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Questions Nobody Is Asking About Jeffrey Epstein
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Jeffrey Epstein, 2013. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Jeffrey Epstein case is notable for the ups and downs in media coverage it’s gotten over the years. Everybody, it seems, in New York society knew by 2000 that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were corrupting teenage girls, but the press wouldn’t cover it. Articles by New York in 2002 and Vanity Fair in 2003 alluded to it gently, while probing Epstein’s finances more closely. In 2005, the Palm Beach police investigated. The county prosecutor, Democrat Barry Krischer, wouldn’t prosecute for more than prostitution, so they went to the federal prosecutor, Republican Alexander Acosta, and got the FBI involved. Acosta’s office prepared an indictment, but before it was filed, he made a deal: Epstein agreed to plead guilty to a state law felony and receive a prison term of 18 months. In exchange, the federal interstate sex trafficking charges would not be prosecuted by Acosta’s office. Epstein was officially at the county jail for 13 months, where the county officials under Democratic Sheriff Ric Bradshaw gave him scandalously easy treatment, letting him spend his days outside, and letting him serve a year of probation in place of the last 5 months of his sentence. Acosta’s office complained, but it was a county jail, not a federal jail, so he was powerless.

Epstein was released, and various lawsuits were filed against him and settled out of court, presumably in exchange for silence. The media was quiet or complimentary as Epstein worked his way back into high society. Two books were written about the affair, and fell flat. The FBI became interested again around 2011 (a little known fact) and maybe things were happening behind the scenes, but the next big event was in 2018 when the Miami Herald published a series of investigative articles rehashing what had happened. In 2019 federal prosecutors indicted Epstein, he was put in jail, and he mysteriously died. Now, after much complaining in the press about how awful jails are and how many people commit suicide, things are quiet again, at least until the Justice Department and the State of Florida finish their investigation a few years from now. (For details and more links, see “Investigation: Jeffrey Epstein”at and “Jeffrey Epstein” at Wikipedia.)

I’m an expert in the field of “game theory”, strategic thinking. What would I do if I were Epstein? I’d try to get the President, the Attorney-General, or the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to shut down the investigation before it went public. I’d have all my friends and all my money try to pressure them. If it failed and I were arrested, it would be time for the backup plan— the Deal. I’d try to minimize my prison time, and, just as important, to be put in one of the nicer federal prisons where I could associate with financial wizards and drug lords instead of serial killers, black nationalists, and people with bad breath.

That’s what Epstein would do. What about the powerful people Epstein would turn in to get his deal? They aren’t as smart as Epstein, but they would know the Deal was coming— that Epstein would be quite happy to sacrifice them in exchange for a prison with a slightly better golf course. What could they do? There’s only one good option— to kill Epstein, and do it quickly, before he could start giving information samples to the U. S. Attorney.

Trying to kill informers is absolutely routine in the mafia, or indeed, for gangs of any kind. The reason people call such talk “conspiracy theories” when it comes to Epstein is that his friends are WASPs and Jews, not Italians and Mexicans. But WASPs and Jews are human too. They want to protect themselves. Famous politicians, unlike gangsters, don’t have full-time professional hit men on their staffs, but that’s just common sense—politicians rarely need hit men, so it makes more sense to hire them on a piecework basis than as full-time employees. How would they find hit men? You or I wouldn’t know how to start, but it would be easy for them. Rich powerful people have bodyguards. Bodyguards are for defense, but the guys who do defense know guys who do offense. And Epstein’s friends are professional networkers. One reporter said of Ghislaine Maxwell, “Her Rolodex would blow away almost anyone else’s I can think of—probably even Rupert Murdoch’s.” They know people who know people. Maybe I’m six degrees of separation from a mafia hit man, but not Ghislaine Maxwell. I bet she knows at least one mafioso personally who knows more than one hit man.

In light of this, it would be very surprising if someone with a spare $50 million to spend to solve the Epstein problem didn’t give it a try. A lot of people can be bribed for $50 million. Thus, we should have expected to see bribery attempts. If none were detected, it must have been because prison workers are not reporting they’d been approached.

Some people say that government incompetence is always a better explanation than government malfeasance. That’s obviously wrong— when an undeserving business gets a contract, it’s not always because the government official in charge was just not paying attention. I can well believe that prisons often take prisoners off of suicide watch too soon, have guards who go to sleep and falsify records, remove cellmates from prisoners at risk of suicide or murder, let the TV cameras watching their most important prisoners go on the blink, and so forth. But that cuts both ways. Remember, in the case of Epstein, we’d expect a murder attempt whether the warden of the most important federal jail in the country is competent or not. If the warden is incompetent, we should expect that murder attempt to succeed. Murder becomes all the more more plausible. Instead of spending $50 million to bribe 20 guards and the warden, you just pay some thug $30,000 to walk in past the snoring guards, open the cell door, and strangle the sleeping prisoner, no fancy James Bond necessary. Or, if you can hire a New York Times reporter for $30,000 (as Epstein famously did a couple of years ago), you can spend $200,000 on a competent hit man to make double sure. Government incompetence does not lend support to the suicide theory; quite the opposite.


Now to my questions.

  1. Why is nobody blaming the Florida and New York state prosecutors for not prosecuting Epstein and others for statutory rape?

Statutory rape is not a federal crime, so it is not something the Justice Dept. is supposed to investigate or prosecute. They are going after things like interstate sex trafficking. Interstate sex trafficking is generally much harder to prove than statutory rape, which is very easy if the victims will testify.

At any time from 2008 to the present, Florida and New York prosecutors could have gone after Epstein and easily convicted him. The federal nonprosecution agreement did not bind them. And, of course, it is not just Epstein who should have been prosecuted. Other culprits such as Prince Andrew are still at large.

Note that if even if the evidence is just the girl’s word against Ghislaine Maxwell’s or Prince Andrew’s, it’s still quite possible to get a jury to convict. After all, who would you believe, in a choice between Maxwell, Andrew, and Anyone Else in the World? For an example of what can be done if the government is eager to convict, instead of eager to protect important people, see the 2019 Cardinal Pell case in Australia. He was convicted by the secret testimony of a former choirboy, the only complainant, who claimed Pell had committed indecent acts during a chance encounter after Mass before Pell had even unrobed. Naturally, the only cardinal to be convicted of anything in the Catholic Church scandals is also the one who’s done the most to fight corruption. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to prosecute. It’s even easier to convict someone if he’s actually guilty.

  1. Why isn’t anybody but Ann Coulter talking about Barry Krischer and Ric Bradshaw, the Florida state prosecutor and sheriff who went easy on Epstein, or the New York City police who let him violate the sex offender regulations?

Krischer refused to use the evidence the Palm Beach police gave him except to file a no-jail-time prostitution charge (they eventually went to Acosta, the federal prosecutor, instead, who got a guilty plea with an 18-month sentence). Bradshaw let him spend his days at home instead of at jail. In New York State, the county prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, fought to prevent Epstein from being classified as a Level III sex offender. Once he was, the police didn’t enforce the rule that required him to check in every 90 days.

  1. How easy would it have been to prove in 2016 or 2019 that Epstein and his people were guilty of federal sex trafficking?

Not easy, I should think. It wouldn’t be enough to prove that Epstein debauched teenagers. Trafficking is a federal offense, so it would have to involve commerce across state lines. It also must involve sale and profit, not just personal pleasure. The 2019 indictment is weak on this. The “interstate commerce” looks like it’s limited to Epstein making phone calls between Florida and New York. This is why I am not completely skeptical when former U.S. Attorney Acosta says that the 2008 nonprosecution deal was reasonable. He had strong evidence the Epstein violated Florida state law— but that wasn’t relevant. He had to prove violations of federal law.

  1. Why didn’t Epstein ask the Court, or the Justice Dept., for permission to have an unarmed guard share his cell with him?

Epstein had no chance at bail without bribing the judge, but this request would have been reasonable. That he didn’t request a guard is, I think, the strongest evidence that he wanted to die. If he didn’t commit suicide himself, he was sure making it easy for someone else to kill him.

  1. Could Epstein have used the safeguard of leaving a trove of photos with a friend or lawyer to be published if he died an unnatural death?

Well, think about it— Epstein’s lawyer was Alan Dershowitz. If he left photos with someone like Dershowitz, that someone could earn a lot more by using the photos for blackmail himself than by dutifully carrying out his perverted customer’s instructions. The evidence is just too valuable, and Epstein was someone whose friends weren’t the kind of people he could trust. Probably not even his brother.

  1. Who is in danger of dying next?

Prison workers from guard to warden should be told that if they took bribes, their lives are now in danger. Prison guards may not be bright enough to realize this. Anybody who knows anything important about Epstein should be advised to publicize their information immediately. That is the best way to stay alive. This is not like a typical case where witnesses get killed so they won’t testify. It’s not like with gangsters. Here, the publicity and investigative lead is what is most important, because these are reputable and rich offenders for whom publicity is a bigger threat than losing in court. They have very good lawyers, and probably aren’t guilty of federal crimes anyway, just state crimes, in corrupt states where they can use clout more effectively. Thus, killing potential informants before they tell the public is more important than killing informants to prevent their testimony at trial, a much more leisurely task.

  1. What happened to Epstein’s body?

The Justice Dept. had better not have let Epstein’s body be cremated. And they’d better give us convincing evidence that it’s his body. If I had $100 million to get out of jail with, acquiring a corpse and bribing a few people to switch fingerprints and DNA wouldn’t be hard. I find it worrying that the government has not released proof that Epstein is dead or a copy of the autopsy.

  1. Was Epstein’s jail really full of mice?

The New York Times says,

“Beyond its isolation, the wing is infested with rodents and cockroaches, and inmates often have to navigate standing water — as well as urine and fecal matter — that spills from faulty plumbing, accounts from former inmates and lawyers said. One lawyer said mice often eat his clients’ papers.”

Often have to navigate standing water”? “Mice often eat his clients’ papers?” Really? I’m skeptical. What do the vermin eat— do inmates leave Snickers bars open in their cells? Has anyone checked on what the prison conditions really like?

  1. Is it just a coincidence that Epstein made a new will two days before he died?

I can answer this one. Yes, it is coincidence, though it’s not a coincidence that he rewrote the will shortly after being denied bail. The will leaves everything to a trust, and it is the trust document (which is confidential), not the will (which is public), that determines who gets the money. Probably the only thing that Epstein changed in his will was the listing of assets, and he probably changed that because he’d just updated his list of assets for the bail hearing anyway, so it was a convenient time to update the will.

  1. Did Epstein’s veiled threat against DOJ officials in his bail filing backfire?

Epstein’s lawyers wrote in his bail request,

“If the government is correct that the NPA does not, and never did, preclude a prosecution in this district, then the government will likely have to explain why it purposefully delayed a prosecution of someone like Mr. Epstein, who registered as a sex offender 10 years ago and was certainly no stranger to law enforcement. There is no legitimate explanation for the delay.”

I see this as a veiled threat. The threat is that Epstein would subpoena people and documents from the Justice Department relevant to the question of why there was a ten-year delay before prosecution, to expose the illegitimate explanation for the delay. Somebody is to blame for that delay, and court-ordered disclosure is a bigger threat than an internal federal investigation.

  1. Who can we trust?

Geoffrey Berman, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is the only government official who is clearly trustworthy, because he could have stopped the 2019 Epstein indictment and he didn’t. I don’t think Attorney-General Barr could have blocked it, and I don’t think President Trump could have except by firing Berman. I do trust Attorney-General Barr, however, from what I’ve heard of him and because he instantly and publicly said he would have not just the FBI but the Justice Dept. Inspector-General investigate Epstein’s death, and he quickly fired the federal prison head honcho. The FBI is untrustworthy, but Inspector-Generals are often honorable.

Someone else who may be a hero in this is Senator Ben Sasse. Vicki Ward writes in the Daily Beast:

“It was that heart-wrenching series that caught the attention of Congress. Ben Sasse, the Republican senator from Nebraska, joined with his Democratic colleagues and demanded to know how justice had been so miscarried.

Given the political sentiment, it’s unsurprising that the FBI should feel newly emboldened to investigate Epstein—basing some of their work on Brown’s excellent reporting.”

  1. Will President Trump Cover Up Epstein’s Death in Exchange for Political Leverage?

President Trump didn’t have anything personally to fear from Epstein. He is too canny to have gotten involved with him, and the press has been eagerly at work to find the slightest connection between him and Epstein and have come up dry as far as anything but acquaintanceship. But we must worry about a cover-up anyway, because rich and important people would be willing to pay Trump a lot in money or, more likely, in political support, if he does a cover-up.

  1. Why did Judge Sweet order Epstein documents sealed in 2017. Did he die naturally in 2019?

Judge Robert Sweet in 2017 ordered all documents in an Epstein-related case sealed. He died in May 2019 at age 96, at home in Idaho. The sealing was completely illegal, as the appeals court politely but devastatingly noted in 2019, and the documents were released a day or two before Epstein died. Someone should check into Judge Sweet’s finance and death. He was an ultra-Establishment figure— a Yale man, alas, like me, and Taft School— so he might just have been protecting what he considered good people, but his decision to seal the court records was grossly improper.

  1. Did Epstein have any dealings in sex, favors, or investments with any Republican except Wexner?

Dershowitz, Mitchell, Clinton, Richardson, Dubin, George Stephanopolous, Lawrence Krauss, Katie Couric, Mortimer Zuckerman, Chelsea Handler, Cyrus Vance, and Woody Allen, are all Democrats. Did Epstein ever make use of Republicans? Don’t count Trump, who has not been implicated despite the media’s best efforts and was probably not even a Republican back in the 90’s. Don’t count Ken Starr– he’s just one of Epstein’s lawyers. Don’t count scientists who just took money gifts from him. (By the way, Epstein made very little in the way of political contributions, though that little went mostly to Democrats ($139,000 vs. $18,000. I bet he extracted more from politicians than he gave to them.

  1. What role did Israeli politician Ehud Barak play in all this?

Remember Marc Rich? He was a billionaire who fled the country to avoid a possible 300 years prison term, and was pardoned by Bill Clinton in 2001. Ehud Barak, one of Epstein’s friends, was one of the people who asked for Rich to be pardoned. Epstein, his killers, and other rich people know that as a last resort they can flee the country and wait for someone like Clinton to come to office and pardon them.

Acosta said that Washington Bush Administration people told him to go easy on Epstein because he was an intelligence source. That is plausible. Epstein had info and blackmailing ability with people like Ehud Barak, leader of Israel’s Labor Party. But “intelligence” is also the kind of excuse people make up so they don’t have to say “political pressure.”

  1. Why did nobody pay attention to the two 2016 books on Epstein?

James Patterson and John Connolly published Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal that Undid Him, and All the Justice that Money Can Buy: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein. Conchita Sarnoff published TrafficKing: The Jeffrey Epstein Case. I never heard of these before 2019. Did the media bury them?

  1. Which newspapers reported Epstein’s death as “suicide” and which as “apparent suicide”?

More generally, which media outlets seem to be trying to brush Epstein’s death under the rug? There seems to have been an orchestrated attempt to divert attention to the issue of suicides in prison. Subtle differences in phrasing might help reveal who’s been paid off. National Review had an article, “The Conspiracy Theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Don’t Make Much Sense.” The article contains no evidence or argument to support the headline’s assertion, just bluster about “madness” and “conspiracy theories”. Who else publishes stuff like this?

  1. How much did Epstein corrupt the media from 2008 to 2019?

Even outlets that generally publish good articles must be suspected of corruption. Epstein made an effort to get good publicity. The New York Times wrote,

“The effort led to the publication of articles describing him as a selfless and forward-thinking philanthropist with an interest in science on websites like Forbes, National Review and HuffPost….

All three articles have been removed from their sites in recent days, after inquiries from The New York Times….

The National Review piece, from the same year, called him “a smart businessman” with a “passion for cutting-edge science.”…

Ms. Galbraith was also a publicist for Mr. Epstein, according to several news releases promoting Mr. Epstein’s foundations… In the article that appeared on the National Review site, she described him as having “given thoughtfully to countless organizations that help educate underprivileged children.”

“We took down the piece, and regret publishing it,” Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review since 1997, said in an email. He added that the publication had “had a process in place for a while now to weed out such commercially self-interested pieces from lobbyists and PR flacks.””

The New York Times was, to its credit, willing to embarrass other publications by 2019. But the Times itself had been part of the cover-up in previous years. Who else was?

Eric Rasmusen is an economist who has held an endowed chair at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and visiting positions at Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, the Harvard Economics Department, Chicago’s Booth School of Business, Nuffield College/Oxford, and the University of Tokyo Economics Department. He is best known for his book Games and Information. He has published extensively in law and economics, including recent articles on the burakumin outcastes in Japan, the use of game theory in jurisprudence, and quasi-concave functions. The views expressed here are his personal views and are not intended to represent the views of the Kelley School of Business or Indiana University. His vitae is at .

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  1. Not one question involving Maurene Comey, then? She was one of the SDNY prosecutors assigned to this case, and her name has been significantly played down (if at all visible) in the reportage before or after Epstein’s death. That she just “happened” to be on this case at all is quite an eyebrow raiser… especially with her father under the ongoing “Spygate” investigation…

    Apparently, there will always be many players on the field, and many ways to do damage control.

