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Review: Stalin’s War Against the Jews: The Doctor’s Plot and the Soviet Solution
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Stalin’s War Against the Jews: The Doctor’s Plot and the Soviet Solution
Louis Rapoport
Free Press, 1990

A person’s lack of self-awareness can produce a sense of eye-rolling irony. Not a pleasant feeling—sort of like spinning one’s wheels. But such an encounter doesn’t have to be a total loss. A self-unaware person can still teach us things, as long as we not let the irony get the better of us.

Louis Rapoport’s 1990 work Stalin’s War Against the Jews gives us such an opportunity by offering an engaging roundup of a vital part of twentieth century history. Although Rapoport presents it as part of the interminable saga of Jewish “lugubria” (if I may coin a term), what he really offers is an eye-opening account of Jewish culpability in the vast blacklist of Soviet atrocity. In mentioning anti-gentile enormities offhandedly and focusing more on the significantly less deadly anti-Jewish crimes of the Soviets , Rapoport reveals his appalling lack of self-awareness. (As do Natan Sharansky, Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert Conquest, and Theodore Draper, who provide glowing blurbs on the book’s back cover.)

Would these reviewers have responded as well to a book entitled Hitler’s War Against White Christians which only mentions Jewish suffering in passing?

Rapoport starts with some useful biographical information about Stalin, whom he correctly vilifies throughout his book. He describes young Joseph Djugashivili as an industrious bully who was always cynical and pragmatic regarding his interactions with Jews. Rapoport covers Stalin’s time as a young radical robbing banks, getting into Lenin’s good graces, and vying with the more urbane and Mephistophelean Leon Trotsky during the early days of the Bolsheviks. Rapoport compares Stalin, being a Georgian, to the Corsican Napoleon and the Austrian Hitler as an ethnic outsider identifying with gentile majorities as a basis for his power and appeal.

Right off the bat, however, he discusses Stalin’s sinister yet unrealized intention in his last years to deport nearly all Soviet Jews to Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Birobidzhan. Yes, I think it is fair to say that Russian Jews dodged a bullet when Stalin died. Despite this, Rapoport makes the dubious claim that “the Jews suffered far more under the ‘anti-racist’ Bolsheviks than they had under the openly anti-Semitic czar Nicholas II.”

Here is where the lack of self-awareness comes in. Everyone suffered more under the Bolsheviks than under the Czar. For gentiles, it wasn’t even close, yet Rapoport never directly acknowledges this. It’s as if for him no one can suffer the way a Jew suffers. Furthermore, he quite astonishingly indicts the Jews for much of this suffering. He admits not only that Jews “laid the foundations of communism and socialism” (for example, Karl Marx, Ferdinand Lassalle, and Eduard Bernstein) and made up Lenin’s “top men” (Lev Kamenev, Grigory Zinoviev, and Jacob Sverdlov) but also that Jews were instrumental in the rise of Bolshevism.

In the three decades before the Revolution of 1917, a growing number of young Jewish revolutionaries flocked to the new religion of communism, seeing it as a means of delivery not only from their own constricted status as Jews, but for all humankind. These were the educated, secular equivalents of those Jews who had followed previous false Messiahs—such as Shabtai Zvi in the seventeenth century, or much earlier pretenders like David Reuveni. The very high proportion of Jews in the forefront of the movement in Russia was, however, also directly linked to the fact that the aristocracy and peasants shared a mutual antipathy toward Jews, considering them Russia’s main source of bedevilment.

It gets better. It turns out that Jews got their hands dirty after the Revolution as well.

Under Lenin, Jews became involved in all aspects of the Revolution, including its dirtiest work. Despite the Communists’ vows to eradicate anti-Semitism, it spread rapidly after the Revolution—partly because of the prominence of so many Jews in the Soviet administration, as well as in the traumatic, inhuman Sovietization drives that followed. Historian Salo Baron has noted that an immensely disproportionate number of Jews joined the new Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, “perhaps in subconscious retaliation for the many years of suffering at the hands of the Russian police.” And many of those who fell afoul of the Cheka would be shot by Jewish investigators.

And did someone say genocide? Here is a direct quote from Zinoviev in a 1917 conversation with Polish Cheka leader Felix Dzerzhinsky and Jewish Menshevik leader Raphael Abramovich:

We must carry along with us ninety million out of the one hundred million Soviet Russian population. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.

Moving on to the 1930s, it gets even better.

Thousands of Jewish revolutionaries helped to spearhead the Terror machine with a messianic fervor. One of them, Matvei Berman, had helped to institutionalize slave labor as early as 1922. . .

And then we have the Jewish “Iron Commissar” Lazar Kaganovich:

Kaganovich was also known for his vow against alleged class enemies and saboteurs: “We’ll break their skulls in.” In 1932, when he was in charge of suppressing a strike by Kuban Cossacks during collectivization in the Ukraine, he transferred whole Cossack settlements to Siberia—a mere rehearsal for the transfer of eight entire nationalities in the forties. Khrushchev, who participated in many of these events and whose own hands were not unsullied, termed Kaganovich “unsurpassed in his viciousness.”

I saved the best for last:

Other Jewish Chekists who rose to the top included Aron Soltz, long known as “the consciences of the Party,” and Naftali Frenkel, a Turkish Jew whom Solzhenitsyn would characterize as “the nerve of the Archipelago, which stretched across the nine time zones of the vast country.” It was Frenkel who refined Berman’s use of prisoners as slave laborers. In 1932 Stalin put him in charge of the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, which took the lives of some 200,000 prisoners, and later he worked under [Genrikh] Yagoda, the first and last Jewish head of the Cheka. Most of the chief overseers of the canal were Jews.

While it is nice that Rapoport likens communism to false religions, he fails to consider why the Russian aristocracy and peasantry “shared a mutual antipathy toward Jews.” I understand that tit-for-tat can reach farther back into history than we can fathom, and that the Jews have their side of things. But to assume that this anti-Jewish antipathy sprang out of nowhere or from the black hearts of gentiles is simply dishonest. Honesty would compel Rapoport to discuss uncomfortable topics like usury, alcohol peddling, prostitution, draft evasion, tax evasion, anti-assimilation, russophobia, ideological subversion, terrorism, and the weaponization of the Jewish fund known as the Kahal against gentile economic competitors—which effectively wiped out gentile middle classes in places like Odessa.

Honesty would also compel him to admit that perhaps this anti-Semitism he’s so worried about (which he refers to as a “disease”) was justifiable given the atrocious behavior of so many Soviet Jews. It’s as if he feels anti-Semitism is a worse crime than working 200,000 slaves to death or deporting whole populations to their doom in Siberia.

Not only is Rapoport not entirely honest, his argument doesn’t follow logically. Given that. . .

  1. Jews suffered as Jews under the anti-Semitic Czar, and
  2. Jews rebelled against the anti-Semitic Czar through Bolshevism.

It follows that. . .

  1. Jews suffered more as Jews under Bolshevism than they did under the Czar.

How does this even make sense?

It only makes sense when rewriting C as “Jews—especially urban, educated Jews—benefitted enormously from taking part in the vast Soviet system.”

So then where does this war against the Jews come in? Well, first Rapoport discusses the well-known suppression of all nationalist, religious, and ethnic identity during the early Soviet period. This included abolishing the teaching of Hebrew, instruction in Judaism, and the existence of all Jewish organizations. But if you don’t read Rapoport carefully, you’d think the Jews were the only group being repressed during this time. Ironically, however, Rapoport admits (again, with zero self-awareness) that the Jews themselves were doing most of the repressing.

The Jewish Bolsheviks were the most fanatical advocates of suppressing Jewish parties—no matter how anti-Zionist, such as the Bund. The main Jewish enemy was the “Bourgeois-clerical-Zionist” camp: Judaism, Zionism, the Hebrew language. At one and the same time, the Bolsheviks granted grudging recognition of the Jews as a nationality while taking the rights of nationality away from them. For the sine qua non of the Communist revolution remained the dissolution of all nationalities, and the Jews were at the head of the list.

Next, Rapoport provides a chilling rundown of the Great Terror, with all its plots, paranoia, denunciations, and show trials. This was essentially Stalin’s mid-1930s purge of the Communist Party, which resulted in seven to ten million being killed. Rapoport estimates that “hundreds of thousands” of these victims were Jewish—which makes sense, given that so many Jews were active communists at the time. His chapter on the Great Terror certainly makes for some gripping reading and provides an excellent introduction to this grisly topic. Still, however, he cannot seem to help himself with his lack of awareness. He admits that “[m]any of the prosecution witnesses and agents provocateurs” used against Jews during the Terror were Jews themselves, as were “[s]ome of the main instruments of the Terror.” He names M.I. Gay, A.A. Slutsky, Boris Berman, and others.

Yet on the same page he condemns contemporaneous actions against Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Trotsky as anti-Semitism. Basically, we have bad Jews doing bad things to other bad Jews in a bad system that they themselves had created after doing bad things to not-so-bad gentiles—and all Rapoport can do is point and sputter about anti-Semitism.

We can see where his priorities lie.

Rapoport dutifully chronicles Jewish suffering during the early days of the Second World War, which he paints as Soviet-Nazi collusion. One example is the Soviet silence in the face of German anti-Jewish atrocities in Poland from 1939 to 1941 during the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Another is Babi Yar, where the Soviet press reported that nearly 50,000 Russians or Ukrainians (but not Jews) had been massacred. This all counts as part of Stalin’s war against the Jews, apparently. But Rapoport fails to consider other reasons for Soviet behavior here. In the former case, the Soviets did not want to upset a supposed ally whom they were intending to attack anyway. (See Viktor Suvorov’s The Chief Culprit for more on Stalin’s secret war plans against the Germans.) In the latter case, the Soviet newspapers’ prime goal was to inspire anti-German hatred among the Soviet masses. Calling the Babi Yar victims Jews simply would not have accomplished this as well as calling them Russians or Ukrainians.

The best Rapoport can do to forward his “Stalin’s-war-against-the-Jews” thesis during his Second World War chapter is to bring up the massive eastward deportations Stalin executed in the wake of the German invasion. Sure, hundreds of thousands of Jews suffered during this period—as did all people of all nationalities. I’m sure a good bit of this suffering had been caused by gentile cruelty. But it’s a stretch to call these deportations a “war against the Jews,” especially when they were taken either to protect the Soviet citizenry from the German invasion, or to prevent them from taking part in it, which, after decades of terror and oppression, many Soviet citizens were keen to do.

Up until this point, it is clear that Stalin disliked Jews and was not above treating Jewish Party members as harshly as they had treated their victims throughout the 1920s and 1930s. But he had always been willing to work with them and kept several, such as Kaganovich, as his favorites. This changed after 1948, when Golda Meir, the Israeli Ambassador to the Soviet Union, visited Moscow and was thronged by 50,000 enraptured Soviet Jews. This bold ethnocentric display infuriated Stalin, who from then on marked Soviet Jewry as an unstable element which needed to be dealt with. If there is any point in Rapoport’s narrative where his war-against-the-Jews thesis is strongest, it’s here.

Right away, Stalin began ordering the mass arrest, deportation, and execution of Jews for the flimsiest of reasons, such as merely attending the Meir visit, communicating with various Jewish groups such as the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC), being a prominent cultural figure, or simply receiving Zionist brochures in the mail from the Israeli embassy. Perhaps some of these victims had been bad actors during the Great Terror or before, but the vast majority were certainly innocent.

Stalin was growing increasingly paranoid and totalitarian in his old age and the Jews of the Soviet Union were bearing the brunt of it according to Rapoport. His writing assumes tremendous urgency as he depicts the disastrous Crimea Affair—an episode in which prominent Jews, including Vyacheslav Molotov’s Jewish wife Paulina, hoped to convince Stalin to concede the Crimea to the Jews. The famous Doctor’s plot garners its own chapter, as it should, since no event in Russia since the Beilis Trial had exhibited as much controversy surrounding Jews and anti-Semitism as that.

My favorite moment describes how Paul Robeson, the Black American singer and left-wing luminary, visited the Soviet Union in 1949. He repeatedly asked the Soviet authorities to arrange a meeting with an old friend of his, the Jewish poet and former JAC Deputy Chairman Itzik Feffer. Unbeknownst to Robeson, however, Feffer had run afoul of Stalin and had been rotting away in Lubyanka Prison. The Soviets stalled while they fattened Feffer up in his cell before finally allowing him to visit Robeson in his (no doubt bugged) hotel room. While chatting amiably with his old friend, Feffer indicated through gestures his own dire circumstances as well as those of other Jews, such as the actor Solomon Mikhoels, whom Stalin murdered the year before. The two were crying when they parted because they knew they would never see each other again.

