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Of Course Scalia Had A Point
But Affirmative Action’s Real Damage Is To Whites, Asians, And America
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Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Antonin Scalia

Donald Trump has shifted the Overton Window, soaring to the top of the polls while championing issues the political class believed were off-limits. But even Trump seemed to side with the Left in deploring Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent remarks about Affirmative Action’s paradoxical negative impact on African-Americans. Of course, Scalia had an entirely reasonable point. However, it’s time to face up to the real scandal: the damage that Affirmative Action does to displaced whites (and Asians).

During oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas, UT attorney Greg Garre argued that when school dropped Affirmative Action policies, diversity plummeted. Scalia commented:

“I’m just not impressed by the fact that the University of Texas may have fewer [black students without Affirmative Action]. Maybe it ought to have fewer…And I don’t think it stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible.”

[Read the most controversial statement by Justice Scalia on admissions and race, by Robert Barnes, Washington, Post, December 10, 2015]

Scalia then said:

“There are those who contend that it does not benefit African–Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less advanced school, a less —a slower—track school where they do well,”

These remarks reportedly “drew muted gasps” from the attendees [Supreme Court Justices’ Comments Don’t Bode Well for Affirmative Action, by Adam Liptak,New York Times, December 9, 2015].

After the arguments, the gasps were less muted:

That a sitting Supreme Court justice could feel emboldened enough to articulate the kind of boldfaced belief in white supremacy thought to have ended with formal racial segregation illustrates the contours of the nation’s New Jim Crow, a system that justifies the dearth of African-American bodies in predominantly white spaces by questioning whether they truly belong there in the first place. [Scalia Comments Shine Light on U.S. Institutional Racism, Newsweek, December 10, 2015]

Of course, those less-muted gaspers already favored Affirmative Action anyway. And Scalia had his defenders. But by shrieking and creating a scandal, the Left once again succeeded in shifting the Overton Window in its direction. What was once the most Politically Correct reason to oppose Affirmative Action—that it was damaging to blacks—is now Officially Offensive.

Note that Scalia was not suggesting that blacks are inherently unfit to succeed at top schools, merely that blacks who have inferior grades and test scores t o their white and Asian peers will not excel. This is known as the Mismatch Theory.

Admitting blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans to hypercompetitive colleges that otherwise would have rejected them, Mismatch Theory holds, just means that these students are more likely to burn out and fail. Even those who do manage to graduate often end up taking less challenging majors and ultimately learn less. Mismatch Theory suggests that these students would have been better off attending a less competitive school where they would have excelled.

The Mismatch Theory is popular amongst Conservatism Inc. intellectuals because it argues that we should oppose Affirmative Action because it hurts blacks—not because it hurts whites and Asians. This is not a new argument, but it’s more plausible than the “soft bigotry of low expectations” trope about black self-esteem, and much more acceptable in the current climate.

Even a brave conservative like Heather Mac Donald has claimed that Mismatch Theory “is the most powerful critique of Affirmative Action yet developed” . [A Devastating Affirmative-Action Failure, National Review, August 26, 2013] And the coauthor of one of the amicus briefs to which Scalia was referring was Stuart Taylor, co-author of the book Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It’s Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won’t Admit It.

But, though plausible, the theory may be overstated. To take an extreme example: one Kashawn Campbell, an African American student who lacked basic writing skills, was admitted into the University of California-Berkeley, where he struggled. He was profiled by the Los Angeles Times.

At Cal, he was among the hardest workers in the dorm, but he could barely keep afloat. Seeking help, he went at least once a week to the office of his writing instructor, Verda Delp. The more she saw him, the more she worried. His writing often didn’t make sense. He struggled to comprehend the readings for her class and think critically about the text. “It took a while for him to understand there was a problem,” Delp said. “He could not believe that he needed more skills. He would revise his papers and each time he would turn his work back in having complicated it. The paper would be full of words he thought were academic, writing the way he thought a college student should write, using big words he didn’t have command of.”

[South L.A. student finds a different world at Cal, by Kurt Streeter, August 16, 2013]

Campbell was an extreme example of racial preferences. He attended Jefferson High School, which was 91% Hispanic, 8.4% African American, 0.0% Asian, and is 0.0% white. When Campbell graduated from the school in 2012, only 4.1% of the students were proficient in Math and only 18.9% were proficient in English (that was an improvement from a few years earlier when the numbers were 0.6 and 12.9). Campbell was likely admitted through California’s policy of admitting the top students at every high school. Even under normal racial quotas, Campbell probably would not have been admitted. But because California ostensibly did away with racial preferences after Proposition 209 and now just takes the top of the class at non-white schools, this created distortions from which he benefitted.

Reflecting upon the story, UCLA Law professor Eugene Volokh suggested “it seems likely that Campbell would have been more successful at a school such as Cal State, which is more likely to spend more time remedying the gaps in Campbell’s education” [The Mismatch Effect, in the L.A. Times, Volokh Conspiracy, August 23, 2013].

But is this true? During his first year, Campbell managed to squeak through by taking African American Studies classes. A year later he seemed happy at Berkeley, writing “I have learned more about what it means to be black in a new environment. It’s a beautiful struggle that warms me up like morning tea, knowing that I am making a statement with all of these activities and my ethnicity” [Beyond the banner: what inspired our poster students, The Daily Californian, November 3, 2014].

Between the tutors, teachers allowing Campbell (right) to retake classes, and African American studies courses, he will probably manage to graduate. He may lack basic writing skills, but Campbell no doubt has a profitable career ahead of him being black for a living.

Responding to the hoopla over Scalia’s comments, Stuart Taylor wrote,

[M]any recipients of large racial preferences would be better off in the long run—with more learning, better careers, and perhaps happier lives—if they went to less prestigious but still excellent schools where they could do well academically.

Prestige has obvious advantages. The question is whether they outweigh the costs of being near the bottom of the class.

