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Remembering the 2001 English Race Riots
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“Crime in Oldham had reached ‘record levels’ with a massive increase (to 60 percent of all incidents) in violent attacks on whites.”
David Waddington, Policing Public Disorder[1]D. Waddington, Policing Public Disorder: Theory and Practice (Routledge: New York, 2007), p.99

The racialist is bound to an instinctive love-hate relationship with the race riot. On the one hand, racial violence is a cause for sorrow and disgust. It represents the fullest expression of the violent disintegration of prior ethnic homogeneity. On the other hand, the race riot is a powerful vindication and an unveiling. It’s an honest illustration of ethnic truths that are always present but often covered up by a variety of bribes, propaganda devices, excuses, and false or temporary panaceas. For the racialist, ethnic conflict is a predictable, inevitable, and violent eruption of reality into the dreamlike fantasy of multiculturalism. The race riot, with its explosive unraveling of communal grudges and hostilities, can be postponed, reinterpreted, and badly explained by those in power, but, for the racialist, it cannot ever be permanently avoided; its potential is etched into the very fabric of the multicultural project.

This summer marks the twentieth anniversary of a sequence of race riots in northern England that had a transformative effect on my worldview, and continues to exert a significant influence on how I see the world. More than Jewish historical fairy tales or Islamic terrorism, this was the primary moment of my political awakening. It was the first time I heard about “no-go” areas dominated by foreign ethnic groups, the first time I learned about the activities of the British National Party, and the first time I gained an understanding of the fact that we are only ever a simple shift in context and circumstances away from explicit racial enmity. I learned during that summer two decades ago that, ultimately, it doesn’t matter how tolerant you think you are or desire to be — what matters more is how the other side will see you when push comes to shove. And whether or not you subscribe to Social Darwinism in its finer points, it is a simple fact of human history that push always comes to shove. Violence between groups over resources has always occurred, and will never cease.

Such was the painful lesson learned by 76-year-old veteran Walter Chamberlain who, in April 2001, was walking home from a rugby match through a predominantly South Asian area of Oldham when he was set upon by a group of Pakistanis. Having committed the grievous error of deciding to walk through “their” neighborhood, Chamberlain was beaten senseless, and suffered several broken facial bones. Four decades of ethnic tension, dating to the arrival of the first significant waves of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian migrants in Oldham, had bubbled over. Once Chamberlain’s battered face appeared on the front pages of several national newspapers (I vividly recall seeing it while purchasing a copy of Combat, a now defunct UK martial arts magazine), a White backlash seemed inevitable.

The attack on Walter Chamberlain was merely a final straw. Racial violence against Whites had been escalating in the South Asian enclaves of northern England for years. Prior to the attack on Chamberlain, Greater Manchester Police’s “Q Division (Oldham)” had issued a number of warnings about the nature of ethnic crime and violence in the town. The Chief Superintendent, for example, wrote in one report that

There’s evidence that [Asian male youths] are trying to create exclusive areas for themselves. Anyone seems to be a target if they are white. It is a growing polarisation between some sections of the Asian youth and white youth on the grounds of race, manifesting itself in violence, predominantly Asian.[2]Ibid.
(D. Waddington, Policing Public Disorder: Theory and Practice (Routledge: New York, 2007), p.99)

Four months before the attack on Chamberlain, Greater Manchester Police released a report showing that “62 per cent of racial incidents were Asian on white. A special report for the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester emphasised that these were part of an ongoing trend involving primarily Pakistani and Bangladeshi teenagers.”[3]Ibid.
(D. Waddington, Policing Public Disorder: Theory and Practice (Routledge: New York, 2007), p.99)
Academics have since attributed the later race riots in part to honest media portrayals of these reports and incidents, which acted to stimulate a sense of White cohesion and victimisation. The Oldham Chronicle, for example, had been brutally honest in its reports during the late 1990s, leading with a number of headlines such as “Racist Attacks By Asian Gangs,” (March 17 1998), and “HUGE RISE IN RACE ATTACKS ON WHITE MEN” (January 31 2001). The police, the local media, and the Whites of northern England have since come in for severe criticism by the foremost academic apologist for Pakistani crime, who insists, without evidence, that South Asians were actually the most victimised population prior to the riots but had low trust in the police and therefore didn’t report crimes against them.[4]Ray, Larry, and David Smith. “Racist Offending, Policing and Community Conflict.” Sociology 38, no. 4 (October 2004): 681–99. This apologist is the sociologist Professor Larry Ray (University of Kent), whose motivations, considered in light of his past Presidency of the British Association for Jewish Studies, require no further discussion for the well-informed readers of this website.

Larry Ray: Jewish Apologist for Pakistani violence against Whites
Larry Ray: Jewish Apologist for Pakistani violence against Whites

The increase in violence in Oldham, and similar trends in Burnley and Bradford, caught the attention of both the National Front and the British National Party, both of which astutely flooded these towns with pamphlets, some bearing the battered visage of Walter Chamberlain. In combination with honest local media reporting, these groups helped to further heighten White cohesion, solidarity, and ethnocentrism, with the National Front even promising to march through the Asian-dominated “no-go” areas in a White “show of strength.” The march was quickly banned by the Home Office, but White ethnocentrism in these towns was obviously on the rise. Once it reached adequate levels, it was only a matter of time before opposing racial factions clashed on a larger scale. The Pakistanis, for their part, had started daubing walls on their streets with the slogan “Whites Keep Out.”[5]Waddington, 100.

The Riots

As in most cases of ethnic conflict, the initial flashpoint for mass violence was relatively banal but escalated quickly. A month after the attack on Walter Chamberlain, a White youth spotted two Pakistani brothers walking past a Fish and Chips shop, and threw a brick at them, striking one on the leg. The two Pakistanis followed the youth to a nearby house, and word was quickly spread to other Pakistanis in the area. In a short period of time, more than a dozen Pakistanis had gathered outside the house seeking violent retribution from the lone White perpetrator. They then kicked in the front door. The woman who owned the house called both the police and her 25-year-old brother, who was then socialising in a nearby pub with members of the British National Party and a Far Right paramilitary organisation known as Combat 18. The group made their way from the pub to the scene of disturbance in three taxis, and set about responding to Pakistani intimidation by smashing the windows of South Asian residences and businesses. The police then arrived, arresting 10 members of the White grouping, and two Pakistanis who’d been involved in attacking the house. Within an hour, a 500-strong crowd of Pakistanis formed street barricades and began throwing petrol bombs and other missiles at police. Between 10pm and 5am of the first episode of major violence, four pubs were almost destroyed along with the offices of the Oldham Chronicle (presumably for its reporting of Pakistani crime), and 32 police vehicles were damaged. Scenes of chaos from Oldham’s streets were broadcast around the world.

A month after the Oldham riot, trouble erupted in Burnley. The town had a growing population of young Pakistani males, who formed criminal cliques that acted as rivals to White criminal gangs as well as assaulting or robbing non-criminal Whites. As well as absorbing the tensions emanating from Oldham, Burnley had its own problems. The town had an “Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator” who was accused of helping to provide preferential council investment to South Asian-occupied areas. The controversy led to a spike in British National Party representation on the local council (to 21%), as well as to calls for the abolition of the role of Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator (the town’s Race Equality Council had also recently been disbanded). The final spark arrived in June 2021, when there was an altercation between South Asian and White criminals, which resulted in a Pakistani being struck on the head with a hammer. False rumors that the Pakistani was dead began circulating in the South Asian community, and a mob of armed males gathered at, and subsequently attacked, the Duke of York pub, which was regarded as being frequented by the White element.

The following day, the pub’s landlord closed the establishment and informed arriving customers what had happened. Large numbers of Whites, including around 60 youths, who had no involvement in the events of the preceding days, were reported by police at the time as having adopted “something of a siege mentality,” and began chanting racial slogans at nearby Pakistani taxi drivers. Using taxi radios, much of the town’s young Pakistani male population was mobilised into action and was instructed to attack Whites gathered at the pub. This Pakistani mob, later estimated by police as numbering at least 300, armed themselves with machetes and clubs and made their way to the Duke of York. Before they arrived, the 60 White youths divided into two groups. One of these groups was intercepted by police, who then inexplicably steered them into the path of the armed 300 Pakistanis. The police then hastily formed a barrier between the two ethnic groups, with each then turning their violent intentions towards rival residences and businesses on their side of the police barrier. As with Oldham, these scenes were broadcast around the world.