    • Replies: @Paul.Martin
    , @anon
    , @Cking
  2. utu says:

    Sean, where are you? Get back to work. Time to start your obfuscations.

  3. utu says:

    How easy would it have been to prove in 2016 or 2019 that Epstein and his people were guilty of federal sex trafficking?

    It would be very easy for a motivated prosecutor.

    Mann Act

    The Mann Act was successfully used to prosecute several Christian preachers in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

    So the problem was finding a motivated prosecutor in case of Jewish predator with very likely links to intelligence services of several countries. The motivation was obviously lacking.

    Your “expertise” in game theory would be greatly improved if you let yourself consider the Jewish factor.

  4. As important as it is to go on asking questions about the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein, I have to admit that personally I’m just not interested. I’ve always found people of his social class to be vaguely repulsive even without the sordid sex allegations. Just their demanding personalities, just the thought of them hanging around in their terrycloth jogging suits, sneering at the world with their irrefrangible arrogance, is enough to make me shudder. I want nothing of their nightmare world; and when they die, I couldn’t care less.

  5. utu says:

    More generally, which media outlets seem to be trying to brush Epstein’s death under the rug?

    Not the National Enquirer:

    Jeffrey Epstein Murder Cover-up Exposed!
    Death Scene Staged to Look Like Suicide
    Billionaire’s Screams Ignored by Guards!
    Fatal Attack Caught on Jail Cameras!
    Autopsy is Hiding the Truth!

    National Enquirer, Sept 2. 2019

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  6. JimDandy says:

    “The Justice Dept. had better not have let Epstein’s body be cremated. And they’d better give us convincing evidence that it’s his body.”

    Ha ha. Or else what?

  7. rm says:

    memo:(given that there are no coincidences in the houses of shadow)
    #7 and #9
    shift to #1 and #2 as at least odds on possibility.

  8. He was murdered.

    For sure.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Durruti
  9. There is one answer to all of your questions: DA JEWS! What all of this shows is just how entrenched Jewish control of the media, legal system, and the politicians is. The Jews don’t even care anymore. They can do whatever they want right in front of the world. What they are telling us is that YOU The GOY must be Oblivious to the Obvious or you just might be next.

    The sad part of this whole Epstein murder is that if Mafia would have wacked him it would have been done with more class. Jews don’t care because no matter how sloppy their murders are whether it’s Epstein or the USS Liberty they will never be held responsible and some US politician and the media will cover for them. Those who object will be labeled antisemitic and conspiracy theorists.

  10. I don’t hold AG Barr in the high regard this piece does. While I’m not suggesting he had anything to do with Epstein’s death I do think he’s corrupt. I doubt he will do anything that leads to the truth. As for him relieving the warden of his duties, I would hope that was to be expected, wasn’t it? I mean he only had two attempts on Epstein’s life with the second being a success. Apparently the first didn’t jolt the warden into some kind of action as it appears he was guilty of a number of sins including ‘Sloth.’

    As for the publications that don’t like conspiracy theories –like the National Review— they are a hoot.
    We are supposed to have faith in this rubbish? The cameras malfunctioned. He didn’t have a cellmate. The guards were tired and forced to work overtime. There was no camera specifically in the cell with Epstein.
    In the end I think Epstein probably was allowed to kill himself but I’m not confident in that scenario at all. And yes the media should pressure Barr to have a look in the cell and see exactly how a suicide attempt might have succeeded or if it was a long-shot at best, given the materiel and conditions.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  11. SafeNow says:

    19. Why is the non-prosecution agreement ambiguous (“globally” binding), when it was written by the best lawyers in the country for a very wealthy client? Was the ambiguity bargained-for? If so, what are the implications?

    20. With “globally” still being unresolved (to the bail judge’s first-paragraph astonishment), why commit suicide now?

    21. The “it was malfeasance” components are specified. For mere malfeasance to have been the cause, all of the components would have to be true; it would be a multiplicative function of the several components. Is no one sufficiently quantitative to estimate the magnitude?

    22. What is the best single takeaway phrase that emerges from all of this? My nomination is: “In your face.” The brazen, shameless, unprecedented, turning-point, in-your-faceness of it.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  12. sally says:

    ER the answer is easy to you list of questions .. there is no law in the world when violations are not prosecuted and fair open for all to see trials are not held and judges do not deliver the appropriate penalties upon convictions. .. in cases involving the CIA prosecution it is unheard of that a open for all to see trial takes place.

    This is why we the governed masses need a parallel government..

    such an oversight government would allow to pick out the negligent or wilful misconduct of persons in functional government and prosecute such persons in the independent people’s court.. Without a second government to oversee the first government there is no democracy; democracy cannot stand and the governed masses will never see the light of a fair day .. unless the masses have oversight authority on what is to be made into law, and are given without prejudice to their standing in America the right to charge those associated to government with negligent or wilful misconduct.


    • Replies: @PJ London
    , @lysias
    , @Durruti
  13. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

  14. There are big questions this article is not asking either

    The words ‘Mossad’ seems not to appear above, and just a brief mention of ‘Israel’ with Ehud Barak

    One tiny mention of Jewish magnate Les Wexner but no mention how he & the Bronfmans founded the ‘Mega Group’ of ultra-Zionist billionaires regularly meeting as to how they could prop up the Jewish state by any & all means, Wexner being the source of many Epstein millions, the original buyer of the NYC mansion he transferred to Epstein etc … the excellent Epstein series by Whitney Webb on Mint Press covering all this

    Was escape to freedom & Israe,l the ultimate payoff for Epstein’s decades of work for Mossad, grooming and abusing young teens, filmed in flagrante delicto with prominent people for political blackmail?

    Is it not likely this was a Mossad jailbreak covered by fake ‘suicide’, with Epstein alive now, with US gov now also in possession of the assumed Epstein sexual blackmail video tapes?

    We have the Epstein ‘death in jail’ under the US Attorney General Bill Barr, a former CIA officer 1973-77, the CIA supporting him thru night law school, Bill Barr’s later law firm Kirkland Ellis representing Epstein

    Whose Jewish-born ex-OSS father Donald Barr had written a ‘fantasy novel’ on sex slavery with scenes of rape of underage teens, ‘Space Relations’, written whilst Don Barr was headmaster of the Dalton school, which gave Epstein his first job, teaching teens

    So would a crypto-Jewish ‘former’ CIA officer who is now USA Attorney General, possibly help a Mossad political blackmailer escape to Israel after a fake ‘jail suicide’?

    An intriguing 4chan post a few hours after Epstein’s ‘body was discovered’, says Epstein was put in a wheelchair and driven out of the jail in a van, accompanied by a man in a green military uniform – timestamp is USA Pacific on the screencap apparently, so about 10:44 NYC time Sat.10 Aug

    FWIW, drone video of Epstein’s Little St James island from Friday 30 August, shows a man who could be Epstein himself, on the left by one vehicle, talking to a black man sitting on a quad all-terrain unit

    Close up of Epstein-like man between vehicles, from video … note ‘pale finger’ match-up to archive photo Epstein

    30 Aug 2019 Epstein island drone video, see segment from 2:09 to 2:47

  15. Anon[261] • Disclaimer says:

    The thing that sticks out for me is that Epstein was caught, charged, and went to jail previously, but he didn’t die. The second time, it appears he was murdered. I strongly suspect that the person who murdered Epstein was someone who only met Epstein after 2008, or was someone Epstein only procured for after 2008. Otherwise, this person would have killed Epstein back when Epstein was charged by the cops the first time.

    Either that, or the killer is someone who is an opponent of Trump, and this person was genuinely terrified that Trump would pressure the Feds to avoid any deals and to squeeze all the important names out of Epstein and prosecute them, too.

  16. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    The author professes himself “expert in the field of “game theory”, strategic thinking,” but he doesn’t say how his 18 questions were arrived at to the exclusion of hundreds of others. Instead, the column includes several casual assumptions and speculation. For example:

    “Probably the only thing that Epstein changed in his will was the listing of assets, and he probably changed that because he’d just updated his list of assets for the bail hearing anyway, so it was a convenient time to update the will.”

    “President Trump didn’t have anything personally to fear from Epstein.”

    “I do trust Attorney-General Barr, however, from what I’ve heard of him and because he instantly and publicly said he would have not just the FBI but the Justice Dept. Inspector-General investigate Epstein’s death, and he quickly fired the federal prison head honcho. The FBI is untrustworthy, but Inspector-Generals are often honorable.”

    As to this last, isn’t “quickly [firing] the federal prison head honcho” consistent with a failure-to-prevent-suicide deflection strategy? And has Mr. Rasmusen not “heard” of the hiring of Mr. Epstein by Mr. Barr’s father? Or of the father’s own Establishment background?

    I hope to be wrong, but my own hunch is that these investigations, like the parallel investigations of the RussiaGate hoax, will leave the elite unscathed. I also hope that in the meantime we see more rigorous columns here than this one.

    • Agree: utu
  17. Miro23 says:

    7. What happened to Epstein’s body?

    The Justice Dept. had better not have let Epstein’s body be cremated. And they’d better give us convincing evidence that it’s his body. If I had $100 million to get out of jail with, acquiring a corpse and bribing a few people to switch fingerprints and DNA wouldn’t be hard. I find it worrying that the government has not released proof that Epstein is dead or a copy of the autopsy.

    This is an interesting one.

    There is the possibility that Epstein never when anywhere near that jail. The body on the gurney had some dissimilarities to him, so that unfortunate person could have entered the cell, been murdered and wheeled out. Actually a very good outcome for Epstein, with no need for a trial, questions or testimonies – and he can enjoy his retirement in peace.

    Also, subsequently, it should have been a top priority to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell but the government, justice and media lack interest . Apparently, they don’t know where she is, and they’re not making any special efforts to find out.

    • Replies: @Amanda
  18. Epstein had no “dead man’s switch” which would release what he knew to media?

    C’mon! This is basic Villainy 101.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  19. Anon[100] • Disclaimer says:

    Despairing isn’t it?

    The US of A can fight wars on land and sea in several countries across the earth, but cant keep its most noted prisoner alive in custody?

    Should have held him in a cage inside Ft Knox if we had to.

    • Replies: @Joe S.
  20. PJ London says:

    What power has law where only money rules? –

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @sally
    , @Karl Brantz
  21. mcohen says:

    Doppelganger banger with peas and mash.Also stopped the theft of his money by you know who.

  22. Walter says:

    People who have worked at prisons both as clients and employees express consistently their informed opinion.

    Just one opinion about Epstein > he escaped.

    Just one about prisons > they’re corrupt.

    (escapes, swaps, murders, dope, and everything else comes in via the people that run things – guards and their bosses. Think about means, motive, opportunity…)

    Why would anybody believe what proven and obvious liars say?

    The picture of Dear Jeff at his Island Digs…cool! But where’s the child “brides”?

  23. Annnon99 says:

    Very hard for me to believe Epstein committed suicide. Narcissistic psychopaths, especially the wealthy ones, lead lives convinced of their superior abilities to control everyone and everything in every situation. After having essentially beaten his charges in 2008 I can’t envision Epstein, believing himself to be master of his universe, giving up this early in the game.

    • Agree: mark green
  24. Amanda says:

    Yes, I also question whether they ever had him in custody in the first place, since there are no photos of his current arrest (they keep showing the photo from the previous arrest), and there are no photos of him in the courtroom, only drawings that don’t actually look like him. All of this is pointed out here:

    “There were no photos of his arrest, booking or court appearances — only court sketches of proceedings that depict someone who doesn’t match his description, but rather someone with a thick and heavy neck. A deputy who saw Epstein after his first “suicide attempt” described him as 5’10” and 240 pounds. Yet, Epstein’s arrest record shows him as 6’0″ 180 pounds. Quite a disparity.”

    And in this article he notes that “Epstein’s photo is also not visible on the Federal prison inmate locator website either, which is not standard procedure.”

    I think this was an elaborate psyop by Mossad/Israel to ultimately make this all go away (the last thing they wanted was for it to come out in court that this was a Mossad operation to compromise US politicians for Israel)

    And clearly the profile of the dead guy on the gurney ( does not match the profile of Epstein alive (the nose and ears are not a match).

    Jon Rappoport also seems to question whether they had him in custody and offers this plausible scenario here:

    “MOSSAD #1: The man who is now in a cell in Manhattan awaiting trial? It’s not Jeffrey. It’s the double. The FBI arrested the double. We knew the arrest was going to happen, so we made the switch. And Jeffrey is already here with our people.

    MOSSAD #2: Really? Fantastic!

    MOSSAD #1: Yes. We chose our double well. He has a terminal disease. He has a family. He has no money. We promised him we’d take good care of his family. He’s going to commit suicide in his cell. That’s the deal. We’ve made a few payoffs that will allow the suicide to happen. We believe we can control the autopsies and switch DNA samples, if necessary…”

    • Replies: @Miro23
  25. skeptic23 says:

    This article has a lot of false info and unsupported assertions.

    • Replies: @Rags
    , @Twodees Partain
  26. Godzilla says:

    Are all of Epstein’s underage victims gentiles? I suspect so.

  27. utu says:

    Millionaire model agency boss thought to have key information into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a ghost without a trace’

    A millionaire model agency boss who is thought to have key information about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a ghost without a trace’.

    Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, has vanished as police seek to ask the Frenchman ‘urgent’ questions about the paedophile.
    In a complaint, filed in 2015, then revealed by the American press, Virginia Roberts Giuffre accused a Frenchman, Jean-Luc Brunel, the head of the international model agency MC2 (formerly Karins USA), of being “one of Epstein’s main suppliers of girls”.

    His accusations are serious, and detailed. Brunel, she says, “ran a kind of modeling agency and seems to have had an arrangement with the American authorities to obtain passports and other travel documents for young girls. He then took these young girls, aged twelve to twenty-four, to the United States for sexual purposes and gave them to his friends, including Epstein. “My feeling,” she continues, “is that Jean-Luc Brunel was getting his daughters from Eastern Europe. »

    The MC2 leader, says Roberts Giuffre, “offered his daughters “modeling” jobs. Many girls came from poor countries or poor backgrounds, and he promised them the promise of earning money. “The young woman claims to have “had sexual relations with Jean-Luc Brunel on several occasions” between the ages of 16 and 19. She said: “The only bond of friendship seemed to be that Brunel could get dozens of underage girls and feed Epstein’s, and Maxwell’s, great appetite for sex with underage girls. “Jeffrey Epstein,” she continues, “told me that he had slept with more than a thousand Brunel girls, and everything I’ve seen confirms this statement. »

    In the Parisian modeling scene, Jean-Luc Brunel is a well-known and sulphurous figure. “Brunel, a former playboy in his seventies, is known in Paris for his taste for parties, luxury cars and designer pants, according to an old working relationship with Mediapart.

    • Replies: @Flo
    , @Paw
  28. sarz says:

    About trusting Barr, that looks questionable. Here’s a quote from an article by Kevin Barrett:

    ///According to former Bush-CIA black ops specialist Chip Tatum, Barr was part of Operation 40, an Agency-linked criminal gang that moved huge quantities of drugs and was involved in many high-level political assassinations, including those of the Kennedies, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, and dozens of others. ///

    • Replies: @Amanda
  29. I suspect all those women who have come forward will soon die from a myriad of things. Kinda like what the Wikileaks people do.

    Also don’t think anyone wanted to off Epstein, except it was very good for optics. Old Jeff was just a gatekeeper to test the depravity of willing applicants of team evil (oops…elite). His “suicide” was just a distraction for conspiracy theorists. Funny how the FBI just made them akin to terrorists with a mere edict right after the “suicide.”

  30. Skeptikal says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “As important as it is to go on asking questions about the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein, I have to admit that personally I’m just not interested. ”

    Then way bother to waste energy (yours and others’) by posting?

    This whole post sounds trollish.

    • Agree: Alden
  31. DanFromCT says:

    I lost all interest after the author waved away the improbability of the official suicide narrative. I’m no mathematician, but isn’t is realistic to multiply, say, four instances times a five percent chance each for the personnel blunders and then multiply that by, say, two instances of camera failures, each with a one percent chance, to arrive at a charitable probability that the official narrative is true? In a given week, for example, how many guard-hours are historically reported as sleeping on the job and guard reports found to be falsified in such a model prison? I’d say five percent is very generous toward the personnel stories and one percent for the camera failures. Anyway, I come up with an improbability so great that the chance of the official narrative being true is effectively nil. Am I wrong?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Franklin Ryckaert
  32. “But WASPs and Jews are human too.”


  33. dimples says:

    I am coming around to this point of view, that Epstein is now sitting cozy on a beach somewhere.

    Firstly, there is no motive for Epstein to return to the US only to face arrest and certain death at the hands of his elite blackmailed clients. His operation had to be ‘burned’ as too many of the previously underage victims were now adults and starting to complain to the courts. This meant that the old freewheeling days on the island were coming to a close. Epstein himself however did not have to be burned if his Israelite pals could come up with a way to convincingly disappear him in front of everybody. That’s easy to do if you own the media.

