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Root for the Patriots in the Superbowl
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It’s OK to be white.

On Sunday, more than 110 million Americans will huddle around their television sets and watch the 53rd Super Bowl, a matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.

After two seasons marred by black NFL players taking a Colin Kaepernick-style knee or raising a ‘Black Power’ fist during the National Anthem, television ratings slightly improved during the 2018 season.

That year, largely because of pressure from the owners of NFL’s 32 franchises, the league saw only a handful of black athletes—who account for 69.7 percent of the players—take a knee during the anthem. A recent poll of NFL fans shows only 24 percent of white fans strongly support the anthem protests, while 59 percent of blacks do (47 percent of white fans and 7 percent of black fans strongly oppose them). Though the kneeling stopped, the owners did create an \$89 million fund for the players to hand out to “improve social justice and racial equality in our country.”

The league came under fire when five black coaches were fired at the end of the season. The NFL has a rule—called the Rooney Rule—that requires any franchise with a head coach vacancy to interview at least one black candidate for the job. Before the black coaches were fired, the New York Times wrote that the league “was strengthening rules that obligate teams to consider minority candidates when hiring coaches and executives in their front offices.”

Richard Lapchick, the director of The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) and primary author of the recently released report, “The 2018 Racial and Gender Report Card: National Football League,” tracks the racial hiring practices for the league in several categories: players, assistant coaches, head coaches, team vice president and above, senior administration, and professional administration.

The Grade Mr. Lapchick gave the league for players—72.6 percent non-white—was A+. He gave an A- for NFL head coaches (before the five blacks were fired), and an F for CEOs/Presidents, only 9.38 percent of whom are people of color.

The formula is simple: the more non-whites, the better the grade—and the better the coverage from the press, which bemoans the dearth of black coaches and thinks it’s unconscionable if whites are hired in their places.

Mr. Lapchick happily notes that the NFL will soon have a “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” in March of 2019. He will:

strategically lead all of the various initiatives related to diversity and inclusion across the NFL. This role is a new position and highlights the increased emphasis on continuing the League’s progress when it comes to improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in all aspects of its business.

With all this whooping about diversity, an anomaly does not go unremarked: the whiteness of the New England Patriots during their historic run under Tom Brady. For this year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, all eyes are on Mr. Brady, the 41-year-old quarterback, who will be playing in his unprecedented ninth championship game in 18 seasons (this will be his third consecutive shot at the Lombardi Trophy, and Mr. Brady holds a 5-3 record in the Super Bowl).

Tom Brady (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)
Tom Brady (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)

The white quarterback, along with white wide receivers Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan, white tight end Rob Gronkowski, and white running backs Rex Burkhead and James Develin, are an anomaly in the “vibrant” NFL. They have a vast overrepresentation of skilled white players who not only excel, but dominate.

As the New York Daily News noted about last year’s Patriots team—which lost the Super Bowl—its whiteness stands out:

Hogan, who helped push New England to its second Super Bowl in three seasons by making nine catches for a franchise-record 180 yards in the AFC championship win over Pittsburgh, joins Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola as a trio of white pass-catchers forming the backbone of the Patriot receiving corps, an anomaly in a league where just one other team (the Green Bay Packers, with Jordy Nelson and Jeff Janis) even rosters as many as two white receivers.

They’re the latest products of an aerial assembly line made up of players the rest of the NFL might have considered spare parts, but even without injured tight end Rob Gronkowski, they’ve been more than enough for Tom Brady, who’s thrown at least two TDs in four of his last six games. And next Sunday in Super Bowl LI, they’ll aim to outdo the far more prototypical Atlanta Falcons receiving corps of Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu.

Both Jones and Sanu are tall and acrobatic—and black . . . .

So [head coach Bill] Belichick has focused on the skill-position guys, often white, that other teams routinely overlook. . . .

The Patriots’ roster has so consistently been defined by white players underrated by the rest of the league that when white Clemson receiver Hunter Renfrow torched Alabama for two TDs in the BCS title game, Twitter instantly fitted the redshirt sophomore for a New England jersey.

It’s long been believed, by black players such as NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter, that the primarily black NFL defenses underrate New England’s white receivers because they think white players are slow, and this helps the Patriots.

One black sports columnist, Jason Whitlock, even says it’s OK to hate the Patriots because they are so white:

‘In a league dominated by African-American players, the Patriots are the outliers,’ Whitlock explains. ‘They are the suburban two-parent home team of perceived white privilege. The Patriots are Duke basketball. . . .

‘In this era of “fake woke,” it’s cool, and socially acceptable to hate Brady, Gronk and Edelman. . . . Hating the Patriots and Duke is the international signal that you’re pro-black and free of racism.’

Writing at Very Smart Brothas, a black entertainment web site, Damon Young (who also writes a column for also noted it wasn’t racist to hate the New England Patriots because they have so many white players:

You do not have to search very far to find good and moral reasons to hate the New England Patriots . . .

