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“Miserable distorted block-heads, the generality; ape-faces, imp-faces, angry dog-faces, heavy sullen ox-faces; degraded underfoot perverse creatures, sons of indocility, greedy mutinous darkness, and in one word, of STUPIDITY, which is the general mother of such. Stupidity intellectual and stupidity moral had born this progeny: base-natured beings on whom the Genius of Darkness (called Satan, Devil and other names) had now visibly impressed his seal, and had marked them out as soldiers of Chaos and of him … Him, you could perceive, they would serve; but not easily other than him.
Thomas Carlyle, Latter-Day Pamplets, No.2.

It’s a little over seven years since I last set foot in Portland, Oregon, and I must say that none of the events in the city during the last 12 months have surprised me. Having spent most of my formative years growing up in some of the coldest, wettest, and cloudiest corners of Northwestern Europe, my first introduction to the United States came just as I turned 21. I was an extremely pale young lad with a soft spot for icy landscapes, and my travel history to that point hadn’t taken me any further south in the hemisphere than Paris. It probably wasn’t the best idea, then, for me to choose the South in Summer for my first landing on American soil. Today, I struggle to remember precisely what I did in the first weeks of my arrival in the Carolinas, other than wrestle with periodic bouts of heat exhaustion, puzzling over whether grits were something marvelous or truly monstrous, and wondering if you required special training to be able to reel off the side effects so quickly in these many strange American pharmaceutical ads. After these initial weeks of acclimatisation, however, I must say that I grew to love the South quite deeply, and still do. I travelled the length of both Carolinas, Georgia, some of Tennessee, and into the parts of Florida normally left peacefully undisturbed by tourists. I now regard it, second only to Europe, as my home. I think it was about 10 months into my first spell in the States that it was suggested that I fly “out West” to help the mother of a friend pack furniture and finish the sale of a house so she could relocate permanently back to the South, where she’d been born and raised. There was a small amount of cash to be earned in the process, and some free room and board, as well as the opportunity to see another side of America. “Where out West?”, I asked. “Washington,” my friend replied, “right down by the Columbia River, but we’ll be staying in Portland.”

I’d been living and studying just outside a very genteel Southern college town, where clean, pressed khakis and short-sleeved button down shirts were the almost compulsory attire. Race wasn’t something that was impressed upon me physically where I’d grown up, because non-Whites were rare to non-existent, but I do remember being very aware that the place I now lived was, for all intents and purposes, racially segregated. In this little satellite village orbiting the main college town, I don’t think a single Black person owned or rented a home. In fact, the only non-White I ever saw in my own neighbourhood was the Oriental, and impossibly young, wife of the extremely seedy-looking elderly man who lived next door. In the college town, Blacks clustered in a few blocks thick with poorly maintained homes and trash-strewn streets. My daily commute was through this area, and although it seemed almost deserted during the day, occasional news reports of rape, robbery, and shootings would always bring a sober reminder of the nocturnal danger it posed. Outside such occurrences, Blacks could be expected to staff most of the town’s fast food restaurants, and a few could be spotted as security officers in the local mall, at least before it went bust around 2009. I can’t honestly report any bad experiences with any of them, and, observing and noting all of this, I remember thinking, as a more or less neutral arrival from Europe, that segregation of this nature largely “worked.”

I’m not suggesting that the lives of the Blacks were in some way marvelous, or even implying that they somehow should have been. But I do remember coming to the conclusion that a sense of peace was abroad in my part of the state simply because people were “keeping to their own,” and that things were existing in large part as they were meant to. True, there was occasional violence in the bad part of town, but outside of that, in daylight, there was a unspoken code of lingering tradition, manners, respect, and expectation. Men held doors for women in stores and restaurants, and even when I spent some weekends touring yard sales in remote rural areas in the hopes of finding something interesting in someone’s else’s junk, there was unfailingly a tremendous sense of safety, good-humor, and adventure with everyone I met. From the woman who simply “had” to introduce me to her daughter because the child’s name was Ireland (yes, I know), to the old veteran who gave me binoculars he’d carried through Burma just because I mentioned I came from a military family, the people of the South charmed me just as much as the landscape.

All of this was, in some small sense, surprising. It’s probably a given that Americans are raised with visions of the South as a highly racialized place, rife with injustice and violence. What is probably less understood by Americans is the fact that Europeans (and presumably all Westerners) are indoctrinated by their education systems to see the South in the same way. My childhood and early college education on American history, not to mention what had been absorbed via TV documentaries and movies like Mississippi Burning, had been more or less limited to the Ku Klux Klan, Emmett Till, and the sainthood and martyrdom of a heavily sanitized version of Martin Luther King. The people of the South could also be relied upon to be caricatured or worse by Jewish Hollywood in such shows as The Beverley Hillbillies, or in horror/thrillers like Deliverance or Wrong Turn, which invariably portrayed White rural Southerners to the world as stupid, childish, inbred, dysgenic, animalistic, and murderous. Added to this propaganda is a kind of “tourism block” that only serves to heighten ignorance. When most Europeans travel to America for vacations, especially family vacations, these trips are inevitably to the more global cities of New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I don’t have a single European friend who’s spent more than a layover in the South, and all of this only reinforces the general ignorance and propagandized vision. Contrarian by nature, I never expected the South to fit the Hollywood smears, but I do recall feeling a kind of refreshing shock that it was so radically different from the propaganda.

I’ve found it very interesting that, despite the many hundreds of thousands of words in mainstream coverage on America’s recent racial unrest, and despite the relevant and obvious historical contexts, hardly anything has been said on how relatively quiet the South has been. This is not to say that some protests and vandalism haven’t been witnessed, but that they pale in comparison to events seen in Wisconsin, and especially to those seen in Portland and other (often predominantly White) northern cities. Why this disparity exists is surely of some importance, and the silence around it is surely evidence of some mainstream discomfort regarding the conclusions one might reach. For my own part, I’ve engaged in a mixture of objective thought and personal recollection, certainly as regards the woeful Portland.

Objectively, it seems to me that the disruption of the Civil Rights movement between the 1950s and 1980s in the South led to a solidified state of unspoken, uneasy, but for the most part peaceful racial compromise. Segregation is certainly publicly and officially prohibited, but in my experience the Southerners more than any other people in America have perfected, if not White flight, then a kind of White entrenchment. For those Whites unfortunate enough to be poor, the Southern public schools have undoubtedly been catastrophically ruined by integration. A little over a decade ago, I got to know a North Carolina family with three sons. The older two had been through the public school system and emerged as rap-loving delinquents who spoke in an Africanized dialect quite distinct from that of their Carolina-born father and New Jersey-born mother. Both boys had been subjected to violence and theft from their predominantly Black fellow students, their subsequent changes in personality and behaviour being an obvious example of conscious or unconscious adaptation in order to survive. The experience of these unfortunate boys was sufficiently heartbreaking for the parents to make it their over-arching goal that, no matter the financial sacrifices, the youngest lad would get a private, and of course overwhelmingly White, education. Their frankness in regards to matters of race, especially to a complete stranger like myself, was refreshing and rather emblematic of the Southern experience as a whole. In my view, at least, there is a realism to Southern approaches to race that persists, although it dare not speak its name. Whites in the South seemed to me to be instinctively informed by race in a very natural and subtle manner, while Southern Blacks for the most part seemed to carry a healthy imprint of history and an awareness that while Jim Crow has been rendered toothless it’s best not to poke him too hard.

Contrast this deft sense of cultural equilibrium with the chaos of Portland, something that’s hardly surprising to anyone who’s been to the city. My own introduction to Portland was rather abrupt. My friend and I, being cheap college students, had flown out of Raleigh, NC, and landed at Portland’s PDX after two lengthy layovers in Houston and San Francisco. I’d already been told to “dress down” (and warmer!) for my time in Portland, and decided to travel in comfort with some jeans and a hooded Led Zeppelin sweatshirt I’d bought about a week before. I didn’t think anything more about my clothing until I was going to collect my suitcase in PDX, when a fat middle-aged woman wearing sweatpants barged towards me shouting “Name me two fucking Zeppelin songs!” In retrospect she was probably some kind of old groupie who resented the historicized commercialism that bands like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath had fallen into — not to mention the youngsters who wore merchandise without having “lived” 70s hedonism in the way she had. Stunned into silence by her utter boorishness, however, I couldn’t even verbalise the song titles that popped into my head. I just stared at her and in an instant she was gone. “Welcome to Portland!,” laughed my friend.

It wasn’t long before I realized I’d stumbled down a social and cultural rabbit hole. My friend’s mother, it emerged that first evening, was a (modest) donor to the SPLC, something I learned when looking for something to read, only to be handed, in what is surely now an irony of ironies, a copy of Intelligence Report. One of three daughters born into a conservative Republican Carolina family, this woman had rebelled in the early 70s, moving out West to become what her father would later describe as “a damn Oregon hippy.” It struck me very quickly that if anyone wanted to be a damn hippy, Portland was probably the right place to be. She’d arrived in Portland to fulfil her ambition of being a counsellor or therapist, falling in love with one of her clients, a recovering heroin addict who would go on to establish a very successful Portland business before dying of Hepatitis C, contracted during his former needle use, in his early 50s. Now, with her parents ailing, this ageing, “anti-racist” Portland hippy and widow was returning to the South and I — a young European with a hardening Far Right worldview — was helping with the big move.

Also helping with the move, I’d been briefly told, were a couple from central Portland, long-time friends of the widow. From their names nothing seemed amiss, but as we met for breakfast I was rather stunned to see that the individual with the male name was in fact an overweight lesbian in her 50s, wearing on her hands what appeared to be pink gloves for washing dishes. In fact, the peculiar couple were almost identical, both in their physical make-up and in the wearing of the incongruous gloves, which remained, much to my perplexed fascination, on their hands for the duration of the breakfast and for the rest of the three days it took to pack most belongings and sell the rest via a yard sale (where I was told to “eat shit and die” by an anorexic goth for refusing to haggle lower than a few dollars for an item that now escapes my memory). Things got progressively stranger as I took time to explore Portland. As the days passed by, it seemed to me that all of Hollywood’s characterizations of the Southern people as stupid, childish, and dysgenic would have been more appropriately applied to many of the denizens of Portland, whose physiognomy was as startling to me then as it now is to anyone following Andy Ngo’s Twitter account (or who clicks on #portlandmugshots), and whose lives resembled something from a Bukowsi poem but without the latter’s redeeming pathos.

One thing I noted early in my stay in the city was the quite radical attachment of the city’s young to a need for some sense of superficial or aesthetic differentiation. In contrast to my experience in the South, in Portland a motley of exotic hair dyes, piercings, tattoos, clothing, and make-up were widely employed by goths, transvestites, and numerous unheard of, and possibly un-named, subcultures. On Day Two or Three of my stay, my friend and I heard that a young female relative of his was about to undergo scarification, a process where shapes or designs are carved into the skin with a surgical knife in such a way that the resulting scar will resemble a kind of morbid tattoo. We arranged to meet with the girl in question, who proceeded to show me a tattoo of a “nebula” on her calf that made the otherwise attractive young woman look like she’d survived some tragic accident. Even aside from my new pink-gloved associates, the city appeared replete with all manner of sexual identities. Scar Girl was, she proudly announced, a bisexual, and had also attached herself to the city’s underground burlesque scene, where the morbidly obese and the handicapped would parade their abundant or mortified flesh in the name of “body positivity.” My friend and I politely declined an offer to attend one of these events, but were happy to take up her offer to take us on a brief tour of the city, which consisted, at its lowest point, of a tour of the various stores selling drug-taking paraphernalia, and yet also of such highlights as the magnificent Japanese garden.

I asked myself — had the city ruined the people, or had people ruined the city? A long-time resident would be better placed to answer that than me. In either case, there’s an argument to be made that once a city establishes a certain reputation, that reputation can be hard to escape from. Decent people can be deterred from moving to the area, while untold numbers of misfits come in their floods in expectation of human acceptance and cultural chaos. Judging from Andy Ngo’s revelations about the city’s Antifa arrestees, the city is now a kind of Satanic black hole, drawing in via demonic gravity every pedophile, sodomite, transvestite, meth-head, and revolutionary Jew in its vicinity (incidentally, the city’s Jewish population doubled between 2001 and 2011).

Portland, for whatever reason, and for however long, had gradually come to see itself, and be seen, as a city proud of progressivism and difference for the sake of progressivism and difference. Almost 80% White, with a Black population of less than 6% and falling, Portland is the “Whitest big city in America.” In fact, the only significant number of Blacks I ever saw in Portland were inside the Lloyd Center movie theater, where, with only a handful of Whites at one particular showing, they chattered and hooted with stereotypical animation all the way through the film I was unsuccessfully attempting to watch. In the absence of significant numbers of Blacks and other exemplars of diversity, the city’s unaccountable and unhinged drive for “difference” has thus long been internalized into myriad pathologies — predominantly sexual, psychological, and political. I vividly remember one day going to Goodwill to look for old blankets that could be used for covering furniture and packing goods. As I neared the appropriate section of the store, I saw a young White, very Nordic, but hippyish-looking couple with the arms filled with almost every blanket the store had. I thought they might have a similar use in mind until a passerby asked them “Sweat lodge?” They nodded and smiled. It was only later, when recounting the story to my friend’s mother, that I was told that the city and its surroundings had a not insignificant subculture that involved Whites engaging with Native American spiritualities, participating in sweat lodges, Sun Dances, and even adopting new, and in my view hilariously pretentious, names like Ghost Horse and Running Wind. Just another symptom, I thought, of the inability of Portland to be content with itself and its authentic past.

An excellent test case for theories of “White pathology,” Portland now distinguishes itself in its role as America’s most politically violent city. About seven years ago I wrote an article for The Occidental Quarterly on Jamaica’s 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion. In the aftermath of the rebellion, which saw Whites massacred wholesale in the most brutal fashion imaginable, London’s Exeter Hall-based anti-slavery society issued numerous proclamations blaming the White inhabitants for the fact they were now having their eyes gouged out. Charles Dickens would later condemn Exeter Hall for their ill-informed and delusional “platform sympathy with the Black—or the Native, or the Devil—afar off, and that platform indifference to our own countrymen at enormous odds in the midst of bloodshed and savagery.” I wrote the essay shortly after an unrelated later trip to Portland, and the city was certainly in my mind when I wrote it. Like many Portlanders, the members of Exeter Hall had little to no meaningful experience with Black or non-White populations, and were thus free to entertain all manner of fantasies about human universalism and human rights, as well as self-aggrandising notions of moral superiority. These fantasies, stewing the minds of the deranged, are now driving chronic violence.

At last some of this can be interpreted as a backfiring of the ambition of the Oregon founders to create a White utopia. When the state entered the union in 1859, it became the only state to prohibit Blacks from living in its borders, and by the 1920s Portland, and Oregon as a whole, was an important northwestern hub for the Ku Klux Klan. It worked extremely well for a considerable time, but, unlike the South where racial realities remained ever present, as generations passed in the predominantly White northwest, memory of the founders’ rationale slowly dissolved, and the same fantasies that occupied Exeter Hall were able to incubate and metastasise. Combined with the insidious intellectual movements of the 1960s counter-culture, Portland gradually produced a witches’ brew of mental pathology, sexual deviance, cultural amnesia, nihilistic anarchism, and acute social decay. In short, my foremost recollection of Portland is of a city that forgot itself.

Ashland, Oregon, 1920s
Ashland, Oregon, 1920s

If there is a moral to Portland’s story, it’s the importance of retaining and reviving the history of one’s people. We live in an age where cultural amnesia is encouraged, and where we are told that it is a moral necessity to forget a shameful past and race headlong into the “progressive” future. Portland shows where this amnesia and “progressive” future actually leads — degeneration, degradation, and swift collapse. The city is a kaleidoscope of the macabre; an asylum run by the inmates. It attracts the demonic and repels the decent, who must shake sinister dust from their feet on leaving. The South, meanwhile, “remembers,” which is why, infused with vast numbers of Blacks, it continues to produce White populations worthy of the name. The South may well rise again — certainly before Portland does.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wow. An Irish bigot. My lefty commie mom would be spinning in her grave. Disavow, disavow!

  2. The bulk of these freaks appear to be women or what’s supposed to pass for women.

    Just think – the law says you’re not allowed to discriminate against them if they want a job at your establishment.

    The slide into oblivion started in earnest with the civil rights legislation. It’s been down hill ever since. If someone, in days gone by, said of you that you’re a discriminating individual, that was a compliment, meaning you knew the difference between thrash and the real thing. Today if you’re called a discriminating individual, it’s time to find a lawyer to defend you from the freaks that appear to currently have the upper hand via law.

    At some point, the pendulum will swing back towards normal and these freaks will disappear from the society. Those with facial tattoos are going to discover what real discrimination feels like and I hope they get it good and hard.

  3. An influx of a few hundred thousand blacks from the racist midwest and south would quickly put an end to Portland’s anti-racist posturing. They would move to Portland in search of a better life free from systemic racism. The Biden administration should subsidize their travel, rent, and food costs until can make it on their own.

    • Agree: obvious
  4. A very perceptive and fascinating article. The author is correct about the mobs of Antifa in Portland and other northern cities: They are nearly all white with females heavily represented and often led by Jews. The Carlyle quote is spot on. Their pure evil and stupidity – regardless of how many degrees they might have (generally their so-called ‘education’ only makes them worse) is merged with a self-righteous, quasi-religious fanatacism which well exceeds that normally ascribed to Muslims. The only comparable historical examples are the Red Guards of Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the 1960s or that of Pol-Pot and his followers in Cambodia.

    • Agree: Patriot, nokangaroos, tomo, Cato, DaveE
  5. Very good, and excellent on Portland.
    It reminded me very strongly of Christopher Sandford. In Sandford’s case, he makes his money from bios of crappy rock stars and media figures. But his articles in Chronicles magazine, mainly about Seattle, are very thoughtful and critical. I get the impression that it’s his way of saying: I know I write about these deadbeats, but I hate the effect they’re having on society.
    Fortunately, Dr Joyce doesn’t have this problem. May he continue to write as well as this.

  6. Portland’s been a loony bin since probably the 1980s. Remember Earth First and inserting metal spikes into redwood trees in order to injure or kill loggers? That was a Portland thing. A friend of mine went to grad school there. He was one of the most apolitical people I knew in college. After 3 years in crazytown he was suddenly a radical leftist spouting Marxist gibberish. I agree with the poster who said the solution is to pay blacks to move there, and a nice Section 8 tower with 400 apartments would do the trick. Sadly I don’t think it could get built because white-bread Antifa would burn it down before the windows could be installed.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  7. if you required special training to be able to reel off the side effects so quickly in these many strange American pharmaceutical ads.

    No. Those are not same speed playbacks. After the voice actor makes the recording it is sped up 1.8X or whatever the maximum still-sort-of-intelligibility may be judged that day. Commercial airtime is billed per second.

    If you listen carefully you will be inflicting damage on your audio process apparatus.

    • Agree: JackOH
  8. Notsofast says:
    @Morton's toes

    While they’re plowing through the legal disclaimers there’s always images of happy couples walking hand in hand through a field of flowers, riding bikes together or skipping stones on a placid lake. All the while telling you that you may experience bleeding from anus and eyes, slight brain inflamation, homicidal or suicidal tendencies. Ask your doctor for oxycodone.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  9. anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan in the 50s/60s, spent 30 years in San Diego and have lived in Vancouver Washington for the past 10 years. I found this essay to be riveting.

  10. Patriot says:

    I grew up in Northern California with liberal parents. Everything I learned from TV, movies, magazines, books, and school was that The South was full of toothless, drooling, stupid, racist hillbilly rednecks who cruelly persicuted Blacks.

    When work demanded that I move to Georgia, I was stunned at how nice, intelligent, and cultured many Southern Whites really were. Most were Christian and tried to live with charity and grace to all.

    Most startling was that race-relations were MUCH BETTER IN THE “RACIST” SOUTH THAN IN WOKE AND LIBERAL CALIFORNIA. In California, you could feel the hatred and tension from Blacks you met or passed on the street. Going into Oakland or Black parts of SF at night was very dangerous. But Georgia Blacks in the 1980s acted like normal people — friendly, helpful, talkative. One older Black lady living in an unpainted old shack in the country wanted to show me her amazing garden. When I said I had never eaten okra, she made me come inside and eat some. We laughed and told stories about our respective family members.

    Another time I asked directions, and a Black guy said “Oh, you never find it.” And led me there in his car. Almost ALL my interactions with Southern Blacks were great.

    That’s when I really learned how corrupt the Media were, and how delusional Liberal Whites were.

  11. Pheasant says:

    ‘About seven years ago I wrote an article for The Occidental Quarterly on Jamaica’s 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion.’

    Incidentally I cannot find this article or your three part series on holocaust revisionism in either the Occidental Observer or the Occidental Quarterly. I have never read your piece on Morant bay but your holocaust series was excellent. Would you consider republishing them elsewhere?

    • Replies: @Rob McX
  12. Dan Hayes says:

    Portland is definitely off my flight plan after reading this article!

  13. @Patriot

    I was walking on a country road in eastern Arkansas when I came on a black man on the side of the road holding a rifle. He was looking up in the trees. I asked him if he was huntin’ squirrels and he said yes. We talked about hunting for a while and I went on my way. All perfectly normal.
    I was standing in line at the North Little Rock post office and overheard two postal employees, one black and one white, laughing and talking. They were planning to meet later at the gun range to target shoot. All perfectly normal.
    Blacks and whites can have normal relations as long as the authorities lock up the criminals, everyone fears the police, and social norms of courtesy are respected.

    • Replies: @Patriot
    , @Anonymous
  14. anaccount says:

    This writing is an accurate account of what Portland is and what it will continue to be.

    I was born in Portland and have never felt at home. I have never been at peace.

    Everyone here deserves to go to hell, even me.

    • Thanks: Polemos
  15. Well, a few disconnected, casual thoughts.

    First, most of the people in Oregon seemed to have moved there — usually from California. I imagine that’s even truer of Portland.

    Second, the Oregon Health Plan, while it won’t pay for glasses, will pay for changing your gender. I seriously wonder if that accounts for all the freaks of nature in Portland. They moved there for the free gender surgery.

    Third, Antifa, unlike previous social rebellions, doesn’t seem to have any significant ideology at all. It’s just rage and the desire to smash things and beat people up, dressed up with a few unexamined phrases. It’s perhaps not coincidental that a lot of those arrested seem to have records involving beating up their girlfriends and things. They’re angry, vicious people. All their own ideology means to them is that they can go ahead and strut their stuff — which they do.

    Fourth — and related to three — these people seem pretty close to the vast herds of vagrants who have appeared in the last decade or so. I’m not sure what the relationship is, but it seems to me they’re close kin in origin, if not necessarily behavior.

    Finally — and there’s some comfort here — these vermin are pretty gutless. The media plays it down, but they get firmly turned back if they venture even a few miles outside of their nests. All it takes to stop them is a score or so of white men with baseball bats. It’s happened over and over.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @JM
    , @Capn Mike
  16. @Patriot

    I don’t doubt your experience but there is plenty of race denial in the south.

