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Racial Cuckoldry Is Now State-Sanctioned
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Barry Washington, Jr., a black man, accosted and later assaulted Ian Cranston and his girlfriend, who are white, on September 19 in Bend, Oregon. Ian Cranston shot him in self-defense. Because Washington’s assault on the girl was sexually motivated, the media spun it as “a black man shot for complimenting a white woman.” Deschutes County’s liberal District Attorney threw the book at Cranston, indicting him for second-degree murder. The case is still at trial, but the message has been sent: It’s illegal for white men to defend their women against sexual assaults if the perpetrator is black.

Barry Washington, Jr. was in all probability some form of lowlife. He posted images to Instagram with captions that read, “if your bf white you single to me. Fuck timmy gon do?” Well, as they say in the movies, Barry Washington, Jr. fucked around and found out. Turns out “timmy” was packing. Now he’s dead.

Normally, that would be the end of it: Another menace to society turned into worm food, and the good guys go back home and have a party. But we live in 2021, and sexually assaulting white women will soon become legal for blacks.

This is not to say that the laws on the books will change, but laws are only meaningful when they are enforced. If a man defending his girlfriend, wife, or any other woman from sexual assault by a feral black can be charged with and convicted of murder, then defending a woman from sexual assault is de facto illegal, which of course means that sexual assault is de facto legal when the perpetrator is black. And this latest case came hot on the heels of a jury in Minneapolis deciding that enforcing the law and restraining a negro criminal is also illegal – which means that all manner of crimes will soon be legal for blacks across the board.

However, the sexual character of the crime legalized after the fact in the Washington case raises the stakes for white people in America. While blacks running wild in ordinary crimes might be something that a suburbanite could live with — out of sight, out of mind — the legalization of black-on-white sexual assault means that nowhere is safe. As Sheriff Bart so eloquently put it, where da white women at?

The gradual process of black crime legalization in America has led some to point out that it places blacks in the social position usually held by aristocracy: their persons are inviolate and sacred and they are incapable of being charged with a crime and morally incapable of doing wrong. With the legalization of sexual assault, however, blacks will have attained rights not even historical aristocrats enjoyed — ahistorical claims of ius prima nocte in Europe notwithstanding.

And with the rise of a black aristocratic class, of course, we shall also observe a concordant fall of whites to a status lower than that of a European serf or a negro slave in the American South, where white women are mere booty for the taking – only for blacks, of course.

We could see the warning signs in the Floyd/Chauvin case, but it’s now clearer than ever that in the new legal landscape, whites cannot follow the letter of the law without running afoul of the law, and this is because the spirit of the law has become so profoundly anti-white that being white and inviolate is now illegal. How dare Ian Cranston, that uppity “timmy,” shoot the gallant Barry Washington, Jr., who just paid that ungrateful white whore a compliment? What better compliment can a white woman receive than a blessed Negro’s sexual attentions? She should be on her knees begging for his anointment instead of rutting with her white man, producing yet more problematic white people.

Whenever I address these questions, I always advise people to respect the law. At this point, however, defending your womenfolk from blacks’ sexual predations is now essentially illegal in America. Incidentally, so is defending your property or your own person from their predations. And even if the police happen to respond, it’s now illegal for them use force to restrain them as well. So I’ll break my rule and say that even if it is de facto illegal for you to defend your womenfolk, you must do it.

Obviously, you should try not to live in a jurisdiction where this is a problem. You should avoid blacks like the plague they are, most especially if you have women in tow. But the answer to “Fuck timmy gon do?” should be “shoot you.” If white people are going to survive — if white men are to remain men — we defend our women from black predation, whatever the consequences. This is a red line that anti-whites and predatory blacks must not cross.

Ian Cranston is probably going to be convicted. He’ll most likely be sent to prison for a long time. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and dodge this bullet for now — until the next lecherous Negro accosts a white woman, underestimates “timmy,” and gets shot for his trouble. But we have to assume that, as in the Chauvin case, facts and the law will not matter: the judge and jury will convict him, either buckling under pressure from BLM and the progressive Left, or simply because they are themselves true believers. At that point, it’ll be officially illegal to be a white man in America — unless you’re a racial cuckold.

Prepare and act accordingly.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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  1. joef says:

    The gradual process of black crime legalization in America

    That says it all…
    Legit Black man works hard, and behaves well, he’s labeled a sellout uncle tom.
    Afro commits murder, he is thought as a victim of the system.
    Thus the incentive by progs is for afros to behave badly.
    But to what end?

    As Critical Theory goes into full effect scapegoating whitey, and the unvaxed…
    The urban crime wave continues unabated; yet working poor black ghetto residents still buy into progressive democrat agenda, as afros slaughter their neighbors en masse.
    Go figure. But the economy is in deep decline, and once the struggles for scarcity begins, who believes that all this leftist created racial hatred inculcated into afros is going to end well for anybody involved?

