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Racial Politics in Latin America
What Race in Another America Tells Us About Our Destiny
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Rio de Janeiro as seen by helicoptering elite: Wikmedia Commons

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Darkness fell over the São Paulo skyline. Like most cities, dusk brings the evening commute, but this one is a little different. One by one, all across the business district, helicopters lifted off buildings and roared into the humid night sky.

São Paulo has one of the largest private helicopter fleets in the world. Usually they are ferrying wealthy businessmen home, but sometimes a trip can include discreet female companionship and a hop to a nearby club. It has been this way for years. When the city still allowed electronic billboards, people said it reminded them of the movie Blade Runner.

“My favorite time to fly is at night, because the sensation is equaled only in movies or in dreams,” said one local businessman. “The lights are everywhere, as if I were flying within a Christmas tree.”

The view is nice, but the real reason is more prosaic. Like the future dystopia of Blade Runner, life is more dangerous on the ground. Criminals make a good living kidnapping business executives or members of their families. Fear has driven a similar business in bullet-proof cars.

The city is no less dangerous for the poor in the favelas, but their lives are worth a lot less. Some say nearby Rio de Janeiro is using secret sniper teams to take out suspected criminals from afar. Anyone seen carrying a gun is a potential target – shoot to kill.

Such enormous disparities of wealth and poverty help define Rio and São Paulo, but it is not much different in other mega cities like Lima, Buenos Aires, or Mexico City. This is the stark reality of Latin America, but it is also more than that. It is a window on America’s future.

Race in Latin America

The United States is currently on track to become a majority-minority nation by the year 2045. Considerable uncertainty surrounds this coming milestone, but we are not flying completely blind. In nations all across Latin America, whites are already a minority or fast approaching that point. Given that many of our newest immigrants are from this part of the world, the region deserves a closer look. What is life like there? How are whites treated? What lessons can we learn?

Latin America’s racial dynamics are a product of its history. Its current racial makeup is the result of five historic waves of immigration – a first wave that came over the land bridge from Asia and produced the original native peoples; the later conquests by the Spanish and Portuguese after 1492; a subsequent importation of black slaves to the Caribbean and South American coast; a fourth wave of European immigration beginning in the mid-1800s; and a fifth wave of internal migration from rural areas to the cities, which created its modern urban slums.

The fourth wave from Europe was responsible for what is today the whitest portion of the continent, an area centered on Uruguay on the southeastern South American coast. From there, the white population extends northward into southern Brazil and southwest into neighboring Argentina, particularly Buenos Aires where the city’s white porteños (“people of the port”) are internationally known for their alleged arrogance toward browner Latin Americans. Despite the concentration of whites in the area, however, their percentage peaked in the middle of the twentieth century. It has been declining ever since, partly due to lower birthrates and partly because of the internal migrations of the last wave.

Most of the rest of Latin America is primarily black, Indigenous, or mixed-race. The last of these is mostly due to what probably seemed like a minor issue when the continent was first colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese. Unlike the British, the conquistadors brought relatively few white women with them. Even during the period of regularized Spanish and Portuguese immigration that followed, white women never came close to equaling the number of white men immigrating to the New World. The predictably high levels of miscegenation that resulted, particularly when coupled with a major disease-driven die-off among the Indigenous peoples, created the large mestizo and mulatto populations that today predominate across most of the continent.

This cornucopia of diversity has provided little benefit. As in the United States, race in Latin America correlates strongly with IQ, education, and income. Other analyses have found similar correlations even within the mestizo and mulatto populations, with the lighter-skinned generally achieving higher educational and occupational status than those with darker skin.

At the national level, whiter nations like Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile have substantially higher average incomes and lower levels of poverty than other nations that are browner and blacker. This pattern can also be found within nations, with Indigenous areas and the black and brown slums surrounding major cities all predominantly poor.

Crime also correlates with race, with the highest homicides rates usually found in brown and black urban areas. Latin America is substantially overrepresented among the rankings of the world’s most crime-ridden cities. This has produced correspondingly high levels of racial segregation all over the continent.

These recurring economic and social disparities are nothing new to those who live in the region. They merely document an underlying phenomenon that has been well-known for centuries. Latin American society is thoroughly stratified by race. Variations of the same pattern repeat themselves just about everywhere – a wealthy white elite at the top, the rest of the white population just below them, mixed-race mestizos and mulattos further down, and black and Indigenous peoples at the bottom (see below). Asians are a small minority and thus not included, but they generally do about as well as whites, or nearly so.

This preference for whiteness has a long history. It dates back to the Spanish racial caste system that emerged in colonial times and continued into the 19th and 20th centuries, when whitening (blanqueamiento) policies were put in place to promote immigration from Europe to “improve the race” (mejorar la raza). It still prevails in the Latin American media, where whites are overrepresented and European beauty standards predominate. It also drives the dating market, where everyone is looking for someone whiter to date or marry.

“Many of us have relatives who subscribe to Eurocentric standards of beauty,” wrote one Latina, expressing a common sentiment. “We hear abuelas (grandmothers), tias (aunts), or even mothers encouraging their children not to marry a darker skinned, Indigenous, or black Latino in fear that they will bring ‘ugly kids’ into the world with dark skin, wide ethnic facial features, and curly, kinky hair that’s still often referred to as ‘pelo malo’ (bad hair).”

Political History

Latin America’s inequality and overwhelming levels of brown and black poverty provide insights on America’s future. But beyond an increase in de facto segregation, which already exists, and the threat of increased crime, this does not by itself constitute a major threat to America’s white population. The real threat is political, where such demographic change could empower a rising Democratic Party that is increasingly hostile to white interests. What can Latin American politics tell us about our political future?

Democracy in Latin America, at least in limited form, dates back to the early 1800s, shortly after independence was achieved from Spain and Portugal and not long after democracy arose in the United States. Since then, most Latin American nations have cycled back and forth between democracy and dictatorship, with left-leaning elected governments that displeased the ruling oligarchies frequently removed through military coups. In all, an estimated 250 coups have taken place over the past two centuries.

The United States began to play a dominant role in the region after the Spanish-American war of 1898, a period when it was just coming into its own as a world power. In the years that followed, it increasingly exercised that power on behalf of US corporations like United Fruit in nations like Honduras and Guatemala, two stereotypical banana republics. John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles both worked for United Fruit and later took this outlook to the State Department and CIA under Eisenhower. There they pressed for tougher measures to contain communism and support American business interests. The 1954 coup in Guatemala was an opening salvo in this wider war.

After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy attempted more liberal outreach, but this strategy was soon set aside by LBJ, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford, all of whom took a harder line. In the years that followed, one democracy fell after another with active CIA involvement or tacit American support. These included Bolivia (1964), Brazil (1964), Argentina (1966), Peru (1968), Bolivia again (1971), Ecuador (1972), Uruguay (1973), Chile (1973), and Argentina again (1976). By the mid-1970s, most Latin American nations were military dictatorships.

With American support, the dictatorships went to extreme lengths to hold onto power. In 1975, the governments of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay jointly launched Operation Condor, which killed as many as 30,000 leftist political opponents and imprisoned another 400,000. These efforts continued in Argentina for nearly a decade as part of the so-called Dirty War, where some victims were “disappeared” by choppering them out to sea and dropping them in the ocean to drown. The Guatemalan Civil War against various leftist groups (1960-1996) resulted in another 200,000 deaths, including wholesale massacres in hundreds of villages. Another 75,000 died in the civil war in El Salvador, where death squads and child soldiers were commonplace, and another 30,000 died in Nicaragua.

Throughout this period, however, change was brewing in the American foreign policy establishment. As far back as the failure of Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations, there had been a decades-long debate between liberals, who championed internationalism and democracy, and pragmatists who championed realpolitik and the national interest. Realpolitik won out during most of the Cold War, at least on military matters, but the liberals pressed ahead on the economic front. After World War II, they built a post-war framework based on free trade, international law, and a related set of policies and institutions such as the Bretton Woods agreement, GATT, OECD, and the United Nations.

Over time, and with the crucial backing of multinational corporations and other wealthy business interests, a new neoliberal framework emerged that focused on economic development, globalism, and democracy, and this became the new establishment consensus. Pitting liberal ideals against pragmatism was a false choice, they argued, because internationalism and economic prosperity create peace while nationalist sentiments were the cause of war (in reality, war long predates the existence of nations). Democracy was an important element in this new worldview because, they claimed, democracies rarely go to war with one another.

By the time the Cold War ended, this view had won out. George H.W. Bush, the quintessential establishmentarian who was once a CIA war hawk, reflected this change in elite thinking almost perfectly. During his inaugural address, he argued that a “new breeze was blowing” toward democracy. He later proclaimed his support for a “New World Order” of internationalism. Francis Fukuyama called it the “The End of History.”

Latin America’s journey to democracy was a product of this larger shift in establishment thinking, but it came a bit early. Jimmy Carter began the process with a push for human rights in the late 1970s, but his efforts were sidelined by Reagan’s election in 1980. Reagan initially sided with the pragmatists, but by 1983 he had changed sides, now viewing democratization as useful tool in his ongoing public relations war with the dying Soviet Union. This shift signaled the ascendance of the establishment consensus even within conservative GOP circles.

Reagan’s support for democratization had a decisive impact. Not long afterward, the Latin American dictatorships began to fall. The inherent fragility of the regimes might seem surprising, given the extremes to which they had been prepared to go to stay in power, but most dictatorships fall eventually. Usually it is due to some combination of poor leadership, bad management, a bad economy, or some other major mistake that costs them the support of even their local elites. The entire region was struggling with a major debt crisis at the time. Once the US withdrew its active support for military rule, there was little left to prop them up. By the time the Cold War ended in 1989, most of the region had returned to democracy.

At least at first, it seemed like the establishment’s gamble had paid off. Most of the new democracies elected moderate or conservative governments that proceeded to implement the standard Washington Consensus package of privatization, deregulation, and tax and spending cuts.

When these policies failed to produce visible benefits for most of the poor and middle class, however, the leftist surge finally began. Starting with the election of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in 1998, a wave of leftist regimes called the Pink Tide vaulted to power (see below).

