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Review: the Perversion of Normality
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“This Jewish factor is significant and has been commented on by Jewish scholars. Yet when a Gentile scholar, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, an extensively experienced psychologist from California State University (Long Beach), examined Jewish involvement in Critical Theory and other subversive movements as a survival mechanism, he was vilified as an ‘anti-Semite’ and his conclusions and sources were brought into question with the standard ad hominem and straw man arguments.”

Kerry Bolton
The Perversion of Normality: From the Marquis de Sade to Cyborgs
Arktos, 2021.

Since at least the 1960s, a war of increasingly global significance has been waged against human ‘primary ties’: the traditional family bond, faith, homeland, culture, and ethnicity. This aggression has been waged by a confluence of hostile groups including oligarchs and financiers, dysfunctional types who both promote and excel in filth and decay, and ethnic cliques motivated by extreme racial enmity. Connecting these various groups are a host of security agencies, NGOs, and technocrats, resulting in a bewildering swirl of attack points and subterfuge. If the Western peoples and their culture are locked in conflict, we are witnessing not a straightforward duel but a hyena attack. Faced with a large opponent, these hostile groups move simultaneously to both run the West to exhaustion and to tear chunks from its vital blood vessels. It is difficult indeed to find clarity in the middle of such a storm, which features degenerate perverts like the Marquis de Sade, the Rockefeller Foundation, Jewish intellectuals, the CIA, transgenderism, George Soros, and, most recently, the ‘transhumanists.’ Drawing on classics like Spengler’s Decline of the West (recently republished by Arktos in two impressive hardback volumes), Kerry Bolton, perhaps the most prolific and controversial writer ever produced by New Zealand, has produced an admirable and exhaustive study on the perversion of normality in Western culture and society that offers some of the clearest analysis yet produced on how we came to arrive at this point of peak degeneracy. In the following review essay, I want to provide a summary of Bolton’s findings, as well as some commentary on the content, purpose, and significance of the text.

One can perhaps sum up The Perversion of Normality best by describing it as a very lengthy (over 500 pages) and comprehensive exploration of the trajectory of Cultural Marxism in the West, complete with a preamble on degenerate Leftism and Freudianism, and without some of the usual apologetics for capitalism. The tone is scholarly, and the book is extremely well-referenced. The range of historical and contemporary material under discussion is very broad, indicating a life spent in deep research. Particularly impressive is the balance struck by the author. When embracing the topics under discussion, it’s all too easy to lay undue emphasis on one factor over another, or to present a picture that isn’t entirely convincing. In recent years, for example, I’ve noticed a tendency among some within White advocacy to argue that our problems are fundamentally caused by capitalist oligarchs, or by tendencies in liberalism, or by perverted leftists, and perhaps not so much by any ethnic agenda that may underpin any of these spheres. As indicated by the quote opening this essay, the narrative tapestry woven by Bolton has a strong ring of truth, and certain facts about the situation in which we currently find ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable or controversial, are addressed here in an unflinching manner. In Bolton’s words,

The Perversion of Normality examines an array of individuals, doctrines, and movements, most claiming to serve behind the banners of science, progress, and humanity. What seem to be divergent converge by what Dr Richard Spence, a genuine scholar, calls ‘connecting the dots.’ What emerges is a movement over the course of several hundred years, pushing forward an artificial construct in the name of ‘humanity,’ but for the benefit of a self-anointed elite of oligarchs and technocrats. In hellish pandemonium normality is toppled on its head, in the name of ‘normality,’ and the absurd, sick, and destructive become the new normal.

Godfathers of Perversion


Bolton opens by taking aim at de Sade and Freud, identifying the latter as “one of the primary influences of the modern epoch. … Freudianism, combined with Marxism and heavily revised, has been a lethal formula for deconstructing the primary customs, ethos, traditions and faith of the West.” In fact, “the Freudo-Marxian world revolution has been more enduring and encompassing than Bolshevism, while ‘conservatives’ were worried about a ‘Moscow plot.’” In Bolton’s view, the clique responsible for bringing Freudo-Marxian thought to America is the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. This will be old news, of course, to many of our readers, and especially those familiar with the work of Kevin MacDonald, but Bolton presents an array of mainstream historical sources which freshen up what remains a very radical and momentous discovery—that a very Jewish cast of characters were responsible for developing, spreading, and implementing many of the most destructive ideas of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. At the heart of these ideas is the desire to fracture the host society/mass culture. Bolton:

The focus of this Neo-Freudianism is on the individual detached from society. It is therefore a means of deconstructing and fracturing the social organism, which is why the Marxian theorists who created the Frankfurt Institute in 1923 found Freudianism to be such a useful ingredient in creating a new revolutionary synthesis. The organic bonds of family, state, faith, and ethos, disparaged as ‘primary ties’ in need of cutting, were portrayed as injurious to the individual well-being and as repressing the individual’s path to self-actualisation.

The author does an exceptional job of clarifying and explaining how the methodologies of those harboring ethnic grievances overlapped in utility with other interested parties. Bolton points out that Neo-Freudian interpretations of Man, particularly in relation to desire and gratification, were eagerly supported and adopted by capitalist elements. Bolton writes that

the social sciences provided a doctrine for the rationalisation of instant ‘ego gratification’ that is the premise for expanding consumerism, and the fad of the new. Traditional—medieval—Western societies, with their religious foundation and repudiation of avarice as sinful, prohibited mercantile competition, advertising and marketing, without which modern capitalism could not function .

Bolton’s content on these various strands of aggressors, all of whom wish to cut the “primary ties” of the Western peoples, is exceptional, and does a great deal to demonstrate how something like CIA involvement with the Frankfurt School, and therefore the involvement and funding of non-Jews, doesn’t preclude a Jewish group evolutionary strategy. The simple fact is that, by the 1950s, many interested parties were interested in destroying much of Western society, as well as engaging in social engineering and control. Even among Whites, there has clearly been a strain of nihilistic and destructive perversion, the spiritual godfather of which is surely the Marquis de Sade. De Sade’s shadow is significant in Bolton’s treatment, reminding me of a similar place afforded to de Sade in the works of E. Michael Jones. Given de Sade’s writings on homosexuality and abortion, presented verbatim by Bolton and causing my blood to boil, it’s difficult to argue against the fact this monstrous pervert is one of the founders of our current age. For Bolton he represents a kind of demonic aberration of the Western soul, anticipating the dialectical materialism of Marx, the psychoanalysis of Freud, the sexology of Alfred Kinsey, the feminist birth control and abortion of Margaret Sanger, and the Critical Theory of Marcuse, Fromm, Adorno et al.

Following this introductory look at two of the central ghouls of the epoch, there are 27 chapters concerning aspects of the origins, history, funding, and implementation of Cultural Marxism, from the time of the Frankfurt School to the present day. These 27 chapters are then followed by further sections on population control, the United Nations, George Soros, “social deconstruction through ethnic diversity,” behavior modification, transhumanism, and posthumanism.

The bulk of the book concerns Cultural Marxism and, at over 350 pages, this section almost certainly guarantees new material for even the most serious student of the subject. Bolton defines Cultural Marxism as

the ideological buttressing of anything that subverts traditional values and cultures, such as globalism; open borders; transgenderism; formlessness in arts; music; architecture; a hellish formlessness in general. The purpose is to deconstruct any vestiges of tradition in the name of ‘progress,’ the goal is to establish a nebulous mass humanity devoid of identity in regard to ethnos, land, and even gender, ironically called ‘identity politics.’ Dialectically, this push toward universal homogenisation is promoted in the name of being ‘different.’ … The Left and its globalist sponsors deconstruct in order to reconstruct.

Like Spengler, Bolton views capitalism and the Left as possessing the same essential outlook, since both see themselves as “part of the same historic process of internationalism.” In Bolton’s words,

detachment and rootlessness allow for the unhampered movement of labour, so that people become economic units, as part of a global production process. This is why the Left are useless as opponents of globalisation: when the Left attack any restrictions on immigration as ‘racism,’ ‘xenophobia,’ and ‘Fascism,’ they are following the party-line of international capitalism. … As the philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler observed nearly a century ago, leftist movements operate in the interests of money (plutocracy); so-called ‘people’s revolts’ have served oligarchic interests since the Gracchus revolt in Rome. Bolshevism was funded by oligarchs. The situation remains.

The Left-Capitalist Nexus

The advance of Cultural Marxism is therefore primarily the responsibility of hostile Jewish intellectuals with ethnic grievances against the West and its peoples, of degenerate Whites who actually seek to frolic in a sea of filth, of avaricious capitalists who wish to see the elimination of all barriers to their potential accumulation of unprecedented riches, and of power-hungry governments seeking absolute social control. The primary weapon employed by all factions is the Freudo-Marxism Synthesis, which touted social engineering as a ‘therapy’ but possessed social control as its aim. This synthesis and its early promotion was of course Jewish in origin, and Bolton makes sure to hammer this point home. He repeatedly stresses that many of these figures are Jews, and that the Frankfurt School, its funders, and many other peripheral associations involved in early Cultural Marxism were “largely Jewish.” As such, several of Bolton’s chapters concerning early Cultural Marxism compliment material found in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique. Referring to the works of Nathan Cofnas and others, Bolton has little patience for those suggesting that Cultural Marxism is little more than an empty ‘conspiracy theory,’ pointing out that while most treatments of Cultural Marxism are well-referenced and academically sound, most denunciations of the concept bear the hallmarks of conspiracy theory themselves, and rely on blunt ad hominem condemnations of opponents as “racists” or “anti-Semites.”

One of the more interesting of Bolton’s 27 chapters on Cultural Marxism is “Funding for Social Sciences,” which documents the role of the Jewish financier Hermann Weil, and later his son Felix, in backing the Institute for Social Research. This Left-capitalist nexus drew a scathing comment from the German playwright Berthold Brecht, which could as easily be applied today to many of the vast, powerful corporations now preaching against homophobia and promoting ethnic dilution: “A rich old man dies, disturbed by the poverty of the world. In his will, he leaves a large sum to set up an institute which will do research on the source of this poverty. Which is of course himself.” The quote very nicely sums up the fact that huge amounts of money are being pumped into causes that are presented as “good” or “just,” but are in fact entirely designed to obscure the sources of exploitation and enhance social control. Even today, among the trustees of the major social science groups, such as the Social Science Research Council and the New School for Social Research, we find large numbers of major figures from international finance, frequently Jews. Bolton writes:

Among the present directors of the Social Science Research Council is Michael Gellert [Jewish], who, as we have seen, is a trustee of the New School. Other interesting associations on the SSRC board include William H. Janeway [married to a Jew], a director of Warburg Pincus international investment firm; Peter Nager [Jewish], Principal of Skyview Ventures, a venture capitalist investment firm, and formerly a partner with the investment banking firm James D. Wolfensohn Inc., and Deutsche Bank; and José Sheinkman [Jewish], vice-president in the Financial Strategies of Goldman, Sachs & Co.

George Soros is perhaps the best example of Jewish international finance at work in contemporary society, and he receives a chapter of his own later in the book.

Bolton spends several chapters examining Cultural Marxist pseudo-scholarship and faux psychiatry. As well as a chapter looking at the concepts of social control and social engineering, there are individual treatments of behaviorism, on pathologizing morality, and the invention of psychiatric disorders to medicalize conservative political opinions or normal family relationships. The range of source material used here is impressive, and includes everything from Plato’s The Republic to actual instances of (almost exclusively Jewish) Freudo-Marxian psychobabble. Several chapters then follow that examine the overlap between the activist social scientists and the CIA, the history of which demonstrates separate streams of agitation, experimentation, and motivations. Bolton explains that “while the social scientists were often unaware of the CIA connections [and presumably the CIA was often unaware of the ethnic component of the activism of the social scientists], the extensive involvement of social scientists with Cold War projects was the result of a convergence of aims and ideologies in regard to the ‘control of human behavior.’”

Pathologizing the Normal, Targeting the Gentile

Much of this control was to be achieved by tackling what Erich Fromm called “the pathology of normalcy.” Bolton writes that the Frankfurt School advanced the idea that

the way to mental health was to cut the individual from the ‘primary ties’ and set him adrift to pursue what in the parlance of the allied field of humanistic psychology becomes self-actualisation, regardless of where that leads, as in the self-actualised examples of the Marquis de Sade, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones; all paragons of liberalism. Should the individual become unhinged, the therapeutic state would be there to offer—or impose—the direction needed to reach the nirvana of ‘freedom’ and ‘happiness.’

While Bolton doesn’t make it clear in his book, presumably because it’s been so intensively covered by Kevin MacDonald, there was an obvious double-standard at play in the studies of “authoritarianism” conducted by the Frankfurt School which casts doubt on the idea that the cutting of all individuals from their ‘primary ties’ was the overarching goal of their work. In fact, it’s absolutely essential that such a claim be qualified with the fact that the only “primary ties” attacked by the Frankfurt School were those of White gentiles. Kevin MacDonald explains in The Culture of Critique:

From the standpoint of the authors of The Authoritarian Personality, group consciousness in the majority is viewed as pathological because it tends necessarily to be opposed to Jews as a cohesive, unassimilated, and unassimilable minority group. Viewed from this perspective, the central agenda of The Authoritarian Personality is to pathologize gentile group strategies while nevertheless leaving open the possibility of Judaism as a minority group strategy. … Again, there is an implicit double standard: the complete abandonment of all in-group designations is the epitome of mental health for gentiles, whereas Jews are implicitly allowed to continue with a strong sense of in-group identity.

It goes without saying that one of the major strategies for selling this new interpretation of “mental health” among gentiles was the promotion of a hedonistic consumer society in which moral structures and inhibitions, particularly in the realm of sex, are removed. While marketed as involving unprecedented freedom and unlimited choice, what we have in fact witnessed is the emergence and expansion of what I’ve previously termed the “Culture of Sterility” in which permanence is scorned, real relationship bonds disintegrate, birth rates plummet, sex roles and identities dissolve, and in which people commodify each other as objects to be consumed and discarded in the same manner as any other contemporary product. Non-reproductive sexual behaviors, especially those of the homosexuals and gender benders, have been lauded by a corporate world only too eager to tap into their greater disposable incomes (lacking the “drain” of children) and lack of emotional attachment.

In The Perversion of Normality, Bolton points to the resurrection of de Sade by Wilhelm Reich, who added a “sexual reductionist” element to Freudo-Marxism. There are several chapters tracing the path of Reich’s ideas through to the present day, outlining in stark detail the devastating attack on the family witnessed in the West over the last 60 years. Bolton stresses at the outset of his chapter on “Deconstructing the Primary Ties” that we again see a “convergence of aims between the Left and oligarchy” which both work for the “deconstruction of race, family, and gender, all of which must become ‘fluid’ ‘social constructs’ to expand globalisation.” Much of the material will be familiar to those well-versed in the work of Kevin MacDonald (editor’s insertion: and Andrew Joyce and other writers at TOO), and Bolton gives MacDonald due credit in a section titled “Jewish Factor” found within a chapter on “Dialectics of Critical Theory.”

The Birth of “Woke”

About halfway through the book, however, beginning with a chapter on the origins of the New Left, The Perversion of Normality moves into territory that will be more novel even for seasoned students of the subject matter. The tone of the book also gains somewhat in intensity, as it leaves more historical material and nears the critical juncture of our current situation. Opening this part of the book, Bolton takes aim at Magnus Hirschfeld (who I’ve discussed on a number of occasions), sexology (the Jewish origins of which I’ve covered here), and the work of Alfred Kinsey, a latter-day godfather of perversion who worked in tandem with Reich’s “Sex-Pol” in order to satisfy his own sick proclivities. Bolton then moves onto a sequence of critical events in the deconstruction of social and moral standards in the West, beginning with the removal of homosexuality from the category of aberrancy by the American Psychiatric Association (with the board of the APA later saying they made the decision based on the testimony of the Jewish psychiatrist Robert Spitzer). Bolton points out that “the Left took a long time to find that it had a ‘gay’ agenda,” and provides some correspondence between Marx and Engels in which both parties express their disgust at homosexuals, make fun of them, and ponder the prospect that certain elements would like to normalize such behavior by converting “this smut into theory.” Bolton points out that Marx would not have been amused by transgenderism, or any other deformations of original Marxist theory, and adds that by the early 1960s, the raison d’être of Critical Theory had become “the revision of Marxism and its synthesis with a revision of Freudianism to arrive at a new revolutionary theory.”

This new revolutionary theory can be found everywhere today in the form of ubiquitous “woke” politics, all of which results in the creation of isolated White consumers without tradition, without significant or meaningful social bonds, without group influence, and without any means of countering state or corporate power. The epitome of woke ideology is found in the now-celebrated and ubiquitous transsexual, who encapsulates the idea that

You can be precisely what you want to be at any given time, or more probably what you are told you want to be by human relations ‘mediators’ and ‘facilitators,’ psychiatrists, counsellors; media, advertising, and entertainment industries. There can be no sense of permanence and duration, but rather a perpetual state of fluidity. In the name of ‘identity,’ any type of organic identity is destroyed until everyone becomes as nebulous as to slot into an amorphous mass ‘humanity’ according to the requirements of social engineering and social control.

Bolton moves on to a very interesting, and horrifying, discussion of the way in which some of Magnus Hirschfeld’s early propaganda techniques are now being used to indoctrinate children in contemporary New Zealand—through “Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE).” The details mirror similar moves in other Western countries. Bolton:

The reason why children are targeted so early is because that is when attitudes can be conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, with rewards and punishments, at an age range that lacks developed critical faculties. Yet the RSE ‘guide’ states that children will be taught to exercise critical judgment. Nonsense. They will be told how to think. Children will not be able to critically judge the supposed ‘new evidence’ that is presented to them by RSE. … And how can the ‘evidence’ be weighed up anyway, if contrary studies are not included? Children are led along a course that conforms to liberal-globalist doctrines emanating from the UN and elsewhere, so that they are moulded into ‘world-citizens’ of the type required by globalisation.

Another useful contribution from Bolton is found in his chapter “Progressive Regression,” in which he examines the emasculation of the Western male and the role of feminism in contemporary culture and society. Bolton points out that the APA has now pathologized “traditional masculine ideology,” helping to create a general atmosphere of gender confusion that it then responds to by offering transgenderism as a supposedly healthy option to resolve. In Bolton’s words, the answer of the APA to mental health problems is “to accentuate the mobility of multiple identities, rather than encouraging a sense of permanence and rootedness in belonging to something tangible. All is in flux.”

The fifth and final section of the book is devoted to the issues of demographics and population control, and opens with a chapter on “The Myth of White Privilege.” It’s a very interesting chapter that highlights the fact that the common man of most Western nations benefitted little from Victorian colonialism or any other form of Western imperialism now trotted out by the “woke” as justification for demonizing the White race. Bolton stresses

Under capitalism there is no common bond between the White industrialists/financiers and White proletarians: there was no kinship of race or even nationality, other than when the White proletariat was needed as cannon fodder for opening up overseas industrial expansion and markets; then a common ‘patriotism’ was invoked. Yet in the fantasy of the [woke activists], Whites ‘operate as a group to maintain certain advantages and to exclude other groups.’”

The book then moves to a section on “Social Deconstruction Through Ethnic Diversity,” which is complimented with a chapter devoted to the activities of George Soros. The text then comes to a close with a brief discussion of the efforts of several tech oligarchs to develop implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) that, in Bolton’s view, will “enable instant mind-control, without long processes of indoctrination or brainwashing.” This opens us to “a world that no longer acknowledges humans as organic beings, so bereft of organic consciousness that children can be laboratory-manufactured, and raised without the need for the ‘restrictions’ of the parental bond.”

Concluding Remarks


Kerry Bolton’s The Perversion of Normality is a comprehensive, well-written, and well-referenced exploration of the concerted and multifaceted attack on Western social, moral, and cultural mores. In terms of breath of subject matter discussed, I can think of no significant rival text, with my only proviso being that the book represents a kind of introductory guidebook for many of the topics and will therefore require supplementary reading (e.g., the writers at TOO) for a deep grasp of any of the matters under discussion. Some of the chapters were extremely short, which increased the pace of the book and reminded me more than a little of the style and structure of Alain de Benoist’s View from the Right. That being said, this is an extremely detailed book that will hold novel revelations for everyone, and its references and bibliography are a treasure trove in their own right.

My biggest compliment for the book is simply that I admire its approach and, as someone who laments the passing or warping of such terms as “normal,” Bolton’s text is a welcome catalogue of the ideas, personalities, movements, and systems that have conspired to drag Western society into the dirt. Being a kind of narrative history, there are no solutions to our crisis offered here. It is descriptive rather than prescriptive. Bolton’s approach, in common with that of many of us, is to document what has happened as clearly and professionally as possible in the hope that this knowledge alone will inspire future generations to crack the puzzle of how to reverse the pattern of decline. In my opinion, Bolton accomplishes his documentary task with great success and I warmly congratulate him on this work.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I just found out about 3 interesting cases this week…

    Jewish – known for erotic paintings of underaged girls!

    Jewish, too – known for paedophilia-themed poems.

    Jewish, too – converted to the Catholic religion to alleviate his homosexual tendencies.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
    , @anonymous
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    All of these incredibly stupid, narcisstic and incompetent officials who have internalized the ((Jewish)) world view from Marxist left to neocon right have basically become, like the brainwashed ((Jewish)) masses themselves, stunted and retarded Zoglodytes.

    No wonder their minions are so eager to jab themselves with untested vaccines, because “Rabbi says they’re kosher! Governor says they’re from God!”

    No wonder the West is collapsing and Zoglodyte hell is being born.

    • Replies: @JM
  3. I have taught my son traditional Western Christian values, and have told him that, in the future, he may be the only one in a room that holds these morals, but to stay strong and keep his head and his soul. He has promised me not to let the leftist lies in the university ruin his mind and corrupt his soul. And people around me think that I am bad for teaching him the truth about blacks ans jews.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Thanks: Marcion, 3g4me
    • LOL: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
    , @Anon
    , @Gugwee
  4. Anonymous[404] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no such thing as “cultural marxism”. The right continues to prove itself retarded by using this term. A much more accurate term would be “cultural capitalism” or neo-liberalism. No Marxist country (USSR, China, Cuba, Yugoslavia) worshipped homos or negroes. In fact Marxist countries were consistently more culturally conservative than their capitalist counterparts.

    This is just a right wing tactic of demonizing Jews and blaming them for their own decadence and degeneracy. The reason the West is decadent has nothing to do with Jews. It has everything to do with having too much safety and material comfort. Westerners have been spoiled rotten since WW2 and allowed to have an unprecedented and undeserved standard of living and consumption.