A few weeks after the ethnic chaos in Burnley, it was Bradford’s turn to combust.[6]For an in-depth analysis of the Bradford riots see, Bagguley, Paul, Riotous Citizens: Ethnic Conflict in Multicultural Britain (Routledge, 2016). In 2001, Bradford had the second largest population of South Asians of any UK city, with approximately 68,000 Pakistanis, 12,500 Indians, 5,000 Bangladeshis and 3,000 other Asians. The White demographic had declined to 78% of the total population, and the town was host to many of the same issues in Oldham and Burnley: decades of tense segregation; a culture of criminality among young South Asian males; and a sense that local government resources were being invested in South Asian communities at the expense of the working-class native population. It should also be added that the town had already witnessed large-scale race riots in the form of the 1995 Manningham Riot. As in the other towns, the National Front and the British National Party supplemented growing White racial consciousness in the area (already prompted by press coverage of South Asian criminality) by engaging in intensive pamphleting, making advances in local government elections, arranging marches, and hosting meetings. When the spark finally arrived, Bradford exploded with one of the most violent of all the race riots that occurred in 2001, resulting in more than 300 injured police officers, 200 jail sentences totaling 604 years, and an estimated £7 million in property damage.

In Bradford, the spark was provided on July 7 by the “Anti-Nazi League,” who declared their intention to prevent the National Front from marching in the city center. The group comprised a small White leftist element and several hundred South Asians. The protest did little more than push National Front/BNP supporters to the fringes of the city, where clashes with South Asians were in fact more likely to take place out of sight of police. Around 3pm, rumors began circulating among the Antifa/South Asian element that members of the National Front were socialising at a nearby pub. A faction set off in search of the pub and, during an attempted attack on National Front members a Pakistani was stabbed. Shortly after this point, the smaller White leftist element departed the city center, leaving a rump of several hundred Asians who soon began throwing missiles at watching police, looting several shops, and smashing windows. Around 5pm, two White men were stabbed by a group of South Asians on Thornton Road, and a group of 60–70 South Asians began resisting police attempts to clear the city center by throwing petrol bombs. The crowd was only dispersed following several police charges on horseback, but during the chaotic retreat of the South Asians, Mohammed Ilyas, a 48-year-old Pakistani businessman and father of six, firebombed the Manningham Labour Club, a White-frequented recreational center, while 23 men and women were still inside. Those inside managed to survive by taking refuge in the building’s cellar. Ilyas was subsequently caught and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The following night, around a hundred White males gathered near Bradford city center seeking retribution, before setting off in search of South Asian-owned businesses in the Ravenscliffe and Holmewood areas. Following mass damage to Pakistani businesses, vehicles, and property, the police flooded the area with almost 1,000 officers, which brought an end to the riots of July 8. The following night, however, these events were repeated. Police again flooded the streets of Bradford, this time bringing a lasting but uneasy peace.


Did ethnic relations in these towns improve? Can we assume that, since the riots have not been repeated, somehow multiculturalism now “works” in these areas? As mentioned at the outset of this essay, as a racialist I believe that ethnic conflict will be the natural state of affairs within multiculturalism, and that where it is not obviously present that is because it has been covered up by a variety of bribes, propaganda devices, excuses, and false or temporary panaceas. In the aftermath of the riots, the government said much about fostering “inclusion,” about “breaking down barriers,” about “encouraging understanding,” and about improving the material lives of the neglected Whites of northern England — words entirely without meaning or honest intent. Five years after the riots, one resident of Burnley told the BBC, “Nothing’s changed, it may have got worse. … The poor white areas still do not get any government help. Duke Bar is a no-go area after dark. So much for all the Government talk about helping Burnley.” Within several years of the riots, Oldham and Bradford evolved into the largest epicenters for the South Asian sex trafficking of hundreds of White girls. Today, the White population has Bradford declined to 63%, while Oldham and Burnley have experienced slower rates of White demographic displacement. Two decades after the riots, Whites and South Asians continue to live in a state of tension.

Since South Asian expansion and criminality hasn’t disappeared, the real question is what happened to the capacity for White reaction. It’s clear in this regard that, rather than deal directly with the problems inherent in multiculturalism, the government pursued a policy of neutering White anger and ethnocentrism as the best method for preventing further riots. Since White solidarity leading up to the riots was perceived as originating with press reports and the activities of the BNP and the National Front, these were two obvious starting points for preventative measures. Criticism of the honest reporting of the Oldham Chronicle, exemplified in the work of Professor Ray, culminated 11 years later in a government report issued by Lord Brian Leveson, who describes himself as a “devout Jew.” The report, known as the Leveson Report, revolutionised press standards by condemning “careless or reckless reporting” that includes “discriminatory, sensational or unbalanced reporting in relation to ethnic minorities.” In other words, referring to such things as “Asian crime” or “Attacks on Whites” in news headlines became a thing of the past, and so White perceptions of their victimisation and the nature of ethnic crime were disrupted and stifled.

Political White Nationalism in England also came under sustained attack from various quarters. In 2004, elements of the media contrived to undermine the BNP and “expose” its racism to the public, eventually resulting in the Channel 4 documentary The Secret Agent. The documentary involves little more than an undercover journalist presenting secretly recorded footage of low-level BNP members uttering some controversial sentiments while under the influence of alcohol. The risible footage nevertheless led to an attempt to prosecute both Nick Griffin and Mark Collett for incitement to racial hatred, both of whom were found not guilty at trial. Continued harassment and disruption of the BNP continued into 2009, however, when the Equality and Human Rights Commission undertook court proceedings to force the BNP to accept non-White members. Finally, there was a sustained push to present UKIP’s civic nationalism as a more respectable “protest vote” against the established parties. The BNP was never able to recover.

White anger and ethnocentrism were also suppressed through a tightening of the law. Two years after the riots the government passed the Criminal Justice Act 2003, sections 145 and 146 of which granted courts the power to increase sentences for any crime in which racial or religious motivations were suspected. Going further even than the idea of a “hate crime,” the legislation made it clear that even perceived “hostility” to the injured party would be sufficient to come under its terms. Placed in the context of an ethnically defined riot, for example, a White youth caught breaking a window would now attract a significantly higher sentence than the normal punishment handed down for criminal damage.

Muzzling the media, disrupting White ethnic politics, and tougher legal punishments for White protest — this is how the government temporarily solved the problem of race riots in England. I say “temporarily” because it’s only a matter of time before even these measures become insufficient to cover up the simmering tensions built into multiculturalism. A further dramatic shift in interethnic relations is an inevitability, and will probably involve the reaching of certain demographic tipping points or a dive in the economy leading to scarce resources. The final spark will be caused by something banal. Instinct will kick in. Tribes will form. People can be awakened by the innocuous as well as the dramatic; the distant as well as the near. For me it began twenty years ago, with a brick thrown in Oldham.


[1] D. Waddington, Policing Public Disorder: Theory and Practice (Routledge: New York, 2007), p.99

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Ray, Larry, and David Smith. “Racist Offending, Policing and Community Conflict.” Sociology 38, no. 4 (October 2004): 681–99.

[5] Waddington, 100.

[6] For an in-depth analysis of the Bradford riots see, Bagguley, Paul, Riotous Citizens: Ethnic Conflict in Multicultural Britain (Routledge, 2016).

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I wish Ameican whites would try some “intensive pamphleting.”

    • Replies: @fnn
  2. The final spark arrived in June 2021,

    I guess that should be June 2001.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
  3. This was a completely and totally avoidable problem. Enoch Powell was right and said the truth. Thanks to Jewish cultural Marxism and general stupidity he was not listened too. TRAGIC! So completely unnecessary.

  4. fnn says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    The Rockwellites did that in a few white neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s. Unfortunately, their last leader was a very Jewish-looking half-Jewish pedophile who was expelled from the party when it was found he was taking 10-year-old boys to bed at the Party HQ building, But he had good points as well-he was high verbal IQ and a very good public speaker and also absolutely fearless. After being released from prison, he wrote many books-mainly of a New Agey type.

