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Rule or Ruin
The GOP Establishment Would Have Sabotaged A “Sane Trump” Too
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Pat Buchanan not only read these books, he wrote them. Credit:

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If only Donald Trump hadn’t been such a crazy, thin-skinned, moral lout who holds the Constitution in contempt, THEN we could have supported him! Maybe.

Mushy moderates think alike: Rod Dreher is out with The Tragedy of Trump [The American Conservative, October 24, 2016] praising New York Times token conservative Ross Douthat for saying

The dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency are more familiar than Trump’s authoritarian unknowns, because we live with them in our politics already. They’re the dangers of elite groupthink, of Beltway power worship, of a cult of presidential action in the service of dubious ideals. They’re the dangers of a recklessness and radicalism that doesn’t recognize itself as either, because it’s convinced that if an idea is mainstream and commonplace among the great and good then it cannot possibly be folly.

[The Dangers of Hillary Clinton, October 22, 2016, Dreher’s emphasis]

Dreher comments:

Boy, is that ever true. Read the whole thing. Along these lines, there was a quite good Peggy Noonan column in the WSJ last week [Imagine a Sane Donald Trump, October 20, 2016](now, alas, behind the paywall, but I found the whole thing here), saying that if Trump were not a “nut” — which he clearly is — he would be winning this thing by a landslide, because a lot of folks are sick and tired of the status quo that Hillary represents.

The Crusader (Click Here To Buy) But wait a minute. I find my mind circling back to Patrick J. Buchanan, a devout Christian, a long-time conservative, and a loyal Republican who endorsed Bob Dole in 1996 and George W. Bush in 2004. Buchanan was a truly creative political thinker who wrote the Donald Trump playbook on immigration,free-trade, and foreign policy—and he was excommunicated from the cult of #TrueConservatism for opposing the disastrous Iraq War.

Then, after Pat Buchanan, there was Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, who was a very different messenger, but one who carried Buchanan’s torch on foreign policy. Ron Paul wasn’t as strong as Ron PaulBuchanan on immigration or free-trade, but he was the Mr. Constitution of 2008 and 2012. Like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul carried none of Trump’s character baggage on women, morality or religion, but he was STRONG on the Constitution.

How did all of these born-again constitutional conservatives respond to Ron Paul’s candidacy at the 2012 Republican Convention? They crushed him. [Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules, DemocracyNow, August 29, 2012]

Mike Huckabee, too, was a very different messenger than Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul. Huckabee’s campaigns anticipated Trump’s campaign on entitlements. He wanted a more blue-collar, populist, working class Republican Party that tilted more toward Main Street than to K Street and the Chamber of Commerce. Also like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee shared none of Trump’s character baggage on women, morality or religion. Mike Huckabee was the Mr. Evangelical of the 2008, 2012 and 2016 campaigns. Huckabee styled himself as the “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy” conservative.

91e+UfdOjsL[1] And yet, Pat Buchanan was caricatured as a Neo-Nazi anti-Semite, Ron Paul as a crazy wild eyed kook, and Mike Huckabee as an unacceptable cornpone welfare-stater.

Unlike John McCain, Mitt Romney and ¡Jeb!, none of these “Sane Donald Trumps” were acceptable to the classical-liberal, self-anointed “governing wing” of the Republican Party.

TAC’s Dreher wimps on:

Trumpers, likewise, will be strongly tempted to indulge in bitter “You stabbed him in the back!” polemics. All of this will work to the advantage of President H. Clinton, of course. What is needed is for the GOP establishment to humble itself enough to admit those who, like Noonan, accept the critique of the party and the system that Trump’s candidacy embodies, however, well, nuttily. And the Trump insurgents — including their leader — need to have the sense to realize that it advantages them not at all to drag this fight with Republicans out past the election. Their candidate will have received a thorough, resounding rejection by voters in an election he likely would have won had he not consistently spoken and acted like a nut.

Do I think this (humility on both sides, uniting in the face of Hillaryism) is likely to happen? No, I do not. But I hope I’m wrong. The Trump people, like their candidate, are not known for their ability to think strategically and to restrain themselves for their own good. And the bitterness and spite among Republican regulars is going to blind them to their own role in creating this mess. (My emphasis)

But this isn’t “polemics”—it is a historical fact: no major party candidate in American history, including William Howard Taft in 1912 and Barry Goldwater in 1964, has been stabbed in the back by more members of his own party. No major party candidate in history has ever taken more fire from the “leading intellectuals” of his own party. Trump has been fighting a two-front war since May—the war against Hillary Clinton and the Left, and the war against #NeverTrumper conservative intellectuals and hacks in his own party.

Trump’s struggles from the convention through the general election have been due to a single demographic: college educated, suburban White Republicans, especially women. These people voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. They voted for ¡Jeb!, Rubio and Kasich in the Republican primaries. This is the 25% of the Republican Party who have refused to back Trump or have panicked time and time again whenever some new story roils the news cycle.

#NeverTrump still has a lot of influence over these Establishment-oriented voters. Their strategy has been to throw gasoline on every small fire in the news cycle in order to panic these voters into fleeing from Trump. That’s what happened with the Judge Curiel incident, the Khizr Khan fiasco and most recently with the Access Hollywood tape. Trump’s “fellow Republicans” come out and slam him and make these stories a far bigger deal.

Because of these dynamics, it’s true to say that what happened on October 8, 2016 was The Day The Republican Party Died. That was the day of the #NeverTrump coup in which1/3 of the Republican Senate and 1/4 of all elected Republicans publicly abandoned him. It was a historically unprecedented betrayal – never before in American history, not even during TR’s short-lived Bull Moose Party in 1912, had more elected members of one party deserted their own nominee.

The utterly predictable result of the #NeverTrump coup was the party split that showed up in the polls. That event altered the whole trajectory and tone of the race.

What would have happened if Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee had beaten Dole in 1996 or Romney in 2012? I believe the result would have been the same. I think the Republican Establishment would have joined forces with the Democratic Establishment in order to preserve the neo-liberal globalist status quo.

There would have been some kind of #NeverBuchanan, #NeverPaul, or #NeverHuckabee campaign. If any of these forerunners of Trumpism had won the Republican nomination, there would have a similar fight to “save the soul” of “conservatism.”

If the Establishment candidate loses the primary, the “soul” of the Republican Party will always be at risk.

If Trump loses in a landslide, the response of the GOP Establishment to any future insurgent candidate will be the precedent set in 2016: They will sabotage their own nominee in order to elect the Democrat and hang on to power.

Because of this, it will be impossible to reform the GOP through the primary system.

So yes, we must face facts and “drag this fight out” beyond November.

Conservatism, Inc. has thrown down the gauntlet: either support ¡Jeb! 2020 or Rubio 2020, the candidate of the minority neo-liberal globalist “governing wing” of the GOP—or else.

Brad Griffin is the Editor of Occidental Dissent, where he writes under pen name Hunter Wallace.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. FKA Max says:

    This is a resource for people concerned about the societies in which they live. We will discuss global security issues and show how one small political entity, the Vatican, in pursuing its own interests, has managed to control US population policy and to thwart freedom of the press. It has also undermined not only our own national security but that of other countries and endangered the earth’s environment and its inhabitants.