Despite knowing that his friend’s fate was sealed, Robeson later performed brilliantly at the Tchaikovsky Hall and then spoke glowingly to the audience about the freedom that writers and artists enjoy in the Soviet Union. Afterwards, the tragic farce continued:

When Robeson went home, he continued to misrepresent the reality of life in the Soviet Union. Apparently Robeson, Howard Fast, and others who knew what was going on felt that “quiet diplomacy” was the best way to help their friends. Robeson made his son vow not to make the story public until after his death, “because he had promised himself that he would never publicly criticize the USSR.” The singer-actor who had become as much a leader for black Americans as actor Mikhoels had become for Soviet Jews was covering up not only the murder of Mikhoels and the arrest and imminent death of his Jewish writer friends, but the clear signs of an anti-Semitic campaign that spelled impending genocide.

A poignant story, and Rapoport tells it well. But it is undone (again) by his astonishing lack of self-awareness. Several chapters earlier, Rapoport writes how Feffer’s fate could not have happened to a nicer guy.

The JAC’s deputy chairman, poet Itzik Solomonovich Feffer, was a very different kind of Soviet Jew, much more in the tradition of those who had helped shape totalitarian terrorism. Feffer, born in Kiev in 1900 and a Party member from age nineteen, was a devoted communist, a Red Army colonel, and an operative of “the organs.” In his poem, “I am a Jew,” he declared that he drank “happiness from Stalin’s cup” and praised Kaganovich, “Stalin’s friend.” Though Feffer boasted of his rabbinic ancestry, his poems jeered at Judaism, while celebrating the slave-labor society. He immortalized the show trials of “traitors, spies, and assassins. . . .[w]e shoot you down like mad dogs.”. . . . There is no doubt now why Beria chose him as second in command at the JAC—to watch everyone else, and denounce them at the appropriate moment.

The more Rapoport denounces anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, the more he underscores its rock-solid justifications.

Of course, Stalin cannot be defended. His murderous and possibly genocidal anti-Semitism was only one of his many evil facets. Rapoport does a fine job condemning him through his reporting—a necessary case to make, if somewhat trivial given the millions of deaths already on Stalin’s head by the time he turned on the Jews. Despite its author’s obvious blind spots, Stalin’s War Against the Jews is a well-written and serviceable history of the highs and lows of twentieth century Soviet Jewry—and how interconnected these extremes actually were. Much of this book will be a revelation to those unacquainted with the Jewish Question.

But by conflating Stalin’s personal anti-Jewish animus (as paranoid as it was) with something as broad as anti-Semitism, Rapoport prestidigitously condemns the Russian people when such a charge is unwarranted. No, the Russian people are not to blame here. Stalin’s war against the Jews was his alone. Once he died in 1953, so did much of the violent anti-Jewish repression in the Soviet Union, and his plan to deport them all was permanently shelved. If anything, Rapoport does a better job of painting Soviet Jews as anti-Semitic—or worse—since they had always oppressed their own and by the late 1940s were being forced to lie in the very same bed that they had so enthusiastically made twenty to thirty years prior.

That Louis Rapoport remains oblivious to this irony throughout his book is incomprehensible. He writes in his Preface that one purpose of Stalin’s War Against the Jews was to help readers understand how the “pogrom atmosphere of 1948 to 1953 that culminated in the Doctor’s Plot” had led to the great exodus of Jews from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Instead, however, he presents all the excellent reasons why the Russians wanted them gone in the first place.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Comrade Stalin announced: “Every Jewish nationalist is the agent of the American intelligence service, rootless cosmopolitans.” Comrade Stalin does not make mistakes, according to Comrade Sergei Ogoltsov. Vladimir Lenin, being deeply committed to egalitarian ideals and universality of all humanity, rejected Zionism as a reactionary movement, “bourgeois nationalism”, “socially retrogressive”, and a backward force that deprecates class divisions among Jewish folks. Comrade Stalin puts Lenin’s ideas in the practice to be rid of “rootless cosmopolitans” in vital positions of government.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @JM
    , @JM
  2. Polphil says:

    I think Stalin was justifiably paranoid, regarding jews. He knew what they were and what they could do, he had been dealing with them and maneuvering around them for decades. He had become fully convinced of their domination and subterfuge, their threat to him as they surrounded him and always chose tribe over all others–and knew how to manipulate foolish and, or, despicable goyim. I believe the doctors plot was a real conspiracy, and I believe that Stalin had come up with a “final solution.” The jews killed him, they poisoned him, because he was going to actually start doing something about them.

    There was a video circulating a few years ago, I hope it is still around, of a high ranking chabad rabbi bragging about their power in Russia. He was telling a quick story of how when the mossad contacted chabad in the USSR, they were shocked to find out about the vast and intricate network of eyes and ears they had.

    • Agree: Che Guava, Slav
    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @JombBerusalem
  3. I’ve always found it fascinating that Jews practising Judaism was “suppressed”, yet “50,000 enraptured Soviet Jews” greeted Golda Meir, by her recollection, at a synagogue.
    Obviously the synagogue didn’t meet the same fate as Moscow churches.

  4. This bold ethnocentric display infuriated Stalin, who from then on marked Soviet Jewry as an unstable element which needed to be dealt with. If there is any point in Rapoport’s narrative where his war-against-the-Jews thesis is strongest, it’s here.

    More than that, it was obvious to Stalin that Israel was going to learn toward the US DESPITE the fact that Soviets had backed its creation.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
    , @vinteuil
  5. That’s the problem with the cult of ‘antisemitism’.

    It’s supremacist in assuming that Jewish lives matter more.

    • Agree: Chewish Supremacist
    • Replies: @Chewish Supremacist
  6. JimDandy says:

    God, is China the best chance we’ve got?

    • Thanks: Chewish Supremacist
    • Replies: @Chewish Supremacist
  7. Ghali says:

    L Rapoport is a Jew. One has to be very naïve and extremely illiterate to think that a Jew will write something impartial and critique of Jews, the Animal Kingdom most vicious and culpable creatures.

  8. Zane says:

    I guess the current score in the war is:-

    Stalin 0
    Jews 1

  9. I will be reading this book soon. These books about Jewish conspiracies or denials of Jewish power, no matter how much they try to prove otherwise, always end up making the case for the conspiracies and the power. They also end up proving how little or weak the claims of anti-Jewish bigotry and Jewish weakness are.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  10. jluker says:

    Why does everyone insist on calling it “anti-semitism,” when it is a fact that Jews are not semites?

  11. @Priss Factor

    Jew = Ethnicity

    Jew = Religion

    Jew = MASK used by Non-Jew CRIMINALS, so they can commit crimes, get away with it, and BLAME it on Jews. These so-called “MASK” Jews are also known as KHAZAR Jews, BANK Jews, BIG Jews, ATHEIST Jews, SATANIC Jews…etc.

    And this explains why there is so much mystery, chaos, and confusion surrounding so-called “Jews”.

  12. @JimDandy

    What does God want? …only time will tell.

    Jewish Mafia RULE ?

    Christian Mafia RULE ?

    Muslim Mafia RULE ?

    Chinese Mafia RULE ?

    African Mafia RULE ?

    …it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  13. Kim says:

    This viewpoint is thoroughly undermined by Colin Jordan’s 1955 book, Fraudulent Conversion: The Myth of Moscow’s Change of Heart.

    There was no war against the yids under Communism.

    Just 158 interesting pages.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  14. I loved this bit:

    Rapoport compares Stalin, being a Georgian, to the Corsican Napoleon and the Austrian Hitler as an ethnic outsider identifying with gentile majorities as a basis for his power and appeal.

    As opposed to Jews who pit gentiles against each other and promote deviances and minorities, even import them if needed, as a basis for their power and appeal.

  15. Backward says:

    Very credible, when Stalin in fact defeated the very nations that were fighting the Jewish power, thus making the latter even more pervasive. Following WW2, the world became a Jewish playground. Thank you Stalin.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  16. Isn’t it ironical that such sworn enemies as Hitler and Stalin both came to the conclusion, in their own way, that their respective countries had to become Judenfrei?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  17. Brosi says:

    His writing assumes tremendous urgency as he depicts the disastrous Crimea Affair—an episode in which prominent Jews, including Vyacheslav Molotov’s Jewish wife Paulina, hoped to convince Stalin to concede the Crimea to the Jews.

    Polina Zhemchuzhina, Molotov’s Jewish Wife

    After marrying Molotov, Polina became very close to Stalin’s wife. Stalin’s marriage was going from bad to worse at that time. One night Stalin was rude to his wife during a formal Kremlin dinner. Accompanied by Polina, Stalin’s wife left the dinner party and killed herself, later that night (11/15/1932). … To Stalin, vengeful and suspicious, Polina was instantly persona non grata, but he knew how to wait and to hide his feelings. The purges of the 1930’s did not affect her.

    Until 1939 Polina corresponded with a sister in Palestine. During WWII she became a leading member of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Jews. In that capacity she was in contact with Golda Meir, the first Israeli ambassador to the USSR. But friendly relations between the two countries deteriorated after 1949. According to one Russian historian, “This was a good moment for Stalin to settle the score with the woman who had once been his wife’s close friend and who, in his view, knew too much. Naturally, this was not the charge that was brought against her openly. Polina was accused of `treason against the Motherland’ through her links with international Zionism and so on. . . . All the members of the Politburo voted for her arrest except Molotov, who abstained, although he did not speak in her defense.…” She was arrested at once. According to a New York Times article (by Douglas Frantz, October 5, 2000)

    “the former General Secretary of the Israeli Communist Party, S. Mikunis, met Molotov in the Kremlin Hospital at Kuntsevo, where he was sent one day. He wrote: ‘Quite unexpectedly, one day I ran into Molotov in one of the corridors. I went up to him and asked, why did you let them arrest Polina? Without moving a muscle in his steely face, he replied, Because I am a member of the Politburo and I must obey Party discipline….’ It happened that the day of Stalin’s funeral, 9 March, was also Molotov’s birthday. As they were leaving the mausoleum, Khrushchev and Malenkov wished him a happy birthday, despite the occasion, and asked what he would like as a present. ‘Give me back Polina,’ he replied coldly and moved on. ”

    Stalin was a murderous bastard, but he was the Jews’ bastard.

    Jewish autonomy in Crimea

    The project of Jewish autonomy in Crimea died for the final time in 1948. Both during the trial of Lozovsky and the trial which ultimately led to the Night of the Murdered Poets, the defendants were accused of “conspiring on how to fulfil the plan of American capitalist circles to create a Jewish state in Crimea.”[14] At the final plenum of the Central Committee during Stalin’s lifetime, in October 1952, Stalin castigated Molotov for his support of the JAC plan, saying, “Molotov is a person devoted to our cause. If called to do so, I have no doubt he will unhesitatingly give his life for the party. But one cannot ignore his unworthy deeds […] What is the value of Molotov’s proposal to transfer Crimea to the Jews? This is comrade Molotov’s grossest political mistake […] On what basis did comrade Molotov make such a proposal? We have Jewish autonomy [in Birobidzhan]. Is that not enough? Let this republic develop. And comrade Molotov should not be a lawyer for illegal Jewish claims to our Soviet Crimea.

    “American Capitalist” circles wanted to create Khazaria in Crimea then, and they want to do it now. This is why there can be no “Peace” until Russia withdraws from Donbas and most importantly Crimea too.

    • Thanks: Kolya Krassotkin
  18. Che Guava says:
    @Prof Watson

    Good comment. I’d have just hit the ‘LOL’ button, but that may seem as if I just saw it as a joke.

  19. Slav says:

    The problem is, Marxist definition of Jewry differs from the Hitlerite/Zionist one, that predominates on this site. Stalin was true opponent of Jewish global power unlike Hitler, its tool.

    Marxist solution of Jewish question is assimilation, striping Jews of special status. Many patriotic bolsheviks of Jewish background were not Jews according to Marxist definition. Ron Unz is not a Jew according to Marxist definition. He is neither a follower of Judaism nor a Zionist.

