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Radical Egalitarians Go Eugenics
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Like the Energizer Bunny, radical egalitarians are a persistent bunch. They have long kidnapped Mother Nature and tried to torture her into transforming human nature, but being a tough old bird, she’s held steady. The latest egalitarian machinations can be seen in New York City where the quest is to equalize race-related academic achievement and, no doubt, Mother Nature will successfully resist. Nevertheless, this latest social engineering enterprise exposes what lies behind this seemingly benign “helping minorities.” Glib rhetoric aside; this latest venture is closer to ethnic cleansing than “school reform.”

The facts are simple. The city’s public schools with 1.1 million students is two-thirds black and Hispanic, highly segregated and almost without exception, black and Hispanic students perform poorly academically. Meanwhile, scholastically accomplished schools are disproportionately white and Asian, and are kept this way through state and local testing.

Much of the putative cure for alleged inequality is just a grab-bag of futile ideas that have long floated around the education reform literature, for example, making lessons more culturally relevant to under-privileged minorities such as having the watch the Broadway hit “Hamilton” featuring hip-hop music while Mayor de Blasio has long ranted against elite schools claiming that lots of super-smart blacks and Hispanics, kids he regularly personally encounters, just lack test-taking skills.

But new on this agenda, though hardly unpredictable, is today’s fashionable Great Satan: White Racism. Ayanna Behin, head of one of the city’s school districts put it, “Racism is foundational in all of our institutions, in our government, our economy, our health-care system, our legal system and our education system.” And Ayanna is hardly alone in her diagnosis.

Clearly, ridding America of racism is a huge undertaking, but how it is to be accomplished in the city’s schools? The city’s Department of Education has already spent $6 million in anti-bias training to expose how seemingly innocuous terms like “individualism” and “objectivity” promote “white supremacy.” But, such supposed remediations are all secondary to the most potent of all remedies, one that harkens back to the earliest days of the Civil Rights movement– mandatory racial integration. If we were to just mix the under-served with the privileged, black and Hispanic test scores would sky-rocket. There it is, at long last, the miracle cure.

When perusing this call for access to top schools, one can only be reminded of the state-owned department stores in the Soviet Union that were off-limits to regular Soviet citizens. Here top party officials and tourists with hard currencies could buy “luxury” consumer goods far beyond the reach of ordinary Russians. A similar reaction must be experienced by Hispanic and black parents staring into a middle school with their quiet, orderly classrooms, teachers explicating advanced subjects, all surrounded by un-vandalized computers, and not a cop in sight! Now, if only their offspring could gain entry, just as poor Ivan fantasized about sneaking into the GUM store on Red Square for a few forbidden delicacies.

At least superficially this latest egalitarian scheme just seems to be yet one more doomed-to-fail Utopian fantasy. But the darker reality is that forced racial integration will, absolutely guaranteed, push whites out of schools and given the options, the impetus of these parents to have children or an additional child, already low, will decline yet further. And since champions of forced racial integration surely know that this mixing does not work, its renewed advocacy must reflect aims other than uplifting struggling blacks and Hispanics.

Forced racial integration constitutes under-the-radar ethnic cleansing. Yes, hardly Balkan-style massacres or Soviet forced relocation of entire populations, but the end result is, together with a policy of unrestricted Third World immigration, the elimination or at least diminishment of smart whites and Asians. This is eradicating a people, not education reform.

Paradoxically, much of this cleansing is happily endorsed by its victims, liberal “good-think” whites, often for the noblest of reasons. Who can object to one’s children making friends with all these people of color? Can you imagine Serbs welcoming the Croatians arriving to kill or uproot them from their traditional land? This high-sounding but ultimately suicidal element no doubt helps to obscure the true nature of the cleansing.

Those unfamiliar with urban school politics seldom appreciate how the destruction of schools affects family life. Outside of low-cost Catholic and Jewish schools, and free or inexpensive charters that cater to poor blacks and Hispanics, the penalty of this forced exodus from public schools is huge. Woes to those remaining in dangerous “diverse” schools where teachers struggle to keep order and what smart parent will risk junior absorbing underclass values from classmates?

Escape from this disaster-in-waiting is not easy. New York City’s private schools might seem affordable—the average price in 2019/20 was a “mere” $18,000 but keep in mind that even for the cheapest options, the city’s sky-high taxes mean that a parent might have to earn an additional $25,000 to pay for junior’s private school.

But these costs soar if they are lucky enough to get junior into a more prestigious non-religious school. Here even a middling school such as Leman Academy charges $56,000, and this fee excludes room and board. At more elite schools such as Horace Mann and Trinity tuition likewise tops $55,000, and these sums do not include mandatory extras such as books, uniforms, class trips, transportation, and extra-curricular activities. But, the educational benefits are substantial: orderly classes with well-behaved classmates, dedicated teachers together with a menu of first-class academic options. Needless to say, many even middle-class whites and Asians cannot afford these $50,000+ bills, (about $800,000 for the entire K-12 experience) so eliminating the free public education path to an elite college is a heavy blow. Under these circumstances, at least some ambitious parents will rationally re-consider the very idea of a family.


Equally costly is to flee the city (“white flight”) for a suburb offering no-cost high-quality public schools. While tuition may be zero, high property taxes plus the premium for housing in a town notable for quality schools can easily exceed city elite private school tuition. Further add the expenses for commuting while these “free” schools also impose costly extra-curricular activity fees.

Nor does escape to rural America bring financial relief to education-minded parents. Yes, these public schools may be safe and have decent qualified teachers, but they usually lack the academic reputations and resources such as AP classes believed to be critical for admission to selective college. There are also long commutes so it may actually make better sense to pay $60,000+ for Horace Mann versus travelling 50 miles between Smallville and Gotham. And let’s not forget the life-style cost of plain vanilla venues where the best restaurant is Applebee’s and the local cultural highlight is Friday night high school football.

If dangerous public schools fail to lower the birthrate among high-IQ parents, just impose the old standby: crime, particularly “quality of life” crime. Every couple contemplating raising a family knows the story and über-liberals are no exceptions. For one, escaping crime invariably means choosing safe neighborhoods and buildings with 24-hour security, and while such costly prudence is optional for childless couples, it is far less so for those with children. And keep in mind that no safe urban neighborhood is permanently secure. Almost overnight egalitarian officials may decide to insert a crime-ridden low-income housing project or a homeless shelter. Further add hiring a nanny to ensure that one’s children are supervised in the local park overrun by junkies and panhandlers.

The safety of one’s children really does concentrate the mind, and this concentration extends well before conception. After all, smart would-be parents can see the consequences of procreation. They will surely recognize that radical anti-law and order proposals such as defunding the police or curtailing 911 calls, let alone tolerating homeless encampments and open drug use is an ideological form of birth control.

In sum, policies such as forced racial integration and crime-friendly policing are more than just bad liberal policies although they are certainly that. Such measures are a eugenic campaign that that will transform the US into a Third World nation via a selective declining birthrate. Conceivably, this neutering of home-grown smart people is also a recipe for importing a cognitive overclass that scarcely resembles those they are replacing. That is, if high-IQ natives don’t want children, get them off-the-shelf from foreign suppliers, particularly China or India.

Hard to say whether these eugenic policies are conscious or just a happy unarticulated dividend of the radical egalitarian agenda. I suspect, however, there is a strong intentional element—smart people are an obstacle to transforming America, and what better way to destroy the enemy than rendering them childless. Not unlike the nearly invisible slow march through the institutions. That today’s egalitarians become hysterical at the very mention of eugenics is, indeed, ironic but hard to imagine a more effective form of ethnic cleansing. Maybe Mother Nature will remain steadfast, but at least egalitarians can stop peoples’ natural urge to reproduce.

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  1. Rahan says:

    So in theory it can be a pyramid of:
    1) GloboHomo overlords on the top
    2) Managerial class of Asians and “goodwhites”
    3) Drone class of Latinos, Arabs, and “badwhites”
    3a) Underclass of violent Africans/drugged radicals to keep the rest in check

    Even at their most totalitarian, both Stalin’s and Hitler’s states managed to maintain islands of scientific productivity within the sea of ideological b.s., knowing that otherwise their power will collapse. So perhaps the GloboHomo overlords also think that can preserve islands of inventiveness that will maintain their edge.

    Doubtful, though.

  2. Wyatt says:

    If you remove 3A, it almost kinda looks like a logical pyramid.

    But since everyone gotta bow to coonery and buffoonery, it’s putting the tip of the pyramid at the bottom to support it. Let us hope that the millennial mutts of America just get sick of dealing with African thuggery and rise up to put an end to it once and for all.

    • Agree: Gorgeous George
    • Replies: @anon
  3. Importing a cognitive overclass of Chinese and Indians was a feature of the British Empire, when whites were too few and jobs needed to be filled in the colonies. This resulted in Punjabis in Fiji and Chinese in Jamaica.

    That whites would allow this to be done to them in the 21st century is a sign that globocap still runs the world like a plantation archipelago, shifting human capital to wherever it can be employed.

    A rare example of this trend being bucked was French-speaking Quebec, Canada. In the 1960’s they began educating their own home-grown professional class to replace the (White) English. It was wildly successful for a couple of decades until they succumbed to leftist dogma on immigration, and today they’re sinking in multicultural African /Middle Eastern dilution.

    Canada is a major offender when it comes to pillaging the Third World for trained health science professionals and immigrants with an educational certificate (Canada shuns the uneducated wretches, but gets enough anyway through the refugee programs and family reunification).

    Many Canadians are dropping out of the rat race and opting to move further away from majority brown cities, but diversity cannot be escaped in higher learning. For the price of a Canadian education, a foreign student can get a pathway to permanent residency and then citizenship, and then sponsor their relatives. This makes foreign students a cash cow for even the low-ranked schools.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @GMC
    , @DextersLabRat
  4. m___ says:

    Better then suggesting, just ask the elite in power, why they persist on the politically unpopular immigration policies. That might be one better. The association of eugenics (in it’s general, wrongful, vocabularily abused, emotionally loaded sense) is a cat in a bag. You must be Jewish?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  5. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m surprised they don’t mass perscribe these blacks and Hispanics Adderall. They would be much better behaved, Better students, and may even gain 5 IQ points. Seems like a win to me.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  6. @anon

    Because in the modern U.S. the only stance toward Blacks that is allowed is to pretend they are wonderful and that any shortcomings they may present are entirely the fault of “systemic racism”. If they perform poorly and behave improperly while in school, you don’t medicate them, you fight “systemic racism”.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  7. @Rahan

    Central North America is headed for a complete economic, social, and military collapse. Its liberal ideology will not allow an about-face until complete collapse has occurred.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Gene Su
  8. This notion of smart whites etc. not having children because they can’t afford tuition/room& board so their kids can go to elite colleges or whatever….”Idiocracy”, anyone? Ahhhh…the wonders of predictive programming…..

    Solution? HOME SCHOOL! Or are you “elite” white liberals afraid the best you could do would be a college on par with Texas A&M? A pretty well known college, I might add…in Texas anyway. But no! You won’t have more kids because they might not get into Yale? Talk about ‘idiocracy’! (Note: I home schooled my son into Texas A&M Galveston, Texas A&M’s “sea-ag” equivalent to A&M’s aggie fame, Bachelor’s degrees in both Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries).

  9. Dindus destroy everything.

  10. MJagger says:

    Seriously, quoting Wikipedia as a reliable source undermines this whole article and makes it cheap. GUM was never “off limits to regular Soviet citizens”! There was a small room inside called “section 200”, which served the apparatchiks, but never the whole store. Tourists with hard currency were served in special stores of the Beryozka chain, not GUM.

    Its simply misleading, though so typical. Do your homework!

    • Agree: Alfred, Adûnâi
    • Replies: @silviosilver
    , @Alden
    , @Kukavaan
  11. Jews own NY. Blame them.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @God's Fool
    , @silviosilver
  12. Dumbo says:

    Alphas, Betas, Gammas and Epsilons. I’ve read that book before, and I don’t think it had a happy ending.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  13. Alfred says:

    It was all explained nicely by Jay Forrester 50 years ago. He modelled white flight from the cities and the rise of the suburbs. Of course, he did not mention rude words like “race” in any of his work but that was the underlying premiss.

    There is now a vast literature on the subject. But Forrester was the one who started modelling it with software.

    Urban Dynamics (1969)

  14. Anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    So, When will Whites start leaving America and start moving to Central/Eastern Europe?

  15. Don’t you think it’s just the entire public education system in the “West” that’s in crisis? As a professor in a flagship national university in the 1980s and 1990s, I have been witnessing the intentional destruction of higher education through the introduction of market principles at all levels. It has resulted in the sellout of the sciences to business and the abandonment of proven values in the arts.