    It is reported that Epstein complained to his lawyers about being attacked after his first so-called suicide attempt on July 23. He then later complained to his lawyers again about this attack after being on suicide watch for a couple of weeks. This was because he was bored with suicide watch and wanted to get off it. (New York Post “Epstein told lawyers that cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione ‘roughed him up” Aug14/19)

    If the report is correct, then Epstein’s lawyers did not seem particularly concerned about this attack and surprisingly little fuss was made about it. They could have instead raised a stink and got their client a full time private guard (if that’s possible in a federal prison). Or pushed the prison authorities to do something useful to ensure their client’s safety. The prison authorities instead glibly treated the attack as a ‘suicide attempt’, allowing the suicide narrative to be set up. Probably that’s what they all wanted, included Epstein.

  34. Parfois1 says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    As important as it is to go on asking questions about the life and death of Jeffrey Epstein, I have to admit that personally I’m just not interested. I’ve always found people of his social class to be vaguely repulsive even without the sordid sex allegations.

    Yes, I share your sentiments. On the other hand, he is part of the Establishment milieu that rules and determines most things that affect our lives. It demonstrates that the whole fabric of society is woven by corrupt officers up to the White House and Capitol Hill and the Department entrusted with dispensing justice is as rotten as all others.

    This state of affairs infects everything else, including our own standards of civic behaviour and morality. After all, they are the shakers and movers whose “success” in their personal and public endeavours are lauded as the achievements of models to be followed.

    The whole sordid story has a theme: money corrupts. A society that measures itself by the money standard is necessarily a corrupt society.

    And that explains why the Jews exceedingly succeed in such society.

  35. @Brabantian

    Good points all, Brabantian. And I, too, can heartily recommend the Whitney Webb articles on Epstein, which are better than this one.

  36. @Intelligent Dasein

    What about the kids & their ruined lives?

  37. Corvinus says:

    Epstein was murdered, with complicity from a famous Harvard lawyer and the current White House administration. That was Q’s magnum opus. It is THE truth. The plot was revealed in detail on Neon Revolt’s blog. Sells merchandise, too.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  38. @utu

    Without condemning any ethnic or religious group one may observe that tribal sympathies are the most powerful predictive variable in explaining why people hold the opinions they do on issues to which those loyalties are relevant. Obviously there are many exceptions.
    In my experience, most people named ‘Eric’ are Jewish.

  39. anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    The most important prisoner in America dies while in custody? With a previous reported suicide attempt one would think that even the most ordinary prisoner would be monitored closely. Apparently he would have been a treasure trove of information so him being out of the picture is probably welcome news to a lot of people. Clinton was a frequent flier and buddy of his so it’s very believable that Clinton was a participant in some of the tawdry activities Epstein furnished, particularly in view of the fact that Clinton himself was a sleazy sex-addict with no scruples.
    What’s the source of this billionaire’s seemingly endless stream of money? This needs to be tracked. A lot of people have been asking why Maxwell has been walking around free rather than being brought in. Why indeed? How many others played a part?
    The political class seems to be decadent and perverted to a large degree. This is who is running things here.

  40. utu says:

    It is always hard to deal and think in terms of probabilities. But look at statistics:
    The suicide rate in local jails fell from 129 per 100,000 inmates in 1983 to 47 per 100,000 in 2002, the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today. The findings are from the first BJS report on inmate deaths mandated by the Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2002 (Public Law 106-297).

    Suicides had been the leading cause of jail inmate deaths in 1983, but the death rate from illnesses and natural causes (69 per 100,000 inmates) was higher in 2002. State prison suicide rates, which have historically been much lower than the rate in jails, also dropped sharply, from 34 per 100,000 state prisoners to 14 per 100,000 in 2002.

    Providing that local jail statistics from 2002 applies to Federal jail in 2019 then 47 in 100,000 implies that if we assume that Epstein was just a random prisoner that a chance (probability) of him killing himself in 1 year was P=0.00047. We would like to know how many suicides occurred in Manhattan facility in last 10 years? Obviously Epstein was not a random prisoner. He was a prisoner of high value and furthermore he was either attacked or attempted self harm earlier which means he should have been under a special watch.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  41. Miro23 says:

    The answer is with the body. If it somehow disappears and cannot be identity checked then Epstein is still with us.

  42. Epstein in my opinion is alive and is in Israel, and since he is a zionist and in the Mossad , there is no way in hell that they were going to let him die in prison in the zio/US, as zionists control every facet of the zio.US government which is in itself a criminal orgnization ran by zionist criminals for zionist criminals!

    Ever since the zionist banking kabal fastened their privately owned FED and IRS on America, we have been made slaves on the zionist plantation to serve our zionist overlords!

    • Agree: Amanda
    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  43. I am shocked that nobody is asking Barr why Epstein’s autopsy hasn’t been made public.
    Also, why is nobody asking Acosta who told him that Epstein should be treated gently because he “belongs to intelligence” and what they meant by that. Rumor is that Mueller told him. So, Mueller has been making the rounds, yet nobody asks him.
    Also, Epstein’s seized video collection shows various individuals committing serious crimes so why is nobody going through it and charging those individuals who can be identified? Is the DOJ now of the opinion that these crimes are not important enough to pursue? And if they should point to a blackmailing operation involving a major intelligence service, that might be worth exposing?

    I feel like I am almost the only person in the world asking.

    Society has been corrupted by the promotion of cost-benefit moral thinking to a point where nobody can be trusted to do their job if they think it might be ‘better overall’ to act corruptly.

    I keep thinking of innocent Joe DiGenova assuring us that however frustrating it has been in the past, the appointment of Bob Barr will turn everything around. Nonsense. Barr is a fat man, and as James Watson reminds us, you never want to give a fat man a critical job. So far he is acting like a fat man. Firing a couple minor players is window dressing at best.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @cassandra
  44. annamaria says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If he wasn’t smuggled by the grateful Mossad, in cooperation with a sizeable crowd of the wealthy & powerful implicated in the affair.

    • Agree: Bubba
  45. annamaria says:

    Agree. The deciders just don’t care.

  46. annamaria says:

    ” The brazen, shameless, unprecedented, turning-point, in-your-faceness of it.”
    — Agree. The show of shamelessness and disrespect is stunning.

  47. Too much circumlocution.The answer is simple.Jeffry Epstein is Jewish. No body will ask any question

  48. Magisterial article. A few observations.

    10. Graymail, a crucial point. Though the threat is not to DoJ per se, it’s to the focal points in DoJ. The obvious illegitimate explanation for delay is ‘national security,’ the DCI’s magic word. The case is set up for instant invocation with Maxwell as a foreign intelligence asset.

    11. Pul-eeeze. Barr, made man who obstructed justice for the CIA gun-running and drug-dealing of Iran/Contra? And the DoJ IG, The same venereable institution that spent the first decade of the 21st Century concocting ridiculous legal pretexts for manifestly illegal acts, namely systematic and widespread torture by CIA? The DoJ IG is infested with dotted-line reports to CIA. The threads you pull here unravel CIA’s pants most directly.

    13. An especially good question. CIA has terminally corrupted the judiciary with bribes, blackmail, and murder (cf. John Wood, Robert Vance, and Gladys Kessler on the Palfrey case.)

    16. Project Mockingbird, duh.

    Midnight Climax, The Finders, Franklin, Spence, Penn State, Nickelodeon … how many times do we have to see it before the nickel drops? Child trafficking for pedophile blackmail/kompromat is a core function of this regime.

  49. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be in Trump’s best interest that Epstein avoid a public trial and expose Trump’s past many connection to Epstein.

    • Replies: @Precious
  50. Che Guava says:

    A good article. I think that people there really need to keep up the pressure, and force Maxwell to the witness stand.

    Will it happen or not? Unlike Jell Stryker, I remain of the opiniom that the intention is quietly to drop it, but still have hope that Jeff is correct.

    The Pell case is a massive joke, jury 10 against conviction vs. two for, followed by a kangaroo (word-play intended) court with a hand-picked jury, unanimous ‘guilty’, then an appeal, lost two to one. Interestingly, the judge who stood up for justice in the appeal tribunal was the only (AFAIK) Jewish one.

    Free Cardinal Pell. His accuser is clearly a fantasist.

    • Replies: @Hire 'em, Abe F!
  51. annamaria says:
    @PJ London

    Great quote. Thank you.

    The business model of American governorship is inimical to any universal rule of law.

  52. lysias says:

    The ostensible suicide was in your face for a reason. JFK could have been killed much less spectacularly, through poisoning, for example. JFK was taking medicines for his serious health problems. The point of the public execution in Dallas was to make it clear to the insiders who would immediately recognize what had happened how ruthless the Deep State was. Same goes for 9/11.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Durruti
  53. @jack daniels

    Barr has a long history as a coverup specialist, when he was GHW Bush’s AG he covered up the drug running and gun running out of Mena Arkansas , where drugs were brought in from central America and guns sent into Central America, this operation ran by the CIA, and when it broke in the news, Barr was the man who made it all go away.

    Barr also covered up the arms for hostages deal with Iran when Reagan was in office, for a look at Barr in operation get the book Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed, can be had on amazon and watch Terry Reeds videos on Youtube.

  54. Dagandy says:

    Completely agree .
    Can a yaley actually account for the JQ tho ?

  55. Durruti says:

    This is why we the governed masses need a parallel government..

    Nice comment.

    Yes to “parallel government.” I prefer to call it DUAL POWER. Achieved with a growing movement of alternate power, until we Americans may Restore Our Republic, that along with our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in a hail of GUNFIRE on November 22, 1963.

    [In Britain, the Opposition Party forms their own Shadow Government, with ministers. And, in theory, is ready to take & exercise power – at a moments’ notice.]

    This is my Theory of why this Epstein Affair is so important.


    Epstein, Ms. Maxwell, and the MOSSAD (& its puppet agency, CIA), have Operated the American Government for the last 3 Decades.

    Something happened at the top levels of this Traitor-Deep State Government, (Epstein got old-68, operational differences, split amongst the major Jewish Financial Oligarchs Rothschilds, etc.). Other problems they had might have been a split in the Oligarchs, where some supported a multi centered world, with Russia as one of the centers, (just google to find who Putin’s closest friends/bosses are), and China, the other (just as Orwell predicted), and the Rothschilds ∧ others support the single power center with the nicely puppeted USA serving as the center, and endless fountain of wealth ($13 Trillion Bailout in 2008 is just one example, endless $$$ to the Entity, including vast money/wealth/power laundering in the Rothschild et. al. direction.

    Most of the above paragraph is provable/documentable, and not to be compared with the Flat Earthers’ theory.

    The COMPLETE Control of our Country by a Zionist Shadow Government, at least since the Coup D’état of 11/22/1963, explains our Country’s subsequent political and economic trajectory, and the Epstein & friends scandal. Agents have often hidden in Brothels. The utter Moral Depravity of the Epstein – Maxwells – Prince Andrew (British Royal Family), Bill Clinton in a blue dress, Entity Prime Minister Ehud Barak, (& let us not forget the Entity former President – Moshe Katsav, who was found guilty of 7 Rapes & numerous other sex crimes), depravity and sexual abuse of many, and blackmail, or at least control, is not new under the sun. This scandal is just Larger, and more Recent than the others.


    The Epstein Horror underlines our need to create a Dual Power reality, and when we may, Restore Our Republic, complete with our Sovereignty, and our Honor.


  56. Amanda says:

    Given Barr’s history with the CIA and coverups for the intelligence agencies, I don’t think he can be trusted at all.

    More on Barr’s role in key coverups is here:

    Barr was also involved in covering for the intelligence agencies in the Lockerbie case, and in blaming and framing Libya with planted evidence:

    Let me make one thing very clear. William Barr is a total disgrace to the US Justice system. He knew full well that Libya had nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy. Some people believe that I wasted too much time on the Lockerbie scandal. They are wrong. And this is a case in point. There is no doubt in my mind that PT/35(b) is a forgery that was planted among the debris of Pan Am 103 to implicate Libya and to steer the investigation away from the original suspects.And William Barr knew that when he read the indictment against two Libyan citizens on November 14 1991

    • Replies: @Taras77
  57. DanFromCT says:

    Good point. Quantifying probabilities in legal proceedings has been tried and mostly abandoned last I heard, but that doesn’t change the fact that we base our conclusions on intuitive generalizations of probability. For laughs I suggested multiplying reasonable probabilities of the elements of the official narrative, yielding a probability of the official narrative being true of 6.25E-10. This translates into any plausible explanation being more likely than the official fairytale written for those whose thoughts are authored by CNN or Fox News. But, who knows? Maybe he was actually murdered in his cell and he’s not kicking back on the beach somewhere.

  58. Emslander says:

    It’s the system. Jews are certainly entrenched in the system, as are Italian Catholics, Irishmen and Wasps. If the Jews are overrepresented it’s only because they make more effort to be a part of it and are pretty good at it. I’m convinced that most of the anti-Jew stuff at Unz is disguised admiration and envy.

    Personally, like one of the other posters, I’ve seen the inside of the system and it makes me sick to think about it.

    • Replies: @Hire 'em, Abe F!
  59. @lysias

    The point of the public execution in Dallas was to make it clear to the insiders who would immediately recognize what had happened how ruthless the Deep State was. Same goes for 9/11.

    That was part of it. It turns out that a rogues gallery of assassins and intelligence officers and contractors were on the scene in Dallas on the fateful day.

    This was a reward for their service, a celebration of their craft, an “event”–partee!

    The interesting part of the article was it raised the possibility (imho likelihood) that Trump (and Barr) could use the Epstein suicide/rescue coverup as leverage to assure Trump’s support by the elites and his re-election.

    The latest Time article on-line ( is very interesting. If you look at the pictures all of the candidates have “negative” photos shown–except for one.

    The elites have apparently chosen Elizabeth Warren to run against Trump–not what I would have expected but apparently they have their reasons.

    I think her job is to lose by failing to motivate black voters–and of course her well documented faking of affirmative action credentials will be dynamite Trump will use to bury her.

  60. @Brabantian


    Where did that drone video come from? Who made it? How did you get a copy of it?

    At the 2:17 mark, the black guy looks up and waves at the drone and then looks down quickly, although he then glances up at it twice more over the next several seconds. Almost as if he can’t help himself. Almost as if he (as a federal informant?) knew it was coming . . .

    Around 2;23, the Epstein figure suddenly crosses his arms (classic “rejection” body posture, as if the listener no longer accepts what the other speaker is saying) just as the black guy lowers his head and looks at the ground. The Epstein figure points, gestures and lectures the black guy, who can’t look “Epstein” in the eye.

    At 2:38, “Epstein” slowly looks up at the drone, almost as if in dawning recognition. He immediately, but casually, eases himself back into his roofed vehicle, out of the drone’s sight line.

    No absolutely positive facial identification of the “Epstein” figure is possible after that.


    How many whitish-haired guys with Epstein’s build and general facial characteristics are currently present on Epstein’s largely deserted island, and why the hell did someone fly a high-resolution photo reconnaisance drone over that island at that moment on Friday, not 72 hours ago?

    Beyond any doubt, whoever went to the time and trouble to take the drone video was looking for evidence that Epstein’s “death” in the Manhattan jail was anything but, and that Jeffrey Epstein may still be very much alive.

    Proof beyond any doubt?

    Oh, you bet.

    • Agree: Amanda
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  61. Rags says:

    Yes. Skipper-Scott, a largish black woman, was in charge at this jail. She was temporarily reassigned. She should have been front and center in the inquiry. How about suspended without pay and confined to house arrest pending investigation. Barr is suspicious and the links to his dirt have been provided in other comments. This chap is pretentious.

  62. @Intelligent Dasein

    just the thought of them hanging around in their terrycloth jogging suits, sneering at the world with their irrefrangible arrogance, is enough to make me shudder. I want nothing of their nightmare world; and when they die, I couldn’t care less.

    In other words, Mr. Smart Being-in-himself envies the idle rich.

    Dasein, you ought to know that St. Paul preached that envy is sin.

  63. Epstein got preferential treatment from the law because he was actually running a honey trap. [Honey trapping is an investigative practice involving the use of romantic or sexual relationships for interpersonal, political (including state espionage), or monetary purpose.] He was an agent of the Mossad, the CIA, or both. Most likely he is now alive an living a good life in some remote place, after massive plastic surgery. His money intact in Zurich.

    • Replies: @Hire 'em, Abe F!
    , @Major1
  64. …he whole sordid story has a theme: money corrupts. A society that measures itself by the money standard is necessarily a corrupt society.

    Indeed, who are you talking to. More then half of passing the message is the listener. Test this byte on the ones of your kin, the near colleges, your family. They not being interested, being a prime indication of crude cognitive capacity and base emotionalism dominating.

    A pimp for God´s sake. Holds the key to understanding the world? A president of the United States holding real power? Sex the prime motivator for psychopaths? Greed, realized power for power´s sake is the real driver. The whole of the elites guilty, …or in jail(silenced), dead, ignored. Assange, still alive has exhausted the third optional outcome. The ultimate outsider insider. Rectal extraction at it´s best, was his.

    Power does not, but can when the goal is set, drive progress, quality of life, sustainability, the long term. It is not today, from fat Pompeo to the middle class Turks, slime balls, with no intentions beyond primate sex, food, and real estate. Circus animals, held on a leash, the invisible hand of the master. Bark, bark, bark.