  5. Transsexuals in Mixed Martial Arts

    When this idea first appeared, Joe Rogan was the only celebrity to bravely denounce this idiotic idea, and 99% of people agree with him. Well it has happened. A former US Army Special Forces guy decided he wants to become a girl. That’s fine, but then he decides he wants to earn money by beating up girls. In his first bout, he beats up one of the top MMA female fighters. This will destroy women’s MMA. When will the WNBA and other other pro women sports fall to this stupidity?

    Watch the video of this ex-Special Forces commando beat up a girl, and get praised!:

  6. @Anonymous

    Thank you thank you. These fucking retards immediately invalidate themselves and their arguments when they use that stupid/talkingpointmanipulative term.

    The problem is all this perversion, they say. Well and good. It certainly is a problem, a big problem.

    But perversion is Marxism, they say. Sick and bad. It certainly is not.

    You see, they stick the Marxism in there because they secretly work for the ideology-less billionaires, whether they know it or not, billionaires who could care less about perversion/non-perversion, but just use it to make sure you dumb clucks don’t ever ever become actual Marxists or anything, because now that would upset their little apple-cart mighty plenty, you betchu weel.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  7. SafeNow says:

    “…descriptive rather than prescriptive…document what has happened as clearly and professionally as possible in the hope that this knowledge alone will inspire future generations to crack the puzzle of how to reverse the pattern”

    I disagree with the timeline of “future generations.” The tipping point, beyond which “reversing” is impossible, is much shorter. (In fact, it might already have occurred.) Because the timeline is very short, there is no better person to be prescriptive than the one who understands how we got here.

    One problem with being prescriptive is that, if specific plans of procedure are given, the result could be finding oneself in an internment camp. Before very long.

  8. Marcion says:

    Everybody everywhere, do this.
    Do your duty, rip up all the sleeze in your path.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  9. @Anonymous

    There is no such thing as “cultural marxism”.

    The proper term is Gramscian. “Capture the culture.”

  10. Mephisto says:

    Normality is what allows you to survive. If eating shit allows you to survive, then eating shit is normal. Hence you’re all eating Jewish shit and the best you can do is to come here and bitch.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @mcohen
  11. the APA has now pathologized “traditional masculine ideology,”

    Ideology of any kind is pathological. Stick to principles.

    …a very Jewish cast of characters were responsible for developing, spreading, and implementing many of the most destructive ideas of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. At the heart of these ideas is the desire to fracture the host society/mass culture.

    The ACLU’s successful quests to legalize contraception, abortion, and the teaching of Darwin to children in states in which those activities were prohibited by law all fit one of the UN’s definitions of genocide.

    But nobody here makes a peep because they like contraception, abortion, and Darwin, too.

    The face of evil:


  12. R.C. says:

    Wow! Excellent! Both to the Messers Joyce, McDonald and to Mr. Bolton. Kudos all!
    Minor fix: You used ‘compliment’ when you meant ‘complement‘.

    As such, several of Bolton’s chapters concerning early Cultural Marxism compliment material found in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique

    Definition found online: A ‘complement’ is something that completes something else in some way. But, ‘compliment’ is a courteous remark that expresses admiration (Indeed, in your final paragraph you use compliment correctly.)
    But that takes nothing from this excellent summary of excellent works! If I were to score articles here at Unz, I would give this a 10/10! Thank you all!

  13. Look. This writer says these billionaires are bad. He quotes approvingly the communist Bertold Brecht, who points out that the billionaire who founds an institute to investigate the cause of poverty is the cause of poverty. Billionaires bad billionaires bad.

    But Marx said billionaires bad. And if you’re a hardcore freemarket capitalist, then you believe in your heart, whether you admit it or not, that billionaires are good good good. Hardcore freemarket capitalists be kinda nutty, I’d say.

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Franz says:

    The wonder of it is she’s so matter-of-fact about it. Doing what anyone with common sense would do without fear or even a sense she’s in anyway out of line. As if it’s what we’re supposed to do AND IT IS.

    This is today’s good one.

  15. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Most of the arguments against “Leftists” made by “Whites” is valid, but these superficial labels are absurd — if not utterly meaningless.

    The notion that the world is divided between “Left” and “Right” and “Black” and “White” is itself among the oldest Judeo-Khazarian hoaxes in history — along with “The Old Testament” itself.

    I suspect most of these “conservative” critics of Marxism are actually Dumb White Jews.

    Enlightened Europeans don’t identify ourselves as “Whites”.

    Who invented the Left-Right dialectic, and what is its purpose?


    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Dave Bowman
  16. Dumbo says:

    Seems kinda the same thing we read everywhere else, but perhaps the part about AI is interesting.

    While a lot of this perversion stuff is Jewish, I don’t know how much of it is manipulation for evil purposes, and how much of it just because a lot of Jews are really perverts or have mental issues. Maybe they just like that stuff. After all, Gays, Jewish or not (like the Anglo Kinsey) also like it.

    And part of it is also just natural human corruption. It is easy to corrupt humans because they are naturally corrupted. Vice is much easier than virtue. Always was.

    We live in a more degenerate age now probably because the standard of living has been artificially raised and there’s all this money printing for such nefarious purposes. But it cannot last.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. El Dato says:

    The reason the West is decadent has nothing to do with Jews. It has everything to do with having too much safety and material comfort.

    One does not exclude the other.

    Westerners have been spoiled rotten since WW2

    Just had to rebuild half of Europe, but no worries: blacks were disproportionately affected.

    Sure, some weird things happened in the late 60s, back when life was still not exactly pleasant and weirdos started promoting Mao et al. at universities and females were suddenly demanding pussy action without consequences but let’s fast-forward to today, where it’s “defend/pay Israel” 24/7/365.

    undeserved standard of living

    I guess the non-Western world has the standard of living it deserves then.

    • Agree: Spect3r, Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  18. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Jewish, too – converted to the Catholic religion to alleviate his homosexual tendencies.

    So he converted to the Jew-worshiping papist sect for access to alter boys?

    Son of The JewGod – the gift that keeps on giving.

    You folks like to imagine a world without Jews, but can’t accept that it means your idiotic JewReligion vanishes and we are left alone with the glorious natural beliefs of OUR forefathers. 99% of our history was destroyed by the JewGod adherents so we know little about what OUR ancestors believed. But I’m absolutely certain that it had no seeds of self-destruction like the JewGod worship.

    Nobody is “Chosen” – Nature belongs to those who accept it and build upon it. The apex predator has been castrated by psychological trickery. We’re going to see how long this holds.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @FatR
  19. Dr. Doom says:

    The Jews are the seed of destruction and filth.
    Greed, lust, perversion, and the stench of death.

    We outnumber them 30 to 1. In an outright battle they would be obliterated.
    That’s why the cowards bring in the brown filth. To do their dirty work.

    The brown retards fight for their own enslavement.
    They cannot feed or clothe themselves and see dependence as a “better life”.

    Ultimately, the brown “slaves” would overwhelm and slaughter the Jews.
    But, why wait? There is a way to quicken the timetable.

    Remove the Jews from the Federal Reserve, and nationalize the banks.
    The Zion Pigs would be powerless overnight just from this.

    100,000 White men stand together and march on Washington.
    Its over in a week to 10 days tops.

    Violence is the new paradigm. The goobermint has enriched those using it.
    This is a new paradigm that will annihilate them all…

    The 2nd Amendment and the veterans of the Zion Pig Wars.
    The Crazy Times can be over and done with in 7 to 10 days.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  20. Schuetze says:

    Andrew Joyce is one of my favorite authors on UR, and The Perversion of Normality looks like a great book. Unfortunately, I do not live in the US, and I boycott (((Amazon))), so the book would probably cost over \$50 where I live and is out of my comfort zone.

    This review of “The Perversion” reminds me of what a review of the Protocols of Zion updated to reflect the 21st Century technologies for propaganda and mind control would be like. Of course the Chicken Swingers would call it a “forgery” even if it was a review of Protocols Version 2.0. The Bolshevics Jews made Possession of the Protocols an instant death sentence for the entire family for mere possession after they took absolute control of Russian from 1917-1991. New York has now been put under Medical Martial Law to enforce mandatory clot-shots, supposedly in order to provide “herd immunity” to the Jew-flu. It is safe to assume that draconian penalties for “anti-semitism” are going to be ramped up simultaneous to the ramp down of personal liberty, first in NY and then later across the US. People in possession of The Perversion can likely expect similar consideration after all is said and done.

    This “Great Reset” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” are really just the last steps on the way to Novus Ordo Seclorum. Full enforcement of the Noahide laws and the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple will be the mark the completion of their centuries old plan.

    • Agree: Fr. John
    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  21. JM says:
    @Chris Moore

    This creature seems to have replaced any Catholicism she may have had with Devil Worship in the form of the Great Reset and its minor god, Big Pharma. She gets away with it because there also seems to be total compliance coming from the Vatican.

  22. xyzxy says:

    Some of the chapters were extremely short, which increased the pace of the book …

    For its length it is a quick read. The presentation is a bit on the ‘scattered’ side, but overall coherent. I’d guess that at least thirty to forty percent of the book’s content are supporting quotes from sources Bolton references–some quite extensive.

    Bolton adds a thorough bibliography, but sadly there is no index. The lack of a useable index is common in Arktos books; I suppose an index too expensive for them to add at a price point. Otherwise I can’t explain it.

    • Replies: @anonymous anon nice
  23. “If the Western peoples and their culture are locked in conflict, we are witnessing not a straightforward duel but a hyena attack. Faced with a large opponent, these hostile groups move simultaneously to both run the West to exhaustion and to tear chunks from its vital blood vessels.”

    And when the leader of a pride has had enough of the pack of hyenas, it merely doesn’t go after its members but chases the female leader of the pack and in a one fell swoop he destroys her and throws the pack in veritable confusion.

    Is there a lion left in the pride or a fox has assumed the role of protector to safeguard weak females, adolescents and the cubs?

  24. Ross23 says:

    I have a kid that has to deal with all this shit at her school.

    I told her to be critical in her thinking when deciding whether something is good or not (like a so-called alternative lifestyle).

    I said only 3 measurements matter among that particular group to be compared to normies: –

    1. Suicide rate
    2. Mental Illness rate
    3. Life expectancy

    Cuts through the BS.

    • Agree: northeast
  25. Weaver says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Apex predator? Zoroastrianism or Hinduism might have parallels with European paganism. I agree that we know little of the pre-Christian past, though that’s partly the fault of the Romans. We still have the Greeks and Romans, but little remains if rejecting that. We know kinship was hugely important, because that theme gets repeated among the Norse.

    If you look at groups trying to preserve themselves, assimilation is a huge threat. Parsis from India claim an assimilation % of 60, up from 40, in the US. I expect that is mostly with white Europeans, although unmixed Parsis might be closely related (shouldnt have recent Arab or Indian admixture.)

    Whites seem to have a very high miscegenation percentage at present. If birth rates turned around, that could matter less. Suicide is apparently up with drugs and lost economic opportunities in parts of the US. College attendance is down among males, presumably including white males.

    I dunno that Apex is needed, just good husbands who can care for their families, raise them well. It starts with one good family, which might be founded on one good income and the willingness to forego wasteful luxury cars and other waste.

  26. As usual- wrong. Joyce, MacDonald …are clueless about Freud, Marx, Frankfurters,….

    To start commenting here seriously is a waste of time. All I can do is put Kolakowski’s final verdict on Marx & on Marcuse.




  27. Anon[101] • Disclaimer says:

    Which billionaires want free markets?

    • Agree: Weaver
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  28. Emslander says:

    St. Paul was much more concise:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm.”

    This article and the Kerry Bolton book look like very complete descriptions of our current intellectual and material situation, but these ideas couldn’t have gained a second’s traction in the intellectual world as it existed before “the Reformation”.

    • Replies: @cd of central FL
  29. FatR says:

    Oh look, another rightie being stupid. Let’s look at his central ideas:

    (1)”It’s da Joos! S-s-subversion! Cultural Marxism!” Explain why Israel is thoroughly inundated with feminism and normalization of homosexuality, then. Literally any attempt at explaining modern degeneracy through Jewish tricks that does not explain why Jews themselves are subjected to the same tendency is not worth the effort needed to read it.

    (2)”And big bad capitalists have allied with the Jews too! (Let’s hope the readers are too dumb to notice that I’m peddling actual Marxism, while talking about “Cultural Marxism”) Big bad capitalists wish ill for white people!” Without TNCs and big capital, USA and Europe would quickly degrade to the living standards of the worst parts of South America, and that’s the best case. Almost nobody here produces remotely near what he consumes, in fact, about 1 person out of 10 produces anything at all, most of the population just sells products and services to each other or works bullshit jobs. Modern Western standards of living are not earned, but bestowed for the sake of political stability, as the people would soon learn to their detriment, if they ever manage to “shake off the rule by capitalist elite”.

  30. joyce & co. … it finally begins to sink in, they are interested in Truth only as far as they think it advances their particular cause. the likes of marx and fraud (sic) could not have been taken seriously had not darwin shaken the foundations of morality in people’s mind with his foolish pseudo-science of evolution.

    if the white englishman darwin were to drop a bomb on the center of london, would joyce even notice it at all? the establishment’s continued fatal embrace of that wicked fool darwin beggars belief.

    Isaiah 28


    14 Therefore hear the word of the Lord, you scornful men,
    Who rule this people who are in Jerusalem,
    15 Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death,
    And with Sheol we are in agreement.
    When the overflowing scourge passes through,
    It will not come to us,
    For we have made lies our refuge,
    And under falsehood we have hidden ourselves.”

    • Thanks: profnasty
  31. Rich says:

    I’d say the problem is more one of atheism than Judaism. Jews, being the first European atheists, gained a foothold when Christianity collapsed, but it was those who rejected the shared Christian values of their ancestors that brought about our demise. Jews were just trying to make a buck off the host society’s fall, and the host invited them, and anyone else who wanted a piece of the action, to step right in. Religious Jews, like religious Christians, weren’t promoting prostitution, gambling, intoxicants, degeneracy,, etc. religious folk were home raising their families, doing their jobs, or trying to. It’s atheism that’s led to our fall, atheist ethnic Jews are just part of the clique.

  32. FatR says:
    @Stan d Mute

    “Nobody is “Chosen” – Nature belongs to those who accept it and build upon it. The apex predator has been castrated by psychological trickery.”

    Anyone who thinks himself an apex predator and then complains that his defeat came through the enemy’s use of “trickery” should go fight a bear or a lion with his bare hands, if he wants to be taken seriously.

    “We’re going to see how long this holds.”

    There is no reason for this to ever end, as long as people unsatisfied with the current order can think of no better alternative than championing long-lost causes. Lost causes are unattractive because they are lost. People of ability don’t like betting on lame horses, much less on the dead ones. The neo-pagan cause, in particular, is not just dead, it is modly bones in the earth. People attracted to it tend to be spectacularly dumb and easy to manipulate: withness a good number of them flocking to lay their lives for the sake of the platinum-standard Jewish plutocracy in Ukraine just a few years ago.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  33. geokat62 says:

    Bolton’s text is a welcome catalogue of the ideas, personalities, movements, and systems that have conspired to drag Western society into the dirt.

    … or, as Willi Münzenberg put it, “We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.”

  34. geokat62 says:

    (1)”It’s da Joos! S-s-subversion! Cultural Marxism!” Explain why Israel is thoroughly inundated with feminism and normalization of homosexuality, then.

    Inundated, huh?

    Excerpt from, The Rise of Conservatism in Israel:

    Israel’s conservative culture is approaching a position of dominance. Not only have religious and right-of-center groups grown in demo­graphic importance, but Israeli society as a whole has become much more Jewish and conservative—diverse but unquestionably Jewish and conservative…

    While instruction in Jewish subjects in Israel’s regular (non-Haredi, nonreligious Zionist) public schools has long been a flashpoint between Left and Right, there is considerable demand from traditional families whose children attend these schools for Jewish cultural and religious material to be incorporated into the curricula. These families absorb Jewish traditions through their im­mersion in local communities and synagogues—where private initia­tive naturally and quite successfully perpetuates beliefs and customs—and have no objection when similar themes are taught in the schools. Where the regular public schools cannot do this, families seek out private organizations to do so within the schools wherever possible.’s%20conservative%20culture%20is%20approaching%20a%20position%20of,Jewish%20and%20conservative—diverse%20but%20unquestionably%20Jewish%20and%20conservative.

    • Replies: @FatR
  35. It’s the Shit Libs. Every Jew “problem” has a bunch of Rich Shit Libs behind it. Same goes for LGBT and black racists. It’s Shit Libs assembling a heat shield. Like the tiles on a space ship that are meant to protect the rich Shit Lib fucks inside the capsule. It’s a mostly American Shit Lib formula thing that are trying to impose globally. This is where they are running into planetary resistance to Globo-Homo.

  36. profnasty says:

    On Elul 23 (911), Noah loosed a pigeon. It returned with a sprig in it’s beak. Land was returned. A rainbow promised Heaven would never again kill all humanity.
    Previously, Lot left Sodom with his wife. She looked back and became a pillar of salt. It’s still there. Sodom was destroyed for anal and oral fornication. Now celebrated with a rainbow.
    I’m not casting stones here, but,
    LOOK OUT!!

    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  37. profnasty says:
    @Jon Chance

    Left is Communism. It likes open borders.
    Right is Capitalism. It likes open borders.
    They are both poison.
    National socialism with privacy. That’s the ticket.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  38. wow.. that was a long read but worth it. I have some Jewish friends I play golf with.. the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. BUT DON’T TALK POLITICS ! I was a Wall Street floor trader and met many Jews, nicest people you’d ever want to meet. BUT DON’T TALK POLITICS.!

    My facts tell me.. I’ve met only one jew in my whole life who was against abortion. Now why is that ? One ?? out of the hundreds i’ve met that talked about it.? Are they taught that growing up? in their synagogues? Cultural beliefs handed down thru the ages?

    And I’ve never, ever met a Jew who feels that homosex is abnormal. Now why is that ??

    Why is it that virtually all Jews are like that ???

    Bolton is spot on.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  39. @Rich

    you are correct Rich.. ‘ye must be born again’

  40. @Anonymous

    There is no such thing as “cultural marxism”

    There’s also no such thing as “white supremacy”, but that doesn’t stop your people, who ironically consider themselves to be “God’s chosen people”, from spreading the lie that it does.

  41. @FatR

    Without TNCs and big capital, USA and Europe would quickly degrade to the living standards of the worst parts of South America, and that’s the best case.

    The rest is mostly correct, but here, you’re wrong. You assess things according to old-fashioned, 19th C standards. West is still the best & absolutely the most powerful area in the world- despite temporary insanity.

    So called Asian tigers are basically zombies, while the rest (Islamistan, Africa) is not worth mentioning.

    • Replies: @FatR
  42. @Rich

    Atheists are people with a good bullshit detector. All religion is just made up nonsense. The christians are just as illogical as the jews when they believe without proof that some supreme being exists.

    The bible is just a collection of primitive stories that some decide to base their life around. Those same people enlist in the military to murder foreigners, become cops to harass people that aren’t hurting anyone or anything, and vote to keep the worst of the population in control of the scum in the military and police.

    Religion and gov’t the worst things man has ever invented.

    • Agree: Realist, HbutnotG
    • Disagree: Rich
  43. @Emslander

    Don’t know what you mean by.. ‘as it existed before the reformation’?

    • Replies: @Emslander
  44. FatR says:

    “Excerpt from, The Rise of Conservatism in Israel:”

    It’s trivially easy to find lefties complaining at length that the America is in fact about to be overrun by dark forces of conservatism and fascism (don’t ask me how they do mental hymnastics necessary to conflate the two), any moment now. For example:

    So, I’m not sure what your generalized quote is supposed to prove.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  45. Truth says:
    @Carlton Meyer


    He beat up a girl… who was dumb enough to enter the octagon with him.

  46. profnasty says:

    You stole that quote from Wil Rogers.
    I see what you did there.

  47. Maddaugh says:

    Normality is perverted because we allow it. I dont care if the fags are ramming each other or the lesbians are lapping all day or people cannot decide their gender out of the 64 or so invented categories. Their perversions should be their own business.

    The problem is they want us to accept their sickness. WE are then branded as having something wrong with US mentally because WE reject their degeneracy. Some underlying issues are that this type of behaviour is not limited to the unwashed deplorables. A lot of men and women high up are into the homo and lesbian thing and hence the push to universal acceptance of faggots and lesbo pussy feeding.

    Another thing I noticed is this new obsession with advertising using blacks even though:
    >they make up just 13% of the population
    >most are in jail
    >the ones not incarcerated are hand to mouth and dont have money to spend
    >the ones with the money are shopping in Walmart
    >or they are shopping in hole in the wall shops in the “hood.

    The stores in my area are high end. A short sleeve shirt is \$150 plus tax, alterations another \$25 plus tax. They have some darkies hoisted in the display windows. One looks like another young fag giving it up to the advertising execs in order to get the work. Yet, I have never seen a Jigga Boo in the store !

    A lot of the banks have jumped into the same boat. Yet the few blacks I see in my bank are always in an argument with the tellers about bounced cheques, overdraft fees and unpaid debt. The banks rock interracial couples in their ads seemingly giddy with happiness for no apparent reason. Yet the few interracial couples I see are generally mangy stink looking black men with 300 pound white trash hoes. These are a far cry from the slick characters on the bill board.

    Finally there is another Tribe whose philosophy is “Good for you but not good for us”. Anyone ever see a nice Jewish girl with a Mandingo ? Any open borders in Israel ? Are niggers allowed to flood that country without being kneecapped ?

    We accept all this crap, and the more we accept is the more demanded. Whose fault is it when you really ponder all this perversion ?

    • Agree: Automatic Slim, Mike Tre
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  48. @FatR

    “…Explain why Israel is thoroughly inundated with feminism and normalization of homosexuality, then…”

    Only among secular Jews and mainly in Tel Aviv. The rest of the population is fairly conservative and the birth rate of Israel’s Jewish population is a healthy 3,1 children per woman*).

    But yes, those Jews in western countries who promoted degeneracy were themselves highly degenerated. Still, they tried to spread their own degeneracy, not out of some “idealism”, but as part of their ethnic warfare, which they openly bragged about.


    “…Israel’s Period Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in 2015 was 3.1, which is unusually high, and well above the population “replacement level” of 2.1.

    “…Among Jews, the TFR among Haredim has fluctuated around 7 children per woman since the 1980s, and around 2.5 children per woman among the secular and the traditional who identify as not religious…”

    Source : Israel’s Exceptional Fertility, Dedember 2018.

  49. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Woke’ politics are capitalist politics pushed from behind the scenes using useful leftist-liberal idiots as well as media which is owned by the corporate/billionaire class and reflects it’s interests. It leaves them in charge even as they masquerade as being revolutionary. Those resistant to it are hammered as reactionaries of one sort or another even as the capitalists gobble up more and more for themselves. They use things like spending trillions for Afghanistan, pocketing the contract money, even as large swathes of America become junkie tent encampments. Trannies, who are what, maybe .1% of the population, become the focal point of huge controversies, serving as distractions to what the situation really is.