    This is not an anti-Catholic website. It is critical of the church’s hierarchy, not of its religious beliefs.

    Another threat to the Church is the illegal immigration control movement. If this movement succeeds, and what is perceived by Latin Americans and other governments as an escape valve is shut off, these governments would logically say, “Our demographic course cannot continue.” These governments would have little choice but to confront the Church and say, “If we are to survive as governments, then we must get serious about population growth control. Otherwise, we in Latin America are destined to become a sea of chaos. We, as Latin Americans, must make family planning and abortion services fully available and encourage their use.” Turning off the valve to illegal immigration is therefore a serious threat to the power of the Church.

    This movement threatens the Church in another way. The charge is that the Vatican strongly desires to see a Catholic majority in America so that the Vatican can exercise much greater, if not complete, control over the American democratic process, in the same way that the Vatican controlled the government of Italy for decades through the Christian Democratic Party. Many authors have advanced this idea. I have read this charge time and again over the past decade or so, and, until recently, I thought the idea ridiculous. But after observing the Church’s bold and thinly veiled actions in the Reagan Administration, I now believe these authors are probably describing reality. If 150 million Latin Americans legally and illegally migrate to the United States in the next twenty to thirty years, this apparent goal can be achieved. And, as I discussed at length in chapter two,[6] these numbers are demonstrably not farfetched.

    The Reagan Administration is clearly being manipulated by the Catholic Church, apparently with the president’s blessing. In an April 1982 speech before the National Catholic Education Association, Reagan made the incredible statement, “I am grateful for your help in shaping American policy to reflect God’s will…. And I will look forward to further guidance from His Holiness Pope John Paul II during an audience I will have with him in June.”[7] Mr. Reagan is obviously leaning on the Vatican for a lot of help, and he’s getting it—much of it not in the best interest of the United States.

    If the United States government shows no more willingness to deal with illegal immigration than has been shown by the Reagan Administration, then a migration from Latin America of the magnitude described above is certainly imminent. A Catholic majority in the United States and Vatican control of our government would greatly enhance the power of the Church not only in this country but worldwide.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @schmenz
  2. nsa says:

    Phony religious fucks like Dreher are soon going to wake up to a 6 to 3 supreme court containing at least 4 traitorous commie jooie atheists…..he will be in for quite a surprise when they start taxing churches like any other racket. Dreher holds court over at the “American Cuckservative” where they have all been dumping on Der Trumpster relentlessly for at least a year. I recommend you go over there and harass the self-righteous cucks …..if you can stomach reading the drivel.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Ram
    , @timamac
  3. If Trump loses, I’m done. I’ll look after me and mine and let illegals turn once-great America into a third-world hell-hole. It won’t be my country any more.

    I suspect millions of others will feel the same. After all, if a ballsy, outspoken, popular, populist, charismatic billionaire can’t win, who can? What’s the use of trying?

    By caving, acting cowardly, and opposing their own candidate, the GOP revealed itself to be the Democratic Party Lite: DP 2.0.

    And “dp” is what RYAN RINOs gave Donald…a double-screwing.

    So why does the Republican Party think its base will give a hoot about mid-term elections after its so-called “leaders” attempted to sink Captain Trump’s “USS Buildthewall”?

    • Replies: @RaceRealist88
  4. Well done. Trump is insane! What an asinine proposition. Trump is every bit as sane as Noonan and more sane than Dreher.

    As long as there are Democrats there will be Republicans. The parties are Siamese twins. They will die together when that happy day comes.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And yet, Pat Buchanan was caricatured as a Neo-Nazi anti-Semite, Ron Paul as a crazy wild eyed kook, and Mike Huckabee as an unacceptable cornpone welfare-stater.

    All of them, Trump included, are hyper-neo Nazis, anti-Semites, and what’s more White Supremacists.

    Why? Because we say to. And, more important, they are so asleep that they let us say so.

    — The Clan

  6. Come what may in the election, my hope is that Trump is the harbinger of the creation of a new political party along the lines of the Populists of yore. The Republican Party as a legitimate opposition has ceased to exist already, so if there is to be any opposition to control of legal tender by a private banking cabal, to unfettered immigration, to globalist excess, to excessive centralization and federal control, to a Supreme Court that has become a super-legislature, to a squandering of taxpayer funds that shouldn’t be pried from the public in the first place, to government-subsidized organizations that promote perversion, to affirmative action displacement of freedom of choice and merit….

    Time for a new politics, people. Trump is the first sign of it; he is the actual “Republican in name only” who brought populism under the Repub tent and thus captured much of its political machine. Win or lose, one hopes he doesn’t surrender and applies his wealth to the creation of a new party. One hopes he wins, but win, lose or draw, he has an opportunity to carve out a place in history while the Rod Drehers of the world will be consigned to its dustbin.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  7. Ram says:

    Netanyahoo’s choice for the Supreme Court have to be accepted as there are no qualified Anglo-Saxons among the 200 million of them in the US.

  8. Che Guava says:

    The Guardian, of all sites, published the following.

    I believe that most Americans have many other good reasons to favour Trump over Hillary, on just about every matter of policy. Am not a US citizen.

    The wild dirty tricks campaign against Trump and his campaign is also very ugly. Hillary’s obvious crimality. Those factors must be swaying many people.

    I wonder if, given Hillary’s clear preferences, she and Bill ever had sex. Suppose they may have, occasionally, as young newly weds.

    Perhaps Chelsea had to be conceived through artificial insemination?

  9. TheJester says:

    Sounds like time for a new political party. The current Republicans are the “Whigs” of our day. They can become relevant … or also find themselves in the dustbin of history.

    The Deep State (out of arrogance or stupidity) finally overplayed their hand in this election. The “fix” is open for everyone to see.

    BTW: OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) is sending 500 observers to monitor the upcoming US election. A German observer has commented that the concern is that American elections to do not meet international standards. Ex-President Jimmy Carter has made the same observation.

  10. Rehmat says:

    “If only Donald Trump hadn’t been such a crazy, thin-skinned, moral lout who holds the Constitution in contempt, THEN we could have supported him! Maybe.”

    That’s what I call – LIVING IN SELF-DENIAL.

    Which president of this colonial country had not some of those characteristics – from being a mass-murderer to sex pervert or loyal to a foreign entity than American national interests?

    On January 7, 2014, Robert W. Merry nominated five worst US Presidents (in ascending order): James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Wilson, G. W. Bush and Millard Fillmore.

    For readers who never heard of Robert W. Merry, it’s suffice to say that he is political editor of The National Interest website and author of three books. His articles are widely published in pro-Israel media; New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard, American Spectator, Atlantic, NPR, etc. So, you see, he is not a regular jerk.

    Merry’s selection of the “worst Presidents” did not bother me, till I read his idiotic claim that Dubya Bush has nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    In 2005, the Wall Street Journal ranked James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, Warren G. Harding and Millard Filmore, as the top worst US Presidents.

    On October 26, 2016, Jerome A. Chance gave his Talmudic Fatwa at ‘Jewish Week’: “Donald Trump Is Worse Than An Anti-Semite.”

