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O’Rourke vs. Cruz In Texas Senate Race: Tofu or BBQ?
For Immigration Patriots, Maybe Potted Meat
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They’ve been popping up all over the state during the senate campaign this year, even in neighborhoods no one would dream of as hotbeds of support for the Democratic Party—those black-and-white signs with one large print four letter word in the middle: BETO. The signs are everywhere and yours truly has heard more than one uneasy neighbor or friend ask what’s up with the “Beto” signs. The subtext of those questions is pretty clear: “Is Ted Cruz really in trouble?”

Meanwhile, Senator Cruz’s campaign has been bombarded with one question: “Where are your signs?” The Cruz campaign has had to explain to frustrated supporters that yard signs are supposedly passé these days—Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe views them as a far less effective use of campaign funds than knocking on doors, radio and TV ads, or robo-calls and direct mail. [Beto O’Rourke yard signs are everywhere. Where are Ted Cruz’s? by Abby Livingston and Patrick Svitek, Texas Tribune, August 29, 2018] Such assurances haven’t soothed the fears of anxious Texas GOP supporters, as the ubiquitous “Beto” yard signs seem to have played a significant psychological warfare role in the MSM’s campaign to get Democratic candidate “Beto” O’Rourke elected. “Betomania” is the watchword of giddy MSM reporting on the election, which has played up the chances of Robert Francis O’Rourke (his childhood nickname is “Beto”), a 45-year-old Congressman from El Paso, becoming the driving force in not only unseating Cruz, but in “flipping” Texas for the Democrats.

No Democrat has won a statewide election in over 20 years in the Lone Star state, and the last victory for a Democrat in a senate race was three decades ago. Nevertheless, the boyish O’Rourke, who radiates a certain kind of policy-wonk style liberal earnestness, has been compared to Bobby Kennedy, energizing the blue base in a way unseen in this state in recent memory (“He stopped and it gave me goosebumps,” cooed one [male] Beto supporter. That particular Beto supporter didn’t mention feeling any tingle up his leg, but readers no doubt get the idea.

MSM reporting has emphasized August polling that had Cruz in a virtual dead heat with O’Rourke (the polls showed Cruz ahead by a thin 2 to 4 points), prompting some to declare the race a tossup. Democrats are feeling cocky at the prospect of “turning Texas blue”—and making my home state a permanent People’s Republic as they have California, replicating the Austin “blue heaven” model on a statewide basis.

Beto O’Rourke is a very smart choice for the Democrats: apart from the Kennedyesque swoon he induces in his strongest supporters, O’Rourke is a normal looking white guy with a family (his three children play a prominent role in Beto’s TV ads), not the kind of radical POC that is becoming ever more popular with the Democrats, the type of candidate who could drive away white voters.

What’s more, O’Rourke is likeable and personable. His toothy grin projects enthusiasm and sincerity, and his campaign rhetoric is heavy on bipartisan, can’t-we-all-get-along happy talk With his tousled hair and rolled-up shirtsleeves, O’Rourke plays the Kennedy clone role quite well. His campaign says it has not taken any PAC money, even as O’Rourke leads Cruz in fundraising—$23.6 million to Cruz’s $15.6 million and O’Rourke is casting himself as a populist of the Left, a man of the people. (His campaign has made a lot of the candidate’s pledge to visit each of the 254 counties in Texax.(

But which people? O’Rourke is from El Paso, speaks Spanish, and has campaigned hard in heavily Hispanic counties near the border, attracting crowds to “Musica con Beto” rallies—events that are obviously not tailored for English-speaking Middle Americans. [In Texas, Beto O’Rourke’s rise fuels hope for Latino Democrats, by Suzanne Gamboa, NBC, August 24,2018] He has been elected three times in a district centered in his hometown of El Paso, a district that extends along the Texas-Mexico border and the Rio Grande and his campaign positions are definitely meant to appeal to the Democrats’ “Coalition of the Fringes.”