  50. Agent76 says:

    Sep 2, 2021 Brave Mother DESTROYS Natomas Unified School Board Members Over Gabriel Gipe

    Investigate & expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical & transparent society.

    Apr 11, 2013 Children Of The State

    The destruction of the family unit is an essential step to take towards achieving totalitarian rule. Radical feminism and global collectivism are slowly but surely eradicating individuals and families alike paving the way for a one world government controlled by the state.

  51. Emslander says:
    @cd of central FL

    Before the “Reformation” was when the Roman Catholic Church set the standards for normality.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  52. anarchyst says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the degenerative effects and the influences of jew-run media, advertising agencies and others on “normal” civilized society.
    When I see blatant anti-white advertising I let the business establishments know why I will not be doing business with them.
    Hit ’em where it hurts and let them know why.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  53. Andreas says:

    There is no such thing as “cultural marxism”.

    It’s simply an analogy meant to illustrate the disconnect between ideology and objective, physical reality and what is expected to happen to a society when it puts the cart (ideology) before the horse (reality).

    For example, what “economic Marxism” was to the Soviet Union, “cultural Marxism” is now to the West.

    Just like the economic ideals of Marxism as implemented by the USSR were in conflict with the underlying realities of human behavior and what drives a healthy economy, the social ideals of “cultural Marxism” as they are being implemented in the West are in conflict with the underlying realities of human abilities and healthy social dynamics.

    And it is because of this disconnect that both ideologies can only be implemented in a top-down, coercive manner; as we are witnessing now.

    But in any case, objective, physical reality always wins in the end. It cares not one whit about human ideals. And thus “cultural Marxism” will also inevitably collapse under its own contradictions. It only remains to be seen how much human blood will be shed to implement it, how long it will then last and what form the inevitable collapse will take.

    • Agree: Agent76, Nancy
    • Replies: @haha
  54. fnn says:

    Israel is the only country with a First World economy that has a total fertility rate above replacement level. That’s just counting the Jews.

    It is widely known that fertility levels in Israel exceed fertility levels in all other developed countries, and that this is the main factor driving Israel’s unusually high rate of population growth.

    Among Jews, the TFR among Haredim has fluctuated around 7 children per woman since the 1980s, and around 2.5 children per woman among the secular and the traditional who identify as not religious. However, Haredi fertility in the 2007 to 2013 period was lower than in the 1990s, while fertility in the non-Haredi Jewish population has increased since then.
    Even among Jewish women who self-identify as secular and traditional but not religious, the combined TFR exceeds 2.2, making it higher than the TFR in all other OECD countries.

    Our fertility rate is much higher than elsewhere in the developed world, and it’s rising

    For women who define themselves as secular, it was 2.1; 2.6 for traditional women; 3 for traditional-religious women; and 4.2 for Orthodox women. In contrast to the rest of the developed world, the Israeli fertility rate is about the same as it was in the ’60s. And it has been rising in most groups in Israel in recent years.

  55. awry says:

    There is a reason that it is Cultural Marxism, not Marxism, but the label Marxism is not wrong because it applies Marxist theory of “class struggle” to identity groups. And it was started by Marxist intellectuals who held a deep seated hatred toward Western Civilization and Christianity. This hatred also had something to do with their extraction in most cases.
    The fact is that early Bolsheviks decriminalized homosexuality, they promoted “free love” and all sorts of sexual degeneracy, promoted “female empowerment” (in today’s lingo). But that ended after Stalin took over and Trotsky was forced to exile, then pickaxed in the head in the end. But the spirit lived in the West.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  56. @Bardon Kaldian

    Why not give us the Cliff’s Notes version?

  57. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Capitalist (Swiss Confederation) – Produces capital.

    Socialist (Sweden) – Produces bureaucracy and “feminism”.

    Progressive (Sweden) – Produces bureaucracy and “feminism”.

    Communist (North Korea) – Anti-competitive central-planning monopoly.

    Nationalist (Swiss Confederation) – Defends national heritage, culture, and independence.

    Patriot (Swiss Confederation) – Patriarchal, nationalist, robust.

    Libertarian (Swiss Confederation) – Minimum government, maximal liberty.

    Liberal (Swiss Confederation) – Minimal government, maximal liberty.

    Conservative (Poland) – Minimal intelligence, maximal fearfulness.

    Nazi (Poland) – National Socialist.

    Republican (Swiss Confederation) – Non-monarchical and non-theocratic.

    Democrat (Swiss Confederation) – Ruled by the majority of citizens.

    Monarchy (Sweden, UK, Belgium) – Ruled or owned by a hereditary theocracy.

    Corporatist (US-UK-CCP) – Ruled and owned by private transnational corporations.

    Globalist (UN-EU-UK-CCP-Israel) – Seeking global supremacy.

    Fascist (Kosovo) – Ruled by a conservative and nationalist centralized bureaucracy.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  58. DanFromCT says:

    How about stopping coprophilia and coprophagia from hiding its smelly brown self behind the colorful purity of a rainbow.

  59. geokat62 says:

    It’s trivially easy to find lefties complaining at length that the America is in fact about to be overrun by dark forces of conservatism and fascism…

    Israel’s lurch to the right is just a conspiracy theory, goy!

    Is America’s evangelical population exploding? Well, Israel’s Haredi population certainly is.

    Introductory paragraph to, Israel’s Hidden Crisis:

    Israel faces no end of threats and challenges, any one of which is capable of fueling endless discussion — not to mention anxiety — among Jews and gentiles around the globe. There is one challenge, however, that’s rarely discussed above a whisper outside Israel, because of its extreme sensitivity. You might call it the hidden Jewish demographic crisis: the population explosion among the Jewish state’s Haredi or ultra-Orthodox Jews, and the implications of that growth for Israel’s long-term survival.

    Excerpt from, Haredi Demographics and the democratic point of no return:

    Ultra-Orthodox Jews (“Haredim”) currently make up 12% of the population in Israel (1.1 Mio 2018). With a birthrate of 7.1, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics forecasts the population to more than double to 2.3 Mio in 2037, and the Bank of Israel forecasts that by 2065, ultra-Orthodox Jews will make up 25% of the Israeli population.“Haredim”%29%20currently%20make%20up%2012%25%20of,will%20make%20up%2025%25%20of%20the%20Israeli%20population.

    • Replies: @FatR
  60. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    You cannot possibly be bad by doing for your son what you believe is right.

  61. @Marcion

    To do otherwise is to accept and endorse.

  62. @xyzxy

    The Trotskyists have a succinct summary of CRT

    They were the first to denounce the 1619 project

    Starts with a topical introduction

  63. Chris Moore says: • Website

    You see, they stick the Marxism in there because they secretly work for the ideology-less billionaires, whether they know it or not, billionaires who could care less about perversion/non-perversion, but just use it to make sure you dumb clucks don’t ever ever become actual Marxists or anything…

    Bankers, Wall Street and the ruling class financed the ((Bolshevik)) revolution in Russia.

    ((Marxism)) is controlled-opposition theater left-wing dumb clucks.

  64. DrWatson says:

    But she didn’t dare tear down the one the cameraman focuses on several times: where the black guy’s tongue touches the tip of the white woman’s. The white guy does it for her in the end, it seems.

  65. Pablo says:

    The ADL has to try to shut down people who note the significant influence of Jewish people in the areas of LGBTQ and other perverted behaviors because noting the Jewish influence is factually true!! Critical Race Theory and Replacement Theory are one and the same thing! And again, it is factually true that Jews were AND are the Main Promoters of these hate filled Dogmas. They know they are lying which is why they try to ban their critics.

  66. FvS says:

    Not true in regard to early Bolshevik Russia.

    And Marxism, despite whatever private views of Marx himself, posits that race is not important, only class is.

    Here is some early anti-racist propaganda from the Soviet Union.

    View post on

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @A.M.
  67. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Atheists are people with a good bullshit detector. All religion is just made up nonsense. The christians are just as illogical as the jews when they believe without proof that some supreme being exists.

    ((Jews)) believe they collectively are the “supreme being.”

    Christianity was designed to takeout these ((Jew)) sociopaths and their soulless lackeys. And it played a large role in doing that for some 2000 years. It just hasn’t figured out how to evolve so it’s suited for the 21st Century. Or I should say, the ((Jews)) have successfully sabotaged its evolution with conspiracies like Bolshevism, Zionism, the JFK assassination, 9/11 and Covid.

    But don’t you worry, RodentBill. It will get it’s Augustinian mojo back. It always does. Then you ZOGlodyte sociopaths will be on the run again for another 2000 years.

    Keeping stacking that gold, RodentBill. You’re going to need it. All ZOGlodyte Mammonites are going to need their stolen loot when the reckoning comes and Christianity/Western values/logic-reason-sanity returns to rule the earth.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  68. @RoatanBill

    Given the sheer numbers of atheists reliably voting the Democratic party line and supporting the woke trend, there would seem to be a number of faulty bullshit detectors making it through quality control.

    I suspect that the West is experiencing the effects of a long Friday afternoon at the BS detector factory. Oddly enough, all of the bug fixes and firmware updates keep failing to provide the missing core functionality that the salesmen keep promising.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  69. It is amazing. The U.S. seems to be the only nation in the world, that can limp along without any discernable leadership. The only question is, for how long?

    • Agree: Emslander
  70. @Simon Tugmutton

    The secret to the left’s success is so clear. It allows and even encourages the worst in people –all in the name of freedom. The idea is as old as Adam. So, the burden to see the truth, lies with the individual

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  71. @Anonymous

    IMO, Jews are a big part of the problem. However, putting that aside, I agree with most of your argument. I’m in no way defending Marx, but he had nothing in common with the Frankfurt School. He disliked homosexuality and other forms of perversion.

    Obviously, Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer are not Cultural Marxists, but, in fact, are neo-liberal Cultural Capitalists. They worship the Military Industrial Complex, even gave it more money this year than the military asked for. No Marxist would support such a disgrace. Antifa and BLM are in bed with the democrats, thus there are few if any of them protesting today, now that they’ve done their job and eliminated Trump. They are the Brown Shirts, the enforcers of the party line. If they were really Marxists, they would reject the democrats and align themselves with the hard-pressed working class.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  72. @FatR

    Modern Western standards of living are not earned, but bestowed

    Yes, you arrogant fuck, we earned it by mining minerals, driving trucks, building cars, engineering, farming, construction, and all of the things that make the Western world work. Unlike you people, who just move numbers around, inflate stock prices, raid corporations and milk them of their equity, concoct global schemes and social engineering, and produce trashy propaganda. Tell us, Fat, who contributed more to our standard of living? Us or your hedge fund?

    Speaking of our earnings, why have we been more productive over the past 40 years than anyone in history, but most of the earnings have gone to you and your ilk?

    • Agree: TheMoon
  73. Rich says:

    I have to disagree with you. When Europeans conquered the world, they were devout Christians. As Europeans turned away from their Faith, they slipped into degeneracy. When the US was at its heights, 90% of the population was going to Church on Sunday. When Europeans were colonizing the globe, their Kings were paying public homage to God. Everyone doesn’t have to be a believer for a society to prosper, but acceptance of the Christian moral code for the majority, has been shown to bring prosperity to its people. Was the US a better place when it was populated by Faithful Christians? Europe? I think so.

    • Agree: Emslander, Rogue
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Charles
    , @Truth
  74. FvS says:

    Marxism is woefully incomplete though. Race and nation are just as important as class, if not more so. That is why National Communism is superior to traditional, international Marxism. However, National Communism is itself inferior to National Socialism because it cannot deliver the same kind of material prosperity that National Socialism can (see North Korea vs. China). I agree that billionaires should not be allowed to exist, and China has failed in this regard, but China only became a true wealthy power when Deng transitioned the country to a more National Socialist model. Arguably, he went too far with market reform, however, and now Xi is taking a more balanced approach. In any economic system, what’s most important is that the state always be sovereign over capital. But the complete elimination of all private property is not necessary for this to be achieved.

    Now, I understand that you probably already live in or wish to live in a white country, which is why you promote the lie that race does not matter. But white nationalism is in the best interests of whites. End of story. If you think Marxism in Sub-Saharan Africa would lead to identical conditions as Marxism in Norway, you are deluding yourself.

  75. I’m not joking: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints caused the Havana Syndrome cases. That is the Mormon Church. It’d be a perversion of normality to consider them Christian. They are not. They are of their father, the devil.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  76. Weaver says:

    The Bolsheviks began with hating ethnic Russians. They weren’t just anti-racist; they were anti-Russian.

    Then, later Russians were needed to fight; Stalin realized they’d only fight for a homeland. Mao was also anti-Chinese heritage. Whatever it became, it began as degenerate.

    Putin has the best approach, allowing a critical and true history to be studied freely. I hope he lives another 10 years. Marx wanted to destroy nationalities. Whether he believed what he claimed about class being everything is up for debate, but he did want to destroy the past, all ties, leaving nothing but individuals.

    To me, such a reduction leads to slavery. And it’s ironically just what capitalists seem to want also, today.

  77. @Rich

    People of the major religions populate the militaries of the great powers. They gladly volunteer to murder people when some church going christian president sends them on their way. Christians in particular are a blood thirsty lot and don’t seem to have too much of their religion when murdering people in Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, etc. The jews are more sneaky, doing their evil via proxy in many cases. The muslims are primitive knuckle draggers that will gladly murder people they disagree with and the 3 major religions all believe in the same nonsense god structure.

    Spare me the sermon about the christian moral code. As an atheist, I refused induction in the draft during Vietnam. My moral compass told me not to murder people just because some jerk said so. Those good christians went and their parents were proud of them.

    The world was a better place when there were fewer sociopaths in gov’t. The christians put them into power and continue putting them into power because some asshat preacher hints which one to pick among a selection of total losers, just like the preacher himself.

    Religion and gov’t are two sides of the same coin. They both demand obedience to a faux authority. In the US, christians are the largest voting block and are responsible for the bulk of the problems that have plagued the country for at least 50 years. All you christians are brain dead losers for believing in the nonsense of some sky god and projecting the inbred need for authority onto the scum in the political class. Shame on you for being demonstrably stupid.

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Hillaire
  78. Weaver says:

    Everything is dead until the next generation picks it up. The best argument against paganism would be that it’s false. Christianity currently has major problems. If it’s not seen as true, there’s little reason to believe it more alive than anything else.

  79. Weaver says:
    @mormon insider

    Assuming a Mormon did that, would it matter?

  80. @Bardon Kaldian

    Thanks for this. Kolakowski is a refreshing blast from the past, when reasoned discourse prevailed, and a modest “democratic socialism” seemed the natural goal, for sensible people in a decent society before discourse degenerated into Fox News capitalist buccaneers (child labor laws is the firs step on the road to serfdom!) vs. Woke idiocy (math is racist!)

    The synopsis of Marcuse is especially interesting. If you strip away Marcuse’s Marxist camouflage, as Kolakowski discerns, you find a German Romantic “feudal utopianism” that’s indistinguishable from Heidegger, Spengler, Evola and other Teutonic dead-ends. (*)

    New Left = Alt Right, or rather, New Left vs. Alt Right = Lib/Con, Dem/Rep, Left/Right, and other zog dicotomies. As Kolakowski sees, the words and doctrines don’t matter, only the irrational impulse they cater to.

    I believe Roger Scruton (see his chapter on the Frankfurters in his Fools, Frauds book) and myself are the only people to discern this insight, but everyone should feel free to disseminate it widely.

    * Yes, I know he’s “Italian” but his ideas are based on Fichte, as he admits, and he identifies with the Nordic rather than the “straw hat wearing, pasta munching, mandolin strumming Mediterranean types”, in his own words.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  81. @profnasty

    “Sodom was destroyed for anal and oral fornication”

    Not according to God’s prophet.

    Ezekiel 16:49-50 NIV – 49 “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. 50 They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen.”

    And God’s Son says:

    In Mark 6:11 Jesus says, “And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.” In the Matthew 10 account, Jesus clarifies His meaning: “Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town” (verse 15).

    WTF are you to pervert God’s Word?

    • Replies: @profnasty
  82. Charles says:

    There it is. Why did Ben Franklin support a clause in the original Pennsylvania state constitution which stated that office-holders must affirm a belief in “the Triune Godhead”, even though privately Ben himself did not? Why? Because the affirmation necessarily excluded, as an example, Jews – people who had an allegiance which paralleled that of an allegiance to the USA or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Franklin supported requiring office-holders to (at least) publicly declare a belief in Christianity because it was a bond which strengthened the Republic.

    • Agree: profnasty
  83. We wouldn’t have Perversion of Normality without the primary suspects (((Hollywood-Film Actors Guild))) responsible for expediting the final assault on traditional family norms that flourished for thousands of generations where family values were an important part of growing up and becoming respectable citizens in society.
    When our young are exposed to heinous experiences and situations (Drag Queen Story Time, Online Pornography, Predatory Pedophilia, Satanic messiah cults, Government Funded Leftist indoctrination) without the least bit of parental control to offer alternative reality, they are left to their own devises to comprehend experiences or block it out, bury it inside where no one finds it. Escape via drugs.

    Our kids are whats left of any future for tomorrow, being forced fed sexually perverted and self hating ideology by a sadistic Marxcult army of trans-humanists controlled by Corporate Technopolies has dystopian-Armageddon-zombie apocalypse written all over it.

  84. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    “No Marxist country (USSR, China, Cuba, Yugoslavia) worshipped homos or negroes.”

    Explain Patrice Lumumba University then?

    Russia Today even had a documentary recently about negroes who were invited from America to the USSR and given free homes (probably from the gentiles the Bolsheviks murdered)

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  85. Emslander says:

    All you christians are brain dead losers for believing in the nonsense of some sky god and projecting the inbred need for authority onto the scum in the political class. Shame on you for being demonstrably stupid.

    Keep on whistling past the graveyard, Bill. You can bask in the luxury of autonomy, if you like, but you can’t argue with the downward direction of the health of the society we live in.

    The DECLINE in public acknowledgement of Christian values and the DECLINE in the teaching of basic principles of the Christian Faith has accompanied, very precisely, the decline in the orderliness of the American society from about 1968 on.

    I attended very traditional Roman Catholic schools, but I could carry on agreeable theological conversations with my Christian friends who went to public school through twelfth grade. Even a general knowledge of the principles of Christianity held us together and on the right track.

    Yet you call me scum.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  86. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Given the sheer numbers of atheists reliably voting the Democratic party line and supporting the woke trend, there would seem to be a number of faulty bullshit detectors making it through quality control.

    Atheists, whether they’re sexual degenerates and libertines or money-worshipping libertarians like RodentBill are a problem, but not the problem. The problem is sociopath and psychopath ((Jews)) who are brainwashed from birth forward that they’re “chosen” and supreme, and subject to all manner of cult coercion and indoctrination and perversion.

    This results on sadomasochism among the ones who are able to cling to shred of sanity, and full blown psychosis among most of the rest.

    “Top” ((Jews)) are merely well-adapted, well-functioning psychopaths.

    The left-wing and neocon right have been folded in to form a coalition of sickness and hyper-materialism, but would be lost without top ((Jew)) psychopaths (Zionists), who are the architectural, organizational and guiding force, and main instigators, behind the sick, warped, depraved and stunted bunch.

  87. @Emslander

    I’m not arguing with the downward direction of the society. The direction is plainly obvious to anyone that wants to take a serious look. That however does not include the religious zealots because if they looked, they would recognize they are largely responsible because they respect authority. That authority in gov’t and their bogus religions is what is responsible for decades of unnecessary wars and a political class completely disconnected with the needs of the people they purportedly serve.

    You speak of christian values when I provided a litany of how those values are destroying the planet and specifically the US society. Only someone delusional can’t see that christianity, judaism, islam, and the rest of the religions are responsible for the continued degradation of countries particularly in the 1st world.

    You should also learn how to read and comprehend. I called the political class scum. If you are part of the political class, then you are scum. If you are or have ever been in the US military or police, you are scum. If you are a brain damaged voter, then you are responsible for that political class and its actions because you put them there.

    I attended a roman catholic grammar school and by time I hit 5th grade I knew the religion was pure bullshit. I watched as the priests each drove new Mercedes while my father drove a beat up old Buick. They had private garages while our family car was parked on the street in Queens NY. I watched as top grade beer, wine and liquor was unloaded in case lots along with expensive cuts of meat and cheese into their expansive kitchen and larder in the rectory. I had my eyes wide open while yours were apparently closed.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  88. Hillaire says:

    Ah.. so you advise swapping one meaningless epithet… for meaningless epithets of your own creation..

    one could refer to critical theory, modernism, deconstructivism all mutating in mental laboratories (lavatories of un-learning) like maggot media ‘covid’ variants …

    of course under so called communist (really state capitalist) jack boots in the USSR one could find oneself executed for so called anti-semitism…

    so presumably that is why an oriental sophist such as yourself favour them over decadent western tranny men and their bloated tatooed pan-sexual harpies..

    even though the social ‘jews’ looove them baby…and evidently do well enough demonizing themselves.

  89. Panadechi says:

    The anti-white psychopaths who rule the West will not stop unless the whites react to their racial replacement.

    • Replies: @Panadechi
  90. Hillaire says:

    Christ… referred to himself as the son of man (and for good reason)…
    God isn’t found through institutions or books… God is found within… a man knows when he has found the Ineffable because he finds himself.. (and apprehends the ‘Mother’ and the ‘Father’)..

    he no longer requires conceptual boxes to put his ignorance in… he just fucking knows..

    surely you must understand this ?..

    or have you dispensed with God because mans institutions are abominations, because organized religion is an emetic ?..
    you see, that’s the test ‘bill’… it isn’t meant to be easy, it is meant to weed out the unworthy…

    of course all are welcome to the party… but many never manage to find it..

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Hillaire
  91. @Hillaire

    Will you listen to yourself. Do you sell snake oil out of the back of a wagon somewhere? Are you going to speak in tongues next?

    What a pile of manure you’re slinging.

    The only thing I know is that charlatans have been bamboozling the weak of mind for millennia with their god and gov’t shtick. There have been thousands of gods over the ages and today the religious zealots declare that they have found the true god that lives somewhere off planet, that has priests all over the globe that each sanctify their murdering swine in military costumes. They can’t all be right but since they represent their true god, they must be correct. A contradiction?

    In the future, people will look back on today’s religions and marvel at the dolts that believed in their phony religion because they will have found a new version and they will believe without evidence that they have discovered the true god. It’s the same story over and over again.

    Keep your delusion if it makes you feel good. I choose reality instead.