[Scalia’s Poorly Worded Comment Has Merit, Real Clear Politics, December 15, 2015]

I’m skeptical. I attended a semi-prestigious undergraduate school and an elite law school. When I applied for jobs after undergrad, not one employer asked for my transcript. They were confident that I was smart enough just based on the school’s pedigree. To most employers, being a poor student in undergrad at a top-notch institution is better than floating by at a mediocre one.

I did have to give my grades when I applied to Law School, but of course, these law schools also have racial preferences. It’s hard to argue that most Affirmative Action admissions harmed their recipients at elite law schools. Virtually no one fails out and at the top 3 law schools in the country—Harvard, Yale, and Stanford—do not have grades, nor does UC Berkley (ranked 8h). While all these schools have some distinctions among students, it is impossible to determine who is at the bottom of the class. Most other of the elite top 14 (T-14) law schools do not let students know their rank and some do not allow them to put their GPA on their resumes when applying for jobs. Similarly, elite MBA programs do not allow students to disclose their grades until after they are hired.

Based on their test scores, it seems like many, if not most, blacks who attend the top three Law Schools would have not been accepted to any of the “T-14” schools, but may have been accepted on the merits at schools at the bottom of the top 20. Most of the students accepted at the other schools would have ended up in schools ranked 20th-50th without Affirmative Action.

At most T-14 schools, if you have decent social skills and have OK grades you can get a job at a corporate law firm, while at the 20-50 ranked schools, you need to have top grades and law review. As blacks rarely make law review or honors at any school (at my law school, not one black received honors for being in the top quarter of the class), the firms choose based on where they attended.

And of course, Affirmative Action continues through graduation with law firms giving jobs to minority students with poorer grades than the white students at the same schools.

In short, the benefit of going to an elite school is not that you get a superior education, but rather that you can say you got into an elite school. Indeed, a Newsweek story that was somehow supposed to rebut Scalia noted that black students who attended selective colleges go on to earn big salaries, even if they had low SAT scores [Black Students Do Just Fine At Elite Schools. Justice Scalia Take Note. By Jonathan Rothwell, Newsweek, December 22, 2015]

I suspect Affirmative Action does actually harm some blacks who shouldn’t be in college to begin with. They may end up not graduating and carrying around debt without a degree to show for it.

But the Educrat dogma that everyone who wants to should go to college, and is also capable of graduating, is far more responsible for the plight of these blacks than Affirmative Action policies per se. This dogma has plunged plenty of whites who do not get Affirmative Action scholarships into debt as well.

Ultimately, there is no getting around the brutal reality: the real victims of Affirmative Action are the White and Asian students who are denied a spot in a selective school that they would have earned on their merits.

Instead of letting the Left push the Overton Window in their direction on racial preferences, we should take a page out of the Trump playbook (even if he’s AWOL on this issue). We should stand up explicitly for the White a.k.a. American and Asian students hurt by Affirmative Action. (Pictured right: plaintiff Abigail Fisher.)

And it’s time to discuss why that test score disparity among races exists in the first place. Even if that leads to some “muted|—and not muted—“gasps.”

John Reid [email him] is an American citizen and a recent law school graduate.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Affirmative action, Supreme Court 
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. Well written and agree with almost everything you said. (Harry Reid, the election thief, is a disgrace and simply utters what he thinks his liberal masters want to hear).

    The mismatch theory applies not just to admission, but even the pressure to graduate or get into college that is being pushed on blacks.

    Maybe some blacks do not want to graduate. Maybe they are not that keen on going to college, let alone top colleges where they will do poorly. So why entice them with affirmative action towards a path they don’t wish to walk?

    School standards have been watered down, and math and science classes diluted to allow blacks to graduate at the same rate as whites and the whole society pays the price.

    Affirmative action is racist, not only because it discriminates against whites, but because it eventually hurts blacks by conning them into thinking they are capable in areas that they are not and leading them into fields they are not cut out for.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  2. Mark Green says: • Website

    The entire ‘scandal’ over Scalia’s sensible remarks is pure political cant. Unfortunately, reality-denial has now become a requirement for public service. Even our Courts are feeling the heat. ‘Equal treatment under law’ is constantly being tweaked and revised. This is a very unhealthy trend.

    Significantly, ‘outraged’ liberal writers like Liptak, Rothwell and Savage (above) are probably very comfortable with the idea of diverging mental capacities among/between whites (and by implication, Jews). Of course they are.

    After all, that’s why there’s Harvard, Princeton and Yale!

    And that’s why Jews are found at elite universities in such great numbers. These are the children of Einstein!

    Indeed, differences in human intelligence have always been taken for granted–even among siblings with the same two parents.

    In fact, many ‘gifted’ students have siblings with average–and sometimes below-average–IQs. This should not be shocking. Like inborn athletic potential, intellectual capacities are bestowed by nature in unequal portions. True?

    So why shouldn’t genetically-isolated populations (races) mirror this ‘diversity’?

    Variations in human intelligence occur. Among families, tribes, ethnic communities, and races. Even breeds of dogs exhibit differences in innate mental capacity. This is biology talking. The rest is politicized nonsense.

    But science has become a VERY BIG OBSTACLE for the ‘racial egalitarian enforcers’ who manage America’s political discourse. Genes and intelligence? Different ethnic backgrounds…. Race?

    That’s white supremacism!

    And so, the Social Justice Warriors must pretend (and declare) that the descendants of African slaves must have precisely the same proportion of intellectually-gifted children as Ashkanazi Jews, Boston Presbyterians, or Hong Kong Chinese. Call in the bean-counters!

    The offspring of NBA players need equal representation at MIT.

    But this ruse is even more absurd that it looks. Even the bean-counters have to pull their punches.

    After all, we cannot (and must never) count (apply) ‘quotas’ to Jews. Heavens no!

    Whites must bow (as well as Asians) but Jews are exempt from the machinations of affirmative action. Even the US government is prohibited from counting them.

    On the other hand, sacrificing a little white ‘privilege’ is an appropriate and necessary step for achieving social justice.

    But why should mandating an equal and proportional sacrifice from America’s most successful group be beyond the pale?


    It’s anti-Semitic!

    Just watch this movie or read that book if you don’t believe me.

