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Philadelphia Shows Riots Are the New Normal—and Could Force Out A President Biden
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Philadelphia was under curfew last night and Danielle Outlaw, the black lady police chief newly hired after her stellar performance in Portland OR, is breast-beating about her force’s need for more mental health social workers [Philadelphia pledges better response after shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr.,, October 29, 2020]. Of course, this is completely irrelevant to the beat cops’ urgent need to protect themselves from Walter Wallace Jr., the “aspiring rapper” who attacked them with a knife, and to the city’s imperative need to assert law and order—the absence of which most hurts decent blacks, as Thomas Sowell has pointed out—if necessary by ruthless coercion. Riots are the new normal for America if President Trump is not re-elected—and maybe if he is. But Joe Biden tepidly condemned the recent riots only after expressing “shock and grief” about “another Black life in America lost” [Biden, Harris Express ‘Shock and Grief’ Over Police Shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., by Brian X. McCrone, 10 Philadelphia, October 27, 2020].

This was a fairly straightforward incident of an armed criminal being put down by police. If even this causes riots that the authorities are too Politically Correct to stop, every interaction between police and blacks can turn into an inferno. It means this country is on a permanent war footing.

One of the bizarre undercurrents of the Black Lives Matter movement is how the “victims” seem to be declining in quality. George Floyd had a lengthy criminal record, held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach, and died from a drug overdose but at least the initial video (dishonestly presented by the MSM) portrayed him as sympathetic. Someone could at least say that regardless of a person’s criminal record or evasive behavior, police shouldn’t be allowed to act in a certain way.

Then there was Jacob Blake, who was shot by police after his girlfriend called in a domestic violence dispute. He broke away from officers and reached into a car, something that would get just about anyone shot. Nonetheless, because he was at least shot in the back, Democrat vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris could meet with the family for what Ben Crump called an “inspiring and uplifting visit” [Kamala Harris meets with Jacob Blake’s family in Wisconsin, by Jason Silverstein, CBS News, September 8, 2020].

Now, there’s Walter Wallace Jr., who had a long history of abusing and threatening women, including family members. He approached police with a weapon. What do you think is going to happen?

The #MeToo movement, which saw celebrities and powerful men broken because of charges made decades after the infractions allegedly happened, has seamlessly transitioned into #BlackLivesMatter. Now, the new saints of America’s modern state religion are men who threatened women with violence or death—but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Contrast these weird cults with the Main Stream Media blackout of murdered whites like Rowan Sweeny (four years old), Cannon Hinnant (five years old), and Wilma Hochstetler (mother of four children, the youngest of whom said “I wish they didn’t shoot my mommy”).

They were white—so their lives don’t matter to our Ruling Class.

I suspect MSM journalists take a positive pleasure when they choose to ignore white deaths, or dismiss them as random. While blacks riot in reaction to the deaths even of those who prey upon their own community, whites are too intimidated to even speak in defense of their innocents. Indeed, I hesitate to even write these words lest I bring additional misfortune on these families who are already suffering the torments of the damned and the scorn of a sick society.

The expectation from many Trump supporters is that the violence in Philadelphia will automatically help the president capture the Keystone State. But this is not certain.

Certainly, the Trayvon Martin case or the Ferguson riots “redpilled” many people who would go on to join the Alt Right or support Trump’s 2016 campaign. However, these occurred at a time when there was far less platform control by the Left and far more free speech online. Since then, MSM Journofa have been largely successfully in deplatforming people like Stefan Molyneux who could push back against MSM narratives about innocent blacks that police were supposedly shooting for no reason. This summer, President Trump appeared to have lost support when the Black Lives Matter protests escalated [Trump Could Not Be More On The Wrong Side”: New Poll Shows Trump’s Black Lives Matter Protest Response Could Cost Him 2020, by Peter Hamby, Vanity Fair, July 24, 2020]. He has never led Joe Biden in the RealClearPolitics aggregate of national polling since early spring and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, Dem/MSM narratives surrounding the riots are self-contradicting. Sometimes we are told riots are justified. Other times, they weren’t really happening. Occasionally, we hear that they were actually sparked by white supremacists [Media and politicians blame white supremacists for black violence, by Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, August 16, 2020].

Anyone paying attention, which obviously includes Trump supporters glued to their Twitter/Parler/Gab feeds or reading Dissident Right websites, will see the obvious lies. However, most Americans are not paying attention, especially because they are struggling economically from the coronavirus pandemic and the economic effects of the lockdowns [Trump or Biden’s big economic challenge: millions of struggling Americans, by Jonnelle Marte, NASDAQ, October 28, 2020]. They simply get media-packaged videos of chaos and vague warnings about racism or violence against “black bodies.” These fade into the background of life. The implication behind all these contradictory and confusing messages: all this is somehow all President Trump’s fault.

As Joe Biden put it in his campaign message/blackmail note to the American people:

Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?


The takeaway many voters have: if Joe Biden is put back in the White House, the bad things will simply go away. This message is especially compelling to relatively affluent suburban voters and white women who don’t have to witness or live with the consequences of urban rioting, but who know who are the good guys and the bad guys from the moral scolds masquerading as journalists and late-night television hosts [Why Trump Is Losing White Suburban Women, by Meredith Conroy, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, and Erin Cassese, FiveThirtyEight, October 20, 2020].

Of course, these are the same people the late St. George would have felt no compunction about preying upon.

There is a flip side to this—the so-called shy Trump voter [‘Shy’ Trump voters will power his win, says pollster who called 2016 race, by David Knowles, Yahoo News, October 23, 2020]. Rasmussen did find that many likely voters who “strongly approve” of President Trump’s performance remain silent about their voting intensions [Trump Voters Are Staying Silent Again This Year, Rasmussen Reports, September 9, 2020]. Indeed, about two-thirds of Trump supporters polled in New Hampshire (!) said they would not display a yard sign or a bumper sticker out of fears of vandalism–and those are just the people who are willing to say they support the president [Two-thirds of Trump Supporters Won’t Put Up Yard Signs Over Vandalism Concerns: Poll, by Benjamin Fearnow, Newsweek, October 24, 2020].

There is a direct connection between this fear and the Black Lives Matter phenomenon – after all, in some areas, it is now a criminal offense to call the police on blacks if someone determines the complaint is “racially-motivated.”

We have actually gone beyond Sam Francis’s “anarcho-tyranny.” It is not just that the law is tyrannically enforced against the law abiding, but literal criminals can invoke state power against the law abiding.

Of course, by definition, the only way to know how many of these “shy Trump voters” there are is to wait for Election Day. Unless there are a lot of them, the polls are mostly right, and a Democratic Administration and its confused frontman will take office in January.

If that occurs, what makes people think that riots will stop? Joe Biden, because of his past “tough on crime” stance, will be helpless before the monolithic black lobby. His running mate Kamala Harris can hardly wait to shove him out of office. Frustrated progressives who held their nose to vote for the old, white neoliberal will have no reason to hold back now that Trump is out of the White House.

If riots worked to drive out Trump, they could also work to drive out Biden. We may see even greater disorders, which will be met by even greater crackdowns on whites to prevent them from discussing what’s going on, calling the police, defending themselves or even moving away from violent populations.

