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Patrick J. Buchanan, Christian Gentleman, Hangs Up His Pen
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Earlier by Tom Piatak: Pat Buchanan At 70: “He Told You So, You F****ing Fools!” and Pat Buchanan at 75: Now, More Than Ever, Entitled To Say “I Told You So!”

Last Friday, January 20, brought the sad news that Patrick Joseph Francis Buchanan—universally known as “Pat”—had decided to end his column. From any standpoint, Buchanan must be judged one of the most important newspaper columnists in American history. As I put it on Twitter as soon as I heard the news, “Just saw the notice of Pat Buchanan retiring from his column. Pat’s column was always a model of clarity, civility, courage, and conviction. It was a great gift to America and a great inspiration to me.” Even though I am a nobody on Twitter, and refuse to pay the fee that Twitter promises will boost my posts, my brief tweet has, at this point, garnered almost 48,000 views, 645 likes, 68 retweets, and 26 comments, nearly all of which were favorable.

The sheer longevity of Pat’s career was notable. He left the cozy confines of The St. Louis Globe-Democrat in 1965, to help Richard Nixon begin his big comeback from the political oblivion to which Nixon retreated after his embarrassingly large defeat by Pat Brown in the 1962 California gubernatorial race.

Pat’s future wife Shelley goes back even further with Nixon, having served as his secretary in 1959. She was with Nixon and Pat on a small planes during the 1960 presidential campaign (including “a Grumman Mallard which back-fired all the way down the runway” in Racine WI, recalls Pat) to enable Nixon to fulfill his foolish and never-repeated promise to campaign in each of the 50 states. The destination: remote, reliably Republican Alaska, which has given his tiny number of electoral votes to the Democrats only once, in 1964. Between Pat and Shelley, there is nothing worth knowing about American politics that at least one of them does not know inside and out.

Pat served with distinction in the Nixon White House for the entire time Nixon was president and was part of one of the most famous speechwriting teams in White House history, which also included future New York Times columnist William Safire and veteran political writer Ray Price. Safire was ten years older than Buchanan and Price was eight years older, but the older men soon learned to respect their younger, more conservative colleague and each crafted lines that still resonate.

But the most important speech for the future of American politics, Vice President Agnew’s attack on the leftist bias of the news media, was substantially Buchanan’s idea and Buchanan’s work. (My favorite line to come out of the trio never made it into a speech: it was Price’s comment to Pat, as both men listened to the roar of the engines on the Saturn V about to take Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon, that “the sound alone was worth the $25 billion.”

At the end of the Nixon presidency, Buchanan faced the Watergate Committee with no lawyer and only his brother Hank, an accountant, at his side. Buchanan’s sharp mind and sharp wit frustrated the Committee’s Democrats, who never laid a glove on him. No one who watched Buchanan’s performance that day doubted that he had a bright future.

Not everyone got the news, though: a short time later, Pat was doing yardwork in the couple’s small house in the District of Columbia, wearing a set of green coveralls Shelley had purchased for him from the Sears catalog. An alarmed Senator James Buckley, walking through the neighborhood, and thinking that Pat was doing community service, or worse, exclaimed: “Pat, don’t tell me they got you, too!”

Buchanan’s syndicated column started in 1975, a job he combined with radio and later television. I remember reading Buchanan regularly in the Cleveland Press in the ‘70s, and generally liking what I read. But William F. Buckley was still my favorite conservative writer in those days, and, as a result, my writing was filled with too many obscure words, too many unnecessary foreign phrases, and too many convoluted sentences.

A teenager with an interest in politics from an early age, I remember siding with Pat and Reagan, and against Buckley, on The Firing Line debate on the Panama Canal Treaty, for basically the same reason I think the Elgin Marbles should remain in the British Museum. The Panamanians could never have built the Canal; the Greeks could not have preserved the Marbles.

During the 1980 campaign, Pat’s column was a beacon of support for Reagan, and one I depended on to help fend off arguments from my liberal classmates (there were a few) and teachers (there were a few more) at my generally conservative Jesuit high school in Cleveland.

But Pat went the extra mile for Reagan: he and George Will helped Reagan prepare for the all-important debate with Carter in Cleveland. Once the American people got to see Reagan and Carter go head to head, the exaggerated negative image the media had painted of Reagan melted away and Reagan won a landslide of the type Republicans can now only dream of, since mass immigration from the Third World has completely transformed the American political landscape.

Reagan never came to see this immigration as a threat to American unity; Pat did, just as he came to see the great damage free trade was doing to American manufacturing. As the examples of immigration and trade show, Pat was never an ideologue; when the facts contradicted his preconceptions, Pat went with the facts.

Pat’s freedom from ideology set him apart in the Beltway. So did his genuine patriotism. When the role Will and Pat had played in briefing Reagan before the debate with Carter came to light, Will abjectly apologized for failing to hide his support for the candidate he favored. Pat did not apologize. He felt that Soviet Communism was a mortal threat to America, and he felt it was his duty, as an American, to do all he could to make sure the anti-Communist Reagan won.

(Pat’s strong sense of right and wrong, evident during Watergate, enabled him to emerge unscathed from another investigation, this time into who had stolen a copy of the Carter team’s debate briefing book and given it to the Reagan team. As in Watergate, Pat answered the FBI’s questions on his own, without a lawyer. Afterward, one of the FBI agents told him, “Thank you, Mr. Buchanan. That matches the information we already have).

During the Cold War, Pat was the model Cold Warrior. He always reminded readers that, at the heart of Soviet Communism, lay a record of mass murder, unprovoked aggression, systemic lying, hostility to Christianity, and economic and political repression.

Pat’s columns on Communism were perfectly consistent with the first political lesson I remember receiving, from my Grandpa Piatak on a trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, when he pointed out a painting of an F-102 stationed in Alaska. My Grandpa informed me we needed a strong military presence in Alaska because that was next to Russia, “and the minute you turn your back on the Russians, they will plunge a knife into it.”

But, as with trade and immigration, Buchanan showed an intellectual flexibility rare in Washington. After the Cold War, Buchanan argued that our policy should put “America First, Second, and Third,” just as Jeane Kirkpatrick argued that America could now become “a normal country in a normal time.” Instead, we have pursued one war after another unrelated to America’s interests.

As the ‘90s progressed, Buchanan’s departure from conservative orthodoxy on mass immigration, free trade, and foreign policy become the major focus of his writing. They also fueled his presidential campaigns in 1992, 1996, and 2000. I had no involvement in the ’92 campaign, apart from writing a few checks and watching Buchanan deliver one of the greatest and most prophetic speeches in American history at the GOP convention in Houston.

(In 1996 and 2000, I was Ohio Chairman of the Buchanan for President campaigns.)

It is now abundantly clear that Buchanan was right on all of those issues.

Mass immigration has moved the country dramatically to the Left and torn apart the cohesive America that I was born into in 1964. Free trade has gutted America’s manufacturing sector, created hundreds of economic ghost towns, and impoverished much of the American middle class.

By ceding manufacturing to China, we also created another Communist superpower. Useless foreign wars in the Mideast have cost thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of foreign lives, drained America’s treasury, and generally left that unhappy part of the world even less happy. By killing Saddam, we made Iran a regional superpower and empowered radical Islamists who have driven most Christians out of Iraq, where they had lived since the time of Christ. We killed Qaddafi, who had protected Europe from mass migration from North Africa and the Levant. We helped unleash civil war in Syria, which threatened other ancient Christian communities and created millions of refugees. We left Afghanistan to the same people who had been running it before we invaded in 2001.

By failing to engage on the Culture War issues Buchanan highlighted in his great speech in Houston in 1992, the Woke Left was able to take power as easily as the Taliban after our ignominious retreat from Afghanistan, with even more devastating consequences. As a result of the rise of Wokeness, tens of millions of Americans are thoroughly alienated, believing either that they are undeserving beneficiaries of “white privilege” or as yet undercompensated victims of “white privilege,” and part of a country whose past mostly deserves to be either forgotten or condemned.

Buchanan’s lonely, courageous stands on issue after issue made him a target of verbal abuse from a series of malicious mediocrities, beginning with David Frum [The Conservative Bully Boy, by David Frum The American Spectator, July 1991].

Above, the cover of the American Spectator which contains the Frum hit piece. WFB and Will viewing with alarm.
Above, the cover of the American Spectator which contains the Frum hit piece. WFB and Will viewing with alarm.

Yet as anyone meets Pat soon comes to realize, the man is a model Christian gentleman.

I know, because my wife and I now count Pat and Shelley Buchanan as dear friends. Pat is unfailingly kind and courteous in his dealings with others. He is an engaging storyteller, but not an egotistical one. The point of a Buchanan story is to share a humorous or interesting tale with friends, not to puff Pat Buchanan.

He does not hold grudges. He believes in and practices forgiveness. He told me that one Sunday morning he missed the Latin Mass at St. Mary’s and needed to go to the Sunday evening Mass at his childhood parish of Blessed Sacrament. He got to Mass a bit late, and found himself sitting in the pew right behind a former colleague who had viciously attacked Pat during the 1996 campaign. He told me he was dreading the part of the Mass when he would be expected to wish peace to those around him by shaking their hands. He briefly considered changing pews, or even quietly leaving the church. But he stayed where he was, and when the time came, shook the hand of the man who had slandered him and wished him peace. After Mass, the former colleague apologized to Pat for what he had done and the men spent a half hour binding up old wounds. Pat was overjoyed by the reconciliation. There aren’t many like him in Washington, or anywhere else.

America was fortunate to have Pat’s wise counsel for so many years, even though we foolishly ignored it. I am fortunate to have Pat Buchanan as a friend. I think that friendship has made me a better person than I would have been otherwise. I know it has made me a better writer.

Thank you, Pat, for everything.

Thomas Piatak [Email him] is a contributing editor to Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. He writes from Cleveland, Ohio.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. saggy says: • Website

    Buchanan’s insane partisanship was and is a real downer, but …. his book ‘Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War’ was for me a real wake up and I think it is essential reading for anyone who wants to see behind the curtain of total lies created by the govt., media, and academia, in the US. But then, he left the big lie, the holohoax, alone. Of course he has been 100% correct on the culture wars. At this point his partisanship has made him irrelevant IMO.

    Video Link

  2. Pat and Ron Paul were the only decent GOP candidates that were ever offered since I first voted in 1988. I voted for both in the Michigan primaries, but alas, the Establishment neocons would always win. After what they did to Pat in 2000 and Ron in 2012, I lost faith in the political system even though I did vote for Trump in ’16.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @jaye ryan
  3. I took a look at Buchanan’s Wiki, and found a couple of things worth highlighting.

    In the context of the Gulf War, on August 26, 1990, Buchanan appeared on The McLaughlin Group and said: “there are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli defense ministry and its ‘amen corner’ in the United States.” Buchanan on The McLaughlin Group on June 15, 1990, asserted: “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory”.[85] He also said in the August 1990 program: “The Israelis want this war desperately because they want the United States to destroy the Iraqi war machine. They want us to finish them off. They don’t care about our relations with the Arab world.

    This is stuff he got right.

    In a 1989 column, Buchanan called for the public hanging in Central Park of a 16-year-old black teenager and the horsewhipping of four other younger African American and Hispanic teenagers for allegedly raping a white jogger in the Central Park Five case.[88][89] He also called for the civilization of “barbarians” by putting the “fear of death” in them.

    In this case Buchanan was the Barbarian.

  4. Franz says:

    S’long, Pat. Told us nothing.

    From when Nixon got run out of town till now as Biden starts getting run out of town.

    He DID annoy neocons, Jews and assorted others. He DID know the problem: He knew the American “Isolationists” were right about WWII but he could not apply this to Vietnam, which he was all for till years after it was over.

    In short — A conservative who complains about all the things you can’t do anything about while he was busy doing nothing about them either. They’re a dime a dozen. Pat lasted longer than most.

    • Replies: @hhsiii
  5. Pat Buchanan truly influenced my political thinking over the course of several decades.

    I particularly recall his excellent debating skills as a regular panelist on ‘The McLaughlin Group’ as well as co-host on CNN’s ‘Crossfire’. What an inspiring dissident he was!

    Buchanan (with the possible exception of W.F. Buckley and George Will) was the sharpest conservative wit on television during the second half of the 20th century. But unlike neocon Will and an aging Buckley, Buchanan also took the fight to America’s embedded Zionist establishment, with essays and articles such as “Who’s War?” (which appeared in The American Conservative Magazine in 2002, and accused US-based, crypto-Israelis of plunging America into the disastrous War on Iraq.) Buchanan paid a price for his boldness, but he set a stellar example to this young intellectual.

    One of my favorite quips of his was made towards the end of a ‘McLaughlin Group’ episode. On PBS television (around 1985), Buchanan uttered this ‘outrageous’ assertion:

    “Capital Hill is Israel-held territory”.

    Wow. So true! (He actually said that on TV? Incredible.)

    Buchanan was right then and pretty much right all along.

    Thank you, Pat!

  6. Pat Buchanan did some fine work but was compromised by participation in government where he was obligated to defend all sorts of crimes by Republicans. He defended Oliver North. I understand why he had to, but it was dirty business.

    Also, his Catholicism prevented him from having an open mind on lots of issues. Catholicism, aka closet-homo pedophile cult, has so often dulled and degraded many sharp minds.
    E Michael Jones knows a lot but his Catholic logos bogus BS is painful. Kevin Michael Grace is erudite and sophisticated on many matters but DUMB on stuff like evolution because of ‘muh catholicism’. Nick Fuentes is irreverent and honest on many issues but willfully clueless on science and the material world because of Catholic dogma; like KMG, he rejects evolution and believes the sun may revolve around earth. Vox Day may not be Catholic but he’s also a Christian and rejects evolution. Andrew Torba deserves credit for free speech platform but his Christian sanctimony and dogmatism insufferable. The fool seems to literally believe in the Noah story. Religion turns minds into mush. The proper way to approach religion is as myth, like Joseph Campbell said.

    Buchanan’s last several years showed he was irrelevant, unwilling or unable to talk about things that really matter. Too many of the inhibitions of his formative years stayed with him. And despite arguing against US empire, he came of age when US was such a dominant power that he continued to speak in hegemonic terms. He wants to bring the boys home and choose republic over empire but is anxious about some other power doing what the US did. Seriously, not gonna happen. US acted the way it did because it was taken over by the two most aggressive and expansive peoples that ever existed: Anglos and Jews.

  7. He sold out and became an establishment hack in many ways in the 21st century. The guy was talking about congress being Zionist occupied territory in the 90s and then in the 2000s he was spewing almost neocon/zionist talking points. To be sure he would be true when it came to some domestic issues still in the last decade but his foreign policy opinions became a mix of fox news talking points and doses of the “terrorism” experts on MSNBC and CNN. I noticed the author chose to not mention the Buchanan of the old days who called out Israel, that is a shame, because that was the “good” Buchanan.

    The author also acts as if Iran becoming a regional power was a bad thing. I think the author is a neocon/Zionist himself.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  8. Buchanan is neither a Christian nor a gentleman. He is a papist and an agent of ZOG. His role, as with all paleocons, was to funnel disaffected right wingers back into the republican party fold. That is why he had a show on MSNBC, where he was best friends with Rachel Maddow.

    • Agree: Carroll price, Servenet
    • Disagree: Emslander, mark green
    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Curle
  9. Referring to American aggressive war-making after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mr. Piatak writes:

    “…Instead, we have pursued one war after another unrelated to America’s interests…”

    The same comment could apply to all the wars pursued by the US FedGov since War of 1812.

    Thanks, Mr. Piatak, for your essay on Mr. Buchanan, a statesman and writer who was right much, much more frequently than he was wrong. America would be a much better place had we listened to him.

    • Agree: Emslander, SBaker
  10. Thanks. Not least for what you wrote about about the Mass and forgiveness part. Dejà vue as what I often thought, when I read your insightful article. I’m greatful for Mr. Buchanan’s writing and wish him well. I was often glad when I read his columns. Thx. to Ron Unz too for publishing them.

  11. JR Foley says:

    Russia—enemy?? United Snakes of America and NATO are the enemy—right in clear sight under the Jew brains of Barabbas–the patron Satan of the Military Industrial Complex. They are there now with Zylenskyy in Ukraine but who will be next—Poland–Baltic States/ Canada??
    NO Profit in Peace !!!

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  12. NC says:

    That was a good summation Pat’s career. When I first started to seriously listen to Buchanan in my early 20’s after a short liberal phase, it was obvious that he was right and his recommendations would make the country better and stronger. In retrospect nobody has a better track record than Buchanan on American politics. Even back then though there was an undertone in his writing where he already seemed to think it was too little, too late.

    I read some of his books and dipped into his columns over the years to see what Pat thought whenever something important happened, but I always considered the man to be bigger than any of his work. More than anyone Buchanan underpinned Trump’s 2016 platform, which is probably why the left turned on Trump so viscerally. If he’s really quitting cold then I’ll miss hearing what he has to say, and I’m not sure why someone would retire from occasional opinion peace writing. Hopefully he’s in good health and will be around for a long while yet.

    • Agree: Decoy, SBaker, Eric Novak
  13. Thank you, Mr Piatak, for this honorable encomion to this honorable man.