    • Thanks: Pheasant
  5. Ed Case says:

    Off topic, the name “Waddington” came up in the Australian Royal Commission into Instiutional Sexual Abuse about 10 years ago.
    This Waddington was sent out to The Church Of England in Queensland in the 1960s, where he was an absolute brute as well as being a Pederast.
    He later became Dean of Manchester.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  6. They even torched Andrews Bros. BMW dealership on Oak Lane but saved the cars later found in chop-shops in Manchester

    Lots of criminal gangs involved in these riots and reports in Observer noted Molotov cocktails being prepared a week before riots broke out in Bradford

    • Thanks: Pheasant
  7. All the multi-cults areas see an inter- racial jockeying for occupations; situations will continue to be unpredictable till all the niches are clearly demarcated – this profession for this group, that profession for that group; once all the groups accept these arrangements as inevitable and insurmountable, violence will come down…

    But this is highly unlikely if a White population is involved; over the past many centuries, Whites have built societies with more social mobility; a man can aspire to any position in the society and if he has sufficient brain and hard work, he may reach it – this is the fundamental outlook of the White societies, which also do not attach significant handicaps to any particular group or profession. Contrast this with Pakistanis (and Indians and Bangladeshis), who have a very rigid caste system for God knows how many centuries. If your father is a janitor or cleans washrooms for a living, it forms an invisible layer on you, however talented you may be, and it will certainly affect your career, whatever it may be. There, under such a rigid society, a man understands there is only so much he can achieve or or get, and he is resigned to his “fate”; or he is made to conform by force, if he becomes too “uppity”. The British are a layered society, yes, they do have their own class system yes, but it is not so rigid as those of these “South Asians”. Therefore, the Whites may never reconcile themselves to any particular profession or niche being dominated by one ethnic group (save for banking, of course). They cannot understand or accept why all taxi drivers should be of one nationality.

    Therefore, poor British Whites will continue to contest with the “South Asians” for all positions in the society; it may end in violence, after which the White Guilt can be effectively used to mould the remaining Whites into submission; it may even end in the appearance of a caste system among the British too, whereby the working Whites will be deemed inferior by the upper class Globalist Whites.

    • LOL: sher singh
  8. anon[187] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish historical fairy tales? Best example ever: “Salvation is from the Jews.” Yet the duped English Jew-worshipers believe Rabbi Jewsus so fanatically that their unofficial national anthem says, “I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand: Till we have built Jewrusalem, In England’s green & pleasant Land.” By golly, those persistent Englishman have finally done it, and fabricated themselves a Middle-east Asian shithole in England’s green and pleasant Land!

    • Agree: Robin Hood
  9. Dumbo says:

    Is that England? Are you sure?

    As Bette Davis and Liz Taylor would say, “What a dump.”

    And that was 20 years ago…

    I remember more vividly the more recent black riots there, 2011. Well not so recent, 10 years ago already, wow, time flies.

  10. Saddleworth resident here. Drive to Spindles shopping centre in Oldham last week and it is well and truly colonised – 70% non white easily.

    • Replies: @blackbrit
  11. BorisMay says:

    Let us be brutally honest about this: these thugs are not South Asian, but are Muslim.

    Many ‘south Asians’ such as Sikhs, Christians (yes, Christianity is the 3rd largest religion in India) and Hindus are also victims of Muslims.

    If this writer really was a racialist he would not hesitate to say this.

    It is Muslims that are the problem and not South Asians.

    And the British government are all either Jews, faux Jews (Ashkenazi) or only serve the interests of Jews.

    The situation is that Jews have introduced Muslims in to strongly white ethnocentric areas and then used the inevitable ethnic violence to oppress the white population.

    The rest of this article is just politically correct window dressing.

    • Replies: @BDS Always
    , @Hannah Katz
  12. El Dato says:

    s/Asians/South Asians/g

  13. Maybe they should import a few thousand Pakistanis into Belfast; it will do more to bring together the Protestants and Catholics than any peace process could ever achieve.

    • Agree: Z-man, VICB3
  14. White Englishmen seem to have a lot more fight than White Americans. That much is for sure.

    I could never imagine White Americans fighting back in any capacity. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the average White American is more effete than the average Western Euro. The only reason White Americans don’t get pushed around more is because of the strong police presence in most of the country.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Colin Wright
  15. Andreas says:

    Twenty years has gone by. But only the sound of crickets…

    Nothing besides an overwhelming natural or economic catastrophe will break the chains of multiculturalism.

    The apathy of whites is obviously terminal. Rather than work in any cohesive fashion to promote their own interests, whites have been universally conditioned to welcome and work towards their own demise. Western society has become in effect a suicide cult.

    This is an unspeakable and unimaginable tragedy for white Europeans worse than WW I and WW II combined.

    Yet, it has become the norm that high IQ whites, when presented with information that points to these realities, can be expected to respond with a combination of denial, rationalization and even outright confabulation. But rarely will they respond in such a way that suggests an honest recognition of the facts and a willingness to discuss them.

    Reason, for those with a responsibility to uphold it, has been replaced by expressions of psychological dysfunction. But whether the immediate cause is simply fear or the inability to admit mistakes, the result is the same. The social fabric for whites is this rotten and thus not viable going forward.

    The younger generation of whites can’t even grasp how their fortunes have been reversed. Those who are blind from birth will never even think to see.

    But in the event that some whites do awaken and resist, the application of coercion will be limitless on whites who in any way oppose their generational reduction to cattle on the plantation.

    The elites will get their human termite mound. And you, you little white plebe, will be happy.

    Or so they think.

  16. “The real question is what happened to the capacity for white reaction”

    The answer is that there is no such capacity. Apart from criminal gangs most British whites are just individuals who can barely tolerate other British whites. There are no feelings of kinship. If my own street came under attack then I could probably only count on three neighbours who would fight and one of them is black. In any town in the UK all the ethnic groups could raise a mob of their kinsmen a hundred strong in 20 minutes but you couldn’t do that with the British. They would not want to get involved. My Irish father-in-law used to say that was because the British were cowards but the same thing is happening in Ireland.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  17. anarchyst says:
    @A British reader

    This is a result of “deracinization” which is a prime weapon of jewish bolshevism. The destruction of racial identity is responsible for the fracturing of white societies. Whites are upholding civil society despite the “deck being stacked” against them. Courts and other avenues in which to obtain “justice” have been so perverted by jewish bolshevism, any white who defends himself and his family will be brought up on charges for merely attempting to do so by a court system that is staffed by bolshevik jews and other “people of color”. This is all by design and whites know it. One must pick his battles. Sometimes it is better to “lie low” and wait…

    • Agree: Pheasant
  18. Upon starting column, hopes were that ‘race riot’ meant Whites burned ‘no-go’ zones to the ground. No such luck.

    Not a single Englishman ever stated, “Our country is too English, let’s invite the third world to replace us…think of the exotic restaurants we’ll have!”

    • Agree: Pheasant
  19. Altai says:

    4 years later the Cronulla riots in Sydney were very very similar. One thing that gets people riled up is not just criminality, but the sense of ethnic offensive that comes writ large from certain groups who are intensely tribalistic and anti-social (To the natives) to their communities core. (I remember reading an editorial in a Canadian newspaper by a prominent conservative about how her father once told her he didn’t care if she brought home a black man but if she ever brought home an Italian, he’d disown her, such was the disgust their clannish ways induced.)

    The tip of the spear might be gangs but the gangs are a manifestation of the whole communities anti-social functioning. The whole population is a gang.

    In Cronulla it was Lebanese (There is a cousin marriage theme) who’d settled in West Sydney 20 years prior whose Australian born offspring were engaged in almost identical activities. The flashpoint there was the sexual harassment of Anglo-Celtic Australian women and girls on Cronulla beach that had been going on for many years. When the protests started, consisting of young men and women in a show of ethnic force some Lebanese gangs abducted young Anglo-Celtic women off the street and gang raped them.

    And then, the ability of members of that ethnic group to confidently show up and have each others back like across the Western world was gone. Not that the people who showed up at Cronulla or in Bradford were typical members of their ethnic groups, most were already right wing but many had become this through their sense of ethnic conflict. There was no reason why the BNP should have become so powerful in what should have been Labour strongholds otherwise.

    Now to be a native in the Western world is to be a spectator. You don’t feel confident observing or mentioning the conflict, everyone feels intense guilt from social conditioning like a Victorian Anglican or 1950s Catholic talking about sex. If somebody on a bus from another ethnic group began loudly shouting about how he hated yours and even if yours was the majority of the passengers, you’d sit there knowing nobody would do anything that to do anything would be ‘wrong’. But you absolutely know if the roles were reversed there would be a trip to the hospital coming in your future.

    Of course, the Pakistani and Lebanese gangs were low trust familial groups brought together from being ‘visible minorities’ as back home they’d be in constant conflict, being a minority gives low trust cousin-marrying people a sense of solidarity that would otherwise not exist. There was a lower energy of group violence from having so many double cousins and brothers.

    • Thanks: Pheasant
  20. What followed after 2001 is essentially systematic persecution of the British working-class.

    The evil ruling class has a healthy fear of this group because it has consistently opposed reckless third world immigration.

    In contrast Middle England is full of forked tongue cowards, sex deviants, and social justice mental dry rot.