This may be the last quasi-free election the country ever has. There is no reason for BLM organizers, Antifa, or just random criminals to stop rioting. They know they will get away with it. Editor Peter Brimelow predicted that the Left’s temper tantrum at Trump’s inauguration, if not checked, meant “it will come to blood.” If anything, that may be too optimistic. It’s more likely that it will end in tyranny—all the more disgraceful because modern post-Americans, unlike our revolutionary forebears, lacked the moral courage to resist even by voting in secret.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[329] • Disclaimer says:

    Last night Mark Levin had on his radio show Elijah Schaeffer (sp?) a Jew for Jesus who is also a reporter who was beaten by feral looters on the west side of Philadelphia and he committed a gaffe, that is accidentally or on purpose spoke the truth. The gist of what he said was “Antifa likes to break windows and throw Molotov cocktails, black people like to steal.” Preach!

    In Washington DC we have the story of the dead dindu who crashed his likely stolen moped into a car while fleeing the police. Strangely enough, no riots. It’s a pity, dude was an aspiring rapper no doubt headed to medical school.

  2. Don’t count on Trump to stop any racial unrest. He’s far to busy at his rallies (ego trips) telling everyone how he’s brought about the record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians. The 99% White low wage earning trailer park people at these events seem to love this and show it by chanting “We Love Trump”. There has to be more than “one” born every minute.

  3. Great piece of writing. I hate how spot on it is. Truly a nightmare. I do hope Philadelphia will make people vote for Trump, but it doesn’t seem like it. But then, what do I know about this. I keep saying that, because I just don’t. Horrible, horrible, and it’s making me feel sick some of the time.

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Polistra says:

    Joe Biden tepidly condemned the recent riots only after expressing “shock and grief” about “another Black life in America lost”

    Blacks in America should not be losing their lives. I think we can all agree on that. They shouldn’t be losing their lives to murder, or drugs, or disease, accidents or old age. These scourges are a plague upon Black Bodies, and Joe Biden will see to it that each one is permanently eradicated. Vote Joe now! If you’ve already voted wrong, call up your election officials and change your ballot. If you are unable to do this, your ballot will be changed for you. Thank you for your support.

  5. Win or lose on Tuesday, Trump is a failed president. For starters, he was elected based on the promise he was going to conduct mass deportations of illegal aliens and build a full border wall. He has failed to do either, which means the country continues hurtling toward a permanent Democrat majority resulting from mass Third World immigration. Trumptards may say he failed because liberals stopped him, but if Trump didn’t know liberals would try to stop him by hook or by crook, he’s an idiot. If he wanted to MAGA—and there’s no way to MAGA without stopping and reversing the darkening of America—he should have been prepared to ignore the rulings of liberal judges and even to fight a civil war against liberals. And what about his ban on Moslems? Mohammedan savages continue to come in, as jihad by immigration—hijra—pleases their bloodthirsty desert deity. It is a certainty they will rape and murder, just as they have been doing for over 1,300 years, because violence against non-believers also pleases their odious moon idol, Allah.

    James Buchanan failed to act when Southern secessionists attacked Fort Sumter. While in my opinion, Southerners had a moral and legal right to secede, from a mainstream American point of view Buchanan was derelict in his duty and is rightfully remembered as a failure and a coward. Trump will be remembered even less kindly.

    All that having been said, I have already cast my vote for the orange fuck. In this great “democracy”, the choices are always a stinking piece of shit and an even more stinking piece of shit. Given that reality, I prefer to go with the slightly less malodorous turd.

  6. Neoconned says:

    So…..the storyline goes…..Biden beats Trump but can’t “turn off the switch” on rioting because “genie is out of the bottle”…..or whatever.

    So naturally in the name of diversity and “healing” lol(he keeps referring to “the soul of America”) he bows out like Nixon and lets the Hindu Dindu take over… that really the 4D chess scenario Carville and company are wargaming?

  7. The though crossed my mind just before seeing your headline….a foreboding transmission shakes the noosphere!

  8. Icy Blast says:

    Carville? Serpent Head? I had forgotten all about him. I think Bill and Hillary found him panhandling under a bridge in Little Rock and then decided to let him wash one of their SUV’s for five bucks.

  9. Interesting question – will the wide spread violence, crime etc cease on a Biden victory?
    The author doubts it.
    I tend towards the violence will begin to dry up. Partially, simply because of winter.
    But also, because this whole epic burst of public pathology is largely directed to get rid of Trump. The money & direction behind it has been aimed squarely at Trump. Should Trump be driven from office, the Soros’s of the world will have achieved their aim. (the rioting etc has been largely facilitated by State etc democrats.)
    Admittedly, it can be argued that the State democrats [will] have truly lost control of the whole mess…. Again – interesting.
    But the very interesting point the author raises (I hadn’t thought of it, I admit) is whether the riots etc will be continued & used to dislodge Biden in favour of Harris. That (for me,
    at least) really is a “head scratcher” ….. I certainly wouldn’t put it past them morally (they are completely immoral & in private proud of it) . But, would there not be some inherent dangers in such a course? Wouldn’t it just be easier to either let him have his 4 yr’s or to privately pressure him? Maybe something in his morning coffee to induce a stroke in
    him ?

  10. As usual thus election will be about picking the lesser of two evils. And the Democrats have been showing their evil for years, moreso over the past 8 months.
    Take off your blinders America.

  11. @Ray Caruso

    How did you vote? Do they make exceptions for foreign agents? You must be special.

  12. Tom Welsh says:

    Rioting after an election is not “the new normal” It is the old normal. In 1861, after Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election and even before his inauguration, there were huge riots in many Northern cities. In Baltimore, as I recall, the rioters actually murdered the chief of police – or was that New York? Lincoln had to travel to Washington heavily disguised, escorted by armed Pinkerton men.

    Americans are not natural democrats. Indeed, I wonder if anyone ever has been.

  13. 13% of the population holding us hostage… how is it possible? Because another 3% has taken control of the nation by fraud… get rid off the latter and it will be easy to deal with the former!

  14. gotmituns says:

    a reporter who was beaten by feral looters
    Anyone who beats a reporter couldn’t be all bad.

  15. AndrewR says:
    @Clay Alexander

    Bingo. Trump has dedicated his presidency to simping for blacks and Jews. And Hillary wasn’t exactly wrong with her “Deplorables” comment. I can understand voting for Trump reluctantly, because one thinks Biden/Harris are so awful (and they are, without question). But anyone who loves Trump enough to actually go to his rallies to cheer for him is an absolute scumbag moron who deserves the worst.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
    , @Stan d Mute
  16. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:

    If I were dictator of the United States, I would have all lying male CEO’s, journalists politicians, university administrators and professors rounded up by the secret police and have them locked up with the biggest, meanest pink butt loving black sexual offenders for life. The females in these occupational categories would be locked up with the most violent, drug abusing black lesbians. Only then would justice be served. Rioters would be shot on sight and BLM and antifa activists would be sent to prisons in the Aleutians for permanent detention in unheated cells and fed rotten fish soup with rotten seaweed. Boy that felt good!

