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Protest In Fargo Over Murder of White Child By African Immigrant. Media Ignores.
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Earlier (July 2021) Her Name Is Jupiter Paulsen: 14-Year-Old White Girl Murdered—Stabbed More Than 20 Times—By A Black (Liberian) Male In Fargo, ND: Was He A Refugee?

The name of Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen has never appeared in the New York Times or the Washington Post, and over a year after her brutal murder in Fargo ND at the hands of African immigrant Arthur Prince Kollie it’s now less likely to appear than ever. That’s because her father, Robert Paulsen, desperate over the institutional failures that led to her death and over what seems to be the increasing likelihood that Kollie will escape punishment, has allied with the radical National Justice Party, described by critics like the virulently anti-white Anti-Defamation League as “a virulently antisemitic white supremacist group,” to protest the scandal. Of course the short-term result is an even more intense media blackout. But Paulsen obviously felt he had no choice.

On Saturday June 4th, the anniversary of Kollie’s crime, some 40-50 people led by local grassroots organizer Peter Tefft and NJP chairman Michael Peinovich marched through Fargo’s downtown. The peaceful protest (Video) started at the victim’s home and ended with a picket in front of the Fargo courthouse. It was shadowed by a small group of self-identified “Antifa” members (Video), who mocked and jeered the white activists and the family they had come to support. Neither national or local or media covered the march, despite it causing a lot of discussion in Fargo.

Jupiter Paulsen’s tragedy began on June 4th, 2021, when she left her home to visit her mother’s house. As she passed through a strip mall, Kollie allegedly began following her. Then, without provocation, Kollie allegedly stabbed and strangled the cornered white child in a savage attack that lasted 25 minutes.

Kollie attempted to escape when a witness confronted him, and he was filmed in a store trying to change out of his bloody clothing. (There’s no suggestion of any sexual assault, although the prosecutor suggests robbery was a motive). Jupiter was taken to hospital, where she died of her catastrophic injuries. She was 14 years old.

Among the institutional failures contributing to Jupiter’s death: America’s Refugee Racket. Kollie, who is originally from the Ivory Coast, immigrated from Liberia probably under North Dakota’s refugee resettlement program. (Typically, the corporate media hasn’t bothered to ask). In the U.S. he was a habitual offender who was in and out of prison. So much for screening.

Shortly after Kollie was released from a one-year sentence for a previous violent felony in 2020, he was arrested again for the unlawful possession of a firearm, discharging the firearm, and drug possession. Court records show that on May 7, 2021, less than a month before the girl’s murder, Kollie was sentenced to two years in prison.

The grieving Paulsen family, who have been targeted by thugs at their home for speaking out about what happened to their daughter, were understandably enraged when they learned that the man who killed their daughter was on paper supposed to be in prison at the time of the murder. Kollie was apparently released back to the street on with

“the bulk of that time stayed on the condition he successfully complete 18 months of probation and serve 27 days in jail.

Because he had already served 27 days, Kollie was released from jail following the sentencing hearing.” [Accused murderer’s sentence for prior felony conviction not unusual, court expert says, by David Olson,, June 19, 2021]

The news that Kollie has withdrawn his Alford Plea and that presiding Judge John Irby (appointed, let the record show, by a Republican governor) is allowing Kollie’s attorney to attempt an insanity defense has only exacerbated fears that Jupiter will never receive justice.

Tefft and Peinovich have both placed the blame for this ordeal on the “Great Awokening.” Especially after the George Floyd riots of 2020, this informally and formally discouraged judges and prosecutors from doing what is necessary to keep dangerous black men incarcerated due to the political and career risk of being accused of racism.

Tefft has publicly stated that the national discourse in the media, academia and from politicians demonizing white people as the cause of all of black people’s misery is tantamount to racial incitement and what’s called stochastic terrorism. [Stochastic Terrorism: A Linguistic and Psychological Analysis, by Molly Amman and J. Reid Meloy, Perspectives On Terrorism, October 2021]

Academics such as Heather Mac Donald have additionally demonstrated a strong causal effect between a lack of will to aggressively police and prosecute violent crimes committed disproportionately by blacks and the ongoing surge in homicides [Heather Mac Donald: ‘Savage’ Crimes No Longer Have Consequences — Civilization ‘Breaking Down’ in ‘Slow-Motion’, by Joshua Klein, Breitbart, December 8, 2021] that began when the Black Lives Matter movement’s demands were mainstreamed and accommodated.