    Hitlerite racial definition of Jewry only helps strengthening Zionist cause and prevents assimilation. Zionists are allied with antisemites since the time of Herzl.

    • Replies: @Shamu
    , @Height_776
    , @JM
  20. Slav says:

    “We must carry along with us ninety million out of the one hundred million Soviet Russian population. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.”

    What us controversial on this statement? There are approximately ten percent of parasites in bourgeoise societies. Once they lose their ability to live from explanation, how can they feed themselves? They have to be turn into productive force, in labor camps if necessary.

  21. Shamu says:

    Yes, Stalin knew just what a few very bright Jews could do to destroy the lives of millions and, more important too Stalin himself, what those Jews inevitably would do to a non-Jew who held a position above those Jews. The practical part of Stalin knew that Jews were necessary to pulling off something as terrible as the Bolshevik Revolution, and also that if Jews were left to their own devices for too long after such a revolution, that Jewish lust for all power would leave a smoldering ruin. The Jews who made the revolution would run into into the ground trying to maximize it for one last Jewish butchery and theft campaign.

    And that gets us to Trotsky becoming the savior Jew in the minds of Jews of all political and economic types. Trotsky could have, they are certain, saved the world from Stalinism. Stalin was certain that Trotsky and his devotees would have so destroyed the masses that they would have left the USSR easy pickings.

    Even as the Brit Deep State had convinced millions off their citizens to refer to Stalin as Uncle Joe, it was creating what would become the CIA, and central to that early CIA was the notion that while Stalin had to be used to defat Hitler, Trotskyite Marxists were the way to take down Stalin after the war.

    The bedrock of Jewish Neoconservatism is Trotskyism. And that is all due to the fact that America’s Deep State decided to take over all parts of being the new British Empire, which means American permanent, global secret service would be British secret service with different accents. And the deep and wide philoSemitism of the UK elites became the newest passion of the American Deep State, meshing it nicely with the arch-Judaizers among the American low church Evangelicals.

    What both ultra Left Jews and neocon Jews know is that if not for Stalin eliminating Trotsky, it would not have been possible for Russia to survive the fall of the USSR and be able to resist any demands made by the US, the UK, and/or Israel. Trotsky would have eradicated any hint that there once had been a vibrant Christian Russian culture, just as Jews have done to Palestinian Christians. And that process is what is going on in the Ukraine and planned for Russia proper, just under the heading of American rules based New World Order. But it is nothing more than the old war to utterly destroy every nation, every people who were prominent in building and maintaining Christendom. The Russians are easily the most important of those peoples in Eastern Europe.

    • Agree: Treg
    • Thanks: Polphil
    • Replies: @WagnerGroup17
  22. As then in Soviet times(1905-1924), so now the Jewish expansion into central Russia went from west to east. Germany(Rhine Valley, Karl Marx) -> Lithuania(Vilnius,General Jewish Labour Bund)+Poland(Krakow,General Jewish Labour Bund) -> Ukraine, Belarus (pale of settlement,Trotsky) -> Russia (St. Petersburg, the final stop). The death, perhaps the murder of Stalin, falls just on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Stalin called himself a Georgian, but in fact he was an ethnic Ossetian.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  23. Shamu says:

    You are correct in your definitions pf how certain groups labeled who is and is not a Jew. And your objection to the standard Anglo-Saxon position (a Jew is anybody with fairly significant Jewish ancestry) is valid, because that is a ridiculously simplistic Darwinian notion made into iron clad LAW.

    But there is also the truth that huge numbers of Jews will accept as Jews anyo0ne of any religion save most branches of Christianity anyone with the requisite Jewish genes. And history does show those Jews of various, including contradictory, religious beliefs and political affiliations siding iwhtb one one another over and over in order to help Jewry.

    What do I think? Israel Shamir is correct in that the history of the Law of Moses becoming Judaism meant that Jews were defined by a religion that was an a heresy from its source that opined them asa. race above all other peoples, who deserved what they got. That means that unless Jews choose to become part of historic Christianity, a full conversion that includes embracing a nationality along with the religion, they will prove to be endless trouble.

    I think Mike Jones has the same basic assessment.

    • Replies: @Slav
  24. @Slav

    Assimilation =Globalization.

    • Replies: @Slav
  25. When will Solzhenitsyn’s book “Two Hundred Years Together” be allowed to appear in English translation ?

    When will it be permitted to be available to Western readers ?

  26. Slav says:

    Anglo-Jewish cosmopolitanism = globalisation. Assimilation means cutting Jewish cross-border ties and dual loyalties, making them citizens as anyone else.

    Anglophone countries and anglophone Jews are specific case, their culture and language is hard to distinguish from globalist culture and language.

    • Replies: @Height_776
  27. @Height_776

    Quite a cohencidence, that Stalin was planning on forcibly removing Jews from the population at large and placing them in restricted controlled areas, when he then becomes paralyzed and dies on Purim in 1953. Georgians and Ossetians are both Iranian peoples, which makes the cohencidence even more interesting.

    • Replies: @Height_776
    , @Haxo Angmark
  28. @jluker

    What are they then?

    • Replies: @Slav
    , @jluker
  29. Slav says:

    “And history does show those Jews of various, including contradictory, religious beliefs and political affiliations siding iwhtb one one another over and over in order to help Jewry.”

    Then they are Zionists/cosmopolitan traitors and must be dealt with. Judge people by their actions not for what they claim to be.

    Many cosmopolitans and Zionists who were uncovered and dealt with in the USSR in the fifties didn’t boast about upholding those views. It is a duty of patriotic intelligence to uncover and eliminate those elements.

  30. Slav says:
    @Pierre Simon

    They are a cabal, not an ethnicity.

    • Replies: @JM
    , @beavertales
  31. Not sure I would mix The Bohemian Corporal in with the other two. “Austrians” are ethnically and linguistically German, with their separation from the rest of Germany constituting an artful political contrivance (thanks largely to Bismarck). “Koba” (as he was called) and the Little Emperor were, respectively, ethnically and linguistically Georgian and Corsican Italian.

    • Agree: Irish Savant, HdC
  32. Any rational science and evolution believing person will side wth the Jews. What is the alternative? Some dude who walked on water lmao 🤣🤣

    • Replies: @David Homer
    , @Colin Wright
  33. @Ghali

    Indeed, looking at the author’s name alone, one could easily be forgiven for giving his book a pass based on a well-justified assumption that his Jew biases have rendered its contents irrelevant.

  34. @RedpilledAF

    They also end up proving how little or weak the claims of anti-Jewish bigotry and Jewish weakness are.

    Anti-Jewish bigotry is most definitely –and justifiably– a thing. Jewish weakness? Hardly. Weak people don’t become the driving force behind a murderous tyranny that slaughters its enemies by the millions.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  35. @Backward

    Following WW2, the world became a Jewish playground. Thank you Stalin.

    Given Communism’s undeniably and thoroughly Jewish origins as an ideology and as a political movement, any victory for Communism is automatically a victory for Jews. Uncle Joe simply couldn’t reconcile his ideological devotion to Bolshevism with his hatred of Jews. Indeed, no one can, because embracing Communism for all intents and purposes means embracing Jews.

  36. geokat62 says:

    This viewpoint is thoroughly undermined by Colin Jordan’s 1955 book, Fraudulent Conversion: The Myth of Moscow’s Change of Heart.

    Thanks for the reference.

    The book opens with this quote:

    “As for anyone who does not know that the present revolutionary Bolshevist movement is Jewish in Russia, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppressions of our deplorable press.” – Hilaire Belloc

    Seems like the lugenpresse was just as busy deceiving the dumb goyim back then as they are now.

    • Replies: @smaragdus
  37. @Slav

    Assimilation will just be a cover-up for cross-border ties and dual loyalties. Assimilation is a loophole for moles… What percentage of Jews assimilated the Soviet Union…? Jewish emigration from the former USSR since 1970 amounted to almost 2 million people. The last pre-war population census, held in 1939, showed that about 3,020,000 Jews lived in the Soviet Union.

    • Replies: @Slav
  38. Purim miracle of 1953

    Purim in 1953 fell on March 1. On that day, Haman-Stalin had a stroke. Soon came the tyrant’s death. A heavenly stroke brought down the villain on the eve of the terrible stroke Stalin was about to inflict upon the Jewish people.
    Purim 2017 coincides with the centenary of the revolution in Russia, which was overthrown later by the Bolshevik coup. Freedom and democracy ended, but for the first two decades the cruel Soviet dictatorship struggled against antisemitism, even after Stalin came to power.
    In 1937-38 Stalin’s “Great Terror” destroyed most leaders and many other active figures of the country, including many Jews; thus, the elite of the country became almost empty of Jews.

    The noose was already wrapped around the neck of the Soviet Jews, so Purim 1953 almost literally replaced the death of Mordechai (Jews) with the death of Haman (Stalin).

    The massacre of the USSR Jews was thwarted.

    • Replies: @Height_776
  39. Canute says:

    The initial Politburo meeting following the September Revolution in Russia was comprised of 66 members including a chairman. Of this total, 46 of them were Jewish, with the majority of the balance being married to Jews. At the end of WWII, Poland was then divided into 18 governing districts, all of which were overseen by Jewish Commissars. This means that all of the “extermination camps” were under direct control of Jews for the 6 months before the westerners were let in to “discover” the “holocaust.”

  40. As children they told us the more we read the more we would learn and they kept telling us that. Knowledge Is The Key they said. What they didn’t tell us is that much of what we read were lies especially when it came to history and the world. Churches are/were as guilty as the schools and “educational” systems in this.

    Knowledge is the Key?? In some things yes but Controlling Knowledge Is The Real Key !

    A prime example lies above.

  41. @RedpilledAF

    Ossetians come from Persia (Iran). The Georgians were conquered and almost destroyed by the Persian empire. In 1619, the Kakhetian (Georgian) tsar Teimuraz asked the Russian sovereign Mikhail Fedorovich to protect him from the persecution of the Persians. Moscow accepted the request of the Georgian ruler and asked Shah Abbas(was the seventh Shah of Safavid Iran) not to oppress Georgia.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  42. Slav says:

    “What percentage of Jews assimilated the Soviet Union…?”

    Don’t know numbers, but there were many. Including in leadership. For example Andropov, the most principled anti-Zionist and patriot.

    Zionist elements were solely backed by usurious money from imperialist countries, destroy imperialism and Zionism will die out, including in Israel.

    • Replies: @Height_776
    , @JM
  43. @jluker

    True but it’s pointless making an argument out of this. Everybody knows what’s meant by the term.

  44. GMC says:

    Very interesting article – thanks. I’ve never seen an orthodox jew in Crimea , in all my travels. I saw many in Kiev and at Borisbyl airport I ran into some orthodox from N. Y. , way back when. There are plenty of regular jewish people here but they’re just normal Crimean. Ever since the 2014 Coup tho, Crimea has lost many liberties and freedoms from sanctions, suspended train passage thru Ukraine, we lost all air carrier service to Europe, Turkey, M E etc. , so everything goes to Moscow or a few other cities in RF only. We lost all outside banking , transportation, all import of products from Ukraine [ Crimea’s economy and low prices were linked with Ukraine} and this got worse every year.

    So yes, the Zionist run West is responsible for the Crimean problems and Moscow knows it. That’s why the new bridge, infrastructure, schools, hospitals etc. etc. etc. This is also Why the military probably won’t stop until all of Novo Rossiya is added to Crimea and is taken back. Will jews still be welcomed there like in Crimea ? Most likely, but they will be Russian Jews – not Jewish Russians.

    I had a friend who wanted to move to Israel, in order to get help with her adult disabled daughter { Ukraine offered nothing like that} but she wasn’t sure that she was Jewish. The authorities along with my friend did an intense family check on her ancestry , which had many premature deaths because of the Great War and they found that grandma was Jewish { by her first and last name } , so they helped her and her daughter – even to this day. I was glad that she got some help.

