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Reconciliation – the Empire’s Way
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Lately on this blog, there were initiatives to encourage dialog between different factions, namely Muslim and Orthodox Christian population. A lot of history the two groups shared together, a lot of it tragic and very violent too. The first thing that comes to my mind are wars when the Ottoman Empire was expanding – with Byzantine, Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian Empires; all of them Orthodox Christian. That is my first association when someone mentions the topic of clash between the two. But there were some recent conflicts too. Not necessarily on purely religious basis, but it seems that this was one of the main ‘stumbling blocks’, a difference that helped in creating division. Or better said, a difference that was exploited the most when there were efforts on creating division. Those more recent conflicts were wars during the 90s in the Balkans, namely the Bosnian war. And this topic too, was lately popular on the blog, as a part of the reconciliation dialog between Islam and Orthodox Christianity. A noble and worthy effort, that is sure and if not one of the hardest!

Among other things, I often noticed statements similar to this: “It’s the West that pushed two sides toward the conflict” or “The war between Muslims and Orthodox Christians is exactly what the Anglo-Zionists want”.

I consider claims such as these to be absolutely true. There are countless examples of ‘third party’ involvement in these conflicts. Not only recently, but since the wars with Ottoman Empire that I mentioned in the beginning. When we analyze those historic events from centuries ago, and with all the information that is available now an ‘invisible guiding hand’ of the British Empire becomes obvious. Vatican had it’s role too in these conflicts. And fast forward to more recent history, we see involvement of US, British, Israeli and other secret services in sponsoring international terorrism. Again, the ‘invisible guiding hand’. Whether it’s the involvement of CIA in Chechen wars, Bosnia, or most recent ISIS, a mentor is always present. I will not go through history and analyze all these events, as that is not the topic I want to write in this. Anyone interested in these things should do his/her homework and try and find the invisible guiding hand.

Before getting to the main topic, I will make another small digression. About truth and how I see the truth as a concept and as a right.

Truth, together with freedom is perhaps the most expensive thing in the world. Priceless. And although I believe in universal truth, that is the one we will see most rarely, almost never. What is the truth we will most often see? It is the truth of the victor. For justice it is the same. In this imperfect world you will get justice if you have power and influence to back it. Those that are powerless rarely see justice. In the same manner they will get their share of truth too. Wether it’s the weapons of mass destruction that needed to be captured, a dictator brought to justice because of use of Sarin gas on his own people, or it is the global anti-terorr campaign to catch those that are responsible for the attack on World Trade Center – there are many truths. The universal truth is out of reach again. The truth of the powerful, however, is there for everyone to hear. But human beings (still) have their own free will and right to independent thinking, and therefore the truth of the powerful is not the last thing for them.

We are living in the time of a global Empire. The most powerful in the (known) history – a thing people should have in mind. And therefore, it is the Empire’s truth that is most readily available and we will hear it the most.

And finally, if you love truth and justice and hold them dear – never loose a war!

Now back to the track. As I said, there is initiative to bring Orthodox and Islamic world closer together, and a discussion on Balkans as a part of a larger, global initiative for dialog. Now, it is important to know that there also exists something opposite of that. An initiative to divide the two and pit them against each other. It would be very naive to think that the guiding hand that was present throughout such long history, is now asleep. Of course it isn’t, in fact, it is working overtime on creating new divisions among the two mentioned factions. It is easier to spot it when you look back on the past events, as you are looking through the lenses that contain all the information that was collected since then to this day. You are looking at past with the intellect of the present.

With the crisis in Greece taking the spotlight these days and Ukraine, Syria, USA – China/Russia relations following closely it is no wonder that this event is passing almost unnoticed.

Now I will try to deconstruct for you the work of the guiding hand as it is happening now. It touches upon both the Muslim – Orthodox relations and the war in Bosnia, and therefore I think it will be interesting to those that worked on these initiatives/projects.

I will not, like others, go in detail and give presentation of events as they were unfolding and a historical background to those events. I will leave it to others, as, if I understood right, we will see the conflict from the perspectives of the members of all ‘conflicting parties’, Croat, Bosniak and Serbian. And it is only right to do it that way.