    Statistically, be Epstein and get away with it, or soak in your bath of depravity consumerism. It was never different, but the tools of trade are now more sophisticated. Downward mobility.

    • Agree: Parfois1
  65. Major1 says:

    Bill Barr is going to get to the bottom of this?
    Lol. Barr is a fixer. He’s the Wolf from Pulp Fiction. He’s the one you call to definitively manage a crime scene. When everything is a mess, evidence splattered everywhere, no one can get their story straight, and even the proletariat are beginning to smell a rat, Barr is your guy. Stolid, bland, crisply spoken, professorial glasses, and striking the perfect balance between polished and amiably rumpled. An assassin who murders not people but justice.
    Wait and see. Barr will do what he does best. He will diffuse this “investigation” in torrents of obfuscation and bury it under mountains of legalese. There will be those inevitable delays, motions, appeals, etc etc. Time will pass. You’ll have a birthday, or two. You’ll forget about Jeffrey Epstein.
    A couple of years from now someone will mention Epstein’s name. You’ll be briefly puzzled, and you’ll say “Oh…yeah..what ever became of all that?” But no one else will know or really care and you will all go back to talking about your lawns and college football and what your kids are up to these days.
    Barr will have been absorbed back into the shadows, like a Moray eel, awaiting his next assignment.
    Don’t believe me? Ask Lon Horiuchi.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  66. @utu


    Fraternal privilege. A ‘higher loyalty’ to a cult (York, Scottish, Contiential, etc).

  67. @Che Guava

    Pell handled the Immobliare portfolio, oops, I mean the Vatican Bank.

    Priests and especially bishops are asexual autistic men, and the fact (((people))) use twinks as kompromat (he may well be making it up, gays can’t ever be trusted you know) is shameful. They will pay the price, like the FRAM filter guy always says now, or a bigger one later.

  68. @Emslander

    And if you outplay them because you’re one of them and you think the need to be taken down a few pegs, they literally think you’re an alien from outer space. Or that guy from Idiocracy.

  69. Major1 says:
    @Pancho Perico

    Agree that Epstein was operating history’s most successful honey trap on behalf of the Mossad.
    Very much disagree that he is still alive. I imagine that he was marked for death from the instant he agreed to become involved. He was, in some sense, a useful idiot, and when his usefulness had expired then he was nothing but a living, breathing liability in possession of the most powerful information in the world. Now he no longer lives or breathes. And the FBI, which has been revealed to be nothing more than the security apparatus for the American Deep State, is in possession of the evidence. Problem solved.
    Dershowitz, Bill, Hillary, Prince Andrew and dozens of others must be immensely relieved as they finish up their summer sipping Chardonnay and nibbling on scallops in the Hamptons.

  70. We’re told “suicide” and we’re shown a trail of “breadcrumbs” apparently intended to suggest murder. So here’s another question that nobody (except me) is asking: Why isn’t Epstein’s “family” or his attorney or whomever demanding a second (independent) autopsy, just like what would actually happen in such circumstances in real life?

    And the most likely answer is: Apparently because Epstein’s not dead but most likely living in a luxury condo in an exclusive gated community for washed-up scoundrels right next to Hymie Brown (the infamous 9/11 poseur) somewhere in the Negev desert.

    • Replies: @utu
  71. One good thing that has resulted from the Epstein saga is that “we are all conspiracy theorists
    now.” It’s time to revisit the false flag/staged deception/psyop of 9/11 and finally bring to justice those responsible for pre-planting the explosives that brought down the Twin Towers and building 7 on September 11 ,2001 who , unlike the fictional hijackers , are still alive . See “September clues ” for more information on CGI’s , crisis actors , vicsims and the role of the media in hoodwinking the
    public , I fell for their lies until I learned of the demolition of building number 7.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Amanda
  72. BB753 says:

    Isn’t Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of the same crimes as Epstein? Why is she still free? Did she order the hit on Epstein?

  73. Mr. Wales says:

    Is it possible that many of his “victims” were as selfish as Mr. Epstein himself, looking out for themselves, content with the easy money he was providing them?

    It’s certainly plausible.

    This does not diminish or excuse Epstein’s behavior. He is a pathetic person. But to act like these girls were all innocent victims is just a bit too much.

  74. utu says:
    @Harold Smith

    “Why isn’t Epstein’s “family” or his attorney or whomever demanding a second (independent) autopsy”

    Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers highly ‘skeptical’ of suicide ruling, say he wasn’t ‘despairing, despondent’ before death
    A defense lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein on Tuesday expressed deep skepticism that the wealthy financier died by hanging himself in a Manhattan federal jail while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges, as a medical examiner has ruled.

    The injuries suffered by Epstein are “far more consistent with assault” than suicide, the lawyer, Reid Weingarten, told Judge Richard Berman in U.S. District Court in Manhattan during a hearing.

    Weingarten cited the defense’s own medical sources. Broken bones were found in Epstein’s neck during an autopsy after he died Aug. 10.

    Such fractures are somewhat more common in cases of strangulation than in hanging.

    Weingarten told the judge that when he and other defense attorneys spoke to Epstein shortly before his death “we did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.”

    Weingarten’s comments came during a proceeding where prosecutors were seeking the dismissal of child sex trafficking charges against the Epstein as a result of his death.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  75. I hate how these publications remove the damning pieces, as if part of a 1984 style Ministry of “Truth” revising their past.

  76. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    “President Trump didn’t have anything personally to fear from Epstein.”

    How can anybody be sure of that? I voted for Trump, I’m MAGA. But this story stinks so bad, how can anybody be ruled out now?

    If I were Trump, and innocent, then upon the jailing of Epstein I would have reasoned as follows:

    “I’m innocent, but tangentially connected to this guy. I have to do everything I possibly can to keep this guy alive, so I don’t get railroaded if he gets offed. As Chief Executive, I am ultimately responsible for the safety of prisoners like Epstein. I must gather together all my security people, and all my BOP people, and ORDER them to protect the living hell out of this guy, because he is an OBVIOUS target for assassination.”

    But Trump did not do that!!! So how can he be ruled out of the conspiracy at this point?

    The only thing I know for SURE about the Epstein assassination is that I did not do it. Everybody else is suspect.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  77. Durruti says:

    The ostensible suicide was in your face for a reason. JFK could have been killed much less spectacularly, through poisoning, for example. JFK was taking medicines for his serious health problems. The point of the public execution in Dallas was to make it clear to the insiders who would immediately recognize what had happened how ruthless the Deep State was. Same goes for 9/11.

    Most of the American Knesset in DC live in fear. They may be bribed, but they are controlled, mainly through fear, as they all understand your above point. The attack on Senator Rand Paul was a most recent warning to all.

    It is telling that no-one in the Mainstream Media – or in the so-called ‘Alternate Media’ has paid any attention to the real significance of the attack on the Senator, the Senator who is the SON of America’s Finest Statesman, Ron Paul.

    Senator Rand Paul survived an ASSASSINATION attempt. His attacker-apparently (a triggered/controlled neighbor), attempted to murder him; He left Paul for dead. He walked away when he thought his job was done.

    Six broken ribs and a perforated lung – and Rand Paul is still recovering. Doctors are attempting to save most of Paul’s lung.

    Fear and Corruption infect Washington DCs political Minions. Only We-The-People may free our Capital (no one else will do it for us).


  78. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    To repeat something I said a couple weeks ago:

    Epstein, a Jew, would have lived longer in a Third Reich concentration camp, than he did in the favorite prison of the United States Marshals, located in one of the most Jewish cities in the world.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  79. @utu

    Well of course his “lawyers” are “skeptical”; that’s all part of the script. But that’s where the show ends, with loud, public skepticism (hopefully enough skepticism that even the most credulous true believers will stumble onto the trail of breadcrumbs).

    Whereas in the real world, the decedent’s body would’ve already been subject to a second examination by an independent pathologist. (Which of course can’t happen in the instant case since there is no body to examine).

    • Replies: @utu
  80. utu says:
    @Harold Smith

    “Whereas in the real world” – What we see is the real world.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  81. J1234 says:

    The biggest questions I’ve had since Epstein’s death have revolved around the video surveillance. Given the amount of distrust that the public has toward the government when it comes to the Epstein case (both pre- and post-mortem) it seems that a substantial effort should be made by the government to be as transparent possible regarding his death.

    When some elderly person is attacked in public by a stranger or group of strangers, it seems like there is private video surveillance that captures the attack half the time. And within hours it’s on TV. These are privately owned surveillance cameras randomly placed (in a community context) and presumably not of the same quality as those installed in a federal facility. When a black guy is shot by the cops, the media focuses on a crowd’s demand to see the body cam footage. Yet specific questions about video cameras at MCC seemed to be fairly far down on the list of questions asked by the media. In the initial MSM stories about his death, the context was something like “it is reported there is no video footage.” That’s when video surveillance was even mentioned in those stories, and it often wasn’t.

    Specifics about surveillance video in the Epstein case has kind of gradually filtered out, like the fact that there aren’t videos in individual cells. That was troubling at first, but then I realized that there could be legitimate reasons for that situation, as there might be video restrictions due to privacy issues. At that point, I was more or less drifting towards the suicide theory, though I thought that it could’ve definitely been an intentionally encouraged or facilitated suicide.

    Then – more than two weeks after his death – there are more concise reports that the video camera right outside his cell either wasn’t working or produced “unusable” video. Sounds highly suspicious, but there could be an explanation. So why don’t we get one? An obvious question for the MSM to ask would be, “Was there enough redundancy in the video surveillance coverage that other functional cameras could pretty much capture on film the area that the broken camera was designated to cover?”

    A follow up question would be, “If there wasn’t complete redundancy in the surveillance coverage, was the area not covered due to the malfunction enough to allow someone to enter Epstein’s cell?” Maybe someone from the MSM has asked these questions, but I’m not aware of it. Because of all of these things together, I’m starting to drift back towards the Epstein-was-murdered theory.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  82. @Durruti

    It reminds me of the beating that Senator Harry Reid suffered at the hands of his exercise equipment .

    • Replies: @Durruti
  83. SafeNow says:

    For many, “high school is never over.” This is my answer to the “why did they do it” question. Lolita Island was a compulsion-driven second chance at the high-school cafeteria. The dating scene. The car’s back seat. I am not a psychologist, but I think that was the lure — in fact, a compulsion. Time travel! Otherwise, the actual characteristics of the girls were not appealing enough, not even to them, to be worth the extreme risk and inconvenience. A poignant, oft-cited story: A fellow says that no, he did not marry his high-school sweetheart. He then wistfully adds: “I never spoke with my high-school sweetheart.”

  84. @9/11 Inside job

    Check the site, 7 WTC buildings were destroyed!

  85. Thank you for continuing to keep this cover-up in the public mind.

    If the Jewish Mafia has the power to kill Epstein in jail, then they also have the power to wisk him away to safety. As to his fate, I expect he is living the life of a protected mobster along with Stephen Paddock of Las Vegas fame.

    When you have the time and inclination, you may wish to examine that whole Las Vegas fiasco.

    Remember, Paddock’s body was cremated without authorization. There was no explanation of why the IRS never nailed him for not filing tax returns. There was no forensic shooting analysis to confirm the recorded shots matched that of a “bumpstock”.

    Stephen Paddock was an illegal gun runner working for the ATF in conjunction with other mafia-military-secret police organizations. He did not fit the usual profile of a lone crazed gun nut. He visited wealthy casinos, had lots of cash and guns, way more than a gut nut needs.

    His girlfriend-partner-handler made the hotel reservation and then left the country. Paddock sent money to her. No crazy gunman does this. He was laundering money through the slot machines. And the official narrative that he was visiting other wealthy casino-hotels to plan his shooting was ridiculous. He was selling military weapons.

    If this seems beyond the pale, then you could ask Eliot Abrahams and Oliver North about this.

    The shooting was Monday, October 1, 2017. By Thursday, the official narrative was falling apart so badly that the Harvey Weinstein news bomb was dropped to kick Las Vegas off the news. It worked beautifully and by Sunday, October 7, Las Vegas was erased from the news. Now who has the power to do this – to change the headline news for every news organization in America, on the turn of a dime. Check out the New York Times headlines about this story from Oct 1 to Oct 7 2017 to confirm this.

    The bumpstock was the lie which hides the truth. If they were automatic military weapons then no crazed gun nut could have purchased them. If they were automatic military weapons, and he had lots of cash, which he did, then it was obviously a gun running operation.

    The real issue here is not the crime, it is the obvious conclusion that the military, secret police, Federal Government,and the Jewish Mafia are again working together to commit crimes and officially cover it up. This pestilance has taken over our republic.

    Sorry to be a little off topic, but these crimes and coverups are related.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @utu
    , @Chris Mallory
  86. @gutta percha

    You speak as if Epstein’s death is a well-documented, generally accepted, incontrovertible fact. It’s not.

    • Replies: @gutta percha
  87. Amanda says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    Yes, I agree, probably the only good thing to come out of the whole Epstein event is that many more Americans are now “conspiracy theorists” and no longer believe the official narrative from the MSM and US govt. I can only hope that those people who are new to being “conspiracy theorists” start looking into 9/11. Once you study 9/11 or any of the other psyops in detail, you never look at things the same again. I no longer trust anything from the MSM or the US govt. And it’s good to see “September Clues” get a mention–I looked into that years ago when I first started examining the whole idea of media fakery. They have a forum “clues forum” that used to be really active when they first starting doing the psyops with fakery (hoaxes instead of false flags). They were a great resource back in the days of the Sandy Hook hoax and the Boston Marathon bombing hoax. I recently went back to the forum and it unfortunately seems like the activity has died down. There weren’t any posts on some of the newer events (maybe everybody got psyop fatigue, since these staged deceptions seems to be occurring with increasing frequency).

  88. @Corvinus

    with complicity from a famous Harvard lawyer

    The famous Harvard lawyer has recently been successful in obtaining emails from the Giuffre-Maxwell civil suit, in which her lawyers are wanting to drag the famous Harvard lawyer into the shite, but Giuffre says she doesn’t know who he is.

    What is on deposition record from Giuffre and her co-accusers, is that Trump didn’t touch any of them. Further, her lawyer stated that Trump was the only one to step up to help in the lawsuit.

    Seems to me that there is nothing to cover up.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  89. utu says:
    @flashlight joe

    “…these crimes [Paddock & Weinstein] and coverups are related.” – It is possible. But we still do not know what what was the objective of Paddock’s operation and why did it fail? What LV shooting was supposed to accomplish?

    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  90. @utu

    “What we see is the real world.”

    Some of us see a make-believe world and think it’s real.

  91. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:
    @Harold Smith

    I take your point. The story is so bizarre, anything seems plausible. I did see the before-dead/after-dead photo comparison, and the discrepancies shown.

    As I said above, I DO know FOR SURE that I had nothing to do with it. You can bank on it.

  92. There are a couple of problems with the author’s hypothesis.
    1) His certainty of conviction with a single witness is wrong. In charging the jury, a judge must instruct the jury that where the only witness is the victim, the jury must not rely on it alone. Given Giuffre has, as Dersho-shitz has pointed out, made a number of statements that have been proven false, she would have little or no credibility.

    2) In respect of the sealing/unsealing of documents, the Appellate Court’s decision is not a legal, but political one. The matter was a civil case. The government was not a party to the proceedings. It is common to seal records in civil matters where a settlement is reached. The sealing is normally done as a condition of settlement, and agreed upon by both parties. Quite frankly, I find it an appalling breach of privacy where a 3rd party to a civil legal proceeding can request an unsealing of documents.

    3) What he seems to be missing is that much of the “victims’ allegations” are contradictory. Several of the “recruited” girls came from wealthy families. One went to a pricey private school with Kate Middleton. Are we to believe that the parents of these children were OK with them disappearing for days/weeks at a time with Epstein, and often traveling out of the country?

    4) Are we to believe that Andrew is really allowed to go AWOL without security forces who wouldn’t know his comings or goings, and that the Queen, who has been under a constant media microscope for decades, would be uninterested in his comings and goings?

    There is a real stench surrounding this Epstein affair. What it actually is, and whether it will be made public is entirely different.

    • Replies: @anon
  93. I’m mainly surprised the the NY Times hasn’t blamed his death on Islamic terrorists yet.

  94. @Desert Fox

    While many try to understand the story by connecting the dots (a child’s game), the best way to comprehend things is to understand the game and know the players.

    You got it.

  95. Durruti says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    It reminds me of the beating that Senator Harry Reid suffered at the hands of his exercise equipment .

    Are you serious? Can you expand on your statement?

    I googled, & apparently Senator Reid suffered an injury while working out on his exercise equipment. Are you implying that the MOSSAD bribed his exercise equipment – to attack Reid?


    Are you suggesting/implying that Senator Rand Paul was not attacked, and that the reports of his injuries are false? Then just say it loudly & clearly, and cite your sources.

  96. These are all very good questions although early on the author makes the assumption the Epstein is in fact dead. Look at the picture of Epstein on the gurney. It’s not his nose and it’s especially not his ear. Ears are as good as fingerprints when it comes to identification.