  14. Dumbo says:

    Too bad. I was wondering why his columns had not been updated here in a while….

  15. Tucker says:

    I was a big fan of Patrick Buchanan for the vast majority of his career, and have a couple of his books on my office bookshelf.

    But, when he ran for President on the Reform Party – I even donated a couple hundred dollars to his campaign; this was the first time I had ever donated any money to any politician or political party. But, then – this guy decided to select some totally unqualified black female high school teacher to be his VP and from that moment forward, the guy destroyed every bit of the credibility and respect that I had ever had for him.

    I wrote him a letter and demanded that he refund my donation – which he never did. I refused to vote for the guy that year, and I stopped bothering to read any of his columns. My best guess as to why Buchanan did what he did – was because he was on a mission, assigned to him by the loathsome and treasonous GOP Establishment – to deliberately destroy the best third party to come along in decades.

    For a third party to get Federal matching funds, they must get at least 10 percent of the popular vote – something that Ross Perot had been able to do when he ran for President on the Reform Party ticket. This scared the GOP establishment – because back then, just as today, they are infested with sleazy RINOs, globalists, war mongering psychopaths and toe kissers for the state of Israel and the Reform Party under Buchanan was the early version of the pro-populist, pro-MAGA, America First, anti-war, anti-neocon endless interventions all over the world. So, I am convinced that Buchanan deliberately chose that unqualified black female high school teacher to be his VP because he knew it would piss off a significant percentage of his White support base who would see that as pandering to blacks who were never going to vote for Buchanan in the first place, while at the same time, alienating the Southern White vote that would otherwise have voted for him.

    The GOPe Deep State strategy worked. Buchanan and the Reform Party ticket of Buchanan – Foster failed miserably and did not come close to the 10 percent needed to receive matching funds:

    Pat Buchanan/Ezola B. Foster (Reform) – 449,225 (0.4%)

    This failure effectively collapsed the Reform Party and eliminated it from being a viable competitor for disgruntled conservatives who were sick and tired of being screwed over, betrayed by, and having their critical concerns ignored by the RINO and neocon globalist infested GOP Establishment.

    Patrick J. Buchanan was the chosen Weapon of Mass destruction to destroy the Reform Party threat, just like Deep State Ron DeSantis is being groomed to be their WMD to destroy the pro-MAGA, pro-populist, America First, anti-war movement that was kicked off by Trump in 2016.

    • Agree: Hulkamania, Servenet
    • Troll: Eric Novak
  16. Pat had some good ideas, which he articulated, but he came across as an angry, greasy guy, much like a mob goon. He’s strictly a behind the scenes strategist.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @SafeNow
    , @Shamu
    , @john speke
  17. SafeNow says:
    @Clark Kent

    Pat had some good ideas, which he articulated, but he came across as an angry, greasy guy, much like a mob goon. He’s strictly a behind the scenes strategist.

    His ideas were well North of “good,” as was his articulation. But the most important part of your comment is where you correctly observe that Pat had, as a presidential aspirant, what I will call a persona problem. Maybe if he had watched videos of JFK every day, and worked with a top acting coach, he could have put his persona more into alignment with what Americans unfortunately expect their president to come across as. I doubt Pat would have tried it, and I doubt it would have worked; but it sure makes for an interesting “what-if?”

    • Agree: Clark Kent
  18. He will be replaced. All whites will soon enough.

  19. @Zachary Smith

    No, Pat was not wrong in the Central Park 5 case. They were all guilty

    • Agree: Rich, Bubba, RadicalCenter
  20. Ward says:

    Back in the 90’s I owned a book on Buchanan’s quotes, my favorite of which was “Feminists have declared war on nature”.

    He was also the ONLY one on tv speaking out against the genocidal US sanctions on Iraq, as well as supporting the Palestinan cause, for which the zionists always went after him.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  21. A court commentator, oozing incarnate exceptionalism, an apple dropping never far from the tree.

  22. Pat Buchanan was arguably the wisest man ever to reach a prominent place among the riff-raff known as “American punditry.” Many of the comments above are from idiots or ignoramuses. PJB was virtually the only voice of sanity in the “mainstream” for several decades. Perhaps Tucker Carlson is filling that role now, but I don’t think he’s as intelligent, and he most certainly is not as well-read as Pat.

    Thanks, Pat. I’ve been your fan since the 80s, and worked on your campaign in 1996. Enjoy your retirement (though I look forward to another book or two).

    • Agree: RockaBoatus
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  23. I was a huge fan of Pat years ago. I hope that he can rest and enjoy this new stage of life.

  24. Pat and Ron Paul were the only decent GOP candidates that were ever offered since I first voted in 1988. I voted for both in the Michigan primaries, but alas, the Establishment neocons would always win. After what they did to Pay in 2000 and Ron in 2012, I lost faith in the political system even though I did vote for Trump in ’16.

  25. Shamu says:
    @Zachary Smith

    He was correct in the second as well. That was the period during which white Liberals began their come back in forcing America to accept black violent criminality even at its most barbaric. Wanting to hang the savages for their brutal savagery to protect the civilized is necessary for healthy civilization to survive.

    Now the Elites order us all to worship the Numinous Negro, even when he is a lifetime criminal and junkie – see George Floyd. Now that is barbarism of the most decadent sort.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Thanks: 36 ulster
  26. Shamu says:
    @Clark Kent

    And that is because that is the way the media wanted him to be seen by the masses.

    The media as a uniform lying whore did not begin during the Clinton years. That was in place no late than the dawn of the 1960s.

  27. Z-man says:

    I was introduced to internet posting back in the ’00’s on Pat Buchanans web site. I had been a fan of Pat’s since years before, when he was the permanent panelist on The McLoughlin Group. I still don’t know if it’s become a monumental waste of time, internet posting that is, I hope not. It has edified me, no doubt. But it can be like an echo chamber. Like it was on his site, also on The Phora, which became my fallback site after Buchanan’s was ‘cancelled’, and now like this site, Unz.
    Going back to Pat, who I used to call ‘my Liege’ out of humor and respect, he was branded a Nazi by the MSM, because of his exposing the Izraeli Lobby and our blind support for Izrael. Later, his site was shut down, by him, when it was accused of anti Semitism. His posters were to blame for calling out the Jew. Funny how this article doesn’t mention these facts, doesn’t mention ‘the cabal’.
    Pat, sad to see you go, although I haven’t followed you much the last few years. Sorry you didn’t do more to fight the pernicious Cabal, especially later in life, I guess you had your ‘legacy’ to protect.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  28. Shamu says:

    The following is one of the scattered paragraphs by Piatsk over the years that leave me knowing how and why he swallows the VDARE con game led by philoSemite Derbyshire and old time Brit Empire shill Brimelow: “A teenager with an interest in politics from an early age, I remember siding with Pat and Reagan, and against Buckley, on The Firing Line debate on the Panama Canal Treaty, for basically the same reason I think the Elgin Marbles should remain in the British Museum. The Panamanians could never have built the Canal; the Greeks could not have preserved the Marbles.”

    The whole thing has the logic of the high school debate twerp. Whether Joe Bob could himself build the house on his property has next to nothing to do with the fact that its being on his property matters greatly in terms of who owns the house and has what rights to its use.

    Even more stupid – and I say morally perverse – is analogizing that to the British Empire keeping the Elgin Marbles. It is one thing to assert that another Brit playing James Bond thief had the right to save Western treasures from more Turkish abuse. It is another entirely to assert Greece finally freed of the Turkish yoke should be be given back as much taken from her as could be found. The Brits keeping those items just prove that their imperialism is just about as sanctimoniously unhealthy for the Western world as is Turkish imperialism.

    Of course, that whole ‘he who could build it should own it’ argument is imploded by Piatak’s stupid analogy.

    • Troll: Emslander
  29. DanFromCT says:
    @Priss Factor

    Catholicism, aka closet-homo pedophile cult, has so often dulled and degraded many sharp minds.

    You claim the Church is defined by its antithesis, the homo cabal within. A cheap trick. As for degrading sharp minds, yours obviously isn’t one of them if you’ve examined the theology, philosophy, ethics, morals, art, architecture, logic, and music of the Church and found it wanting. But for the Scholastics’ development of the logic, concepts, and vocabulary of science, science would have remained stillborn as it had been before and you’d be living in a straw hut praying to the moon. Overall your comments on the Church are consistently tainted by an incontinent hatred that suggests your hatred has little to do with the Church itself and arises in embarrassing incontinence of another sort.

  30. @Priss Factor

    Thanks for your comments and many links in Newslinks. I always find interesting things there.

    Concerning Buchanan, you take his Catholicism as the reason for some of his failures. But couldn’t it be the case that your general hostility to religion also taints your critic of Buchanan? Isn’t it possible that many of the things that you attribute to Catholicism in reality have to do with radical Conservative views in general, including the rejection of Evolution? The Catholic Church accepts Evolution and science, contrary to some Evangelical Churchs. Actually there is a current of the Catholic Church which preaches tolerance, which is ready to question social dogmas, even if the Church doesn’t favour homosexuality to the point of accepting marriage.

    You say that he “speaks in hegemonic terms”, even if he rejected the Empire. But isn’t his critic of Empire important, even if he doesn’t go all the way you expect? Mearsheimer also has a realist(-ic ?) view of politics, and like Buchanan he criticises the wars.

    I think Buchanan is a voice of reason in the middle of a completely mad political climate, even if you may criticise some of his views. He wrote a book that encourages people to ask many questions which normally are avoided in mainstream milieus. He could and can think for himself, what is a rare virtue among politicians. He was an author whose articles in UR I always read. I don’t know American politics so well, but I think we could put him at the side of Dennis Kucinich. Thanks to Ron Unz for publishing him and give us the chance of reading him.

  31. @Truthfully

    He sold out and became an establishment hack in many ways in the 21st century.

    Which is why the author of this article and many of the commenters want to focus on — and romanticize —what he said in the 20th. He isn’t dead, so let’s be honest: “Mr. Paleoconservative” chose to end his career as Right jamb of the Beltway’s Overton window.

    But reading critically (and, yes, obsessively) Mr. Buchanan’s disingenuous columns whitewashing Uncle Sam, characterizing as allies Washington’s satrapies, and demonizing the targeted autocrats and regimes here at The Unz Review did help many of us to more clearly see what an Exceptionally! propagandized country this is.

    Thanks, Pat.

    • Agree: Hulkamania, Realist
  32. Pat is a great loss to us. He made the wold less bad than it would otherwise have been.

    I am reminded for some reason of Prince Philip ( ], another man who made difference. He retired from public life at 96.

  33. In the 1990s he prophetically warned of the current crisis, when few saw the righting on the wall – threat of WW III. That was indeed an admirable and prescient stand to take – lonely and courageous. Thank you, Pat. To which I can only add my own humble contribution in your shadow.

  34. Renoman says:

    I’ll miss him, he had a nice succinct way of putting things which other writers can learn from. No one likes long winded, we’re all too busy for that nonsense. Sail on Pat!

    • Agree: Liza
  35. @Z-man

    Z–man wrote: “Pat, sad to see you go, although I haven’t followed you much the last few years. Sorry you didn’t do more to fight the pernicious Cabal, especially later in life, I guess you had your ‘legacy’ to protect.”

    My exact sentiment on the Cabal, and thanks Z!

    I loved when Pat Buchanan coined the term “Amen Corner,” and how he defended Ivan Demjunyuk, and attacked blasphemous art, i.e; The Piss Christ.

    Btw, I read where a member of Pat’s family planned to run for political office, and perhaps this is one understandable reason why he refused to write more about our ZOG governmen.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  36. @UncommonGround

    I don’t know American politics so well, but I think we could put him at the side of Dennis Kucinich.

    You sure don’t.

    I just ran “Kucinich” through Mr. Buchanan’s columns in the Search engine:


    No results found.

    • Replies: @UncommonGround
    , @gsjackson
  37. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    I was big fan of Pitchfork Pat for the past 40 years. Still had some interest in his views and columns until his 2022 pro-Ukraine/anti-Russia stance. That’s when I permanently parted ways with the PJB that I once loved and respected.

  38. I can only dream of how better America might be now if Buchanan had been elected two term president in the early 90s. He was a real conservative, because he wanted to conserve what we had. He correctly read the trajectory, and knew we were in danger of losing the nation and society that we loved. He was correct. Thanks Pat.

    • Agree: Rurik
  39. Rich says:

    Pat’s stand for John Demjanjuk made him one of the most honorable men on the scene at the time. He stood almost alone in trying to defend an innocent man nefarious groups were trying to use Demjanjuk as a scapegoat.

    • Agree: Rurik, HdC, Carroll price
  40. KenH says:

    Picking Foster really torked me off, too. That was a real slap in the face and Buchanan was taking heat from the Jewish media for being “racist” and he picked Foster to virtue signal to his anti-white left wing detractors and beltway establishment. His support plummeted after picking Foster.

  41. @Lord Shang

    You are correct to say that Tucker Carlstein fills the same controlled opposition role as Pat Buchanan. Whine about the Republican party until election year, then endorse the Republican party.

    • Agree: Realist
  42. Anonymous[949] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s the last of the Cronkite-era rhetoricians. He never adopted the contemporary “This is what you think now” statist brainwashing of the Times or Post, to his credit. But he could never let go of the old-time premise of a legitimate state.

    That made him equate the failed state and its subject population, and you just can’t get away with that these days. This is a state that attacks you with germ warfare, experiments on you with poisonous antidotes, blows up your prominent buildings, regularly loots the fisc at macro scales, painstakingly perverts or destroys all civil society, and derogates every nonderogable right.

    And Pat worked for Nixon, one of the most insubordinate presidents. Nixon gave his CIA rulers fits, and got purged. How can Pat not know that he lives in a totalitarian state?

    He never wrote the only column we need: How do we eradicate this lethal cancer of a state?

    He deserves to relax and read about noble Grecians and Romans orating and stuff. He’s too pure for reality.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  43. @Zachary Smith

    The Israeli amen corner remark destroyed his career at being influential. After that he was only tolerated because he was so talented an English stylist and story teller. Nevertheless in this case it was worth it. He wasn’t that influential beforehand and it was such a great quip.

    Public execution probably should be reserved for people like Fauci and Gates, not illiterate negroes.

  44. Malla says:
    @Priss Factor

    e two most aggressive and expansive peoples that ever existed: Anglos and Jews.

    Jews yes. How Anglos?
    And Anglos created the USA.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  45. PJB never developed an heir. He never found a young conservative and offered him a fraction of the career base that he was offered when Nixon made him a ghost writer in 1965. What nine glorious years –1965-1974–PJB enjoyed establishing his career building on his Columbia School of Journalism graduate degree. What a resume he had at age 36 in 1974: speechwriter to Agnew, Nixon, went to China with Nixon in 1972, saw Haldeman manage a WH, observed older, more experienced men get ensnared into Watergate.

    He could have found a young conservative and put his mentee’s name on his book’s mast. Made the young man his intellectual and political heir.

    Forbidden from speaking at Republican conventions after he came close to the truth in 1992, the Establishment would not permit him to mount that podium again. And similar to Enoch Powell, he wanted to remain a remember of the Establishment however minor a fringe one. Powell said all political careers end in failure. Pat’s sputtered and stalled before failing because he could not accept that the America of the 1950’s was not coming back, because he could not accept that the Republican Party would never reciprocate his loyalty, because the Establishment’s immigration and trade policies made civic nationalism impossible. PJB had evolved from pro Amnesty in 1986 to a border wall by 1992. He understood the the Cold War had ended in 1990 and embraced America 1st and not Empire 1st. He courageously opposed both Iraq wars. But his evolution had limits. As some others at Unz remarked he parodied himself over the last 22 years urging his readers to vote Republican “in the most important election ever.”

    And so he departs the stage with our affection, but no heir. At least there is a coherence to his philosophy that we might build upon.

    • Thanks: 1jonny
  46. @saggy

    I have a signed copy of that book from Pat……..its a great read but I contend that early in his career he brought up the JQ and realized that if was going to stay relevant in society and make a living he could go as far as possible on criticizing the cultural war in the West and the geopolitical neocon disaster but just keep it short of addressing that specific issue.

    After all, what can you do to make any challenges publicly within any media form when that conduit to express yourself is majority control by the same group you are challenging?

  47. @Greta Handel

    There are other sources of information about Dennis Kucinich. The following articles might be interesting, he also publiched a book, The Division of Light and Power:

    “When the Mob Tried to Whack Dennis Kucinich”

    Chris Hedges interviews Kucinich:

    “Dennis Kucinich: How the war machine took over the Democratic Party ”

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  48. Emslander says:

    I’ve been expecting this retirement and I’m pleased that Buchanan realized that the time was right.

    No one today sees things with the clarity he’s had for as long as he’s been active. He had a mind and a soul that combined the discipline of the Germanic race with the verbal abilities of the Irish. For some reason that combination is rare. It was also important, I think, that he grew up in Washington, D.C. when it was still a fairly unimportant city. Then he operated in it after it had become a behemoth. It gave him a unique perspective on the obscene growth of the Federal State.

    Thanks to Pat for all his contributions.

