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Oh, Jerusalem!
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“Hands off Jerusalem and its people.” This is the first, foremost and non-negotiable condition that the Palestinian Resistance is demanding, in exchange for halting rocketry at Israel.

But it’s falling on the deaf ears of the terrorist Jewish government, as its military continues pounding hard at civilian targets in Gaza. R.I.P. to the Gaza family that was murdered by a genocidal, Jewish missile as its members sat down together for lunch yesterday. R.I.P. to all other Gaza people who were indiscriminately slaughtered by the remorseless and demonic Jewish air force these past ten days.

Indeed, the situation had taken on a darker tone on the 6th day. In the West Bank, in Jerusalem and in the 48-Triangle, unarmed Palestinian citizens there have been attacked, continue to be attacked, continue to be arrested and killed on Palestinian streets by the brutal Jewish gestapo, in coordination with shadowed Jewish snipers and violent, Jewish settler gangs: all roaming Palestinian streets especially by night, all armed and with eyes blood-red with hate – all seeking to pogrom the Palestinians. Nothing but eyeball-to-eyeball shove-and-wrestle-and-throttle-and-kill right across unarmed Palestinian communities under Israeli occupation. All this, while a besieged Gaza endures numerous 9/11s and Jewish war crimes at every hour of every day.

All this and more the Palestinians have endured in just this past 24 hours. And by the look of it, they intend to endure more. They understand the price of freedom. And they are willing to pay. ALL of them are ready to pay. Impossible for them now to live under Jewish Apartheid. Not for another second! They are taking the beatings, the injuries, the homelessness and all the deaths right to the end of the road: to liberation. Reversal, or even pause of this is now out of the question.

It is Jerusalem, or death.

The only choices remaining.

And they have chosen Jerusalem.

Empowered by their sudden collective unity in rage and in resistance, empowered too by the much-improved performance of the armed branch of their community, the Palestinians today bury their dead with tears falling from eyes looking skywards, not tomb-wards.

“Hands off Jerusalem and its people” and not ‘we surrender’ is the cry emerging out of thick, black smoke and raging fires in Palestinian communities.

And even though the occupied Palestinian people are being tossed and turned down the tunnel of suffering, even though their casualties are higher than their occupiers, they have managed to cause the biggest damage ever to Jewish property and nerve endings. More Jewish civilians and military have died in the past 10 days than in all the previous Gaza wars combined. No, things are not well at all in the Jewish hovel. Fires and sirens and shelters and burials and Xanax dispensaries currently flood the days and nights of the cowardly, mass-murdering Jews. No more normality for the abnormal state of Israel. Not even a whiff of a returning normality lies on the horizon.

The Jews too want Jerusalem. Exclusively. But they are not chanting ‘Jerusalem or death’ like the Palestinians are. They are chanting “Death to all Arabs.”

Jerusalem. It’s all become about Jerusalem. The Gaza Resistance has ingeniously managed to focus all attention on the prize: Jerusalem. For them, this current combat is not about Gaza, as per the previous norm, but about Jerusalem. Western and Jewish medias can frame it as ‘Gaza rockets on poor Israel’ all they like. As far as the oppressed native Palestinians are concerned, it’s now all about Jerusalem. They don’t give a damn about Western POV and Jewish-centric headlines. They don’t give a damn about the deceptive Israeli narrative. For Palestinians, it’s now all about Jerusalem.

It’s the Jerusalem, stupid!

The Gaza Resistance named this current battle ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ as soon as they launched their first rocket a dozen days ago. Hezbollah, who lost a volunteer fighter at a Lebanon border protest 4 days ago has bestowed the lauded and applauded title of “First Quds Martyr” (First Jerusalem Martyr) upon this fighter. In the eyes of Hezbollah, the departed martyr did not just cross the border by a few feet, but he had actually taken Hezbollah’s first step towards physically entering the holy land to liberate Jerusalem. In the mind of the Hezbollah, they have already entered the fray and what remains is the timing of a strategic assault on the racist, ethno-fascist occupiers of Jerusalem.