North Dakota’s refugee resettlement problem, which uses federal tax dollars to transplant Liberian aliens like Kollie to the state, is also a highly controversial issue. North Dakotans have in the recent past organized several petitions and referendums [Michelle Malkin: Citizen Revolt—Resist Refugee Resettlement Dumps, April 12, 2019] to prevent private-public partnerships such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) from bringing any more unassimilable immigrants to their towns and cities. But Republican Governor Doug Burgum continues to ignore them [North Dakota approved to take in more Afghan refugees, by Jeremy Turley,, April 27, 2022].

The lack of press coverage of this demonstration, even in the current “racist”-hunting media ecosystem. shows impressive ideological discipline among left-wing and even some conservative commentators in Fargo. They have no scruples about hounding and harassing Robert Paulsen for taking action over his daughter’s murder [ Port: We are seeing the roots of hate take hold in North Dakota murder case, by Rob Port,, April 27, 2022 ] but they take painstaking efforts to ensure no one can hear Jupiter’s story.

The idea of white people protesting for their rights is a shocking and heavily stigmatized concept in America. But as institutions once assumed to be free of politicization, such as courts and police, begin to show black criminals rank favoritism at the expense of public safety, some will seek to change this.

Dakota Witness [Email him] who is anonymous for reasons of safety, was a witness to these demonstrations.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. fnn says:

    Why care since many people die before their Biblical three score and ten every day in the US? But it’s somehow different when a George Floyd or a Heather Heyer die.

  2. Wokechoke says:

    Very sad. Blacks really wreck good things. All the good will extended to them, all for nothing.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  3. Darkwing says:

    This murder cannot be on the MSM, it is a back on white crime, to talk about it would be anti black and we cannot have that.

  4. bwuce wee says:

    very likely this guy simply wanted to kill someone white. any white would do. in his mind each time he was stabbing, he saw a different white person he wanted to murder. this is psychopath behavior, so an institution for the criminally insane for life is unfortunately the legal punishment. even though it IS a hate crime. now the real problem is illegal aliens, of which this guy is one. the family should sue the government which allowed this illegal to roam about. he should have been rounded up and deported. that is what both the border patrol, and ICE are for. they failed in their sworn duty. now he IS black, but we also have thousands of hispanic guys running around doing the exact same thing: raping children and elderly, molesting toddlers and infants, murdering on a whim, or in a fit of pique. ‘open borders’ is basically leaving your house wide open for ‘lions and tigers and bears’ to feed on your family. ‘you hungry(?), you poor refugee(!), here take my daughter- that ought to make a meal for your perverse bloodthirsty cravings(!)’. so his being a ‘racist psycho black illegal alien’ is not the problem, because we also have ‘racist psycho brown illegal laiens’ doubling down on whitey. basically obama/biden and his liberals have declared open season on whitey. the hungry wolves are circling the herd taking any opportunity to vent their cravings on the ‘weak stragglers of the herd’ at the strip mall. but you know what is even worse that the open border policy? even worse than the real horror movie titled ‘racist illegal alien predators roaming the streets’?
    george soros paid antifa operatives mocking the victims is waaay worse than this heinous murder! you know what else is worse? ADL and SPLC slandering any white person who dares attempt to rectify the situation. anyone who dares speak out against the blatant organized conspiracy to destroy america’s white civilization is slandered and branded, doxxed and cancelled, handed over to all law enforcement agencies as a ‘person of interest domestic terrorist’. if you oppose the ‘psycho criminal white purge horror movie live in a neighborhood near you agenda’, you are THE racist terrorist monster. and that is what is worse- that there exists organized groups that run policies that perpetrate, enable, and facilitate this monstrous culling of whites. south afrika is here, and it was brought here on purpose.