  45. @Davy Crockit

    Purim (March 14-15-16), 1881. the assassination of Alexander II(Alexander the Liberator).
    On 13 March 1881, Alexander was assassinated in Saint Petersburg.
    The funeral service of Alexander on March 15 was led by Metropolitan Isidore (Nikolsky) of St. Petersburg, accompanied by other members of the Holy Synod and a host of clergy.
    The killer is Ignaty Ioakhimovich Grinevitsky.
    Contemporaries describe him as: a brown-haired woman of high stature, with little facial hair, a little burr, with a certain penchant for humor. “Round-headed, curly-haired, with a high forehead of thought, Ignatius was good-natured, restrained, not prone to conflict”

  46. No one is connecting the possibility that Jewish origins originated from an ancient alien species that crashed landed on earth five thousand years ago, then morphed into human bodies.
    How else do you reconcile Hebrew writing and language and obsession with mutilating male babies with circumcising rituals and then drinking it’s blood?
    Then there’s the world control of most all vital institutions and advocating porn and LGBTIQPWXYZ freaks,
    Hellooooo, anyone home?????

    • LOL: Treg
  47. Dutch Boy says:
    @Priss Factor

    Stalin’s “anti-Semitism” was quite selective, as he used numerous Jews throughout his career, especially in the secret police. After the establishment of Israel, Stalin realized that the Jews were replacing the “Great Socialist Motherland” with a new idol, the “Great Zionist Motherland”; hence, they could no longer be depended on as loyal Communists.

  48. JM says:
    @Prof Watson

    …rejected Zionism as a reactionary movement, “bourgeois nationalism”, “socially retrogressive”, and a backward force that deprecates class divisions among Jewish folks.

    Almost all Post-War communist groups in the West ignored/concealed the special role of the Jewish Elders, bourgeoisie. So the Zionists won. The popular French Communists were an exception but they were taken over by the 1980’s. Now they are nothing.

  49. boynkin says:

    There’s a book, titled Blood Libel (I believe, having read it many years ago), written by a rabbi that details every historical account of jews sacrificing the children of goyim. It was well researched, detailed and foot noted. Of course, I can’t find it now – having just looked.

  50. JM says:

    Marxist solution of Jewish question is assimilation, striping Jews of special status. Many patriotic bolsheviks of Jewish background were not Jews according to Marxist definition.

    It most certainly didn’t work. Hence the Oligarchs who sprang into action immediately the Soviet State was weakened; and the forces within Ukraine that made the war a necessity.

  51. @RJ Macready

    The world has more than just two religions. Perhaps you need to get out and learn something.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  52. @Slav

    The assimilation figure is negligible…
    1. Gorbachev is Andropov’s man. Andropov promoted him up the career ladder, knowing that he was a weak leader. Gorbachev started perestroika and contributed to the collapse of the system.
    2.Andropov, as many believed, was involved in the elimination of Masherov. Brezhnev planned Masherov as one of his favorites for the post of Secretary General.
    3. Not long before Andropov’s appointment as Secretary General, his first KGB deputy, Brezhnev’s man, Tsvigun, strangely shoots himself at his dacha.
    4. Fedorchuk, Andropov’s other deputy, who worked with Andropov for a year. At the end of his life, Fedorchuk openly called Andropov a traitor.
    5. Andropov apparently did not consider himself not a leninist(like Brezhnev), much less a stalinist(like Mao Zedong). Therefore , he sabotaged the relations of the USSR with China in 1967-1968 . Stalin would have called Andropov a trotskyist.
    6. Andropov advocated the introduction of troops into Afghanistan. Later, Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the United States deliberately lured the USSR into an “Afghan trap” so that it would have “its own Vietnam.”
    7. Under Andropov, the arms race is sharply escalating, and on the basis of Reagan’s bluff about the Star Wars program. The question arises: where was USSR intelligence, which Andropov personally led since 1967?
    8. The vaunted and overblown KGB created by Andropov-Fleckenstein(a.k.a. jeweler) did not lift a finger when the country was rolling into the abyss of the 90s.

    Robert Maxwell is considered an agent of three intelligence agencies(MI6, KGB, Mossad). Andropov is a match for Maxwell.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
    , @Slav
  53. JM says:

    They are a cabal, not an ethnicity.

    Lol! You cannot throw some “Marxist” (actually it’s very Jewish Bolshevik, not from Marx) Holy Water over the Jews and make their genetics disappear

    They are both, and then some.

  54. Flo says:

    You may be thinking of a book written several years ago by Ariel Toaff. He wrote of the very secret transport and exchange of small quantities of gentile blood during the Middle Ages in the area of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It was almost immediately removed from Amazon, tho it may be back by now. Similarly, a Japanese scholar’s recent book on the spurious Anne Frank diary was quickly removed from Amazon’s listings.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  55. jluker says:
    @Pierre Simon

    They are Kazars. That is some type of caucasian. Muslims are semites. “Jew” is a sobriquet. So, you could be anti-Jew. That means your anti people who refer to themselves (Jews) as something other than what they are (Kazars). On the other hand to be anti-semitic means your anti all muslims, kurds, etc. Jews aren’t Hebrews, if there are any actual Hebrews left. Possibly there are a few.

    And Israel has Jew semites, Russians and other races. There not all semites because they call themselves Jews.

    Therefore, some Jews are semites but not all Jews are semites. And no Jews are Hebrew, and no Hebrew is a Kazar. Most Jews are Kazar and a few are not Kazar. No Kazar is a semite.

    I’m getting close to figuring it out anyway.

    • Replies: @Slav
    , @Truthfully
  56. Super informative article. I appreciate the style it was written as well.
    This analysis made me laugh out loud:

    Basically, we have bad Jews doing bad things to other bad Jews in a bad system that they themselves had created after doing bad things to not-so-bad gentiles—and all Rapoport can do is point and sputter about anti-Semitism.

  57. ‘…Right away, Stalin began ordering the mass arrest, deportation, and execution of Jews for the flimsiest of reasons, such as merely attending the Meir visit, communicating with various Jewish groups such as the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC), being a prominent cultural figure, or simply receiving Zionist brochures in the mail from the Israeli embassy…’

    It’d be consistent with Zionist behavior in general if it turned out that Israel inflamed this persecution for its own purposes. Kept mailing out the brochures, etc.

    I’m speculating, of course.

    • Agree: Brosi
  58. JM says:

    Zionist elements were solely backed by usurious money from imperialist countries, destroy imperialism and Zionism will die out…

    The former was – OF COURSE – certainly true given the status of private property within the SU. But it also required a powerfully alive internal Jewish element.

    I would also agree with the latter with the provisos that the task is so immense and hence it’s almost trite to say so and in any case, the resistance would be fierce and of long duration.

  59. Presumably Rapaport doesn’t go into it, but this discussion could with profit be extended to the connection between the various pogroms that erupted in the Baltic States and the other regions of Eastern Europe that Stalin had occupied in 1939-40 when the Germans arrived and the extent to which Jews cooperated from and benefitted from the regime of terror the Russians had installed.

    We get the jeremiad about vicious persecution of Jews under the Nazis — but rarely the cause of some of that. For example, Lithuania saw several spectacularly savage pogroms in 1941 — but there had never been violent pogroms in Lithuania before. I doubt if Lithuanian gentiles loved their Jewish neighbors — but they just didn’t kill them.

    …until 1941. But when the Reds installed their terror-state in 1940, people noticed that the Jews were all but literally kvelling. To quote one source I read, they were definitely going about with a ‘we’re on top now’ attitude.

    After the mass arrests, the deportations, the seizure of property, the persecution of religion, the whole apparatus of the terror state — and the Jewish role in it — what was supposed to happen?

    Bad Lithuanians. Bad, bad…

    Other aspects of it stand out as well. For example, Romania — in spite of some bad history with her own Jews — never actually murdered the Jews of Romania proper — that is to say, that part of Romania that wasn’t seized by the Soviets in 1940. But in 1941, they went nuts in Moldavia once they recovered it from Russian rule. Why was that? What part had the local Jews played when the Russians came in in 1940?

    It could all do with some sober investigation: not trying to gild the lily, but also not hampered by fear of being called an anti-semite. What part did the local Jews play in the installation and operation of Soviet terror across the swathe of territory seized by the Russians in 1939-40, and to what extent does this explain the murderous hostility the local gentiles displayed towards their Jewish neighbors once the Germans arrived?

    Effects have causes. One of the persistent deficiencies of Jewish historiography is that Jews are always snowy innocents.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @mocissepvis
  60. JM says:
    @Prof Watson

    Vladimir Lenin, being deeply committed to egalitarian ideals and universality of all humanity, rejected Zionism as a reactionary movement, “bourgeois nationalism”, “socially retrogressive”

    ‘Thanks’ Lenin, but who gives a f**k about the ‘nationalism’ of a handful of humanity, then or now? The real pox that this started was against the huge, powerful and hard won nations of the European peoples. This deception has become a powerful tool in the armory of Globalizing Zio-Imperialism. It was used to destroy the positives associated with National Socialism (taking on International Finance Capital) and is now being used in the latter’s attempt to destroy Russia.

  61. Mac_ says:

    Some edge aspects in article and good points. As some side note on labeling, anti semitism, semite etc many labels have been concocted by the cabalers who’ve been slobbing out labels centuries, to destroy even the most natural basic identity, and divide, and disguise themselves. The label gentiles is an insult and should be seen that way by anyone with a spine, feminizing slop. The cons have been at it long time without serious shove back, so as their schemes continue, books exposing anything usually have some distraction, such as in this instance part distracting with jews, assuming people may see past it.

    If more people made effort, and small tight groups for some things, power could be different, so distraction in writing or other aversion would be gone. People training spawn not to fight is a failure, as is forgetting our real identity as cave people and tribes. To reconnect natural strength helps recognizing destructive schemes. Identifying threats is basic. Such as cabalers pushing their ‘hate speech’ scheme to dictate others don’t speak, everyone should see as problem, though some don’t because they assume by going along they won’t be targeted, or some don’t identify govt state media etc as outsiders, because they act friendly. Its more realistic to think about natural law. When connect with others in shared focus, real tribe, it becomes priority to identify threats, and outsiders. One of Stalin’s spawn a daughter in their fifties moved here many decades ago. Probably dead now but shows how much goes on as people ignore.

    Though connecting should be focus for everyone, someone making effort such as thirty years ago with the book, some distraction or bit of mislead by a writer to cover themselves made sense, and book appears good effort regardless as the article points out.

  62. The Bolshevik Revolution and World Communism is a Jewish plot from top to bottom. It is a scientifically designed program for the overthrow of Christendom and Western, i.e. White, Civilization which the Jews have hated since even before they killed Christ.

    Stalin was a devoted follower of the program but at his heart he was a brigand and a thief. He basically hijacked the Revolution for his own purposes and aggrandizement. He stole the top seat from the Rothschild’s boy Trotsky and had an ice pick put into his brain pan.

    There really wasn’t much the The Jews and their British and American dogs could do about it because they still needed the Communist project to succeed and they did not have the infrastructure to conduct a regime change op in Russia. The Communist Revolution WAS their regime change op.

    The war against Germany, which the Jews and the US/British Deep State created, allowed for the institutionalization of the “national security state” and made the US a super-power and thus gave them the means to confront Stalin in the form of the Cold War.

    Stalin was too wily and it required the old Jewish poison trick to take him out. But the damage to the Jewish Communism project was already done and it was not able to stamp out Christianity or Western Civilization entirely from the the soul of the Russian people and they eventually were able to recover.

    The book “Red Symphony”, whether fictional or not, perfectly explains the conflict between Stalin and World Jewry

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @Spender_CGB
  63. quinn says:

    Stalin did nothing wrong.

  64. @John Carter

    Stalin was a devoted follower of the program but at his heart he was a brigand and a thief. He basically hijacked the Revolution for his own purposes and aggrandizement. He stole the top seat from the Rothschild’s boy Trotsky and had an ice pick put into his brain pan.

    My take on Stalin is that he was a puppet who was installed to shift the focus away from the overwhelming Jewishness of communism.

    Consider, in Hungary we had Bela Kun installing a (short lived) communist government. Over in Germany we Rosa Luxembourg and her attempted revolution, and Emma Goldman agitating in New York. You would have to be really thick not to notice the Jewish connection.