In times of war, symbolism is king. It rules language. Rules the temperature of the heart and the speed of its beating. The name Jerusalem is presently the ultimate symbol and war cry for liberation. Everyone in the Axis of Resistance leaderships is magnetizing closer and closer towards Jerusalem. They are today publicly referring to it as the “capital of our Resistance.” They are calling it “our Jerusalem” even though they are not themselves Palestinian. They are calling the Palestinians “our people” – in solidarity with resisting Palestinians. The eclectic Axis of Resistance have amalgamated into a single identity and mind, and their supporters the world over have amalgamated into a single body. The Axis of Resistance leaderships are publicly announcing not just their present readiness to enter the battle for Jerusalem, but their committed intent to do so in full force come the hour, and the hour is approaching. The name ‘Jerusalem’ is mentioned a million times a minute around here in the Middle East. And this is causing a mass, emotive stirring: an expansion of passionate support for the Resistance right across the region and the world. The Resistance is on popularity-fire right now. Jerusalem is on the minds, in the hearts and on the lips of the masses. Axis of Resistance members have now unified and streamlined their slogan to: “we are all the liberators of Jerusalem.” The masses are embracing this mantra with gusto. All and everywhere across the region, it’s Jerusalem-Jerusalem-Jerusalem!

We observe here too that the resisting Palestinians are demanding not just their freedom from Apartheid, as they have done for decades, but now they are insisting on the return of ALL their lands: “from the river to the sea.” This slogan was shunned by Palestinians for decades, in obligation to Oslo. But the Palestinians are no longer feeling ‘obliged’. They are feeling nothing but righteous resistance to Jewish injustice, to Jewish kleptomania and terrorism.

There is no stopping the approaching storm of war. There is no stopping the coming blood: the carnage and agony will rush forth unfettered. There is no stopping the mounting push for liberation at any and all cost.

Everyone now waits for a grimmer escalation, followed by a timed call for all-out war between Israel and ALL the members of the Axis of Resistance.

The old boundaries and tepid methods of resisting against Israel are dead. Upgraded weapons and a new fiery will have created a new reality and this new reality has taken firm hold. A new chapter is being written in the blood of the determined. The old dynamic where a thuggish Israel is invincible, untouchable and in absolute control is now dead.

A new dynamic has now been born. It has revealed its name and its name is Jerusalem.

Jerusalem. Spiritual Jerusalem. Home and worshiped symbol of the oppressed seeking total and absolute liberation.

(Republished from Plato's Guns by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Gaza, Israel, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. In sha’ Allah, Taxi!

    • Replies: @Taxi
  2. Taxi says:

    Thanks, traducteur. My article is relaying the war atmosphere currently emerging thick across the Levant. I am offering what the MSM is not prepared to do: give a genuine picture of the other side of the coin.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • Replies: @RobinG
  3. What a cursed place Jerusalem is, has been since David and his bandit horde captured the hilltop citadel three thousand years ago. The city was founded some 1,800 years earlier as the holy city of Yeru-Shalim, consecrated to the Canaanite god of dusk, Shalim. The conquerors began the long reign of terror in the “holy” land by massacring the town’s peaceful inhabitants, the Jebusites, whose very name became a metaphor in the Bible for an obliterated people.

    From that place the toxin of patriarchal monotheism spread across the globe, through Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, three cults dedicated to the warped idea that some humans are more valuable than others. People won’t come to their senses until Jerusalem has been reduced to a radioactive hole in the ground, but even then some lunatic cult of crater worshippers will probably emerge

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • LOL: sulu
  4. Israel = Jews, and Jews =Israel. All Jews directly or indirectly support Israel.

    Palestinians and their supporters have to start taking the fight to the Jewish diaspora in the west. Israel will think twice about murdering Palestinian kids when Jewish kids are getting murdered in New York and London.

    • Replies: @Taxi
  5. Taxi says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Let’s not be evil like them – let’s keep kids out of it.

    • LOL: Fran Taubman
  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Jews are going to keep throttling Palestinians as long as they’re allowed to throttle the US Congress. Where do Jews reside in Congress? In the mainstream leadership of the Democratic Party, in the neocon wing of the GOP, in the media, in the billionaire class, in the executive suite…

    Until Jews are throttled in America, they’re going to keep throttling Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims across the whole Mideast.

