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Of Color Revolutions: Foreign and…Domestic? (The First 72 Hours.)
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In a further attempt to circumvent the intelligence of the voter, the American media machine has, this past Saturday, Nov 7, 2020, arbitrarily declared Joe Biden president. There are many problems with this report being accurate. The largest problem is that of the media itself.

In declaring Biden the winner, this media ignores very credible accusations of Biden campaign election fraud, substantiated problems with the mail-in ballots, successful legal challenges and, more importantly, that at least three of the states in question will be available to Trump, by state law, to perform a recount. When these recounts do occur, they will likely be under court order and also allow all Republican vote watchers to view the millions of mail-in ballots of which thousands are already in question.

To begin this presentation of the first 72 hours since election night Nov 3, it would serve the voter well to remember: This is same media which first spent more than two years championing, like Biden himself, the utterly debunked Russia Gate allegations and next the Democrat’s very flawed and deliberately tepid Impeachment attempt against incumbent Trump.

More to the point, as of Election Day of this past Tuesday, that media had worked a blanket media censorship of the very credible allegations of a Biden family influence-peddling operation while their candidate was, then, Vice President.

It must be now also be recalled that Biden, during a campaign stop Q&A presser on Oct 25, stated very clearly, that…

“[W]e have put together and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

While his statement may also prove the upcoming need for the 25th Amendment, if it is not an admission of complicity, it is certainly an indictment of the media.

These past seventy-two business hours are already the stuff of American history and a good reason for a journalist to stay up all night to follow and report this ongoing daily history. Unless Trump concedes, this election has many more days to go. This reporter, thus sleep-deprived and objectively irritable, will in the days to come update the proceedings within the body of this series.

To the student of history and American backed Color Revolutions, when MSM divisively anointed Biden far too early as US president- after a two-and-a-half-year quest to do so- their candidate, Joe Biden, became, instead, America’s own Juan Guaido.


It has become apparent that the Trump campaign’s concern about the Dems use of mail-in ballots was justified since all allegations begin here. Trump strategists were expecting this. What was not expected was that the DNC would be so brazenly obvious in using the mail-in ballots to Biden’s advantage.

The chronology of questionable vote counting began in the wee hours of election night morning.

Still barely awake and by then cross-eyed, news hit the screen at approx. 2:30 AM EST that despite the national back and forth of the vote count, suddenly that vote count had been suspended for the night in NV, AZ, MI, Wi, PA, GA and NC. These were the last of the swing states that were still key to any victory. All but two (GA and AZ) are under a democratic governor’s control. This stoppage seemed very strange. Brief research did not reveal a precedent to this, at which time the vote favored Trump in all but AZ and NV.

Interestingly, on that night several hours before every network had already called AZ for Biden with only 75% counted. This early declaration came despite the Trump campaign’s protests and AZ governor, Doug Ducey saying,

I encourage media outlets, cable news and national pundits to… avoid the temptation to declare a winner until our Arizona election officials have finished their jobs.”

A look at the converse is also enlightening.

As of this Sunday morning, despite NC reporting, a 99% tally and a recount proof 1.3 % lead all weekend for Trump, not one media source has, as they did so quickly for Biden in AZ, NV, WI, PA, GA, declared that state and NC’s fifteen delegates for Trump’s total.

Deliberately, this action continues to deceive the uneducated voter that there is a much larger, and presumably insurmountable electoral lead for Biden. The intent is to sow disinterest and make the allegations irrelevant to the win.

Before pursuing some much-needed strong tea and a walk, I wrote down the existing vote counts in all these states as a reference for the restart of the media’s count beginning the next day.

Revitalized, I took a quick look at tabulations on my screen merely out of habit. What I saw sent me scrambling for my notes. Suddenly Biden was up in MI. This had happened while the count was reportedly suspended!


A quick search provided a graph comparing the Biden to Trump vote count, minute-by-minute per state. Looking back in time, the graph had spiked straight up, not diagonally, for Biden during my few minutes of absence. This sudden upward tick was so large that it had put Biden in the lead. The same graph showed no uptick for Trump at the same moment at all. All Biden votes. No Trump votes?

As dawn broke, Michigan’s “Decision Desk HQ” attempted to explain away too easily this discrepancy:

The data showing Biden receiving 100% of the newly counted votes was released at 5:04 a.m. by Decision Desk HQ which showed Biden with 2,130,695 votes at Trump with 2,200,902 votes. But that data was not correct…Once we identified the error, we cleared the erroneous data and updated it with the correct data as provided by officials. We stand by our data as reflected… “


Since that morning’s reawakening, many more questions have been buried by the media. N ot in these pages.


This day, news surfaced of Trump’s observers being barred from their duties by the vote counters in many locations in many states. This, at the least, called into question the workers neutrality.

Hindsight would recall that before the election there were successful efforts by Democrats to loosen electoral administration standards. This did legalize ballot harvesting, where, such as in Texas, partisan “volunteers” went out and collected ballots, sometimes after helping voters fill them out. The same laws facilitated same-day voter registration and mass mail-in voting.

At the same time, the DNC decried efforts by the RNC to require ID or proof of citizenship to vote.

After the early morning irregularities of November 4, there continued the mysterious discoveries of huge tranches of ballots that were overwhelmingly, if not exclusively for Biden. This turned out not to be surprising.

It was reported that US District Judge Emmet Sullivan was outraged at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for not following his specific court order to “sweep” all USPS facilities for any possible stashes of ballots before 3 PM on Election Day. Prudently, Sullivan’s order was crafted to prevent ballots surfacing for counting after the close of the polls at 8 PM. Of course, this, in part, was exactly what happened. Said Sullivan , “At some point, the postmaster is either going to have to be deposed or appear before me and testify under oath,” adding, “The court has been very clear that it expects full compliance,” while excoriating the US Postal Service’s legal team for failing to promptly notify him after the agency supposedly realized it couldn’t meet his deadline.

Naturally, it was then confirmed by the vote counters in many districts that “glitches” with the digital voting machines had flipped Republican votes into the Democrats’ column as was documented.

As Wednesday continued, next were reports from people who showed up to vote in person but were told by poll workers that they had already voted as absentees, despite not having requested an absentee ballot. This was confirmed by a voter, Eugene R. who contacted the author through his website, stating that this happened to both he and his wife in Allentown, PA.

In many of the Democrat-controlled precincts in PA reports coming in regarding vote counters limiting access to Republican observers, in defiance of court orders, were frequent.

Combined, these individually insignificant reports began to quickly add up to suspicion. However, next came a very large statistical anomaly, in both Georgia and Michigan.

In Michigan for example, by using the old screenshots provided, there showed a minimal mathematical difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP Senate candidate John James. This was as expected since, as PEW research agreed, the vote for senator almost always closely follows that of the presidential vote and adheres to party preference.

However, the difference between Joe Biden and Democrat candidate Gary Peters was, very strangely, 69,093.

In Georgia, as of 6:05 AM EST Wed the difference between Trump and GOP offering Senator David Purdue was also in line with party preference. However , in checking the difference between Biden and the Democrat candidate for Senator, Jon Ossoff, it was 98,501. (Biden: 2,414,651 Jon Ossoff : 2,318,850)

This math is worthy of further scrutiny and explanation, but on the first examination can only be explained by either a lot of dyed in the wool republicans not voting the party line for Trump and Biden instead. Or….?

Certainly, this report from the first full day of post-election 2020 should pique the interest of any concerned voter, democrat and republican and demand their further personal scrutiny of the ongoing events. However, in anointing Biden as the winner already, the goal of America’s media is to suggest via its cover-up, that these current allegations, just like those of influence peddling, are now over and done with.

A review of the states that remain in play show, that unless Trump concedes, both sets of allegations will remain very much in play in each of these contested states and then, likely, in the Electoral College’s “Certification of Attainment” on Dec 14.


There is much penny ante finger-pointing by the GOP and combined these smaller allegations, such as restrictions of Republican observers, may turn into a playable hand. However, it is the legislative law and violations thereof that are the serious political chess moves that will, this week, be revealed by Trump.

Before looking at the main legal challenge, the easier subject is per state recounts.

Recounts can be required or commissioned by state law in WI, GA, MI and PA. While it is true that recounts rarely change a previous outcome, one might well remember the Florida recount of 2000 and…the strength of the allegations that seem to favor Trump. Should there be a recount, it will certainly be done under direct scrutiny, no matter what, by the GOP state operatives and the supervision of the courts.

At this time the margin for Biden-reportedly– is GA: 10,195; MI: 46,113; PA: 19,423 and WI: 20,510. This is a total of 96,241. Considering the cumulative total of allegedly illegal votes, this number, subject to a recount and the courts, would seem to be plausible.

Of, Recounts.

Already the Trump campaign has informally requested a recount in WI, but cannot as yet do so per WI statute.

Under Wisconsin election law, there is no automatic recount, even if the unofficial results are extremely close; a candidate must request one. According to the state’s manual outlining the process, candidates can request a recount if they are within the 1% margin of victory. Biden currently has a lead of just 0.7 percentage points with 99% of votes tallied. The request cannot be filed before the initial counting is complete, so that news is pending.

During a WI recount, it must be open to the public, and the Board of Canvassers has the option of a hand-count or to use voting equipment to re-tabulate the ballots, unless a court orders otherwise.

In Pennsylvania, where the margin is less than or equal to 0.5% of the total vote, an automatic recount may be required in the event of certain discrepancies as described here. At this time, Joe Biden has 49.608 percent of the vote, and Donald Trump has 49.098 percent of the vote, a margin of 0.51 percent.

Regardless of percentage difference, the recount can be requested, if filed, and subsequently paid for by the complainant, within five days of the election or five days after the computational canvass and must be requested through the Court of Common Pleas. If error or fraud is found, an additional five days is provided to make additional requests elsewhere, like the courts.

Georgia does not automatically initiate a recount. However, if a candidate falls with a 0.5% margin or less, a recount can be requested. Georgia law also states that a recount must be requested within two business days following the certification of results. State law does not specify who pays for the recount, but like PA percentage difference is not a requirement.

Michigan sets five criteria for requesting a recount: 1) The candidate ran for president. 2) The request “alleges that the candidate is aggrieved on account of fraud or mistake in the canvass of the votes.” 3) the request “shall contain specific allegations of wrongdoing only if evidence of that wrongdoing is available to the petitioner.” 4) The request “sets forth…the nature and character of the fraud or mistakes…” 5) The request “specifies the counties, cities, townships, and precincts in which the recount is requested.”

Presumably, Trump’s legal army have checked-off all five boxes.

It is true that in all four states Trump is losing, and in states like MI, PA, WI, is at the moment slightly over the threshold for an automatic recount. But it is the allegations of fraud that may put Trump within those limits for a recount, or possibly swing the state in his favor afterwards. With all these states still a day or more from final results, the term, “Re-count,” will soon hit the news on four separate fronts.

Pennsylvania, SCOTUS… and the Re-Count.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito late Friday ordered Pennsylvania election officials to segregate and separately count ballots that arrived after Election Day.

Alito ordered (pdf) that those segregated ballots must be kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots.”

The justice, however, did not order the counties to stop counting but instead ordered those ballots to be counted separately pending review of their legitimacy. Here, Trump won a significant, although partial victory as to the segregation of these challengeable ballots and possible reduction of the Biden total.