    Having done his filthy work for Mossad, Epstein is probably laying low in Tel Aviv while he gets plastic surgery. The notion that he was actually killed is suspect to say the least. Would you become a Mossad asset if you knew it may lead to your assassination when you become a liability? I don’t believe he was murdered or committed suicide. As one of the tribe, he was taken care of.

    • Replies: @Jas
  97. @DanFromCT

    Yes, if you have a combination of too many improbable “coincidences”, then it is no coincidence but a plot. Same as with 9/11.

  98. @skeptic23

    True, and all the links are to sources which lack credibility, at least to me. Does this author read anything other than NYT, The Daily Beast, Huffpo, etc.?

  99. @Durruti

    “Only We-The-People may free our Capital (no one else will do it for us).”

    You are correct, sad to say.

  100. Precious says:

    It would be in Trump’s best interest that Epstein avoid a public trial and expose Trump’s past many connection to Epstein.

    Wrong. One of the reasons Trump became President is because he wanted to take down Epstein, and the only way he could get past Epstein’s protection was to be chief executive.

    All of those connections of Trump to Epstein, other child pornographers and child traffickers are attempts by those individuals to try and gain blackmail on Trump by cozying up to him and then offer the forbidden fruit. In each case, Trump banned them from his properties and ceased associating with them. At some point, he got fed up and decided to run for President.

    Which is why there were 250+ prosecutions of child trafficking charges in 2017, 200+ prosecutions of child trafficking charges in 2018, and 150+ prosecutions of child trafficking charges in 2019.

    • Replies: @utu
  101. Obviously there are women who enjoyed getting paid to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein – why haven’t we heard their side of the story? Trump was smart enough to procure hush money for Stormy, but as a prostitute with a very shrewd business acumen she demanded a bit more than a lame payoff.

  102. Muggles says:

    The headline to this article is misleading. It should read “The Questions about Epstein Everyone is Asking.”

    Nothing new with any of these. The vast majority are leading questions wherein the premises to them are all “facts not yet introduced as evidence.”

    These are just a rehash of all of the idle speculation. Absence of facts should be a big Tell here.

    Would anyone care about this guy if all of the females involved were proven to be > 17 years old?

    The term “corrupted young women” is used also. How quaintly Victorian. In NYC, for instance, I suspect thousands of “young women” under the age of legal consent are giving birth to children each and every year. Very few married to young men under the age of consent. So who is “corrupting” these young gals? Not Epstein. Who among these fathers is being hunted down by the #MeToo Brigades to be jailed while being investigated by the DA and cops? Exactly how many? Does anyone else here smell selective prosecution?

    Now Epstein seems to have been a creepy, very odd character. Too much seems off about his career and money accumulation. Too many friends in high places and conspicuous lavish consumption. Granted all that. But absent the sex angle (unproveable, really) who would care? A year from today, will anyone care any longer?

    • Replies: @Greg the American
  103. utu says:

    Prosecution of Child-Sex Traffickers Plummeted Under Trump

    “If the present pace of such prosecutions continues, the fiscal 2019 total will be 162, compared to 221 last year…”

    “The Obama administration dramatically ramped up such prosecutions, climbing threefold from 85 cases in 2009, the year the 44th president took office, to more than 260 during his final year in the White House.”

    • Replies: @Precious
  104. @utu

    You are right. We do not know why the shooting began. But my money is 50/50 on either a military gun sale or a sting operation, that “went awry”. We don’t know the facts and the Mafia won’t tell us.

    I have been following and studying propaganda since 1980, when I started working for the war machine. Now I can smell propaganda, not just by what the news says, but also by what it doesn’t say. Also, look out for lame attempts to explain things away. That’s a real clue.

    For example, Stephen Paddock was a lone crazed gun nut, but he didn’t fit the profile. He had an expensive room in a gambling casino and was laundering $100 bills through slot machines, but he was supposedly a lone crazed gun nut with a grudge against somebody. He was visiting other hotel casinos to plan his killing spree. What a joke.

    Of course, the “bump stock” was a big lie and that is a big clue.

    You have to know the players and understand the game. If you don’t know what game I am talking about, then that’s your problem. You can’t figure things out by learning facts and connecting the dots, which all the conservative and jewish talk show hosts recommend. That’s a childs game. You don’t know the facts and neither do I.

    Understand the game. Know the players. Gangsters and mobsters operate and hang out in gambling casinos where there is plenty of cash and opportunity for money laundering and other criminal activities. Sheldon Adelson lives in a Vegas Casino. Benjamin Seigleman, AKA Bugsy Seigel, started Las Vegas. What part of Jewish Mafia don’t you understand.

    Interestingly, Donald Trump is in the casino business too.

    Here is an example that shows the value of understanding the game and knowing the players:

    For example, you are watching a football game with a friend who does not understand football. It is third down and 8 yards to go for the first down. The center hikes the ball, the ends and halfbacks go downfield for the pass, the quarterback falls into the pocket and looks for a receiver, the fullback stays with the quarterback to block. Suddenly the quarterback hands the ball to the fullback who runs through a hole in the scrimmage line and he barrels through for 15 yards. First down!

    Now your friend, who does not understand the game, says: Wow! Wasn’t that a great play! They needed long yardage so they went for the pass play. But nobody was open, so, on the spur of the moment the quarterback handed the ball to the fullback, and as he ran forward luckily a hole opened up in the line and he was able to get 15 yards. Wasn’t that a great job of thinking on your feet. Their play had failed but they did some quick thinking and changed their plans.

    Your response: It’s the draw play. The whole thing was a planned deception.

    Understand the game. Know the players. Only then can you understand what is happening.

  105. @Durruti

    Sorry for my poor attempt at sarcasm , I believe that Senator Reid suffered significant injuries but not as a result from a fall from his exercise equipment . Mathew Yglesias writing in Vox in March of 2015 speculates about a rumor that Reid was beaten up as a result of a Mafia deal gone wrong .
    I also believe that Senator Rand Paul suffered significant , life-threatening injuries . Was Paul’s neighbor a patsy like Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan ?

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Chris Mallory
  106. Skeptikal says:
    @Paul Jolliffe

    Obviously there is “life” on LSJ Island.
    Someone is giving orders for various types of machines to be operating for some purpose.

    Question: How did the drone “know” that the “Epstein” figure would be sitting in that spot chatting to the black guy just at that moment. It looks like a narrow passage between two houses. Did the black guy maybe have something that could lure the drone to the right spot?

    After “Epstein” withdraws, the drone also goes off in another direction—almost as though the person directing it now has what he/she wants and turns its attention to other areas.

    But it does seem a bit odd that if Epstein were alive and “going to ground,” that he would return “home” to LSJ Island. At least he might get a dark wig!

  107. Durruti says:
    @Robert Dolan

    He was murdered.

    Maybe. But there is a Greater Injury than the murder, or Witness-Protection of Epstein. The Injury is to We American Citizens.

    Our Legal system has been “murdered.” Our Country, and our Citizens (and our Police) have been disrespected and dishonored. We have been deprived of our RIGHT to see an accused Pedafile, Trafficker, Money Launderer, and procurer of our elected Politicians, brought to Justice-before an American Court of Law.


    1. Have the charges against Epstein Publicly presented (just what do our Police insist he did?).

    2. Have him grilled as to who he knows, who he served, and who are his associates.

    3. After a proper open trial, have Epstein either convicted, or found innocent.

    4. If guilty, have him properly sentenced (and properly imprisoned).

    Our Country and our people, including our children, have been hurt by this Travesty of “Crime and Punishment.” Dostoevsky aside, the Crime committed has been against us. And we have been Punished. We continue to be punished, as the entire world sees us for what we are, passive recipients of whatever farcical Theatre of the Absurd our Ruling Foreign Zionist Financial Oligarchs and their Local Traitor Minions continue to inflict on us.

    We Americans are the Agrieved!

    Freedom is not Free. We must Pay for it!


    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  108. If you read the first two articles I have archived – – the authors make it pretty clear.
    We’ll never know who is behind this!

  109. @Sick of Orcs

    Who could Epstein entrust with his ‘vault of vultures’ blackmail pictures?

    Fellow creep Alan Dershowitz?

    Epstain Epstein worked his way up from the bottom of the totem pole. The top never fully accepts what comes floating to the surface.

    He obviously knew many people [hence all the leniency and soft ‘punishment’], but how many true friends did he have left in the end [when push came to shove]?

    It looks like this is another ‘in your face’ moment, and all we can do is guess and speculate.

    Again [and very conveniently], no CCTV camera footage [despite the facility claims it has 9 cameras in that section alone].

    This is what it feels like when you get shafted by TPTB [again and again and again].

    DC needs to be burned to the ground, a reset and a fresh start, with only good people in charge.

    Oh, yes. I know that ain’t gonna happen, but it remains the only valid option.

    It needs honorable wo/men, who’re free of lobbyists, corporate sponsors and wealthy donors.

    Until then: BOHICA

    • Replies: @Alden
  110. Durruti says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    9/11 Inside job

    Was Paul’s neighbor a patsy like Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan ?

    You could be correct.


    Most likely a Triggered Assassin. Oswald & Sirhan did not attack anyone.

  111. @Intelligent Dasein

    This reply is absolutely HYSTERICAL and so well put. I feel EXACTLY the same way!

  112. Amend my previous comment (109):
    The visible evidence so far, along with some situational awareness of the state of the world – using reason and logic – enables us to determine, at minimum as a reasonable ‘guess’ – as to who is behind this Epstein caper.
    That is also the reason we will never know – officially!
    Ask: Who benefits? After reading the previous links.

  113. MikeJa says:

    I agree the will isn’t a big deal. JE was meeting with his lawyers every day to avoid being confined to his cell. If I had to sit down with lawyers 8 hours a day, I’d get around to updating my will too

  114. No doubt there’s a massive media coverup. You can just tell by the headlines, “Epstein died by apparent suicide“. How did they know it was a suicide? All we could possibly know was the cause of death — a broken neck. No one knows for certain the hanging was done by himself or someone else. But no detective work necessary, the media has already decided for us.

    Media knows best.

  115. Anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Anybody think the DOJ should have sent Epstein to a military prison instead, just in this one case?

    Even a jail on a military base?

  116. skeptic23 says:

    Geoffrey Berman, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is the only government official who is clearly trustworthy, because he could have stopped the 2019 Epstein indictment and he didn’t. I don’t think Attorney-General Barr could have blocked it, and I don’t think President Trump could have except by firing Berman. I do trust Attorney-General Barr, however, from what I’ve heard of him and because he instantly and publicly said he would have not just the FBI but the Justice Dept. Inspector-General investigate Epstein’s death, and he quickly fired the federal prison head honcho.

    The above statement re: Berman is exactly wrong. He is a Trump Appointee and transition team member.

    1. There was no real Epstein indictment/investigation, just a piece of paper sufficient to take him into custody and institute a criminal proceeding. Absolutely standard procedure in this case where the conduct took place openly over years would include: a. informants wearing wires; b. securing the crime scenes, including all the properties and the planes; c. simultaneous arrests of 20-50 co-defendants/conspirators ranging from Maxwell and Wexner at the top to most all staff at the properties where the crimes occurred, the pilots, etc. None of this happened. They took computers and records from NY and visited Little St. James for a few hours 30 days after the arrest. see Rusty Shackleford videos. The way they always build a case like this is to get the little guys to talk and then move up the food chain to the big boys (and girls).

    2. The Bureau of Prisons has two main operations: prisons for convicted offenders and “federal jails”. They are completely separate lines of business. The purpose of the “jails” in the federal system, where each District has its own, is to obtain convictions from the detainees. The BOP staff in the jails are members of the prosecution team for all practical purposes. All mail in and out is read and copied. All calls are monitored and recorded. Detainees are placed in units after consultations among the BOP, U.S. Marshals and U.S. Attorneys for the District. Cooperating codefendants may all be placed on the same unit, for example, so that they get their stories straight, while those fighting cases are elsewhere. Snitching is rampant and good information is rewarded by downgrading of charges, lenient sentencing and assignment to sweet spots in the prison system. Berman and his team were involved in formulating and were continuously aware of the most minute details of the conditions of Epstein’s confinement.

    Berman was at the center of whatever it was that happened.

  117. Corvinus says:

    “The famous Harvard lawyer…”
    “Further, her lawyer stated…”

    Wait, I thought we are not to trust Jews. Didn’t you get the memo?

    • Troll: YetAnotherAnon
  118. @Sherlock Holmes

    Yet for some reason you apparently accept at face value the media’s claim that he’s dead in the first place.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  119. @Sherlock Holmes

    Yes, Sherlock Holmes, the Jewish Corporate Media does “know best.” 👺

    They know Amerikan law is totally Zionized, and the victimized dumb goyim simply ain’t ‘gonna know what really happened to Epstein, uh, dead or alive.

    Thanks, Holmes. Individual awareness is critical to avoid falling for the Zio kabuki theater. (Zigh) Am sort of sorry for the (possibly🤔) well meaning author of this article.

  120. Taras77 says:

    Whitney Webb has done a ton of research on these issues: barr, mena airport, iran contra guns and dope, and clinton; he worked for casey, cia director under ray gun, as they say, there are no ex-spies.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  121. Pookalook says:

    Brilliant writing, but Epstein was killed to shove corrupt power in the face of the people. Otherwise, he would have been killed before going to prison. Kinda makes you feel helpless, doesn’t it?

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  122. @Paul.Martin

    I have been getting the impression that people are actually afraid of mentioning Maurene Comey’s name in connection with this case. Now, why would I think that? Is it only that there are many other things to keep speculational intrigues high…?

    In any case, I will venture a guess. Even with Epstein “gone” they have decided to keep the case alive, and prosecute anyone they can — at least that has been a stated intention. It’s however much more likely that the 1 million plus documents (that would have originally taken a year for them to go through, so they claimed, before any trial was possible) will indeed be gone through thoroughly… with all pages incriminating the most important VIP names eliminated, allowing a few select scapegoats for the fire.

  123. Sean says:

    Emperor Caracalla is my favourite Ancient Roman physog,

    In Caracalla’s reign ‘the lowest man is worth more’.

  124. Alden says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Don’t burn DC to the ground. Keep all the buildings but destroy all the people, Clean out S Maryland and N Virginia of the DC people as well.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  125. @Pookalook

    Pookalook overated Rasmusen’s “Brilliant writing,” but semi-credibly, he did say: “but Epstein was killed to shove corrupt power in the face of the people.”

    Uh, “killed,” you said, eh Pookalook? Not so fast.

    In the end, Pookalook shoved, asked, “Kinda makes you feel helpless, doesn’t it?”

    No, Pook. Knowledge, non-filtered by Supremacist Jews, is helpful & in my semi-humble opinion,🙂 I suggest such is actually empowering.

    Nonetheless, thanks.

  126. @Durruti

    Here’s a recent case of someone who strangled his girlfriend and made it look like she hanged herself with three of his ties.

    Well he’s denying it. But at least there’s an autopsy report that she was strangled before the hanging was staged. And what about Epstein?

    Oh, and whites aren’t always the victims of crime out there in the Third World.

    • Replies: @argle
  127. Precious says:

    “If the present pace of such prosecutions continues, the fiscal 2019 total will be 162, compared to 221 last year…”

    That is what happens when you do a great job. You start to run out of child traffickers to prosecute.

    “The Obama administration dramatically ramped up such prosecutions, climbing threefold from 85 cases in 2009, the year the 44th president took office, to more than 260 during his final year in the White House.”

    Trump’s DOJ had more than 250 prosecutions in 2017, more than 200 prosecutions in 2018, and yes, as you pointed out, is on pace for more than 150 prosecutions in 2019. If Trump wanted to protect child traffickers, he would have dropped things off dramatically in 2017.

    • Replies: @Sean
  128. Sean says:

    Qanon said it would be July 4 that the Democrat pedohile network would be destroyed. Epstein was arrested on July 6.

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  129. adm says:

    Good catch and a very real possibility.

  130. It would not surprise me if Epstein was still alive. Narcissists/Sociopaths do Not kill themselves. Either he was murdered or he escaped.

    It is no coincidence that the “celebrity pathologist” Michael Baden, who is also Jewish, was also present at the Epstein autopsy. He is the one that was in charge of the 1977 forensic investigation of JFK. He concluded that one man killed Kennedy: Oswald.

    Obviously, Michael Baden is a liar. Anyone with half a brain knows that JFK was not killed by Oswald:

    In 1977, Congress formed a committee to re-examine the slayings of Kennedy and King, hoping to dispel lingering claims of cover-ups. Dr Baden, by then a respected pathologist, was put in charge of the forensic investigations. In his memoir, he criticised the autopsy done after the Kennedy assassination, noting that it was conducted by military pathologists who had never handled a case that involved a gunshot wound. Still, he concluded that their findings had been correct: Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone, and there was no second gunman.

    full article:

    If someone has already brought this up, sorry. I haven’t had time to read all the comments.

  131. Miro23 says:

    Whitney Webb has done a ton of research on these issues: Barr, Mena airport, Iran-Contra, guns and dope, and Clinton; he worked for Casey, CIA director under Reagan, as they say, there are no ex-spies.

    Thanks for that unbelievably good link.

    Epstein has a “history” that explains a lot. When you run through it, it’s clear that the Epstein story is about much more than young girls and political blackmail. In fact CIA airfields, drug running, Clintons, money laundering, assassinations etc. The conclusion is that Epstein is only the visible tip of the iceberg.