  5. If there is any doubt in the mind of the police or prosecutors as to whether this guy gets charged for his criminal actions, consider the definition of non compos mentis. The legal situation requires a determination that the subject is lacking mental ability to understand the nature, consequences, and effect of a situation or transaction. I would argue that the fact that the perpetrator was intentionally lying in wait proves his presence of mind. The fact that he waited until he was at a location where he could remain unobserved proves he was aware that what his actions were criminal and illegal. And finally the fact that he tried to remove evidence of his crimes to cover up and protect himself from exposure to justice proves that he well knew what he was doing was wrong. A true out-of-his-mind scenario would be to grab her and start stabbing in front of everyone and walk off as if nothing had happened! That would demonstrate mental incompetence. The facts do prove that he was competent enough to plan ahead, seek to avoid observation, and finally consciously act to keep his actions hidden from fear of punishment. So there is no doubt in my mind that this person should stand trial for murder. But apparently the people who are hired to do the various and sundry jobs of justice in Fargo, after a year, cannot seem to figure out what it took me a few minutes to determine. And I am certainly no lawyer, but really? Letting him skate? You might as well hire him as a police officer or elect him mayor, you ignorant inbred twits! And Antifa in Fargo? Really? Were they bussed in? Or is this merely the one of the wonders of social networking?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  6. The legal situation requires a determination that the subject is lacking mental ability to understand the nature, consequences, and effect of a situation or transaction.

    That pretty much describes the whole of West Africa.

    I would argue that the fact that the perpetrator was intentionally lying in wait proves his presence of mind.

    I would argue that this proves the lack of Fargo’s presence of mind. Forget the African. The ones who have to be made to pay are white.

    Can the resettlement agency be sued? If the man is indeed mad, they must have known this, and should be sued out of existence. And if he isn’t, why didn’t they know he was homicidal?

    And if he went mad after his arrival, then they are the cause.

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  7. The reason for the total media blackout is as obvious as the hooked nose on Merrick Garland’s ugly, Jewish face: even more so than alerting white Americans to the ubiquitous danger of being in close proximity to subhuman animals who attack and kill without rhyme or reason (or provocation), the REACTION by local whites is even more odious for the Jewish controlled mass media, namely organizing at the grass roots level on a racial basis to advance their collective interests.
    That is what kikes and their greasy , nauseating white collaborators in the media, academia and the courts(police) are so terribly afraid of: scores upon millions of law abiding, tax paying white working people with guns organizing on an explicitly racial basis , upon coming to the realization that “their” own government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them or their physical safety. It is an extremely dangerous thing when members of the aforementioned demographic group begin to deprogram themselves from the Jewish controlled mass media propaganda designed to brainwash them into believing that non-whites are no different from themselves and are just as deserving of their assistance, instead of realizing that non-whites are subhuman vermin that need to be eradicated from their living space. You wouldn’t know it by watching the Talmudvision, but there are actually a myriad of groups like the National Justice Party, composed of ordinary working class whites who are completely feed up and disillusioned with the current ,genocidal status quo. By dint of their very appearance, the members of such groups ar very likely to not only elicit the sympathy of millions of ordinary, working class whites like themselves, but also to be joined by those very same millions of white working people.
    In other words, the more recent groups are not the stereotypical “Hollywood Nazis” and costume freaks and misfits who have so effectively killed off any public support for white resistance to the intentional genocide that is currently being directed against them by the Jewish controlled mass media and “their” own government.
    To alter the course of events, indeed to even secure their very physical existence, ordinary, white working people need to get ORGANIZED and actively make political outreach appeals to millions of their fellow Americans. As a single cohesive and coherent political force, white Americans are more powerful than all the black and Hispanic Street gangs of living fossils, all the police agencies ignoring the subhuman miscreants and serving the antiwhite agenda while continuing to draw their taxpayer funded welfare checks, and all the Jewish controlled mass media corporations combined.

    I’m not familiar with the group mentioned in the article, however I recommend a group with which I am familiar: join the American Freedom Party.