    So it’s whites (or Asians) who must pay for ‘unequal outcomes’ in education. No ‘social remedy’ or demographic slight-of-hand can be implemented if it victimizes you-know-who. That’s when ‘affirmative action’ slips down the ugly slope into ‘quotas’.

    Therefore, Jews are exempt from numerically-derived (and politically-correct) policies of academic exclusion. This is a very kosher remedy for academic inequality.

    When can we examine these policies and discuss their disparate impact?


    Not now. Maybe never.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  3. unit472 says:

    A well known economist/investment advisor mentioned in his Christmas newsletter that an associate of his, a wealthy hedge fund manager, had funded an academy in Somalia for boys and that we were encouraged to donate. He pointed out that this schools graduates had been ‘accepted” into elite schools in America and the UK. That they would be the leadership of tomorrow’s Somalia.

    I about threw up upon reading this. While anyone is free to spend their own money as they see fit, the idea that it is, somehow, morally preferable to assist a poor African by sending him to school at an elite Western school and deny the American student a spot at his own universities is appalling. It is also naive to believe the Somalian, having had a taste of Yale or Cambridge, is going to be in any hurry to head back to Somalia and ‘build’ his own nation. Experience tells us he is more likely to overstay his visa and do whatever it takes to never return home.

  4. Jefferson says:

    Why doesn’t the Left want to see more Blacks going to trade schools instead of four year universities? Is it because trade schools do not indoctrine Blacks to hate Whites?

  5. @unit472

    I used to work for a nonprofit that employed many foreigners on a variety of visas. It was a legitimate nonprofit that tried to be upright and follow the law. Most of the foreigners were from the young end of their home countries’ bourgeois class, so, not “huddled masses”. Still, it was hard not to notice certain patterns in nationality and immigration behavior.

    Western Europeans almost all returned to their home countries more or less on time before visa expiry. Eastern Europeans, South Americans, Turks and Asians were more mixed. Some returned home, some skipped out and overstayed, some stayed more or less legitimately (marriage, new job with new visa, etc.). As for Africans, I never saw a single one return home once they got here.

  6. @unit472

    He has a cosmopolitan outlook. I think that he is short sighted. The concept of a nation state exists for a reason, to invite the world and give outsiders every advantage while the white liberals are not reproducing at replacement level is absurd. The most vicious wars are religious wars because they are over identity.

  7. nickels says:

    I guess some people are too dumb and lazy to qualify for a school. So the government steps in and forces the school to accept these people anyway at the expense of fully qualified students.
    Sounds legit…

  8. @Tom_R

    Affirmative action is racist, not only because it discriminates against whites, but because it eventually hurts blacks by

    …leaving every intelligent person to assume every black person who “succeeds” in some way is not capable of actually competing fairly for their success.

    Black surgeon? Black lawyer? Black teacher? Heck, even a black mechanic, who on Earth wants to trust any of them are competent?

    Affirmative Action is a stain on EVERY single black in the middle or higher class now.

    By raising the actual cost of every black (brown, LGBT, etc.) employee (because each one carries a risk of lawsuit-publicity-settlement extortion), I can’t help wondering just how high is the dead-weight cost to businesses in America today.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
  9. Bill says:

    In short, the benefit of going to an elite school is not that you get a superior education, but rather that you can say you got into an elite school.

    Exactly. Mismatch theory is not plausible unless what you mean by mismatch theory is that blacks would *learn* more at lesser schools. That version is plausible. But, in terms of job market outcomes, blacks very likely benefit by going to elite schools.

    The Mismatch Theory is popular amongst Conservatism Inc. intellectuals because it argues that we should oppose Affirmative Action because it hurts blacks—not because it hurts whites and Asians.

    This is not a one-off. This has been the consistent pattern of neoconservative “thought” pretty much from the beginning. They say “don’t argue for right wing policies using right wing arguments and assumptions.” Instead, use liberal arguments and assumptions to arrive at right wing policies. They claim that what will happen is that liberals will be forced to adopt right wing policies because the liberals’ own assumptions and arguments dictate them. Obviously, no such thing happens. What happens instead is that right wingers silently acquiesce to left wing assumptions and arguments. They are a true fifth column, the neoconservatives.

  10. @Jefferson

    Remember the golden rule of democracy. Thou shall not imply that someone is better than someone else in any way, shape or form especially if they are better.

  11. Art says:

    Virtually no one fails out and at the top 3 law schools in the country—Harvard, Yale, and Stanford—do not have grades, nor does UC Berkley (ranked 8h). While all these schools have some distinctions among students, it is impossible to determine who is at the bottom of the class.

    Hmm – this sounds like affirmative action for rich white boys and girls.

    • Replies: @Travis
  12. Scalia thinks money is speech and corporations are people. He is right about affirmative action. Which only proves that even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then.

  13. Scalia is a Christian supremacist Catholic conservative and no friend of liberal or secular democracy. Delving into his history is like swimming in a fish-tank of neo-cons in criminal association; not least his close and enduring Federalist Society ties placing him in the company of such stellar figures as Reagan era ‘faith initiative’ engineer Ed Meese, Bush Jr’s renditions queen Condoleezza Rice and torture lawyer John Yoo.

    Scalia is also not so bright as to grasp his own contradictions. A firm believer in ‘original intent’, in the same moment Scalia dismisses legislative history. If he’d embraced the intent of the founders (one could question this) which is none other than to embrace legislative history at its source and inception, how does he so easily dismiss legislative history that follows? Simple answer; Scalia is a hypocrite who prefers his own rank ideology and interpretations.

    I notice the author is a recent ‘prestigious’ law school grad. The continuing education that is called experience may temper his green ego to something closer to wisdom and keen insights overcoming certain prejudices but judging by the temperament of this article, I doubt it.

    Meanwhile, those with law educations might appreciate (or not) this satire:

    With eyes mere slits, Chief Justice John Roberts proposed Stare Decisis had passed the Federalist Society rite of initiation and be awarded membership. Stare, feeling his ingratiation with the fascists would further his career opportunities, and therefore smugly pleased, sat for his official photo on a tall stool wearing the borrowed Federalist Society member George W Bush’s dunce cap, which was actually a modified Klu Klux Klan headdress, presented by a Grand Wizard.