These last few days the entire machinery of the Empire is working in full capacity to bring us, twenty years after the conflict, the Resolution on Bosnia in the Security Council of the United Nations. The main reasons, they say, is to bring people together, honour the victims and make reconciliation possible. The main initiator? Great Britain. After first hearing about this just a while back, I paid additional attention to this process. They are naming a noble goal, but with some knowledge of the past, I was little skeptical from the start.

The British Empire was one of the main architects of the conflicts between Islam and Orthodox Christianity in the past. So, it is not surprising to me at all that they have the leading role in this today. And when the Ottoman Empire started crumbling and it’s power and influence in the Balkans started to fade it was the British who tried the hardest to prevent the re-emergance of the independent Serbian state. Even Napoleon sent troops and resources to help squash the Serbian uprising. It was the little man rising up against a huge Empire – a concept they are still afraid of today.

But back to the Resolution – not only that the ‘reconciliation’ was not the goal, but the goal is the exact opposite. There are various reasons that the British (with close support of USA and EU) are pushing the Resolution and reconciliation is not among them. Reconciliation in this case is the only thing that is not allowed.

Like I said, the British have enormous experience it this, and they show their expertise today as they made such a Resolution that if it pass – it will create new division and conflict. And if it doesn’t pass – it will again create it regardless.

The Resolution

First, let’s look at some of the main points of the resolution and how it went in the Security Council.

(Some of these clauses were a subject to change several times as there were seven versions in total). It is also worth noting that they didn’t make all versions of the draft available for the public and therefore all that was available were the excerpts that the journalists were able to get from the spot and difference is notable between reports in the different media outlets.

Pieced together from various media reports on this ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ), some of the main points of the Resolution are:

– in the strongest sense condemning the genocide in Srebrenica perpertraited by Serbs in which over 8000 bosnian man and boys were killed

– assumes that accepting the tragic events in Srebrenica as genocide is a prerequisite for reconciliation

– condemning a denial of said genocide and pointing out that continous denial is hurting the victims

– calling for the member states (of the UN) to include the Srebrenica genocide and war crimes into education material to prevent the posibility of such things reoccuring

– the first version of resolution also contained condemnation of rape of tens of thousands women, men and boys, including in Srebrenica. British then took this out in Second version

– marking 11th of July as a day of remembrence of Srebrenica genocide

– and finally it says recognizing that there were innocent victims on all sides during the conflict

(There were supposedly 12 introductory points plus 16 main, and the text of Resolution was changed seven times, but these points in one formulation or other remained. They also didn’t make a draft public on the official site of the UN, leaving room for media speculation and conflicting reports.)

All in all it mentions word genocide 35 times, and reconciliation 3 times. This was in later versions reduced to 26 times.

There were also speculations about involvement of Sanela Jenkins in drafting a Resolution.

Now as soon as seeing this, Russian members in the Security Council evaluated that such one sided Resolution would only serve to make additional division in the region. They suggested changes in the Resolution to make it more neutral and acceptable to all the parties that were involved in the conflict. So, over the course of several days the Resolution has seen several incarnations. British, however still insisted that the points above stay in, and right before voting on June 7th they offered the version six that was actually more ‘severe’ than previous versions. This led to a delay of the vote as suggested by the Chinese and the whole process was moved for July 8th. Russians then in turn offered their own version of the Resolution, condemning war crimes on both sides and honouring all victims and challenging Srebrenica massacre classification as genocide. This version of Resolution was categorically refused by the original initiators. They pushed for voting on their version and Russia used the veto right, with 4 members abstaining from vote. 10 of the members voted for.

Russian diplomats again explained that they don’t see how having victims of one side in higher regard than the others would help in reconciliation. They also noted that some crimes perpertrated by Serbian side are named in detail and condemned, but no such thing was done for the other side. They said that the Resolution was politicaly motivated, unbalanced and ruinous for reconciliation efforts in the region. They noted that all the blame was put on the Serbian side, regardless of the fact that the Serbs too were victims in this conflict. Russian Foreign Ministry also gave a public notice pointing this out.