    To be sure, primary and secondary education were already being eroded since the 1970s, receiving the final blow in the 1980s.

    Just look around to see what it has led to: moronic millennials without so much as a clue as to what has been done to them while their parents were sweating it off to pay for their “education!”

    Education is beyond salvation as long as we are being ruled by a class of ruthless criminals.

    The only possible solution may have to involve pitchforks and guns, I’m afraid.

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Replies: @silviosilver
    , @SimplyMe
  16. GMC says:

    Yo Canadian – a bit off topic but when I used to travel from Alaska down to America, we would always go thru Yukon and then onthru western Canada and south. Are the Western canadians still the same folks – meaning, very independent and absolutely not into the Eastern Canuks/Quebecians and don’t you dare speak french at any customs post – if you don’t wish to be there for an extra hour – or have the Western folks been ” integrated” ? ? I’m thinking when you said, many Canadians are moving out of Brown cities, you are referring to – going West ?

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Oikeamielinen
  17. As the prefix “eu-” means “good”, “right” and “beautiful”
    – all irremediable racist concepts -,
    methinks we should in this our the 21st refrain from its eu(ow!)rocentric use 😛

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  18. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    How any normal white people with a desire to live a normal life including having a stable marriage and a couple of kids, would choose to live in New York, is beyond me. There’s a whole country of 3.7 million square miles that isn’t NYC that they could raise their kids in. The American obsession with putting their children in the “right” schools so their kids can go to an “Ivy” league school is part of the problem. Perhaps a change in attitude needs to be in order. Give up the obsession with “elite education” and if you want to get rich, set up a business away from NYC and work on it until you achieve your goal. Let the Asians and the Jews have NYC, let them have all the endless racial problems and the concomitant stress that living in a multi-racial pest hole gives you.

    • Agree: Montefrío, Dutch Boy
  19. FalseName says:

    At more elite schools such as Horace Mann and Trinity tuition likewise tops $55,000, and these sums do not include mandatory extras such as books, uniforms, class trips, transportation, and extra-curricular activities. But, the educational benefits are substantial: orderly classes with well-behaved classmates, dedicated teachers together with a menu of first-class academic options.

    Hmm, I believe Horace Mann was involved in a long and sordid pedo adventure, that was recently discussed in the press. Pay attention to the words “mandatory extras such as books, uniforms, class trips, transportation, and extra-curricular activities”. None of them has anything to do with good education. Sounds much more like good indoctrination. Proven again by the next few “orderly classes with well-behaved classmates, dedicated teachers together with a menu of first-class academic options”. Sounds again more like “well behaved and domesticated herd with very well trained trainers”.

    Yes, these public schools may be safe and have decent qualified teachers, but they usually lack the academic reputations and resources such as AP classes believed to be critical for admission to selective college.

    Qualified means teachers that have been certified by the authorities, which implies that they first graduated from the current system that constantly produces pure crap (most of the current faculty is leftist, communistically inclined), that later have passed all kinds of possible yearly “professional development trainings”, including critical race theory, homo-pedo theory, lesbian theory, Marx and Lenin were good, Stalin was bad theories, etc, etc. “Selective colleges” again translates as “especially good at filling head with shit”. Enough proof, in case you have not been to college lately, is in the overwhelming presence of white youngsters among the “peaceful protestors”, ready to throw their country to hell fire and to build the “worker’s paradise” in the “land of the free”. A decent teacher is more likely found among those that are not qualified teachers, that did not spend several years in college taking completely useless crap about how to teach, soaking in the latest fashionable pedagogical techniques. Not by chance pedagogy has the same root as pedophilia in the modern acceptance. Never heard of the Ontario (Canada) convicted pedophile that designed the sex education curriculum for children?

    Any school that is allowed to function by the state (possibly with the exception of jewish ones, I wonder why) must teach the current homo-pedo perverted courses, must satisfy all local and possibly federal laws. Title this and Title that. Otherwise they loose accreditation and can not operate. Any teacher that is “qualified” in the definition given by the original poster is highly suspect of been certified to pollute and destroy the minds of children.

    Pay attention! Do not fall for pre-cooked phrases! They throw your mind and thinking into controlled alleys. If there is hope for survival of the white races, you must first regain control of your mind. Get out of the accepted educational institutions. Where is the famous high IQ of the parents?

    This commentary has been written by a “low IQ Hispanic”.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  20. gotmituns says:

    There is no Egalitarianism in Eugenics.

  21. Alfred says:

    When will Whites start leaving America and start moving to Central/Eastern Europe?

    I left Australia a year ago. I am in Ukraine. I would like to go to Russia but the border is closed for guys like me. I am toying with the idea of helping other guys move this way.

    However, people are basically optimists. No matter how bad things get, they assume that it cannot get worse. When they find out that they were mistaken, they can no longer take the plunge for a variety of reasons.

    Here is the latest Martin Armstrong interview (Nov 19, 2020). He believes that those behind the Great Reset / New Wold Order / Build Back Better can see their plans unraveling for the following reasons:

    1- Mass protests in many countries.
    2- People are beginning to understand that the virus was a scam – no worse than regular influenza.
    3- A stolen election in the USA with 38 million votes switched according to his computer model.

    As a result, they might inflict a massive electric power failure on the USA (and other countries ?) which can last for months. This will be blamed on Russia or China and used to start a big war.

    Events in Belarus and Armenia were really attacks against Russia. To try to get Russia militarily involved. Luckily, the Azari president did not follow the wishes of Turkey (NATO) and opted to stop the advance and to keep the Turks out of the ceasefire negotiations.

    Martin Armstrong: Elites Ushering in Communism 3.0 Kickstarted By Another World War

    • Replies: @Nisbe
    , @GMC
  22. JackOH says:

    Forced racial integration constitutes under-the-radar ethnic cleansing

    I’ve written a bit about my own experiences as a student on these pages. Those experiences still rankle after a half-century. They shouldn’t, I suppose, but they do.

    I agree with your characterization, and I’ve encouraged the readers here to see for themselves whether the “stages of genocide” schematic proposed, I think, by some NGOs may be helpful in understanding the effects of America’s anti-White policies. I’m not sure I’m a fan of thinking in terms of “stages of genocide”, but I’m not a non-fan either.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  23. Icy Blast says:

    No thoughtful, civilized person would want to raise a family in or near New York City anyway, so this whole article is a dishonest waste of time. Even the accompanying photograph is bogus! Healthy blonde girls, in uniform, sitting contentedly in a classroom? Obviously that has nothing to do with New York City! Who is the author trying to fool? Either it’s staged or it was taken in a private school in Europe or the U.K.

    Anywhere a few young people blessed with intelligence and curiosity get together, you have a center of culture and learning. All you need is a few laptops connected to the internet and a few bucks for books and you have an Academy or a Lyceum. This Weissberg guy needs to go diving for bull sharks in the Hudson River.

    • Agree: Alfred
  24. “…Hard to say whether these eugenic policies are conscious or just a happy unarticulated dividend of the radical egalitarian agenda…”

    If you would replace the term “eugenic” with dysgenic, I could agree with your remark and the rest of your article.

    There is no more destructive idea than egalitarianism. Ultimately it not only leads to the destruction of civilization but to genocide of whole classes of people deemed “too superior”, as happened in Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

    The reality is that ALL MEN ARE UNEQUAL. That is true of individuals, but also of genetically defined groups, because talent and character are partly (largely?) genetically determined and cannot be changed by environmental interventions. To think otherwise is ideological Lysenkoism.

    Present day America is more Marxist than Stalin’s Russia ever was. Thanks to the long march through the institutions!

  25. Anonymous[133] • Disclaimer says:

    The author misuses the term ‘eugenics’.

    Eugenics means that good characteristics are selected for. I think the author means the opposite.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  26. This is not eugenics but dysgenics, and that is why egalitarians like it.

    That is, if high-IQ natives don’t want children, get them off-the-shelf from foreign suppliers, particularly China or India.

    Unlike whites, these Asians will want to have children. They will use private education and accept a much lower standard of living so they can pay for it. Unlike whites, they will be willing to live in a small apartment and forgo the fine dining and expensive cultural experiences that NYC offers. Or as one writer put it, the message is “Settle For Less, You White Bastards!”

    Their children will expect a higher standard of living and will find themselves in the same position as today’s whites. So the system will import another generation of Asians who are willing to settle for less. What a way to run a country.

  27. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Central North America is headed for a complete economic, social, and military collapse. Its liberal ideology will not allow an about-face until complete collapse has occurred.

    There is a lot more to it than just liberal ideology. The cities have no remaining natural monopolies thanks to containerization, rubber wheeled transport, computer displacement of clerks, and Internet communications, and their political base is looking wobbly. Moreover, their remaining population appears to be capable only of rioting and burning down its own cities. The 2020 Federal election theft, intended to stave off large scale urban bankruptcy, may instead accelerate it. If it is not corrected, the Feds will find themselves having unable, from sheer financial exhaustion, to enforce their laws over most of the US. Enforcement would cost more than it brings in, and there is no surplus to pay for monetarily unproductive enforcement.

    “Liberal ideology” appears to have been a sham, intended only to justify funding urban areas — if you think about it, funding otherwise insolvent urban areas is the only accomplishment of “liberal ideology”. It certainly hasn’t accomplished any of its forma goals.

    Funding cities has cost the United States its industries and, as Weissberg points out, much of its productive population. The US, now unable to afford urban police, is on the verge of being unable to afford expeditionary military forces. POTUS Trump has appointed new leadership in the Pentagon, and the new leadership is returning forces to the US in an orderly and fairly rapid way. This is not a matter of volition, it is a matter of capability and anticipated drops in tax revenue and borrowing capability. Inability of the US to mount expeditionary forces will enable local wars that will seriously depress international trade. The international trade reduction will further weaken the income of the US Federal Government.

    What we can look forward to is a time of poverty and extreme central government weakness while industrial and social capital is rebuilt [1]. Such times are brutal, but more brutal for R populations than K populations. Temperate zones are more productive than tropical zones because winter kills of most of the R populations — see Aesop’s “Ant and the Grasshopper” story.

    1] We are not exactly looking at a Kondratiev winter here, since Kondratiev did not consider the effect of politics on economic cycles. While there is a K. winter effect here, it has been greatly amplified by political attempts to maintain urban areas by a “kick the can down the road” strategy, by temporizing, when the most recent Kondratiev Spring made cities obsolete.

  28. Drew says:

    “And let’s not forget the life-style cost of plain vanilla venues where the best restaurant is Applebee’s and the local cultural highlight is Friday night high school football.”

    This might have been true in, say, the south twenty years ago, but this trope is pretty outdated. First, major restaurant chains stay out of small towns and rural areas because the population can’t support their overhead. As such, most rural restaurants are independent and locally owned.

    Second, the internet has made it possible for people to more or less enjoy the same cultural highlights regardless of location. For example, when I moved from a major metro area to a rural farm this year, the metro ballet troupe I patronized sent me an advert saying that they were live-streaming their performances this year, if I wanted to view them. Moreover, thanks to the interstate system, I am about an hour away from the nearest major metro area, an hour and a half away from the second-closest, and less than two hours away from the third closest. My point is that cultural highlights are not inaccessible, or even particularly difficult to access in this day and age, even in a rural area.

  29. @Priss Factor

    Jews own America and the rest of the world most likely… blame Adam, the first Jew and his concubine, Eve!

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  30. To solve China and India problem of the West, the teams of U. S. and U. K. can nuke India and a tag team of Russia and France can nuke China… it’s no longer a problem except now the West will be stuck with Blacks and Latinos… problem can’t be solved!

  31. @omegabooks

    My son is also an A & M Galveston grad. Terrific school! I’m an Ivy grad, his mother and sister both Seven Sisters and we were all wowed by how useful that education and degree have been. He chose the school after two years at a “great books” school. “We have all those books at home and I want to learn something practical.” He did!

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Bookish1
  32. Nisbe says:

    Like VoxDay says, indoor plumbing will become a memory from the past where globohomo dominates.

    This quote also comes to mind:

    “If leftists really thought that diversity is good for people, then they wouldn’t force it upon those whom they regard as enemies. Why not punish the evil racists by denying them that greatest of all goods, diversity? Of course leftists know that diversity is bad for you. That’s the point.”


    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  33. @Anonymous

    Vast majority of white adults are too soft for Central Europe. Schooling did not prepare them to learn the languages or the systems (taxation, transport, public services, utilities). Don’t have the flexibility to grapple with these differences. Don’t have the same kind of health care systems at all, Here you have to pay attention to your own health (instead of assuming the kindly insurance company, drug peddlers and corporate doctors have your best interests at heart) because you know the system is unreliable.