This ruling and Alito’s words may be a forewarning of SCOTUS decisions to come.

In 2019, the PA legislature passed a law called Act 77 that permitted all voters to cast their ballots by mail but, in Justice Alito’s words, “unambiguously required that all mailed ballots be received by 8 p.m. on election day.”

Indeed, the exact text from 2019 Pa. Leg. Serv. Act 2019-77, reads, “No absentee ballot under this subsection shall be counted which is received in the office of the county board of elections later than eight o’clock P.M. on the day of the primary or election.”

Even more prohibitively, Act 77 also provided that if this portion of the law was ever invalidated, that the rest of Act 77, including its liberalization of mail-in voting, would also be void.

Pretty clear so far, except if you’re on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

After a four to three party-line vote, this court very strangely ruled that, first, mailed ballots don’t need to be received by election day and that ballots can be accepted if they are postmarked on election day or received within three days thereafter. Next, the court got creative allowing that, a mailed ballot with no postmark, or an illegible postmark, must be regarded as timely if it is received by that same date.

Of course, to most who read English this court’s rulings were not in keeping with Act 77.

Before Friday’s order, Alito had already assessed that,

The provisions of the Federal Constitution conferring on state legislatures , not state courts, the authority to make rules governing federal elections would be meaningless if a state court could override the rules adopted by the legislature simply by claiming that a state constitutional provision gave the courts the authority to make whatever rules it thought appropriate for the conduct of a fair election.” [Emph.added]

When bringing suit the Republicans also raised concerns that PA Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, had issued new guidance on Nov. 1 (pdf) directing county election boards to count late-arriving ballots.

Bottom of Form

Alito said in his order that he had not been informed that his guidance issued on Oct. 28, “which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question,” had been modified. Alito suggested that segregating the ballots would be necessary because, “if the State Supreme Court’s decision is ultimately overturned, a targeted remedy will be available.”

This means Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch (who joined Alito’s apparent skepticism on the Pennsylvania ruling) are open to legal challenges brought by Trump regarding post- Election Day fraud. That one decision will, after a full hearing, very likely invalidate thousands of votes cast illegally in Pennsylvania. However, with new allegations surfacing, more illegal ballots could add up. Or at the very least legitimize a recount.

This willingness by SCOTUS to already provide certiorari to actions brought to it regarding 2020 election fraud may foreshadow consequences in other states soon.

Case in point may be the news of the last hour that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) told poll workers to ‘add a missing witness address’ to any deficient ballot and that some poll workers allegedly took it one step further by signing for non-existent witnesses. If true, in doing so, the workers may have invalidated thousands of more ballots, committed a felony offense and necessitated further SCOTUS intervention.

Wisconsin Statute 6.86 provides that

an absentee ballot must be signed by a witness, who is also required to list his or her address. If a witness address is not listed, then the ballot is considered invalid and must be returned to the voter to have the witness correct.”

The statute is very, very clear,” said retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, a Milwaukee poll watcher on Election Day. “If an absentee ballot does not have a witness address on it, it’s not valid.”

With Alito’s words and Thomas’ and Gorsuch’s concurrence in mind, WI may have just come back into play; re-count pending.


The former ambassador to Russia under the Obama Administration, Michael McFaul, presumably knows a lot about Color Revolutions, since his boss used him in Ukraine in 2014. McFaul, who was also instrumental in the Russia-Gate disinformation campaign against Trump, also authored, “7 Pillars of Color Revolution,”

As this historic election continues, reporting and further analysis will highlight daily events and their parallels that already warn that these seven pillars are seemingly right in place here in America, as they were in the examples Ukraine, Bolivia and Venezuela, at least.

The initial step in each example has been to use a national election as the reason for a razor-thin and disputed vote result, one that the media stirs into a frenzy on both sides: A frenzy so viscous that the result becomes massive civil unrest followed next by violence.

And then military intervention.

In this, the first seventy-two hours of news from the election battleground of America 2020, this first step of a media fabricated victor, of which the other side detests and alleges criminal behavior, would seem in play.

Unless Trump concedes.

As this report continues to delve into the hard allegations of equally outrageous American election fraud, like its funded Color Revolutions past, America’s color may turn out to be, here in the homeland, “Pale Blue.”

Good night…

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has authored and published over 180 in-depth articles over the past twelve years. Many have been translated and republished worldwide. He can be reached at: live-on-scene ((at)) Prior articles can be viewed at his archive:

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  1. Cyrano says:

    I hope that US makes an instructional video on how to run an election and passes it around the “undemocratic” world. You know how they are always bitchin how this country and that country runs suspect elections.

    Well, this is a perfect opportunity to immortalize this gem of an election and show it to anybody who doesn’t know how they are properly done. And I noticed that there is lot of skepticism about this election abroad too.

    For example, the big guys, Russia and China haven’t yet congratulated the “president” elect Joe on his “victory”. I mean that’s just disrespectful, or maybe they’re waiting for the whole show to play out, because so far it has been unconvincing, regardless of the US media celebrations of the new “president”.

    You know actually who has never suffered a phony election? China. Isn’t that funny. Maybe because they have never had any. But after this latest spectacle in the US, I am starting to believe that China is right – you don’t need any elections. Especially if they are phony ones.

    And imagine that – even without “elections”, China is on the verge of becoming number 1 economic power in the world. I don’t want to draw wrong conclusions, but it seems to me that the elections are really not that necessary – except maybe as a form of entertainment.

  2. Anatman says:

    Let’s all just stop pretending we don’t live in a fucking banana republic and move on.

    • Agree: Ugetit, AndrewR
    • LOL: trickster, Sollipsist
  3. AReply says:

    I agree, Zerohedge and Trump War Room tweets are rigorous closing-comment evidence of terrible fraud

    Does anyone recall W vs Gore. Once they got done counting all the votes, it turned out that…

    //… study was conducted over a period of 10 months. Based on the NORC review, the media group concluded that if the disputes over the validity of all the ballots in question had been consistently resolved and any uniform standard applied, the electoral result would have been reversed and Gore would have won by 60 to 171 votes.[4] On the other hand, under scenarios involving review of limited sets of ballots uncounted by machines — including Al Gore’s request for recounts in four predominantly Democratic counties — Bush would have kept his lead. In one such scenario (if the remaining 64 Florida counties had carried out the hand recount of disputed ballots ordered by the Florida Supreme Court on December 8, applying the various standards that county election officials said they would have used), Bush would have emerged the victor by 493 votes.[73]//

    Trump could pull an upset, if they just completely count the vote. And if it takes a year or so, just let Trump continue to be President until it’s figured out!

    One thing for surez about the GOP is this party really cares what everyone thinks and is inclusive to a fault—they really want everyone to participate!

    So let’s give the GOP the benefit of the doubt. Consider: They are very by definition “conservative” and just want what’s best for everyone. I don’t know why everyone can’t see this over the last four years.

    • Replies: @Tor597
  4. Tony Hall says:

    This Corona-facilitated criminal conspiracy in the 2020 elections might be of even larger proportions than the awkwardly covered up (Hunter) Biden Crime Family saga. The filthy corruption of the lying mainstream media is, in a way, a non-partisan story. The media misrepresentation of the most obvious truths in our midst does great damage to everyone including Republican and Democrats. Its the Big Media/Big Tech dissemblers of decent reporting on the real human condition that menaces average people the most; that puts our very lives at wrongful risk; that calls most urgently for the enforcement of provisions outlawing the serial frauds of the most guilty parties. The biggest story of our times is that media venues regularly deceive its viewers to serve and facilitate organized crime.

  5. Wally says:

    Some important & additional sources of information on the obvious fraud:

    VIDEO: The President’s lawyer, Sydney Powell, explains the massive, historical vote fraud that has occurred and predicts that Trump will win the election in the end.

    Video Link
    Election Fraud Evidence Piles Up / handy links to numerous sources:

    “Who were the people in control of these ballots? What is their paper trail? Where did they come from? Who signed for them and took control of them? What Trump/Biden split did they convey? Was it statistically probable or improbable? Had they already been counted? Has their legitimacy been established? Did observers have access to them before delivery and after delivery? Why were they delivered at that time? Did this delivery coincide with deliveries elsewhere in other states?”

    How They Stole the Election:
    There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen:

    • Thanks: Thomasina, PhysicistDave
  6. Should Trump not concede and his party rally round their wagons and all those lawyers and judges perform their civic duties, we could witness the most amazing turnaround in American political history.

    As the writer of the article reminds us, there is a haunting possibility that there are more than one layer to this onion. It is conceivable that as Titley notes, almost an aside, domestic unrest will result from this change of conclusions and that martial law could ensue.

    My take is that the whole matter was thus engineered at the highest possible levels working through agencies of the Deep $tate to create such havoc between backers of the contending parties; that the freedoms and liberties of all Americans (such as they remain) will be taken away under total military rule.

    Anything is possible as part of the Great Global Reset, a strategy long developed by the ruling bankster cabal, headed by the Roth$child and Rockefeller Crime Clans.

  7. That’s what happens when you take the ludicrous sophistry the US terrorist Ziocorporate regime is a “democracy/republic” and “our constitution” too seriously, and expect some billionaire Zionist installed by corporate money to be your white knight in shiny armor and defender of your parochial racialist/partisan political delusions.

    Thanks to the Trumpet, the CIA/FBI/NSA, etc., have now been able to clearly identidy the sections of the populace that feel their pure whiteness is being victimised, persecuted and aggravated, and also those of any color that think there are manipulative dark forces behind political power in the US, laughably dubbed by many as the “deep state communists” of Wall Street, the FED, the DNC, Big Tech, corporate MSM, etc. Great job voting with parochial delusion and ignorance against a Ziocorporate globalist problem. Time to celebrate for you first Indo-Negress-Bob Marleyan presidentess Cameltoe Harris, and fret not, she’s as Zionist as the Kushner-Trumps, and all’s well that ends well, the Pentagon and Intelligence Community got your back.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @George540
  8. Mike5 says:

    I support Trump but am UK citiz outside US.

    Just interested how is he is going to prove fraud?

    1,Ballots from the dead could be easy just check death register


    2. How do they check the Time they came in since they will now be mixed with all the other ballots?

    3. Are they going to check anyone voted twice by cross registering with database?

    I can see dems screaming voter anonymity rights here

  9. @Cyrano

    Amerimutts are stupid subhumans. Instead of having principles and understand their own interests (stability, security, guns, social normalcy, etc.) and forcing their leaders to uphold those values at gunpoint like any constitutional republic should, they would rather be lead around by black box kosher voting machines and listen to incomprehensible decisions of the “supreme judges” who actually act like despots and have let the fed gotten away so many times with atrocities.

    No wonder why they are getting exterminated. They should be though. Back to back world war champ, fuck Hitler, hail Stalin, am I right?

    • Troll: The Real World
  10. The question is whether or not the Repubes have the stones to wage the challenges with an intent to win, or will they merely go along to get along as boob-bait for the bubbas for a few weeks and then get settled back into their comfy digs as the loyal opposition.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  11. Tor597 says:

    You are what’s called a usefull idiot. The GOP doesn’t care about anyone but Isreal and the elites on Wallstreet. Every 4 years the GOP pretends to care about poor white people and they show some colored people to show “look we are not racist.”