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • LOL: Montefrío
    • Replies: @Alden
  17. @Ray Caruso

    The academic and media institutions of the Ruling Class call Buchanan the worst president of all time, though they may be revising that soon. They blame the civil war on Buchanan, naturally, though it won’t surprise me if they pin that on orange man too.

  18. AndrewR says:

    There are many possibilities.

    One is that Biden is already planning his resignation or even suicide.

    Another is that there is no active plan to oust him, and that the Dems really expect him to serve a whole term, but that they might just roll with future developments that would seem to be conducive Joe’s removal.

    I think the “they’re planning things behind his back” possibility is the least likely.

    It doesn’t make much difference anyway. Joe is just as crooked and sociopathic as the rest of them, and the Presidency is largely a figurehead position at this point anyway.

    • Replies: @Alden
  19. AndrewR says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Fight a civil war with what army?

    Ignoring judges’ rulings isn’t exactly simple. You need to have loyal people beneath you on all levels who are willing to openly flout the law.

    Trump’s only real asset is his millions of well armed, angry deplorables, many of whom would likely be willing to take up arms, if not for Trump per se, at least against Trump’s enemies whom they perceived to also be their enemies. Trump certainly doesn’t have the military leadership on his side, and it’s debateable how much the rank-and-file truly support him, or at least support him enough to participate in a civil war.

    None of this is to exonerate him. Even acknowledging the real obstacles in his way (both in the “politics as usual” sense of letting judges undercut everything he does, and in the boogaloo fantasy you envision), he has shown himself to be nothing but a narcissistic, stupid boomer who thinks tweeting “LAW AND ORDER!!!!” a thousand times is real leadership. He doesn’t deserve to kiss the feet of history’s great leaders like Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Hitler or Putin.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. @animalogic

    Everything’s going to get better, including covid, and Biden Harris will get all the credit, even though they were going to get better anyway.

    Two minor caveats: if you’re white, especially a white male, things are going to get worse, much worse. And the economy isn’t going to get much better. In fact before too long it’s also going to get much worse.

    Trump and his fans will get blamed for that, even in 2022.

    • Replies: @Alden
  21. Wake up says:

    Philadelphia has over 400 homicides already this year, overwhelmingly Black on Black killings. This number doesn’t nearly count the Blacks that were shot or shot at, but missed. No rioting over that carnage, but as soon as Police rightfully defend themselves from a career Thug who aggressively comes at them with a knife; here comes the looting, rioting and burning.

    • Replies: @Thim
  22. El Dato says:

    In Washington DC we have the story of the dead dindu who crashed his likely stolen moped into a car while fleeing the police. Strangely enough, no riots.


    BLM protesters bombard police with missiles, fireworks in 2nd night of clashes after fatal moped chase (VIDEOS)

    Wednesday night’s protests began with a vigil in honor of 20-year-old Karon Hylton, who was struck by a motorist while he was riding a scooter on Friday, before succumbing to his injuries and passing away Monday.

    The vigil was led by Hylton’s mother Karen at the location where the fatal crash occurred. The deceased’s family allege that a police chase prior to the crash was directly to blame for the young man’s death.

    The tone of the evening became more chaotic and violent as the night wore on, with footage appearing to show multiple incidents of protesters and police clashing on the streets of the capital for the second night in a row.

    • Replies: @Alden
  23. El Dato says:

    This message is especially compelling to relatively affluent suburban voters and white women who don’t have to witness or live with the consequences of urban rioting

    And bubble-enclosed academics out to show everyone that they want to save the World from Evil and by God they will And if they don’t get The Biden, they will move to France (any minute now).

    Plus, this election must be the weirdest ever where absolutely nobody talks about the fact that one is actually voting for President Kamala, someone who was soundly REJECTED as acceptable presidential material. I suppose even during FDR’s last round, where he damned well knew he would kick the bucket before long but tried to hide it as best as he could, there was more talk about whether Truman would be ok in top position.


    President Trump’s performance remain silent about their voting intensions


  24. El Dato says:

    But the very interesting point the author raises (I hadn’t thought of it, I admit) is whether the riots etc will be continued & used to dislodge Biden in favour of Harris.


    Nancy will just put on Tucker interview tapes before the Senate, declare Biden incompetent in late January and come February, Kamala will be in.

  25. @Polistra

    Blacks in America should not be losing their lives. I think we can all agree on that.

    No, actually, we can’t. Blacks commit the vast bulk of all crimes. I think we need to kill black criminals on the spot when they act like savages towards anyone. We should do the same for any racial group member that is a predator on the rest of the society.

    We should get rid of prisons. They are conceptually a stupid idea. If someone commits a minor offense via accident or unintended consequence, that person needs to pay restitution to the victim and that can’t happen when the person is in prison. If the offense is major and is clearly a premeditated act of force or fraud, we should kill that POS as a strong message we won’t tolerate that kind of trash in the society.

    We need to get rid of the absolutely useless street cops and fix the laws so everyone is able to carry a weapon of their choice without requiring some nanny state note. We, the people, should be our own police force and simply kill the perp when we encounter one. No prison needed.

  26. If biden wins, things will remain the same or get worse on the ground, but the media will portray the streets as overflowing with milk and honey. They will make it seem as though biden hath bringeth us unto a new golden age. All the wrongs of the trump administration will have been corrected by him and it will be morning in America again. The media will do everything to make it seem biden was a corrective to trump and by far the best choice, and that Trump almost left the country in ruins. You see, for the establishment, almost as important as getting trump out of office will be the need to destroy his legacy. They must eliminate MAGA ideology and make sure there will be no maga successor, and thus re ensconcing the establishment Republican Party. The war on Trumpism will not be over for decades, much as the msm bashes Nixon at every turn like it was still1970.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  27. KenH says:

    need to protect themselves from Walter Wallace Jr., the “aspiring rapper” who attacked them with a knife,

    It seems the majority of black men are either reverends or aspiring rappers.

    • LOL: TKK
  28. Isn’t the plan already to replace #brokenbiden with Fakengga Harass?

  29. Rich says:

    The cities are becoming even more unlivable than they were when I was growing up. Back then at least we had solid White neighborhoods where people would stand and fight. I bought my house in the suburbs because I didn’t want my kids having to deal with all the racial BS. Now everyone else is doing the same thing and it’s even easier because so many can work from home. In my little NYC suburb houses sell the first weekend they go up for sale, and there’s usually a bidding war. The cities will keep getting worse, eventually becoming no go zones like some dystopian novel. Unless there’s a military coup and martial law is imposed. Dem mayors won’t stop the carnage.

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @annamaria
  30. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lace the Artist Formerly Known as Race

    I do hope Philadelphia will make people vote for Trump

    Why? All of this is happening while he is in power.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Wyatt
  31. bruce county says:

    Walter Wallace Jr. Any relation to Bubba Wallace?

  32. trickster says:

    The problem Rich, is that the problem follows a ghastly pattern. I call it musical hoods.
    -whites move into a nice area away from all the blacks.
    -black areas become hell holes
    -blacks who can afford to do so move out. where to?
    -into the white areas
    -their family and friends come to visit. some decent, most dodgy…from the old hood
    -more and more blacks move into the “nice” area
    -more and more blacks visit said blacks
    -soon the nice area is a shit hole like the one everyone fled

    and then……
    -whites move into a nice area away from all the blacks
    -the once nice area they just left is now a hell hole

    The area around Holliswood/ Queens near where Trump was raised used to be and still is a fairly nice area. But day by day the white faces are becoming increasingly hard to see. Everywhere whites move blacks follow ruining each new area in turn…and we wonder why SOuth African whites kept them segregated in their own T0wnships !