  49. Rich says:
    @Zachary Smith

    The teenagers who raped and assaulted the female jogger in Central Park confessed to their crimes on tape, in front of their parents and implicated their friends. They were “cleared” because after the statute of limitations expired, a fellow inmate who hadn’t been arrested at the time, took credit for the rape and his DNA was found on items still in evidence. Police involved in the case believe he raped her after the gang had left her lying naked and unconscious in the dirt. At the time, DNA was a pretty new science, and the detectives wouldn’t have been as careful collecting it as they would be today. Because the communist mayor of NYC, DeBlasio (Werner), was anti-White, he didn’t fight their release and settled their lawsuit without going to court.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @hhsiii
  50. Trinity says:

    Buchanan and Trump both dumped on David Duke, and Buchanan and Trump were/are scared to death of going against the (((script))) laid out for them. Buchanan did.not accomplish shit other than make himself rich while helping to destroy America. He spent a career sucking up to Jews, Blacks and mocking REAL White men like David Duke. Wining, dining, pocket lining, and swimming stark naked in a pool with other old wrinkly (((politicians))) in a pool is no way to go through life, Patrick. Have no idea how men like Pat look in the mirror when they shave. Oops, that’s right, the crooks in (((Washington))) have someone else shave them on the taxpayer’s dime. You use your Bic disposable razor and traitors like Pat are treated with an hour long Turkish shave on the house. Good riddance.

    • Thanks: TKK
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Francis Miville
  51. Emslander says:

    I love Pat, but I saw immediately that his job that year was to destroy the Reform Party. If you’ll remember, just before the summer of election year, he published a book that was sympathetic to Nazi Germany. I thought it was hilarious timing and certainly not likely to win him the Jewish vote, which meant he couldn’t get any media support.

  52. @Hulkamania

    Last night I was watching Tucker live on Youtube. He was letting a Christian pastor speak about how evil the Dems were to vote for killing babies who survive abortion, the mutilation of kids’ genitals, the puberty blockers – then the screen went dark and a message came from YT saying that they violated the terms of service. That was no accident!

    Also last night, Tucker and a TAC writer were taking on Black Rock, Goldman Sachs, and Zelensky together. He must be more redpilled than people think, because last week he said about Shelia Jackson Lee, “Stop hitting me, she howls as she punches you in the face. It’s such a common tactic at this point, used constantly by Al Sharpton, by the ADL…” Not only does he call out the ADL, but he rephrases “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you” on live TV. I loved it.

    I fear for Tucker’s safety. Black Rock, Goldman Sachs, the ADL – don’t tell me that they don’t want to assassinate him.

    • Agree: TKK
  53. awry says:

    The parent channel of this video is unavailable at your location due to the following restrictions:

    Contains Holocaust Denial
    Contains Incitement to Hatred

    Democracy is at work here in the EU.

  54. Realist says:

    “Patrick J. Buchanan, Christian Gentleman, Hangs Up His Pen”

    Better late than never.

  55. Rurik says:

    There have been few people whose columns over the decades I looked forward to reading more, than Pat’s.

    He wasn’t perfect, and while he wrote some great books, he often toed the GOP line to the point of absurdity, because at the end of the day, Pat was/is loyal.

    He felt a sense of gratitude to the Catholic Church, and has remained loyal to it, (to a fault – IMHO). I considered his ‘support’ for Ron Paul as tepid, at the critical time, but at least he mentioned Dr. Paul, when other journalists and Republicans treated the only honest man in the GOP as “He Who Must Not Be Named”.

    For some reason I always recall the time on the television when Pat was debating Alan Dershowitz about something, and Dirsh was kvetching about some idiocy, and then the host turned back to Buchanan and said something like ‘well what do you think? And Pat replied in a terse and crusty way about ‘I’ve had to look at that face for the last several minutes’, and I almost couldn’t believe it.

    But Buchanan was allowed a certain leeway because of his gravitas and presumably his viewer drawing power. I suspect that there are few pundits left, for whom most Americans would turn the channel back, because they saw Buchanan there, and figured at least let’s hear someone who has a grasp of geopolitics and isn’t a total sell-out like Gingrich or Rove, et al..

    No one that I know of, has been more consistent in pointing out the folly of moving NATO right up to Russia’s doorstep. He’s been saying so since I can remember, and he’s the only one who’s been saying so, that I’m aware of, with any kind of audience.

    His stature and his patriotism and his intelligence and grasp of history, always, putting America first, he would have made a great Secretary of State.

    Here’s short write up in the NYT about the circumstances of Pat leaving MSNBC, (by Brian Stelter, of all people)

    Pat Buchanan, a prominent conservative commentator for MSNBC for the last decade, is departing the channel, he said Thursday. In an essay, he cited “an incessant clamor from the left” as the reason for his departure.

    A spokesman for the cable news channel said, “After 10 years, we’ve parted ways with Pat Buchanan. We wish him well.”

    The circumstances of Mr. Buchanan’s departure are unclear, but he has not appeared on the channel since October, when he began promoting his book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” The book conveyed Mr. Buchanan’s concerns about the effects of demographic changes in the United States, including what he called “the end of white America” and the shrinking of the “European and Christian core of our country.”

    A number of statements in the book were seized upon by liberal groups, who pressured MSNBC to either sanction or fire Mr. Buchanan. In his essay Thursday on the Web site of The American Conservative, a magazine he co-founded, Mr. Buchanan cited Abraham H. Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, an influential Jewish organization, and wrote, “What Foxman and A.D.L. are about in demanding that my voice be silenced is, in the Jeffersonian sense, intrinsically un-American.”

    “Consider what it is these people are saying,” Mr. Buchanan continued. “They are saying that a respected publisher, St. Martin’s, colluded with me to produce a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic book, and CNN, Fox News, C-SPAN, Fox Business News, and the 150 radio shows on which I appeared failed to detect its evil and helped to promote a moral atrocity.”

    In January Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, said he would be meeting with Mr. Buchanan soon to discuss the commentator’s role on the channel. Referring to the book “Suicide of a Superpower,” Mr. Griffin said, “The ideas he put forth aren’t really appropriate for national dialogue, much less the dialogue on MSNBC.”

    [my emphasis]

    What, if not a huge badge of honor, and the highest praise one can achieve today, than for the ADL to demand you be fired and silenced?

    As you settle in to your retirement Mr. Buchanan, please take with you a lot of gratitude for your efforts on conservative America’s behalf, for whom you were a stalwart and measured voice of reason and sanity.

    This has never been more glaringly so, as the nation you love(d) – as you have so often warned, (is, as I write this), descending into more disastrous war, (which you were always warning us about), moral turpitude, demographic despoliation, and cultural degeneracy.

    At least as you stroll off into the sunset, be bolstered by knowing that you did what you could to warn us all.

    • Replies: @Presocratic
  56. Servenet says:

    Absolutely agree and have been saying this for several years now. The two big WRETCHES (no ¨n¨ except as a play-0n-words) in the System lying machine is the holohoax and 19 Arab hijackers. On these two you are either a typical ignoramus or a LIAR. Buchanan is no ignoramus. In the end, he is a System man, a Republican – lol. Sam Francis admitted something like this about Buchanan in a less than severe criticism. Too bad, he said many very good things. But if you´re heard on anything even approaching MS media…you´re just co-opted.

  57. I Am says:

    Slums scream faux reserve currency… $ to the federal reserve penned in via Louis Brandeis SupremeZionist why does the FED (BankRotsTheChild) not get as JKennedy USPrezdecided?! The JUS is not going gentle into the history pile AGAIN ✓insanity blood brain has clearly reached critical mass. Buchanan et al cannot stop the whirlwind JUS isn’t ! China got the baton & that’s history badda boom…

  58. Pat Buchanan is a gentleman in both the original and neocon senses. The neocons call nihilist psychopaths like themselves “philosophers” (as opposed to the “gentlemen” who believe in God and country and other actual values). Pat is such a gentleman that when I brought up 9/11 during a radio interview, he said he couldn’t imagine his friend Dick Cheney doing a thing like that.

    • LOL: TKK, Trinity
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  59. @mark green

    I remember hearing Buchanan’s name from my father as a kid. It really didn’t mean much to me then, and although Dad was a very conservative man, Buchanan’s Catholicism (as well as Bill Buckley’s) was part of the attraction. When my political light bulbs started flickering, I found Buchanan’s American Conservative magazine resonating within my heart. Buckley, to me was a turn off, but Buchanan’s insistence the American was not meant to be an Empire definitely struck a chord. He was definitely part of my political education. Later on, Kevin MacDonald is the man who turned me on to the whole JQ with his books and website. Due to the longevity of Buchanan’s career, he definitely was not establishment, but he also was not considered fringy or off his rocker. Pat’s take on things political is a very legitimate one and dear to many of us. Thank you Pat Buchanan for your service.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  60. Rurik says:

    Patrick J. Buchanan was the chosen Weapon of Mass destruction to destroy the Reform Party threat,

    I can’t read his heart, and your points are solid, because the Reform Party did die with Pat at the helm.

    Was it deliberate?

    I don’t know. If so, that would be damning, to be sure. But I suspect that like Ron Paul, Buchanan and his efforts were subverted by the collective weight of the liberals and ((media)) and especially the GOP, who must have considered the Reform Party, (just as they did so Ron Paul), as a dire threat.

    Buchanan was a flawed presidential candidate. As others have mentioned, he came across as brusque, which doesn’t work for soccer moms. I always considered his smile as off-putting.

    I think he picked the Negro woman because the media was screeching that he was Adolf Hitler. I even remember Arianna Huffington overtly suggesting exactly that.

    She was asked, ‘what did you think of Buchanan’s speech, and she replied, ‘it sounded better in the original German’.

    This was many decades ago, and I still remember it.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @TheMoon
  61. Servenet says:
    @Priss Factor

    Guy, you´re just ridiculous on the ¨I [email protected]@king love science¨ joke. Darwinism is a religion just like Woke…is a religion, which most scientists are today because ¨They support the latest thing.¨ Think about it (putting aside your ¨religion¨ for a moment). But check this out, if you can put down ¨On the Origin of Species¨ for two minutes –

    • Agree: RockaBoatus
  62. Rurik says:

    Buchanan and Trump both dumped on David Duke

    I checked, and Buchanan did toss Duke under the bus when he was running for president.

    But it’s nuanced.

    Duke said he understands why Buchanan can’t support him and believes that liberal journalists are out to ruin Buchanan’s chances.

    “I support Pat Buchanan though he doesn’t support my racial positions,″ Duke said today in a telephone interview. “He can’t support me because the northeastern media establishment is on a feeding frenzy. They are out to get him. I don’t expect his support.″

  63. TGD says:

    It’s too bad that there is no one who can replace Pat.

    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  64. HT says:

    Ahead of his time. Knew the key to America was the culture which was destroyed starting with the Jew attacks on Christianity in the 1960’s through the courts.

  65. @UncommonGround

    You may have missed my point: Buchanan – at least in recent years – has served only to obscure the true dissidence of people like Kucinich.

    • Replies: @heymrguda
  66. @Priss Factor

    Expansive people is something built into the life in this planet, however unjust it may be. Homo sapiens expanded and probably exterminated other Homo species. Homo erectus must have killed off some other dominant ape species wherever it expanded into. Even among single celled organisms, some species expands at the cost of others.

  67. @Robert Bruce

    “but alas, the Establishment neocons would always win.”

    Do you mean win or just – somehow – they get the highest number of votes?

  68. TKK says:


    I detested his writing because he couched anything slightly edge as a question. Go back and read his columns. Any subject more controversial than a vanilla milkshake he would hide behind as a dazed question. Are the BLM riots being sanctioned by the Democratic Party? Gee, Pat…you think?

    He never took a hard position on any subject that would advocate or assist the white working class. He is another spineless, simpering Republic who only cared about enriching his family.

    If this is a hero, we don’t need any enemies.

    • Agree: Servenet
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Rich
  69. Hacienda says:
    @Priss Factor

    There is the great problem of the right side of the bell curve overestimating itself.
    What after all, does the right side know of the left side? We know them to be “idiots” in our dismal daze of schooling. Then we lost all contact. But looking back, I see now the indoctrination of our schools itself was idiotic.
    The left side allows (they really don’t have a choice) nature to course thru them. The right side is in a continual bipolar battle with nature. We’re seeing the right side lose this battle and the battle turned into a rout. Buchanan is just another dumbass on the right. Racist for kicks. Fancies himself to be faithful and enlightened all at once. Although, he’s now simply a deranged old man. Nothing to be said more. He will soon be dead and forgotten, just like each human eventually.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  70. @Rurik

    The thing about picking that black woman was that it didn’t get him a single black or ‘liberal’ vote but lost him lots of White votes. This lesson, that pandering to such people is a waste of time, never gets learned.

    • Agree: Rurik
  71. Trinity says:

    Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and their ilk are all white traitor trash. Bringing up David Duke again, a man who was regularly trashed by the aforementioned USELESS COWARDLY LYING TRASH. Once O’LIElly had Duke on his (((Fox Jew News Program.))) O’LIElly went into (((attack mode))) right away, (((shouting over Duke, bringing up the KKK))), etc. O’LIElly even mocked the idea of Whites having a NAAWP aka Nattional Association for the Advancement Of White People. How many women at (((Fox Jew News))) did Bill $ettle out of court with??? Kind of HOMO for a bunch of grown ass men to be swimming naked in a pool together as well as gross. Imagine seeing that after eating lunch?? And weirdos like this are running America????

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @TheMoon
    , @TKK
  72. heymrguda says:

    Pat Buchanan was proven right about many of the issues that plague us today, including “free trade,” immigration and foreign wars. While acknowledging the great debt we owe him — unlike other posters who adopt the “either – or” mode of political commentary – I have to express disappointment over his failure to move outside accepted movement conservative positions on many issues, especially in his later years.

    He just couldn’t bring himself to say anything really radical or revolutionary, like suggesting some form of secession or separation, as an example. It was just wait for the next election. He had nothing to lose by doing this – he was just too much a part of the establishment.

    Buchanan could not bring himself to disavow his support for the Viet Nam war, which compromised his eloquent positions against our foreign wars.

    One question – does being catholic confer a special righteousness for those on the right? Apparently it does.

  73. TheMoon says:

    The lesson there is to not listen to the media, especially hollowed-out skinsuits like Huffington.

    If you still lose, so be it. At least you stuck to your principles.

    Trump pulled off two wins (yes, two) with the entire MSM machine against him, including most of the bottom faggots of Conservative, Inc.

    • Agree: Rurik
  74. TheMoon says:

    I once asked on a conservative site what Limbaugh accomplished other than getting wealthy. What is there to show for all his efforts, because the country was worse off than ever at the time he died.

    Yeah, they banned me.

    • Thanks: Trinity, TKK, houston 1992
  75. heymrguda says:
    @Greta Handel

    When Dennis Kucinich was mayor of Cleveland during the ‘70s – the “boy mayor,” as they called him, I couldn’t stand him. He seemed to personify everything I was against. In the intervening years I became a great admirer of him. Same with Jim Traficant.

    • Agree: Liberty Mike
    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  76. ricpic says:

    You can’t blame Pat for the fact that the Republican base wouldn’t vote for him in great numbers when it had the chance. It’s not just the party bigwigs, it’s the base of the Republican Party that has never stooped being wimpy mushy.

  77. Dutch Boy says:

    Mr. Buchanan’s partisanship is a function of his overdone sense of loyalty, a loyalty completely one-sided, since the GOP bigwigs have treated him with scorn ever since he peed in the punch bowl by running against Bush I. IMO, political parties are tools and deserve only conditional loyalty. If they serve the public interest, then fine. If they don’t, the Devil take them. The GOP is already reneging on its latest promises, as they have done consistently throughout Mr. Buchanan’s career.

  78. Ace says:

    Insane partisanship?

  79. Servenet says:

    …the guy destroyed every bit of the credibility and respect that I had ever had for him.¨

    You are absolutely correct. And it is remarkable how many otherwise thoughtful people will observe AN ENORMOUS AND OBVIOUS BETRAYAL…exhibit some annoyance and immediately forget he proved he was a cynical fraud. Which brings us to Buchanan and your comment. And more than cynical, he BETRAYED White people, his race, and his country. The negress VP choice was as gross a middle finger to us all as any he could otherwise possibly have done.

    • Replies: @Joekoool102
  80. TKK says:

    You crystallized the singly most important threat the White West is facing today:

    Anyone who broaches white advocacy is immediately shouted down, coined a homicidal racist and banished to hinterlands of commerce and ideas.

    It is an orchestrated, highly structured and vicious machine.

    How do we change this?

    The only avenue that seems to be viable is ” cosmic transitioning”…but this kind of talk is not allowed…yet. It is messy and scary and unthinkable….but…….!

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  81. profnasty says:

    Pat quote. “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied land.”
    After which he apologized so profusely, even Milton Friedman was embarrassed.
    Goodbye Pat. Nice knowin ya.

  82. ricpic says:

    The model The Founding Fathers left us, a limited Republic, was an ideal. And was therefore bound to fail. Why? Because of human nature. Call it the will to grow your kingdom or your sector. This is a law of life. The State, if it can grow will grow. Franklin “A republic, madam, if you can keep it” knew this. Madison, a towering political genius, wrestled with how to keep human nature at bay…and couldn’t.