This Pink Tide, however, was short-lived. Like the conservative neoliberal governments before them, the left was unable to make more than modest improvements in the lives of the poor (in fact, many Pink Tide governments were cornered into implementing the same neoliberal policies as their predecessors). Moreover, much of what they accomplished had rested on a temporary boom in commodity prices, which was an economic house of cards. Faced with faltering economies, soaring crime, and rampant corruption, a majority of the voters shifted right again and the left was swept from power.

Racial Politics

What should we make of this history? Given a chance, the left did eventually rise to power as expected, riding a wave of support from impoverished brown and black voters in nations where whites were usually a minority. But just a few years later, many of these same nations voted the left out of power again. How could this happen? Are race and demography less important than the Dissident Right imagines?

The answer is no, race matters enormously, but election results are the product of several different forces that are pushing in different directions simultaneously. The first of these is the one that is most apparent from this history – pendulum effects that swing elections back and forth depending on the public’s view of the government’s performance. In Latin America’s case, just about every government has struggled with persistent poverty, crime, and corruption, so these pendulum effects tend to work against whoever is in power. The effect is so strong that, unlike the United States, major political parties often come and go, exiting the stage once their brand has become too tarnished.

Beneath these pendulum swings, however, there are strong structural forces at work that continue from election to election. Race-based voting is one of the most important. A close examination of elections held across the region repeatedly shows that leftists rely heavily on support from browner and blacker voters who are usually poor, while conservatives rely heavily on whites and whiter mestizos (who are typically over half European genetically).

One illustrative example is the 2018 election of Jair Bolsonaro, the new right-wing Brazilian president dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics.” Bolsonaro drew his support from the whiter southern part of the nation and the socially conservative rural heartland. His leftist opponent did better in the northeast, which is mostly black and mulatto, and the northwest, which is substantially Indigenous. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bolsonaro also did better among whites who live closer to the crime-ridden areas of major cities and a bit worse among whites who live further south, a safe distance from the mayhem.

These racial patterns repeat themselves throughout the region. Argentina’s conservative president Mauricio Macri won his 2015 election by winning the whiter heart of Buenos Aires and most of whiter central Argentina. The conservative Sebastián Piñera won in the whiter parts of central Chile and Santiago. The conservative Iván Duque Márquez won in Colombia in the whiter sections of Bogotá and the center of the country.

The leftist Nicolás Maduro won his last competitive election in Venezuela in 2013 in heavily brown and black areas of the country, while losing the whiter areas of the east and west. The leftist Evo Morales consistently wins reelection in Bolivia with the support of his Indigenous base in the Western highlands.

The exception that proves the rule is Uruguay, the whitest nation on the continent. It has continued to support the Broad Front, a leftist coalition that includes socialists and communists and touts legalized pot, abortion, and same-sex marriage among its policy achievements. Such leftist politics are typical of whiter nations that have yet to experience the full benefits of diversity.

In most other Latin American nations, these racial voting patterns persist despite the presence of an important moderating influence – a large mixed-race population that seems resistant to explicitly race-based political appeals. Leftist academics bemoan this resistance, usually attributing it to a lack of social awareness and widespread acceptance of the theories of mestizaje and racial democracy, which argue that mixed-race societies do not suffer the same levels of racism and discrimination as other places like the United States.

Surveys of Latin America’s poor do not support this notion. Latin America’s mixed-race populations are well aware of existing racial disparities, they just do not strongly identify with them. This points to a different explanation that is less favored by leftists, genetic similarity theory, which says that people are more altruistic and less hostile to those who are genetically similar. This explanation is borne out by interviews with mixed-race voters.

“Do I value my blackness? Of course! I take pride in it,” said one Brazilian mulatto in an interview. “But am I only black? No! I also am descended from Indians and from Europeans. Should I disdain these heritages? Why shouldn’t I value all my heritages? Why should I pretend I only have one heritage when this is just not true?”

The Oligarchy

Magda Rubio had just announced her candidacy for mayor of a northern Mexican town when she received a disturbing call. “Drop out,” said the voice on the line, “or be killed.”

Politicians and journalists are regularly assassinated in Latin America. The blame usually (and conveniently) falls on criminal gangs that are trying to gain control of the local police or obtain profitable government contracts. In truth, the motive is frequently unclear. It is easier to identify the trigger men than to determine who is really behind a hit.

Race is an important driver of Latin American elections, but it is not the only one. The other is a reactionary elite that has ruled over the region for centuries. Wealthy oligarchies supported most of the coups that occurred prior to the recent rise of democracy. Today, they rely heavily on private security and are believed to be behind most of the violence directed against Indigenous people who oppose their logging, mining, or other business interests. Rural areas can sometimes feel like the Wild West.

Business elites who live in wealthy urban neighborhoods are just as influential, but they usually rely on more refined tactics. These include campaign contributions, substantial control of political parties, and control of the media, which is predominantly conservative. This influence is magnified by powerful business associations that provide a vehicle for coordinated action.

When that is not enough, outright corruption is another option. Vote buying, revolving door hiring of government officials, and bribes are tried and true methods. If elected leaders are still uncooperative, they can sometimes be removed through legal means, a tactic euphemistically referred to as a “soft coup.” Various forms of violence such as military coups and assassination are usually only used as a last resort. For many politicians, however, the ultimate choice is the same: a bribe or a bullet.

The power of the oligarchs is most evident in the poorest nations where whites are a tiny minority. In Guatemala, Honduras, and Paraguay, for example, wealthy elites have repeatedly shown that they will do whatever it takes to maintain control. Unsurprisingly, given this track record, 79 percent of Latin Americans now believe that their governments primarily serve the wealthy elite, a percentage that has been steadily increasing in recent years. Confidence in democracy has fallen to historic lows.

Oligarchical power is hardly unique to Latin America. According to Robert Michels, a sociologist who developed a theory known as the iron law of oligarchy, such power dynamics are inevitable. Indeed, some argue that the United States itself barely qualifies as a democracy.

But there is an important difference between Latin America and the United States. Latin America’s ruling elite is not actively hostile to white interests. Whiteness is celebrated by the media, not demonized. There is no significant elite-led attempt to demographically swamp whites with non-white immigration. Leftist politicians are more tolerant of migrants, but they are held in check by opposition from the right and widespread xenophobia among their own voters.

Latin America’s elite are less hostile to whites for a reason. First, the vast majority of them are white. After centuries of living in societies where whites have always been a minority or nearly so, they harbor fewer illusions about the purported benefits of multiculturalism or the genuine threat of leftism.

Second, while a causal connection is difficult to prove, the relatively small size of Latin America’s Jewish community probably also plays a role. The nation with the most Jews in the region is Argentina, where they constitute about 0.4 percent of the population. Jewish communities in other Latin American nations are much smaller, both as a fraction of the overall population and in absolute numbers.

Historically, Latin America was never a preferred destination for Jews. In colonial times, they were banned from Spanish-controlled territories. Suspected Jews were subject to the Inquisition and could be burned at the stake. Most did not begin arriving until the late 1800s, with many not coming until the 1930s after they had been turned away by the United States, their first choice.

As was true across much of the Western world, some involved themselves in leftist activity and this often provoked a backlash when right-wing dictators came to power. By the late twentieth century, however, they found themselves being attacked by the left too, usually for their support of Israel. An attempted alliance between Jewish groups and black activists in Brazil fell apart. Leftist leaders like Hugo Chavez frequently attacked Israel and Zionism as racist. Chavez himself was accused of holding anti-Jewish views, although he denied it.

Jewish influence over the region’s conservative media appears to be minimal. Jews often feel unwelcome and frequently hide their identity. A 2011 poll conducted for the ADL found that most Argentines harbor borderline or openly anti-Semitic views. Partly as a consequence, the Jewish population is now dwindling due to a combination of assimilation, intermarriage, and emigration to the United States and Israel.

Lessons for America

If Latin America says anything about America’s future, it is that it will be racialized and brutal. All across the Americas, as the percentage of whites declines, societies become more dysfunctional and bleak. Nations where whites are a small minority usually become dystopias characterized by tiny islands of gated affluence surrounded by staggering amounts of brown and black poverty and crime.

But this is not the only lesson. Latin America has also demonstrated that race is centrally important in elections, especially as whites approach and become a minority. These racial divisions persist despite the presence of a large mixed-race population that is less receptive to explicitly race-based appeals than populations in other nations that are more genetically distinct (such as the United States).

This experience in Latin America sheds light on America, where there are already signs that a similar political transformation is underway. The last decade alone has witnessed the development of a new 20-point gap in white support for the two parties in the United States, something that is directly traceable to demographic change. College-educated whites in blue America have drifted left during this period, but this change has been dwarfed by a larger rightward shift among other whites, particularly working-class whites, who are less indoctrinated and more exposed to diversity. Overall, the politics of both the left and right have become dramatically more racialized in just the past few years.

This process has just begun. The psychological basis for a coming white awakening is well-established by scientific studies. Moreover, of the roughly 40 percent of white Americans who still regularly vote for Democrats, almost half describe themselves as moderate or conservative. These are the voters who are most likely to shift right over the next decade as Democrats drift further left in the face of ongoing demographic change. Over time, future white voting patterns may approach those that already exist in the more diverse South, where 80-90 percent of whites regularly vote for Republicans. Skeptics who insist that left-leaning whites will never wake up are usually focused on an unrepresentative subset of hard-core leftists that comprise perhaps 10-20 percent of the white population. Such skeptics are missing the larger, long-term trend.

Another lesson from Latin America, however, is that oligarchies matter. Wealthy oligarchs play an outsized role throughout the region and in many nations their power is absolute. This lends credibility to those who argue that any shift in white voting patterns in the United States will be meaningless because the GOP is beholden to an American oligarchy that is hostile to white interests. These concerns are valid. America’s hostile elite is a problem.

Such observations assume, however, that America’s elite cannot or will not change. This is certainly possible, of course. America’s oligarchy could continue their support of the multicultural status quo, which is now on track to transform whites into a minority over the next few decades. If this happened, the end game would probably look like South Africa, where the oligarchy has maintained power by corrupting the political class and leaving whites to fend for themselves (see South Africa’s Protection Racket). It remains to be seen how stable such a situation would be. It might lead to civil war.