    Place to start is with education. Send your kids to college here. It is cheap, the coeds are beautiful, and whatever the flaws in the education, it is not freighted with Marxist indoctrination. Educating foreigners is a $1 billion business in Ukraine. Average cost only $7000 per year.

    But not too many! Don’t Californicate our paradise.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Adûnâi
    , @Miro23
  34. @MJagger

    Why would you jump down the author’s throat over such a minor detail? Do you have a personal stake in defending the ‘honor’ of commie garbage or something? What do you make of the author’s overall thesis, that ‘more integration’ simply results in more destruction of white living standards (and civilizational standards in general)?

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  35. @Priss Factor

    That might be good enough for you or me, but most people are so mesmerized by the eqalitarian dream they’ll require a little more in the way of nuance if they’re to be swayed. And unfortunately this phenomenon extends way beyond New York.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  36. Nisbe says:

    Seems to me that this could be an excellent time to put the US Special Operations on Love Distribution duty, the “people” involved in this Great Reset malarkey seem like they need some high speed love delivered to them.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  37. @Hans Vogel

    The only possible solution may have to involve pitchforks and guns, I’m afraid.

    Massive Resistance 2.0 – and this time the good guys win.

    • LOL: profnasty
  38. Alfred says:

    a “great books” school

    Sorry. I am not familiar with that term. Can you please explain?

    I found the following. But I am not sure how it fits in with your comment.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  39. anarchyst says:

    Your statement: /Any school that is allowed to function by the state (possibly with the exception of jewish ones, I wonder why) must teach the current homo-pedo perverted courses, must satisfy all local and possibly federal laws./…is PROOF that jewish supremacy is alive and well in the “good ol’ USA” and is not applicable to gentile whites.
    The “jews only” community of Kiryas Joel, New York, among many others comes to mind. Despite receiving taxpayer dollars, these communities open flout ALL civil-rights laws that are imposed on the rest of us…

  40. Anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Right. The “systemic racism” in America is twofold: (1) the leftist assumption that blacks are intellectually and morally inferior to whites, which underlies all the Left’s b.s. about equality of opportunity, not to mention that all their talk about equality of outcomes is a smokescreen for punishing whites; and (2) that blacks, not whites, are far and away the worst racists and commit something like 90% of all race-on-race violent crime in America; for example, year in and year out, race-on-race rape in America is often 100% black men raping white women.

    Way back in 1985 Reginald Damerell’s Education’s Smoking Gun: How Teacher’s Colleges Have Destroyed Education in America tore into the leftist project to promote illiterate blacks through teacher’s colleges and send them out everywhere as administrators who were granted masters degrees and doctorates in education despite factually having less literacy or numeracy than white fourth graders. These are the urban, black female principals and school board administrators destroying education in places like NYC. It’s a black thing, so naturally any failures must be the fault of whites.

    Some of the stories Damerell relates from his own experience are tragic but hilarious, such as “Dr” Bill Cosby being awarded an Ed. D from UMass for showing a few Fat Albert cartoons and being the celebrity guest at the university’s higher ups’ dinner parties. More typically, instead of dismissing black women who couldn’t read or write, these black women were moved into an “advanced program” combining a masters and doctorate without first graduating from college. They were awarded doctorates on the basis of administrative specialties such as setting up audio-visual aids in the classroom, which many couldn’t do in any case, and yet they’re out there destroying black education like ticking time bombs first put in place decades ago by the Leftist teachers’ unions and fellow travelers.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  41. gotmituns says:

    If people don’t know they’re unhappy then they’re happy. Just like when I was a little boy, I didn’t know we were poor, so I was happy enough.

  42. Alfred says:

    the “people” involved in this Great Reset malarkey seem like they need some high speed love delivered to them.

    I had similar thoughts. I think that frustrated people start wars – Hilary Clinton, Obama, GW Bush, Johnson, Roosevelt etc. I think that if these “people” had beautiful partners, like Trump, they would be less frustrated and more content with what they have. Here are some select beauties. You can guess for yourselves who their partners are:


  43. Adûnâi says: • Website

    From what I have gathered, the Unz Review allows NSDAP-rehabilitation and Putin-worship, but the moment anyone praises Socialism (be it the dead USSR or the living Democratic Korea), it is utter taboo and off limits. When it’s the Soviet Union, it’s always evil and funny and liberal… even though the Soviets never worshipped the Negro, and never prayed to the god of the Jews Jesus (the USSR in fact revoked its recognition of the state of Israel in 1967, and never gave it back).

    This article in particular considers evil the hierarchical aspect of the Soviet Union! That literary runs counter to the anti-egalitarian message of the entry! How can you make fun of exclusive to the élite stores in one paragraph, and then mock the stupidity of swarthy jungle apes trying to intrude the White space in another?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  44. We are different in our natural being.
    God has made us different.
    Egalitarianism does not respect that fact, and therefore it is cruelty.

  45. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    when I read insanity like Wyatt’s jackass comment here I pine for my own solution…repatriation to Africa.

    had repatriation began a generation or 2 ago it would have been completed by now. pay American Black people some money, some reasonable amount and let them go home. then American has to fuck off Africa. go away for Christ sakes! mind America’s own business and regardless of what happens keep out!!!!

    its never too late! repatriation can still work. what you say! so many mixed families will be busted up!

    no way! America must now allow mixed children, mixed families and nothing at all African to remain. thy can all go to Africa. Kylie and what’s his name, along with and their angel-baby mixed daughter…Africa! Kim and Kanye! Africa. its time Africa stood up for its own, take them back and move forward.

    that’s the answer…the only answer!

    just look at Wyatt and all the negative comments here! look at these people! who in the hell tells all of you I want to live among you? I don’t! I want to get to hell away. I have been trying to do so for a long time. I am almost there save that it took so much time out of my life. but I don’t give a damn. I am off soon

    this lunatic nation America and all your Jews over lords…the most insane, punitive, intellectually limited, psychotic, brutal, genocidal, enslaving, murderous, greedy collective of people who ever lived, could possibly live, cannot be surpassed in nature ever again -Jews and white Anglo’s: the answer is to get away from socially uncomfortable America. go home Black people of America. take what you can and go home. you have a home to go to where you can build the life you want, need, that suits you.

    there is nothing in America for us. whatever that is col in the USA we contributed it, not to our advantage but theirs. America is capitalist! capitalism does not work for the people it exploits, the working majority. Capitalism cannot work for the people! that is not its existential and long term purpose and function only to concentrate all the wealth into the hands of the capitalists.

    the end product of capitalism is Brave New World. that is our fate if we stay in the west and the ordinary people of western nations do not rise up to preclude the certain Brave New World potential of capitalism. in fact that is where we are at right now, this minute. that is what the fakedemic/Plandemic Covid is all about.

    Capitalism has arrived at one of its last failures…if not its last one. and the capitalist class are ‘RESETTING’ things socially to ensure that it survives on top of whatever replaces capitalism still with all the social power in their hands. rather than a popular revolution from the ground up they are preempting that popular potential which is the last chance for ordinary people to save themselves, by carrying out a revolution from the top down. the Capitalists must destroy society to reset it…which is why all the draconian lock downs, masks. crazy social distancing, ending Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. they must break the people and their culture, remove all cultural vestiges to disorient the people making them amenable to the great ‘Reset’

    try imagine what that great Reset is going to be and what it is going to mean for Black people in America?

    w were enslaved and brutalized, and have endured 2 centuries of racism. but this is going to be far worse, and final as well. we will not walk away from this alive. we should have left long ago. it is not too late now. go home to Africa and build there the opposite to America. leave America the devil alone finally! GO HOME!

    if capitalism worked for the majority of the people it would have long ago made a security for all the working people of the nation, which security would have ended racism, inequality, fear and all sectarianism, brought the education into all the variety that would be necessary to educate everyone
    properly. it is brutal divisive and violent capitalism and its way of life imposed on the American people that causes all the social problems including the the problems in educating the people

    and even if there is positive social change in American it is going to take another 2-3 generations before it all works out properly to produce a decent society in which all have a chance. but there is nothing in America that is so focused, to revolutionize the USA from the ground up focused on the development of a popular based society in the interest of the American people. most of the alternative groups, energized, some violent and moving do not have as their purpose any such revolutionary idea for America but only more extremities of view like that of the Zionists

    its time for 50 Million Black Americans to cut a deal and go home leaving America to its own devices. like we go home and demand America butts out period!!! so to we must forget America, but right out and go on about our African business. Any Future relationship with America would be way down the road…IF AMERICA SURVIVES!

    I have no worry at all about the Academic capabilities of Black people. but we will not shine that way, in our masses in capitalist America. we must go home for that, build the life there we want and need, to we would shine as brightly in all areas of life as we were allowed to shine brightly in the USA only in the Arts: Never in general areas of life that would threaten the Jewish/Anglo and other white men, in their business, financial domination of the world. we can do all that working for ourselves in our own interest, in our own and nations.

    • Agree: Wyatt
    • LOL: Rich
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. @Anonymous

    Well I’d assume there are probably thousands of Whites in Hong Kong, and they left the “West” when Hong Kong power transferred to China this year. So that’s kind of a White Pill.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  47. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Graham Seibert

    > ” It is cheap, the coeds are beautiful, and whatever the flaws in the education, it is not freighted with Marxist indoctrination.”

    Nonsense. The education in Ukraine emphasises the economist view of history. Brushes aside the achievements of Greece and Rome, branding these foundational societies as “slave-owning”. Sheepishly praises everything Christian, even before Prince Vladimir (they consider the fable of Andrew the First-Called real history). This total subservience is now transforming into the tacit worship of Turkey, our ancient racial enemies – it started with the support for the Chechens, Azerbajanis, and now they call the Novorussian colonisation “the genocide of the Tartars”!

    Of course, as an American, by “Marxist indoctrination”, you probably mean gays and niggers. Gays are not welcome here, true, but niggers are in advertisements, and women are eagerly becoming whores. People are hailing Tsikhanovskaya and Sandu, these Belarussian and Moldovan pro-EU whores respectively.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Graham Seibert
  48. @Nisbe

    “…“If leftists really thought that diversity is good for people, then they wouldn’t force it upon those whom they regard as enemies. Why not punish the evil racists by denying them that greatest of all goods, diversity? Of course leftists know that diversity is bad for you. That’s the point…”

    Exactly, and that is also the reason why they justify mass non-white immigration into European countries that formerly had colonies. We deserve that, they say, as retribution for our colonial sins, thus revealing that they really consider multi-culturalism as punishment and not as “enrichment” as they feign.

  49. AKINDLE says:

    They never learn. Even after the African hero Trump lost, Republicans are already making amnesty and “school choice” a centerpiece of their reach out efforts. The private schools that sprang up as the public schools went dark were created, in part, precisely to get white kids out of the dangerous, darkened public schools. And still, the cucks don’t get it. They lost Georgia and it’s not coming back. Their minority outreach has been one, big colossal flop.

  50. @Ray Caruso

    What I do find interesting that they are useless for any king of job except government jobs.
    I do have to deduct from this that to perform in government job is not too really demanding.

  51. Defcon says:

    I had the opportunity to go through a majority black school system in the deep south, at the time, if you couldn’t hold a high enough grade point average you were not eligible for college prep classes, this kept us separated for the most part. In the event that you had a class that wasn’t college prep and segregated, it was a nightmare of disorder and disruption, the teacher even had an emergency button to dispatch security. If you unfortunately had to use the bathroom and hadn’t managed to steal a faculty pass to use there’s, you had to fight your way out, the school refused to discipline the blacks. I would assume that by now merit based placement has been done away with due to “systematic racisim”, the quality of education wasn’t great to begin with, I could only imagine now. Blacks as an average do not possess the IQ, nor the desire to perform well in the “white man’s” system, if they do the other blacks call them uncle Tom’s. This rests solely on the shoulders of blacks, that are nothing more than a welfare queen’s paycheck.

    On to white flight. I remember as a kid, as soon as a house was classified section 8, every house in the neighborhood went up for sale, within a week of negros arrival there will be cop patrols and drug raids. I witnessed this first hand, luckily my dad knew what was up, unlike our liberal urbanite neighbors. Our house was sold first. I visited that neighborhood 20 years later, Jesus Christ, I had to make a u-turn. The situation now if you want to live in a majority white area there are 2 options. 1 small towns 45 minutes to a hour from the cities, but these places are a premium and you are not getting any house the for less than $300 thousand. 2 rural never heard of shitholes with no zoning or jobs. Both obviously have their drawbacks. Eventually there will be no option for white flight, only white fight.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: JackOH
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  52. Trinity says:


    Anyone who doubts the above can read Jewish newspapers that have been spewing anti-White hatred for decades, Jewish network or cable news programming that regurgitates vile anti-White rhetoric 24/7/365, Hollywood, I mean where do we even start with Hollywood. Jewish professors aka witch doctors in academia filling naive heads with anti-White horsehit and FAKE history is yet another example. We really could go on all day here, folks. How about anti-White organizations like the $PLC, ADL, etc.? These groups claim to fight hate but yet they seem to have a problem with hate themselves. Maybe the ADL and $PLC need to add themselves to their hate group lists.