    Even if this present monstrosity should collapse of its own weight, the state that will come next may start small…but will grow. The problem is insoluble.

  83. Servenet says:

    Wow, guy. The word spinning is just dumb. So you´re a devout Catholic. But your real sin is willful self-deception regarding the horror that is the RC System in its systemic, unspeakably vile sexual predatory nature. Go ahead and lie to yourself. But don´t bring your gross dishonesty here and lecture us. It´s garbage.

  84. Ron… does this mean you are going to start running Ann Coulter pieces? Please.

  85. Trinity says:

    Lest we forget what Eric Trump said about David Duke, something along the lines of someone should put a bullet in Duke’s head. Imagine had Eric Trump aka “American Psycho” ( him and Don Jr. would have been perfect for the role) said that about Jesse Jackson? Would there have been an uproar? Yet Whites still support the Trumps and on command mock Said Duke like Palin’s dog. Smdh. What did David Duke ever do to a Trump besides ignorantly support the Orange fat boy. Whites need to grow a pair and stop giving the time of day to white trash named Trump, De Santis, Buchanan, Reagan, and maybe look to NORMAL Whites for help.

    Cue : Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis And The News.
    Christian Bale morphs into a Don Jr/ Jim Carey hybrid. Lol.

  86. @heymrguda

    Jim Trafficant was the real deal.

    • Agree: Rurik
  87. Agent76 says:

    Sep 27, 2016 Lawsuits against the Neocons: Hillary’s DNC, George W. Bush Et Al

    The neocon war hawks have embroiled the United States in illegal wars of aggression around the globe, and with the possibility of a Clinton presidency, that reign of terror looks set to continue. But a series of lawsuits are challenging the neocons in the courts and threatening to derail that agenda.

    January 6, 2016 Neocons at National Review: ‘Stop Calling Us Neocons!’

    When pondering the intellectual decline of political movements, it is hard not to call to mind the former flagship publication of the Buckleyite wing of conservatism called National Review.

  88. @Clark Kent

    on the contrary, I always thought had had an amiable personality and never saw him really angry. You’re way off base dude.

    • Replies: @Clark Kent
  89. Rich says:

    He was against Nafta, against increased immigration, against unlimited global free trade, against the Iraq war and was opposed to all affirmative action. Wouldn’t all of those have helped the White working class?

    • Agree: Sam Hildebrand
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @TKK
  90. @TGD

    It’s too bad that there is no one who can replace Pat

    Same for Walter Williams and Rush Limbaugh.

  91. @DanFromCT

    One can only do so much on the expansion of ancient fairy tales.
    Jesus was just an enlightened and wise human being.
    The rabble NEEDED a Christ!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  92. Pat did his thing in the early years and up until the last few years…but I always wrote to him, like constantly and said Pat the game is up for you…you are days away from going down under…let it rip…you above all know where the dirty secrets of American political life are buried and they lie with the Jews who Nison had a complex relationship with. I would say Pat …tell us all about campaign finance and how the American Jews have rigged the game…but he never took the bait….Pat Buchanan and old school guy….a gentleman…too gutless to take on the real issues of America…too gutless to call a spade a spade…too much of a guy who wanted to be liked and respected from the old guard who no longer exists…Pat Buchanan a guy who stayed 10 years past his prime…a man who did not have the guts to say…Mike Bloomberg I hate you.

  93. @JR Foley

    This clown lost me at the Russia line too.

    The Russians have done no harm to me, unlike the DC filth.

    • Replies: @Tom Piatak
  94. @Hacienda

    There is the great problem of the right side of the bell curve overestimating itself.

    Here’s the problem. The left side of the bell curve going for religion is understandable. It’s also understandable why some intelligent people need faith as a stabilizer in their lives.

    But for the inquisitive, skeptical, and the critical, religion gets in their way.
    Many smart people are career-minded than critical-minded, and they use their intelligence to be accepted and to get ahead. Such people will be Christian or ‘woke’ or Christo-Woke for acceptance.

    But some smart people like to challenge the orthodoxy.

    People like Buchanan, who’s very smart, went against the grain of what was called the Liberal Orthodoxy or Liberal Consensus. They often favored hard facts over ‘liberal’ dreams.
    And today, young guys like Pedro Speedy Gonzalez and Nick Fuentes do the same thing. But here’s the thing. That very spirit of asking questions and countering the official dogma goes up in smoke when they grab for the crutch of religion. Buchanan, who challenged so much of the official dogma, clung to a dogma of his own. Fuentes who has no use for PC and woke doctrine turns into a mindless minion of ‘Muh Holiness’.

    Among the HBD types who are irreligious, the object of near-worship is Jewish IQ. Indeed, they are more about JIQ than JQ. They are so awed with JIQ and Jewish chutzpah that their only hope is for winning the Jews to their side as the rightful master. Look at Jared Taylor the JIQ cuck.

    Perhaps, everyone needs some kind of faith in SOMETHING. It’s like so-called secular progs worship globo-homo and BLM. Negrolatry is not to be questioned.
    And despite the contrarian spirit of many on the dissident right, they too have their unquestioned faiths, either Christianity or JIQ.

  95. jaye ryan says:

    We had some hopes in mainstream GOP politics in the early 1990s.

    David Duke and Pat Buchanan.

    Opposing the first of so many, many J neo Conservative wars, regime changes, wars for “A New World Order”, wars without declarations of war for “Freedom and Democracy” against another “Axis of Evil ” (Clear reference to World War II there). “Saddam Hussein is Hitler.

    The later years William F Buckley and George Will were/are pathetic. What did they want to conserve?

    I was living in New York City and went down to Louisiana to help Duke Campaigns – I lived through one year when over 2,000 people were murdered by Black and Latino criminals, I lived a block and a half from a Dominican Crack Cocaine House called “The Rock” where there were beheadings.

    Hard core porn Times Square – White teen street prostitutes. The Rev Al Sharpton getting his big start with the Tawana Brawley rape hoax (“We’re going to be the two biggest Nig**** in New York”. And the Rev (Not!) Al Sharpton is still with us, recently a featured commentator on MSNBC promoting new race hoaxes like Saint Trayvon Martin.

    All of this going on with a supposedly touch ex CIA WASP President George HW Bush as President.

    I remember being on the street in Manhattan NYC Where George HW Bush was on TV making his acceptance speech in 1988. I was watching with a young Italian American newsstand agent. The Young Italian American guy asked me “What’s Bush talking about? Is he talking about calling in the military to NYC, closing the border, going to war with the Mexican cartels?”

    I said “no”.

    The Italian guy said:

    “Then what’s he talking about”?

    I said ….

    “Nothing, absolutely nothing”.

    That was what Bush Sr and Bush Jr’s presidencies were all about….

    Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    And behind the scenes J Neo Conservatives took over everything in Conservative Inc an William F Buckley and the likes of George Will did….


    Absolutely nothing.

    What a time.

    The downward spiral in Kali Yuga continues.

    J Ryan
    TPC Radio Show hosted by James Edwards.

  96. gsjackson says:
    @Greta Handel

    The media labels Kucinich and Buchanan wore in the 20th century were, respectively, ultra-left and ultra-right. These days, when the ruling class has made its nefarious plans perfectly clear, they would both probably fall under the dissenting populist tent (the 20th century Buchanan, anyway). Just as I, a conservative of sorts, have for years found nothing to disagree with from the likes of self-described leftists such as Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Mike Whitney. Humanity has a common enemy now, and anyone with some wits left can identify it easily.

  97. @DanFromCT

    You claim the Church is defined by its antithesis, the homo cabal within.

    Pope Benedict wrote the church is teeming with homos and freaks. Now, every institution has some lowlifes and miscreants, but something about Catholicism seems to attract the worst of the worst. And now, it has devil pope at its head who calls for the Africanization of all of Europe. This isn’t just some shadowy cabal but the church itself. If Catholicism is so meaningful, why are most Catholics in the US into degeneracy, globo-homo, Negrolatry, and Jew-worship? How come Catholic Ireland went to shit?

    The reason why Catholic Church had power in the past was because it offered entertainment and charities. Before TV and radio, people were bored down on the farm and looked to church gatherings as a kind of social activity. Now, with endless entertainment, people find nothing from church attendance(and indeed much of church culture has turned into standup comic routine or rock concert). Also, who needs Catholic charity when the state provides welfare?
    So, for all its spiritual mumbo jumbo, the church was relevant in the past for material reasons and entertainment. It offered music and activity. It offered free stuff.

    if you’ve examined the theology, philosophy, ethics, morals, art, architecture, logic, and music of the Church and found it wanting.

    The theology is mostly sanctimony and holier-than-thou crap, like yours. Philosophy is ‘turn the other cheek’, which gold-lusting Christians never practiced. Art was taken from paganism.
    Logic? What logic? What kind of logic leads one to conclude that some Jewish carpenter nailed to a crucifix with his dong hanging out for all the to gawk at and jeer is the Son of God?

    But for the Scholastics’ development of the logic, concepts, and vocabulary of science, science would have remained stillborn as it had been before and you’d be living in a straw hut praying to the moon.

    West advanced in science because it broke out of religious dogma. If Christianity leads to scientific progress, why didn’t it happen in the Byzantine Empire? Why did Catholic Italy and Spain fall by the wayside while northern Europe rose? Why did non-Western Christian world achieve little?

    Also, logic has Greek pagan roots. It didn’t emerge from Biblical tradition.

    Speaking of incontinent, I hear Luther was such.

    Anyway, the only path forward is neo-fascism.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  98. gsjackson says:

    The “cozy confines of the St Louis Globe-Democrat?” Well, not all that cozy financially. Twenty-one years after Pat left the paper I held the Buchanan chair on the editorial staff, working with the same two other editorial writers he had. My salary — $25K/year — which, even by 1986 standards, wasn’t exactly tall clover.

    Nor was it cozy from the aspect of job security. Six months after I signed on the paper folded after 112 years (no definitive causal correlation has yet been established), and perhaps Pat could discern the fate of daily newspapers even in the mid-’60s. Earlier in the 20th century St Louis had a dozen or more dailies; now only one, which of course spouts the standard corporate media line.

    But even during its last hurrah you could see what great way of life it was working on a daily. You really felt like you had your finger on the pulse of the community, and newsrooms had great camaraderie, even in the death throes. Toqueville thought these community newspapers were essential to the functioning of American democracy. He probably wouldn’t be surprised to find them now both deceased. May they RIP.

    • Thanks: 1jonny
    • Replies: @Tom Piatak
    , @RadicalCenter
  99. PB accepted the establishment lies about 9/11. Hell with him.

  100. @Rich

    How strongly can you say he was against any of those things when he was a lifelong supporter of the republican party and endorsed the republicans who were responsible for all of those things?

    Impotently whining against one thing while acting to support the opposite is called lying. His actions speak louder than his words.

    • Replies: @Rich
  101. @UncommonGround

    Concerning Buchanan, you take his Catholicism as the reason for some of his failures. But couldn’t it be the case that your general hostility to religion also taints your critic of Buchanan?

    Here’s the problem. If Buchanan had kept his religion to himself as a personal matter between himself and God, that’d be one thing. Spiritual stuff in the church and personal life AND pragmatic stuff in the political world.

    But for Buchanan, Catholicism defined his world view. His brand of conservatism was social-traditionalist, nationalist, and partly race-ist(in the good sense of the term of being racially conscious).
    The problem: Catholic Church changed over the years from a socially conservative organization to a globalist save-the-world project. US Catholics are for mass immigration and the great replacement. Irish Catholics often wave globo-homo stuff. While it’s true that Catholicism was traditionally socially conservative, that was bound to change. Now, it has the devil pope who is partly inspired by liberation theology and globo-homo cabal. Does Buchanan still remain loyal to this satanic church?
    Buchanan surely knew that institutions are only as good as the people who man them. Many Protestants switched to Catholicism in the assumption that, whereas Protestant sects are fickle or fashion-led, the Catholic Church, as the one true church, would remain immutable. Wrong. While the top-down hierarchy of the Catholic Church resisted rapid change, it too was bound to change as the new Catholics were raised in a world of Negrolatry, Jew Worship, and globo-homo.

    Also, given the nature of Christianity, it’s difficult to be a nationalist and race-ist while going on about ‘muh Christ’. After all, Jesus and Early Christians were Jews who rejected ethno-tribalism for universalism. Christianity grew out of Jewish race-treason. White Christians enslaved blacks but also believed whites and blacks both have souls before God, and God doesn’t favor one race over another. If anything, Christianity led to ‘white guilt’ for having betrayed the message of Jesus and universal love and brotherhood.

    So, how could Buchanan square his racial nationalism with his Catholicism? He never resolved this issue.

    And this is the problem of Christian Nationalism of Andrew Torba. He wants to preserve the white west but claims that Christian Nationalism is a nationalism of Christians than of whites. In other words, it favors nonwhite Christians as fellow nationals over white pagans and atheists.
    This is no blueprint for long-term success. It’s just another form of cuckery.

    Only true race-ism, sexi-ism, nationalism, and fascism will save the West. At this point, it seems all is lost in much of the West as most whites are either wheaks or whummies brown-nosing Jewish Power.

  102. @Kevin Barrett

    Over a year ago, when I questioned the rosy recollections of some here about Mr. Buchanan’s purported opposition to Big War, commenter Jim H kindly provided this:

    From Pat Buchanan’s interview with Jake Tapper on Dec 4, 2001 (two months after US air strikes on Taliban and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan began on Oct 7, 2001):

    Q: How do you think Bush is doing with the war on terrorism?

    Buchanan: Overall, very well. Sure, you could flyspeck it. But I really commend him. He’s handled himself very well. He’s showed patience and perseverance. He’s fought a just war in an honorable fashion. I think Americans have performed magnificently.

    A ‘just war.’

    Any questions?

    As I’ve already said, the man’s still alive, let’s be honest. His job has been to elbow out real dissent, and then crumple and reload the GOP’s hot air gun for the next Most Important Election Ever.

  103. @Priss Factor

    Pope Benedict wrote the church is teeming with homos and freaks

    And he would know because he was one of them and helped cover up the cult’s institutionalized pederasty for years.

  104. Rich says:

    Not sure your age, but Buchanon ran for president in 92, 96 and 2000. His name on the ballot in 2000 prevented Al Gore from becoming president. He fought pretty hard. especially when he ran against Goerge HW Bush. He lost a lot of money from attempts to cancel him and accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. He fought the fight, but like most of us, he realized that as bad as the repubs were, they were still head and shoulders above the dems. Although not really pro-White, the repubs were at least not hostile to Whites as the dems are.

  105. @gsjackson

    I did not intend the remark to insult anyone working at the Globe-Demorat. Buchanan, though, gave up a solid job at the with Nixon.

  106. @Bill Jones

    I was six years old, in 1970, when my Grandpa Piatak said those years to me. I did not give the precise date, but it is abundantly clear from context that the remark was made during the Cold War, during which our opponents were often called “Russians.”

  107. @Zachary Smith

    In the context of the Gulf War, on August 26, 1990, Buchanan appeared on The McLaughlin Group and said: “there are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli defense ministry and its ‘amen corner’ in the United States.” Buchanan on The McLaughlin Group on June 15, 1990, asserted: “Capitol Hill is Israeli occupied territory”.[85]…

    And he was kept from getting anywhere. Go figure.

  108. Bukowski says:

    When he was White House press secretary Buchanan urged President Reagan not to cancel his visit to the German war cemetery at Bitburg in 1985 even though members of the Waffen SS are buried there. Naturally Jews were up in arms about this. And leftist film maker Michael Moore even turned up in Germany to protest.

  109. jaye ryan says:
    @Robert Bruce

    Yeah, but do you understand that the Ron and Rand Paul Libertarian cult is underneath one of THE worst J cults ever?

    All the leading Libertarian, free market gurus are Js – Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand.

    Pretty much all Libertarians including Ron and Rand Paul are bat shi* insane, treasonous on mass POC 3rd world immigration and Black violent crime, including organized BLM riots, looting, arson and murder.

    When Ron Paul launched another of his “Crusades” to win the USA Presidency for race denying, Libertarian, Free Market Constitutionalism – Marty Peretz a homosexual, hard core Je*ish Zionist senior editor of the New Republic accused Ron Paul of being yep.

    “Racist” for some articles in the RP Newsletter that were critical of AIPAC, critical of Black Rodney King rioters, killers and suggestion Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks weren’t saints and certainly not American patriots – instead of just telling this J homosexual pervert Lib Democrat to Fuc* off and go suck #*$&@ in Israel, Ron Paul backed down and cried and said he never said or wrote those terrible racist things in his own RP Newsletter, instead he didn’t even read these articles and he thought MLK Jr and Rosa Parks were great heroes who pushed Conservative Libertarian positions.

    And his idiot son Rand Paul was just as bad justly earning Amren’s White Traitor of the Year award in 2013. When A mob of BLM Antifa thugs tried to attack Rand Paul and his beautiful wife, instead of fighting back like Andy Jackson would have done with a hickory stick or carefully reviewing video tape of the Antifa, BLM attacks, Rand Paul tried to explain that it was all a mistake that he was really on their side and had sponsored a “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” in honor of the Black Heroin trafficker killed in a Shootout with Louisville Police.