    • Agree: TKK
  33. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Note that the riots and looting are only in urban areas, almost all Democratic. These urban areas (plus the adjacent suburbs) contain almost all of the Democratic majority areas. It is not obvious that the Democrats can win by destroying the cities they live in.

    A sufficiently ruthless Republican might say “I’m appalled by this rioting. If it were twice as bad, I’d give in completely.” Do that for several cycles of rioting and watch the opposition destroy itself.

    President Trump, Mr. “your fired”, of course wouldn’t do that. Nor would his existing followers, who in fairly recent history were chased out of the cities and are now being driven to extinction by what appears to have been a deliberate destruction of livelihood and a genocide level attempt to destroy their culture by indoctrination and beating of their children.

    The underlying process is driven by loss of urban natural monopolies.
    Cities were centers of shipping, manufacturing, politics and finance. They lost shipping and manufacturing about 7 decades back, and have tried to make up the difference with politics and finance. They have used immigration to maintain urban political power, politics to sustain taxable financial concerns, and what appears to be a deliberate attempt to control communication through infiltration of communication companies, political coercion, and the re-institution of 1930s street fighters.
    Even assuming total success in maintaining political control, the urban areas cannot get the money they need to survive. While arbitrary amounts of money can be issued, the resources for recapitalization of urban areas do not exist. The finance system is said to be on the verge of a serious failure due to grossly extended borrowing, and consumer inflation is increasing at about 10% per year.
    This has consequences. The same propaganda the cities used when in the ascendant (c.a. 1960-2008) is repeated at ever increasing volume, but to increasing rejection. “Get woke, go broke”. The mere fact that the propaganda has to be reinforced by street fighters and looters means that the propaganda has failed.

    The game is down to an losing endgame. The cities have been playing strategic defense (of their income) supported by tactical offense (maintaining political control) since 1960, using the escalation dominance established by FDR (and the failure of the 1950s domestic anti-communism push) to prevent both strategic and tactical offense by the Republicans.

    A definition: On the strategic level, “defense” means that the side is trying not to lose. “Offense” means that the side is trying to win — make the other side stop fighting and agree to a peace. Tactically, “defense” means to defend against attack, “offense” means to attack. One can win with a strategic offensive and a tactical defensive, and insurgency warfare can win that way. The side on the strategic defense waits for the other side to wear itself out in unsuccessful attacks, then switches to the tactical offense and defeats the remnants of the exhausted opposition.

    On a strategic level, we have seen defense vs. defense on strategic and tactical levels. Surprisingly, this has paid off for the Republicans. Their opposition is weak enough that Trump’s switch to strategic defense / tactical offense has revealed an opposition that cannot defend itself without losing credibility. Trump’s best move is either to maintain the strategic defense/tactical offense during a second term, or to switch to strategic offense/tactical offense during a second term, depending on just how exhausted his opposition is.

    Note that the strategic situation does not change even if Biden wins. A Biden win will not restore natural monopolies to urban areas, nor will it prevent a financial failure. Bidens side might promise much, but it cannot deliver even the repair of urban areas already destroyed by riots. As far as massive immigration goes, that has stopped and will most certainly not start up again unless jobs or living expenses and livable urban areas can be provided for the immigrants. Jobs and living expenses and livable urban areas cannot be provided — the resources do not exist. Casualties will be much higher, but the final result will be unchanged..

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'...
    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @Anonymous
  34. bruce county says:
    @Happy Tapir

    All the wrongs of the Trump administration will have been corrected by Biden and it will be morning in America again.
    Ahhhh alas…. And the morning sun will rise in the west and all is anew.

  35. I’m really not seeing how he would be forced out over the riots.

    Biden said he would only serve one term and the MSM will make endless excuses for Black riots before blaming any Democrats.

    This message is especially compelling to relatively affluent suburban voters and white women who don’t have to witness or live with the consequences of urban rioting, but who know who are the good guys and the bad guys from the moral scolds masquerading as journalists and late-night television hosts

    This is good analysis and my concern with the election. White women in the burbs are more likely to buy the MSM narrative of these shootings being the fault of police trying to suppress Blacks. I’m not trying to pin it all on White women but I’m worried Trump has lost this group.

    What does give me a glimmer of hope is that Biden is ruthlessly mocked on youtube. Not just for user created content, any MSM video is normally pro-Trump in the comments.

  36. @Anonymous

    What exactly is Trump supposed to do in this situation?

    The mayor was clearly holding back the police as seen by the video of them standing around a gas station while numerous stores were being looted.

    There is also video of the police retreating and not using tear gas to break up the crowd.

    Another weak liberal mayor that pities Black criminals and is afraid of ending up on CNN for using established crowd control techniques.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. anaccount says:

    At one point I entertained delusions that we could at least improve our situation peacefully.

    Our rulers probably aren’t even concerned. I wouldn’t be given how quickly everyone donned their fag gags for the virus hoax. The sad thing is people aren’t even curious about when they can take them off. I see people wearing them alone in their cars.

    And then I see a protest in Belarus and it’s the same mask people. Mostly angry White women with a few mean sheenies sprinkled in.

    Everyone deserves to go to hell but I think we are already there.

  38. annamaria says:

    As soon as the super-wealthy gated communities feel the ‘genie,’ the US will get Martial Law. That would be the quickest solution to the Blob’s problems stemming from such trifles as human rights, freedom of speech (information) and assembly, and such. The silly woke games of ethnic political correctness will cease in no time except for the supremacist tribe claiming to be chosen people (though the ancient Jews’ progeny are modern-day opressed Palestinians). As for the MIC, Pharma, and, above all, the untouchable and reigning-supreme Financial Sector (the Squid), they will continue their extracting services uninterrupted. They are the owners of this country.

  39. @Clay Alexander

    He’s [Trump’s] far to busy at his rallies…

    Those rallies are the only way Trump can get his side of the story out. If the MSM even pretended to provide fair coverage the rallies would be unnecessary. The latest media outrages:

    NBC utterly refused to cover the sordid picture of Biden corruption and sexual depravity presented in the email dumps from his three computers, dumps which have now been thoroughly sourced and validated. Now that corrupt network is attempting to smear those dumps without actually addressing their validity by floating this piece of dreck, cobbled together by the network’s doxer in chief, Brandy Zadrozny, and her Soros-trained disinformation and compromat expert, Ben Collins.

    The left-wing journalist, Glenn Greenwald, has become so appalled at the MSM’s anti-Trump/pro-Biden censorship that he resigned in disgust from The Intercept, a media site he established. His resignation included a fiery essay in defense of freedom of speech, which ironically has itself become hard to find on the internet because of “mainstream” censorship. The Intercept had the the depraved gall to describe Greenwald’s principled defense of freedom of thought and speech as a form of infantile behavior.