They also repeated that all those responsible for Srebrenica and all other war crimes must be brought to justice and offered condolences to the families, adding that the mutual understanding between people is the best guarantee of peace.

Now, something that was seen in almost every media that ran the story and the commentaries of those that presented the resolution in the UN, was that the genocide is ‘undeniable legal fact’. Why a phrase ‘legal fact’? Because the International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia aka The Hague Tribunal convicted several memmbers of the Army of Republic of Srpska and some paramilitary as well, on the charges of genocide. Now, the Hague and the Resolution have a lot in common, for example, both were made by the same people. And both are political tools.

Taking a quick look at the work done there so far, we will see that:

– of the total number of verdicts in the Hague, over 90% of sentences were for Serbs,

– for crimes agains Serbs in Croatia, no Croat was convicted, however for crimes against the Croats, 26 Serbs were convicted on total of 429,5 years

– in Tribunal over 60 Serbs were convicted to total of 1.112,5 years

– out of all court sentences for crimes in Bosnia, 7,9% of sentences are for crimes against Serbian population

– Bosniaks got total of 123 years for crimes against Serbian population ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) (5)

If I am to call the Serbs heretics to the ‘New World Order’, then the Hague would be the ‘Spanish Inquisition’. Now, not to get me wrong, there are war criminals who broke Geneva Conventions and did crimes on civilian population and prisoners of war and are fully deserving to be there. But the problem is the same bias as with all the justice that came from the NATO courts and Parliaments. By doing half of work, it is nothing but a cangaroo court. Many law expets around the world consider it just as a political tool and something that will put a legal stamp on Empire’s interventionism and imperialism.

Other then the mentioned ‘legal fact phrase’, every report on this Resolution in the media and in the Resolution contains these:

– they were in the UN safe area /UN protected zone. That in fact is true, but only up to a point. It fails, however, to explain how did the armed Bosniak forces use UN protected area as a base of operations, without repercussions form the UN? It is worth noting that several UN officers gave testimonies confirming this.

– there were 8000 people execute there – I will give a short info on this below in the article and how the number of victims was established.

*after the UN vote, both European Parliament and US Senate adopted their own versions of the Resolution.

The Genocide or Who denies what

Now let’s take a few moments to look back at the killings that took place in the area of Srebrenica. While no one is trying to deny the atrocities committed there, the stumbling block appears to be classification of that crime as a genocide. With some also disputing a number of people killed and the way they died.

*I will touch upon several topics that deserve to be a main theme for a separate writing, and I will thus advise a reader to do a fact checking on his or her own. This would turn into a book or several books if every event mentioned is to be analyzed as a part of this short essay. I will in most cases give some directions/hints as to where to look for it.

**another sort of ‘disclaimer’ is needed here before proceeding onward. I believe that every person, regardless of religious background (or if a person is religious at all) must condemn all and any killing of an innocent victim regardless of who that is. This is something far more basic than any religious principles, it is a principle of any moral person. Also, no innocent life weights more than some other innocent life. This is, I believe, obvious to majority, but still important to point out when there is talk on topics such as these.

***honoring the victims and at the same time using them for political games is worse than not giving any recognition to the dead. Politicizing the dead while claiming to fight for their families is probably even more insulting to those families.

****using double standards and hypocrisy and at the same time claiming that you are making an effort towards reconciliation is totally counterproductive. Especially among the so called ‘International community’.

It is important when using word genocide as a legal cathegory, to take these things into consideration too:

– Firstly, there must be a clear intention and plan of destroying an entire population belonging to (usually one) ethinc group. An extermination campaign supported by state and under clear directions. This, in the case of Bosnian war didn’t exist.

– Secondly, destruction of entire population must include women, especially young, pregnant and fertile women and children too. Looking back at Rwanda, Armenian genocide, Holocaust, as well as NDH, you can clearly notice an intention and planned massacre of all members of one or more ethnicities. Again, no such thing happened in Srebrenica. Women and children were evacuated to Muslim controlled Tuzla.