    What a fag#**$ coward, traitor.

    Ron and Rand Paul have been saying insane and treasonous things about mass immigration the great replacement for…


    If anybody tried that in Japan they would be beheaded.

    I hope you get help and get out of this terrible race denying Je*ish Libertarian cult.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Robert Bruce
  110. Curle says:

    “He is a papist and an agent of ZOG.”

    If you haven’t been paying attention the papists are the only ones putting up any resistance to ZOG.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @Curle
  111. “Christian Gentleman”

    That’s the problem. Christian gentlemen want to be recognized for their virtues, real or imagined. They have been domesticated and no longer recognize evil.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  112. Anonymous[385] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    They are right. Evolution is wrong. Random mutations lol. Things don’t work like that. People don’t like to admit it, but Darwin was wrong about a lot of things. He even said once that the inferior blacks would be exterminated by the superior whites, exactly the opposite that is happening.

    Anglos and Jews, a match made in Hell, that I agree.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  113. @Zachary Smith

    When the Central Park Jogger case got turned into the “Central Park Five” did anybody really get confused about what happened? For one thing the verdict being vacated is not the same thing as being found innocent. Ann Coulter’s done some good columns on it that are well worth reading.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  114. @Anonymous

    Random mutations lol.

    That has been observed. For example, radiation leads to mutations.

    Mutations happen all the time.

    Now, most mutations are useless or harmful, BUT there is sometimes a mutation that better adapts an organism to the existing or changing environment. And then, that trait is favored and spreads via reproduction, leading to evolutionary change.

    Surely, that makes 1000000x more sense than the notion that some deity turned clay into man and woman. Or made woman out of rib of man.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  115. @Priss Factor

    Seriously, not gonna happen. US acted the way it did because it was taken over by the two most aggressive and expansive peoples that ever existed: Anglos and Jews.

    The Jews had at least a dozen options on who to gang up with. The implications of their choice maybe ought to register with a lot more people than apparently they do. They also got on just fine with the Russian commies.

  116. @Corpse Tooth

    The odd thing about Buchanan was, despite his heartfelt Catholicism, his main appeal was as a verbal pugilist. He had some of the Teutonic & Fighting Irish streak. I loved RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING because his father raised the kids to be tough, and the Buchanan boys were rowdy and getting into fights, sometimes sucker-punched and sometimes sucker-punching. It was like watching a John Ford movie, and what I liked most about Buchanan was a quality like that of Ethan in THE SEARCHERS.
    I prefer Buchanan as Scotch-Irish Teutonic ruffian than some lamo Christian gentleman.

    Indeed, whenever Buchanan droned on and on about God and Jesus, I was like Zzzzzzzzzz. Not this again.

  117. @Curle

    the papists are the only ones putting up any resistance to ZOG

    Absolutely false.

    • Replies: @Curle
  118. Dutch Boy says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    I also was an admirer of Mr. Buchanan for years. He (and others of us who have reached a certain age) have a problem: the America we grew up in no longer exists. The mental categories forged in that country no longer apply. We need a new outlook that takes into account the new realities. For instance, the old confidence in the military and security agencies that were keeping us safe from the commies is misplaced – the commies are gone and the military and security establishments are our enemies now. Ditto, the corporate establishment, which is hell bent on exporting our economy and manning what’s left with an imported underclass. They also promote anti-white ideology through their DIE programs. The churches are infested with woke ideology. The free press has gone the way of the dodo. They serve as the mouthpieces of the corporate and security establishments rather than as their watchdogs. None of this stuff would have been imaginable in Buchanan’s youth and youth is where so many fundamental attitudes are formed. Mr. Buchanan never really adjusted to this deplorable new world, in my opinion.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  119. Trinity says:

    How many of US have dealt with white trash like Cuckanan or Eric Trump in our lifetime?? They USED to have TITLES ( not actual jobs) like human resource manager, mayor, union steward, he’ll even “General,” ( 2 star at that.) Now, nonwhites hold a lot of these WORTHLESS TITLES ( lie to call them jobs) because of gutless, self centered WHITE TRASH ,( these title jobs used to be exclusively white trash ) who sold out their own kind. I only hope there is an actual Hell.

    Cue: Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

    Were there Jews in BOC? Have to do a search.

  120. Curle says:

    Name the anti -Israel Protestant denominations.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  121. Rurik says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Mr. Buchanan never really adjusted to this deplorable new world, in my opinion

    I’ve noticed that too

    perhaps it’s old age, or an unwillingness to come to terms with what’s been done

    In a way, these guys were the gatekeepers from the ‘Greatest Generation’, (that wasn’t)

    and perhaps the knowledge of what’s been wrought, is a sight too deep into the abyss for men like Buchanan to peer, and stay sane. Pat, for his part, did try to warn us, if in tepid and ‘respectable’ terms.

    But what we needed back then, was more Andrew Anglin, and less George Will.

    Now the damage is done. The demographic fait accompli is a foregone conclusion.

    Whites will increasingly become despised and reviled third and fourth-class citizens, with little to no rights or redress.

    Many of us will find a silver lining as the shitlibs drink from the bitter cup they intended only for us. Seeing shitlib professors fired from their tenured positions, as they screech ‘but.. but I’m more woke than you are!! ‘I hate white people even more than you do!’ Only to have the vibrancy defenestrate them anyways, because woke or not, whitey, you’re still whitey.

    small consolation, as the nation (and our civilization) descends into the mire.

    God speed Putin!

    I guess is all I can add.

  122. I liked Pat up to a point. What I realized after many years was that the man could write so many words and yet in the end say so little.

    • Replies: @Minnesota Mary
  123. @Malla

    In your opinion, are South Asian Muslims (from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh) more uncivilized than the Hindus?

    I’m curious to know about this topic. Thanks.

    • Replies: @Malla
  124. @Curle

    Why are you bringing up protestants, dumbass? I never mentioned them once. What protestants do or not has zero relevance to the fact that papists serve ZOG.

    • Replies: @Curle
  125. Buchanan, at one time, took it to the RELIGIOUS RIGHT, a HOLY HOAX all of its own, calling them the “AMEN CORNER”, while stuffing their pockets, mouths and vaults with the $$$ of the imbeciles that aligned themselves with these high price GRIFTERS.

    But those days were gone a long, long time ago.

    I also remember a somewhat “skeptical” Buchanan when he and Braden “interviewed” LARRY MCDONALD on CROSSFIRE in 1983 >

    McDonald spelled it out and if you only watch one video, or save one for your kids, THIS is the one.

    But Buchanan realized he could only go so far with his comments IF he wanted to keep the BUCKS rolling in…..and isn’t that REALLY the main reason YOU and YOUR kids are about “…to wake up HOMELESS in the land YOUR forefathers conquered” ? YOU BET IT IS. AND YOU KNOW IT.

    Well goy, you’ve been digg’n your own graves now for a long long time.

    Won’t be long now before you get to hop in, and leave this vail of tears.

    But YOUR kids, goy…….LAWD HAVE MERCY…..

    And they owe it all to you.

    • Thanks: Rurik
    • Replies: @Z-man
  126. Many is the time I have been told that my views are those of Pat Buchanan.

    I have never tried to conform to any particular views of any prominent person, but people have told me that mine are like Pat’s — even though I have never actively read or been interested in writings and opinions on these subjects.

    In fact, until I stumbled upon this website run by Ron Unz, I really didn’t read much about these things. (To Ron’s credit, now I do!)

    The above essay by Pat’s friend is a good tribute that shows some of the aspects of Mr. Buchanan’s perspective and mine.

    It will be a great loss to this website not to have Pat Buchanan any longer. We will miss his writing. Many thanks to Ron Unz for including him here.

    Over on Steve Sailer’s blog, I was an active commenter. No Longer. It has become clear that there is indeed an agenda there, and the favored commenters must conform to that agenda. Mr. Sailer carefully avoids certain “third rails” of our current American situation — while giving prominence to those of his acolytes who don’t argue against the agenda.

    Ron Unz — “On The Other Hand” — (to use Mr. Sailer’s favorite expression) facilitates the dialectic. He willingly publishes writing and views contrary to what might be his own conclusions or opinions.

    For this, Ron Unz is a hero.

    And Pat Buchanan’s writing will be missed by all of us who agree with him but can’t express ourselves nearly as clearly or effectively.

    Thank you, Ron Unz, for including Pat Buchanan in your Unz Review, and please continue what you are doing — there are precious few people like you.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  127. saggy says: • Website

    One for Pat – watch this –

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  128. The “mainstream” media had not been discredited as much in the public eye during Buchanan’s presidential runs as it is now. The MSM worked to sink him and succeeded. It would have been interesting to see how Pat could have done with the benefit of social media meme-making, as Trump had. After once calling Buchanan a “Hitler lover”, Trump basically borrowed Buchanan’s political platform and won on it – but then squandered his presidency. Trump was Buchanan without the brains and principles, but maybe also without some of the hard edges.

    Unfortunately, like Rush Limbaugh, Pat operated a long time with a substantial following during which things got progressively worse. They, perhaps along with Joseph Sobran, were modern-day Cassandras. Buchanan was a man of peace – his books are worth reading, too, with the “Unnecessary War” being a highlight.

  129. @Hulkamania

    References to Tucker Carlson as “controlled opposition” are possibly coming from the ADL as part of a campaign to discredit Carlson.

    He is what he says he is, a patriotic, populist Christian who values tradition and detests woke nonsense at home and military intervention abroad.

  130. Curle says:

    Except for Buchanan, of course. And the Catholics defamed by the SPLC. And JFK, RFK? And don’t forget Mel Gibson and the Passion of the Christ. And don’t forget it was American Jews who fought with their communist/Jewish brethren in the Spanish Civil War specifically targeting Catholic priests for execution by crucifixion. And then there was the push to discourage the growth of Catholic schools. Not to mention the effort to blow up Catholic inner city neighborhoods in the ‘60s.

    Does ZOG not know who it’s friends are?

  131. @saggy

    Buchanan’s religious right theocratic angle undid his bid in politics, not a problem for Trump.

    But along with Ross Perot, Buchanan was prescient about the problems GOP would have in the future.

    1. Populism. GOP relied significantly on white populist voters, but the party apparatus was designed to cater only to the rich capitalist class. The problem is the elites all became Democrats once Clinton transformed the party into globalist free trade party. Populist types listened to Rush Limbaugh, but he kept reassuring his listeners that Big Capital was on their side and that free trade would do wonders for the American working and middle class. GOP became like the dog with bone in mouth looking at reflection in the water.

    2. Culture War. GOP had the middle class, but the culture war in college campuses turned the children of the middle class into PC-tards and woke idiots. So, the once GOP-heavy white suburbs turned Democratic. Culture War was also fought on TV with Jews becoming increasingly brazen in their pushing their anti-normative agenda. Conservatives were badly poised to fight the culture war. Religious folks tend not to be creative. Conservatives have lame cultural tastes and lack spark. Conservatives tend not to be intellectual and produce far fewer academics and intellectuals. Also, conservatives caved to Jewish Will and Black idology of MLK as a great-great man. Once you worship the idols and icons of the other side, you are doomed.

    So, we now have the millennials and Gen Z as the GREATEST DEGENERATION.

    • Agree: 1jonny
    • Replies: @Rurik
  132. Z-man says:
    @Oliver Nobody

    Mrs Nobody, I actually watched most of that video where Larry McDonald was being interrogated by Pat and especially that old coot Braden. McDonald was great, brilliant is even a more accurate adjective. Thank you for that video.
    BTW that was over 40 years ago, no?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  133. Z-man says:

    That’s a typo, I meant Mr . Nobody.

    Wow, Larry McDonald died in the KAL shoot down by the Soviets in 1983. Talk about conspiracy theories…wow.
    Thanks again Oliver Nobody!

    • Replies: @Z-man
  134. TKK says:

    Name one action he took with his considerable clout and resources to actually do this- other than scribble luke warm recycled Reaganisms.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Rich
  135. Rurik says:
    @Priss Factor

    Conservatives were badly poised to fight the culture war. Religious folks tend not to be creative.

    there’s more to it.

    In the modern era, pointing to scripture and saying, ‘look, it’s right there, do I have to read it to you?’

    does not make a cogent argument these days. But for Christians, they simply don’t see that. OK, so for them, the Bible is infallible. No problem. But what they can never seem to grasp, is that just because the Bible is the last word for them, that doesn’t mean it’s the last word for their university educated adult children, who see their arguments based on the Bible, as lacking modern athority.

    So even as the Christians are right and correct, that homosexuality is a deviancy, and harmful, or that abortion is morally questionable, (at best) – young people and those more secular, see the Christians demanding that even if a girl is raped, she must be forced to bring the fetus to term, and why?

    which is an ‘argument that does not carry weight with all people, in spite of the Christians sense that it does.

    And so they end up losing every time, because not everyone considers the Bible as the last word authority on all matters of morality.

    Personally I hate to see the conservatives losing so many of the culture wars, but they have to figure out better arguments than ‘it’s right here! Genesis 9:20–27. Do I have to read it to you?!’

  136. Rurik says:

    Name one action he took with his considerable clout and resources to actually do this-

    run for president?

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  137. I purchased a book today by Dr. Francis Schaffer. In my mind he more than any other influencer pressed the Christian faith and practice position to get involved in the political arena, especially on the issue of murdering children in the womb.

    I am not going to discredit Mr Buchanan, but without men such as Dr. Schafer, I am not sure the press would have been as focused.

    I was a member of the Birch Society ages ago and I can without question, that their role on getting conservatives involved in the social issues is not a prescient memory for me. In fact unless you were at a conservative institution, the Birch Society, Dr. Schaffer nor Mr. Buchanan were of little effect.

    And the failure turns not wokeness, but the obvious history of the black and white polity. Linking the ills of pornography, murdering children in the womb, same relational conduct, women’s liberation to the issues regarding ensuring civil protections of black citizens was a mistake. And the consequences — the ploy to contend against the civil rights bill failed, not because it included blacks or any real love of blacks, but when the southern delegation added women as an attempt to kill it — it backfired. And women have been at dismantling the

    so referenced “patriarchy” ever since. Including so called conservative / republican women. Until you get the courage to look at where the real nexus of change is coming from, I suspect that we will ever be missing the boat.

    well now we know. And it’s not blacks getting the real benefit: it’s whites, especially white women have managed once again to maneuver actual discrimination to the law into a boon of goodies for whites of all peculiar practices.

    There don’t appear to have been many of any black leaders hopscotching around with Mr. Epstein and the power brokers in play.

    It was Gov Reagan, that stood against families regarding the teaching of same relational conduct in HS and elementary school, he embraced illegal immigration . . . adopted no fault divorce, not that CA was first. Minnesota and others make CA look like a Latin Mass by comparison, well, that was some thirty years or more ago.

  138. @philliplogan

    For one thing the verdict being vacated is not the same thing as being found innocent.

    Of course it isn’t. The teenagers were found Guilty! “Vacated” seems to mean the conviction was an unjust or illegal one.

    Some of the grounds for vacating a conviction, among others, include:

    * Conviction obtained by plea of guilty which was unlawfully induced or not made voluntarily or with understanding of the nature of the charge and the consequences of the plea.
    * Conviction obtained by use of coerced confession.
    * Conviction obtained by use of evidence gained pursuant to an unconstitutional search and seizure.
    * Conviction obtained by use of evidence obtained pursuant

    Despite inconsistencies in their stories, no eye witnesses and no DNA evidence linking them to the crime, the five were convicted in two trials in 1990.

    You surely have some nerve quoting the sleezy bitch Ann Coulter.

    The “Central Park Five,” as PBS documentarian Ken Burns has dubbed them, aren’t exactly Emmett Till (as Burns would have you believe). Even if they were innocent of the Central Park rape, which they aren’t, the reason they were originally arrested was that they were rampaging through the park, assaulting people.

    While denying the rape, the defendants admit committing these other attacks. How’d you like to be one of the people badly beaten in the park that night watching your tax dollars go to pay your assailants millions of dollars?

    Horseface Ann is echoing the old Wendy’s commercial of Parts is Parts by chanting Crime is Crime. Speeding on the highway is a crime, and so is ax murder. A person who shoplifts deserves any penalty an immoral prosecutor throws at him – if a stupid/prejudiced jury can be convinced he needs to punished for the raping and killing half a dozen Nuns even if he really didn’t do the latter, GREAT. Crime is Crime.

  139. Trinity says:

    “GO PAT GO.” Please. hehe.

    Cue: Please Don’t Go by KC & Sunshine Band

    For Denise, not Pat. hehe.

  140. Pat Fan says:

    In 1992 I sent Pat $20 which was a sacrifice for me at the time. For this paltry sum I received a hand written thank you note from his sister, Bay, which I sadly have lost (though I still have the canceled check!). Armchair cranks who bitterly trash him do not appreciate that their resentment is largely the result of changes to this nation that would never have happened if the policies he pushed in 1992 had been enacted. Read A Republic, Not an Empire. Pat’s lucid critique of the direction we were headed then has been confirmed in spades. God bless Pat Buchanan.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  141. @Priss Factor

    Well aren’t we the all-knowing sanctimonious blow hard….you are right, God’s Holy Word is wrong and monkeys will be flying out of my butt….