    The article is a 100% necessary article to print out and read carefully. It explains better than anything else I’ve read about how and why the US is in the place it is today.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  132. @gutta percha


    Associating Donald Trump with Epstein is like saying you are in BLACK SABBATH just because you once attended an Ozzy concert.

    Is every shareholder that Epstein ever did business with also involved?

    Also, it appears Maxwell was a hooker herself who handled the action for the non-pedophiles like Clooney who just showed up for a BJ or to see bisexual Maxwell get it on with other women.

    Melania would have been present, so is she a pedophile too?

  133. Come on guys can’t you see how obvious it is that Epstein DID commit suicide? Bill Barr’s work under Bush Sr. was flawless and he definitely covered up absolutely nothing for Bush Sr., so he’s definitely not trying to cover up anything here, especially not for high-profile people in Epstein’s black book. What’s there to cover up anyway? Prison cameras malfunction all the time while security guards are asleep while suicidal prisoners are taken off of suicide watch within a matter of days while they sign their will a few days prior while their dead bodies have different noses and ears from all other photographs of them while they commit suicide by generating enough force in a maximum security prison cell while their cellmate was removed only a few hours prior while the prison guards are refusing to talk about the suicide while the medical examiner is the same guy that did other high profile deaths.

    Can’t you all see the pattern here? The MSM’s official narrative is ALWAYS truthful! Calm your anxiety with all these conspiracies! Don’t worry, soon we’ll see that his body was cremated and witnessed only by John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey, who will tell us that Epstein made his millions not by some Mossad/CIA brownstoning operation, but by learning all the tricks of the financial trade from Ghislaine’s hardworking and highly-esteemed father! Trust you me, the great people at the apex of the immaculate FBI will tell us that his huge estates weren’t used for orgies and entrapment and especially not child sacrifice, but that all those cameras he had were for conducting Ivy-League-caliber studies on what politicians like to do in their free time when the pressure is off! That whole “teenage sex slave novel” that Barr’s father wrote? It had nothing to do with Epstein but everything to do with a healthy masturbatory porn habit which we all should aspire to have under such sublimating creative control! Did he traffic thousands of underage girls? Well of course he did, but I don’t see YOU asking how old YOUR favorite porn stars are, Mr. Saint! Did the elite politicians, scientists, royals, etc, actually have sex with any of the ALLEGED victims under duress when they were under the age of consent? Of course not, those “victims” are all just latecomers to the #MeToo bandwagon desperate for their 15 minutes of fame! Why is no one prosecuting anyone having sex with “underage” girls in the entire library of videos that the FBI found? Because it’s all deepfakes, it’s all been digitally doctored with CGI by Epstein’s haters who are jealous of his easily-explainable meteoric rise to the top of society and all the strong friendships he’s made along the way! What about Acosta “admitting” that Epstein was part of intelligence? Well that’s simple: Acosta is a fucking liar! Why do you think he resigned as Labor Secretary? Because he was too embarrassed about the lie he told! Why did Epstein get a “slap on the wrist” back in 2008? Because the court wanted to make his accuser feel “vindicated” knowing full well she was full of shit but too much of a basket case to handle the truth about her being a liar!


    Elite pedophile rings and devil worshippers have been around for centuries. That means they’ve survived the test of time so much so that they’ve practically perfected their methods to keep getting their way despite any attempts by any justice systems anywhere in the advanced world. By its definition justice is reactive while crime is proactive, therefore they’re always one step ahead of us and always have been, which is why they’re never fully eradicated, like that 1% of bacteria that survives an antibacterial cleaning and grows back. What do you think they’re doing with the size of the distance of that full step ahead? Part of that distance is the time they spend laughing at the justice system in the form of “I can’t believe how stupid the people are that they let us get away with it again. They must not really care about the crimes we commit, so I guess we can keep on going because they’re communicating they don’t really want to punish us if this is the best they can do.” The message we send to them is just that fucking simple. Justice never learns its lesson after all these centuries, like someone stuck in a subconscious rut and thinks it can’t even think how to escape the infinite karmic loop. Hence why some in the Intelligence Community need to be above the law, so that they can proactively fight crime before it’s committed by people who have a record for perpetrating it. Albeit fighting crime in this manner is difficult because the perpetrators use extreme deception to shapeshift their stories and their identities and their residences and their businesses and their work and their occupation and their social circles, etc, as a means of evasion, the IC has to resort to the very same tactics and strategies the perpetrators use, as “the more you stare into the abyss the more it stares back at you” and some within the IC themselves get corrupted and turned over to the dark side. Evil is a being and like all beings made of mass and energy it will always exist and to minimize its effects it needs to be fought with unconventional methods like psychological warfare, economic warfare, etc, outside of the world’s traditional reactive justice systems. At this point in the centuries-old game, the Information Age, it’s good to spread more deep awareness so that this evil is more easily recognizable and thus that much easier to deal with, as dark always retreats from light.

  134. @Sean

    Pedophilia infects both political parties , for example see “Congress’s forgotten pedophile ” which appeared in “The Outline” and discussed the case of former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert . The Deep State likely grooms and seeks out pedophile politicians as they are so easy to blackmail.

  135. sally says:
    @PJ London

    Have you confused America and Americans with USA and USAers?
    Americans became aware of the difference in the 2008 downturn, in the rising wage rates but the falling buying power. Americans got wind of the difference from the Viet Nam War and the shut down and transfer of our oil and gas, and most of our industries, from America to foreign places. We learned to our amazement about it when John Kennedy was murdered, and again at 9/11 ..pommer report We learned about it as the whole of our government became secret, hidden, and as the government became more and more inaccessible to the average citizen and as our local police became more militant. We understood our government was somehow globally distributed, our military strength to be far in excess of our needs, but we did not understand its purpose was not always to defend democracy.
    Could be the control technologies GPPD (gating, propaganda, programming, and people dividing) applied to the domestics, resident in the people container (of the USA nation state), were successful because Americans believed so strongly in the USA leadership, that even when confronted with bits and pieces of information that suggested something to the contrary, we Americans, left managing our government to those trusted Leaders we thought to be beyond reproach.
    350,000,000 Americans have discovered they have been challenged to save their freedom and democracy. The first real nationwide attempt by Americans to change things was the Obama “change” campaign.<= result of that vote was another eye opener. Trump interceded with his "..Great Again" extension of the Obama Change.. In both cases, the nation voted to turn things around.. American citizen often are not
    aware that their votes cast for the President and the VP don’t count (Article II persons are elected by the electoral college, not by a popular vote of American citizens).
    The forces of democracy and morality resident in Americans have risen to the challenge presented by the current persons in charge at the USA in what I see as a “demand made by the masses” to return to open-and-moral -and -just government; <=the things that made America great. That demand has been delivered (at the polls ) in small increments. The real test of power will come when those increments prove insufficient to do the job..

  136. Che Guava says:

    Which buildings were destroyed is a minor point.

    Both Silberstein and Loewy had a massive windfall on insurance (and U.S.A. people should be aware of Loewy’s share, he is from the same tribe).

    Massive profits! This is not a conspiracy theory, but a simple fact. Both made massive money on that day.

    That many Jewish people were warned not to go to work on that day is clear, they are vanishingly few, or almost non-existent, on the list of deaths.

    A point that was reliably reported at the time, and is irrefutable.

    Strange stock-market manipulations the night before and the next day, involving massive profits, an investigation was announced, but never conducted.

    In a way, by concentrating on physical and structural evidence, the 911 truth movement may have some validity, but the real point seems to have been massive money windfalls.

    I am not a U.S.A. person, but I’d just have to say, to some degree 911 truth has served as a screen for the many real finanancial swindles on, just before, and just after that day. Almost all by the usual suspects.

    It seems to me that, the truthers largely miss the point and, in a sense, are set up as a diversion from reality.

    I think some of their analysis of structure and mechanics may be correct, the financial and insurance movements, the warning to WTC Jews (sure, I know that, in their habitual way, they have a memorial to the two or three that missed the warning) are more important.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Harold Smith
  137. Flo says:

    Jean-Luc Brunel is Jewish. He had a nasty reputation for drugging young women and raping them once they became help,ess. His “modeling agency” had offices in Paris, N.Y., and Tel Aviv. He’s in Israel right now, laying low.

  138. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Epstein was with intelligence, so Alexander Acosta — Trump’s Former Secretary of Labor and the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida who negotiated Epstein’s sweetheart 2008 plea agreement — claims to have been told. The result? Epstein was incarcerated under conditions barely distinguishable from total freedom for a minimal amount of time.

    So what happened this time around. Did intelligence just decide to let justice, or possible injustice, if Epstein was indeed murdered, take its course?

    Most unlikely.

    So what would “intelligence” have done?

    Remove Epstein from the scene by a fake murder or suicide and recycled him under another name with a modified face in another country.



    pay the jailers to look the other way;

    give Epstein a non-lethal dose of a paralytic drug, maybe some leftover Novichok from the Skripal caper;

    wheel out the “corpse” for the media to photograph;

    substitute a look-alike corpse on the way to the autopsy;

    and Jeffrey’s free to pursue his interest in Ugandan Affairs with under-aged prostitutes, while snaring people of importance to “intelligence.”

    That, like all of the media, the author of this piece who claims to be an expert in game theory, doesn’t even think of the above scenario tells ya something.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  139. CanSpeccy says: • Website


    Reading further, I see that multiple astute commentators have already discussed the obvious possibility, indeed probability — unspoken though it is by the MSM or Unz’s contributor here, that Epstein was taken care of by “intelligence” in a non-lethal way.

  140. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Seems like a near copy, sheltered and protected, elite political and social life of Hollywood Mafia top guy Harvey Weinstein.

    And I got rejected by the US Marine officer’s corp for admitting that I smoked Marijuana for a year in college and was once arrested… never convicted of anything, but was once arrested by an as* ho*** Southern Cop in Nashville TN who just hated Northern College students.

    What was the arrest charge?

    “Failure to obey an officer”. What was I? A dog?

    “you must obey”.

    And most Conservative voters will go along with this holier than thou (“I’ve never been arrested, never smoked marijuana, never said or thought anything racist, never said or thought an unkind word about the likes of Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Trotsky, AIPAC etc.”)

    F**** this S****?

    Jesus Christ got arrested.
    Jesus Christ said mean, hateful things about Jewish money changers
    Jesus Christ had long hair

    I bet Jesus Christ even served wine and might have had a glass himself.

  141. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Che Guava

    Che writes:

    “That many Jewish people were warned not to go to work on that day is clear, they are vanishingly few, or almost non-existent, on the list of deaths.”

    I respond:

    You forgot to mention that Israeli Intelligence was apparently watching Muhammed Ata and his crew right up to the 9/11/01 attack, mass slaughter.

    Why was this so?

    Well, maybe because Israeli Intelligence has intelligent Jewish Israelis working for them – hence the name “Israeli Intelligence”.

    Intelligent Jewish Israeli people understand that Arab/Muslim extremists are the ones most likely to hi jack airplanes and do these types of mass slaughter as opposed to say:

    Amish farmers
    Swedish blonde models
    Midwestern guys like me

    Intelligent Israelis, Israeli Intelligence also do smart, practical immigration/border walls.

    God forbid we could do the same – that would be, well….

    Intelligent, smart

    Seems like the only intelligent, smart, sane Americans are reduced to writing anonymous comments on Unz Review and Amren. Even Takimag has taken away the comments section.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  142. @Muggles

    Your comment made me think, but just for a second. What is true is the sex crime (for which ordinary people are convicted every day) has opened a public can of worms, and all of the topics discussed in this comment section are just a little more out there for everyone to look at, such as the role of the media, the elite, the corruption, the failure of the justice system.

    So what?

    Well, in a world where liberty and justice for all is a goal (?!), maybe their boldness and ineptitude in this matter will win more than a few more converts who withdraw their consent.

    Even dictatorships hold elections so they can brag how the people support them. America does not have a monolithic power structure, not even close. There is a LOT of money and political power NOT in the grip of the “establishment”, however one may view it.

    This Epstein business is a bad misstep by the enemies of liberty. I think an evolution is underway, people across the political spectrum are getting a clearer picture of needs done. Not prosecutions, not firings, not scape goats or election loses.

    To preserve the peace and the wealth and assure the future, the corporate and government structures supporting these people MUST BE BURNED DOWN in favor of historical American decentralization.

  143. Jas says:

    The head was photoshopped in to distract you. One still is him being wheeled into the hospital, the other is supposedly from a few seconds prior….but it’s actually from the inside of a fire station. The sign on the wall to turn engines off, the air hose on the wall and the hanging orange gurney’s, that is NYFD not ambulatory.

  144. Jas says:

    Nobody is talking about the fake gurney photos. One is him being wheeled through the doors of the hospital, the other one that shows the different ears is from inside a fire station. A training photo. the sign on the wall to turn of engines, the air hose on the wall, the orange gurney’s on the wall are NYFD. Whole thing is fake, he is so totally alive.

  145. @Alden


    You start left, I start right and we meet in the middle.

    Someone’s gotta do it.

  146. Sean says:

    R.Kelley was repeatedly given sweet plea deals, and got away with much more than Epstein.

  147. @Durruti

    Damn, professor. Talk about being blind to humor, you take the prize.

    • Replies: @Durruti
    , @Durruti
  148. Sparkon says:

    Here is the direct link to Whitney Webb’s original article at MintPress News, Part 4 of her lengthy and in-depth look at the people, situations, and organizations swirling around Jeffery Epstein:

    Credit where credit is due, and all.

    In addition, the presentation of Ms. Webb’s article at MintPress News is much better than that at SOTT, although the latter includes a few extra photographs that do not appear in Webb’s article at MintPress News.

  149. Durruti says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Damn, professor. Talk about being blind to humor, you take the prize.

    Yes, I missed it. I wasn’t sure. Yes, sarcasm.

    I apologize to you & 9/11 Inside Job.

    Even I make mistakes – And it was the first time.

  150. Durruti says:
    @Twodees Partain

    I thought-

    Are you implying that the MOSSAD bribed his exercise equipment – to attack Reid?

    by me, was pretty funny.

  151. JackOH says:

    Good going, Ron! I’m glad to see Prof. Rasmusen’s hard-hitting column here, too, for the sake of UR mainstreamability, and because it lends some support to my belief that common criminality, including violent felonies, and civil misconduct are mostly unrecognized tools used by political elites in the enforcement of political orthodoxy, and, possibly in the Epstein case, “equilibrium maintenance” for elites who fear exposure of their sexual behavior.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  152. NYMOM says:

    The only reason this case was reopened again was because the political class in New York thought they could get Trump linked in some way with Epstein…since they now know it was a complete waste of time and money, it will now be dropped. It will be moved to civil court where Epstein’s large fortune will ensure everyone of the woman victims and their attorneys will get a nice settlement…

    It will then move into the Jimmy Hoffa and the Lindberg baby kidnapping route as unsolved mystery of the century…

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Skeptikal
  153. JackOH says:

    Sorry, Prof. Rasmusen! This was meant for Ron’s recent announcement, where I just posted it.

    Welcome to Unz Review, and thanks for your contribution.

  154. Paw says:

    Traditionally since the begin ,plenty of new Hollywood actresses were were “tried” in their early years , by the Moguls , brought by their mother eager for popularity and everything. One Weinstein was not exception…That is why USA was so popular country. In Europe or Russia , something like that , difficult and impossible.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  155. @Che Guava

    “Massive profits! This is not a conspiracy theory, but a simple fact. Both made massive money on that day.”

    Your conspiracy theory is implied. You imply that it’s all about money. According to you, apparently, the “deep state” and the government it controls (which presides over the squandering of trillions of dollars on militarism and imperial adventurism) for some reason decided to risk it all for a few billion dollars in pocket change? Seriously?

    “In a way, by concentrating on physical and structural evidence, the 911 truth movement may have some validity, but the real point seems to have been massive money windfalls.”

    LOL! Pure nonsense. First, the “9/11 truth movement” concentrates on “physical and structural evidence” because their goal is to force an investigation by proving the official narrative wrong and relying on “physical and structural evidence” is the most logical approach. Second, the motive for 9/11 was obviously not “money” but the overthrow of the last vestiges of the rule of law; the consolidation of power in the executive branch; the rise of a domestic police state and the pursuit of an illegal and immoral imperial agenda under the aegis of the faux “war on terror.”

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Justvisiting
  156. @Paw

    In Europe or Russia , something like that , difficult and impossible.

    I believe the audition couch was popular among directors in the movie business on all sides of the Iron Curtain – a kind of tradition.

  157. @Durruti

    “Even I make mistakes – And it was the first time.”

    I know what you mean, jellybean. I made a mistake once myself. I apologized for being wrong, then learned that I had been right all along. 😉

  158. Che Guava says:

    You are clearly an evil moron.

    Takimag stii has comments sections. One is now not able to view or post in the comments, without paying.

    In a way, I think that is not so good, Taki is sitting on a load of money, but did you ever read a comment thread on Takimag before the change of policy?

    It was wall-to-wall morons on the level of ”Hi gays, I am the first to post, whoopee for me.’