    Stalin was not known to be a Jew so installing him would help with the PR disasters, also the serious slaughter kicked off under Stalin so later on after he had outlived his usefulness then you whack him and blame all the murders on a gentile.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  65. Hatuxka says:

    As Losurdo shows, the be-all and end-all of western liberals came to down to blaming Jews for destroying humanity. First, that only the landed deserved to belong to the “community of the free”, then only whites deserved rights, then only anglo saxons (disraeli tried to amend Jews as to be listed as Aryans too), then all this revolutionary trouble from excluded groups was a sickness then it was because other races did not know how to maintain freedom, then it was the Jews stirring up the both excluded AND using sleazy financial means to deprive the privileged of their fortunes along with their allied christian churches by destroying Christianity. The western main cannon of philosophers and economists participated in reaching that point, running out of fall-back positions one by one. Jews “made” the Bolsheviks. You can avoid facing reality by blaming the result of massive inequities and injustices by invoking conspiracies and it always comes down to Jews. Something like the Doctor’s plot being presented was inevitable. And course this story and this book is endorsed by the rabid of the rabid falsifiers of history.

  66. (((The Soviets))) were responsible for the deaths of more than sixty-five million people in the Soviet union alone. Rapoport is a yewish name. A british intelligence officer killed Rasputin to avoid a peace deal during ww1, to keep Russia in the war.

  67. @RedpilledAF

    the “(((doctors’))) plot” was more fire than smoke:

    Stalin was almost certainly poisoned. Or so said

    Brzezinski during one of his seminars @

    Columbia U. I tend to agree, given Zbig’s

    solid contacts w/in the old Soviet Union. Anatoly Manakov –

    a KGB officer posing as a sports columnist for Izvestia –

    whom I knew in NYC during the early 1970’s, had the same view.

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  68. @Slav

    When the Jews first gained a foothold in America, they instantly formed the first Kahal meetings to out-game the locals.

    One hundred years on, we see that the Kahal system is alive and well and has names like ADL and AIPAC.

    Must we wait 200 years to confront the issue? A faction of one tribe cannot have so much influence over the majority. We must learn the hard lessons of Russia.

  69. vinteuil says:
    @Priss Factor

    …it was obvious to Stalin that Israel was going to learn toward the US DESPITE the fact that Soviets had backed its creation…

    Evidence, please?

    When did Israel start to “learn” toward the US?

    If the local commentariat is to be believed, Israel was behind the assassination of JFK in 1963 – ten year’s after Stalin’s death.

    That’s a strange sort of leaning.

  70. In mentioning anti-gentile enormities offhandedly and focusing more on the significantly less deadly anti-Jewish crimes of the Soviets, Rapoport reveals his appalling lack of self-awareness.

    Give me a break, Mr. Quinn. This is not “lack of self-awareness”. This is utter deceit. It is what the Jew is known for and this Jew Rapoport is just doing what Jews do best: war by deception. Every hot war has its corresponding war of words and Jews are oh so good at waging the long deceptive war with words. Years and years go by and the Jew is still waging the war his tribal brethren started before he was born — and he continues the war, this time on paper, in the press, academia, books, movies, on the “History Channel”. You name it. The Jew will always be there and he will ALWAYS be trying to deceive the gullible goy.

    Let’s not be naive and fall for this Jew ploy. If the Jew fails to mention something that to normal people seems important, you can bet good money there is a reason for the omission: it is probably good for the Jews or for the Jew Narrative. That’s the first thing we have to ask ourselves: why is this author not focusing on this or that topic (in this case, the vastly superior crimes against gentiles)? Why this egregious omission?

    This Rapoportian war of words has nothing to do with “lack of self-awareness”. The Jew is spitting in your face as you read his words because to him all those millions of gentile deaths are not worth a single “Jewish fingernail”. That’s what Rapoport is saying between the lines: you goyim cattle are worthless animals. So the one who is lacking awareness is Mr. Quinn himself, who is incapable of seeing through the Jew’s malignant spiteful vengeful hateful spit-in-your-face war of words.

    These days, we must all be wary. The author writing the book or article doesn’t even have to be a Jew. With the total domination of public discourse by the Jews, everybody is self-censoring, and it’s not because they lack self-awareness: they just don’t want to lose their job or worse! It’s a totalitarian nightmare out there, the world we live in. And we have the Jews to thank for this Huxwellian dystopia.

    • Agree: Treg
  71. @Shamu

    Excellent analysis. Upon being routed from the USSR, the Trotskyites infiltrated the governments and institutions of the Anglo-American empire, capturing both the right (neoconservatism) and left (cultural Marxism) to secure Jewish subversion of our societies. The Cold War as conceived by the CIA was never about defeating communism – it was about thwarting old-fashioned workingman leftism to make the world safe for sweat shops, the gig economy, open borders, trannies, slut moms, and jungle fever.
    I will never defend Stalin’s crimes against the peasantry, religious believers, or national minorities (the communists who wound up in the gulag, no matter the falsity of their convictions, all deserved to be there). He was far too bloody a shabbos goy for far to long for his brief late-career turnaround to wipe the slate clean. That being said, it always annoys me when conservatives guffaw at socialist brats who quite reasonably insist that Stalin wasn’t a real communist. Real communism is far more nightmarish and degrading than anything Stalin ever attempted. 2022 Los Angeles and Philadelphia are far more depraved, ugly, and dehumanizing locales than 1952 Moscow with its magnificent civic palaces and zero junkies or trannies. Even the gulag is preferable to our post-humanist future. At least it preserved the dignity of work.
    Even the post-Stalin USSR, with its ubiquitous abortions and African students, was closer to Trotskyite degeneracy than to the healthy National-Socialism-with-a-human-face that Stalin would have achieved given ten more years.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  72. Wokechoke says:

    Stalin was probably bumped off by the Doctors.

    You make an interesting point but Joseph Kennedy, JFK’s dad, was a well known Anti-Semitic Irishman in America. The Kennedy family are not America. Just guests.

    There’s no contradiction between Israel seeking US sponsorship and getting rid of the Oirish Kennedy family.

    • Troll: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  73. Wokechoke says:

    Kaganovich and Litvinov certainly used him. Trotsky was judged too flamboyant and power hungry by these two.

  74. Jim H says:

    ‘Right away, Stalin began ordering the mass arrest, deportation, and execution of Jews for the flimsiest of reasons, such as merely attending the Meir visit.’ — Spencer J Quinn

    Stalin’s arbitrariness is of a piece with US attorney general Merrick Beria Garland’s scorched-earth prosecution of anyone who was even in the vicinity of the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

    The omnibus bill passed by Clowngress last week provides millions more for hiring phalanxes of fedgov prosecutors to indict hundreds more Americans for being in the wrong place at the wrong time on Jan 6th.

    Beria Garland’s DOJ-FBI is a 21st century Cheka, processing dissident US citizens like minced beef through its judicial meat grinder — as an eerie silence prevails among the Jewsmedia.

    One is shocked … shocked … at the total lack of comment from the Lügenpresse.

  75. Jim H says:

    ‘No one is connecting the possibility that Jewish origins originated from an ancient alien species that crashed landed on earth five thousand years ago, then morphed into human bodies.’ — CelestiaQuesta

    Well, almost no one. Old hands in the US will recall the ‘human praying mantis’ Michael Chertoff of Heimatland Security, whose gaunt, other-worldly countenance provoked this line of genetic research.

    To the horror of many, these predatory extraterrestrials seem to be proliferating. Witness the cadaverous, bug-eyed SEC chairman Gary Gensler, who seems to have been an enabler of Sam Bankster-Fried’s corrupt peculation of DemonRat politicians.

    No one who stares at the vaguely humanoid visage of Gensler (or ‘attorney general’ Merrick Beria Garland) can doubt that these malevolent “alien grays” walk amongst us, with patent bad intent.

    • Replies: @Gene Urtel
  76. Slav says:

    Kurds are not semites also. They are Indo-European.

  77. Hibernian says:

    The Kennedy family are not America. Just guests.

    The philosophy of the crooked Senator in the Godfather.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  78. Zane says:

    ” Stalin was a Jew. ”

    Evidence, please.

  79. @Height_776

    I recall Andropov as if it were yesterday. Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko: a bunch of fossils we considered them 40 years ago. But now, compared to Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnel, just a bunch of whipper-snappers still wet behind the ears.

    • LOL: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Slav
  80. @vinteuil

    Contrary to popular view, the USSR had been more supportive of the creation of Israel than the US was.
    Those ‘Czech’ rifles that were crucial to Jews winning the war against the Arabs were actually Soviet guns funneled through Czechoslovakia.

    Now, Jews appealed to both US and USSR for support, and in the end, Truman caved and went all in on supporting the Jewish State. If Truman had rebuffed the Zionist lobby, it’s possible that Israel may been more a Soviet ally, if only for the sake of survival.
    But despite the socialist leanings of the Zionists, Jews knew that US was a far better than the USSR as an patron-ally of Israel.
    Then, Israel began to turn more to the US than to the USSR, and this made Stalin furious. He’d done so much for the Zionists but they were going with the US.

    In the long run, it turned out well for the Soviets. With US as the main sponsor of Zionism, the Soviets gained considerable leverage among the Arab states, a legacy that remains to this day.

  81. Wokechoke says:

    Ukies have torn down a circa 1900 statue of Catherine The Great located in Odessa.

    It’s hard to maintain the fiction that these are anything but a BLM style group of dangerous lunatics.

    One of the only interesting things about Odessa as a tourist would have been this connection to the 18th century German-cum-Russian Empress. Traces of the period are the main draw.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  82. @jluker

    Muslims aren’t Semites, it is Arabs that are Semites. The religion of Islam is a Semitic religion in origin, much like Christianity, but both achieved most of their glory with non-Semites, interestingly enough.

    • Replies: @jluker
  83. Wokechoke says:

    Angleton or Dulles said in real life apparently.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  84. Wokechoke says:
    @Colin Wright

    Ina Polish film called Hate, the Soviets install a village teacher who is Jewish. She’s a bitch. She’s the first person the Germans shoot in the half Polish half Ukie village. It’s highly likely the Ukies would have been the killers in the real history. Germans were often amazed at the local blood thirstiness.

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
  85. Dr. Rock says:

    Now In Theaters- “Holocaust 2 – The Russians Did It Too!”

    If the jews had any sense at all, they’d all move to Israel, and stay there, just so they can stop being genocided over and over again, by everyone on the planet, like an album on repeat…

    And in this this case, even when the jews genocide fellow jews, it’s never their fault, neither as victim or perpetrator.

    Must get exhausting, tying one’s mind into such logical conundrum knots, repeatedly.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  86. @Spender_CGB

    ‘…Stalin was not known to be a Jew so installing him would help with the PR disasters, also the serious slaughter kicked off under Stalin so later on after he had outlived his usefulness then you whack him and blame all the murders on a gentile.’

    I think that’s an interesting paradigm. It oversimplifies matters, and it implies a degree of conscious will that I don’t think was present — but it’s a potentially useful way of analyzing what took place.

    Stalin as shabbos goy who got out of control. Well, maybe so.

    • Replies: @ivan
  87. @Wokechoke

    ‘Ukies have torn down a circa 1900 statue of Catherine The Great located in Odessa…’

    That’s not even especially original.

  88. Rubicon says:

    It’s very unfortunate that the great Italian historian’s book on Stalin, STILL hasn’t be published in English.

    Given Losardo’s claim as a great historian, we can be certain that if that book is ever published in English, we will see a far more accurate description of Stalin, and how he dealt with the Jews.

  89. @Jim H

    There would be no aliens from other planets.

    Realize the following:

    (1) The Bible, the only source of infallible knowledge, speaks of the creation of the universe with the focus on the creation of earth as the temporary home of men until Judgment Day.
    (2) The Bible speaks of the creation only of angels and of Adam and Eve, not of other beings.
    (3) God the Son was sent only to this earth to save its fallen human race.
    (4) On Judgment Day the entire universe will be destroyed.  Only the people on earth will be arraigned before God’s judgment throne.
    (5) The sightings of spacecraft, aliens connected with these sightings, Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, etc., all are paraphysical events.  That is to say, these things and beings were visible, then they disappeared, that is, they became invisible at will, and could never be found or captured.

    Who would be capable of such paraphysical abilities?  only supernatural beings.

    Who would they be?  They would be only the created angels or the fallen devils.  The angels could and should be eliminated because they are holy:  they would not be involved in any form of deception.  However the fallen devils would be malicious enough to do so:  to deceive and to distract men from God and from his “one thing needful”:  his gospel salvation promises.

