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Revisionist History Books Banned by Amazon
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On August 13, 2018 Amazon banned Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded, which was published in 2011 and sold by Amazon for the past seven years. Along with the much larger study, Judaism Discovered, (sold by Amazon since 2008), it has had an international impact both as a softcover volume as well as a digital book circulating on the Amazon Kindle.

Sales to India, Japan and the Middle East were rapidly growing. The digital Kindle format is particularly important for the free circulation of books because it bypasses borders and customs and hurdles over the prohibitive cost of shipping which the US Postal Service imposed on mail to overseas destinations several years ago (eliminating economical surface mail).

Amazon has also banned The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s Most Sacred Relic (sold by Amazon since 2010).

These volumes maintain a high standard of scholarly excellence, had a majority of favorable reviews by Amazon customers, are free of hatred and bigotry and have sold thousands of copies on Amazon. Out of the blue we were told that suddenly “Amazon KDP” discovered that the books are in violation of Amazon’s “content guidelines.” Asking for documentation of the charge results in no response. It is enough that the accusation has been tendered. The accused are guilty until proved innocent, although how proof of innocence is presented is anyone’s guess. There is no appeals process. This is what is known as “Tech Tyranny.”

There is a nationwide purge underway that amounts to a new McCarthyism — blacklisting and banning politically incorrect speech and history books under the rubric of “hate speech” accusations, initiated in part by two Zionist thought police organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). It’s a flimsy pretext for censoring controversial scholarly books that can’t be refuted.

In addition to our books being hate-free, we note that there are hundreds of hate-filled Zionist and rabbinic books brimming with ferocious bigotry for Palestinians, Germans and goyim in general, which are sold by Amazon.

In 1997, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen wrote Hitler’s Willing Executioners, one of the most racist books of the modern age. In it he purported to demonstrate that the Nazi “holocaust” stemmed from an ingrained German predisposition to murder Jews. His book promulgating a theory of a genetic homicidal trait infecting an entire nation of people is proudly sold by Amazon and, if the current zeitgeist persists, it will never be banned by Amazon. The target of Mr. Goldhagen’s hatred are Germans. Consequently, his is the right kind of hate— the approved hate that does not offend the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Many dozens of books containing savage attacks on Christianity are sold by Amazon. These volumes are immune from removal and suppression.


Meanwhile, the censors demand for their own media (Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, owns the Washington Post newspaper) freedom of expression for the writers they employ and the speech of which they approve. In this two tiered ethical system we observe the familiar hallmark of revolutionary tyranny: the insiders demand and grant to themselves and their comrades the freedom they deny to outsiders, using the “hate” imputation as their excuse.

Our critique of Orthodox Judaism in our books constitutes a radical reassessment founded upon the depth of the documents and arguments we marshal in the course of advancing our thesis. Our powerful and original scholarship employed in our study of Orthodox Judaism is never “anti-Semitic” and never hateful. This would be easy to prove if there were an Amazon “tribunal” fair enough to consider a little something known as evidence.

Inside both Judaism Discovered (on p. 39) and Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded (on p. 25) there are statements addressed “to the Judaic reader,” explaining our love and concern for their welfare and liberation. No book of “anti-Semitic hate” would ever print any such charitable and compassionate statements!

To create a special category of informed theological criticism that is banned from the Amazon Kindle is a grave disservice to the advancement of learning. T o make an exception for Orthodox Judaism forbidding the sale of the best scholarship critical of it, does no favors to Judaic people. Many Judaic persons don’t approve of this type of suppression and censorship of books and desire access to our information.

Our information is persuasive. It has the potential to liberate Judaic people from the bondage of the Talmudic micromanagement of their lives, and all people from the hatred and racism toward the goyim which problematic sacred rabbinic texts have fomented. If we are wrong, show us where we are wrong, don’t signal through censorship that our facts are too explosive to be handled by inquiring minds; that type of suppression will only blowback on the censors.

It’s time that someone, including multi-billionaire Bezos, had the fortitude to stand-up to the virulent book banning lobby that continues to engage in one of the lowest forms of ignorance and superstition known to history: silencing a writer who can’t be refuted by free and fair debate.

Amazon’s monopoly over the sale of books is so extensive that to be banned by Amazon is, in many cases, tantamount to a death sentence for a book. The public ought to know of the shameful tactics of the hypocrites who are so fearful of the radical scholarship for which they have no credible answer, that they must ban the books that contain irrefutable challenges to their sacred dogmas.

• Category: Ideology • Tags:, Censorship, Political Correctness 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the excellent article, Sir. Both your books have excellent reviews, from what I read.

    This censorship by the Judaists is out of control. The Judaists claim to be the “light unto nations”, but are often the most primitive people living in the dark ages and bringing the dark ages upon us. They are afraid of the truth, because the truth is not on their side—whether it comes to holocaust, or liberal ideas like feminism and alienism, Israel, orthodox Judaism, etc.

    So they are afraid of the truth, and therefore they are desperate to censor these ideas.

    It is unfortunate the Republicans have not taken action. They must do so quickly, before they lose control of the house, as a result of the censorship of their voter base.

    We need state laws and a federal law that online search engines, social media, payment processors like Paypal and VISA/MC, domain registrars, web hosting companies, etc. cannot discriminate based on content, unless the content contains pornography or actually promotes a violent criminal act.

    We must do this soon. In the meantime, boycott MSM, Amazon, NYT.

  2. I will give my business to publishers and other distributors. Bye, bye Amazon.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  3. Wally says:

    Only lies require censorship.