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  142. Rich says:

    Well, he was a speechwriter and a pundit, how much could ge do? He worked for the traditional American people as best he could from where he stood. He wasn’t the president, or a senator or even congressman. But he opened a lot of eyes and brought a lot of people to the right side. What more would you want from him?

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  143. @jaye ryan

    Give me a break, Ron is about sound money, getting rid of the Fed, and stopping the moronic wars, which usually are for Israel’s benefit.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  144. @24th Alabama

    Anything to do with Fox should be suspect to be honest.

    • Replies: @24th Alabama
  145. Z-man says:

    …But he (McDonald) was blessed with the legacy of his words and the 5 kids he fathered. Sweet revenge against the (((elites))).

  146. @Colonel Dolma

    What is God’s holy word?

    1. Jews are the Chosen.

    2. Jesus will holocaust you forever in hell if you don’t accept Him as Son of God.

    3. Muhammad is the ultimate prophet.

    And if God has holy messages for us, why do goyim rely on Jews to relay this message? Does God only talk to Jews? After all, the New Testament was written by Jews. Doesn’t God ever talk to goyim directly?

    • Replies: @Rich
  147. Derer says:

    Soviet Communism, lay a record of mass murder, unprovoked aggression, systemic lying, hostility to Christianity, and economic and political repression.

    Unfortunately, Tom Piatak fittingly described the Washington regimes of last few decades. The evidence is overwhelming for any rational denial.

  148. At least he opposed America’s insane global interventionism.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  149. hhsiii says:

    Four of the 5 had already served their time by the time Reyes confessed in 2002. The 5th was released shortly thereafter while Bloomberg was just starting out as mayor. There wasn’t much he could do to stop the release.

    Bloomberg did refuse to settle the law suit they brought. DeBlasio did that almost immediately, as you say, I think he even campaigned on that and stop and frisk, but they’d been released for over ten years by the time he became mayor.

    • Replies: @Rich
  150. hhsiii says:
    @Zachary Smith

    None of those grounds were used to vacate the verdict. Morgenthau agreed to vacate the verdict due to the subsequent confession and dna evidence; it had always been known someone else had been involved but hadn’t been caught. There was no finding of improper search and seizure or of forced confessions. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant. But not found to be legally improper or grounds to vacate.

    I’m sure it would have been heavily played up in the civil trial had one occurred. The city’s lawyers would have had a pretty strong case legally. But you’d never know what the judge would do.

  151. hhsiii says:

    Meh. It’s a retirement party, have a drink.

    • Agree: Liza
    • LOL: Franz
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  152. @InnerCynic

    I doubt that you read Buchanan’s columns or you wouldn’t be saying that he could write so many words and in the end say so little.

    Anyone familiar with Buchanan’s articles knows that he says things in the least amount of words possible. He writes in a way that anyone can understand immediately what he is saying without having to re-read any of his words. Compare his columns with those of George Will and William F. Buckley where one would have to read and re-read their paragraphs due to their pompous verbosity to try and figure out what they were saying.

    • Agree: houston 1992, Liza
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  153. @Zachary Smith

    You don’t have to like Ann Coulter to consider the FACTS she writes about. And ““Vacated” seems to mean the conviction was an unjust or illegal one” I think is correctly qualified by your use of SEEMS. Considering Robert Morgenthau did the vacating, I don’t trust his motives were to serve justice but we can agree to disagree on it.

  154. @Trinity

    David Duke is part of a Masonic Order (not of the KKK but of a certain branch of the KKK set up as a Masonic front) and his role is that of a well-paid from below professional scarecrow. His career, however 100% oppositional, has been too smooth, too seamless and even luxurious not to be part of the world of real life fiction, and even his face has been too baby-smooth for his brain to harbour real hard-delving anxiety-rife ideas while taking them seriously, not like an amusement. Normally if you dare to tackle or simply mention the role of the Sephardic community in the triangular commerce having peopled the Dixieland with Blacks, and never having lost its acquired grip since the Civil War through the monopoly of delivering daily-life supplies at hood level by methods unchanged since plantation times, you are in for a good real beating of the kind to make you promise never to take the mike again : moreover even the White racists won’t support you as what remains of the KKK in under Masonic control and takes as a model the repression of Palestinians. He is paid to represent causes that are to be derided, ridiculed and black-washed in priority, like others who were paid to be Khmer Rouge union leaders to devalue all pro-worker stances. Or like flat-earthers whose main and well-paid job is to identify all the Apollo manned Moon-landing deniers to their own indefensible cause. Be certain that the very real informations he provides are laced with poisons.

    • Troll: Rurik
  155. Rich says:

    Yes, you are correct, they were all out of prison long before DeBlasio arrived on the scene. They were all also guilty of the crimes they confessed to and that they ended up getting paid millions for raping and beating a woman is about as disgusting as anything that’s ever happened in this country. Sickening.

    • Agree: Rurik, Pierre de Craon
  156. Buchanan was fun on TV but the most entertaining conservative was Robert Novak, who was like a crazy cartoon character.

    Buchanan’s finest moment was on Morton Downey Show where he was debating a homosexual Marxist. It was absolutely hilarious. The homo compared Buchanan with Goebbels. Later, some lib accused Buchanan of having been associated with Roy Cohn, and Buchanan responded, “Roy Cohn was a friend of mine”, whereupon the homo got a bit soft and said very earnestly, “that’s nice, Buchanan friends with a homosexual.” I’ve never found the clip on Youtube. An all-time classic.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  157. @Robert Bruce

    True,but his popularity translates into $ so they would lose millions if they
    dumped Tuck.

    I only watch Tucker and Ingraham. Hannity is a Zio lackey and the rest are worthless.

  158. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    It doesn’t happen like that. I can’t say what is the exact mechanism, but I think every creature’s DNA has much more information that is needed for the current environment, which allows it or its offspring to change and adapt to different environments, should the need arise. But the creation of completely new species is more or less a mystery. But I doubt it’s “random mutations”. Most if not all mutations are negative, loss of information, not gain.

    As for religion, I don’t think you understand it at all. Better stick to movies.

  159. @mark green

    CNN could earn $ if they sold their Crossfire archives of PJB vs Mike Kinsley. (And to be fair Kinsley was often excellent.)

    example PJB interviews Gore Vidal

    2) To whom will PJB donate his papers? Nixon library?

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @mark green
  160. @Rurik

    Well said.

    • Agree: Liberty Mike
    • Thanks: Rurik
  161. @Buzz Mohawk

    Good, you’re finally woke about Mr. Sailer.

    On The Other Hand:

    I have never tried to conform to any particular views of any prominent person, but people have told me that mine are like Pat’s — even though I have never actively read or been interested in writings and opinions on these subjects.

    You should look back over what he’s written here in the last few years before accepting as a compliment what those people have told you.

    Ron Unz — “On The Other Hand” — (to use Mr. Sailer’s favorite expression) facilitates the dialectic. He willingly publishes writing and views contrary to what might be his own conclusions or opinions.

    Mr. Unz for months now has been arbitrarily and sporadically censoring comments (i) challenging his anti-anti-vaxxism and (ii) exposing that pettiness.

  162. @hhsiii

    More like a wake.

    Many of the comments in this thread lauding Mr. Buchanan come across like condolences under an online obituary.

  163. @anonymouseperson

    Mr. Buchanan’s (affected?) opposition always sounded in tactical prudence, never in principle; Uncle Sam should run the world, but “we” just can’t afford it.

    Mr. Piñataconservative’s columns have drawn hundreds of comments pointing out his

    • lies about NATO Article 5

    • droning about Washington’s noble motives in destroying those who it can’t control

    • pronoun propaganda to sell imperialism to the gullibly patriotic nostalgics who’ve trudged in here to pay their respects.

    It’s all there in his archive, and he kept it up for years despite being called out. That Beltway caviar must have been delicious.

    He and his interns could and should now work up an acknowledgement of and apology for his Exceptional! service to the Establishment.

    There’s still time …

    • Replies: @Rurik
  164. @24th Alabama

    Or – aha! – maybe you’re the moletroll, part of a campaign to discredit those discrediting the “controlled opposition” discrediting (but not really) the discredited …

    Did you miss Tucker Carlson and the JFK Allegations (Edward Curtin • December 25, 2022)?

    While it is true that some people change dramatically, Tucker Carlson, the Fox Television celebrity, would be a very unlikely candidate. He defended Eliot Abrams and praised Oliver North; supported the Contras against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua; went to Nicaragua to support those Contras; smeared the great journalist Gary Webb while defending the CIA; supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq; and much more. Alan MacLeod chronicled all this in February of this year for those who have known nothing of Carlson’s past, including his father’s work as a U.S. intelligence operative as director of the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), the body that oversees government-funded media, including Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio and TV Martí and Voice of America – all U.S. propaganda outlets.

    And you can use the link provided there to read the MacLeod article, too.

    No one from the Establishment — especially someone there every evening on that glowbox —will rescue you from itself.

  165. @john speke

    I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. To this day I’ve never seen the guy smile.

  166. @Minnesota Mary

    I’ve read plenty over the decades. And it never ceased that he would put forward his case and then walk it back again and again. Don’t get me wrong… I liked him and still do… but just like Ron Paul I could never shake the feeling that as articulate as he was in the end he was merely stating the obvious and that toothless dog and pony routine got really old after three decades of my paying attention. Being loyal to a party that routinely back stabbed the people is not something I wished to support.

  167. @Rurik

    How about standing up to Eleanor Clift?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  168. Rich says:
    @Priss Factor

    Was Saint Augustine a Jew? What about Thomas Aquinas? Pope Leo? Emperor Constantine? Justinian? Pope Gregory? If you take the time to actually read the New Testament you will find that because the Jews rejected Christ, they are no longer “chosen” and are now like every other nation and have to be saved through Christ. Were Europeans in better shape when they were devoutly Christian, or now as hedonistic atheists and agnostics? It’s pretty obvious that as we’ve rejected the Faith of our fathers we’ve begun our great decline.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  169. Z-man says:
    @Priss Factor

    Thanks for the clips but even while somewhat interesting they are totally dated and mostly irrelevant for today especially the ‘year in review’. The Hitchens one I might watch in its entirety sometime but it also shows the snobbery of the ‘upper class’.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  170. Z-man says:
    @houston 1992

    Thanks for the clip but even Gore talking to PJB has now, especially when talking about Lincoln, become irrelevant.

    • Agree: Houston 1992
  171. Malla says:

    In your opinion, are South Asian Muslims (from India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh) more uncivilized than the Hindus?

    In my opinion, it depends on if you are educated and come from an elite background. Educated Muslims of elite background (whose ancestors were Lords/Nawabs or communities like Bohra Shia) in South Asia are very civilized and at times more civilized than even educated Hindus. However among the lower classes, Muslims on average often behave more barbaric & thuggish than lower class Hindus but lower class Hindus are not that much better.
    However some lower class South Asians as individuals can be good people and at times are even better people than some arrogant Middle Class Indians. They can be kind and helpful. On average Middle class Indians are more civilized but many Middle Class Indians are just lower class Indians behind a facade.

    Elite South Asian Muslims (like 10% at most) have a high sophisticated culture closely linked to Persian and Central Asian culture. Very little Arabic cultural influences actually. Even the British spoke highly of this high South Asian Islamic culture.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  172. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    Hello Greta,

    lauding Mr. Buchanan come across like condolences under an online obituary.

    There is, I would say, a lot of affection for this crusty old fighter from the old right.

    He was always right about the looming and dire threat of the Great Replacement

    He was right about the culture wars

    He was right about the unhinged hatred and hypocrisy and moral abyss of the ‘progressive left’

    Like Ross Perot and Ron Paul, tried to take on the establishment head-on, by running for president

    His books are well-written calls to action for Western civilization, if it has anything left of a will to survive.

    Can not we honor the man on the eve of his well-earned retirement, without slinging mud at him?

    For a compendium of his greatness and his honor and integrity and patriotism, there’s no better place to look than at his enemies…

    ..and the mortal enemies of all Americans of good will and good faith who hate contrived wars based on lies, or the genocidal depravity America and all Western nations are heading to, ‘toute de suite’.

    Mr. Buchanan’s (affected?) opposition always sounded in tactical prudence, never in principle; Uncle Sam should run the world, but “we” just can’t afford it.

    if there was any one word Pat’s detractors would sling (ironically, as a pejorative), it would be Mr. Isolationist. His track record on opposing wars for fun and profit, is so solid, I can’t see how you could suggest it was all a ruse. Doth the Lady protest too much?

    • lies about NATO Article 5

    That seems to me a minor quibble that’s become stuck in your craw. Would NATO have to go to war if Russia invaded Poland? I think that is the point of NATO, no? Even yes, if there is some wiggle room in the legalese.

    • droning about Washington’s noble motives in destroying those who it can’t control

    Again, no one has been more consistently anti-war and isolationist than Pat Buchanan. Indeed, I suspect that is one of the main reasons so many of us have so much affection and respect for the man, because we all know the pre$$ure brought to bear in the Beltway, when it comes to wars for (((fun))) and profit. Pat Buchanan was thee stalwart when it came to opposing these wars for Globalism and Goldman Sachs and (((control))).

    • pronoun propaganda to sell imperialism to the gullibly patriotic nostalgics who’ve trudged in here to pay their respects.

    I winced and even bristled at that, as well. Yes, it was vexing to read about how ‘we’ are doing so and so, on behalf of the globalist war mongers, and assorted fiends on the world’s stage. Even as we, the American people, (like Pat himself), were the biggest critics of what ‘we’ were up to.

    I put that down to Pat’s age, and his knee-jerk prose that was forged in the Americana of his day.

    “..should now work up an acknowledgement of and apology for his Exceptional! service to the Establishment.

    There’s still time …

    Was there any one thing in particular, Greta, that you feel he should apologise for?

    His intractable opposition to the wars, perhaps?

    His defense of Heritage America?

    His stalwart defense of traditional values and his faith?

    For what it’s worth, I’ve had my criticisms too. I felt he was too tepid in the waning days of his career, to take on the beast front and center. Like 9/11, which I’ve felt for some time now, is the Achilles’ heel of the beast. But that doesn’t mean I would demand it of him. Hardly. I don’t know what it’s like to walk in Pat’s shoes. For all I know, for a man like Buchanan, the idea that Republican president Bush and VP Cheney and the FBI, et al, would do such a thing, might literally be impossible for Pat to accept, and stay sane. I’m sort of loath to ‘go there’, but I suspect there are a lot of Catholics, (for instance) that are immanently and intrinsically incapable of doubting their faith. No matter any evidence to the contrary, and I don’t think that makes them bad people.

    Pat was perhaps flawed in some ways. I think he enjoyed a certain ‘respectability’ in circles where any participation at all, was suspect. Like the msm, or Washington, DC. But of all the insiders, not one was more strident than Pat, in pointing out that J-Street and K-Street were no friends of Main Street, America.

    He was our voice, (sanity, reason, America-first) and perhaps at times somewhat flawed, but yes, as this stalwart giant of the Old Right, (the Paleo-Right, as opposed to the neocon ‘right’), saunters off the stage into a dignified retirement, I would say about him, that he remains the closest thing I can think of in this century, to an actual American statesman. Venerable, at times obstinate, but on the whole, beloved.

    Thank you Pat. You’ll be missed.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  173. @Priss Factor

    Priss Factor jumps from one unsubstantiated attack to another as he or she critiques Mr. Buchanan. Let’s highlight several of the most egregious:
    1. States that Buchanan was obligated to defend all sorts of crimes by Republicans and offers up only LTCOL Oliver Stone.
    2. States that Buchanan had a closed mind because of his Catholicism, and, then, he or she (Priss Factor) engages in an ad hominem attack on Catholicism by calling Catholicism a “closet-homo-pedophile cult.” This is the old “Punish the Many for the Sins of The Few” strategy.
    3. States that Catholicism dulls and degrades many sharp minds. My counter for this ludicrous statement are the minds and writings of Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, G.K. Chesterton, and C.S. Lewis, and so many other superior minds, including Lord Acton, Sir Arthur Eddington, Moses Maimonides, E.F. Schumacher, Thomas Merton, Father James Schall, and Father Stanley Zaki
    4. States that Joseph Campbell said that the way to approach religion is as myth, as if Mr. Campbell is the only expert reference on this subject matter. The counter here is that there is much evidence, philosophical, physical, and historical, that would contradict that view.
    5. States (implies) that evolution and science are to be believed without challenge. Science is a dynamic worldview that continually tries to validate the wisdom of the past and to reject the wisdom of the past that does not align with current facts and experience. Evolution is now a theory that our current understanding of nature has started to challenge, with tools like microbiology. Moreover, the so-called Theory of Evolution and the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis presentation of Evolution have not come even close to explaining the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the informational basis of DNA, consciousness, and memory, to name a few ideas and concepts that come readily to mind.
    6. States that Buchanan (became) irrelevant and was “unwilling and unable” to “talk about things that really matter.” Priss Factor remains silent on those things that matter. I for one would like to know what those things are and what individuals are talking about them.
    I will leave it to others to critique Priss Factor’s other statements. I have addressed the most egregious, at least in my opinion.