    So, Americans have to other choice but elect either Hillary Clinton to start more Israel’s proxy wars or Jill Stein to become an entire nation of antisemites.

  11. Parsifal says:

    Reading Dreher in the past months made me finally understand why Goldwater turned against the religious right in his later years. Which person with an ounce of sanity wouldn’t? Thankfully, this year a lot of Evangelical leaders have grown out of this pseudo-piety and holier-than-thou preening.

    Tom Piatak has a good takedown of Dreher here:

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @Bill
  12. Durruti says:

    Brad Griffin, nicely written article.

    Set Your Illusions Aside:

    The Twin political gangs, Democrat/Republican, are two heads of the same Zionist & imperialist coin.

    Only the restoration of our Democratic Republic, (assassinated on November 22, 1963 – in the first modern ‘Arab Spring,’), will restore our sovereign nation and return our liberties.

    Fixed/phoney/Hollywood elections, will not provide the Road to our Freedom. J F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, ML King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Martin Sostre, Pedro Albizu Campos, John Lennon, and many more died, or suffered imprisonment, or exile, while defending, or attempting to restore our Republic.


    The Only Road is to restore that which was taken from us.

    Casino Trump, Killery Clinton, the other Clinton, Hollywood Obomber, Nuland, McCain, et. al., are to politics as Antonino Rocca and Buddy Rogers were to (actual) wrestling. These actors, serve their Zionist Land Thief masters, not the American People. They are living proof that Judas was real, and is reborn, often, in every generation.

    Our Permanent Revolution will allow a continual revival of our Libertarian Constitutional Political Foundation, and a rebirth of world peace with justice and prosperity.

    I offer, once more, a view of our Flier distributed at the latest Jill Stein rally. We respect her, but cannot endorse, as she refuses to discuss The State of the Republic, the Coup D’etat in Dallas, or the Zionist assaults on November 22, 1963, The Liberty, 9/11, the Palestinian People, and Syria.

    Durruti, For the Anarchist Collective, [in memory of the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord]


    “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal… governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles…”

    The above is a portion of the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson.

    We submit the following facts to the citizens of the United States.

    The government of the United States has been a Totalitarian Oligarchy since the military financial aristocracy destroyed the Democratic Republic on November 22, 1963, when they assassinated the last democratically elected president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and overthrew his government. All following governments have been unconstitutional frauds. Attempts by Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King to restore the Republic were interrupted by their murder.

    A subsequent 12 year colonial war against Vietnam, conducted by the murderers of Kennedy, left 2 million dead in a wake of napalm and burning villages.

    In 1965, the U.S. government orchestrated the slaughter of 1 million unarmed Indonesian civilians.

    In the decade that followed the CIA murdered 100,000 Native Americans in Guatemala.

    In the 1970s, the Oligarchy began the destruction and looting of America’s middle class, by encouraging the export of industry and jobs to parts of the world where workers were paid bare subsistence wages. The 2008, Bailout of the Nation’s Oligarchs cost American taxpayers \$13trillion. The long decline of the local economy has led to the political decline of our hard working citizens, as well as the decay of cities, towns, and infrastructure, such as education.

    The impoverishment of America’s middle class has undermined the nation’s financial stability. Without a productive foundation, the government has accumulated a huge debt in excess of \$19trillion. This debt will have to be paid, or suffered by future generations. Concurrently, the top 1% of the nation’s population has benefited enormously from the discomfiture of the rest. The interest rate has been reduced to 0, thereby slowly robbing millions of depositors of their savings, as their savings cannot stay even with the inflation rate.

    The government spends the declining national wealth on bloody and never ending military adventures, and is or has recently conducted unconstitutional wars against 9 nations. The Oligarchs maintain 700 military bases in 131 countries; they spend as much on military weapons of terror as the rest of the nations of the world combined. Tellingly, more than half the government budget is spent on the military and 16 associated secret agencies.

    The nightmare of a powerful centralized government crushing the rights of the people, so feared by the Founders of the United States, has become a reality. The government of Obama/Biden, as with previous administrations such as Bush/Cheney, and whoever is chosen in November 2016, operates a Gulag of dozens of concentration camps, where prisoners are denied trials, and routinely tortured. The Patriot Act and The National Defense Authorizations Act, enacted by both Democratic and Republican factions of the oligarchy, serve to establish a legal cover for their terror.

    The nation’s media is controlled, and, with the school systems, serve to brainwash the population; the people are intimidated and treated with contempt.

    The United States is No longer Sovereign

    The United States is no longer a sovereign nation. Its government, The Executive, and Congress, is bought, utterly owned and controlled by foreign and domestic wealthy Oligarchs, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Duponts, to name only a few of the best known.

    The 2016 Electoral Circus will anoint new actors to occupy the same Unconstitutional Government, with its controlling International Oligarchs. Clinton, Trump, whomever, are willing accomplices for imperialist international murder, and destruction of nations, including ours.

    For Love of Country

    The Restoration of the Republic will be a Revolutionary Act, that will cancel all previous debts owed to that unconstitutional regime and its business supporters. All debts, including Student Debts, will be canceled. Our citizens will begin, anew, with a clean slate.

    As American Founder, Thomas Jefferson wrote, in a letter to James Madison:

    “I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, ‘that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living’:”

    “Then I say the earth belongs to each of these generations, during it’s course, fully, and in their own right. The 2d. Generation receives it clear of the debts and incumberances of the 1st. The 3d of the 2d. and so on. For if the 1st. Could charge it with a debt, then the earth would belong to the dead and not the living generation.”

    Our Citizens must restore the centrality of the constitution, establishing a less powerful government which will ensure President Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God in ones own way, freedom from want “which…means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peace time life for its inhabitants…” and freedom from fear “which…means a world-wide reduction of armaments…”

    Once restored: The Constitution will become, once again, the law of the land and of a free people. We will establish a government, hold elections, begin to direct traffic, arrest criminal politicians of the tyrannical oligarchy, and, in short, repair the damage of the previous totalitarian governments.

    For the Democratic Republic!
    Sons and Daughters of Liberty
    [email protected]

  13. @Che Guava


    No no….Chelsea Clinton was brought into this world the usual way when two cockroaches of the same cockroach species get together and breed. I suspect the coupling took place in a dark….dank….filthy…grimy…..environment suitable for cockroach reproduction….

    • Disagree: Che Guava
    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  14. They, the GOP traitors have all mutated into Democrats themselves, solely out of fear of being labeled : “Racists”.

    “Racism” the most potent political weapon ever devised, aside from A-bombs.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years.

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
  15. Real talk from Brad Griffin. The truth underlying the panicky opposition to Trump is that he squarely opposes the libertarian economics that have enriched our ruling classes, “right” and “left”, since Reagan. Call it “neoliberal”, call it “classical-liberal”, call it what you will…it ain’t giving up without a fight to the death.

  16. @Durruti

    JFK and the rest of the Kennedy Cockroach Clan set into motion the demographic extermination of The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class with their enthusiasm for changing the demographics of legal immigrants…..topped off with the Kennedy Cockroach Clan’s enthusiasm for busing Boston Irish Catholic Teenage Girls to urban Boston High Schools for rape and other kinds of sexual assaults by Martin Luther King’s People.