Apart from O’Rourke’s support for “Dreamers,” his condemnations of Trump for “separating families,” and his opposition to a border wall, O’Rourke has crowed about “ending the school-to-prison pipeline,” supports a ban on sales of “assault rifles,” says he would not vote for Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, and backs a litany of other Leftist litmus test issues. [Max Boot: Beto’s challenge to the GOP on guns, By Max Boot, The Washington Post, October 1, 2018] He even says he’s “open to” replacing ICE, an extraordinary position in an illegal-impacted border state. [Ted Cruz says Beto O’Rourke is ‘open to abolishing ICE’, by W. Gardner Selby, PolitiFact, August 6, 2018]

It’s clear that Beto O’Rourke is not simply banking on mobilizing Hispanics voters—he is counting on the Great Replacement preparing the political ground for him, and some Democrats are already projecting a Beto presidential candidacy in 2020.

The MSM has unsurprisingly done its level best to ignore some dubious episodes in O’Rourke’s and his family’s past. What actually happened in that drunk driving incident back when Beto was 26? Did he really try to flee the scene? What about the burglary arrest on the University of Texas at El Paso campus? Then there was the suspicious white powder found in his father’s car back in the 1980s, when the elder O’Rourke was a prominent judge (Whatever it was, Sheriff’s Department officers flushed it down a toilet.)

In 2010, the O’Rourke family furniture business pled guilty to federal money-laundering charges in a case involving $630,000. (Charlotte’s Furniture had dodged federal currency transaction reporting requirements.) And that happened in the border city of El Paso—so just whose money was being laundered? The not-so-inquiring minds of the MSM don’t want to know.

The most common knock on Ted Cruz: he is “unlikeable”—as some pro-Beto wag (and I can’t remember who) put it Cruz comes across as a reptile slathered in Vaseline (or words to that effect). My personal favorite: the comparison of Cruz to Al Lewis playing Grandpa Munster. “Unlikeable?” Check. Oily? Check. O’Rourke is “optimistic,” cool and once played in a punk rock band, while Grandpa Munster is well, uncool, his pedantic personality a bit of a downer.

Judging by an NBC/Marist poll, Cruz has a more negative image than O’Rourke, with 39% viewing him “unfavorably” (29% for O’Rourke—true, Cruz still leads on “favorability,” but a lot of voters seem unsure about O’Rourke.

But Cruz has plenty of ammunition to use against O’Rourke in his campaign to get out the GOP vote. Apart from his Kumbayah rhetoric, O’Rourke is running as an unapologetic Leftist—Cruz, warns he wants to make Texas more like California, “right down to tofu, silicon, and dyed hair”.

Check—though Cruz spends too much time on the “Tofu vs. BBQ” meme, as well as the usual GOP tax cut schtick, and not enough explaining just what becoming like California really means for Texas.

There is plenty of reason for Trump backers and immigration patriots in general to be wary of Cruz. True, he has publicly, at least, backed Trump’s calls for a border wall, sponsored“Kate’s law” and made plenty of the right noises about border security and immigration—illegal immigration, that is.

Butt the same time, Cruz has repeatedly said he views legal immigration positively (“I have many times summed up my views on immigration in four words: Legal, good. Illegal, bad”), and has supported increasing H1-B visas in the past—before changing his tune during the very heated 2016 Republican primary battle with Trump. That campaign forced Cruz to move further to the Right on immigration, including calling for an end to birthright citizenship, to avoid being outflanked by Trump.Cruz may not have (fully) seen the light, but he certainly did feel the heat.

“Red State” Texas is in trouble as the demographic Great Replacement proceeds. But the Democrats are likely a bit premature in counting on Beto O’Rourke leading a “Blue Wave” that will “flip” the state this time around, just as Hillary Clinton’s backers were premature in counting on the electoral eclipse of the hated “deplorables” in 2016 —a September Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters had Cruz nine points ahead of O’Rourke, 54% to 45%. It’s noteworthy that only 1% of respondents remained undecided.

The RealClearPolitics Poll Average has Cruz ahead by 4.5% as of October 4, but the website still ranks the race as a “tossup.”