    I hear calls to “take back Jerusalem from Jews!” but I don’t hear many calls to “take back Congress from Jews!” which is what it’s going to take.

    Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims have utterly failed their own in the US. I guess they’re just fat, happy and lazy like the average American, and the Jews are just too smart at working the system to their advantage, by hook or by crook.

    Oh well, if the Muzzies can’t be bothered to get up off their asses and confront the Jews in America who are pulling the strings on the killing their brethren across the Mideast, why should anyone else?

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @AnonStarter
  7. In all fairness Chris, taking back Congress from the Jews, is not the business of Arab Americans. Their numbers are so small that they are rendered insignificant and ineffectual. Even Trump supporters, as American as apple pie, over 75 million people strong, were demonized, and defeated; and adding insult to injury, are now considered domestic terrorists. Such is the tragic situation in which America finds itself.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @RobinG
  8. Congratulations Taxi, you have now become as irrational, fanatical and bloodthirsty as your beloved extremist Muzzies.

    In the meantime, normalization of Israel with:

    UAE and Bahrain:




    Visit of Netanyahu to the late Sultan Qaboos of Oman:

    It’s called the “Axis of Reconsiliation”.

    If you don’t accept this development, you can always don a bombvest, press the button and “go to Allah”:

  9. @Franklin Ryckaert

    you sound like one of the pharisees or like one of their terror cult “zionist”🤷‍♂️
    judging by your comment, goy name and “opinion” you are one of the terrorists, unless you are one of those pharisees that have “angloized” their name to do their terror supporting work unnoticed..
    no matter which is true you are a terrorist empathizer and a sworn enemy of God and the human race so your opinion do not count among the Freemen and freewomen off the world🤷‍♂️
    iow you are a loser 🤡.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  10. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    It’s called the “Axis of Reconsiliation”.

    LoL. It’s called bullshit, or “political theater” if you prefer.

  11. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Even Trump supporters, as American as apple pie, over 75 million people strong, were demonized, and defeated; and adding insult to injury, are now considered domestic terrorists.

    True. Betrayed by Zionist Trump.

    It’s truly amazing what a closely-knit, Chosen Race motivated cabal of Judeofascists can get away with.

    But then again, having control of the Fed, they can print-off all the money they need, and buy-off all the corrupt media and politicos using the credit of the US taxpayers and economy — basically using their own labor and GDP to enslave them.

    Such an evil design is enough to make one a believer in Satanic possession. Or maybe “the Jews” and their stooges are and always have been “Satan” himself walking among the nations doing evil, probing for a greedy and soulless enough host nation to completely corrupt and enslave for his diabolical global designs.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  12. Kali [AKA "Unpersoned by fb"] says:

    It’s good to get news of the situation from Palestines’ perspective, and at long last it seems the determination of Palestine and the Axis of Resistance is unasailable. Thank you, Taxi.

    How sad that it’s taken 70 years of international indifference, and their near complete subjugation to evil “israeli” supremacism, for them to understand that western governments are zions bitches.

    All of my love, all of my support and every ounce of my compassion is with you, Palestine.

    We in the west cannot allow our politicians empty and insincere rhetoric to fuck this one up! March for Palestine. Fly the flag for Palestine. Shout loud for Palestine!

    Free Palestine!
    Viva Palestine!

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  13. @Per/Norway

    100% irrationality. Watch this pressconference of the man you love to hate, and try to find something you don’t like, such as Israel’s serious attempts to avoid civilian casualties by warning before they bomb a building, unlike your “heroes” of Hamas who fire rockets randomly at civilians, which not only hit Jewish civilians but also Israeli Arabs and foreign workers:

    • Replies: @street worm
  14. RobinG says:

    Thank you, RealAmerican, for injecting realism! But even if the scales a weighted, we must fight. Power yields nothing without a demand. Here are a few demands, and Biden should be impeached. Biden has knowingly let U.S. weapons to be used by Israel to commit war crimes in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the U.S. Arms Control Export Act and the Arms Supply Agreement between the U.S. and Israel.

    If Israel is an Apartheid State, Shouldn’t it Be Sanctioned?