    • Replies: @Alden
  17. Che Guava says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Meant to hit LOL, dear former Groovy Battle, but was laughing too much to hit the right button on this small screen.

    Mods, if you want to adjust the tags (I think it would be more interesting if you didn’t, as an artefact and history), please just leave one LOL.

  18. Marcus says:

    Ron Paul did have that newsletter controversy (uncovered by Jewish homosexual Jamie Kirchick) which kind of derailed his campaign. Dreher is pathetic, one of his recent articles cited Russell Moore as an authority on white Southern Baptists.

  19. nsa says:

    Dreher is oh so superior to the rest of us proles. He worships the sky fag and with his kids (proving he’s normal) hands out canned crap to starving 300 pounders at his local bayou food bank…and takes pictures of his community coming together in jon boats to save white and black trash and their pets from the ravages of mother nature (rain). He also has a goatee proving his intellectual chops. He can’t in good conscience vote for either der Trumpster or the crone with the urine bag….will have to write in jesus. Dreher is the personification of the word “cuckservative” along with the likes of Pious Paul (bagman for the welfare state) Ryan.

  20. Heymrguda says:

    Dreher is a preening, holier than thou prig who foists himself off as an impartial observer too righteous to support either trump or Clinton. In reality he is solidly in the tank for Hillary. I’d rather read stuff from a leftist, I know where they stand. It’s no surprise that many if not a majority of amconmag’s commenters are on the left.

  21. @Shlomo Shunn

    If Trump wins he won’t do anything. How would you rationalize it then? He’s Obama hope and change 2.0 without saying it.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @JSM
  22. @Che Guava

    Trump will cause us to go to war with Iran for the Jews. It’s either go to war with Jewtin or go to war with Iran. Either way we’ll be at war. Trump I’d a war hawk.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @JSM
  23. “America” 2016:The vote of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class diluted and nullified by 51 years of importing Hillary Clinton’s nonwhite, highly racialized non-white Legal Immigrant Democratic Party Voting Bloc……Shoveling shit against the tide…..

    It was deliberate….open….and demographically genocidal in intent.

  24. These same people, “The GOP Establishment,” and others who’ve been calling the shots in the US, have brought us to this point. They have brought the United States and its citizens to the precipice of ruin.

    A writer better than I to describe this is Laura Ingraham (a media crush of mine who has my wife’s full approval).

    Here I post a link to her recent essay:

  25. Rehmat says:
    @FKA Max

    Catholic Church already controls US Supreme Court whose six out of nine judges are Catholic Zionists. Furthermore, Catholics makes the largest Christian majority (22%) in the United States with a large numbers of Congressmen and Senators who almost support the Zionist regime like the Vatican.

    The National Catholic Reporter (June 16, 2014) quoted the kosher Pope Francis saying: ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew‘ during an interview published by Spanish daily La Vanguardia newspaper earlier this month.

    Francis said: “Every day, I pray with the Psalms of David. My prayer is Jewish, then I have the Eucharist, which is Christian.”

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  26. It appears that the only productive result of this election has been the fragmentation of the Republican Party, not merely into two factions, but a handful — perhaps 4 or 5. It will never be an effective political force again.

    It makes one wonder if the Democratic Party is the true monolith it appears to be. It is composed of the huge numbers of American succubi — parasites, the non-productive, the Burden. Considering that this “bloc” of alms-takers has no means of visible support, other than the productive and nominally “Republican”, much smaller “bloc”, it will cascade into warring minorities with the collapse of the Republicans.

    The best thing to do is stand back and watch.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  27. jack says:

    Yah, it is an anti-Catholic diatribe.

  28. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Trump has a thick hide to have taken all the mauling by the media and his own party.
    He wasn’t coddled by the media like Obama and Hillary. If they’d been assaulted by media the same way, they would have quit.

    Also, populism without passion is pointless.
    Trump is channeling the righteous anger of Americans snubbed and destroyed by globalism that fattens the elites.

    The most thin-skinned GOP candidate was Jeb Bush who entered the race feeling entitled and then pouted and whined when things didn’t go his way.

    The media are filled with hypocrites, hysterics, and thin-skinned nasties who have been covering for US imperialism and suppressing issues like white death.
    Media are filled with paranoid nuts who see Trump as Hitler and even have dreams about it.
    They project onto Trump all their sickness and neurosis.

    The media are a basketful of nasties.

  29. @Montefrío

    Right on, Montefrio.

    Dreher is the main reason why I’ve stopped visiting TAC’s website. He can shove his suicidal naïveté and foolish lectures about trump up his ass, and stick the mister magoo glasses there too.

    Dreher is a fool and a sellout.

    Dreher, get this into your head: if you help trump to lose, as you have been doing, you will accelerate and intensify the intimidation, physical violence, hypertaxation, government and corporate and university discrimination against white people, against traditional Christians and Jews of all backgrounds, and ultimately against English-speakers in this country. ROD, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENGAGE IN A BENEDICT OPTION IF YOU DO NOT HELP ELECT TRUMP AND OTHERWISE DEFEAT AND REJECT THE DEMS AND REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. No small town will be safe or peaceful or civilized for any of us, including your little towns in Louisiana, if the clintons and crew get in and continue current trends.

    Dreher, what about when your daughter or granddaughter is raped by Muslim “refugees” or immigrants right in your little town — after president Hillary Clinton admits several million more of them and settles them dispersed into suburban and rural areas. You might yourself get your cowardly old white ass raped, too, as we see that our Muslim brothers aren’t very discerning about whom they rape and terrorize. But at least you can feel good that you didn’t support a vulgar meanie like trump, eh?

    ROD Dreher is a confused and timid white-woman swing voter.

  30. timamac says:

    So true. Yes, I go there , and I scratch my head, and think, “this is The American CONSERVATIVE” ?! Yes, I especially go after Dreher. Such a whiny, phony bitch.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
    , @dahoit
  31. @John Jeremiah Smith

    If the Mexicans ever create their own party in the USA, it will be the largest party in many states, including, sadly, beautiful safe civilized boring Kansas and Nebraska, the way things are going.

    The rump Dems could revert to the Africans or other third worlders, though there probably won’t be many Africans left here when the Mexicans get through with them in LA and cities all across California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, etc.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  32. @timamac

    Proud to say I was banned from TAC. I still read Dreher on days I hate myself.

  33. @Radicalcenter

    If the Mexicans ever create their own party in the USA, it will be the largest party in many states, including, sadly, beautiful safe civilized boring Kansas and Nebraska, the way things are going.

    There are approximately 65 million Mexicans and recent offspring. All illegal or the product of illegal border-crossing. It would be fairly simple to send them packing without violence or excessive expense — all that is necessary is to enforce fines and jail time against those who employ them. The big bloc of bogus SSNs would turn up the most obvious group, and legal action against those would bestir the concerns of the better-concealed. After the employed group is eliminated, the restaurant owners and labor gangs would be relatively easy to eliminate.

    This is all a product of corrupt government, plain and simple. If it were easier to root out corruption, I would promote that route. But, corruption has real vitality.

