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"Rape Their Daughters!"
How Leftists Don’t Really Care About Sexual Violence, Misogyny and Femicide
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Like most human things, the Guardian is at its funniest when it doesn’t mean to be. For example, it’s currently celebrating its bicentenary under this slogan: “200 years of chasing the truth.” Which is a very good joke. Maybe the paper was honest in its early days, but it has spent most of the last hundred years fleeing the truth about key aspects of the world like racial and sexual difference.

The Guardian celebrates “200 years of chasing the truth”
The Guardian celebrates “200 years of chasing the truth”

That’s perfectly understandable. The truth about racial and sexual difference doesn’t fit leftism or feed the narcissism of leftists. And so the Guardian routinely suppresses essential but inconvenient facts. For example, who are the aggressors in what the Guardian calls a “disturbing surge in physical attacks and harassment” against Asians in the US? It’s Blacks, of course, but the Guardian flees this truth, makes no reference to Blacks, and falsely blames the violence on “racist rhetoric” by the now-departed Donald Trump. The Guardian knows perfectly well – and often approvingly reported – that Trump gets almost no support from Blacks. But it’s a leftist newspaper and refuses to let reality get in the way of ideology.

Busting taboos to protect the vulnerable

At the same time as it flees the truth, the newspaper likes to pose as rebellious and taboo-busting. Here it is sneering at the prudery of the Victorians:

Victorian attempts to veil the meanings of crude ancient Greek words are set to be brushed away by a new dictionary 23 years in the making. … The new dictionary’s editors “spare no blushes” … when it comes to the words that “brought a blush to Victorian cheeks”. The verb … βίνέω (bineo) is no longer “inire, coire, of illicit intercourse”, but “fuck”; λαικάζω (laikazo), in the 19th-century dictionary translated as “to wench”, is now defined as “perform fellatio” and translated as “suck cocks”. (First English dictionary of ancient Greek since Victorian era ‘spares no blushes,’ The Guardian, 27th May 2021)

The Guardian postures about its fearlessness
The Guardian postures about its fearlessness

There you go: the Guardian will happily print the word “fuck” without any coy asterisks. Like all leftist institutions, it claims to reject old-fashioned taboos and believe in complete openness about sex. After all, if we don’t speak the truth about sex, how can we protect women and girls from the horros of rape-culture? And according to the Guardian, “Rape culture is as American as apple pie.”

Brazen celebration of rape-culture

That’s why Guardianistas must have shaken their heads in sorrow when they saw right-wing newspapers like the Daily Mail prudishly using “f***” with asterisks in a recent story about misogynistic men brazenly celebrating rape-culture in London. Worse still, from the Guardian’s point of view, the misogynistic men were specifically targeting women and girls in a vulnerable ethnic minority. Those right-wing papers should have printed the full truth and exposed rape-culture to merciless scrutiny – just as the Guardian surely did.

So what happened in the brazen celebration of rape-culture? According to the right-wing press, a convoy of cars drove through a minority district of London in May 2021, using a megaphone to shout threats of sexual violence against the minority: “Rape their daughters!” and “F*** their mothers, f*** their daughters!” Fortunately, the police acted swiftly to close down these vile expressions of rape-culture. A police helicopter swooped to track the convoy, directing police vehicles in pursuit, and the four brazen misogynists in the megaphone-car were soon under arrest.

Down the memory-hole

And how did the Guardian report the story? Well, it’s currently celebrating “200 years of chasing the truth,” so it must have “chased the truth” and reported the full details, mustn’t it? There were surely no coy asterisks for the fearless Guardian. And there weren’t. But there wasn’t any full printing of “fuck” either. The Guardian’s report on the hate-convoy didn’t mention sexual violence or the f-word at all. It merely reported “slurs and threats” against the vulnerable minority, without giving any details of what the threats entailed. More alert Guardian-readers must have been puzzled by a comment from the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, which was also reported in the story. Starmer said “misogyny and hate have no place on our streets or in our society.”

The fierce feminist who shields misogynistic men: Nazia Parveen of the Guardian
The fierce feminist who shields misogynistic men: Nazia Parveen of the Guardian

Nazia Parveen, the non-White “Community affairs correspondent” who wrote the incomplete report about the hate-convoy, didn’t explain how misogyny was involved, because she fled the truth rather than chasing it. She didn’t report what the horrendously misogynistic men shouted, what they looked like or where they had come from. And there was no subsequent enraged commentary by her fellow feminists at the Guardian and elsewhere in response to the rape-supporting hate-convoy. As so often in the past, there was silence from the sisterhood.

