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Race Denier Chanda Chisala Doesn’t Deserve His 15 Seconds of Twitter Fame
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When will environmental determinists and science deniers finally admit that they’ve lost the argument? The evidence that there are black-white differences in IQ and that these are partly genetic in origin is overwhelming. A significant contribution has been made by Richard Lynn, who has been published on Nevertheless, a race-denial article published late last year purporting to prove that there are no black-white differences in IQ has recently had fifteen seconds of fame on Twitter [A Troublesome Intelligence?, by Chanda Chisala, Unz Review, September 26, 2018]. According to its author, a Zambian businessman and journalist, “we did not need to look further than Richard Lynn’s own multiracial home of Britain to find the falsification that he proposed for the racial genetic hypothesis.” But to reach this conclusion, Chisala [Tweet him] has manipulated and misrepresented his data.

Chisala (right) explains that: “. . . black African kids in the UK [i.e. immigrants from Africa] appeared to be at worst only about 8 IQ points below white children (instead of at least 20 to 30 points expected by racial IQ hereditarians).”

He adds:

English-speaking African countries to the UK were actually already outperforming the British whites . . .When broken down into different African nationalities, it becomes clear that even the relatively small 8 IQ point racial gap observed in favor of British whites does not exist. The Black-White performance gap is completely eradicated, and in fact appears somewhat reversed, when you just look at children from African countries that speak some English.

Now, on the surface, this does present problems for Richard Lynn’s hypothesis that black-white differences are significantly genetic. One can imagine talking about race differences in IQ and some woke friend interjecting, “Ah . . . but have you read Chisala’s devastating refutation of these in The Unz Review?”

But there are serious problems with Chisala’s argument:

  • Firstly, nobody would expect the IQ of African children raised, or partly raised in Britain to be 70, even if the Africans that migrated were intellectually average.

It would be pushed to its phenotypic maximum by virtue of living in the more cognitively stimulating environment of white-run country. This is one reason th e IQ of African Americans is about 85.

  • Secondly, intelligence predicts migration—see The g Factor, by Arthur Jensen, 1998, 300.

Accordingly, the African IQ should be even higher than 85, as African Americans’ ancestors did not choose to migrate, but these Africans did. We would therefore expect the IQ of these African children in the UK to be closer to 90 or even 95, not that far below the 100 that is the average IQ of the white British.

But it gets even worse:

  • The data upon which Chisala is drawing is not IQ data at all, but rather scores in GCSEs, the English school graduation certificates which children sit at the age of 16. The extent to which GCSEs are a proxy for general intelligence varies enormously.

Clearly, GCSE Math is a better proxy for IQ than GCSE Art or GCSE Physical Education. Yet Chisala’s data relates to students best 8 GCSE scores and the students mean pass rate, meaning it does not distinguish between “hard” and “soft” GCSEs.

Chisala attempts to get around this problem by showing that Africans in the UK—as distinct from those of Caribbean heritage—score higher than whites even on GCSE Mathematics. The obvious counter-argument is that GCSE Mathematics is still not the same as IQ test. It includes coursework, for example. This is not done against the clock, so it will favour those who are high in certain personality traits, such as Conscientiousness (‘rule-following’ and ‘impulse control’). These traits are themselves associated quite strongly with educational success [Personality, psychology and economics, by M. Almlund et al. In S. Hanushek et al. (Eds). Handbook of the Economics of Education, 2011] and, according to some studies, migration [Big Five Personality Traits Linked with Migratory Intentions in Lithuanian Student Sample, by Elma Paulauskaite et al., International Journal of Psychology, 2010].

Selectivity matters. American readers will remember the similar story of all-black Dunbar High School, which achieved unusually good results in the era of segregation apparently because its pupils were a selective subset: the children of government workers, themselves more educated than most blacks, and of Washington D.C.’s mulatto elite. The effect disappeared after desegregation.

Yet another criticism can be leveled against Chisala’s argument. IQ scores become more genetically determined with age.

When people are children, their parents of teachers control their environment meaning that the environmental component of their IQ reflects their parents’ or teachers’ innate intelligence, not their own. For low IQ children, school will push their IQ to its phenotypic limit but for very bright children, school—surrounded by people who aren’t very bright—might well hold their IQ back, it only reaching its phenotypic maximum once they leave school at start creating an environment consistent with their own innate IQ. So, even if there were only small black-white differences at school age, these would become much bigger during adulthood as whites and blacks began to create environments that reflected their own innate IQs [Does Your Family Make You Smarter, by James Flynn, 2016]. For this reason, it is adulthood that the IQ of blacks adopted by whites falls back to about 89, it having been roughly 100 during a childhood controlled by relatively intelligent parents [see Why Race Matters, by Michael Levin, 2005].