    • Replies: @Radicalcenter
  34. utu says:

    Yes, it’s good. I am surprised it was in Counterpunch.
    The corporate media is sending a message … a message aimed at a much broader audience than undecided American voters (assuming such creatures really exist). The message is, “get with the fucking program, or get stigmatized as an anti-Semite, or a racist, or a Russian spy, or whatever.” The message is, “drop the populist rhetoric, shut the hell up about the Wall Street banks, and the corporations, and the ‘one percent,’ and … actually … forget about politics completely, except for identity politics, of course. Go ahead and knock yourself out with that.” The message is, “you’re either with us or against us … and it doesn’t matter why you’re against us, or what it is you think you’re for. Right, Left … who gives a shit? It’s one big Basket of Deplorables to us.”

  35. @John Jeremiah Smith

    I don’t think they would all leave peacefully. Staying here and stealing from us seems like a likely option for many millions. But we have to start pushing them out before it is too late entirely.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  36. FKA Max says:

    If one truly wants to understand how the dispossession and the replacement of the historic America people took, and is taking, place; one has to understand the Zionist-Vatican alliance, in my opinion. I just recently wrote a comment about this dynamic and alliance on an excellent blog post by Mr. Sailer:


    One hand washes the other.

    Maybe it should really be called the Spellman Effect?

    In July 1939, a strongly worded letter from Celler to U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull helped set in motion an extremely prolonged process of 45 years that finally led in 1984, three years after Celler’s death, to full, formal diplomatic relations between the United States and the Holy See.[2][3]

    Things looked better at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. There, at a Beth Israel Hospital anniversary, guests learned that, years earlier, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver had told Cardinal Francis Spellman of Israel’s efforts to get a seat in the United Nations. To help, Spellman said he would call on South American governments and share with them his fond wish that Israel be admitted.

    Perhaps he had some Irish immigrant chips on his shoulder about WASPS disrespecting his family. If he disliked the balance of power among the citizens of this country, wildly increasing immigration levels could largely shift the balance of political power and ideology in the country. […] I know that I have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, I have tried to right my path. I want you to know, Your Holiness, that in my nearly 50 years of elective office, I have done my best to champion the rights of the poor and open doors of economic opportunity. I’ve worked to welcome the immigrant, fight discrimination and expand access to health care and education. . . .

    Siskel & Ebert vs. the WASPs

    There is an ADL:

    There is a Catholic League:

    This website – last updated in July 2015 – is the only WASP advocacy effort I have come across:

    […] the American Anglo-Saxon Protestant upper class, bombarded by waves of immigration in the late 19th and early 20th century and facing radical change in American society, […]

    Instead, they have retreated into a small conception of themselves, one based largely upon popular negative stereotypes.

    These stereotypes speak for themselves: WASPs are considered to be stuffy, cold, tightfisted, impotent, and closed-minded. They are thought to be exclusionary, spoiled, out-of-touch, insular, and not infrequently alcoholic.

    The fact of the matter is that WASPs have been both progressive and public-minded, especially over the last 100 years, and have been influential in business, banking, philanthropy, academia, the arts, and in public service. They have contributed in a very real way to the building of the United States, and some of our great leaders – both past and present – have been white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  37. @Radicalcenter

    I don’t think they would all leave peacefully.

    Then kill the ones that don’t. I am quite cold-blooded about this. They have violated our law and the extent of violation of that law has grown intolerable. Kill a few and make the situation manageable.

  38. Che Guava says:

    Trump I’d a war hawk.

    Your meaning is not clear. I am unable to parse the sentence.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  39. Bill says:

    Yeah, when is Tom Piatak going to write for He is tots awesome.

  40. Alden says:

    well, there is a theory that Trump is really a strawman candidate for Hildabeast to knock down.

    She would have had a hard fight against the Bush machine, Cruz, or Rubio. Trump and the Clintons are part of the 1 percent, part of the 1 percent from NYC. So Trump agreed to serve as the Republican candidate to get rid of the real threats, Bush, Rubio, Cruz or even Christy.

    I’ve no thoughts on whether this is true or not. I personally don’t think Trump has made any important mistakes. The media just creates things, blows them out of proportion and endlessly repeats them. I would absolutely love to see him win. Not that I have any hope that President Trump could prevail over the Supreme court and ADL ACLU SPLC MECHA LARAZA and the rest of the minions of Satan but I would just love to see the media defeated.

    Some call it the mainstream media. I call it the anti White media AWM

    • Replies: @dahoit
  41. @Che Guava

    Trump I’d a war hawk.

    Your meaning is not clear. I am unable to parse the sentence.

    It’s obvious: “Trump eyed a warhawk.”

    • LOL: Che Guava
  42. dahoit says:

    I also had that exact thought the other day when I visited (rare)TAC;This is a conservative site?
    Obviously co-opted by zionists,as almost all conservative or alleged are.
    Are they Jewish owned or run?Obviously Doutat? at the NY Lying times is corrupt,one has to be to be employed there.
    I’ve been banned from almost all the alleged liberal sites,as I find the conservative sites too knuckledragging,but the libs are just as corrupt and ziocentric.I hate ideology and am neither left or right,nor middle.Just logical.
    It is all about zion,our whole crisis,and I get criticism close to home about my focus,but I’m on the computer 6? hours a day consuming facts,while they don’t.The zionists own their info chest,from ABC to CBS to FOX to NBC and its bastard MSNBC,from public radio to all radio,and from web site to web site,all zion BS,and unfortunately the medium of TV is a definite boon for propaganda.
    Trump is our only solution.
    After this character assassination attempt and attempted fix does anyone really believe he will fellate them like all before him?
    No way.Hence they hate him more,and US.

  43. Honest criticism of Donald Trump:

    Well….it’s his tax plan conjured up in the head of Steven Moore ……the protégée of the now headless and cryogenically frozen Julian Simon(Julian’s head is frozen in a separate cryogenic freezer)…..who has devoted himself to the economic and demographic extermination of The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class…And Steven has received a hefty \$\$\$\$\$ compensation for doing this by his White Greedy Cheating MEGA-CEO Benefactors…

    Donald Trump’s Tax Plan is highly regressive…I mean giving the MEGA-CEO Greedy Cheating Class a massive tax break?….I’ll break this post up into several parts…

    • Replies: @Marcus
  44. dahoit says:

    I would say it beyond doubt they thought Trump easy pickings,but that is just another sign of her absolute ignorance about everything and everything.
    The woman is a career screwup,a criminal ,a liar,and depraved.
    She should be in jail,for bribery,email lies,and the Libyan fiasco where she was bald faced about everything.The only reason she got off there,is because the rethugs are as complicit as the demoncrats.In everything in fact.
    She would have beat Jeb and all the other idiots handily,as many voters wouldn’t vote for either,and those that did would certainly be inclined to vote the first woman POTUS,especially against Jeb,who wouldn’t use his last name on his campaign posters.Hillaryous.
    But Trump offers a choice and the turnout will be huge for him,which is why they say its over she’s the winner.They totally underestimated him,his message and the hatred we feel for her,the crooked pos foisted illegally on US by zion.A vote for her is a vote for anti democracy.