But that end game may never arrive. Another possibility is that an awakened white America may simply defeat the oligarchy, forcing them to change course or be replaced by new elites who are eager to take their place. Political parties always change and adapt in response to changing times and there is ample evidence that the United States – including the Republican Party – is currently undergoing a political realignment.

A third possibility is that the oligarchy could realize their interests are better aligned with the white population and shift in their direction voluntarily. Any alliance between a wealthy elite and the left is inherently unstable. It is possible that the oligarchy might wake up too, along with most of the rest of white America. If this occurred, the results would probably look like Latin America, which has repeatedly shown that whites can maintain control, even as a small minority, so long as they are sufficiently aligned with the oligarchy. Jewish elites could be expected to oppose such a strategy, but they are also coming under fire from the left, just like in Latin America, so it is possible that they might change sides, too.

A final possibility is a hybrid of the others, with different elites using different strategies in different parts of the country. This scenario would be rooted in the fact that as the nation becomes majority-minority, most of the change will be concentrated in the southern half of the country. Under this scenario, elites in a region stretching from California through Texas and across the South could respond by following the left-leaning multicultural strategy. Elites in the north would follow the right-leaning Latin American strategy, aligning themselves with whites who would still be a majority in that part of the nation.

If this happened, it could become the basis for national partition. Such partitions frequently occur when nations become too divided ethnically, politically, and geographically. Such an outcome is also predictable from studies of ethnic conflict.

The Coming Storm

Living in the current year, it is easy to become discouraged by our present trajectory, but the odds that the world’s white population will be permanently transformed into a repressed minority are small. As history has repeatedly shown, whites tend to rule, not to be ruled.

Change is coming. With luck, it will occur peacefully, as our ruling class is democratically replaced or wisely shifts right to save itself. It may otherwise be expressed violently through military coups, revolutions, or war. Either way, change will come.

Our wiser leaders of tomorrow are probably just young adults or children today. Some have probably not yet been born. It will be this younger generation of harder men that will lead us from the abyss.

That future can be found in Latin America. While many stories from the region illustrate this point, one from Haiti seems appropriate. Haiti is today ruled by a mulatto elite, but the truly rich and powerful are white foreigners. This was the world one young white American was visiting the night of the 1991 coup that ousted Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

I remember the night of the coup, I was asleep in bed. At about one o’clock in the morning I heard loud explosions, gunfire, chanting, screaming. I got up and looked out of my bedroom window. I was up on the side of a mountain and I could look down over the whole city. I saw different places on fire and I could tell there was something wrong.

So I went outside to ask the night watchman what was going on. He was listening to the radio and said something happened to Aristide. I asked myself, “Am I the good guy or the bad guy?” I didn’t know. I didn’t know if the average Haitian would look at me as a white, a blanc, as the enemy, or if I was just someone that was not involved in the situation so they wouldn’t even bother me. I didn’t know what to do and I heard people chanting, coming up the side of the mountain. I could see different places on fire already on the mountainside.

So I turned around and went back to my house. I went back into my room and packed my backpack and I took the machete from under my bed and I went back outside to the night watchman. I asked him what we should do, and he said he didn’t know. So we hid. It was a bright moonlit night and we hid in the garage. I could see now there was a crowd out in front of the house, probably 200 people, flaming torches and machetes, and of course I start sweating bullets.

They started chopping down the fence and the night watchman said, “We have to go out, otherwise they’re going to come in here.” So I just kind of took a deep breath, and the two of us walked into the moonlight and held our machetes. And I just remember looking up and at that point I could hear them yelling “Blancs, blancs, blancs restent ici,” meaning, “Whites stay here, whites live here.” And then, one by one, they started running away.

He was relieved, but confused. It took a few days, but after watching soldiers gun down enough of the locals, the reason finally dawned on him.

Well, that’s when I realized that the military was on the side of the rich and that, as an American, I had nothing to worry about. And that was the case most of the time in Haiti …

There’s no way that the Haitian peasants can rise up. You have one section of the black population which is now aligned with and making money with the rich. Not much, but more than they could make as a farmer cutting mangoes. So now they have a gun and are in control. They’re making a few bucks. The rich tell them to go out and take down some village, shoot up a couple of people, chop their face off, leave them in the street, and they’ll do it.

This is the real story of whites in multicultural societies. With rare exceptions, it is not a story of submission, but of dominance. Indeed, to anyone who is not entirely numb to the fate of the world’s non-white peoples, this history has frequently been horrifying.

In Latin America, this has included genocide-levels of death and destruction waged against its Indigenous peoples during colonial times that included widespread biological warfare, massacres, and rape. In just the past few decades, it has included the obliteration of countless villages and wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people.

Few Americans know this history, but that does not make it any less real. White people can be vicious. Sometimes it is for profit, sometimes it is for survival, but the result is almost always the same.

By choosing to threaten the world’s white populations, our ruling elites are playing a very dangerous game. The question is not whether whites will awaken, because we will. The real question is far more cold-blooded. When we finally do wake up, just how brutal will we be?

Patrick McDermott is a political analyst in Washington, DC.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
The White America Series
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  1. Rational says:


    Great article, Sir. You are so right for the most part.

    Except I am not sure about the last part, that whites will rise one day. They have not risen in South Africa, which is another nation that tells us America and Europe’s future, where whites are being murdered every day. They have not risen in Sweden, where white wome are being raped by the browns and blacks.

    And the reason the whites will not rise (and have not risen, so far) is because of the Judaists. The Judaists are behind the 3rd world alien invasion (Barbara Lerner Spectre, George Soros, etc ) and supporting blacks with black lives matter, etc. They were behind the Civil Rights Movement.

    The awareness of the Jewish problem among whites is quite low, despite the internet. The Pope is kissing the feet of alien invaders, and white people still go to Church.

    White extermination is a Jewish plan and is going well, from their point of view.

  2. tanabear says:

    “One fell to musing before the phenomenon–even of the past: of South America, a continent of crude sunshine and brutal revolutions, of the sea, the vast expanse of salt waters, the mirror of heaven’s frowns and smiles, the reflector of the world’s light.”
    Joseph Conrad

    One should the novel Nostromo by Joseph Conrad for a depiction of life, society and politics in a Latin American country in the late 19th Century.

  3. It’s race against time to redpill white people before the nose completely wrecks the entire western world.

    I’m not optimistic.

    The Rotherham scandal is sad and sobering. You would think that having your little girl pimped out by Pakis would set British men on a killing spree but the Brits did nothing. The cops did nothing. The community leaders did nothing.

    This is what jewbrain does to people. They lose all sense of identity, integrity, courage. The nose has quite literally demasculated our men and turned our women into whores.

    Yuri Bezmenov explains the process in his Youtube clip. We are past the demoralization stage and headed for crisis.

    The Nose wrecked Russia, moved on to Germany and met some resistance, but won in the end. Now they rule over us and they have no intention of removing their boots from our faces.
    Political means have been tried, Trump was the last hope.

    We are on a downward slide into favela hell.

  4. Whitewolf says:

    The awareness of the Jewish problem among whites is quite low, despite the internet. The Pope is kissing the feet of alien invaders, and white people still go to Church.

    The internet now is like what only Stormfront was in the early days. Look at any comment section online today and compare it to a thread on Stormfront and you’ll find little difference.

    The trend is more anti-Semitism and more Whites expressing opposition to diversity/White genocide. The trend isn’t slowing down any time soon though anti-Semitism online is so widespread now that it’s hard to see how it can sustain the growth rates it’s had up till now.

    • Replies: @nsa
  5. This is the real story of whites in multicultural societies. With rare exceptions, it is not a story of submission, but of dominance. Indeed, to anyone who is not entirely numb to the fate of the world’s non-white peoples, this history has frequently been horrifying.

    We are immune for we have nukes. So yes, let’s bring it on. It is awesome, not horrifying.

    In Latin America, this has included genocide-levels of death and destruction waged against its Indigenous peoples during colonial times that included widespread biological warfare, massacres, and rape. In just the past few decades, it has included the obliteration of countless villages and wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people.

    It is just how nature works.

    White people can be vicious. Sometimes it is for profit, sometimes it is for survival, but the result is almost always the same.

    Uh..three cheers to white citizen warriors who managed to make sure that Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada AREN’T FUBAR shitholes. I just wish they could have done more. They could have taken care of Papua too for example..

  6. This is the real story of whites in multicultural societies. With rare exceptions, it is not a story of submission, but of dominance.

    Good job! 🙂 Fuck Haiti.

  7. The main reason why there is so much misery in the world is that there are so many FUBAR peoples. I only wish that non-FUBAR peoples of the world follow the law of nature more when dealing with FUBAR peoples..

  8. GMC says:

    Excellent article – Yes, those who lobbied for the Open Immigration/Refugee Laws and pushed them through in 1965 , definitely had — destroying the white America in their plans. Before 1965 – 80% of our immigrants were taken in from Europe – after – only 8% from EU were allowed in. So, instead of the European society , the US/NWO now has a Heinz 57 one. You can thank the Zionist Jews for this. And it’s Factual. Putin is trying to keep Western Russia – white slavic – so far so good but RF is huge and can easily have the Eurasian society – as long as it stays Russian owned. In 2015 I spent 4 mos. in Central America – cruisin around . Not even a good finished Pan American Highway to Panama, but I’m sure , that was the plan – just keep them poor and don’t let them move around to much. lol

  9. @Rational

    Well, american protestants were wise, weren’t they, to forbid religious tests for government officials and bureaucrats?

    Well, a godless country is reaping the winds they sowed and your Jew hatred wil not solve any problem because y’all let them seize control. Jew hatred will ruin your soul, but, whatever….

    So, racism is the newest refuge of whitey.


    That’s going nowhere.

  10. Best data since weeks, and a relevant scope. The dare to prone a peep into the next decades. Quantify the article and you have yourself what can be called science.

    Haiti data are out of focus, “Meuse”, alas “Mews” any-one? It is not all color, “petit blanc” and his machete. The ridiculous activist, the small-time NGO employee. Latino Colombia Cartel middle men incubating colored start-ups that …fail.