    Forcing different groups of people to live together didn’t work in Yugoslavia which unraveled after Marshal Tito died. It isn’t working in South Africa.

    • Agree: Blackstone
  21. profnasty says:

    Know your enemy. Stand against him by all legal means. List their names and places of business. Intel on their leadership will save your daughter’s life.
    Rape is their weapon of choice.
    What is the penalty for rape of YOUR daughter? If you don’t help your brother, you, and your daughter, will stand alone.

  22. Anonymous[216] • Disclaimer says:

    The English look on as African, Paki, and Arab Mohammedans rape and sodomize and sex-traffic their little girls in every English city.

    The English look on as their war veterans are brutally beaten and humiliated by Paki, Arab, and African Mohammedans in English cities.

    But the English only become enraged and ready to go to war over the historical lands of white Christian Russia

    Defiant Britain tells Putin ‘You won’t stop our ships’ after Royal Navy destroyer’s face-off with Russians near Crimea

    England won’t protect its little English girls from being sex-trafficked or its war veterans being brutally beaten by Mohammedans in English cities but they’ll go to war for the anti-Christian, anti-white agenda of the AngloZionistGlobohomo Empire.

    • Thanks: Trinity, profnasty
  23. @Old Brown Fool

    “whereby the working Whites will be deemed inferior by the upper class Globalist Whites”.

    Aren’t we there already? Now it is for the white elite just a matter of how and when to get rid of us useless eating white inferiors. The browns, blacks, and yellows will never turn on their betters due to centuries of training. We inferiors better figure this out, and also figure out how to cut the high caste whites collective heads off sooner rather than later. Unfortunately dreams of upward mobility have blinded us to this extinction like reality.

  24. @Ed Case

    Don’t worry all you cuck for Kangz…..they will fix everything.

  25. @Anonymous

    ” The White Americans look on as African-American, rape and sodomize and sex-traffic their little White girls in every American town/city.”

  26. @The_seventh_shape

    Maybe although Catholics have often sympathised with the Muslim causes, just look at the close relations the IRA had with Islamic groups in Libya and Palestine.

  27. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    From Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (London: Bloomsbury, 2017):

    “…it was clear from the moment of her appointment as Minister for Asylum and Immigration during Tony Blair’s first term that Barbara Roche was seeking a complete rethink of Britain’s immigration and asylum policies. While the Prime Minister was concentrating on other matters, Roche changed every aspect of the British government’s policies.”

    … “Indeed Roche – who criticised colleagues for being too white – insisted that even the mention of immigration policy was racist. What she and a few others around her sought was a wholesale change of British society. Roche – a descendant of East End Jews – believed that immigration was only ever a good thing. Ten years after the changes she had brought about she told an interviewer with satisfaction, ‘I love the diversity of London. I just feel comfortable.’”

    William Thomas Walsh, Isabella of Spain: The Last Crusader (London: Sheed and Ward, 1935):

    “…That they played an important part in bringing the Saracens from Africa in 709 is certain. In the invading army there were many African Jews. Everywhere the Spanish Jews opened the gates of cities to the conquerors, and the Moslems rewarded them by turning over to them the government of Granada, Seville and Córdoba. ‘Without any love for the soil where they lived, without any of those affections that ennoble a people, and finally without sentiments of generosity,’ says Amador de los Rios, ‘they aspired only to feed their avarice and to accomplish the ruin of the Goths; taking the opportunity to manifest their rancour, and boasting of the hatreds that they had hoarded up so many centuries.’”

    Since the time of choosing Barabbas over Christ they have sought to destroy the good, the true, and the beautiful (bonum, verum, pulchrum).

  28. anon[314] • Disclaimer says:

    American men are spiritually castrated. Great panderers to their betters… womyn. ‘Yes dear’ and whatever you ‘say dear’ whimps/cowards. They are in essence Cains. This is the general character of American men. Do as the misses says, or else. And worse, this ethos will have them betray other men for no other reason than it’s easy to do. Coming to the aid of another is unthinkable. It’s not in their vocabulary. They are only united by their favorite professional sports team. Therefore, they cannot muster any solidarity because materialism is their goal to please their god. THey are incapable of unity against a common enemy. Evil would divide people by ethnicity, and permit government to abuse all in their village or town, city or state to commit more crimes against each other, when in fact, government and their tyrannical edicts (failing to defend every man’s title as “King of his own Castle”) is the enemy of the people; MEN in particular. Control Control Control.
    The common enemy of every man, no matter their color, race, ethnicity… is the tyranny of government. No-fault divorce being the number one LEGAL ethos of evil, tyrannical government.
    Back to the game fellas! /s

    • Agree: HbutnotG
    • Replies: @HbutnotG
    , @AnonfromTN
  29. Trinity says:

    I know the shithole nation of Pakistan is in South Asia but WE ALL KNOW WHY PAKIS ARE DESCRIBED AS “SOUTH ASIANS” OVER IN CHICKENSHIT EUROPE.

    This is why when talking about Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc., I always use the term Orientals.

    Always people on here talking and putting down “Murica” for being cuckold and cowards but across the pond they can’t even use the term Paki or Pakistani to describe a criminal. South Asian? Yep, when you tell me the criminal was a South Asian, I immediately think of some unwashed, funky smelling Pakistani. lolol. Well I guess South Asian is kind of like “teen” or “youths.”

    No White person in their right mind would support this shit. Why the White leaders of the West go along with this is beyond me. Yeah, I know the Jew has these so-called White leaders by the short hairs but do they not have any sort of loyalty to their own? To the future of their grandchildren or grandchildren’s children? Do these current “White leaders” want this sort of world for their children? Do they think they will be isolated by their wealth when Whites are a tiny minority and do they think that these foul smelling third world tribes are going to honor them? hahaha. Yeah right.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  30. KenH says:

    Going further even than the idea of a “hate crime,” the legislation made it clear that even perceived “hostility” to the injured party would be sufficient to come under its terms.

    No doubt this Orwellian enhancement is selectively enforced only against whites and never the Paki and other third world animals squatting in the U.K.

    Boris Johnson is a worthless hack who ran a right wing campaign then turned in to Tony Blair once elected. He seems to care nothing for his fellow white Brits and perhaps his partial Jewish ancestry has something to do with his dishonesty and deceptiveness just like the Jews described in this article who got involved to spike the truth about anti-white violence committed by Pakis and Bangladeshis.

    If BNP types ever gain control of the UK government they will need to use the military to mercilessly destroy the South Asian component that have wreaked so much crime upon the hapless working class white Brits. Those people would show no mercy to a white minority if they were causing problems in their countries and its time whites dispense with civilized behavior towards non-whites who have worst of intentions towards us in our own nations.

    • Replies: @BorisMay
  31. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    A very interesting article but nothing new really. What I find amusing is that in Israel there are no Dindus, East Indians, Pakis or sub humans from the Rift Valley. Any who try to sneak in are knee capped or thrown the fuck out the country. I doubt there is even a nigger Jew in Tel Aviv and whatever Moslems there are know their place. They must be good or else ………….???

    However, the Tribe encourages, promotes and supports the immigration of the shit of other countries to the West. These individuals come for a better life but insist on recreating the dumps the left behind. For some sleazy Paki earning a few coins a day selling rice on the sidewalk back home, living in a shack with 14 other people, bathing under a communal tap and shitting in an outdoor latrine, welfare, three squares and a decent roof must be like paradise. That is until they turn the whole place into a slum.

    In the UK one can immediately tell when leaving a white area and moving into a coolie area. Everything looks grubby and run down. Even the residents look frowsy and smell !

    It is all so amusing, in a bizarre way. What is good for the west is anathema to the tribe. What the Jews in the West need to understand however is that the chickens always come home to roost. I understand that Tribal members in France have suddenly discovered that Israel is safer and are packing up and immigrating back to Joolandia. I predict the same will happen in the UK. All those Zionits who gleefully smirked when whites and asians ran amok will wake up one day to find they themselves are in the crosshairs. The Frankenstein (no pun intended) they created will return to haunt them.

    In the meantime, the burning question is who are the fools ? The whites who will not stand up ? The Asians who will turn the west into another slum similar to the ones they left behind ? The Jews who who will suddenly find their interests threatened by their misdeeds ?

    Will another Adolph arise and dictatorially put an end to this mess by expelling every Jew and Non white ? Critical situations have a way of birthing ruthless men with drastic solutions. Looking back, and looking at the state of the West these days the Fuhrer does not seem so crazy after all !

    • Thanks: Trinity
  32. Whites will take meaningful action against their dispossession only if and when there’s an economic catastrophe. As long as they have bread & circuses they’ll remain quiescent.

