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Russia from the Right
An Interview With Alexander Porozhnyakov of the “Tsar’s Cross” Movement
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Alexander Porozhnyakov is a young, conservative grassroots activist in Russia. He’s been in the wider right-wing movement for a decade, which makes him a veritable veteran of right-wing Russian politics.

Alexander Porozhnyakov
Alexander Porozhnyakov

He runs a media project called “Tsar’s Cross” that promotes Orthodoxy, Russian nationalism and criticizes Liberals in both civil society and the government. We met near the American Embassy, funny enough, at a very pro-Tsar and pro-White Russian Orthodox Church.

Alex, can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Alexander Porozhnyakov and I am a Russian patriot. My organization and I stand for a healthy, positive form of Russian nationalism that includes other nations who have been historically part of the Russian project. We believe in friendship with other peoples, but also the self-assertion of Russian identity. Russianness cannot be denied as a form of appeasement or misplaced politeness to others. I come from an Orthodox background and that means that I am for an Orthodox monarchy, which I believe is the only legitimate form of government for Russia and the only kind of government that can stand against the power of the globalist agenda. The way I see it, Democracy is just rule by those who have money, the capitalists. It is an inherently corrupt system, and we deserve to live in a Russia without corruption.

Put simply, I want an Orthodox dictatorship. Everything that runs contrary to Christian morals should be banned. Here I am referring to everything including culture, medicine and so on. We want a restoration of pre-Revolutionary Russia. We want an end to the favoritism for non-Russians within Russia. We want the law equally applied to all. We want the reign of the security structures [secret police] to end.

When we last spoke, we discussed the curious situation surrounding pro-Russian activist and politician Alexey Silivianov in Donbass. Can you tell us who he is and what happened with him?

Alexey Silivianov is a Kievan. Back in 2014, he was an active proponent of the Russian Spring. Eventually, he became the deputy director of the MVD [Ministry of War Affairs] in the Zaparozhian oblast of Ukraine [now under control of Russian forces]. He is a true Russophile and suffered immensely for his outspoken position from the authorities who took power in Kiev. He served in the Kievan government at one point, but as the general situation worsened, his own situation became increasingly precarious. In short, he is one of us — a Russian patriot in Ukraine who worked for Russian interests.

Silivianov had enemies in Kiev, obviously, but things took a turn south for him when he started a fight with the narco mafia in his newly-liberated region, in Melitople. The mafias in our part of the world aren’t like the ones that you have in Mexico whose names and faces you know and who ostentatiously build their armies and states within states. These guys work quietly and with the help of the various police agencies, without whom they could not be able to operate as they do.

His fight against corruption and organized crime in his oblast attracted the attention of people who want to live by the old rules and who don’t take kindly to someone cutting into their profits. Recently, he disappeared. But this was in Russian-controlled territory. In other words, it wasn’t the Ukrainians who disappeared him.

Overall, this sends a bad signal to patriots in Russia. Someone who was on our side got nabbed by … well, we don’t know who, really, but someone with connections and power and working under the krisha [translates to “roof”, but means protection] of one security agency or another [secret police] for making too much trouble. For people who want to go to the Donbass and start building the “Russkiy Mir” [Russian world] this is a bad development.

A week ago, he resurfaced and was forced to record a video where he read from notecards, from a script, saying that he was okay and under arrest and not being mistreated. These kinds of video confessions mean literally nothing, I hope that you understand. And we found out that it was his boss who incarcerated him.

I believe that Silivianov got in trouble for his unabashed pro-Russian positions — that is, his explicit Russian nationalism. Many of the higher-ups in Moscow are now pushing a neo-Sovok strategy and remain leery of embracing Russian nationalism. We see this with the unfurling of Soviet flags and Soviet-sounding rhetoric in the newly-liberated territories of the Donbass. Silivianov’s biggest problem is that he is not a Red. He is an unabashed White who wants to see the Russian Empire, its system and values restored. His ideology is wrong, you see? He was pushing Orthodoxy and Russian nationalism — what we can call “the White Idea” and the idea that we want to be the governing ideology of the Russkiy Mir.