    When you understand why you don’t believe in other people’s gods, you will understand why I don’t believe in yours.
    Albert Einstein

    Look up The War Prayer by Mark Twain.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  92. frankly,

    i prefer francis schaffer

  93. Compliments, Mr. Joyce and TOO, for this very useful review and commentary on the book by Kerry Bolton. I’m especially glad to see that you and the author paid tribute to the world view of Oswald Spengler in his opus Untergang des Abendlandes. He’s hard to ignore if we are looking for the reasons why white Western societies have been falling apart since WW I. It looks like a suicide being filmed in slow motion.

    You described a cluster of ethnic, social and political forces that have aligned to reinforce this destructive trend, and there is no denying their malign role. But Spengler took an overarching holistic approach, as some astronomers do when they wax poetic in describing the “births” and “deaths” of distant stars and galaxies. He treated our Western world, like all of history’s previous great human societies, as one distinctive organism, the millions of similar humans who are part of it imprinting it with an historically unique set of characteristics. This organic collective of nations (=common birth) then must follow a natural lifecycle curve: exuberant youth, brilliant maturity, bizarre dotage and flameout.

    That’s a beautiful metaphor for the inevitable decline and fall of our Western world. But such a holistic view is actuallly metaphysical because Spengler never offered any natural physical laws that could be observed as the culprits dragging a great society down. It’s deterministic. “Metaphysics” is exactly the devastating dismissal of Spengler made by Joseph Tainter in his 1980s treatice The Collapse of Complex Societies. Tainter saw the same downtrend but went on to offer a scientifically testable principle at work.

    His culprit, rooted in physics but commonly applied in economics, was the law of diminishing returns for increasing complexity. And he offered historic case studies of collapse. With it Tainter made a very convincing case at Spengler’s expense. And I suspect, without having yet read Bolton specific many-threads approach, that this is similar to Tainter’s pursuit of physically observable forces causing a downfall.

    I’m persuaded Spengler was on to something, even if it is metaphysical. Do you suppose that the specific and discriptive approach you appreciate in Bolton’s work can be reconciled with a holistic one that would inevitably occur with or without the activities of oligarchs, Jews, CIA, feminists, LGBTQs and trannies? The arc of history, in your approach, can be changed and properly redirected away from degeneracy, which is nice to know. But Spengler’s holistic view of organisms naturally aging and dying according to their shelflife offers no such hope.

  94. anarchyst says:

    The negroes who were invited to Russia (Soviet Union) were kept separate from ordinary Russians, had their own dormitories and living quarters and in general were not permitted to acquire Russian women. Even the soviets were aware of the “black problem”.

  95. anarchyst says:

    “Separation of Church and State” does not apply to jews. Jews have been successful in getting (Christian) “religious displays” removed from public property. Proof that jews do not “practice what they preach” is the proliferation of jewish “religious symbology” (menorahs) on public property, even at the White House.
    Double standard, indeed…

    • Agree: Robjil, Schuetze
    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @GeneralRipper
  96. Chris Moore says: • Website

    RodentBill why do you insist on interpreting Christianity exclusively as an inflexible religioun instead of the moral code, touchstone and flexible way of life with some simple bottom lines it has always been, particularly as practiced in the West? When one faction becomes too fanatical, another arises.

    And why do you shoehorn and pigeon hole it in this manner while quoting the ((Jewish)) misanthrope father of the bomb ((Albert Einstein)) favorably?

    Me thinks you’re just another stunted Zoglodyte stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum, but one with murderous Zionist intentions if he doesn’t get his way, just like your ((Jewish)) overlords.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  97. Abridged version: It’s the Jews. Here’s proof.

  98. Robjil says:

    “Separation of Church and State” does not apply to jews.

    That Church and State separation does not apply to the Jewish religion since it has no church, but a temple or synagogue. This theme is not even mentioned in the Bill of Rights. It states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion”.

    The correct “separation” would be Separation of Religion and State according to the Bill of Rights. Thus, the endless talk of C and S separation in our faux free Zion MSM. Therefore, wars for Israel, Menorahs everywhere, and billions for Israel is OK since the Jewish religion has not a church.

    The first clause in the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

    Though not explicitly stated in the First Amendment, the clause is often interpreted to mean that the Constitution requires the separation of church and state.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  99. Emslander says:

    When Christianity was the accepted culture of America, everybody knew the general principles of behavior. They called on us to live within natural moral law, which is written on our hearts. In consequence, our short time here might be difficult, but our reward comes in eternity. It’s the self-negation these principles develop in people that makes for a peaceful, ordered and respectful polity.

    I’m old enough to know how really quickly this time goes, even for the longest lived of us. I’ve also learned clearly not to envy those who now have much, but live in evil.

    You have no basis for insulting me or any others who see that it’s the LOSS of Christian standards that afflicts Western Civilization, not your perceived super-abundance of Christian voters. I don’t think you can point to any part of current American behavior that’s so Christian that it’s a danger to your well being. I think it’s quite the opposite.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  100. haha says:

    Bang on! Anyone with half a functioning brain and even a rudimentary political education should be able to see that there is nothing Marxist in ‘Wokeism’, nor in LGBTQXYZ, and certainly not in the current crop of “gender dystopia” theories.

    Marx focused on the social division of the economic pie, correctly identifying how and why some end up gobbling almost the entire pies, leaving only crumbs for many. These “Cultural Marxists” (to throw this oxymoronic term back at them), who don’t know their front sides from their back sides, can hardly be expected to understand how capitalism (or anything) works.

    There is a lot to fault in Marxism, and there were certainly dozens of warts in socialism as applied, but an inability to tell Dick from Jane there never was.

  101. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    The Jews managed to ban lunch time prayer at the US Naval Academy, they succeeded in having a Jewish “chapel” erected there.

  102. Hillaire says:

    Are you sure ‘bill’ ?… you sound a little undecided there fella….

  103. @Emslander

    70 years of the US’s primary behavior is making war upon the world. The bulk of the human trash in the military are christians. The bulk of the police that enforce all the nonsense laws are christians. When they come for your weapons it will be christians in uniform. When they bang the heads of peaceful protesters, shoot them with rubber bullets, cave their skulls in with batons, it will be christians.

    These people are a direct threat to me and any truly moral people that want to hurt no one and live peaceful lives. It is the human trash, mostly christian in the US, that provides the coercion for the political class they serve for a paycheck. I know enough about christianity to recognize the judas in the society.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Emslander
  104. @RoatanBill

    Atheists are people with a good bullshit detector.

    Hilarious. You clearly haven’t spent time around atheists. I’ve been around hundreds of them.

    US and European White atheists are even more reliable voters for the left than Jews. Orthodox Jews actually tend to vote conservative while atheists are overwhelming left. Not only do atheists vote left but they tend to be far-left on issues like race and abortion.

    Anyone who has actually been around atheists doesn’t find this surprising at all.

    Atheism is the religion of liberal arrogance. It declares that no gods exist and race/gender doesn’t exist either. The latter is easily disprovable but the atheist has declared the world to exist in a godless egalitarian state and this must be true.

    But feel free to meet up with atheists and get back to us. Ask them to explain how racial groups can be separated for 70k years and only end up with superficial differences. See how fast they disown you.

    As I said before there is really no such thing as Western secularism. Very few Whites can separate liberalism from secularism. It will never be separate so if you support Whites then you need to stop bashing Christianity. An atheistic anti-left movement will only exist in sci-fi movies. It’s a complete fantasy.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  105. haha says:

    “For example, what “economic Marxism” was to the Soviet Union, “cultural Marxism” is now to the West.”

    But for God’s sake why drag in “Marx” and “Marxism” into this label? We may as well label it “cultural parallel lines that intersect”. This label will at least have some descriptive truth value as it applies to, and describes, a universe in which you can be a man one minute and a woman the next. If a person believes that gender is merely a matter of choice and is fluid and variable at will, then that person can also cheerfully believe in parallel lines intersecting.

    We live in interesting times indeed. “Believing in half a dozen impossible things before breakfast” is now within the ability of many enlightened people.

    BTW, the prestigious British Medical Journal, The Lancet, now prefers to avoid the potentially “offensive” and “insensitive” word “women” and has chosen to refer to them as “people with vaginas”. Do a Google search and look up this latest idiocy. Perhaps we are soon to be addressed as “Cunts and Dicks” as Ladies and Gentlemen is now deemed politically incorrect, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc., etc.

    But to return to the main point: What has poor Marx to do with all this?

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  106. Discouraging to find that even Andrew Joyce does not distinguish “complement” and “compliment”.

  107. @John Johnson

    I’m an atheist. I know less than one handful of atheists. That you know hundreds is bullshit if you’re in the US since they comprise a minuscule part of society, especially in the US.

    The rest of your post is drivel.

    How atheists vote doesn’t matter since christians swamp them in numbers. All the evils the US represents is due in large part to christians.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  108. But to return to the main point: What has poor Marx to do with all this?

    It was Marxists in the colleges that switched from pushing hardline economic Marxism to what we call cultural Marxism which is an extremely destructive belief system whereby everything White/Western is depicted as the ultimate evil and responsible for all global inequity. Marxists are the ones that started this war and that is why they are referenced. This is all well documented.

    If you have a better name this by all means suggest it. But the name reflects the history whereby Marxists basically knew by WW2 that they had weak economic arguments and switched to blaming Whitey and pushing for control of the world as the second best option.

    You can find old left/hardline Marxists on youtube trying to argue economics and it is pathetic. That is why academic Marxists switched to focusing on the culture and undermining Whites in every area possible. They even created an entire system (critical theory) where they don’t have to engage in debate or explain their ideas on a rational level.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @haha
  109. Rich says:

    OHaving dodged the draft, you have no clue about what the majority of soldiers believe, and being old, you have no idea what the young believe. There is a significant presence of Christians in the military, but it is a significant minority. Do you think either Lloyd Austin or General Milley are devout Christians? Having actually served in the military, no draft dodging for me or my family, I can tell you that it is the Christian soldiers who prevent the atheists from committing war crimes, who influence their fellows not to go beyond the acceptable norms of war. Murder, rape, looting, etc., violate the Christian ethos, a soldier, anyone, raised under that ethic, would naturally be against hurting the innocent. Even if you hate Christianity, you have to admit that it teaches its adherents to obey an exemplary moral code. Those who reject it and act in reprehensible manners, are usually atheists. Christians fear the wrath of hell, atheists don’t.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  110. @Rich

    Shove that fairy tale up your ass.

    The christians are the bulk of the military and do the bulk of the murdering.

    • Replies: @Rich
  111. Rich says:

    I’m always amused by those who are experts on subjects with which they have no experience or knowledge. I’m also amused by those who are unfamiliar with the definition of ‘murder’. You’re amusing.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  112. @Rich

    As a good christian, you put on a gov’t supplied costume and the gov’t absolves you of your sins of murder and mayhem.

    Despite your mentally weak protestations, murder even in some costume and even with the blessing of the state is still murder.

    You are disgusting. Typical of a good christian.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @profnasty
  113. The ongoing argument that cultural marxism isn’t marxism… stupid and absurd.

    Just call it jewish supremacism….because that’s what it is.

    Cultural marxism/political correctness/wokeism/communism/jewish internationalism/globohomo…….all various labels for jewish supremacism and nation wrecking.

    The main goal of the jewish elite is world domination by any means necessary, and the strategy adjusts to present conditions, and the end results are always starvation and destruction and mass murder.

  114. @Anon

    Typical libertrarian boilerplate.

    There is no abstract free market. There is no such thing as a true free market. A free market is impossible. It is an abstract, platonic ideal somebody mad up, like “science,” never existed never will.

    But I get what you mean. Billionaires want monopoly not competition. Shore. Yore right there.

    But if you actually were to have a “free” market, it wouldn’t work like the way you think it would. Because a truly “free” market, with the most perfect competition there could be (in this highly imperfect world), would mean draconian government regulation. Without strict and all-inclusive regulation, the big fish with the bad mousetraps eat the little fish with the good mousetraps, and we right back where we be right now, yas you weel.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Anon
  115. anarchyst says:

    You are correct. “Separation of Church and state” was not mentioned once in the founding documents and has no place in our legal system.
    Actually “separation of Church and state” was an invention by jewish lawyers along with jewish judges pointed squarely at Christianity.
    ((They)) have been successful in removing Christianity from the public square.
    Hopefully their arrogance with their menorah displays will come back to “bite” them…
    One can only hope.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  116. @John Johnson

    Typical libertrarian cross-eyed cornfusion.

    You got it exactly ass-backwards.

    Economic Marxists are so right on the money, so prescient, so incontestably right, so perfectly correctomundo, that right-wing billionaires have to push this insidious woke thing so they have some crummy thing to blame on the economic Marxists, thereby undermining them–all just so’s as nobody listens to the economic Marxists, because, if somebody ever did, that would be the end of the billionaires-poof!

    You really don’t understand conspiracies. Read some books.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @John Johnson
  117. SafeNow says:

    An intense (to put it mildly) debate was going on today regarding Christian values. As usual when these debates happen, I find myself thinking that both sides are making good points, and it gives me a lot to think about. Thanks for the discussion.

  118. Truth says:

    Richard, you got one correct.

  119. Mehen says:


    Most excellent.

    Thank you, Dr. Joyce.

  120. Weaver says:

    I very much appreciate this review. I probably would not have been aware of Bolton’s book otherwise. I’ll be sure to order a copy. Freud is huge in academia, today.

    Many books seem useless, but this one sounds important. However, we might need to start over with large families and small communities the way things are now. A societal reversal of culture seems difficult. For one thing, as comments here make clear, a church will be needed that isn’t so perverse. East Orthodox? Something Middle Eastern?

    Certain Christians once believed in three races, preached against Babel. It’s nigh impossible to find such today. Another alternative that’s been attempted is of course paganism, which is always a joke. I know of no religion which frowns on miscegenation. Parsis, as I’ve written before, exclude others for nonreligious reasons.

    Bouncing from here will be difficult. I’ll be sure to read the book.

  121. Weaver says:

    The distributists are superior to the Marxists:

    Why must one choose between one monkey ideology and another? Anyway, before Marx there were plenty of critics of liberalism.

  122. Bookish1 says:

    I guess we can understand Hitler now since the same crap was going on in Germany (and still is)

  123. Weaver says:

    A free market is possible, just not the definition the AnCap/libertarians give for it.

    There were markets in feudalism, markets in Rome and Greek city states, markets in communist societies. And none would have allowed one peasant to buy up all the land or one lord to abuse his people. Aristotle speaks of land redistribution, limits on size. It’s not at all a new idea to impose limits on a market. Little people balanced power when abused in the past, just as you’d expect them to today.

    What’s new is Europeans dropped their history, their political science, for a monkey ideology, classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is akin to opium, its addicts a threat to civilisation. It’s worse than just an ideology of societal suicide, as has been said.

    • Replies: @Anon
  124. This “cultural marxism” term is a trick. Made up by people who do not have your best interests in mind, to employ meiosis. It was not made up by people like you. It was made up by people who hate you and want you to take a flying leap into a lake or something.

    How does the trick work?

    Why they connect up wokism, which sucks and is bad for you, with socialism, which is good and good for you, too, when there is no connection whatsoever.

    Thus demonizing socialism to people who would benefit greatly from it.

    Remember: billionaires hate socialism (except socialism for themselves). If you hate socialism, why don’t you just go present yourself to the billionaires and inform them I be yo ape.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  125. Rich says:

    Come on, Bill, you’ve never met a good Christian? Really? Some hard working guy goes to work every day, supports his family, helps his neighbors, is moderate in his habits and goes to Church every Sunday? That guy is “disgusting”? If true, you’ve never met a Christian. The best people I’ve ever met were religious Christians, they’re the folks who forced me to take the Faith seriously. A shame you’ve apparently never come across one, but in this fallen world, as we’ve drifted further from the saving Grace of Christ, and into atheism, I shouldn’t be surprised. Where there’s life, there’s hope,though. Good luck.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  126. @RoatanBill

    I’m an atheist. I know less than one handful of atheists. That you know hundreds is bullshit if you’re in the US since they comprise a minuscule part of society, especially in the US.

    I said I have known hundreds.

    How about asking before showing yet again your presumptuous arrogance?

    If you spend 6 years in a university and half the people you know are in the physical sciences then yes it is easy to meet hundreds.

    The rest of your post is drivel.

    What exactly are you saying is drivel? That White atheists are reliable voters for the left? That has been true since the 1920s.

    Secular voters support gay marriage by over 98%, gun control 90%

    Trump would be president if not for secular Whites.

    So what were you saying about atheism being a bullshit detector? They sure do line up for liberalism which you seem to agree is a load of bullshit.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  127. @Rich

    Most people are pretty reasonable and decent given a normal surrounding. I have no idea what their religious preferences are because I don’t care; I don’t pry into their personal business.

    Most military volunteers are statistically christian in the US. The US military murders people around the globe. Therefore, by process of connect the dots, it is christians that are helping the Fed Gov murder women, children, the aged, destroying their infrastructure and for absolutely no reason. The Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and various other adventures of the US military and their associated spook agencies have been murdering for decades.

    You can try and wiggle out of this obvious situation by any duplicitous means you can think of and use whatever mental gymnastics to try to put lipstick on this pig, but it won’t work. Christians are not the moral leaders, far from it.

    • Replies: @Rich
  128. @John Johnson

    Last time I checked, atheists are about 4% of the population. If you’ve known hundreds, then the minimum you’ve known is 200. That means you know the religious leanings of 5000 people. Do you really expect me to believe this? Do you go around interrogating people’s religious convictions? I call bullshit.

    You fail to mention that I said atheists are not a significant voting block and are swamped by the christians, jews and other sects. Therefore how they vote is a rounding error and consequently makes no difference. No one caters to the atheist vote as they do for the christians, jews, blacks, browns, women, freaks, etc.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  129. haha says:
    @John Johnson

    Oh My God, is it so difficult to understand what Marxism is (I should say “was” because the poor thing seems to be practically dead now)? Most of the intellectual playboys who flirted with Marxism in Western academia were exactly that: playboys who dabbled in Marxism to get a vicarious kick of rebellion. Those poor idiots wouldn’t have recognized Marxism, or rebellion, or desperate poverty in broad daylight if they had ever encountered those. As the saying goes, they had no skin in the game.

    Similar idiots are now gazing at their navels, trying to make a mystery out of what lies between their legs! Marx and real Marxists, whatever you think of them, and whatever their faults, were much too focused on reality and material matters to bother with gender mysticism. Just as the devil may quote the scriptures, just so assorted crackpots may lay claim to Marx.

    A proper intellectual critique of Marx and Marxism is very much in order. In any case it should be easy, given the many failures of Marxist ideology in practice. But the American tradition of conflating Marxism or Communism with “all that is evil” is childish and simplistic. It is also the path of least resistance for those disinclined to much intellectual labor. Why waste time analyzing shades of grey when a simple black and white outlook on life is easy and socially respectable?

    The label of “Cultural Marxism” may sound clever to the ignorant but it should be recognized for what it is: When claimed by the “left”, it is but a fraudulent attempt at being a rebel, or pioneer, or “progressive”; when used by the “right”, it is a labelling of something as “Commie stuff”. Both the left and the right are totally wrong, for in reality most of Cultural Marxism is best described as “Cultural Idiocy” or “Cultural Psychopathology”.

  130. HbutnotG says:

    Prestigious to who? Certainly not doctors (‘xcuse me…”health care providers”).

    The Lancet became a socialista rag decades ago to real doctors – even the Karen ones, I’ve noticed. CNN et al still quote it like it was some authoritative journal. But they got their degrees in journalism. They’re not where you go for medical advice no matter how drama driven their delivery. I don’t see colorectal surgeons sitting at that news desk talking about a forest fire or the Afghan withdrawal or, even about COVID. COVID is (((Wolf Blitzer’s))) province.

  131. anonymous[298] • Disclaimer says:

    I watched the Borat filthy cartoonish repulsive mockery of White Christian morals. I wonder what IF I could make a movie about mocking Judaism, let say a Rabbi during a circumcision bites and swallows the babys penis…and the family demands he gives it back…wow what a bloody brawl. Lets say a white fat deplorable shows up at a synagogue halfnaked, plenty of hair and fleshy contours of a huge horse gentile penis, with a Talmud asking the women to help him convert to judaism. Or a cheerleader with no panties, with a hairy, bloody big vagina dancing, jumping, swirling with Hassidic orthodox men…funny???

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Weaver
  132. Weaver says:

    I mostly agree with what you’re saying, and I have made nearly the same argument before. Belloc argued that socialism is a return to slavery. However, we see today that only “socialist” societies, currently, can resist US hegemony. It’s better in many cases, for most people, to be free from the US empire.

    I have condemned linking Marx with cultural marxism, for fear it would lead to liberalism. Even if Marx deserves such linkage, I never wish to encourage liberalism. So, you’re not the only one.

  133. @obwandiyag

    Typical libertrarian cross-eyed cornfusion.

    Did you even notice who you were replying to? I’m the most anti-libertarian poster here.

    Economic Marxists are so right on the money, so prescient, so incontestably right, so perfectly correctomundo, that right-wing billionaires have to push this insidious woke thing so they have some crummy thing to blame on the economic Marxists

    The economic Marxists were right? Yea nothing says worker’s paradise like gunning down someone that tries to escape. Even up until the collapse of the GDR they would threaten to kill your entire family if you tried to leave.


    Even Cuba still executes people that try to leave.

    Clearly there is something flawed in Marxist economics if it can’t be implemented without trying to kill people that want to escape his great plans.

    You really don’t understand conspiracies. Read some books.

    I rarely read about conspiracies. They don’t interest me as most are bunk.

    However I have read quite a bit about economics and can see why the left turned to cultural Marxism. If you want I can dig up some debates on youtube between economic Marxists and what are basically Keynesian economists. It’s embarrassing to watch. It is basically an alchemist trying to debate a modern chemist.

    Just because I reject Marxist economics does not mean I embrace free market capitalism. You can criticize free market capitalism and globalism from a non-Marxist perspective. Marx was not the first person to point out that capitalism creates economic divides and gives a major advantage to the wealthy. The Roman even talked about this. Marx called for top down control of the entire economy through a worker’s dictatorship. That failed miserably within the first year of the Soviet Union. Amusingly they were heavily dependent on trade with Germany and there was only a pause in trade during the war. So the great worker’s state depended on German capitalism and in fact trade with Germany kept them from collapsing in the 70s.

  134. @Johnny Smoggins


    Communism recognizes no private property among individuals. Everything is owned by the State — i.e. owned by the Party bosses who rule the state.

    And indeed, look at what we have…

    Democrats say your house does not belong not to you. It belongs to the State (i.e. to Democrats). Democrat eviction moratoriums take ownership of your house, and prevent you from removing tenants who refuse to pay you any rent. (However Democrats approve of evicting tenants for failure to be vaxxed.)