    • Agree: Miro23, Blackstone
    • Replies: @Anon
  33. Trinity says:

    Whitey is taught to kill Brown people to protect the blessed muh Israel and keep fake and/or real Jews safe from harm while they expand Israel’s borders, meanwhile Whitey is told that he must welcome those same Brown hordes into his homeland to rape his nation as well as the people of his nation and never complain. Yes, I said people, because I have heard reports of male on male rape as well. With some of THESE PEOPLE, you might want to protect your farm animals and pets as well. In the Atlanta area a few years back we had an American Dindu that attempted to rape a female pit bull. I kid you not. This Dindu was either the horniest man in the world or the bravest, I cannot figure which.

    It is puzzling how Whites will slaughter each other for Blacks like in the War Between The States, and for Jews like in WWII, yet they become timid as field mice when protecting their own from these nonwhite invaders and the American Dindu. There is no way I could picture an American Dindu or swarthy troglodyte Paki being more intimidating than a Soviet soldier from WWII or a hardcore raging Confederate mountain boy. Have Whites slipped that badly? These monsters are scary only in appearance. Good lawd, look at some of these people? Is this who you want to live with and send your children to school with. Why are these people not happy in their own country and why do they wish to invade Europe? haha. It is not for jobs. Oops, I forgot, you don’t even require most of these goons to work, the English taxpayer foots the bill. Talk about rubbing it in your face. This is surreal.

  34. “For me it began twenty years ago, with a brick thrown in Oldham.”

    Perhaps, for Pakistanis in Britain, most of whom are of Punjabi origin (overwhelmingly Muslims) it began with the massacre of the Julianwala in the city of Amritsar.

    Hopefully, it won’t turn into the WWIII!

  35. @BorisMay

    There are are Sikh, Hindu, Tamil crime gangs littered throughout some cities and towns in the UK.
    Some are involved in drugs, credit card fraud, prostitution, robbery, immigration fraud, ringing cars and and any number of other crimes.

    I live in the England and have resided in a number of different cities and towns.

    We had a few asians or other nationalities move in the area and we sold our properties and moved elsewhere and eventually there was only a few indigenous people left or none at all.

    And then we moan and bloody complain about there being no English left after we pissed off.

  36. @JohnnyWalker123

    ‘…I could never imagine White Americans fighting back in any capacity…’

    Actually, we do fight back. It’s just not reported. Didn’t happen…move along.

    That’s just what happened right around here. Nationally?

    I have no idea. As I say, it’s not reported.

  37. Trinity says:

    What does it say about a race of people who will not even protect their women, children and their elderly?

    And who are the “white leaders” who go along with this shit?

    • Replies: @MarLuc7
  38. TKK says:

    Are you in the workplace in America – ? If not, and I never say this: STFU.

    You have no idea the consequences that befall someone who tries to speak up in the current climate . No one, and I mean NO ONE will back you up. Do you want to lose your job, have your bank account seized, possibly be indicted for federal hate crimes? And what would you do? Where would you go, after one makes this grand stand?

    Indeed- who do you even stand up to? The cops? the banks? the media? your neighbor?

    Here is an apt situation for the word systemic. The white working class is trapped in a systemic spiderweb of catastrophe if they speak up for their own race.

    Here is a small sample. I am training for a new project for my second job. It is 4 weeks of paid training, all remote, regarding various IT security issues and some legal stuff.

    Every single scenario showing a bad actor – to a one – depicts the thug/hacker/ criminal as a white male. Conversely, every victim – hero – problem solver is depicted as a black or Hispanic male.

    So, what should I do? Complain? Lose a lucrative opportunity because the training software is shockingly biased toward whites? No one cares. They would kick me off and find someone else to do the work. If I tried to rouse up others – how?

    It’s all remote. I don’t have their names. Would they give up this opportunity because of the anti- white propaganda?

    If you are smug, sitting waiting for your American/Western backed retirement or disability check to hit your checking account, how long do you think it will take before they make that contingent on right think vs wrong think?

    Are you ready to light that on fire for your principles?

    • Replies: @Johnny Johnny
    , @Anon
  39. anon[588] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites should emigrate to Russia. The British government obviously hates them.

  40. HbutnotG says:

    That dolled up fascist whore in charge of Michigan proves your point. The niggers in Detroit and Flint weren’t necessary to put her there. White men tiddy bar patrons leave that place, then go vote with their dicks. At least a nigger buck knows what to do with his dick.

    Letting cunts out of the laundry room and kitchen was the biggest mistake Western civilization ever made. It put a little tingle in guys’ nuts for a time but that spell has now long worn off.

    Penis envy is an ugly multifaceted thing, and it’s in your face all day every day.

  41. Schuetze says:

    When the Balfour agreement was made with Lord Lionel Rothschild, the deal was that the Jews in America would bring America in on England’s side and win the world war that the Zionists had started in exchange for Eretz Israel. After the Jews had won the war that they started for England, the English reneged on the bargain and not only kept control of Palestine and Syria, but they also restricted Jewish immigration.

    26 years later, after the Jews had brought America and the USSR into the war, and won it again for England, once again the English reneged on their deal to hand over Eretz Israel and and once again restricted Jewish immigration.

    Jews never forget and they are the most vengeful people on the planet. It is in their blood and in their Talmud. This is why Italy and Germany were obliterated. This is why England lost her empire and this is why the English Pound has been rendered all but irrelevant as a world reserve currency.

    In short, English people are no better than Amalek in jewish eyes, just like Germans, French, Italians and Spanish.

    Germany was able to rise up again after Weimar, after being betrayed by their cultural cousins England and America. For a brief moment in history, the first time since Titus, the Jews were on the verge of meeting their match in the Third Reich. But once again, England, the US and Putin’s beloved Russian “Patriotic Army” bailed out the racial supremacist chicken swingers and destroyed their only true opponents in centuries. Germany was crushed and her cities devastated by the likes of Churchill and Bomber Harris.

    Now England is experiencing her Weimar moment, but she is all alone because she vanquished and destroyed all the other European peoples, especially the Germans, who could have been the greatest help in overcoming this Jewish lust for vengeance.

    So although I hope that the white people in England succeed in suppressing and ultimately vanquishing the multi-culti jewish pet army because that would be good for the Aryan race, the English will be hard pressed to find any sympathy in my heart.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  42. Trinity says:

    Just found out recently that there was a failed (((German Revolution))) in 1918-1919. COHENcidence? So the Jews were innocent victims in Germany as well? I think they had a pandemic back then as well. Maybe the Spanish Flu stats are legit, but at this point, with no living human beings around, we will just have to believe the (((sources.))) I do find it odd that in this time of so much death from the flu that lasted from 1918-1920, that on this day July 4, 1919 ( 102 years ago) Jack Dempsey beat Jess Willard for the heavyweight title in front of at least 19,000 fans packed into a stadium side by side in stifling heat. Empty seats but still people were on top of each other and sans masks. haha.

    I had never heard about (((The German Revolution))), but once again, the USUAL SUSPECTS WERE INVOLVED. Seems all these revolutions are not what they seem, Spain, France, Russia, German, and now the Antifa/Nerd Revolution.

    Christian street preachers being bloodied in San Francisco by (((Antifa.))) Imagine if some racist group like (((Antifa))) were out there attacking rabbis or orthodox Jews in the streets. Do you think Biden would send in the National Guard?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  43. @anon

    ‘Yes dear’ and whatever you ‘say dear’ whimps/cowards.

    I heard in the US that “yes, my dear” means “I stopped listening 25 years ago”.

  44. Trinity says:

    UNFORTUNATELY, what you say is true. In America, my awakening took place during the Rodney King race riots in 1992. So we are talking nearly 30 years of seeing America falling further and further. Of course America had been falling long before 1992, but that was the beginning of the end as far as I am concerned. Things have gotten so bad in America, that even 1992 looks good from my view in the cheap seats. Whitey has been in the “wait until next year” mode for a long, long, long, time now. He is facing a losing streak that could match those old Chicago Cubs teams.

  45. @The_seventh_shape

    Calls to mind the old joke about a guy walking down a dark street in Belfast when he’s seized from behind with a knife to his throat. “Catlick or Prod?” asks his assailant. “Umm…(thinking quickly) Jewish!¨ “Hamdullah!” exults the attacker. “I’m the happiest Palestinian in Belfast tonight!”

    • LOL: Schuetze, R.C.
  46. Schuetze says:

    These revolutions happened all across Europe, the list is extensive:

    Even Switzerland had its problem with the Judeo-Communists precisely as the “Spanish Flu” was wreaking havok across the country.