    Black folk and racism in America and abroad for that matter is off the charts. Where the Jewish racism is more cerebral, and in the shadows, or at least in the shadows for dimwitted dullards, edjumucated collage morons, or willfully ignorant news anchors, etc. Black racism is right out in the open for all to see, even some fool living in a shack in the middle of Montana has to be woke to TNB in the year 2020 thanks to something called the internet. Hell, maybe that is why they live in the sticks of Montana in the first place and maybe why people like those willfully ignorant news anchors live in homogeneously lily white communities. hehe. Even CONTROLLED television news networks can’t keep all Black criminality buried, but they do their best. Black violent crime against Whites largely goes unreported and IF reported, the race angle is hardly ever mentioned. Even brutal horrific cases of Black on White violence garner maybe an obligatory 5 minutes of coverage, while Paula Deen saying the N-word is looped around the clock. We even have cases of Black “perfessers” encouraging violence against “racist Whites” in our collages, folks. Racist? Oh hell, no, that’s just edjumucation, yo.

  53. @m___

    I too was nildly disappointed at the post Nazi use of “eugenics” as though it included dysgenic policies and everything bad when practical eugenics was what every reasonably intelligent family always attempted after achieving basic survival and sustenance. Jews were very good at it and even Jane Austen’s characters can be seen to be assessing the breeding quality of men (and women) by surrogate measures.

  54. So your premise is that black crime, immigration, and forced school integration will ethnically cleanse whites from big cities and reduce the cosmopolitan whites’ birthrate? Dude, that ship has sailed.

  55. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    As a young child, a wise old man once told me “the government will screw up a two car funeral”; no matter how old I get, those words guide my knowledge of anything government touches.
    Government employees have a defining characteristic, that being that they have never actually done anything, they sit around a table, and “imagine” how things will work out.
    Another wise old man also told me “anything is possible, when you don’t know what you’re talking about”
    Ignoring nature, and especially human nature, is proof of the idiocy of humanity.

    • Replies: @baythoven
  56. @Anonymous

    Three generations of imbeciles is just the beginning.

  57. profnasty says:

    Scuttlebutt has it: Canadian Left Coast has gone Chinee. The East Coast, Black/French.
    Saskatchewan/Manitoba want no part; seek to join American upper Midwest.
    One year ago I would have said, “Impossible!”
    Now, not so much.

  58. @Adûnâi

    “…This article in particular considers evil the hierarchical aspect of the Soviet Union! That literary runs counter to the anti-egalitarian message of the entry..!”

    No it is not that this article considers social hierarchy as evil, it condemns the Soviet system for its hypocrisy, preaching “equality” to the masses, but practicing hierarchical privilege for its elite.

    Like: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, as is said in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  59. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Substitute “industrial” for “capitalist” and you’re dead on.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  60. Trinity says:

    Whites have been much too accepting of the undermining of their history, the nations that THEY BUILT or in the case of Europe, the nations that they originated, yes, take that we all came from Africa horseshit and shove it up your culo. Any White that willfully accepts any of this genocidal anti-White crapola needs to strongly consider seeking help for a mental disorder. It isn’t as if the people orchestrating this multiracial egalitarian agenda even care about humanity, much less Whites for that matter. This is an evil and racist agenda masquerading as something that will bring all of humanity together. Can you smell the shit from Sarah Palin’s house yet? Seems like Whitey is always getting the short end of the stick in all of this. Whites don’t benefit at all by living among nonwhites and Jews. Now do Jews and nonwhites benefit by living among Whites? Definitely a give and take relationship where Whites do all the giving and the others do all the taking.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  61. Miro23 says:
    @Graham Seibert

    Vast majority of white adults are too soft for Central Europe. Schooling did not prepare them to learn the languages or the systems (taxation, transport, public services, utilities). Don’t have the flexibility to grapple with these differences.

    I’m sure that’s right. Young people could try it if they wanted to – for example here: but it would be hard work and I wouldn’t have too high expectations.

  62. frontier says:

    Solution? HOME SCHOOL!

    While I’d recommend it to those who can do it, homeschooling is not a solution, it’s only a stop-gap measure. Some people can’t do it well enough, others can’t afford it because they have to work, etc. As it is, homeschooling doesn’t preclude government’s waste of taxpayer money on damaging public education, actually it encourages it. Any solution should include closing the public school system, refunding the taxes for it and replacing it with parent-controlled private schools.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Alden
  63. frontier says:

    Good article and lots of good comments here. Doesn’t happen often, even on Unz.

  64. WPaws says:

    Excellent insight, Bob, but highly depressing.

  65. @Adûnâi

    You perhaps have more experience than I. Would love to meet you to discuss it. I’m easy to find.

  66. @GMC

    No essential difference between west and east. British Columbia and Yukon have most of the mountains, that’s all.

    In other news, Charlotte Iserbyt saw the decline in American education decades ago in her time with the National Education Association (NEA). Look up The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.

  67. Arquebus says:

    A reasonably Fair admission system for a school that caters to exceptionally talented students might work something like this: administrators would determine some
    minimum values for entrance exam scores, GPA, etc. that would indicate an applicant would do well at the school and benefit from attending it. African American applicants who meet these criteria would be admitted. All others that meet these criteria would be placed into a pool from which students would be selected by lottery. The aim of this system is to get a more diverse student body by emphasizing good test scores instead of top test scores.

    If some middle class/upper middle class white parents organize and agitate for something like the above, they will come to understand that working for the interests of white people is possible and worthwhile. At this moment, such parents are not exactly being “oppressed,” but they are getting screwed.

  68. dvorak says:

    Outside of low-cost Catholic and Jewish schools

    How low-cost are Catholic schools these days? No more nuns means higher expenses.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @John Johnson
  69. profnasty says:

    I’m told British HK was the bailiwick (sp) of Scottish Freemasons. It is telling, when HK was transferred, the Chinese economy took off for the heavens.

  70. Bookish1 says:

    This article is not about you

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  71. FLgeezer says:

    Excellent post and thank you. It neatly sums up
    what has befallen urban school systems nationwide.
    Many Masters and PhD “Education” curricula are AA in disguise.

  72. Mefobills says:

    Substitute “industrial” for “capitalist” and you’re dead on.

    Neither of you are dead on.

    Finance capitalism gets conflated with “capitalist.”

    How about industrial capitalism? An industrialist can operate in both systems.

    How about fascism, where industry was issued guidelines by the state, yet still had industrialists?

    • Replies: @anon
  73. anarchyst says:

    It was just as bad in the 1960s. In fact, Detroit’s Northeastern High School had a “black students union” that was successful in getting the American flag removed from the front of the school and replacing it with a “black nationalist” flag.

    The ordeal that us white students had to go through was harrowing, to say the least. White students did not use the restrooms, as a “beatdown” by multiple blacks was usually the result.

    Blacks never fought one-on-one, the “pack mentality” was evident then as is today.

    Any attempts by whites to defend themselves was met with indifference, and even outright hostility from school officials. You see, even then, blacks were not “responsible” for their behavior. Whites who fought back against blacks were punished while blacks were “given a pass”.

    Blacks did not want to learn, the same situation that still exists today. Even then, blacks were disruptive. Most of the teachers just shrugged their shoulders, let the disruptions go on until the next class period.

    Teachers were deferential to blacks (on orders from “higher-up” school officials), although there were a few teachers who tried to carefully shield us, their white and asian students from predatory blacks, giving them additional attention and coursework, knowing that we could excel in spite of the, violent, raucous atmosphere.

    Anywhere blacks go, they destroy…

    • Agree: Trinity, Alden, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Defcon
    , @Alden
  74. Gene Su says:

    I can’t help but give in to the urge to repost these thoughts every time I read an article about unintelligent black children destroying the public schools and ruining life for white and Asian children, whether said article is written by R Weissberg, I Mercer, or F Reed.

    I have really given a lot of thought of what is really the driving force behind the “racial wokism” that has been eating at America for the last 80 years. Why do so many non-blacks not see the black crime problem for what it truly is? The usual answers given by conservatives are:
    – Our education system indoctrinates a great deal of “guilt” or sentimentality into the minds of non-blacks. This can be seen in the myriad of children’s books detailing the past injustices blacks had to suffer.
    – Our entertainment industry (which contains a large number of Jewish elites) always goes through a great deal of trouble to portray blacks in a good light. As Ben Stein once wrote, you’ll never see a black murderer on the detective sitcom “Columbo”.
    – The media goes through a great deal of trouble to hide black-on-nonblack crime. Dylann Roof got lots of press but not the Carr brothers.

    All of these have some grain of truth but none of them are what I think is the most major reason as to why so many non-blacks are fooled.
    – I remember once on that someone said that the reason why a lot of whites are fooled is because the blacks they usually come in contact with are decent, intelligent, and hard-working. You can live in a large metropolis like NYC, LA, Philadelphia, and so on and have ZERO contact with the thug sector. You would have to be a police officer or a social worker or have a job that involves personally dealing with the underclass to come in contact with the blacks that the racialists warn you about. The Black American population is very stratified along class lines. The black middle class does NOT allow their children to mix with the dregs.

    There is a powerful flip side to this, however, as to why a lot of whites, and especially white children, do not believe in the existence of the black criminal thug sector.

    Most nonblack (and a large percentage of black) American children attend public schools in the lily white suburbs. They are, for the most part, NOT jungles of incessant violence. However, they also have a great deal of problems. There is very little academic learning in them. I remember learning no new math skills from grades 4 to 6. I also remember reading Tom Sawyer on my own in second grade. The sequel, Huck Finn, came as assigned reading in sophomore year of high school.
    To top that off, there are a lot of white children who are unruly, disruptive, and, yes, violent.
    – In eighth grade, during a fundraiser car wash, an Irish delinquent, who thought his cop daddy would protect him, threw some water balloons at me. When I threw one back at him, he tackled me and beat me senseless. When we went to the principal’s office, he claimed that I started the fight. When I read an article by Colin Flaherty about black children attacking white or Asian children, I always think about that incident in the car wash.
    – Conservatives once played up the incident of a gang of unruly black girls stomping on one another at a McDonald’s a few years ago. The first incident that came to my mind was a fight between two white cheerleaders months after the car wash incident. They were pounding each other’s skulls into the ground over a boy they were both after. The boy, by the way, was a 16 year old delinquent and a “wigger”.
    – The ravings by conservatives that schools are letting black children who committed serious infractions “off the hook” with lenient or no punishments rings hollow to my ears. I have lost count of the number of times when, after being tripped or having rocks thrown at me, I was told by a white teachers to just ignore my white tormentors and that I had better not fight back or else I would get into troubles. The truth is that it is very difficult for a school to expel a troublemaker of any race.

    I believe that my experiences are more common among non-black Americans. It’s the reason why you hear clueless, naïve white college students say something silly and unqualified like: “Oh, I went to a school with a lot of black children. I never had any trouble with them. But I was picked on a lot by a lot of white punks.” That causes me to say: “No, the black children you personally dealt with were better behaved then whites. You are not getting a fair sampling.” It’s for this reason why white America cannot unite against blacks.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  75. The egalitarian hunter-gatherer mindset longs for the days when the difference between rich and poor, smart and stupid, productive and non-productive, truthful and lying, etc. were small – and brains were uniformly social with few technological abilities.

    Coming to your neighborhood soon: MADA – Make America Detroit Allover.

  76. Trinity says:
    @Gene Su

    What sort of fantasy world do you live in? You were beat up by an “Irish delinquent” in the eighth grade? Yeah? No one is saying all Whites are angels, hell, I was beat up by a white guy too. smdh and lol. I do agree that we are not “getting a fair sampling,” WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD OF EVEN 1/25 th of all the Black on White violence by the Jewish media much less other nonwhite on White violence. I didn’t live in the hood or trailer park, but my family was working class and I went to public school. I am guessing Blacks numbered about 35% of my high school, with only a smidgen of other assorted nonwhites, so the school for the most part just consisted of 2 races, Black and White. Even at 35%, Blacks were bullying Whites, most Whites were in fact intimidated somewhat but nothing like today. Today, a great deal of young White males have lost all sorts of honor and pride that go with being a man. Anyhow, even as a large minority, Blacks would act up, jump Whites, and just dominate when it came to disturbing the peace, and White teachers were mostly too scared to discipline these 200lb “chilren.” Don’t know your age but MOST White thugs are wiggers at least to one degree or another. You have wigger lite and just “skraight up” WINO, white in name only. At least in my day, Whites still more less tried to look and act White. Pathetic.