  15. RobinG says:

    Taxi, tell us what’s going in Lebanon!

    Four munitions were fired at Israel on Wednesday morning, of which one was intercepted by the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system, the Israel Defense Force wrote in a tweet. Military authorities responded by hammering targets in Lebanon as the country faces the ever-present threat in Gaza.

    Violence continues in day No. 10 of Israel-Hamas fighting as Lebanon launches assault

    • Replies: @Taxi
  16. Druid says:
    @Chris Moore

    Chris, the y have totally taken over your country and what have you and yours done about it. You expect a mostly foreign, demonized group to get the upper hand against these evil devils when you majority natives can’t do shinola?

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  17. @Chris Moore

    John Hagee has Covid -19 and Netanyahu sent a Tweet to Hagee ” You are the Best Friend Israel has!” —-honorable mentions —-Joe “Amtrak” Biden Blinken Yellen Trump Pompeo Bolton Cotton —and many more—

  18. @Franklin Ryckaert

    For all that care, concern and precision bombs why does Israel always kill 10 to 20 times more civilians than the Palestinian resistance?

    Maybe it’s because they’re a goddamned land and water-stealing racist genocider state which despicably uses the Nazi holocaust to silence criticism of they’re own ethnic cleansing. Such states don’t, in fact, have the right to exist — they have the right to be overthrown and replaced.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  19. Taxi says:

    Nothing but small rockets fired from south Lebanon at Haifa and Acre by Palestinian refugees living in south Lebanon camps. Israel responded with utter care: sending a couple of strikes back at empty terrain inside of Leb’s border. Most certainly it was NOT a “hammering” lol! Believe you me that if it really were a “hammering”, Hezbollah would have more than just hammered back at israel. The last thing that israel would want right now is a fight with the mighty Hezbollah. It can’t even take care of Hamas in besieged Gaza, as we all can clearly see, opting therefore to kill unarmed and defenseless children in their homes instead, just to keep the israeli kill score higher than Hamas’.

    This is the third time inside of ten days that rockets from Lebanon got fired by Palestinian refugees at israel. I see these Palestinian strikes as more of a taunt than actual threatening events. A little taunt here, a little taunt there: rattle up israel’s nerves like that.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  20. The sacrifice of the Israeli population to the experimental mRNA genetic modifier probably motivated all of this. Now nobody will notice the increasing deaths and disease from this. A distraction for Israel and entertainment for the weirdly ghoulish Christian Zionists.

  21. @street worm

    Israelis have bombshelters, the Palestinians don’t. The Palestinians shoot rockets randomly, thus most land on open spaces.

    This is a war of low-IQ people against high-IQ people, low quality against high quality. As always, low quality is combined with high quanity. In a war stupid people die in higher numbers than intelligent people.

    C’est la vie (ou la mort).

    • Replies: @Taxi
  22. Chris Moore says: • Website

    You expect a mostly foreign, demonized group to get the upper hand against these evil devils when you majority natives can’t do shinola?

    A formerly demonized group of foreign demons (Judeofascists) got the upper hand on “white devils.” Maybe “Islamofascist” Muslims should use the same strategy against Zionists.

    God knows Whites in America aren’t capable of stopping them any more than they stopped the Jews. Too busy worshipping the Globalist Golden Calf and salivating about lib-con filthy lucre, or ingesting Big Macs, drugs and booze.

    It all seems to validate both Hegel’s theories on the historical dialectic, and Bible prophecy about national disintegration.

    Who says it has to be one or the other?

  23. KenR says:

    The Palestinians know they are up against a superior military force. Israelis have a well-trained, well-equipped modern professional army, modern air force, modern navy, they even have nukes. Israel has the blind backing of the American hegemon; Israel has tons of money; Israel has friends and outright operatives all over the media machines and in statehouses all over the world. The Palestinian damn well know that he is outgunned, out-spent, out-propaganda’ed and that he can’t count on diplomacy very much. But still he fights.

    Well what other choice does he have? Sit there and get rolled all the time? Because that is what has been happening for generations now. Israel must have Jewish supremacy; that is a foundational requirement for the Israeli State. The Jewish State, as it refers to itself legally and doctrinally.