    But to say the GOP really cares what everyone thinks and is inclusive to a fault is ridiculous. How brainwashed are you?

    The problem with Magatards like you is the inability to separate fantasy with reality. You really think Trump is the god emperor who is fighting pedophiles and you will believe anything other Trumptards throw up on YouTube.

    Lol at the GOP by definition being conservative. Trump is a liberal who grew the size of the government.

  12. My feeling on election fraud is two-fold, first – Politicians have been cheating and lying in Everything that they have done, so to have the election being the sole thing that they do not cheat and lie about, particularly when the stakes for them are at the highest point, would be clear signs of a delusional individual, or at least a fool with clouded judgement, and secondly – I have no stake in this election since both candidates have violated and have committed to violatimg my constitutional rights, in addition to violating the rights of others around the world through wars and sanctions based on outright lies. It is of no benefit for me to try to claim that the results of the election were in violation of democracy if that democracy has democratically and illegally decided to violate my constitutional rights, and if that democracy has also democratically decided to wage war and sanctions on others based on lies, it can then be equated with a democratically decided gang rape, of which I happen to be one of the many victims, and choosing one group of gang rapists over another group of gang rapists is something that would not be in my best interests.

    Andrea Iravani

  13. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

    ― Joseph Stalin

  14. AndrewR says:

    At least in corrupt third world societies, no one has any illusions about what their society and government are.

    Meanwhile in the Jewnited States of Weimerica, almost all of the country is dedicated to the fiction that we have something like a democratic constitutional republic with a legitimate government protecting a free society.

    Freedom, yes, but for (((whom)))?

  15. TheMann says:

    No rational person can deny the evidence of massive vote fraud. The question is, what now?

    Now I am the last guy in the world to find his inner Ghandi ( seriously, read my posts) but the time has arrived for systematic, sustained, massive civil disobedience. And as an added bonus, this can be timed with huge shortfall in tax revenues State and Local governments are about to experience due to CoronaFraud.

    It is time to break the Deep State regime on the wheel of non-conpliance.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @trickster
    , @Richard B
    , @REMOST
  16. skeptic23 says:

    In addition to Bid3en’s admission before the election, Pelosi presaged the vote count stop by saying “The President will not be allowed to declare victory on election night”

  17. Sally says:

    Brett Titley nails it.. The purpose of allowing a private media to control the discourse space of the public is …”to circumvent the intelligence of the voter..”.. but there is more its purpose is to trick, fool, subvert and divert and so forth .. the sensory inputs that allow the voter to use his or her intelligence..

    The first Amendment to the Constitution of the USA. “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW .. ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS; OR THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE.. was made BY THE FOUNDERS because to get the constitution ratified, it was necessary for the FOUNDERS to include by amendment the BoRs which are the 1st Ten Amendments a failure to meet a standard or to perform a duty, it can be the result of an intentional act or a negligent act or can arise from a event or happening which was foreseeable because of the circumstances of the environment in which the event or happening occurred.

    I do not think getting courts to agree that enforcing truth in public media is not a violation in any way of the 1st amendment, that media which accepts advertising is public, and that the behaviors of the public media are to protect the public such media serve, from allowing any communication to be misunderstood. That is communications delivered or made by, over, through or on account of a public media; the public media has a duty to present all of the relevant facts in the most understandable way, and it also has a duty not to allow any communication it offers to the pubic, to misled the understanding of the invitee government.

    Courts can impose this duty on media if they wish without the need of legislation from the Congress.

    It will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Replies: @sally
  18. skeptic23 says:

    As stated above, there is no longer any pretense of a “fair election” in the USA or that the USA is a “democracy”.

    I believe that was the most important message they wanted to send to us and why the fraud was so blatantly obvious…and the media censorship so heavy-handed.

    Combine the above with their “Antifa” thugs and “covid19” lockdowns and you have the totalitarian state for all to see.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, GazaPlanet
  19. skeptic23 says:

    What this author may have failed to consider is that all “judges”, by whomever appointed, are members of the USA establishment and have a stake in the perpetuation of a myth that there is not and could not exist systemic and systematic voter fraud in the USA.

    put this myth next to the myth that the USA is not a massive and ongoing global war crime operation…no member of the establishment will ever utter that equally blatant truth.

  20. zard says:

    Rothschild: You played your role well for four years Trump. Now its time for Kamala to take over.

    Biden: And me.

    Trump: We fooled them again. I told them what they wanted to hear. Make Israel Great Again. Suckers filling up stadiums cheering for me. I loved it.

    Soros: They don’t even know they live in a Jewocracy, where we pick the winner, before the votes are even in.

    Lichtman: I told you in August Biden would win.

    Rothschild: Actually I told you, Allan.

    J. Epstein: Hey, at least we got that US Embassy moved to Jerusalem.

    Trump is a rabid Zionist.
    Biden is a rabid Zionist.
    Trump’s running mate is a rabid Zionist.
    Biden’s running mate is a rabid Zionist.
    EVERYONE in US politics is a rabid Zionist.

    The reality is – heads Jews win, tails non Jews lose. And people in the USA haven’t a clue that the Jews want them dead because Hollywood, Academia and the msm have been pumping out BS persecution of Jews and white supremacism for so long now, they automatically take it as read. They’re that stupid they fail to see it’s actually the other way around.

    Trump is a controlled opposition

    controlled opposition is a very important issue.

    Psychological operators also work in social networks.

    Here are some features I found:

    a. Constant remembrance of the sacrificial status of the “holy” Jews.

    b. Constant remembrance of “our” Judeo-Christian values.

    c. Constant attempts to sell blunt knives (conservative values).

    d. Constant comparison of the Zuckerberg censorship with our National Socialist censorship.

    e. Constant attempts to make friends appear as enemies, and vice versa.

    f. Constant attempts to portray the whites as exploiters of the Holy Third World (with the help of the flying Negro cub with tears in his eyes).

    g. Public entertainment, for example: Is the earth a disk?

    h. Open propaganda for vaccinations by fake nationalists.

    Bottom line, if you vote republican, you vote for the car that travels at 20 mph. If you vote for Democrat, the car travels 100mph. Both cars are headed to the same destination.

    The Abject Idiocy of Christian Zionism




    “ISIS” — The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

    Jews limit our choices

    The Whole Truth — George Washington, The Revolution is Not Over Because the Truth Hurts It’s Not About “Left” or “Right”, “Liberal” or “Conservative,” It’s About Divide and Conquer because that has been their long-time modus operandi to steal the fullness of life of citizens of all nations. To Get America Back It’s About All People Coming together to Throw Off Zionism and to Re-install American Independence, Life and Liberty to End the Dark Zionist Tyranny on Her and Upon the Earth.

  21. sally says:

    something got lost when this comment was posted the following
    a failure to meet a standard or to perform a duty, it can be the result of an intentional act or a negligent act or can arise from a event or happening which was foreseeable because of the circumstances of the environment in which the event or happening occurred.

    should be proceeded by the general definition of a tort is
    a failure to meet a standard or to perform a duty, it can be the result of an intentional act or a negligent act or can arise from a event or happening which was foreseeable because of the circumstances of the environment in which the event or happening occurred.

  22. Unless Trump concedes.

    As this report continues to delve into the hard allegations of equally outrageous American election fraud, like its funded Color Revolutions past, America’s color may turn out to be, here in the homeland, “Pale Blue.”

    Salam Brett Redmayne,

    In the Republican primary there were 11 candidates, and all the other 10 lost to him, making him the Republican Nominee for the President. He ran successfully, against Hillary with strong political machine and lots of IOUs. And, he beat her to become the President.

    Who says, it is over? As they say, “the opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

    Yes, Trump has NOT conceded defeat yet!


  23. GMC says:

    Everything is done for the Deep State dba MIC, Globalist Corps. Wall Street, International Banking , Intel Agencies etc. not for the populace. Forget Democrat or Republican – there are none – only a pigment of your imagination. Name 50 politicians who haven’t been recruited or Allowed to stay in office, if they didn’t pledge allegiance to Israel, the NWO , the MIC etc. You can’t because there is no peoples Government . If there was an Honest peoples Gov. the FCC would have yanked all the MSM licenses – long ago , Wall Street, the Banks and the Pentagon would have been neutered , with the Federal Reserve on probation. The movie Matrix is more real than most think – without the special effects. The Covid virus is just another Government induced 08 and on Depression – and guess who is back in the WH , to make sure things go smoothly for the NWO – Obama, Killary , Biden and Company. How many ” Democrats” did this for the good of their ” Country ” ? And how many did it for Themselves ?

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @annamaria
  24. Mano nera! The Jewish black hand in all these Shenanigans must be obvious to anyone who is not brainwashed by the MSM; however, what would it take for Donald Trump to concede the election for the sake of expediency? Money! Something which he loves as much as Jews do and preferably, lots of it. I think he would give up the fight with a rock solid guarantee of tens of billions of dollars for his progeny and an ironclad deal for one of his kids to become a future president, i.e. Ivanka Kushner. It would be a win win for all concerned except for the Americans!

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  25. Miro23 says:

    To the student of history and American backed Color Revolutions, when MSM divisively anointed Biden far too early as US president- after a two-and-a-half-year quest to do so- their candidate, Joe Biden, became, instead, America’s own Juan Guaido.

    An excellent article and it was necessary to make the point about the US’ own Colour Revolution. This is a deep state coup.

    The failed Venezuelan effort employed Obama look-alike puppet Juan Guaido, and this illegitimate “President” was immediately acclaimed by the MSM and congratulated by a pack of Western governments (to their eternal shame).

    In contrast, Russia, China, Turkey, Syria, Iran and Bolivia stayed with the legitimate Venezuelan President ( Maduro). Most of them already had had firsthand experience of US regime change efforts.

    The difference here, is that these countries have little or no reason to support Trump (given his threats towards them) so it looks like Trump is pretty much on his own to see whatever support he can find locally.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  26. @The Alarmist

    Dom’t you think Trump is beating up donations for his legal campaign so he can rescue his financial position by pocketing most of it and using it to keep creditors at bay. And he’s behaving like someone who wants to keep ready made audiences for his highly paid speaking tours next year.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  27. @Tor597

    Check out the Daily Stormer website here, I used to think Andrew Anglin was a rational guy but he is really losing it with the election fraud narrative. Leaving aside whether or not this was indeed a fraudulent election or not, what even it there to gain for Whites? Trump hasn’t done diddly squat in relation to things like affirmative action, social media overreach into politics (via partisan banning and censorship) and immigration.

    The only real benefit to Trump was that he radicalised the rank-and-file of the White voter base, the problem is that much of the radicalisation was towards absolutely destructive ideologies like the QAnon theory.

    The only thing that will be lost will be Trump’s politically incorrect statements, but we will have Biden’s senile gaffes to make up for that I guess.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  28. sonofman says:

    Question: As in most other cases of election fraud, if the obvious mail-in and software evidence is accepted as proof in the swing States being contested, can the Supreme Court overturn the entire 2020 results and order a new election that would also include the Senate and House elections in all States?

    That would really doom the Democrats.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  29. MLK says:

    I appreciate this author’s continued circumspection. At the moment there is no way to apply probabilities to the outcome, let alone project it.

    Though we can through indirect evidence assess the state of play. I stand by my earlier comments on this website. The final days before the election, and election night, didn’t go as Democrats and their Allied Media had hoped.