    There are plenty of southern Whites that want to believe the egalitarian fantasies that are sold to them on tv.

    Race relations are better in social situations but there is a dark element underneath.

    Crime goes with living near Blacks and southern Whites in many areas are numb to it.

    Some of the news reports in the south are downright creepy. They seem to accept that some Whites will be killed if they stay out too late or walk down the wrong street. If a White is killed by a Black they will talk about it as if it was an accident. Like it was partially his fault for going to the bars late and it was just bad luck that they shot him in the heart.

    I’ve been around both southern and northern Whites. Can’t say I prefer either. Deluded egalitarians are everywhere.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
    , @Alden
  17. Thomm says:

    The demographic profile of the Antifags proves that politics is a circle, and Antifags often completely overlap with WN wiggers. The two ideologies are extremely similar. What is attractive about Antifa is this is the tent under which White Trashionalists can be in proximity of the females of the defective subrace : the fat bluehaired feminists. But the tenuous alliance can only last briefly, as the bottom 10% of white women will never tolerate the bottom 10% of white men in their proximity for long.

    This video explains why there is so much overlap between the Antifags and WN wiggers :

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @Lurker
  18. I really have no problem with antifa. Not in their current boundaries anyways.

    The liberal establishment is the real problem.

    I don’t get why groups like patriot prayer even bother with antifa.

    Let this junkie zombie horde run around the streets of portland.

    Portland is filled with anti-gun and anti-police liberals. A lot of the shops put up BLM posters in an attempt to not get their windows broken.

    Show us how well pleading with a deranged mob works.

    • Replies: @sally
  19. Carlyle wrote the description of the lumpen-proles of his time back when high infant and child mortality still kept the population of individuals with high mutation loads – Edward Dutton’s “spiteful mutants” – down to manageable levels. Now that we have succeeded all too well in keeping the genetic defectives alive and healthy enough to reproduce, the spiteful mutants have started to become a real social burden.

    • Agree: Hootsman
  20. Spent time in Portland and it was a great city–but that was ten years ago, I was most upset and disappointed with the vandalism and hooliganism occurring downtown this past summer and thought they must be taking lessons from Hong Kong –. Across the Columbia River is Vancouver Washington and the trip up the Columbia River beautiful.

  21. @anon

    I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan in the 50s

    All gone, to look for America?
    I have a couple of very old Lufkin rules (me?: carpenter this last 40 years). Top tackle, and I don’t mind saying so, in front of every Man in Sheffield (where my sons now live, so it could be contentious).

    What happened is, like SanFran in the late 19th century, every sponging scumbag in your continent reckoned they could get away with being absolutely degenerate scumbags merely by moving a bit further West. (c.f. H.S. Thompson, or Crowley, or that Russian bint; Alicia Rubberybottom or summat).

    Don’t argue, just write me a letter. With stamps. Fuck yer “social media”.

  22. I guess it would be the better part of valor to cancel that Portland vacation I was planning.

  23. @Notsofast

    My favorite side-effects are “running into traffic” and “compulsive gambling”. I mean, WTF?!

    • LOL: John Fisher
  24. Vojkan says:

    This is how the antechamber of hell must look like.

  25. Thomasina says:

    Andrew Joyce – excellent piece of writing, great insight! Thank you.

    I too found the people in the South to be very respectful and kind. They were more laid-back, and there was a definite sense of pride in the people, something I didn’t find anywhere else. There was a sense of belonging, roots, culture. They refused to hang their heads in shame or guilt at the way that history portrayed them; they had their own history.

    I don’t see pride or a sense of belonging in the faces of the Portland misfits, at least not a healthy belonging. I see fear, anger, and no direction.

    Because of your reference to Led Zeppelin, their song “When the Levee Breaks” kept popping into my head while reading your article. It is as if a levee has broken and all the debris landed in Portland.

  26. JM says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘Fourth — and related to three — these people seem pretty close to the vast herds of vagrants who have appeared in the last decade or so. I’m not sure what the relationship is, but it seems to me they’re close kin in origin, if not necessarily behavior.’

    Displaced by cheap, compliant, Third World labor?

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @Colin Wright
  27. @Patriot

    Everything I learned from TV, movies, magazines, books, and school was that The South was full of toothless, drooling, stupid, racist hillbilly rednecks who cruelly persicuted Blacks.

    Paul Craig Roberts has addressed this bias several times.

    Afrikaners of South Africa are viewed in the same light especially because of old movies like Lethal Weapon 2 and Cry Freedom and more recently Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

    In reality they are intelligent, pleasant, moral and family-oriented plus less prone to vices such as social justice lunacy, LGBT degeneracy and drug addiction unlike South African Whites of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish descent aa well as Jews.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @Druid
  28. @Paul Lacques

    Ad hominem is the last vestige for one who cannot craft an argument. Your efforts at education have failed you.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy, Realist
  29. Good piece with a great opening quote.
    I suspect I’ll be using the latter.
    A lot.

  30. My dad’s mom was a Joyce from Connemara. It’s called Joyce Country. I didn’t see tattoos when I was there five years ago. It hasn’t changed much from the 60s, but the cousins I saw were soon to get electricity.. It is still quiet and clean. Clifden is down the road with all its pubs and music.
    Hopefully, the residents are not watching too many of America’s garbage sitcoms and so called music.

    • Replies: @Hillaire
  31. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent article, Mr. Joyce!

  32. American cities with most people whom identify as having no religion are ranked:

    1. Portland
    2. San Francisco
    3. Seattle

    Just saying.,_Oregon

  33. Fellow holocaust revisionists will know the name Stephen Wise, the rabbi who, to the best of my knowledge, introduced the soap-and-lampshades myth, among other demonic activities (Wise and his son are behind turning “Swastika” into a word and signal of hate*). Rabbi Wise worked in Portland. I could never figure out why that is meaningful. Andrew Joyce has given it some salience.

    Stephen Samuel Wise (1874–1949) was an early 20th-century American Reform rabbi and Zionist leader, in the Progressive Era. Born in Budapest, he was an infant when his family immigrated to New York. He followed his father and grandfather in becoming a rabbi, serving in New York and in Portland, Oregon.

    In 1900, he was called as rabbi to Congregation Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon. Typical of the activists of the Progressive Era, he attacked “many of the social and political ills of contemporary America. . . .

    In 1902 Wise officiated as first vice-president of the Oregon State Conference of Charities and Correction. In 1903 he was appointed Commissioner of Child Labor for the State of Oregon, and founded the Peoples’ Forum of Oregon. These activities initiated a lifelong commitment to social justice, stemming from his embrace of a Jewish equivalent of the Social Gospel movement in Christianity.

    After his return to New York, Wise was a member of the group of Jews who founded NAACP.

    * Swastika The Nazi Terror, by James Waterman Wise, May, 1933 › 1935/09/18 › archives › rabbi-stephe…
    Rabbi S S Wise says he would not insult the flag of pirates by comparing it to the swastika.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  34. gotmituns says:

    There is zero basis for an actual exchange of ideas between racial realists and woke people – even faggots like the two in the video.

    • Thanks: Clay Alexander
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  35. I don’t have a single European friend who’s spent more than a layover in the South, and all of this only reinforces the general ignorance and propagandized vision.

    My European wife tells me that before marrying me, she had no interest in even visiting the US, but she’s been there a few times now! and prefers the rural parts of the South to which we have gone to places like NYC, though for some strange reason she liked Boston too. But to your comment, her brother and his social-status-oriented wife have repeatedly visited SF, NYC, Seattle, and others in that tier, and they can’t understand why she loves the South they have themselves never visited.

    Then there’s this gem from the ‘80s and its reference to Portland….

  36. @Elmer T. Jones

    An influx of a few hundred thousand blacks from the racist midwest and south would quickly put an end to Portland’s anti-racist posturing.

    Except it seems that even blacks are running from this lot.

    • LOL: Malla
  37. One’s beliefs regarding Negroes depends on time absorbing (((media))) Negroes divided by actual discourse with Negroes. This is The Inverse Law of Sheeee-it.

    • Thanks: cronkitsche
    • LOL: anaccount
    • Replies: @ganderson
  38. A question for Mr. Joyce, what is going on with your Talmud & Taboo podcasts? You haven’t uploaded one for a long time.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @JM
  39. xyzxy says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    The Carlyle quote is spot on.

    The only comparable historical examples are the Red Guards of Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the 1960s or that of Pol-Pot and his followers in Cambodia.

    The only comparable examples? In all of history? I see that for some, historical sensibility is limited to whatever happened since 1965. Possibly an artifact of our pathetic educational system.

    And ponder as you judge the quote to be ‘spot on’, Thomas Carlyle died in 1881. How prescient he had to have been in order to discern ‘the only comparable historical examples’, before Mao and Pol were born! LOL

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  40. The South may well rise again — certainly before Portland does.

    The south won’t have to rise again. We will only have to remain standing while the rest of the country falls. I’ve forgotten who wrote that originally.

    • Agree: Bert
  41. Neuday says:

    When in Portland in a Led Zeppelin hoodie and you find yourself accosted by a fat middle-aged woman wearing sweatpants screaming at you to name two Zeppelin songs, the correct answer is “Stairway to Heaven” and “Angie”*. She will lose her shit.

  42. Dumbo says:

    The sad portrait of urban white young people today.

    Go back to the countryside, white man!

    p.s. I like the Georgian accent, Southern people are generally nicer than Northerners in my opinion. But that’s all over, Southern Europe vs Northern Europe also is the same. Could be the climate?

    • Agree: Clay Alexander
  43. gotmituns says:

    Now that we have succeeded all too well in keeping the genetic defectives alive and healthy enough to reproduce, the spiteful mutants have started to become a real social burden

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  44. George says:

    “Whites massacred wholesale in the most brutal fashion imaginable,”

    Do you have a link to that? Wikipedia does not mention anti white violence

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Colin Wright
  45. Mike Tre says:

    I’m not really sure why people think increased exposure to blacks and their degenerate ways will lead to a racial epiphany among leftist whites. It won’t. If anything, it will only increase the self loathing these whites have. Look at Chicago, St Louis, New York, Philly, and any other town with lots of negroes. Are the whites who choose to remain there learning anything? No.

    If you want to discuss the relocation of negroes currently residing in the US, there is only one sensible destination and that is Africa. Repatriate them all.

    • Agree: anaccount, Druid
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  46. Frankie P says:

    I too thought of When the Levee Breaks, but I think it was stimulated by Joyce’s musings about the south. The demanding monster in the airport should have been handed a few titles that suited her style. I would have responded with “Well, if people asked me nicely I would give the popular answers like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Kashmir’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’, but after the way you asked me the songs popping into my head are ‘Black Dog’, ‘What Is and What Should Never Be’ and ‘Moby Dick’!

    • Thanks: lavoisier
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  47. Tom says:

    If one could conjure the collective physiognomy of these morons, it would be a portrait of Satan!

    I created the PS poster about 9 months ago, and I see some of the same mugs shown in this article.

  48. @Neuday

    Dumbass. Everybody knows the Who sang “Angie.” You’re probably thinking of “Hey Joe.” that was Zeppelin.

    • LOL: Vojkan
  49. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    The only comparable examples? In all of history? I see that for some, historical sensibility is limited to whatever happened since 1965. Possibly an artifact of our pathetic educational system.

    With all due respect, the proper response would have been “Here’s another example”. At most, the author Exalted Cyclops would be guilty of using used hyperbole — which you appear to be using yourself.

    • Replies: @xyzxy
  50. Trinity says:

    I have lived in South Carolina for a brief spell, in southwestern Ga, metro Atlanta, and the Georgia mountains as well as the Tampa area of Florida. The only parts of the South that fit the description you mentioned were the smaller towns in northern Georgia in the mountains, the rest of Georgia is filled with some of the angriest Blacks that I have ever encountered. Matter of fact, South Carolina and Georgia have more Blacks per capita than any other state other than Mississippi, ( I have to check though, Louisiana and Alabama have to be up there as well.) I am sure, there are such towns in rural parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, etc., that might be like you described as well, but in no way, shape or form, are Memphis, Charlotte. Memphis is about as ghetto as it gets. Go to any city of any size in Georgia and visit a local mall. Chances are Blacks will literally walk straight into you and dare you to stand your ground or say anything. Blacks working fast food restaurants in the South? Oh yes, that is another trip. They will shove the food at you, not say a damn thing, and I even had one purposely drop my food on the pavement and give an evil smirk straight out of Hell. Needless to say, I sat on my horn, until the manager came. I demanded my money back and told the Black manager that I wasn’t about to pick my food off the pavement. I then when home and called corporate headquarters of Steak & Shake. This happened in Brandon, Florida just outside of Tampa, yes, despite Florida being nothing like the South anywhere below Ocala, it is still geographically as South as it gets in America.

    And here’s the catcher. It rains even more in Atlanta than Seattle. I now live an hour away from the Black mecca of America and I can’t stand all this rain especially since I moved here from the Sunshine State. The drivers in Atlanta and even up in the mountains all drive like they think they are characters in some 1970s Burt Reynolds flick like “White Lightning” or “Gator” or maybe “The Dukes Of Hazzard.” The food in South Georgia and South Carolina is GREAT, the food in North Georgia is SHIT, nothing like the cooking in Florida ( which is like South Ga, and South Carolina,) so that is another strike against northern Georgia. The women of the South? Best region in the country. Even tops more glamorous places like Washington, D.C. and NYC area IMO. I heard Texas and Commiefornia have some beauties though.

    Southerners are not near as nice as you think they are however. Southern hospitality appears to be sweeter than the iced tea served here but it is FAKE. Believe me, a great deal of Southerners are pretty two faced, and another bad habit they have is giving lip service to shit they have no intention of ever doing in the first place, and one stereotype is true I must admit, a lot of Southerners will rip you off in a heartbeat and are as crooked as the small town sheriff’s portrayed in those Jewywood movies. Inbreeding? I think that one is just self projection by the Jews. Jews, Latin American, the Black community, even Northerners are guilty of more inbreeding than any Southern hillbilly that I have ever encountered. This is the Bible Belt after all, and inbreeding isn’t looked at too kindly in these parts. Dumb Southerners? Well, no more than any other region. Some of the dumbest people that I ever met were out of states like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Especially Indiana and Ohio. But then again I have never been west of Omaha, because those Portland rejects look quite special, so I am sure Portland, Seattle, and some Commiefornians would definitely garner the top spots.

    Oh, btw, my man, cook those grits with cheese and then break some fried bacon into those things. Hell, I mix my cheese grits with scrambled eggs,and bacon, that is a great way to start off the morning.

  51. @gotmituns

    There is zero basis for an actual exchange of ideas between racial realists and woke people – even faggots like the two in the video.

    There is zero basis because racial realists are aware of realities that aren’t allowed to be discussed on places like youtube.

    The term ‘woke’ implies being educated when it in fact exists through indoctrination.

    It’s all far more complicated than these oversimplified positions where you either defend or hate a particular racial group.

    Biological realities exist before political positions and we aren’t allowed to study or discuss those realities. Nature existed before all these attempts at hiding it.

  52. @Paul Lacques

    I watched the Australian flick “Ned Kelly” with the androgynous frontman of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger (good acting chops) as the protagonist the other day which made me look at a documentary about the treatment of the Irish by the English (terrible) in the aftermath of the potato famine of the 1840s in the Australian Outback but all that is now forgotten… progress doesn’t have the time to remember the past or the past atrocities, more accurately.

    • Agree: Lost American
  53. @GomezAdddams

    Spent time in Portland and it was a great city–but that was ten years ago

    I thought it was the most boring and soulless city on the west coast.

    One of the big events there is to stand in line for donuts. Yes donuts.

    They’re not even that good.

    Most of the liberal Whites there look depressed. The men all seem neutered.

    • Replies: @Jmaie
  54. theMann says:

    I actually grew up in Rural Oregon, once a magical place that exists no longer. Even then, 60’s/70’s, we all thought a visit to Portland was like a trip to Sodom and Gomorrah, with an overlay of “Metropolis”. Overrun with California’s worst rejects, saturated with a prideful arrogance, and covered with a smelly haze of Marijuana, it truly was place to be avoided.

    BTW, whoever told you to eat shit and die was not a native Oregonian, or they would have told you to go fuck a duck.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  55. sally says:
    @John Johnson

    from the Voice of Joyce comes “the disruption of the Civil Rights movement between the 1950s and 1980s in the South led to a solidified state of unspoken, uneasy, but for the most part peaceful racial compromise. ”

    more than that..George Wallace, Gov. of Alabama, the first justice in Alabma to allow a blackman real justice against a white opponent in an Alabama Court, during the racial conflict, the establishment bums in government caused, was the true leader in bringing about racial social compromise in the South.

    In the south, the great black white divide was never about social separation, it was about white economic supremacy. I lived in Washington DC until 1949 and the deep South. after that, there was far more racial unrest and racial one on one violence in DC, Arlington and Maryland than any place in any of the Southern States at that time.

    Disenfranchised the black man was forced into wage slavery and economic deprivation which resulted in a condition of abject quality of life misery. The civil rights act, changed that condition, subsequently, it took two generations of education to bring enough black community people to competitive white educated levels, but as that process took place everyone in the South generally accepted the separate social but equal economic principle (the disruptive exception was always the federal politicians). Today, even the social separation is disappearing.

    No government has been willing to accept that the problem long in need of solution has been fixed, those assholes in civil government are like the assholes in the Military Industrial Complex <= torment, harass, and kill any civilian, white, yellow, green, or black, dog, cat, or lion as long as a feudal lord of government can make a profit, and the government can corruptly enrich one its own; government has always depended on conflict policy and war to keep their jobs , budgets and revenues.

    Division between different members of the human race are always traceable to policy of governments.
    Humanity gets along fine, until some asshole decides to be a leader, gets the power to lead, etc.. Soon, within seconds after that power is acquired, the divide to conquer and keep the rule takes over..

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @EdinGa
  56. @John Johnson

    See Jessica Chambers for the South, and Mackenzie Lueck for the North/West. And there are hundreds of other cases like this.

    Delusional whites are everywhere.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @cronkitsche
  57. Charles says:

    When I read the first words of your comment I immediately heard Lefty Frizzell singing.

  58. Malla says:

    They refused to hang their heads in shame or guilt at the way that history portrayed them;


    Check out the audience. The spirit is not defeated. Good to see. Awesome Music too.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Druid
  59. Seneca44 says:

    Had a German Au Pair in 2001 who lived in our home in Maryland, which is immediately below the Mason-Dixon line and had its legislature occupied and arrested by Lincoln’s troops during the Civil War so the slave holding Marylanders would not secede. Anyhow, she was quite surprised to find that there were not blacks hanging from trees everywhere and that we did not carry guns on our hips to settle all minor disputes with gunplay. She ultimately really enjoyed the U.S. and quickly learned which neighborhoods to avoid as an attractive white female.

  60. profnasty says:

    Quite right. All because of Jew Revolutionaries who lead the sheep to slaughter.
    Swarthy immigration is the icing on the cake.
    Here pushing 70, I’m hope not to see the coup d’gras. When the White bull falls for the entertainment of the JR’s it will be the end of an epoch.
    So happy I won’t be there to see the bull butchered and eaten by jungle savages.

  61. ganderson says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    In the 19th Century it was said that sympathy for the red man varied inversely with proximity.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Thanks: Sick of Orcs
  62. Rob McX says:

    I too would appreciate a link to the Morant Bay article. It’s not in Andrew Joyce’s archive on the Occidental Observer site. The rebellion interests me because most history books dwell on what they portray as a barbaric orgy of revenge by the governor of Jamaica Edward Eyre. But they also note that many educated and humane British intellectuals supported him.

  63. pecosbill says:

    Good article. No experience in Portland but plenty in Seattle. Woke white folks in Seattle must feel cheated because there are simply not enough black ass available in King Cong county for them to kiss. They have elevated Pink Floyd the felon to near saint status similar to that of MLK. All virtue signaling of course.

    The traditional south is rapidly being destroyed but for sure vestiges of the southern tradition exist today. One can drive the rural byways and see far more Confederate Battle Flags flying than the stars and stripes. Ironically, southerners traditionally have been some of the country’s greatest patriots starting with the Spanish American War. The stoic nature of military culture seemed a good fit for southern character. But this patriotism and devotion was based on the understanding that southern traditions, icons, and history be at least respected. That is no longer the case as the south is now the whipping boy for guilt ridden dumb whites across the country such as pasty white antifags who have hardly associated with blacks except Tyrone the running black.

    Woke whites embrace multiculturalism with such zeal because they lack an authentic one of their own. One element I noticed about the hippy movement in the 1960s it was an overwhelmingly west coast phenomenon and supported in great numbers by migrants from the Midwest and New England, few from the south. It was a search for cultural authenticity they felt they didn’t have. Southerners had their own unique culture and felt no need to range about for another. Charles Manson’s group was composed of girls and a few boys who came from California and the Midwest. Some of his most fanatic supporters were from Maine, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Iowa. The exception was Tex Watson the primary knife-man from small town Texas near Dallas.

    In the military I had a conversation with a young white soldier from the Midwest. I asked him what his state’s traditional celebrations were and he said ‘football and cornholing’. Must have been Nebraska. He did go on to say that sometimes they had parades of farm tractors and combines. Pretty exciting stuff.

    As a young military man years ago I do recall a great time I had in the little all white city of Holly, Michigan during their Renaissance celebration. Very authentic display of white European culture. At a parade through the streets of Holly, I remember a small unit dressed as Confederate soldiers and marching along under the Battle Flag. Of course my memories are colored because of a wonderful girl I was seeing at the time from Holly.

    In later times it was Ike the war criminal and LBJ the criminal who stabbed the south in the back. Southern whites were betrayed by both parties.

    Recently departed Harold Covington established the now defunct Northwest Front for the purpose of building a white republic in the northwest. He often said: “Never have the times been so right and the people so wrong”. Probably better: “Never have the people been so right but the place so wrong”. Whites in large numbers will not move to the northwest crazy house whatever the reason. Anyway, Covington was also fond of saying that white people cannot vote themselves out of their situation of being third class citizens. The second amendment he said was the only option remaining. We’ll see when the gutless Republicons let this stolen election stand without too much of a whimper.

  64. Pheasant says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    Maybe but I have known several Afkrikaners with serious drug problems (serious like crackhead level serious) and personally I have never met one that I liked- they seem to enjoy going out of thier way to be rude and hostile. I give them a wide berth. There really are not that many Irish in South Africa.

  65. Z-man says:

    When was that time period that you describe? Going to the South and then visiting Portland. Your biographical skills are wanting.

    • Disagree: Pheasant
  66. Trickster says:

    This was a great article which in my opinion confirms that blacks as a whole are trash and whites who succumb to the black mentality become similar scum. The photos of these white low lives are something to see, and ponder.