Alexey Silivianov
Alexey Silivianov

Can you tell us more about these narco mafias and the crime networks in the East?

The people who run the narco business in Donbass are all protected by people in the secret police/security apparatus. We don’t know exactly who, or what secret police agency and so on and we don’t know how high up it goes. We have the same problem with crime networks in Russia that are connected to the secret police.

I do know that Oleg Kavtunov, Silivianov’s boss and the new manager of the oblast, which is under the jurisdiction of the MVD, is directly involved in the arrest of Alexey Silivianov. Oleg is a strange character with many scandals under his belt.

Oleg Kavtunov
Oleg Kavtunov

He made his career in various security agencies, battling corruption, supposedly. Eventually, he was fired from his position in МУР [Moscow internal police] for taking a bribe and transferred to the front, as it were, to make up for his mistake. He is a Bolshevik by ideology who literally wrote theses about continuing the Red revolution in Russia. The conflict between the two of them cannot be understood without understanding this Red vs White divide in their worldviews. Within a month of his arrival to his new post in the oblast, he arrested Silivianov.

And to get a position administering the new territories, you need friends in Moscow — everyone knows this. So, the Silivianov story is really important, because it reveals a lot of the underlying problems that we have in our society.

Hasn’t this happened before? Many of the militia commanders in the Donbass were knocked off either by the SBU or someone in Donbass or even Russia.

In the past, Alexey Mozgovoi, a famous militia commander was killed because he openly declared that he was going to create a corruption-free, Orthodox, Russian nationalist government in Donbass. He ran afoul of the local oligarchs and, probably, their friends in Moscow. His death was ordered by organized crime to make an example of him — that no populist Orthodox leader popular with the people would be tolerated.

Alexey Mozgovoi
Alexey Mozgovoi

Nowadays, thanks to Telegram samizdat channels, it has become more difficult to kill Russia’s heroes. Word gets out and the patriotic community is larger and more organized. So, the mafia goons have to resort to softer methods.

We suspect that it was either a local oligarch who disliked Silivianov or the order came from someone higher up, maybe in Moscow.

Bad things may be in the pipeline for Silivianov. The situation is uncertain and I don’t want to comment on it now, but we expect a character assassination scandal to emerge in the coming days and weeks.

I see. How is the situation generally in Donbass?

You have to understand that Donbass is not Russia. They have lived in a wartime regime for 8 years. They are all armed and walk around with weapons. People are more honest and straightforward. They are more Russian than us Russians.

As for the future of Donbass, Moscow sends its people to take the reins and it seems like the Kremlin doesn’t know who they are going to put in charge of the newly-liberated territories. This is probably because the war has not taken the course that the Kremlin planned. They don’t know how to deal with the situation as it has unfolded. So, they are scrambling to find people to put in charge of the situation. There doesn’t appear to be a well-thought-out plan as things stand now.

And we need to consider: what exactly are we offering the people of Donbass?

How can we fix their mess when we have a mess in our home as well?

Can I ask your opinion on the general state of the Russian nationalist/patriotism movement in Russia?

In the past, Russian nationalism was suppressed by the secret police. Nowadays, progress has been made. The government is forced to reach out to patriots because they need their rhetoric and their ideas and their support base while the war is going on. This is a positive trend, but we have yet to see our people taking up important positions in the presidential administration or in other state organs. The situation may be comparable to Stalin having to bring back patriotism and Orthodoxy to defeat the Germans. That is, the state is forced by the West to start becoming more nationalistic and to start making much-needed changes.

The pro-Russian movement was quite strong in the 90s leading up into the early 00s. That was the high point in the independent pro-Russia movement. Since then, internal fights and pressure put to bear on them ended the movement. Now, we just have independent people and projects who promote the ideas, but there is no movement.