  45. For those of you who are interested:large organic Columbian….

    There is a nonwhite demographic time-b0mb that will send massive tax increase shock waves through out counties-towns throughout the US…Donald Trump’s tax plan won’t protect you fr0m this… fact it will make your tax situation even worse.

    Local Goverments are going t0 be hit with a massive tsunami of a Tax Bill…because of nonwhite Immigrants….Asian Legal Immigrants included. County Goverments-School Districts-Town one way or another will extract \$\$\$\$\$ from The Historic Native Born White Working Class t0 get it….it’s codified into state and local tax code law…

    Trump’s Flat Tax is a regressive tax that 0nly a practicing anorexic Satanist Libertarian…..styxhexxen666(Tarl Waldrin) would be enamoured of.

  46. nsa says:

    Der Trumpster says lots of Mexicans are rapists and the KM (kosher media) has a hissy fit. Anyone care to guess what the age of consent is in Mexico? 18 yo? Wrong. 16 yo? Wrong. OK, then try 14 yo? Wrong again. It’s 12 years old……their attitude is that when she starts bleeding, she’s good to go. Rape is so common down there that not only isn’t it prosecuted….it’s rarely even investigated. Mexico is a flat out lawless turd world narco state which is now expanding north at a rapid clip. When Texas and Arizona turn blue, it’s game over for the Rs and especially game over for whitey male….even being a homo or in a wheelchair will not be good enough.

  47. FKA Max says:
    @FKA Max

    Correction in my above comment: It was supposed to say: historic *American* people

    I also want to emphasize, that in my opinion, and this might come as a surprise to some, the Zionists/Israel Lobby is only the junior partner, in this Zionist-Vatican alliance.

    I personally believe, after much research, that the biggest threat to the sovereignty of the United States comes from the Vatican/Roman Catholicism, whereas the biggest threat to Europe comes from Mecca/Islam.

    The Jewish influence I see mostly as an intellectual/ideological challenge, but the Vatican and Mecca threats are demographic threats, and as they say, Demography is Destiny, and therefore I consider them to be greater, long-term threats than the Jewish control of the media, Wall Street, etc., which I see as more of a temporary, short-term challenge. But it still has to be dealt with and countered, of course.

    Jeb Bush’s conversion to Roman Catholicism is a perfect example of what Conservatism Inc. is really about:

    In 1995, Bush converted from Episcopalianism to Roman Catholicism.[173] In 2004, he became a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus.[174] Bush, a member of Father Hugon Council 3521 in Tallahassee, has joined the Father Hugon Assembly.[175]

    In 2003, as First Lady of Florida, Bush was part of a delegation to Rome to celebrate John Paul II’s 25th anniversary as Pope, at St. Peter’s Basilica.[3]

    William F. Buckley Jr. was perhaps the most formidable agent of the Vatican on U.S. soil, ever:

    The release of his first book, God and Man at Yale, in 1951 was met with some specific criticism pertaining to his Catholicism. McGeorge Bundy, dean of Harvard at the time, wrote in The Atlantic that “it seems strange for any Roman Catholic to undertake to speak for the Yale religious tradition.” Henry Sloane Coffin, a Yale trustee, accused Buckley’s book of “being distorted by his Roman Catholic point of view” and stated that Buckley “should have attended Fordham or some similar institution.”[32]

    Good Luck!

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  48. Art says:

    The backbone of the Republican Party is the country club – NOT Wall Street.

    The Republican Party will never ever be a populist party. Its functionaries are country club people who look down their noses at the average working class American. The absolute fact is that they would rather lose an election then elect a populist. They like the distribution of wealth as it is today.

    The Republican Party stalwarts trash Trump because his massage is populist – not because of his character flaws (they are jealous).

    The truth is that Paul Ryan is wedded to his \$300 bottle of wine – not the average American worker.

    When it comes to economics, the average middleclass American is not represented by either party – we all know this to be true.

  49. Marcus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Also his aggressive posture on IS and Iran. No concrete promise to end overseas commitments.

  50. schmenz says:
    @FKA Max

    Perfection. A clueless analysis of the Church and politics and an equally clueless response from dear old Rehmat.

  51. This is at the heart of it. The Republican Establishment doesnt give a damn about his neofascism Mussolini antics. They are terrified of his independent foreign policy. It’s also what’s at the heart of the UK Establishments fear of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK on the other side of the political divide. He seeks a UK independent from the Empire and that is simply unacceptable to the Atlanticist Establishment.

  52. @War for Blair Mountain

    Local Goverments will pass off the cost of non white legal immigrants to struggling Native Born White American Working Class Tax Payers through the regressive property tax. And Trump’s flat tax won’t prevent this fr0m happening. The nonwhite demographic time bomb is already here.

    The looks at it’s massive tax bill….each home gets assessed based upon the size of the County Tax Bill. For the County it’s a simple division problem. Millions of struggling Working Class will….already are…be taxed as if they are mutillionaires….the market value of your home determines what you pay in property taxes.

    Trumps Flat Tax is another gift to the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class….the struggling White Working Class will continue to be taxed to death to pay for Cheating Class’s imported non white scab labor and the US born nonwhite geneline(additional scab labor) of this legally imported nonwhite scab labor……more later….

  53. MarkinLA says:

    Supreme Court. And how do YOU know he wont do anything?

  54. MarkinLA says:

    Let’s not forget Tom Tancredo who was told by Rove to get lost. The GOP establishment screwed him as well.

  55. Hepp says:

    Can’t really compare to Buchanan or Paul, because they never made it to the general. They tried to sabotage those guys against other establishment types, not Hillary Clinton.

  56. @War for Blair Mountain

    Organic Sumatran…..Large….

    Seriously…Donald Trump is gonna give Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer a massive freaking tax break….WTF?….Who the F ordered this?…The severed cryogenically frozen head of the late Julian Simon inside a cryogenic freezer in Chevy Chase Maryland?

    We should be talking about confiscating the stolen wealth of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer….and then giving them both the Vlad the Impaler treatment….and then sell their wives and daughters off into sexual slavery in Muslim Chad!!!!

    • Replies: @Alden
  57. @Authenticjazzman

    “Racism” the most potent political weapon ever devised, aside from A-bombs.

    Most powerful weapon of the left is feminism.

    Women are the largest block of voters by far, and are easily conditioned to trade their votes for female-biased entitlements provided by a totalitarian government.

    Second largest block of voters are queers, people that do sodomy and elective abortion and consider these activities virtuous and a federal civil right.