    As usual, no matter where in the world blacks live, ruin and chaos reign. I could never understand why it is so difficult to keep even a poor area clean. It is just as easy to dump trash in the bin as it is to heave it onto the ground. A few days ago I watched a black man eating a takeout meal on the sidewalk. When he was done, even though there was a trash bin within 2 feet, he casually flung the styro container, plastic utensils, soda can,left over food and napkin on the pavement and walked away. Fences, houses, old cars in black areas can easily be fixed at the first sign of disrepair but are left neglected until it becomes impossible to do anything with them other than demolish the lot.

    Blacks are most joyous when they live in filth and ruin. (Here I am going to trigger the English grammar and metaphor police plus the sentence professors lurking here on UR …LOL)

    As the article pointed out, where there is chaos and an influx of the dregs of society, the J00 Joo appear in force. It seems to me they deliberately set about inciting the rabble to trash the place whereupon they move in and buy the destroyed area for peanuts. The destroyers, once their task is accomplished and have served their purpose, are then banned from the area as it is rebuilt and further banished as they cannot afford the prices.

    The same process I am told, works in South Africa where entire slum areas are bought up. Jewish enclaves are the safest as they are managed by guys with the same mentality as the Israelis on the demarkation wall in Israel. Blacks fucking around in these areas generally get the message in very harsh terms that the Jewish areas are areas of pain. Even Julius Malema, must kow tow to the Tribe or face censure. This is what I heard. If anyone on this site can confirm or correct this please do.

    Segregation works. Just ask the whites of South Africa. People all over the world who got on their high horse about Apartheid may now be coming to their senses. These idiots seem to now recognize that the Boers of S/Africa had a brain and knew what they were doing with their race laws. DUH ! The segregated education system still operates in SA. While schools are open to everyone the fees in the white schools are too high for the average black. Further, the blacks with money wont send their kids to nigger schools. The irony is they want them hanging with whites becuause the quality is higher. The Government schools in SA are quite simply, shit, with all the same problems of black schools in the US.

    The solution is segregation. You have to pick a bunch of islands far from the US mainland. Anything with a land route to the US is not feasible because once they wreck their area they will be coming back to live with the Crackers, the people they hate but the people who put bread in their mouths and hands. This deportation includes ALL blacks. They fuck up their own countries and then come here and start the same process of ruination again.

    All Asians, East Indians, Moslems etc should also be kicked out. They have their own country where few whites want to live. Live there ! Why do you want to come here ?

    All white trash who want to hang with these people can do so. At the airport they revoke their citizenship for a new one in Bongo Wongo.

    With these and other similar practices and policies, our problems will be solved overnight and the US can go back to being white instead of being polluted by the shit from the rest of the world.

  67. I’d already been told to “dress down” (and warmer!) for my time in Portland, and decided to travel in comfort with some jeans and a hooded Led Zeppelin sweatshirt I’d bought about a week before. I didn’t think anything more about my clothing until I was going to collect my suitcase in PDX, when a fat middle-aged woman wearing sweatpants barged towards me shouting “Name me two fucking Zeppelin songs!”

    In fairness I’ve walked to kids in Led Zep t-shirts and said, “Not cool, stealing your dad’s favorite shirt like that.” Of course, I say it with a smile and it generally gets a laugh.

  68. Hillaire says:

    The problem alluded to in this article is white self-righteousness, somewhat like the victorian church
    ladies weeping for africans in africa, whilst a cockney street urchin is roasted sweeping out her parlour chimney..

    Unfortunately due to the decay of morality in western man, and his overwhelming love for the exotic
    and other, his social structures will also crumble.

    And though avaricious jews and assorted interlopers relish and joyously participate in our departure,
    as churchills court jew and architect of the dresden massacres opined..

    ‘the abdication of the white man’ will be histories defining view of the twentieth century.

    • Replies: @GC_GC
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  69. xyzxy says:

    At most he’s guilty of hyperbole? Perhaps, but I think it is a display of a quite limited historical perspective. That is not my fault, by the way. Just commenting on what he wrote. But your guess is as good as mine as to what he actually meant, and what he actually knows.

    My guess, however, is that Mr Cyclops is a product of our third rate historical educational system, a system which doesn’t portray much in perspective, and is generally centered on the immediate. In any case, his view doesn’t go back before the sixties.

    However it is, from a relational standpoint, to compare the situation in Portland with Cambodia is rather risible, and grossly out of proportion.

    Along with his praising Carlyle’s insightful quote (about a certain kind of humanity) as pointing toward a later event. Cyclops probably didn’t even recognize the anachronism in that.

    The fact is that ‘the crowd’ has always been a locus of political degeneration, from simple rabble rousing to more involved revolutionary activity. Portland is at most, and to use your word, another ‘example’ of it, albeit a tired example.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  70. @sally

    Humanity gets along fine, until some asshole decides to be a leader, gets the power to lead, etc.

    Yea I’m not convinced it is that simple.

    With racial differences come unequal outcomes which leads to guilt and grievances. Something must be the cause and that leads Whites to search for any explanation other than race.

    The schools alone are a giant mess that no one has an answer to. Billions upon billions have been spent and White liberals still believe that Bad Whites somewhere must be to blame. Their latest half-baked solution (Common Core) depends on dragging down the smartest White kids through group work.

    Liberals send their kids to private schools if they live near Blacks. What does that tell us?

    Black and Whites can get along in daily affairs but then you run into complex problems like culture, crime and education. If liberal theories were correct then these problems would have been solved decades ago. Same goes for “feel good” conservatism.

    I think there is too much genetic divide between Whites and Blacks. It’s too much of a gap. I honestly wish that wasn’t the case. I truly believe that most diseases would be cured by now if Whites hadn’t spend over half a trillion on the great egalitarian war against nature. Blacks haven’t benefited either from this declaration that all unequal outcomes must be artificial in origin.

    • Agree: Patriot
  71. @Exalted Cyclops

    The only comparable historical examples are the Red Guards of Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the 1960s or that of Pol-Pot and his followers in Cambodia.

    I suggest reading about the French Revolution.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  72. R2b says:

    Andrew Joyce!
    You might be, inheritor of James, that is Joyce.
    Cause you write supremely, in the beginning.
    Yea, in a de beginning, but not then afterwards.
    Race is Not the issue!
    Its long-evity of tradition and then social circumstances.
    But first, and foremost, its religion.
    All emanates out of that.
    Not Skin Coulour!
    In that,you are just a bad scientist.
    That said, I agree, there is an attack on inhabitants traditionally White.
    How to resolve it?
    I just said it.
    Become Christian.

  73. @Genrick Yagoda

    “Delusional whites are everywhere.” A television, a radio, and a public school is all that’s needed, from Barrow in the far North to a forest farm in the Southern Appalachians.

  74. Trinity says:

    White Southerners, particularly the males, have been demonized more than any other demographic in America. “White Privilege?” Hell, it doesn’t exist for some “Eye-talian” living on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, or Bay Ridge Brooklyn, much less some White Southerner living in the Deep South. The late comedian and and former scumbag, (((Jerry Lewis))), no relation to the Southern rock & roller, Jerry Lee Lewis, btw, once remarked to the pilot on the plane he was traveling on to let him know when they were flying over Mississippi, that way “The King Of Comedy” could take a dump. Jerry Lewis wasn’t even “King Of The Jews” when it came to comedy, much less “The King Of Comedy.” I found Rodney Dangerfield, a fellow tribesman of Eskimo Pie Jerry, much funnier than Lewis. Lewis is nicknamed, “Eskimo Pie Jerry” by yours truly because I remember a clip when this pompous, obnoxious Jew was screaming at someone because there were no Eskimo Pies in some freezer they had set up on some set.

    As someone mentioned earlier, White Southerners, much to my dismay are some of the most patriotic people in America. But patriotic in since the 1900s in America has meant to serve the Jew and fight in the Jew aka Banskter Wars. And while the White Southerner is very racially aware, MOST are clueless when it comes to the JQ or they are WILLFULLY IGNORANT of Jewish anti-White racism, Jewish power and influence, etc. The Bible thumpers down here will condemn (((Hollywood))), (((the porn industry))) and what they call the (((liberal media))) * as if the media is liberal, what a joke that one is, but IF you mention who controls all this, all you receive are blank stares or even some hostile answers about how you mustn’t go against “God’s chosen people.” Granted there are exceptions down here, Dr. David Duke, the premiere so-called, “auntie Semite” is from Louisiana but the average Southerner thinks a helluva lot more like Jared Taylor than Dr. David Duke. And now, some White Southerners are buying into (((multiracial societies))) as well. I can’t tell you how many times that I have seen a pickup riding through town, seen a good ole Skoal dipping White boy driving while playing rap music.

    And all those movies like, “A Time To Kill,” “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Mississippi Burning,” etc., are nothing more than Jewish Hate Porn against White Southerners. I think if there is a Jewish Coup aka “Commie” takeover aka Colored Revolution aka whatever, etc., in America just like in the old Soviet Union, White Southerners will be viewed the same way that Ukrainians were viewed in the old Soviet Union.

  75. @Trinity

    Well, no more than any other region. Some of the dumbest people that I ever met were out of states like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Especially Indiana and Ohio. But then again I have never been west of Omaha, because those Portland rejects look quite special, so I am sure Portland, Seattle, and some Commiefornians would definitely garner the top spots.

    Seattle is filled with True Believer Whites. It’s really scary. They really think that if the country only elected Democrats then not only Black areas but also Africa could be fixed.

    LA Whites are vain and arrogant but at least have had a taste of diversity. They know that liberal programs can’t fix every racial problem. They continue to elect Democrats but most will privately admit that liberalism does in fact require some fibs about race.

    NW Whites are more like a religious sect. I remember being in a bar in Ballard thinking I might as well cross the street and go to church. Every single man-boy I talked to there had submitted their balls to the holy liberal church of egalitaria. It was creepy. I went to 3-4 more bars and it was the same thing. They were like stuck up Mormons but without the wife at home. What a lousy religion.

    Portland is the same way. BC is somewhat similar but the people are better. I wouldn’t mind going to BC again.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  76. @JM

    ‘Displaced by cheap, compliant, Third World labor?’

    Maybe — but even if that’s part of the story, it’s not the whole story.

    I could go on about it for quite a while, but the real problem is that all we get is speculation. No one seems to be doing a knock-down, drag-out, statistically-driven, dispassionate analysis of what the problem is or what the components of that problem are.

    We need that. Only then can we intelligently and rationally respond to what are obviously ever-multiplying numbers of vagrants. They’re starting to form vast herds. It’s a problem — unlike ‘systemic racism’ or ‘the Corona pandemic’ — that actually exists and needs to be addressed.

    • Agree: tomo
    • Replies: @JM
    , @Commentator Mike
  77. Bert says:

    “The so-called rebellion spread to the surrounding plantations, but only Jamaica courthouse lasted a few days and fewer than a hundred white people would be killed. However, Governor Eyre’s reaction was swift and brutal.”


    Wikipedia is not a reliable source for anything touched by present day politics.

  78. Hillaire says:
    @Lost American

    Irelands fast becoming an african colony it will be gone in twenty years.

    • Agree: Cortes
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  79. Patriot says:
    @rebel yell


    This racial hatred is manufactured primarily by Jews who own the media and academia. Their strategy is to divide and conquer. Democrats also peddle racial hatred each election to get Minorities and gullable Whites to vote Democrat.

    Blacks and Whites can and would live together peacefully, if it were not for these (((friggin AHs))) constantly pushing the HATE NARATIVE.

    One thing that would help (and which Trump was accutally succeeding at) would be to bring jobs back to America and end immigration of foreign wage-slaves. Without the constant importation of foreigners who compete for jobs, jobs and salaries for African-Americans would rise, allowing even high school dropouts to achieve the American Dream. This was actually hapening in 2019.

    But the (((Globalists))) who run this country don’t want to hire America Blacks; they want cheap, desperate, compliant foreign labor. Also, all the new immigrants will buy more of the usless shiny shit they manufacture.


    • Agree: Lost American
    • LOL: silviosilver
  80. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Reply to Trinity,

    Southerners are not near as nice as you think they are however. Southern hospitality appears to be sweeter than the iced tea served here but it is FAKE.

    Which has some practical applications once you understand the underlying abstract game:

    Slavery was maintained in the South by an Honor based society. This society had a very small governing elite (and thought it had none). Social stability and dominance over the vast number of slaves was kept by a class of Gentlemen, whose most important possession was their honor and their ability to fight.

    Wealth was slave/plantation owning, and wealth could be won or lost by simple transfer of ownership title. The contrast with the industrial capital of the US North was that the slave/plantation owner did not run the plantation’s day to day operations, but rather could call up a force to subdue slave or overseer rebellions. (See: The Northern owner of capital and a business could also call up a force to subdue rebellions (strikes), but as a matter of law rather than reputation, and the Northerner managed his operation himself.

    Before the Civil War, deadly feuds were common in the South (see Twain, _Huckleberry Fin_, for a fictional account of these feuds.) After the Civil war, things sort of changed, but Southerners could still be shot in conflicts from assaults on personal honor. Consequently, politeness was selected for.

    If you want to live in the South, even today, be polite. If you are not, you may find that Southerners won’t put up with much rudeness.

    Analogy: Cambodia before Pol Pot was known for the good manners of its smiling population. Pol Pot revealed that the smiles concealed an intense competition for survival, a stasis in a war of all against all. Everybody smiled because those who did not simile, did not live. Given a chance at breaking the stasis and killing their opposition, the stasis was broken and the opposition killed.

    Which brings up an interesting point.


    We have a similar stasis in the United States, and have had it since the 1960s revolution. James Dobson, of Focus on the Family ( ) said at one point “The most important duty of a Christian man is tolerance”, and in retrospect Dobson’s “tolerance” meant “losing” as part of the tribute). Dobson was trying to maintain the same stasis as did the Cambodians, to prevent a disastrous open conflict. Of course, Dobson may have been controlled opposition, many of the Christian organizations apparently were, but the quote is representative and perhaps archetypal of Christian response to the 1960s revolution.

    What happens if the stasis is broken? Suppose that all this talk of “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” is simply a reference to breaking the stasis established back in the 1960s? See: Caldwell, The Age of Entitlement for a view of US political alignment as those who benefited from the 1960s Revolution vs those who were heavily penalized by the 1960s Revolution.

    Black rage is caused by Blacks being embedded in an industrialized society. The combination of 85 mean IQ, high time preference, and salience of strong emotions ( ) (1) prevents their entering, (2) makes industrial society repulsive to them ( ), and (3) leaves them as charity recipients / political pawns for reasons they can’t understand. Further, much of Black society is remnants of the Southern Honor culture, leaving Blacks highly sensitive to social slights. The above would try the patience of anybody, even a Saint, and is also impossible to change except by ending industrial society.

    Whites live in industrial society, and cannot live otherwise.

    We thus have an irreconcilable conflict, a contemporary resource war in potentia, one that has been papered over by an operational goal of suppressing armed resistance for the present and a tactic of paying tribute to Blacks (and similar groups) that cannot and do not want to participate in industrialized society. The tribute is strikingly similar to jizra ( ) and to related civic disabilities, which is intended to be humiliating to as to expedite conversion to Islam.

    The mug shots in A. Joyce’s “Portland Memories” ( ) demonstrate that Blacks are not the only group that cannot and do not want to participate in industrial society.

    Several groups participating in stasis maintenance believe that time is against the Whites, but try to maintain stasis until a dominant position is reached. The White people most responsible for stasis maintenance mostly believe they are virtuous by delaying a bloody conflict. Their strategy is defensive, and, as is always the case with a strategy of defense, is a hope that time is on their (the White) side.

    The hope will not be justified. Time is not on the Whites’ side. Industrialization has proven vulnerable to destruction by political control of capital. Tribute has left the White nations with a decayed industrial and urban infrastructure. Payments to urban areas have diverted capital flows to immediate consumption with no economic return. “Sustainable Energy” is another good example of political diversion of capital to non-productive investments — at best it has a slightly negative life cycle energy surplus (See: M. Shellenberger, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, 2020/06/30). “Sustainable energy” is a policy of disguised de-industrialization, its function is to destroy capital; it is nothing else.

    What if the stasis is breaking down? It was possible to believe that time would heal all wounds in 1960, but not today. Nevertheless, the defensive strategy has become a religion, as has the tactic of tribute and incremental concessions, of “kicking the can down the road”.

    What if Trump has recently destabilized this stasis? It’s possible — Trump is not acting like a lame duck as of 2020-12-02. He is acting as if he has a winning hand ( ). Perhaps Trump’s team has an ironclad proof of a national Federal election stolen by treasonous collusion between some elements of the government against the Executive Branch, and is trying to settle affairs without an open break that could delegitimize the Federal Government.

    Seriously — not who is right or wrong, that has little salience to a person/family caught up in a resource war, but what do you, personally, do? Consider this post as advanced warning. The stasis has been destabilized by the 2020 Federal elections, and is now unstable, Trump or no Trump. ( see also Peter Turchin (search with , or for a short summary see: )

    • Thanks: Alden, Polemos
  81. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Paul Lacques

    Wow. An Irish bigot.

    Try this: An Irish realist.

  82. @Neuday

    ““Stairway to Heaven” and “Angie”*”

    Is that the Davey Graham Angie? Page nicked a lot from him and Bert Jansch, as well as Jake Holmes.

    Off topic, a setback to the rolling World War T campaign – you have now to go to court in the UK before you can give puberty blockers to an under-16 – and maybe even an under 18.

    Children under the age of 16 considering gender reassignment are unlikely to be mature enough to give informed consent to be prescribed puberty-blocking drugs, the high court has ruled.

    Even in cases involving teenagers under 18 doctors may need to consult the courts for authorisation for medical intervention, three senior judges have ruled in an action brought against the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, which runs the UK’s main gender identity development service for children.

    An NHS spokesperson welcomed the “clarity” the decision had brought, adding: “The Tavistock have immediately suspended new referrals for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for the under 16s, which in future will only be permitted where a court specifically authorises it. Dr Hilary Cass is conducting a wider review on the future of gender identity services.”

  83. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Both wrong. It was the Rolling Stones:

    And “Hey Joe” was made big by Jimi Hendrix, although performed by several other American artists before.

  84. I now regard it, second only to Europe, as my home.

    Fake & gay. There’s no such thing as a “European” homeland. I’m Danish, and I can assure you that Denmark is not your home.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  85. anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Drove through Portland in 1997 and enjoyed several days of what was then a civilized city. Powell’s, the Chinese garden, the extensive rose gardens, etc. were all charming.

    Returned in 2014 and found way too many street people, especially in the park near Portland State where aggressive panhandling reminded me more of San Francisco.

    The only use I have for Portland now is the airport and a way out of town to the coast. If I had to stay there it would be in an airport hotel.

    Sad to see the Rose City turning into mutant-hell.

  86. @Paul Lacques

    That’s really funny.

    Do you mind if she spins over a barbecue pit? Poor devils. Even the cannibals need nourishment.

    Now that we’re done here, but before you go. Can you show us your rendition of Al Jolsen’s “Mammy”.

  87. Notsofast says:

    … taking lessons from hong kong- when the riots first started there were instances of
    provocateurs carrying umbrellas and smashing windows to kick off riots at otherwise peaceful protests. i wondered if this wasn’t blow back from the u.s. organizing the hong kong riots.

  88. @pecosbill

    Most people don’t know this about Seattle, but during Mardi Gras Chimpout of 20o1 the entire media and the police department and politicians refused to discuss the race based attacks of packs of feral blacks on white people. Even today, you can see that Wiki is covering up the fact Kris Kimes was murdered by the feral negroes. Jerell Thomas initially knocked Kris unconscious, and then came the usual black mob attack where they stomped on his head as he was down.

    Blacks raped, robbed, and assaulted white people with abandon. The cover up was so complete that although I lived 1-1/2 hours up the I-5 from Seattle I never heard a word about this until 2008. And only then when I was listening to an old broadcast from William Pierce.

    So for over 20 years Seattle has engaged in Negro Worship at the expense of whites. It sounds as though it will be a blessing when both Seattle and Portland get to experience a Tsunami.

    • Replies: @Lost American
  89. Alden says:
    @John Johnson

    There’s a great deal of blame the White victims of black crime on every right wing pro 2nd amendment conservative websites including UNZ

    It’s always the Whites fault for working a late shift, going out at night and even after dark in December when it’s full dark at 4/45 pm, not carrying s gun, going to movies bars clubs restaurants , lack of situational awareness, using public transit, living in cities, anything and everything blamed on the individual White victims. That’s the conservatives

    Instead of blaming the White victims the liberals blame all Whites and American racism.

    Both sides exonerate the black criminals by blaming either the White victims or White racism.

    The Men of UNZ are the worst offenders of the blame the victims conservatives.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  90. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    There were stories a long time ago of southern preachers denouncing the evils of rock-n-roll music, calling it satanic and a pied piper to evil. People laughed and thought it hilarious, dismissed them as cultural primitives. But now I see that they were right after all. All those touted rock bands glamorized drug use and brought it into the general culture. As a result millions of gullible young people were lured into a life of drug use from which many never escaped and often died from. Today the drug problem is huge and widespread with entire areas taken over by drug-addled addicts. Throw in the commercialization of satan-worship cultism, as referred to by the name Black Sabbath and others, and we have the current undertow of strange mystical practices. Also promoted was sexual ambiguity and androgynous appearances. Yes, all promoted like poisoned candy to the masses of children out there and today we see the results, brought to us by the businessmen selling all this. That many of those afflicted would move to Portland is understandable since they’re comfortable with each other. However, this cultural cancer is being promoted all across this country so much of it will be just more Portlands everywhere

  91. @Powderburns

    Interesting and makes sense. I wonder what the next 20 places are without religion.
    Oregon got a large number of NY City transplants in the radical left 60s. Unfortunately Oregon received from NY City thousands of smug, irreligious, nasty, money grubbing, leftist creatures. A few years ago I met some of these types in Ashland. They are also in the Eugene, Salem, and Portland areas.
    I visit some lower middle class excellent citizens in southern Oregon. These people are the opposite of the leftist transplants. Hopefully southern Oregon can split from Oregon and along with northern California make a different state but much better would be for that eastern half of Oregon along with southern Oregon become part of Idaho.

  92. @Genrick Yagoda

    We never hear of these things but hopefully with Unz Review and other news sources we can find out what goes on.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  93. @R2b

    When I was in Joyce Country, Connemara in 60s I was told by old Irish people that when James Joyce visited the rocky, rough Connemara he was not accepted very well. He was disliked but I wouldn’t know if that story was entirely true.