And Cruz may get a boost from the increasing lunacy of the totalitarian Left and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings circus.

Calgary Ted” has plenty of globalist skeletons in his closet, and was among the chorus of Beltway backstabbers who blamed Trump for Leftist violence. But the very reasons we may not fully trust him are also reasons to vote for him now—Cruz is an opportunist but he understands very well that backing the president is now in his interests (he has warned that O’Rourke supports impeaching Trump:), and that immigration patriotism is an electoral winner.

For his part, Trump has pledged to campaign for Cruz, declaring that he plans to fill “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find” to stump for the man he once called “Lyin’ Ted”.

That’s politics, folks. No revolution can succeed without co-opting part of the establishment elite. Cruz may not be BBQ to O’Rourke’s tofu, but in this case–showing my Souther roots here–potted meat will do.

Wayne Allensworth [email him] a corresponding editor of Chronicles Magazine , is the author of The Russian Questionand a recently published novel, Field of Blood (Endeavour Media) which deals with the issues of Open Borders and globalization’s impact on the fictional town of Parmer, Texas.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2018 Election, Immigration, Ted Cruz, Texas 
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  1. AWM says:

    Not a fan of the NWO Globalists, but anybody named “Beto” must be a beta male pajama boy and communists need to be eliminated.

    • Replies: @Talleyrand
    , @anon
    , @Hibernian
  2. c matt says:

    Beta is doing a pretty good job of syrupy “can’t we all just get along” TV spots. His spots are, of course, devoid of any policy positions. But, he is certainly taking the “nice guy” vs. “negative guy” tactic. Not sure how that will work – who knows. But the best thing the Dems have done for Cruz is the whole Kavanaugh debacle.

    Right after the border wall with Mexico, we need to build a border wall around California and New York. Cruz is certainly not my first choice, but given what’s on the menu, what other option is there?

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  3. Not surprised Cruz isn’t crushing this, the man looks like a Scooby Doo villain.

  4. @AWM

    His name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. He won’t use his real name on all those trashy yard signs. Says a lot about the little weasel.

    • Replies: @Anon
  5. Knowing the Texas border well, Mr. O should have followed Texas working class tradition and gone to UT Austin or Texas A&M, or UTEP if impaired. No, first he went to an ultra-expensive private boarding school, Woodberry Forest School, in Virginia, to avoid a mostly Mescan High school back home. Then he went on to Columbia to learn about working Americans. Then back to El Paso with a wealthy wife and career orders in hand to dupe the working class in Texas.

    Wiki hints this was paid for by his family furniture business, which laundered cartel drug money.

    The only thing great about El Paso was the movie “Extreme Prejudice”

  6. Dale says:

    I’ll be surprised if the Democrats actually win the House this year. 3 weeks ago it was inevitable but the Kavanaugh backlash has killed that enthusiasm.

  7. Anonymous[123] • Disclaimer says:

    Oscar Myer Cruz. He’s /our weiner/.

  8. WhiteWolf says:

    Both choices are bad. Cruz is fully on board with the White genocide program and Beto is with the official anti-white party. Of the two at least Beto is at least honest about his anti-White views.

  9. I was born and raised in Texas and I still maintain copious contacts back home. Let me assure any doubters: Cruz is going to win.

    I say that not liking Cruz at all–he is as shallow an opportunist as they come. I’m just saying that because I know that a majority of people in the state are never going to vote for an anti-Second-Amendment Democrat. Just not gonna happen. And assuming Beto ever had any chance at all, this Kavanaugh business just killed it. This isn’t going to help Democrats in the mid-term; on the contrary, it’s going to be an albatross around their collective neck.

    • Replies: @Miss Laura
    , @Longfisher
  10. Just another “Alien vs Predator” race. No matter who wins, the American people lose. Cruz is a Cuban-Canadian who should be deported forthwith. Beto should be working as a clerk at some kind of hippie emporium selling Che shirts, Little Red Books, and weird cigarettes.