    I find Taki’s own writing of interest at times, but also suspect at times, as when he refers to association with the Geldolf ‘family’, that is not a family now, Paula Yaters is long dead, as is the stupidly named daughter, ‘Peaches’, which, if one is to consider the situation in time of Geldoff, was likely adopted from the good song of the same title by the Stranglers.

    I wonder why he is name-dropping Geldoff so often. It is strange, and seemingly out of character.

  159. Che Guava says:
    @Harold Smith

    You are a fool, and I note that you take you username from one of the tragicomical characters in The Stand, pretty funny, but the joke is on you. Did you enjoy the anal sex with Nadine or similar?

    That massive amounts were made through insurance fraud and stock trading and manipulation is not deniable. That the profiteers were Jewish also not.

    You make no sense, so I will stop here.

    Just to say that you think you are smart but are a moron, my IQ is at least three sigma above yours, moron.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Harold Smith
  160. @Durruti

    I acknowledge that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”, but thanks for the apology anyway .

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  161. cassandra says:
    @jack daniels

    Society has been corrupted by the promotion of cost-benefit moral thinking to a point where nobody can be trusted to do their job if they think it might be ‘better overall’ to act corruptly.

    Agree. I believe the morality of a society has to do with how effectively inidividuals’ internal ethics restrain people from acting “unfairly”. After all, if dogs know the difference between right and wrong, so should people.

    In a highly ethical society, relatively little legal restraint is needed since most just govern themselves. This can be eroded if disagreement as to what is fair prevents consensus fairness. Then laws are negotiated. Even then, there are people who accept the laws as reflecting their ethics, and others who don’t.

    So we then get a society in which some regard anything not illegal as acceptable behavior. The “capitalist ethic” which says, for instance, that the moral obligation of a CEO is the financial

    advantage of stockholders, legitimizes this behavior, which formally condones cheating. The free market principle of the benefit of “rational self-interest” also condones and encourages seeing what you can get away with. The capitalistic ethic without ethical self-restraint is a monstrosity.

    Both DeToqueville and Weber (and undoubtedly others) recognized the role of a an external moral system in moderating rational self-interest, but such moderation has become unfashionable. We now live with a system of public morality where behavior is not just ok as long as it’s barely within the legal limit, but where where it’s actually ok to be investigated, indicted, even prosecuted, as long as you’re not actually convicted. And even then, that may not be so bad.

    In these circumstances, social pressure reacts by implementing more and more legal restraints. (We wouldn’t need environmental regulations, for instance, if companies were ethically restrained from polluting the public commons.) Consequently, freedom must be increasingly restricted.

    This raises unfashionable questions, like whether homogeneous societies can more easily arrive at ethical agreement, require fewer laws, and have more freedom, than diverse ones. After all, laws against raping children in swimming pools were hardly necessary before mass European immigration.

    Anyway, we’re seeing less and less internal behavioral restraint (e.g., reporters and demonstrators), formerly called manners, and more and more entitlement (lack of moral restraint) in interacting with political opponents. We can expect, then, more laws, and less freedom.

    • Agree: Parfois1
  162. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Che Guava

    yes please stop here and also there and everywhere.

  163. I truly believe Epstein was ‘extracted’. More then two countries involved that we know of, and in this he had his insurance policy. Barak? Saudi passport? Slavic countries where he bought kids…like one of his accomplices? France? He bought three young girls for a weekend from France, who parents were poor. He went anywhere he wanted to commit these crimes. He’s on an island somewhere….

    Maxwell comm from In and Out Burger? He’s out.

    • Agree: Iris
  164. Carl456 says:

    Slightly off subject but im a brit & its 22 years since princess diana was killed in 1997.

    I always thought the m16 muder accusation was a distraction.

    I mean they are a 1000 year old monacy with friends of all sorts of shaddy middle east royal families. Not like any one of them could have assisted to remove a problem for a favour?

    • Replies: @Durruti
  165. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Several US citizens have been questioned by the FBI and threatened with arrest for their participation in New Horizon, a public media conference held each year in Iran.
    The interrogations and threats are the result of orders apparently delivered by Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal P. Mandelker, a militantly pro-Israel lawyer with longstanding ties to right-wing political networks.

    The interrogations and threats are the result of orders apparently delivered by Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal P. Mandelker, a militantly pro-Israel lawyer with longstanding ties to right-wing political networks.

    Mandelker was reportedly involved in brokering the infamous Florida deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to avoid federal charges.
    Since Mandelker’s appointment as Under Secretary of Treasury in 2017, she has been described on pro-Israel news sites as a “former Israeli” and “Israeli-born.”
    Asked by The Grayzone if Mandelker currently holds Israeli citizenship, and if so, whether she was given a special exemption that allowed her to obtain a security clearance, the US Department of Treasury did not rep

    Michael Maloof, a former security analyst in the US Department of Defense, was among the New Horizon attendees who has been visited by the FBI.

    Connections run deep

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Iris
  166. cassandra says:

    Trying to kill informers is absolutely routine in the mafia, or indeed, for gangs of any kind. The reason people call such talk “conspiracy theories” when it comes to Epstein is that his friends are WASPs and Jews, not Italians and Mexicans. But WASPs and Jews are human too.

    There’s another oft-ignored cabal, the international intelligence community.

    The attempt to substantiate hints of Russian collusion have exposed political machinations of our secret police, aka FBI. But the (relatively hidden) involvement of Brennan and Clapper suggest the involvement of intelligence agencies. And consider that the operatives trying to get Papadapoulos to incriminate himself, were closely associated with the secret agencies of England, Italy, Cyprus, Israel and Australia. This suggests that this effort involved the international intelligence community. So the anti-Trump operations has features of a Gladio operation. That group of cooperating intelligence agencies has a documented tradition of dirty tricks and false flags perpetrated across Europe and parts of Asia to specifically advance a political agenda (see Daniele Ganzer’s book).

    Now if it’s plausible to consider that the FSB might create a compromising situation to blackmail Trump, is it unreasonable to suppose that politically-motivated Western agents might also set up honey-traps to compromise, ensnare and control important public figures, on a wider scale? After all, once you understood the principle, why would you not? Epstein’s operation certainly fits that bill.

    Although there was an apparently successful initial attempt to protect Epstein, as the chance of his operations being burned increased, action had to be taken. To government security, a clandestine operation to eliminate Epstein would be duck soup, and the cover-up of the questions in this article suggests that the perpetrators had a long enough reach.

  167. @Che Guava

    “You are a fool”

    Yo shit-for-brains, you’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your infantile jew drivel.

    “and I note that you take you username from one of the tragicomical characters in The Stand, pretty funny, but the joke is on you.”

    And I note that judenfilth seems to “think” it can insult me, but the only way judenfilth could possibly insult me would be if I had its approval, but judenfilth is far too stupid to understand that.

    “That massive amounts were made through insurance fraud and stock trading and manipulation is not deniable.

    I didn’t deny it, goofball, I just pointed out that “money” was not the motive.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  168. annamaria says:

    Thank you.
    Reposting your info: “From her influential post at the Treasury Department, Sigal Mandelker has vowed to defend “our great partner, Israel” by sanctioning Iran. Her actions have resulted in FBI interrogations of US citizens who attended a conference in Iran and the likely liquidation of a bank that partnered with the US government,” by Max Blumenthal

    Sigal P. Mandelker is a militantly pro-Israel lawyer …

    Mandelker was reportedly involved in brokering the infamous Florida deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to avoid federal charges.

    Since Mandelker’s appointment as Under Secretary of Treasury in 2017, she has been described on pro-Israel news sites as a “former Israeli” and “Israeli-born.”

    One more time: Sigal Mandelker’ actions have resulted in FBI interrogations of US citizens who attended a conference in Iran.
    What Sigal Mandelker is doing in the US government? — She has been defending the mega-criminal Epstein and abusing US citizens.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
  169. @9/11 Inside job

    Paul’s attacker is a nutcase who had had a dispute with Paul for quite a while. Sometimes an attack by a nutcase is just an attack by a nutcase.

    • Replies: @Ace
  170. @flashlight joe

    had lots of cash and guns, way more than a gut nut needs.

    Speaking as a gun nut, you may have more guns than you need but you never have as many as you want.

  171. Iris says:

    Since Mandelker’s appointment as Under Secretary of Treasury in 2017, she has been described on pro-Israel news sites as a “former Israeli” and “Israeli-born.”

    Talk of the tail wagging the dog: this is just beyond crazy.

    The USA has become nothing but an Israeli colony.

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  172. What’s become of model pimp Jean Luc Brunel wanted in France for questioning regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and like Ehud Barak also has connections to Jeffrey Epstein’s brothers East 66th Street building where Ehud Barak and his merry gang of Israeli goons liked
    to hang out ? And is Brunel Jewish or Israeli ? If not why did he have a business to pimp in Tel
    Aviv ?
    And who is Rachel Chandler alleged to be in photo with Bill Clington’s arm wrapped around possibly when she was a minor ? Even snopes.con cover up artists didn’t deny it was her but only disputed if the photo was from another airplane of Bill’s many Jewish billionaire friends.Is she a Chandler from the Los Angeles Times and port Chandler family or other ? And does she also have connections to Brunel’s and Epstein’s MC2 ‘modeling’ agency and posted photos of MC2 ‘models’ on her own website ?

    Jeffrey Epstein’s model-scouting pal has ‘disappeared without a trace’ › 2019/09/02 › jeffrey-epsteins-model-scouting-pal-has…
    2 days ago – French authorities want to quiz Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, over his ties to Epstein as part of their own probe into the late financier who had a house in …

    Mysterious 66th Street NYC building at center of Jeffrey Epstein web … › the-nyc-building-at-the-center-of-jeffre…
    Aug 5, 2019 – Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a frequent visitor. Gabrielle Bluestone. Aug. … Jeffrey Epstein 301 East 66th Street Epstein has housed … overseas models. MC2’s founder, Jean-Luc Brunel, had an apartment there.
    Ehud Barak crashed at Epstein’s house regularly, neighbors say … › Israel-News › Politics-And-Diplomacy › Ehud-Ba…
    Aug 6, 2019 – The building in question is located at 301 East 66th St. in New York’s … for the modeling agency owned by Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel, .

    Rachel Chandler Still Working W/ Epstein’s Modeling Agency MC2 … › rachel-chandler-still-working-w-e…
    Jul 14, 2019 – Rachel Chandler Still Working W/ Epstein’s Modeling Agency MC2 … her to have sex with Brunel, co-founder of MC2 Model Management, .

  173. @annamaria

    I guess you know Gilad Atzmon is related not only to Menachem Atzmon who was in charge of the company ICTS International that guarded Logan Airport Boston on 9/11 but also to Janet Yellen,ex Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve……. I know it must be a sensitive subject but I’ve always hoped Menachem would someday be discussed in much greater detail by Gilad.

    Bollyn meets Gilad Atzmon | Christopher Bollyn › bollyn-meets-gilad-atzmon
    Bollyn met Gilad Atzmon, the author of The Wandering Who?, in Portland and … related to Menachem Atzmon, as well as Nathan Yellin-Mor, Janet Yellen and Tzipi Livni… Yellen, the current Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

  174. Here is the big league By- Line
    Shimatsu at his finest
    This one part of a series on Epstein by Yoichi, up on Rense…

  175. Joe S. says:

    Well, they failed to keep Oswald alive also. History repeats in interesting ways.

  176. annamaria says:

    “…have we ceded to Netanyahu something no nation should ever cede to another, even an ally: the right to take our country into a war of their choosing but not of ours?”

    –The zionist show in Israel (and US Congress) puts a huge question mark to an idea of Jews having (supposedly) superior intelligence. Only some kind of cognitive deficit among zionists can explain why and how the “most moral and eternal victims” ended up with displaying themselves as thoroughly immoral and shameless scoundrels. Where is the Jewish Community at large to denounce the zionist warmongers and protect the future of Jewish children from the inevitable backlash? Nowhere.

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  177. utu says:

    Hundreds more will be implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, claims Ghislaine Maxwell, as his victims ask judge to open 10,000 pages of secret files detailing the pedophile’s sex crimes

    • Replies: @argle
  178. @PJ London

    Perfect! Doesn’t money always rule?

  179. Parfois1 says:

    Where is the Jewish Community at large to denounce the zionist warmongers and protect the future of Jewish children from the inevitable backlash? Nowhere.

    What do you expect? Is it not part of a long-held tradition – based on religious scriptures, political infiltration and financial power – to exert influence on the host nations for ethnic self-interest?

    Yes, there were backlashes since the Roman times when nations were sovereign entities. Yet, they
    always managed, by dispersion and bought political favouritism in certain havens (e.g. Holland, England, US now), to increase the power of their reach to the point where it can dispense with the fig-leaf of decency and even hiding behind the stage. Their impudence, sense of entitlement and impunity is openly displayed with arrogant defiance; after all their control of th e US government and key institutions (economic, banking, political parties, media, education, etc.) has emboldened them and given them the security to throw whatever mask they might have used in the past for legitimacy and entitlement (e.g. victimhood).

    Yet, I see the historical common thread of this development to be the evolving economic system introduced in the modern age, starting with the European expansion at the end of the XV century. Basically, the Jews followed the money. The XVI century was the age of Iberian supremacy but, having been expelled from the Peninsula, the Jews were roughly excluded from the riches of metal and spice trades. Not surprising, they flocked to Holland and became the financiers of the rise of that country’s overseas empire, mostly at the expense of Portugal. From the Dutch Republic, it was just a short step into England with William of Orange and greater loot heralding Mercantilism (powerful state-sponsored enterprises).

    What followed was a natural process of wealth accumulation to energize the nascent English Capitalism and eventually its migration to North America. Of course the Jews followed suit. That is the common thread: the money moved from Portugal and Spain to Holland, then to richer pastures in England and France, then the US. Where next? Global.

  180. Whitewolf says:

    Anyone capable of getting Epstein killed in federal custody with the whole world watching can get him sprung. It’s possible he’s dead and even possible he committed suicide but the US government, media and justice system is so corrupt and untrustworthy that absolutely nothing they say can be trusted.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  181. @Intelligent Dasein

    “and when they die, I couldn’t care less”

    When he died almost the entire American polity is blackmailed and compromised. Not for him or by him but a foreign country and its intelligence agency . Out of fear you can not name it even.Would you care more or less?

  182. @Harold Smith

    Second, the motive for 9/11 was obviously not “money” but the overthrow of the last vestiges of the rule of law; the consolidation of power in the executive branch; the rise of a domestic police state and the pursuit of an illegal and immoral imperial agenda under the aegis of the faux “war on terror.”

    Agreed but the imperial agenda should be further explained. The post cold war US was on the verge of going isolationist and refusing to protect and defend the Israelis and the Saudis.

    Those nations could not have survived under those circumstances. They needed to work together with the US military/industrial complex to create a “new pearl harbor”.

    Survival is more critical than money–and 911 does not make sense unless the true stakes are understood.

  183. @NYMOM

    Good to hear a new point. Yes, why the case was reopened when it was is a serious queation, and your answer makes sense at first sight – and perhaps secondvand third sights too.

  184. @Parfois1

    Very good history lesson. I would add that the criminal jewish mafia does not care about the jews. For them, the real jews are cattle on the ranch. Today they have brainwashed the jewish people with the holocaust myth using classical conditioning techniques a la Dr. Pavlov so that they feel attacked and will circle the wagons and donate money. If someone gets emotional and mad at you because you don’t believe the myth then you know they have been conditioned. They hear the bell. Stimulus and response.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  185. If the jewish mafia’s power structure in America is starting to fall apart, expect Bibi to start WWIII before his power disappears. Thejewish mafia does not care about the jewish people any more than the rancher cares about his cattle.

  186. @Parfois1

    I think you should look up Mercantilism which was not the British way as your reference to William of Orange imply. State sponsored enterprises? The East india Company was a state sanctioned monopolist but not a product of mercantilism.

    • Replies: @anon
  187. @Whitewolf


    There is the remote possibility that some prison guards and prisoners decided to off the pedophile. I mean he got away once and perhaps some concerned guards and cons thought that he may get away again and just decided to terminate him then and there while they still had their hands on him. It has happened to other high profile pedophiles before in prison like that mass rapist Boston Catholic priest who was killed in protective custody in a US jail.

    Or they got wind that someone was trying to spring him, or considered that nothing would come of the prosecution of the rest of high society involved in his crimes, so again decided it would be best to punish him extralegally. It is most likely is that he was murdered on orders of those higher up co-conspirators but there is still this remote possibility of rough justice being served by guards and inmates.

    • Replies: @anon
  188. annamaria says:
    @flashlight joe

    Agree. The (alleged) superior Jewish intelligence is highly overrated. Mimicry and absence of shame among “chosen” can give a headstart but not for too long, as European history shows.

  189. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    You are looking back at the possible shock you would have experienced at the thought of a parent allowing her daughter to travel with Epstein. May be that’s why the aura and halo around Epstein were spun into a hard reality by the media . Parents believed it.

    I am forgetting the name of the female film actor who recounted the incident surrounding her experience with Woody Allen when she was a minor . Her parents forced her to fly . Woody wanted her in his room at the hotel.