Luckily, there are no organized Liberal movements anymore either. The start of the special operation saw the state finally getting serious about dealing with the Western-funded opposition.

Unfortunately, we see that some members of the chinovnik [bureaucrat] and silovik [secret police/security apparatus] caste are pushing a neo-Sovok ideology, especially in Donbass. They are putting up monuments to Lenin now even though Lenin is the reason that we are in this mess to begin with. This is a top-down idea being forced on the people. They don’t have any better ideas and they’re deathly afraid of the alternative system proposed by the ideas of Russian nationalism.

Also, our groups and projects are constantly hampered by the tech companies, like [social media company] VK, which constantly covers up and bans our content. No one from the state, however, puts pressure on us now. We can speak freely, but any political organizing on our part will be looked at suspiciously.

The last three years have been rather difficult, but also interesting for the movement. We fought back against the Covid hysteria and this was difficult for us because many Orthodox people and right-wingers were split on this question. For this reason, conservatives were unable to close ranks and fight together against the WEF agenda. The wider right-wing movement was “anti-conspiracy” at the time for PR reasons and because of this, did not allow itself to believe that the Covid thing was part of a wider agenda.

If we had a unified front, we would have had more success pushing back against the Covid agenda.

What about the state’s support for Orthodoxy? Doesn’t the Russian government support Orthodoxy? There have also been positive changes in the Church recently, no?

You must be referring to Metropolitan Hilarion. Yes, there are rumors that Metropolitan Hilarion had become an asset of Western intelligence agencies. There are yet more rumors that his offices were raided by men from the secret police. It is very possible.

Our government has an interesting relationship with Orthodoxy. During the Corona hysteria, one could go out to the liquor store, but one couldn’t go to pray. The sacraments were violated when disinfectant was introduced into the Eucharist ritual. The government makes a big show of being pro-Orthodox, but just look at how they behave. There was talk of QR codes that would be instituted on Church grounds. Members of the clergy who were against the corona hysteria were kicked out of their posts. The health authorities put a lot of pressure on the Church.

I don’t know where the Patriarch or the Church stood on this question. But he made the decision that he made. That’s all we can say. The Church went along with the Corona agenda. That is a fact. Whether it was pressure from the government or a Church decision, I don’t know.

Are you optimistic in general?

Yes, cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless. As the situation gets “worse” for Russia in terms of pressure from the West, it will get better for us. We want to see lasting changes implemented and so far, we don’t know if the positive changes are temporary or permanent. The trend, however, is encouraging, yes.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. We need the left-right, aka neo-fascism.

    Jewish Power is based on fusion of left-right, which is the essence of Zionism.

    A boxer doesn’t just fight with one arm. He uses both. Left can be made to serve the right than work against it.

    White Politics is doomed because the right arm is always at war with the left arm and vice versa.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  2. Anon001 says:

    Quote: Our government has an interesting relationship with Orthodoxy. During the Corona hysteria, one could go out to the liquor store, but one couldn’t go to pray. The sacraments were violated when disinfectant was introduced into the Eucharist ritual. The government makes a big show of being pro-Orthodox, but just look at how they behave. There was talk of QR codes that would be instituted on Church grounds. Members of the clergy who were against the corona hysteria were kicked out of their posts. The health authorities put a lot of pressure on the Church.

    This alone tells one of Putin’s true face – quite often described by PutinAnons as devout Orthodox Christian.

  3. Anon001 says:

    Great interview Rolo! Bring more of these, i.e. with true Russian Orthodox Christian nationalists/patriots. Why didn’t you ask him about that West/Turkey-worshipping liberal globalist called Putin? Please Include questions about Putin in future interviews like these.

    Also, try to find some Russian soldiers that were in Syria to tell us to what extent Erdogan has been making a complete fool out of Putin there, including how many Russian soldiers has Turkey/Erdogan killed.

  4. Miro23 says:

    Yes, cautiously optimistic, but optimistic nonetheless. As the situation gets “worse” for Russia in terms of pressure from the West, it will get better for us.