    • Replies: @R2b
  94. @Commentator Mike

    EErrrrr, you might want to look up the definition of sardonic humor……

    @ Lost American.The only media writing about this was the left leaning Indy Paper The Stranger. It was so blatant that their reporter on site had to admit the cover up

  95. Trinity says:

    Something is definitely in the water in the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Seattle/Portland area. If I am not mistaken, that area has produced its share of serial killers. Ted Bundy, Randall Woodfield, ( this guy even had a tryout with the Green Bay Packers at one time), Gary Ridgway, etc. Woodfield was dubbed the I-5 Killer, not to be confused with the I-5 Strangler, some sicko out of Sacramento, Commiefornia, named, Roger Kibbe. Only the most populous states have more serial killers than Washington state, states like Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, etc., all have much larger populations than a state like Washington. Per capita, this state might very well be the serial capital of the world as well. Probably has to do with the lousy, gloomy, dreary and rainy weather. Yep, look at all the Left Coast has to offer, people, rainy, gloomy weather up north, white traitor trash rejects from gloomy Seattle to sunny San Diego, and all sorts of various serial killers from ex-football players to law students.

  96. Ugetit says:

    That was one crackpot pig. Another goofy, rabid, scion of the busybody, rich and powerful, “One World” crowd. He was also a sidekick of Wilson appointed “Justice” Brandeis.

    Here’s what Bro Nat has to offer (all emphases mine).

    Justice Brandeis, through the advice of his Zionist colleague, Rabbi Stephen Wise, volunteered his opinion to President Wilson that the sinking of the S.S. Sussex by a German submarine in the English channel with the loss of lives of US citizens justified a US Declaration of War against Germany.

    Relying to a great extent upon the legal opinion of Justice Brandeis, (as well as fear of what Brandeis knew of Wilson’s illicit affair), President Wilson appealed to Congress to declare war against Germany.

    This Congress did, on April 6, 1917. The Declaration of War against Germany by the United States guaranteed the Jews throughout the world …

    Indeed, Congress declared war against Germany because of Wilson’s assertion that Germany had sunk the S.S. Sussex and that US citizens aboard had perished with the ship. But after General Pershing’s troops were fighting in Europe, the hoax was exposed. The S.S. Sussex had not been sunk and no citizens of the US had lost their lives.

    -Bro Nathaneal, Jews Blackmailed Wilson Into WW I | Real Jew News

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  97. Ugetit says:

    And to realize that did not happen by chance!

  98. GoodTwin says:

    The main problem with Portland is that Oregonians are very nice. They bend over backwards for every weird identity and just want to be considerate. It’s not even that they are particularly liberal, but they are going to change soon I guess.

  99. ruralguy says:

    It’s not just Portland. These low-iq losers dwell everywhere in America. In rural areas, they previously fit into communities, working menial jobs, and stay submerged. But, most bright young people have been leaving the rural areas for several generations, leaving behind no one to give jobs to these losers. Some work in fast food joints, but many can’t handle the “complexities” of doing this. No kidding. With no jobs and no prospects, many migrate out from the Midwest to the coast. They become homeless and unhappy. In rural areas, they have no prospects, so many just overdose on drugs. Many have no sense of identity, so it’s no wonder they are confused about gender and race. They just latch onto popular moralities, because most of simply can’t think. The one that can perform routine work without thought, stay in fast food or Walmart jobs, working the best they can. This is America, people. It’s ain’t all pretty.

  100. Thomasina says:

    Thanks, Malla. That was great music, and THAT (the spirit, the pride) is what I witnessed in the South.

    “Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten.”

    They do not forget. The elite seem intent on wiping out culture. I hope the people of the South can resist this.

    • Agree: Malla
  101. Jake says:
    @Elmer T. Jones

    A bunch of Numinous Negroes doin’ they black thaings like rapin’ and robbin’ and killin’, as well as never-ending political corruption and incompetence, cannot lead more than a teeny tiny number of white Liberals to see reality. White liberals first and foremost despise whites they see as ‘other’ to them, and they use blacks as the excuse to hate on ‘those other’ whites and to hate their own ancestries.

    Portland is all the poof anybody with any sense needs to know that white genes ain’t nowhere near enough. Nor is having very few blacks around huge numbers of whites. If whites lose traditional values European Christian cultural values and identity, they start to go insane.

    It is about culture. We are in a religious war; kulturkampf is being waged against historic Christian European values and identities. There are many ways to lose that war, but only one way to win it: we must work to revive Christendom.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  102. blaqua says:

    The last rational white woman in Portland died in 2018: it was author Ursula K. Le Guin. She may have been feminist, but was feminist with moderation. R.I.P. Ursula R.I.P. Portland city dispossessed!

    • Agree: Polemos
  103. lloyd says: • Website

    This recalls to me a little known vignette from the making of the 1968 movie Easy Rider. They first employed local actors as red necks. But the actors hammed it. So they simply rode up their bikes to a local cafe in the South, and filmed the reactions from the locals. All they got was idle curiosity and friendliness. So they told the locals to imagine the bikies had just murdered a young woman on the road side. Then they got subdued anger but no lynching.

    • Thanks: Pheasant
  104. Scotist says:

    “at its lowest point, of a tour of the various stores selling drug-taking paraphernalia…”

    I stopped reading here.

    Crying in the wilderness here, but why is it that whenever recreational drug use as such is described as somehow inherently wrong or even demonically wrong, why is there never, ever an actual argument to go with it? Why is it simply assumed that this is just so pathological that it matters not what the person’s personality is, the method they use, the amount, the frequency, the setting, nothing? Just pure satanization.

    I have found it almost universally true that this kind of attitude goes with a complete ignorance of the actual scientific facts regarding intoxicants.

  105. My first visit to Portland, 12 years ago, as an American living in Japan and long out of touch with the progressive (double meaning) disease consuming it and all other US cities:

    Postcard from Zinnlandia

  106. Thomasina says:
    @Frankie P

    Yes, it was not only the reference to Led Zeppelin and the subject matter of the article that brought to mind “When the Levee Breaks” (the southern blues), but it was also what happens when a state of equilibrium is broken, when the pressure on the levee becomes too much.

    These people are the result of the loss of equilibrium. They do not fit into the model of neoliberal capitalism, so they pierce and destroy Portland much the same way as they pierce and destroy their own bodies. The levee has broken, and these people have lost all hope.

    • Agree: Frankie P
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  107. Alden says:

    It’s not just low paid service jobs filled by Hispanics.

    It’s non White immigrants affirmative actioned nepotismed into all the STEM medical accounting engineering computer jobs. Asian and Philippino Drs nurses and hospital administrators, Indians and Asians in every skilled professional job. Asians are even becoming veterinarians because the money is so good.

    So these Whites go to college, graduate can’t find a job and get a masters and another masters. When they finally can’t get another student loan they join the revolution full time. They live 7 or 8 in a 2 bedroom apartment and survive on welfare marginal employment and grants from revolutionary non profits like ACORN. Having been propagandized with anti White anti American propaganda in every school they attended from age 5 on, they are the perfect revolutionary lumpen proles to be manipulated.

    There are several universities near Portland. Every university town has these 30-50 year old professional student hangers on causing problems. And if course, the leftists target these college towns for recruitment.

    I’m sure the free gender re assignment surgery is a factor.

    • Agree: Genrick Yagoda
  108. Anonymous[988] • Disclaimer says:

    Things that used to send you running to a psychiatrist, appear to be alive and well, in Portland. Getting to be a truism in many parts of this country. Up is down, and right is wrong. One more city off my places to see before I die. (List gets shorter, daily)

  109. @ruralguy

    ” This is America, people. It ain’t all pretty”

    No this is not America, this is the remnants of America transformed through the Frankfurter Schule to a deranged class of Democrat supporters.

    This is what you end up with when the psychotic Democrats set policy.

    AJM “Mensa” qualified since since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro Jazz artist (winds)

    • Agree: John Johnson
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @RadicalCenter
  110. “ the city is now a kind of Satanic black hole, drawing in via demonic gravity every pedophile, sodomite, transvestite, meth-head, and revolutionary Jew in its vicinity (incidentally, the city’s Jewish population doubled between 2001 and 2011).”

    Great line. I’ve also been a fan of A. Ngo’s mugshots. I’ve wondered though whether the Portland PD could be using some type of photo filters to create the bizarre skin conditions each of these freaks exhibit.

  111. R2b says:
    @Lost American

    Thank you for that view.
    Joyce was probably as good as many litterati says, but I couldnt bear the other half of Ulysses.
    And now.
    Never will I waste my time.
    This new Joyce we have here, is very talented.
    But as I say, how can an already mongrel lot, claim racial purity?
    Such nonsense.
    There are larger and more important things to share.
    Put yourselves together, and face ultimate reality.
    Will you answer colour or love of your neighbour?

  112. @Jake

    It is about culture. We are in a religious war; kulturkampf is being waged against historic Christian European values and identities. There are many ways to lose that war, but only one way to win it: we must work to revive Christendom.

    Yea not at all convinced.

    The mainstream protestant churches have jumped on the idea that race doesn’t exist and Whites ruined Africa.

    What else could be the cause?

    If Christianity was the solution then the left would have been defeated in the 60s.

    It seems that some denominations are able to deflect liberalism but the mainstream churches readily accept liberal propaganda regarding racial differences.

  113. Thanks for a very entertaining and engrossing essay. I will add the following:

    In San Francisco in the early to mid-90s I hired an acquaintance to work under me in the accounting department of a SF firm. He was a young black man raised in NYC and he was extremely proper in his dress and speech. . As it turned out, he had come to SF to come out as a gay man.

    He had a good friend, who had moved to Portland in the early 90s and he would tell me of how he was learning about Portland from his friend’s experiences up there. His friend was white. Portland at the time appeared to be a bucolic relaxed backwater in the Northwest. My acquaintance’s friend even ran for City Council or something like that.

    From all this I got the distinct impression that Portland was a “cool” place to live. Add to this Gus Van Zant’s 1991 film My Own Private Idaho, and the fact reported in Mojo Magazine that failed country singer kd laing had taken up residence there, and you had a depiction of a different Portland in the 90s that obviously changed radically starting in the ’00s.

    What a shame. It was once so vastly different just a few decades ago.

    • Replies: @James O'Meara
  114. @Thomasina

    These people are the result of the loss of equilibrium. They do not fit into the model of neoliberal capitalism, so they pierce and destroy Portland much the same way as they pierce and destroy their own bodies. The levee has broken, and these people have lost all hope.

    This is similar to what I have been saying. We may call them Marxists and anarchists but they are really just people at the bottom that have been pushed too far.

    They want to destroy the society that they feel has wronged them. The red flags and chavez shirts are just an excuse.

    These are not modern Bolsheviks. These are depressed souls that live in a state of confusion and resentment.

    The early Communists had a plan and believed they were going to create utopia. These antifa types would burn down the city just because your life is better than theirs. Sad really.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  115. Patriot says:

    My favorable views of Southern Blacks and Whites were from mainly rural and small towns in Georgia in the early 1980s. I wonder if things changed after that? Maybe all the propaganda about how Black problems were all caused by Whites has finally accomplished what (((they))) intended it to do?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  116. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:
    @rebel yell

    Prove it. Strap a body cam on an spend one night in the hood..

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  117. @ruralguy

    It’s not just Portland. These low-iq losers dwell everywhere in America. In rural areas, they previously fit into communities, working menial jobs, and stay submerged. But, most bright young people have been leaving the rural areas for several generations, leaving behind no one to give jobs to these losers.

    Society used to be better balanced when:
    1. People were expected to help relatives that had a hard time finding work
    2. Men raised boys
    3. Whites did not have their heads filled with egalitarian glop.
    4, Entry level jobs were not dominated by immigrants

    When I see people homeless or on drugs in my area I don’t think about what losers they all are.

    I think it is all a tragedy caused by an alliance of selfish conservatives and deluded egalitarians. This is all a mess that I don’t think can be reduced to individuals making bad decisions as Con Inc would like us to believe.

    Most Whites are incapable of thinking clearly as their heads have been filled with BS from birth.

    Anyone that doubts this can go ask average White people about Liberia. Very few even know it exists let alone its history that completely contradicts everything that both liberal egalitarians and Con Inc types tell us.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  118. If these freaks are any inkling of the future of America you don’t have to worry about the Chinese, Russians or anyone else wanting to take over “shitholes” like this. So in a form of more abstract thinking we should be thanking our ” Trans-Pan-LBGTQXYZ-Facially Tattooed-Tree Loving-Human Hating-Animal Loving-Drugged Out-Confused-Ultra Violent” fellow Americans for deterring possible foreign aggression. Thanks Portland and Seattle too for your help.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  119. Dumbo says:

    Religion (well, Christian religion) is good for normies for several reasons:

    – protects them from bad stuff such as too much drugs, alcohol, sex
    – protects them from weird cults (I include liberalism here) and bad ideas in general
    – lets them see that a different life is possible
    – family-centered life

    I also think that an additional historical benefit was ‘anti-semitism’ or at least a certain skepticism: in ancient times common people in Europe were suspicious of Jews mostly for religious reasons. There might be cases in which it was bad (pogroms, discrimination, etc), but today it’s too much the opposite way, there is zero questioning, they accept everything that is said about/by them, and Jews are basically sacred or untouchable, or you’re a Nazi. Of course, now the Church is totally infiltrated by Gays, Masons and Jews and who knows who else, so it doesn’t matter.

  120. Ugetit says:

    Frankfurter Schule to a deranged class of Democrat supporters.

    I’ve heard of that (the Frankfurt School) before, in passing, but never knew what it was. What I’ve just discovered doesn’t surprise me a bit, but since you obviously know more about it than I ever will, would you care to offer your opinion on this and anything else that would be informative?

    The Frankfurt School is a Marxist splinter group of leftist pseudo-intellectuals, many of them Jewish atheists,[1] trying, mainly by means of so-called “the long march through the institutions”, to corrupt traditional Christian values of Western culture with pseudo-values included in the umbrella term of Cultural Marxism. Their ultimate goal has been to take-over countries not with guns and weapons, but with pseudo-values and ideas that would change the way that people think.[1][2] The basic trait of the Frankfurt School is the merger of the Marxist philosophy with the Freudian psychoanalysis in effort to achieve for societal changes made in line with communist directives:

    It has long seemed to me that “pseudo-intellectual” pretty much describes the state of intelligence in the USSA, but I could be wrong.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  121. Dumbo says:

    Because drugs are (mostly) bad for you?
    I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to know it.

    ignorance of the actual scientific facts regarding intoxicants.

    Maybe; but who needs “scientific” facts when you can plainly see how druggies look and act, and compare them with those who are not habitual user of drugs, the difference can be astounding.

    Of course, it could be that it is just correlation, i.e. losers use drugs, but it’s not drugs that make them ‘losers’. But mostly, drugs are bad for your health, body and mind. Even marihuana. And not so much because of the contents of the drug itself, or its chemical effects, but because the mere idea that the main “fun” in life is to get “stoned” or “high” is stupid and eventually turns you into an idiot.

    • Agree: Druid
  122. Trinity says:

    I don’t know how long your stay was in Georgia, but Blacks have always been an extremely hateful lot in The Peach State, from the small towns to the larger cities. Sure, you might find some Blacks out in the country that are good people for the most part, one good example would be Herschel Walker or a Clarence Thomas, but they are very rare, my friend. My folks were born in small Southwestern Georgia towns and they told me stories about racism from both sides of the aisle. I would see it for my own self while just visiting my grandmothers who lived in Georgia on our trips from Maryland. Maryland? Ah, there is yet another state that is enriched by Black culture to say the least. My word, I must have a PhD in TNB at this point. The early 1980s I was living in Albany, Georgia before heading to Cigar City, and let me tell you, I didn’t view Blacks very favorably from my experiences in dealing with them then or now. Albany actually had the honor of being the per capita murder capital of America in 1988, but by then I was long gone. I am guessing the city is about 75-80 thousand then and now, it hasn’t changed that much in terms of population, HOWEVER, the city is probably at minimum at least 75% Black whereas when I left in 1983 it had just turned to a majority Black city. It is a total shithole but at one time it was one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities, and they had big plans for it.

    I don’t know if you visited Georgia or lived there, but visiting a place doesn’t always give you a good picture of what a place is really like. The 1980s in Georgia was full of racist Blacks and it is even worse now, and then now Georgia has a sizable Mexican/Hispanic population as well. Blacks in Georgia are the worst that I have ever encountered bar none.

    • Thanks: Patriot
    • Replies: @Patriot
  123. @Ugetit

    I’ve heard of that (the Frankfurt School) before, in passing, but never knew what it was. What I’ve just discovered doesn’t surprise me a bit, but since you obviously know more about it than I ever will, would you care to offer your opinion on this and anything else that would be informative?

    I can take that.

    The whole thing is a route on Western objectivity and critical thinking.

    According to the Frankfurt school if you aren’t attacking Western institutions and traditions then you are defending them and you can’t claim objectivity.

    So for example if you point out objective evidence that racial differences exist then you are just defending the discriminatory system of race. Whether or not your evidence is true doesn’t matter as much as the side you are revealing yourself to be.

    This is how they decided to deal with unwanted truths. If you present the truth and it supports the system then you are just a defender of the system. It’s a pre-empt against anyone with a threatening argument.

    Amusingly you can call describe yourself as objective if you attack anything Western with relentless left-wing bias.

    They wrapped the whole thing in soci-speak and even most professors really buy into it. As in they don’t really see it as a system but more the rational way to approach studying society.

    But it all falls apart quickly on the internet where you actually have to argue your point and can’t rely on just calling people names if they present unwanted facts.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  124. 20 years from now, Hollywood will remember these people as heroes and make dashing romantic cinema about them. You will be remembered in the popular memory as obese Nazi trolls, hated by everyone. Neither of you groups will live to see it, but I’ll make note of it in my memoirs from China.

    • LOL: Polemos
  125. Interesting article.

    But how did the rest of the move go, and having to work with those strange people?

    As the author doesn’t say, one is left to presume it went well, which is unexpected, given how it was set up in the beginning.

  126. @Scotist

    Why is it simply assumed that this is just so pathological that it matters not what the person’s personality is, the method they use, the amount, the frequency, the setting, nothing? Just pure satanization.

    Where do you live? I’m not in the city anymore and even our local park has junkies that want to do nothing but sit around and get high.

    It’s not pure satanization when they break into cars to support their habits.

    I just drove by 5 cars that had been broken into the other day.

    What is your solution here? Tolerance? SF tried it and they are now the junkie capital of the west coast. People there buy junk cars to leave at BART stations. As in people buy a second car just for junkies to break into when they go to work. It is that bad.

    Have you ever lived in the city? Nothing will make you lose faith in tolerance like being surrounded by it.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  127. Thomasina says:
    @John Johnson

    “The early Communists had a plan and believed they were going to create utopia. These antifa types would burn down the city just because your life is better than theirs.”

    And it’s probably all subconscious. That co-pilot who locked his captain out of the cockpit and then purposely crashed a planeload of passengers into the side of a mountain was also full of anger. He really couldn’t cope with life (which IS hard for everybody these days), so he was going to make everybody else pay.

    I think the fault lies with the elite who are running the country, an elite who could care less about its citizens, what pressure they put them under. If you run a household where the hustle is all that matters, you really shouldn’t be surprised when one of your children go over to the dark side.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  128. @George

    ‘Do you have a link to that? Wikipedia does not mention anti white violence…’

    Lol. Chuckle, anyway. Good one.

  129. @Hillaire

    ‘Irelands fast becoming an african colony it will be gone in twenty years.’

    It could get interesting. The Irish, after all, managed to eventually drive out the Anglo-Irish — of whom there were quite a few.

    I’m sure everyone will deplore it — but all those blacks may wind up going back where they came from. Like the English.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  130. @Patriot


    2019 Colin might have bought into that.

    After the Summer of George? They can go fuck themselves. I’ve had enough.

    • Agree: Pheasant, Druid
    • LOL: Patriot
  131. @Magic Dirt Resident

    Yes I know about Vendée. Haiti was another horrific example from around the same time as the French revolution. I should have qualified it as “modern examples”. That’s what I was thinking of and using.

  132. Trinity says:

    I hate to say this because those pathetic USEFUL IDIOTS pictured above at the top of this article are someone’s children, brother, etc. These USEFUL IDIOTS are actually fighting for the suicide of their own race. Has there ever been people this stupid before? Oh yes, the Soviet Union comes to mind when the Jewish Revolution took place in 1917. The so-called, “workers paradise” tortured and subjugated the working class worse than anyone else. Sure they came for the intellectuals, at least they came for the goyim intellectuals but no other group was punished more than the poor or working class. Look no further than the starvation of millions of Ukrainian farmers, many of whom were Christian. But alas, the Christians of America don’t shed a tear for these Ukrainian or other Eastern European Christians like they do the alleged Jewish “victims” of the so-called, “holocaust.” Oy vey, those poor Jews and those “evil Nazis” is preached even in many churches today, but you won’t dare here a pastor or preach mention the victims of the Holodomor. WONDER WHY?

    Once again, we have Whites fighting other Whites for the benefit of nonwhites and Jews. Whites slaughtered each other in the American Civil War and both World Wars, and it took the best of the best from the White race. Think of the tens of millions of Whites lost fighting in both World Wars. Talk about White Genocide. I remember reading a post one time written by a Black guy about (((Antifa,))) he was telling his fellow tribesmen, to just stand back and let Whitey fight each other for the Black man. Of course, these (((Antifa))) retards often partner up with (((BLM))) and they appear to have merged into one group, these (((Antifa))) dimwitted rejects garner little respect from Blacks and/or their Jewish masters. Matter of fact, Blacks openly mock and subject many of these white traitor trash (((Antifa))) rejects right out in the open and these fools take the verbal and sometimes physical lashings with a smile. smdh. How does one reach such a pathetic level of existence?

    • Agree: Patriot
  133. @restless94110

    “From all this I got the distinct impression that Portland was a “cool” place to live. Add to this Gus Van Zant’s 1991 film My Own Private Idaho, and the fact reported in Mojo Magazine that failed country singer kd laing had taken up residence there, and you had a depiction of a different Portland in the 90s that obviously changed radically starting in the ’00s. What a shame. It was once so vastly different just a few decades ago.”

    You mean, this Portland?

    Control-F says no mention of Portlandia yet. Why so? This was my first thought after the recent unpleasantness arouse: WTF happened to Portland? And, on the other hand, what had possessed uber-SWPL cable outlet IFC to greenlight Fred Armisen’s “gentle spoof” of “quirky” Portland, and run it for 4 seasons?

    Putting on my tinfoil hat, perhaps this was “predictive programming,” getting a certain kind of malcontent to head out for the territory? Take this sad story:

    “Tiara Darnell started watching it while in the Peace Corps in Morocco.

    “It just seemed like a really cool place to go and sort of figure myself out,” she says. “That wasn’t the only reason I moved to Portland or to Oregon, but it would be not truthful to say that didn’t have some impression on me.”

    “After moving, Darnell, who is African-American, starting seeing holes in the show. “I could probably count on one hand how many episodes actually have a black person even in it, even as an extra,” she says. “And so it lends itself to this notion that Oregon and Portland are very white and there’s no black people here. And for a while that weighed on me.”

    “Darnell says it took a year or two for her to really connect with the black community in Portland.”

    I love this part: how the show “lends itself to this notion” that Portland isn’t overwhelmingly White. This is the kind of “thinking” they learn in college, and just mechanically apply everywhere: the world is overwhelmingly non-White but the media just lies, man! There are really 57 states, man, but the media won’t acknowledge nonwhite places like PR and DC and Guam! Even after it took her years to find another black person in town.