    End result: All will all suffer from the reckless leftist ideals. If we become a semi failed state, maybe then leftist will suffer the violence they deserve , instead of the rest of us suffering from the violence they create in others.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. fnn says:

    The video makes it clear he was shot in self-defense, but will that make any difference?

    • Replies: @rebelwithacause
    , @Dani
  3. In the heat of the moment, things happen. That the black guy is dead is as it should be, but the legal system is insane, so we get this news to contemplate.

    There are other times when things cool down to allow reflection. If one looks at the crime statistics, one discovers that lots of murders are never solved for lack of evidence. It should be plainly obvious that a thinking person can knock off some dirtbag and get away with it with the proper planning and equipment. It’s when there is little to no planning when the legal system wins.

    The message from this case should be to try to avoid hot situations and then plan your next move.

  4. hikw says:

    If you can’t see the kike hand behind this anti-white campaign, you’re as dumb as Barry Washington, Jr. Prepare and act accordingly.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Thanks: Trinity
  5. Who will feed the Blacks when the White man is no more? Will they eat themselves as they did before the White man introduced them to civilsation and the benefits it brings?

    Who will cosset Israel when the USA is a memory?

    Does anyone responsible for this carnage ever actually think about what the eventual outcome is going to be?

  6. 12 years ago, a 23 year old Texas man heard his 5 year old daughter crying and discovered a 47 year old drunk Hispanic man with his pants down attempting to molest the child. He beat the man so severely he died. No charges were laid, and it was certain no jury would have convicted him.

    If this goes to trial in a 95 percent White area, the jury selection is going to be crucial if Ian is to get justice for self defense.

    The prosecution will do everything in its power to twist the narrative to make Barry Washington a victim rather than the aggressor, and will attempt to stack the jury with blood thirsty liberals and BLM supporters.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  7. Dr. Rock says:

    Not that it will matter, but the mere fact that BWJ posted his guttural street slang message “If your bf white, you single to me. Fuck timmy gon do” (**) indicates his premeditated intent to cause trouble precisely by hitting on white girls with white men. That premeditation, coupled with the unilateral action, and aggression, should clear Cranston of severe criminal liability. SHOULD.

    (**) This illiterate belch warrants translation from ebonics to English. What he was saying was “If your boy friend is white, I consider you single and unescorted, and will act accordingly, because I don’t think your white boy friend will do anything about it”

    This illuminates a fatal flaw in the “logic” of BWJ, in that he actively sought out the very type of situation that would ultimately get him killed, deservedly.

    • Agree: By-tor
  8. @fnn

    It won’t make any difference. Blacks are always de facto oppressed even while assaulting someone, Whites are always oppressors even while being beaten by by said blacks. The media will always make the White seem like the guilty party and the black the innocent victim. The DA will always throw the book at Whites while letting off blacks. e.g. The black school shooter from a couple days ago (the 18 year old who shot a 15 year old 7-8 times, a teacher in the back, and grazed another student) is already out on bail, \$75k.

  9. Cutler says:

    Scum bag, Besides no one believes the media bs anyway

  10. It is as others have said: With negros being given tacit permission to commit crimes against whites, The Purge is already here. Only this purge is one sided.

    Let us not forget (((who))) this golem belongs to.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Richard B
  11. The delinquent buckwheat got what he asked for.

  12. @beavertales

    If this goes to trial in a 95 percent White area, the jury selection is going to be crucial if Ian is to get justice for self defense.

    This is what separate countries are for. Blacks and whites, like Tibetans and Han, Palestinians and Israelis, Germans and Italians, etc., do not share enough ideals of justice in common.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  13. Trinity says:

    The most disturbing thing about this video is the music playing in the background. IF this town is overwhelmingly White, why on Earth are these White kids listening to (c)rap music? Maybe the action of this nogger will make them change their taste in music.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  14. I find it difficult to believe that the girlfriend recorded the event in order to put Cranston away, rather than to record Washington’s unwanted attention. Unless the girlfriend really screws up, Cranston will walk,and when he does, he should sue the DA for vexatious prosecution.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  15. @Curmudgeon

    sue the DA for vexatious prosecution.

    Any examples of that working out for the plaintiff?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  16. @Trinity

    why on Earth are these White kids listening to (c)rap music?

    Just saw a famous supposedly-White movie from the early 90s that was riddled with negro crap ‘music’. At the time it was similar to people showcasing their pets, and the adorable tricks they were taught. “It’s called ‘Rap’, everybody, and isn’t it a delight!”

    Now it’s purely nauseating, because you see the early stage disease when it was deemed harmless by most. Have to restrain myself when around apparent whites in parking lots blasting the aural sewage.