– The number of victims is not a cathegory in definig genocide. Meaning there is not a certain number of bodies after which the massacre is called genocide. Example, if somewhere lives a relatively small tribe (let’s say somewhere in Amazon) with two thousand members or less. And if someone kills 1500, can this be called a genocide? I certainly guess so. So the number itself is important to victims and to those who lost their loved ones but not in defining a genocide as a legal category.

I will here outline why I think that calling Srebrenica a genocide is dishonest at the least:

*again, a disclaimer – note the diference between disputing if there was a genocide and if there were killings. I won’t respond to claims such as: “Oh, so now you say that no one was killed there?!” That, of course is not the case. Dead bodies are real and the grievance of families is real.

– official narrative today is that around seven to eight thousand persons were executed, mostly by firing squads. The forensic reports that were part of the official evidence material presented during the processes in the Hague didn’t support this claims. Dr Lubisa Simic explains this in more detail here .

And analisys in the book “Deconstruction of a virtual Genocide” here: ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )

English version – here ,

– about the DNA method used in investigation, and shortcomings and manipulation of thereof – here .

– Many more info in this site here , also with publications in English.

– Srebrenica Massacre – Evidence, Context, Politics – here .

– in the number of victims that was presented in Resolution, they included those killed during the breakthrough of the armed column. Acording to various sources, the number of those killed during fire exchange in breaktrough is between 2000 and 4000. In the war that is still curently playing out in Ukraine, we’ve seen the consequences of such manouvers. However, Ukrainian MoD still didn’t confirm the official number of killed in Debalcevo (in fact the number of killed during the whole war is still a taboo), but it could be thousands from just that one encirclement. But whatever the case is – those were not casualties of the war crime, but a regular military operation. There were even witnesses on the Bosniak side that gave testimonies about clash between different groups of Army of BiH. As breakthrough and movements outside were done mostly during the nightime, they came under friendly fire on few occasions. It is claimed that 500 – 1000 lost their lives by Bosniak forces themselves. We’ve also seen that in the mentioned Ukr conflict. But in the case of Srebrenica, they were burried together at the cementary/memorial for genocide. Testimonies of Admir Jusufovic, Adil Mehmedovic, AdmirHasan, Vejz Hasanovic, Ragib Beganovic, Sabaduhin Gutic among others confirmed the deaths during a breakthrough.

– also, forming an independent international comission to do an investigation was not allowed. Serbian side asked for this to be done, as well as Russians on few occasions.

Here, I would like add to the subject of hypocrisy and one sided view of things. (as I mentioned in the passage with **** above). Since all this started about ten days ago I kept seeing stuff like this:

– an official notice about Srebrenica from “Foreign & Comonwelth Office”. There, below the notice you can see:


Now, following the link for a petition to free a ‘hero’, you will see a lot of praise for an innocent hero, persecuted by fascist Serbian government. I am not aware of how many of petitions and initiatives were made, but that is unimportant here – he was freed very shortly, so the petitions reached just a thousand and something. He would probably be freed regardless, as those same Swiss authorities by the order of NATO persecute those that publish info on Srebrenica that mentiones the work of Oric and men under his command.

This, as expected, is in full accordance with the Resolution and the MSM reports on the Srebrenica. And yet, those same men in the area that are constantly proclaimed as fully innocent massacred over 3200 Serbs in the area of Srebrenica, Zvornik, Bratunac, Vlasenica and area of Podrinje. Naser and his men chose their dates carefully while attacking villages and towns in the area, they made the worst masssacres on Christian holidays: Orthodox Christmas and New Year, Saint George’s Day, St. Vitus Day, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. ( 1 )

Here is link to some of the evidence material from those scenes.

**** WARNING – Extemely graphic images **** younger than 16 and those with sensitive health condition to skip this ! Some of the videos from the scenes GRAPHIC ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )

Why did I post this? As to give you an example of the heroics that those hypocrites write about. And to remind that none of these massacres are mentioned anywhere in the Resolution or in the media reports. As if it never happened. Also, the owerwhelming majority of these were civilians found on their properties, during the sacking of some 50 vilages and small towns. Attackers didn’t ‘discriminate’ between the young and old, man and woman.