    So anyway, why depict Portland as a hipster Wonderland, when in fact it was a hellhole ready to boil over into anarchy — and not the cool college anarchy, either.

  134. Dutch Boy says:

    Every large city (and not a few mid-sized and small) on the West coast have turned into Dirtbagvilles, overrun with the homeless, drug-addicted and generally shiftless. Many of the young people are human gargoyles sporting odious tattoos and piercings. Even San Diego has fallen into this trend and now has a homosexual Filipino as mayor elect to cap it off.

  135. By-tor says:

    Alden religiously blames all UNZ men for ‘blaming victims’ whether they have commented on any interracial crime articles or not. Half or more of the comments focus on black criminals and their actions without mentioning the victims.

    • Replies: @Alden
  136. @Paul Lacques

    Wow. An argument-free cretin.

    Please leave. You are lowering the average IQ of this forum.

  137. @anaccount

    If you honestly believe the final two words you should:
    a) Get out of Portland last week
    b) Seek psychiatric assistance to rid yourself of self-harming delusions and gain relief from the stress of having lived in a lunatic asylum for far too long

    But if you refuse to do either, then I take the view that Yes, you WILL eventually deserve whatever is to be your fate – just as will the freaks sampled in the above article.

  138. JWalters says:
    @Paul Lacques

    Mr. Joyces’s story of the white North Carolina family with the three sons is revealing. Two of the sons went to a school with a social environment of disadvantaged blacks, and became like the people in that environment. Research has found this is what happens to people, both black and white, and whether the disadvantaged environment is black or white.
    “Toward a Theory of Race, Crime, and Urban Inequality”

    These findings imply that the reason blacks in that environment are that way is because they are in that environment, just as happens with whites. The characteristics of this social environment are described in the research paper linked above.

    The sad cases in Portland are further evidence that whites are also susceptible to going off the rails in life. They are not protected from this by some inherent intelligence and nobility.

    Here’s an entertaining 2 minute video that captures some of white identity politics in a nutshell. A Scottish neighbor drops by William Shakespeare’s house for some milk.
    “A Bit of Scottish History”

    It seems to me every ethnic groups has SOME people who are honest, hardworking, and honorable.

    • Disagree: Colin Wright
  139. @Mike Tre

    I’m not really sure why people think increased exposure to blacks and their degenerate ways will lead to a racial epiphany among leftist whites. … Are the whites who choose to remain there learning anything? No.

    The white leftists, overwhelmingly, have zero interaction with underclass negroes. The thinking is that if every other apartment on the upper west side was occupied by Shitavious and his cousins, we would see the epiphany. But too many whites have behaved like Amy Biehl’s parents for me to believe the theory. At this point, other than children who’ve not yet discovered the real world, what excuse is there for being ignorant of the nature of the negro?

    • Agree: Rob McX
    • Replies: @Rob McX
  140. Jmaie says:

    Across the Columbia River is Vancouver Washington and the trip up the Columbia River beautiful.

    Let’s talk when Vancouver gets their own St. Honore Boulingerie…

  141. @theMann

    BTW, whoever told you to eat shit and die was not a native Oregonian, or they would have told you to go fuck a duck.

    I’ve been kinda wondering if any locals would chime in. As a constant traveler I have seen enough of Portland to avoid it if possible, but it seems like a big turn occurred in the 1980’s when the population began to jump. It was also the 80’s when Portland embraced the rejects from the Bhagwan Rajneesh’s failed commune wasn’t it?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  142. Jmaie says:
    @John Johnson

    Spent time in Portland and it was a great city–but that was ten years ago

    I thought it was the most boring and soulless city on the west coast.

    You’ve never been to Seattle, then.

  143. Hootsman says:

    These people are religious though; their god is “equality”, their saviour is the state, universities & lecturers are their temples & priests, and their saints are “the victims of inequality”.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  144. @pecosbill

    As a young military man years ago I do recall a great time I had in the little all white city of Holly, Michigan during their Renaissance celebration.

    The Renaissance Festival is well outside the town of Holly in Groveland Twp. But Holly (and the rest of Northern Oakland/Southern Genesee Counties) remains quite white.

  145. @Ugetit

    Poor Wilson! A flash mob of Jeffrey Epsteins, Monica Clintons, Balfour Declarations, and rabid rabbis made short work of him. Duped, blackmailed, and bewildered. But I guess it was good for “israel”.

    • Agree: Ugetit
  146. Thomm says:

    More proof that Antifags and WN wiggers have major overlap resides in notorious NorCal White Trashionalist Kevin Crawford Kraft :

    He got arrested every two months (when he was free), until he later got incarcerated long-term.

    This is who WNs have festooned and beatified as their thought leaders.

    Politics is a circle, and there is very frequent and free movement from WN both in and out of Antifa, given their ideological similarities, as described in Comment #17 above.

  147. @Chris in Cackalacky

    Possibly failed sarcasm. With sarcasm, once the irony is detected, everybody gets it. Nobody got this.

  148. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Dumbass. Everybody knows the Who sang “Angie.” You’re probably thinking of “Hey Joe.” that was Zeppelin.

    The joke’s on you, pal.

    Those are both Foghat tunes.

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  149. Rob McX says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Ninety percent of what any normal human being learns is from second hand sources. People can perhaps be excused for not fully absorbing facts that are irrelevant to them, e.g. events happening in Africa or China that they see in brief news clips on TV. But when you can’t learn from what’s happening in your own country, to people you can (or should) identify with, even if you’re not directly exposed to it, then you’re never going to learn. Any American in 2020 who hasn’t grasped what blacks are really like is condemned to perpetual and impenetrable delusion.

  150. Patriot says:

    From the reply-postings to my post saying that I had overwhelming good interactions with both W & B people during my 9-yr stay in Georgia in the 1980’s, it appears that my experiences were out of the oridinary.

    I must admit that I was based primarily in Athens and Tifton, and spent time in the surrounding rural areas. Also, I found that Blacks in Atlanta were sometimes aggressive, but nowhere as aggressive or hateful as in California at that time.

    Mileage may vary.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  151. Snarky1 says:

    Fine read, thanks! I used to live near Northern California/Oregon back in the 1990s. Lot of drug abuse in Pacific Northwest, most noticeable in metro/urban areas.. You see the longterm side effects of psychedelics in those faces. Many of these are themselves the offspring of drug users. Rural areas can seem pretty normal though, much like midwest, redstates. Portland and Seattle probably the most dysfunctional.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  152. It was in the thread somewhere. Where doesn’t matter. ‘…“White Supremacists” …’

    That term really irritates me.

    Who’s a ‘White Supremacist’? Who wants to be Supreme over blacks?

    The most extreme of us don’t want them here at all. We certainly don’t want to rule them.

    ‘White Separatist’? Fine. ‘White Nationalist?’ That too.

    ‘Flaming, rabid, anti-black bigot’? Okay.

    But ‘White Supremacist?’ That’s nonsense. You might as well claim I’m a Hindu. It doesn’t describe my beliefs or desires at all. Speaking for myself, I can assure all blacks of one thing: I have no desire to have any form of contact with them at all, and that includes ruling over them.

    God forbid. Anybody else: it could have its point. Blacks? They’re safe.

    • Thanks: GeneralRipper
  153. Ugetit says:
    @John Johnson

    I found a little more info on the morons and I do smell several rats, but I’m no genius.

    New Left? Has the odor of neoliberalism to me. Neocon, too.

    The Frankfurt School and the New Left: Sorcerer’s Apprentices and Hobgoblins
    And the ‘terrible waters’ they have wrought since 1968.
    By Robert Grözinger
    Equity & Freedom

    All of the following are from Wikipedia,

    The term Frankfurt School informally … the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), an adjunct organization at Goethe University Frankfurt, founded in 1923, by Carl Grünberg, a Marxist professor of law at the University of Vienna.[9] It was the first Marxist research center at a German university and was funded through the largesse of the wealthy student Felix Weil (1898–1975).[3]

    Félix José Weil …was a Jewish German-Argentine Marxist, who provided the funds to found the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Carl Grünberg… Born in Focșani, Romania in a Jewish-Bessarabia …

    Max Horkheimer…was born into a conservative, wealthy Orthodox Jewish family.

    Friedrich Pollock was born to a leather factory owner in Freiburg im Breisgau. Pollock’s Jewish-born father …

    I noticed a couple of other similarities that they shared besides coming from arguably rich families but I cold be a paranoid with a tin foil dunce cap. Can anyone venture a guess?

  154. @ganderson

    ‘In the 19th Century it was said that sympathy for the red man varied inversely with proximity.’

    It still does. If you spend any time near anywhere near where there are large Indian Reservations, you’ll find that attitudes are somewhat more…ambivalent than they are in Manhattan, or the San Francisco Bay Area. The Intermountain West is a particularly good region to pick up on this.

    • Replies: @ganderson
  155. Nkkjiijhh says:

    I’ve never been to Portland, but it seems like a bigger version of Madison Wisconsin, a city in which I’m happy to no longer reside. A little over a third the size of Portland, Madison vies for it in per capita degeneracy.

  156. @James O'Meara

    ‘Control-F says no mention of Portlandia yet…’

    You’ll note the lead characters in ‘Portlandia’ are two Jewish assholes from California.

  157. @Paul Lacques

    How truly pitiful it is that only @Vojkan who replied to @Chris in Cackalacky seems to understand humor. I chuckled out loud when I read this comment. On reading the replies I was a bit taken aback to find that no one “got it”. Lack of a sense of humor often indicates a state of general unhappiness. My heart goes out to all of you. The puritan witch hunters of the cancel culture and the race obsessed white supremacists who harp on the shortcomings of those they consider “other” are cut from the very same cloth. They prefer to nurse a grievance than to reach out and find common ground with those who may be different from themselves. Those of us who work to keep our minds and more importantly our hearts open are waiting to embrace you when you are ready. Much love.

  158. JM says:
    @Colin Wright

    I agree, but provisionally, it’s not at all unreasonable to propose that the inevitable effect of mass Third World migration would lead to the creation of an underclass, a lumpenproletariat. When the English ‘peasantry’ were ‘released’ from the land by waves of Enclosures, the ‘surplus population’ so created were called (wretched) vagabonds. Today the release is from the failed states of the Third World (all of them).

    Of course it’s worse in the West today, because, apart from the preexisting drug culture taking out a significant proportion of the once working population, there was also a preexisting entitlement to the same kind of jobs that have now been taken by the establishment entitled aliens vs the indigenous – something that is sure to produce demoralization on a grand scale.

    Whatever the case this lumpenproletariat constitutes a gun for hire for Soros and his ilk.

  159. Trinity says:

    Tifton is only a stone’s throw from Albany, so you obviously had better experiences there than I did. Athens is a college town and North Georgia, is the Whitest part of the state. Nearby towns like Gainesville are loaded with Mexicans, El Salvadorans who work at chicken processing plants, and various factory jobs. From Atlanta all parts south is very Black, and to the northeast, the city of Augusta is dark country as well. I am trying to think of the cities near Tifton, Cordele, the self proclaimed, “Watermelon Capital Of The World, haha, comes to mind, a very tiny stop in the road called, Ty-Ty, haha. Sylvester, the self proclaimed, “Pecan Capital Of The World. Athens is very White when compared to places like Tifton, Valdosta and Albany, but it is dark when compared to other smaller towns in North Georgia. Like I say, nearby Gainesville doesn’t have a lot of Blacks but they are loaded with Mexicans.

    I always stop off in Tifton to break up my trip to Florida since it is right off I-75. Used to stop over in Albany but the place is such a shithole I don’t even bother spending the night there anymore. I would guess that Tifton isn’t much better but hey, the hotel is right off the interstate and well traveled. I have had my car broken into while staying overnight in Albany, never again. You couldn’t pay me to live in that area again. No way, Jose. Because of Blacks, Albany lost Firestone, Merck, Cooper Tire and I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon lost jobs like Miller Brewery, Charmin, etc. I don’t know, the toilet paper factory is probably working around the clock now,so who knows?

    • Thanks: Patriot
  160. @Colin Wright

    How many of the “Anglo-Irish” were driven out, and which ones? Who, indeed are you referring to? Many “English”, not least the Anglo-Normans, would have gone native – after all religion didn’t divide till about 1600 plus or minus a few decades. The Ulster Unionists didn’t leave and, I suspect , survived the potato blight better than the Catholic peasantry. And then you have to think through what would constitute the blacks becoming a problem (like the JQ in any way?) and what could be done about it if they began to have worrying voting numbers and identity politics to match.

  161. Cry says:

    The Pacific Northwest was stolen from Native people. America was stolen from the Indian Natives. Nuclear subs into Bremerton happened long ago. Portland is Jewish Zionist owned. Seattle Bill & Melinda Gates intention to genocide globally billions. Alaska bought from Russia. California migration to the PNW like rats abandoning a sinking ship. The Agenda to destroy the USA Heinz Kissinger clearly said, dry up and blow away. What big city is safe, the answer is none. Where can a human thrive in the failed nation state US?! The cosmic reality enema? America’s karma has only begun to rear its ugly head. In a word, cry.

    • LOL: Corrupt
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @RadicalCenter
  162. fnn says:
    @Paul Lacques

    IIRC, Joyce has said he doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood (He’s English and Scottish or Welsh) and simply had the misfortune of living in Ireland at an impressionable age. And if the comments following this tweet are any indication, 21st Century Ireland is loaded with Stalinist loons and it’s best to keep your distance.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  163. Trinity says:

    Happy Hanukkah, Shlomo. Was Palestine stolen from the Palestinians?

    • Agree: Druid
  164. @Jmaie

    Seattle was heads and shoulders better than Portland 1960–World’s Fair —then 1980 Portland caught up and was better than Seattle but late 1990’s a lot of riff raff from California started coming up and things changed but still – Portland was a good city–I think all these vandals recently arrived from afar –to make it appear as Portland being a bad and evil haunt—– now if you go to Atlanta noon hour to a certain section–or Baltimore —or downtown LA —or Nashville —-or Muskogee —-you likely will encounter worse than Portland. Matter of fact —Dublin pales by comparison to Belfast — just to even the scorecard.

    • Replies: @Druid
  165. Jtgw says:

    I always thought My Cousin Vinny was a fascinating movie for its relatively sympathetic portrayal of rural Southerners. The culture was portrayed as racially integrated, with only the Italian American New Yorkers as the Other.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Liza
  166. Alden says:

    Agree. 5 years ago when I followed Steve Sailor to UNZ 80 percent of comments blamed White victims especially women. Now it’s down to about 30 percent due to my incessant haranguing, bitching and attacking the traitors who blame White victims of black criminals.

    • Thanks: Patriot
    • Replies: @nymom
    , @By-tor
    , @Jeff Stryker
  167. Alden says:
    @Magic Dirt Resident

    I’ve got an original 1820’s edition of the memoirs of Renee Bourdereau along with biographies of the Buckleys and other Vendeen counter revolutionaries.

  168. Not even one mention of the CIA or Big Pharma? Maybe even a mention of a broken “healthcare” system?

    I’d bet my last dollar that every one of those kids has probably been on SSRI’s or some other form of “anti-psychosis” concoction since they were old enough to write their names. In addition to the illicit hard drugs

    This is just another form of counter revolution these days.

    Where’s all the conspiracy theory stuff Mr. Unz? This guy may as well write for Breitbart. Lame. C’mon man!

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  169. @Felix Krull

    With that attitude, it won’t be yours much longer either.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @awry
  170. @Lost American

    What good would it do a dumb cuck like you to hear about anti-white crimes anyway? You’re evidently wedded to the fantasy that whites could live well with blacks if only it wasn’t for ‘Jews stirring up trouble.’ (Yeah dude, it’s just that simple…)

  171. Excuse my levity.

    I have been a round awhile and after listening or reading about every complaint about blacks one can imagine, this tops the cake in making the point that whites apparently want it both ways — well some whites want t three ways.

    1. blacks in the neighborhood

    2. blacks assimilating as whites — is somehow mystical incorrect magic dust plan that doesn’t work

    3. blacks not neighborhood — whites dystopia equals blacks need to be in the neighborhood because it reminds whites of their need to hold onto their heritage

    The logic here is typical and abundantly nonexistent. It’s the kind of reasoning one expects from liberals but abounds among so called nationalists who think national identity is a color tone.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  172. Druid says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    I m originally from SA of Indian descent and I can say the Afrikaners were super-racist and entitled under apartheid, but what you say about them is true!

  173. @Jmaie

    You’ve never been to Seattle, then.

    I’ve been to Seattle many times.

    Sure they have the same soulless neutered liberal population but the city itself has character.

    Portland is just a bunch of buildings built along a polluted river with random bridges criss crossing it.

    In the tourist guide one of the top places to visit is just a lot with food trucks.

    Weirdly enough Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city.

    Most people that go to Portland wonder if they missed something. Like anything.

    • Replies: @ruralguy
  174. @Stan d Mute

    It was also the 80’s when Portland embraced the rejects from the Bhagwan Rajneesh’s failed commune wasn’t it?

    Netflix has a really good special on that.

    It’s called Wild Wild Country.

    After watching it make sure to read about the follow up articles on what they didn’t talk about.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
  175. Anon[833] • Disclaimer says:
    @Elmer T. Jones

    If that can’t be arranged, perhaps a few hundred thousand race-fluid whites can simply self-identify as blacks. I guess what comes with that identity is the right to proclaim oneself to be a n*gger with all the rights and privileges thereto obtaining. I’m also assuming that blacks, unlike whites, have the right to wear blackface, which, for practical purposes, should make such transformations discernable. Ah, wonderful exceptional America, where any life form can be whatever he, she, it, they, them or those imagines.

  176. Druid says:

    And sadly, now they’re zio-evangelists! Totally chucked!

    • Replies: @Malla
  177. Polemos says:

    I think the fault lies with the elite who are running the country, an elite who could care less about its citizens, what pressure they put them under. If you run a household where the hustle is all that matters, you really shouldn’t be surprised when one of your children go over to the dark side.

    Do you think this line of reasoning indicts God or the Creator?

  178. If God wanted to give America an enema, Portland would be a good starting Point.

    • Agree: Trinity
  179. Druid says:

    Oregon just legalized drugs. The idiots voted for it. Now it will will get immensely worse!

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  180. Wielgus says:

    Well, George Macdonald Fraser in Flashman And The Redskins presents a fairly damning view of both Indians and whites, and it strikes me as being quite authentic.

  181. Sulu says:

    If these mug shots are par for the course we really need to institute a eugenics program here in America. I.Q. tests should be universally administered at 18 and those on the left half of the bell curve, or those found to have serious psychiatric problems, need to be sterilized. I realize this will never happen because it would virtually eliminate blacks as a race in this country. But I can dream.

    I recall reading a sci-fi story once many years ago about a kid going to school and having to take an I.Q. test. Later the school called the parents and informed them of the bad news. Their child was too intelligent and would have to be euthanized. That scenario is the more likely of the two.


    • Replies: @Malla
  182. @James O'Meara

    Short answer to your opening question: No, not that Portland.

    You know, I only watched one part of one episode of Portlandia. I found it not funny,, not interesting, repellent. Wasn’t one of the members of female punk band Sleater Kenny (sic) in that show?

    To me, it just looked like a stronger version of San Francisco PC culture, which I had had enough of 20 years ago.

    I’m not sure what the deal is with the story of the black person and Portland. Portland truly is white. There is a lower percentage of blacks there than in California (less than 6 percent). So I don’t care about the black experience in Portland.

    My point still is that Portland was indeed different in the 90s and started to change for the worse in the ’00s.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  183. @MarkU

    I guess I take my Rock too seriously.

  184. @John Johnson

    Of course you are right but then wars squares start cause as much devastation, if not more, than drug abuse. And the two, wars and drugs are related. I’ve known Vietnam war vets who had nightmares every single night. So how do you think they coped with it? Drugs or suicide. Anyway squares are into drugs too except the legal and prescribed ones like alcohol and what you get down at the pharmacy. The worst think about being into drugs, legal or illegal, is that your money goes to fund legal and illegal terrorists and mafias, the scumbags that run the wars and Big Pharma. And what is Afghanistan about? There’s no oil or any other resource there? Maybe if they built a better society there’d be less drug abuse.

  185. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    OK, thanks for your comment! In trying write a coherent reply, I realized several things I hadn’t realized before, most notably the “Year Zero” and the current slavery/iconoclasm propaganda theme.

    First, commentator Cyclops should probably have said “modern history” rather than “history”. Comments aren’t given the sort of proof reading that uncovers such mistakes, and the mistake appears fairly minor. Although it did mean that he missed a chance to cite this movie, about the general insanity of revolutions:

    The original play was by Germans about the French, and (like the movie) was a bit critical.

    Second, the Carlyle quote was remarkably apt. It’s age suggests that some things about human nature are constant — which in fact bolsters your comment, and that of another commenter, about other historical parallels. Further, some descriptions are so apt that they survive quite long times. Latin aphorisms, for example, and this from Chaucer in the 1400s that describes the 2020 Federal elections very well. The Miller had a very large, necessary, and vital piece of capital that only he could operate, and once enforcement of standards was dropped (by the sick manciple), he started commercial theft under then prevailing legal codes:


    3992 And on a day it happed, in a stounde,
    And on one day it happened, at a time,
    3993 Sik lay the maunciple on a maladye;
    The manciple lay sick with a malady;
    3994 Men wenden wisly that he sholde dye.
    People thought indeed that he should die.
    3995 For which this millere stal bothe mele and corn
    For which this miller stole both meal and grain
    3996 An hundred tyme moore than biforn;
    A hundred times more than before;
    3997 For therbiforn he stal but curteisly,
    For before this he stole but courteously,
    3998 But now he was a theef outrageously,
    But now he was a thief excessively,
    3999 For which the wardeyn chidde and made fare.
    For which the warden (of the college) complained and made a fuss.
    4000 But therof sette the millere nat a tare;
    But the miller thought that not worth a weed;
    4001 He craketh boost, and swoor it was nat so.
    He blustered fiercely, and swore it was not so.
    For before this he stole but courteously,
    3998 But now he was a theef outrageously,
    But now he was a thief excessively,
    3999 For which the wardeyn chidde and made fare.
    For which the warden (of the college) complained and made a fuss.
    4000 But therof sette the millere nat a tare;
    But the miller thought that not worth a weed;
    4001 He craketh boost, and swoor it was nat so.
    He blustered fiercely, and swore it was not so.

    A modern English version of part of this is:
    “Before all this, he used to steal politely
    but now he stole outrageously, forthrightly.”

    You might also be interested in Edward Dutton’s How to Judge People By What They Look Like, 2018″ which is about distortions to facial symmetry caused by high mutational load. It concerns the “Portland Memories” ( mug shots directly.