    At this point, any informed voter has to realize that a vote for Biden has become not just a vote for political corruption approaching the level of bought-and-paid-for foreign espionage and sexual depravity including apparent incest with underage relatives but also a vote for 1984 levels of censorship and mind control.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  40. Thim says:
    @Wake up

    Wake Up, please refrain from hurtful comments like looting, rioting, burning. Feelings could be hurt. These largely peaceful assemblies are engaging in Retail Reparations.

    • Thanks: annamaria
  41. @Polistra

    I can’t decide whether your post is an inspired lampoon or supreme idiocy.

  42. Wyatt says:

    No white president has ever sicced the National Guard on rioting joggers and just let them cut loose. There’s always too much pressure from inside and outside not to do this even though dead blacks don’t commit (more) crimes.

    With this trend in history, I cannot imagine any white president being able to do this. We very well may require a non-white conservative to come in and tell the Guard to starting shooting. Trump was never going to be like that, but he did the job I wanted of making the left go insane visibly.

  43. @Anonymous

    Thank you. This is a very insightful analysis of the big picture. It’s broadened my view of the situation and given me much food for thought.

  44. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Johnson

    Oh, it’s the mayor is it? Gee golly, I’m sure that will all change if he just gets one more term. He seems to have all the power in the world when it comes to making sure White people don’t get a second stimulus check.

  45. JEBTRV says:

    I am absolutely against Joe Biden, but the premise of this story opens up strong criticism of Trump, who IS President and has NOT stopped the rioting. Therefore, the rest of what you say is not worth reading. You must apply basic, simple logic.

  46. Anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:

    You raise a most important question (before going off the deep end), which is the loyalty of the military. If I’m not mistaken, about 40% of the 1.1 million in military uniform are minorities. Offering blacks the chance to resign on political grounds, effectively siding with the rioters, might still be finessed, even at this late stage of communist takeover. Black concentration in supply, at least when I was in the Army, was a huge problem since they were selling boots, uniforms, and other items to the Vietnamese workers in the camps to the extent entire enemy units engaged in the field were dressed in American stuff while Americans wore boots and filthy uniforms with holes in them. And, while it’s just my take, at least back then, not only were blacks not overrepresented in combat, those who were in combat units were a surly, indolent, and unreliable liability.

    More important than some limited deployment of the military, however, is the lack of valuable analysis concerning the psychology and command structures in which local police take a knee to riot, arson, and insurrection despite 3 out of 4 cops in local departments being white and 4 out of 5 first-line police administrators also being white–and that’s according to a DOJ study from Oct 2019.

    Are white cops that cowardly that they take orders from political puppets placed over them, such as the police commissioner in Philly, hired there because of her previous success in destroying Portland? For the life of me, I cannot understand why the cops don’t walk off the job if they’re not allowed to shoot rioters and looters threatening their persons and the persons and property of law-abiding citizens. Something smells, and it’s coming from both sides of the barricades. If the President loses next week, an insurrection needs to take place all right, and it’s in the military and local police departments to restore order before the entire country goes down in flames as BLM and Antifa promise.

    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  47. V8Driver says:

    Hello, I live in Philly, there was no curfew this week!

  48. annamaria says:

    Parisians have got a clue:

    Paris roads choked by record-setting, pre-lockdown traffic jams as citizens flee capital en masse.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  49. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Typo and inadequate description.

    “The side on the strategic defense waits for the other side to wear itself out in unsuccessful attacks, then switches to the tactical offense and defeats the remnants of the exhausted opposition.” should read:
    “The side on the strategic defense waits for the other side to wear itself out in unsuccessful attacks, then switches to the strategic offense and defeats the remnants of the exhausted opposition with a tactical offense that has the goal of making the opposition forces tactically ineffective (through panic driven rout, desertion after disintegration of the opposition command structure or of the command structure’s legitimacy, failure of logistics and pay, etc.”

    Note that in a political context, “desertion after disintegration of the opposition command structure or of the command structure’s legitimacy, failure of logistics and pay” would be voters switching parties “because the Party has left me” and failure of paid coalition members to support their coalition because, for example, their civil service jobs were abolished in favor of paying a police force.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  50. TKK says:

    A fact I never forget is when Japan was struck by the 2011 tsunami, and then the nuclear reactor flooded, hundreds of thousands of homes had to be evacuated.

    And there was not one reported incident of looting.

    Many travelers report losing a wallet or backpack in Japan, always to report finding it and all contents safe at the police station.

    One moron I knew actually passed out in the street in front of an izakaya (bar) and it started to rain. Someone put an umbrella over his head and took his wallet to the police. Nothing stolen.

    Thinking of this, and watching a case where a man that worked for a funeral home, while retrieving the body of an elderly man, ransacked his home and stole all his guns, pain meds and other items.

    When you see the looters in America stealing on security cams, look at their faces: resolute entitlement. They have no shame. They gonna get theirs!

    But, they didn’t really need the rioting or looting in Philly to get free stuff. Retail theft prosecutions are down 86% in the past five years in Philly, due to their repellent, insane District Attorney Larry Krasner, who refuses to prosecute thieves.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
    , @mark green
  51. pecosbill says:

    Buchanan said of secession he could not find in the constitution anything to prohibit such, especially since the south voted to get out, at least the cotton states. Buchanan was correct. Lincoln started the war by ordering non seceding states to furnish troops to force back in the deep south states, so he might continue to collect taxes of course. The worse president was Lincoln, followed by FDR, Wilson, LBJ, and…well there is a wide group to choose from, war criminals Grant and Ike should be on the list somewhere.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  52. anaccount says:

    Would you prefer these riots with a helping of gun control and a complete lockdown on speech? I can’t speak for James but it’s my perception that his thoughts on Trump are more along those lines. Not simply partisan politics as your first post on Unz might suggest.

    But since you are here I want you to know that I see a silver lining in a Biden win. I’m really tired of the slow boil and I know mask people were born to be abused.

  53. @Ray Caruso

    “I prefer to go with the slightly less malodorous turd…”

    The slaves’ comment cards serve as a useful pressure-release valve for the elite. Virtue- signaling conformists like you are what William Luther Pierce referred to as lemmings.

  54. @Neoconned

    As if it matters who the puppet is.

    The financial oligarchy is running the Langley operation, anyone will do.

    Do you think the Cuckservative supremes will ever consider over-turning Citizens United? Cackle.

  55. TGD says:

    Walter Wallace, Jr. according to reports, has 7 children possibly by the same woman or multiple females and his wife or girlfriend is due to have another one very soon by “labor induction.” Wallace, Sr. worked as a garbage collector for the city.

    The Wallace family is clearly dysgenic (means retrogressive evolution through the disproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged). It is likely that his offspring will evince the same behaviors. His children and grandchildren will become a burden on the state and its taxpayers as well as society.

    Males like Wallace need to be sterilized (not killed) if the American experiment is to function in the future. But no politician would ever propose such a program.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  56. @TKK

    “When you see the looters in America stealing on security cams, look at their faces: resolute entitlement. They have no shame. They gonna get theirs!…”

    Certain yoof use to target my pizza joint in Philadelphia for free slices until I …….