  174. @Rurik

    Was there any one thing in particular, Greta, that you feel he should apologise for?

    No, there are several.

    Any further reply to the rest of this hagiographic windbaggery would change neither a word Mr. Buchanan wrote, what either of us has already had to say about it, nor your mind. Again, it’s all archived.

    But if anyone else wants a couple illustrative domestic issues not yet mentioned in this thread, go back and see how and when he chose to address (i) the death of George Floyd and what followed and (ii) the incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. I commented extensively about each, which anyone can find using “autopsy” and “temple,” respectively, in the Search engine.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  175. @Rich

    If you take the time to actually read the New Testament you will find that because the Jews rejected Christ, they are no longer “chosen” and are now like every other nation and have to be saved through Christ.

    So, even as the Jews are no longer the chosen, it’s because a bunch of Jews(heretical ones) said so, and goyim can only be redeemed and saved by the words of these heretical Jews.

    Are goyim capable of their own prophecies and covenants? Even in rejecting Jewish chosen-ness, goyim must rely on the prophecy and words of Jews?

    Were Europeans in better shape when they were devoutly Christian, or now as hedonistic atheists and agnostics?

    That’s like asking ‘boiling hot water’ or ‘freezing cold water’ for bath. How about warm water?

    West was best when it was respectful of religion but liberated from its dogma. When it was rational and romantic and poetic but within limits and moderation. It’s like Greek Mythology addresses all aspects of life, from order to disorder, but seeks balance. Everything has value in its proper role and allotment.
    Christian mentality has this tendency to turn the world into ‘angelic’ vs ‘demonic’, which means many healthy impulses are made satanic, and Christians end up rejecting the whole thing, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
    Sure, hedonism is bad and dangerous, but so is puritanism that sees pleasure as ‘sinful’. It’s like both the crazy mother and the raunchy bitches in CARRIE are bad. The raunchy bitches are lowlife sluts, and Carrie’s mother sees natural instincts as ‘sin’. (Same in the film THE WITCH, a world of extremes: puritanism vs satanism, as if there’s nothing in between.) The female coach is the best person in the movie.

    So, I reject both Christian self-flagellation & self-denial AND trashy hedonism that surrenders to animalism. So much of sexual freedom is more surrender than liberation, a sexual form of gluttony, or sluttony. But why were so many goy Christian types so vulnerable to Jewish peddling of porny stuff? Because they’d been for so long denied what was natural and healthy. It’s like the cliche about Catholic girls turning out to be a bunch of hoors.

    • Replies: @Rich
  176. “Robert Novak . . .”

    One of the most astute men in the political observation racket. So astute he challenged the Invasion pf Iraq at great cost. He did so when nearly every TV news organization and paper was all in.

    i sorely miss him. And was deeply sad to find out that his final years were impacted by a brain tumor. “the prince of darkness” passed before his time.

  177. “So, even as the Jews are no longer the chosen, it’s because a bunch of Jews(heretical ones) said so, and goyim can only be redeemed and saved by the words of these heretical Jews.”

    Your grasp of scripture is mighty thin.

    Chosen by God means chosen. The chosen may reject the responsibility that comes with being chosen, but chosen nonetheless. And while christians are wholly adopted in by means of a new covenant (as I understand the bible) the children of Abraham’s covenant remain invited, should they so choose.

    The redemption is is spiritual, not obtained by legal means.

    No one has to be puritan to be a christian and the pleasures of this life are to be enjoyed. However there are contexts in which such pleasures are to exist. Observing those contexts by no means means denying one pleasure.

    I think what you describe is moderation as your cup of tea. That certainly would fit into the christian ethos faith and practice. The fact that you see the mother of fictional Carrie as the standard bearer for christian faith and practices, suggests you don’t a healthy grasp of what you describe.

  178. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    the death of George Floyd and what followed and (ii) the incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    yes, I know Pat would often, (particularly as he got older), give lip service to some of the trite, kosher narratives of the day. Just as 9/11 is a pet topic of mine, (I’d like to see the perps brought to justice ; ), there again, Pat would bray the pat and tiresome droll about Arab ‘terrorists, we’re all hectored with, and I always put it down to ‘picking one’s fight’, so to speak.

    I think I recall where he parroted some of the media’s talking points vis-a-vis the ‘insurrection’ and St. Floyd, but you prompted me to look back, and so I did.

    And Jan. 6, 2021?

    That was a riot, a disgraceful breach of the Capitol, involving assaults on Capitol cops that deserved to be and are being punished.

    No, it was more than that. Far more. It was an “insurrection,” a “fascist coup,” an act of treason led by far-right extremists to abort the transfer of power from the winner of the election of 2020 to the loser. It ranks right up there with the 1814 burning of the Capitol by the British.

    Such is the magnitude of the divide in America, a divide that extends far beyond our clashing views of Jan. 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

    For a nation, a country, a people, a democracy to endure, there needs be a broad consensus of belief, culture, custom and politics.

    On the issue of law and order, without which a republic cannot stand, there is now disagreement over the role and conduct of our police.

    During the George Floyd summer of 2020, “Defund the Police!” was the clamor of the left, and among the street chants of Black Lives Matter was, “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon.”

    Only a stunning political recoil caused its abandonment.

    For a nation, especially a great world power like the United States, some things are indispensable to its preservation.

    what there rises to the level of something he should apologize for?

    Like I said, I agree he had his foibles, don’t we all?

    But on the whole, the man is an old-school patriot, with a deep historical understanding of this nation, and its historic place in the world, its political turmoils, and historic character, and recent loss of.

    I don’t know of any modern writer who can bring to bear such in-depth perspective, political acumen and savvy, with talk of past presidential elections and administrations as if he were there, even the ones before his time.

    He cares, I suppose, and understands that politics matters. It shapes our world, and sets the trajectory of our destiny, both common and individual.

    Sorry, not trying to sound pompous, but I think that’s all true.

    If I were forced to offer criticism, (since I think I’ve lauded the man), I’d say my worst critique of Pat’s work was his persistent, (it seemed to me), defense of the Republican party as if it were anything other than a den of self-serving, corrupt scumbags. But then, even so, they’re still (marginally) better than the Demorats, so there’s that.

  179. Rich says:
    @Priss Factor

    Except you’re wrong. When Spain was a devout Christian nation, it ruled half the world. When it began to abandon its Faith, it lost its empire. When the Brits were hard-core Christians they ruled the other half of the world. It took a little longer for them to slide away, but when they did, they lost everything. Germans, Dutch, Portuguese, French, which one has succeeded since abandoning Christianity?

    As for Catholic, or Christian girls being promiscuous, really? Do you think there was more promiscuity before the abandonment of Christ? Come on, you can’t mean that. Christians imprisoned pornographers; atheists encouraged them. Christians fought the proliferation of pornography at every step, but atheists and non-Christians reinterpreted the Constitution to allow porn to grow.

    You can’t change the fact, the cold hard fact, that when Europeans were devout Christians, we ruled the world.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  180. @Rurik

    Had you searched my comments for “autopsy” as I suggested:


    1. Mr. Buchanan first wrote that “the killing of George Floyd was an atrocity that cries out for justice” (June 2, 2020), a “sadistic public execution” (June 9, 2020).

    2. He then eased off for a while with the ambiguously passive “death under the knee of” Mr. Chauvin.

    3. Then, for a couple months, Mr. Floyd’s was a simple “death,” the official start of political summer.

    4. And that, for a while, was the end of the story. Mr. Buchanan couldn’t have cared less about the official autopsy or the video footage suppressed by DA Keith Ellison. He had moved on because he, too, had used another media-curated atrocity to keep the sheep fighting among themselves.

    5. On December 29, 2020, the last Most Important Election Ever over and done, Mr. Buchanan — weaselingly, and still stirring the rAcIaL pot — seemed to acknowledge that the Establishment narratives he had perpetuated were false:

    On Memorial Day weekend, a white police officer in Minneapolis was taped kneeling for nine minutes on the neck of a Black suspect.

    Hours later, George Floyd would die[.]

    6. Mr. Buchanan never did get around, though, to the autopsy report, last year’s suppression of the full video, or much of the evidence and conduct of the trial.

    7. But on April 23, 2021, Mr. Buchanan passively accepted the narrative that the police officer’s actions were racially motivated. Why, one might ask? Well, go back and see for yourself— the column was to fire up Team Red over those Blue politicians calling them and their Founding Fathers racists, too.

    His job is to protect the Red+Blue Establishment by channeling dissent into voting GOP. You should think more critically about this.

    [September 5, 2021]

    • Replies: @Rurik
  181. @Rurik

    Had you searched my comments for “temple” as I suggested:



    Now, undeniably, as I wrote in a column the next morning, […]

    “What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic.”

    is the first time I can recall Mr. Buchanan owning up to his having help carve the sacrilege narrative into the Establishment’s stone tablets.

    But after a year, has he still not heard of Ray Epps? Even the television on which he apparently relies showed a lower priest from Kentucky, right there in the temple, asking the Attorney General about the DOJ’s presence among “the perpetrators of Jan. 6.”

    Mr. Buchanan remains more concerned with keeping Team Red fired up, faulting President Biden for “failure to produce an adequate federal response to the delta and omicron waves of COVID-19.” What would that be? Never mind, stay reverent, America — vote GOP.

    [January 7, 2022]

  182. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    6. Mr. Buchanan never did get around, though, to the autopsy report, last year’s suppression of the full video, or much of the evidence and conduct of the trial.

    do you really think it matters much the truth of the Floyd narrative?

    Blacks (for the most part) will laud Floyd no matter what, because he was black.

    White Republicans will knee-jerk support the police.

    Somewhere in the middle is the truth. I don’t think Buchanan was milking the racial angle, because as you point out, he was parroting the kosher narrative that Floyd was the saintly victim of racist cops.

    His job is to protect the Red+Blue Establishment by channeling dissent into voting GOP.

    I think his job was to channel dissent into voting for the GOP. In that context, I agree with you.

    I don’t agree, (but I respect your right to think so), that he was an establishment figure who consciously misled his readers in secret fealty to the ‘establishment’, which (I think)- like it did Nixon before him- hated Pat’s (‘isolationist’, anti-war, traditional, anti-abortion, American-first) views. And in many cases, hated Pat himself for having and expounding those views. (Have you ever read any of his books?)

    So we can agree do disagree on that point.

    What I’d call the main point of this thread, is that, if “His job is to protect the Red+Blue Establishment…”, we can now say, is his job was, to do so and so. He’s no longer doing it, whatever it was that he was doing.

    And if so, is there a purpose in maligning his character, if he’s no longer doing whatever it was that you claim he was doing?

    If you had a video of Pat acting like Lonesome Rhodes,

    then that would be one thing, but your accusation is pretty damning, without any evidence.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @Greta Handel
  183. @Rich

    Spain was more religious and conservative than UK and France in the 18th and 19th centuries. Spain fell behind while France and UK grew.

    Spain was Catholic Monarchist conservative under Franco from the 30s to 70s, but it only turned the people resentful to the church and conservatism. After Franco, Spain turned into one of the degenerate countries in Europe.

    Byzantines were serious Christians but they rotted and fell to Ottomans.

    Besides, what you’re saying makes little sense. You argue that being Christian makes a people militarily mighty and rich. Is that what Jesus was about? “If you believe in me, you shall kick ass around the world and rake in tons of riches”?

    From a spiritual angle, Christianity went wrong when its adherents made a pact with the Roman Empire and made it into an imperial religion backed by Roman force. Henceforth, it went from a religion of a religion of the soul to a religion of power and domination.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Pierre de Craon
  184. @Rurik

    hated Pat’s (‘isolationist’, anti-war, traditional, anti-abortion, American-first) views

    Those are not his views. That is the lip service he feeds to retards like you to keep you voting R forever. His views are revealed by his actions.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  185. @houston 1992

    I watched nearly every episode of CROSSFIRE during its heyday. Buchanan (and Michael Kinsley) were absolutely outstanding. There is nothing on TV today that compares! (Buckley’s FIRING LINE was also excellent.)

  186. Rich says:
    @Priss Factor

    Britain had some of the strictest Christian laws on the books up until the middle of the 20th century. Homosexuals faced prison, divorce was rare (caused one king to lose his crown), Church attendance practically 100%, missionaries everywhere. Spain became a Catholic monarchy under Franco, but if you recall, that was after a bloody civil war where more than half the country had sided with atheistic communists. After the exile of Napoleon, France, returned to its Christian roots but lost everything when it embraced atheism.

    The Christian Eastern Romans, the Byzantines, lasted for a thousand years. Pretty impressive. Many have argued that one of the reasons for their defeat was that they too had abandoned the Faith and sought only wealth.

    You’re wrong, Priss. Sorry.

  187. @Zachary Smith

    Evidently, you fail to realize that your attempt to misrepresent the meaning of the text you quoted is undermined by leaving the text there, albeit unbolded. Or do you take everyone else to be as thick as you are and thus unlikely to read anything besides what you indicate, via typographical emphasis, that you want him or her to read?

    Ann Coulter has never been what one might call a beauty—though when I met her twenty years ago she was a stunner from the neck down—but “Horseface Ann” is the sort of irrelevant, pointlessly insulting epithet that tells more about its user than about its object. Specifically, it tells anyone who didn’t already know that you are a horse’s ass.

    • Replies: @Zachary Smith
  188. Rurik says:

    feeds to retards like you

    curious as to your derangement, I took a quick look at your efforts

    Hulkamania says:
    January 7, 2023 at 9:12 pm GMT • 19.3 days ago   ↑

    This further proves that wokeness is just a form of progressive white supremacy.

    You seem to hate women, and eagerly await the day all women are gone- other than for breeding, you have no use for them, you hate boomers, Anglos, Catholics, conservatives, Finns, Japs, Indians, and many others. You’re pro-vaccine, and it seems your favorite commenter is John Johnson, and you chose a screen name is from a WWF wrestler


    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  189. @Z-man

    As it happens, I saw this 1993 episode of Washington Journal, hosted by Brian Lamb, when it aired live. I had gotten my first real TV set and signed up for cable just a few months prior, and I became a C-SPAN junkie for several years. The civilized, intelligent character of the three men’s discourse is as evident today as it was back then—at least it is to the millions who are more civilized and intelligent than Ms. Priss—no matter what one’s opinions were then or how much they might have altered in the interim.

    I am reminded, too, that Joseph Sobran remarked on at least two occasions—the first occasion being after a debate where, as Joe put it, “Hitchens wiped the floor with me”—that Hitchens was a delightful drinking companion and a conversationalist whose wit and thoughtfulness made saying good night something one didn’t look forward to. All by itself, Joe’s good opinion of Hitchens has always struck me as being sufficient reason to think less harshly of him than I do and have done of many other men of similar views.

    God rest both their souls.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Rurik
  190. @Priss Factor

    Is that what Jesus was about?

    Fat chance that anyone would look to you for an answer to that question!

    Andrea, your off-the-rack sneers masquerading as theology are even more risible than your film “analyses.” They are, thank heaven, briefer, however.

  191. @Pierre de Craon

    Ann Coulter has never been what one might call a beauty—though when I met her twenty years ago she was a stunner from the neck down—but “Horseface Ann” is the sort of irrelevant, pointlessly insulting epithet that tells more about its user than about its object.

    For ordinary people, or even ordinary villains, I’d agree. In Coulter’s case, “ugly” is far more than skin deep.

    We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.


    God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.

    Given this woman’s behavior over the years, she has made herself fair game. IMO the English language can’t do her proper justice without resorting to 4-letter words. But a person can surely try.

  192. @MisterG2023

    For all that, my criticism comes with respect. Buchanan fought harder and longer than anyone else in mainstream politics.

    Also, he was prescient about globalism and changed his views on economic policy. And he championed all Americans, high and low(the working class), whereas the GOP sold its soul to corporations… that only ditched it and went with the ‘cooler’ New Democrats.

    And even as I detest Catholicism and wish Buchanan had been less dogmatic on religious matters, I understand it was a matter of true conviction for him, and he stuck to it. That is admirable even if I disagree with the values. Likewise with Ron Paul. I don’t care for libertarianism but respect Paul’s steadfast sticking to principles on the matter.

    When so many conzos cucked on ‘gay marriage’, at the very least I know that Buchanan would NEVER do that, which means he has real convictions independent of fashion, trend, social pressure, and the like.

    So, I don’t condemn Buchanan like I do most conzos. Take Charles Murray who cucked on ‘gay marriage’. May pigeons shit on his stupid head. Or Butt-Tucker and Donald Rump Trump who are now on the globo-homo bandwagon. No real conviction.

    There’s a character Kurogune in Kurosawa who sort of reminds me of Buchanan. Kurogune is neck-deep in the bloody sport of politics. He can be as scheming and ruthless as the rest. But he still has a sense of personal compass, an understanding of violence as necessity vs violence as vanity(or mere gratuitousness). He will not kill an innocent for no good reason. Buchanan seems to understand the distinction. So many conzos do not and will do ANYTHING to win more gibs and approval from the top power, the Jews. They cheer for every new war for Israel whereas Buchanan saw no need for more wars after the Cold War as these new wars had no national interest but only served the supremacist narcissism of Jews.