    That’s a big plus for this Special Military Operation. I’m sure that Putin didn’t expect the across the board European hostility.

    He’s basically a pro-Western neo-liberal (or a t least was), happy to surround himself with oligarchs if they don’t threaten his power. The expected European economic self-interest didn’t materialize and he’s had to face reality that the ZioGlob hate him and they’ll do what they want with their West European political and media puppets. Western public interest doesn’t come into it.

    Result that his survival now depends on clearing out Russian neo-liberals and the remaining Jewish oligarch elite and committing to ethnic Russian nationalism. As Porozhnyakov says, this obliges him to move away from the West – which is what he’s doing.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
    , @Anon001
  5. Levtraro says:

    I disagree with your assessment of Putin and am a bit suspicious of this “young conservative grassroots activist” in Russia, Alexander Porozhnyakov. All opposition to Putin in Russia is most certainly “influenced” by Western agents. Also, the idea of restoring monarchy is stupid, not gonna work ever. Kings and Czars are relicts, their nepotistic regimes are buried under thick layers of history and republican institutions. Finally, it’s good to have conservative religious institutions to fight off degeneracy and support family values but to base a whole worldview or a political position on their dogmas is silly. We need rationalistic, scientifically literate, and secular conservative forces.

    • Replies: @gT
    , @Miro23
  6. Levtraro says:

    Our government has an interesting relationship with Orthodoxy. During the Corona hysteria, one could go out to the liquor store, but one couldn’t go to pray. The sacraments were violated when disinfectant was introduced into the Eucharist ritual.

    Very poor argumentation.

    Going to the liquor store is an individualistic activity, going to pray is a collectivist activity. Obviously, in an epidemy collectivist activities need to be restricted more than individualistic activities.

    Disinfecting instruments of collectivist worship is a necessary sanitary measure in an epidemic. Sacraments are all good and fun unless these rituals may spread diseases.

    The Russian “patriots” represented by this fellow Porozhnyakov are nutjobs, fanatics, and irrational, and probably they are not sincere either.

  7. fran says:

    This “Rolo Slavskiy” character and his “Anon001” counterpart in comments throughout UR are laughably overt anti-Russia propagandists who feign to be Russian nationalists while attacking Putin and Russia from the right. These “interviews” (lmao at anyone who thinks these are real) are such contrived garbage that they could only be written by some NATO freaks, most likely overweight Latvian blue-haired women working for the Atlantic Council.

    Ron Unz—please look into this author’s background and verify they are who they claim. Their articles all follow a very peculiar theme and nothing about the author, the interviewees, the subject matter, or the content itself appears organic.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Anon001
  8. Anon001 says:

    PutinAnons constantly project while being completely counter-argument free. So typical.

    True OC patriots are not against Russia – quite the opposite – they are only against godless liberal globalists like Putin. Here’s Putin respecting one of the biggest murderers of Russians – Lenin [1][2][3]. Lenin was responsible for at least 30 million slaughtered during his reign.

    [1] No plans to remove Lenin’s body from mausoleum, Kremlin says – Society & Culture – TASS:

    [2] Lenin’s tomb should stay in Red Square, Putin says – The Washington Post:

    [3] Putin vs Lenin: Why the Russian President Won’t Remove the Soviet Union’s Founder:

    • Replies: @fran
  9. gT says:

    Yep, the Left, the 5’th column, is funded by the West in order to destroy Russia with GloboHomo. And the Right, the 6’th column, is funded by the West in order to destroy Russia by partitioning all those territories not ethnic Russian away from Russia so that the West can take over there. Its the divide and rule strategy. Just think of the Russian Right as being Nazi, and that is a Western concept just like the Russian left’s GloboHomo agenda is. Nazi is not Russian and nor is GloboHomo Russian, its Western nonsense.