  77. Defcon says:

    Christ, sounds exactly the same 40 years later when I was there. I figured they were no diffrent even while having a nuclear family as the cuckservatives would have us believe. Of course both sides would be lying to us about their Jewish pet monkies. I just finished the turner diaries, I swear they used that book as a guideline to torment white people.

  78. @omegabooks

    Completely agree! This article is a joke. The author sounds like a Jewish-priveleged lib hypocrite. Welcome to forced busing 50 years late – and by all means swallow your pride and stop privilege-displaying by comparing costs of your NYC private schools, and home school like all the hicks that the lib elites, possibly yourself, have been making fun of and trying to crush for years.

  79. @Beavertales

    The big difference in cities like Vancouver is that public schools in the city are still relatively safe and good because there are almost no blacks. But that may change in the future with Canada ramping up immigration from Africa.

  80. It’s a Joo Race War against White European Christians, focused on America.

    The tools they use will cover the full spectrum.

    They hate us. It will never end.

    • Agree: Alden, FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Trinity
  81. If everyone is so afraid of not being able to place junior in some sort of “notable” college , whereupon he will likely be indoctrinated to hate his own, then how is it any parent is doing no less than familial suicide by following such a prescription? If you’re unwilling to think outside of the academic box you seem wedded to then you’re already a slave and dooming your kids to the same.

  82. Alden says:

    Right you are GUM was a huge open to any passerby including tourists, mall with dozens of stores. The elite bought most of their furniture household things like blankets cookware vacuum cleaners etc Electronics etc from Finnish catalogs.

    The real elite stores were actually in the government agencies building so they could conveniently shop during their long lunches and after work.

    One thing I really dislike is these long analogies that begin so many articles It’s not just UNZ articles it’s most articles on any subject. I usually skip the first analogy paragraphs.

    And where were rich middle class and poor shopping in non communist countries during soviet days? Separate stores for the various income levels and different tastes.

    Why not just mention that $45K a year private school tuition is affordable but $90K for 4 kids isn’t?

    Another thing about this person pontificating about private school tuition. He really doesn’t know how it’s paid.

    First, even in the ultra WASP individualist families, everyone chips in. Second, most families establish educational and charitable trusts. The money put in becomes a charitable donation and tax deductible. So money is saved from the tax monster. Basically, extended families pay the tuition of nieces nephews cousins and grand children and get tax deductions for it.

    I’m all for private and religious schools. But this article….:…..

    Author is correct about how sudden demographic shifts and or busing can destroy a physically safe and pleasant academically good public school in a few years.

    • Agree: Montefrío
  83. @Alfred

    The “great books” program (the classics back in his day) is as you saw in the link. The best known of these schools using the program is the one which my son attended. Very left wing, we learned once he was there. He concluded (18 yrs ago) that he could do the program at home and that a more practical curriculum (engineering) would better serve his future needs. This conclusion has almost certainly proven correct based on results. He’s an outdoor guy, hands-on type, and after years on an offshore oil-drilling rig, he now has his own quite succesful biz drilling water wells, etc., here in Argentina. When last he checked in (nine years ago) with former classmates, the most financially succesful other than he was a woman who’d become a pole dancer who, thanks to her very expensive classical education, can read classical Greek!

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Alfred
  84. Alden says:
    @Gene Su

    You’re lying about being beat up by an Irish punk and the cheerleaders. Sooooo obvious. Your last name isn’t Su either.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  85. @Bookish1

    Neither was my comment: it was about my son and his decision to abandon a liberal arts program that can be done at home for one that required practical knowledge and expertise rather than some left-wing academics’ interpretations of the Western classics. Anecdotal support for part of the article’s points.

  86. Alden says:

    There are tens of millions of Whites with life long chronic bladder infections as a result of not being able to use the bathrooms because of the black savages. All due to millions of dollars from Jewish organizations and one black and dozens of Jewish attorneys involved in school desegregation and school bussing lawsuits and court orders.

  87. Trinity says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    People will use you for a door mat as long as you ALLOW THEM TO. All the kissing of Jew and Black ass has gotten the White man nowhere. The more Whitey gives, the more they TAKE and DEMAND. People don’t respect you if you give in to them all the time. If you suck ass long enough, pretty soon you will start choking on shit.

    It would be nice if humans were straight shooters and looked out for one another, a great deal of Whites USED to be that way. That sort of thinking is foreign to Jews and other nonwhites for the most part. Unfortunately, this sort of dog eat dog attitude has even crept into OUR PEOPLE. Is it any wonder why so many people are lost, depressed, anxious, scared, suicidal, etc. I really feel for the young people out there, this is not the America I grew up in, and it was bad enuff then.

  88. Art says:

    The most destructive force in US education is radical feminism. In their quest for political power, they are shredding the golden goose that provided their current wellbeing. The idea that “individualism” and “objectivity” are bad for society – is totally crazy. Making the most capable individuals in society – uncapable – is stupid beyond comprehension. Is that not what this article is all about?

    In US school systems big and small, feminists dominate the syllabus, the teacher’s unions, the school management, and the school boards. Their misguided disapproval of half the human race, and specifically the white male – demonstrates their ignorance and ungratefulness. It shows an obliviousness of how society functions. And it shows an ingratitude for all the benefits that Euro Christian culture bestowed on them.

    Everything around the feminist was built primarily by the intelligence and organizational abilities of Euro white males. The truthful idea that we evolved out of the cave to something ever better, gets in the way of the mean-spirited feminist paradigm, that says that the past is all bad. The idea that only truth drives productivity – is lost on them. And the idea that schools are about passing on the truth and building new truth is missing. Diminishing truth in anyway – diminishes the bedrock of society.

  89. baythoven says:

    Government employees have a defining characteristic, that being that they have never actually done anything, they sit around a table, and “imagine” how things will work out.

    The word reimagine has been the height of fashion among the politicians this year.

  90. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    you guys are funny…seriously funny

    in my experience I have understood capitalism to start up industrially, morph into financialization that comes to control society, currently most societies… then fascism when inevitable major capitalist crisis emerge and the threat of social evolution becomes real in the face of the popular revolution that capitalism lives with, readies from the start because of its comprehensively socially exploitative form and function…at which point the end of capitalism looms

    I am not concerned with sub-categories of capitalism and their terminological separations. screw that! no matter what stage of capitalism society is at the class relations are the same… workers are exploited, and at the stage of fascism like currently, the working class is exhaustively exploited, face the loss of their livelihood and lives. huge percentages have in fact lost their livelihood and exist hand to mouth.

    I use the term Capitalist/Capitalism to cover all and every phase of capitalism for they are all the same from the workers interest. and that is what I am a working class person. any separation must be strategic…to foster understanding and facilitate advanced strategy in dealing with the capitalists. in a simple commentary like this the inclusive term Capitalisms is all that is required. it does the job efficiently

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Mefobills
  91. Alden says:

    Capitalism began with industrialism is the ignorant Marxist view of capitalism. Capitalism is thousands of years old. Selling the products of labor and using the proceeds began when we were cavemen.

    • Replies: @anon
  92. Alden says:

    Depends on what you mean by low cost. A low cost private or religious high school is about 20K a year. 50K is about as high as parents seem willing to pay. One solution I’ve heard of, especially for families who travel a lot is to just hire a teacher for about 40, 50 K a year if they have 2 or more kids. The catholic parish K-8 schools have a good tax deduction. Half the tuition is a donation to the parish church. So it’s a tax deduction. 10K a year, 5K tax deduction.

    What a country. Whites have to spend thousands a year just to keep their children from being beaten and abused by black savages. But affirmative action discrimination prevents us from earning the money needed to keep our children safe.

  93. Alden says:

    Many states mandate that home schoolers use the Jewish Marxist devised Common Core Curriculum. The verbal part is the standard hate Whitey liberology. But the math is just incomprehensible nonsense. And like the New Math of 60 years ago, so garbled and weird parents can’t help.

    One thing about home schooling. It really takes about the same amount of time as the homework burden imposed by the schools. If covid hoax never ends, parents can work at home and teach the kids. But schools and teachers will still devour taxes.

  94. @Rahan

    So perhaps the GloboHomo overlords also think that can preserve islands of inventiveness that will maintain their edge.

    I don’t think inventiveness will be their main problem. That is mainly driven by capital and will be moved to other areas. Will global innovation slow as intelligent Whites have fewer children? Of course but most research is actually underfunded. That is part of the great tragedy of the welfare state. The government spends billions upon billions on their great war against nature while technological research is underfunded. I know someone that does high level chemical research and she is constantly begging for funding. Meanwhile the gov will blindly throw billions at any new education theory that promises to close the gap.

    Anyways their real problem is that their unspoken hierarchy is headed for political instability even if they manage to suppress the Voldemort Whites (Whites that think critically and don’t submit to the system).

    Blacks might not like Whites but they hate foreigners even more. They are not going to tolerate taking orders from H1-B Indians that treat them like cattle.

  95. A well written and interesting article but I don’t think the title is well supported.

    The system will continue to be dysgenic as long as the government continues to pay mostly Black women to have children with men they find sexually appealing instead encouraging poor women to select long term providers.

    They already bring in H1-Bs to staff the hospitals and they are basically the new Whites. They commute 2 hours and work 3 12s.

    It really doesn’t change the equation. Indians and Asians live in the burbs just as Whites did.

    If anything there is more segregation as these new foreigners look down on Blacks and don’t have any guilt over it.

    The liberals at the top want a browning of a America and in a lot of Black areas it’s just income based segregation with a curry flavor. The new foreigners are even less likely to procreate with Blacks. Egalitarians were hoping all these groups would breed and create some new singular class.

  96. @dvorak

    How low-cost are Catholic schools these days? No more nuns means higher expenses.

    There is no such thing as a low-cost Catholic school.

    The only way to bring the cost down is by being active in the church and volunteering.

    But even in that scenario it’s still too expensive for a middle class family with 3-4 kids.

    It is getting to where if you want 3 or more kids you have to be upper income or poor.

  97. anon[193] • Disclaimer says:

    The city’s Department of Education has already spent $6 million in anti-bias training to expose how seemingly innocuous terms like “individualism” and “objectivity” promote “white supremacy.”

    Give the Left just enough rope to hang themselves… For decades the tribe preached “rugged individualism” to whites with Hollywood maverick icons like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, while they make sure to hang tight as a group, and encourage blacks, Latinos and Asians to do the same.

    A society of individuals will only work if everyone operates as an individual. If there are subgroups within that society that operate as groups, those who operate as individuals will always lose out.

    It’s time for whites to wake up and hang together as a group like all other groups.

  98. Diversity is just a terrible idea. Mixing races and cultures is asking for trouble. MAWA.

  99. In the 70s 80s and 90s we had massive school busing to help blacks get quality education. Didn’t do a bit of good. Just think of the trillions of dollars in busing, welfare, and affirmative action jobs we have spent in the last 50 years to help blacks . And they keep falling further behind.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  100. haha says:

    When a swap deal is worked out. It is possible, eminently so, since the Rumanians, Estonians, Latvians, etc. are so keen to move to the USA/West. They move into the USA, and white Americans move into the space vacated by them. If it came to pass, I’d be willing to wager 10-to-one that the new Rumania would become the shining beacon on the hill within twenty years.

    • Replies: @Fred777
  101. @silviosilver

    most people are so mesmerized by the eqalitarian dream

    It’s not Egalitarianism that energizes the Glob. In a way, Populism is far more egalitarian. Why? Because your average Populist is content with his or her station in life. Whether middle class, lower-middle class, or working class, he accepts life for what it is. Populists don’t mind working as waitresses, factory workers, construction workers, or truck drivers. They are not obsessed with being among the cream of the crop. Of course, they are not egalitarian in the communist sense as they don’t want the state to dispossess rich people or herd the ‘bourgeoisie’ or class enemies into gulags. But they are egalitarian in outlook in that they don’t believe you must be among the elites or have special privileges to have worth as a human being or an American. Populism says, whatever class you belong to, you’re a Good American if you’re patriotic. When it comes to being a good American, it’s not about money or class. A country boy is equal to a Wall Street banker when it comes to being a Good American.