    Then, there’s the issue of personal loyalty, a sense of honor. Kurogune disapproves his lord’s decision but still remains loyal to him and tries to guide him straight. Loyalty too is a kind of virtue, if not a high one. And I see this in Buchanan as well, and it’s the only way to explain his lifelong loyalty to Nixon, with whom he had so many ideological differences. They were on the same team, and Buchanan isn’t one to throw people under the bus… like Buckley Cuckley did to him while brown-nosing the neocons for more cash and approval. (And George Will the prig is one of the lowest of the low.)

    Of all the people involved in politics, Democratic or Republican, Buchanan is just about the only person with any genuine reflection or reconsideration of all that has happened. No one even comes close.

    Now, on the cultural landscape…

    In the past, when Buchanan was relevant, there was far less opportunity for political discourse(as print news and TV controlled everything) but wider range of acceptable views in the mainstream media. There were leftist columnists but also men like Buchanan who wrote about black crime and white interests.
    Today, it’s different. Via the internet, there are many more voices, but the mainstream has grown extremely narrow whereby no one who rejects Magic Negro, Globo-Homo, and Jew-Worship is even allowed to join the debate. And ‘gay marriage’ issue is over, and even the GOP just goes along sheepishly.

    One big change is that, when Buchanan mattered in politics and media, Jews weren’t yet all-powerful and still invested in free speech and controversy to speak their truth to WASP power. But now, Jews got just about everything, and they are not interested in anyone speaking truth to them.

  193. @Rich

    Why do we need to pretend that that is a meaningful response, rather than tiresome stupid arbitrary unproven unproveable useless drivel, because it’s your “religion”?

    There is zero actual evidence or reason to think that God chose any race or ethnicity or species to rule or “lead” the others, Jews or whoever. You, disgustingly, appear to believe that God did at one time choose Jews. Extra pathetic given that the irrational wishful thinking isn’t even on behalf of your own group.

    “Saved through Christ” makes no sense and never has, as would be the same with being “saved” by or through any dead person. Or any living person, for that matter.

    Your assertions about the “need” to “get saved through Christ” are just as conclusory and batshit crazy as much of Islam and Judaism.

    • Replies: @Rich
  194. @gsjackson

    Wonderful comment that any true honest journalist — and patriot and lover of his hometown — would understand.

    As for your salary, though, you did alright in 1986. The median US household income then was $24,900:

    • Agree: Rurik
  195. Z-man says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    You’re a thoughtful Christian (person).
    I’ve seen some of that conversation before but I can’t place it accurately as life, time and age makes memories, especially TV ones, cloudy and forgetful. TV can also have the opposite effect and cloud your real memories.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  196. Rich says:

    Many are called, few are chosen. You just ain’t one of the chosen, no big deal. But you have to admit that when Europeans were a devout people, when attending Church was common, they ruled the world. The decline of the West began, or at least coincided with, its abandonment of Christianity. If you deny that, you deny factual history.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  197. Never named the nose. His entire career was a waste because of that.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  198. @Rurik

    other than for breeding, you have no use for them

    Other than for breeding, the world has no use for them. Because they are generally useless otherwise. They’re useless for breeding, too, since they refuse to do it, but at least theoretically they have some purpose. Elon Musk gave us a great example when he bought Twitter and fired most of the females working there. Did this have any negative effect on the company? No. None at all. Turns out the females there were entirely useless. Worse, they were parasites.

    you hate boomers, Anglos, Catholics, conservatives, Finns, Japs, Indians,

    Correction: I do not hate Finns. I just acknowledge the reality that they do not matter. For the rest, yes, I hate all of the worst people in the world. What is your point? Is not liking trashy, worthless scumbags like papists and angloids supposed to reflect poorly on me?

  199. Trinity says:

    Peep this people, imagine “OUR EMPLOYEES” swimming in a pool, stark naked, wrinkly asses, shrunken penises, old man droopy balls, bloated guts, instead of WORKING to save America. Imagine the 400 dollar steak dinners, the 400 dollar hair cuts, the 100 plus dollar shave, the 200 dollar massages, some legit, some with happy endings. These guys DO NOTHING but live hedonistic lives while you struggle daily. Want t lose your breakfast, picture Nadler, Schumer, Biden, Graham, and Bitch McConnell, among other (((Washington whores))) swimming butt naked in a pool together. Or should I say lounging in a pool, they are too decrepit to actually swim laps. They all pee in the pool and Nadler probably drops wolf bait in the pool. Shit Pants Nadler.

  200. Rurik says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    All by itself, Joe’s good opinion of Hitchens has always struck me as being sufficient reason to think less harshly of him than I do and have done of many other men of similar views.

    God rest both their souls.

    Just wanted to remark that one of the Unz Review’s distinct charms, is having guys like you, Mark Green, gsjackson ,(and some others), from the ‘old school’ conservative perspective, is I feel, a privilege.

    Your perspectives and your personal interactions with some of the those conservative scrappers of the day, are a great boon to this site, and for many of us, the good fortune for having stumbled into Mr. Unz oasis of free speech in the first place. (actually I found out about it from Fred Reed- now Fredo Reed- as he morphed into a kosher opossum before my very eyes).

    I don’t always agree with you all. I came to hate Bill Buckley, for what it looked like to me- he too had morphed into, and along the way, destroyed the official old conservatism, and Joe Sobran along with it, in what I’ll call the ‘Fredo Reed syndrome’, ie, shekels and ((respectability)).

    Nevertheless, those who still have affection for those guys- for their own reasons, I still respect.

    There will always be disagreement, and there again, I suppose that was one of the charms of Firing Line and The McLaughlin Group, to watch the banter and wit as intellects waged battles to-and-fro. Without Pat, I don’t think those shows would have been one whit what they were with him.

    kudos to you all, Z-man too!

    and I look forward to reading you, and agreeing with you, and also, disagreeing with you, from time to time.

    That’s all part of the fun.

    Thanks Mr. Unz for providing this extraordinary space.

    That’s all, I’m not looking for replies to this post. Just wanted to say it, is all. And I’m sure I’m not alone in my sentiments.

    Thanks guys.


    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  201. @Rurik

    I wanted to think about this

    […] but your accusation is pretty damning, without any evidence.

    some more after a night’s sleep, but you’ve confounded me.

    The “evidence” is in the archive. And I now understand that you’re disinterested in discussing it.

    But what “pretty damning accusation” are you now referring to? Your comments are so rambling and romantic that I honestly can’t tell.

    Please be as direct and concise as you can.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  202. Rurik says:
    @Not Important

    Never named the nose. His entire career was a waste because of that.

    this is from my post 177

    For a compendium of his greatness and his honor and integrity and patriotism, there’s no better place to look than at his enemies…

    Buchanan wrote for a mainstream audience.

    His columns were syndicated in some of the most ‘respectable’ newspapers of record. He was a well-known television personality and populist presidential candidate who had won the New Hampshire primary, even as ‘the nose’ was screeching that he was Adolf Hitler!

    It would not have been prudent for Pat to write in his columns that ‘the Holocaust never happened! That Bush and Cheney did 9/11! That ‘the Jews’ are destroying our nation and our civilization!

    But if you read his books, with a nuanced understanding of what ails the Western world, you’d know the man is not just a patriot, but one of the most significant voices (particularly in his books), of our times, in trying gently to wake up his people, to the looming and catastrophic destruction that ‘the nose’ is orchestrating for us all.

    But he did this while swimming in the same swamp as did Ron Paul, and so many others, who have to be circumspect about what they say, not just because of the traitors among their own, who’ll be only too happy to stick the dagger in their back, but also because the damage Pat was trying to undo, had all been set in motion by Woodrow Wilson, and FDR, and the Dulles brothers, and legions of traitors and scumbags who took their thirty shekels, and doomed this nation, (and civilization) way before Pat ever took his first breath. Undoing all the damage those traitors had set in motion, is not an easy task.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  203. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    And I now understand that you’re disinterested in discussing it.

    Now Greta, we’ve sort of gotten to know one another, (in a way I guess), and the one thing you should by now know about me, is that I never shirk a serious discussion with a serious person. And you should also know that I consider you so.

    Your comments are so rambling and romantic that I honestly can’t tell.

    mea culpa

    But what “pretty damning accusation” are you now referring to?

    what it seems to me that you’re suggesting:

    That Pat Buchanan’s efforts are a ruse. That he has hoodwinked his readers into believing that he is a committed conservative, when all the while he is, (at least from what it seems to me you’re suggesting), an utterly dishonest man in the employ of the “establishment” who dishonestly pretends to be on the right, (the gatekeeper, whose job it is to rally the Republican base) when (it seems to me you’re suggesting), he is without any kind of rudder at all, other than ‘what’s good for Pat Buchanan’.

    Yes? No?

    Please be as direct and concise as you can.

    I deliberately tried to keep that short. It was sort of excruciating, but out of respect for you, I tried.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  204. Outside of becoming a patsy for Putinism, the loss of Pat from the arena is big loss. I voted for him in ’96 and 2000 and things would be much different had he won. The GOP descended further into the political sewer after him. The GOPe hated the man, and that was a good thing as it exposed what they really were.

  205. @Servenet

    You’re falling for the trap of communist jew Israel Cohen who said, “We will use race as a weapon”, to destroy the constitutional govt of the USA.
    Divide and conquer US. Seems like it’s come to fruition.

  206. @Z-man

    TV can also have the opposite effect and cloud your real memories.

    Truer words were never written.

    I’m happy to say that, aside from C-SPAN, the odd Super Bowl, and occasional Sunday football game, I had stopped watching television by 1995. I then gave up on C-SPAN when it changed into a cheerleader for the government after 9/11. I was clean except for the Super Bowl by 2008, when the Giants beat the Pats. That was such a Dumbo moment—as the crow sings, “I be done seen about everything / When I see a elephant fly”—that it seemed a good time to quit my last addiction.

    • Thanks: Z-man
  207. @Rurik

    First things first: thank you.

    … I look forward to reading you, and agreeing with you, and also, disagreeing with you, from time to time.

    I, for one, wouldn’t have it any other way, at least so long as we’re clear that about these two things,

    I came to hate Bill Buckley …


    Without Pat, I don’t think those shows would have been one whit what they were with him.

    there’s no disagreement whatsoever!

    The guy who is still my closest friend—we met in college—first remarked to me in the early seventies, when we were still in our twenties, that he had come to the conclusion that Buckley was an empty suit. Alas, it was ten more years before I saw how right he was. I like to think that I’ve become a bit quicker on the uptake in the years since.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  208. folkvangr says:

    More evidence that we are living in the End Times, but are too afraid to face the Truth:

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introduction Programming Manual was uncovered quite by accident on July 7, 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for scrap parts at a sale, and discovered inside details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the “Cold War” which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples’ pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, putting brother against brother, and diverting the public’s attention from what is really going on.

  209. I don’t think there is much evidence that Mr. Buchanan was insincere. He might have been incorrect on some issues, but insincere he was not. In fact, it is sincerity that created problems for him.

    As it does for people who are sincere. They don’t give themselves much wiggle room, and they cannot afford to do so.

  210. @Rurik

    So my

    “pretty damning accusation”

    turns out to be

    “what it seems to [you] that [I’m] suggesting[.]”

    I’ll stand by what I’ve actually written about Mr. Buchanan’s actual columns.

    You can interpret and work through your reaction to it without my further assistance.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  211. @MisterG2023

    Moses Maimonides who wrote that ‘…their (the Turks’ and the blacks’)nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion, they are not on the level of human beings’. That Moses Maimonides?

  212. Rurik says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    that Buckley was an empty suit.

    far too kind, IMHO

    If Joe Sobran was right, and the main enemy of conservative America was the tribe, (at least, as I perceived how he saw it), then Buckley didn’t just betray American conservatism, he betrayed Western civilization, and its people, to its worst and most genocidal enemy

    And not only that, he also betrayed his friend

    and he did it for shekels and for pats on the head by the very people he pretended to oppose

    ‘good goy, good goy, now you can be on television some more.

    reminds me of Rod Dreher tossing Phil Giraldi under the bus, to please his masters

    How many times has this tragedy and shameful display of the baseness of so many of our people played out, over the centuries.

    Perhaps starting with this guy

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  213. Rurik says:
    @Greta Handel

    I’ll stand by what I’ve actually written

    it’s there for eternity, just as everything I’ve written, is as well

    I don’t say that as an accusation, by the way, but only as an observation

    You can interpret and work through your reaction to it without my further assistance.

    well, apparently you’re suggesting I interpreted it wrong, but that I’m too obtuse (or something), to be able to understand that.

    Which of course is fine.

    For the record, I’ve appreciated/appreciate your viewpoints on Pat and other things here at Unz. You’re often quite astute. And when, (or if- I don’t want to be presumptuous), you’ve suggested that there’s hardly a nickel’s bit of difference between the Tweedle Dee / Tweedle dumb of our political parties, I also agree with that. They both suck, and they’re both rotten to the core.

    Cheers Greta.

    • Agree: Greta Handel
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  214. @Rurik

    I don’t think that we have a material disagreement here. I’d say that in the early seventies, my friend’s “empty suit” diagnosis was a good fit for the then-available evidence. By the early nineties, however, when Buckley was, among other things, destroying Sobran’s livelihood pour apaiser les Juifs, “traitor” and “genocidal enemy” had become quite sustainable.

    You probably know that, in the months before his death, Joe reconciled with Buckley. That is the kind of thing that Joe, being the man he was, would certainly have sought to do with a guy he had genuinely loved.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Art Deco
  215. @Rurik

    A tip of the hat to you and Greta both. Your reply, Rurik, gives us all a fine example of how serious men and women who agree on 95 percent of critical matters ought to express disagreement when disagree they must.

    On the other hand, had you been replying to something scrawled by Corvinus or someone of his ilk … well, let’s leave that for another day, shall we?

  216. Z-man says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Unlike you Pierre, I’m not a ‘good’ Christian, so if I were Joe Sobran, I’d kick William F. Buckley in the shin, preferably with a steel tipped shoe. 😈 😁

  217. Art Deco says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    when Buckley was, among other things, destroying Sobran’s livelihood pour apaiser les Juifs, “traitor” and “genocidal enemy” had become quite sustainable.

    ‘Destroying Sobran’s livelihood’ is what a normal human being (not an Unz combox clown) would call ‘firing an insubordinate employee who attacked him in print’. In truth, Buckley provided regular employment for Sobran for 21 years and the imprimatur of National Review was able to land him a syndicated column and a spot on CBS Radio. Sobran did not realize how precarious his situation was. Griffin Communications was willing to distribute his product, first in print, then online. Sobran himself admitted there came a point where Mrs. Griffin wasn’t making any money off it. They started running fundraisers for him around about 2004. He also invested a large block of time in a crank’s effort to demonstrate that an English nobleman who died in 1604 wrote the Shakespeare corpus, in the course of which maintaining literary historians who have their noses stuck in primary sources do not know anything.

    It’s difficult to retool at age 46, but there had to have been other options – apply for work at a private school around Washington, earn a bookkeeping certificate, work retail, move to a part of the country with lower rents than Northern Virginia – which left him better off than he was.

    Note, when Buckley discovered Sobran, he was enrolled at Eastern Michigan University studying ‘Shakespeare’. He was 25 years old, married, and had three children. (A fourth was born the following year). God only knows who was paying the bills in his household and why they weren’t insisting he study something practical. (Some of Eastern Michigan’s yearbooks from that era are digitized, but I’m not finding his graduating class). The salary Buckley granted him in 1972 had to have made for a considerable improvement in their standard of living, give or take legal bills (his marriage went tits up four years later).

  218. The fund-raising efforts for Sobran managed by Fran Griffin and her firm began in the mid-1990s, not in 2004. I guess you weren’t on the mailing list.

    As a whole, your reply is Podhoretz-like in its reliance upon a truly remarkable quantum of hate and distortion where a healthier man would simply write “I disagree.” Yet it is curious that, with this torrent of abuse and despite your clear penchant for toeing the mark, you don’t use the newly fashionable term for the growing number of people who have lost patience with the myth of the Stratford man: Shakespeare deniers. Or have you not been kept informed? Oh, my.

    Further apropos your brief but marked psychotic episode over the fact that Sobran wrote a book without getting your prior approval, I wonder whether you and your ilk will ever settle upon a hard, fixed number as the upper limit of topics where disagreement is simply not permitted and, when detected, will be punished with slander and, wherever it can be managed, ruin. History, fortunately, teaches that your sort invariably goes too far. Indeed, your present diatribe is a classic instance of overplaying one’s hand.

    Perhaps you should go back to Sailerland. You fit in so well there.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
    , @Art Deco
  219. @Pierre de Craon

    The comment to which this one is linked was meant as a reply to comment no. 223, by Art Deco. I apologize to readers for failing to click on that comment’s Reply tile.

  220. Art Deco says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    Thanks for the substantive reply. We’re all educated, I’m sure.

  221. @Z-man

    Try the Fox News site. Their comments are open and as long as you don’t post crude things your post will get through. The posters are white normies and are starting to realize white people are under attack. The jews are not off limits anymore either. This place is the epitome of preaching to the choir and Fox allows you to open eyes.

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