Cherished leftist principles

So there you have it: a brazen celebration of rape-culture directed against a vulnerable ethnic minority took place on the streets of Britain’s capital city, within a few miles of the Guardian’s headquarters, and Britain’s foremost leftist newspaper, staunch in its feminism and tireless in its opposition to rape-culture, responded by first censoring the horrific truth, then falling silent. This is very strange. Feminists have been writing articles literally for years about Donald Trump’s alleged use in private of the phrase “Grab ’em by the pussy!” But there was no feminist and anti-racist response when an entire convoy of vehicles accompanied a megaphone-misogynist bawling “Rape their daughters!” and “Fuck their mothers, fuck their daughters!” into the horrified ears of a vulnerable ethnic minority.

What on earth explains the Guardian’s complete abdication of its most cherished principles? Well, it’s very easy: the story was about the wrong kind of misogynist and the wrong kind of rape-culture. The hate-convoy was full of brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims who had driven from the heavily enriched Yorkshire city of Bradford to shout amplified abuse at Jews in a Jewish district of London as part of “largely peaceful pro-Palestinian protests.”

Minority men behaving badly

Indeed, the cars were flying Palestinian flags as those high-spirited shouts of “Rape their daughters!” and “Fuck their mothers!” went up. And that’s why the Guardian refused to “chase the truth.” One of its pet minorities was behaving badly, so it fled the truth instead. Cuckservative commentators like Mark Steyn will claim that this was yet another example of how poor Jews are not valued or protected by the anti-Semitic left. But that isn’t true: the Guardian censored the story because the aggressors were non-White Muslims, not because the targets were Jewish. If White Christian men had done the same thing in a Jewish district of London, there would have been an explosion of outrage not just from the Guardian and other leftists in Britain, but right around the world. Sadly for the Guardian and other leftists, White Christian men aren’t encouraged by their religion to celebrate rape in public. Or indeed in private.

But brown-skinned Muslim men definitely are. There is a genuine and highly pernicious rape-culture in Islam stretching right back to the Prophet Muhammad, who permitted his followers to take sex-slaves and who committed statutory rape with his nine-year-old wife Aisha. The slogans “Rape their daughters!” and “Fuck their mothers!” are authentic Islam, which is why the Guardian refused to report them. If the newspaper were serious about fighting “rape-culture,” it would send its reporters to Bradford to investigate the misogyny and sexual violence that flourish there. After all, if Muslim men are brazenly shouting pro-rape slogans in public, what on earth are they doing in private? But the Guardian isn’t serious about fighting rape-culture and defending women: it’s only serious about posturing, feeding the narcissism of its readers, and seeking power for the senior acolytes of leftism.

Paralysed by political correctness

As I’ve described in articles like “Rape-Gangs Unlimited” and “The Riddle of Rotherham,” tens of thousands of pro-feminist, anti-rape Guardian-readers must have worked in Labour councils and social-work departments during the decades in which Muslim rape-gangs have sexually abused and prostituted White women and girls in cities and towns all over the country. But none of those Guardian-readers ever succeeded in alerting their beloved newspaper to the horrific crimes of those Muslim men and the deep-rooted rape-culture in which their crimes had been nurtured. And when the courageous Labour MP Ann Cryer sought the Guardian’s help on behalf of the female victims of this rape-culture, she learned just how eager the newspaper was to “chase the truth.” Here she is describing how she tried to expose Muslim pathologies in her constituency:

Once I had overcome my initial disbelief that large-scale paedophile abuse was the norm for a section of the community — in some parts of Britain, it went back to the Eighties in fact, the 1960s, when it was first reported to police — and that it was an open secret, I took my concerns to West Yorkshire police and social services. I expected they would have a hard time believing the claims — but I didn’t think I’d be flatly ignored by everyone. It was as if this crime was so toxic, no one could acknowledge its existence. … And I couldn’t get The Guardian interested. Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness. (How I was branded a racist — for trying to save girls from their vile abusers, The Daily Mail, 11th August 2017)

The Guardian is still “paralysed by political correctness.” Except that “paralysed” isn’t the right word. The Guardian makes active choices when it flees the truth and censors key facts. Nazia Parveen, the “Community affairs correspondent” who wrote that incomplete report about the hate-convoy, must have known what those Pakistani Muslims had shouted. But she deliberately chose to suppress the words “Rape their daughters” and “Fuck their mothers, fuck their daughters.” She didn’t “chase the truth” because she isn’t interested in the truth.