So Chisala’s confident refutation of Lynn’s research is nothing of the sort. It reflects a combination of an unreliable proxy for IQ, a failure to properly calculate the consequences self-selection on the IQ of migrants, and a failure to understand even the basics of how the heritability of IQ works.

Bottom line: there are genetic black-white IQ differences. The arguments against this are increasingly ill-informed, misleading—which is why they must increasingly be imposed by political power.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: Blacks, Race and Iq 
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  1. Give him credit for Scrabble for Africa.

  2. martin2 says:

    There is no longer any coursework in GCSE maths. There hasn’t been for more than twenty years.

  3. JoannF says:

    American Blacks’ high IQs of around 85 are likely due to both mixed-in white genetics and the Flynn Effect.
    The Chasala Proposal can only be definitely cleared up by dedicated IQ tests among the general black population in the UK.
    I doubt we would see miracles, IQs of 95 would be an impossibilty – but I have no doubt that such tests will never be done because politically incorrect results would be highly likely.
    In fact, holding such tests would be regarded as POSITIVELY RACIST.

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @SMK
    , @95Theses
  4. The UK is cited time and time again as an example of a country where non-whites outperform whites academically. It appears that it is the only example of this that exists, in every other white country the natives outperform the non-whites/immigrants.

    So clearly that says more specifically about the IQ levels of the native British working class than it does about white people in general. Unfortunately the reality is that the IQ distribution of British whites seems to be wider than it is for most other white countries.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  5. I wouldn’t bother arguing with flat earthers. Why should anyone bother arguing with people who won’t admit blacks are less intelligent than white and Asians?

    It’s actually worse: go to Nebraska and the ‘flat earth’ argument is superficially plausible. To disprove the notion that blacks are less intelligent than others, all you have to do is watch them.

  6. Search the internet with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Bing. Insert search terms HOMICIDE ARRESTS. Choose Images. Explain your results.

  7. Avan says:

    I agree with everything being said here except that IQ is loosely correlated to school grade or SAT performance.
    I notice that many say this to cover up that they used to underperform in schools test. I wish that were true but the % of high school failure(especially Maths that is 0.8 correlation to G) that do well in work place is very very very slim.
    There’s a reason why most self made millionaire are A students.

  8. SMK says: • Website

    How can the average IQ of “blacks” in the U.S. be 85 when the average IQ of negroes in Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa is 67 -70? The average IQ of 85 that is cited even by people as obsessed with IQ as Welton and others is profoundly misleading in the that millions of so-called “blacks” are Mulattos who are half or 40-60% white, quadroons who are 3/4 or 70-80% white, and even octoroons who are almost or over 90% white. What is the average IQ of “African-Americans’ who are 100% sub-Saharan African? 76-78? And what is the average IQ of violent and/or recidivist black criminals? It’s amazing that people like Welton and Jared Taylor never mention what is obvious much less analyze it in detail.

  9. BCB232 says:

    Weren’t the African immigrants in Britain disproportionately Igbo (“the Jews of Africa”)? If so, then this is yet another layer of (statistically unrepresentative) selection for significantly above average Africans.

    • Agree: Aft
    • Replies: @Aft
  10. Yet another criticism can be leveled against Chisala’s argument. IQ scores become more genetically determined with age.

    Coincidentally, Chisala is making this same argument in his latest article at UNZ: Why Harvard Is Right to Discriminate Against Asians.

    But contrary to the studies made by Philippe Ruston, he claims Northeast Asian IQs (specifically Chinese) mature earlier than Whites or Blacks, despite that fact that in general Blacks reach puberty first, followed by Whites and then Yellows at the very end of the racial spectrum.

    It’s a very counter-intuitive, if not ludicrous claim, almost as ludicrous as the claim that Blacks landed on the moon first– though not nearly as funny.

  11. 95Theses says:

    When academia, the media, and czars of popular culture are resisting with all their might any investigation into possible differences in intelligence across races, it’s a pretty good sign that they’re doing so because they can forecast the results, and what they see doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  12. Aft says:

    Rather than a tiny selective sample of those who immigrated to the UK, why not look at the massive sample sizes in the United States?

    Rather than look at Scrabble, about as rote and unintellectual a game as exists, why not look at every other indicator in existence that outnumber this by orders of magnitude?

    Chisala knows he’s selling nonsense with his focus on one trivial game Africans have a fondness for and in concocting up a ridiculous theory that “Asians develop faster mentally but end up no higher” that goes against all the evidence on graduate test scores and otherwise.

  13. @England patriot

    Maybe it’s more likely due to falsified test results. Let’s not be gullible victims like the poor souls in that film about the guy who invented lying.