    They wouldn’t have played their Fox/AZ card if they didn’t have to. With that single action they discredited what was a very powerful persuasion tool.

    Just as in 2016, the Fake News slow-walked reporting states for Trump until they had to give up the ghost late in the evening. Having learned their lesson, this time they just shut it down.

    I don’t think it’s even a close question as to whether they are at all happy having to rely on PA as the condition precedent for their anointing Sleepy Joe as President-Elect.

    Rather than violating what I said at the beginning of this comment by trying to game it out at this point, I will note the obvious — the monumental importance of the calls by election officials of GA and AZ prior to any recount/re-canvassing. Would that I had a basis to be optimistic that both will flip back to Trump, regardless of the margin, but that’s the less likely outcome based on publicly available information at the moment.

    If that were to be the case it would initiate a cascade effect– along with AK and NC (likely) — being called for Trump. It would reverse the narrative and put the Democrats and their Allied Media in the position of not only being wholly reliant on PA but MI and WI as well. These are the three states that Trump’s team is asserting with apparent good cause outcome determining voter fraud.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  30. trickster says:

    America no longer makes hard men.

    Hence there aint going to be no civil disobedience except with the goal of looting sneakers and TV sets. Americans are not going to do shit. They will get their weed, video games, beer and dig their Porn.

    This country is finished. We had a good thing and fucked it up, a typical human trait.

    • Replies: @AReply
    , @Sollipsist
    , @TKK
  31. trickster says:

    Its always entertaining to see how people get a dose of their own medicine. The US has been active for the past 100 years or more cocking around with rigging elections and supporting dictators in other parts of the world. Not only putting them in power but supporting these fucks with taxpayer money. How many millions of people have been most unhappy to see some scumbag they hate propped up as Leader Maximus courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    The chickens have been circling for a long time and finally come home to roost. How do US citizens now like the taste of their own cough syrup ?

    And all thos immigrants flocking to the US courtesy of the puppet masters in DC, here is a news flash. The golden years of the US are done. If you expect to make it here and attain the American dream let me assure you that you are the wrong person, in the wrong place at the wrong time and under the control of the wrong people.

    How stupid can these immigrants be coming to the US to be flunkies, gophers and virtual slaves to the Corporate world. Stay where you are people. We already have enough pizza delivery boys and the coffee shops are already filled to capacity by unemployed dubs names Abdul, Mbongo and LeMArco.

    Even bloggers with Russian names, mushroom level intelligence and brandishing big swords are barely making ends meet and have to shack out in West Coast tents living hand to mouth.

    How are you going to make it here ??

  32. @Wizard of Oz

    I’d be surprised if Trump doesn’t feel the need to flee the jurisdiction, since he and his family, regardless of rightfully or not, will be the first Presidential family pursued in the criminal courts after leaving action to settle a political score. The message being sent is that those not welcomed into the club enter at their own peril.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  33. Richard B says:

    Let’s all just stop pretending we don’t live in a fucking banana republic and move on.

    Hear Hear! Absolutely!

    Let’s all also recognize the facts surrounding two cliches Get over it and Move on.

    1st: You never get over anything until it becomes what it is.

    2nd:, as far as Move on is concerned, The only way out is through!

    I’m not Right or Left, didn’t vote for Trump and feel no need to defend a billionaire chubster who tweets too much and betrays his base and his own Presidency. But this is way bigger than him, which makes it very big indeed.

    So, if those who value their basic freedoms don’t make sure that it becomes what it is and the only way out is through, in short, if we don’t fight for our freedoms by challenging those determined to take them from us, this is as good as over and we deserve what we get, since you get what you put us with.

    Speaking of which, from the article:

    What was not expected was that the DNC would be so brazenly obvious in using the mail-in ballots to Biden’s advantage.

    There goes that word brazen again. As in brazen effrontery. Words often associated with chutzpah, for a reason. And so it goes.

  34. @God's Fool

    Indeed. You point out the lynch pin in whether opposition to this election fraud will be successful, money and Trump’s character. Although this is now the perfect situation for Trump to do what he promised four years ago “drain” of at least “expose” the swamp, Trump is first and foremost a selfish opportunist.

    Trump however has a massive ego and I witnessed this when I was in the press corp. for many Trump campaign stops. It is this ego that Americans on the side of America are betting on, since Trump will absolutely hate the prospect of flying off into the blue just before the inaugural.

    Cheers!! B.R-T.

    • Thanks: God's Fool
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  35. Thim says:

    When Trump is sworn in for a second term, it will be time for someone to introduce bills to abolish television and radio.

    These obsolete technologies need to go. Everyone must compete equally, on the internet.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @lysias
  36. “this action (declaring a Biden victory early) continues to deceive the uneducated voter that there is a much larger, and presumably insurmountable electoral lead for Biden”

    (Monday morning) The Canadian national media are talking about president-elect Biden rolling up his sleeves to tackle the Corona virus. As far as electoral fraud, they’re claiming zero evidence exists. As for Trump, they’re saying Kushner and Ivanka are going to urge him to step aside quietly.

    • Replies: @Paul Lake
  37. Richard B says:

    It is time to break the Deep State regime on the wheel of non-conpliance.

    From the looks of things, it’s in the process of breaking itself.


    Because, though the hostile elite is very good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, insane hatred, betrayal, destruction and death, not to mention censorship and propganda, it’s no good at social management.

    It never has been or will be. And the evidence for that is as obvious as the evidence for voter fraud. In fact, the two go together. After all, why would they have to lie, cheat, and steal so much if they were good at managing what they control?

    • Replies: @TheMann
  38. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    This article is certainly NOT an endorsement of Trump nor his four very failed years as president. I have excoriated Trump in many a past article, but here the facts and this moment in US history have put Trump, the president, in a position of possible renewed power. This is not an endoresement, merely the fact…as presented. Cheers! B.R-T.

  39. @MLK

    I agree with you comment and appreciate that you too noticed the immediate gravity of the “Fox/AZ” call for Biden so early in the evening. Per this portion of your comment, one further bell-whether will surface tonight at 8PM EST when Tucker Carlson does his show on Fox.

    Carlson has been high on his own ratings for the two weeks before the election night by virtue of his reporting on the Biden family pay-to-play allegations which remain unresolved. If he does NOT pick-up the torch on the Election fraud allegations, this will be a conviction against Carlson, Fox and by extension the entire of American MSM as being part of perpetrating this national fraud ( well, except UR of course)

    Sadly, this would not be surprising!

    Cheers!! B.R-T.

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @Pure Coincidence
  40. Well observed:Joe Bidoe is America’s Juan Guaiden.

  41. The voting machines are owned by three jewish companies…….

    • Replies: @GMC
  42. MLK says:
    @Brett Redmayne-Titley

    Right back at you, thanks.

    There’s no way for Fox to unring this bell. They understand that, which is why they never pulled not only their AZ call but one projecting 10-15 Democrat pickups in the House as well.

    The lovely Maria Bartiromo is about the only thing keeping the wheels coming entirely off the Fox wagon viewership-wise.

    And, yes, Tucker is between a rock and a hard place. He should watch Maria’s show yesterday for how to thread the needle at the moment.

    I can’t overstate the importance of team Trump reversing the narrative in the next couple of days. I actually hate that word — narrative, but it fits better than any other here. In other words, all the solid opportunities for litigation aside, Trump needs a straight-forward, easily understood and substantiated argument for a general audience as to how the election was stolen.

    The Democrats and Allied Media are ignoring the remaining states, waiting until they are assistive to their cause.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  43. Crass says:

    If anyone believes that Joe Biden got more Votes than any other President Elect in The United States History, than they were touched by the hand of God and blessed with a Fahrenheit Room Temperature IQ.

    Delusional Joe Biden does not even know what State he is in most of the time, and I mean that in most Dictionary definitions of the word State, including geographical, cognitive and emotional.

    He is a man devoid of personality and a useless public speaker, rallier and debater, but somehow he managed to get more Votes than any other President Elect in US History!

    I am just waiting for The Colonel from Monty Python to appear and utter the phrase “I have noticed a tendency for this program to get rather Silly”, “Now Stop that! It’s silly!”

  44. Dumbo says:

    Besides the direct vote counting fraud, there are two issues that changed the election in Biden’s favour which should be further scrutinized: one was “corona” and the “lockdown” which were negative to Trump especially because of the hysterical media coverage blaming Trump for “thousands of deaths”, and the second that it created an excess of mail votes, which are also easier to fraud.

    I think “corona” was a (global) fraud of epic proporions, and while its main objective was likely not just to influence the election outcome, as being global in scope it is more ambitions than that, it certainly did influence.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  45. TheMann says:
    @Richard B

    You make a very good point. I am ok with hurrying the breakup along though.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  46. @MLK

    Thank you…but might I add to this portion of your comment:

    The Democrats and Allied Media are ignoring the remaining states, waiting until they are assistive to their cause.

    The fact the Dems are dragging their feet on finally closing the vote in all the states in question is because, as the piece alludes to, Trump cannot request, nor begin a recount until these states do so.

    This foot dragging is deliberate, but not only denies Trump an increased count from NC it allows the media time to solidify America’s Juan Guaido in the voters minds.

    • Replies: @MLK
  47. @Dumbo

    OK, but Corona is not a legally actionable cause of action for the courts so is irrelvant to any legal argument. But, I do see your point.

    Cheers! B.R-T.

  48. A123 says:

    Good News is coming for Trump: (1)

    Wisconsin election clerks were told, and followed the direction, to modify mail-in ballots and fill in the blanks where witnesses left out critical info.

    I am sure it was just a good customer service thing and they meant no harm. The problem is every such ballot is now toast.

    There were “thousands” of such prima facie wrongful votes. Oops. Biden up 20,000 — now that number is in question. No more truckloads of votes coming in, so every ballot D.J.’s team eliminates gets President-Elect Biden one step closer to former V.P. Biden who lives in a basement.

    Had the election been close, maybe the Blue Coup would have worked.

    Instead they have been caught blue-handed undermining democracy.

    PEACE 😇


  49. GMC says:
    @Robert Dolan

    And what I’ve read of DieBolt, ESS, and the other one – is that they are the only ones that are allowed to – Count – the votes ! Notice how Bennie SatanYahoo has been totally quiet lately.

  50. Reaper says:

    The USA did set some fine tactics for other banana republics:
    – dead rise from grave to vote (still not everywhere used)
    – vote as caretaker, like social worker vote for mentaly disabled so represent hundreds
    – date back mail in votes in post office
    – accidentaly lost some mail in vote boxes from key areas
    – as vote counter do not count votes – but fill out voting papers and count only those
    – as a family member for an ill person vote for “their behalf”, no matter if done for a different candidate than they wish

    So some pearl for banana elections.

    ‘If Voting Made A Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It’?

  51. AReply says:

    All alot of us ever wanted was TV, weed, video games, beer and diggable Porn…

    What higher principles are there?

    None of the voices here sound like ardent family men. None sound like steady, well situated professional men.

    Until I found this blog i didn’t realize how much dirty-Jew fetish there was around — not in the sense of OMG this blog is so full of enlightening alternative views look at how complex and amazing the the big-wide world can be, but rather in sense of OMG looks at all these self-righteous perverts publicly masturbating right here on this blog. Everyone here seems like a pervert who enjoys wanking to the image of Trump fucking his crush.