For the killings of 3.267 Serbs in the area of Podrinje, where most of the victims were women, old, and children, no one answered for nor there is currently any proces in the court up to this day.

* again, I point out, these victims don’t give any justification for the innocent Bosniak victims that were killed. So, I would ask in advance not to throw wild accusations like: “So, now you are telling that they were right to kill the civilians form the other side?” Of course not. And these kind of ‘manouvers’ in the discussion are called ‘straw man fallacy’ (giving counteragruments to things that were never said).

Those that made a Resolution know very well about these crimes, as most of them were present at the time when this happened, and some even worked as journalists, as you will see later.

It is also important to notice an enourmous pressure on people who published works on Srebrenica that were not in accordance with the official version of the events. Some of the cases below:

– an example of Alexander Dorin . He was kidnapped around June 20th this year from his apartmant in Switzerland. He published several books that challenge the official narrative on Srebrenica. His works gained international recognition, but that also lead to the threats on his life on a regular basis. His apartment was literary torn appart, with floor and wooden door frames also demolished. All materials were confiscated. Swiss authorities refused to comment on this. Only a couple days ago they finally said that he was arrested, on asumption of marihuana trade (!). However, his friends are still unsure of the whole situation, or even if he is alive, as they didn’t get a chance to get in direct contact with him or talk.

– Zoran Jovanovic, a co-author of Dorin’s last book published in 2012. “Srebrenica – how it hapened” claimed that he aquired video eveidence of some of the massacres that challenge the oficial narrative,died immediatley afterward on July 12th 2013. In one phoce call he said he’s going to meet with a contact he found that was willing to sell him video material from Srebrenica. Shortly afterward he phoned and said he made acquisition with possibility to get more and that he’s on his way back to Vlasenica. In less than 10 hours he was dead. It is said that the cause of death was heart attack, but no autopsy was done. No evidence or video material was found on him. An ironic thing is that he once said, ‘this thing about Srebrenica will cost me my head.’

– Ibran Mustafic one of the Bosniaks that survived the war in Srebrenica was also subject to threats and severe beating that led to him being hospitalised. He wrote the book on those events called: “The planned chaos”

cases where Stephen Karganovic, col. Ratko Skrbic and others had their press conferences banned in various countries on insisting by warious NGOs that were behind most of publicizing of the genocide of Srebrenica.

The Peace makers or Hipocrisy as a way of life and double standards as a rule

The picture is incomplete until we look at who is the pusher behind this project. So, let’s have a look at the people involved in this.

– Although, the British diplomats presented this to UNSC, it was the USA’s Samantha Power who was the loudest one at the meeting. She already showed herself as a world class hypocrite during the Ukrainian crisis and fits perfectly with the rest of the US Dream team – Jen Psaky, Marie Harf, Condolisa Rice and others.


Just recently, RI had a piece featuring her performance in the US senate, and on Consortium News . And she’s the autor of this book , which “grew out of a paper she wrote while attending law school” (according to wiki page that quotes : J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project winners”. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard)

She is one of the key figures to defend the official narrative of the Empire in regards to the interventionism and ‘humaniarian missions’. But there is more; this Resolution is almost like a crown to her lifetime project. She started her career in the Bosnian war as a journalist. Also read this:

”Our view of American power was born” in Bosnia, said Ms. Power – need I say more?

I still wait for her book “Fake humanitarian missions as an excuse for American Interventionism and Global Domination”.

She also served as an advisor to President Obama during his campaign for presedency. Obama, who during his terms bombed 7 Muslim countries. She was also one of the loudest to push for intervention in Lybia, great job they did there.

After Resolution was vetoed she said: “In USA, we know that when someone denies the Holocaust that he is crazy, it is the same with this”. Although she failed to explain how is this same as holocaust?

Her husband is one of the hunters on ‘conspiracy theorists’, as they undermine the United States’ fight against global terorrism. From his book:

“We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.” However, the authors advocate that each “instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions. However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).”

– David Cameron – not much to say here, he is known far and wide as a promoter of world peace, right?