    Here’s a sampling of current feminist federal government-provided entitlements:


    1. Affirmative Action for women
    2. Generous 8A government set-aside business contracts for female owned businesses
    3. No required military service or selective service for women
    4. Government anti-discrimination laws for women
    5. Title VII and Title IX laws for women
    6. Rape shield laws protect female liars in court
    7 Generous government benefits for single mothers
    9. Men get screwed in child custody cases
    10.Taxpayer financed Abortion on demand
    11. Government sponsored homeless and rehab shelters for women
    12. Health insurance policies require universal coverage for female-specific problems
    13. Ridiculous feminine political correctness studies and speech codes in public colleges and universities and government offices
    14. National Women’s history month
    15. Sexual harassment laws for women
    16. Special Violence against Women Laws
    17. Most cushy government jobs employ women
    18. Equal Pay Act of 1963 for women
    19. Lowered physical standards by law for female policemen and firemen and soldier
    20. Female-only institutions allowed by law, no male-only institutions allowed
    21. Battered woman defense allowed in first degree murder court cases
    22. Hate speech laws protecting women and other protected classes
    23. Women are a majority of voters in a totalitarian democracy
    24. Men pay 96% of all alimony, women pay 4%
    25. Women regularly vote themselves entitlements , take no responsibility for the consequences
    26. Hillary Clinton offers new undue legal privileges to women if they vote for her

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  58. KenH says:

    The GOP establishment turned on Pat Buchanan in 1996. Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole derided PB as intolerant while the NR labeled him an anti-semite. Not only that but they essentially allied with the media and their ostensible foes in the liberal Democrat establishment to make Buchanan unpalatable to the electorate and it worked as the Buchanan campaign began steadily losing support after his New Hampshire primary victory amidst a furious media offensive.

    Of course, that was when the media had more power and credibility than they enjoy now. They were able to damage Buchanan’s campaign irreparably but haven’t had nearly this type of effect on Trump since more people at catching on to the charade. And a great many more people have been affected by our free trade policies and mass third world immigration as opposed to 1996. Nothing radicalizes a person more than direct experience with these things.

  59. KenH says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The nonwhite demographic time bomb is already here.

    Indeed it is and even if we enacted a moratorium on all legal immigration the damage is already done and a non-white majority is a surety in the coming decades . We would need to go much further and legally proscribe interracial marriage among whites and non-whites while imposing a one child policy among non-whites and sterilization of ghetto welfare queens.

    In short, it will require a level of authoritarianism that whites aren’t used to, but this do your own thing, go your own way and live and let live mindset is suicidal for whites when we are surrounded by non-whites who are intensely tribalistic and antagonistic towards us.

  60. JSM says:

    “Not doing anything” beats Hillary’s plans to import 100 plus million hostile mestizos from South of the Border and beyond.

    “Not doing anything” beats that all to hell and back.

  61. JSM says:

    I thought you just said he “won’t do anything.”

  62. @Che Guava

    Chelsea is likely Webster Hubbell’s biological child. Her early photos exhibit his drooping lower lip.

  63. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    President Kennedy was long dead before the school busing in Boston. He was dead before the 1965 immigration act The 1965 immigration act was a 40 year project by NY congressman Emmanuel Cellar and NY Senator Jacob Javits. Ted Kennedy helped push that act through but lots of congress men and senators did too. The 1968 affirmative action aact was sponsored by numerous old stock Anglo Saxons such as Pres Johnson, Humohrey, Gore etc. it was Quaker Nixon and the man he appointed head of the EEOC, a Jew, Levine who turned the quota regulations into no Whites need apply Most government agencies at every level are minority only

    Garrity the evil judge who destroyed Boston with school busing was an Irish Catholic but Boston metro is heavily Irish Catholic so it’s natural that judges would be too.

    Speaking of busing, ever looked at a list of plaintiffs attorneys for Brown vs Topeka? Thurgood Marshall was a black Protestant
    All the others were White Jews of the communist hard left crew. Even the plaintiff was a Jew, attorney Esther Brown. Most people assume was a black child forced to attend a black school. Not so, the plaintiff was Esther Brown.

    There is a lot of blame to go around. Every religion and every White ethnic group has powerful traitors. Sometimes I think there more White traitors than there are Whites who want to survive as a race.

  64. Harold says:

    A sane Trump would have been vilified at least as much, that is, when the media wasn’t entirely ignoring him.

    Trump is less nutty than the rest of the republican politicians. His nuttiness just isn’t the approved nuttiness.

    But wait a minute. I find my mind circling back to Patrick J. Buchanan, a devout Christian…

    That is, a nut.

  65. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    So many foreigners who cannot speak understandable English work at Microsoft that the company hires Accent reduction/ speech teachers at \$80.00 an hour to teach them spoken English.

    With all the heavy accents Microsoft is a Tower of Babel But Microsoft would rather hire them than equally or better qualified Americans who can communicate with each other.

  66. @Alden

    JFK was agitating to radically change the demographics of the US during the 1950’s….The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was filthy reprobate Teddy’s monument to JFK…

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  67. @Joe Franklin

    Actually it is a three-pronged weapon the fatal labeling of




    This being the actual singular, empty, argument that the left has with which to attack conservatives.

    And anyone who does in fact get hit with one or all of these handels is, if he is a public figure, is done, his goose is cooked unless his name is DT, and this is what is driving the leftist nutcases up the fucking wall : DT does not give a shit about these phoney accusations.

    And this may seem to be non-sequitur as hell, and looney to boot, but men will never cast off the curse of feminism until they learn to willingly exist without women, and not be hurting in the process, so that the ladies, bless their souls, finally realize that their death-grip of sex, has no longer any power over the masculine gender.

    Myself having existed twenty whole years without romance, sex etc, due to a custody situation
    and I came out smelling like roses, having at last comprehended that I can in fact exist and flourish without romance and sex.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty years.

  68. @Alden

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform act was filthy repellant reprobate Teddy’s permanent monument of demographic extermination to his reprobate brother JFK….all I can say is:rot in hell Teddy and JFK….rot….rot….rot….and rot some more!!!!

    To answer 50’s duwop pop star Dion’s question”Does anybody know…..where my old friend John is”……Why John Fitzgerald Kennedy is rotting in fucking HELL!!!!…..where else would he be Dion?

  69. anon • Disclaimer says:

    In fact, even the Republican candidates presumably very respectable and good character were demolished by the mainstream media as’ racist ‘misogynist’ and lunatics. This happened to Romney in 2012:

  70. I am not making the case for not voting for Trump….

    The argument made by Donald Trump’s economic advisors comes down to this:”Well, you know….if we don’t give billionaires such as Bill Gates, Steve Balmer,….and Jeff Bezos massive tax break…they are gonna move their \$\$\$\$\$ out of the US…so the massive tax break for these multibillionaires is the best of all possible worlds…”……more later…

  71. @War for Blair Mountain

    To follow up….

    True story!!!!!!…..A few years back I went to the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival(a few miles down the road from the wonderfull Mr. and Mrs. Derbyshire)…Walking around….and then….there he was!!!!…..Chuck Schummer and his entourage…it was election time you know. So I walked up to…..Chucky…and asked why he voted for the H1B and L1B Visa Program for this scab labor program was harming US tech workers….

    Well…here was Chucky’s response verbatim:”I had to vote for the H1B and l-1B Visa Program…because if I didn’t, those tech jobs would be sent to India and China…”

    Well GD!!!….this is the same argument that Donald Trump and his economic advisors…..the cockroach Steven Moore….use to justify giving multibillionaires Bill Gates….Steve Balmer….and Jeff Bezos….a massive tax break!!!….WTF?