    With Stare’s middle finger shoved up his nose as though digging deep for a booger, the preferred pose of society members for photos, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito pulled from beneath their robes Thompson Sub-Machine guns…

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  14. vinteuil says:

    “Black surgeon? Black lawyer? Black teacher? Heck, even a black mechanic, who on Earth wants to trust any of them (to be) competent?”


    True story: about 15 years ago, while working as an intern in the Dept of Clinical Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, I suffered a broken tooth, so I went to the nearest provider on my included healthcare plan to have it capped. Turned out to be a black woman.

    What followed was the most horrifically painful experience of my life. A couple of hours of searing, excruciating pain, with the tears running down my face, while she kept insisting that all was well, it was nearly over, and there was no need for any more pain killers.

    I assumed that she knew what she was doing – that this was just what you had to go through to get a broken tooth capped.

    So when, ten years later, living in rural Missouri, I again broke a tooth, I put off fixing it for weeks, in fear of what it would be like.

    Finally bowed to the inevitable and went to the local dentist – a middle-aged white guy who couldn’t seem to stop telling you about the latest news he’d gleaned from Rush Limbaugh.

    Result? Totally painless procedure, out in half an hour.

    To this day, I wonder about what that lady in Bethesda put me through: was it mere incompetence? Or active malice?

    Regardless, the moral of the story is: never, ever, put yourself in the hands of a black professional, no matter how “qualified,” if you’ve got the option of some nobody white grunt instead.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  15. Rehmat says:

    It’s interesting to note that Donald Trump has become a “shield” for all the American politicians, religious leaders and the so-called “intellectuals” to vomit their own hatred of Muslims and Islam. I’m at loss to find out which US president had not hated Muslims, even when there were no Muslims in United States? Since WWI every American president is known for licking feet of country’s tiny Jewish minority, so much so, that some rabbis started calling United States, The Promised Jewish Land.

    No Western government has the balls to investigate Israeli leaders for their war crimes against Palestinians, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Lebanese, Chilean, or Argentinean. The US, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and Germany have all passed laws which provide immunity to Israeli Zionist leaders.

    In September 2015, thousands of British citizens including MPs, labor union leaders and anti-war activists held a protest rally in front of David Cameron’s 10 Downing Street residence against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyah’s two-day visit to London. The pro-Israel Jewish and anti-Muslim Christian groups staged a counter demonstration at the same time. Police had to use force to stop Zionist hooligans attacking anti-Netanyahu protesters carrying Hamas and Hizbullah flags, and Free Palestine banners. According to the Jewish Chronicle police arrested one anti-Netanyahu and five pro-Netanyahu protesters.

    Before boarding plane to begin his visit to London, Netanyahu warned western leaders about the Islamic danger to the western civilization by repeating his Talmudic bigotry against Muslims and Islam by saying that Islamic teachings are the root causes of bloodshed in the region…..

    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @Mark Green
  16. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Sad to see that Trump is just another scumbag, lying, say-anything-to-get-the-vote politician, just like all the others seeking the Presidency. And since it’s hard to believe that any intelligent person of any race could disagree with Thomas Sowell that affirmative action is a worldwide disaster, one can only assume that Trump and all the lefties are closet racists who assume that the great majority of black Americans are too dumb to understand the evil and nation-destroying stupidity of affirmative action. But let’s hope this is a mistake that will deny Trump the votes of all intelligent black Americans of good faith.

  17. Art says:

    Pardon the pun – but everything is not “black and white.”

    The grand purpose of a university is to advance society – to educate the young, and to further human knowledge and understanding of each other and our universe. Universities are supported by society and the community. Thus they have a community purpose. Universities have a group purpose and a purpose to advance the individual.

    Is it a value to the community to have blacks in these universities? Is an integrated society a value to our American community. The answers are Yes and Yes.

    There are negatives for the individuals, both black and white – but in the long run the interests of society must prevail – in the long run it is a plus for America.

    With all that said, affirmative action should not go no forever.

    • Replies: @vinteuil
    , @Ozymandias
  18. OutWest says:

    Intelligence would seem to be an individual trait rather than a racial one. That’s not to say that statistically there are no variations in the measured intelligence of large groups from one race or another. Rather, the fact is that statistics fail when applied to sample groups of one. Scalia would be on firmer ground –and individuals of all races would also- if we viewed an individual as such without the superfluous baggage of race.

    If that is Scalia’s point I would agree.

  19. Travis says:

    but 50% of the “whites” at Harvard are jewish….

    actual ethnic quotas would result in more “whites” attending the best schools…
    60% of Americans are white christians, yet at the elite Universities the student body is under 30% white Christians….

  20. vinteuil says:

    rehmat, I can never quite decide whether you’re a wholly owned property of Israeli intelligence, out to make Arabs/Muslims look as stupid as possible, or, God forbid, a real, honest-to-goodness Islamic believer.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Clyde
  21. vinteuil says:

    “The grand purpose of a university is to advance society – to educate the young, and to further human knowledge and understanding of each other and our universe. Universities are supported by society and the community. Thus they have a community purpose. Universities have a group purpose and a purpose to advance the individual.”

    Hey, Art – are you, by any chance, a low level administrator at some podunk college, hoping to get ahead by telling the higher-ups exactly what they like to hear?

  22. Mark Green says: • Website

    Rehmat- You make several important points. This is why our media’s role in this needless ‘clash of civilizations’ is so decisive and so insidious.

    Indeed, unlike the treatment accorded ‘Christians’ (from Mexico) or ‘Jews’ (from Russia), our news media continuously depicts refugees from Libya and Syria and Iraq and Sudan only as ‘Muslims’. This one-dimensional moniker implies that their religious background is all-important but that their race/ethnicity, their national origin, their language, their extra-religious customs and values, the way they look, their IQ, and their genetic profiles are unimportant. This is nonsense.