    Worse, many pre-80s blacks created and performed superior music. I think it was the melding of tech with low-IQ that brought in the virus, extending the ‘music’ realm—to the deficient, for the deficient. Drum machines, sampling, and looping were destined for monkeys, and that’s where they went.

    At a fitness joint years ago a black ‘trainer’ was doodling with a Macbook. He showed me proudly how he was creating ‘music’. Couldn’t play or sing a lick, but he could drag loops and such from the side to the middle, and next thing you know, a ‘producer’ is born.

  17. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    We do have separate countries. Americans and non-Americans. Japanese and non-Japanese. Belgian and non-Belgian.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  18. Dani says:

    There is nothing in this video that suggests to me it is something that should be taken seriously. Honestly, with nonsense like the “Arlington” shooting the other day, just another in an unrelenting stream of PsyOps, I try to not even familiarize myself with the details of ANY shooting that gets attention – let alone a video still available on Twitter? Come on.

  19. JimDandy says:

    Barry Washington, Jr. was in all probability some form of lowlife. He posted images to Instagram with captions that read, “if your bf white you single to me. Fuck timmy gon do?” Well, as they say in the movies, Barry Washington, Jr. fucked around and found out. Turns out “timmy” was packing. Now he’s dead.


    • LOL: JimDandy
  20. I happen to speak jive, and here’s a translation.

    Aspiring rapper: “Fuck timmy gon do?:

    Translation: I’m going to provoke White guys by making moves on their girlfriends, and if they step up I’m going to consider that casus belli, and go Mike Tyson on them with my fists.

    I just want an excuse to confront White guys, and i know what will push their buttons. I don’t care if my actions result in violence, because I enjoy doing this. White guys accept their humiliation or they fight me, that’s their only choice.

    Everyone will see I’m Alpha and they’ll respect me. My status on the street will be built on swagger and brutality.

    “Fuck timmy gon do?” is very concise. Perhaps the prosecutor can interpret it differently.

  21. The annual statistics for assailants killing people or causing greivous injury with their bare hands supports using a gun when being attacked by “an unarmed man”.

    Too many people ignore this fact. Nobody has to endure a beating when they can decisively end the attack. Too bad if the attacker fails to survive.

  22. @Corvinus

    You’re not American.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  23. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Thanks for allowing your elitism to reveal itself.

    • Troll: Richard B
  24. Truth says:

    How dare Ian Cranston, that uppity “timmy,” shoot the gallant Barry Washington, Jr., who just paid that ungrateful white whore a compliment? What better compliment can a white woman receive than a blessed Negro’s sexual attentions? She should be on her knees begging for his anointment instead of rutting with her white man, producing yet more problematic white people.

    OK, Ron, finally you have hired an intelligent writer who understands the world.

  25. @schnellandine

    All lawsuits involving criminal matters involving “the state” are essentially against the prosecutor. Wrongful convictions get big money.
    Another option would be to file a complaint with the Bar Association. Every lawyer I know panics at the thought of them opening an investigation.
    Any way these bastards can be made to sweat is fine by me.

  26. So your answer to my question is, “No.”

  27. Richard B says:

    The best way to sum up the article in general and your comment in particular would be to simply quote Maurice Samuel.

    We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.

    Because that is what subsumes BLM and the progressive Left or reckless leftist ideals.

    And yes, yes, yes, other whites participate in this, of course. No one’s denying it. In fact, in that case, Nietzsche had their number when he said way back when and in so many words: There comes a time in a culture’s history when it becomes so pathologically soft and weak that it even takes the side of its worst enemies, criminals, and calls it – Progress!

    It’s exactly this aspect of Western culture, along with the population explosion (quantity over quality) and the communications revolution (quantify over quality) that made it so easy for Jewish Supremacy Inc. to infiltrate and subvert it. For they were the only ones with a living tradition tailor-made for exploiting another culture in a moment of weakness, which all cultures have experienced, even them – and there’s is coming, again.

    After all, they’ve had a lot of practice. They did it in ancient Babylon, they did it in Persia, they did it in Egypt, they did it in Greece, they did it in Rome, they did it in Chrisitan Europe, they did it in Secular Europe, they did it in the revolutions of 17th century England, 18th century France, 20th century Russia and they’re doing it no in the United States in the 21st century.

    Conspiracy Theory? Please. Anyone making that accusation doesn’t even know what a theory is.

    And in any case, who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have the Facts of Cultural History, the Patterns of Human Behavior and the Reality of Current Events aligned like a Perfect Storm and staring us all right in the face?

    The one bright spot in all of this is that if there’s anything to learn from our History it’s that as situations change some of us have found it irresistble to say No! to something to which anything but Yes had been unimaginable.

    • Agree: Jack McArthur
  28. The Germans understood the danger. America did not. Americans sent their bravest young men to die by the hundreds of thousands for a tribe of gypsies that hate them. How stupid. And now that hateful tribe is destroying the United States.

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