    “A whiff of grapeshot is the cure to the grapes of wrath.” -Napoleon

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Montefrío
  57. I expect rioting will dwindle if there is a Biden Harris clear victory. Funding for Antifa/BLM will be cut to a minimum, the media will switch from tacit acceptance of riots to outright condemnation, and finally, if the riots continue, then Federal and local police forces will be given carte blanche to end them.

  58. Whitewolf says:

    But anyone who loves Trump enough to actually go to his rallies to cheer for him is an absolute scumbag moron who deserves the worst.

    I get the electoral college thing but how can the election be a close thing when Biden could hold a rally in an average living room while Trump gets thousands. Do liberals just not get into rallies that much? Is it just major electoral fraud? In 2016 Hillary wasn’t getting people to her rallies either yet she reportedly won the popular vote. All these people who never turn out for rallies make the effort to get out and vote? Doesn’t sound plausible to me.

  59. Regarding the election mess – utterly disgusting and shameful. Signs of our times: facts and reasons are obsolet, common sense ridiculed… spins, agendas, narratives, lies, porpaganda, distortion, omissions, corruption, slander and whatever else to cheat, to grap & to stay in power among the filthy rich and influencial for the greater good of leading all those sheeple to the next nothingburger and loving the noise of the falling \$\$\$ into your bank account … and knowing JUSTICE won’t bother you !!!


    Imagine Biden may get the bye for whatever reason with all that fake pomp and blah, blah… and then Kamal fully in control making H(K)illary her brandnew Vice only to get replaced by Her. OOPS !!! Without being even elected whatsoever… and the whole corporate media mass or “alternative” will kiss her feet & butt with proctologic submissiveness…. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

    Sorry, what I can’t understand why does it seem inevitable to trigger a killing shot instead for targeting the legs, the arms or the feet? That will reduse the movement of the culprit while fleeing especially conidering that man was unarmed. Then you’ll catch him. Forget all that TV & Movie stuff how the villain runs bullet after bullet it’s utter crap, even when they “just” wounded the arm only and the adrenaline is running hot.

    Lastest criminal surveys in France, New Zealand and Spain brought to light that 30 % of domestic violence calls were false claims aka lies and in almost 40% of all cases the woman actually hit first. Indeed “ME TOO” and whoever else roams in that circle won’t admit to such an inconvenient truth, hence the results were medial burried.

    Meaning you never know… escaping might be wrong and stupid especially in the USA, which kills more than 1000 people annually during police procedures, most of them persumed innocent and rather often under shady & murky circumstances, according to civil rights groups… however probably they don’t train for it. In stark contrast to some Western Countries. The U.S. leads in those “polls” not by a mile but by a “galaxy”. I know they don’t face such “Inner City Blues” played mostly by blacks but since opening all borders for middle east refugees and immigrants brutal (gang) crimes are sky rocketing . In Germany, Britain and France they organized special training sessions: keep your cool under stress, don’t overreact or panic and go for the thighs,calves, knees, feet or upper arms if you must shoot. So despite all pressure only few people get killed. INJURED: YES, SOMETIMES HEAVY: YES. PROTESTERS ALSO(ask the poor Yello Vests there is a website)… but still alive.

  60. Phibbs says:

    Jews overwhelmingly support the BLM movement — though of course they will never support the rights of Palestinians. Jews own the mainstream media, which is anti-white and pro-BLM. Indeed, this outstanding article cannot be posted on the Jew-owned Facebook. The point is that the Jews brought down imperial Russia in 1917. They are doing the same to the United States in 2020.

  61. Agent76 says:

    Jun 1, 2018 The Tulsa Race Massacre; Then and now.

    REMEMBER “BLACK WALL STREET.” It’s the 97th anniversary of the horrific 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

    Sep 25, 2020 ALL of Brandon Leake’s Performances on Season 15 of AGT! – America’s Got Talent 2020

    Congratulations to Brandon Leake for WINNING Season 15 of America’s Got Talent! Relive all of Brandon’s full performances from the season.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  62. Truth says:

    Jimmy, gentlemen, did you pay your admission fee for the undercard, or the MAIN EVENT?


    Coming soon to a household near YOU…

  63. @Anonymous

    You are mistaken – there was a brief riot in honor of said dead dindu.

  64. @Polistra

    “Blacks should not be losing their lives in America”

    FIFY 😛

  65. @Anonymous

    In the past America produced freedom fighters. Now we produce free-stuff fighters. I tell my foreign friends, “Come to the US. You can enter any store, take whatever you like and don’t have to pay!”
    What bothers me is didn’t these looters have at least one person in their lives who told them, like my parents told me, “Don’t touch it. It’s not yours.” Didn’t they at least one time go to church and were told to live as best you could a moral life or were they simply born without a conscience? I dread to think they were. Half my day I’m doing chores. The other half is exploring other countries I could emigrate to; after all, being a success in the US simply means you sit on top of a dung heep.

    • Agree: anaccount
    • Replies: @The Real World
  66. @AndrewR

    anyone who loves Trump enough to actually go to his rallies to cheer for him is an absolute scumbag moron who deserves the worst.

    I just watched a bit of Trump’s rally here in the HBD Mitten State (didn’t he finish his campaign here in ‘16 also) and noticed that there were at least 6 hot chicks behind him. So there are at least 6 great reasons to go to a rally.

    And if your tastes run more like those of Milo Yiannapolis, I think even our future negro senator was there in the crowd.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  67. @annamaria

    Did you live for many years in Mexico, near Cananea?

  68. @JEBTRV

    this story opens up strong criticism of Trump, who IS President and has NOT stopped the rioting.

    It does, BUT…

    Do we really give a shit if negroes and communists/anarchists burn and sack cities like NYC, LA, Chicongo, Portland, Seattle, et al? I know that I don’t care at all, these same cities having been occupied by alien interests my entire life. For me, it’s cheap entertainment while I watch the economy and my livelihood suffocate.

    As another commenter astutely notes above, our cities are and have been lost for decades. There is no path to saving them, their ratio of parasites to producers having long ago passed the point of no return. At some point probably soon, the reality of the matter will become obvious to all, the cities are like leeches sucking the lifeblood from productive whites in the suburbs/exurbs who manufacture all the food, energy, water, transportation, pharma/chem, etc. I expect that this will not remain a voluntary relationship for much longer.

  69. @Anonymous

    Are white cops that cowardly that they take orders from political puppets placed over them


    But are you really just now noticing this? Cops are nothing more or less than the pointy end of politics and thus their worth mirrors that of their paymasters. If the politicians (and population that elected them) are scum, their uniformed thugs will follow.

    I’d have thought that after Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities at least, most of us had gotten the memo and knew that we must at all costs avoid becoming the next Great White Defendant.