  11. WHAT says:

    This is a play aimed at women, which certainly works.
    Just look at Fidel`s son and french homo.

    Emancipation was a horrible mistake and we will all die for it.

  12. bjondo says:

    Fruity Jello vs Skunk

    #9 right.

  13. Anonymous [AKA "Shermanxxxxx"] says:

    Every ORourke I have known is mentally ill. Seriously. I believe it is a genetic thing.

  14. @Digital Samizdat

    As an old Democrat in Texas, I have to agree with you. California Democrats don’t get Texas. They cynically exploited that California flake and the #MeToo movement to savage that frat boy and the whole process of appointing a SCJ.

  15. I wrote this in April of 2018 about Teddy Cruz:

    I’m highly skeptical of Ted Cruz on immigration and trade and foreign policy and US sovereignty and many other things. I enjoyed the chow Ted Cruz had on offer at one of his town hall meetings in New Hampshire, though.

    I asked this of Ted Cruz at a town hall campaign event in 2015:

    And as for immigration, It’s quite simply true that if it wasn’t for mass immigration — the 1965 Immigration Act — the Republicans might not have lost California forever. And it’s also true that without mass immigration we might never have had Obama — and that means we might never have had Obamacare.

    Mass legal immigration is the issue that’s demographically destroying the United States. But you, you support dramatic increases in mass immigration.

    I don’t think you can continue on trying to confuse the American people about the difference between illegal immigration and mass legal immigration — so why do you support mass legal immigration?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. Respect says:

    El Paso del Norte ( the north pass )

    • Agree: Sarah Toga
  17. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Once again folks, where are the standards..
    how do we compare this apple to that orange..
    Today’s Journalist do not compare, they propagandize.

    My thinking is that campaigns should require candidates
    to prepare, produce and distribute a campaign prospectus.
    that fully discloses much like a financial prospectus.

    1. arrest, criminal, plaintiff/defendant lawsuits, and bankruptcy records?
    2. tax returns fully annotated prior successes/failures? h
    3. signed comprehenda of present and prior campaign promises in signed writings?
    4. affiliated with organized crime or any business interest typical of organized crime?
    5. Has the candidate ever
    a. heard of the U. S. Constitution which quashed the Articles of Confederation Government?
    b. read the Declaration of Independence written by the Articles of Confederation Government (1776-1789)?
    c. read any of Karl Marx
    6. background of parent of candidate and parents of the wife of the candidate
    7. source of campaign funds
    8. numbers of divorces
    9. class of person
    a. wealth
    b. race
    c. age
    d. education
    e. personal interest pursuits (politics does not count)
    10. name 10 best friends with phone numbers and email addresses
    11. is the campaign and its promises in writing
    12. credit report
    13. business experience
    14. who calls the candidate a liar?

    Maybe Ron would be willing to establish a website/web page to
    enable the development of a set of standards that can be used
    worldwide to inform the masses about people the oligarchs
    allow to be candidate or fund the candidacy of.

  18. I would love to debate Teddy Cruz on immigration, trade policy and foreign policy.

    I would rhetorically crush Teddy Cruz like Kavanaugh disposing of an empty aluminum beer can.

    Teddy Cruz wrote an Op-Ed with Paul Ryan in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal that called for the US Congress to give Obama full trade promotion authority(TPA) to complete the sovereignty-sapping Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) trade deal scam. Cruz and Ryan wrote that pro-TPP and pro-TPA article in 2015.

    Teddy Cruz is not very impressive in person. He is full of politician shit and he is obviously a sneaky fraud.

    Teddy Cruz backtracked like a sneaky rat on the TPP trade deal scam, but that just shows that he is a no-integrity whoreboy for the GOP globalizer donors.

    Another thing, Cruz responded to my rhetorically pounding on him by pulling a sneaky trick to get his supporters at a presidential primary town hall to heckle me. I almost had to laugh at that trick!

    Tweets from 2015:

  19. Anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    So in this circus it is not a dogfight but weasel v. Skunk?