    Video Link

    In contrast, all those who clamor for ‘equity’, especially for blacks, should really be called Elite-tarians or ‘Elitarians’. They are not arguing that regular black folks with ‘lowly’ jobs have value. Their worldview is premised on the prideful conceit that only elitist, rich, special, cool, famous/glamorous positions have value in life. It is utterly different from communism and true socialism. Communism was radical egalitarian in crediting the Worker as the backbone of society. So, if you labored in a factory, you were special. If you worked with your hands, you were noble. You actually did things and made useful stuff. Karl Marx’s point was that the Workers create worth BUT the bourgeoisie take this surplus value from them. Communism was also about making the privileged folks do real work. Turn them into workers and farmers, people who create actual thing of value.
    But, that is NOT what the current ‘equity’ craze is about. It’s not about pressuring the elites to recognize the worth of workers. It’s not about persuading children of the privileged classes to forsake their conceited status and work with their hands. Rather, it’s about the dream that all people, especially magical Negroes, should reach the top and have ‘cool’, ‘creative’, ‘colorful’, ‘meaningful’, ‘glamorous’, or ‘special’ jobs. Supposedly, everyone has the ‘right’ and ‘potential’ to become a rich lawyer, successful doctor, high-tech engineer, famous artist/entertainer, respected bureaucrat, wealthy entrepreneur, financial analyst, innovator, or etc. Egalitarianism, radical or populist, prizes the masses engaged in ‘honest’ labor. That is not what all this talk of ‘equity’ is about. ‘Elitarianism’ is the illusion that, somehow, everyone has a ‘right'(and innate ability, all too often thwarted) to succeed and have a ‘cool’ position in life. It doesn’t say, “Those without college degrees have equal value as citizens and workers” but says “everyone should go to college and be guaranteed a fabulous career.” But how many ‘fabulous careers’ are there to go around, especially when immigrants snatch up so many of them from Americans with deep roots in the nation? ‘Elitarianism’ is the ludicrous but appealing dream that the pyramid could be turned upside down, i.e. most people would make it to the top with a college degree. It is a total pipe dream.

    Now, many people have enough sense not to fall for the hype. The real problem is, of course, blacks. Why? They under-perform at elite levels of most endeavors. This is why companies need stuff like ‘Diversity Management’ offices to hire more blacks. As not enough blacks are worthy material for brainy work, they are hired as symbols. It’s like Michelle Obama held some ‘diversity manager’ position raking in a quarter million dollars a year. (The office disappeared with her when she took off to D.C.). Barack Obama was sold as an ‘elitarian’ model. You see, if you’re a clean-cut black guy who goes to college and smiles at white folks, you can be successful too and become president and rake in tons of money. But how many people get to be president? How many people, even with affirmative action, get admitted to Ivy League Schools? It was a false dream to sell to blacks, most of whom remained as they are. The fact is, even if most young blacks try to follow in Obama’s footsteps, they won’t get very far because they aren’t smart enough. Obama’s no genius but smart enough. Also, even if all blacks were smart enough and applied themselves, there are only so many slots for ‘cool’ jobs. Even if everyone had Einstein’s IQ, someone would still have to do ‘lowly’ labor because not everyone can work at high-end jobs, which are relatively fewer. Traditional socialism and National Socialism said everyone who works has value. Traditional socialism regarded such a person as an honest laborer, and National Socialism regarded him as part of the larger ethno-family. But such views have faded from the discourse. In the Current Year, there are the Cool People, the ‘winners’, and the ‘losers’. Most people with regular jobs are ‘losers’, and only the ‘winners’ matter. The problem is not enough blacks are ‘winners’.


    Now, it’s true that most people of any race or ethnic group don’t reach very high. Whites and Asians are more successful than blacks(and browns), but most whites and Asians(yellows and Hindus mostly) aren’t anything special. They are middle class folks, small businessmen, government workers, or working class. Some are poor. And yet, why isn’t it a problem that MOST whites, yellows, and Hindus aren’t all that special? Because enough of them are successful, and political psychology is generally ‘identifist’, or people identify with the successful among their own kind; thus, they feel psycho-empowered by the sense their own kind is well-represented among the successful. So, even if most white people aren’t rich and most rich whites don’t do anything for the white masses, white people as a whole still feel that their kind is generally successful because there are so many white doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, and etc. Same with Asians. Most Asians aren’t special, and most successful Asians do nothing to help less successful Asians. Still, most Asians feel psycho-empowered by the fact that their own kind have done well. It’s like the psychology of sports. Even if you yourself don’t play the game and get no financial reward(that only benefits owners, media moguls, and athletes), you feel psycho-empowered by the fact that ‘your team’ won.

    The problem with black political psychology is that not enough blacks make it to elite domains of science, finance, law, medicine, technology, and other prestigious fields. This leads to resentment among blacks and frustration among non-black progs & Afro-maniacs. Indeed, black failure in most elite fields is made worse by the spectacular black success in sports, pop music, and sexual expression. In a nation obsessed with celebrity and sensationalism, blacks have become demigods to many Americans whose top heroes are athletes, rappers, and big-donged studs & bouncy-bootied skanks. That is why it seems ESPECIALLY unfair and unjust that blacks don’t do so well in all areas. How can such a super-cool and badass folks not be great at EVERYTHING? I mean, MLK had a boombox godlike voice, so surely, he could have been da best at everything, right? Oprah is so wise, whimsical, and wonderful, so she’d be outstanding at everything, right? Obama’s so ‘cool’ and ‘slick’, he must be the greatest prez of all time, right? And with Neil deGrasse Tyson, an illusion has been created that blacks are the greatest geniuses. Black Einstein. All you need to do is give them a chance, and they be badass in everything, sheeeeeeeiiiiit. (Yeah, and every Chinese kid has a Michael Jordan in him just dying to come out.)

    Such a mindset has led to the Cool/Fool Complex among blacks and Afromaniacs. “How can a people so ‘cool’ be a ‘fool’?” The real basis of the gripe is not about racial equality. I guarantee, if black IQ were higher and if blacks were way over-represented in elite institutions and industries, NO ONE would complain. Blacks certainly wouldn’t, and Afromaniacs would believe all is well with the world: A in Cool = A in School.
    Of course, there is also the ‘white guilt’ thing about past discrimination, so there is historical precedent for special sympathy for blacks. (But the fact that such sympathies aren’t comparable for American Indians and browns, who were also conquered and oppressed by white imperialists, suggest that Afromania is the product of idolatry for blacks success in sports, pop music, and sexual expression than historical oppression.) No one complains there are too many blacks in sports, too many blacks in pop music, or too many blacks in whatever. Too Many Blacks is never a problem. If racial equality were truly what this is all about, people should be clamoring for more Diversity in Sports as expression of national multi-color identity. But, it seems Too Many Blacks is never a problem but Too Few Blacks is.

    Another problem is the Negro is like a ‘godpet’ among whites. Many whites see jesus in the Negro. Why? Jesus was an eloquent nobody who got killed but turned out to be the Son of God. Negroes were brought to the New World as stupid savages only good for picking cotton and saying ‘Yessuh Massuh’. But, as US was founded as a profoundly idealistic and Christian nation, blacks eventually came to be seen as pitiable folks of meekness who must be emancipated from bondage. Back then, naive whites were blind to the innate savage nature of blacks because the South had been pretty successful in taming the Negro into a slave/servant. (Whites were more aware of the danger from American Indian savagery because ‘Injuns’ ran wild and scalped pale-face. Indians, prior to being quelled, were fearsome warriors. In contrast, blacks set foot on in the New World as slaves, and so, many whites were never fully aware of the savage nature of blacks.) Black subservience was taken as a given as it had been drummed into them by white dominance. So, there was great sympathy for Southern Negroes among the naive Northern Abolitionists. UNCLE TOM’S CABIN imagined a noble-hearted suffering and dying Negro for the sins of white folks. And this eventually led to the Civil War.
    UNCLE TOM’S CABIN laid the first foundation of the black-christ or blachrist myth. Just like Jesus died helplessly, so did Uncle Tom. But compassion and sorrow alone don’t complete a myth. There had to be something extra. After all, plenty of noble-hearted souls died in history. Sainthood isn’t enough to uphold a myth. What is necessary is godhood. And blacks achieved godhood with predominance in sports, pop music, and later sexuality, the stuff that Modern America is most obsessed about, and of course, sports, music, and sex are interrelated. Once blacks began to dominate all three, they weren’t seen only as victims of history but victors in what matters most in the modern era that elevates celebrity to godhood. So, it turned out that Uncle Tom wasn’t just some Scatman-Crothers-like-dude in THE SHINING but badass King Kong mofo who done whup the white man into white boyhood, create music that make white asses wiggle in pathetic imitation, have boombox voices that sends chills up white folks’ spines, and have big dongs that turn white women to jungle fever & white boys into benchwarming dork-boys.

    That’s how blacks became the godpets of whites. On the one hand, there is a long progressive history of looking upon blacks with great sympathy like one would a homeless dog or cat. Blacks are figures worthy of condescension, people to patronize with good will. They be Noble Negroes with hearts of gold, and they deserve white compassion and help after slavery and being called ‘dumb lazy ni**er’. This mentality is still alive, the view of blacks as pets of whites. Blacks-as-pets must be taken care of. ‘Black Lives Matter’ for some white folks is akin to ‘Anti-Cruelty Society’. Save the stray dogs and cats. Or something like GORILLAS IN THE MIST. Save the poor gorillas from evil humanity.

    But as black got oratorical power, sports supremacy, rap stardom, and dong-bun dynamism, whites have come around to looking upon blacks as some kind of a god-race. And this completes the myth of the ‘blachrist’. In Christianity, Jesus, the pitiable figure of sympathy, turned out to be the mighty Son of God. In blachristianity, Uncle Tom, the pitiable figure of compassion, turned out to be Mighty Joe Young and King Kong who be hollering up a storm, beating drums, punching out white boys in the ring, and rapping about ‘my ding-a-ling’.

    Where will this ‘godpet’ lunacy lead us? To a bad place, I imagine. It’s the big myth of the Current Year, and it’s just as powerful in Europe that looks upon blacks as both pitiable pets of impoverished Africa — “oh, look at all those poor blacks without enough food and clean water in the Dark Continent” — and awesome demigods of sports, rap, and sex who deserve to conquer Europe full of lame white people whose women need to be Afro-colonized and whose men deserve to be dorky cucky-wucks to blackness.

    Blacks and Jews share one thing in common. They are figures of both pity and awe. That means, no matter what Jews and blacks do, they are seen sympathetically. Thus, their power/prowess goes un-criticized, and that means whatever they do is awesome. It’s like colleges hardly do anything about black athletes who rob and rape. They are sports ‘heroes’ after all. And the West hardly does anything about tremendous amounts of Jewish abuse of power and privilege. As Jews are objects of pity(premised on Holocaustianity), their power can only be good, and if you disagree, you are an ‘anti-Semite’. And since Jewish Power goes unchecked, it grows and is regarded as awesome.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  102. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Picasso said that he had to learn to paint people with two eyes and one nose before he could paint people with one eye and two noses. I went to a mid-pack suburban high school. The teachers taught the 2-eyes-1-nose things, and this they did extremely well. I managed to get into an elite New England University. I found that I was better educated than most of the graduates of fancy private high schools. I knew more stuff, I could think better, and I understood my world better.

  103. Fred777 says:

    But the white Americans will do what they always do, move into Eastern Europe and start voting for the same progressive idiots they put into power in America. In 30 years the locals will curse the yanks for what they did to Latvia, Hungary and the rest.

    Eastern Europe, if you see the Americans heading your way, do yourself a favor and lock the door.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  104. Trinity says:

    Yes, Whites really need to stop running. The parasites will follow you to Mars if you go there, they can’t live in a first world civilization without the White Gentile. Look at Israel, nothing but a burden to the American taxpayer. WHY? Look at Africa, Haiti, or any other place where the Black man lives? The first step is always the hardest step but after that it gets easier and easier. Once Whites start standing up for their God given rights, it will become addictive and feel so damn good. Might even put a bounce in their step and they might start living again. WE, White folk that is, REALLY HOLD THE CARDS, just need to get OUR minds right.

    • Agree: AKINDLE
  105. Gene Su says:

    If both parents have to work, then how are you going to homeschool?

  106. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    In the Current Year, there are the Cool People, the ‘winners’, and the ‘losers’. Most people with regular jobs are ‘losers’, and only the ‘winners’ matter.

    In other words it’s a commercial way of looking at society. Businesses develop, compete and most fail, leaving a few winners. Successful growing businesses don’t feel any obligation towards the businesses that go bankrupt. Why should they? They’re the winners and the losers are the losers. Example USA.

    In contrast, there’s the social way of looking at society. It’s a family concept where the government represents/cares for the people, and works for the general wellbeing. It involves things like a state healthcare system, quality state education, national industrial development, infrastructure etc. Example China.

    The US model produces a very rich elite and social decline. The China model produces a rich elite and social/economic growth.

  107. Gene Su says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Central North America is headed for a complete economic, social, and military collapse. Its liberal ideology will not allow an about-face until complete collapse has occurred.

    Maybe it is best if our economy collapses. No more economy and infrastructure means no more welfare state and no more public schools. It might be seen as a gift from God.