    So let me join in, and apologies if I splooge on you, it comes with the territory — ahh I kill me badaboom

    America endlessly surprises and delights me as a place where people get what they want and croak under the weight of it 🚘

    So what some of you squeaky-clean white boys with dirty underwear see for the future?

    Do you expect to outlive the apocalypse or are you just biding time til the Angels sound the horn? What next? What do you strive for, hopes and dreams?

    Your responses will be monitored to fabricate more for your consumption. Please enjoy!

    • Thanks: gay troll
    • Replies: @trickster
    , @trickster
  52. @Miro23

    One big difference between Biden and Juan Guaido is that the Venezuelan military stayed loyal to Maduru, which is why he is still in power. Trump, on the other hand, does not have control over the Obama selected top military brass, as they are the muscle for the Deep State, which uniformly hates him. If the current electoral crisis created by the devious democrats is not resolved before Christmas, I predict that Trump will be perp walked from the White House by military police, most likely in handcuffs.

  53. @GMC

    Yes… I intend to delve into that subject in the next article. For reference see how these machines worked out in the Mexican national election of (I believe) 2008

    Cheers!! B.R-T.

  54. Thomasina says:
    @Brett Redmayne-Titley

    Of course Trump is egotistical. He’s a narcissist, just like the presidents before him, all of whom lacked character.

    Trump is an in-your-face narcissist, a braggart. Obama was a smooth narcissist, but still full of ego (acted folksy, though, but it was merely a show), and Slick Willy was…..well, slick, underhanded, manipulative.

    But there’s a big difference between a narcissist and a psychopath. Narcissists like to be liked, they’re interested in “status”, which usually takes money to achieve.

    Psychopaths are interested in power and control. How much power and control has Trump had? Don’t make me laugh!

    Obama spied on Trump and his campaign, and it was illegal spying.

    The psychopathic elite (Dems and Repubs) have gone all out: spying, leaking, ignoring executive orders, ignoring or slow-walking the release of documents, Russiagate, Mueller Report, Ukrainegate, impeachment, Kavanaugh, BLM, Antifa, and some even say they manufactured Covid.

    The media (an arm of the DNC) and Big Tech (another arm) have attacked, banned, censored, maligned, vilified.

    Since the above attempted coups were unsuccessful, they’re now attempting to take him out via a fraudulent election.

    And you’re talking about character? Because Trump brags? You really must be joking.

    Trump doesn’t mind losing when he loses fairly. But wouldn’t he actually be lacking character if he didn’t stand up and fight this very unfair and biased election?

    The elite who have made his four years in office an absolute nightmare are the people who lack character. Trump has brought them out of the shadows and he’s exposing them. That takes guts and, yes, it takes character.

  55. Cyrano says:

    I think I figured out who is behind this election farce. It’s the Iranians. I mean it’s obvious. Iranians speak Farsi – and who would be better positioned to make a farce out of a US election than someone who speaks Farsi? I think they should call this election Irangate and get it over with. The previous one was a Russiagate and this one is Irangate. And I think that after (or actually before) the Russiagate, someone left the gate open to all kinds of stupidity.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  56. While his statement may also prove the upcoming need for the 25th Amendment

    Under the 25th Amendment, a 2/3 majority vote in both Houses is required to formally remove a President. If Biden resists a Democrat move to oust him, the Republicans could vote no to force the Dems to live with the scam that they cooked up.

    • Replies: @Lee
  57. TRM says:

    Good coverage but you missed one angle.

    In 2000 the supreme court basically said “You’ve had a month and you are still counting? Send what you got or don’t send anyone. Time is up on December 8th”.

    So how would that work in 2020 in say Penn?

    First you count all the in person ballots which puts Trump ahead by 700k votes.
    Next you challenge every single mail-in ballot and delay, delay, delay.
    December 8th comes along and the supreme court says …

    See above

    • Replies: @ThisIsAnon153Replying
  58. @Cyrano

    Elections are meant placate the masses by changing out the spokesperson for the official program. But every democracy is Coke vs. Pepsi since the people with real power are not going to allow any major deviation from their program. That Trump caused the system to panic leads me to believe he wasn’t Coke or Pepsi, he was something else–something that scared powerful people. These same people made sure not to let that happen again and so far it appears their efforts were successful.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Francis Miville
  59. Richard B says:

    Notice how Bennie SatanYahoo has been totally quiet lately.

    And not just Bernie. But, Jared and Ivanka as well.

    Given the circumstances I’d say their silence qualifies as, well, significant.

  60. MLK says:
    @Brett Redmayne-Titley

    I agree.

    You could make the case that Democrats will give into the temptation to try to steal NC too because of the Senate race. But that would necessitate an egregious dump this late in the day. Surely they are loathe to challenge the election results in any state called for Trump due to the extreme narrative costs.

    We may have a clear sense later today in the form of a call on the NC Senate race.

    The Democrats and their Allied Media don’t want to muddy the waters at this point with dueling challenges to those of Trump. Though they may be forced into that position if AZ and/or GA flips back to Trump.

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @MLK
  61. There is clearly a case to be made for scrutinizing the results of this election.

    One minor point: the discrepancy observed in Michigan between votes for Biden and the democratic candidate for senate likely resulted from the record turnout of the “apathetic vote” in this election. Many of the additional votes came from people who were too lazy to fill out an entire ballot; they filled in the bubble for Biden and left the rest the ballot blank, inadvertently screwing congressional democrats.

    The democrats pushed mail-in ballots in 2020 partly to encourage the apathetic voters to participate and it worked in their favor, but only partially. Biden, if sworn in, will be unable to accomplish anything with an uncooperative Congress and Supreme Court.

    • Replies: @Brett Redmayne-Titley
  62. This was a few months back but a judge in New Jersey ordered a new election over main in voter fraud. So it may yet happen here.

    Video Link

  63. Richard B says:

    You make a very good point.


    I am ok with hurrying the breakup along though.

    I don’t blame you one bit.

    But, as I’m sure you well know, they’re waiting for anyone who feels that way. In fact, and again, as I’m sure you know, they’ve already issued their warnings, not to mention their disgusting lust for vengence (which itself is an important part of their desperate need to conceal their incompetence at social management).

    So, to the extent anyone want to hurry the breakup along, they had better be unified around a solid and inspiring organizing principle. They also better have the resources. Otherwise, well, you know.

  64. @trickster

    They won’t make anything of themselves, it’s the same deal in Canada.

    Even in 35% white Toronto area, all the white collar corporate jobs are white people and immigrants who got here before ~2010. Blue collar jobs are being outsourced, and the remaining ones are mostly old white union guys. Literal army of uber eats drivers, drug dealers, and walmart/amazon employees, the only thriving industries in Canada.

    That said, as long as the welfare stays on they will keep coming. Better to live as a nobody uber driver in Canada on welfare, than in the slums of shithole Nigeria or India. Plus there is *alot* of white boomer wealth left to loot.

    However, European, American, Japanese, and increasingly Chinese immigration is slowing down, nobody wants to live in these western shit holes of they have a half decent life back home.

  65. @Cyrano

    China has elections.,of%20the%20level%20immediately%20below.

    The first/lowest level of elected officials is at the local level and done by direct election.

    “Direct election is a system of choosing political officeholders in which the voters directly cast ballots for the persons or political party that they desire to see elected.”

    After that, each level higher up is chosen by the level below.

  66. @TRM

    Even with Pennsylvania and Georgia, the 2 most likely to flip imo, trump would still lose, unless he miraculously flips Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, or Michigan.

    The fix was in no doubt and trump won all those states fairly, but… its a tall order and I’m skeptical that trump can pull it off.

    • Replies: @TRM
  67. @Brett Redmayne-Titley

    Excellent article and explanation of procedure, Mr. Redmayne-Titley. On Tucker Carlson’s show about six weeks ago, Tucker had on guest Darren Beattie to describe the specific type of color revolution that the Democrat Party appeared to be planning to proceed ahead with to usurp this election:

    Tucker’s show tonight will be as clear as could be as to which Tucker he is going to be selling to his huge audience: independent journalist or Fox News/DS apparatchik. I will be watching and hope that he will continue to be the voice of much of the people, though his letting up on the Hunter Biden story was troubling to say the least.

  68. KenH says:
    @The Alarmist

    Many signs are pointing to Republicans eager for Trump to concede so that they can get back to bizwax as usual.

  69. Orca says:

    The Media is a serious enemy of The United States. This is treason by no other definition, it goes beyond free speech.

  70. @shylockcracy

    Thanks to the Trumpet, the CIA/FBI/NSA, etc., have now been able to clearly identidy the sections of the populace that feel their pure whiteness is being victimised, …

    Were you in a coma for a number of years? For 20 years, starting with William Binney through Edward Snowdon and Dave Montgomery, there have been warnings that the alphabet agencies have been illegally spying the US citizens. Montgomery pointed out they spied on Trump before he became a candidate.
    The Trumpian corporate party’s biggest sin was trying to get in on the Republocrat – Demican Uni-party corporate party action.
    Never gonna happen.

    • Replies: @shylockcracy
  71. @trickster

    Weed, video games, beer and porn were the goals all along. We won.

    All those centuries that the poor folk just wanted to live like rich folk — and like the twist at the end of a crappy Twilight Zone episode, they got it. All that’s left is for us critics to provide a Rod Serling wrap-up, or to figure out how to keep exploiting the other end products of least-common-denominator civilization for our own illiberal ends.

    What else is there? Some great common project? Some transhumanist next step? Some new religious crusade and inquisition? A new Dark Age? What is it that the human species could have aspired to, given how much of it is so easily satisfied with weed, video games, beer and porn?

    • Replies: @trickster
  72. @Anatman

    Don’t mean to be in bad form, but this is a comment of mine from a few weeks ago.

    “Democrat commercials on YouTube emphasize how Trump killed both many Americans and the economy with his handling of Covid.

    If Biden gets elected, count on a vaccine miraculously being discovered two weeks after the election. The population vaccinated and a full recovery promised as soon as they can dig the nation out from under all the crap piled up by Trump.

    It’s pretty obvious that the Democratic party elite came up with the virus as a means of destroying the economy Trump previously bragged about. Lowest unemployment in years etc. They took care of that. Now they’ll ride to the rescue with a vaccine they had all along. They are murderous scumbags. Guilty of everything they project onto Trump. 9/11 and now this. They care not how many Americans they murder or lives they destroy.”

    Well, they didn’t even have to courtesy to wait two weeks. Check out this from the Daily Mail;

  73. @Tyler Durden

    The only portion I disagree with is that voter apathy favored Biden. Trump supporters in my estimation, are far more loyal to the RNC that Dems are to Biden. This was shown at the campaign rallies for each. Besides, meh? It’s Biden.

  74. L.K says:
    @Carroll Price

    Thanks for the link, Carroll.

    Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador:

    “With regard to the U.S. election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved,” Lopez Obrador said at a news conference.

    “I can’t congratulate one candidate or the other. I want to wait until the electoral process is over.”