  8. North Dakota’s refugee resettlement problem, which uses federal tax dollars to transplant Liberian aliens like Kollie to the state…

    Why are there “refugees” from Liberia, anyway? A fascinating read is the late Hans Rosling’s Factfulness. He’d been arguing, unsuccessfully, first to his fellow Swedes, then to the world at large, that the “Third World” is far less destitute than we give them credit for. Extreme poverty is dying out rapidly everywhere. The world is becoming middle class, if not by our standards, by local ones.

    Thus there is no legitimate reason to leave. Even if one country falls apart, the neighboring countries are able to absorb any refugees– until things settle down and they can go back.

    The real scandal of Trump’s “💩🕳” comment is that it is pretty much untrue… and that none of his opponents brought that up. To do so would destroy the rationale for giving “refuge”. Hell, we should have brought it up!

    Roslin reports that despite decades of trying, he could never get it through thick Western goo-goo skulls that the Third World was so much better off. There was some kind of block in their minds. It implied that there is no need for Mrs Jellybys like them.

    grassroots organizer Peter Tefft

    Ironic surname. No doubt related (as I am too, and Sarah Palin) to Joshua Tefft, who fought on King Philip’s side in that eponymous war. When charged with treason afterwards, his defense was that he was a captive and forced to. They didn’t buy it. As Jill Lepore wrote of him, he was either a coward or a traitor and, in either case, no Englishman. Tefft was the only colonial New Englander ever to have been drawn and quartered– Philip’s fate as well.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  9. @Reg Cæsar

    You are not a logical person, but merely an emotional ranting individual. I was able to demonstrate with examples that prove he is sane enough to stand trial. You, on the other hand, simply offer your unexpert opinion, entirely devoid of any attempt at proof. I might point out that no matter what his refugee status was, being arrested and convicted on multiple felonies offers a legal obligation for his deportation. It also offers the responsibility of the arresting agencies to monitor the release of the offender. In other words, whatever judge approved his release, whatever parole or probabtion officers were entrusted with monitoring his activities, these people are to blame. He is a known felon, meaning the insanity defense never worked on his prior convictions, so we can hardly expect that already failed defense to be accepted in a murder case. Being behind bars for crimes proves that he is fit to stand trial, because he is obviously aware of the consequences of his crimes. So you are completely wrong. The guy is not insane, and 2 court cases have already ruled he is aware of his intentional crimes and the consequences, and therefore competent to stand trial.

    He does in fact qualify for deportation for his first convictions:

    So the guy should have already been deported, except for Biden and his democRAT congress worhsips illegal immigrants. And he is illegal because once he is convicted of a crime, he forfeits his legal immigrant status.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  10. @Dave Wightman

    Mental incompetence should mean the death penalty for anyone convicted of a violent offense. That mental incompetence is used to get some POS the exact opposite, living on the public’s dime for decades, shows that the criminal justice system is terminally broken.

    The gov’t needs people like this POS to point to and claim by locking him up that the society is safe. What it really means is that the police and the entire justice system are fraudulently claiming that which is not in evidence; their claim is an outright lie. The laws are designed to create victims.

  11. Realist says:

    So in essence the state of North Dakota is culpable in her death.

    • Replies: @RVBlake
  12. Roatanbill-
    I proved he is mentally competent to stand trial, because he knew what a felony was, having been twice convicted, so he knew what he was doing was wrong, and he knew he would be punished. So is there a hidden agenda we don’t know about? Does the government actually have a clandestine use for guys like this? Do they swoop in and whisk them away to brainwashing camps where they can condition them to murder certain targets? Inquiring minds want to know why some killers are coddled while others are simply executed on the spot! If so, was this a test run for their ‘creation’? Is that why he is not facing charges? North Dakota does not have the death penalty for murder, unless one inmate kills another. Now aren’t they progressive? So this guy can kill whomever he pleases, as long as it is not in prison!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Verymuchalive
  13. @Dave Wightman

    The guy is not insane

    No, he is African, which is effectively the same thing.

    You grant them more foresight than I would. You hold them to standards they have great difficulty reaching, i.e., minimal. Your legal reasoning was developed by Anglo-Saxons for Anglo-Saxons.