– Prince Zeid al-Hussein – Jordanian representative in the UN and also UN high commissioner for human rights, also expressed dissapointment over failure to pass a resolution.

He was also in Bosnia around ’95 as a political officer in UNPROFOR (a UN peacekeeping force in Bosnia). He once said that he saw a Bosnian Serb driving a car decorated with the heads of the children and pulled right next to him. His words were the only evidence of this. However, he failed to see some other things during his time in UMPROFOR, like these:

– Peter Wilson, an ambassador in the UN representing UK – said after the Russian veto: “Russia will have to justify its decision to the families of over 8,000 people murdered in the worst atrocity in Europe since the Second World War.”

Well, perhaps you should justify why there is not resolution for more than million dead Armenians, or resolutions on illegal agressions by NATO all over the world, in all of which Britain took part. He added that Russia “sided with those who are trying to prevent reconciliation”.

Now something about the people who pushed this in the media and who will be one of the main delegates in the 20th commemoration.

– Bill Clinton – self explanatory

– Madelene Albright – Another peace maker with a heart of gold. Spoken here like a true angel. I wonder if she will go to comemorate those Iraqi children too?

A few years back, she had a reality check during one of her book signing events in Czech Republic. A group Czechs came to the event to bring her pictures of dead Serbian children that were killed during the ’99 bombing by NATO. Asked her “What’s wrong, don’t you want to sign this too?” and calling her a “blood soaked war criminal”. Madelene was one of the biggest backers of the bombing campaign, which led to the name “Madelene’s War”. Thinking that those were the evil Serbs coming to haunt her, she yelled: “GET OUT! Disgusting Serbs!”

She together with Bill, presented US delegation. It is said that the murderers always come back to the crime scene.

– Angelina Jolie – another ‘poster child’ for American Interventionism.

– Hasim Thaci – also known as “Snake” from his days in the KLA terrorist organisation. On the left in this picture.


Served as a Prime Minister of Kosovo two terms and now and a Foreign Affairs Minister. It is very ironic that this man is coming to attend a comemoration of the victims of warcrimes, while at the same time using his influence and lobbying to prevent a formation of tribunal for the war crimes commited by KLA.

– Ahmet Davutoglu – represented Turkey and also insisted on calling it genocide. The same Davutoglu that just some two months ago slammed European Union and Pope and Russia for using a word genocide to describe massacre of over million Armenians. Belongs with the rest of the hypocrites.

The real WHY

And although the real goals of this move by British and other western political elites is now much more clear, let’s get into more detail on how they plan to use it.

Genocide as an impregnable wall between the two peoples

Whenever someone starts the dialog between the Bosniak and Serbian people, they will choke on the word genocide. The British insisted on making such a Resolution that will be unacceptable to the Serbian people (as I listed those reasons above). This will now serve as a fuel to those that profit on creating inter ethnic tensions. Those that win elections on nationalistic demagogy. They will now insist that no peace can be with ‘genocide deniers’. For dialog, love and reconciliation it always takes two, for hate one is enough. And as hate breeds hate, you only need to start with one argument based on it. The snowball efect will assure, if you nurture it. This will inevitably bring into discussion all the past crimes and conflicts, from WW2, WW1, and all the way back to Middle Ages and Turks and back.

Now everyhting can be focused on that ‘line of separation’ created as a sum of all past conflicts. This served to bolden that line to never fade. Now people will show to Resolution and say ‘here, you refused to acknowledge the genocide you made on Muslim population’, but the other side will say ‘that Resolution doesn’t mention the slaugher of Christian population, while the creators of it will gloat over those that fight between themselves.

I heard one of the mothers of those that died say “Mothers on both sides reconciled a long time ago.”

Radicalisation of muslims

Similar as with previous paragraph, Srebrenica and the war in Bosnia general, can serve to radicalize Muslims. Not just in the Balkans, but worldwide. When presented as the sole victims of the war, it will leave long lasting greviances. There are generations already that grew up on this, and they are now 100% convinced that no one on their side did anything bad. And they have a lot of proof to back it up. Like the stories that western media ran about it and still does so, and now this Resolution as de facto ‘proof’ that the sole culprit now even refuses to admit the deeds. I’ve heard people saying, I’m proud that we Muslims never killed a civilian during the war. Young people that weren’t even around during the war say these things. Victims of war are used as a fuel for radicalization. And those who do that, do it purposely, as they are eager for next conflict, for the profits and benefits that it will bring to them.