  108. Gene Su says:

    I didn’t say I was beaten up by two white cheerleaders. I said that I witnessed a very violent fight between two white cheerleaders. If it was between two black cheerleaders, a conservative commentator might say “Negresses will be Negresses.”

    And you can bet your bottom dollar my last name is Su.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Hibernian
  109. Miro23 says:

    Nevertheless, this latest social engineering enterprise exposes what lies behind this seemingly benign “helping minorities.” Glib rhetoric aside; this latest venture is closer to ethnic cleansing than “school reform.”

    Then, there’s the background. In 1950 the US was by default ethnically united ( 152 million people 89% white) but in 2020 it isn’t (331 million people 60% white – with the white proportion in rapid decline)´.

    With 1950 demographics this article would never have been written.

  110. GMC says:

    Actually Alfred, if you are doing all right in Kyiv – Ukraine has it’s pluses – at least it did before the Maidan. I worked there before M, then moved to Crimea when it was Ukrainian and I liked it – not the infrastructure but ….It was more laid back when it was Ukie-ville and now there are a lot more rules. Before i could work around the rules – today – nope. Maybe it’s because of Nato and the US/NWO always trying to harass Donbass and the continuous blasting of Russia , that has made it a bit more stressful here . Certainly A lot more people and cars now. But I do enjoy southern Russia. Sanctions on Crimea changed everything , also – we’ve become landlocked from going to Eastern Europe because of no trains or planes heading out from Simferopol. I thought I had retirement covered – then came Obama, Biden, Nuland, PyRat, McCain, the globalists, and the CIA. oo dah chee

    • Replies: @Alfred
  111. Kukavaan says:

    I have seen in the Soviet Union a special shop restricted for only foreigners and soviet elite. Those shops were called Berioska or something like that.

  112. Alfred says:

    a woman who’d become a pole dancer

    At one time, before the lockdowns, I realised that there was a lucrative job for strippers and pole dancers in Australia. I was thinking of how to bring beautiful Ukrainian dancers into Australia. I found a good solution. Luckily, I did not invest any money in this venture as the lockdowns shut down all entertainment in Australia – plus churches.


    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  113. Alfred says:

    I am sure Crimea has changed. It is of paramount military importance to the Russians. A bit like Kaliningrad. They are obliged to be somewhat paranoid.

    But the connection to Russia should be a lot better now with the new bridge and improved roads. I imagine many more Russian go to Crimea for their vacations.

    In Kiev, they are trying a new lockdown – only for weekends. It clearly has absolutely nothing to do with public health. Restaurants and shops open all week but not Saturdays and Sundays. 🙂

    However, I can think of a lot of worse places to retire to.

    • Thanks: GMC
  114. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    ok! a case for capitalism can be built that way as well. but what are we after here…not to be involved in stiff arguments over details.

    the organized, systematic capitalism we have experienced over the past 300 years or so is not the ancient activity of peoples here and there over the world involved in capitalist-like activities of making things for sale


    who wants to give a precise, accurate, truthful history of the development of human economic activity can. I don’t see how that hurt…it cant, so proceed. but currently has been my focus and I don’t see that my perspective is unhelpful as well…we do have what we have and its observable, codified from personal experience and by that not dependent on established codification by the experts who have written the totally suspect human story we are washed in constantly

    I do not believe established human history at all. it does not seem true at all and has the human species in a terrible frame of mind. it appears to have been codified for just that purpose…social control. all the time frames seems skewed. it appears that humans have ben civilized for an exceedingly long time and the savage, ignorant human recent past that dominates our perspective would be very much mitigated if not eliminated by historical truth

    a question that has always figured in my mind is who codified the Christian Bible and when? the Jesus story seems very modern to me, calculated to produce so much negative social control it boggles. I have not had opportunity to get into that history deeply to see what I could figure out on my own. but Jesus and his story is clearly a tool against ordinary Christians.

    the whole idea and practice of the belief of god in heaven is clear nonsense. there cant be a god in heaven making everything out of nothing. that is totally illogical, out of sync with the total relativity of the life we observe around us, that we are a part of. why would god make us rather than a form relative to itself?


    we see nothing at all ends, and that all we know comes out the content of existence and never really begins or ends…that there is a totality of transformation or the material content of life and that all there is has had a particular story of transformation into what they currently are including humans.

    I don’t see that there is any from of existence that is consistent with human creating of good and bad and acceptance of that destructive terminology and its awful impact on our psychology…particularly by and through religious ideological belief and practice. there can only be cause and effect given the material facts of existence, constant motion in/of life and that that motion is always productive or effects, negative or positive. informed by our best knowledge we can decide to harness our motion to produce results that we need in order to survive best. we can also decide to do things that harm human chances.

    apply that to the human history that we dal with and we can see how and why things have gone the way they have over that duration…the duration covered by our Bibles, Korans, Koran and Talmud, B-Gita and all the holy books that I know of…periods of extensive and extreme human greed and destructive behavior, all against itself we call crime, that we have created all manner of social legal structures/personnel to judge and jail and execute people whom we call criminal.

    but we do not have to do that. we know what behavior can and will produce in life that takes place in nature, set up by nature. relatively and relevantly we know how to behave to produce the results we want so we have to systematically develop the essential ways to teach ourselves the truth we know, have proven to produce general attitudes and behavior that are relevant to produce the social effects we need that are consistent with the best level as of existential and survival conditions we need to go on indefinitely at all times

    at all times humanity needs to be increasing its knowledge of nature. nature is forever. look at nature right there, everywhere, us, in it, part of it, of it. we do not know nature and all it has wrought and continues to make as we go. we all want to live forever, to never die. what is there in nature that may facilitate such an intense and comprehensive and what I see to be very natural human desire to live on?

    there are simple things we now know that intimates much beyond what we know relative to that…like the human electrical cloud in which our memory is contained. human memory apparently are not inside our heads but in that cloud. what happens with that cloud when we die? how is that cloud totally relevant to us in life, as we live?

    there is so much more of that nature, and intimations of a lot more while w are focused on Jewish financial thievery, social rape and general evil, the constant and comprehensive, ongoing and endless Jewish attack on the rest of humanity, on global human society, so that humanity is always focused extraneously, in routine protection of our lives from Jewish depredation, genocide of us rather than on using human resources on the real questions of existence, for the purpose of ensuring the indefinite survival of humanity in nature

    the Jewish part of the human species are collectively like a ongoing existential test of human fitness to survive in nature. they are always at the collective throat of the human species, in constant threat to human existence? can that be some sign of supreme activity and thought relative to humanity, even creativity of humanity in fact…but by a bored, irritable psychotic Devil, who finds great fun in the suffering of life forms that can feel…that IT thought of…emotional, feeling forms that IT could create who he could allow to terrorize themselves for eons, a ‘resource’ IT could leave in attendance of other activity and return to when IT feels for more fun at human expense

    we find ourselves in nature and we life by imperative to survive that we must carry out. the answers are in nature which we must unravel and use positively/relevantly to have our best chances at gong on indefinitely. that is our reality that defines what we must do in existence, how we must live. humanity, humans are totally distracted, misled, fooled by itself in the face of existential truth is so obvious, human stupidity pains. its like 100 thousand people in a protest march against minority governmental/capitalist depredations on society and a 100 cops appear and start to beat up on nearby people. how in the hell can that happen when there are 100 thousand people there concentrated, opposed to all the cops that the represent?

    the people could easily collapse on the cops, disarm them and incapacitate them in whatever way they think necessary to preclude permanently any violent action against the collectivized people. the collectivized people could go to the cop shops and do the same. the people in collectivized movement have legality on their side. as citizens the country is theirs. whatever they do in that way, collectivized and in response to their collective social need and protection is legal. they could sweep the entire way the society is organized and put whatever thy want in place and it is entirely legal….

    oh boy

  115. Trinity says:
    @Gene Su

    Fist fights are part of growing up, and IMO, there is NOTHING AT ALL WRONG with fighting WHEN YOU HAVE TO defend yourself or your honor. NEVER start it, but do your best to finish it was what I was taught.

    That is a MAJOR PROBLEM why White kids are bullied, their parents, teachers, (((the media))), tell them it is wrong to stand up and fight for your rights, and by fighting, sometimes you have to PHYSICALLY FIGHT for your rights. Matter of fact IF I were king, each state would have mutual combat laws where a man could slug an obnoxious asshole and not have to suffer going to jail or going through the court system for protecting himself and his honor. I GUARANTEE that people would be more respectful of each other and those bullying thugs would not be so scary.

    I think it was Alden and another poster that claimed that White kids were NOT permitted to use the bathroom by Blacks. WHAT? I will take an ass whooping before I allow anyone to tell me that I can’t use the bathroom. I don’t know when this kind of thing started, I went to school in the 1970s and I don’t give a shit if the biggest Black guy or a group of Black guys told me that, first I would laugh, then I would punch the bully bastards regardless of the consequences. I was raised you NEVER RESPECT SOMEONE OUT OF FEAR, YOU RESPECT SOMEONE BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE OR STAND FOR, AND I DAMN SURE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR BULLIES OR THUGS. I treat everyone the same, from the frail elderly person who poses no threat to Mike Tyson. You will NEVER obtain my respect out of fear. Fearing another man who is made out of flesh and blood is pathetic. Sure everyone has fear, that is normal, but don’t let it paralyze you.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Gene Su
  116. AKINDLE says:

    So your definition of beauty is tattooed skanks? Keep it.

  117. @Hang All Text Drivers

    In the 70s 80s and 90s we had massive school busing to help blacks get quality education. Didn’t do a bit of good. Just think of the trillions of dollars in busing, welfare, and affirmative action jobs we have spent in the last 50 years to help blacks . And they keep falling further behind.

    Welfare has most certainly made things worse through dysgenics.

    Dig up some of the debates involving Black leaders from the 70s.

    The quality of Black leaders has clearly declined.

    The same is true for Whites but they are working with a larger pool of applicants.

  118. @Trinity

    then I would punch the bully bastards regardless of the consequences. I was raised you NEVER RESPECT SOMEONE OUT OF FEAR, YOU RESPECT SOMEONE BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE OR STAND FOR, AND I DAMN SURE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR BULLIES OR THUGS.

    You clearly didn’t go to a school with serious bullies and haven’t been in many fights.

    We had White bullies in junior high that were the size of full grown men.

    You can’t just punch them in the nose.

    The public schools are ran by dopey liberals and a lot of the staff are just as intimidated by them.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  119. @Ray Caruso

    Because in the modern U.S. the only stance toward Blacks that is allowed is to pretend they are wonderful and that any shortcomings they may present are entirely the fault of “systemic racism”.

    Thanks to Hollywood’s invention of the magic negro, it’s not entirely “pretend on the part of young, gullible whites with no real-life experiences from which to judge. What would you think if the only thing you had ever seen was black detectives solving problems that confounded every white person on the show?

  120. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    “You can’t punch them in the nose.” haha. Says who? How about the chin? I wasn’t exactly small myself and I kept myself in shape and boxed a little.

    “We had White bullies in junior high that were the size of full grown men.” Yeah, so does every other school that I can think about. My brother was about 180lbs in junior high school and so were other kids. BIG DEAL. Big does not automatically equal tough anyhow.

    Nope, I haven’t had many street fights because I don’t carry myself like a victim, nor do I go looking for trouble, I am far more worried about the legal repercussions from a physical altercation than physical injury or pain.

    “You clearly didn’t go to school with serious bullies…” ROTFLMMFWAO at that one. My man, we had fist fights on the regular where I went to school. Our physical education teacher was a sadistic little muscular negro who would instigate arguments and then goad the students into “putting on the gloves.” Where I grew up, most White kids were taught to fight back even if it meant taking a loss, so as for bullying, probably didn’t witness that many kids who just wouldn’t defend themselves, that is about the only thing in your post that might be right. lolol.

    I taught my sons to defend themselves when necessary, but do your best to avoid it because of the law and consequences and to never bully others. I even taught them to stand up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. A lot of boys were taught this back in the day, not so much anymore.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  121. WPaws says:

    Fortunately the country does not depend on NYC for its brainpower.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  122. Gene Su says:

    Fist fights are part of growing up, and IMO, there is NOTHING AT ALL WRONG with fighting WHEN YOU HAVE TO defend yourself or your honor.

    I agree with you. That is the way it was in America for the longest time and that is also the way it was in many parts of the world, before the liberal New World Order attempted to impose their vision. But I have lost count of the number of times when a white child would throw a rock at me, I would punch him in the nose, and then I would be chastised and disciplined by a white teacher. Oh heck! I have also lost count of the number of time when white punks would throw spitballs at me, I would throw them back, and then I would be chastised and disciplined by a white teacher.