    As to “The fact is that ‘the crowd’ has always been a locus of political degeneration, from simple rabble rousing to more involved revolutionary activity. “, well, yes, true enough. The crowd never gets either the basics or the nuances an does things like the 1960s Summer of Love or the French “Bread March” ( However, no crowd, no revolution. In 1848 the Central Aristocracy simply moved away from the city populations. Once they got out of walking range of the crowds, they could out wait the revolutionaries and the revolutions failed. Even the French revolution, once the crowds had been drafted into the French Army, became a good deal less radical.

    As to Cambodia — I think the reference was to Cambodia’s “Year Zero”, “The idea behind Year Zero was that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded, and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All of the history of a nation or people before Year Zero would be largely deemed irrelevant, because it would ideally be purged and replaced from the ground up. ” (
    If you look at the Wikipedia article, you can see that this is a moderately common idea of revolutions, that there is no history. In fact, it appears to be the basic idea of the themes “White Fragility”, statue destruction, and “slavery is the US original sin”. Destroy all history, the Revolution begins with a clean slate! In 1984, of course, this was done on continuously, just as it is done now by Facebook, Google, and pretty much any other on-line information source. There is no yesterday, only today!

  186. @Servant of Gla'aki

    Don’t talk to me about Foghat, MFer. I had the Foghat Live 8-track. It flew out from under the sun visor and departed the open driver’s side window of my 1971 VW bug during a particularly aggressive right turn. There is joined Physical Graffiti and several other 8-tracks in the black hole of things that flew out the window and disappeared.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  187. @Commentator Mike

    You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

  188. nymom says:

    “Victim blaming” is like a protective mechanism for people. It brings order to their world.

    In essence they want to believe that they or their loved ones would never be in the position of that victim because they would follow the unwritten rules, or be better prepared if they didn’t, have more situational awareness, better burglar alarms, friends, drinking habits, etc.,

    Maybe in some cases they are right, others not. Nevertheless, it can serve a valuable function if it alerts others to avoid various pitfalls in modern life.

  189. @anaccount

    There is no [Go to Hell] button, so I hope an [Agree] is OK.


    Regarding this well written article by Mr. Joyce, I know the South and agree with your assessment on race relations there. I don’t think things are headed in the right direction though. The left, via the Feral Gov’t keeps pushing various forms of integration that at least the whites don’t want, and often the blacks too.

    I’ve not spent much time in Portland, but have spent time in Seattle. When I saw how many people had expansive tattoos and all kinds of stuff (wine corks, aircraft hardware, I dunno) attached to their faces, I was quite surprised. What’s the point?

  190. @restless94110

    I’m not sure what the deal is with the story of the black person and Portland. Portland truly is white. There is a lower percentage of blacks there than in California (less than 6 percent). So I don’t care about the black experience in Portland.

    The area as depicted by Portlandia is even Whiter.

    Blacks are in then north end and keep to themselves.

    Portlandia makes the area seem more interesting than it actually is.

    My point still is that Portland was indeed different in the 90s and started to change for the worse in the ’00s.

    Well as with Seattle too many Californians moved there and brought their traffic and politics with them. I guess they have to turn every west coast city into SF.

    • Agree: restless94110
  191. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Do you mean Live Bootleg? I guess that wasn’t no Slow Ride in your bug!

    Thanks to all of you for the humor – I really couldn’t tell who, if anyone, on this subject was being serious. Everyone knows that Zeppelin’s best and most requested song is Stairway to Freebird.

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  192. Trinity says:

    To be fair to Portland, how many of those (((Antifa))) rejects are originally from Portland or even Oregon for that matter? I know nothing at all about Portland other than I wouldn’t want to live there because of the politics and the dreary weather ( I am assuming Portland is like Seattle in both, I could be wrong about the dreary weather but who knows. ) I remember seeing a documentary on all the troubled young people who were flocking to Portland a few years back, so I guess Portland is for the Zoomers/Millennials what San Francisco was for hippies back in the day. Granted, I am sure there are plenty of native born & bred fruits, nuts, and flakes from Seattle to San Francisco, but there has to be some normal people born and raised there however few they might be.

    Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland, perhaps the only 3 major cities in America that were predominately White at least, have now went to shit and while (((BLM))) & (((company))) played a large role in this, plenty drug addled, mentally disturbed, White outcasts were being used as cannon fodder for Jews and nonwhites. I imagine once these Whites land up even in a Seattle or Portland jail, they will see TNB at its finest. Granted landing up in jail in Portland or Seattle doesn’t equate with landing up in Cook County/Chicago, Fulton County/Atlanta or Dade County/Miami, but I am sure there is some TNB on display in these places, at least maybe enuff to enlighten these poor confused white traitor trash types to how Blacks really feel about stupid leftoid Whites.

  193. ganderson says:
    @Colin Wright

    In the 70’s I lived in the Indian ghetto in Minneapolis- run down, but not particularly violent, esp. as compared to various black neighborhoods. Lots of drinking.

    An Indian story from the 70s:

    There was (is?) an Indian housing project that straddled Cedar Avenue, a major N-S thoroughfare in South Minneapolis. A bridge over Cedar allowed folks to safely cross the street, but few used the bridge, and as a reult there were many pedestrians hit by cars. It was proposed that a traffic light be put in, at a cost of 30k to the city. There was a big brewhaha, and I belief the light was installed. A friend of mine, who worked for the Hennepin County welfare department, suggested the problem could have been solved by putting a liquor store on both sides of Cedar.

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  194. Liza says:

    I am not so sure about the “relatively” sympathetic portrayal of rural Southerners. I see them being mocked in that film, not unlike the smartass Bugs Bunny mocking the rural southerners in the cartoons. JMO.

  195. R2b says:

    I really Hate racism.
    Its the dumbest thing.
    You are all dirty mongrels.
    Its so silly its even not comprehensible, you fucktards.
    Fucked into life, you dont know who chose you.
    Get it.
    Was it the fuck, by whom youre never sure.
    Or was there a will.
    Of course there where.
    Otherwise its just meaningless genealogies.
    Get back to Church.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  196. @R2b

    I really Hate racism.
    Its the dumbest thing.

    Say’s the semi-retarded high school twat from her bedroom in Whitebread, Suburbia USA.

    When are Mommy and Daddy planning to move to Camden, NJ or West Baltimore, sweetheart?

    Brazzaville, Congo would be even better.

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @R2b
  197. All these Leftist goblins should have had their skulls cracked and bones broken long ago. If they come back for more, they should be shot down like the good little doggies they are.

    Playing silly games with idiot whigger and nigger Leftist trash only encourages them.

    • Replies: @Malla
  198. EdinGa says:

    I worked for George in the eighties when he ran for Gov again. I did the fireworks shows after his speeches.

    The crew and I got to eat with him, his wife and staff. He was VERY charismatic and could put you at ease instantly. He always asked after my baby daughter, remembering her name.

    He was a good man, contrary what others might have you believe.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  199. By-tor says:

    It is a bit difficult to have too much pity for people who have a fascination with keeping pit bulls and poisonous snakes as pets, have personal relationships with prior felons and those who associate with individuals in the illicit narcotics and stolen property trades. Individuals who choose to engage in these relationships assume a greater risk of personal injury or being jailed- whether they know it or not. Pointing that out is legitimate. Your overgeneralization of men on this site is irrational.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  200. GC_GC says:

    “Unfortunately due to the decay of morality in western man, and his overwhelming love for the exotic and other, his social structures will also crumble.”

    I fixed it for you:

    “Unfortunately due to the decay of morality in western woman, and her overwhelming love for the exotic and other, western man’s social structures will also crumble.”

  201. @Patriot

    Another commenter mentioned “the dark undertones.” Yes, they are indeed there. My Mother always used to tell me, when I was growing up and relating some of the difficulties that I was experiencing, “it’s only the younger ones.” She has awakened considerably since then. But, she slipped up once, not too long ago, and reverted back to that old standby. I reminded her, “Mom, all of ‘the younger ones’ that I grew up with are grown now, who do you think these ‘younger ones’ learned their behavior from?”

    I’ve heard others say, “the pendulum has to swing the other way for awhile.” Those people are typically either in conscious denial out of a concern for job security, or “the pendulum” hasn’t swung their way, yet. When Negroes used to carry signs in the 60’s that said “Kill Whitey!” it became a running joke in the 70’s. When N.W.A. and Ice T rapped about killing the police, it was a fad. Now, it is a daily reality and recently celebrated in a film commemorating the 30th anniversary of the release of Straight Outta Compton. The same ill mannered, violent, and belligerent Negroes are perpetually reelected to serve, or are in the forefront of “civil rights” demonstrations.

    I’ve asked time and again, if they are a lot of good Negroes, where are they when these people claim to represent them? In all fairness, there are a few. But, I truly believe they are the exception and not the rule. If the majority aren’t vocally in agreement with their advocates when they are interacting with you, they are likely tacitly in accord with them, and probably much more candid when they aren’t in your presence. I have a little experience with this, as I have twice gone to an MLK parade with signs, one saying “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A.,” when the movie came out. A couple of Negroes agreed with me, most did not appear to share my sentiments. The other sign read, “Remembering White Victims of Desegregation.” An older Negro woman approached me and nodded, and quietly said, “yes, yes,” then slowly walked away shaking her head in a truly cognizant fashion. Most of the others either mocked me or challenged my assertions. Fortunately, I had the foresight to carry along photocopies of newspaper articles documenting the violence in the Polytechnic Heights section of Fort Worth that was perpetrated by Negroes against elderly Whites.

    For a hair-raising journey down a very dark chapter in the history of Cowtown, I highly recommend reading “Left Behind in Rosedale: Race Relations and the Collapse of Community Institutions” by Dr. Scott Cummings, Professor of Sociology, Louisville State University. The events described in that book would send chills down Stephen King’s spine. And, they are all true. The names have been changed in the book, but I have the original newspaper accounts that I researched in the library, and they are recreated verbatim with the exception of the actual names of the victims and perpetrators. I remember hearing of these things when I was a kid, and I had my own negative interactions. But, this book really brought a lot of it back, and I spent a great deal of time obsessing over it; to the point of showing up at a clock tower dedication at the local college and disseminating information about the atrocities that overwhelmed the people who literally built the neighborhood that once enabled it to flourish. I was told that I could stay, but that it was a time to celebrate, not look back at old occurrences. When I protested that a college is a place which is supposed to foster intellectual pursuits and debate, and asked when the appropriate time and place would be? It was just reiterated that I could not continue to speak or pass out pamphlets pertaining to the area’s past.

    • Thanks: Patriot, europeasant
  202. @Patriot

    Hire Africans in America, so that Whites have to fix everything they have botched. Employ Negroes, so that Whites can actually do the job, while they talk on their phones or hang out in the bathroom. Put Blacks on the payroll, so that merchandise can exit through the backdoor instead of the front. Recruit Coloreds for the team, so that their coworkers have to wait for them to arrive; if they decide to show up. Reliable, dependable Negroes were pretty much from the Jim Crow era. A time when White people didn’t have to, and wouldn’t, tolerate their Monkey Shines. Still, you have to wonder how many smiling servers were spitting in food? Like Jesse Jackson admits to doing.

    Of course, the (((usual suspects))) have stirred the cauldron, but that doesn’t begin to explain the TNB that is on display wherever you find them. Ignorance, indolence, slovenliness, promiscuity, barbarity, lack of initiative, devoid of forethought, remorselessness, all of these traits characterize the mass of them, wherever they are found in the World.

    The American Dream began to evaporate as quickly as it emerged. The much denigrated Nuclear Family, down, from the Farm Family of ten, to four or five members, and their Single Household dwellings, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. This began with civil rights legislation and the elimination of national quotas, continued with feminism and the ERA, and has been hastened by multiple amnesties, sanctuaries, refugee resettlement, visas, acquiescence to violence, and the complete disintegration of the norm. The best years, despite Donald Turnip’s Greatest Economy Ever hollow claims, were between 1950 and 1980, with the waning years of the 70’s beginning to show the strain. During that time, it was possible for A Man to go to A Job, work 40 Hours, and Support His Family. That hasn’t been the case for the average White Male wage earner in over 30 years. Now, even apartments and trailer homes are out of the reach of many.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  203. @Magic Dirt Resident

    Read up about Les Enrages and you’ll see many parallels.

  204. Malla says:

    The South was always friendly to jews. It was only after the Leo Frank case where a rich Jewish guy raped and killed a poor White goyim worker girl in his pencil factory that the Jews turned anti-South. Powerful jews including Jacob Schiff, funder of the Bolshevik “revolution” which murdered the Tzar and millions of Russians, came in defense of leo Frank. The scumbag Leo Frank tried to place all the blame on his black servant, but the “racist” South crowd would not have that nonsense. They left the black servant alone and hanged the guilty (Jewish) White man. From that day onwards the Jew media has been screeching and screaming about the evul South, recruiting black idiots (not realizing that the Jew Leo Frank was trying to blame an innocent Black Man) and spinning the idea that the South was always “anti-Semitic”. oy, Vey, the Horror.
    The truth is many of the richest folk in the South were Jews and many White goyim poor, workers for their firms.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @fnn
  205. @Cowtown Rebel

    The best years, despite Donald Turnip’s Greatest Economy Ever hollow claims, were between 1950 and 1980, with the waning years of the 70’s beginning to show the strain. During that time, it was possible for A Man to go to A Job, work 40 Hours, and Support His Family.

    There is a theory that during the Cold War living standards of the general population in USA and Western Europe were “artificially” kept high, meaning that the capitalists were willing to spread more of their profits around for the common good so as to make their system more appealing than communism to their own and to the Soviet and other peoples in the world. Those were the years of greatest progress as far as working and living conditions of the workers are concerned. Once the Soviet Union and the Eastern block were defeated in this propaganda and “showcase” war, the West reverted to naked liberal capitalism maximising profits for the capitalists while reversing many of the gains made by the workers during the Cold War. Although the decline started perhaps a little earlier, when it was apparent that communism would not hold out in this competitive struggle with the West, especially during the Reagan/Thatcher years.

  206. @Thomasina

    The Spirit of 61′ hasn’t completely subsided in the minds and, more importantly, the hearts and souls of Southerners. But, it lies dormant in all too many and is all but absent in the majority. The problem lies with years of inculcation that has either portrayed the people of the South as ignorant, backward, boorish, fashion and style inhibited, musically and artistically limited, and culturally bereft. Newer “Country and Western” music artists; programs like Hee-Haw, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, and other rural depictions on film and television; a constant barrage of propaganda coming from every “reputable” educator, writer, document film maker, reporter, and others in the know, with academic credentials, accolades, and positions of authority, have reinforced the view that anything associated with the South is either comically “Redneck” (a term originally applied to anti-Catholic Covenanters in Scotland for the red cloth they wore around their necks) or rabidly Racist.

    If they knew and understood the true definition of character personified by Men like Lee and Davis, and the lack of refinement epitomized by reprobates such as Grant and Lincoln… if they took the time to read of the hardships endured by the Southern Soldiers, Civilians, Men, Women and Children… of the struggle to survive the ravages of war… to maintain an identity, a sense of pride and of place… and their resolve to remember the sacrifices while strengthening their faith in God, reflected in their letters, speeches and monuments… they would realize that these people had too much practical and moral grounding to spend much time contemplating how to make life miserable for Negroes. When it became necessary to make an example, this was done quickly and publicly, and life went on as normal. The real race riots all took place in the North, and before the 1950’s, it would be the White people burning the Negroes out of town; usually in response to a White Woman being raped.

    Of Led Zeppelin songs, I’d say that “Immigrant Song” closely defines the exploring, conquering, settling, and building instincts of our near forebears. May we soon reclaim those blood and God given attributes as our own again!

    • Agree: Patriot
    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  207. Malla says:

    need to be sterilized.

    Just dump them in some Third World country. When they feel hunger in their belly and would have to do hard work of a living as well as living and seeing the real Third world up close, all their SJW fantasies will dissolve. Just do not take them back and ask all First World countries to do the same.

    • Replies: @Sulu
  208. Malla says:

    Just dump them in some Third World Shithole and pay the country to not allow them to escape for life. They never realized how lucky they are for having born in a First World country.

  209. @ganderson

    The story of Narcissa Whitman, who went out west from Connecticut as a “Friend of The Indian” to befriend and civilize them, and who learned through the proximity that eventually led to her demise, is a perfect example. Her realization of her naivete’ and erroneous preconceptions appears to have been automatic, and her disillusionment was reflected in her letters home, but her unflappable determination to remain committed to her goal was ultimately fatal.

  210. @Hillaire

    I think that Western Man has long had a fascination with, and affinity for, other cultures. Our fixation with documenting and preserving other people’s beliefs, habits, and customs used to end where it came into direct conflict with our own safety or overall control. This allowed for these distinct ethnic enclaves, or reservations, to flourish with their own initiative and effort, and to maintain their unique identities without being an unavoidable nuisance, and a burden beyond tolerance. Asians, and to a lesser extent, Hispanics have been able to make this arrangement work very well for themselves. Though, their numbers are growing to such an extent that they are rapidly expanding and displacing everyone in their wake. Others have had the same opportunities to make the most of their situations, and, instead, they blame their collective failures on the only reason that they can point a finger at, besides in their own direction.

    Cash incentives and infusions have been forthcoming for generations of Negroes. A book, “The Negro, The Southerner’s Problem” by Thomas Nelson Page, published at the beginning of the 20th century, was already lamenting the millions of dollars spent in funding Black Colleges (most donated by former Slave Owners and other Southerners) and countless initiatives to raise them from their lowly station, and how all of these efforts were producing very little in terms of advancement. The book went on to advocate for a separate police force of Africans in America to patrol their own neighborhoods, with a hands off approach from the White Authorities. Unless, their problems began to materialize outside of their designated territories. The author was very sympathetic to the plight of Negroes, but very realistic about them and their prospects.

    • Replies: @Malla
  211. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Very interesting theory. Actually it was the Third Reich which improved worker’s condition the most and in a speech by Hitler he tells the German Workers that other Western countries say that they plan to do what he did, after the war ends but in Germany they have already done it.
    In the West, rising standards of living coincided with cultural destruction via media. A poor but traditional and religious White population might have been more resistant to the cultural destruction which happened compared with the more “spoilt” population. Also increased standards of living and welfare invited in the darky foreigners.

  212. fnn says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Anti-Communist propaganda in US during the Cold War was overwhelming about “high standard of living” and the superiority of “free enterprise.” The atrocity-based propaganda of the kind used against the Axis in the 1930s and 1940s was almost entirely absent.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  213. Malla says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I think that Western Man has long had a fascination with, and affinity for, other cultures.

    Western man is more Universalist compared to the other more tribalist populations. This Universalist mindset would put one at a survivalist disadvantage compared to the other tribal populations. But as long as Western man was overwhelmingly strong compared to other races as he was in the last few centuries, had some basic common sense and some realism about other races and race mixing and most importantly had the majority numbers (in 1900, White people were the largest race in numbers among humans) as well had 100% White or many White majority living spaces, this did not matter. But then the White man freely gave his knowledge and science to other races, fought crazy wars with other White people, White man’s medicine and hygiene increased the numbers of darkies while that of White people did not grow as much, and now YT realizes that darkies hate him and are not the “noble savages victims” he thought them to be and now the situation is precarious. Earlier most YTs did not live close to many darkies and thus he could idealize them, now there are many around him and now he can see their true face. All the fault of not having a sound racial policy and being too idealistic.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel, Patriot
  214. Trinity says:

    The South or better yet the average White Southerner is a Bible thumping philo-Semite. Never mind that the Jews are anti-Christ or it is said that the False Prophet will in fact be a Jew. I don’t know how Biblical scholars make heads or tales of the book of Revelation but in the footnotes describing Revelation 13:11 it says “The chief religious figure in the world during the Tribulation years is identified in Scripture as the False Prophet or the second beast. He will apparently be a Jew, influential in religious affairs, motivated by Satan, having authority delegated to him promoting the worship of the Antichrist…..

    I have heard Christian pastors, those same evangelicals who worship “God’s Chosen” even state that the Anti-Christ himself will be a Jew, most notably television evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart. I have heard people claim that the Anti-Christ won’t be an individual but a movement or band of leaders who are anti-Christ.

    And of course if Southern Christian Zionists still want to worship people who have nothing but contempt for them or their religion, one can always point out Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 and wonder why those who calls themselves Jews often appear not the least Semitic in appearance. The average White Southerner is a thick headed, stubborn creature when it comes to the Jewish problem. They will gladly blame everything under the Sun on the negro but choose to worship a people who despise them even more than the negro. Go figure.

    These good ole wild eyed Southern boys love their Confederate flags, but tell them the Jew is behind all the anti-Southern hate, the removal of Confederate statues, the Confederate flag, and you only receive blank stares. And these good ole boys will gladly line up and go off to fight some A-rabs for Israel. I see “I Stand With Israel” bumper stickers all the time down here. smdh. Hell, would be a mind fuck to see a Confederate flag along with an Israeli flag on the back of a pickup.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @By-tor
  215. fnn says:

    CIA’s Bellingcat linked to Antifa

  216. fnn says:

    Jews do not even appreciate the fact that the South was by far the most pro-war, the least anti-interventionist part of the country in 1940-41. There was not a single America First Committee chapter in the South.

    • Replies: @Malla
  217. @R2b

    The Science of Eugenics, studied and promoted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and focusing on Racial differences, is widely debunked, because, among other things, Eugenicists measured skulls to classify them by discernible ethnic characteristics.

    The Science of Forensics, generally accepted and practiced by a variety of Specialists, involves, among other things, measuring skulls to determine not only race, but gender and age as well.

    Christian or not, Race is still important. Good Science proves it! Do You Compute?

  218. @Trinity

    The Scofield reinterpretation of the Bible is to blame for the better part of this. But, there is more cognizance among the New, Battle Flag Waving, Southerner, than you apparently know about. I think even some of the hardcore Judeo-Christians (an oxymoron in all but a historical sense) are beginning to “see the light.” The real holdouts are Military Zogbots and Political Sellouts, the former being thoroughly brain washed, and the latter being greedy, compromised, or both. This is present in both the North and the South.

  219. @Scotist

    I have mentioned this numerous times before, but it bears repeating: The Country’s first Opioid Crisis followed The War to Prevent Southern Independence. So many of the Veteran’s that had been seriously wounded were Morphine addicts, that it became known as “Old Soldiers Disease.” And, although it obviously produced some undesirable side effects (advertisements for remedies and therapies were ubiquitous), I don’t recall reading that theft or hooliganism were among them.

    The notion that recreational drug or alcohol use immediately leads to addiction and wanton behavior is rooted in a repugnant form of self righteousness that became a dominant mindset in the 20th Century. Prior to that, only Women and Zealots were prying into the personal indulgences of their fellow Americans. If your habits weren’t in evidence, or effecting those outside of your orbit, you were pretty much left to your own devices. I’ve always thought that there was a huge difference between public intoxication and drunk and disorderly. When one begins to become the other, it is time for Otis to sleep it off in the calaboose.

  220. @ganderson

    I can second that. In several cities in Western Canada there are pedestrian operated walk lights. In white areas they bridge the street from workplaces to banks, etc. In Indian areas, they are installed to permit Indians to cross from one bar to another, or from one bar to the safe injection site. Not kidding about this.