As a tool for ending the Republic of Srpska

After declaring that genocide was made during the war, they will insist that the Republika Srpska was made on genocide. This kind of rethoric was heard before and will now just gain more traction. Bosnia and Hertzegovina as it is now, can not become a part of NATO and EU without consent of the Serbs in it. Croatian and Bosniak entities are for cooperation and integration into Alliance and EU, and the Serbian entity in BiH can ‘veto’ it with the authority given to it by Dayton Agreement. This is why the western politicians, especially British, US and German are working to reppel it. To null the previous deal on the claims that Serbs are leading a retrograde politics that doesn’t allow the region and BiH as a country to prosper. They also use this excuse for everything bad that happened in the country that they themselves wrecked.

NATO’s alibi

This Resolution is the NATO’s alibi for all it has done in the area of former Yugoslavia. NATO conducted illegal bombing campaigns against Serbs and as a pretext they used the prevention of genocide and ethnic cleansing. They circumvented this same UN Security Council they now use to justify their actions. Several years later, when bombing of Serbia started on March 24th ’99 a phrase was repeated that they won’t allow ‘another Srebrenica’ to occur. This is how we got the first ‘humanitarian bombing campaign’ in history. That humanitarian campaign that left the country contaminated with over 15 tons of depleted uranium. This led to rapid increase in cancer cases, with the number of new cases every year increasing by 2,5%. It is approximated that 7000 – 9000 people die every year from the consequences of bombing. Monetary damage from destruction of infrastructure and industry is between 100 and 200 billion dollars. However, damage from human casulties can’t be measured, as contamination will keep killing people virtually forever. A question of repaying for the damage done still looms in the air when NATO is mentioned. However, if those that were bombed are genocidal nation, then you need not worry about it.

About a week after the Srebrenica massacre the Operation ‘Storm’ was carried out, in which some 250 000 Serbs were forced out of their homes, with around 2000 killed, many victims being women and children. However the reports of this were very obsure and biased and usually they mentioned them together with the news about the massacres in Srebrenica.

This can also serve as any future alibi for involvement in Serbia. With the current geopolitical situation in the world and Serbia’s stance on NATO unchanged they just wait for an excuse to ‘bring peace and order’ again.

To ‘spill out’ the effects of division between religions that exists here

Knowing that Serbia will ask for help from Russia on the matter, and that Russia was the only country that can block such a Resolution, it can be exploited on a bigger scale.

The media already started work on this. A week before the talks of Resolution in a ‘mysterious’ way, pictures of president Putin appeared all over the Srebrenica . Now when seeing how western media portrays Russian veto, it becomes more clear. Headlines and statements like : Russia sides with genocide deniers, etc .

I have no doubt that they will continue to exploit this and present it as ‘Orthodox Christians supporting genocide of Muslims’. And serving stories like ‘look how Russia treats you and your victims’ etc.

Appeasement of Muslims world wide

“Look how we care and fight for you and your rights” (while at the same time bomb several Muslim countries). Now when confronted with criticizm of their policy in the Middle East and towards Israel, they can just pull this out and say, ‘we were the only ones to fight for condemnation of genocide of Muslims, but Russia, China and others didn’t care’. The Empire needs every possible piece of evidence that they in fact support and care for Muslim population as their drones fly high above.

western propagandists like to use a concept of ‘black and white’ when explaining to the sheeple the situation in the conflict zones they are involved (or plan to get involved). Then, of course, they will enter on the side of the ‘good guys’ against the ‘bad guys’ with the US as the ‘ultimate good guy’ being the patron and representative of those good guys. Just a while ago we’ve seen how they were trying to force that concept into the Syrian conflict too. And although they tried to represent the ‘moderate rebels’ as the purely good and oppressed peole that fight for their freedom against a killer dictator, they had a major trouble at it as now the cameras and mobile phones are present in every battlefield. And so we had an interesting attempt to try and ‘soften’ the image of a ‘moderate rebel’ cutting out the heart of dead enemy and eating it in front of the camera.