    Moreover, many ‘Muslims’ are not fundamentalist. Some in fact are only nominally religious. And some of these Mideast refugees are Christian. But virtually all these refugees–‘Muslim’ and otherwise–are victims of Zio-American foreign policies. Why not examine that salient fact?

    Indeed, the malefactors responsible for these lethal conflicts should be in prison.

    Instead, they’re riding around in limos, signing books, running for re-election, plotting their next regime change, and appearing on TV.

    Sure, Islam is a real barrier to assimilation in the West. But so is Judaism. I don’t see anyone in public life complaining about the rising Chabad movement, for instance. Do you? Plus, there’s the enormous pull that Israel has on virtually all of the world’s Jews. Are we to believe that their ‘passionate attachment’ to Israel does not pose perils for the Christian West? Ha!

    So what’s with these manipulative double-standards? Whose interests do they serve?

    After all, even though virtually all the quasi-criminal ‘Russian Oligarchs’ were Jewish, our news media strenuously depicts them only as ‘Russian’. Do you think this journalistic policy happened by accident?

    So why the double standard for ‘Muslims’?


    In part, it’s to get Israel off the hook.

    The understandable dread that much of Europe is feeling over this wave of Third World refugees provides a lot of opportunity for highly-placed Zionists to further demonize Israel’s (Muslim) foes and to create a false equivalence between Israel and the West. This is a great PR opportunity for Zionists.

    This narrative helps explain why our Zionized news media examines the human rights disaster in greater Israel as being between ‘Israelis’ and ‘Palestinians’, when in fact it’s the familiar (and never-ending) conflict between Jews and non-Jews–only now the neighborhood is different.

    Jewish ‘exceptionalism’ simply rubs the world the wrong way. It’s the familiar story of anti-Jewish blowback. Jews de-ligitimize this political expression by terminology. Either it’s ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘Islamo-fascism’ or ‘terrorism’. These words indirectly tell you who the good guys are.

    So the anti-Muslim backlash that’s now building in the West is partially a scripted clash that will be used to 1) shore up Israel’s reputation (or at least garner sympathy for Israel) due to the inevitable anger that whites will feel over the (unnecessary) loss of their cultures, and 2) soften up the West for more lethal actions against the Arab/Persian worlds.

    After all, hostilities can be ramped-up simply by throwing together very different peoples. Irritation. Discord. Chaos. Needless to say, Israel will not be accepting any of these Mideast refugees. That’s become our responsibility.

    But these wars, disruptions and migrations are a direct consequence of pro-Zionist policies that have been injected and cultivated in Washington and the West.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Alec Leamas
  23. @vinteuil

    Fortunately Australia doesn’t have the same problem though I think some would prefer the very small number of Aboriginal doctors to provide their services to Aborigines. However I remember with pleasure and satisfaction a 15 year period during which I took a succession of various secondhand cars that my spirit of economy recommended to me to one central city service garage for service and occasional repairs. It was very competently run by a charming black Trinidadian and his attractive lighter coloured Trinidadian wife. He and his white mechanics all seemed competent and conscientious. I got a job with him for a Chinese refugee who had worked at Mercedes-Benz in Germany. (Actually I remember that he had arrived as a student from Shanghai well after the Tianmen Square massacre and still managed to stay – possibly some discretion exercised because of real skills).

  24. Theres a big problem here. Namely the more black alumni these schools spit out, the more they’ll have a caucus and body politic power to deny the rollback of AA/diversity programmes. I suspect once these people get into the corporate world, their lack of expertise and skill becomes very apparent, but it also suits corporates to have AA hires to show “diversity”. The whole thing is a pyramid scheme designed to keep deserving whites, asians and others out. The argument needs to be made that people should progress on merit and not feelings. We dont have quotas for NBA or NFL teams, why should private corporations shareholders have to provide employment for African studies students?

    I was walking around McKinsey’s office in London the other day and noticed a black guy working there. Immediately I knew he probably had a lower IQ than most of the people around him, and probably me. But of course he has that job and I don’t.

    The problem is you cant skiv in a football or basketball team, but you can skiv in a corporation in most roles.

    When diversity comes crashing down I’m going to throw a party.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  25. @Jefferson

    Trades? For Blacks? Construction and the trades may be the last bastion for men. It involves WORK. Which leaves out women. Electrical, telecom and other construction trades mean long overtime, good money and hard work. You work around rough men that have PC bullshit on their “got no time for” list. You will become strong, rough and I believe, valuable, much more so than as some liberal arts major. I don’t see Blacks or women among construction crews, especially the technical trades. Even a rough man needs a high IQ to do electrical, plumbing, wiring and all the measuring and estimating of carpentry and plumbing and HVAC. I see a few Hispanics, but mostly Whites. It’s the way it is.

  26. Quite aside from Aff-Act, in the sixties is when the entire college/university system went into full swindle mode. The bullshit degree programs created so that morons could have a printed up degree in exchange for full-rate tuition is breathtaking. Womens/African/Sexual/Insect/Animal/Behavior/Communications/HumanResources/Journalism/blah/blah/blah degree programs for morons, mostly women, actually. We don’t have colleges, the majority of these programs could print a degree and hand it over and send a kid on his/her way, at least they wouldn’t have been screwed up by the college experience.

    There is not ONE degree that should be handed out that doesn’t come with extensive education in mathematics, science, a knowledge of literature, government, history. A foreign language should be mandatory. These kids aren’t educated, they’re MORONS. Then, to accommodate it all, the greed of the colleges and universities, they rigged the entire process for employers to demand a degree and from birth, the scam-setting inducement, “you must have a degree” to join the ranks of the employed. Loans, incestuous relationships between banks, lenders and the colleges. All the way through is the Federal government with mandates and programming and political correctness. And it’s ruining the kids and our society. But, the colleges and universities DO have multi-billion dollar endowments, that IS important, and why not? The cost goes up 10X inflation every year. Creeps. And the women and minorities come out dumber every year, more and more useless. Ah well!

    What a scam.

  27. Affirmative action?
    The greatest nonsense perpetuated on a population addicted to media, food, sports and having their diapers changed by government.
    Long live BRA!