    Democrats say your kids do not belong not to you. Your kids belong to the State (i.e. to Democrats). You have no say over what your kids are exposed to in public school.

    Democrats say your body does not belong to you. It belongs to the State (i.e. to Democrats) who will inject it with whatever they want, whenever they want.

    The Great Reset says, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” If that’s not Communism, I don’t know what is.

    People who claim that “There is no such thing as cultural Marxism” think they are being clever, when in fact they are morons.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @JM
  135. HbutnotG says:
    @cd of central FL

    I’ve known lots of juice too. And, yes, nice decent people. Most of the ones I know are politically conservative for the same reason I am – you want something? work for it; I did and it didn’t kill me. The ones whose political ilk I’m unsure of, I’ve never discussed politics with or cared what they thought. We had other things to talk about. Oh, there was a Jew or two totally wrapped up in their own ambition, screw everybody else. But with those, you easily caught on. I’ve know quite a few goys of the same ilk, and more than a couple of those goys were very coy about it.

    I think my experience with Jews is because Jews, in my experience, hang out with those of similar values and interests. Unlike many goys I know who’ll mix with anyone just because they go to the same church and mutual ass kissing, no matter what, is somehow fun.

  136. JM says:

    Looking at the Communist Manifesto, one can see that Marx was preoccupied (p. 31-) in decrying i) the hypocrisy of the “bourgeois family” (the hypocritical character of the family of the “ruling class”) and ii) the hypocrisy of bourgeois critics of “Communism” who asserted that the Communists wanted to destroy the family of the workers when their very system constantly required the destruction of all social and economic relationships.

    Thus Marx held the view that the “proletarian family” was an almost non-existent social category.

    The issue was, what would “society” do to replace it? He dismissed (p.59-) the (well intentioned) aims of the earlier socialists to wind the clock back to earlier forms of the family (&etc) as Utopian constructs/schemas and instead (p. 84) we have this:

    “What will be the influence of communist society on the family? It will transform the relations between the sexes into a purely private matter which concerns only the persons involved and into which society has no occasion to intervene. It can do this since it does away with private property and educates children on a communal basis, and in this way removes the two bases of traditional marriage – the dependence rooted in private property, of the women on the man, and of the children on the parents.
    And here is the answer to the outcry of the highly moral philistines against the ―community of women.‖ Community of women is a condition which belongs entirely to bourgeois society and which today finds its complete expression in prostitution. But prostitution is based on
    private property and falls with it. Thus, communist society, instead of introducing community of women, in fact abolishes it.”

    This is without a doubt – the “socialisation of the family”: the replacement of the “destructive social effects of the capitalist system” with the socialisation of family functions.

    BUT one should note – and this is critical – that Marx NEVER proposed the social engineering of the Family under “capitalism”….which is precisely what almost all of the Left and Far Left seek to do under this modern system of Oligarchic Globalising Imperialism (“Neo-Liberalism”). Whether he would DEFEND what remains of the working class family against that, however, is problematic. Perhaps he would condemn it as “Utopian” (!). Or, given that in his policy for Germany, he, inter alia advocated this:

    12. All civil servants shall receive the same salary, the only exception being that civil servants who have a family to support and who therefore have greater requirements, shall receive a higher salary.

    – indicating sympathy for the position of the Family – he may have taken the former position.

    • Thanks: Weaver
  137. aandrews says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “In his first bout, he beats up one of the top MMA female fighters.”

    As with The Matrix, it’s something you have to see to truly understand.
    Alana Mclaughlin vs Celine Full Fight Video

    As one of the YouTube commenters noted, McLaughlin blocked all of Celine’s punches with his face. Celine’s sinuses were supposedly fractured. After the fight, still in the cage, she was on all-fours, head down, bleeding onto a towel (14:15) one of the ring carnies sled under her face. The ex-Green Beret didn’t break a sweat (15:43). Referring to the fight, one of the ring announcers said he “didn’t know what to think about it”. LOL But it was also “a victory for the trans community”. It was criminal.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  138. @haha

    As if you are an intellectual heavyweight.

    I think not.

    As I mentioned above, the quibbling about whether cultural marxism is marxism is fucking STUPID.

    All of it is jewish supremacism and it’s designed to destroy Christendom.

    Whether the jewing is by class or the jewing is done by race, I don’t really give a fuck, it’s still JEWING.

    The overriding goal is to wreck western civilization, to disempower white Christian people, to make the world “user friendly” (avert anudda shoah) for those poor poisecuted jews.

    Who knows if Marx would have approved of what they are doing, and who CARES?

    Do you think that Adam Schiff gives a fuck about Karl Marx? How about Soros? Jerry Nadler?
    Tim Wise? How about Mayorkas? Do you think that stupid disloyal cocksucker gives a shit about Marx?

    This is how many angels can fit on the head of a pin jerking off shit.

  139. Weaver says:

    Borat is yet another supremacist. If you made a film like that, mention how they don’t view Arabs as human. Maybe they drink from the skull of a child they killed or talk as they torture someone who complained they stole his house. Or have a donor brag that he controls the NAACP; when he says jump, they but ask how high. Then have him complain Clarence Thomas can’t be bought or complain Barbara Jordan videos are still up. You could mention Ice Cube backing down when critical of Dems and Jews.

    Borat doesn’t hold back. The things you mention wouldn’t hit hard enough. The weakness is highlighting their supremacism. Even a joke about Borat mocking Hitler as a moderate, or Hitler stealing Borat’s supremacist ideas. The usual landlord mention or how the media hides that BLM rioted against Jews in LA. There’s a lot that could be done in a movie like that.

    You could have a mock Borat receiving a surprise visit from Evangelical donors as he’s in the midst of bulldozing a Palestinian church. But yea he has no talent. To make the sort of humor he makes requires him to hate his targets. It’d be hard for a normal person to do the same. I’m just highlighting how easy it’d be. Or have Zuckerberg child with locks on the side trying to get China to give Israel money.

  140. Weaver says:

    Just to add, if you did make a comedy like that, it would be most impactful if you didn’t mock noses or circumcision, other rude things. Such would be labeled as anti.

    Instead, jokes should be political, in addition to what I mentioned in other reply, something like 9/11 or USS Liberty, other false flags. Or jokes about Israel’s founding involving terrorism, or about Epstein, or dual citizens, gamblers like Adelson, the mafia, arms dealers, or the Rothschilds. The focus in part would be to portray an arrogant, condescending elite. Because what you’d be doing is leading a slave revolt.

    The usual stereotype of noses saying “shut it down” wouldn’t work. It needs to be elites stepping on people; that’s the weakness.

    Similarly, a joke on affirmative action would work. A white could ask what percentage of the student body of the top 50 universities is Jewish, compared with percentage of population, things like that. And ask why Chinese are excluded despite higher scores.

    That sort of movie would work, would just need to reject everything demeaning and gross, reject all rude or uncouth portrayals.

    The only question is whether the impact would be wanted. You’d see Holocaust museums close, the ADL decline, funding for Israel diminish. But it might go further. Eventually we’re headed in that direction regardless, but would you wish to start that Boulder rolling? 2/2

  141. @RoatanBill

    Last time I checked, atheists are about 4% of the population. If you’ve known hundreds, then the minimum you’ve known is 200. That means you know the religious leanings of 5000 people. Do you really expect me to believe this? Do you go around interrogating people’s religious convictions? I call bullshit.

    Like I said you should have just asked.

    6 years in university.

    2 years in a university city.

    1 year working in a liberal city.

    Involved in numerous liberal political groups.

    Met around 250-300 secular Whites.

    No I don’t interrogate people on their religious beliefs. But I can say that around 98% of secular Whites I have met believed that:

    Evolution created humans and no god had any part.
    Race/gender is a social construct and evil White racists/rightists caused global inequality.
    Humans did not develop differences from evolution other than superficial differences.
    Anyone who disagrees must be from a Christian/conservative/ignorant/selfish/evil White male alliance.

    As I have mentioned in other threads I had secular Anthro grad students go after me on a personal level for asking questions. They started looking up my personal contacts on the internet and tried getting me banned from the university.

    This is a real war and not an intellectual conversation. The anti-Christian stuff needs to end. The left has no morals or principles other than wanting to eliminate us. There is no room for attacking Christians. You only do the bidding of the left by doing so.

    You fail to mention that I said atheists are not a significant voting block and are swamped by the christians, jews and other sects.

    Secular Whites are a significant voting block in numerous states like California and NY. Trump would be president if they didn’t vote. I can provide the numbers if you would like.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  142. FatR says:

    “Israel’s lurch to the right is just a conspiracy theory, goy!”

    Again, you’re conflating lefties screaming and ranting about “lurch to the right” with actual lurch to the right, because otherwise you obviously would have no ground about complaining that the perversion sexual morals are a deliberate attack from the group whose own country pushed feminism to the point of putting women into infantry ahead of anyone else and prides itself on being one of the gay-friendliest places on the globe.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  143. FatR says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “The rest is mostly correct, but here, you’re wrong. You assess things according to old-fashioned, 19th C standards. West is still the best & absolutely the most powerful area in the world- despite temporary insanity.”

    I’m afraid it is you, who’s stuck in XIX century. Certainly, the West is still powerful. But (as in every developed country) the vast majority of its actual productive economy is managed by a handful of megacorps per industry sector. Large-scale production is just vastly more effective at, well, producing. Whatever remains of actual middle class (owners of small businnesses) won’t be able to feed themselves at all, if something like a revolution by violent re-distributionists (whether they would call themselves communists or greens, or natsocs) was to disrupt operations of said megacorps, much less to maintain their current stnadards of living, because currently they mostly just sell stuff to each other, or, in rarer cases, deliver small amounts of luxury products to the upper segment of the market. Certainly, I don’t like very much the situation where the big capitalists are increasingly refusing to provide for me just because I lucked out to be born in my country, and they have subverted all the social movements that helped the common people to bargain with them (or extort them) before. But I don’t like communist bullshit about big capitalists being, as a rule, stealers of wealth and reasons for poverty – which the author of this article is blatantly pushing – even more, because it is bullshit, as was proven by attempts to put it to the test.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  144. @A little boy in the crowd

    Communism implies that all things are owned in common which isn’t quite that you end up owning nothing; in fact you end up owning everything. I doubt these billionaires running society would want to share their properties and profits with the general population or are guided by any of the principles of Marxism. Early Christians were communists before the Churches corrupted the original teachings, and the original lifestyles of the Apostles were communistic.

  145. Rich says:

    With my bad knees I don’t usually try to do too much wriggling, a lifetime of sports and hard work have put an end to my gymnastics. And you aren’t wrong, the US being nominally a majority Christian nation, the majority of enlistees would be registered as “Christian”. How many do you think attend Mass or go to services? A handful? Maybe more before a combat mission. If your definition of ‘Christian” is anyone descended from Christians, or anyone ever baptized, then the majority are Christian. If the definition is those who actually believe in the general tenets of the religion, the number would get a little smaller. Is someone who cries out when he gets a papercut really a Stoic because his grandparents were? Don’t you have to practice a religion to actually be a member of it?

    That being said, it is perfectly acceptable, under the just war doctrine, for Christians to participate in the military actions of their nation. In fact, it’s a good thing when a nation’s military is filled with practicing Christians because they are less likely to take part in illegal actions.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  146. A.M. says:

    You keep citing that wikipedia article, it proves nothing. No true socialist supports this or any kind of degeneracy. Homosexuality was temporarily legal in Russia, like it is today and you like today’s Russia, when the tsarist code of law was abolished, and it wasn’t abolished in every soviet republic, and not every old bolshevik, who included Stalin, and many other’s like him, thought homosexuality should be legal, and it was also legal in the Third Reich for a time, and you never call the Nazis pozzed because of it. Just drop the bullshit and admit that not everyone who identifies with the left is the same kind of pathological individualistic shit that all of today’s western “new leftists” are.

    • Replies: @FvS
  147. @FatR

    From what I can see in the West, the owners of the small businesses, especially shops which used to be “mom and pop” stores are now owned by Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians and other subcons, as are almost all the souvenir shops in the tourist centres. The “Italian” restaurants outside of Italy are no longer authentic and are now owned mostly by Arabs and Albanians. The taxi services are also owned increasingly by the subcon immigrants. This ownership of small businesses by immigrants will only increase as their population grows and as they further expand into what are still predominantly white areas.

  148. @John Johnson

    As I suspected, you made the number up. Secular white does not equal atheist.

    The anti religious stuff needs to intensify, not just for christians but for all believers in the nonsense of a god. It is this lie that has no basis in reality that teaches people to use a belief system instead of evidence to then go on to believe in all manner of authority that doesn’t exist. My beef is with gov’t, and it is the very religious that believe it must exist to murder people around the globe, now lock people up via house arrest for a made up virus epidemic, and in general stifle mans very existence to enrich themselves. The political class is determined to reduce the average person to the status of a serf. It looks like the US is gearing up for a shooting war with China which will quickly escalate to nuclear. If the world is to survive, the sociopaths known as the political class need to be done away with before they cancel humanity due to their hubris.

    Once a belief system is accepted as true when there’s no evidence for it, then the next belief system that also isn’t true is easier to accept. The concept of god is simply replaced with the concept of president, governor, mayor, etc. As you fight for your ridiculous notion that some guy named jesus is the be all and end all for what’s correct and good, you are supporting the extermination of the human race. Pray to one vote for the other.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Realist
  149. @Rich

    That being said, it is perfectly acceptable, under the just war doctrine, for Christians to participate in the military actions of their nation. In fact, it’s a good thing when a nation’s military is filled with practicing Christians because they are less likely to take part in illegal actions.

    Your attitude is the exemplar of the problem. Who made up the just war doctrine? Is it a fact of nature like gravity or is it a convenient excuse to allow the dolts to assuage their conscience when coveting their neighbor’s goods?

    You are saying that when wearing a certain gov’t sponsored costume, it is perfectly acceptable to murder and destroy others infrastructure because some asshole called a president said it’s OK and because the worst sociopaths in the country, known as the congress, wrote some shit on a piece of paper that authorized it. Governments around the world murdered an estimated over 200,000,000 people in the 20th century alone and you call that OK.

    Check out :

    Which ones, in just the 21st century were justified as a defensive action, or was every one an offensive adventure for profit?

  150. @obwandiyag

    The post- modern so-called lefties are trying to hijack leftism and these rightists are helping them along by confusing the issues. Furthermore, even these new age pseudo leftists, Antifa, “woke” people, etc. no matter how obnoxious and wrong on many issues they may be, are hardly on the side of the billionaires and their government’s anti-social and imperialist, warmongering policies. In fact most are opposed to these policies, and probably more so than these rightists who claim that the street level leftists are the surrogate of cops enforcing the government policies. In fact the rightist could be accused of being the same, enforcers of the anti-people capitalist ideology that is behind everything that is wrong with current society. And just like the left they focus too much on racial and individual issues. It’s time to move beyond the left and right, and perhaps not by trying to unite them against what should be their common enemy, the government and oligarchy, but reject them both and look for something new that will get the job done of overthrowing the current order of things, or in fact the current disorder.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  151. Chris Moore says: • Website

    RodentBill hates Christianity and Western Civilization so much he was glad when ((Jews)) greased Catholic Kennedy, he was glad when they greased the sailors on USS Liberty, he was glad when ((LBJ)) put America in Nam for the MIC and built the Big Brother welfare state, he was glad when ((Jews)) did 9/11 for Israel and used it to lie America into endless Mideast wars…

    RodentBill epitomizes the hypocrite “libertarian” or “liberal” who is driven by reactionary Zoglodyte pathologies just like his ((Jewish)) masters.

    When confronted with the contradiction of being a “libertarian” but supporting ZOG and its works, he blames everything on Christians, just like “liberals” blame everything on Whites and Christians.

    “Oy! Oy! If there were no Christians, Whites, West, the world would be paradise!”

    The ((Jews)) have been poison-pimping confidence men selling this line for some 2000 years. Eventually they built up enough degenerate Zoglodyte adherents like RodentBill and his ilk to attempt an overthrow of the West. All they’re doing is destroying civilization, but being stunted psychopaths, sadomasochists and dysfunctional reprobates due to their own acquiescence to ((Jewish)) brainwashing and embrace of degenerate Zoglodyte “values,” they simply don’t care.

  152. geokat62 says:

    Again, you’re conflating lefties screaming and ranting about “lurch to the right” with actual lurch to the right…

    You’re right! The Zionist project is lurching to the left… and this assertion is easily backed up with the following demographic info:

    … and the Bank of Israel forecasts that by 2065, ultra-Orthodox Jews will make up 25% of the Israeli population.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  153. Rich says:

    After the Muslim conquest of Christian lands in the East, the idea of a pacifistic Christianity in the face of aggression was ended. We’d all be Muslims today if we hadn’t chosen to fight back. Now, is it your contention that self defense is never justified? That the Christians in the East should not have fought back? That makes no sense and is not realistic.

    Actually, every war in the Middle East can be justified simply because most of those lands were stolen from Christian nations by invading Muslims. Afghanistan, obviously, was justified based on the Taliban providing aid and comfort to the group blamed for the 9-11 attacks. Not that I’d have fought it in quite the same manner, but it can be called a “just war”.

  154. @haha

    Oh My God, is it so difficult to understand what Marxism is (I should say “was” because the poor thing seems to be practically dead now)?

    You are thinking in terms of classical Marxism which is of course dead.

    What you are not getting is that what is commonly referred to as Cultural Marxism is not merely the opinions of the modern left nor is it a fabrication of the right.

    It is an entirely new way of thinking created by the Frankfurt School and its followers.

    A key goal is to undermine objectivity itself through what is called critical theory. It’s a giant leap away from Western thinking where you have to explain yourself and your ideas.

    Pay attention and you will never see someone in an open forum say I’m a highly educated liberal and I’d be happy to explain why race doesn’t exist. That never happens because critical theory says they don’t have to explain themselves because positioning yourself as objective on an issue like race isn’t objective by nature and thus supportive of racism/Westernism/injustice/etc.

    So if you knock on the university door and say “I’d like to debate this idea that gender is a social construct” they get to write you off as being non-objective for challenging the idea in the first place.

    This is called postmodern thinking. The “modern” thinking that occurs here is considered false and less evolved because it accepts objectivity. So in their minds they are well above us by not having to explain themselves or debate their ideas. They can however make all the declarations they want (White men caused inequality x y z) and not have to defend those statements because again if you question them in the first place you are supporting modern thinking and all the bad isms that go with it. In fact they not only get to make declarations but the entire structure of thinking is designed to tear down all things Western. So it is ideologically driven against Whites/capitalism/Christianity/etc.

    If postmodernism/critical theory/Cultural Marxism all sounds like a giant load of BS well it certainly is. But it’s how the left dominates the social sciences and other departments while not having to explain themselves.

    • Replies: @haha
  155. @Rich

    Show me where I propose that defense isn’t justified. Defense is the only justification for violence.

    You built a straw man so you could knock it down.

    Let me be clear. If I had my way, we would be killing all predators in the society. Anyone from purse snatcher to murderer needs to be killed, not imprisoned, killed. Anyone that initiates force or fraud against another is a predator and needs killing.

    Using your illogic, then the American Indians deserve to kill off all non American Indians because people long dead took over when they shouldn’t have. It’s the same stupid argument for black reparations. I should pay because someone I never met enslaved someone long dead. Guilt by association.

    Your using 9/11 shows you to be duplicitous in the extreme to make your case. There were no Afghans involved and they offered to give up anyone if the US could show probable cause for extradition. The US refused to do so. You try to justify the murder of thousands of people that never did anything to the US or its people. You are truly disgusting.

    • LOL: Emslander
    • Replies: @Rich
  156. profnasty says:
    @Jon Chance

    Cheese louise, you think too much.
    (Nice website btw.)

  157. geokat62 says:

    Addendum… more evidence Apartheid Israel is lurching to the Left.

    Excerpts from, There is no left left in Israel:

    On the contrary, the most far-reaching consequence of the 2019 Israeli election may well be that it verified, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is functionally no left left in Israel. It has become a country with a center, a right, and a far right, but no electorally viable left to speak of…

    With 5 percent of the vote, the Israeli Labor Party is now less than two percentage points away from failing to clear the minimum threshold (3.25 percent) for winning seats in the Knesset. The party is approaching the possibility of extinction…

    It has done nothing for the Israeli left because, in an electoral sense, there is no Israeli left. It exists now primarily in the minds of the right…

    No matter what happens in the coming days and weeks, the right in Israel holds most of the cards, the center is its only opposition and viable alternative, and the left is well and truly dead.,but%20no%20electorally%20viable%20left%20to%20speak%20of.

  158. @Rich

    So you bought into the big lie that OBL was directing the 912 take down of WTC from his cave hideaway in Afghanistan. So I presume he issued the order to his sleepers to “pull it” and US and Western intelligence agencies were ignorant of the plot until just apfter the event. Then, I remember that at the time they even tried to implicate Iraq in the plot but switched to another big lie of WMDs. I think they should now confess, what with the Taliban’s own investigation into the matter, that after all it wasn’t OBL and AQ that were behind the plot and that they had wrong information, and that now, after a lengthy 20 year investigation, they have finally identified the real culprit behind 911 – Iran! And then later they can again find some other culprit to blame and turn their military on as their SMS will peddle whatever lying propaganda they’re ordered to disseminate while censoring the truth through their control of the alternative www media.

  159. profnasty says:

    Pretty sure the Freak would get his ass kicked if he fought a real MMA contender.

  160. @Rich

    When Islam was new, many Byzantine Christians gladly embraced its purer form of monotheism, as their faith had become cluttered with semi-divine saints and elaborate rituals devoid of meaning. Jews in Palestine and elsewhere especially cherished the tolerance that Islam provided after centuries of persecution by Christians, and many (whose descendants are today the “Arab” victims of Israeli apartheid) accepted the generous tax break offered to converts.

    The countries today that have the largest Muslim populations are Indonesia and China. These Far Eastern nations are remote from where Mohammed’s followers spread the faith in its first century. In fact these people freely converted centuries later to the appealing faith brought to their shores by Muslim traders. Mohammed’s simple teaching of submission to God’s will (Islam means “surrender”) had and has great attraction among ordinary people, as witnessed by the global revival of Islam we see today.

    • Replies: @Rich
  161. @RoatanBill

    I did not make the numbers up. I have met a few hundred secular Whites and I stand by that statement. Why is that so difficult for you to believe? If you live in a city like Portland or NY you will find that secular Whites are boringly predictable and everywhere. Like I said there is really no such thing as secularism in America and I concluded that by spending time around secular Whites.

    I provided you with data that shows how secular Whites are reliable far-left voters and yet you seem more focused on my own experiences. So throw out my personal experiences and explain your strategy based on mounds of available data that has been consistent for decades.