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

    • Troll: RadicalCenter
  90. @Dr. Rock

    ‘If the jews had any sense at all, they’d all move to Israel, and stay there, just so they can stop being genocided over and over again, by everyone on the planet, like an album on repeat…’

    Au contraire. Israel would prove a remarkably convenient place for the Jews to be ‘genocided.’ So much less awkward than if they were fellow Americans, or Australians, or Frenchmen, or…

    Let’s pack ’em all into ‘Israel’ first. It’s hard on the Palestinians, of course, but it will facilitate matters.

    …not my plan, but it should work.

  91. Seraphim says:

    Readily available historical information simply shows that ”the governments and institutions of the Anglo-American empire” infiltrated the ”Trotskyites” into the ‘socialist’ movements everywhere, providing them with incredibly lavish funds, even into the (non-Stalinist) ‘healthy National-Socialism’ of the Austrian painter patsy, and not the other way round. The ‘Occidental Observer’ is only ‘accidentally’ right, notwithstanding the professional credentials of Prof. Kevin MacDonald. Anyways,
    ‘Stalin antisemitism’, ‘Tsarist antisemitism’ (subsumed to the global ‘Russian antisemitism’) have nothing to do with real history (documented).
    It must be a delight for historians prone to ‘conspiracy theories’ that in ”1913: ”Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place”, frequenting the same ‘cafés’, in Vienna! Who really could now even imagine what the ”Cafe culture” of ‘Kakania’ was?).
    Dear oh dear, 1913 was the year of the downfall (and suicide) of colonel Alfred Redl, head the ‘Evidenzbureau’, the counterintelligence wing of the General Staff of the Austro-Hungarian Army, who was exposed as a Russian spy! Who can imagine that the Russian knew all along that the Austro-Germans were plotting the war between the ‘Teutons and the Slavs’, as the hapless Kaiser was clamoring? And that although not fully prepared, were nevertheless ready to withstand it?

    • Replies: @Anon
  92. @quinn

    … did nothing wrong.

    Funny! That’s also what the Brits said about their queen.

  93. @vinteuil

    JFK was very opposed to the Israeli attempts to develop atomic weapons. That would be a pretty strong motivation to whack JFK.

    The Trotskyite Jews (later to be the core of the neocons) already had a strong foothold in the US, looking to use the US and NATO as their cudgel against the Soviet Union, and had already penetrated the Deep State, and their appeal to the CIA was aided by JFK’s antipathy to the CIA’s machinations, particularly their attempt to manipulate him into invading Cuba to support the Bay of Pigs operation, as well as his skepticism about getting deeply involved in an anti communist crusade in SE Asia.

    JFK had already fired Dulles, head of the CIA, so it looked like he meant business in his threats to clean house, so why not perpetuate a conspiracy to “take care of JFK”, and one potentially involving the Jews, already highly motivated for their own reasons? Remember that Jack Ruby, a fervent Jewish Zionist, was the guy who made things easier for the coverup of the conspiracy by killing Oswald. Hmm.

    And then, to add insult to injury, Dulles was appointed by LBJ, slimy bastard that he was, to the Warren Commission, tasked with “investigating” JFK’s assassination. I’m sure he did a great job, aren’t you? Maybe not in finding the truth, but by obfuscating it…
    That same LBJ who was soon to intervene during the attack by the Israelis on the USS Liberty, preventing the naval aviators in the Eastern Mediterranean from coming to their aid, and who was later instrumental in protecting them from the consequences that they absolutely deserved for that deliberate crime. Another hmm.

    Those poor Jews, always crying out in pain as they strike you.

  94. Iva says:

    In Russia and in Poland all “anti Jewish actions” were carefully planed with Israel. It was just a way to resettle Jews to Israel. Stalin meets with Golda Meier and all over sudden Jews who were privileged class under Stalin become persecuted????? Give me a break. The same was in Poland in 1962(?) or 67. Until now they keep on saying that jews left because antisemitism. No, Poland is the most tolerant country where Jews lived well after chested out from other countries. This is all BS.

  95. Hibernian says:

    Angleton was the son of a Hispanic mother. That’s why he was named James Hay-sus Angleton.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  96. Of interest is Herbert Aptheker’s “The Fraud of Soviet Anti-Semitism” (easily found on via Google keyword search) where the author essentially says that “anti-semitism” in the old Soviet Union was propaganda from the right wing.

    I struggle for the appropriate analogy/metaphor, but that old “I Can’t Tell Who Is Jewing Who Anymore” meme comes to mind.

  97. Treg says:

    I always thought Stalin was ethnically Jewish and this was another reason why they loved him so. In the French movie the Red Kiss, we see that French Jews made pilgrimages to “serve at Stalin feet”, only to escape with their lives some thirty years later saying that Stalin ruined communism.

    • Replies: @Treg
  98. jluker says:

    Thanks. I will correct the equation. And I think “Jew” came from “yew” which is a tree. Or that is a

    Anyway, to be an anti-semite isn’t to be anti-jew as the origin of the Jews is the Russian steppes. And they all look European not Arabic. They just pretend to be semitic.

    Kurds are indo-European! I’ve got a lot to learn.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  99. Anon[499] • Disclaimer says:

    Classic Seraphim. Anyways, a bit late but Merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for 2023. In Christ.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  100. Treg says:

    The French movie called ‘Red Kiss’ is in English subtitles and is still great.

    What rings true to me in this movie was the complete religious ideological furver of Jewish Communists, which this movie captures perfectly.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  101. ivan says:
    @Colin Wright

    Stalin just happened to be smarter than all the rest. He did try to make up for any deficiencies in his education.

    Quite definitely he was in class all by himself, mass-murderer though he was.

  102. Slav says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Andropov, unlike Brezhnev, was anything but senile. He died from kidney disease, some say was poisoned.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  103. Slav says:

    “7. Under Andropov, the arms race is sharply escalating, and on the basis of Reagan’s bluff about the Star Wars program. The question arises: where was USSR intelligence, which Andropov personally led since 1967?”

    Are you sure it was a bluff? The program was stopped by Clinton only after the USSR disintegrated. Russia was busy developing new offensive weapons during last 30 years that can overcome anti missile defenses. Would they got the time for that if the SDI wasn’t stopped?

  104. Seraphim says:

    You make me blush! I am a ‘classic’, God help me to not fall to vainglory!
    It is not late, real Christmas is still to come. Same to you.
    ‘Let us commit ourselves and one another and our life unto Christ our God’.

  105. @Slav

    I knew that toward the end of his life Brezhnev had his “handlers” but did not know enough to know he was senile.

    (Was Brezhnev as senile at his end as Joe Biden is now?)

    • Replies: @Slav
  106. @quinn

    I take Stalin’s liquidation and exile of the Trotskyites, (the ancestors of so many neocon scum who plague our planet today), as proof that even evil men can still do good things.

    • Agree: Seraphim
  107. anon[104] • Disclaimer says:


    “As early as September 1942, when most of Europe’s Jews were still alive, the Zionists were thinking of creating a memorial to them. Mordechai Shenhavi of Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek proposed the creation of Yad Vashem which was seen as ‘the very last opportunity to score any financial success.’ [Tom Segev, The Seventh Million, p.430] At this time the JA had not even acknowledged that there was a Holocaust. Segev wrote:
    -”There was no clearer, more grotesque, even macabre expression of the tendency to think of the Holocaust in the past tense: while the Yishuv discussed the most appropriate way to memorialise them, most of the victims were still alive.’ [The Seventh Million, p. 141]”

  108. @jluker

    Most Jews in the USA and in the world are Ashkenazim, and they are substantially “part white.” Doesn’t mean they’re generally loyal to their host countries or can be trusted not to intentionally harm and discriminate against non-Jewish white Europeans or anyone else who’s not Jewish. But it’s wrong to say that they’re all “European and not Arabic (sic).”

    Genetic tests/studies reveal that Ashkenazim are typically majority Semitic (“middle eastern”, like Arabs and Sepphardic Jews), but with a very large European genetic contribution (average 40% and overwhelmingly Italian). See Jon Entine’s article on the website Genetic Literacy Project and others.

    A sizeable minority of USA and world Jewry, perhaps 20%, are Sepphardic Jews. They spent centuries in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and are genetically overwhelmingly Semitic, like Arabs.

    The smallest major group is the Mizrahi Jews, who spent centuries in west asia and north africa. They’re not meaningfully genetically European.

    To summarize, several million Jews (the Sepphardim and more so the Mizrahi) have little to no white European ancestry, and the Ashkenazi majority is typically only 40-50% European.

    No need to invent nonsense about a group that you don’t like — just say what you don’t like and why.

    • Replies: @jluker
    , @Colin Wright
  109. Slav says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    “Was Brezhnev as senile at his end as Joe Biden is now?”

    Probably not. He had problems with remembering speeches but didn’t have the technology Biden has to help him. Back then, Biden would be totally lost.

  110. jluker says:

    I wasn’t inventing anything. It’s just that Jews don’t look like Arabs. I question whether they can take offense at “anti-semitism” if their not Semetic. You can say “anti-Jew,” but not “anti-semite.” They have just appropriated a pejorative about another race to make themselves appear Hebrew and to hide their actual history.

    They appear European or white. And Jews are from the Russian steppes, the former Kazar Empire. The word Jew is modern. If someone of a different race/ethnicity than the Kazarians call themselves Jews then they havc adopted the name, not the “genetics.”

    After the fall of the Kazar Empire Jews emigrated to Europe, East and West. Any genetic alteration must have come later, if it happened at all, unless there were semites in the former Kazar empire.

    And your nonsense about gentic testing is just that, nonsense. There are many websites claiming to using genetics as proof. Where did they get the funding to pay for all these tests of ” millions of Jews?” How did they conduct the surveys? Have they actually posted the data?

    And the site you reference is clearly a shill for GMO corporations. They are just promoting fake meat. They don’t publish the raw data. There are articles from a bunch of pseudo-scientists.

    Why don’t you try reason and common sense instead?

  111. @jluker

    All it is is ingrained habitual bad behaviour, evidently considered a survival instinct.

    Jew: “You called me an asshole! You’re an anti-semite!”

    Me: “No, I am the same as you; just an asshole. All human beings can be assholes.”

  112. @Colin Wright

    What part did the local Jews play in the installation and operation of Soviet terror across the swathe of territory seized by the Russians in 1939-40, and to what extent does this explain the murderous hostility the local gentiles displayed towards their Jewish neighbors once the Germans arrived?

    I think the answers to your questions are “a very large and prominent one,” and “it is the primary explanation for said hostility.”

    One thing we can probably say with 100 percent confidence is that even before Stalin invaded and annexed the Baltic states and Moldavia in 1940, Comrade Schlomo and his indigenous Bolshevik rebels in each of these countries were agitating violently against the existing national government and functioning as a very dedicated fifth column bent on facilitating the Red Army’s invasion. The Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, and Moldavians saw this clearly, were well aware of Schlomo’s eternal hostility towards their aspirations of national self government, and were determined to neutralize Schlomo and his Bolshevism as soon as they got the chance. Invasion by Uncle Adolf and his Wehrmacht gave them that chance.

  113. @Chewish Supremacist

    China managed to send their “mafia” to Canada, after the CCP legislated them as “persona non grata”.

    So much of the Canadian real estate was purchased prior to Xi swinging the cleaver, so they had to invest somewhere ostensibly “safe”.

    Long before Xi came to power (1983), it was the Triads of Hong Kong that also bought the most lucrative real estate in Vancouver, a fellow named Li Kashing.

  114. Wokechoke says:

    “The young Angleton was a poet and, as a Yale undergraduate, editor, with Reed Whittemore, of the Yale literary magazine Furioso, which published many of the best-known poets of the inter-war period, including William Carlos Williams, E. E. Cummings and Ezra Pound. He carried on an extensive correspondence with Pound, Cummings and T. S. Eliot, among others, and was particularly influenced by William Empson, author of Seven Types of Ambiguity…”

    Angleton is quite interesting given what happened to Pound.

  115. Wokechoke says:

    she’s small isn’t she?

  116. @RadicalCenter

    ‘…To summarize, several million Jews (the Sepphardim and more so the Mizrahi) have little to no white European ancestry, and the Ashkenazi majority is typically only 40-50% European.

    No need to invent nonsense about a group that you don’t like — just say what you don’t like and why.’

    Then how come Netanyahu looks like nothing so much as a gentile Pole, etc?

    I remember when the first genetic studies came out — ‘gee — European Jews are above all, most closely related to the gentiles in whatever part of Europe they appeared in.’