    There is a serious dose of “Jew” within the Haiti elites, quite some Syrian(Christian) in the upper middle-class, running wholesales, imports,(export what???), and pipe-lining into supermarkets monopolies. All stark ethno-centrists, along lines of acquired fortune, making concessions or restrictions as to the color of their grandchildren upon their daughters. Little religious divides, Islam (was) non-existent. Cognition is probably the last thing weighting decision making, who needs it, the business landscape is rather medieval. Politicians are reality TV stars, with no real power. As in the US.

    At large,

    Confident that the White elites will further shred their inferior, or few, obtrusive white brethren, also in North America, Europe, and probably keep doing so in South Africa. That can be the most probable winning scenario, eight and a half billion humans including Whites are impossible to be sorted. Negative assets resolve themselves to positive value, by sheer positive derivatives of turmoil and social pressure as a secondary effect on their genetic deprecation (Eduard Dutton and Michael Woodley of Menie probably should agree). That in itself is the tool. Now acceleration is welcome, it is a fascinating prospect of a view.

    To sum it up, there is probably no such thing as Whites, other lines as religion, class, territory, custom and culture, cognition(only important at the least when playing out inside an ethnic bulb, as some Jew friends here demonstrate at, by clustering themselves in bidding the “White” cause) modulate the factual divides.

  11. Kirt says:

    Interesting analysis. I’d also be interested to read the author’s take on how the US losing its position as world hegemon will impact the internal arrangements. Currently, this loss of position is occurring very slowly, but it could be speeded up a lot, for example, by a catastrophic military defeat.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Disordered Deacon
  12. Vuu the Great [AKA "THE GREAT VUU"] says:

    I have the final solution to the diversity problem

    We have the resources to give natural selection a push. After all, the brown people will not vote for leftists in droves if they don’t have their genetic drawbacks.

    The leftists should really support this one, seeing as it’s the only way to actually get real equality without wholesale genocide of billions

  13. The Nose is like the wolf Gmork from The Neverending Story.

    Gmork serves The Nothing, a black cloud which destroys everything, replacing it with emptiness.

    Atreyu, the child warrior hero, points out Gmork will also perish if The Nothing wins.

    Gmork’s reply is, in so many words, “Zero fox given.”

    This is, apparently, the mindset of The Nose. They don’t even want to rule the world as their actions guarantee their own inevitable extermination by morlocks and orcs.

    • Replies: @President Barbicane
  14. melpol says:

    Computer addicts are very easy to support, many only need an Internet connected cube to live in. Food supplies can be at a minimal. Billions of low IQ computer game addicts can be supplied with their simple needs. Sexual satisfaction will be no problem when the computer addicts can masturbate over pornography.

  15. Not much hope here in “Murka”. The latest “Great White Hope” turned out to be nothing more than a gigantic (((nose))) himself.

  16. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    If people are tasteful racists and anti Semites, I think it will go far. We should all be extremely civilized as we go about our hatreds.

  17. “… genocide-levels of death and destruction waged against its Indigenous peoples during colonial times that included widespread biological warfare ….”

    You realise most of this “biological warfare” was unintentional, right?

  18. “… tiny islands of gated affluence surrounded by staggering amounts of brown and black poverty and crime.”

    Which is to say “Golden ghetto.”

  19. Republic says:

    According to this article from 2017 in American Renaissance, a similar situation
    Regarding white displacement is taking place in Argentina.

    Argentina, historically, a White country, has in recent decades,under leftist governments have been allowing large almost unchecked migrations from Mestizos and Amerindians from the neighboring countries like ,Paraguay ,Bolivia ,Peru and Chile.

    Very generous welfare benefits are given to these people.

    In 2004, the socialist government of Nestor Kirchner passed a new migration law, implementing what was known as the “Patria Grande” (Big Homeland) program. This included amnesty for all illegals, as well as a relaxation of income requirements for immigrants. It also guaranteed free access to public education at all levels, free medical care, family reunification, elimination of the obligation for public officials to report illegal immigrants, issuance of residence permits with only a sworn statement rather than proof of income, and voting rights in local elections. These measures were clearly meant to win votes from non-whites.

    • Replies: @Thinker
  20. nsa says:

    “Look at any comment section online today……”
    Despite the 1st Amendment, 99% of all sites are heavily censored (moderated) to delete anything derogatory about the conniving jooies. This includes most sites allowing comments…..especially cuck sites like Sailer, American Cuckservative, etc and overt joo sites like Kikebart, SludgeReport, etc. Lift the extreme censorship and you will quickly find out exactly what a large portion of the politically active public thinks of the relentlessly self-serving tribe.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @Thinker
    , @Tony
  21. This cornucopia of diversity has provided little benefit. As in the United States, race in Latin America correlates strongly with IQ, education, and income. Other analyses have found similar correlations even within the mestizo and mulatto populations, with the lighter-skinned generally achieving higher educational and occupational status than those with darker skin.

    It would interesting to know if any studies have been done of Hispanic siblings with differing skin tones. Presumably, their genotypes would be pretty much the same, even if their phenotypes were a little different. If it turned out that they ended achieving roughly the same levels of income, etc., regardless of color, that would really put defenders of the environment-only theory of outcomes on the back foot.

    Asians are a small minority and thus not included, but they generally do about as well as whites, or nearly so.

    Made me think right away of Alberto Fujimori:

    This Pink Tide, however, was short-lived. Like the conservative neoliberal governments before them, the left was unable to make more than modest improvements in the lives of the poor (in fact, many Pink Tide governments were cornered into implementing the same neoliberal policies as their predecessors). Moreover, much of what they accomplished had rested on a temporary boom in commodity prices, which was an economic house of cards. Faced with faltering economies, soaring crime, and rampant corruption, a majority of the voters shifted right again and the left was swept from power.

    The IMF and what the author later called “soft coups” also played a powerful role in the downfall of most of the Pink Tide governments. The main exception seems to be Venezuela, where the military was long ago purged of all anti-Chavistas (after the failed coup in 2002) and where the supporters of Maduro maintain a constant state of readiness, as if the US Marine Corps were going to invade any day now.

  22. Import Latin America… become Latin America

    On the subject of Latin America’s media vs. ours (since we now have what can be best described as a media run state -not a typo-) two quotes are note worthy: In contrast to our own “control of [Latin America’s] media… is predominantly conservative” and “preference for whiteness… still prevails in the Latin American media, where whites are overrepresented and European beauty standards predominate.”
    Watching much of the what comes out of Latin America’s media vs. our own, it’s almost as if the two live in parallel universes.

    For example, even though whites still outnumber blacks by more than 3 to 1 and their purchasing power is much larger, these days Madison Ave. can’t get seem to have enough blacks endorsing everything from toothpaste to auto insurance, all interspersed with mystery meats, Asians, white/black couples and subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at white men, carefully created with the dictates of hard-core PC in mind. It’s clear that for contemporary Corporate America, they view non-stop leftist virtue signaling as more important for the health of their companies than promoting the actual merits of a particular product.

    As for entertainment we have Hidden Figures and Django Unchained and obligatory minorities inserted in practically everything now, while Latin America still puts out telenovelas with distinctly European-looking characters playing all the lead roles and brown skinned indigenous actors relegated to playing domesticas in blue maid uniforms. Where are all the front page investigative stories in the NYT and Wash Post and segments on CNN blasting Latin American media’s culture of “institutional racism” and “white supremancy?” Obviously the disproptionate share of Jews running our media apparatuses vs. down in Latin America might play a role, but this dynamic has always been true and the non-stop spectable of minoritarianism and blatant white riducule is of recent vintage.

    • Replies: @Thinker
  23. You dirty stinking rotten lying naive son of a bitch bastard assholes believe the MSM when it lies about Martin Luther King, but then you complain when the MSM says something you don’t like.

    You ignorant childish hypocritical unselfaware fools. Why don’t you show us another graph?

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @Father O'Hara
  24. Massive immigration is pushed by conservatives who want to suppress wages. So you conservatives on here are complicit, you rotten stinking bastards.

  25. @nsa

    Including here at, if need be, and you are interested, will send you the marks of the sweet spots. Issues beyond the obey lines, the mode, the tone of the scaffold.

    Since there is some pseudo air of science flowing from under most armpits, proof will be addended.

    The systemics of course already point into the same direction. The Cloud, Patreon, microwaving stale issues, the unknown of relevant as an adjective in the unz sphere, the list is a GWAs search result that can securely be convoluted as correlation to anything MSM does, for cheaper.

    Now is there a solution to this harnessing the scraps of the table in journalism? As an individual “of course not”, as collectively organized groups, hell yes. The thing is, disgenics has thickened the soup, bred out physical courage, selected out the best of kin into oblivion. Social pressure based on genome coding at work. Poor us.

  26. Well, we discussed the future of the US many times…

    a) Brazil?

    b) South Africa?

    c) disintegration?

    Save for WW 3, which could change everything, US goes the way of the Roman empire…..

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  27. @obwandiyag

    No, Mr. Low IQ, mass immigration is not caused by conservatives.

    It’s caused by jews.

    • Replies: @Marty T
  28. aandrews says:

    Paging Dr. Reed. Paging Dr. Reed.

  29. aandrews says:

    I think some of that should be hyphenated and sprinkled with commas.

  30. Jorge Videla [AKA "Gallagher did nothing wrong."] says:

    thank God.

    one of unz’s buttgoys who isn’t retarded.

  31. Jorge Videla [AKA "Gallagher did nothing wrong."] says:

    spiffing ZA article too.

  32. Agent76 says:

    Nov 22, 2018 It’s Official: We’re Living in the Prequel to ‘Blade Runner’

  33. Joe WEbb says:

    real good piece.

    I was surprised to see that Venezuela has 43.6 per cent White. The searches I have done show less than that, varying between 30 and 35 per cent.

    The mestizo is 51.6 per cent.

    Brazil at 48 per cent White….a book on Brazil a dozen years ago put the White at about 52 %. So maybe the darkies are outbreeding the Whites in Brazil.

    Of course, apparently systematic murders of darkie criminals seems to be in place in Brazil…by the cops and semi-cops.

    The Brazil numbers for mestizos and blacks/mulattos are way off per the book just mentioned. Joe

    will do another check from wiki , etc.