    We’ve been through this before:

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  14. @Dave Wightman

    Inquiring minds want to know why some killers are coddled while others are simply executed on the spot! …North Dakota does not have the death penalty for murder

    Those states which have not had the death penalty since the 19th or even 18th century are, or were, lily white– Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin… Minnesota gave it up about a century ago after a botched hanging turned everyone’s stomach.

    It’s fun to catch sanctimonious Europeans on this matter. They gave up the gibbet long after many of our states did.

    • Replies: @Dave Wightman
  15. Any man who reads this story without his blood coming to a boil is no man at all.May the Lord bless this innocent child,Jupiter Paulsen.

  16. @Reg Cæsar

    No, he is African, which is effectively the same thing.

    You mean Black African, I am sure.
    I think you need to spell it out to Mr Wightman. He’s obviously never heard of HBD.
    The average IQ of Ivory Coast has been ascertained as being between 69 and 71, depending on the study. For a White person of IQ 100, that equates to the mental age of a 7 or 8 year old White child.

    An adult White person of IQ 70 would be regarded as mentally impaired/borderline mentally impaired, depending on the psychlogical authority used. For instance, someone of that IQ would not be permitted to enlist in the military, for obvious reasons.

    So these people are wandering about unsupervised in American society. They have the bodies of adults, but the minds of congenital idiots. Add to which, negroes have much lower impulse control and much greater propensity to violence than other races. So, many of them will be dangerous congenital idiots.

    Finally, Kolle may be a subnormal African, maybe with an IQ of 60 or less. Add on the drug use , as well.

    No sane American Government would have permitted any more blacks to enter America. The problems caused by their own resident blacks are quite enough.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  17. @Dave Wightman

    Please read my reply #16 on the mental capacity of negroes.

  18. @Reg Cæsar

    Personally, I am the opposite. I wholeheartedly approve of the death penalty*! I am opposed to incaration for crimes, unless the person is mentally ill and they need to be locked up in an institution for the criminally insane for treatment. If a person is convicted of a crime, they should be forced to make reparations, no matter how long it takes, or what hardships they must endure. You commit a crime against someone, you pay the damages. If you don’t have the money, you must work it off. This would solve the ‘help wanted’ problem. Locking people up does not address the damages of the crime. Money talks. If someone steals your car, would you rather have them locked up, or would you rather have the cash?

    * The reason nuclear weapons exist is the mushroom cloud of imminent death is a deterrent. Likewise the death penalty is a deterrent. Prison is not a deterrent to some people.

  19. @Reg Cæsar

    Ironic surname. No doubt related (as I am too, and Sarah Palin) to Joshua Tefft, who fought on King Philip’s side in that eponymous war.

    Shockerooni !
    I always thought you were of Irish Catholic extraction. Now you’re telling me that you’ve got Pilgrim Father ancestry, as well. Talk about swinging both ways! Only in America. Right.

    PS Are you in any way related to the late Princess Pocahontas, sometime of the Dominion of Virginia.
    Just asking for a friend.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  20. RVBlake says:

    As are the church-acting-as-contractors grifters.

    • Thanks: Realist
  21. @Verymuchalive

    I always thought I always thought you were of Irish Catholic extraction. Now you’re telling me that you’ve got Pilgrim Father ancestry, as well.

    I have a half-dozen ethnic strains. My kids have at least ten. Nothing unusual about that. Irish is a ways down the list, albeit holding the mtDNA card.

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
  22. @Verymuchalive

    No sane American Government would have permitted any more blacks to enter America.

    “No sane American Government would have permitted any more blacks to enter America.”

    Fixed it.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
  23. Slavery in any colony of settlement – and all 13 colonies were – is an inherently bad idea. It undermines free labour and social cohesion, as well as creating the spectre of slave revolt. And, after emancipation, things get very much worse.

    Modern colonies, as in Australia, did not permit it right from the start. But colonies settled before the late 18th Century weren’t modern. In the case of the 13 colonies, this meant often bizarre Foundation Charters. For instance, the Penn family were hereditary proprietors of Pennsylvania right up to the American War of Independence. The only good point about these Charters was that there was no uniformity. God only knows what would have happened if the Crown had permitted slavery in all 13 colonies.