    Palestinians have grit, they have moxy. And they have a very real beef. Long historied beefs! I salute them.

  24. @Chris Moore

    Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims have utterly failed their own in the US.

    Apple employees call for company to support Palestinians in internal letter

    Apple employees are circulating an internal letter calling on Tim Cook to put out a statement supporting the Palestinian people. Nearly 1,000 workers have signed.

    The writers, who are part of the Apple Muslim Association, specifically ask the company to recognize that “millions of Palestinian people currently suffer under an illegal occupation.”

    The move comes on the heels of Israel’s deadly bombing campaign in Gaza, which has killed roughly 227 people, including at least 63 children. On Thursday, the Israeli government approved a unilateral cease fire.

    These things take time. We’re only just beginning to see signs of life..

  25. Taxi says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    “In a war stupid people die in higher numbers than intelligent people.” – Franklin Ryckaert

    So 6 million “stupid” jews died in WW2?

    Right you are! Lol! Sour grapes much, liar-loser?

    p.s (‘Alleged’ 6 million. Gentiles are still waiting for possessive jews to allow them access to holocaust materials and records in order to run them through PROPER scientific and forensic examination. Will this day ever come? Sure don’t look like it.).

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  26. Israel Destroys Gaza’s Only Library as Biden ‘Threatens’ Reporter Who Asks About Gaza

    Biden continues his shameful betrayal of any moral stance on the Gaza slaughter. He flew to Detroit to get behind the wheel of a massive Ford F-150 electric truck. But before he was able to step on the accelerator, he was met at the airport by two members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Debby Dingel, who each have major Arab constituencies. They weren’t happy. An aide recounted in more refined language what Tlaib must’ve told the president:

    “Palestinian human rights are not a bargaining chip and must be protected, not negotiated,” the aide said Tlaib expressed to Biden. “The U.S. cannot continue to give the right-wing [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu government billions each year to commit crimes against Palestinians. Atrocities like bombing schools cannot be tolerated, much less conducted with U.S.-supplied weapons.”

    “Congresswoman Tlaib reiterated that the status quo is enabling more killing, that the current U.S. approach of unconditional support for the Israeli government is not working, and that the White House must do far more to protect Palestinian lives, dignity, and human rights,” the aide said.

    After he listened to them, he proceeded to don his sunglasses and get behind the wheel of the monster truck. But not before a reporter tried to slip in a question. She asked if she could pose a question about Gaza. His response? “No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front as I step on it.” The barely concealed rage of his answer betrays how disgusting his approach has been. [emphasis mine]

    Anybody remember Trump threatening to kill a reporter?

  27. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Your statement makes absolutely no sense.
    Just idiotic hasbarish shit from some jew @sshole.

  28. Max Payne says:

    My, my, look at all the anons, bots, and paid trolls whenever a Gaza post comes up. Some cute long-cons over here.

    Though it does reinforce the idea that the West produces the type of men that have to ask their wife’s boyfriend to help them change a tire.

    A true lack of understanding of blood, sweat, tears, effort, distances. It explains why people here keep calling Antifa and BLM “dangerous” even though they are literally clowns playing with toys.

    Just remember… rationality gives you courage.
    For Gaza, it was victory or death. Israel, however, has other options.


    God must love Netanyahu because a war was the only thing that would have saved him from prison and lo and behold, war. I knew in my heart Netanyahu was the man that will give me my Iran war. Hollywood failed me with a two-part Dune ‘movie’ (ugh) but Bibi will give me something to watch on TV. PEW PEW PEW!!!!

    The alt-media has been relatively quiet on this particular engagement. There was more analysis on the non-battle of Donbass of 2021. 11 days and so little exposition.

    Some interesting notes:

    -11 days. 4000+ rockets. Home-made unguided missiles with no quality control. Buried over the years all over Gaza on timers or remote control. Unmanned with no operator or crew. No reloads, one-time use. Not so much a launcher as a stick to hold the rocket upright really. Remember that thunder storm that set off rockets in 2020 by accident?

