also committed to a full and explicit Open Borders program. Sanders (along with Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer and others) believes illegals should also be covered under a universal health care program. “If you are a human being,” Sanders said, “regardless of your immigration status, you have a right to health care” [Do you believe all undocumented immigrants should be covered under a government-run health plan, Washington Post, Viewed on January 20, 2020].

We know Bernie Sanders is aware this won’t work, and that Open Borders is what he once called a “Koch Brothers proposal” that would gut the American working class. He’s even been accused of “Nationalist Socialism” by some Leftists.

However, he has now given in to the ethnic narcissism that defines the American Left, and now has the endorsement of anti-white up-and-comers like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to show for it [Ilhan Omar Endorses Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Do So As Well, by Sydney Ember, New York Times, October 15, 2019].


A President Sanders would immediately implement programs that would dramatically hike spending and government power. While some whites would undoubtedly vote for him to spite the bosses, they are unlikely to see any improvement in their standard of living. A government mandated health care system open to the entire world, combined with the “Green New Deal,” means that whites will be trapped in a crumbling system and given the lowest possible priority for access to services. They would also lose the gains that President Trump has delivered for workers, for which he gets almost no credit.

Unlike every other group, American whites will not have an ethnic lobby group to act for their interests. This is especially ominous because Bernie Sanders has already promised a “war on white nationalism,” eliminationist rhetoric he would never use against foreign adversaries. Given that most of the Democrats think President Trump is a “white nationalist,” this is a call to violence.

It’s certainly not productive rhetoric from someone trying to convince us to give up our guns (another issue Bernie Sanders has flip-flopped on) [Bernie Sanders’s record on gun control, explained, by German Lopez, Vox, March 4, 2019].

White working-class voters are often accused of voting against their economic interests by supporting the GOP. Yet white workers have nothing to gain from mass immigration, Affirmative Action, and a universal government health care scheme that will be open to the entire world. This is a program of national dissolution.

However, while Sanders’s policy ideas are insanely destructive, he is a keen student of power. Jacobin notes that Sanders would not simply use the White House as a bully pulpit, but be “organizer-in-chief,” making sure “workers” [i.e. his supporters] gain control of corporations and public institutions [What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Look Like, by Daniel Denvir, January 14, 2020]. Providing “tuition-free” public education would mean continued subsidizing of colleges and universities that serve as glorified training camps for Democratic activists. And with progressive prosecutors being elected nationwide, Antifa will be able to even more confidently act as the Democrats’ paramilitary wing, enjoying even more immunity from law enforcement than they do now.

Political involvement, maybe even voting, will mean the possibility of legal punishment for choosing the “wrong” side.

The complacency that Trump’s supporters (and his campaign manager) are displaying in the face of this existential danger is astonishing [With Democrats Imploding, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like 2004, by Curt Mills, American Conservative, January 20, 2020].

President Trump’s strategy of running on the economy is perilous, because many of the middle-class voters who have benefitted from the soaring stock market are also the most susceptible to the overwhelmingly (93 percent!) negative MSM coverage relentlessly savaging the Commander-in-Chief [50-50 chance: Trump’s low approval ratings bedevil campaign despite good economy, by Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller, Washington Times, January 19, 2020].

President Trump essentially has no incumbency advantage. Adoring MSM coverage of the future Democrat nominee will make it hard for Republicans to scare suburban housewives away from “Crazy Bernie,” who will quickly become a beloved figure for celebrities, late-night comedian/pundits, and other influencers.

Supporting Trump is not “respectable” regardless of whether he boosts your 401(k). The GOP can’t simply assume the middle class will have his back, even if his opponent is a hard-left socialist.

My hope was that President Trump would provide institutional cover for nationalists while enforcing immigration laws, restraining violent Antifa, building new institutions, and pushing the conservative movement in a nationalist direction. He has certainly faced stiff opposition from the MSM and the Democrats (where distinguishable) as well as his own party. But there’s no getting around that the president created many of his current problems with his poor personnel choices.

President Trump projects power. But the reality is he’s surrounded himself with enemies, who now have gotten him impeached. Meanwhile, men and women who would have taken a bullet rather than leak an email to the Lying Press were left in the cold.