The Resolution is another attempt at stamping ‘bad guy’ on the forehead of every Serbian. That way, when they are killing Serbians, they aren’t killing people, but genocidal beasts. It also helps their concience (at least of those that watch the news, as their politicians have no concience)

Serbia, as seen by many westerners as ‘little Russia’ must at all cost remain a bad guy. You can notice the same treatment in the media now that Russia gets and the treatment that Serbia got during the Balkan conflicts. But thanks to the widely available Interned today, now they are having much worse results.

Serves as a moral high ground

This is the foundation, the base of the projected image of the Empire. They love to act from the ‘position of moral high ground’. This toghether with phrases, ‘bringing democracy’, ‘peace, stability’ and others, forms the imperial exceptionalism. They can always brag to the world that they figh for justice, peace etc. Kills 500.000 children – it was to prevent a dictator from killing those children and more. Drops nuclear bombs on cities with notable civilian population – it was to end the war, and so on. Now they have another ‘certificate of kindness’ in the form of this Resolution.

To take your attention away from all the real genocides they have commited

Now, it is not an accident that those were the British presenting such document. Just thinking for a few seconds about the history of their conflicts these came to mind: from North America, over Ireland and all the way to Middle East and India, Vietnam and Australia, and then to Africa. All those were places where those same hypocrites from western Europe massacred people in thousands and millions. The genocide is their child, born in the cultured Albion and matured all over the world where Albion went.

– in US military doctrine now stands that they can react to breaking of human rights and intervene wherever they decide it is necessary. We will certainly see more of these ‘humanitarian interventions’ in the future. This ‘Knight in shining armour’ doctrine is fully endorsed by the likes of Samantha Power. And if you point out the double standards in their approach as well as the hidden agenda behing it, her husband will probably call you a conspiracy theorist.

When the Russian delegation blocked this Resolution, after the meeting the French ambassador said that veto right should be taken away from Russia, at least when war crimes are involved. This of course would be perfect – the Inquisition will then declare ‘undesirable’ anyone they want and proceed to enforce the sentence. Unfortunately, they tricked Russia once like this and used the decision for a no-fly zone to bomb and desroy one of the most prosperous countries in all of Africa. Now it would be best to get rid of both Russia and China from Security Council, and then the work on ‘improving the world’ can finally start.

The Reconciliation

If we leave it to those people that I mentioned above and the main stream media to reconcile us, then God help us all. They had a good reason for keeping this area in the state of frozen conflict, and now they want to cash in on their frozen goods.

The victims of war crimes on both sides must not be used to breed hatred and future conflict, but to guide us to future peace and understanding. There is a lot of flammable rethoric going back and forth now when the old wounds have been oppened. Some would like us to remember only the bad things and conflicts from the history of the two peoples, to make everybody believe that that is the only way it can ever be. I’ve come to notice that the richer those politicians get, the sharper their rethoric becomes. The same goes with western paid propagandists and NGOs that work under the banner of peace. People like Samantha Power and Peter Wilson hold the words ‘reconciliation’ and ‘peace’ in front of themselves like a shield while they charge forward. But we must not allow them to do all the discussion – the dialog must be between the people, and not between some Soros paid representatives in the NGOs or foreign embassies or anyone else that comes from outside to teach peoples of Balkan how to get along. They are first and foremost acting in the interests of their own countries and will push the agenda that fits those that fund them.

Various incidents and provocations will be created and exploited by the politicians on both sides, they will spew flammable rethoric and be the first ones to leave the country when the war starts. Common people will be left afterwards to live with all the concequences of conflict and the western ‘moral giants’ will once again gloat over the sight and come to act as the mediators and call for civilised dialog and reconciliation (until they need more cannon fodder for the next opportunity).

So, look to your first neighbours, with whom you share the land you live on. Those are the people with whom you should have the dialog about reconciliation.

(Republished from The Vineyard of the Saker by permission of author or representative)
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