    You want good cops? Live somewhere with good (non-parasitical) people and good governance.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Anonymous
  70. @TGD

    Never, ever, in my now long life (74) did I imagine I would find myself inclined to agree with your comment, but recent and not-so-recent occurances in the USA I left once and for all in 1998 have inclined me that way. For the place in which I chose to wait for the curtain to come down and the lights go out, I chose a place that has no blacks within a hundred fifty miles. It is not likely that any will live here in what remains of my life, or even the lives of my son and grandchildren, who share the property with me. I live in a substantially mixed race (mestizo) country in a largely (though shrinking) mestizo rural village, in which exists our version of the “gentlemen’s agreement” that there will be no blacks living here, regardless of what the new trust-fund-hippie residents think; they know they are barely tolerated and one wrong move… In this, I side with the locals, expat or not. I’ve assimilated. We of the village have delightful, simple lives in a marvelous natural setting with a splendid climate. Sleepy place, yes, but with many charms. There are certainly black folk who could do the same, but no one wishes to take the chance. It would behoove the USA to ensure such is possible for its citizens.

  71. @Stonehands

    My reply to the previous commenter (TGD) applies here as well. The grapeshot option (maybe rock salt?) is the only realistic option left.

  72. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    In California, any looting or shoplifting under \$950 is a safe harbor. Thieves often use calculators to be sure they stay under the limit. Merchants instruct employees not to interfere. Goods are then fenced for half value, or less. Sometimes the fence is situated right outside the store. You can laugh, but you know the old saying: So goes California, so goes the nation. This will eventually be adopted nationally, and subsidized by government. BTW, a side benefit is that drug addicts can use this activity as a source of income, rather than committing crimes.

  73. What about cops shooting unarmed people? Children? White men lying crying in their beds? Innocent bystanders? The wrong house?

    This what I call cherry-picking. Makes it sounds like everything is one way when it’s not.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  74. @TKK

    When you see the looters in America stealing on security cams, look at their faces: resolute entitlement. They have no shame. They gonna get theirs!

    So true. A high percentage of African-Americans continuously blame da White man for their social, moral, and economic shortcomings. This pathology is key to understanding their mindset as well as our collective dilemma. The West is hopelessly saddled with millions of emotionally-undeveloped and intellectually-limited descendents of African slaves.

    Worse still, our MSM feeds into their childish sense of entitlement and victimization. Yet the actual problem still boils down to this: The US is a complex, highly-competitive (and European-derived) civilization. Primitive, emotional, POC are rarely endowed with the social and intellectual talents which are needed to thrive within the parameters of our dynamic (but orderly) culture.

    American life is forward-looking and intelligence-driven. It does not replicate a basketball game or rap concert. Yet disproportionate numbers of African-Americans still lack basic language skills as well as social restraint. This makes this economically uncompetitive and socially undesirable.

    The persistence of Black dysfunction and Black criminality deserves to be honestly examined. For your consideration:

    • Agree: TKK, TheTrumanShow, anaccount
  75. @Clay Alexander

    Since Trump is going to be re-elected easily, I assume you mean that most Whites are now living in trailers! Or you’re just stupid.

    • LOL: HammerJack
  76. AndrewR says:
    @Stan d Mute

    How many times have dudes picked up hot strangers at a MAGA rally?

    And Peters is going to mop the floor with James.

  77. Sean says:
    @Stan d Mute

    You want good cops? Live somewhere with good (non-parasitical) people and good governance.

    Good areas have few cops, which is just right because to know them is to avoid them.

    If riots worked to drive out Trump, they could also work to drive out Biden.

    Biden puts down the demos, and then Harris comes in to heal the nation with concessions to BLM? Whatever happens, getting rid of Trump is going to be the greatest thing ever for China.

  78. bruce county says:

    What about a dead body in the trunk of certain EMT’s rental car? I’m sure that happens every day…I mean that’s what I expect when I rent a car… free dead body. Free mileage or a free dead body….Hell, I’ll have the dead body and a large packing blanket.

    You primitives will never accept responsibility for anything but want everything.. for free.

    America has reached peak Negro.

    • Agree: WSG, anaccount
    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  79. Sam Francis on ANARCHO-TYRANNY from 2003:

    …a definition of the system of government I have called “anarcho-tyranny”: a combination of anarchy (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like gun ownership and political dissent).

    The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs.

  80. All you young people should familiarize yourselves with the concept of ANARCHO-TYRANNY.

    The Charlottesville ruling class attack on free speech is a good example of how the evil JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire is using ANARCHO-TYRANNY to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.

    Sam Francis, a rare baby boomer who was decent and wise, talked about ANARCHO-TYRANNY.

    Sam Francis in 2004:

    This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny”—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

    Tweet from 2015:

  81. Currahee says:

    After Trump loses, a spiteful Rep. senate will start Operation Samson, voting a special prosecutor to bring down the house. Along about March or April, with the handwriting on the wall, Biden will give a Washington type “in the service of my country” speech stepping down for the good of the nation.

    He will go down in history as a great man rather than the mediocre turd that he is.

    ….President Harris issues Executive Order #1.

  82. @Polistra

    That a fair proportion of respondents can’t even figure out if your post is humor should give us all a sense of despair.

  83. Agent76 says:

    Oct 24, 2020 Serbia & Iraq: Joe Biden’s history of regime change wars

    The Bidens “Did” Ukraine, There Was Iraq… And Serbia.

    Oct 22, 2020 Kamala Implicated In Biden Scandal As It Grows To HISTORIC Levels, Fake News And Big Tech DESPERATE

    But key contacts for their business dealings included many prominent Democrats including Kamala Harris who now conveniently is Joe Biden’s VP.

  84. @JEBTRV

    …but the premise of this story opens up strong criticism of Trump, who IS President and has NOT stopped the rioting.

    That would be a violation of states’ rights. The President steps in when the governor asks him to, and not a moment sooner.

    The riots are the fault of governors and mayors, not presidents.

    • Agree: mark green
  85. @Fred Flintstone

    Don’t emigrate, Fred.

    If you can find a “better” place the chances are very high that country won’t let you live there. Seriously.

    I don’t know where you live now but, you should consider the Heartland of America. There are many place to choose from, none are perfect but the people are sane, reasonable and balanced. Almost none of the rot we hear about from the media happens here. Or, very rarely does. Emigrate to the interior USA…

  86. Gouveneur Morris on Philadelphia, 1787:

    “The houses in this city are worth more than all the wretched slaves which cover the rice swamps of South Carolina.”

    Now Philadelphia is the “rice swamp”, and, thanks to General Sherman, South Carolina is as white as she’s ever been. Her recent governess-of-colour has retired to diplomacy abroad, and the Palmetto State is back in the control of (Mc)Massa.

    The failure of the American Colonization Society is the biggest tragedy in US history.

    • Agree: bruce county
  87. @Currahee

    After Trump loses, a spiteful Rep. Senator, Lady G, Lindsey Graham will declare he now identifies as a Democrat woman

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • LOL: TKK
  88. @Whitewolf

    In 2016 Hillary wasn’t getting people to her rallies either yet she reportedly won the popular vote. All these people who never turn out for rallies make the effort to get out and vote? Doesn’t sound plausible to me.

    Election fraud is quite real. Mail-in votes make it easy: your dead relatives, and even your dog and cat can vote, not to mention millions of illegals. That’s why Dems are such proponents of mail-in voting. Only states that absolutely require a valid ID to allow you to vote can have something approaching honest elections.

    • Agree: The Real World, TKK
  89. Currahee says:

    Damn straight! The fact that old age murders blacks in America is an intolerable genocide.
    All right thinking people agree with this.