    On November 5, 1918, the Federal Council, Switzerland’s executive, deployed two infantry regiments and two cavalry brigades to Zurich. It claimed that economic and political instability could give radicals, particularly foreigners in Zurich, the opportunity to cause disturbances and to attempt a revolution and that the soldiers were needed to maintain order. The troops marched into Zurich on November 7.

    “(((radicals))), particularly (((foreigners)))”. lol. Typical Wiki. Just as in Germany, the “Spanish Flu” had just happened to devastate the ranks of the military and many soldiers were hospitalized.

    In Zurich, however, labor leaders considered the Committee’s one-day strike overly cautious and vowed to continue the struggle until the Army withdrew from the city. The next day, a Sunday, Zurich’s labor movement had made plans to celebrate the first anniversary of the Russian October Revolution. The same day, news of the German November Revolution and the toppling of the German Emperor reached Zurich. The military proscribed all public demonstrations. When troops dispersed a crowd on the square Münsterplatz, the resulting disorder left four protesters injured and one soldier dead. Protesters reassembled on the Milchbuck and were attacked by cavalry bearing sabers, forcing them to flee.

    Just like with the planetary Covid lockdowns in 2020, these revolutions were planned far in advance. And in light of the way Covid happened to spontaneously and simultaneously occur in the countries opposed to or resisting Zionism, so can we look back on the “Spanish Flu” with our newly gained understanding concerning how the well poisoners propagate their “pandemics” and conclude that there is strong evidence that the Spanish flu did not originate in Spain any more than the Wuhan Flu originated in Wuhan. The same obfuscation that was going on 100 years ago is going on today.

    At this point I would say that the burden of proof needs to be shifted from Occam’s Razer kind of assertion that plausible deniability implies innocence to simultaneous transcontinental genocidal plandemic implies guilt.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Johnny Johnny
  47. R.C. says:

    From 7th through 12th grade we had were euphemistically called, ‘ race riots’, which simply consisted of non-Caucasians (in this instance, blacks) attacking individual whites in packs of 4 to 10.
    They called it that, but it was just ‘attacks on innocent whites.’
    Nothing has changed except it’s all gotten worse – as per plan.

  48. Trinity says:

    (((Rosa Luxemburg.))) From (((Wiki))) Rosie was a “Marxist, economist, philosopher, and revolutionary socialist.” Damn, every single time.

    Why couldn’t these people just live in a nation that welcomed then in without stirring up shit every single time. The Kang Of The Dindu Nuffins.

    • Agree: Schuetze
  49. A few comments

    In Bradford, lots of pubs were burned out – this happened in Burnley and Blackburn as well. The Upper and Lower Globe, the Bavaria, Royal Standard, I think there were more.

    We should remember Gavin Hopley, killed in Oldham for being a white Brit.

    And you should read this (archived) appraisal of race relationships in Bradford, written after the riots. It’s a Word doc so you’ll have to download.

    “The first generation of immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh came here as “immigrants”. They came expecting and wanting to integrate to some extent into the existing community. The collection of photographs taken of the first generation by the photographic studio in Manningham Lane illustrates this. The first week’s wages went on a Burtons suit and the men proudly displayed watches, pens and radios, mostly supplied by the photographer.

    Immigrants come to a country expecting to change their lifestyles. They can and often do maintain key elements of their culture for generations, particularly their religion, but in many ways they adopt the dominant culture in such aspects as work, dress, leisure, housing and family composition. Colonists do not, they come into a country to displace the existing culture and establish their own. Colonists impose their language and customs.

    …this process seems to be thrown into reverse in Bradford. The Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities now expect to recreate the environment of their country of origin. They have settled in village patterns which reflect their origins and they constantly reinforce this by bringing in new members from the country of origin. This, in turn, leads to spatial and social immobility, communities which are internalised on themselves and are relatively self-sufficient in social and cultural terms although reliant in many ways on the economic and government resourced infrastructure.”

  50. BorisMay says:

    The BNP were run to all intents and purposes by MI5.

    Their leader, Nick Griffin, was enrolled in to MI5 when he was kicked off the English & History course at the end of the second year at Cambridge University.

    MI5 persuaded the Law Dept., (Communists from the 1920s onwards), to give him a Law Degree to make it look respectable.

    Griffin stole every penny of all the cash donations, stole off every member or anyone stupid enough to befriend him.

    Nick Griffin was (fixed up) as a Member of the European Parliament by MI5 as payment for destroying the BNP.

    Griffin is no different from Tommy Robinson (Mossad) and his loyalties lie in the same direction. His current aim is to rip off every gullible nationalist to make himself a multi millionaire.

    • Replies: @KenH
  51. MarLuc7 says:

    I often wonder why whites will not rise up and kill the invading hordes stealing their homeland. Stealing the country their forefathers died for –bloodsoaked sitting in a muddy foxhole -choking on mustard gas.

    Fast forward 80 years and a (very different type of) English father sits in a pub, drinking a Guinness and bemoaning the gang rape, and murder of his 12-year-old daughter…by those Damn Packis. And does not do Jack SHIT ABOUT IT. Because he is a FUCKING COWARD.

    What is it? Why the Apathy??? Why the Cowardice???

    1. Christianity? I think many devout Christians fear the survival of their immortal soul. They would rather trade suffering in this life for their perceived immortality or perhaps the belief of being united with departed loved ones…if they just remain pious and follow the teachings of Christ.

    2. The age of the displaced population. Old people have low testosterone. They become cowards. They instinctively know…their bodies can’t weather street fights. What are the age demographics of the willingly displaced population.

    3. The white population is more like to be gainfully employed. Each home laden with debt and the need to provide for their children and buy groceries. Acts of violence mean arrest and imprisonment.

    4. Dependents. Fathers with children and a wife that need their paycheck are much less likely to risk it all for being imprisoned for bashing the brains out of a stinky Pakistani.

    5. Brainwashing by the Jews. Being “WOKE” to the crimes of your white ancestors. Guilt, heaped upon Guilt ….the idiot female white man accepts his punishment. And it is all a LIE. Just like their HoloHoax Scam.

    6. Biological – Would it not be in the realm of possibility that men are being neutered by their very diets. What is the level of testosterone in today’s male vs say 70 years ago. So many foods have estrogen-producing effects. Soy Products are all the rage now.

    7. Rampant Porn Addiction (Jew Invented)- This is well documented. Porn Addiction absolutely creates Apathy, Cowardice, Scatter Thought Patterns, Confusion, and GUILT. When your self-esteem is stripped away, and you are self-loathing for the things you do while alone, are you not more willing to accept punishment from society?

    8. The atomization of the Nuclear Family via Jew Invented – No-Fault Divorce Laws and Never-Ending Pink Pussy Hat-Wearing Feminist Movements. Your Forefathers fought tooth and nail because they had UNITED Families to fight for. Their women were TREASURED and LOYAL to their husbands and family. Why fight for an Adulterous Whore, who only allows visitation with your son two days of the week. There is a 50% Divorce rate in America. I think around 33% in England. So I ask, are the English women being raped and trafficked by Pakistani Muslims really that valued???

    9. The infiltration, at all levels, of Jewish Lawyers who are installed to ride herd over dissent. They rule in favor of the immigrant. Their secret machination is to prevent a groundswell of White Nationalist resistance by making examples of any Englishman willing to fight for his country. The Jewish Lawyers are there to gaslight you, and feign outrage at your racism and hate crimes. All the while knowing that their forced immigration policies are insidiously working and soon your lone voice will slip beneath the brown and black tidal wave. Forever Silenced.

    10. Mind Numbing, Never Ending Jewish Media PROPAGANDA. Perhaps their most powerful tool. The Zionist own roughly 98% of all US Media. I don’t watch TV but last week I was at my girlfriend’s house watching a movie with her and we sat their and counted the number of TV Adds portraying only black and brown people – VS – White or even a balanced mix of people. I was shocked. It was a 9:1 Ratio. And when one white dude did make into a black commercial, he was an unattractive, short, soy boy playing the part of the fool. The fact that Many of these commercials showed a black father with a white wife and light skined mixed race offspring was also startling. This Propaganda WORKS. Your White Daughters are being taught who is valuable. What skin colored is PREFERED.