  28. @Mark Green

    You must be non-American or very stupid not to have learned to curb lucidly expressed common sense years (?decades) ago:)

    But you may be young enough to have missed too Ron Unz’s sizzling “The Myth of American Meritocracy” which kept The American Conservative solvent and readable for a while longer about three years ago. It’s almost as if you got your deadliest points from it but forgot where they came from.

    BTW someone posted that the US government (branch unstated) keeps stats on Total Fertility by “race”. Do you happen to know anything about that which would allow you to elaborate or link?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Mark Green
  29. @Mark Green

    I am sorry you have given encouragement to Rehmat when he has just spouted volumes of unmitigated factual rubbish.

    BTW I think anyone wanting to be nuanced about Islam would be emphasising that Wahabism is THE problem even if it is a difficult subject because the Saudi royal family in its last few decades of power will continue to be the main source of finance for Wahabism’s madrassas and its vicious influence wherever there are poor Sunni Muslims.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  30. Svigor says:

    These remarks reportedly “drew muted gasps” from the attendees

    Was there any pearls-clutching? How about purses – did they clutch their purses?

  31. Svigor says:

    BTW I think anyone wanting to be nuanced about Islam would be emphasising that Wahabism is THE problem even if it is a difficult subject because the Saudi royal family in its last few decades of power will continue to be the main source of finance for Wahabism’s madrassas and its vicious influence wherever there are poor Sunni Muslims.

    Saud is certainly pouring gas on the fire with Wahabism, but I don’t think it’s the problem. Christian billionaires could get together and put as much money as they wanted into a Christian analogue to Wahabism, and you still wouldn’t see many (western) Christians ready to strap on suicide vests or join Christian Talibans or caliphates, if any. The Muslim world is fertile ground for Wahabism and the like, which is probably down to some combination of Islamic Nurture and Islamic populations’ Nature (not for nothing these people came up with and took to Islam in the first place, btw).

  32. @Wizard of Oz

    I believe that comes from the Census, no?

  33. @Wizard of Oz

    I’ll be nuanced about Islam, as nuanced about Islam here as they are toward Christians and Jews in their countries. Every Mosque, a cell. Finance and succor for the creepies to do their dirty work. Mosques=cells.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  34. MarkinLA says:

    There is one gate keeping function that corporations and law firms can use to keep AA admits out of their offices even if they have graduated from a top 14 school. They have to pass the bar in the state they are working in. They can make the offer contingent on passing the bar or have them on staff but they have a time limit on passing the bar. The rates for blacks to pass the bar on the first try is pretty poor compared to whites. My guess is that most big firms don’t give whites a second chance. I wonder if they give blacks more than one try.

    The engineer buddy I used to work with said even at UCLA about 85% of the whites there passed the first time with the blacks being far lower.

    • Replies: @Alec Leamas
  35. @Jim Christian

    Do you include Turkey and Indonesia in your implied condemnation of the way they treat Christians and Jews?

    What distinctions could be made in your opinion between different Christians and Jews comparable to the making of a distinction between Wahabists/Salafists and others?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  36. Mark Green says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wizard- I’m 100% white and US-born. Are my comments ‘stupid’ or unoriginal? I don’t believe so. For what it’s worth, I’ve been studying this subject for 30 years.

    Yes, Mr. Unz deduced that Jews have been largely exempted from the pitfalls of affirmative action. And he discovered that members of that particular tribe are also guilty of favoring their co-ethnics in a host of ways, including entry into elite colleges. But one important essay on this subject does not mark its conclusion. Nor should it.

    Pan-Zionist warmongering embodies a unique and very sophisticated form of political activism. This ethnic cronyism has many victims. It’s an ongoing problem of international proportions. It is therefore of immense significance.

    Countless people have died as a consequence of Jewish activism/agitation when it’s combined with Jewish war-planning. It marks a dangerous pattern. For a variety of reasons, many of the guilty actors get to fly under the radar as re-branded ‘neoconservatives’ or liberal ‘nation builders’. But their legacy is the same: war.

    We should therefore examine this phenomena and discuss it openly and without interruption. Do you have a problem with that?

    I’m glad that Mr. Unz has examined some of these facts and forces. Others should continue to do so. One great article on this topic however is not nearly enough. For what it’s worth, I also reiterate many of the prescient insights made by Kevin MacDonald. All important ideas should be spread far and wide. And done so repeatedly.

    But allow me to repeat my central thesis: America’s clash with the non-Jewish East is a political strategy. It’s not about ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’. The crypto-Zionist plot to take out Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran was hatched in the 90s (if not before) by Jewish operatives, some of whom were nesting in VP Cheney’s office (Office of Special Plans).

    This agenda was publicly revealed by General Wesley Clark some years later. Clark spoke about Zio-Washington’s plans of destruction in a head-spinning speech he gave during GW Bush’s War on Iraq.

    The destruction of Israel’s most entrenched foes (listed above) was a clear PNAC (Project for the New American Century) objective, says Clark, long before the events of 911. I believe that Clark’s stunning testimony is still available on YouTube. Please watch it. You need more information in your portfolio.

    This conspiracy of annihilation was covered with Israeli fingerprints. And the Zions are still at it. Does this shock you?

    NATOs vile and needless destruction of Libya was the next step. This is a vast criminal enterprise. And the perpetrators are still at work in Washington.

    America’s needless ‘clash’ with the Muslim world is not theologically-driven. That’s a ruse. It’s an excuse to disrupt and exterminate Israel’s regional foes. So cut the ‘Muslim’ crap.

    Pat Buchanan made similar points in The American Conservative magazine before Bush II launched his tragic and terrible invasion of Iraq in 2003. Buchanan’s bold article was entitled “Whose War?

    Since then, Washington has blown over two trillion dollars on the Iraq debacle alone. We’ve now destabilized an entire region (with the exception of Israel and a few Arab monarchies.) Interesting, no?

    Aggressive, pro-Zionist US military interventions in the Middle East are the source of America’s clash with the Muslim world. And the people of Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran have suffered greatly at Zio-Washington’s hands.