    Obrador is Center-Left, so I don’t think anyone can say he is some ideological Trumpster or a vassal.
    He is behaving responsibly and correctly, the way national leaders should, but , at least in the Western Hemisphere, few are.
    The way key European “leaders” are behaving is very telling…

    • Thanks: Robjil
  75. @Curmudgeon

    You must still be in a coma to think the Trumpet tried to interfere in the Ziocorporate regime’s schemes. He’s clearly been put in the position he’s in to facilitate the color coding of the different sectors of the American’t population and data-mining from everyone, hail AI-powered Cointelpro/MKUltra, or “Soros” as red-pilled Qtards believe.

    Still wondering how Trump’s brazen shilling and salesmanship for Pentagon Ziocorporate contractors on the Saudi massmurder campaign in Yemen, not to mention things like his public endorsement of Netanyahu, didn’t give him away right there and then, but then again, a population must be ignorant beyond redemption to think a MSM showbiz star, of all people in the US, is gonna be the one throwing a wrench in the works of established power as if the poor spooks at Langley didn’t see it coming.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  76. Cyrano says:
    @Tyler Durden

    I believe that US are truthful when they talk about “free” elections. Theoretically, the only way you can get something “free” in life is – if you steal it, or if somebody gives you something as a gift. This “election” has fulfilled both of these 2 criteria. First the deep state stole the election from Trump and then they presented it as a gift to Biden. So it’s all good. It was a free election for Biden, Trump got robbed – but hey, you can’t please everybody.

  77. @sonofman

    … can the Supreme Court overturn the entire 2020 results and order a new election that would also include the Senate and House elections in all States?

    The most that SCOTUS can do is to tell the states to apply election law as passed by the legislature and in effect on Election Day. That would suggest lower court interpretations or pronouncements contrary to black-letter law would be null and void. The bigger issue is that state legislatures have plenary power over the selection of electors within a state, notwithstanding the final count of votes. The USA is not a democracy, and the Constitution guarantees that all states will have a republican form of government, not democratic government.

  78. nsa says:

    Any one of you R and D cucks could have done the right thing and given Howie the Greenie some love, and voted for him. Note that the Green Party was excluded from the 2020 ballot in AZ, PA, and WI? Hmmmmmmm. Couldn’t be that the 2016 Green vote in those three swing states cost the Ds a narrow election victory? Back in 2016, several misguided UNZ commenters pointed to Jill Stein’s ethnicity as a deal breaker…….but as the cliche goes: “better to have ’em in your tent pissing out, than outside your tent pissing in”.

  79. @Thim

    When Trump is sworn in for a second term, it will be time for someone to introduce bills to abolish television and radio.

    These obsolete technologies need to go. Everyone must compete equally, on the internet.

    But if we stick with Biden, we’ll go back to the record player, or Gramophone as he knew it as a child.

  80. @Cyrano

    It’s the Iranians. I mean it’s obvious. Iranians speak Farsi – and who would be better positioned to make a farce out of a US election than someone who speaks Farsi?

    Lulz … Pallets of ballots in return for pallets of cash.

  81. TKK says:

    America no longer makes hard men.

    Yes, America still makes hard men.

    They just don’t have any power. They have no access to cultural or political power. They do not want it. This is because they are normal. They want to spend time with their wives and girlfriends, work, fish, race cars and motorcycles, see their families.

    This weekend, I watched a 44 year old man free style climb 30 feet up a tree- in dirty old Croc shoes – to take down an illegal deer stand with his pocket knife. This was after his brother and him replaced the clutch on the fly in a Dodge Ram 5 speed truck with no lifts to hold the transmission. They jerry rigged it with straps and jacks.

    Their hands are like iron, they have stomachs of steel and they can shoot like marksmen. Very low key.

    They also make their own guns and bullets.

    If pushed, if tested- the world would be amazed at how tough Southern white men are.

    • Replies: @trickster
  82. Regarding the military, they are sworn to uphold the Constitution. It’s possible, in the event of widespread civil unrest, they will step in to quell riots in martial law, but I do not believe they will interfere in the political and judicial process of choosing the next President. Trump has really done little to upset the MIC or brass. He has made noises about withdrawing from here or there, but in the end follows their advice and doesn’t challenge them on the ground. Furtermore, I think enlisted people lean toward Trump and don’t think they want to see democracy destroyed.

    So, I don’t see the military as playing a decisive roll in this unless some Democratic governors get so upset that they order their National Guard or police to defy martial law. But they will just be upholding the will of the people as divined by Congress and interpreted by the courts.

  83. TRM says:

    Biden is at 290. Penn is 20. Any loss of any state after Penn and Biden loses. I don’t see Biden holding all 4.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  84. George540 says:

    Agreed the Jew’s are the problem

  85. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    “it must be now also be recalled …”

    I stopped reading.

    Sorry. My time/attention/decoding effort is very precious. I won’t waste it on stuff like this.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  86. anon[383] • Disclaimer says:

    Karma’s a biatch. All those color revolutions in Ukraine, Venezuela, Iran, Hong Kong, propped up in one way or another by Mike Pompeo when he was head of CIA continuing into Secretary of State, is now coming back to haunt Trump. Good job appointing that fat fuck.

    If Trump loses, it would be his own doing in some ways. He has failed to roll back legal immigration esp. H1B/OPT until a month before the election, and spent most of his time catering to the Zionist filth with all the nauseating sycophantic overt pandering to Israel and the Wall Street Jews. Wormtongue’s pandering to the blacks by letting all the drug dealers out of jail is backfiring big time too. 92% of blacks still voted for Biden so fuck you Kushner.

    If Trump somehow survives this and actually comes back to win, I hope he learned from his mistake in the first term. Instead of spending all 4 years pandering to Jews and blacks who didn’t vote for him, spend his time taking care of those who did vote for him, his white voting base, and we want an end to H1B, OPT, EB5, L1, illegal immigration. No more green cards for the next 40 years! Begin mass deportation. Most importantly, fire Pompeo and Javanka!

    • Replies: @Miro23
  87. Anonymous[831] • Disclaimer says:

    STUPID GOYIM…you must obey…

  88. Skeptikal says:

    Many thanks, Mr. Redmayne, for this overview-cum-dissection of the recount scenarios.

    That all of these counting-stopping orders took place in swing states defies credulity.
    Surely poll workers were being paid to continue counting throughout the night. Not to go home and catch 40 winks. Lord knows we have plenty of night-time workers in this 24/7 country.

    It is ironic that in the context of the USA’s overseas military disasters, the common advice when the home team is obviously getting pounded has been “Just declare yourself the winner” and get the hell out.

    Seems like the Dems are using this playbook and hoping they can create a new reality by declaring it so.

    The spectacle of Joe Biden calling for “unity” after the shitshow following 2016 is rich.
    I doubt that this richness is going to be lost on the “losers” in this election.

    The country is very n eatly divided between blue urban and red countryside. I would not county on “unity” rearing its head anywhere in redland.

    Biden ain’t no Lincoln.

  89. bjondo says:

    consider him doubly gone.

  90. @The Alarmist

    The only people loyal to Trump is the working class. No one else gives a damn whether he lives or dies, including the vast majority of Republican officials and office holders concerned only with keeping what they have.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  91. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Jett Rucker

    There are a number of grammatical errors in this essay.

    But it is a very interesting essay to read.

  92. nickels says:

    I think they know Trump has a great chance to win, but their real play will come after that.
    Assuming the sale for Biden so hard is just a psyop to get all the braindead retards to suffer from such massive butthurt when they lose that they will fly off the handle in rage and become the maidan crowds.
    They you snipe a few of them, blame it on Trump and mount the coup.

    DC mayor just shut down DC to Trumpers citing COVID-mandantory 72 hour testing clear before entering DC.

    This revolution will fail, however, because the main stay against a color revolution is unwavering support. And millions of armed patriots will foil any maidan square boneheads.

    Military is another matter. Trump firing Mark Esper is surely related. Now he will be able to deploy them to stop the protestors.

    If they don’t stay loyal they will have to kill millions of Red Americans, and that is not really going to go over so well in a Western country.

  93. anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe some people are really pissed of about having their future stolen from them. Even though I don’t necessarily believe in everything they say I am in exactly the same boat. They crowded out, they diminished from anti-white laws, the courts have little or no respect for them and humiliate them every chance they get.
    I never thought I would say this but I vote Southern.

  94. @Tyler Durden

    No, the system wanted a good pretext to panic and accelerate media censorship therefore they hired Trump who played his partition to perfection.

  95. Art says:

    Is Trump worth the trouble that would ensue if the courts gave him the election?

    I think not!

    At best we would have another four years of harsh feelings and gridlock.

    • Replies: @Art
  96. Paul Lake says:

    Yes, the disgusting PC CBC reporters display their contempt for Trump at every turn, and are complicit in obscuring Democrat misdeeds, whether by uncritically parroting the Maddow ravings on Russiagate or ignoring the influence peddling of Dems from Biden to HRC. CBC reporters are repeatedly characterizing charges of election fraud as groundless. Clearly they are unaware of Pelosi’s admission of how the public is misinformed, with her description of ‘leaking’ fabricated allegations to MSM insiders, then using the subsequent MSM reports as ‘evidence’ of veracity.

  97. Art says:

    In 2016 Trump explicitly said “no war” – it sealed his win.

    In 2020 he said no such thing. That sealed his lose.

    White men do the war dying – enough of that!

    No more white men dying for the Jews.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  98. lysias says:

    Abolish radio? I depend on classical music from radio to keep me sane.

  99. @Orca

    You mean the (((Media))). There, fixed that for you.

    • Replies: @Geowhizz
  100. Miro23 says:

    If Trump somehow survives this and actually comes back to win, I hope he learned from his mistake in the first term.

    Unlikely that. He’s a swamp creature – he’s spent his whole life there.

  101. Anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    It bears rememberatizing that Trump is President until Inauguration Day and NO ONE is “President Elect” until the Electoral College and stuff.

    A Name or SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

  102. @Cyrano

    China cannot have elections. China is communist. Communism is a religion. Would the Vatican get involved in an election where we can choose our god?
    As for China becoming #1 without elections, you are wrong; the Bolsheviks running “Western Society” have elected to destroy all industry and send off to China for manufacturing, just like they elected to destroy all agriculture not soaked in Roundup, genetically polluted by GMOs and liberaly dosed with systemic poisons. The Bilderbergers elected to create the Davos crowd who elected Africa to be deindustrialised, and all land confiscated for mining, like they elected to brand any citizen opposed to this grand theft as terrorists.
    So, yes, China IS #1, in manufacturing, like America is #1 in international terrorism and poisonous food-like stuff, and Europe is #1 in luxury status symbols, and the rest of the (third) world supplies minerals, cannon fodder and children for the “sex trade”.
    …and our Bolshevik masters elected to do all this, therefor even China has an elected government, elected by the Bolsheviks, hidden behind the impenetrable religious construct of a “political” system you criticise at your mortal peril. Just like any other religion.

    Protocol 7v5: In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the Goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.

    I am busy learning to make movies, so I can fully explore this weird link between Zion and Beijing, stand by… it’s got to do with the gods, no less! It even involves the bloodthirstier tribes of South America! It does not include White people or Black people, it seems.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @yurivku
  103. @Carroll Price

    No one else gives a damn whether he lives or dies, including the vast majority of Republican officials and office holders concerned only with keeping what they have.

    I guess they should enjoy it while they still have it. The Country Class will beat the crap out of the Republican elite and take their gruel away from them when they are finally consigned to the gulag.