  221. @Cowtown Rebel

    It’s still happening today. Linked below is an article that a young naïve white teacher wrote about teaching Siberians/Indians. She assumed she would be placed in an environment where the magic and wisdom of Indians would permeate her soul, and she would become a very enlightened progressive.

    Reality, of course was quite different. Everyone should read this article, it’s pure comedy gold.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @Patriot
  222. @Commentator Mike

    There could be some merit in that theory, but then again, the U.S.A. was producing somewhere in the range of 80% of the World’s manufactured goods until the 1970’s. Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Great Betrayal” is an excellent source for a breakdown of how, beginning with the Marshall Plan, and sold under the claim that they could never compete with us, the Japanese usurped electronics production and became a major force in the automobile industry. It was assured that they would only make cheap products for the economy market and that quality items would still be Made In America. From there, textiles, home furnishings, appliances, any and everything, began to be Hecho En Mexico or A Product of China.

    Some of this has to do with the skewed priorities of the American Consumer. Up into the 1970’s, a big screen, 27″ console, color television with remote control was upwards of $700 and topping out at about $1,200 for Zenith or Curtis Mathis sets. A house was about $20,000 (I have an ad from 1974 that has brand new Fox and Jacobs homes with three and four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, island kitchen, den, living and dining rooms, and two car garages listed between $15,000 and $30,00o. Boasting, that when you’re paying that much money, you expect all of the quality appliances and carpeting that should go with your new home). Back then, a home loan was for 20 years and you paid it off early. Now, the loans are for 30 years and you refinance. Then, you financed the house and saved for the television. A new car was between $2,500 to $5,000. The necessities were affordable, the luxuries were postponed. Now, you can get a 70″ inch, high definition, internet capable, immersionvision for under $1,000, but you can’t afford a wall to mount it on. A new car is an astronomical investment, three year loans have been extended to sixty and seventy two months, and a growing number of vehicles on the road now are in excess of ten years old.

    In those days, you bought American and were willing to pay for it. Now, cheap is all that matters. You can plug in a toaster from the 1950’s that is built like a Chevy from the same time, and chances are, it will still work. A flimsy, plastic toaster from China will burn out within 5 years with regular use. Often, less than a year with heavy use. Other goods are just as unreliable. My mother purchased a new Visio television a few years ago, that burned out within a couple of months. Luckily, she found the receipt, otherwise the store was not going to take it back or exchange it. Even after I pointed out that they have tracking codes on all of their boxes, and that we still had all of the packing material.

  223. @Snarky1

    Another instance where new States need to be created out of existing States if we are to avoid (1) violent conflict, (2) outright secession from the USA, or (3) all degrading and deteriorating under the weight of the Portland-Seattle people, their feral African objects of worship, and the unlimited immigrants they insist we all admit. And these are all things we should strenuously avoid.

    End the hate, separate. Let the people of East Washington, East Oregon, and Northern California have their own States, while Portland, Seattle, and San Fran become city-states. But no federal taxpayer bailouts of reckless profligate States and cities.

    It’s essential, though, that States then be given authority to refuse people permission to settle there from other States under certain conditions. Example: can’t States at least be allowed to refuse settlement to a person convicted of a major violent felony like murder, aggravated rape, child molestation?

    • Replies: @anon
  224. @Cry

    You mean “native” people whose ancestors wandered over from Central Asia / East Asia and then routinely killed the other sweet peaceful “natives” they encountered? You know, torturing and killing the men and taking the women and horses. Yep, innocent angels who lived in harmony before bad white people arrived. You make a good point.

    • Agree: Corrupt
  225. @Authenticjazzman

    Einverstanden, Jazzman, but it’s also what we get when disloyal pro-big-business Republicans set policy.

    Let’s look at the time periods when the republicans controlled both the presidency and both houses of Congress in the past fifty years. They did nothing to stop the flood of “legal” and illegal Third World immigrants.

  226. anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    End the hate, separate.

    A solution has been proposed; “Greater Idaho”.

  227. By-tor says:

    The average white Southerner is not a Bible-thumper, because attendance at Christian churches has been shrinking for decades and not only in the South, but nationwide.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  228. Corrupt says:
    @Elmer T. Jones

    “An influx of a few hundred thousand blacks from the racist midwest and south would quickly put an end to Portland’s anti-racist posturing”

    It doesn’t seem to have done anything for Chicongo.

  229. R2b says:

    You three here doesn’t seem to get it.
    (GR, Trinity, Malla)
    Life ends with death.
    Also for you mongrels.
    In that new position, before The Lord God,,your skin-colour, is of semi-importance.
    He is gonna ask you, did you love your next/neighbour/everyman.
    If you say, the person had a colour, well you understand now, how far out silly that is.
    You are all three, probably hiding in Tel Aviv, cause thats where all this racism emanates.
    You are all three doing the bidding of globalist corporative Transhumanist power.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
    , @Anonymous
  230. @R2b

    You three here doesn’t seem to get it.

    “You three here do not or don’t seem to get it.”

    He is gonna ask you, did you love your next/neighbour/everyman.

    You mean my neighbor. I can honestly answer that I’ve done a good deal more than you Leftoid utopian tards. So I think I’ll be fine in that regard.

    You are all three, probably hiding in Tel Aviv, cause thats where all this racism emanates.
    You are all three doing the bidding of globalist corporative Transhumanist power

    You are partially correct here. The origin and use of the term “racism” is most certainly Jewish. It has been wielded by the Jew and his Leftist white and “minority” pets as a weapon to divide and destroy white nations and Christian Civilization since it’s widespread adoption by academia, media and government.

    Misguided, indoctrinated little brats like you are actually doing the bidding of the very people you imagine you are opposing in your feeble minds.

    Useful idiot is the preferred nomenclature, if I’m not mistaken.

  231. Flipper says:

    We’re not hiring at this time. Could you check back later?……. Much Later!

  232. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Almost makes me want to (very cautiously) visit Portland. Sort of like touring Newark, NJ or Flint, Mich. Or San Francisco.
    Disaster tourism.

  233. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    He is gonna ask you, did you love your next/neighbour/everyman.

    This is a Christian belief, so this reply will assume that you think yourself a Christian. If not, I’d suggest converting to Christianity for your own sake. Just a suggestion. Anyway, the reply:

    Jesus the Savior nowhere commands that I should sell my spouse and children to the nearest brothel and give the proceeds to the poor.

    Which is what you are doing, or rather having the government (all levels) do for you.

    Jesus the Savior commands me to love and care for my family as Jesus loves and cares for me ( That seems a bit different from selling them to a brothel, which is pretty much the result of leaving them to the tender mercies of government policies and non-Christians in general.

    Remember this: the Devil quotes scripture. This has led to bizarre results in cults that did not understand the basics of Jesus’ love for man.

    Here’s one example:

    Here’s another:

    I’d suggest that you are having government sacrifice other people to atone for your own sins and to improve your own reputation. That is a sin. Human sacrifice was forbidden in the Old Testament, and remains forbidden. For your own sake, think about it. You’ve accepted a general belief. Reconsider (repent_ until you realize the important of the love of Jesus (and of God, Jesus being part of the Trinity) to Christians. Oppose the sacrifice.

    Or don’t. God has gifted and burdened you with free will. After all is said and done, you save or condemn yourself by your own use of free will.

  234. Patriot says:
    @Cowtown Rebel


    Serious question: how do you know about Narcissa Whitman? Few do.

    Since Europeans first came to the New World, a great many sought to help those we now call POC. But today, this tendancy has morphed into a psychotic, destructive passion — a type of emotional religion, really — divorced from reality and largely devoid of logic.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  235. Patriot says:
    @Genrick Yagoda


    In academia, and among SJWs, there is great reverence and admiration for indigenous people, by middle- and upper-class whites who have actually never known an indigenine.

    Spiritual, wise, democratic, sharing, in tune with nature and themselves — stewards of the earth, blah, blah, blah.

    I already knew the absurdity of that fable from my time “on the Rez” and with Australian Aborgines. But what really soured me was living wth real stone age people in Papua New Guinea. Ignorant, superstitious primitive, envious, and super gossipy. Men greatly abused wmen and children in every way, including rape. Totally mysoginistic. Extremely cruel to animals. Men spent most of their time gossiping about others and who did what to who, who might be a witch, and how to counter witchcraft and get revenge on witches and others who had done them wrong. EVERYTHING was caused by witchcraft and sorcery — if you twisted your ankle, your hut caught fire, your pig diet, etc. — in each case the person or witch responsible had to be found an punished. This caused endless violence.

    Interesting, but, to me, dysfunctional in every way. And about as far from the common perception held by many White people.

    I’ll take Western Civilization anyday.

    • Thanks: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Tony Massey
    , @anon
  236. Malla says:

    Friends or Enemies, both get stabbed.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  237. @Patriot

    9I remember seeing a monument in stumptown in 2016 about some bitch that the crowd made kiss the flag. I thought…that’s a pity.
    Afterwards, I’m not so sure. I saw the critters after 16 election
    I’ll never go back. They deserve a fight.
    I,too, spent some time among the naturals. OMG they were complete barbarian. I saw the men beat their women and animals. I’ll never forget an incident with a horse that wouldn’tjump over a burning log. It was…unbelievable.

  238. @Patriot

    I do a little reading, but, admittedly, in her case, I believe that I first learned about her while watching the Ken Burn’s documentary series “The West.”

    Another lesser known story is that of Rachel Plummer, survivor of the 1836 massacre at Fort Parker.

    The most famous account from that episode is the oft told tale of Cynthia Ann Parker, who was paired with Peta Nocona, parents of the last Comanche War Chief, Quanah Parker. I saw a book at a Native American Exposition that had a cover that mirrored a Harlequin Romance Novel. Peta Nocona was depicted as the Aboriginal answer to Fabio, and fully mature Cynthia, with long blonde hair, was shown dressed in a flowing Antebellum era Dress that looked borrowed from Gone With The Wind. A quick perusal of the contents did reveal them to at least appear to be accurate. Cynthia was identified as being only seven years old when taken into captivity, and the pictures within belied the images adorning the cover. The story of her abduction from Fort Parker and the killing of Peta Nocona by the Texas Rangers led by Lawrence Sullivan (Sul) Ross was followed with the obligatory legend of her return to live with her Uncle, Isaac Parker. The popular tale being that, she longed for life among those whom had become her people and suffered from intolerance. After the death of her daughter, Prairie Flower, she pined herself to death.

    Rachel’s saga is far less “romantic” and not nearly as easy to cast in a sentimental light. Perhaps, that explains its relative obscurity in comparison. Rachel was seventeen and three months pregnant when she was captured at Fort Parker. She was beaten, burned and scarred. When she gave birth, the Comanches at first tolerated the baby. But, when she was unable to keep the infant quiet, a “Brave” seized the child from her and began tossing it into the air and allowing it to hit the ground. Other “Noble Red Men” joined in, and when it appeared the boy was deceased, they gave him back to Rachel. After a few minutes, her son began to stir. She attempted to prevent the Indians from discovering that her baby was still alive, but they quickly realized. Grabbing the infant from her, a “Warrior” lassoed him, mounted his horse, and dragged the child through a cactus patch until his flesh was torn from his bones. The bloody carcass was then flung back into Rachel’s lap. She was held for nearly two years, before being traded to Comancheros who were paid a ransom by her father to find her. She was nearly starved to death, but was reunited with her husband and they had another baby. Already weak and frail, she died shortly after. Her baby died two days later. Another son, James Pratt Plummer, who was two when carried away by one of the many bands of Comanches that attacked Fort Parker, was ransomed in 1842, never being reunited with his mother, whose fiery red hair is reported to have turned gray before her death at age 20. Fortunately, Rachel wrote of her experiences and her father published her accounts. That is how I learned about her.

    The Native American Exposition was devoid of bows and arrows, tomahawks, or other items of war. There was plenty of silver and turquoise jewelry, some nice blankets and leather work, a lot of Boomer Hippies with, maybe, a little bit more Indian blood than Elizabeth Warren manning the vending booths. The real Indians that were giving demonstrations, performing, and speaking were from the Kiowa, Lakota Sioux, and Aztec tribes. Each, at some point, stood up and proclaimed the belief that all Indians had shared the land and lived in harmony with nature and each other. Not one person pointed out that the three tribes represented were among the most territorial, barbaric and dominant natives in the western hemisphere.

    I fully concur with your final analysis.

    • Replies: @Patriot
  239. @Achmed E. Newman

    Speaking of “Freebird,” one of my favorite videos is linked below. Skynyrd at the Oakland Coliseum in 1977. America-hating was still very much in vogue, and Skynyrd shows up with a 50-foot Confederate flag, dozens of American flags, and a mock-up of Mount-fucking-Rushmore. You can hate on Skynyrd all you want, but THAT totally kicks ass.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  240. Trinity says:

    And the (((cowards))) always stab them in the back as they did Germany in WWI. As they are now doing to the Western European nations and America who saved their (((sorry asses))) in WWII. And as they will do to all those Christian Zionist who all but believe the Jews walk on water.

    • Agree: Patriot, Malla
  241. Trinity says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    I am not about hatin’ on the ORIGINAL Lynryd Skynrd band, LOVED THEM. The thing that I notice even more than the Confederate Flag is the sea of White people, many of them good looking and normal Whites, not at all like the pathetic souls pictured above this article. Just think, a lot of those young sexy ladies are grandmas now. smdh. I was 16 in 1977 and remember it well. The Bee Gees and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack were all over the place. People were just starting to get into the fitness craze with jogging and lifting weights thanks to some Austrian fellow that spoke like Dracula and the movie, “Pumping Iron.” Even Southerners were saying, “Yo,” all the time after watching the original “Rocky” from 1976 and you could hear the “Rocky” theme “Gonna Fly Now” all over the place from high school pep rallies to even the local disco. Elvis would die in August, Ali was fat and fighting second raters, and people were lining up to watch some movie called, “Star Wars.” Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett wore normal and hadn’t went bonkers, ironically both would die days apart years later. The Yankees were back in NYC and so was some weird Jewish serial killer who heard a dog talking to him.

    Ah, 1977 was a fine year despite Elvis leaving the building. The country was still very White in most places and doing well for the most part with the exception of places like NYC. Some things never change it seems. A sea of normal and reasonably attractive straight White males, an unapologetic Southern rock and roll band backed by a Confederate Flag and a design of Mt. Rushmore in Oakland, California. Imagine that scene in the year 2020. Hell, “Sweet Home Alabama” might even be censored a few years down the road for content.

  242. Trinity says:

    oops, meant to say reasonably attractive straight White males and females, Trinity is not a switch hitter, just saying that the males and females look like they might be attractive to the opposite sex whereas today, it is hard to tell what sex someone actually is or claims to be. hehe. And another thing you can’t help but notice, how many overweight people do you see here, people? Sure, people were overweight back then but nothing like today.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  243. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    I’m guessing I know a whole lot more Skynryd songs than you do, Cool Jimbo. I was a fan a few years too late, alas, maybe 5 years after that plane crash in McComb, Miss (though I do remember the crash).

    I’ve seen that Oakland video a number of times, and I’ve featured Lynyrd Skynyrd a number of times on the Peak Stupidity blog. You’ll have to scroll down, but click our Southern Rock topic key to see listen to some great stuff.

    The Stairway to Freebird quip was about the fact that those 2 songs were, till maybe only 15 years ago, the ones you’d hear loudly requested by drunk guys at the bar when there was live music. It could be an “Industrial Music” “band” or To of the Pops, but I’d be the one yelling out “Freebird!”, haha.

    By special request (from me), here’s my favorite:

  244. @Trinity

    That was still the real America, Trinity. The young people have no way of knowing what this country was like, causing them to hate everything about us, including the great history that they can’t learn from 144-character tweets and the internet.

    I take it back, Jimbo, this one may be my favorite. BTW, I agree with your comment above, but you got me wrong about Skynyrd.)

  245. @Achmed E. Newman

    Top of the Pops” that should be.

  246. @Alden

    African-American rapes are often what law enforcement would call hit and run. Not the sorority girl who is drunk in a frat house or suffers are date rape.

    It is just some white woman being jumped on in public or a black assailant breaking into the woman’s residence.

    For one thing, white women who hang around African-American men are, on average, a bit lumpy and overweight unless an addiction is involved.

    Rape of a pretty, fit white woman is usually a violent affair.

    There are of course, loads of exceptions. Also, an addiction to crack puts white women in major harm’s way. One reason black felons sell drugs, among other things, is the opportunity to get into proximity with addicted white girls.

    A PO would know this was true.

    Also, white rapists tend to have ritualistic masturbatory fantasies involving abstractions of control and power. Black rape of white females is usually simply a sexual desire for an attractive female.

    Sex crimes can be linked to IQ. An Epstein will make a billion dollars to lure young white girls into his depravity.

    A black will merely jump her in a park.

  247. Trinity says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Notice that there were no muds, mulattoes, Blacks or most importantly no wiggers in sight there. A sea of Whites at that concert. Southern rock was big back in the Seventies. Favorite Skynyrd tunes for me where, “Tuesday’s Gone” and “Simple Man.” But good lawd, they had so many great songs, “They Call Me The Breeze” and “Gimme Back My Bullets” are also great. Tanks for the vid of “Tuesday’s Gone.”

    And people like the freaks pictured above call themselves, “progressive.” I ask anyone with two brain cells left in their head, does it look like the White race or this country has progressed since 1977? That video speaks volumes about how far the White race and this country has fallen.

  248. Patriot says:
    @Cowtown Rebel


    Yes, virtually all primitive tribal groups were vicious and warlike, otherwise they would have been quickly destroyed. That is how humans evolved and lived for the last 2 million years. Most of our primate relatives today live in small “troops” that are fiercely territorial and fight when meeting other troops. That’s why adolescent boys of every race tend to form gangs, and why we like sports. It’s our “war” gene.

    The “Peaceful native” is total fantasy, as is “Diversity is our Greatest Strength”. Diversity is extremely dangerous, and has been the cause of virtually every war (diversity = different races, ethnicities, languages, cultue, wealth, religion, political party, etc.) That’s why United We Stand and Divided We Fall. And that’s why (((our enemies))) push Diversity so hard.

    And as you detail, American Indians were usually extremely cruel.

  249. Anon[985] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    Rational wiki, really?

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  250. @Cowtown Rebel

    The ONLY good song on Led Zep III.

  251. @Achmed E. Newman

    “The Stairway to Freebird quip was about the fact that those 2 songs were, till maybe only 15 years ago, the ones you’d hear loudly requested by drunk guys at the bar when there was live music. It could be an “Industrial Music” “band” or To of the Pops, but I’d be the one yelling out “Freebird!”, haha.”

    I did the same thing at a Toby Keith concert a few years ago. TK actually heard me, looked my way and chuckled a little bit. I mean, he was in Jacksonville. What did he expect?

  252. @Achmed E. Newman

    If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to to with “Saturday Night Special” but I think “The ballad of Curtis Lowe” probably fits best with this theme of this thread.

  253. Trinity says:

    Wonder where all the (((baby boomer))) haters are? Would like to read their comments on how the younger baby boomers, those born in the late 1950’s through early 1960s, which appears to be most of those in the crowd listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd that day, compare to pathetic Zoomers and Millennials. I think I might have saw one non-White dude in that whole crowd unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, have no idea what he was, no wiggers, no freaks like those pictured above, etc. No cropped purple haired bull dykes, no morbidly obese twenty something year old incapable of walking a mile much less running a mile, etc. Kids and/or young adults enjoying some fine music, at worst getting high or drunk but not out tearing up a city for some negro convicted felon who died of a drug overdose.

    Now those older baby boomers had Altamont and Woodstock. So the older boomers were a different breed but even those two events don’t compare with self hating white trash Zoomers and Millennials. Woodstock was just hippies dropping acid, walking around naked, and saying, “far out, man.” Altamont? Well, a little more violent, but in the end, it was once again a Black man that instigated an event that spoiled everything for those who wanted to enjoy some great music by Mick Jagger and The Rollin’ Stoooooooonesss.

    Take another look at the younger baby boomers at the Skynyrd concert and compare those people with the Zoomers and Millennials. Which group has done more to harm the White race, people, was it the late boomers born 1956-1964 or the current Zoomers and Millennials? Do you really have to ask this question?

  254. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    It’s a good song but also very much anti-2A and PC. The song implies that cheap handguns are a problem anywhere.

    The opposition to cheap handguns actually comes from Blacks shooting each with them other over stupid stuff like dice games.

    Al Gore led a movement to put junk gun companies out of business and Black criminals simply switched to high cap 9mms.

  255. anon[315] • Disclaimer says:

    But what really soured me was living wth real stone age people in Papua New Guinea.

    Are you Owen Stanley? Did you write this grimly amusing book?
    If not, you should read it.

    • Thanks: Patriot
  256. @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    I was really close to putting The Balled of Curtis Lowe up there. I agree with Mr. Johnson re Saturday Night Special though. I was very surprised to hear them sing that one.

    Haha, so Toby Keith didn’t honor your request, huh? ;-}

  257. Loup-Bouc says:

    RE: Joyce’s portrayal of the Portland he encountered and, by frail evidence-bare extension, the Portland of today:

    Joyce’s portrayal consists of a very small, thin collection anecdotes, near-entirely his own rather few, geographically/demographically spare, narrow experiences.

    But for a total of about 22 months (the longest absence being 17 months), I have lived in Portland suburbs since the late spring of 1996.

    Rather few Portland denizens have participated in the BLM/Antifa criminal violence that has harried a very small part of downtown Portland since the end of May 2020. Most of the violent “protesters” are non-residents. The worst local culprits are the Portland mayor, a few City Council members, and Oregon’s governor and some of her staff. The Portland-area’s overwhelming majority contemns the violence; and a substantial majority despises Oregon’s Governor and Portland’s Mayor.

    Until late May of 2020, Portland was a calm, gracious city. Its people endeavored hard to be “nice” (a trait I despise for its grotesque fraud). The Portland area does suffer a SMALL contingent of “goths” and neo-hippies. But even most of those creatures labor under an infection of “niceness” (which I would call “contrived” were I not repulsed by redundancy).

    Near-all Portland-and-environs people are rather normal. [I modify “normal” with “rather” because “normal” may deserve the lofty title of most nauseating ambiguous term of modern (and postmodern) times.]

    Sometimes when I meander through the Portland area, I feel almost as though I had been condemned to a hell of sitting through an endless session of a meeting of the Society of Friends. [In a 6-year period ending 39 years ago, I underwent Orgonomic therapy in Philadelphia, the Quaker-birthed City of Brotherly Love (where the Black Ghettos sport a few war-zones among their neighborhoods). Once, my therapist defined a Quaker thus: A pinched humanoid who pokes its tongue at you and dares you to bite it off.]