  20. OF COURSE Cruz secretly supports immigration. ALL our owners and their henchmen do. Whether Democrat or Republican (a distinction without a difference if there ever was one). You see, rich people gain from immigration. Only poor people suffer. Get real.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  21. @Wizard of Oz

    Ted Cruz just repeated his donor-approved line about legal immigration being good, and illegal immigration being bad.

    Ted Cruz is a sneaky snake from Princeton and Cuba. That’s sneaky!

    Watch the video I posted with my comment. Full exchange there.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Replies: @prusmc
  22. Beto O’Rourke pushes open borders mass immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    Beto O’Rourke supports the use of mass immigration to lower wages for workers in the United States.

    Beto O’Rourke wants to erase the border between the United States and Mexico.

    Teddy Cruz is only slightly better than Open Borders O’Rourke on the immigration question.

    Mass immigration lowers wages, swamps schools, overwhelms hospitals, increases housing costs, harms the environment and increases income inequality.

    Mass immigration brings crime and Islamic terrorism to the United States.

    Texas is demographically going the way of California and Teddy Cruz says that legal immigration is great.

    The Whites in Texas vote as more of a bloc for the GOP than do California Whites and the Texas Mestizos like their beer and trucks and they might not vote or support the Democrats as strongly as California Mestizos support the Democrats, but, eventually Texas will go Democrat because of mass immigration and illegal immigration.

  23. TheOldOne says:

    Carlton Meyer:
    ‘The only thing great about El Paso was the movie “Extreme Prejudice”’

    Lucchese Classics boots are pretty great, or at least they used to be.

  24. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:,_Texas

    El Paso , 700.000 people , 80% Hispanic

    and across the Rio Grande Ciudad Juarez , 1,400.000 people , Mexico

  25. prusmc says: • Website
    @Charles Pewitt

    Let’s face it, in January of 2019, Ted Cruz will be out of a job. There is no way he can appeal to the Hollywood, Bobbie Kennedy youth vote. Unless, some charges can be manufactured about 14 year old girls and alter boys having lurid romps with Beto in the sagebrush. These allegations Don’t have to be proveable or have any real evidence to sustain them.
    HOWEVER, THAT KIND OF THING requires a little prior planning, unless the preparatory have complete media domination and no fear of punishment if they get caught. The Kavanaugh coup had all these elements.
    So Ted should be appointed Attorney General after useless Jeff steps down. Hard to get Ted confirmed by a Democrat Senate, though. In case he does become AG, forget about enforcing immigration laws that he would not want to enforce. No one is going to ever do anything about immigration into the US except bring more of it.
    If Ted could just force the top 100 DOJ careerist and a similar number in the FBI to take early retirement he would be worthy of Mount Rushmore.

  26. @Digital Samizdat

    Yep. You took the words right out of my mouth.


    Fellow Texan

    P.S. Where the heck did you go. Come back to Texas. We miss you already!

  27. Cruz may not be BBQ to O’Rourke’s tofu, but in this case–showing my Souther roots here–potted meat will do.

    Them vy-eena sausages is mighty good, too. They’re like potted meat in solid form.

  28. F Cruz, and f O’Rourke. If their platforms don’t include criticism of the Fed, and counterfeit money, then they are part of the problem. End of Story.

  29. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    I moved from California to central Texas this year. The appeal of getting your own black-and-white yard signs is obvious– it’s the same people who were so bowled over by Barry’s Soviet-two-color pseudo-Che posters. Of course there are millions of liberals in Texas, both of the yuppie and Raza varieties, and they really enjoy when they have a chance of shoving it in everyone else’s face.

    Beto himself is a strange vessel for this unrequited enthusiasm. His personality/charisma is not that much ahead of Cruz’s. The thing that matters is his — to me very contrived — aw-shucks Hispan-Anglo packaging, because the Dem money people intuit (correctly?) that he doesn’t frighten white Texans.