  104. Lee says:
    @Neutral Observer

    NO said:

    Under the 25th Amendment, a 2/3 majority vote in both Houses is required to formally remove a President. If Biden resists a Democrat move to oust him, the Republicans could vote no to force the Dems to live with the scam that they cooked up.

    Section 3 of the 25th Amendment provides a handy workaround here.

    Section 3 allows the president to voluntarily transfer his authority to the vice president (for example, in anticipation of a medical procedure) by declaring in writing his inability to discharge his duties. The vice president then assumes the powers and duties of the presidency as acting president; the vice president does not become president and the president remains in office, although without authority. The president regains his powers and duties when he declares in writing that he is again ready to discharge them.

  105. annamaria says:

    The most interesting sign of the election is the pliability of the American electorate of the ‘woke’ persuasion. The grown men and women want to stay kids forever, and they love, love feeling their ‘youthful progressiveness.’

    Enter the specter of Freud’s nephew (E. Bernays), embodied in the mass media (owned by six corporations). The CIA-controlled MSM works for the real owners of this country: the war-profiteers of the MIC, the usurers of the financial Squid, the gutters of the US industrial base (the mega-corporations), and Israel firsters (ziocons).

    The profoundly-ignorant ‘youthful’ wokes are a perfect putty for the Owners (aka Deciders). The not-so-youthful Obamas the Fraud and the badly aged Clintons have been liberally using revolutionary rhetoric a la Che Gevara, never mind that the Obamas and Clintons are major war criminals guilty of the mass slaughter of civilian populations (including the multitude of children) in the brown countries of Syria and Lybia and non-brown countries of former Yugoslavia and Ukraine. They, Obamas and Clintons, are murderers, cannibals. Yet for the ‘progressive’ wokes, the history of the US is not known and is not interesting for knowing. The wokes like the keto diet, mild psychedelics, cool outfit, and a special set of words, including ‘solidarity, social awareness, political correctness, LGBTQIA’ and such to stroke gently their, wokes,’ egos. The aroma of rot is in the air.

  106. annamaria says:
    @The Alarmist

    The ‘progressive ‘ revolutionists are already in arms. The ziocons are leading the charge:

    “It’s not only that @realDonaldTrump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them. Because if there are survivors….they will do it again.” Jennifer Rubin

    And the Trotskyists are back with a vengeance:

    Emily Abrams, a former staffer for Dem presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, took immediate action by launching the Trump Accountability Project. According to Abrams, the objective of the project is “to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”
    Emily Abrams can not forgive Trump for being so ineffective in the Middle East. Unlike the Obama/Clinton administration, Trump has not started a new War for Israel. And for this, Trump and “anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump” must be punished.

    Meanwhile, the reality is hitting up:

    After Attorney General Bill Barr authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, the head of the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch [Richard Pilger] has decided to resign.

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
    • Replies: @Lee
  107. trickster says:

    Right ! I acknowledge and concede to your point.

    Now here are my points:

    1. What percentage of men are like that ?
    2. In that percentage, what percentage are willing to do anything about anything ?

    Climbing a tree and fixing a transmission is a lot different than facing gunfire and thinking that every day may be your last or worse, the first day in a wheel chair with a vegetable body and a mind that is at best topsy turvy.

    I say this very respectfully, its all a lot of fun to read UR and listen to the Rambo studs mouth off but in my experience talk is one thing and action is another and dogs that bark dont bite.

    That is why the powers that be do as they please because they KNOW they will get away with it.

  108. trickster says:

    You make good points. But surely there must be some higher purpose to our lives !. What has happened ? I think that the power and ability to reason has been lost or perhaps been subdued and deliberately squashed. People as a rule generally accept the opinion of an “expert”. I can take a simple example. Betty Crockers cake tastes better than the one Grandma made from scratch and Ikea’s particle board chest of drawers makes Grandpa’s handmade oak counterpart absolute shit.

    A friend of mine told me there are some black women who have started a company that promulgates the old fashioned ways and ideas are no longer applicable to the world we live in. These young ladies are in their early twenties and state that “we need to unlearn these antiquated traditions and relearn techniques, traits and habits that will enhance our progress forward in the modern world as we know it”. If I told you they have no end of clients and are raking in $7M a year would you believe me ?

    As an old timer I ask myself:
    1. What the fuck does a 20 year old know about life ?
    2. The old traditions are already dead and we are in a perhaps unrecoverable mess ?
    3. Who are the morons stumping up $2500 to slurp up this drivel ?
    4. How come these new age techniques from the brilliant intellect of College dunces sinking us into a quicksand of shit ?

    There are also whites paying up to $3000 a pop to some black “counsellors” to get in touch with their white privilege and heal their guilt and get closure regarding slavery, racism and systemic discrimination. Its hard to decide whether to laugh or sob uncontrollably. My parents and GrandParents would gape at this rubbish but the “highly advanced civilization” we live in cant gobble up enough of this drivel.

    The majority today are hollow and they fill up the void with drugs, tobacco, alcohol and video games. There IS nothing else to assuage the emptiness created by abandoning all that is right and decent.

    The ability to think is GONE, logic is no longer taught in schools and is a DEAD art.

    And unfortunately you are absolutely right ! What is there to aspire to when there is no foundation for aspiration and how can there even be a foundation when there is no THOUGHT just blind acceptance of what the “experts” shovel in the direction of the rabble .

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  109. annamaria says:

    We Now Walk With Our Founding Patriots by Larry Johnson

    Washington Praying

    The one blessing of the current crisis stemming from the Democrat/radical left attempt to steal the Presidency from Donald Trump is that you now know firsthand the emotions, thoughts and fears that filled the minds and hearts of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and Lincoln. History, when you read about it, can be an arid, frigid affair. It can be a jumble of dates, names and places that have little relevance to your current life.

    But now history becomes real. As you fret over the widespread criminality uncovered in this Presidential election, you are experiencing the same heavy weight that pressed on the souls of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin as they came to the decision to declare independence from the King of England. This was not a choice about whether to have one’s coffee black or with milk. This was a moment of decision that required people to put their lives and riches at risk.

    The founders of America were rebelling against the super power of the 18th Century. England was a global empire, backed up by a vast navy and hardened army. England had the money and the manpower to crush the upstart American colonists. If a global stock market existed then, the money would have flowed to England.

    The proclamation of America’s Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July did not force the British to surrender. They stepped up the military campaign and began conquering key parts of the colonies. Our patriot forefathers and fore-mothers had no guarantee, no promise of success. And the events following that Declaration led many in the colonies to question the sanity of those who embarked on what was a seemingly impossible task–creating a Republic. But there were others, their names now lost to history, who joined themselves with the patriots who started the rebellion and took up arms. Again, no assurance that they would survive and that their homes would remain secure.

    A great comment by Chris:

    We are but the last few generational links in a distinct European chain going back at least 8000 years. Liberty, reason, and its offspring science are the fruit of Christian civilization that Francis Bacon describes as “giving glory to God and relief of man’s estate [suffering].”

    The globalists who are destroying it are barbarian hyenas, incapable of creating beauty or quality on their own, but quite capable of destroying that of which they are jealous.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  110. trickster says:

    LOL..Good points and I cannot say I disagree fundamentally with you. I have expended the time allotted for amusement reading UR today and will reply tomorrow.

  111. Pancho says:

    Vote fraud is as American as apple pie. Just remember how JFK and George W. Bush manged to sneak into the White House. America has always bee a banana republic, now it has just become more evident.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  112. @paranoid goy

    China has elections.
    China is one party dictatorship.
    The party is called Communist party, but the party did drop most of the Communist dogmas and did change to nationalist party, similar to NSDAP of Hitlers Germany.
    It has election for party leader but election is limited to party members.
    Changing from Communist party to nationalist party was highly beneficial to China.
    It was devastating mistake for Russia that they did not do as China did.
    But Russia is now recovering under Putin. Russia is still not one party system but eventually it will get there. Even US will one day become one party system, but it is still not on horizon.
    Eventually all over the world states will have one party system. Those states who will not have a one party system will fall behind, wither and die.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @paranoid goy
  113. @Zarathustra

    Collective responsibility for the fate of the nation is irresponsibility. Even if it alternate between two or among several parties.

  114. REMOST says:

    I love the idea but they don’t need our taxes. The fed gov can print for the currency restrained states.
    The elites have run multi-trillion wars and goosed the markets for years,
    practicing a perverted version of MMT.
    The National Debt need not matter except that we have borrowed from central banks our own money.
    Those banks need us kept stupid, and we are:

    We still wonder if there is enough Soc Security money in the lockbox.

  115. Smarby says:

    Anybody know where I can find a primary source copy of “7 Pillars of Color Revolution” ? All I’m turning up is Glenn Beck Chalkboard bits, and those aren’t going to convince anybody I know.

  116. The link I had is now suddenly disabled. Hmmmm.

    You probably already have this, but just in case….

    . Mc Faul came up with “7 Pillars of Color Revolution,”

    1) A semi-autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime,
    2) An unpopular incumbent,
    3) A united and organized opposition,
    4) An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified,
    5) enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote,
    6) A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud, and
    7) Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces.

    Cheers!! B.R-T.

    • Thanks: annamaria, gay troll
  117. @shylockcracy

    Trump’s corporatism is not a branch of the Uni-party. His is mildly nationalistic while the Uniparty’s is openly the global hegemony. His sin is trying to get a piece of the Uni-party’s action. So far, he has provided all of the toys the Pentagram wants, but other than falling for Fat Boy Pompeo’s snuffing of Solmeimani, he hasn’t started any shooting wars. Sanctions are undeclared wars, and Trump’s sanctions help US corporations, most of which are globalist anyway. Same shit different pile.
    The last US Presidents who were mildly anti-Zionist were turfed out of office and assassinated. All of the branches of the USG are (((occupied territory))) and have been for decades, as was noted by George Wallace in the 1960s.
    Trump’s redeeming qualities are few and far between, but getting out of “free trade” deals and reduced immigration, whether legal or illegal, are a big finger in the eye of the globalists. Other than that, it appears as if he is the only one serious about cleaning up vote fraud. If the Demicans are caught out, they will shut down the Republocrats fixing in retaliation, until a new scam is figured out.

  118. annamaria says:

    Enjoy! Straight from the horse’s mouth;

  119. Lee says:

    Quote from anna post:

    After Attorney General Bill Barr authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, the head of the DOJ’s Election Crimes Branch [Richard Pilger] has decided to resign.