    America’s Mideast wars are all influenced profoundly by Zionists. This central point needs to be hammered home.

    This Israeli factor however goes largely unseen, unacknowledged and un-examined. But it’s front and center in American political life. No political candidate dares touch it. Yet you seem comfortable with this fact. How come?

    Joe Sobran observed that all American politicians must be totally aware of Jewish power in America “but never refer to it.” It’s a force and taboo is like no other.

    Though I’ve been studying and writing about organized Jewish political malfeasance for decades, more work is needed. Why? The opposing side dominates Western media. This is a recipe for continued disaster. The Zions seem even to have captured your political imagination. Strange, that.

  37. @Ronald Thomas West

    That’s because Scalia is a textualist, and legislative histories are a nebulous and indefinite source for interpreting the product of the legislative process – if 22 Senators voted for a bill because they believed it would do x, and 23 Senators voted for a bill because they thought it would do y, must we interpret the bill to mean y? What if 23 is insufficient to enact a law to do y? The only static and fixed artifact we have of the legislative process is the text itself.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  38. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Granted that Japs are the most innovative East Asians, but Canada and Australia are not getting Japs right? They are getting Chinese. The vast majority of Japs seem happy to stay in Japan. About the Indian Brahmins, they ran India into the ground after the British left, what makes you people think that they will run the Canadian or Australian government any better once they are in charge whatever their IQ is, and what makes you people think that Indian Brahmins will be any more benevolent towards the black and Latino underclass, or towards the Abos and Canadian First Nations, or poor whites, than they are to the untouchable and lower castes underclasses in India? The brahmins will probably think they (Abos, poor whites, and mexican labourers) deserve it because of bad things those people have done in their past lives. I mean the brahmins may be smarter than the Chinese, but their administrative abilities suck donkey balls, I mean it is the British that created the Indian civil service.

  39. @The Philosopher

    When AA hires prove that they can’t be productive in the stock in trade of the business or professional association that hired them, they can get shoehorned into “minority recruiting,” “event planning,” “VP of diversity,” “community liaison,” “head of pro bono practice group,” etc.

    AA isn’t just necessarily bad for students – those who benefit and those who are displaced alike – but is corrupting to the institution itself. There was a scandal involving a Philadelphia area lawschool wherein the admissions office was reporting false (augmented) LSAT and GPA data for incoming students to the accrediting authority. One of those insiders scandalized and dismissed was the Dean assigned the responsibility for diversity and inclusiveness. Higher hard scores would boost U.S. News rankings. It’s fairly apparent that they were pursuing diversity at the expense of the quality of the incoming classes and simply lied to prevent the inevitable result from negatively affecting the ranking.

    In my own Law School experience black students were offered special treatment by, inter alia but especially the black professors. What was rumored was anything from special and inexhaustible office hours through special tutoring in which the exam material would be “tipped” (and, of course, if the relevant material is reinforced enough by the professor it could be possible to “game” the blind exam system with a repeated recitation of a pattern of words). N.B. Exams were usually three to four hours a piece but cover only a limited scope of material such that knowing what would be on the exam before preparing would be an extreme advantage to the student. The other gambit was the offering of silly advocacy classes (“Women and the Law”) which were easy As and Bs, while serious students would take courses like “Federal Taxation” or “Corporations.”

  40. @Mark Green

    N.B. Just the other day Mr. Rehmat made a claim that when Columbus first reached the New World there were several magnificent Mosques in Cuba. So, he’s either an anti-Islamic troll posing as a Muslim, or an ill-educated fool and fanatic. YMMV.

  41. @MarkinLA

    My understanding is that in BigLaw, even with white hires there is some flexibility in the event of a bar failure. AA notwithstanding those hires are usually top of the class and therefore a bar failure would be perceived as a fluke or an excusable choke. They usually don’t perform many or any tasks which technically require a law license in the first years anyway.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they’d offer special tutoring to AA hires to ensure bar passage. It’s that important if they’re in a legal market where the lack of minority attorneys would be perceived negatively.

    That said, if you find a reasonably bright, pleasant, and apolitical black attorney they’re in high demand even if they’re not on par with their white peers. I imagine this was Mr. Obama’s life strategy and it catapulted him to the biggest job in the world without a shred of demonstrated competence.

    • Agree: Clyde
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  42. @Mark Green

    I write this before reading beyond the beginning of your post to apologise if you thought my ironical jest about your non-PC common sense was in any way saying that you were stupid.

  43. @Alec Leamas

    A retired investment banker and private equity entrepreneur in New York who said a couple of years ago that he wished he could support the Republicans but was in fact supporting Obama told me of a conversation he had with Professor Laurence Tribe of the Harvard Law School. Tribe said he had been present during the discussions at the Harvard Law Review leading to Obama being chosen to be president of the Review and that Obama stood out as clearly the most impressive person present.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  44. @Alec Leamas

    And by paying scant attention to x or y, the bill can be construed to mean xx. What a perfect little Scalia –

  45. Clyde says:

    Rehmat is one of Likud’s finest hasbara operatives. He has numerous fans in Tel Aviv.

  46. @Mark Green

    Not being American and sometimes suspecting that Australian politicians get duchessed in DC – as they used to be in London – I watch US politics with interest but without the emotion you must have invested in the subject. From UR and following up I have come to see that the Israel lobby is obviously very active but that it doesn’t represent most American Jews.

    While I am inclined to think that Israeli preferences have had too much say in US Middle East policy and that the US might do better for Americans by washing its hands of the ME I would want to consider what US policy may be designed to forestall in the way of preventing Russia or China or anyone else becoming powerful in the ME.

    I think I share with most blog commenters a lack of insight into the more complex scenarios which US (in particular) theorists and planners may have envisaged and assessed for ME policy. While it is obvious that at least one Israeli school of thought, and therefore of some pro-Israeli Americans, would favour Balkanisation. But how much splitting up? On what basis? Why has the US been so reluctant to have Iraq split into what seems obvious parts, Kurdish, Sunni Arab and Shia? Where do Turkey, Iran and Israel fit into the US calculations? How far has the US just preferred the known to the uncertain chances of change?