    It’s because they have been sitting in a field for years. The vast majority of the cheap rockets Hamas makes are not underground in a bunker, which then have to be transported, deployed, and fired. They are already deployed. I doubt the so called “Hamas metro” was ever used operationally (to reload the real launchers that chamber foreign-made missiles). In short the IAF is literally turning up dirt.

    -90% interception rate? My eyes rolled so hard I had to do back flips. Tik Tok is pissing pictures of damage.

    -One thing no one wants to talk about is that Israel has nearly depleted its entire reserves of Iron Dome missiles in the South. What’s even more hush-hush is the abysmal reload rate. As if an American designed the system or something.

    -It’s almost as if there is a general plan of some kind… a binder with a checklist (written from right to left, in squiggly no less). The IDF has run out of targets and lacks any actionable intelligence to strike anything of significance save for civilians inside Gaza. As racist as orthodox Jews are most IDF members don’t like being war criminals. Google and Apple put extreme effort to prevent APIs that locate war criminals when they leave Israel (to charge them with crimes against humanity, if you love Israel so much why leave it? I don’t understand).

    I doubt China will care if a Nazi-Hunter app is developed for their OS (thanks Trump). Heck these people believe in social credit.

    -The alt-media doesn’t even have the balls to report the clear infighting between IDF and Netanyahu. Remember the early flip-flops? Ordering the army into Gaza, that later morphed into a story about a clever ruse (after forcing the IDF to make statements it supports the political wing). Finally it was confessed it was all a communication mistake. The reality is you are witnessing institutional cultures fighting with each other. And I don’t blame the IDF, without solid objectives how can any military operate successfully?

    -I partially suspect the IDF has become what all Western military forces have become. A job. No one sacrifices their life for a job.


    -A lack of strategic objectives from Israel didn’t help. Is it to stop all launchers? To destroy Hamas? To bomb the so called “Hamas Metro”? To cause suffering like good Nazis? Is the strategy to take the hits and strike at all launchers over a very long period of time? Spreading democracy and freedoms? Strike at leadership? Reapply boots-on-the-ground occupations and curfews, going door-to-door searching for guns and tunnels?

    -Primarily due to China (Tik Tok), Palestine has been able to get more than just statements out to the Western public. The sheer volume of Chinese media brute forces its way back into the Western social media sphere (even with all the shadow bans and de-ranking).

    -China and it’s overt annoyance with the US preventing it from trying to achieve a ceasefire did more than anyone else on the international arena (Egypt and Biden will slap each other on the ass taking the credit of course). Russia, as usual, was bribed by the waiving of sanctions on NordStream 2. China perhaps has finally discovered the secret weapon to use on the West whenever illiterate ‘journalists’ start talking about “human rights abuses in the PRC”. Reply ‘Israel, baby’.

    SIDE NOTE: Anyone who thinks Russia is in the Middle East for peace or Arabs is an idiot. The Syrian op was not to save Assad, it was to secure Israel as there were no guarantee ISIL wouldn’t turn rogue like most Western-proxy Islamist factions, which would splinter, armed with Syrian military hardware/chem weapons, and begin to cause real issues. Funny how Russia neutralized the chemical weapons first. One day Russians will understand Lavrov would rather spill Russian blood in the Middle East than just honour his weapon sales contracts like normal successful business people. No one is tricked by the brash international negotiation tactic of threatening to sell weapon X or system Y to Iran or North Korea then pulling out last minute. All Russia ends up doing is reminding potential clients Russia is a last-minute, bad-faith, word-smith, term-changing dealer that needs Israel to manage America (and why it lets America kill its operators with impunity). As Iran has long understood. BUT I DIGRESS…..

    -The current social climate is much different. It’s an age of BLM, cult of Floyd & slavery reparations, of covid shutdowns & desperate financial aid from governments, the obvious unjustified billions of dollars to Israel with blunt proclamations such as “we will replenish Iron Dome” while the average citizen asks “why is my cheque so little but Israel gets so much?”. It’s getting harder to suppress information even with all the filters and neural networks/AI/deep learning/advanced database look up (whatever people are calling it these days)

    -HD images of white Europeans oppressing indigenous people was a cool look when the Spanish Flu was around, but sadly not in the age of covid. The World knows what it’s looking at, even if it’s being told something else. Europe herself has experienced the fallout of US/Israeli machinations in Africa and Middle East in the form of refugee waves. Only the cuckolds of the West actually believe in anything Israel says.