    ———————————HOW TO FIGHT BACK ————————————-

    There is no easy answer. There can only be blood. You must transform yourself and your family into Terrorist Cells, all linked, all loyal, all comitted. You will be hunted. Some will be Prosecuted. Some will Die. You will be fighting a bloody decades-long war of attrition. Initially I would not tie up resources fighting the brown hordes. I would instead surgically Target the Head of the Snake. The Elite Jews created the hell you now call home. They opened your boarders and now control the laws and courts to maintain your decline and ultimate erasure. These same Jews should be made to live in absolute fear, every waking hour. They and their families should be at the top of your list.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  52. MarLuc7 says:

    Whose women, children and elderly???? The Elites families will thrive. Ha…they say fuck you and your family. They live securely in gated communities patrolled by armed private security. Their children go to private schools – all-white schools. They own properties all over the world. They are fluid and international. They have no allegiance to their own country. They could care less. They seek money and power. The whole world is a playground. If the shit ever hits the fan in the country they sold out and the natives get “restless”, they will simply relocate to a safe country and live out their lives in luxury surrounded by other elite families. Poor people have bug-out backpacks, a jeep, dried jerky, dehydrated milk, and some shitty dungy root cellar in the middle of the woods to flee to. The elites have bug-out yachts, helicopters, private jets, and twenty passports and offshore bank accounts —spilling over with money fleeced from the idiot, root cellar-dwelling troglodytes. HaHa. But hey….keep your hate speech to a minimum….play nice.

  53. Treg says:

    A clever troll would be to attack the “whites keep out” phrase and add in “White Jews keep out” …. indeed, all anti-White hate should always be refrained as “white-jew hate” Say “Gee White-Jew Hate is crazy racist”…. and let the Woke Jews take a spin on that for a while.

  54. @Andreas

    This article talks about 3 small-scale riots 20 years ago, that nonetheless, made global news.

    Most people don’t find it the overwhelming evidence for “worse than WW1 and WW2 combined”, that you seem to think it is.

    If we took a typical prediction from a member of the NF at the time, how well would it have aged?

    If as badly as I suspect, this needs to be explained better than pointing to the police working against communal violence and newspapers engaging in more sensitive reporting. If those two things are all that is needed to avoid such events, then most people are more than happy to pay that price.

    I ask that people notice that this comment is only observing how things are and were, before they launch into it with vitriol. Are any of the observations actually wrong?

  55. Andrew Anglin is the Diogenes of 21st century America. “I fawn on those who give me anything, I yelp at those who refuse, and I set my teeth in rascals.”

  56. profnasty says:

    If we don’t do as we’re told, (They) fire us from our jobs. We are slaves.

  57. cortesar says:

    The thing that strikes me is that 20 years ago there was NF and BNP, there were British people ready to fight.
    20 years later there is barely a few ones left
    Depth and rapidity of the downfall is mind boggling yet it is real and at this point it seems irrevocable.

    David, the wind blows
    The wind blows…
    Bits of your life away…

  58. KenH says:

    The BNP were run to all intents and purposes by MI5.

    Didn’t know that but John Tyndall seemed to be the real thing. Not unlike here in the U.S. where the FBI illegally infiltrates political dissident movements and turns people in leadership positions into assets.

    Their leader, Nick Griffin, was enrolled in to MI5

    Nick Griffin trashed the alt-right movement and tried to claim most of its leaders were homosexuals. His criticism was scathing rather than constructive and he could have cited what he thought was good along with what he thought were weak points. But he had a visceral reaction to the anti-Christian worldview of some of the influencers and condemned the alt-right in its entirety which told me he might not have been acting in good faith.

  59. What’s the connection to Collett? Did he cut his teeth so to speak on that pamphleting the article talks about?

  60. sher singh [AKA "Jatt Aryaa"] says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Sup churey christian, worship white man today.

    Fk inter caste marriage, after 5000 years of oppression isn’t it about time you did something? Crying to foreigners who will do the same doesn’t count.


    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  61. @Schuetze

    And of course post ww1 syphilis was the real pandemic raging in Western Europe all the way to ww2

  62. @TKK

    How? You should do the necessary work!

    If something is wrong you should say or do something, and it will encourage others and be an example for others to follow. But you do have to be half-way intelligent about it – most white men can’t get over this obstacle. I only say white here because of the problem at hand, it applies to men of all types I’m sure.

    What I have noticed more and more over time is how stupid (white, and other) men are when it comes to making a simple argument. Men are really stupid, I’m sorry to say – so just acknowledge this and get smarter, more patient, wiser, whatever, mostly by taking the time to do the hard work that you probably don’t want to do and resent doing. Tough! Do it anyway! Life’s not fair!

    How about this for a suggestion – patiently work your way through the training, find whatever mind trick you need to in order to ignore the resentment this training makes you feel, get hired, and then ask and don’t wait too long but screw up the courage and do it, ask (don’t go in arrogantly stating, no matter how right you are or think you are) someone in HR or training why it seems that the training had a racist and sexist slant to it in that all perps were white men and all the good guys black and hispanic. Expect to be questioned and denied! Expect to made to feel like a racist! Expect to be out-argued! Expect not to win your first fight, this is a long fight! You know that all this will happen or you are stupidly in denial just because you think that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. So what, that’s the way it is, and you’re working to change it. Prepare for it. Take notes on the training. Be able to explain yourself. Make a cogent argument, don’t blather stupidly all over the place. Ask the other side questions, not obvious “gotcha, see how smart I am” questions that usually just show how stupid you are, but good questions. Maybe role play your responses with a friend, maybe do it over and over, maybe with more than one person, learning all along. Find someone you can do this with, someone who doesn’t think that the only thing guys should do when they get together is drink beer and watch sports or they’re gay. Don’t have a half-way smart friend you think can do that with you? Then make some new acquaintances – there is another white guy somewhere near you who feels the same way. Be a leader.

    I guarantee you from personal experience it will be a journey worth taking, you will make a difference, and you will feel much better about yourself and your life will get better! And you will get some wins!
    And here’s a bonus tip – read the Bible EVERY day – it MAY make you a better person, it WILL make you a more COURAGEOUS person.

  63. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    2021 Ireland honestly boggles the mind. Well it boggles my mind anyway having grown up throughout the 70s and 80s.

    I came across a video a few days ago of Irish primary school children, 6 to 12 years old I’m guessing dressed up in rainbow colored costumes having a homo worship march that has obviously been organized by the teachers etc. It is nothing more than indoctrination under the pseudo educating exclusiveness.

    Even if one was the believe the exclusiveness BS you surely would have to notice the overwhelming resources invested and obsession to relentlessly expose the children to faggotry in no way relates to the pseudo problem they claim to be tackling. If you had a thousand primary school kids you may find one of the older ones who acts little weird, but probably not.. So it is a problem that does not exist

    I’d like to know where parents are in all this, especially the fathers? The minute I heard this was planned at a school my kid went to I’d be there in a shot with the undeniable health facts that this lifestyle is nothing to be proud of no matter how many positive and playful words you attempt attach to it…

  64. Stryker’s Questions

    1. In the USA, if a Pakistani attempted any sort of anti-social behavior he would be injured. A group of Pakistanis who attempted to firebomb a bar in Arkansas or Illinois would be injured or killed. What is the difference between whites in the USA & whites in UK?

    2. Why don’t Pakistanis groom or rape white girls in the USA? They have a small enclave in NYC but they would never try to move on the Italian or Irish or Jewish girls.

    3. We read that Pakistani youth in the UK control drugs, robbery, etc. In the USA, any Pakistani who tried to make moves in the hood like this would be killed by Mexicans or blacks. Are Pakistanis in the USA more law-abiding simply because the Mexicans & blacks are more numerous & more ruthless & simply lock them out of criminal rackets? Do more ruthless criminal races force less ruthless ones to behave? Is this why Gypsies or Bangladeshis in the USA are better behaved. Or is it simply that they don’t want to compete for ghetto crumbs in the USA? Or are Mexicans & Blacks so genocidally warpath violent that less psychopathically ruthless groups cannot make headway?

    4. One OP mentioned porn. As a Gen X, porn is completely irrelevant to me. Porn is something teenage pimply boys look at it, or used to be. Why has porn affected Gen Y or Gen Z differently than Gen X? Porn has always been around, but why are younger men so affected by it? Is this economic? Is it related to the reality that they cannot afford to get married or even use prostitutes so they have to resort to masturbating to porn because Boomers pulled the economic ladder up?

    5. Why are white girls more vulnerable to grooming & exploitation in the UK than they are in the USA? Why aren’t white girls who live in the proximity of Pakistani enclaves in New York or New Jersey being raped or kidnapped?

    6. Why does UK tend to be PC about Pakistanis but USA police are not? Why do Pakistanis or Bangladeshis receive PC treatment in the UK but in the USA they do not?