    Interesting that the Right talk about the old Russian monarchy so much, it was the Tsars who made Russia into the big and powerful country it is and now these right wing fools want to get rid of most of those territories that the Tsars conquered. If they were truly Russian aligned they would be wanting to expand Russian territory even further, like by taking back old Tsarist territories like Finland and Alaska. Ultimately the Right wing in Russia just wants Russia to suck American dick like Europe is doing.

    • Agree: Levtraro, fran
  10. fran says:

    Don’t talk to me you repulsive shill.

    • Replies: @Anon001
  11. Miro23 says:

    We need rationalistic, scientifically literate, and secular conservative forces.

    The problem is the US public is never going to be rationalistic, scientifically literate or secularly conservative. They’re more like fantasists harking back to a 1950’s Golden Age that’s due to return if you vote for Trump. They’re not scientifically literate – US education is a disaster. Lazy fat consumerists would be a better definition than secular conservatives.

  12. Anon001 says:

    I agree that Putin is pro-west liberal globalist, but I do not agree that he’s changing his mind – didn’t he just remove any hopes that Russia would cut energy supply to the West, by saying that the contract(s) will be respected, while nothing is respected from the other side? Isn’t the West (i.e. Putin’s “partners”) essentially at war with Russia through their proxy – yet he still values G20 more than BRICS [1].

    I believe that there are two power currents in Kremlin – a patriotic one that is gaining power and Putin’s 5th column one. Why do you think many of his closest buddies are skipping town, so to speak? E.g. Anatoly Chubais is one of the most hated people in Russia, after Yeltsin and Gorbachev, yet Putin kept him close by for 20+ years. Putin is losing his grip on power and many are worried that patriots will take over and start making things right.

    IMHO, he’s not moving away from the West – he’s just keeping quiet hoping that his unlimited love for his “partners” will be answered in kind one day. Just look at the photos of his meetings with US presidents – he’s just all one happy chip-on-his-shoulder puppy-love character visiting his idols. It’s an inferiority-complex case clinical psychiatry has rarely seen. I call it battered-Putin-syndrome in his one-sided abusive love relationship with the West.

    [1] Kremlin: BRICS Can Not Replace G20 | 2022-07-14 | Sputnik International:

  13. Anon001 says:

    Hey, I’m just trying to help all PutinAnons (Putin-idolatry) world-wide to come to their senses. If not, and if they are also not paid bots, then I guess, stay passive, trust Putin’s 5D-chess 20+-year plan and all will be “good” – just as with Trump and QAnon. BTW, did Trump get his enemies at the end? Exactly. You are welcome.

    It is sad to see that most of these people, including well-read and intelligent ones like Pepe Escobar, Tom Luongo, have actually turned to Putin (IMO godless liberal globalist) as their only hope to fix things against the globalists, for they have given up on leaders of their own home countries. Thus they do not react kindly, when someone tears down their world – i.e. Putin’s castle in the sky, as he’s just one of the globalists too [1]. Events in Ukraine did not change Putin’s globalist affinities – they only exposed him even further and Russian patriots are waking up to that fact [2][3].

    [1] Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    ( Riley Waggaman aka Edward Slavsquat | Whitney Webb | Unlimited Hangout )

    [2] Russia’s pro-war pundits have no illusions about Ukraine

    [3] Russia says it’s fighting the whole world. Has anyone told Putin?

  14. Levtraro says:

    The problem is the US public is never going to be rationalistic, scientifically literate or secularly conservative.

    It may happen because the US still has a large fraction of educated and intelligent people so this is our challenge.

  15. do chere says:

    All tribal notions don’t make a person smarter in a wider sense whatever hue they may be predicated upon. The gentleman appears honest but he has a lot in his mind that is self-contradictory. He only needs to look across the border to see what this sort of mentality can lead to.
    He would better off sticking with his Orthodox faith with which many of Christians us across the globe would be okay with.

  16. @Priss Factor

    The Russian government or at least Putin seems closest to your suggested left-right-balancing…pu(t)tin(g) something into everyone’s basket so that there are no losers?

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