    -Hamas didn’t fall into rash wargasm fire-everything-we-got decision. As of yet little (if any) foreign-made rockets have been fired. Reserves are being considered. Rhetoric is more direct, Hamas does not beg Hezbollah to help or for the international community to come save them. They tell Hezbollah to make its own decisions. Hamas refuses any aid coming from Israeli checkpoints (firing mortars whenever they approach).

    -A new sense of respect for OPSEC. Especially in an age of miniature drones, mounted radars and signal intelligence. HUMINT sources become harder to maintain as competent counter-intelligence constantly sniffs out traitors. Hamas is making efforts to be militarily viable. Even releasing drone footage of the perimeter of Gaza showing IDF forces have pulled back prior to the ceasefire. One suspects a tunnel may have opened up near an outpost like the last engagement.

    -I understand the 80-IQers here have a hard time grasping this, especially the sister-banging Christian Zion hicks, but the people of Gaza have experienced Israeli bombings all their lives. They have lost everything multiple times. Shell shock. PTSD. These are fake terms an American uses when his wife asks him for money to give to her black boyfriend. It would probably embarrass a Palestinian to discover PRE-traumatic stress disorder is a thing in Israel.

    -Gaza, a young population that has continuously endured hardships and warfare, has had its back against the wall for decades. When Hamas launches rockets at Israel they full well understand the immense retaliation they will receive from Israel. More than any here will ever know. Rationality gives you courage.

    Rationality is not some exclusive Western Anglo-Judeo trait. It’s actually the only trait which the West has lost. After 11 days the IDF has been ineffective in slowing down the 400 rockets/day even after decades of inhumane embargoes that would make Madeleine Albright blush.

    What other rational option was there for Palestinians? To be a bitch? What kind of low-testosterone low-IQ virgin accepts subjugation? At least white man offered fire water to natives. You cheap fucks.

    -A poster here wants to blame Christian Zionists for what Israel is enduring. Christian Zionists are cuckolds and cowards because they are IRRATIONAL and thus lack the foundations of courage. For them a life as a slave is better than an honourable death. It’s why they are being told to check their privileges while BLM raids the country. They didn’t say anything after rising cost of living or covid lock downs or stolen elections or failing overpriced military equipment or shipping off jobs overseas or to an illegal Iraq war or excessive immigration…or…or…or… they are a people that need to be told what to think and thus rationality is a foreign concept to them. Blaming them for this is like blaming a puppy for making a mess. It’s too dumb to understand because it is not a rational creature.

    Yet the media, which is pro-Israel, feeds them the fake news that keeps voting in hardcore war hungry neocons and US-born Jews who think Israel is some kind of stock in a portfolio as opposed to a nation with peoples lives and families. If media told them don’t vote they won’t vote because lack of rationality.

    -Gaza is a 9 x 40 km strip. A single person on foot can travel all of it in a day (with rest). A fighter jet, drone, or sensor can traverse/scan it all in literal seconds. These aren’t the mountains of Tora Bora or the caucuses or the triple canopy jungles of Vietnam or the immense landscape of Iraq. This area is smaller than most major cities in the world. It speaks volumes if this piss ant of a strip can cause this many problems for Israel. Hezbollah? Don’t even think about it. Iran? Without the US it’s a death sentence (and that’s after Israel launches a couple of nuclear warheads towards Tehran, as if IRGC planners didn’t anticipate that scenario).

    -The Israelis that matter don’t really want victory. They have Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, US, Ukraine, Russia. Their original homelands. Israel is just a dummy corporation for rich businessmen to siphon their goods and money through. Israel is for Netanyahu. Who wants to die in the slums of Gaza for that? Who would sacrifice his life for a state that is protecting the assets of some geriatric living comfortably in New York City? Last ground incursion into Gaza saw the IDF deploy NKVD-style snipers to pick off any IDF soldiers who were in immediate danger of being captured by Hamas. Who needs that shit?