Sanders won’t make that mistake. He will weaponize the state against political enemies. He will surround himself with true believers. He understands that politics is about power, not posturing. And he is by far the most dangerous candidate the Democrats are running in 2020 (unless Joe Biden really does make Stacey Abrams his VP).

Is there hope? There is, and we saw it on Monday. Thousands of Americans are willing to defend their rights and they are organizing largely without the help of Conservatism Inc. Despite increased deplatforming, the nationalist movement is unquestionably stronger and more serious than it was a year ago. And the crucible of persecution is forcing us to build the institutions that we need.

Yet there is no getting around the fact that we don’t have those institutions yet. President Trump isn’t going to help us create them, and neither is Conservatism Inc.

We’re going to have to do it ourselves.

And you reading this are part of this fight. The radical Left that Sanders has energized are coming for everything, even where you live.

The hour is later than you think. The threat could not be greater.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sanders the hard left, oh brother. Here’s a sample of what actual lefti`sts think of him

  2. Great article, Mr. Kirkpatrick. Back only 4-5 years ago, even though I have no use for Socialists and Socialism, I still had some respect from Mr. Sanders’ support for the American working class. As he flipped on the immigration invasion, I now read from you (and your link) that’s he’s flipped on gun rights too. I would have expected the latter, and even wrote as much in a reply comment to someone ta few days back.

    I would love to chalk it up to drunkenness and bravado, but those videos are downright disturbing. I just can’t see how someone smart enough to speak in complete sentences can be a modern Communist, what with an ability to look up the facts of history on his smart phone in a few minutes!

    Anyway, as a long-time VDare reader, Mr. Kirkpatrick (since about the beginning), I’ve enjoyed your writing as Peak Stupidity referred to you and Mr. Fulford as the “meat and potatoes” of in our review of the site (written over 3 years back, mind you). Lately, I’d really thought for a bit that you, yourself, had turned Socialist from some of your columns. You are dead on the money here, in possibly your best column ever. Keep it up, James!


    PS: Yeah, I see I need to update that site review page a bit.

  3. Tulip says:

    Maybe its time to bring in the socialists to do the jobs that the American conservatives refuse to do.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  4. @Tulip

    I guess… if you don’t have any family members who you mind eventually ending up shot dead and piled up in long trenches, … why the fuck not, I say!

  5. A123 says:

    It’s hard to see how Trump is being complacent. For example, he traveled to Davos giving speeches designed to motivate his base. (1)

    And we are now, by far, the biggest economy in the world. China would have caught us. They were getting very close. It was anticipated that, in 2019 — this is for many years; I’m not telling you any secrets — that, by 2019, China would become the largest economy in the world. And right now we’re much larger. But we have a great new deal with China. A great deal.

    The result is a huge & unprecedented approval from Republicans (2).

    Gallup found that just 7% of Democrats approve of Trump, the lowest number on its new chart. Some 89% of Republicans approve.

    Complacency is a risk, but so far Trump has been working for his base. And, in a turnout driven election having a motivated base is the road to victory.

    PEACE 😇



  6. Donald Trump has suddenly made a move that could throw away any chance he has at re-election … so bizarre it is almost as if Trump has secretly agreed to throw the election to Sanders

    Bizarrely and un-necessarily, Trump has started to speak out loud – CNBC interview – about cutting USA Social Security (the national pension system) and Medicare and Medicaid (health care programmes for elderly and poor)

    This seems clear political suicide in the USA, to talk of cutting pensions and health care for tens of millions of retirees who vote … It seems Trump would only do this during campaign season, under some higher Deep State or oligarch instructions, to ‘throw’ the election toward Sanders … and Sanders has jumped on it

    • Replies: @A123
  7. Bernie got a boost when it became obvious that CNN was out to get him. Hatred of CNN and the NYT is something the Bernie Bros’ and the Deplorables have in common. Both Trump and Bernie are immune to fake news. If it’s Trump vs Bernie the print and television propaganda will be on the sidelines. The Communists will rely on Google and Face Book (and Hollywood?) to promote their narrative.

