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Phyllis Schlafly’s Dark Prophecy—Demographics Are Destiny, Even in GA-6
The Only Answer: An Immigration Moratorium
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At 92, Phyllis Schlafly was endorsing Trump.

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Establishment GOP candidate Karen Handel reportedly could lose to Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday’s critical GA-6 special election, although Republicans have held this direct since the 1970s [Karen Handel Is Keeping Donald Trump At Arm’s Length In Georgia’s 6th District, by Henry J Gomez, Buzzfeed, June 17, 2017]. This is partly because she is (of course) useless on immigration, as Paul Nachman noted last night. But the greater truth: regardless of any “Trump Effect,” demographics is destiny in American politics, even in GA-6. And Republicans can’t say they weren’t warned.

The late Phyllis Schlafly pointed out that mass immigration would ultimately doom conservatism:

How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party

Because immigrants and their adult children overwhelmingly favor big government, there is no issue more important for conservatives than reducing the future number of legal immigrants allowed into the country each year. Otherwise, legal immigration will continue to add millions of liberal voters every decade, making it extremely unlikely that conservatives will be successful on all the issues they care about.

[How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party: A Comprehensive Review of Surveys in Immigrant Communities Showing Their Support for Big Government, Eagle Forum, February 4, 2014]

Schlafly noted that the majority of new legal immigrants, Asians and Hispanics, were heavily in favor of big government and the redistributionist (racial socialist) policies of the Democrats.

Perhaps heeding this conclusion, Trump rallied working-class white Americans to embrace his brand of conservatism, exactly as Schlafly had recommended in her 2014 report [How Trump Won: White Working Class Voters Motivated By Fear Of Immigrants Not Economic Woes, By Jason Le Miere, Newsweek, May 9, 2017].

However, the demographic consequences of decades of mass immigration are already bearing bitter fruit—which is why, three years later, the once-safe Republican district of GA-6 is endangered:

But demographic changes are brewing. Growing minority communities and transplants from other regions have made Atlanta’s suburbs increasingly competitive for Democrats. Georgia’s sixth congressional district, the location for April’s special election, exemplifies changes common in booming southern cities like Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville.

The district was about 80 percent white at the turn of the century. But since then, the black share of the population has grown from 10 percent to 13 percent, the Hispanic share has doubled to 12.5 percent and Asian representation doubled to more than 10 percent

About a fifth of the district is now foreign born – twice the statewide average, according to census data.

[In Georgia, a Democrat’s ‘Make Trump Furious’ campaign rattles Republicans, by John Whitesides, Reuters, April 10, 2017]

Georgia is headed down the same demographic path as California, Virginia and eventually Arizona, as the Democrats gain in once-Red states by replacing the European-American population [Changing demographics are turning Georgia purple, by Mark Meltzer, Atlanta Business Chronicle, August 11, 2016].

Newt Gingrich called GA-6 district home from 1979 to 1999. Before his appointment to Trump’s cabinet, Tom Price held the seat since 2005. His most recent victory in 2016 was a decisive 61.7 percent to the Democrat candidate’s 38.3 percent—but this was down from a 66%-33% victory in 2014.

Now, a flood of non-whites is breaking the GOP’s hold on the district. Recently, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a story gloating over the demographic collapse of the European-American population in Cobb County—a once-thriving suburb of Atlanta, parts of which are in District 6. In 1980, it was close to 95 percent white. Today, the county is on the verge of being majority-minority:

The first time Tammy Garnes visited a school in Cobb County, 10 years ago, she left in a hurry. It was just too white.

“I want to surround my children with black people,” said the film producer, who was sitting at a table in Marietta’s Double Take Cafe with a friend.

But when the Garnes family made a second visit to Marietta two years ago, Tammy found a different world: A diverse school, several fellow black California expatriates, a sophisticated town and a true gumbo of cultures. Since then she’s enjoyed Guatemalan cuisine, made Hindu friends and sent her daughter to a friend’s Brazilian baptism.

“We didn’t think that was what Cobb County looked like,” said Garnes. “It is a true melting pot, and that is a beautiful thing to see, with everything happening in the world.”

Cobb County a melting pot?

In four years, this former white conservative bastion is expected to become “majority minority”; that is, minority residents will outnumber white residents.

The massive demographic shift is evident everywhere. Cobb schools offer a dual-language immersion program in which students are taught half the day in Spanish and half the day in English — to the dismay of some longtime residents. In Mableton, where African-Americans accounted for 4 percent of the population 40 years ago, a black man is the state senator.

And in 2016, Cobb County, once a symbol of conservatism, voted for Hillary Clinton for president.

[The new face of Cobb County: Whites will be minority in 4 years, by Bo Emerson, April 29, 2017]

Trump won the presidency in 2016 by increasing the GOP’s share of the white vote and campaigning on issues which increase white working-class turnout. Significantly, even working class voters of other races can be won away from the Democrats simply by opposition to illegal immigration [Working class voters flee Democrats over party’s support for illegals, by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, June 16, 2017]

But, ultimately, it’s a question of numbers. The Ruling Class has decided America’s economic future requires non-white immigrants [American Prosperity Depends on a Nonwhite Future: Without immigration, mostly of Hispanics and Asians, economic growth will falter., by Noah Smith, Bloomberg, May 24, 2017]. Presumably, they will do the jobs white working-class whites will be barred from taking, thanks to Affirmative Action quotas.