  90. Stan says:

    Riots and looting are the new normal in cities with Soros DAs. Philly DA Larry Krassner, Soros DA, refuses to prosecute looters and rioters.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  91. @gotmituns

    Perhaps. But for whom was he/she reporting? That can make all the difference. There remain a very few reporters and even fewer publications which still concern themselves about the common weal. As a recovering journalist, I am fully aware that the latter are an increasingly declining breed. One of the best, Glenn Greenwald, is now being assailed by the “liberal-left “media-mafia.

  92. @HammerJack

    The worst pretzeldents were all from the 20th and 21st centuries, beginning with the treasonous Thomas Woodrow Wilson, hitting the next low note with LBJ, then a bee-line through Nixon, Ford, both Bushe\$, Wee Willie clitclincher and Obaminable. There are also a couple of dishonorable mentions.

  93. AKINDLE says:
    @Clay Alexander

    Totally Agree. Another statue going down in VA. Where is this “Law and Order President”? Trump is too busy courting black rappers for publicity and a few votes. The whites that went to his rallies have been conned. Speaking of an ego trip, all Trump and his staff has done in four years is glorifying himself….”they still can’t believe I won”..Yada, yada yada. Trump better hope all those black rappers he likes vote for him.

  94. AKINDLE says:
    @bruce county

    And guess who loves negroes the most? Trump the black a\$\$ kisser.

    • Troll: HammerJack, bruce county
  95. AceDeuce says:
    @God's Fool

    Not just that–it’s the dumbest and most worthless 13% doing that.

  96. AceDeuce says:

    That hateful Chew Toy Krassner is probably the worst person in America.

  97. @Ray Caruso

    “Trumptards may say he failed because liberals stopped him, but if Trump didn’t know liberals would try to stop him by hook or by crook, he’s an idiot.”

    It’s much worse than that. Not only were there people in place to oppose him — the liberal pols and the permanent bureaucracy — he then proceeded to appoint people who also actively opposed him (including those Supremes everyone thinks are so “conservative”).

    The crowning, jaw dropping moment was appointing John Bolton, which was like Hitler appointing the Grand Rabbi of Prague. As I recall, Bolton served a couple months, fucked up as much as he could abroad (I recall he mussed up Kim Jong-Un’s hair or something), was finally fired (an act that gave no satisfaction, as it was as arbitrary as his hiring), then then typed up a big blockbuster book to help smear Trump.

    Trump’s appointments are the best evidence that he was not just a phony but an active agent of the Deep State (or else, in fact, delusional).

  98. @gotmituns

    Indeed. We should encourage it, perhaps naming a rioter who takes out a journo as the day’s “Hero of the People” or some such Stalinist title.

    Without journos the Left/Elite is helpless. Rules of engagement should specify taking them out first, like bombing “command and control centers.” Shock and awe, bitches!

    By the way, love your handle. Brings to mind the Great War, in which great uncle Lord Peter served.

  99. @Whitewolf

    Trump ralliers are likely too dumb to remember to register, and too “good” to try to vote anyway.

    That’s the difference btw the two sides’ lumpens. The lumpen Left is dumb but violent, the lumpen Right is dumb but passive and easily cowed. Guess who wins that fight?

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  100. Anonymous[279] • Disclaimer says:
    @Stan d Mute

    It was just a rhetorical, sarcastic question about the cops’ incomprehensibly cowardly stand down across this country, but I’m guessing you were answering in that vein. My family goes way back in NYPD. Back then, cops saved the City’s taxpayers money by avoiding the cost of a trial and incarceration for human dirt like BLM and Antifa. It’s also the case that mounted police are more effective in crowd control than fatsos with plastic shields on their knees like dogs using pepper spray or the FBI’s Karens taking a knee to their children’s future butcherers. Let some BLM or Antifa throw one Molotov cocktail or shine a blinding laser in one horse’s eyes and it reverses overnight, no need to shoot that filth in the streets–they’ll run like the dogs they are. At this late stage, this nonsense isn’t even gay porn for suburban Karens or their mangina husbands who get off watching the BLM’s NFL piss in their face.

  101. Alden says:

    I believe Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Stalin Mao Henry 8 and some other very successful rulers and advisors claimed that it’s best to kill an enemy and his friends and relations. Because if they lived they might come right back and kill you.

    We can dream can’t we?

    • Agree: bruce county
  102. @Polistra

    That’s a great sci-fi premise: what if we cracked the code for immortality, but it only worked for blacks?

    I imagine the resulting movie along the lines of Black Panther meets Mad Max: Fury Road meets Death Race 2000.

    Jussie Smollet and Anthea Bernstein lead a band of immortal blacks out of Wakanda to hunt down the remaining pockets of mortal white resistance. The plot twist at the end will reveal Jews built Wakanda; blacks are neither smart nor immortal. Obviously, all the whites and blacks perish. The last scene is of Smollet’s and Bernstein’s baby, with a rabbi hinting she is the true Jewish redeemer.

  103. Alden says:

    Saw something on Freerepublic today. Asian women on average earn more than White men. It’s only about \$100 a month, but White men, even homeless denied welfare are still persons of privilege and Asian women with their affirmative action privileges are oppressed minority women.

  104. Alden says:
    @El Dato

    14 police injured one blinded by a laser beam, a weapon I doubt was obtained and used by some humdrum black thug.

    Trump is not having the election night party in a hotel either in DC or NYC. Smart thinking BLM ANTI FA. Would probably surround the hotel and attack anyone coming in after 9/am next Tuesday.

  105. Occasionally, we hear that they were actually sparked by white supremacists [Media and politicians blame white supremacists for black violence, by Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, August 16, 2020].

    Yes, and we hear those lies from JEWS. Ya’ know, like the Yid parasites that run Disqus (Zeta Group), which in turn run AmRen’s comment section and, thus, decide what can and can’t be said on that joke ass pseudo-patriotic website. Yet, for some reason, Ron keeps dropping links to KIKE SHILL AmRen’s site in UnzReview articles. Weird.

  106. Alden says:

    Wilson had a stroke and couldn’t speak walk, anything but lie in bed about half his second term. Nothing horrible happened. His wife pretended to go to his bedroom, tell him what was going on, and take notes.

    Then she’d figure a solution and give the aides and advisors her opinions and orders. We were better off with a comatose Wilson than the one who got us into WW2 and the federal reserve. Mrs Wilson was the second wife. Never involved in politics till he had his stroke. Did better than he did.

    The King of Camelot needed a lot of pain pills other meds and crutches for his numerous health problems . Brother Robert Ruthless ran the country, not as well as Edith Wilson did, but reasonably well till he fell in love with MLK. .

    Wilson. No one castigates him for not preventing the Spanish Flu. Times have changed.

  107. ziggurat says:

    Biden is the tumbleweed they will passionately vote for, in order to remove from office Trump, who is the Hitler of their imaginations.

    So, you don’t go to a rally for a tumbleweed. But you would go to the polls and vote for the tumbleweed, if you think it will remove Hitler from office.

  108. Whitewolf says:
    @James O'Meara

    If you are prepared to make the effort to attend a Trump rally then you are prepared to make the effort to vote for him. The violent leftists are mostly paid state actors just like their counterparts on the right.

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