    Both Bernie and Warren are saying things they cannot possibly believe to get the nomination. I don’t mention Biden because he is finished. If Bernie doesn’t have a lock going into the convention he is dead meat. I would expect a brokered convention to nominate Warren. She has remained loyal to Hillary. Or Bloomberg might buy the thing. That would be fitting given the current diseased zeitgeist.

    I can’t imagine an outcome that would benefit the American working class. But it’s clear that Trump is the lessor evil.

    Of course by November we could all be dead or foraging for insects and acorns.

  8. No need to worry. In spite of his popularity the DNC will choose someone more pliable like Biden or Warren.

  9. A123 says:

    There are thousands of ‘entitlement’ programs.

    In the context of employment growth, reducing the spending on ‘entitlement’ programs related to unemployment assistance is logical. To the extent they are used by illegals, it is highly desirable.

    Do not believe the Fake Stream Media. The New York Times lies.

    PEACE 😇

  10. he is by far the most dangerous candidate the Democrats are running in 2020

    Is he really that bad?

    After all, he unquestionably has a higher regard for nationalists than Hillary does.

    According to Hillary, we are irredeemable.

    But comrade Bernie doesn’t think we are that bad.

    He thinks we can indeed be redeemed – it might take ten years in a reeducation gulag, but we can be redeemed.

  11. KenH says:

    posted a video of Bernie Sanders field organizer Martin Weissgerber speaking rapturously about the Soviet Union, fantasizing about sending Republicans to re-education camps, and armed revolution.

    I’m guessing Weissgerber is Jewish but Mr. Kirkpatrick seems uncomfortable pointing that fact out. Wonder if the woke FBI will be investigating Weissgerber for his comments? We know the answer and we also know they would react totally differently if a far right figure talked about armed revolution and sending leftists (like most of the FBI) to re-education camps. They would take that personally.

    At any rate the far left very rarely disavows their violent fringe while conservatism, inc. regularly disavows anyone to the right of John McCain at the drop of a hat just for espousing factually correct but heterodox political opinions.

    Yet white workers have nothing to gain from mass immigration, Affirmative Action, and a universal government health care scheme that will be open to the entire world.

    True but the GOP supports regulated mass immigration and dropped their opposition to affirmative action back during the George W. Bush years. President Trump personally supports anti-white affirmative action. Strange for a supposed white nationalist.

    Is there hope? There is, and we saw it on Monday. Thousands of Americans are willing to defend their rights and they are organizing largely without the help of Conservatism Inc.

    LMAO. Thousands of Americans came out to defend their own rights…….using anti-racist talking points. Sorry, but that doesn’t inspire confidence.

  12. Ken, remember from whom you got the narrative. I did see some dude with a “Gun owner/anti-racist” sign and even one rainbow flag deal. However, the Lyin’ Press will show you what they want you to know about that rally. That was but a tiny part of the 10’s of thousands of 95% white people in that Richmond crowd.

    I was there, and you can get the real story from Peak Stupidity in “There’s great power in numbers – Case study: Richmond, Virginia” and “Richmond gun rally – a lesson about ignoring the narrative” with photos and all.

    • Replies: @KenH
  13. KenH says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Ken, remember from whom you got the narrative.

    This narrative was coming from the racialist right, too. The last thing we need is AR-15 wielding 2A activists mouthing progressive slogans for the cameras.

    But I’ll try to check out your report since you were there. Hopefully the rally wasn’t as cringeworthy and politically correct as reported.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  14. @KenH

    That’s just it, Ken, whatever was said on the cameras, I don’t know about. It’s very possible the Lyin’ Press just interviewed 5 of the racialist right/rainbow-gun-bearers or WTF-have-you. I don’t watch it. They do try their best to set the narrative for lots of people, so you are right on that. OTOH, I thought they were trying to spread the narrative of this being a bunch of “white supremacists” that wanted to distract fro the great MILK in the sky.

    It’s no reason to not have the rally, as once I was there, I could see for my own eyes that the huge crowd consisted of 95% white people, probably 75% -80% of them men. Thanks for reading my reports, Ken.

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