And as the demographics of the country change, the consequences will go far beyond GA-6. The endgame: the Californication of every single American state.

Republicans dare not discuss this openly. But they implicitly recognize it in how they endlessly gerrymander congressional districts. As The Washington Post notes:

Since the minority electorate leans liberal, packing minorities has the same effect as packing Democrats, causing the district map to favor Republicans in the same way it favors whites. This key correlation has made majority-minority districts popular among Republican-held state legislatures…

[How racial gerrymandering deprives black people of political power, by Kim Soffen, June 9, 2016]


However, this tactic is being increasingly targeted by Democrats. The Left realizes the non-white vote is getting sufficiently large that it doesn’t need to be concentrated in specific districts to ensure non-white representatives. And if the Republican practice of gerrymandering is broken, it all but ensures the GOP will lose the House [Republicans are so much better than Democrats at gerrymandering, by Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post, June 6, 2016]. Sheer numbers will eventually overwhelm even the most creative effort to shuffle around populations to create advantageous voting districts. In GA-6, by 2020, the Republican candidate will need to capture close to 75-80 percent of the white vote to win.

Of course, this is not impossible. Even Mitt Romney was able to win 88 percent of the white vote in Mississippi. But it would mean Republicans will now need practically the entire white vote simply to eke out a victory in a once-safe district.

As GA-6 goes, so goes the state. In 1990, Georgia was 70 percent white. But mass immigration and growth in the black population leaves Georgia only 54 percent white in 2017. Current projections show the state majority-minority by 2032.

The Democrats continue to hemorrhage white-working class voters. But they are importing replacements. GA-6 is a microcosm of how the country is changing.

And Matt Drudge’s damning verdict on the party may prove true:

Until Republicans take action on the demographic threat to their party and their country—specifically, until they enact an immigration moratorium—they are simply betraying the interests of their own voters.

Paul Kersey [Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Demographics, Immigration, Republican Party 
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  1. Trump won because his position was based on unnecessary war, non-interventionism, fiscal conservativism and anti-corruption.

    He entertained the masses. The race, gender, anti-SJW, and anti-immigration stuff were simply talking points. None of his policies on these sidelong issues had teeth.

    Rest assured, if Republicans had put in an honest and strong candidate true to those core issues – they would destroy the Dems because these points appeal to all voters. Instead Republicans will reflexively say the minorities are killing them when really its the piss poor leadership that they have installed in the WH over the last two decades.

    God help the world when such smart people (Republicans) resort to being sucks even when they win.

    • Replies: @Felix Krull
    , @Anonymous
  2. The German government is alarmed.
    There was what they called right wing opposition to immigration, these right wing people mostly with little education.
    But now there is a new phenomenon, highly educated young Germans that want to protect the German identity.
    They object to immigration of people ‘who do not understand us’.

  3. @PuttingTheSlimBackIntoMuslim

    Trump won because his position was based on unnecessary war, non-interventionism, fiscal conservativism and anti-corruption.

    He entertained the masses. The race, gender, anti-SJW, and anti-immigration stuff were simply talking points.

    Trump won because he promised to build a wall, period. People weren’t chanting ‘stop interventionism’ or ‘no more taxes’ at his rallies.

    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  4. notice says:

    Paul Kersey can perform 7th grade arithmetic. There is no need for collegiate calculus to fortell the electoral future of the United States.
    Whites are the only demographic the GOP consistently has ever won. They generally lose with -all- other races. They have had 5 DECADES since 1965 to work on this. Verdict: FAIL.

    GOP: its white, or goodnight. Cry if it helps. Paul Kersey is a truth-teller with the conjones to tell you the Fugly truth, Gawd-bless-him.

  5. Dead on the money Paul Kersey. We need a full, 100% moratorium and we need to stop the decades of pussy footing and tiptoeing around this issue.

    I wish Mr Trump — whom I really like–would make this a higher priority. During his campaign, it sounded like he would. He certainly has the power to put the brakes on the refugee resettlement ripoff scandal. It would be such an easy place to start. Sigh…..

    God bless Phyllis Schlafy. She was an underappreciated woman leader who did not get her due b/c she fought the good fight.

  6. Kyle McKenna [AKA "Mika-Non"] says:

    Trump won….because he promised to curtail immigration and enforce the law w/r/t illegals.

    The Only Answer: An Immigration Moratorium

    Sadly, the ‘only answer’ is a few decades late, and not gonna happen anyway.

    Yes, the Republicans are just as treasonous as the Dems, only in a slightly different way now and then. Meanwhile, the Endgame of Diversity is not Diversity. It’s dead white people. All of them.