  14. BCB232 says:

    Professionally, the whites and Asians I see are the elite in engineering. The africans are a much smaller % of company engineering than they are of the general population (much less than 13%). They are highly sought out as well (for diversity points). It seems that they are much more of an elite, non-representative sample than the white and Asian engineers. And yet they are never the best engineers (there’s an objective measure I can go by) and probably not the better engineers (more subjective but this is my opinion). What I see matches what Lynn claims.

  15. @95Theses

    (((They))) not only prohibit you to investigate the possible differences in intelligence across the races–God help those who do–(((they))) will make you grovel for forgiveness for even suggesting that there are racial differences or that the races are not all equal in intelligence. This applies even if you unwittingly made a joke about it 30 years ago when you were a teenager.

    Here’s the latest breaking (((news))) in Canada about our “White Supremacist and racist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. SMH

    • Replies: @Malla
  16. Bliss says:

    Lance Welton wrote:

    The evidence that there are black-white differences in IQ and that these are partly genetic in origin is overwhelming.

    Unfortunately for you IQ tests reveal that the IQ of African-Americans (85) is higher than the IQ of all the white-caucasian nations of MENA, including Lebanon (IQ 79) which is the whitest nation in that region.

    Explain that away, lol….

    Also, tell us your estimate for northern european IQ just 1500 years ago…

    • Replies: @Malla
  17. Malla says:

    white-caucasian nations of MENA, including Lebanon

    What are you? retarded?

    • LOL: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Bliss
  18. Bliss says:

    What are you? retarded?

    You shameless stubborn imbecile, how many times do I have to tell you that the people of MENA (middle-east and North Africa) are classified as “white caucasians” by the US Census Bureau? Don’t pretend you didn’t know that. Call them retarded. You wouldn’t be wrong.

    This whole race and IQ thing is borderline retarded, yet you are stupid enough to have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Even though it ranks south asians like you well below the global average. With Nepal (IQ 60) at the very bottom. Of course everyone here knows that you already loathe your race, so your low IQ only confirms your self-hatred. Right? Now go cry yourself to sleep…

    Btw, I take this opportunity to correct my last post. There is one MENA country that has higher IQ than African-Americans: Israel. It also happens to be the only non-muslim country in the region.

    • Replies: @Malla
  19. Malla says:

    Call them retarded. You wouldn’t be wrong.

    I agree with you on this. That is retarded. MENA people are predominantly Caucasians but not White Caucasians.

    This whole race and IQ thing is borderline retarded,

    Nope. It is not. It is just that blacks on average score so low and that is why you dislike it. If blacks would have scored high on average, you would be the one running around the internet shoving those results on everyone’s faces. And to give you buttrash, the Northern races you (genocidal) hate so much, score very high. Hence da acute buttrash.

    Of course everyone here knows that you already loathe your race, so your low IQ only confirms your self-hatred.

    I do not loathe my race, I am just realistic about races in general and do not accept the PC MK Ultra propaganda B.S.

    so your low IQ only confirms your self-hatred.

    Woaw, IQ is a continuum, a bell curve, you do not know my placement on the Indian curve. And I do not hate myself, why should I? My friends complain I love myself too much.

    There is one MENA country that has higher IQ than African-Americans: Israel. It also happens to be the only non-muslim country in the region.

    Islam may be one reason but the main reason is that half of Israel’s population is Ashkenazim. Israel also has seen a further surge of Russian Ashkenazim (as well as a lot of gentile Russians who sneaked in) in the last some years which has helped the tech boom in Israel.

  20. Malla says:

    Iz Trudeau da son of Fidel Castro or of his traitor Dad? A lot of people say his commie mom and dad would vacation a lot in Castro’s Cuba and he looks a lot like Castro, which he does.
    And most of these commie leftards are themselves big racists just like the blacks and browns they support are racist too. Recently some Antifa lowlife (co.ksuc.ers of the Zio elites) scum beat up some US military Hispanic servicemen because they thought they were from the “Proud Boys” calling them bloody spics and beaners.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Dan Hayes
  21. Malla says:

    Iz Trudeau da son of Fidel Castro or of his traitor Dad? A lot of people say his commie mom and dad would vacation a lot in Castro’s Cuba and he looks a lot like Castro, which he does.

    No, this has been debunked. PM Trudeau does look like his own dad. But Castro and Trudeau look remarkably similar anyways.

  22. Dan Hayes says:


    Regarding Fidel Castro being Justin Trudeau’s father. NAH! Justin has none of Fidel’s ruthlessness. He’s just a pretty boy who fits in quite well with “Canadian nice” mania! BTW, Justin is an improvement over Pierre, his diabolical biological father.

    • Agree: Malla
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