  34. Joe WEbb says:

    here is more…on Brazil. ( see that there appears to be a tendency to count White genes showing up on other races…which wildly distorts race reality.)

    The wiki source provided in this article is lousy for ascertaining self-peception of racial identity.

    Try this one:

    “Preliminary results from the 2010 census, released on Wednesday, show that 97 million Brazilians, or 50.7% of the population, now define themselves as black or mixed race, compared with 91 million or 47.7% who label themselves white.Nov 17, 2011
    Brazil census shows African-Brazilians in the majority for the first time ……/brazil-census-african-brazilians-majorit…”

    The mulattos apparently are about 95% of the Africa descended folks and real Blacks are about 5% of the total.

    Per the book I mentioned earlier, written by a Yanqui liberal, as I recall, remarked that almost nobody marries a real black. Real Bad Racism…the Brazilians.

    Nobody marries a black in the US except the bottom of the IQ pile…and a few sluts from Hollywood, etc.

    Joe Webb

    Mexican Whites at about 9% as I understand it, of Mexico, have kept the mestizos and”Indigenistas” under control more or less. Of course, it is the mestizo blood that accounts for the source of Mexico’s corruption and crime. The Whites I suppose, per the article here, keep the crime out of their neighborhoods thru bribes and cooptation of mestizos.

    Clever enough for past history, but the Future, as they say, Lies Ahead.

    The provided chart states that Brazil is 43% mestizo….that is ridiculous. .

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @L.K
  35. Thinker says:

    (((Nestor Kirchner))), problem right there.

  36. Thinker says:

    The best thing about the Trump presidency might be that his overt pandering to Israel has made whites a lot more aware of the Jews’ influence in America, on both the left and right side of the political spectrum.

    I was one such. I’ve never been so aware of Jews’ stranglehold on America until Trump became president. It’s the great awakening that whites needed to break free from the Jews, like the King of Rohan from Wormtongue.

  37. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Oh, please. Spare us the preaching. Racism is nothing more than the practice of making judgments about something belonging to a category of things based on what you know about that category of things in general. It is especially useful in situations where you are acting with limited knowledge of the thing that belongs to that category. It is a perfectly valid form of cognitive analysis.

    An example: you are presented with two options for proceeding home on foot one evening.
    Street A, where the majority of the inhabitants are white.
    Street B, where the majority of the inhabitants are black.
    Everything else is ceteris paribus.
    If you want to have the highest chances of making it home unmolested, which street should you take?

    • Replies: @The jinx
  38. Thinker says:
    @Lucas McCrudy

    Import Latin America… become Latin America

    It isn’t just Latin America, it’s third worlders in general; the same applies to Africans, Asians, Indians, Muslims.

    Import third worlders…become Third World.

    • Replies: @Lucas McCrudy
  39. Thinker says:

    It is caused by both parties. DNC wants more votes from the coalition of the fringes, GOP wants cheap labor and more customers. Hence, we get the Washington Uniparty, no matter who we vote for, we end up with more immigration, and more wars.

    GOP is overrun by by fake conservatives just as DNC is overrun by fake liberals. Both parties work for the Jews, who want only two things: more wars, and more immigration. Both mean more money and power for the Jews.

  40. Thinker says:

    Brazilians used to say: Brazil doesn’t have a race problem. Blacks know their place.

    What happened?

  41. Wally says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “This is what jewbrain does to people. They lose all sense of identity, integrity, courage. ”

    This is what their contrived & impossible “holocaust” narrative has done to white gentiles.
    That is one of prime reasons the Big Lie was manufactured.

    Resistance begets being called a ‘Nazi’, which is only effective because of the acceptance by too may of the fake ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    Get off your knees.

  42. @obwandiyag

    You rotten lying no good snake in the grass son of a black eyed whore!!!!

  43. @Thinker

    I’m aware of the saying “Import the Third World… become the Third World.”
    Mine was meant as a variation of that theme.

  44. @obwandiyag

    Liberal democrats are also heavily involved in profit making business ventures that involve the use of Third World wage helots. Nancy Pelosi’s hubby operates a fleet of factory (on board process, freeze/can) fishing fleet in the Pacific that is arguably a slavery operation for the multi-national workers. Check out the party affiliations of the vineyard/winery folks in Califas if you can manage such a project on your own

  45. @obwandiyag

    What are the penalties in the US for employers who employ illegals, and how frequent and thorough are the inspections and convictions of such employers? I would think that the first line of defence should not be building the wall or rounding up and deporting the illegals, but going down like a ton of bricks on those who employ the illegals, as until they are severely punished this tide of migration won’t stop. And I don’t mean just fining and imprisoning someone who employs an illegal maid or labourer, but also those CEOs of bigger corporations (hotels, restaurants, agricultural enterprises, etc.) that employ illegals and not some fall guy criminal 3rd director specifically employed to cover their asses. It is certainly wrong to hand out a more severe punishment to the illegal employee than to the employer who employs him, and it will do nothing to ameliorate the situation as he will just be replaced with another illegal worker.

    • Replies: @Alden
  46. The jinx says:
    @William D. Wall

    “An example: you are presented with two options for proceeding home on foot one evening.
    Street A, where the majority of the inhabitants are white.
    Street B, where the majority of the inhabitants are black.
    Everything else is ceteris paribus.
    If you want to have the highest chances of making it home unmolested, which street should you take?”

    Answer: “Crickets”…

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  47. L Woods says:

    They hardly have to be raped — they’re more than willing.

  48. “This cornucopia of diversity has provided little benefit. As in the United States, race in Latin America correlates strongly with IQ, education, and income. Other analyses have found similar correlations even within the mestizo and mulatto populations, with the lighter-skinned generally achieving higher educational and occupational status than those with darker skin.”

    Uhhh no.

    That correlation is not IQ. That correlation is to power to access to education to IQ. There’s a difference and its not small. Unlike the US the stranglehold of the feudal system was near total and despite changes has never loosened its grip anywhere on the continent or the isthmus, save in rare instances two of those were Panama and Belize. But eventually the French and US occupations in Panama changed that dynamic.

    Slavery as implemented via the feudal practices of Spain, Portugal and others made little room for potential inclusion and upward mobility that is how it has remained to this day.

    IQ is often misrepresented as key, but it is power at the end of the day. That’s why lineage remains a key factor. Tracing one’s heritage back to the powerful land owners and royal aristocracy is a much more important factor than IQ.

    In every western country the surest way of advance is to belittle, malign, denigrate, cast as evil, as foe as inhuman the black – it’s true in the US it’s true around the globe. Want in — that’s the ticket – disparage black people of that country as the worst. There’s no reason that the descendants of Spain, Portugal, France, Britain or Asian on the Continent of South American would sing a different tune.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Wally
  49. NYMOM says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    If, in fact, we go the way of the Roman Empire we fall into a time of barbarians ruling some areas while the rest sank slowly back into what we now call the Dark Ages…

    No writing, no art, no architecture…no civilization. Even medicine was set back…

    People actually forgot about the greatness of the Roman Empire until it was re-discovered later in the ruins of Italy and I think the church perserved some of the writings from that period (in Ireland) which was probabluy too far away from the center (Rome) to be as badly impacted as the rest of the Empire…

    So, if that’s the future, it’s a bleak one…

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Commentator Mike
  50. Where is Fred Reed when we need him the most?

    • Replies: @Republic
  51. @Rational

    That’s one big reason why my wife and I left the RC Church, as did my parents in their later years. We still go to church, just not an RC church anymore.

  52. @The jinx

    Which means what? What’s your answer and why?

  53. The number one problem with Latin America is the language. Spanish is a stupid, hideous sounding language. When was the last time anything good was invented by a Spanish speaking person? As soon as you start speaking Spanish your IQ goes down by 10 points. If Latin Americans all speak fluent English, Americans may not have as much objection to their immigration. But as they insist on speaking that unintelligible stupid language, they need to stay on the other side of the border. We don’t wanto speako el spanisho, go backa…oh screw it, GTFO.

    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Miro23
  54. Miro23 says:

    If, in fact, we go the way of the Roman Empire we fall into a time of barbarians ruling some areas while the rest sank slowly back into what we now call the Dark Ages…

    No writing, no art, no architecture…no civilization. Even medicine was set back…

    People actually forgot about the greatness of the Roman Empire until it was re-discovered later in the ruins of Italy.

    This is the standard liberal counter-cultural line pushed in schools since the 1960’s. The basic idea is that Christianity = Bad. The real story is quite different, as given for example in Christopher Dawson’s “Religion and the Rise of Western Culture”.

    Part of a review that I wrote some years ago:

    The prior period, from the fall of the Classical world. is usually described as the Dark Ages (at least in northern Europe) but Dawson quite persuasively shows that Europe actually developed a stability and unity around the concept of “Christendom”. Christianity wasn’t “something else that was happening” it was the core of European life, in fact creating a stable base for later developments.

    It’s an interesting story with the author travelling from the 7th century Celtic monasteries of Iona and Lindisfarne to the proto-democratic town Communes of the 14th century (that still exist essentially unchanged in present day Switzerland).

    He emphasizes the point that, prior to its collapse, the Roman Empire was already Christian (the conversion of Constantine) with the barbarian tribes that occupied and settled ex-Imperial Europe finding in Christianity a higher morality, learning and culture than their own. A common result was conversion to Christianity with tribal groups maintaining military and political power while the Church would provide a spiritual, cultural and literate life (in Latin), based on a Western European network of monasteries.

    The author shows how Christianity developed a symbiotic relationship with temporal power through the Middle Ages with the most notable event being the merger of Church and State under Charlemagne (Charles I of the Franks) and the creation of the Holy Roman Empire with the Emperor being crowned and anointed by the Church (for the first time in 751).

    Danish-Scandinavian tribes eventually destroyed the Carolingian Empire and invaded the British Isles, but here again, they converted, with Canute becoming an active Christian king and missionaries of the 10th century finding success in the conversion of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to Christianity (St Adalbert in Bohemia, Hungary and Poland). The interesting point that Dawson makes, is that Christianity had reached a critical mass where “Christendom” had a generalized meaning in Europe in the same way that “Islam” had a meaning in the the Middle East and North Africa – with a clear opposition between the two.