  7. This is the key quote:
    “But, ultimately, it’s a question of numbers. The Ruling Class has decided America’s economic future requires non-white immigrants”
    Whatever appearances suggest, mass immigration to the US is a non-partisan issue. Immigration befits ALL elites – whether economically or politically. Its affects on labour markets is wonderful: downward pressure on wages, increased unemployment & it’s inevitable result on worker desperation. It’s win-win & win. Naturally, Elites have NO exposure to the consequences of importing a ready made under-class.
    However unpalatable it seems, immigration is a tool of class warfare.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  8. Annatar says:

    The demographic transformation of Georgia over the last few decades has been rapid but the shift of the white vote towards the GOP has so far been able to counter it, Bill Clinton won Georgia in 1992 due to the white vote being more split in the 1990’s. It was really from 2000 onwards that the shift of the white vote towards the GOP seems to have begun in earnest, Bill Clinton only lost the white vote by 3 points in 1996, whereas by 2008 with a collapsing economy and a deeply unpopular Republican administration, Obama could only achieve a 13 point loss in the white vote.

    I would just like to highlight that Trump did not increase the GOP’s share of the white vote, he got 57%, 2 points down from Romney’s 59%, if he had equaled Romney he would have won 2 more states, New Hampshire and Minnesota. Also the white working class voter turnout was 58%, up only slightly from 57% in 2012 and far below the 78% turnout for college educated white voter’s, if the GOP could somehow boost that 57% turnout figure up to around 70%, they could carry every state in the nation outside of the west coast, the north-east and Illinois.

    Electorally, for 2020, that needs to be a key aim, getting that 58% turnout figure among working class whites up closer to the 78% turnout which college educated whites have.

    It is actually quite amazing that Trump managed to win 306 electoral votes, despite not boosting white voter turnout or winning them by a bigger margin then Romney nationally, although he did improve in the Midwest whilst taking losses on the west coast and in certain southern states.

  9. Renoman says:

    It’s all such a shit show, step right up folks on the right we have Jerks assholes and douche bags and on the left we have faggots, whiners and Mommies. Neither one looks down the road more than 3 months, both led around by Israel, both war mongers, neither one in the least bit physically responsible sending the Country hurtling down the highway to Hell as fast as they can for their own gain. It’s an alarming mess. People getting what they deserve I guess?

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  10. Tom Welsh says:

    It’s funny how, in view of their “redistributionist” policies, the Democrats have consistently presided over even greater concentration of wealth and inequality of income.

    It’s almost as if they didn’t mean what they say.

    Although of course the Clintons are a good example of the beneficial effects of redistribution. Starting as two virtually bankrupt lawyers, they are now both multi-millionaires, possibly close to joining the billionaire club.

    So don’t say that redistribution doesn’t work.

  11. KenH says:

    The first time Tammy Garnes visited a school in Cobb County, 10 years ago, she left in a hurry. It was just too white.

    “I want to surround my children with black people,”

    Blacks are racial bigots who prefer the company of their own people, too. Around 10-12 years ago 60 Minutes ran a segment about a blacks only (unofficially) suburban housing development outside of Atlanta and a couple of schools for professional blacks from other areas of the country. One of the black female residents who moved in said her son was attending a mostly white school in the Philadelphia suburbs (and doing well) but that she feared she was losing her son to white culture. She said wanted her son to have a black identity and grow up around other blacks.

    If whites had done something similar there would have been a nationwide media generated furor about “white supremacy” (since white privilege wasn’t yet in vogue). It would have been denounced by politicians on both sides of the aisle and the Cheka, I mean FBI, would have investigated for civil rights violations. Eventually the all white development would have deemed illegal by the imperial federal judiciary and forced to integrate since nothing is more evil and un-American than whites wishing to live together.

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @anarchyst
  12. bluedog says:

    Your right for it says little when people crow that well Trump was/is better than Clinton, when neither were/ are qualified to lead the country Clinton was indebted to wall street and its bankers, and her first priority was to see just how much she could raise for the Clinton Foundation, and I don’t think even Trump knows what his priorities are as he waffles on this and that,8,000 more troops for Afghanistan failure to make a stand on Russia for better relations and creating more problems in the Mid-East, and the Republicans became toast because of it..

  13. KenH says:

    A diverse school, several fellow black California expatriates,

    That’s because blacks are being ethnically cleansed by Mestizos in the golden state. Then blacks flee to white living spaces and when their numbers increase they decide they don’t like whites again and start throwing their weight around. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I just hope throngs of mestizos invade Cobb county and make Tammy Garnes life a living hell like they did in Mexifornia.

  14. A US immigration policy appealing to all the “teeming masses” abroad made sense in the early years of the US, when the “American experiment”, set out on a vast new continent, was far from secure due to its small population size. Becker and Lazear have outlined the most sensible US immigration policy at this time, under these entirely different circumstances, on the assumption that the goal is to preserve as long as possible the high standard of living that Americans have come to take for granted. As good as their rough estimate of 50 billion (50,000 per immigrant x 1 million) in annual revenues from immigration, the boost to the economy (not to mention the boost to quality of life not measured in economic figures) by way of adding on affluent, generally well-educated, high-IQ, talented new Americans would surely be of greater, enduring value.