And yes, it is fine to hate them because Bill Belichick seems to possess a white-skill-position-player generator. Wes Walker. Rob Gronkowski. Danny Woodhead. Chris Hogan. Julian Edelman. Danny Amendola. Rex Burkhead. THESE ARE NOT THE NAMES OF REAL PEOPLE! THESE ARE THE NAMES OF PEOPLE CREATED BY A WHITE-SKILL-POSITION GENERATOR. Besides New England, there are, like, three white running backs and receivers in the NFL total. The Patriots, however, have 952 of them.


So yes. Hate away. . . . Because even if these things weren’t true, you can’t be racist against white people, so this entire piece is based on a rhetorical question!


So even if you are not a fan of the NFL, or don’t like the antics of black players who knelt during the National Anthem, there’s nothing wrong with rooting for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady to win Super Bowl 53. In a league where 72.6 percent of the players are POC, there’s nothing wrong with cheering for a team that looks a little more like you.

It’s the white thing to do.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The Democratic Party harbors open MURDEROUS-RACIAL-GENOCIDAL INTENT towards Working Class Native Born White American Males….

    The Democratic Party is attempting to normalize with 0 consequences the murder of WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES…..In Cold Blood……

    It is no stretch…nor exageration….to state this 0bvious fact……wear a MAGA!!! on you will know within minutes that they want OUR PEOPLE DEAR!!!…or as Chattel Slaves on Lebraun James’ plantation…….

  2. Correction to above comment:WANT OUR PEOPLE DEAD!!!

    If my late father had lived a year longer than he did…..he could have very easily had his brains blown out on the LIRR…by JAMAICAN LEGAL IMMIGRANT COLIN FERGUSON……

    • Replies: @anon1
  3. What Grifters do:

    Well…..if your Carolyn McCarthy… vote to increase the scale of Jamaican LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….and you vote to give them a free-ride at all the SUNY SCHOOLS….while your late husband’s…..who was murdered in COLD BLOOD by Jamaican LEGAL IMMIGRANT Colin Ferguson….body decomposes in Holy Rood Cemetary in Westbury(right in back of where Bill O’Rielly went to Catholic Parochial Schhool)….and your son is crippled for life with Colin’s bullet lodged next to his spinal cord……

  4. Edelman is a Zionist Jew and JEWS! AREN’T! WHITE!

    You can’t fool me, Kersey.

    GO RAMS!

    • Agree: apollonian, anon1
  5. Giuseppe says:

    Please. For most of us, the Patriots are the team we love to hate and it has nothing to do with their skin tones. In any case the NFL is irrelevant, and even if the Patriots win, unless you had some money riding on it, you won’t be any better off at all.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  6. swamped says:

    A couple of years ago, above mentioned Chris Carter, along with seventeen other retired NFL Hall-0f-Famers, were guests of NE Patriots owner Robt. Kraft on a week long junket to Israel. While they were there, they met with butcher Netanyahu, a close friend of Kraft, & even found time to visit an IDF air base. Not surprisingly, there were no side trips to the Occupied Territories. Kraft has hosted other such promo tours to Israel with NFL stars like Tom Brady. The Kraft family has had very close ties to Israel over a lifetime & they use their NFL cred for Israel boosterism. The Krafts have funded a sports complex in metro Jerusalem named after them & have donated hundreds of millions (dollars, not shekels) to charities promoting Israeli & Jewish interests. In recognition of his unflagging service to Israel, Kraft was last month awarded the Jewish state’s highest honor, the Genesis Prize. In announcing the prize, the Genesis Prize Foundation stated:“For decades, Kraft has spoken out publicly and donated generously to organizations combating prejudices, including anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of the State of Israel”. In his own statement, Kraft asserted: “This award amplifies my ability to raise both awareness and additional funds to fight anti-Semitism, attempts to de-legitimize Israel and other forms of prejudices”. So whether or not there’s anything wrong with rooting for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady to win the Super Bowl, it’s certainly the zionist thing to do!

  7. Chewie says:

    But muh “diversity”! But muh six Gorillian!

  8. Polymath says:

    It’s an interesting question whether the Patriots’ success is due to cheating.

    Deflategate? Nah. Not even proven the balls were deflated, let alone who did it, and didn’t affect the outcome.

    Edelman PEDs? He was out for a year and recovering from a devastating, potentially career-ending injury. He stopped taking whatever it was so many months before the season started that they couldn’t even identify the chemical, which was down to trace amounts. Mostly a timing issue, legal for rehab during a year off but he misjudged how long he needed to clear all traces of it.

    Spygate? Definitely unethical, they did a lot of slippery things, but not clearly illegal at the time.

    My verdict: they skate close to the edge but don’t intentionally go over it, however if you unintentionally go over it you’re still responsible.

  9. If you simply like the game – no politics, no class prejudices, no race prejudices entering into it, it’s OK to hate the patriots, you have that right, it’s even understandable – but don’t waste breathe trying to suggest that they are not a sporting phenomenon.
    As an outsider, I just like the game itself, I enjoy it & give not a fuck about the incessant carping that so many seem to feel for the game.
    As for the Pat’s, reading this article you’d think they had no black players. Fewer black players, maybe – by some piddly percentage. Like Belichek could give a fuck about what colour a player is — he wants to WIN. Even Pat’s haters should admit he’s not too bad at that….