    …and so on. Then researchers with an obvious agenda got at it all, and Jewish newspapers interested in spinning it still further ‘explained’ their ‘results’ to us, and here we are.

    I can’t be bothered to go through it all again, but claiming the Jews have some kind of meaningful genetic claim to Palestine is about as reasonable as insisting all white Americans are descended exclusively from passengers on the Mayflower.

    No — Jews are preponderantly the descendants of gentiles in their various nations of origin who converted for whatever reason. There’s no other defensible explanation.

    • Replies: @Dube
  117. Seraphim says:

    Why did Stalin turn ‘antisemite’? Turn to Jewish sources to find the explanation.

    ”The Crimean Affair”
    Name used to refer to the closed antisemitic trial of the Jewish *Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) held in Moscow from May to July 1952. One of the pretexts may have been a memorandum presented in the summer of 1944 by members of the Committee to the Soviet leadership containing a proposal to create a Jewish Soviet republic in the *Crimea (the Tatar population of which was exiled by Stalin by May 1944) on the territory of the former German republic of the Volga. Noting the successes of the Jewish national regions in the Crimea and in the Kerson region, the authors of the memorandum based their proposal on the lack of a geographical base of a significant part of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union and on the need to grant the Jews equality in governmental-legal terms with the other nationalities of the Soviet Union. They also expressed the hope that “the Jewish masses of all countries, in particular the United States would give substantial aid” to building up such a republic. Despite the rumors that some members of the Politburo of the Central Committee (Lazar *Kaganovich and Vyacheslav Molotov) were favorably disposed toward the idea of the “Crimean Plan,” it was rejected in 1944.
    The proposals of the memorandum contained nothing radically new. Projects for establishing a Jewish republic in the southern Ukraine or in the Crimea had been suggested earlier. For example, in 1923 the social leader A. Bragin had proposed that one be established on the Black Sea coast from Bessarabia to Abkhaz with its capital in Odessa, while Yuri *Larin supported, in opposition to the Birobidzhan plan, a Jewish autonomous area in the southern Crimean and Azov region centered in Kerch…
    At a secret trial [in 1948] the defendants were accused of espionage, anti-Soviet activity, and plotting the secession of the Crimea from the Soviet Union and establishing there a bourgeois Zionist republic which was supposed to become a base for American imperialism… A number of additional trials involving other Jewish cultural figures and employees of the JAC were soon thereafter linked to the charges in the Crimean Affair. The Crimean Affair was the culminating act in the total liquidation of Jewish cultural and social life in the Soviet Union. It was followed by the accusations of “cosmopolitanism,” which resulted in the dismissal of thousands of Jews in senior positions in almost all walks of Soviet life…” Oy vey!

    It was indeed nothing new. In 1919 a lawyer from Kiev, Rapoport*, wrote a rapport to the ‘Poale Zion’ [movement of Marxist–Zionist Jewish workers founded in various cities of Poland, Europe and the Russian Empire in about the turn of the 20th century after the Bund rejected Zionism in 1901] about its activity in Ukraine: ”Our goal is, as all our companions know, to attract Ukraine (with Crimea, White Ruthenia, Bessarabia and the west part of the Don basin) into the orbit of our economic construction, pauperizing its population with the aim to create sufficient cadres for the struggle for our ideals”. It was a plan for the complete accaparation of the economy of the recently created state of ‘Ukraine’ by the Germans in WW1, by the ‘new cadres’.
    But one should keep in mind that already the German Zionists had formed in 1914 a ”Committee for Freeing of Russian Jews” and proposed the creation of a ”League of East European States or Federation of East European States” for a German-dominated consociational buffer state to be established in the ‘Russian Partition’ of the multi-ethnic territory of the former Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
    Stalin thwarted this plan for obvious strategic reasons. There is a suspicion that the mass ‘evacuation’ of the Jewish population of Ukraine in 1941 was due to the fear that the Jews might remember the support of the Germans in WW1 for the creation of their ‘state’. Stalin had to go. After not even a year Khrushchev was ‘transferring’ Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR.

    *Rapoports are not ordinary Jews. They are a family, the various branches of which claim a common Kohenitic origin (kohen=descendants of the priests of Jerusalem Temple). Prominent in Poland and Lithuania since the XVIth century.

    • Replies: @Brosi
  118. Dube says:
    @Colin Wright

    how come Netanyahu looks like nothing so much as a gentile Pole

    Decent looking chap. Got a nice lady. But he doesn’t look like a gentile Pole.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  119. Brosi says:

    From: Stalin’s Secret Pogrom The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee pg 86

    Fefer: When we came back from America [1943], the Crimea issue was raised in the following way. I told several presidium members about how during our talk with Rosenberg, he had promised material assistance from the Joint if a Jewish republic were organized in the Crimea. We already knew that part of the population of the Crimea had been moved out and that the issue of resettling the area would come up. We decided not to write a letter until we had spoken with one or two Politburo members, as this was a very serious issue, and before we wrote the letter, we asked for an audience with Molotov. He received us (Mikhoels, Epshteyn, and me). There, among other issues, we raised the question of creating a Jewish republic in the Crimea or in the area of the Volga Germans’ republic. At the time we liked the sound of it: “Where there used to be a republic of Germans, there should now be a Jewish republic.” Molotov said that this sounded good demographically, but that there was no point in raising the question and creating a Jewish republic on this land, as the Jews were an urban people and you couldn’t simply plunk Jews down on a tractor.

    The Jewish “Poets” went to America during the war and met with rich American Jews and when they got back to the USSR, they tried to get Stalin to give Crimea to the Jews. If they couldn’t get Crimea, they would have settled for the “Volga German Republic” whose entire population Stalin had sent off to the Russian Gulag death camps to die. It is also noteworthy how eager Jews were to benefit off of the property of millions of innocent murdered Germans.

    Interestingly, the Volga German Republic also appears to be a part of Khazaria. Once more piece of evidence that the current war in “Ukraine”m and the “Doctors Plot” as well, were due to Ashkenazi Jews trying to be re-gifted parts of Khazaria.

    (The Volga German Republic was up by “Burtas” on the map)

  120. Brosi says:

    Rich American “capitalist” Jews pushing for a second Judeo-Khazarian “homeland” in Crimea and/or the Volga German Republic was likely the real reason for the cold war. Rich American Jews like Baruch, Morgentau and Frankfurter had not only arranged to get America into the war, they gave Stalin a blank check to requisition anything the US had to offer in order to prevent the collapse of the USSR after Germany kicked in their front door.

    Without Lend Lease the USSR would have collapsed in December 1941. The mass desertions of millions in the army, and the eagerness of Eastern Europeans to treat German troops as liberating forces are proof of the antipathy of all of the USSR to their sadistic and corrupt government. So after saving the USSR and Stalin, these American Jews expected paybacks.

    When Golda Meier, the new ambassador to USSR from occupied Palestine, and Polina Zhemchuzhina (Molotov’s wife) started their typically Jewish scheming for new Khazaria, Stalin had Polina sent to the Gulag.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  121. Brosi says:

    Half the Members of Soviet Presidium Have Jewish Wives, Khrushchev Says

    Soviet President Klementi Vorshilov and half the members of the Soviet Communist Party Presidium have Jewish wives, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said last night, according to reports here today from Moscow.Mr.Khrushchev made this known in the course of remarks he was delivering at a Polish Embassy reception.

    Noting Israeli Ambassador Joseph Avidar among the guests, the Soviet Premier remarked that Dowager Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, on a recent visit to Moscow, had raised the question of a special Soviet attitude toward Jews. He reported that President Vorshilow had told the Queen that the Russians did have a special attitude toward Jews and that he had a Jewish wife. Relating this exchange, Mr. Khrushchev added:”Half the members of the Presidium have Jewish wives

  122. Honesty would compel Rapoport to discuss uncomfortable topics like usury, alcohol peddling, prostitution, draft evasion, tax evasion, anti-assimilation, russophobia, ideological subversion, terrorism, and the weaponization of the Jewish fund known as the Kahal against gentile economic competitors—which effectively wiped out gentile middle classes in places like Odessa.

    Can you link to articles describing how Jews were involved or at the forefront of such activities?

  123. Brosi says:

    Khrushchev Expresses Distrust of Soviet Jews; Reveals Ban in Crimea December 14, 1956

    The distrust which Nikita Khrushchev, the head of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, displays towards the Jews of the USSR, was emphasized openly during a two-hour conference between him and a delegation of the Canadian Labor Progressive Party which took place in his office in Moscow, B. Salzberg, a member of the delegation, reports today in the pro-Communist Yiddish newspaper “Morning Freiheit.”

    Mr. Salzberg emphasized that the conference was devoted primarily to the question of the treatment of Jews in the USSR and that Khrushchev attempted to prove that present Soviet policy with regard to Jews is in accordance with Communist Party theory concerning national minorities. “However,” Mr. Salzberg reports, “to my regret I must say that his arguments impressed me just to the contrary and our differences of opinion came-out in open nakedness.

    Khrushchev admitted in the course of the conversation that he was in agreement with Stalin that Crimea, where there were many Jewish settlements prior to the occupation on that territory by the Nazis, should no longer be a center for Jewish colonization. This he said, was motivated by the fear that in case of war the region would become a war center against the Soviet Union.

    He also admitted that Solomon Lozowski, world-known Moscow leader of the Red Trade Union International, has been liquidated “innocently” because he was involved in the alleged demand by Soviet Jewish writers that Jews be permitted to return to their Crimean settlements from which they were evacuated as the Nazis approached the territory.

    Khrushchev, like Stalin, was afraid that if Crimea was taken over by Jews that it would be used against the USSR. Very prescient, because that was exactly the goal of the Maidan color revolution, and this is the reason Zelesky, Stoltenberg, Van der Leyen and the entire satanic crew so adamantly demand that Russia give Crimea back to the Ashkenazim running Ukraine.

    One of the reason Jews were so upset about not getting Crimea in 1948-52 was because they had saved Stalin through their Jewish controlled Lend Lease in 1941. Donovan and White even went so far as to get Stalin all the Nuclear technology including enriched Uranium through their Jewish spies in the Manhattan project.

    So after doing all this for Stalin, Stalin pays his loyal anti-Fascist Judeo-Bolshevic communist Russian Jews back by not deeding them Crimea and the Volga German Republic. Not only that, he pissed off the rich Ashkenazi New York Jews. Playing this kind of game with Power Jews is very risky, and Kennedy and Stalin both ended up paying the ultimate price.

    But those powerful Ashkenazi Khazarians haven’t given up on getting back Crimea, Donbas and the Volga German Republic by a long shot. They are going to keep on escalating and playing dirty tricks until they claim their booty.

    Enter a re-elected Benjamin Netanyahu on stage right…

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  124. @Dube

    ‘Decent looking chap. Got a nice lady. But he doesn’t look like a gentile Pole.’

    I beg to differ. Aside from wild Poles I have known, I’ll point to those twins who were prominent in Polish politics a decade or two back.

    Netanyahu could have been their big brother.

    …this goes on a lot with Jews. They fantasize they’re perfectly distinct from gentiles. Take Yishai — the Tunisian Jew who came to prominence a while back when he pronounced that ‘Israel is for the white man.’

    By that, he meant, not for the Arab. Inspired, I went on an image search of Tunisians — and sure enough. I found Yishai’s long-lost gentile twin.

    Yemeni Jews look like…Yemenis. German Jews — see Alicia Silverstone. She got classical good German looks. Etc, etc.

    It’s mainly in their heads. Jews aren’t from Palestine any more than you or I are. I mean seriously: take Yemen. Is it your position that masses of Palestinians migrated across the Hejaz and down the Red Sea, then reproduced with only each other in perfect isolation from their gentile neighbors — but somehow wound up looking a lot more like them than like Polish Jews?

    Please. Give me a frigging break. Obviously, the bulk of both populations arose more or less in situ and are — above all — a subset of the locals. Cooking the books about it won’t change the truth.

  125. Seraphim says:

    Lend-Lease became significant after July 1942. Russians paid for it.

    • LOL: Brosi
    • Replies: @Brosi
  126. Zane says:

    Oy vey! Stalin couldn’t have been a Jew. His nose wasn’t big enough.