  15. Drove in from Sag-Harbor-Noyak…picked up family and friends along the way…to go see Donald Trump at Gruman Corp rally in Bethpage….drove around the area….

    Trump held his Gruman Corp rally in the large building The LEM was designed and built in during 1960’s…In 2017…the area surrounding Gruman Corp….where Billy Joel grew up…very close to Gruman Corp….surrounded and colonized by Greater India…toilets of the Punjab region….

    1969….America 90 percent Native Born White America…..


    1969…..Gruman Corp….99 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALE


    So like….who the fuck would be opposed to this? The Hindu Fascist who have Donald Trump millions for his POTUS campaign run?

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well said. After Trump I’m done with voting or giving a shit.* I’ve been a loyal GOP voter since 1988. No more. Why? The globalist cabal pretty much controls the game and the politicians are Stepin Fetchits of the globalists. This election and Presidency has shown the rantings of the most unhinged conspiracy-mongers as tame. At this point I disengage and sit back and watch the Apocalypse. Worse is better.

    *Maybe I’ll give up on Trump during his Presidency with the neocon crap going down with his acquiescence.

  17. Endless jibber jabber about IQ test score psychometrics-endlessly distracting away from the genocidal demographic and economic consequences of Chinese…Hindu-Sihk….Korean….Pakistani….LEGAL IMMIGRATION…..

  18. Google a photo of the faculty and graduate students at any Engineering Department in India…

    Do the same for just about any Engineering Department in US….demographically the same…you would mistake it for a photo of a University in India….

    This is what one calls an open and deliberate policy of genocide against NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES in the tech and engineering fields…

    Do this to the Hindus in India…and they would scream GENOCIDE!!!!!

  19. In America’s not too distant past:

    Cleveland Brown’s starting quarterback Frank Ryan…arm in a sling….on pain killers….Monday Morning….day after playing against Vince Lombardi’s Greenbay Packers at Cleveland Stadium….teaching Complex Analaysi to Case Western Reserve Undergrads….using the ball-breaking-Texas style Moore method(Comrade Derbyshire… can explain this to the audience)
    …..Former student in this class taught by Professor Frank Ryan……World Renown Theoretical Computer Scientist Robert James Lipton:”It was the hardest class I ever took in my life…and it made me the mathematician that I am today…I learned how to think like a mathematician because of Frank Ryan…”

    America 2017=Little Hindu women from India in saris with heavy accents teaching undergraduate complex analysis=HINDU POTUS KAMALA HARRIS’S 2020 DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC….

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  20. ken says:

    “The Only Answer: An Immigration Moratorium” I’m fine with an immigration moratorium, but another simple answer is for whites to have more kids.

    • Replies: @Kyle McKenna
  21. In America’s not too distant past…90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICA was labor self-sufficient with Native Born White American Men such as Frank Ryan………and with…..get this:ALEX BALDWIN’S high school football coach Bob Riefsynder-US Naval Academy Graduate-First Team All American in Football-Math Major- legendary Berner High School football coach and Chairman of the Berner High School Math department……..

    So like…how did 90 percent Native Born White America ever manage to survive when there were hardly any Chinese…Hindus…Sihks…..Koreans….Pakistanis…on our LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE?

    Answer:VERY WELL THANK YOU!!!=1969…America=90 percent Native Born White American lands two Alpha Native Born White American Males on the Moon….ten more after that!!! White Women popping out White babies!!!

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s fitting that this traditionally Israel-worshipping conservative and Christian district will be represented by some heathen tribesman.

  23. @Renoman

    I wish I had your way with words, Reno!

    Yes, these “Major Parties” are just 2 squads of the same team. Most of the American people are getting what they deserve, but the ones who are fighting and have been fighting this stuff for years – like Mrs. Shlafly and millions of others of us – are going to get dragged down with it. It’s not like we have someplace else to go…. Uruguay, anyone? (We’d need at least 5 million or so to take over the place and run a free country. Who’s down?)

    BTW for everyone, Mr. Kersey blogs at Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

  24. @John Achterhof

    As good as their rough estimate of 50 billion (50,000 per immigrant x 1 million) in annual revenues from immigration, ….

    I didn’t read the article yet, so bear with me, John. If it’s even $50,000,000,000 yearly NET income for the US Feral Government, how in the hell does that help the average American? Many are smart enough to work some pretty useful and well-paid engineering and computer jobs, yet have long ago given up, since they will never get these jobs, barring becoming black or BLT(G) (yes, don’t hold back on the Guacamole).

    Do you know, John, that 50 billion bucks is only 1/80 th of the amount spent by our scum in Washington, FS each year? That means it’s about 3 days spending, if you subtract off weekends and Ramadan. Secondly, most of the spending is redistribution, meaning it’s not going to help you, a young white guy, a damn bit, John. A bunch of the money spent by the Feral Gov’t is for overseas war, so we can get them over there, in order to piss them off, so additional numbers of them must be let in over here above the ones we are already inviting, so we don’t have to fight them at ho …. wait

    … the boost to the economy (not to mention the boost to quality of life not measured in economic figures)

    Whose quality of life, John? Having no jobs available for your talents and intellect don’t make for a good quality of life.