    An opinion about why Pilger really resigned:

    What happened today, and what prompted Pilger to “quit” was that AG Barr said to US Attorneys – “If you have substantial allegations of election fraud in your district, you have authority to investigate that.” Basically, Barr cut Pilger and Election Crimes Branch out of the picture as “gatekeepers” to starting investigations in places like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  120. @Zarathustra

    Yeah, I think you confuse their apparent embrace of capitalism as “…drop most of the Communist dogmas…”
    Religion is religion. If’n ya’ll pray to the same god, you might be different sects, but you have the same religion. Capitalism serves to disown the proletariat and concentrate all means of production under one hand, sorry, ‘winner’. This is a prime requirement for communism to “work”. The apparent competition between communism and capitalism is one of The Hive’s most exquisite propaganda successes. Since the destruction, sorry, privatisation of public education, they don’t even need propaganda anymore. Globalists openly demand “access to government at all levels”. Combine monopoly industry with government, and what you get? Communism, with each industry under a commissar, plotting and counter-plotting against the remaining few other commissars with enough political clout, sorry, capital, to be a threat to one others’ ambitions.
    The ways of the Bolhevik are subtle, until you start noticing. Go read them Protocols, baby, read and reread them Protocols.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  121. @Lee

    When I read news that Pilger quit, that was my read, that he would not be able to put a thumb on the scales as he did in 2010 with the Tea Party and through the successive wave of elections. The M5M of course spun it as some act of high-minded principle. This guy should have been tossed after 2018, when a number of R House “wins” flipped to losses several days after the election. Honorable mention for the Philly Black Panther voter suppression investigation …. lulz.

    We get the government we tolerate.

  122. @paranoid goy

    It is very complicated and complex matter. It would require truly prolonged discussion.
    I only will point out two things.
    There was no revolutionary change in China from Communism, so most of social benefits for working population did remain intact. The change was mostly to the approach to economic solutions.
    The dictatorial power of Communist party was not challenged and I am confident that it will be never challenged.
    I am absolutely certain that China will never have a government like USA, where government is is bought and payed for by owner class. (Mostly Jews)+

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  123. trickster says:

    Well first of all, here on UR, you will find a few people who advocate “action” to right the “wrongs” of the “deep state” or whatever their pet peeve. This is normal all over, this site has no exclusive in this regard. However, as I have said before, dogs that bark dont bite. These Rambos are not going to do shit. Weed, tobacco, alcohol and video games are escapes from doing anything even improving themselves.

    As for Jews it is the same thing. Its the Jews this and the Jews that ? Slip on a banana skin ? That’s because the Jews import bananas. Some months back I stated the following in a post:
    =How many people know a Jew ?
    =What has a Jew done to them personally ?
    =Does anyone really believe some Jew, cooking up a deal worth millions, gives a shit about some hand to mouth crumb snatcher (like you for example).

    Further I stated that if one goes to Disney, looks at the movies, looks at TV they are in fact supporting Jews. In reality, they support the people they condemn. I personally have no problem with Jews or Niggers as long as they dont step on my shoes..

    Not only in America, but people the world over crave something, get what they want and then dont want what they get. This is the human condition. The more things change the more they remain the same. Its the old cliche in action.

    Your “splooging” makes no difference to me. If what you say makes sense I will listen, otherwise it is all just intestinal breeze.

    As for us squeaky white boys, history is on our side in our role as masters of the Universe. No other race has so affected and permeated the entire world as we have, not East Indians, not Chinese and certainly not blacks. 99% of life as we know it along with all our tools and conveniences come from the minds of the Whiteman. This is not “splooging” but an undeniable FACT ! My ancestors conquered and ruled most of this old world. Spanish, Portuguese and English are the dominant languages overall Go to the most remote parts of Africa and Latin America and you will find someone who speaks one of these languages. Not Chinese, not Russian, not French, not Hindu or Arabic nor Bantu or Bongo Bongo. Now look at the map and see the size of these three countries, compare it to the continents they conquered and colonized and tell me if those men were not great.

    Where the future is concerned, whatever it may be, we whites WILL prevail because we always have ! I cannot tell you what the future holds. No one can. What I can tell you is that those who have survived and overcome in the past will do so again in the future. That is a fact. Whether there will be an apocalypse is left to be seen. We whites dont wait on angels. You would know this if you read history instead of the bios of Snoop and Tupac. We make history, God helps those who help themselves !

    We will survive and thrive because we are white. You wont because you are not but if you do you will still be under our thumbs and forced to wash our shit stained skivvies ! And THAT aint splooging.

    • Replies: @Malla
  124. @Zarathustra

    1. Revolution is the nature of the Bolshevik/communist. How do you stage a revolution against the revolting? 2. Communism won the Cold War, the sooner Americans realise they live in Zion’s Undeclared Soviets in the Americas, the better change their “western civilisation” has of surviving. Europe is gone, the colonies overthrown. Soon you’ll wish you did not trample on everyone, now you have no friends left, we all laugh at your decline. 3. See previous comment for definition of communicapitalism. The divide you see is artificial. Communism IS capitalism IS the government owned by ever fewer individuals.
    And don’t confuse Jews with the Jewish, like, Israeli’s ain’t Israelites. The term ‘Jew’ refers to Semites; Israelites and Palestinians and Arabs and so on. I suggest we refer to The Hive. Think on that for a while? In the mean time, ‘Bolsheviks’ seem to cover all the blood-soaked bases. But the bastards, in their methodology, exhibit all the signs of being hive animals. “Conform or Die, hoooo!”

  125. Zionists (the hive) do not care about system philosophy or form of government.
    They care only to be in driver seat, and they achieve it through the finances.

  126. Geowhizz says:
    @fredyetagain aka superhonky

    The no name media? Nobody have the nads to speak truth to zio power? The MSM have become an insidious subversive voice.

  127. Malla says:

    Go to the most remote parts of Africa and Latin America and you will find someone who speaks one of these languages. Not Chinese, not Russian, not French, not Hindu or Arabic nor Bantu or Bongo Bongo.

    In Africa, you would find more French speaking Bantus in some remote jungle hut than Spanish. As well as French speakers in some super isolated North African Arab/Berber/ Tuareg watering hole in some Sahara desert wasteland.
    Russia has expanded over all of Siberia, big expansion from the days of the Grand Duchy of Moscow after been constantly attacked and dominated by Great Khans and Central Asian Hordes. Later the Russians expanded and made those same Central Asian ‘Stan’ Sultans their vassals and now most Mongols today write in the Russian Cyrillic script. No Russian writes in the native Mongol script (Hudum Mongol bichig) today. Not to mention taking large territory from Ottomans hordes and Persians.

  128. Malla says:

    Even crumbling America is far better than many places in the Third World. That is the problem.

  129. @trickster

    At age 76, I fully understand where you are coming from. During the last of my boobtoob years in the early 60’s, my recall is vivid of Ronnie Raygunz’ coda as the host of G.E. Theater: “Remember, at General Electric, PROGRESS is our most important product”. Progress towards what end, one should ask. Then another meme: “Better living through chemistry”. More destructive, sociopathic expertise. “Things go better with Coke”. It’s great stuff for cleaning out toilet bowls and one wonders what it does to OUR bowels. For years the ass-end cover of “Life” magazine expertly reminded us that “More Doctors Smoke Camels”.

    Additional to the deliberate dumbing down in our school systems, promulgated by the educational theorists from Columbia University, John Dewey and James Bryant Conant and through the 25 leading newspapers bought up in 1915 by JP Morgan and his fellow Jekyll Island schemers in order to get the U$ into WWI; since the advent of radio advertising schemed out by the formulations of Edward Bernays–Freud’s nephew and The Godfather of the public relations industry and the grand maven of propaganda; and finally through the boobtoob and boobtoob noose commentators such as Walter Crank-case; the minds of the American public have been screwed, Jewed and tatooed for over 100 years.

    Kali Yuga has entered warp-speed as the “Woke” outnumber the awakened by a quantum factor.

  130. Excellent, highly intelligent, well-documented article. I’m going to follow this man’s writing through this crisis.

    • Replies: @AReply
  131. @Cyrano

    “…it seems to me that elections are really not that necessary–except maybe as a form of entertainment.”

    A quiet nod to Frank Zappa! Who said famously that “politics is the entertainment wing of the military-industrial complex.”

  132. AReply says:
    @nosquat loquat

    This article is speculation which can be seen as either mental masturbation or the intent to sow fear uncertainty doubt within the scope of its audience. It contains no original research, nor does it amplify, clarify, nor critique the work of anyone else outside of the Trump campaign.

    So no. This is not a writer worth following in the future.

    It does sharpen the one hook that so many people are hanging their hats upon only to later find a hole in their hat:

    Spike in the release of vote counts do not imply spikes in the order of votes.

    Jumps in numbers reported are not inherently indicative of surprising additions of votes. They just represent whatever total was released at that moment.

    You could make an electorate believe there was a winner by just not adding the opposition to the reported tally until… Surprise! Add all the opposition votes in at last minute.

    How would you regard the legitimacy of that election even if you knew the final tally was correct but favored the adversary.

    Correspondingly, what’s the right sequence of releasing partials, and if votes are made in various ways, some with more latency in recording, like by mail, should the partial counts not be reported because they might represent skews? No!

    Dicking around with this would be a clumsy gimmicky play from the Rove / GOP playbook, or by a campaign team that would hold their concession PR meetup on the tarmac outside the Four Seasons Hotel and Landscaping company next to a sex shop and crematorium, then not decide not to concede on principle of unsubstantiated nationwide corruption by the postal system run by the losing incumbent. Worthy of FoxNews

    Probably the derp State has had it out for the incumbent all along, They just let him -believe- he was the leader of the free world.

    To quote Morpheus via the Proud Boys “That’s how derp the rabbit-hole goes!”

    This article is nonsense

    The most telling trait is how it claims that Biden campaign are criminal masterminds to an audience that endlessly proclaims Biden is too senile to tie his shoes.

    Same logic is applied to dirty Jews and darkies who somehow have evil genius while being pure animals

    The levels of cognitive dissonance at work on this blog are astounding!

    • Troll: GazaPlanet
  133. yurivku says:
    @paranoid goy

    China cannot have elections. China is communist. Communism is a religion.

    Does it mean US can have an elections? Don’t make me laugh! Yes, your hypocrites can set a show for stupids (who are a majority in US), but not for people who can add two and two.
    If China’s elections is a rithual than US’s one is a bad comedy for imbeciles.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  134. @yurivku

    If China’s elections is a rithual than US’s one is a bad comedy for imbeciles.

    On the contrary, friend. America’s elections are comedy for the sophisticated. The imbiciles think it all really serious and they think they take part by voting.
    So…in China the voting thing is a ritual, is it? Tell us more? Do you burn incense, candles… surely not people, like in Portland?

    • Replies: @yurivku
  135. yurivku says:
    @paranoid goy

    America’s elections are comedy for the sophisticated

    Well you’re right. But it’s a real fun for me. Don’t stop.
    As for China’s elections can’t help you, I know nothing about it. I can tell that Russian elections being quite dirty are just childish playing compared to US’s. So I got enough of popcorn to watch.

  136. What we need < we need communication center of we the people ( MassVocals ) the people need the truth the so called violence or insurrection was protest and a reprisal to the fraudulent
    ZThe people who realize this is treason are correct because no committee was instructed to investigation outside the courts who system is hand strung

    in real revolution the police or other must decide to whom they will stand .

    we need system to join and to communicate form , in my opinion Trump would not even be a republican i feel he wants to fix the government and he need help he needs all of us

    and those who are wanting to continue HR 1 bills and the build back better , or the fact that 7 . 9 trillion is on table being printed in violation of law we have been shown no loan stats Biden is bankrupting the government and allowing illegals to enter allowing world policy to fall forour enemies he is a trader to the republic as simple as this , and his party members are as well as they are not even supporting SSA and fixing it after bush took over 1.6 trillion form the trust to go to war and find nothing , the people have to wake up we are under attack we need leaders patriots that will help fix us their are trader in the government many many .

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