    The Europe wide concept of the “Christian Knight” grew out of a feudal system of noble/priest/peasant with the reconquest of Spain becoming a religious project that belonged to the whole of Christendom ( in the same way as the Crusades) and which succeeded. It’s undeniable that a European wide Christian culture was created around the written Latin of the Church and throughout this time it was the Church either through monasteries, Cathedral schools or eventually Universities that preserved ancient Classical texts concerning mathematics, science and philosophy.

    It’s not fashionable to say it today, but the book makes clear that Europe is a Christian creation in the same way that the Middle East was created by Islam.

    • Replies: @NYMOM
  55. Miro23 says:
    @Tired of Not Winning

    The number one problem with Latin America is the language. Spanish is a stupid, hideous sounding language.

    What you’re hearing is Spanish spoken the same way that they speak English in Detroit.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  56. @Miro23


    I agree. I have been to Spain. Southern Spain, which is of course a different country from the Celtic fringe of northern part of Spain.

  57. @EliteCommInc.

    In every western country the surest way of advance is to belittle, malign, denigrate, cast as evil, as foe as inhuman the black

    It doesn’t seem so to me. That seems like the surest way to get yourself fired, jailed, and get yourself maligned, belittled, maligned, cast as evil, as foe, and as inhuman. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that in order to advance themselves. But sure, there could be an unspoken element of what you say even amongst the liberals who pretend so hard that they’re not racist..

  58. @NYMOM

    The Dark Ages are a myth. The Roman Empire lasted until the fall of Constantinople, where its capital moved from Rome. And do you think in classical Rome and Greece everyone was literate, especially the slaves, who just became serfs after the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity?

  59. L.K says:
    @Joe WEbb

    “Preliminary results from the 2010 census, released on Wednesday, show that 97 million Brazilians, or 50.7% of the population, now define themselves as black or mixed race, compared with 91 million or 47.7% who label themselves white.Nov 17, 2011
    Brazil census shows African-Brazilians in the majority for the first time ……/brazil-census-african-brazilians-majorit…”

    The mulattos apparently are about 95% of the Africa descended folks and real Blacks are about 5% of the total.

    There is no specific mulatto category in Brazil, rather there is a brown category(pardo in Portuguese), who are people of mixed racial ancestries, ALL types of mixes, representing a little over 43% of the population. At a group level, the ‘brown’ in Brazil are genetically predominantly European, with the remainder of their ancestry being black or Amerindian or both. In fact, even the actual blacks, as a group, only rarely possess over 50% black African ancestry. As an example, the following extract from an autosomal DNA study conducted on a school in the poor periphery of Rio de Janeiro, where folks tend to be more mixed, is revealing:

    Color, Race, and Genomic Ancestry in Brazil
    by Ricardo Ventura Santos et al. 2009.

    …The students who classified themselves as white are predominantly European from the genomic point of view…
    For browns, the profile is similar: European ancestry predominates (80.3%), followed by African (11.7%) and Amerindian (8.0%).
    In the case of those who classified themselves as black, it is striking that European ancestry still predominates (51.7%), followed by African ancestry (40.9%), with Amerindian ancestry only amounting to 7.4%.

    In Brazil, black activist groups, patterned after the ones in the US( and maintaining links to them) have worked out various strategies to create pressure in regards to increasing the scope of race affirmative action programs which exist in the country. A somewhat successful approach has been to add the brown to the black minority and therefore falsely claim that blacks form a majority in the country.

  60. whites has rule in the last 100 years if they are golems as FDR was and almost all congressman and senators and president are.
    So white elites and white oligarchs in the west has been rule them-self by the jews.
    And i just dont see where you see there could be a reaction.

  61. @Jorge Videla

    unz’s buttgoys

    Clever and outrageously funny phraseology/symbolism.

    In this instance it’s probably not fair to use that new term on a writer whose work you seem to appreciate.

    I was about to break out the term “buttigieg boys” but you’ve already topped that by pointing out that Jews are fags who kiss ass better and more eagerly than anybody else ever to get in with the powerful but then always end up topping those among the powerful who are faggot enough to tolerate/enjoy ass kissers.

    As to Mr. Unz, as I’ve intimated before, he is either a candidate for Mt. Rushmore level recognition or is gonna turn out to be one of the best Jews ever at Jewing.

  62. Republic says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    There is a rumor going around the internet that he has gotten exposed to Ebola and is now in quarantine in Mexico

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  63. @Republic

    Nothing I like more than a kidder’s kidder.

  64. Bliss says:

    A very informative (and very depressing) article by McDermott.

    It makes one understand and sympathize with all the immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti etc

  65. Wally says:

    “That correlation is not IQ. That correlation is to power to access to education to IQ. ”

    That’s a laughable lie.

    Prove to us that black people are denied “access to education”.

    The fact is that all but a few, and those that get handed degrees in basket weaving, get preferential treatment in admission to universities, but can’t keep up due to their low IQs, then they and those like you blame it on “racism”.

    In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:
    – massive murder rates
    – massive crime in general
    – degraded property
    – massive disease, especially STDs
    – massive drug & alcohol abuse
    – general filth, squalor
    – massive birthrates
    – inability / unwillingness to support their own children
    – massive youth pregnancies rates
    – massive school dropout rates
    – incredibly low IQs & test scores
    – violence as a way of life
    – fathers nowhere to be found

    • Replies: @Disordered Deacon
  66. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    What is written about the basic absence of Jews is very important and largely explains America (and Canada’s) decline.

  67. KenH says:

    A variation of the political situation in South America is definitely in North America’s future unless the demographic trends are arrested by radical measures which we know they won’t be. But I’ll even submit that the situation for whites in S. America is much better than what is facing N. American whites currently and in the future for many of the reasons cited in the article.

    For one, being white is a badge of honor and prestigious unlike in N. America where Jews have created a climate wherein it’s shameful and ignoble such that up to 40% of the white population are racial masochists and 10-12% of white girls seek to marry outside of their race.

    Second, those nations haven’t instituted mass immigration policies that ensure the diminution of its white plurality populations, so their percentages will remain relatively stable compared to the non-white populations. In N. America we’re always discovering that there’s actually a few more non-whites and a few less whites than believed. Minority status for us will come sooner than 2045 and more like 2030 is when we fall below 50%.

    Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Jewish power and influence seems very weak in S. America so there is a degree of sovereignty and self determination for S. American whites that isn’t possible in an increasingly Judeo-Bolshevist N. America where any attempts by whites at freedom of association and equal treatment under the law are met with disparaging (((media attacks))) and Jewish lawfare.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
    • Replies: @Disordered Deacon
  68. Marty T says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Vast majority of congressmen and senators voting for mass immigration are not Jews.

  69. pb says:
    @Marty T

    Vast majority of congressmen and senators voting for mass immigration are not Jews.

    reading through your comment history was interesting,

    here are some Boomer MIGA gems

    Doesn’t make much sense that liberal Jews would write swastikas on walls or in books. Just sayin…

    Israel offered a two state solution in the 90s but the Palestinian leadership nixed it.

    We don’t because unless you’re obsessed with hating jews, you understand that Israel has a right and duty to defend itself.

    Basically, there is no such thing as a Palestinian.

    I’m not so much defending Jews as opposing mindless hatred of Jews and Israel. Ask yourself why the much larger Arab nations haven’t invited the Palestinians in.

    and the kicker

    Jewishness is diluting itself among whites and to some extent Asians due to intermarriage. For example the grandkids of Trump and Clinton. These partial Jews will be basically considered white. Meanwhile the Democrat base is increasingly nasty towards Israel. So within the next decade, or even earlier, I think you’ll stop seeing Jews mention “white privilege”. Honestly I don’t see it much even now.

    nothing to do with jews, and besides all the jews who rule you are only half jews so we should just call them white and remember to die for israel!

  70. NYMOM says:

    Not at all…whoever said Christianity was ‘bad’…

    I mentioned the monks of Ireland I think that perserved writings from the classical period; and, of course, the church had a major role to play in Europe coming out of the ‘Dark ages’…but if you don’t even accept that there was a period in Europe known as the dark ages, then I guess there’s not much to talk about…

    Most people who study that period would disagree with you.

    • Replies: @Disordered Deacon
  71. Ruckus says:
    @Marty T

    No, but they are beholden to them.

  72. @Marty T

    How many Jews in congress are voting AGAINST mass immigration?

  73. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:
    @Marty T

    But they are bought, owned and paid for by Jews sport.

  74. @Kirt

    for starters, less birth tourism, less foreign people buying houses, ergo whites will have some more room. there might be some economic downturn, particularly coastal areas, and the dollar might fall. but it might be compensated by the return of money to local pockets.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  75. @NYMOM

    They were dark because of the Germanics who could not read and write, the Church had to teach them.

    Relatedly, while this is a VERY fine article hitting on several rambles I’ve done earlier, just one more.

    The article could expand upon a bit the 19th century, when blacks/Indians/browns were either slaves/serfs/peasants/second class, and thus did not vote. Then Latin politics was split into the traditional catholic rural hispanophile white planter conservatives and their serfs, against the masonic urban anglophile capitalist white bourgeois liberals and their mestizo and brown allies (like Benito Juarez) and/or wage-slaves. While of course here in this 21st century website everyone would agree slightly more with liberals, the conservatives at least kept populations in the same class and ethnic balance as had existed in colonial times (although to be fair, the Bourbons had tried to centralize too much, thus engendering the first anti-Crown rebellions and revolutions, even some Indian ones). Of course, US and Britain were ancient enemies of Spain and lovers of free trade, so funded the Latin liberal parties extensively (the revolutions themselves generated a historical “deuda inglesa”, English debt, that was the precursor to the debt crisis). Thus, by the time the US started building empire post-1898, up until Truman’s time, the Latin liberal parties were so elite that even when US-funded coups were done by the military*, they usually put a liberal party member as president. Obviously this dynamics changed yet again with the Cold War, as the rapid yet unstable laissez faire growth started the first slums full of uprooted browns, and sons of proper white liberal families like Che Guevara (modern examples: Subcomandante Marcos, or Rafael Correa) started feeling guilty and adopting the Marxian creed. Meanwhile, uprooted white nobility from the countryside, and/or urban whites victimized by crime, either went college lefties to try to appease the horde (being rural, some empathized with them rather than with rich city whites) or joined the most reactionary movements while supporting harsh military coups and/or funneling American help (ex. the Salvadoran Contras of Major D’Aubuisson, Colombian paramilitaries). The split of Latin whites could be seen in the Church, the soft lefty Jesuits pitted against the soft capitalist Opus Dei (and no, barely any Traditional Latin Mass goers remain, incidentally in the very whitest areas).