    Since you see yourself as so rational compared to Christians then explain the following:

    Leftist: The data is clear that removing Christianity in Whites turns them into left-wing voters and lowers their birth rates. This is why we should undermine Christianity but not Islam/Judaism.

    RoatanBill: I am an anti-leftist but I bash Christianity because ???????

    Try to explain your position in terms of rational strategy, not your own reasons for rejecting Christianity.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  162. Realist says:

    You and I sure know how to agitate the left side of the curve.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  163. Anon[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Well. Are you Catholic by chance? I have two unattached, bright, happy, and well brought-up young daughters. Quite pretty, too.

  164. profnasty says:

    Afghanistan, a just war?
    Bush knew, or should have known, dam well who bombed WTC. Cheney was sitting right next to him.[Reagan knew Hoo bombed our Marine barracks. He did the right thing.]
    Afghanistan was all about oil. No more, no less.
    Remember, the ink on the insurance papers wasn’t even dry when the ‘plane(lol)’ struck.
    Of course US didn’t know it then. But the Bush Bastard did.

  165. @John Johnson

    Secular white does not equal atheist. I’ve stated it twice now. There are only about 4% atheists in the US and there are a few hundred million secular whites. Conflating the two is your mistake.

    I bash christianity because it’s an irrational belief in the nonsense of the god delusion. I bash it because it is the gateway drug toward state worship that is currently in the process of destroying the world’s economies and doing it purposely with the pope’s enthusiastic blessing. I bash christianity because the christians are majority of the US’s soldiers that murder people world wide. I bash all irrationality and don’t tell me about how those same soldiers attend church on Sunday and pet their dog.

    • Replies: @Belchazar
    , @John Johnson
  166. profnasty says:

    If you ask an informed uniformed man what the wars are all about, he will say they support the Dollar.
    Macro economics is an incredibly complex subject. We shouldn’t judge. It’s above our pay grade.
    (I tend to agree with sympathy for the victims. But I wouldn’t want to live in Australia for heaven sakes.)

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  167. @Realist

    Please note also that not one of these irrational types has laid a glove on me. They evade, change the subject, and even admit they are murderers for the state and then have the temerity to say that’s a good thing. I bet none of them has read Mark Twain’s The War Prayer and seen the hypocrisy that is the foundation of their religious nonsense.

    They then transfer their allegiance to the gov’t, as it’s just another religion, and can’t even imagine a world without all the wars and subjugation it causes.

    Religion is indeed the opiate of the masses and turns them into blithering idiots.

    The essence of science is that it is always willing to abandon a given idea for a better one; the essence of theology is that it holds its truths to be eternal and immutable. To be sure, theology is always yielding a little to the progress of knowledge, and only a Holy Roller in the mountains of Tennessee would dare to preach today what the popes preached in the thirteenth century.
    H. L. Mencken

    • LOL: Rich
    • Replies: @Realist
  168. profnasty says:
    @James J O'Meara

    Detestable things before Me.
    That’s who.

  169. @profnasty

    Where are you going to find an informed uniformed man? Those in uniform park their brains to follow orders. The military doesn’t want an informed uniformed man anywhere near where he could pollute the propaganda message the military employs.

    Even if your assertion were true, does supporting the dollar provide cover for murdering people in foreign lands?

    All of economics is bullshit since it can’t prove a damned thing and can’t even do a post mortem on any economic failures with a unified voice. It’s simply a bogus theory put into practice by the high priests in banking. They hire their whore economists to write up any justification required to implement a policy to screw the rest of us.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  170. haha says:
    @John Johnson

    Look, this is not a semantic quibble but a deadly serious issue if you manage to see through the fog of deceptive words.

    The Frankfurt School and their assortment of bastard progeny may call themselves whatever they find useful. The question is “Is that the truth?” When the Devil quotes the scriptures can you take him at face value? Marxism was and is first and foremost an economic and political philosophical doctrine, it has nothing to do with post-modernism whatsoever.

    When George Soros and other billionaires are described as “socialists” ask yourself “How so?” Like I said, the right in US calls everybody it disagrees with “Commie rats” or “Socialists”. And the “Left” in US knows nothing about economics or socialism because it is comprised mostly of social and psychological misfits of various types, though with a small smattering of genuinely humane and rational people.

    So take “Marxism” out of “Cultural Marxism” because it was inserted only for purposes of deception and accepted out of ignorance. Regard the whole baggage of what passes for “Cultural Marxism” as a mish mash of “Cultural psychopathologies, deceptions, ignorance, and idiocies”.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  171. Realist says:

    Please note also that not one of these irrational types has laid a glove on me.

    Of course…logic is not on their side.

  172. anarchyst says:

    Q: What is the jews’ favorite military hymn?

    A: “Onward Christian Soldiers”

    Not a joke…

  173. Hossein says:

    In Cuba, soviet Union and other East European Marxist countries homosexuality was illegal . The nonsense about Marxist being responsible for these horny butt loving gays and carpet munching Dikes is pure rubbish. I do not like Marxism but in reality it is Capitalism that is involved in spreading this behavior .

    Several of Roman emperors ,after converting to Christianity were gays . Should Marxism be blamed for that? And so many kings and queens of European Dynasties .

    Gays and Lesbians have existed ever since humanity was created and will continue to be around and blaming one ideology or a group of people for that is silly.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  174. Weaver says:

    I very much enjoyed the economics courses I took at college, but they aren’t entire truths. What you say is true that they justify predetermined goals, aren’t scientific. But I think a person could adapt the material into a new, true science. It would just be much more complicated. Economics is properly a part of political science; so, it has to be included in a more complete whole picture.

    For example, while it’s true that the wealthy invest more, that doesn’t help Americans if those wealthy are simply investing overseas. And while it’s true that greater rewards incentivize greater innovations, rewards can also incentivize corruption and parasitical action. It gets really fun when reading one of the great many unorthodox texts that explode one or another “truth” of liberalism. It’s not just Friedrich List now, but Asian writers commenting on how Asian economies were built. It’s nigh impossible to find an example where liberal economics has been applied successfully.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  175. Weaver says:
    @James J O'Meara

    There’s just need of an aristocracy, a system to develop an aristocracy that retains its virtue. The usual counter is that if an oligarchy had the power to develop an aristocracy, why would it so hinder its own power? But in the pursuit of building something enduring, it’s a beautiful ideal.

    Whether or not some form of voting is used, any openness to foreign influence would indeed be so influenced. Alternatively, a durable “4th gen warfare” group might develop redundant aristocracies, in a sense, perhaps looking in part at how Jews manage to survive. Jews have their priest class; would a distinct class like that be wanted which excluded outside virtue?

  176. @Weaver

    I got tossed out of my one and only economics class in college when I called the professor, the head of the department, a “fucking asshole” after he justified the Vietnam war on economic grounds. Since it was an engineering school, I got to make up for the credits by taking other courses in real things not the crap that is economics.

    Economics could be part of political science since political science is also made up nonsense. The entirety of the humanities and social sciences should be scrapped for cause and that cause is fraud. The world would be better off without the pretend professions that can’t prove anything but demand we listen to them because they have bogus degrees.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @Realist
  177. Weaver says:

    Marx and applied Marxism are two different things. Do you even see Pol Pot as Marxist? He was a reactionary mass murderer. How something is applied can be very different from its origin.

    People are fools. In the US we applied classical liberalism in a way that worked well, for a time. In China, Marxism is applied well it seems. But the origin ideologies are still bad. What we see in China is probably better described as Xiism or Xi managerial ability.

    Communist countries were under constant threat from the US, or Germany during WWII. As such, they took defensive measures to ensure their survival, hence the social policies. Trotsky was probably the truer Marxist, but Stalin took power and applied his own ideas to win WWII.

    Jude Wanniski argued applied Marxism has not been Marxist. I suspect he’s correct.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  178. Emslander says:

    It’s always clear when a wildly deranged commenter has lost an argument on these pages. He becomes even more insane in his fantasies.

    No one wants you to be a Christian, Bill. This is about how America has deteriorated in all beneficial social norms as it has lost adherence to the generally accepted norms of Christianity. The two tendencies have advanced pari passu beginning, I’d say, with the expansion of electronic entertainment since 1950.

    When the culture began to be dominated by the secular Jewish psychodramas involving the New York culture in nearly every dramatic and comedic television production, the subtle shift away from the values of the Christian family was underway. By the seventies, fatherhood had lost its naturally authoritative position, knowledge of the dangers of sexual activity outside of marriage had been ridiculed out of the culture and the dominance of Freudian psychology as the explanation for all individual behavioral motivation had replaced Christian explanations.

    Go on, Ozymandias, announcing across the barren desert your everlasting kingdom of no God, but no one is buying it.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  179. Rich says:

    You’re simply wrong if you believe Eastern Roman lands weren’t conquered through aggressive war. The modern nations of N Africa, and the Middle East, as well as Asia Minor and parts of Eastern Europe, were all Christian and all seized through aggressive war. The gates of Constantinople weren’t torn down by a reading of the Koran, but by violent invasion. The Christian people whose ancestors were murdered, raped and enslaved, have every right to retake these lands. No Muslim can argue with Christians about unjust occupation until Constantinople is free..

  180. Weaver says:

    Political science is real and, as Aristotle noted, the highest science. However, soft sciences in the US are trash, especially at universities.

    I think it’d be fun to write a book describing various political concepts. It’s just math, in a sense. I don’t claim to be some expert on any doctrines. I’d study and write out the concepts and categories I find interesting and useful. Marx is famous, but that needn’t mean he be included in a pursuit of truth.

    Aristotle is very fun to read, though it seems to just be notes, disorganized. His view of societies changing from one form to another seems mostly true, truer than “End of History.” He writes there are 3 forms of government, with a good and bad variant (thus 6). And you have mixed societies with one form or another stronger; so, every society is still one of the 6.

    Aristotle might not bring out mobs of activists burning things down as Marx does, but I think Aristotle was closer to the truth, even the dim echoes we have of him today.

  181. Rich says:

    There were about 1 million Indians in what is the continental United States at the founding of Jamestown. Many of the tribes cooperated with, intermaried and fought beside the White settlers. Those Indians who chose to make war against the White settlers, often killing families, raping and kidnapping, were eventually defeated. Many still claim the lands their ancestors conquered from other tribes. Pretty hard to determine who held title to which territories in what was basically a vast, little populated land. I’m not concerned with the claims of a few Indians but I’m sure plenty of anti-Whites would approve their claim. European Christians can claim Constantinople and the surrounding Christian territory of Eastern Rome which includes most of the Middle East, Asia Minor and Eastern Europe.

    Governments in the West claimed that Al Qaeda attacked the US on 9-11, Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan. That would justify the attack.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  182. @Commentator Mike

    Communism implies that all things are owned in common which isn’t quite that you end up owning nothing; in fact you end up owning everything.

    That’s what the theory implies. The reality is that society always stratifies, including communist societies.

    The USA is neoliberal for the rich elite, and increasingly communist for everyone else.

    In the communist system, the de facto owners are the party apparatchiks (i.e. Democrats) who rule the peasants.

    Ordinary people are slaves who don’t own anything, including their own bodies.

    “You will own nothing and you will be miserable.”

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  183. Emslander says:

    It would be the opposite of Christianity to refuse to serve in the military of your country when it is defending itself. Your country is the construct that ought to be protecting your home, your livelihood and your loved ones. The defense of those things is your duty, as a Christian, or as a human being.

    Taking up arms for your country and causing deaths among a killing enemy is not murder, so come up with a more logical term, Mr. Reality is My God.

    Maybe you have nothing of value to defend.

    You make up a version of Christianity that doesn’t exist and has no basis in Christ or the Bible and then you attack everyone you perceive to be a Christian on the basis of those fantasy principles. You might want to go back and think this through a little more carefully.

    • Replies: @Weaver
    , @RoatanBill
  184. @Emslander

    You are just making bald assertions. You’re declaring victory like that good christian George ‘shrub’ Bush when he declared victory aboard ship after presiding over the invasion of the Middle East for the benefit of Israel. I’ve already won the argument, but I’ll give you another chance to show you have no argument in your favor.

    Can you dispute that the bulk of the killers in the US military are christians?

    Don’t weasel out, answer the question. Please don’t insult my intelligence with another lame assertions that these killers aren’t real christians.

    Since christianity is supposed to follow the ten commandments, how does one square volunteering to kill people in the ME and other places with your pious but bullshit assertions of being the beacon or morality? Note that the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Iraqis, etc never threatened or in any way injured the US or its citizens before they were invaded by US forces, mostly christians.

    Go ahead and show off your duplicitous christian nature.

    • LOL: Emslander
  185. Weaver says:

    Engels argues here that the state arose to keep domestic conflicts in check.

    What he is doing is dividing society by highlighting division.

    In reality, as Aristotle said, the purpose of the state is to enable the good life, more pleasant than a tribal wandering, for example. And as Plato said, the purpose of the state is war, which is to say not just conquest but the ability to defend itself in a hostile environment.

    Whites will never survive unless returning to our political science pre-Enlightenment. China reveres both Confucius and others like Sima Qian. Why mayn’t Europeans also retain our own history and political science?

    Fighting, among Europeans, over which anti-European doctrine is better is absurd.

  186. @Rich

    The US claimed the Gulf of Tonkin incident was real. It never happened. Since the Afghan gov’t wanted evidence of the US’s claim that they were harboring the instigators of the 9/11 attack but the US refused to supply any, one can conclude there was no such evidence given the US’s past deceitful assertions. Even today, there is no such evidence. The fact that you trot out this absurd lie shows your true christian nature.

    Afghanistan was attacked to install an oil pipeline that the Afghan gov’t had rejected. You can review the lead up to the Iraq invasion as another lie revolving around weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. Apparently, the US gov’t is just as dishonest as you and your fellow christians are.

    • Thanks: Weaver
    • Replies: @Rich
  187. Weaver says:
    @Commentator Mike

    A small, communally owned community would still have some form of government. That sort of thing would only work on a small scale. In an isolated nuclear family, to give the smallest example, the husband might be dominant if only because he’s physically stronger or more needed. In reality, we’re part of a much larger society.

    Small classes dedicated to farming, to war, or to politics could each become better than a generalist who attempts mastery of all 3. As Aristotle noted, each part just needs to serve the whole, as opposed to serving its own interests at the expense of the whole.

  188. Weaver says:

    Thou shall not kill. Amish don’t fight, at least not for the state. Quakers, etc.

    In theory, it’s well that a man fight to defend his polity from attack. But if, in your desire to fulfill this duty, you attack an innocent, you might be in sin. Similarly, Antifa want desperately to fight “fascists,” yet can’t seem to find any, can’t even agree on what fascism means. So, in frustration, they seem to attack whomever is near.

    War is a Racket – Smedley Butler. Book can be read in a day.

    In truth, the US empire is harmful to both US and Christian interests. It would be far better if we had no standing army, built a defensive military with a defensive, pro-American foreign policy. At present, the US has a military that wars for profit, relies on America for funding, doesn’t aim to protect America.

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Emslander
  189. @A little boy in the crowd

    I guess capitalism and democracy sound good in theory but the reality is very different and look what it has led to. Ultimately it is people who spoil whatever system.

    • Agree: Weaver
  190. @haha

    Look, this is not a semantic quibble but a deadly serious issue if you manage to see through the fog of deceptive words.

    You are the one that is making it a semantic issue. The term Cultural Marxism may not fully summarize the position of the postmodern left but that is also true for the term liberal. It would in fact be difficult to create an accurate term since there are a lot of complex ideas behind the definition. As long as people are continuing to talk about the Frankfurt school and their destructive system of critical theory then I really don’t care what it is called.

    The Frankfurt School and their assortment of bastard progeny may call themselves whatever they find useful. The question is “Is that the truth?” When the Devil quotes the scriptures can you take him at face value?

    Well of course no one here thinks the Frankfurt School is based on truth. They in fact never claimed to be based on truth and one of their basic beliefs is that discussing the truth leaves Western institutions intact.

    Marxism was and is first and foremost an economic and political philosophical doctrine, it has nothing to do with post-modernism whatsoever.

    Yes Karl Marx came before post-modernism and everyone here gets that. So what? This is what Marxists have become through the Frankfurt school. Marxists in the colleges don’t want to sit around and explain why classic Marxism should be followed when millions died trying to make it work and yet it still horribly failed. With post-modernism they can escape the debate entirely while still seeking Marxist inspired goals of global equality. The Frankfurt school figured out in the 1920s that they were losing the economic debate and even worse there was the unexpected rise in anti-Communist movements. So they created this entire system where they don’t have to debate or defend the failures of Marxism but they can attack Western institutions and Whites to no end.

    When George Soros and other billionaires are described as “socialists” ask yourself “How so?” Like I said, the right in US calls everybody it disagrees with “Commie rats” or “Socialists”.

    The “commie rat” talk is Fox News/Con Inc type thinking and I don’t see a lot of it here. But more importantly there is no requirement that socialists must have limited means. The Bolshevik revolution actually had some wealthy backers in NY and London. Soros funds left-wing organizations in the US so yes he is a socialist. He also funds left-wing prosecutors in small towns where he has never stepped foot. Total scumbag leftist and globalist. Currently he is trying to take down Hungary for not submitting to globalism.

    So take “Marxism” out of “Cultural Marxism” because it was inserted only for purposes of deception and accepted out of ignorance.

    The term was not created out of deception. The words have meaning as it describes the well documented transformation of Marxists from abandoning proletarian economics to focusing on attacking Western culture. If you don’t like the term then come up with a new one. Compared to other political terms like liberal or libertarian it is actually more accurate.

  191. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Explain why Israel is thoroughly inundated with feminism and normalization of homosexuality, then. Literally any attempt at explaining modern degeneracy through Jewish tricks that does not explain why Jews themselves are subjected to the same tendency is not worth the effort needed to read it.

    It’s amusing watching the ((Jews)) forced to choke on their own schemes to destroy Christendom/Western Civilization and ultimately humanity for Zionism.

    But you make a good point: ((Jews)) insist they’re a sublime super-race of “chosen” destined to rule the earth, but they can’t even build a functional state without unlimited American wars and funding, and can’t even keep their own people from descending into the scatological sewer.

    American politicians keep holding up Israel as a sublime state of the chosen/persecuted, but scratch the surface and the stage props and the mass method-acting, and you get the reality of a degenerate, ugly, violent, psychotic Judeofascist state.

    And degenerate “liberals” and neocons want the US and the world to follow the ((Jew)) fanatics into suicide?

    Moses had a better solution to the problem of Hebrew degenerates.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  192. FvS says:

    it was also legal in the Third Reich for a time, and you never call the Nazis pozzed because of it.

    No. Rohm’s homosexuality was tolerated for a time, but it never received state level support like it did from the Bolsheviks. During the Weimar Republic, the Communist Party of Germany joined with the Social Democrats in support of efforts to legalize private homosexual relations between consenting adults. And then there is also the role communists played in women’s lib, abortion, and the attack on the nuclear family. Marxism was, after all, about liberation from those things thought to be tied to the capitalist order. Finally, the end goal of Marxism was to reach stateless communism in which individuals were free to pursue their own ends, no matter how degenerate apparently. It’s almost radically libertarian.

    • Replies: @A.M.
  193. Emslander says:

    I was wholly opposed to the Vietnam adventure and, though I wasn’t called to serve in that war, I did enlist and serve during the hottest years of our involvement. I remember standing on the parade ground at Fort Lewis watching the C-140’s circling in their approach to McCord packed with the bodies of our men when we were losing over 250 per week. Due to the mysterious decisions of the United States Army, I spent my time in the States, until I was admitted to an Agency of the Federal Government that subsumed my military commitment.

    What we did in Vietnam and in most of our adventures since have proven to be bad policy, but they weren’t immoral policy. My feeling then, as a peace-loving young man, and my feeling now is that we respond to the legal call of our nation to sacrifice for its good. It hasn’t always been easy. When killing and dying are involved, it’s never easy.

    Christians live in a world that is far from perfect. We have to follow basic principles, like love of country and obedience to authority, when our own preferences are challenged. It’s the height of hubristic hypocrisy for those who don’t feel the need to conform to Christian belief or moral standards to set their own made up impossible non-Christian standards for us and then scream across the universe that we are hypocrites.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  194. Rich says:

    Absurd or not, the accepted narrative is that Al Qaeda attacked the US on 9-11 and they were headquarted in Afghanistan. You believe the attack was over a pipeline, others for a million different reasons. Many make compelling cases that Al Qaeda wasn’t involved, the overwhelming majority of people, however, can’t disprove the official line on the attack. I never said I supported the invasion and occupation, I merely pointed out one of the reasons it could be called a just war. This argument is getting tiresome. I’m out, best of luck.

  195. Those who say ‘love is love’ believe the love for the Devil is the same as the love of God.

    That picture is ROTFL. ‘Stop the Hate’. It seems they have everything normal, sane, and sound.

    They love deviancy and worship the idea of two guys buggering one another. At best, such should be tolerated, not celebrated. But they hate sanity.

  196. Weaver says:


    It’s difficult to know what’s right and wrong. I was once told that if I believed eating shellfish is against Christian teachings and still do it, then it is a sin. If I believe I am permitted, then it is not a sin. That’s how a deeply religious Christian explained the Christian view to me, with Biblical citations relating to diet. Intent.

    I suspect war is similar. The individual soldiers of the Germans and Russians, as well as Brits, might well have opposed entry into war. But once war began, loss would have meant disaster, and did, for the respective populations. When Caesar orders a Christian to fight, it’s probably often best he do so.

    But in the case of the US, it’s more complicated. We’re usually the aggressors, and the wars don’t serve any conceivable US interest, at least usually. Vietnam seemed like a stop to the spread of communism. But what threat is a “communist” society to the US? It makes no sense. Today, Vietnam is neutral, not pro-Chinese. The US lost, and in retrospect, it didn’t matter any more than the outcome of most every US conflict.

    Should a real threat ever arise against the US, I’m sure your dedication and sacrifice would be vital. I’m too young to have served in Vietnam, but my political experience has been opposing all US wars and seeking to end them immediately once begun. I felt it was in my national interest to do so, serving both my sense of ethnicity (Founding stock and not recent British) and the US citizenry as a whole. Similarly, I opposed the Patriot Act.

    In Iraq, to give an example, no group lost more than Iraqi Christians. In Kosovo, Christians lost. In Syria, the US again sided against Christians. If the goal of Afghanistan wasn’t a pipeline, it was to spend money in order to profit. Alternatively, there are other possibilities, but I was against that war, all the wars so far.

  197. Weaver says:

    My reply didn’t tag you. It’s below your post. To add, you and I disagree on whom the empire serves. I believe it is a threat to humanity but especially dangerous to the safety and well being of American citizens. You believe the empire represents the will of the American people, serves their interests as they understand them, does some good for the world. We have a disagreement.