  127. Brosi says:

    From Wiki

    U.S. deliveries to the Soviet Union
    If Germany defeated the Soviet Union, the most significant front in Europe would be closed. Roosevelt believed that if the Soviets were defeated the Allies would be far more likely to lose. Roosevelt concluded that the United States needed to help the Soviets fight against the Germans.[53] Soviet Ambassador Maxim Litvinov significantly contributed to the Lend-Lease agreement of 1941. American deliveries to the Soviet Union can be divided into the following phases:

    “Pre Lend-lease” June 22, 1941, to September 30, 1941 (paid for in gold and other minerals)
    First protocol period from October 1, 1941, to June 30, 1942 (signed October 7, 1941),[54] these supplies were to be manufactured and delivered by the UK with US credit financing.

    While repayment of the interest-free loans was required after the end of the war under the act, in practice the U.S. did not expect to be repaid by the USSR after the war. The U.S. received $2 million in reverse Lend-Lease from the USSR. This was mostly in the form of landing, servicing, and refueling of transport aircraft; some industrial machinery and rare minerals were sent to the U.S. The U.S. asked for $1.3 billion at the cessation of hostilities to settle the debt, but was only offered $170 million by the USSR. The dispute remained unresolved until 1972, when the U.S. accepted an offer from the USSR to repay $722 million linked to grain shipments from the U.S., representing 25% of the initial debt with inflation taken into account, with the remainder being written off

    Payment of $722m for grain shipments in the middle of the war. The USSR would have collapses alone without the shipments of Vodka. With the start of Lend Lease, ordinary Russians started living better than they had at anytime since the empire.

    • Thanks: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
  128. Brosi says:

    Here is an interesting article about how Khazaria 3.0 is a project of the Chabad Lubbowitz, explaining how the “clearing out of Ukraine” for New Khazaria begin in 1992. It is interesting how the article gets into how life for Ethnic Russians in the Donbas is no better than that of the Ruthenians who are being genocided by war, infertility, birth rates and abortion.

    Did Chabad Jews Orchestrate Ukraine War To Establish Their ‘Third Khazaria’ Kingdom?

    The Third Khazaria

    Before defining the Third Khazaria in detail, I’d like to quote the well-known Serbian scholar, doctor of Jurisprudence and talented publicist, Bozidar Mitrovic — one of the few of our contemporaries who’ve noticed the “Khazarian thread” running through the history of the Eastern Slavs.

    The first Khazar military putsch took place in 1917 in Petrograd. It’s obvious that the Khazars hadn’t disappeared; therefore, one ought to bear in mind that the military putsch in Petrograd in 1917 was organized by Khazar extremists, who made up an absolute majority in the war committees later known as “revolutionary”, in which Russians comprised less than one percent. The Vatican, Protestant-Catholic Germany and Jewish extremists from Wall Street financed Lenin’s anti-Russian military putsch in Petrograd in 1917.

    Germany’s goal was the defeat of its enemy on the Eastern Front. This was accomplished by the signing of the Brest Peace Agreement, which had negative consequences. The Vatican’s goal was the destruction of Orthodoxy, which it nearly accomplished. The goal of the Jewish extremists was the creation of an anti-national government, in which the question of the Jewish state would be solved, as well as the establishment of monopolistic control over the enormous source of natural and human resources which Russia comprised, in the interests of its own enrichment…

    …The Second Khazarian military putsch was carried out in 1993 in Moscow, when Khazar-Jewish extremists (who were carrying out extreme forms of economic transformation) took over the executive power, leading positions in the parties, including opposition ones, power over the mass-media and the banking system.”

    While agreeing in principle with Bozidar Mitrovic’s conclusions, I’m at variance with him on a few details. For example, I consider the year 1991 to be the starting date in the history of the Third Khazaria, and the location of the putsch (not a military one, but nonetheless a putsch) to be the Belovezhsky Forest. [where the agreement dissolving the USSR was signed — Editor]

    –from Bozidar Trifunov Mitrovic, “Genocide of the Romans and Slavs,” Moscow, BTM, 1999

    It needs to be noted that the beginning of the erection of the Second and Third Khazarias were preceded by events designed to clear out the “building site” for the new “house of state.”

  129. Brosi says:

    This fascinating article describes how Stalin was forced to sign over Crimea to rich “Capitalist” Jews in New York in 1929 in exchange for US creating an industrial USSR that “needed a qualitative leap”.

    Secret Operation: “New California”

    From a conversation between Stalin and Tito

    Stalin told Tito that he could not send him a part of the American Lend-Lease because the Americans are threatening to freeze it. The Jewish lobby in America is very strong, and they require me to continue the project, “the Crimean California.” We cannot [get] (the Americans) to open a second front, as long as you do not take a decision on the Crimea.

    From the secret archives, it became known that industrialization demanded huge sums from Stalin, and these amounts were secretly provided by the world’s Jewish capital. But the Jewish capital needed guarantees of return for the funds they provided, and that’s when there pops up quite a secret agreement between Stalin and the Jewish financiers, about the Crimea. It states that Stalin laid the ground of Crimea to Jewish bankers of America in return for loans.

    Also, the Crimea was promised to the Jewish financial bosses as their promised land. For the loans provided for industrialization, Jewish financiers received shares of Crimea and notes on the possession of the land of the Crimea. Crimean lands were simply divided among the creditors of Stalin. Thus, about 200 richest men in America have become holders of shares of the Crimea.

    This explains why the US is so mixed up in this Khazarian civil war, and actually it explains the entire cold war too.

    The agreement between Stalin and its creditors was that in the case of non-repayment of loans till 1954, the entire Crimea have to become the property of its shareholders. Note that the contract has been agreed for this date year, 1954, and it’s was 1954, when Crimea was transferred by the Khrushchev under the management of the then Ukrainian republics of the USSR.

    Finally a logical explanation why Crimea was gifted to Ukraine in 1954. It was gifted to “Ukraine” in order to stiff the Jewish loan sharks in NY.

    In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, US Commerce Secretary Harriman had to come to Stalin for a final decision on the Crimea. But Stalin was strongly opposed to transfer of Crimea to the Jews. The main argument put forward by Stalin was decision of Congress in Basel in 1897, which stated that the homeless Jews create their own state in Palestine, but Brits were against it. And then, the Soviet representative to the UN in 1947, proposed the creation of an independent state of Israel in the Palestinian territories, which was approved by a majority of the world.

    At some point in time, Stalin had won, but the global elite do not forget and do not forgive their debts. Just timelines were pushed into the future.

    So Stalin voted for the creation of Israel, and the theft of Palestine, in order to prevent the New York Jews from collecting on the Crimean promise that Stalin had made in 1929.

    • Thanks: Malla
    • Replies: @Seraphim
  130. anon[542] • Disclaimer says:

    Arabs might pay a price for being Semite in future distortiones of the narrative by the Jews. Jews will point fingers at Arab as semites and also remind the rest how anti semtism charges defined the atomosphere in 21 st century defiling democratic values ,undercutting justice, patronizing one tribe over the rest ,abusing judicial porcess through lawfare, and suppressing the scholarly activities.

    Then the tribe would say – “by the way Arabs are semite ,so anti semtism shown by the west was anti Arabism which did not exist because anti smetism it self was of dubious foundation but it hurt and harmed the rest”.

    It is like labeling and calling the corrupt oppressive tribal oligarchs in Hondutus as Palestinian.

    Lets not use this casuistry . . There are many words in the world – Native Indians . But Pilgrims did not screw those Asians living in Indian subcontinent .
    Lets not digress and divert .

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  131. Malla says:

    One of the reasons FDR was desperate to have the Japanese attack the USA was to make doubly sure that Japan for some reason does not attack the USSR from the East, the Japanese Empire had to be lured South towards Dutch East Indies and East towards the pacific. Stalin on the other hand wanted and got the Japanese and Chinese nationalists get into a war with each other, so that the Japanese military get bogged down in the vast hinterlands of China, so that he could concentrate in the West, on Europe. Stalin even signed a Non aggregation pact with the Japanese, telling the Japs that the Soviets and Japanese are “fellow Asians” but discontinued the pact as soon as Germany was defeated and invaded a weakened and surprised Japanese Empire, resultant Korea is still divided to this day.
    FDR was in love with Stalin, probably had Stalin pin up posters in his office. But Stalin refused to return the favour after WW2, he did not want to work with the West after WW2 as the West was hoping, Stalin must have figured out that the elites running America were a bunch of scumbags. And that is when we got that show down in between American and Soviet tanks in Berlin and talk of “iron curtain”.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  132. Seraphim says:

    Wasn’t the NEP and the policy of ‘concessions’ the first repayments for the loans advanced by the Germano-American (Schiff/Warburg) bankers to Trotsky, Lenin & Co to carry on the ‘revolution’ and ‘open’ the Russian economy to American exploitation?
    Stalin was opposed to the ‘Crimean California’ project from the get-go and created instead the ‘Birobidzhan Jewish Autonomous Oblast’ as the” only true and sensible solution to the national question”, ”strategically relocating the Jews from their native areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and Crimea as Jewish settlement of these regions was highly resisted by the majority population”.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  133. @Malla

    Non aggregation – non aggression

    Must have been UR’s auto- corrector. Sometimes when I make a typo it throws up something completely different from intended and if I don’t check and edit it makes me look ridiculous.

  134. @anon

    “Arabs might pay a price for being Semite in future distortions of the narrative by the Jews. ”

    Absolutely, they will do this in the future. They plot and plan ahead, many generations, and count on the stupidity of the goyim, especially Shabbos Goys. A couple hundred years from now the narrative may very well be that Jews were the victims of the “Israelis.” Presumably, the narrative at that time will be that Heavenly Jerusalem in Southern/Eastern Ukraine was always their land and only a _______ would say anything bad about them.

  135. Brosi says:

    Japan never attacked Lend Lease convoys from the US to the USSR in Vladivostock. The attack on Moscow in 1941 was thwarted to two main reasons: War material, foodstuffs, Aviation fuel and Vodka arriving in Murmansk, and the transfer of elite troops and reserves from Siberia, especially after Pearl Harbor.

    Battle of Moscow

    Although the Wehrmacht’s offensive had been stopped, German intelligence estimated that Soviet forces had no more reserves left and thus would be unable to stage a counteroffensive. This estimate proved wrong, as Stalin transferred over 18 divisions, 1,700 tanks, and over 1,500 aircraft from Siberia and the Far East.[83] The Red Army had accumulated a 58-division reserve by early December,[49] when the offensive proposed by Zhukov and Vasilevsky was finally approved by Stalin.

  136. @Seraphim

    Stalin should have exerted more force in resettling our most favourite people. On the other hand, in the long run, better that they chose to go to Palestine.

    Actually Birobidzhan is in a very favourable logistical position for enterprising middle men: on the border between PR China and Siberia. Imagine how rich a corrupt criminal business elite could get there controlling the flow of resources to China and the reverse flow of consumer goods; the place would make Hong Kong and Singapore look like a joke. Maybe best if they never go there, and to make sure it doesn’t happen the autonomous Jewish oblast should be abolished. Still, maybe they’re looking to it in the future, to add to Israel and New Khazaria/Ukraine, so that they will have a base in the Far East as well the ones on the Near East and Europe and squeeze the world even more in their octopus tentacles.

  137. @RJ Macready

    ‘Any rational science and evolution believing person will side wth the Jews. What is the alternative?’

    Maybe the alternative is that gentiles have souls too?

  138. smaragdus says:

    Jewry’s rule over goyim is based entirely on deception and lies so Jews cannot afford to stop deceiving and lying, otherwise their mendacious empire would implode and collapse. Truth is what they fear most because lying is their mightiest and most destructive weapon because they are of their father the devil (“He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. – John 8:44”). So control over information, knowledge and any leakage of truth is a prerequisite for Jewish rule and Jews know this better than anyone else on this planet.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  139. geokat62 says:

    Based comment.

    btw – here’s a link to the video you once mentioned is no longer available on YT.

    • Replies: @smaragdus
  140. smaragdus says:

    Your memory seems to be amazing, I have forgotten about the video you mentioned above, thank you. By the way, as the purges on YouTube and Bitchute continue (Bitchute is not less heinous than YouTube- where I live, EU, most video links I come across are blocked because videos “Contain Incitement to Hatred” so I need to use video downloaders to get the restricted stuff) for the time being the sanest options to upload videos seem to be Odysee, GoyimTV and Gab Video, which services do not appear to be involved in heavy censorship right now.

    • Thanks: geokat62
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