    … by way of adding on affluent, generally well-educated, high-IQ, talented new Americans …

    “New Americans”, my ass. Many of them will never become Americans the way things work now. There is no assimilation, more like the reverse, “absimilation” per John Derbyshire’s term.

    Boy, that last sentence sure got blown all to hell, didn’t it. I’ll leave a few words left for other commenters.

    Hey, it’s not like I’ve got anything against the Hoover libertarians really. They are just clueless on any immigration/culture stuff. You need to email them, and let them know that the people coming in are not going to be helping to vote for our liberty and freedom back, and more importantly, I’m guessing, that they won’t be donating one red cent to the Hoover Institute.

  25. Asians, especially South Asians and East Asians, vote Democratic not for ‘socialist’ reasons as they tend to do better.
    They vote Democratic because they are education-oriented, and they earnestly come under PC doctrine in schools. They tend to be slavish to authority either for opportunistic or naive reasons.
    They know that the centers of privilege — DC, San Fran, NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Ivy League, etc — are all Democratic. For them, the Democratic brand doesn’t mean equality but privilege and status, especially following the rebranding of the Party under Billy Club Clinton and Bailout Barry.
    Also, globalism means more opportunities for China and India to get a leg up with more economic ties with the US.

    If some non-whites(especially blacks and Meso-Americans) see Democratic Politics as more welfare and dependency, others(esp Hindus and Chinese) see it as more chance to enrich themselves since globalism means more ‘free trade’ between the US and Asia.

    Until Republicans take action on the demographic threat to their party and their country—specifically, until they enact an immigration moratorium—they are simply betraying the interests of their own voters.

    Asians and ‘Hispanics’ generally have no agency. They are followers. Especially East Asians have slavish, servile, and imitative genes. And Meso-Americans are essentially Mongoids as they came across Alaska from Asia.
    They become like because of elite control. If US were controlled by white conservatives, these Asians and Mesos would be leaning right. They are followers.
    So, who rules America and turned these Asians and Mesos into Democrats?
    Jews and Lib Wasps.
    Since Jews especially use Diversity against whites, the best bet is to use Diversity against Jews. But white cons are slavish to Jews and Israel, and that is the problem.

    I still say the best way is for the US to get rid of GOP, have everyone join the Democratic Party, make US into one-party state, and whites unite with diversity against Jewish elites. Once that head is cut off, the game is wide open.

    We are all Palestinians.

    • Replies: @Low T Japan
  26. Ben Frank says:

    Ask an ant colony how it feels about immigrants from unrelated colonies.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  27. anarchyst says:

    There was a time, that when newly-landed immigrants came to this country to become AMERICANS, they insisted that their children learn English and demanded that they love and respect this country.
    These newly-landed immigrants might not have been able to speak English, but they made damn sure that their children learned English, even discouraging use of their native tongue at home.
    Immigrants of those days saw the USA as a “land of opportunity”, often arriving with little more than the “clothes on their backs”, willing to take ANY job offered to them, eventually gaining more productive employment as time moved on.
    Today’s immigrants see the USA as little more than a “money machine”, could give a damn about our Constitutional principles and protections, and generally, look at us native-born Americans as having lesser status than them. In fact, many of them demand that WE abandon our Constitutional principles to conform to their notion of their old-country”laws”.
    They insist that their children speak their native-tongue, rather than English, and almost to a person, seek out welfare and other “public assistance” benefits, quite often living 4 families to a house, collecting maximum benefits, scamming the system, while truly needy natural-born Americans are denied help. These immigrants know how to “game the system” and look down on us native-born Americans who are struggling, but living honestly–looking on us as “dupes” for not “gaming the system”.
    When I interact with these modern-day immigrants, many times they will remark how good life is in the “old country” while criticizing our laws and customs. I ask them one question: “If life was so good in the old country, why did you come here?” The incredulous, puzzled looks on their faces is priceless…

  28. @Ben Frank

    Ask an ant colony how it feels about immigrants from unrelated colonies.

    Yeah, fire ants don’t take it too well. You’ve pretty much got to burn them out with gasoline or blow them all about the yard with an M-80. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Probably.

  29. Some ideas are toxic but sticks to the mind. It is shielded with taboos and prideful delusion.

  30. Mr Darcy says:
    @John Achterhof

    EPIC FAIL. First, Libertarianism is a childish fantasy that reckons without human nature or real life. Human society is about more than income; more than getting and spending. It is precisely this sort of materialistic “philosophy” that has brought us to the dangerous place at which we now find ourselves. Besides all which, your inane allusion to the immigration policy when the US was young betrays a total ignorance of what the immigration laws and policies were in the 18th century. The law said point-blank at that time that US citizenship would be open to “white people.” Take your childish fantasies and get off of this site. It’s for adults.