    I want the defense budget cut to ~50b annual spending, all foreign aid ended. I see it not only as waste and corruption but as harmful to the interests of American citizens. I acknowledge you seem to be a good Christian and praise you for acting as you believed best. But I’d give anything to bring the troops home, end the drone attacks, and in many different ways reduce the empire. To give an example, the US currently bribes South Korea with advantageous trade at the expense of US workers. I want that changed. I like Koreans, but that policy needs to change. The empire is too expensive.

    Should the US ever be under real threat, we’ll be glad to have Christian soldiers ready to sacrifice for God and country.

    • Agree: Realist
  198. Emslander says:

    If this article were a detailed discussion of the intricacies of morally correct Christian behavior in a complex and imperfect world, your comment would raise valid points for discussion.

    Rather, the article is about the perversion of normality in the Western World and my primary point in that regard is that normality in America up to about 1954 was based on the generally accepted principles of the Christian Faith. I’ve pointed out how those generally accepted norms of behavior made for a more peaceful, respectful and productive nation. We no longer have that sense of normality for a lot of reasons. This article is a good exposition of many of those reasons.

    That’s where I’ll let it rest.

  199. Emslander says:

    It’s difficult to know what’s right and wrong. I was once told that if I believed eating shellfish is against Christian teachings and still do it, then it is a sin. If I believe I am permitted, then it is not a sin. That’s how a deeply religious Christian explained the Christian view to me, with Biblical citations relating to diet. Intent.

    You were informed incorrectly. According to Roman Catholic moral theology, an act, in order to be a sin, must be of a nature that is sinful. Eating is not of a sinful nature.

    Sorry, I violated my pledge to rest, but I thought you ought to know the better take on sin. Some “very religious” people make incorrect statements. It’s best to go find the official doctrine. That’s true with both religious and secular doctrine.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  200. Realist says:

    Economics could be part of political science since political science is also made up nonsense.

    Economics is like reading tea leaves…just not as accurate.

  201. anarchyst says:

    Your statement: /”Vietnam seemed like a stop to the spread of communism. But what threat is a “communist” society to the US? It makes no sense. Today, Vietnam is neutral, not pro-Chinese. The US lost, and in retrospect, it didn’t matter any more than the outcome of most every US conflict.”/
    …is partially correct.
    However, I must differ with you on the influence that Americans themselves had on South Vietnam, both on the economy and partially the culture.
    When the North Vietnamese took over the South, they attempted to impose the same hardline communism on the residents of the South as was common in the North. From “re-education camps” (lasting as long as twenty years–not “six months” as the communists claimed) to hardcore communist indoctrination of the populace, it just didn’t work.
    The communists soon found out that the people of the South would not put up with the same level of indoctrination into communist “theology” that the rulers from the North expected. Hence, “communism lite” was the order of the day.
    Of course, the decimation of the Viet Cong infrastructure by American and South Vietnamese troops during the 1968 “Tet offensive” didn’t help the communist “cause” either.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  202. Weaver says:

    A kinist had told me that. I can try to recreate the argument, but it had seemed to me he had pursued the truth of the matter using an original text of the New Testament. Kinists tended to argue that Caucasians were the true Jews. They also tried to argue for the defense of races, but they concluded there’s no Christian ban on miscegenation. A people may choose not to form an amalgam, but there’s no law.*

    I know that’s off topic, but that’s my history, where I’m coming from, and it might explain the logic there, if the person believed himself ethnically Jewish and Christian. I don’t personally have an interest in whom the true Jews were. I don’t think our lives are long enough to pursue every question.

    *Babel and 3 sons of Noah aren’t enough.

  203. mcohen says:

    I totally agree with “perversions of normies”

    what is normal.

    let’s take the ♧♧♧Catholic Church♧♧♧,a moral backbone of that word backbone.

    how come the church was allowed to get away with its abuse of minors for so long.not a word of protest when society was “normal” 70 years ago.

    soon as normal becomes perverted they are held accountable and all the perversions exposed in the last 20 years

    hmmm.going to blame it on the frankfurter school and cultural Marxism

    4 funking decades it took.but it got stopped.andy prince of unz

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Robjil
  204. anarchyst says:

    The rate of incidence for sex crimes is about 1 %.

    That is Far less than that of Protestants, Jewish Rabbis, Boy Scout troopmasters or certainly Public School administrators. The leader in sex crimes against children is usually inter family related ie Step Fathers, Friends, uncles etc.
    Jews made a crisis, than brought suit against the centralized Catholic Church and in so doing, forever tarnished the clergy who was (and still is) their archnemesis.

    Free Republic

    Pedophilia Only a Catholic Sin?
    August 14th, 2009 | Kevin Roeten


    Pedophilia Only a Catholic Sin?

    It turns out pedophilia is an incorrect term, and Catholics aren’t responsible for most of it.

    Shockingly, AP breaks out of their typical liberal mold and reports Insurance companies shed light on extent of sex abuse in Protestant churches, that sexual abuse of minors has been rampant. But in their statement, they indirectly say members of the Catholic Church are not the majority abusers.

    AP discusses the raw numbers from three companies that insure the majority of protestant churches in America (Church Mutual, Guide One, and Brotherhood Mutual), and typically receive 260 reports/yr of people under 18 being sexually abused. Compare that with ~228 credible accusations/yr against Catholic clerics since 1950 (documented abuse records).

    Together with that information, it is known that the Catholic Church greatly outnumbers any specific Protestant denomination, and the data for Protestant churches is available only for the last seven years. Ever since the first sexual abuse cases had been reported, Catholics have had requirements: 1) police background check done on all volunteers,including priests, 2) a second person be present at all religious functions, and 3) all personnel involved with minors must take routine checks with Protecting God’s Children.

    Without a doubt, sexual abuse of a minor is one of the most despicable crimes and sins that man can perpetrate. But predators seem to thrive in an atmosphere where the base congregation is one of the most trusted organizations that exist.

    Philip Jenkins, in his 1996 book Pedophiles and Priests, [[link edited for length]], looked at the problem objectively and dispassionately. Jenkins (who is not Catholic) found that true pedophilia is extremely rare, and perhaps more common among Protestant clergy, and is even more common among married laymen.

    He found that in most sexual abuse cases (under the age of consent), the behavior is actually a variety of homosexuality. This sexual attraction with very young men that combine the charm of boyishness with sexual maturity is actually called ephebophilia. Pedophilia is really a psychiatric term meaning sexual interest in children below the age of puberty.

    The worst sex crimes against children is in the Jewish communities and protestant churches.
    Tomasi was not reserved with criticism either and citing data published by the daily Christian Science Monitor, which was founded a hundred years ago by the Christian Science Church, said that the Catholic Church cleaned its house, Jutarnji List writes.
    According to their figures the majority of the US child abuse cases happens in the Protestant churches and Jewish communities, says Tomasi.


    A Penn State historian, Philip Jenkins, has done an in depth research of pedophilia and sexual abuse among the clergy and has come up with some rather eye opening facts. It seems that while 1.7 percent of Catholic clergy have been guilty of pedophilia (or sexual abuse particularly of boys), a whopping TEN percent of Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia!

    This is all the more interesting, notes Jenkins, since there has been NO media term Pastor Pedophilia coined at all!

    Jenkins theorizes that the media, proving the point of the necessity of sexual promiscuity, overemphasizes any instance of pedophilia found among the Catholic clergy since it can use this to criticize the entire idea of celibacy. But it is interesting that the NON Celibate Protestant ministers have a MUCH GREATER problem with it than the celibate Catholic priests!

    Protestant pastor pedophilia is not within the frame of our social constructionists as Jenkins calls the media:

    In the 1980s, [Pastor] Leyva had abused perhaps one hundred boys in several Southern states, but few of us ever learned of it. Leyva had the distinction of being a Pentecostal minister and was, therefore, not within the frame of those who were busy constructing reality. The same is true of the three brothers, all Baptist ministers, who were charged with child molestation in the 1990s; the public learned little about this highly unusual series of cases because it was not deemed worthy of dissemination by those fixated on Catholic scandals. [1]

    • Replies: @Emslander
  205. @Weaver

    Communist countries were under constant threat from the US, or Germany during WWII. As such, they took defensive measures to ensure their survival, hence the social policies. Trotsky was probably the truer Marxist, but Stalin took power and applied his own ideas to win WWII.

    It was the Soviet Union that invaded Poland after WW1 and planned on continuing to Germany.

    It was German Communists that tried violently taking over the country in an attempt to turn it into a Soviet puppet state.

    It was the Soviet Union that split Poland with Nazi Germany and then later took Eastern Europe in the name of liberation.

    People are fools.

    Take a history lesson before calling people names. Communists started the war against the West. It was Karl Marx that called for violent revolution and eliminating democracy along with any competing left-wing parties.

    If the system is to be challenged it will not be through any movement that is associated with Karl Marx, the bitter half Jew/half German that never ran a business but thought he could rebuild Western economic systems.

    Marxism has completely failed. China is an autocratic one party state with slave factories. So much for helping the proletariat. China’s slaves work 60 hours a week making iphones for lazy Americans because independent unions are banned. No need for unions you see, the Communists won.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  206. Robjil says:

    going to blame it on the frankfurter school and cultural Marxism

    Yes, we still can. Why are many of these events “memories” that are often forty years old? Here is a possible reason for these memories.

    One of the biggest sources of false memories, says Oeberst, is clinical psychologists who believe in repressed memories. This is the idea that a person who has experienced a traumatic event could selectively forget memories of their trauma.

    “It’s really well documented that what those people usually suffer from is to not be able to forget. They have flashbacks, they have PTSD, they cannot push it away,” says Oeberst. “There’s not much evidence for repression.”

    But if a therapist says to a patient that their current symptoms suggest they may have, for example, been abused — and that if the patient doesn’t remember it, it still could’ve happened — this can trigger false memories.

    Why would this be promoted so much in our news about the Catholic Church? The main reason is: The wars for Israel since 1991, 1st war on Iraq, and then the Seven Nations to Destroy wars since 9/11/01. Seven Nations to Destroy, is a Jewish religious theme. It is how the first Israel was formed.

    The anti- war Catholic movement had to be shuffled to the side some how. Why not shame the Church with a massive amount of abuse. I noticed that after the 2021 Gaza attack by Israel. Suddenly, out of nowhere tales of Catholic abuse in Canada was quickly shuffled to the “news”. It worked like a charm.

    Here are two examples of what the Catholic peace movement gave to the world before the 1991 and Seven Nations to Destroy wars for Israel. It had to be silenced some how to get the wars for Israel.

    I see little difference between the world inside prison gates and the world outside. A million million prison walls can’t protect us, because the real dangers — militarism, greed, economic inequality, fascism, police brutality — lie outside, not inside, prison walls.

    The first and most simple way to bring about peace is to make peace within ourselves. Only then is it possible to interact peaceably with others. We never know if we can influence the behavior of anyone else, but we can certainly change our own. It’s a simple solution, but one that takes a lifetime of self-examination to implement. It may seem too simple, and it certainly wouldn’t make all our disagreements disappear, but if we all tried it beginning today, what would the world be like?

  207. @Emslander

    The reformer is always right about what is wrong. He is generally wrong about what is right. ~ G. K. Chesterton

    • Thanks: Emslander
  208. JM says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    But it’s not Marxism because the system in which we live is a perverted (“high” (!)) form of Capitalism. There is no indication in Marx’s writings that he would have supported (as just one example) the destruction of the Family UNDER CAPITALISM – in this case Globalising Ultra-Imperialism, “Neo-Liberalism”. There is, however, evidence that he would have supported the family, rather in the manner of what used to be “Catholic Action”. See my full post on this in this thread, but, within the Communist Manifesto, under the policy for Germany, he, inter alia advocated this:

    12. All civil servants shall receive the same salary, the only exception being that civil servants who have a family to support and who therefore have greater requirements, shall receive a higher salary.

    – indicating great sympathy for the position of the Family – with a policy to match, far beyond anything ever contemplated in the “what’s he WORRRRTH” ethos of the US of A throughout its entire history.

  209. Weaver says:

    Glad to hear something positive resulted from that war. Andy Ngo on Twitter does good work.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  210. Emslander says:

    Jenkins theorizes that the media, proving the point of the necessity of sexual promiscuity, overemphasizes any instance of pedophilia found among the Catholic clergy since it can use this to criticize the entire idea of celibacy.

    The devil knows who its enemies are.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Brooklyn Dave
  211. anarchyst says:

    Another aspect to the “Catholic Church homosexual pedophilia” scandal is the claims made by those people who claimed to be “abused” by these priests. It’s called “piling on” to a lawsuit when the opportunity to claim some “free cash” is possible.
    The Catholic Church has every right to question those who claim to be abused as there would be a substantial number of those who belonged to the parish at the time the abuse was taking place and saw an opportunity to “make some money” by filing false claims.
    One of the easiest things in the world is to claim abuse when no real proof is required.
    The same situation exists with so-called “rape victims” where the perpetrator is either dead or of advanced age. No proof is required to make an accusation or claim especially when the claim is made 30 or 40 years after the “incident”. THAT is a major problem.
    Lets not forget the “mainstream media” which calls those who claim sexual abuse to be “survivors” rather than the proper definition, “victims”. “Survivors” are those who escape death, not sexual abuse. This is all by design to demonize those accused of sexual abuse.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  212. @anarchyst

    We have 60k Haitians on the way to the southern border and you guys are talking about the Catholic church.

    The Catholic church sex scandal is over so let it be. Maybe protestants can now move on to other matters like figuring out how to keep their children from becoming cat moms and basement video game players. I was invited to a Lutheran picnic a few years ago and the adult to kid ratio must have been like 15:1.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  213. I knew about the American Psychiatric Association once regarding homosexuality as a mental illness. Are there any books or studies of homosexuals from either that period or later that go into the “issues” that homosexual seem to have an abundance of / or suffer from more than the population in general? I know many homosexuals that are quite functional and highly successful in their jobs/careers. But there seem to be many other things that I notice with gay men’s personalities and thought patterns (even as acquaintances) that I don’t find with straight men. It’s far more than being turned on by the same gender. Please turn me on to whatever books, papers essays that you know about. Thank you.

  214. @Emslander

    I think there is a difference between priests from the old days who entered the seminary sometimes at 14 years old and men who became priests later on (entered seminary after 1975 or so). The older guys had no opportunity to experience girls/women and were constricted to an all male environment. I believe that when the taboos on leaving the priesthood were loosened, most of the heterosexuals priests who were still sexually vibrant, left and got married. What do you have left? Lots of gay men and a culture within the seminaries that affirms them, older heterosexual guys who have spent 40 plus years as a priest but have too much invested in it, and the remainder who I won’t even bother to classify. One would think that because young men are not entering a seminary system at 14 – many pursuing a possible priestly calling in the late 20s and 30s, that they have worked out all their sex issues. I don’t think so. Because seminaries are beehives of homosexuality, still a lot of guys (not all) are attracted to that environment. As far as molesting minors is concerned, I think it is to a less degree than in the past (except if the individual is an actual pedophile – not just a gay man). But you will always have the Peter Pan syndrome among gay men. They are vampires toward youth. They may not bother the 11 year old, but nothing is legally preventing them from chasing after and longing after that 21 or 22 year old. Do you really want priests behaving like that? Enforced celibacy across the board is a joke. You should have married guys ordained.

    • Disagree: Emslander
  215. A.M. says:

    “No. Rohm’s homosexuality was tolerated for a time” It wasn’t just Rohm, it was tolerated for all loyal Nazis, and it stayed that way. That’s legal. I’m still right. Stalin eventually purged the Bolshevik party of it’s faggots, Hitler never did yours.; “received state level support like it did from the Bolsheviks” No, it didn’t receive state support from the the Bolsheviks, it received support from ideologically divergent elements that immersed themselves in the bolshevik movement, just like the ideologically divergent elements that immersed themselves in the national socialist movement. Popular among the Bolsheviks, the old, as well as the new, was the idea that homosexuality was a form of bourgeois degeneracy, like it basically is, and that it is incompatible with communist morality, which it basically is, which echoes Marx and Engels’s own sentiment, which is why those elements ended up by purged by Stalin, and Stalin ended up more popular than Trotsky.

    Stalin wasn’t magical, or that much smarter than everybody else, bolsheviks, communists, and left-wing revolutionaries supported and agreed with his idea of communism, and many still do, especially wherever in the world socialist revolutions have been successful, despite all anarchist, anti-socialist subversion that’s been happening since then.; “During the Weimar Republic, the Communist Party of Germany joined with the Social Democrats in support of efforts to legalize private homosexual relations between consenting adults.” So what? Marx would have chastised them for it. They, not we, are the inferior, divergent communists, or uncommunists.; “And then there is also the role communists played in women’s lib, abortion, and the attack on the nuclear family.” “Women’s lib” isn’t degenerate, feminism is, homosexuality is, diversity and multiculturalism are, the reciprocal-equal treatment of women that real socialists support isn’t degenerate, it unites, it creates, it’s generate, actual left-wing progress, and women are majority, not a minority, it isn’t minoritarian, it isn’t pro-diversity, it isn’t degenerate, you’re just an ignorant right-wing reactionary and don’t understand that it gets more generate, and anti-degenerate, than traditionalism. Abortion isn’t generate, and is degenerate, but socialists are on record for opposing it too, and every ideological trend is on record for supporting it, including your new reactionary, and if the nuclear family can be replaced with something larger and stronger like commune, instead of unbridled individualism, this too is generate, positive and actually progressive.; “Marxism was, after all, about liberation from those things thought to be tied to the capitalist order. Finally, the end goal of Marxism was to reach stateless communism in which individuals were free to pursue their own ends, no matter how degenerate apparently. It’s almost radically libertarian.” This just shows you haven’t communicated with many class-reductionist anti-revisionist Marxists, I’ll admit you don’t have that many to communicate with. Binding institutions such as the nuclear family are opposed when there is something larger and more binding, like the workers commune, to replace them, when this is impractical, these institutions are accepted. What you’re describing here is the anarchistic revision of Marxism, you seem wholly unaware of the historically dominant radically collectivistic anti-individualistic version, that the authentic old bolsheviks, who weren’t pro-gay, or pro- diversity, believed in, in which the goal of socialism is to liberate the proletariat collective, including it’s collective culture, and each nation’s version of it, from the degenerate culture and capitalism of the bourgeois. It want’s statelessness (eventually), and who actually doesn’t, statelessness and anarchism aren’t the same time. The real communist dream isn’t anarchism, it’s stateless conscientious collectivism, where the population has internalized and identified with the idea if it’s community and singularity to the point where collective altruism and identity becomes instinctive (maybe a pipe-dream, but then we’ll just keep the state forever). It’s not libertarian, you just don’t know.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  216. @Jon Chance

    Enlightened Europeans don’t identify ourselves as “Whites”

    I can categorically assure you that I identify myself as “White”. And, most importantly, nothing whatever to do with the derangement of anti-White racist international Jewry.

    Thanks for asking.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  217. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Dave Bowman

    Russians are another matter.

    They frequently identify themselves as “Whites” or “Reds”.

    Do Asians identify themselves as “Yellows”?

    What’s the color of Khazarians and so-called “Hispanics”?

    Obviously, the English are “Whites” because they watch BBC all day.

    Africans are “Blacks” because their schoolteachers were indoctrinated by Howard Zinn and other Khazarian Marxists.

  218. @A.M.

    “No. Rohm’s homosexuality was tolerated for a time” It wasn’t just Rohm, it was tolerated for all loyal Nazis, and it stayed that way. That’s legal.

    Rohm was the only publicly known homosexual in the SA and they killed him. They also killed some of his officers that the Nazis knew were gay.

    What you probably don’t know is that the Nazis shut down gay clubs and some of the most reprehensible child prostitution rings to be de facto legal in a Western democracy. They also sent homosexuals to summer camps. Berlin was the gayest city in Europe before the Nazis.

    Not legal.

    Attempts at alternative history are not going to work here

    Gay culture in Berlin before the Nazis

    Stalin wasn’t magical, or that much smarter than everybody else, bolsheviks, communists, and left-wing revolutionaries supported and agreed with his idea of communism, and many still do, especially wherever in the world socialist revolutions have been successful, despite all anarchist, anti-socialist subversion that’s been happening since then.

    No he was actually much smarter than the average Marxist. He knew that the details of Marxism were mostly bulls–t and only power mattered.

    The real communist dream isn’t anarchism, it’s stateless conscientious collectivism

    No that is the dream of the deluded anarchist.

    Communism is defined by an all powerful state in the hands the proletariat. That is the plan that Marx made clear. The state owns everything and there is no private property.

    As for a classless society that is impossible. People are not equal and hierarchies are required for society to exist.

    • Replies: @A.M.
  219. A.M. says:
    @John Johnson

    “Attempts at alternative history are not going to work here” What alternative history, that there was and is no scarcity of gay Nazis, then or now? This is relatively mainstream, easy to find, historical fact, find it.; “No he was actually much smarter than the average Marxist. He knew that the details of Marxism were mostly bulls–t and only power mattered.” I think there’s some truth to that, but that he did possess a certain amount genuine idealism, which is more than can be said of today’s western “left” in general, and it’s a fact many other Marxists agreed with him.; “No that is the dream of the deluded anarchist.” No, you clearly aren’t familiar with these ideologies, these are basic tenets. Anarchism principally rejects collectivism, it wants stateless individualism.; “As for a classless society that is impossible. People are not equal and hierarchies are required for society to exist.” A classless society isn’t the same thing as one without hierarchy… Also, on a side note, the other commenters are right, the Frankfurt school wasn’t actually Marxist, it left Frankfurt because of it’s proximity to the Soviet Union and actual Marxists, and conflict with them, so to say it was Marxist is outrightly absurd, even if it called itself that, they shouldn’t even be considered
    “cultural marxists.”

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  220. Emslander says:
    @John Johnson

    The Catholic church sex scandal is over so let it be.

    Anarchyst was responding to one of the people who love to drag it out for effect.

    I’m grateful that you noticed the failure of the old Christian denominations to encourage the people to have children. The ratio is getting better at RC gatherings, but nothing like what it was before the TV took over life in America.

  221. @Commentator Mike

    The left loves the CIA when it opposes Trump. They love anything that opposes Trump.

    Everyone should learn The Clarification, which is going on with extreme prejudice as we speak: “The Left is just as bad as the Right, and the worst of the Left are even worse than the worst of the Right, and that is really, really bad.”

  222. mcohen says:

    Peace be upon the peaceful because they are the peace

  223. Anon[160] • Disclaimer says:

    How would I think a free market would work?

    Why would there be government intervention in a free market?

    Would the big fish be the government, if there were no government?

  224. Anon[160] • Disclaimer says:

    We have/have had classical liberalism?