Back at base in Bradford

After all, she’s not just a leftist but quite possibly a Pakistani Muslim herself. She too will feel much more solidarity with Palestinian Muslims than with Jews in Israel or Britain. Many Jews have claimed that “Jews and Muslims are natural allies” (against White Christians, of course). But the alliance has never been strong. It doesn’t matter, because Jewish organizations like the Board of Deputies in Britain and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in America know that unintelligent, incompetent and criminally inclined Muslims are no real threat to Jewish power. However, Muslims are an excellent way to further atomize formerly cohesive White nations. And Muslim misbehaviour further strengthens Jewish power by justifying an ever-stronger security and surveillance state.

Those noisy Muslims in London did not physically harm any Jews: they merely shouted about rape and were soon arrested by the police. But back at base in Bradford, the same Muslims have been genuinely raping White women and girls for decades. And prostituting White women and girls for decades. Jews don’t care about that and nor does the Guardian. But this shared indifference is no coincidence, because Jews have been central to the poisonous anti-White, pro-minority leftism that is now ascendant throughout the West. This leftism supports unlimited immigration by non-Whites from the most illiberal and misogynistic cultures on earth.

Black enrichers at work

But the Guardian is not interested in the inevitable consequences of non-White enrichment. If it truly opposed “rape-culture” and misogyny, it would oppose immigration by non-White men who commit rape at much higher rates and in much worse ways. But the Guardian doesn’t truly oppose rape-culture and misogyny. That’s why it so often refuses to “chase the truth” of stories like these in the Birmingham Mail:

The “incredibly dangerous” African enricher Esa Juwara
The “incredibly dangerous” African enricher Esa Juwara

A brutal rapist who targeted prostitutes in a nine-month reign of terror was “incredibly dangerous” – and was becoming bolder. Esa Juwara, just 21, had sex workers living in fear after he preyed on five women – attacking three of the women twice – in Ladywood in 2019. … Det Insp Dave Bates, from the West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit, headed the investigation. He said Juwara had been in the country for 18 months after arriving from Africa and little was known about his background. The officer told BirminghamLive: “Juwara is an incredibly dangerous man. He carried out violent attacks on women which were becoming more and more frequent. He had carried out four attacks in December 2019. If he hadn’t been caught, I am sure he would have gone on to commit many more attacks. The violence he showed, beating women with bike chains and choking one woman with one showed the levels of violence he was prepared to carry out.” (“Cycling rapist” spread terror in city red light zone – and was becoming bolder, Birmingham Mail, 8th May 2021)

The life-wrecking Black enricher Khadim Drame
The life-wrecking Black enricher Khadim Drame

A woman was followed by a stranger after she got off a bus and raped near Aston Villa football ground. The victim had tried to run through some gardens but was caught by her attacker, Birmingham Crown Court heard. Khadim Drame, 20, of Norris Road, Aston, has denied a charge of rape. However, he changed his plea to guilty following the start of a trial at Birmingham Crown Court. … James Dunstan, prosecuting said: “The victim and the defendant were strangers. … He came out of nowhere and surprised her. He put one hand on her waist and the other over her mouth and he pushed her down to the ground. She screamed but no one came. … He then went on to rape her. He got what he wanted from her quickly. He left her leaving her thinking that she did not want to live.” (Man admits raping woman near Aston Villa football ground after following her off a bus, Birmingham Mail, 12th May 2021)

Those Black rapists should not have been in a White nation. Nor should the Black grandfather or father of Callum Wheeler, the mixed-race youth arrested for the brutal murder of Julia James, a White woman who thought she was safe to take her dog for a walk on 27th April this year. Like all the White victims who came before her and who will follow her, she wasn’t safe because mass immigration has brought the violence of the Third World into a formerly First-World nation.

When ideology meets reality

Callum Wheeler has not yet been prosecuted or convicted of what the Guardian calls “femicide,” or the murder of women by brutal, misogynistic men. But he managed to bring an extra-special touch of vibrancy into what would otherwise be a routine story of non-White brutality against a White victim. When he was being led away in handcuffs from court after being charged with murder, he was “seen sticking his tongue out at TV cameras.”

Callum Wheeler responds to being charged with brutal murder
Callum Wheeler responds to being charged with brutal murder

Just dwell on that: Wheeler is a 21-year-old man accused of smashing a 53-year-old woman’s skull, quite possibly because she resisted his attempt to rape her. And that is how he behaves. But if you expect the Guardian or any other leftist outlet to explore the depths of misogyny and depravity revealed by his high-spirited little gesture, you’re going to be disappointed. When leftist ideology meets inconvenient reality, the Guardian always knows what to do. It flees the truth.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. mijj says:

    > “200 years of chasing the truth.”

    = Guardian: “the Truth escapes me”

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  2. Anonymous[331] • Disclaimer says:

    White Christian men aren’t encouraged by their religion to celebrate rape in public. Or indeed in private.

    This is a bad thing. This is what needs changing.