    Reed College’s degradation may be the worst of Portland’s ills of the past decade. For about three quarters of a century, Reed was among the finest liberal arts schools of America. But Reed has become an academic disgrace because of increasingly rabid influence of political correctness, wokeness, anti-White racism, male-hatred, anti-conservatism, lunatic progressive politics, proliferation, support, and promotion of sexual disorders (homosexuality, transexuality, etc.), and grievous decline of learning-discipline and intellectual integrity.

    Increasingly, for rational, productive White heterosexuals, especially the adult males among them, the Portland milieu may be destined to resemble, a bit, the experience Blacks suffered in the Jim Crow South. But such seems the likely future also of most other urban regions of the United States.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  258. @Commentator Mike

    Interesting. The “intelligence community” is often slagged for, among other bungles, the failure to forecast the end of Communism. Paleo-conservative thought would have predicted such a failure (either from economic principles or from Christian belief that God would prevail, etc.) and the argument is that Buckleyite “anti-communism” promoted a phony “march of Communism” golem to keep the MIC funded.

    BUT: suppose that the “failure” is just a cover story. The PTB knew the score all along.

    As David Ferrie would say, “Who pulls whose chain? Who the fuck knows?”

  259. @fnn

    Good point. That way, when the phony opponent is “vanquished,” we can move on to a system that emulates theirs. The NS system was forever tarred with the “psychopathic genocide” brush so that nothing like it could be revived. Notice how any criticism of the System is met with the cry “Nazi!” no matter how irrelevant.

    All part of what Patton intuited too late: We fought the wrong enemy.

  260. @Trinity

    The whole 70’s vibe was definitely a lot more friendly and down to earth than the Yuppies of the mid 80’s to the Death Metal and Gangsta’ Rap that emerged in the late 80’s. From there, came the depressing, mid-numbing Grunge and Sync-Pop + Hip Hop and RapMetal everywhere 90’s.

    The new millennium seems to have emerged with a lot of bands trying desperately to come up with something new for the 21st century, but, instead, have largely been stale, near carbon copy, over studio enhanced versions of everything that came before. I know that these accusations have been leveled at artists in the past; after all, how many associate the genesis of Shock Rock with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins? But, in all too many cases, and with few exceptions, it seems that music across the genres has dug itself into a rut. Kind of like AC/DC releasing the same songs album after album but changing the titles and lyrics. Perhaps, the underground scene is generating some new sound waves, but it also appears to be fostering a new breed of degenerates that would make Iggy Pop puke. (actually, I’m sure he’s quite proud of the example he set all those decades ago). But, no Lenny Skalywag is not the proud, defiant and definitively Southern Rock Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd that mostly died in that plane crash. It’s hard to picture the “fat fellow with the hair colored yellow” caving into the politically correct mob. Hank Williams Jr. didn’t. When he gave a concert in New York State, right after the infamous Dylan Roof incident, he refused to cease selling Confederate Battle Flags (with his picture on them) as souvenirs, and pointed to his contract when the promoters tried to insist that he stop. Ultimately, the arena was a sea of Confederate Battle Flags (with Hank Williams Jr.’s picture on them). Hell Yeah! Hank Did It That Way!

    Movies? I remember those. They had plots and characters and were engrossing. Now, we have flix that are a nonstop montage of sex, violence and corny quips. Computer generated, cyber graphics and animated action sequences. Even those purporting to be historical dramas veer into ludicrous love triangles and involve species of mankind that wouldn’t have played a role in the actual event allegedly being depicted. Bah, HumBug!

    One of Elvis’ earliest concerts was at the Northside Coliseum and my father saw him there. He played Cowtown again in 1977, and my mother wanted to take me. We were unable to procure tickets, and a few months later he was dead. Poor mom was inconsolable.

    In addition to the future Governator pumping iron, wasn’t Olivia Newton John starting to get physical about the same time? Stallone’s characters were still remotely believable then, and, more importantly, relatable. I still think the fix was in with Ali, Sonny took a dive! (((They))) needed the cocky, loud mouthed, subversive to be a counterculture hero and stick it to the man. Liston wouldn’t do, he was just another bruising Negro hoodlum. And, Floyd Patterson was like a boxing Nat King Cole. Farrah Fawcett never called Steve Martin once in the 70’s, even after all the time he spent holding up her poster with one hand! Wasn’t Michael Jackson Black in the 1970’s?

    The lounge singer Nick Winters did the best version of the Star Wars theme ever!

    The theme song for the White Race should be “Staying Alive.” Even if we have to “Use The Force!”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  261. ruralguy says:
    @John Johnson

    I lived twice in Seattle, for a total of 26 years. I know Portland extremely well too. Both Seattle and Portland had great downtown cores. My wife, two children and I would often check into downtown Portland hotels for the weekend. It’s downtown core was more lively than Seattle. Safer too. Just after Voodoo donuts opened in Portland’s Old Town around 2000 (in a sketchy area), we took my young children with us, on a walk through the downtown streets, at 2 am, to join in the Voodoo line that circle the block. My wife and I liked the day and night life in that city. But, even then, the transients, druggies, and homeless were growing in numbers. On the other hand, Seattle has never really been safe in the downtown core, after dark, in the 1/2 of the downtown below 3rd avenue. The term “skid row” originated in Seattle, as a greased/skid lumber run from the 1st Hill down Yesler, to the docks. In the 1800s, the worst of the worst lived there. It was dangerous. Today, it’s still dangerous, especially in Pioneer Square and Yesler’s intersection with 1st and 2nd ave.

  262. @Anon

    Did you even bother to read the article?

    Most the groups dimwit-Dutton claims are ‘maladaptive’ and ‘spiteful mutants’ turn out to have the highest IQs and many of them have the lowest (not highest) levels of mental health issues such as depression. Take for example voluntary childless women – they’re smarter on average than woman with kids, while also significantly happier with lower levels of depression. Yet according to dimwit-Dutton voluntary childless women are ‘spiteful mutants’.

    • Replies: @Anon
  263. Trinity says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Sticking with the 70s theme, maybe Whitey needs a theme song like, “Pick Up The Pieces” by The Average White Band. That tune always gets me fired up. Oh yeah, pick up the pieces.

    Yep, you know live isn’t fair when Elvis dies so early and yet pricks like Geraldo Rivera aka Jerry Rivers have been on the (((idiot box))) for nearly half a century, longer than Elvis was alive even. Hell, if (((Joan Rivers))) wouldn’t have died, that ditzy no talent hack would still be on the tube as well. Wonder how (((these people))) with no visible talent manage to hold down these cushy gigs for so long. I mean Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck are still around and Elvis left the building so soon. Just doesn’t add up. I guess the good die young.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  264. @John Johnson

    This is a great old song for reminding us all of the True Southerner’s relationships with their pistols, their jugs, and their hootenannies. A time and a place for everything:

  265. Anon[234] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    You are full of horse pucky and the stench is filling up the comment section.

    I’m guessing you are a childless woman.

  266. JM says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    He said when he first posted them that they might be highly episodic.

  267. Stryker’s Questions


    1. Why do the white offenders in the pictures look like they’re all on crystal meth? Right down to the meth scabs and the bad teeth and bulging eyeballs?

    2. What kind of work do these people do? Were they merely unemployed wasters awaiting the day when they could have an excuse to go out and throw bricks at the cops that hassled them? Did the run head shops and sell Spice to teenagers?

    3. How would people like this even earn a living? Who would hire them? What did they do prior to George Floyd? Did they ever hold a job? How did they pay rent?

    4. Why does the author refer to young people when all of the people pictured are in 35-50? These are not 20 year old kids on a college campus or youth. These people are middle-aged. What did they do with their entire lives? What jobs or trades do they have? Don’t they have kids? House mortgages to pay up? How do they make their livings?

    5. Since these people are not young what did they do with the last 20 years of their adult lives? Did they simply live free in some relative’s basement and do drugs all day? Most of them display the ravages of harder drugs than a couple of joints after work. They look like they are Hep C infected needle-using heroin or meth addicts. They have the meth scabs and everything. What sort of police records do they have? Stealing a wallet out of a car to support a crack cocaine habit? What jobs did they hold?

    6. What sort of white people are they? I was told that Seattle was heavily Norwegian and Irish Catholic. Many of these people look like Mexicans. What is their ethnic background?

    7. Are these people homeless? They look it. I cannot imagine that they hold any kind of job or even have a Bachelors Degree in some useless Fine Art. What did they do for the last 35, 40, 45 years of their lives? These are not Gen Y or Zoomers…these are Gen X who look old enough to have rioted over Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994.

    8. Don’t these whites realize that other races have complete contempt for them? Except, of course, the ones who appear Mexican. I’m sure the Indian techs and African-Americans look at them and think “white trash of the worst order”. Would they be unable to realize that other races would regard them as the absolute dregs of the white trash bin?

    9. Are the women street prostitutes? They look it. They have that appearance of half-mad junkie hookers who have been turning tricks for crack or heroin for 10 years. I don’t see any halfway decent young Manson-type female acolytes there. I see women in their 30’s or 40’s who look ten years older than that due to nonstop drug use.

    10. What sort of threat do any of these people represent to the GOP establishment? They could not walk between houses in a country lane. They would have to steal a bus to get out of the cities to the GOP strongholds. And I don’t think they would last long, either. They would meet with, ahem, armed resistance. Why would anyone be afraid of whites like this?

    Can some poster simply reply to my queries?

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  268. @Trinity

    ‘…And another thing you can’t help but notice, how many overweight people do you see here, people? Sure, people were overweight back then but nothing like today.’

    That is one weird thing. I was looking at this Life Magazine spread on the opening day of dove season in Texas in 1960 or so; basically, all these people parked along the road, blasting away at any doves foolish enough to show up and socializing between whiles.

    So all these people don’t go more than five feet from their cars, sit around drinking coke and eating potato chips — and not one of them was fat! It was weird.

    Ditto, incidentally, for Turkey today. Somebody was going on and on on the internet about fat Muslim women at the time and I got irritated. I happened to be sitting in a bus station in Turkey at the time, so I grabbed my camera (thank God for digital cameras) and went out and took photos of the first seven women I saw. One was late middle-aged and somewhat matronly. The rest were all perfectly slender — and I have a hard time believing that the class of Turk that travel by bus worry unduly about meeting Western standards of beauty. They just weren’t fat.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  269. Wielgus says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Well, it was persistence among other things that ensured the West was won. Clearly she did not head back east at the first sign of disappointment or trouble.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  270. @Trinity

    Many years ago, as a side gig, I worked for a time soliciting reusable household items helping to Build The A.R.C. I think the call center pep song must have been “Picking Up The Pieces,” it was on constant rotation on the mix tape or muzak system. I think it may have worked. It almost seemed like everyone took on a more determined vibe when it came on, like we were literally setting things up right again. Actually, I think I was laughing in my head too much at the thought of everyone else having a such a serious countenance, that I doubt that I appeared anymore committed to the task than usual. Did you ever see the old cartoons with the little boy, Ralphie, who would start daydreaming in class that he was slaying dragons or flying a fighter jet? I’m still kind of like that. And, I can’t, off the top of my head, recall any thing else that was on the prerecorded loop, but I know there were a few other tunes. I did well there, but I decided to leave when I got bored with the surroundings and wanted to explore the confines of other cramped cubicles crammed into other large office spaces filled with people who had no other options than to make random calls to total strangers and attempt to entice them into making an appointment with an insurance agent, or accepting a credit card, or switching their telephone service without the inconvenience of having to change their number, or having an exterminator pay a visit to their home…

    If you like being berated, cursed, belittled, told to get a real job, and hung up on several hundred times a day, then Telemarketing is The Job For You! It helps if you begin to think of yourself as the world’s most notorious prank caller. But, it was better when they started doing three rebuttals and then exit the call and Do Not Call lists (that take up to 6 months from the time the contact requests to be placed on one to go into effect). Now, the Telemarketers are gone, but the Robocallers have filled their place. They do the job and they don’t require a paycheck.

  271. Trinity says:
    @Colin Wright

    We would always either walk home from school or ride our bikes, I am guessing the trek was about 1.5 miles total. This was when I was in junior high school aka middle school, so we are talking 13-15 year old kids here. We were always stopping off at a convenience store to grab soda, candy, etc. Diets were full of sugar and carbs, pop tarts, bread, sugary cereals like Cap’n Crunch, but we did eat 2 somewhat healthy meals with the school lunch and dinner that my mom would cook. Breakfast was always a sugary cereal or an egg or peanut butter sandwich on the run. We had maybe a handful of overweight kids and very few, maybe two or three fat kids, I don’t think we had anyone in the obese category.

    We had a local YMCA and myself and many of my friends or classmates were members and we would be up there almost daily playing basketball, table tennis ( I call it ping pong ), racquetball, lifting weights, swimming, or we might be on some field playing football with no pads ( sheesh we thought we couldn’t be hurt), tossing a football or baseball, playing baseball, etc. Riding our bikes everywhere helped as well. My brother and I would polish off a gallon of whole milk a day in an effort to gain weight, haha, but we were so active, we might gain a pound or two if we were lucky. We were always on the move unlike the young people of today. Our diets were probably worse or at least just as bad as the kids nowadays but we MOVED and that kept the pounds off.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  272. @Achmed E. Newman

    For a bunch of druggies and boozers they sure wrote the best anti-drug, anti-alcohol abuse song ever: That Smell. Love Lynyrd Skynyrd

  273. @Trinity

    Or could it be the GMO? Was GMO widely used in your day?

  274. @Jeff Stryker

    Well Jeff they’re just waiting for the day when companies, government departments, etc. will have quotas for employing such as them as members of the board, senior management positions, and at all levels. Sort of when minorities with facial tattoos, face piercings, rainbow coloured hair, criminal and drug abuse records may be given preferential employment. Sounds incredible? Just wait around long enough and see. There’s no sight of any public morals enforcement body in sight to round up these freaks and take them to some re-education camp. And if they get too old to take full advantage of it they’ll just be smugly glad that they opened the door for the younger generation of freaks having been the originals in this transhumanist effort to transform humanity.

  275. awry says:

    European nationalists want to preserve their culture and language, not just their skin color.
    Nonetheless, accepting “refugees” facilitates neither of these goals.

  276. Hibernian says:

    Joyce is an Irish name. Everybody who has it is at least part Irish.

  277. Lurker says:

    The always redundant input of a hasbarat LARPing as a street sh1tter.

  278. @Wielgus

    Yeah, I can dig it. But, that’s not quite the point. My ancestors ventured into Texas when it was still under Mexican authority, but ruled by Comanche. The difference being that they forted up and prepared to fight the Indians, relations with them being tenuous. Narcissa went to live among them and expected them to abandon their heathen practices, convert to Christianity, and learn to live as she thought they should. This was foolish, arrogant and fatal. My forebears were brave and practical, and they persevered. My predecessors survived, she didn’t.

  279. Wielgus says:

    Whether you survived or didn’t survive was a matter of luck. Plenty of forted-up pioneers didn’t survive either.
    Reading up on Narcissa and her husband it would appear the Indians blamed them for outbreaks of illness, and given that Amerindians often lacked immunity to illnesses that Europeans brought, they may have had a point.
    One of my favourite films about the European-Amerindian culture clash is the 1991 Canadian film Black Robe. Much more realistic than Dances With Wolves. One of the main characters, a French Jesuit priest in the wilds of Canada in the 1630s, is shocked to stay with Indians who think nothing of having sexual intercourse in the tent in front of him. They have no taboos, in relation to that at least. His young assistant, a Frenchman, himself has sex with an Indian girl and discovers from her that they find the priest’s celibacy particularly odd. The tribal shaman is particularly hostile to the priest – he senses that the priest is a kind of ideological competitor.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  280. @Wielgus

    Luck probably played a role in survival, common sense likely had some bearing on it too.

    Narcissa and the Indians detested each other from the beginning. She was resolved to remain among them and tried vainly to impose her ways on them. The disease was just the final nail in a coffin that she had been building for herself from the time she arrived. George Caitlin implied that if he had painted the Natives as they actually were, instead of trying to depict them in a favorable light, his paintings would have been reviled rather than revered. He said some were covered in animal fat, which was used as grease for sunscreen. Others were infested with lice and ticks. They thought nothing of defecating outside their tepees and the flies would swarm about their villages. And, yes, they were often promiscuous and venereal disease was common among them. Many of the European men who bedded down with natives became infected.

    The Settlers at Fort Parker fell victim when they let their guard down, because the Indians tricked them into believing that they had come in peace and only wanted food. George Armstrong Custer died because he underestimated the forces arrayed against him.

    Texas Rangers, under the Command of Ben McCulloch, tracked a band of Comanche with the aide of Tonkawa guides. The Comanche hid in a brushy thicket, and the Tonkawa refused to flush them out. The Texas Rangers drove the Comanche out of the brush and shot them down. The Tonkawa cut the flesh from the forearms and thighs of the dead Comanche, then roasted and ate it. McCulloch wrote that he was so disgusted and infuriated that he thought about shooting the Tonakawa, and wondered if they were killing the wrong Indians.

    The infamous Council House fight, in 1840, is usually described as an ambush by the Texians. What actually occurred was a breach of trust on the part of the Indians. A council was to take place where the Comanche were supposed to bring in their Anglo captives. Instead, they only brought one thirteen year old girl named Matilda, whose nose had been burned off. The Texians were so enraged at the condition of the girl, incensed at the haughtiness of the Indians, and indignant at the unwillingness of the Indians to honor their part of the bargain, that they retaliated against them.

    Republic of Texas President, Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar, against the wishes of Sam “Big Drunk” Houston, was among the first to relocate large numbers of Indians into the territories north of the Red River. Now, only the Alabama-Coushatta in East Texas remain in large numbers. Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Patriot
    , @Genrick Yagoda
  281. Patriot says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    True words.

    10 K yrs ago, virtually all men were warriors. Clans, tribes, or villages not composed of warriors had long ago been destroyed by fierce neighbors. Only tribes willing to fight survived. War like behavior was selected for — it’s in our genes.

    What’s interesting is that in the last 10 millinea, we see a repeating cycle: smart, violent, organized, warlike races crush their neighbors, expand their geographic range and create empires. They rule as kings over the subjected people for a few generations, but eventually become soft, and their empire and glory fade as they are replaced by a new group of rough barbarians from the hinterlands — Egyptians, Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Muslims, Mongols, Aztecs, Incas, Spanish, English, and now Americans.

    How much longer will America remain top dog, considering our exploding poplation of Third-World immigrants ( who actually don’t like us or America), and our obsession with equality, transgenderism, microaggressions, cultural appropriation, etc?

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @anon
  282. @John Johnson

    “Society used to be better balanced when:
    1. People were expected to help relatives that had a hard time finding work
    2. Men raised boys
    3. Whites did not have their heads filled with egalitarian glop.
    4, Entry level jobs were not dominated by immigrants”

    Good summary! The “woke” left is actively opposed to all these things. With Biden in the White House we can count on society spiraling even further out of control, and (amazingly to me) approximately half of voting Americans supported him.

    I believe that most Biden voters have no idea what they were actually voting FOR, just that they were voting AGAINST Trump. And that’s mostly because the average American sees a presidential election as a national popularity contest — on par with voting for class president in high school.

    People must be made to understand that the policy, not the person, is paramount — but how?

  283. @Patriot

    I’ve sincerely come to believe that A Phoenix Will Rise from The Ashes. But, that, sadly, implies that everything will have to be reduced to rubble before we can begin to claw our way back. The major problem with that scenario is who will take advantage of our collapse to make a strategic move? Can that be avoided? Can a war be waged internally while external threats are looming? If so, it will need to happen very quickly. You would think that there would be some “rogue” General that would be so sick and tired of watching everything be destroyed from within, that they would organize a coup. We used to have Men like that. Other countries seem to have an abundance of them. I don’t like the idea of a military dictatorship, but if it could be instituted just long enough to realign our society, draw some new boundaries, enact some new protective legislation or overturn the harmful legislation that has been passed previously, clarify the ambiguities in the Constitution according to original intent, and expel those who are completely incompatible with civilization, then I could stand a short term junta.

    Have you seen the movie “The Second Civil War?” It’s kind of corny, but it does touch on a great many of the problems that we are currently witnessing unfold in many of the ways that are depicted in the film. I remember seeing it when it debuted on HBO, and thinking how possible it all seemed.

  284. anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Being fast on horseback with a sword like the Huns won’t mean you conquer a country with nuclear weapons. The days when primitive courage allowed a bunch of Normans or Manchus to show up with swords on one boat and conquer a country are over.

    Nor is victory from the cradle assured in a capitalist country. When someone else owns the means of production and a police force who own tanks are dedicated to guarding their means of production the ragged masses are fairly hapless.

    For the last 500 years or longer, merchant races have run things. Along with a nobility, but that is now no longer important so all that matters is money.

    America is not really top dog. Factoring in the ghettos and the gini-coefficient Australia or somewhere probably has a more egalitarian living standard and less homelessness, abject squalor, safer middle class etc. Cabrini Green better than Sydney? Nah, I’ve visited Sydney.

    The only races who would take over the US are more of the same. Bright merchants. The Chinese are high IQ but they don’t have the right-brained verbal dexterity to command the media organs to make the mass believe what they want and this is as valuable as money. The high caste Indians? Maybe.

    Mexicans are conquering the streets. Their gangs are better organized-they are half Mediterranean white so they have the same capacity as the Italians who preceded them-and backed by cartels.

    Americans have a belief that Arabs will parachute into Iowa swinging scimitars or somehow invade in numbers sufficient for a Caliphate. Never happen. They don’t have a navy or an air force.

  285. @Expletive Deleted

    What is a Lufkin rule and why do you use that term?

    What do you mean by “top tackle”?

  286. @Cowtown Rebel

    A similar story happened during French – Indian wars. There were many instances, but the final straw was after the siege of Fort William Henry. The British had agreed to disarm themselves in exchange for safe French passage to a different fort. But the Indian savages fought wars to exterminate their enemy and take the spoils of war, so the Savages proceeded to attack, murder and scalp almost 1,500 unarmed men, women and children.

    The beauty of this story is that Fort William Henry was suffering from an outbreak of smallpox. When the savages over-ran the abandoned fort, they murdered, scalped and ATE all of the smallpox victims in the infirmary. The savages them proceeded to dig up the corpses of small pox victims, scalp them, and then carry the small pox infected scalps back to their tribe. This resulted in wiping out around 80% of the savages of that tribe.

    It was in this context that Amherst wrote his letter wondering if it was possible to use smallpox blankets to exterminate “this execrable race”.

    The happy ending is that not only did the Indians manage to kill themselves, the French soldiers refused to fight alongside the Indians. I can’t know their minds, but I suspect they must have viewed the Indians as similar to the Xenomorphs from the movie Alien.

  287. @John Johnson

    “Al Gore led a movement to put junk gun companies out of business and Black criminals simply switched to high cap 9mms”

    Yea, Al Gore the savior of White people!

  288. Sulu says:

    I admit that plan has its charm. But sterilization would insure that none of them ever reproduce. Which is more to my liking.


  289. @Druid

    You are correct Druid –but it is a real shame –Portland was a nice city and now the druggies will arrive by the trainload ….

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