    Cruz is an obsolete groantastic boomer-con who nonetheless only looks weaker than he is. That terrible soundbite about “silicone and dyed hair” could only originate from the cliched mind of someone who hasn’t witnessed the standard of female comportment in Dallas or Houston within the last 30 years. I’m telling you, they give the Californians a run for their money in the silicone department.This is all to say he’s a known quantity. Media hype that “conservatives are mad at him” is risible.

    I think O’Rourke’s crossover success will be limited. The simple fact is the natural Dem constituencies are spread between 4 pretty different metros and all have poor turnout habits. He might indeed go onto bigger things eventually but this idea of him conjuring a Bill-Clinton-level mass defection is pure media wishcasting. He’s less hopeless than the usual Dem nominee here.

  30. Whites are primitive Race incapable to reach the multiple perspectives. All the time are these infantile false dichotomies most of them are engaged.

  31. I’d go with Willies pick this time.. can’t be worse than Rafael (Felito) Edward Cruz, guy is an Israeli first Goldman Sach globalist, he’s already proven himself to be FOS, just like Trump, all talk.

    Ted Cruz Booed Offstage By Christians Who Had Enough

    Junosaur reacts to Ted Cruz eating his own booger at Republican debate

  32. Sputnikhq says:

    I wonder where Ol’ Lyin’ Ted’s pep squad featuring Glenn Beck be at?

  33. I am sick and tired of immigration and self aggrandizing, self entitled immigrants, the top slot going to Asian Indians who have decimated IT and are now itching to similarly take over other white collar professions.

    If this new generation of white Americans would like to see how a foreign power slowly sneaks in, initially as harmless “skilled” immigrants, hollows out the economy slowly by replacing natives (thereby getting extremely rich in the process), establishing a powerful lobby up in DC to speed up legislation that benefits their stock, you can look at the Indians.

    Their lobby aka the hindoo lobby now controls enough politicians across the aisle, both D and R. They are now forcing legislation to speed up the green card que ( named the very innocuous sounding green card reform designed to benefit mostly Indians) and many politicians now support the bill ( Of course Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake and Kevin yoder are in that list. You know the usual suspects. They call it the fairness for “highly skilled” immigrants bill. They think it is their right to this country. This is fairness for them. However all this crap about fairness goes out the window when they seek out ONLY Indians for positions advertised internally.

    My son is graduating next year and with a very white sounding name, he is sure gonna face a hard time getting in. Sure if his name was srinivas or Rajesh, would have been a different story. Indians are absolute racists however unlike the other mud races, they have a lot of guile and sophistication. They’ve been winning big time since the time they landed on our unfortunate shores and are now smug as hell.

    Look at this smug guy. He is apparently one such “high skilled” immigrant who still mostly identifies with India. Look at this tweet of his, using the word ‘our’ when referring to India. Look at his contempt for everyday AMericans.

    Brilliant move. America cannot threaten or bully its way into Indian defense industry. Our security is a must!— Eric Sears (@EricSea08741085) October 7, 2018

    He is like the many Indians I’ve come across who love America and hate Americans. He is apparently a “voice for immigration” by night per his profile yet identifies as a staunch Hindu nationalist (looking at his other tweets)

    As an (about to retire) engineer in IT who has seen it all, passive aggressive behavior, snide remarks, being sidelined at meetings, being rudely talked down to, everyone switching over to Hindi or whatever the hell they speak among themselves right in my presence. All that happening to me in my own country. It just drives me nuts. And if any of you conservatives really care for the future of the white race, please make it known to the wider world and connect with other like minded people. Or else we would end up like dalits in our own land.

    • Agree: Charles Pewitt, Miro23
  34. KenH says:

    Beta O’ Dork is kind of like a white Obama. Someone like him with a criminal past and shady family business fits right in with the sociopathic, neo-Bolshevist Democrats.

    The Democrat establishment in Texas seems to understand that it’s going to take an attractive and affable white guy (or woman) who whites identify with (at least partially) to help sell them on their displacement and disenfranchisement and the brave new world of minority status and non-white political dominance. So far the strategy isn’t working as they ran an attractive white female for governor in 2014 who bombed, but time is working against the state Republicans.