    You see Chucky’s heart was really in the right place…he was trying to protect Native Born White American Tech Workers by importing tons of Chinese and Hindu scab labor-Democratic Party Voters for Bill Gates….what a kind caring man Chucky is!!

  72. Griffin….that was my Grandmother’s maiden name….

  73. Che Guava says:
    @Charley Puddypaws

    I checked, just images on Webcrawler, Webster Hubbell as the search term. Sure enough, the top twenty produced three of Chelsea (one with a gut fat enough to appear pregnant) and one of the three, Hill, Chel, and WebHub.

    Never heard of him before (not American), but the brat’s appearance has for some years struck me as unlikely from a mating of Bill’n’Hill.

    Must sleep, amusing, will be checking, thx!

  74. Che Guava says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I don’t like the sounds of the Donald’s econ. advisors, but the fact is, those people you list, and their business advisors pay almost no tax, some receive massive subsidies on top, Google even gets gratis loans of various aircraft (including a couple of fighters).

    Musk, for example, risks just abt. none of his enormous capital on Space X and Tesla, Nasa budget mainly pays for Space X, California and fed. grants pay for Tesla.

    Nice hobbies to have someone else pay for! I would bet that he and his companies pay almost zero tax.

    Perhaps a system where they have to pay some significant tax and put some of their own capital at risk would be an improvememt?

    That seems to be the idea the Donald has in mind. I may be wrong, but really will be (-.-)Zzz・・・・ from now this nochy.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  75. FKA Max says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    1965 Immigration Law co-sponsor Eugene McCarthy’s awakening to the threat of immigration

    The Immigration Act of 1965 was passed the same year this country instituted sweeping civil rights reforms. One hundred years after the Civil War, the country had finally evolved to the point where de jure discrimination against black citizens could no longer be tolerated. Amidst this climate of change and self-criticism for long-standing injustices, Congress also turned its attention to a policy that discriminated against people outside the United States. Prior to 1965, our immigration policies overtly favored immigrants from northern and western Europe and excluded, either in statute or practice, most other nationalities. Changing these discriminatory immigration policies had been a priority of President Kennedy, and like many other aspects of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, the Immigration Act of 1965 became sort of a legislative tribute to our slain leader. Given the political tenor of the times, the debate focused more on the evils of the old system than on the virtues of the new. The new measure sought to destroy the objectionable features of the old law.

    So what went wrong? According to McCarthy, the caps were eroded away continuously on an ad hoc basis to adapt to immigration pressures that often were the result of American foreign policy. Cubans were given a welcome mat almost immediately, Vietnamese and other refugees from the failed Vietnam War were allowed in, as were people disrupted by Central American wars pursued by president Reagan. McCarthy could have mentioned the special treatment allotted to Soviet Jews, but chose to touch on neither the special privileges nor the power of Jews in America.

    Twenty-nine to forty percent of Vietnamese Americans are Roman Catholic, a legacy of Operation Passage to Freedom.[56]

    Why is the American press grossly under reporting on the most significant issues of our time, i.e.: the relationship between the pope’s demand for open U.S. borders and the fact that 90% of immigrants are Roman Catholics;

  76. dahoit says:
    @Che Guava

    Musk is an Israeli zionist given the opportunity to rape the American treasury for his(and of course zion-you don’t think the technology drain is happening?) private space ventures by Obomba the Worst..
    I highly doubt President Trump will allow it any further.
    No rats in space.They’ll nuke US from orbit the freaking monsters.

  77. @Charley Puddypaws

    U.S. tabloid National Enquirer broke the story to a large audience on 12-15-2015:

    Best-selling author Roger Stone, who served as an advisor to President Richard Nixon, is blowing the lid off the 35-year cover-up in his blockbuster new book, “The Clintons’ War On Women.”
    Stone claimed Chelsea was conceived during Hillary’s secret affair with disgraced Clinton crony Webster Hubbell (inset photo), a lawyer and once close Clinton family friend.
    Hubbell served time for defrauding legal clients and evading taxes. He was also Hillary’s law partner at the prestigious Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark., at the time of Chelsea’s birth.

  78. FKA Max says:
    @FKA Max

    Many people still wonder how Donald Trump managed to win over Evangelical Christians. In my opinion, he did it and it happened, when he confronted Pope Francis:

    Donald Trump Fires Back at Pope Francis

    Another major accomplishment of the Pastoral Plan has been its effect on Protestantism in America. The Plan has taken the protest out of the Protestant movement. Until the Pastoral Plan, Protestant denominations had no reservations about protesting or criticizing the Catholic Church. The plan specifically targeted the Protestant Churches to silence them. The bishops succeeded.

    I personally consider Ted Cruz and his father to be crypto-Catholics and opportunist/fake Evangelicals. Maybe they are even Vatican agents?:

    Cruz left the Roman Catholic Church in 1975 [ This could just be a coincidence, but the Pastoral Plan for Pro-life Activities was released the same year.] and became an Evangelical Christian after attending a Bible study with a colleague and having a born again experience. Explaining his leaving the Catholic church, Cruz stated in an interview with National Review, “The people at the Bible study had a peace that I could not understand, this peace in the midst of trouble. I knew I needed to find that peace by finding Jesus Christ.” Following his conversion, his son and wife also became born-again Christians. […] About his political involvements in the 1980s, Cruz reflected, “I was on the state board of the Religious Roundtable, a Christian and Jewish religious organization that worked to elect Ronald Reagan.” At the time, he told his son, “God has destined you for greatness.”[17][30]

    By confronting the Pope, Trump did what for decades Protestant leaders had failed to do:

    Ecumenism compromises Protestant Americans. The resulting silence has effectively shut down public debate of Vatican interference in American public policy making, gravely jeopardizing the security of all Americans as described in detail in the NSSM 200 report. The Vatican has skillfully advanced the case that an attack on the pope and the Catholic Church is an attack on all Christianity. America is certain to be in deep trouble if Protestant denominations accept this proposition. This would mean that they give the papal interpretation of the defense of Christianity a higher priority than the defense of the United States and its democracy. The outcome would be catastrophic for us all.

    All of the major Protestant denominations have been affected by the Pastoral Plan and its ecumenical movement in significant ways. The Catholic Church has identified individuals who are anti-abortion, or simply opportunistic, in all of the denominations and has aided these individuals to rise to power within their denominations. The Church has helped create the illusion that the vocal anti-abortion minorities in the various denominations are the spokesmen for the denominations. More important, all criticism of the Catholic Church has been silenced, a vital outcome for the Vatican. The Protestant press which held the Vatican imposition of the Papal agenda in check in this country for 175 years has been neutralized. This arrangement has permitted the Vatican to influence American policy-making to a greater degree than would have been possible otherwise. All of our lives have been significantly affected.

    P.s. For more information on the Zionist-Vatican alliance, this might be an interesting read: Cushing, Spellman, O’Connor: The Surprising Story of How Three American Cardinals Transformed Catholic-Jewish Relations by Rabbi James Rudin

    Ed Koch
    — Mayor of New York City (1978–1989)
    “I was privileged to be mayor of New York City in 1984 when John Cardinal O’Connor came to our city, ultimately to become Cardinal, and was blessed and rewarded with his friendship. This book is a wonderful read.”

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