    (Speaking of the Church, thanks to it and the general strong ties between European and Latin intelligentsia, even fascism had some influence; not only in Argentina’s more Strasserist Peronism, but in ideas in other rightwing circles in other nations; specially apolitical military caudillos that did not mind some of the more benign ideas, such as a social security mutual fund and control of certain commodities).

    From there on the Cold War on, history goes on as the article describes. I would stop a bit more on the 70s, and add that some of those dictatorships were more third-way/dirigisme kind of governments rather than capitalist, and that at any rate their larger failure was taking on all the debt American bankers gave them while trying unsuccessfully to spawn light industry from nothing. Also, their repression of communism, which was by then Maoist in form, indirectly contributed to the surge of the Amerindian movement, which kept leftism alive when in the 80s even democratic Reaganite governments locked and repressed them. True, if you check the percentages, native populations are down and on the way out; on the other hand, such self-described natives are those who still speak the language and identify with the tribe, the number of uprooted and mixed ones being larger (for example Paraguay, has few remaining Guarani but many mestizos still speak the language, to the point of it being a national identifier). Thus, this is a reverse one drop rule, to the point that certain mixed countries such as Colombia and Venezuela are probably over-claiming their whiteness a bit; while interestingly in regards to blacks, Latins seem to have somewhat adopted the normal Anglo one drop rule, in that they call you “negro” if the phenotype matches even if you are technically mulatto, but will not do so if you are a sufficiently light and/or featureless mulatto (though you will still be cast as a brown). All this sounds like an easier, less racinated population to manage is being brewed, but you can tell that whites are still keep hovering around the same 10-20% or even declining; while the gospel of social justice kept alive by the Amerindian movement and white allies (and earlier, tacitly tolerated by the Church, although only truly promoted after Vatican 2) is now becoming the norm thanks to the Pink Tide marching through the institutions. Meanwhile the Right being slowly but now completely coopted by universalist merchantilist globalists since the 1900s, ergo it offers not much resistance save for the implicitly white “private property + free trade + democracy” stances. Therefore, it is not like this new 21st century mixtures will necessarily be more stable. More on that Right now by the way…

    … because, when the big beautiful golden globalist 90s came along, all America-friendly “experts” insisted on deregulating and privatizing to near Thatcherite levels to be able to deal with the debt (free trade is best suited to Anglo peoples, I think). Thus, no surprise that many middle and lower class people, usually browner as well, found themselves out of jobs and/or government contracts, while the privatized companies were liquefied, currency became speculative, credit cards were handed out like candy, American products barged in killing competition, etc. This obviously explains the “Pink Tide” of the 00s- which I assume is only an Anglo term, because I never heard it from the macho brown revolutionaries, nor even from the pasty white Latin twitter lefties. And as I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, while the Pink Tide died from lack of oil money eventually, it did stay alive and kicking in the bureaucracy and the colleges, thus partly overtaking the Western-establishment center-right and/or center-liberal media…

    Therefore, it is no surprise to now have seemingly contradictory white politicians such as Trump or Bolsonaro, that have to carefully toe the line between standing for dwindling white interests and culture, while avoiding a visceral reaction from the leftist browns+allies, and preventing paramilitaries arising again from the rightist whites (although gun rights and death penalty would be welcomed). It is also not surprising that both leaders are Protestants but still friendly to traditional Catholics (not so much Jesuits like Pope Francis). However, there is a difference – in North America the middle class glue is white, while in Latin America it is different degrees of brown. Thus, it is easier for the Latin upper class to disregard the rest; this is their paradigmatic problem, which IMHO can only be solved by at least partially restoring the “Catholic crusader nations” paradigm, without the extreme serfdom and paralysis of old but with enough respect for local authority, corporate bodies, trade unions, and filial piety. Yes, it is not the “shining city on a hill” Calvinist paradigm, which is why it would work, as Catholicism’s baroque complexity fits better the ethnic and genetic Latin hodgepodge, as well as the Andalusian Spaniard blood that permeates the colonists since 1492 and the native blood flowing since forever that deep down still worships Taita Inti Raymi and Pacha Mama (happily painted over with the Christ and the Virgin). Obviously, just like the Church took a few lessons from Reformation, or rather remembered its original teaching, some lessons from current Protestant paradigms can be (re)learned, such as the aforementioned gun rights and death penalty, and reduction of bureaucracy wherever a private corporate body can do the same or better a function.

    Anyway, enough ramble, nice article.

    Ps. About the JQ, we really don’t have it, although Trotskyism is still around heh. In fact, Christian Arabs (more commonly, turcos), and to a lesser degree the Chinese and Japanese in the countries with a Pacific coast, took the place of the model immigrant minority that doesn’t tip well. Before pizza and burgers arrived in the late Cold War, Latins already ate fried rice and kebabs for a few decades (more often called shawarma in Arabic). And while the more recent Chinese love the PRC (and the more recent leftist governments knee deep in Chinese debt, too), the older Chinese and specially the Arabs are conservative. In fact, Christian Arabs are very Catholic, and many came from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine – thus Latins don’t care either for Muslims or Jews, and they support Palestine against Israel but by a small margin, more out of spite against a US ally and Christian Arab influence than any closeness to Muslims. In fact, I recall an Ecuadorian president with an Arab-descended wife whose helicopter went down in flames in the 80s after he gave limited recognition to the Palestine Authority… and yes, his wife was in the chopper too…

  76. *Also, wanted to mention the military of Latin countries, and its inherent instability. Suffice it to say that due to officers being whiter than soldiers, it was easy for the Latin military to become an internal power player rather than a faithful defendant of the nation and its laws (ex. Generalissimo Santa Anna). Also, some coups were led by secularist left-of-center civilians or military, not all of them were conservative or pro-US (for example, the 70s Peruvian military dictator tried to do away with Christmas; also, Peron in Argentina). Thus it is no surprise to see in Latin history the many stupid border wars, and the submissiveness to stronger overseas powers almost 2 centuries after “independence”. Of course, the Pink Tide was rabidly anti-military, not just Marxians but also the typical democratic liberal nice people; while this on one hand cut exaggerated military budgets, this eventually ended in the Pinks depending heavily on state police instead. supremely ironic, true, but even more so was the Pinks’ push for Unasur, which has yet to rise above being yet another infrastructure and bureaucracy jobs program. Thus it may be good for Bolsonaro types now to give the military its deserved importance – and for that reason, make it work as well as it should, patrolling borders instead of repressing and/or enriching off the populace, and maybe get some nukes and make a common defense pact to avoid being pushed around (trade is trickier, but can be done).

  77. @Wally

    I would argue the “access to education” trope is really code for “free college”.
    And even then, many Latin countries, specially post-Pink Tide, have free public university. The results are that only a minority of browns indeed gets ahead, and even then, slowly so; because the trend is only seen in generations, as only some educated and/or whitish browns will breed and maintain educated children (then again, less so in this cultural zeitgeist where miscegenation and abortion are lauded). The other browns either use the degrees for politics or other careerism, and many don’t care to go or use the degree anyway. Latin universities btw are full of corruption, bloated curricula, bum lefty teachers, student unions that wreck stuff. In part it was understandable in more reactionary times when colleges would be closed even years and student leaders could “disappear”, but the pendulum swung and now the problem is of bloatedness and inefficiency, to the point that some countries have emphasized harsh admissions testing to save on class size (harder than SATs, mind you, as Latin high schoolers learn more class subjects than American ones). Young white Latins do not save themselves from this situation, as they have become so vapid in their gated life (not too dissimilar to Dixie planters of old) that they rather just leave to fancier areas/countries with better universities, or go to these local universities and go through the motions until they can manage Daddy’s things. In short, sad.

    So, while I cannot be all Betsy DeVos and advocate for charter schools for profit for everyone, the lefty paradigm of “(centralized) free education saves” can only go so far as well.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  78. @KenH

    Yes and no. On one hand, I agree with your points relative to North American whites.

    On the other, the percentage of white population in Latin America has continued to dwindle since America imposed its influence last century, specially post WW2 when the Old (nativist) Right worldwide was purged; and since the 60s (international left), but most specially since the 90s (globalist right), multiculturalism has been pushed tons on both sides of the aisle. There may be no Jews, but there is enough Trotskyites and other left of center Latins who believe in internationalism/globalism, as well as the more centralizing tendencies in the Church that have allied with leftists in the person of Jesuit Pope Francis.

    And while true, illiteracy and hunger are almost dealt with, and other material progress does happen, this dwindling-blending-in of whites into the mestizo pot (or worse, them dwindling-fleeing South Africa style) will lower the whole average of the population down, and therefore be counterproductive to this progress. Peasants are already getting in debt like crazy for smartphones and other luxuries, so eventually Latin countries will have to face massive debt and social security crises… again.

    And again, it would take generations, if not centuries and millenia of strife and blending (as with the Han Chinese) to come up with a united “cosmic” race that not only gets “education” but erases brown defective genes (and sure, will erase boring whitey genes too such as the rigid-dancing one, lol). So, just like the Church used to believe, it’s best to let this happen organically, with the least upsetting of stability, and with every race at least breeding naturally at replacement rate (yes, I think black geniuses are being aborted too, but not many, thus they should stick at 2-3 kids). Only then these ethnogroups can be truly free for organically deciding their path… unlike what happens now.

  79. Anonymous [AKA "MR Wells"] says:

    I agree with almost everything you wrote except for the amount of people who are aware of the problem. 40 & younger are not only aware but are apocalyptically angry.

  80. @Disordered Deacon

    This is not complicated: intelligent people can get educated, but education doesn’t generate intelligence.