  190. That he didn’t request a guard is, I think, the strongest evidence that he wanted to die.

    Is this actually a thing that detainees can do and do do in federal jails? I have worked in a state prison or two, and I have never heard of such a thing. Couls Martha Stewart have requested a personal guard? How much does this cost?

  191. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [Everybody, it seems, in New York society knew by 2000 that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were corrupting teenage girls, but the press wouldn’t cover it. ]

    Maxwell family and Epstein were both CIA and Mossad agents. CIA and USG were aware of it and were complicit in Epstein’s crimes against humanity.

    Maxwell, who was a business partner of Mega Group co-founder Charles Bronfman, aided the successful Mossad plot to plant a trapdoor in U.S.-created software that was then sold to governments and companies throughout the world. That plot’s success was largely due to the role of a close associate of then-President Ronald Reagan and an American politician close to Maxwell, who later helped aid Reagan in the cover-up of the Iran Contra scandal.

    Read about Jewish mafia and their close circles’ crimes against humanity. Trump is a member of the Jewish mafia and complicit in their crimes against humanity.

  192. Che Guava says:

    Twn video cameras, both described as ‘broken’.

    Honestly, I am not generally liking such theories, but the idea that Epstein is having plastic surgery and more fun in Tel Aviv is impossible to write off.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  193. Eric Rasmusen: “Could Epstein have used the safeguard of leaving a trove of photos with a friend or lawyer to be published if he died an unnatural death?”

    The author’s answer (“No”) is unsatisfying, especially coming from a self-described games theorist. Even if Epstein couldn’t trust anyone, it would have been easy to publish photos or recordings after his death via a simple “dead man’s switch”. He could have set up a computer to automatically spam the stuff out to every media outlet in the world on a certain date unless he was alive to stop it from doing so. Such a possibility must have occurred to him, and if he let the fact he had done so be widely known, it should have protected him from assassination. Why he didn’t use this defense I have no idea. Perhaps he did use it and at some time in the future a lot of famous people will wake up one morning to a big surprise. If Epstein’s really dead, that is.

  194. @Iris

    I hate to use what has been termed a White Nationalist acronym but the US under Trump is
    truly ZOG .

    • Agree: Iris
  195. Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’.

    He is absolutely right.

  196. Rick Wiles and staff at are keeping the Epstein extortion ring front and center. My question is why didn’t one congressman or woman demand grand jury investigation into this pedophile blackmail operation. FBI, CIA and most of all Mossad are complicit. Talmudic Zionist control of US government power structures goes all the way back to creation of the Fed on that Christmas eve in 1913 and the blackmailing of Wilson to enter WWI. I suspect this entire massive affair is a world wide synchronized mechanism to control power centers by sexual blackmail extortion. I also believe that Epstein is alive and well with a new face and is benefitting from the last minute creation of the secretive trust. Show us his body, show us the cell, show us the DNA results…. we can handle it….but can our elected leaders???

  197. Che Guava says:
    @Harold Smith

    Sorry, I am not Jewish, although I admire a few, those loyal to the National Socialists to the end (which included a high-ranking SS officer, there from Freikorp days), the publisher of this site, Hoffman, Cole, many others. Shamir, Atzmon, Definitely not all.

  198. @Brabantian

    I agree with everything except that last video.
    IMHO that video of Epstein’s island is pure CGI. I have seen several drone vids of Epstein’s island and when I saw this one a few days ago it struck me as a fake from the git go. There is something unrealistic about the light and shadows in CGI and the movements of people are unnatural and jerky.

    But I do believe that Epstein was taken out of custody by mossad.

  199. melpol says:

    SO WHAT if a few young gals had sex with rich and famous people. The wealthy worked hard for their fame and shouldn’t lose it because of taboo sexual affairs. Private sexual parties are nobodies business. Epstein was a good guy and had thousands of nice friends. He was a smart and a great American.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  200. argle says:

    Dude, omg. One needn’t be a (self-proclaimed) “expert in game theory” to know why the guy was offed.

    OMG puhleeze. OK, I’ll go back to reading more of what you wrote in case it gets interesting.

  201. argle says:

    A little searching (I mean come on, I found it) turns up a plea from a former FBI big to then AG Barr to please make the FBI agents “investigating” that pedo ring in Nebraska — the one that operated in the White House, too — quit stonewalling and obfuscating and actually look at the evidence. Barr delegated the task of replying to one Deputy AG Robert Mueller III, who dismisses the request out-of-hand without even offering to look into the matter.

    Yeah, you go ahead and trust Wm. Barr if you wish. I wouldn’t.

    We are (still) so screwed.

    PS. If looking for some trivia, Google “William Barr Mena Arkansas” and impress (or frighten) your friends with what you learn.

  202. argle says:

    yeah, no.

    it will be a footnote two years from now.

  203. Durruti says:

    Slightly off subject but im a brit & its 22 years since princess diana was killed in 1997.

    On this side of the pond, some of us believed this sweet Lady, Diana, was one more murder attributable to the Zionist Financial Oligarchs, and their Terrorist agency, MOSSAD.

    What we know:

    1. Diana was in love with an Arab.

    2. Diana was known to be sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian Nation (opposed Zionism).

    3. Diana had a history of Independent Thought and a Conscience.

    4. Diana was a loving Mother (always important to anyone who ever had a Mother).

    We have witnessed many horrific assassinations & mass butcheries in our lifetimes (JFK, etc.).

    It will not end – until we end it. Freedom is not Free. It must be Paid For!

    • Replies: @Anon
  204. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:

    The person taking the drone footage is John McAfee, who’s been doing it to satisfy his own curiosity. McAfee has been posting it to a Youtube account that’s known to be a sockpuppet for him.

  205. Anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Epstein was (or still is) an Israeli agent.

    The mainstream media won’t talk about that.

    Jews and Israeli are being spared, once again, from valid criticism.

  206. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Mark James

    I don’t hold AG Barr in the high regard this piece does. While I’m not suggesting he had anything to do with Epstein’s death I do think he’s corrupt.

    Did you know that Barr’s Dad hired Epstein (who flunked out of college without a degree) to teach math at his upscale Manhattan private school?

    Is that interesting or what?

    It is surely plausible that “Drain the Swamp” was a clever catchphrase devised by a swamp creature to divert attention from where that creature came.

    And remember, Trump was among the first to sell the official story of the collapse of the Twin Towers in the immediate aftermath of 9/11: “It’s tremendous heat … the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building and … sixteen hundred degrees temperature, I guess that’s more than anything could take”.

    What’s more, Trump owns or controls thousands of upscale hotel rooms from Waikiki to Washington DC. Think about that a bit in relation to Russiagate and Pedogate.

    Then there’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who knows every crook in Israel, according to Trump’s own testimony.

    If the Deep State were seriously out to get Trump they’d probably have succeeded by now.

  207. BitinDawg says:

    Get your eye on the ball. The importance of this story is not Epstein or the corrupt politician and law enforcement that are a part of the shenanigans. This story is about a foreign country, Israel, using their intelligence service, the Mossad,to run a hostile undercover operation in our country to entrap powerful public men and politicians in compromised circumstances so that they can be blackmailed at some future time to support a Zionist agenda that they otherwise well know is bad for America.

    • Agree: annamaria
  208. @9/11 Inside job

    The saying “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” was coined by a person who couldn’t think of a timely comeback and it quickly caught on with like minded individuals. When sarcasm is employed to good effect it can be a useful and very powerful form of wit indeed, as many brilliant comedians have demonstrated time and time again.

    Bill Hicks was a great example of a comedian able to demonstrate the use of a wide range of comedic tools including sarcasm.

    • Agree: Iris
  209. @flashlight joe

    They can’t. The first goal was to render the so-called samson option (Sam/Solomon’s sons – motorcycle gangs which are all masonic) useless. “Biker’s for Trump” is just that. MAGA – Motorcycle & Asian Gang Alliance.

    Of course, when Trump turns out to be a Judas goat as all masons eventually are…

  210. You have it wrong on several counts. First, it was not those pedo johns under Epstein who had him murders or spirited him out of there. It was those ABOVE Epstein. Those who set him up. Those who took the blackmail money from the johns. Those that told the blackmailed pedo johns how to vote and how to influence policy that would be beneficial to those above Epstein who coordinated his efforts.

    Next, a main question is why did Alexader Acosta who wrote that 53-page indictment against Epstein put it on the shelf and for the next decade turn his head knowing full well that underage girls were being trafficked on Orgy Island and in Epstein’s various apartments. No raids. No monitoring. No nothing, Epstein was allowed to traffick underage girls unimpeded. Why?

    El Chapo had billions and could not buy his way out of MCC. If it were easy to bribe a gaurd he would have done it. No. It had to again come from above not below.

    The CIA or the Mossad or both used Orgy Island as a honeypot blackmail trap as part of their black operations. Like the cocaine deals during the Contra days. The CIA told the FBI and Acosta to back off. The CIA could get in MCC and off Acosta. And, that’s exactly what happened.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  211. Fascinating series of unsolved questions are brought to light in this article.

    But for me, I’m so utterly convinced of government and elite corruption that I 1) give substantial credence to the implications voiced in each question and 2) KNOW DAMNED GOOD AND WELL THAT THE CORRUPTION OF THE GOVERNMENT AND THE ELITES IS SO COMPLETE THAT NOT A DARNED THING IS EVER GOING TO COME OF THIS.

    So, I just do what I can to teach my family an honest way of life as I doubt they’ll ever be elites or members of the government, which would likely disqualify them of an honest way of life.

  212. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I reckon there is a remote possibility that some UR Commenter slipped in pretending to be a rabbi and offed him, maybe you, maybe Ron Unz as he is particularly hard on bad Jews.

  213. Anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    Speaking with the freedom of one who never had a Mother i ask boldly whether you still believe the crap you say you once believed. And have you now got some good reasons?

    Have you seen the 2016/7 documentary about Colin Mclaren’s forensic investigation entitled “Princess Diana’s Death: Mystery Solved”. Online I can only find tantalising references to a cover up but my recollection is that all that was covered up was incompetence and that he proved fairly conclusively that the death was a result of a drunk driver ineptly trying to put run (presumed) paparazzi.

    • Replies: @Alden
  214. Alden says:

    Don’t forget that the drunk driver was going 100 in a 25 speed zone around a curve and that the 3 dead weren’t wearing seat belts. Physics; what happens when a car smashes into a wide concrete pillar at a high speed?

    Had Dianna worn a seat belt she would have survived. With no seat belt her chest slammed into the back of the front seat and her heart and lungs were smashed.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Durruti
  215. Ace says:
    @Chris Mallory

    That is a more convincing explanation than “triggered assassin.” Occam’s razor.

  216. @Alden

    Yes, and yes. I think I saw that Mclaren documentary and and I didn’t see any reason to doubt his honesty and competence. I have some memory of his showing where the car had bounced off a wall just before entering tunnel!

  217. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    It were the Jews who were advising the British about how to go about exploiting India .

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  218. @anon

    The East India Company was formed decades before the Jews returned to England so that didn’t occur to me, especially as neither Robert Clive nor Warren Hastings were Jews – which takes us up to the late 18th century. Maybe Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859l? No, I give up. Do enlighten us.

    • Replies: @anon
  219. Skeptikal says:

    Jimmy Hoffa murder has been solved.

  220. Durruti says:

    Don’t forget that the drunk driver

    Reliable evidence that Dianna’s driver was drunk was never presented.

    I do not trust that documentary, or the ‘Official’ Government statement, or the Mainstream Media (who had the usual Zionist reasons to denigrate Dianna).

    I do not trust your opinion.

    • Replies: @Alden
  221. annamaria says:

    Nothing shows better than the juxtaposition of Epstein saga and the story of the persecution of Assange.
    Compare Assange “sex crimes” (two adult women competing for attention from Assange), which were punished with Interpol Red Alert and deafening shaming from all MSM sources, with the documented sex crimes against underage girls, committed on Epstein properties in the US and beyond.

    Assange is in a high-security prison whereas the main criminals from Epstein saga are still free range-living: Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and many more other “visitors” of the same stature.

    The comparison of the story of Assange “sex crimes” with Epstein multi-member criminal saga is stunning.
    No MeToo wailing, no Interpol Red Alert for madam Ghislaine Maxwell and procurer Brunel, no immediate imprisonment of Clinton, Dershowitz and other experts in sex with underage girls (some as young as 12).

    The more this comparison between the treatment of journalist Assange and the treatment of lawless “haves” like Clinton, Dershowitz, et al. are articulated around, the better for justice.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  222. annamaria says:

    Where are the ‘judge’ Emma Arbuthnot, ‘judge’ Michael Snow, AG Eric Himpton Holder Jr., the CIA boss Pompeo, and these two righteous PC-‘thinkers’? – “According to Harvard political scientist Matthew Baum and College of the Canyons political scientist Phil Gussin, WikiLeaks strategically released emails related to the Clinton campaign whenever Clinton’s lead expanded in the polls.”

    After Sweden dropped the investigation against Assange, his lawyers sought last year to get the British arrest warrant for his bail breach dropped. They had good grounds, both because the allegations over which he’d been bailed had been dropped by Sweden and because he had justifiable cause to seek asylum given the apparent US interest in extraditing him and locking him up for life for political crimes. His lawyers could also argue convincingly that the time he had spent in confinement, first under house arrest and then in the embassy, was more than equivalent to time, if any, that needed to be served for the bail infringement. However, the judge, Emma Arbuthnot, rejected the Assange team’s strong legal arguments. She was hardly a dispassionate observer. In fact, in a properly ordered world, she should have recused herself, given that she is the wife of a government whip, who was also a business partner of a former head of MI6, Britain’s version of the CIA.

  223. Alden says:

    Okay so the non drunk driver was driving 75 over the speed limit around a curve and smashed into a concrete pillar killing the 3 passengers who weren’t wearing seatbelts.

    Or do you believe Dianna and Dodi faked their deaths and lived happily forever after in one of their palaces?

    The driver was served several glasses of healthy organic fresh squeezed fruit juice at the hotel bar an hour before he drove into the tunnel.

  224. Here are some more questions no one’s asking:

    What was Epstein’s exact position when found?

    What material was his sheet made of?

    Was the sheet torn into strips?

    If so, how did he cut or tear the sheet?

    Was the sheet fashioned into an actual noose?

    Could a noose or non-noose sheet easily be used to “hang” oneself?

    Would any type of sheet configuration be able to break hyoid/neck bones?

    Where is the sheet now?

  225. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Neither is Bolton or Gaffney or those congressmen traveling to Israel are Jews.
    I will find the name of the book and give you the details.

    One day people would talk about US war in ME against Syria against Iraq against Ghaddafi and now against Iran but no one will talk about FDD or PNAC or Joe Liberman , A Sharon or Krsitol or Adelson or Haim Saban . They will talk about Cheney Bush Bolton Graham and Trump. One day Corbyn will be remembered as victim but no one will talk about the Labor friend of Israel.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  226. @anon

    As you were relying on memory of a book you didn’t/can’t (?) name may I suggest that you have remembered vaguely the part that the Sassoons are said to have played in the growth of the opium trade from India to China???? That of course goes niwhere near supporting your queried Comment.

  227. @annamaria

    When the participants are Royalty, the rules simply do not apply. It’s just Upstairs/Downstairs for real. It’s simply the way the world works. Everything else is just illusion designed to pacify the deplorables.

  228. @Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    It was those ABOVE Epstein. Those who set him up. Those who took the blackmail money from the johns. Those that told the blackmailed pedo johns how to vote and how to influence policy that would be beneficial to those above Epstein who coordinated his efforts.

    Well said. Don’t forget payoffs in the form of insider information concerning stock market manipulation. Way more money to be made that way.

    In the words of that Great American, follow the Benjamins.

  229. Che Guava says:

    Troll. He was clearly of the worst kind of bottom dweller.

  230. Episodes of Days of our lives are more believable than the Epstein story. I was told that israel not only blackmails via satanic rituals and child porn rape torture snuff but it has also hidden many nukes worldwide that can be triggered if they do not get what they want, it goes way beyond the israeli nuclear “samson option”. That Fukushima and Haiti were demonstrations/examples to prove it. even the fault lines & volcanos, whitehouse and Vatican-used to order vatican 2 and now the synod, and eventually divide and conquer the catholic church=that story is believable because the UN & governments bow down to them no matter how wicked cruel and sadistic they are all the time lieing that it is their victim’s fault. Also that the end game is they will do everything they threatened even after they get what they want. That the Rothschilds are satan and his ultimate goal is to destroy souls first and then destroy all that God created-all life and the planet itself. That he has won against God and it will happen soon. That Genesis in reverse is their end of the Bible their apocalypse-just like what satanists do backward mass upside down cross, the old testament in reverse chronological order.
    After the vatican is leveled, the ww3 will begin, and just like the bolsheviks in Russia, they must destroy all christianity even the memory of it and install atheism in order to win the war against God. Then they can level the entire earth in 7 days like Genesis in reverse. If we allow it then we deserve it, no one will help us since we are so evil anyway. No more God, just hell for all eternity, ask the palestinians and people of the middle east what that will be like, they know. Soon everyone will know.

  231. Cking says:

    Your disclosure here, and my own intuition, renders the suicide narrative suspect. What if he did not suicide himself and just left the facility, replaced with a dead body double? In NYC anything is possible.

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