    Police catches ATM bombers from the Maghreb


    Who are these people who blow up entire bank branches in order to steal a few thousand euros in untaxed cash from ATMs? Well, let’s put it this way: they’re not from around here. They are invading Germany from the Benelux region and profiting from uncontrolled borders.

    In the early morning of June 16, 2022, there was a crash at a branch of the Westerwald Bank in Kroppach, Rhineland-Palatinate. As is so often the case, the property damage apparently outweighed the value of the cash loot. Where once stood an ATM is now a field of rubble.

    Two perpetrators were arrested during the night, five others initially escaped in a car with Dutch license plates. Their wild ride in the direction of the Dutch border ended at a closed railroad crossing in Bonn-Beuel on June 17.

    The Cologne “Express” manages the feat of reporting comprehensively on the coup, while remaining largely silent on the background of the perpetrators. However, one only has to take a closer look at the photos of those arrested to form one’s own picture. That makes any further commentary superfluous.

    Vending machine burglars cause millions in damage every year in Germany. According to the North Rhine-Westphalia police, most of the perpetrators are based in the Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam areas. They come “predominantly from Moroccan-Dutch criminal groups (…), the Dutch police estimate the circle at around 500 to 700 people.”

    Germany has thus been terrorized for years by less than a thousand Maghrebians who hide out in Holland, from where they repeatedly undertake expeditions into the German booty territory and then retreat to their quiet hinterland on the Meuse.

    A resolutely acting German policy would certainly need only a few weeks to deal with this problem once and for all …


    Trial in Düsseldorf: 456,000 euros welfare benefits for millionaire clan

    The trial against members of the Al-Z. clan has begun at the Düsseldorf Regional Court. It emerges that the taxpayer financed the extended family, which is already worth millions and comes from Lebanon, with 456,000 euros in Hartz IV benefits. Clan boss Badia Al-Z., his wife, four sons and a daughter-in-law are accused.

    The public prosecutor’s office is making serious accusations: money laundering, extortion, tax evasion, hostage-taking, dangerous bodily harm, exploitation, coercion – and gang-related welfare fraud. Between 2014 and 2021, the German state supported the family’s luxurious lifestyle with almost half a million euros. How it was possible for the dreaded clan to receive such a large sum is now to be clarified. How could the Job Center for seven years pour out the cornucopia over a clan that flaunted its wealth in public? Why wasn’t it decided that they should first sell their villa and luxury cars before receiving any money from the state?

    Badia Al-Z., who came to Germany in 1990 without papers and married a twelve-year-old girl here a year later according to Islamic law, was arrested a year ago. For that long, the 47-year-old stateless man has been in pre-trial detention – as have two of his sons. The rest of the defendants, including his wife, with whom he fathered nine children, are at large.

    “High pressure on prosecutors”

    When police stopped the man, who wears a long gray beard in court, in his Mercedes S-class on June 8, 2021, he was carrying 17,830 euros in cash. During a raid on the Leverkusen clan villa, investigators found another 341,415 euros and 2,000 U.S. dollars in bills, as well as various jewelry worth about 200,000 euros. Where the extended family Al-Z., whose head according to Bild has never pursued a regular job, got the money, is now to reveal the trial. The suspicion: It comes from crimes.

    So far, Radia Al-Z. has never been convicted. Witnesses for the prosecution were, for example, in 2019, when it was about a robbery of a restaurant, did not appear in court or withdrew incriminating statements. This time, too, the defendant appeared confident of victory in front of his supporters in the audience. He clenched his fist, stretched it upwards with an outstretched arm and then waved to his supporters in the hall. His lawyer spoke of a “politically motivated” trial. According to Bild, he said, “There is high political pressure on the prosecution.”

    Whether it will be enough for a verdict this time will be determined in November at the earliest. Until then, the court has initially set dates.

  25. jack777 says:

    Nobody cares what he looks like. What was done was wrong, regardless. The only race is human.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  26. @jack777

    So, the only breed/race of domesticated canids is “dog”…
    following from your ultra-wilfully ignorant, sniveling last sentence.

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