  3. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    WHITE. SHARIA. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anonymous[486] • Disclaimer says:

    You pagan godless vermin should get back when the chrizzian clergy have finally stopped putting into active practise… “rape our children.” I will not be holding my breath.

    Not everyone who screams some evil, puts that into practise, and not everyone who acts saintly, put that into practise too.

    What an accursed society the so-called chrizzian western evilisation is, where your godmen and women are themselves child predators.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  5. G. Poulin says:

    Okay, so leftists are hypocrites. Got it. So when do we start overthrowing them?

  6. Well, as far as I’m aware of it, no person even slightly politically conscious puts any faith in anything that the Guardian prints. A lot of leftist forums that post stories from the Guardian and other similar rags, go so far as to turn off their comments section, simply because they know that the comments will all be about how ignorant, lying and anti-white these leftist rags are. The folks that publish them and write for them are living in some kind of alternate reality from that in which most of humanity lives in.

  7. Trinity says:

    Nonwhites regardless of stripe CARE only about their own and any White who is delusional enough to feel that nonwhites are on our side is just plain nutz. I “sympathize” with the Palestinians but Arabs, Pakis, and other Browns talking about raping White women shows their true intentions. Any Arab with two brain cells knows full well that the average White does not support wars in the Middle East, this just gives them an excuse to act like a barbarian and rape women. Just like Blacks looting and destroying over some Black thug they don’t give two shits about in reality. How many Jewish women have been raped by Blacks and Browns in Europe? I have seen retarded Whites go ape shit over how the Palestinians are being treated in the Middle East but not give two shits about how their own kind is treated in Europe and America. “FUCKING” RETARDS.

  8. Chasing the truth? Where does the truth run when chased? Hides out of the way, I guess.

  9. ThomasGie says:

    >>Nazia Parveen, the non-White “Community affairs correspondent”

    There is an image of her in this article in which she looks pretty white. The author should have chosen another image. Or why not use photoshop to darken her face at least a bit, so the reader doesn’t think that she is white? Images are an important part and this would have made the article better.

  10. S says:

    When leftist ideology meets inconvenient reality, the Guardian always knows what to do. It flees the truth.

    Their ideology is fundamentally flawed, based upon the premise/delusion that the races (and sexes) are literally the same, ie ‘equal’, and, or, can be made so.

    It’d be the same difference if you had an ideology built upon the falsehood that the Earth was the center of the solar system, and the sun and stars rotated around it. Believers of such would be perpetually enraged, as wokedom’s sado-masochistic White adherents often are, having to fight truth and reality all the time as they would be forced to do.

    You write of Pakistani Moslem on White rapes in Britain that Left wokedom doesn’t know what to do with, other than bury the fact.

    It’s remindful of the Febrary, 1969 murder of Loren Silliphant, the 18 year old only White son of the famous screen writer Stirling Silliphant. Silliphant was famous for writing the screnplay of the academy award winning 1967 movie , In the Heat of the Night, about a fictional Northern big city Black detective (played by the original ‘magic Negro’, Sidney Poitier) who solves a murder in a ‘racist’ small Mississippi town.

    It’s difficult to find out any facts about young Loren Silliphant’s 1969 Hollywood, California murder. Perhaps this is because Loren was murdered by a real life actual Northern Black (from Michigan), as opposed to the fictional Poitier movie character. The murderer’s name was Chester Allen Johnson.

    The drug crazed Negro Johnson had burst into Silliphant’s Hollywood apartment, and demanded heroin from Loren. When Loren told Johnson he didn’t have any drugs to give him, Johnson executed the young man with a single bullet to the chest, before fleeing. Johnson would eventually be caught and given the death penalty.

  11. “After all, if Muslim men are brazenly shouting pro-rape slogans in public, what on earth are they doing in private? “

    An underage girl who is accusing seven men of historic sexual offences has been described as frightened and very underweight by a social worker who assessed her at the time.

    Nazir Khan, 28, of no fixed abode, faces two rape allegations; Usman Sultan, 28, of Lawkholme Lane, Keighley, faces four rape allegations; Kamran Hussain, 28, of Hawk Street, Keighley, faces two counts of rape; Ali Razaq, 26, of Hawk Street, Keighley, faces one count of rape; Sohail Hussain, 30, of Skipton Road, Keighley, faces five counts of rape; Hasan Ali, 28, of Hollings Lane, Keighley, faces two counts of rape.

    A seventh man, Kasam Hussain, 30, of Lister Street, Keighley, faces one charge of intentionally inciting a girl aged under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

    The seven defendants are on trial facing a total of 17 counts between them and all seven pleaded not guilty to all charges against them.

    The charges against the defendants date between 2008 and 2009.

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