    I hear a lot of accusations by Colin Flaherty that black teachers and principals are deliberately refusing to punish black children who become violent because they don’t want to have their schools labeled as “problem districts” with a lot of delinquents. There might be truth in that but I believe there is another reason. One time, my mom actually went to my school (which was lily white) to voice some complaints about the bullying I was experiencing. The teacher groaned and stated that in an elementary school of about 400 children, it was impossible for the teachers to keep track of what everyone was doing. Thus, a lot of bullying goes unpunished. What are you going to do? Give a detention to every kid who throws a spitball?
    Also, when there is a fight between two children, it was their policy to give the same punishment to both participants (whether it is a suspension or detention), even if one was clearly the aggressor and another a passive victim who did not raise a fist. I think that every public school in America, in this day and age, has a similar policy, including those in the inner city. So when Colin Flaherty rants and raves about a black punk not getting into a lick of trouble for stomping on an Asian kid in Philly, my first reaction is to laugh because I know that punk won’t get into a lick of trouble even if he is white. There is no racial conspiracy. The adults in the inner-city public schools are simply overworked and don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @John Johnson
  123. Gene Su says:

    But we depend on NYC for our economic power.

  124. Trinity says:
    @Gene Su

    You sure your last name Shekelbergstein?

  125. @Trinity

    Where I grew up, most White kids were taught to fight back even if it meant taking a loss, so as for bullying, probably didn’t witness that many kids who just wouldn’t defend themselves, that is about the only thing in your post that might be right. lolol.

    Yea you went to some nice White school where fights ended in fisticuffs.

    I went to the school where you had to watch your back every single day. I’m amazed we didn’t have a mass shooter.

    What is a 5’4 kid supposed to do against a 6’2 thug? Jump up and spin uppercut him in the chin like some Hollywood movie? Ever heard of something called physics?

    I was average sized and would defend myself but I still took a weapon to school on certain days and was ready to use it.

    I look back at those days and don’t view myself as being tough. The whole thing was incredibly stupid. That isn’t how you turn young boys into men.

    It’s supposed to be an education. To suggest that everything is attitude is ridiculous.

    You taught ur boys right as if it is all parenting? What kind of bulls–t is that? As if the onus should be on some 5’4 kid getting bullied by a child in a man sized body? It’s supposed to be an education not a juvenile detention center.

    I remember when a White kid in our nearby city tried defending his girlfriend from 5 or 6 thugs on a public bus. They beat him senseless. Turn off the TV already. There is no karate kan do attitude. The whole system is sick and stupid. God have mercy on any White kids in majority Black schools where their parents had the same anti-reality attitude.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  126. SimplyMe says:
    @Hans Vogel

    Professor, you gotta work on that passive voice and weird inductive reasoning. The use of quotation marks and an exclamation point are not grammatically correct. I could go on but you are a professor or whatever.

  127. Oh, please, go on and enlighten us.

  128. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    You seem to be taking this personal, my man. You can see on this thread where I mentioned I went to a high school that was 35% Black and that was the WHITEST high school in the city of Albany, Ga. Albany is a relatively small town of about 75-80 thousand people I am guessing but it was the per capita murder capital of America in 1988. I went to school there in the late 1970s and the city population then I am guessing was in the high 40 % range for number of Blacks, it passed over to majority Black in 1983 when I set sail for Florida. Today, that city is OVERWHELMINGLY Black.

    Granted the 1970s were Disneyland compared to what we see today, but then again, White males have become VERY WIMPY, and it pains me to say that as a White male. Maybe it has to do with demographics, but the average “redneck” is not about to stand by and watch a White woman being knocked unconscious by a couple of Black thugs on a San Francisco street and then step over her and keep walking. YEP, I saw a video where this incident happened in San FranSHITco.

    Sorry, my man, but where I went to school Whites did fight back, at least back then they did. I remember I was on the baseball team, and a typical bully negro made a habit of bullying Whites on the team. I knew my time was coming and it happened in the middle of a game. The guy walked by in the dugout and kicked my ankle for no reason whatsoever. I proceeded to lay into that guy, and the only hits I think he landed was when they pulled me off him and held my arms back. The guy got butt sore and quit the team.

    Karate? Dude, I have made a few posts on here before about how worthless I think karate is, and you don’t have to be a hard guy to defend yourself. IF you don’t defend yourself or at least make an attempt to defend yourself, the beating will be even worse. My guess is that you were bullied or have been shamed because you are taking this way to personal IMO. Black guys aren’t invincible and the sooner White males learn that the better. Hell, I am old and creaky now, joints ache, but I think I can put up a better fight even now then some of these young White wimps.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @John Johnson
  129. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:

    you guys still with this blindness and stupidity eh.

    I grew up in white racism and I saw routine white people for no individual causation carry out horrific acts on Black people, worse than anything described above, seemingly just like that, for no apparent reason. but of course it was to keep ‘Black people in our place’ as systematically trained to do.

    white people had enriched themselves off the backs of Black people and turned systematically to keep Black people down. hence all the dehumanizing routine social horror imposed on Black people for an horrifically long time. and is not done yet is it!

    so Black people commit murders aplenty, are a corrupt, violent factor in American life. what the hell do you expect after centuries long indoctrination in all that America is, that America enmeshed American Black people, traumatized, browbeaten

    and now we know that the central issue isn’t race at all, that all ordinary people are victimized and now under dire survival threat…ALL ordinary people. and unless all ordinary people respond with collective action out in the streets, taking down the status quo we are all carded for what is being described in the very UNZ pages right now, in the teeth of the fake-Covid-demic, w are all vaccinated toast

    and look at the attitude of this idiot spewing suicidal racism!

    but wait! no one can be so blind and stupid on this day. Trinity must be deliberate, a propagandist spewing racist crap deliberately in attempt to stoke racist fire to misdirect readers into a fight and focus that is totally irrelevant to the truth of this day

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  130. @Gene Su

    I hear a lot of accusations by Colin Flaherty that black teachers and principals are deliberately refusing to punish black children who become violent because they don’t want to have their schools labeled as “problem districts” with a lot of delinquents. There might be truth in that but I believe there is another reason.

    All the schools do this with non-Whites.

    They don’t want to end up on some “disproportionately impacted” list and get investigated by the state or feds.

    They will do stuff like send some wild and violent kid home instead of writing him up. Or they downgrade the infraction.

    The adults in the inner-city public schools are simply overworked and don’t know what to do anymore.

    No it’s much worse than that.

    The teachers that stick with the public schools are very resentful of the reality that they have to face.

    They came from the colleges believing they were going to fix these schools with good intentions.

    Then they find out the worse case scenario reality which is that the “bad Whites” on the internet were correct the whole time and that their highly esteemed professors were just plain full of s–t. This also means that most of their education was a lie as well.

    So any poor bastard White kids that are sent to these schools are a reminder of that reality.

    The White teachers that stay in these schools identify with Blacks and view Whites as the problem. So there is no reason to expect any protection from Black admins or bitter liberals that have to deal with a daily reminder that reality isn’t what they desire. In a just world anyone that sent their White kids to these schools would be prosecuted for child endangerment.

  131. @Trinity

    You seem to be taking this personal, my man.

    I do take this personally because I lived it.

    You went to school in the 70s which is before the boomers took over.

    I went when dopey liberal boomers stuck their heads in the sand instead of facing the evil they created. We had gangsters from LA (probably kicked out and moms on welfare) and our boomer teachers let them do anything including sleep through every class. I saw extreme brutality that was not the result of White males being too soft or not fighting back. We had to watch our backs like it was a prison while our boomer teachers would give us lectures on MLK and how bad White people are when they don’t have diversity. Totally insane and not some situation where White kids fistfight after class and then shake hands.

    Sorry, my man, but where I went to school Whites did fight back, at least back then they did.

    You seem to be missing the point which is that White 7th graders shouldn’t have to fight off a pack of 9th graders. That can easily lead to a trip to the hospital for the 7th grader even if he has been taught Muh Manly attitude.

    There is a reason that professional fighting organizations have weight classes and they certainly don’t have fights where 4 180 pounders fight a 120 pounder.

    It’s supposed to be a school. The fact that you even want to talk about how to fight or how Whites aren’t as tough as they used to be is just sad. Some Whites will never be tough and they don’t deserve to get beaten for trying to get to class. Nor do the honorable that stand up for them. That has always been true. Only in the United States of Stupidland do people talk about Get’n tough as the answer. These kids should be studying pre-calc and not packing a knife in case they have to face a pack of moron Whites or Blacks.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  132. @anon

    white people had enriched themselves off the backs of Black people and turned systematically to keep Black people down.

    There should be a dozen Wakandas in Africa if White people are just exploiters that keep the Blacks down.

    White people have not enriched themselves off the backs of Blacks. Over half a trillion has been spent on trying to fix racial inequality (not including non-profit funds) and the new trend is to blame statues and the names of schools. IT MUST BE THE INANIMATE OBJECTS U GUYZ. Gee whiz maybe not everything is the fault of Whites?

    Anyways why are you here? Move to Haiti already. No Whites for over 2 hundred years. Must be paradise. Go take some pictures of their rivers (they just dump garbage in rivers) and tell us how great it is for Blacks to be free from the yolk of White society.

  133. Trinity says:
    @John Johnson

    I detest bullies, and I saw a poor White girl harassed for the way she looked by other Whites unfortunately. My guess is those mental scars probably took longer to heal than any broken nose or knocked out teeth.

    As for people being too small or not fighting back, etc., hey, IF I were king for the day, there would be no fighting, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. And we encounter bullies of all sorts throughout life. A 5’7″ 165lb man or even a 5′ 5″ woman can bully others with his or her “position” at work, just make things terrible for their employees, etc. Matter of fact, sometimes the weakest people can be the most cruel. I go out of my way to make sure I treat others as I want to be treated, and yes, that includes Blacks, but I also don’t kiss a person’s ass out of fear or because I think they will physically harm me, that only emboldens bullies, and yes, most bullies are cowards deep down.

    As for White males? HELL YES, they need to toughen up. IF you are small, well all you can do is do the best you can do. I knocked the hell out of a negro in the service who tried to punk me out. The guy was about 6′ 1″ and probably 220lbs or so, but he was just a thug, nothing more, not like he was an athlete or a fighter. This clown was also from somewhere in NYC, we were stationed at Governors Island, New York in the harbor across from Manhattan. He had been trying to intimidate me for a few months. He probably thought this redneck was ripe for the picking, especially for a NY thug. haha. I am 5’10” and probably weighed all of 180lbs or so back then. This POS yelled at me one time too many times and I knocked the shit out of him right in front of the whole deck force on our boat. I busted him good and that clown’s eye started swelling up right away, and his big ass hit the deck. LMAO. Little did this turd know that I could punch like a mule. Used to throw punches in a pool after reading a book on Rocky Marciano and how he trained, and I also spent a great deal of time punching the heavy bag. After the big sissy regained his composure he started threatening to kill me, blah, blah, blah… Needless to say, I had no more trouble with this POS.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  134. Hibernian says:
    @God's Fool

    Adam and Eve were not Jewish; the Jewish people are descendants of Abraham. Not everyone mentioned in the OT is Jewish.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  135. @Hibernian

    The pair must have been Irish given that we have 7 billion descendants running around…

  136. @Rahan

    The statement of Churchill that if made dictator of the world, he would “kill all the scientists”, might be relevant here.

  137. Mefobills says:

    I use the term Capitalist/Capitalism to cover all and every phase of capitalism for they are all the same from the workers interest. and that is what I am a working class person. any separation must be strategic…to foster understanding and facilitate advanced strategy in dealing with the capitalists. in a simple commentary like this the inclusive term Capitalisms is all that is required. it does the job efficiently

    National Socialism held up the worker, or labor as being vital to the economy.

    When you obscure reality by being “simple minded” that does yourself and everybody else a disfavor.

    If two things are different, and called by the same name, that is a form of propaganda.

    Why do you think Bolshevism and National Socialism hated each other so much? Could it be because National Socialism solved the labor and class problem?

  138. Mefobills says:

    I am much bigger than average.

    John Johnson is right, and you are wrong.

    If you are big and fight back, the blacks came back at you even harder. Blacks operate as a gang … an in-group. Somehow you don’t know that?

    Your one experience is a logical fallacy, the exception does not make the rule.

    Johnson is also right in that small white kids need protection, and mostly just want to do what is right. Exposing them to violence in school, means that the U.S. is a failed state.

    Let’s expose them to pornography and strip away the Mom too. Mom needs to go to work, to hold down wage prices.

    Oh… and let’s import some more Negroes to hold down wage prices even more.

  139. Stogumber says:

    If Prof. Weissberg is right and there are indeed “low cost schools for Catholics and Jews” in NYC, I don’t see why other groups of whites cannot have similar schools. Needs a lot of organizing, I admit, because most other denominations are to inane to do anything about that.

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