    How far has the inevitability of the US getting involved if Israel’s survival is seriously threatened been a factor? What scenarios have been assessesd and what probabilities assigned to them? (Obvioously Israel looks at a 15 per cent chance of Iran having a nuclear weapon in 12 years time differently from an Obama administration assessment of the risk).

    Some of the scenarios would have to emphasise who would step into any (partial) vacuum left by US absence and whether it mattered. On a short term limited view I see Russia protecting the Assad regime in the west of Syria well into the future as something that suits Putin and Russia’s prestige – just as the US has to be concerned for its standing in Eastern Europe and more generally if it doesn’t uphold the Ukrainian government in Kyiv against a Russian backed insurgency in the east. But what are the longer term consequences of US complacency about Assad surviving with Russian support? And so on?

  47. @Wizard of Oz

    Exactly what distinctions should I make between the Wahabist-financed Saudi Sunnis that drove planes into the WTC and the Persian Shiites that daily threaten to incinerate the United States in a nuclear lake of fire? Hmmm, how to make distinctions between those and the various flavors of Syrians and Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites that want to install a caliphate here and are hard at work installing it in Europe? How about the Shia networks in Michigan where the fathers murder the daughters over “honor” right here in the States? Where, Wizz, do I draw distinctions? Everywhere I turn, the extremists of each particular group are blowing us up and breaking things and the moderates are zip-lip and the Mosques are the common thread through all of it.

    Let’s talk countries, since you demand I make distinctions, shall we? Shall I make distinctions between the Saudis who behead their “enemies” by the dozens, who horsewhip their women? Or the Iranians who stone their women and homosexuals to death? What distinctions do I draw between the Sunnis of ISIS/ISIL who behead their enemies on the beaches of Syria, Libya, not to mention any westerner that happens to be caught in their web? They’re more progressive than Iran, however, they throw their homosexuals off the roof of tall buildings, however. You want distinctions? There. Distinctions.

    I personally don’t give a tinker’s damn for the “distinctions”. The root of it is Allah and Muhammad, the strategy is the Koran, the financial networks and logistics chain is via the Mosque. And I want it torn down. That’s it. That’s all I have to say on the matter. I know we won’t do what the WW2 generation did, the West is too soft and there’s your distinction in Christians of today. 70 years back, Christian men would have made Islam-in-general and at-large a religion and culture practiced only in Hell. Christian men of today? They are led around by the nose by women these Christian “men”. Christian men are soft, corrupt, ruled by feminist women that have filled the Western Armies and Navies with women, homosexuals and trans-genders and the West will be easy pickings for the flavor-of-0f-the-month Islamic/Muslim ideology bent on domination. Islam should stop bombing. Stop the attacks, risk nothing that would arouse Christian ire. Just sneak up and take over. It will be so EASY. It IS so easy, the West is being handed over on a silver platter.

    Muslims will pick it all off, region by region. The only impediment to a caliphate in the United States inside of even 30-50 years, at least within regions, is there may be resistance from Hispanic men, another culture stronger than the soft, perverted cowardly feminist society that “rules” the U.S. today. The Dundus, the Blacks, they’ll be easy, the Hispanic men make short work of Dindus everywhere they settle and I can easily imagine Muslims dispensing with American Black Dindu everywhere Muslims settle. Islam will get no work out of American Dindu, they need to be camped with their women, isolated and armed, they’ll take care of each other as they do in the big cities Islam will want to occupy one day. All groups of course, will need a few high-IQ white men around to keep the water and electricity and farms running. Islam needs to be smart about whom to elevate and whom to dispense with as they take over.

    I’m sorry the West is so weak, but there you have it. At least as Islam takes over, the soft, gay, perverted Left and the hateful feminist influence will be smashed. They made the takeover of the West by Islam possible. It will be good to see the Western-Feminist Left destroyed. I will take much satisfaction in their destruction. The Left are not Christians, they are not Muslim, they are not Jews, they are only a perverted, soft, corrupt form of humanity. As long as I and my own are safe (and I will see to that), I’ll be happy to see the fall of the Liberal Left. They certainly do not care for me and my own. Have a ball, Islam. There is a hell of an upside.

  48. MarkinLA says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The only problem with that is what is Obama’s record at Harvard Law Review? From all the on-line squabbles I have seen, there is no record of his name being attached to any legal scholarship. I don’t read it so I don’t know but nobody championing him could ever provide a link to anything with his name attached to it.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  49. @MarkinLA

    Yes, I seem to remember the testimony was for a personality and presentation that made him.the ideal community organiser (my paraphrase) for high IQ egotists.

  50. Boy, did Scalia ever have a ‘point.’ Thank you, John Reid, the muse paid a visit:

    ^ Living constitution versus original intent (satire)

  51. Hey,
    Ronald Thomas West- a bright guy like you confusing the superstitious, half-pagan Roman church with Christianity?

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  52. @Stonehands

    Maybe I’m just half bright. Here’s how I see it with Christians:

    The historical Jesus, ok, I could get behind the idea he was a good guy.

    But you all read from the same book & that could be a problem…

  53. KenH says:

    To heck with Asians. They don’t care about whites, so we shouldn’t care about them. What is purposely overlooked in the affirmative action debate is the negative impact and toll it has taken on whites who’ve been unable to attend schools they are qualified to attend and attain jobs and promotions they are qualified to have. The economic impact to whites is staggering and is probably in the tens of billions if not hundreds.

    Instead of equality of opportunity we now have equality of outcome. We have a race and gender spoils system. In Obama’s America if blacks and Latinos can’t meet standards then those standards must be dumbed down to suit them. Many corporations routinely hire lesser qualified non-white minorities over better qualified whites to meet “diversity targets”.

  54. I fully support the abolition of AA if the jewish over representation of the student body is next on the fix list.

  55. @Art

    “The grand purpose of a university is to advance society.”

    If you consider the unmerited exclusion of Whites from the institutions they created to be an advance of society, maybe you’re the type of racist who is part of the problem.

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