  31. Z-man says:

    Even though she’s probably a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Republitard’ I’ll take her over that carpetbagger Assoff or whatever his converted satanic name is. But as for the crux of the article I would halt all immigration for a good period, like in the 1920-60 era, but that would cause mass riots in this America.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  32. @anarchyst

    Oh shut the fuck up you Constitution Tard. The assimilated Asian Legal Immigrants and their US born Asian geneline are a highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc.

    Assimilation makes it easier for the Asians in America to vote the Historic Native Born White American Majority into a racial minority in post-white Toilet America…

  33. Immigration-Invasion by other races is like guests arriving but never leaving your house. It’s like kids of other families coming over to play but never leaving and, if anything, demanding to be clothed and fed by you.

    Diversity is like always having strangers in and about your house.
    Diversity demands Sensitivity, which means you can’t say or express anything that might ‘offend’ the strangers and invaders who won’t leave.
    Just like you can’t relax in your home with strangers around, you can’t be open and free in your nation with Diversity.

    Open Borders mean Shut Mouths. Diversity demands Sensitivity, and a Culture of Sensitivity means Censorship of Real Feelings and Closing of Honest Minds.
    Your nation, in which you once could express yourself freely, has become a place where you have to look over your shoulders and watch what you say, and for what and why? To serve Diversity and facilitate takeover by foreigners as ‘new nationals’.
    That is globalism and current state of the world.
    This is why Jews spread homomania all over. Spread of homomania means every nation must be Sensitive to the elite-minority vanity of homos. It means the silencing of the great normal sane decent majority to appease and flatter a deviant minority. Once this mentality takes root in a nation, its mind-infected populace is more likely to surrender to foreign invasion and appease the nasty sensitivities of minorities-as-new-nationals.

    Under the law of globalism, you have more pride, rights, dignity, and honor as a minority than as a majority. So, if you’re a Japanese in Japan, you suck. But if you’re a Japanese minority in Australia or the US, you are special and to be ‘celebrated’. If you’re a Hindu in India, you ain’t nothing special. But if you’re a Hindu in Canada, you are such a darling. If you’re a Muslim in the Muslim world, you and your kind deserve to be bombed back to the stone age by globalism’s Wars for Israel. But if you’re a Muslim minority in the West, you are the most wonderful kind of person who must be shielded from ‘Islamophobia’.

    Globalism says “You suck in your own homeland where you are the majority, and your ethnic pride in your nation is ‘far right’ and evil’”… however, “if you leave your homeland and become a minority in another country, you are so wonderful and your ethnic identity, along with homomania(which attaches itself to everything) must be celebrated.”
    So, in your own nation where your ethnicity and culture have the best chance of survival, such have no honor & value and must bow down to the foreign ethnic groups and cultures of the world.

    But in foreign nations where your ethnicity and culture have very low chance of survival, such have great value and honor(especially as tools of globalists to undermine the majority ethnicity and culture of that nation).

    What a wacky set of rules. But that’s how globalism works.
    It’s like saying rabbits have no value on land and should only be prized underwater(where they will drown and disappear).
    It’s like saying fish have no value in water and should only be prized on land(where they will die). Yeah, by the butchers of globalism who would turn all of into fusion sushi.

    Globalist rule: Your identity is evil and ugly in where your a majority, but it’s noble and beautiful where you’re a minority.
    So, in your nation where your kind is the majority, you must invite more diversity to make your identity less-majoritarian-dominant, therefore less evil.
    And if you want to be praised and admired for your identity, you must move to another nation and make a fuss about your minority status. But as a minority, what chance does your kind have of retaining ethnic identity for long?
    So, what is to be the common bond among all peoples in the end? Homomania. And by praising homos-as-elite-minorities above all, the entire world will be pro-elite-minoritarian, and that is wonderful to Jews, the most powerful elite-minority in the world.

  34. Duplicate:
    There is a Russian proverb “Sviato mesto pusto ne byvaet”
    — “A holy place, attractive place, will not stay empty.”
    I am sure that USA would survive without my contribution.
    The place I occupy could be filled by Americans,
    may be for higher remuneration, with longer time to study,
    by those bright people who nowadays
    go to become lawyers, go into the business etc.
    Still, my family and I, we are trying to contribute positively,
    and we are grateful that Americans, may be against the will of majority,
    invited us here.
    Thank you , USA !

    Albert Einstein said that most of his discoveries eventually
    would be done by other scientists (within a decade ? my guess, not a citation.)
    An he was talking about absolutely brilliant things:
    the ones he did in “miracle year” of 1905.

    He made an exception for the General Relativity Theory, i.e.
    theory of gravitation based on changing the ideas about geometry of space-time.
    His estimate was time-delay about 50+ extra years for other scientists to come to it. His General Relativity nowadays is important for time corrections to GPS signals; even more important is his Special Relativity Theory (1905.)
    Statement #1.
    I am not trying to compare myself with A. Einstein.
    Statement #2.
    I do not make the exception (like the one above) for myself.
    Whatever I have done, could be done (and would be done reasonably soon) by other Americans known personally by me.
    Statement #3.
    There are very talented Americans !!!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  35. @Priss Factor

    What a wacky set of rules. But that’s how globalism works.