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @Spender_CGB
  65. @Trinity

    The Indians are better than the Pakis? They’re from the same area, look exactly alike and yet it seems the Hindu dindoos, for all their massive faults are better citizens than Paki muslims. It’s strange. Also strange is how the sikhs in canada, mainly british Columbia have gangs and are mostly reprehensible and useless but nothing of that sort in England-they are a model minority

  66. Ed Case says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Here’s what you’re not being told:
    The girls are residents of Care Homes, Juvenile Detention in the U.K.
    Since there are no states in England, these Care Homes are run by the Local Councils.
    In these places, the Local Councillors are now Pakistanis, previously they were British.
    Was this Mass Rape happening during the times past when Local Government was run in the North of England by White men?
    I don’t know for sure, but if I had to guess I’d say of course it was, it’s one of the perks of being in Local Government in England.

  67. @MarLuc7

    You make some very valid points and I have similar beliefs. If you have the time read my posting history…I write very similarly. Can’t write much now, at work.

  68. @Jeff Stryker

    5. Why are white girls more vulnerable to grooming & exploitation in the UK than they are in the USA?

    In the USA there is access to firearms. In the UK forget about that.

    “Emma had no idea she was being groomed and brainwashed until one day, totally out of the blue, she was taken to wasteland and raped by the gang leader. The attack was watched by laughing gang members and recorded on a number of mobile phones.

    “People ask me why I kept going back to Tarik, even after he raped me,” says Emma, “but he threatened to firebomb my home and rape my own mother if I tried to escape.””

    “The report also criticised the role of the police in the scandal, stating that there were “numerous occasions when girls were not believed”.

    “The report went on: “They were threatened with wasting police time, they were told they had consented to sex and, on occasion, they were arrested at the scene of a crime, rather than the perpetrators.”

    From Paul Joseph Watson.


    A Muslim police officer in the United Kingdom who was hired to promote diversity ended up being part of a grooming gang that sex trafficked children.

    West Yorkshire PC Amjad Ditta, also known as Amjad Hussain, was charged with sex offences against children aged between 13 and 16.

    Ditta was appointed in 2016 as a diversity officer “to boost numbers of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people applying to join the force” after then Prime Minister Theresa May said the number of black and Asian officers in the UK was “simply not good enough.”

    Some of the parents went to the police and were threatened with race charges.

  69. what_now says:

    You can read about such places as Cabo Verde, where

    “A genetic study revealed that the ancestry of the population in Cape Verde is predominantly European in the male line and West African in the female line; counted together the percentage is 56% African and 44% European.[66] The high degree of genetic and ethnic mixture of individuals is a result of centuries of migration”.

    Yet, despite white male lineage the entire population, in present day, is black.

    THIS IS the future of UK, Sweden, France, Germany, etc (this is what these nations will look like soon):

    YOU went after the wrong people in this battle. You should have focused on the Non-Jewish Whites in high places that were the main force for this. They may have been influenced by their powerful Jewish friends but just take a look at someone like Klaus Schwab of Germany. He runs Davos and World Economic Forum, and if you research his organization you can clearly see that “Multi-culturalism, Diversity” and such have originated due to the emerging Technocracy that is taking over the West. They DON’T CARE ABOUT THE WHITE RACE, OR THE BLACK RACE….They care about the future Trans-humanism and AI they have planned for the future and what we are now seeing in the Medical and physical alterations they are pushing onto Children (which should be rendered criminal but is going full steam ahead, many times with parental collusion).

  70. Trinity says:

    Well, England, aren’t you glad your guys won WWII? Eastern Europe suffered for a long time, thanks to the West, and now taint diversity grand. Good ole Churchill. Chamberlain was the real hero all along and it was Winston who was the gutless coward.

  71. Trinity says:

    Maybe the few Orientals living in England can start suing for racial discrimination. haha. That is so faggy, you don’t even have the nerve to even correctly identify a criminal. Sure, Pakistan is in South Asia, but 90% of the people out there have a mental picture of an Oriental when you say Asian. Well over in America, we identify our criminal Dindus as “youths”, “teens,” etc. so it isn’t as if we are any better. We identify the Kosher Mafia as “The Deep State” or “globalists.” lololol Or I forgot the best one out there, “the elites.” LMAO.

  72. Anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    Your logic and approach is correct. The fact is that everyone wants to do this and that but when things start to rumble the supporters and change dreamers have a way of disappearing leaving the naive to take the dick.

    Its all a game TKK and one has to play. Unfortunately few people come up with a strategy to play and WIN !

    To my mind the whole key is financial independence and mobility. As one UR reader stated, the rich dont give a shit. They have the money, transportation and resources to shift out of a bad situation and disappear to somewhere less threatening and more pleasant.

    A clever man should follow their example. You dont need millions and a private jet to split the program. So I say, lay low, make the money, save every penny, keep some in cash under the bed, keep some in an offshore account, have few possessions, a valid passport and a destination.

    You are right in your approach. No one will give a shit about your concepts of right and wrong and push come to shove, they will throw you under the bulldozer to save their skins.

    The best time to plan an exit is way before you need to exit and the best thing to do and say is nothing. Like Sargeant Schultz in Hogans heroes it is best to know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing and stay quiet all the while looking out for yourself and having a contingency plan.

  73. @BorisMay

    Perhaps the Paki Muslims should be escorted back to Pakistan where they can happily live in an Islamic society with no Brits to attack or be attacked by. Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Dave Bowman
  74. Trinity says:
    @Hannah Katz

    By George, I think you got it.

    Of course we all know that it is more (((complicated))) than that or is it?

  75. @sher singh

    Oh, a lot of things will be done about the 5000 years oppression; all in good time. Meanwhile, let Aryavarta remain in its cherished casteist beliefs, but secretly longing to go to the Whites’ lands. Whites have built a country / countries where all the bogus Aryans of India want to migrate to. This alone shows the incapacity of the bogus Aryans to built anything worthwhile.

    • LOL: sher singh
  76. @Hannah Katz

    Yes, indeed. Deport them all. Ahh… If only life was so simple.

    If your nickname here is a true indicator, you of all people should understand most clearly exactly how your fellow “powerless minority” ethnics across Britain would respond to the news that any White in the country had the temerity to actually propose to do any such thing, to safeguard the future of their females, their jobs, their people and their nation. The air would be full of deranged leftist screams (fully but silently supported from the shadows by the Jew lobbies) of “Racists !!”, “Bigots !!”, “White Supremacists !!” – and, of course, most damningly of all, “Anti-Semites !!” and “Nazis-who-want-t0-kill-6-million-Jews !!”

    Nothing in the West can now change or improve until the White-hating, criminally-inclined – overwhelmingly Moslem – hordes can be removed from the White European homelands to which they should never have been given access in the first place. That, in turn, cannot take place until such time as those in the shadows who control and dictate ALL media political discourse solely in the interests of Jews are removed from all positions of political, economic and media power first – and the public are made fully aware of the FULL truth of why this is necessary.

  77. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Honestly, none of you males want to admit that violence is a MALE problem and yes a non-white problem. But between the races, it is sure that women of different races would NOT have this problem of territoriality. Testosterone is the problem. Jewish-sponsored immigration is the problem. Men are the problem. Women go along with the prevailing politics, sadly, but again, if these populations were all female, I highly doubt anyone would have gotten beat up. Men need to deal with their own wretched natures.

    MEN need to be spayed and neutered like dogs. They are manimals. Blame your stupid selves for falling for Jew provocations.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  78. @Anon

    Spend a day in a woman’s prison where the most psychopathically ruthless 250 pound black female rules the roost & then tell me how it worked out for you.

    In most cases, white women who are sentenced to prison are junkies & I’ve known a few.

    They are invariably reduced to oral favor providing slaves to black females who are bigger, tougher & more crazy than they are.

    In actuality, white women cannot hold their own in prison at all. A few do, but for the most part they are reduced to chattel slavery by black females.

    Any white woman who was a junkie will tell you the horrors of coming into a woman’s prison & being stripped of your pads, your toilet paper, your clothes, your razors until you are walking around completely naked.

    Most of these white women become “gay for the stay” & agree to be a fat black female’s sex slave.

    Which is what black women would do in an all-female society.

  79. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:
    @Irish Savant

    That’s terrible and means they have no principles and anyone willing to buy them off can do so.

  80. blackbrit says:

    blackstone ! a shopping centre in the north of england that’s 70% non-white ! sounds just like the shopping centres in london like the exchange shopping centre in ilford where you can see the young white british females pushing prams with their non-white babies in them in a london where now only 1 baby born in 10 or even less now is a white british baby ! so if the proof of ( colonisation ) is ( miscegenation ) then you are absolutely correct !!!

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