    After basic literacy and numeracy, academic achievement is largely path-dependent on the individual student’s drive, discipline and organic intelligence. The government should have no involvement in education beyond age 14; education ceases to be a public good at that point.

    All of our public education policy is premised on the notion that all people are equally educable given equality of opportunity. There is zero evidence in support of this premise. Educators have been chasing this chimera further back in age, all the way to Head Start. Now that Head Start’s effects are shown to evaporate in a couple of years, the focus is on the 9 months in utero–but not a minute earlier!

    • Replies: @Disordered Deacon
  81. @The Anti-Gnostic

    yep, the tabula rasa fallacy. such an Enlightenment relic. not to be confused with natural human dignity. problem is, Enlighteners killed God, so materialistically grafted the same concept unnaturally upon natural (genetic) hierarchy. in their zeal to off the wicked nobles, they offed nobleness itself. so to assuage their consciences, and keep the bourgeois capitalist order, they said everyone was equal, and thus if everyone paid taxes and worked hard in the factories, education and the state will make big bad inequality go away. a reverse parousia.

    and indeed, it used to be recognized that by 15-16 you better start apprenticing in a trade and/or searching for a mate, as opposed to what teenagers do when graduating: starting a decade of college decadence + indoctrination, to be followed by cubicle slavery to repay debts + effete corporate soyfication, while those who do not care run over everything and cause further decay. eventually only a transhumanistic elite might save itself – on the backs of the rest. hunger games, kinda.

  82. WHITE = the light, innocence,pure godly and good.
    BLACK = bad,evil, dark, demonic, devil

    IN EVERY LANGUAGE …. at all times

    Why is there no discussion of this constant. Why hasn’t the left attacked our languages, as racist?

    Why would Africans choose to be called BLACK instead of Negro, with the universal connotation of evil at most…. dark, and scary at least.

    Whiteness is evidence of goodness and light, purity and Godliness … in ALL Languages.

    I’m waiting for someone to broach this subject – the origins and future of black vs white in linguistics

  83. Tony says:

    Once you start calling Sailer a cuck means that youre the real cuck.

  84. trelane says:

    College-educated whites in blue America have drifted left during this period, but this change has been dwarfed by a larger rightward shift among other whites, particularly working-class whites, who are less indoctrinated and more exposed to diversity

  85. As an American who has lived in Argentina and Uruguay for the last ten years ( State Dept. refuses to renew my passport and is blocking me from returning to the US) and, as a someone who knows Brazil very well, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese…I have to say that this article, like most Unz articles articles about race.. misinforms the reader. The fact is that the so-called whites down here are as sharp as bowling balls. I have never come across so many idiots, especially the women, and they run everything. Dark skinned Peruvians are smarter, as are Bolivians. Argentina and Uruguay are the most poorly run and bureaucratic countries in south America. Mexico is far ahead of Argentina by every measure. Brazil is far better as well and Bolsonaro has nothing to do with it. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  86. ME 123 says:

    I live in the south of brazil, thanks to the usa / zog, we are going through the same situation as whites in europe or america, the difference is that brazil already had a higher percentage of nonwhites before this radical progressism.

    Yes, there was a considerable portion that was mestizo before 60 / 70s but nothing compared to 2019, and there was no intention of mixing races, so even though we were part of the same country we still had separate neighborhoods or regions.
    But everything was radically changed in the 1980s after the end of the military regime with the advent of democracy, the new constitution of 1988 and the domination of progression led by the ZOG destroyed what remained of the country. whites turned into villains responsible for the failure of blacks or mestizos.

    I live in Santa Catarina, we are still a majority but we are decreasing in the largest cities, even though we r a third world country, we have immigrants from all over the world (chinese, syrians, africans, a few europeans) as well as brazilians from other parts most are non-white, of course.

    The anti-white propaganda is as strong as in the US, we have hate crimes laws like in europe, but even so there are still many pure whites scattered throughout Brazil, although they are obviously a minority. And the official number of 43% + is false, the true number of whites should not exceed 25 or 30 being optimistic, which is still a high number because the country has 220 million inhabitants.

    Blacks should not exceed 10%, but they count browns / mestizos as blacks to gain privileges when it suits them.

    Jews rule the country, the difference is that here there are fewer jews so they need a corrupt elite that is mostly anti-white. We also have a strong lebanese elite, some of them look very white maybe these ones mixed with french I don’t know.

    There were attempts to whitewash the country, but (((occult forces)) avoided this.

    It’s complex to say what went wrong in Latin America, it was a succession of mistakes by the Portuguese/Spanish, then the Anglo empires with the corrupt elites turned a promising region into what it is today. But the “American” empire caused far more damage than the others, perhaps because the “american” dominance was a consequence of the decadence of the West.

    The only hope of the last white regions in Latin America is a revolution in the USA. So Europe and we will be able to see ourselves free from zog.

    The main thing is not to be a defeatist person, this leads to nothing, if everything is lost then why not put a bullet in the head? although it is not good to live in a white minority country, this can be reversed over time, but only after the ‘American’ zog regime falls.

    The longer it takes, the harder it will be to change the situation, we have reached the point where it is no longer possible to do so peacefully, but it is still possible to reveal the demographics in a few decades through pro-white secret societies if we take the power.

    • Replies: @Disordered D
  87. @Daniel Bruno

    Again, I would argue Latin American whites are in an antebellum decay phase, not too dissimilar to Dixie in the 1850s, that only spells their doom. In contrast, dark skinned Peruvian and Bolivian EMIGRANTS that you see in the whiter countries you mention, those are probably the best and brightest from their communities. Why do you think they fled Bolivia and Peru in the first place???

    That said, those dark-skins* are probably smarter than the more bourgeois-decayed-globohomo whites that pretty much set the tone for white culture. But that does not mean they will keep up with the smartest of whites of ages ago that built the Cono Sur countries. At best, mestizo rule can keep the peace, and otherwise keep the commodities trade going, but not much else, specially if mestizos are pretty much being molded into sterile globohomo bureaucrats in the cities too.

    Mexico is far ahead of Argentina in crime too, don’t forget that. I’d also argue their white elite is friendlier to the US and capitalism and thus do better. Argentina’s whites have been captured by the Peron myth, and Peron himself was captured by the left in the 70s as an anti-dictadura (ergo antiwhite) symbol. Ergo Argentina is sadly crawling with deracinated feminist whites; no wonder the soccer team looks browner and browner. Uruguayans have had a similar process, ending in the white-guilt socialist Mujica government, the old guy seen as a sort of secular Pope Francis; however, since they were always an agrarian white nation, and their population is small, they will figure it out eventually. Funny that you should mention Brazil being better no thanks to Bolsonaro, when Lula was pretty much just as white; and it was when Lula’s party went too left and brown (Dilma) that Bolsonaro won on a reactionary vote.

    *I’d also argue the race of the darkskins matters, for example descendants of Incans are usually less basic than those of other tribes; they can also be more into centralized government too, though, for better and worse… compare to the Araucanos of Chile, who are more basic but also more successful at staying autonomous…

  88. @ME 123

    Completely agree. Would add that if the Masonic Wasps had not dealt with the Masonic white Latin elites, in their 19th century wars against the Church and the traditional, race-realistic order – then maybe enough peaceful separation among the races could have been maintained. But no, the liberal Latin elites sold out to Wasps for exports-imports, cheap labor uprooted from the countryside into the cities, and degeneracy. It went well for a while, too – the 40s, when the whole continent was united under the FDR liberal Wasp “Good Neighbor” empire, may have been the zenith of this approach. But this would naturally unwind later under its basic “all men created equal” premise, and tons of commie and (((occult))) infiltration too.

    Maybe the royalists were right – after all, it was a liberal uprising in the military of Spain that did not allow the colonial viceroys to get reinforcements, thus the independence movements triumphed. Ironically these movements wanted self-determination for Latin whites against white Castilian authorities from abroad (which had become too centralizing under the Enlightened Bourbons). Castilians enlisted faithful Indians and blacks on their side, while Latin whites enlisted the more rebellious and rich mestizos and mulattoes with an eye on the pie; guess that both strategies eventually backfired huh… I assume Brazil went a similar path, perhaps even more visibly considering how whiter Brazil was (you guys even continued the Braganza royal line for a while).

    Oh and since we touch on the Semites, while I laud those Latin Christian Arabs that remain traditional and realistic, a lot of them pretty much came into LatAm to fulfill the missing role of greedy internationationalist Jews… thank God, Ferdinand, and Isabela, that tons of those got kicked out earlier, otherwise we’d be much worse off. Then again, it seems Brazil, first due to the Luso-Anglo friendship, and then due to the liberal-led blanqueamento, got tons of Jew immigrants; Argentina and Uruguay too suffering that fate eventually. I mention the Luso-Anglo deal, because Protestants in general have been historically pro-Semite, or so cartoonishly anti-Semite that the fewer pro-Semites in the Church (specially in royal houses of Mitteleuropa) and elsewhere use them as “bad example” cudgels… just like now after El Paso.

  89. @Robert Dolan

    The JOOOOO cries out as he strikes you,GOY!!!!!!!!

  90. @Daniel Bruno

    Yea genius and your the one who can’t get out! The only reason there is a country that was decent and built to first world standards was because of the WHITES who created it. And now that they went on a guilt trip and decided to help all those loser Blacks and Browns by educating them Whites signed their own death warrant! All Blacks and Browns education came from the superior Western White educational standards! Soon Blacks and Browns will revert right back to their stone age existance once their are no Whites around to babysit them and create all the industry and jobs! Whites breeding themselves out among Blacks only DUMBS down the population. You run your filthy mouth all you want.

  91. Alden says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Go after Cargill and every meat packer canning and freezing factory every food warehouse and distributor And restaurant in the country.

    Really wish I could boycott food. At least we can not eat in restaurants, whose owners import our replacements

    Don’t forget to forget Chobani yogurt. Owner brought African savages in whose children attacked and sexually assaulted a 5 year old White American girl.

  92. @Sick of Orcs

    Gmork has it exactly backwards. People who have hopes are easy to control — just make it seem to them that their dreams are easier to achieve if they submit to your control. Meanwhile, people with no hope — people with nothing to lose — are the most dangerous to the status quo.

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