    I read your whole comment, Priss Factor, and I don’t understand your problem. These rules may be wacky to you, young man, but they are working pretty damn well, thank you very much.

    OurThe idea is to obliterate all sense of solidarity among the populations of the countries of the Western and in fact, all of the developed world. In addition, any semblance remaining of a middle class, especially a white middle class must be wiped out. This is what is happening with our Globalist these policies as we speak. Do you think it is moving too slow? Trump/Brexit slowed us down a year or three, but it’s a speedbump, a road-apple, Newman.

    However, this is not really a long-term conspiracy theorywe all, I mean, it’s just a lot of us those elites that think the same way. They do not want competition with them in their global businesses or organizations that can challenge the status quo.

    From the article linked to:

    Let me reiterate this and explain it more. There are many wise men who have been quoted to this effect, but perhaps it was put the most simply by T.S. Eliot, with “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”. This may include the “useful idiots” who, by definition, are not smart enough to be out to purposeful hurt anyone by what they think is the right thing to do, in addition to the fairly-smart, leaders who also think they are doing the right thing, but unfortunately have the power to get it done. See, this is the problem, people with power who think they are omniscient, though they are not. They are smart, but not smart enough to know that they may not be right about everything. It’s OK to have people like that, but not in positions of great power of the population.

    This is how you get your Chairman Mao’s, your Lenin’s, your Pol Pot’s and your Hitler’s. All of them probably had a good head on their shoulders and “knew” what must be done to help their countrymen. People helped them gain positions of great, almost absolute power. It didn’t work out very well, did it? YOU! DO! NOT! LET! ANYONE! HAVE! GREAT! POWER! OVER! YOU! The founders of the American Republic were the best in history in knowing this, and their grand experiment worked out pretty well for 150 years or more, until the people got slack.

  36. Daniel H says:

    When did Schlafly issue this report? 2014. Very late in the game, if you ask me.

    Many of us were keyed into this understanding of demographic transition as far back as the 1980s (even 70s in the case of some far sighted individuals). In the 1980s you could not even raise the issue with “Conservatives”, and you couldn’t raise it in the 90s, 00s, or until just about yesterday, either. It is probably too late to do anything about it, though I do think that there is a small chance that aggressive demands and actions by coloreds could provoke such a reaction that a “white” party will form. But who would really want that? I would not wish to share a party with liberal Democrats who would invariably come to dominate the “white” party just as they dominate most of the public space.

    Best thing is a soft dissolution of the union. Local state control of most matters. Ignore the federal courts. If federal judges get too uppity, have them arrested, escorted to the nearest state border with the warning that if they set foot in the state again they will face jail.

    This was all so unnecessary. If the right measures were taken in the 80s, 90s we could have avoided this mess. Too late now.

  37. @Priss Factor

    Sorry, I thought you were one of us these evil Globalists, and already were hip to our their ideas. Is there a way to retract my comment still? I don’t want my Globalist elite colleagues to read it here, as I’m not supposed to be friends with, you know …. YOU PEOPLE.

    Hey, you patriotic Americans are not alone in this, so don’t feel bad. It’s just a big game of Risk and you’re a bunch of pieces of red and blue plastic. The Ukraine was a road-apple too, and we put the hurt on the Ukraine, just as we will do to you.

    ooops, did I just say that out loud. Crap!

  38. Kyle McKenna [AKA "Mika-Non"] says:

    another simple answer is for whites to have more kids

    Whites can’t win against the fecundity of dindus, asians, etc. The Earth is already straining against the load of 8 billion people. The answer is birth control in third-world countries, and for third-world people in Europe and America. All we need is the will to enforce it. Rain it down from the sky, put it in the water, just make it happen.

    • Replies: @ken
  39. @Priss Factor

    Except in Israel, Jews have been the minority and the outsider in every country they live in for the last 2,000 years. Maybe they want to make every group a minority in every country so we know how they feel.

    For 2000 years this tribe has done nothing but caused troubles in every country they lived in, with their character defined by greed, dishonesty and selfishness. Perhaps this is what happens when people don’t feel belong, there is no spiritual peace, no sense of community, of looking out for your neighbors, countrymen. Their lives are entirely defined by material well being, they horde all they can, by hook or by crook, F everyone else. The Spaniards famously put the Jews on a ship and asked them to leave after they colluded with the Muslims to invade Spain. Outsiders cannot be trusted. Jews are the perpetual outsiders wherever they are, except in Israel.

    Now they want everyone to feel the same. The Jew World Order means the western world is now being invaded by newcomers forming new minority tribes who will resort to the same behavior, horde all they can, F everyone else, no sense of community or country.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  40. ken says:
    @Kyle McKenna

    “Whites can’t win against the fecundity of dindus, asians, etc” I love the defeatism that permeates this site. Look at these stats, ,and tell me the average american somehow can’t handle having a third child?

    “The Earth is already straining against the load of 8 billion people.” I haven’t seen any evidence of this. It’s the same b.s. since the late 18th century.

