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Photographer Mark Peterson Is a Liar
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Last January, I got an email message from a photographer named Mark Peterson who said he was working on “a photo essay on free speech and those who are having their constitutional right to free speech denied,” and asked if I would let him take my picture. Here is his complete message:

Mr Taylor
i am a photographer working on a photo essay on free speech and those that are having their constitutional right to free speech denied
I would like to make a portrait of you in the coming month
I am working on this project for the German magazine Stern
and hoping to complete this project in the next few months.
here are a few of my recent covers that i have shot on assignment

I said yes. Mr. Peterson came to my house and took what must have been hundreds of pictures, so I asked him to send me a few. He sent this.

Mr. Peterson also asked me to send him a few lines about who I am and about how my free speech is denied. I sent him this:

Jared Taylor describes himself as “race realist” and “white advocate.” He argues that race is a biological reality — not a social construct — and that race is an important part of individual and group identity. He believes whites have a right to remain the majority in their traditional homelands, just as people of every other race do. He wants all nations and ethnic groups to flourish, and believes this is most likely when societies are racially and culturally coherent. Diversity is not a strength, but a source of conflict.

Taylor faces serious obstacles to expressing these views. He and his organization, American Renaissance, have been banned from Twitter and Facebook. His videos are routinely removed or “restricted” by YouTube. PayPal, Mailchimp, and even commercial printers have cut ties with him. Beginning in 1994, he held conferences in hotel ballrooms, but “antifa” disruption and threats of violence forced hotel managers to cancel their contracts. Taylor now holds conferences in government-owned venues that have a First Amendment obligation to serve his group, but this is not a secure refuge. In 2018 he had to sue the state of Tennessee to prevent it from charging crushing security fees that the state said were needed to pay for armed protection against protesters and agitators who vowed to shut down his conferences.

Taylor has learned that not many Americans have a principled belief in freedom of speech.

Mr. Peterson wrote back: “Really like what you wrote. Thank you for that.”

That was a year ago and I forgot about it.

Well, last December, the “photo essay on free speech” appeared, but in New York magazine, not in the German magazine Stern. And it was not about freedom of speech but about “the threat of domestic terrorism.” It starts with Dylann Roof’s Charleston massacre. It says there are “148 white-nationalist hate groups in this country,” and warns that “their violence is indisputable.” It adds that photographer Mark Peterson has been “traveling the country to surface the extent of the activity and catalogue the most dangerous ideologies.” The introduction concludes: “Without a full accounting of the reality, there can be no remedy. To look away is a form of collaboration.”

Then there are Mark Peterson’s photos of burning swastikas, hooded Klansmen, arm-band-wearing Nazis, bare-chested seig heilers – and your servant. The photo Mr. Peterson sent to New York doesn’t look much like the one he sent me. One friend told me it looked like a survivor from a coal mine disaster.

And the text? Not a word from what I sent Mr. Peterson. Instead, this is how the article introduces me:

The FBI’s 2019 numbers [on hate crimes] won’t be available until next November, but indications suggest they will continue to trend upward. The most deadly mass shooting of 2019 was committed by a xenophobic extremist in El Paso, Texas. “Lone wolf” killers have found their pack.

Fractured as it may be, the far right is now connected by public figures arguing for some form of ethno-nationalism. One such figure is Jared Taylor, founder of the New Century Foundation and the American Renaissance Conference, which brings together far-right leaders from various strands of neo-Nazism, the KKK, and the alt-right.

If you share the article on Twitter or Facebook, the title that goes along with it is “A Year Inside a Growing American Terrorist Movement.”

I’m a trusting guy. I’m willing to believe that Mr. Peterson could have had an assignment from Stern about free speech. Maybe it was cancelled and he decided to peddle his pictures to New Yorker instead. So I wrote Mr. Peterson to ask what happened to the Stern assignment. Twice. That was more than a week ago and I have had no reply.

I’ll probably go to my grave still being surprised by such pathetic dishonesty.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t have much sympathy?

    This guy didn’t exactly hide what type of person he was… it should have been obvious he was lying.

  2. DWright says:

    This one is on you Jared.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  3. Anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, that is the journalism of today when it is headed by a horde those with a Jewish world domination agenda mindset. We can never trust them, ever. They have a world history of being liars, cheats and thieves. What are we witnessing today? The same activity by them but it is hushed up because they own and run the news. Of course we don’t read or see how the Jewish thugs have been doing this to the Gentile for centuries upon centuries!

  4. Nauseating, to say nothing of libellous…

  5. how does this guy keep going? what a rube.

    he’s had absolutely, positively no positive effect or traction on his life long activism campaign. achieved none of his goals. watched his direct enemies marginalize him over 30 years to the point where he has to hold his conference in the middle of nowhere. i remember when the AmRen conference was in Washington DC and you could go there freely and not one person even tried to interrupt or interfere.

    his policy of never talking about (them), when it’s (them) who have completely, utterly neutralized him, is like doctor having a strict no tumor cell discussion policy in his cancer practice. what could be causing all this cancer? please, no discussion of tumor cells. those are tropes and canards that discredit our profession. whatever you do, don’t talk about what’s causing the problem.


  7. Hell, even back in the relatively olden days I always did a quick check of journalists who were set to interview me (this was when Google was in its relative infancy: a few years either side of Y2K) – and in public life I was seldom even close to the edge of the Overton Balistraria[1].

    The closest I got to geopolitical questions was when Sky News interviewed me a couple of weeks after Blowback Day about the ramifications for QBE. QBE had some involvement in the insurance coverage for the airframes of two of the planes; the stock had been absolutely smashed (down ~70%).

    These days, I d0x anyone who presents ‘opportunities’ out of the blue. If there’s so much as a shadow of doubt, I’ll spend $50 and get a full workup from people who do it professionally.

    [1] Riffing off the “Motte & Bailey” wank-jargon mentioned by iSteve. In the 90s it was still worth referring to as the Overton Window, but these days it’s much narrower, and you’re fucked unless the walls either side are almost-impenetrable. Hence the Overton Balistraria.

    In the late 90s the window was still pretty wide, although it was already starting to close.

    Back then, I reckon wasted at least half a day a week trolling alt.feminism and other targets of opportunity. My university staff e-mail address (and the think-tank I worked at) were in my default signature. That would be a problem these days, but back then only the most ardent “all men are rapists” wymmyn bothered sending emails demanding that I be sacked: in those days things like that just didn’t work; they were correctly identified as tawdry acts that did not warrant a response.

    Those were the days.

  8. “People have occasionally asked me what I think of Jared Taylor… What part of ‘don’t talk to the media’ is hard for these idiotic narcissists to understand?”

  9. Buahahahahahahahahaha. Mr. Taylor is exactly the type of white man that would move his country’s industrial base to China for a few bucks and then boast about how brilliant white people are. In the past this type of “man” had a different name, they were called fools.

  10. On the one side I think Mr. Taylor should have been suspicious from the get go. On the other side hindsight is 20/20. I think Mr. Taylor saw this as a great opportunity to get his message out there. Unfortunately, he was gaslit and retconned to be grouped with neo-Nazis. The left loves to point out how nuanced they are when it comes to non-white violence. “They’re not all like that–racist!” But any form of white advocacy is synonomous with neo-Nazism.

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