    At some point the Texas Dems will probably start promoting snarling, feral blacks and Latinos like they are in other states. They already have Sheila Jackson Lee.

    It’s still too early for the Dems but with the ongoing demographic changes in the nation and Texas 2024 could see one or two Democrat senators. Once Texas turns blue the Republicans will never see occupy the oval office again. Ted Cruz, Lou Dobbs and others can thank their “good” legal immigrants, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, for that watershed event.

    • Replies: @Sarah Toga
  35. George says:

    Associating Cruz with BBQ is an attempt to turn him into an ordinary Texan. He isn’t, he is an out of state elite. Maybe Cruz is the best choice, but it is not because he is more ‘Texas’ than ‘Soy Boy’ O’Rourke.

  36. KDM says:

    Looks like Beto vs Cruz is the 21st century version of Kennedy vs Nixon? Nixon had experience, knew his politics and his way around Washington but looked sweaty and palid during the televised debates while Kennedy was good looking, and super smooth. I don’t like Cruz but I’d prefer my politicians not be the sort of shallow Adeli Stevenson intellectual type that Beto reminds me of.

  37. Just now read carefully all 37 comments.
    Cruz support is . . . tepid.

    The only thing that matters is: reducing legal immigration a lot. Better yet, ending it.

    Every time I contact his offices about reducing legal immigration – by snail mail, by email, by telephone – crickets.

    Trump dragged Cruz to at least propose a bill (tho Cruz knew it would go nowhere) to fund The Wall with seized drug cartel money. (Would like Trump to pull the trigger and E.O. immigration pause, he has the power. At least until the 3rd world outnumbers us, time is short)

    Even tho just a media stunt to mollify the peasants with pitchforks, the El Chapo proposal was one more public discussion to move the Overton Window.

    We could do worse, O’Rourke would be a White-Texan-Obama, so hold the nose and vote lesser evil.

    • Replies: @LesDeplorables
  38. IvyMike says:

    I actually have a visceral dislike for both men, but am voting for Beto because Cruz is the worst obstructionist in the Senate, and because Ted ain’t no Texan, never was, never will be. It’s bad enough we granted the damn Yankee Bush family citizenship. At least Cruz doesn’t have a fake Texas accent like W.

  39. @Sarah Toga

    As long as we stick to changing this or that crook errr I mean politician, not much will change. Both D and R want to outnumber us with the third world.

    They want the injuns from down south to displace the white lower middle class and the Indians and the Chinese to displace the middle and upper middle class.

    The only reason the Indians get a lot less press compared to injuns is because the Indians are quite cunning and sly, not to mention loquacious which helps them at least in the short run. However these will be the people deciding the future of our kids and let me tel you they are extremely ethnocentric and clannish. Things would get immensely difficult for any non Indian if they get a foothold in our country.

    Please spread the word about just how deadly “legal” immigration is to your friends and family. And be ready to take to the streets when needed. Our government is a traitorous one. Can’t expect them to do the right thing most of the time.

    • Agree: Sarah Toga
    • Replies: @Sarah Toga
  40. @LesDeplorables

    LD – much agreeance!
    I do put significant effort into many directions supporting Immigration Patriotism. Which means: end immigration, period. Let me suggest a website which you may already know of: V Dare dot com.
    Another, for church goers: Faith and Heritage dot com

  41. @KenH

    Once Texas turns blue the Republicans will never see occupy the oval office again. Ted Cruz, Lou Dobbs and others can thank their “good” legal immigrants, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, for that watershed event.

    I often mail, phone call, email, etc., my GOP elected officials here in the Houston area with that horrific fact. I include the county and state GOP chairs and their “political directors” IDK if they have any cognizance of the threat that is “legal immigration” – none have replied in any way, shape or form.

  42. Hibernian says:

    Short for “Roberto” Father, a judge, was El Paso version of Chicago politicians Ed Burke and Mike Madigan, Irish dudes with heavily Hispanic constituencies.

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