  225. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    …just natural human corruption. It is easy to corrupt humans because they are naturally corrupted.

    Yes, yes: look at any newborn human: the very babyface of the Devil!

    Humans are malleable, true. They can be corrupted, sure. But they can also be enlightened.

    Like prejudice, wisdom must be “carefully taught.”

    Parents and the extended family are babies’ first teachers. Then come forces beyond the family: church, school, state, neighborhood, etc. Of course, since Adam and Eve, parents themselves have been shaped by those same forces. That’s why culture is so important.

    A state filled with mentally-disturbed people will pass on their insanity. The question is, why are conservatives, Christians, whites, and others just talking or remaining mute during this culture WAR? Why aren’t liberal icons being destroyed, too?

    You CAN…and often must…fight fire with fire. The time to turn cheeks ended when the Left first brought knives, masks, bats, empty wine bottles, weaponized skateboard, bear-spray, and so on to “mostly peaceful protests” and “honest conversations.”


    You can’t reason with someone attacking you. You have to end the engagement. But if you only and always evade, you let the enemy grow bigger and stronger. The rabid dog will continuing attacking.

    The Proud Boys showed the way. Their acts were noble. They defended, never attacked first. What was NOT…and isn’t…noble is letting them suffer alone in isolated prison cells for doing the right things…things the Right should have done instead of endlessly yammering.

    The Left bails arrested thugs, encourages violence, and even drove to a trial to threaten chaos if George Floyd wasn’t canonized. Not noble, but effective.

    The Right’s response? “All talk, no action.” We are led by pussies like Middling Romney, Linny Graham, Très Fey Gowdy, Harrumphing Hannity, etc. They act like appeasement works.

    How can anyone watch the Senate in inaction and not vomit? “Thank you Senator for asking questions I won’t answer.” Wimps!

    How many “hearings” did the Senate have with Big Tech that let YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. continue muzzling the First Amendment? What did Trump do to support his supporters?

    Methinks we’re doomed. The Left executed Pearl Harbor 2.0 on America. “Patriots” responded by playing with themselves, watching sports, drinking beer, and farting in the wind.

    The same folks who excused every Trump failure by saying Don was merely playing 23-D chess now think the solution is to wait until 2022. As if the last election wasn’t stolen!

    Whites and conservatives need to (1) unite and (2) fight. This is war. And wars are won by armies, not lone snipers, partisans, or even militias. Yet the Left constantly-constantly-constantly (and so far, effectively) shames to prevent that much-needed unity. It convinces whites that to be proud of their past heroics, innovations, and accomplishments is evil.

    Meanwhile, the Left unites and fights-fights-fights, dirty and often.

    Ironically, the way out is to act like…Jews!

    That is: unite, fight, build walls, protect heritage, and be proud of the White Tribe.

    Also, stop acting like America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. It wasn’t. It was founded by Protestant Brits with centuries of cultural development and hard-fought cohesion behind them. Aside from Louisiana’s Napoleonic Code (a legacy civil law limited to private transactions), all 50 state are fundamentally based on UK common law.

    FACT: Jews also killed Christ. The crucifixion certainly wasn’t the result of Amish animus. The USA has more in common with Hinduism and Shintoism than Judaism. Hell, even Muslims see Jesus as a Prophet.

    Jews “talk” about practicing tikkun olam: “healing the world.” Yet look how they act. They treat Palestinians like Nazis treated Juden.

    Also, how many Israelis have died fighting for the USA? How many Americans has Israel murdered directly (attacking sailors on the SS Liberty, killing Rachel Corrie, etc.) and indirectly by the many wars it prods the US to fight for it?

    Plus Israel spies on us, steals from us, and sells our secrets to our enemies.

    Yet despite all that, Evangelist nutters give Israel a pass. They let the Jewish State kick our collective arse because they believe that Jesus will return one day and kick the arses of Jews who don’t convert. In reality, if/when Jesus returns, He’ll spend all His time crotch-kicking men— and c*nt-punting women— through TGTH (The Goalposts to Hell) for acting like cowards instead of fighting like Christian Soldiers.

    Why do we give ANY money to Israel, a modern, First World country…much less \$3-5,000,000,000 annually? That’s \$567 each and every year to each and every man, woman, child…none of whom who worked a day for it. Meanwhile, the US government thinks it noble when it returns…once in a blue moon…\$600 to SOME citizens, the ones who worked for it.

    We need to stop all aid to Israel and give it to Ireland, which oppresses one and occupies no land illegally. Or Puerto Rico, whose citizens are actually American.

    We also need to fight for sanity, comity, and decency.

    It’s the only way to save our country and its future.

  226. Belchazar says:

    It’s not simple. They have bee decieved by liberalism and their worship of jews. If they properly read their bibles, I.e. Paul, they would know that they have no business getting involved with all of this capture the flag nonsense. It is nowhere to be found in the New Testament. Bash away, but without them you’ll be left with just as many deceived people.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  227. geokat62 says:

    A Gab comment posted by EB:

    A White guy talking about becoming a minority in his own country on social media is a nazi

    A jew talking about Whites becoming a minority in their own country is a nightly news correspondent

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  228. @RoatanBill

    Secular white does not equal atheist. I’ve stated it twice now. There are only about 4% atheists in the US and there are a few hundred million secular whites. Conflating the two is your mistake.

    I made no mistake.

    There is no subset of seculars that votes moderate. They all vote left.

    You’re trying to avoid the point which is that seculars/atheists/agnostics vote left.

    Your group reliably votes left. Face reality and stop trying to be pedantic.

    I bash christianity because it’s an irrational belief in the nonsense of the god delusion.

    You don’t have rational plan and don’t seem to deny that secularism favors the left.

    You aren’t guided by rationalism and just want to express your petty resentments towards Christianity.

    Some of us actually want to defeat the left and you basically want to whine like a petulant child.

    Secularism (which includes atheism) turns Whites to the left and you haven’t denied this.

    But you want to revel in your emotionalism even if it favors the left. Why are you even here? Go join an atheist website where they bash Christianity and celebrate the left.

    Atheists are highly politically active and vote heavily for Democrats

  229. @A.M.

    What alternative history, that there was and is no scarcity of gay Nazis, then or now?

    You said that homosexuality was legal in Nazy Germany. It was not. Being sent off to a camp to starve to death for being a fag shows that it was not legal.

    No, you clearly aren’t familiar with these ideologies, these are basic tenets. Anarchism principally rejects collectivism, it wants stateless individualism.

    You specifically told us the communist dream and now you have switched to anarchism. You are all over the map here.

    Also, on a side note, the other commenters are right, the Frankfurt school wasn’t actually Marxist


    Index to the biographies and writings of members of the “Frankfurt School”, or Institute for Social Research, set up by a group of Marxist intellectuals in Germany in 1923, affiliated to the University of Frankfurt and independently of the Communist Party, which has been influential in the development of Marxist theory ever since.

    If you don’t believe actual Marxists then you can start by digging up Frankfurt School founders and read about their backgrounds. But you don’t really want to do that because you are trying to pass off antifa level pop Marxism on us because you don’t like what Marxism has become. You are out of your league here.

    I give you 2 out of 10 points for your attempts at Marxist damage control.

    0 out of 10 points for paragraph construction.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  230. @John Johnson

    Another of your bald assertion. Referencing a religious site to make your case shows a real lack of common sense and discrimination.

    I’m white, an atheist and I don’t vote at all since I have no desire to dirty my hands in that process.

    As usual, your text is largely an attack on me personally since you can’t refute my statements.

    Why not come back when you can leave me out of your argument and stick to the heart of the matter.

    You bore me.

  231. Bookish1 says:
    @John Johnson

    In all my years of studying the third Reich I never read that they starved guys or put them in camps. Maybe the pedophiles. So many words on Germany get twisted.

  232. @Bookish1

    In all my years of studying the third Reich I never read that they starved guys or put them in camps. Maybe the pedophiles. So many words on Germany get twisted.

    You have studied Nazi Germany but never heard of homosexuals being sent to camps and designated with pink triangles?

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  233. @Bookish1

    There is a Himmler speech to the SS about homos you can find on the Internet where he says that the solution is to lock up gays in concentration camps and then shoot them while they’re “trying to escape”.

  234. @RoatanBill

    Slaying others in behalf of Caesar is defiling the words alleged to have been spoken by Jesus Christ.

    In my view, Messrs. Johnson and Rich are hypocrites who would rather bear the mark of the beast than tell Caesar go screw.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  235. @Liberty Mike

    For the democrats, the democrats can do no wrong. For the republicans, the republicans can do no wrong. For the christians, the christians can do no wrong.

    Wash, rinse, repeat for every cult that exists. How they all manage to deny facts when blatantly exposed to them is a mystery I can’t fathom.

    Religion: A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.
    Ambrose Bierce

    Morality and piety, rightly grounded on high [religious] principles, will give the best and greatest security to government, and will lay in the hearts of men the strongest obligation to due subjection.
    Document:New Hampshire Constitution Bill Of Rights

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  236. Gugwee says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    A few years ago I told my teenage niece the truth about black crime rates. The little back-stabber, already brainwashed, immediately ran to mommy and told her about it. My idiot woke sister wouldn’t speak to me for months. To this day, I don’t regret a thing I said. I wouldn’t have regretted it if sis never spoke to me again. That little bit of truth-telling may yet save this confused girl’s life.

    • Agree: geokat62
  237. Gugwee says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WE FELL FOR IT!!! The Juice couldn’t have laid a finger on Western civilization if the majority of whites hadn’t fallen for their BS hook, line, and sinker. I don’t want to hear about the small-hat folks anymore. All of the racially aware whites know about them by now. We need to start focusing on whites, and why so many of them are so gullible and servile. There are basically two white races: the awake, aware whites, and all the rest. These two races have such completely opposite mindsets, that it seems to me there has to be some kind of genetic component to it. Our problem is not so much the Juice and the blacks as it is “all the rest” whites. They may look like us, but they aren’t us.

    • Replies: @HbutnotG
  238. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @John Johnson

    I bash christianity because it’s an irrational belief in the nonsense of the god delusion.

    And yet you’ve lived your entire life in majority Christian nations, availing yourself of the myriad benefits it’s great civilization offers.

    There’s another (((group of malcontents))) who profess to hate Christianity, but who just can’t seem to leave Christian majority nations, even after they got their Middle East dirt patch back.

    Your little island paradise is governed by Honduras, which is majority Catholic and Christian.

    I’d really like your schtick better if you moved to North Korea.

    You’re full of shit, Bill. You’re not a “self made man” and you don’t “stand above it all”, regardless of your delusions to the contrary.

    You’re just a coward and an opportunist.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
    , @RoatanBill
  239. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @John Johnson

    Sorry John, that post is obviously intended for Atheist Bill.

    My mistake.

  240. @GeneralRipper

    Why do you call Bill “a coward and an opportunist?”

    What evidence do you have to support such allegations?

    Although Bill does not asseverate it, I do: Christ does not instruct his followers to join Caesar’s legions and make war on Caesar’s enemies, much less worship him and / or become teary-eyed upon mention of others who threw their lives away “in service” to him.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  241. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    Like man, if we can, like just get rid of all that “organized religion” and Government and stuff and just live together like John Lennon says, it would be so cool.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
    , @RoatanBill
  242. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @Liberty Mike

    Why do you call Bill “a coward and an opportunist?”

    Because he left the nation of his birth, never fought for it, and pretty much shits on every White Christian American. But he hasn’t gotten’ around to renouncing his American citizenship yet.

    ALL of these faggots are the same…lol

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  243. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:
    @Liberty Mike

    I’ll take that as a miss on your part, sweetheart.

  244. @GeneralRipper

    What a scathing sarcastic rebuke and so imaginatively worded. I’ll try to estimate your IQ score.

    I suspect you want to keep the governments that murdered 200,000,000 people in the 20th century. It’s called democide and since I spelled it for you, you can look it up. Gov’ts that have shut down the world’s economies and imprisoned its people for a faux pandemic. Gov’ts that are in the process of mandating the inability of people to work for their living instituting a medical apartheid. This all the while the political class makes money off of the suffering of the average citizen. The same scum that are having their secret bank accounts and transactions revealed in the latest 12 million page data dump currently being exposed.

    I guess you approve of the thousands of pedophiles in the catholic church that never seem to get reduced in numbers. Do you also approve of the bodies discovered on church properties of the children they didn’t properly care for. The pope lives in a palace in his own country while his minions take money from the poorest people on the planet to purchase real estate in London and other places.

    These are the people you hold up as exemplars, I assume. What does that make you?

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  245. GeneralRipper [AKA "The Griffins"] says:

    And yet you’ve never been able to sever your righteous self from this pestilence known as “organized religion” and “government”.

    Truly a tragic state of affairs.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  246. @GeneralRipper

    If, in your wisdom, you could suggest precisely how one could possibly divest themselves from gov’t, I’d be most appreciative. From my perspective, that’s impossible given the mafia characteristics of gov’ts that ultimately rely on violence to get their way. The best I’ve been able to manage is to have left the US 16 years ago and to have refused the military draft during the Vietnam days.

    As far as religion is concerned, I’m an atheist, former catholic that hasn’t seen the inside of any of the whorehouses of worship in over 50 years. I see no way of getting rid of all religions as there are too many shallow thinkers that deem it essential.

  247. @GeneralRipper

    What is wrong with leaving the nation of one’s birth?

    Is one confined to certain geographic pastures? For how long? Life?

    Is that part of the western canon?

    Is that part of the teachings of Jesus Christ?

    Is that part of the Magna Charta?

    Is that part of the Massachusetts Body of Liberties?

    Is that part of the Unanimous Declaration?

    Is that part of the constitution?

    The biggest cowards are those who volunteer to be an armed killer for an empire as to do the same demonstrates that one wants to belong to, and receive the protection of, the biggest gang with the most lethal weapons. Not exactly the stuff of heroism.

  248. Bookish1 says:
    @John Johnson

    I heard and/or read about it but didn’t necessarily believe it because there is so much disinformation about the Third Reich. The starving part and killing of guys didn’t seem likely.

  249. I heard and/or read about it but didn’t necessarily believe it because there is so much disinformation about the Third Reich. The starving part and killing of guys didn’t seem likely.

    Why is that so unlikely? What do you think they did with their Russian POWs? There are films of them keeping Russian POWs in open air pens and tossing them scraps.

    They actually planned on starving half of Russia. The plan was to take Russian grain back to Germany and let the Russians starve so they wouldn’t have to deal with them.

  250. @RoatanBill

    Another of your bald assertion. Referencing a religious site to make your case shows a real lack of common sense and discrimination.

    It’s not a religious site. You didn’t even spend 5 minutes there because you don’t want to face the truth.

    It is an Academic research blog and they show how atheists vote heavily Democrat and are more likely to give to a politician compared to any other group except for Jews.

    You bore me.

    I’m not here to entertain you. I’m not even trying to change you.

    I am using you to show how modern secularism is a fraud and intertwined with the left. You call Christians irrational and yet you don’t deny that you are guided by emotionalism and can’t provide a rational explanation for why it makes sense to bash Christianity when it is the left that benefits politically.

    How do we even know you are an anti-leftist? You spend most of your time bashing Christians and Jews when the data is clear that atheists not only vote left but help fund the left. Well maybe you should start bashing atheists?

    Leftist: Let’s bash Christianity because secular Whites overwhelmingly go left.
    Alt-right atheist: Let’s bash those irrational Christians even if I can’t explain as to how this will help anything politically but um… I mean come on… emotions and EGO are at work here.
    Leftist: Thanks for the support. Let’s keep bashing Christianity. It helps us and you clearly have emotional issues that override any sense of rational political strategy.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  251. @John Johnson

    I keep telling you I don’t care about leftists or how they vote. This discussion was about atheists and christians until you couldn’t make any points so you dragged in leftist.

    I contend that christians are provably the most blood thirsty irrational cretins on the planet. The proof is in the US military ranks, where christians make up the majority. These christians volunteer to murder people in Afghanistan and elsewhere for the scum in the US political class. They’ve been doing so for at least since Vietnam. These christians are an amoral stain on civilization.

    Now if you can show that it’s some other sect that infests the US military, we can continue this conversation.

    • Agree: Realist
  252. HbutnotG says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    It sells advertising. The word “lurid” comes to mind.

    Advertisers pay big! But they only pay big to media with a huge audience. In fact, payout is actually pro-rated, and like it or not, lurid sells.

    The tickling of people’s lurid curiosity became Hollywood’s “business model” following the then satiated taste for good comedy, clean entertainment, pertinent news, quiz shows, etc. They had to go somewhere. Getting paid for advertising goods wasn’t going away. We all know that juice know the value of a buck. They are anything but Amish.

    The homo thing was an unspoken, but by all means “curious” subject to the “vastly hetero” world 60 years ago. I remember as a kid when conversation among adults in the kitchen suddenly grew whispered (and usually became quite cryptic), it was my cue to turn down the volume on Looney Tunes and prick up my ears. Man! The stuff I heard! Yikes! Never spoken above a very hushed whisper. (Oh, I got caught listening a couple times and got beatin’s I’ll never forget.) But oh baby! If you think homos were just invented yesterday, you’re living in a padded room. Years later, connecting the dots, all grown up, and myself, born with Mars in Scorpio, and consequently now an adult never very interested in chicks, lots of things began to add up – even heretofore mysterious subjects from as far back as the 1940’s involving “normal” people – how juicy! And this occurred waaay far away from San Francisco. (We’re talking red state “ethnic types” here)

    Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also made Hollywood rich. And I learned 50 years ago, a wedding band was sometimes just jewelry. At age 7 I first heard the term “indecency” – but it took years for me to find out what exactly it meant. And when my boss would return back from Rocking Chair Helen’s and gaggy as it sounded, still crocked, would babble about how she (the madame) wah-wah-wah washed his [email protected]@r first (he was a stutterer), I don’t think he realized that I figured no wash cloth or pan of water was in the room, and he wasn’t talking hygiene (lol).

  253. @Carlton Meyer

    How is destroying women’s MMA a bad thing?

  254. Weaver says:
    @John Johnson

    Read 200 Years. It paints a different picture from what the US believed true. Stalin’s defeat of Trotsky is likely huge.

    From the Russian perspective, Hitler attacked Stalin. So, Germany was the aggressor during WWII. Russia united behind that idea. Stalin gave Russians a homeland, as opposed to Trotsky’s globalism, even tolerated the church, in order to get Russians to war.

    I’m absolutely an enemy of classical liberalism, but I don’t like Marxism either. China has greatly improved its median living standard, deserves credit for that.

    But I’m absolutely an enemy of Cold Warriors. I believe the Cold War was an attack by activists on the religion, ethnicity, and decentralized vitality of the West. If you wish to exterminate whites, then you too are my enemy. If not, then we might not be. The US wasnt at war with Russia; it was at war with US whites.

    I’ll let you in on a secret, a conflict can be between two bad entities. It needn’t be good vs evil. But good job on winning the Cold War. It looks like whites might go extinct as a direct result.

  255. HbutnotG says:


    I ascribe it to the “Jew gene.” I’ve expounded on that and why Ireland never amounted to a hill of beans, but now is turning into a grassy green version of Inglewood, CA. Just trace the Jews trek across Europe from Spain to Russia and totally missed Ireland. Then look chronologically how technology progressed.

    I don’t know or care where the Jew gene came from (maybe natural selection when everybody around you wanted you dead because you were an arrogant SOB), but note that, by now, intelligence is not necessarily co-inherited with big hooked noses or prognathism, or even kinky hair – apparently that’s not the case after 5 or 6 generations mixed back. Then there’s that high proportion of ginger Jews in England and Poland – that’s your clue, right there. Miscegenation (particularly with platinum blonde girls) occurred in haylofts – no altar or synagogue needed.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Gugwee
  256. Anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Except is the contrary historically the regions with biggest number of jews have been very poor , 90% of the jews lived in poland and the rest of eastern european countries but were the poorest region of europe by a significant margin , in fact western europe start function again when the mayority of jews were expulsed to north africa , eastern europe and to the otoman empire and when we embraced our graeco roman traditions in the reinassance abandonimg the semitic cristian cult

    In the other part of the atlantic Usa was already the biggest economy of the world surpassing britain in 1860 when jews were a minusquele fraction of the population, jews like they always do simply emigrate to a greener pastures parasitizing the country to exaustion

    And In the moder world germanic and specially scandinavian countries are the most prosperous with difference in the entire continent and the ones with a sizeable amount of jews like france and england are 2 tier at best

    But what were jews before entering european history ?

    Nothing while european had already stablished as the dominant cultural and military force in the clasical era , the base that thousand year later would impulse europeans to a new heights

  257. Gugwee says:

    I think our problem is more likely some kind of obedience gene or “worship of others” gene in whites. It could wipe us out, or a really cataclysmic shit-hits-the-fan situation could correct it naturally. Evolution is real. The servile, gullible, turn-the-other-cheek traits in most whites now do not enhance our ability to survive. They will die out, one way or another. We need to think in terms of centuries, not decades.
    Another thing, those long-ago blonde girls mostly weren’t having a tumble in the hayloft with Shlomo. They were often poor girls who went to work as house servants for the Juice, and were sexually taken advantage of by them. Then the Juice started Hollywood in modern times to do the same thing.

  258. aandrews says:

    The new Superman, Jonathan Kent — who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane — will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend, DC Comics announced Monday.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  259. aandrews says:

    Seduction Of The Innocent 1954 2nd Printing
    by Fredric Wertham

    Fredric’s book and testimony at Senate Hearings within 6 months of his book publication, was used to ban many comic books and an industry-wide self-censoring to be launched. 4 years earlier, Fredric was also one of the first to be used to attack L. Ron Hubbard and the Dianetics book.

  260. @GeneralRipper

    I just discovered this thread as it wasn’t addresses to me. You coward.

    I really don’t care what you think, about me or anything else. You’re one of those military type knuckle draggers that volunteer to murder people you don’t know. The US military is full of the lowest scum on the planet. They have killed and ruined infrastructure over decades and learned nothing from Vietnam and the many useless wars the oligarchy initiated for profit.

    The bulk of the US military is christian. That actually makes perfect sense since christianity is a process of brainwashing from birth to believe in the nonsense of a god for which there is no proof. All religions operate the same way but christianity has managed to be the most successful with their leader residing in his own country, the Vatican. Once you believe, without evidence, then the next belief becomes easier to swallow. The swine in the US military believe they are fighting for truth, justice and the american way, or was that superman. These people are so stupid, they actually fight for the political class’s next target of opportunity for profit.

    You and your ilk are the lowest form of life on the planet. I would never fight for any country’s military as they’re all corrupt. I would, however, fight against any predator that comes after me or mine. That’s called defense as opposed to the offense a POS like you champions.

    • Agree: Realist, Liberty Mike
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