    “The answer is birth control in third-world countries, and for third-world people in Europe and America. All we need is the will to enforce it. Rain it down from the sky, put it in the water, just make it happen.” Let me know when this happens.

    When did white people become such pussies?

    • Replies: @midtown
  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Immigrant from former USSR

    even more important is his Special Relativity Theory (1905.)

    E.T. Whittaker, Cambridge mathematician and historian of science, has a different take on this:

    In 1951 (Vol. 1) and 1953 (Vol. 2), he published an extended and revised edition of his book in two volumes. The second volume contains some interesting historical remarks. For example, it contains a chapter named “The Relativity Theory of Poincaré and Lorentz”, where Whittaker credited Henri Poincaré and Lorentz for developing special relativity,and especially alluded to Lorentz’s 1904 paper (dated by Whittaker as 1903), Poincaré’s St. Louis speech (The Principles of Mathematical Physics) of September 1904, and Poincaré’s June 1905 paper.[9] He attributed to Einstein’s special relativity paper only little importance, which he said “set forth the relativity theory of Poincare and Lorentz with some amplifications, and which attracted much attention”, and he credited Einstein only with being the first to publish the correct relativistic formulas for relativistic aberration and the Doppler effect. He also attributed the formula E=mc^{2} to Poincaré. In 1984 Clifford Truesdell wrote that Whittaker “aroused colossal antagonism by trying to set the record straight on the basis of print and record rather than recollection and folklore and professional propaganda,…”

  42. Z-man says:

    Yes she’s a dyed-in-the-wool Republitard but she’s our dyed-in-the-wool Republitard, LOL!
    She beat the carpetbagger in GA-6, ‘one small step for goyim, one giant slap in the face for the NWO.’

  43. There is a really cockroachy subset of the Alt Right that worships Henry Kissinger for his role in installing Pinochet into Power. I consider this faction of the Alt Right my mortal enemy…

  44. midtown says:

    I agree. Have three kids, everyone!

  45. Hibernian says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    At Iowa State my alma mater there was a surprisingly large overlap between athletes and engineering students. Still it is hard to imagine a pro starting QB moonlighting as a math prof during the season during the Lombardi era. It would make more sense if it was in night school. I can’t imagine Lombardi tolerating it from a Packer. Cleveland was the home of a team whose owner provided his players wth jobs as taxi drivers during the season which was the origin of the term “taxi squad.” I think this was the Browns but it might have been the Rams before they moved to Los Angeles.

  46. @Felix Krull

    Nine words:

    1. Build the wall.

    2. Drain the swamp.

    3. Lock her up.

  47. @Hibernian

    It’s true…go to google images and you can find the photo of Professor Ryan wearing a sling holding chalk and filling the blackboards with Complex Analysis theorems…According to RJ Lipton…Frank Ryan was on heavy duty painkillers that day…And as a consequence he taught the Cauchy Residue Theorem with slurred speech….

    Professor Ryan was nearly murdered by Alex Karris and Rodger Brown on a revenge play…His vertebrae were fused as a consequence…Many years later he had to get the same exact surgery that Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoya got for seperating fused veterbrae….Frank Ryan has lived with crippling pain for decades…

  48. @SteveRogers42

    Yes it is a big wall. Yes I have some recently drained swampland to MAGA. Yes she will run in 2020 from some supermax in Idaho.

    Reality != Policy

    What happened? Did he misunderestimate the biglyness of the problem? Or did you?

    Btw – I also have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you are interested…


    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is terrible to say, but if America is to be saved, minorities in America may have to migrate to other countries OR to one or two US states and those states should then be cut off from the US forever.

    This will involve economic dislocation and pain, but if it is not done, America is doomed to become a 3rd world country.

    Or Whites may have to flee. But to where?

  50. anarchyst says:

    …not only was the loss of black culture decried, but is was stated at the last part of the program segment that equivalent (identical) homes in this blacks-only housing development were priced considerably lower than that in the all-white development.
    Sorta tells you something…

  51. Low T Japan says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Blaming the Jews has not helped Whites for 2000 years.

    Whites should unite into a cohesive force to advance white interests and white fertility. That and that alone will take care of their problems. Namely, decline, degeneration, extinction.

    White Europeans should become a mirror image of Judaism. Then European vs Jewish relations will be more honest. And peaceful.

  52. “The Ruling Class has decided America’s economic future requires non-white immigrants [American Prosperity Depends on a Nonwhite Future: Without immigration, mostly of Hispanics and Asians, economic growth will falter., by Noah Smith, Bloomberg, May 24, 2017]. Presumably, they will do the jobs white working-class whites will be barred from taking, thanks to Affirmative Action quotas.”

    That’s exactly what happened in Sweden in 1976. ALL POLITICAL PARTIES agreed that Sweden would become multi-national/cultural, and that a homogenous, uniform genetic and cultural was a deficiency and a detriment. Top down dictum and command-control. The few making decisions for the many.

    “Swedish girls are soo0 ease see”-Ex-Swedish Chief Engineer married to an Asian (and very happy). The entire country is a mass of masochistic, self-hating protoplasm.

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