    -As a rule of thumb if the IAF killed a Hamas “leader” he was either low level or sloppy. Either way their removal opens up the way for the younger more technical generation to fill. As the only true limits of the Asiatic world is the old axiom “respect your elders, even if they are retarded wrong”.

    -Funny thing if Arafat with his funny hat was still around Gaza would be a weak, defenceless, hopeless, 7th-world non-entity. It’s always the older generation that hold the new generation back from achievements (criticizing Chinese medicine is like criticizing gay rights in the west, auto-cancelled). The opposite is true in the West though, in which the new generation squanders the great achievements of those before them. It’s probably why they keep Abbas around, he’s so old he’s bound to be useless.

    • Thanks: sher singh
  29. RobinG says:

    Thanks, Taxi. We’re in a hot spin cycle now…. did Bibi cease fire because of [US] pressure – as NPR avers – or, as Scott Ritter opines, did their Iron Dome run short on missiles?

    • Replies: @Taxi
  30. Taxi says:

    Iron Dome failures, and lack of military strategy combined with failed intel. These are the fundamentals of why the israelis unilaterally quit.

    Netanyahu had been telling Biden to “stay out of it” for days, but in the end, Netanyahu also cynically used the cover of ‘US pressure’ as justification given to his domestic, zealot supporters.

    Netanyahu and Biden despise each other. There’s a history of antagonism between them. This, of course, does not mean that Biden is any less zionist. It just means he has personality issues with Netanyahu – and vice versa.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  31. Larry47460 says: • Website


  32. @Taxi

    p.s (‘Alleged’ 6 million. Gentiles are still waiting for possessive jews to allow them access to holocaust materials and records in order to run them through PROPER scientific and forensic examination. Will this day ever come? Sure don’t look like it.).

    Yad Vashem has critical data on 4.5 million Jews. Documented with birth certificates, families, cities etc. It is all bright eyed and open to the public for your viewing pleasure, online any time you want to check it out.

    You are such a POS Taxi it is truly astounding. Your hatred is over the top, cartoonish, and ineffectual. These articles seem like therapy for you. Oh Jerusalem!!!

    • Replies: @Taxi
  33. RobinG says:

    “More than 180,000 people have turned out in London today to stand with Palestine.”

    • Thanks: Taxi
  34. Taxi says:
    @Fran Taubman

    Shush yourself now, little wannabe semite. You know damn well that NO GENTILE IS PERMITTED TO TOUCH ANY (s0-called) HOLOCAUST MATERIAL EVIDENCE. ONLY JEWISH HANDS HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS to it. Sure, Gentiles can ‘look’, but they can’t touch or take ANY ‘evidence’ to non-jew laboratories to examine for authenticity etc. All proofs of the holocaust thang are verbal/jewish hearsay, or manufactured by jewish ‘theater’. The Red Cross, an apolitical agency, has supplied us with their official figure of 271,301 jewish victims who died in concentration camps during WW2. No mention of ovens or shmovens. This figure of dead jews is high but IT IS NOT 6 MILLION! I don’t even think you know the actual definition of the word ‘holocaust’. Go look it up, fool!

    And you think you’re Annie Oakley and you wanna “lock and load” on me as per your comment on my last article? You don’t even dare come to my personal blog for an ‘exchange of ideas’ lol! You’re a born coward, the same as the rest of your ashkanzi, terrorist wannabe semites.

    Shoulda stayed in Khazaria and saved all them 271,301 jewish victims. Shoulda stayed in khazaria and saved yourselves from your imminent 21st century eviction from the holy land.

    AND NO, dear (forgotten your name just now and can’t be bothered to scroll for it), judiasm is NOT a DNA. It is a vile, anti-humanitarian, racist screed. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A JEWISH GENE. There isn’t even a semite gene. LOL! Neither history, nor geography nor science supports your filthy, klepto, supremacist lies.

    • Thanks: Taxi
    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  35. @Taxi

    A cartoon response. Love the Annie Oakley. As American as Apple pie. What’s the weather like in Lebanon.?
    There actually is a gene for kohens the high priest.

  36. RobinG says:

    Tweet from @walid970721

  37. RobinG says:


    Wish could hear your comments on this article. Some interesting points (and links) amongst the anti-Hamas opinion.

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