    Amazon routinely bans / burns ‘holocaust’ revisionism books, see:
    Bezos says: “Democracy Dies in Darkness” / yet his Amazon bans 155+ history books:
    The Amazon Book Burning :
    much more:

    Confession & Testimonies on Auschwitz, 40 ‘Gas Chamber Witnesses’ScrutinizedEnglish edition soon, available in German at:

    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos:

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    • Replies: @Johnny Rottenborough
  4. republic says:

    nobody died at sandy hook also banned at amazon

  5. @Wally

    Wally’s link…

    …is to a page with a YouTube video by Brother Nathanael, ‘The Amazon Book Burning’. YouTube has made the video unavailable in many countries but it can be watched on Brother Nathanael’s own website, here.

  6. republic says:

    Judaism discovered is only available in 6 US libraries, Harvard, library of Congress, Univ. of Michigan . Google books seems not to show all editions

  7. that Amazon’s censorship of books attacking Holocaustianity is

    specifically Zionist (rather than Jewish) is indicated by the fact that

    any number of specifically anti-Jew books

    are still available at Amazon. It’s almost as if

    the Zionists and the “antisemites” are in cahoots.

    and it wouldn’t be the first time.

  8. This message is for Michael Hoffman. Freely share your research. Forfeit your intellectual property rights for ‘Judaism’s Strange Gods.’ You can allow the book to be freely distributed either via .pdf format or in .html form on a website. Ron Unz does that here with many books in the public domain. It is very disturbing, but not surprising, that the “Judaics” are cutting off your ability to earn a living as a historian. You, however, are able to retaliate in the most effective way by making your work free for distribution.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  9. Grumbler says:

    Book burning – one more thing Zionists and Nazis have in common.

  10. I was lucky to be able to get hold of the books of Mr, Michael Hoffman through Amazon though by searching in different countries.
    Mr. Hoffman is one of the very few writers who could tell any Jew about the Jewish religion more than any high level rabbi. His research is meticulous and unbiased and opens a sea of knowledge not only to Jews but also to Christians with regard to the Catholic Church. I would rate all of his books as Five Stars.
    Mr. Hoffman’ contribution to humanity is timeless; he is a scholar second to none.
    As for the behaviour of the business elite, it is sad that they are giving credence to Adolf Hitler’s comments about them in Mein Kampf. Their reckless and cowardly acts that are empowered by their monopoly power makes Fascism enter our current society from the window of business tyranny after it had been booted out the door by military force.
    What we are seeing from the monopoly power of Amazon, Google and Facebook is a prelude to the worldwide totalitarian society that is a tenet of the one world dictatorship.
    I hope that Mr. Michael Hoffman will keep enlightening us with new books dedicated of the truth without reserve as he has done so far in his highly commendable career.
    All censored writers of the world should unite at finding alternative sources of distribution.

  11. @Jon Baptist

    And by complementing Mr. Hoffman’ s free books distribution by generous contributions by the readers. Except we cannot in this case rule out another ban by financial transfer companies such as PayPal.
    Mo matter what, we the people of the truth should never give up.

    • Replies: @Michael Hoffman
  12. Patricus says:
    @Lost american

    Used to use Amazon out of laziness. Learning about their censorship efforts I now try other online sources. I have learned their prices can always be beaten so no sacrifice necessary to dump Amazon.

  13. @Joe Levantine

    After twelve years, Paypal banned our publishing company (Independent History and Research) in March of 2017, presumably at the behest of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Prior to this we had one of the highest customer satisfaction rankings on Paypal. We were banned strictly for political reasons. Paypal said as much when they cited our website ( as an embarrassment to the reputation of their “brand.”

    Neocons, Leftists and Zionists have a standard response to this type of censorship and suppression: “Private companies may ban whomever they like.” That’s their callous attitude toward suppression of people, books and ideas which they detest.

    However, when in the 1950s Hollywood movie companies, all of them privately owned, banned Communists from making movies it became (and remains today) a cause célèbre, and the “blacklisting” is still mourned 65 years later. Anyone who cited the “private companies” excuse would be shouted down as a philistine or a “Fascist.”

    The enemies of truth wield human and civil rights shibboleths as well as “freedom of expression” as battering rams to procure power for themselves. Once in power they ban whomever threatens their newly acquired intellectual monopoly. It is a corrosively cynical process which has been detected, at least somewhat, by the American people who increasingly “don’t believe the media.”

    Michael Hoffman

  14. Hallo Michael:
    Thank you for your interview with the saker,your books and your tweets.
    They wont let the people hear and read you.
    Michael Hudson is going to publish a book regarding the debt, the clean slate and the jubilee that I already read in your book “Usury in Christendom”

    Are you aware if you are going to be in the biliography?

  15. There is a huge business to be built by someone who creates an online competitor to Amazon, Facebook, and all the other private censors. Let’s say it has an easy to understand and remember URL like After anyone had found something worthwhile there once he/she would flick back there from time to time. It should have some editing and classifying to prevent its wasting people’s time with badly written junk but it should giarantee that there was evidence of censorship by one of the dominant internet players so that anything on the site was potentially important or at least diagnostic. Users of the site would no doubt be able to define the notifications they would like to receive.

  16. I just noticed this today. From Rome Urgently by Mary Ball Martinez has gone missing from Amazon but can still be found on their UK website.

  17. Anonymous [AKA "Philly Fresh"] says:

    Discovered today that the groundbreaking series
    The secret relationship between blacks and Jews, has also been removed from Amazon.

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