  10. anon[203] • Disclaimer says:

    A social conservative, Whitlock was explaining, not applauding, Patriot hate.

  11. anon1 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Jamaicans are among the worst immigrants you can have.

  12. anonymous[967] • Disclaimer says:

    Have no interest in football, nowadays seventy percent black roided-up types crashing into each other. It would be best if all the viewers were to get in a little workout for themselves, go jogging or for a walk. Get off the sofa, drop the beer and the beer-gut, turn off the television and find something more productive to do with your time. The black players hate you and the owners think you’re a chump so why even participate?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @RadicalCenter
  13. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    It gives me hope for the future to see more people walking away from dumbed down mass entertainment in general. Our household has been TV free for decades, but from what I pick up on the web it has become excruciating for any critically thinking person.

    “But I only watch the playoffs and History Channel….” Any time and every dime expended on even the “good” programs feeds a cultural cancer. Same goes for Hollywood movies, which I’ve boycotted, too.

    #SpitOutTheCircusBread (Is that fluent Twitter? I’m no twat, either.)

  14. I’ll pretend the NFL doesn’t exist (except when articles like this appear on my favorite websites). No matter who wins we lose. I’m rooting for NFL bankruptcy and all of these people tossed out on their rearends.

  15. WHAT says:

    >watching cuckball of any variety


  16. anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s been a pretty good year for our people in football. First, the white Clemson QB won the national championship in stellar fashion and now Tom Brady just won the Super Bowl. Good. Congratulations fellow yts.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @follyofwar
    , @KenH
  17. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    How many would give you the time of day, even if you were wearing a jersey with his name on your back?

  18. Forget about the game for a second. That degenerate halftime show (that’s actually music?) just shows how far down the cultural escalator this sinking imperialist poor excuse for a real country has descended. It is not worth saving.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  19. @anon

    Overall, whites are not nearly as biologically gifted as blacks when it comes to most sports. However, they can make up for it by being smarter and more coachable. He’ll never say it, but I believe Bill Belichick knows it, hence all the white players that other teams don’t want. How else to explain how the Pats keep winning year after year while picking last in the draft and with supposedly inferior talent? Even the announcers constantly state how the Pats win by outsmarting the other teams. White men who dismiss Julian Edelman because he’s a Jew (very rare in the NFL) do a grave disservice to the cause they wish to promote. Lighten up on the anti-Semitism a little.

    BTW, the Rooney Rule has come back to bite the Steelers. They are now stuck with an underperforming black head coach, Mike Tomlin, whom they are afraid to fire.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  20. M. Rogers says:

    Overall, whites are not nearly as biologically gifted as blacks when it comes to most sports.

    Sports pundit and bookmaker Jimmy the Greek lost everything in 1988 when he said something similar. It was at the beginning of the current snowflake era:

    • Replies: @anon1
  21. anon1 says:
    @M. Rogers

    Athletics and entertainment. Those are the only areas in which blacks tend to excel. Neither field requires much in the way of intelligence.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  22. @anon1

    The high profile of sports and entertainment tends to cause whites to overrate black competence in general. Black actors can recite lines that make them “the smartest person in the room.” Lots of people think that blacks are as talented as television and movies make them appear.

    • Agree: anon1
  23. KenH says:

    The Clemson QB was a true freshman who played like an NFL veteran. If NCAA football players could leave after their freshman season he’d probably be a high first round draft choice. He’ll be a frontrunner for the Heisman next year.

  24. @Giuseppe

    I grew up a Giants fan, so the teams I love to hate in the NFL have always been the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys — but especially the Iggles.

    I was rooting for Brady and the Pats again this year. When Belichick and Brady retire, I’ll presumably return to not caring about the NFL even at Super Bowl time.

  25. @anonymous

    Yes, and that goes for TV shows and movies more generally.

  26. @follyofwar

    It’s worth saving, alright, especially for those of us who have children. Not too confident that we will, in fact, save most of it, though.

  27. @follyofwar

    Overall, whites are not nearly as biologically gifted as blacks when it comes to most sports.

    Not true. In 2005, the White Sox won the World Series without a starting black or Latino. There were only a few non-Whites on the team. There was immediate panic that there were so few Blacks on the team. Note that the team they beat, the Astros, was hardly “dark”, Yes a sizeable number of Latinos, but lighter skinned Latinos. Even today, Whiteness in baseball is a success story.
    Hockey? Sure there are a few Blacks, but with the odd exception, they are not high skill. The ones that are high skill are almost all mulattoes. The superstars are White.
    Football (soccer) while thuggish Black France won the World Cup, anyone paying attention understood that the fix was in against White Croatia. As Germany has added more non-Whites, the powerhouse has declined proportionately.
    A case can be made for basketball as well. The Blacks get the hype, but like football, it’s the Whites that get the job done. Boxing? 75% of titles are held by White. MMF? No superiority there either.
    J.D. Cash had a website covering the myth of “superior” Black athletes and how Whites were actively discriminated against in the awarding of scholarships.
    Go back to sleep goyim.

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