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October 2020: A Month In the Death of White America
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See also: A Guide To What A Biden/ Black Party Victory Will Mean For America

Joe Biden says he has a mandate to fight “systemic racism” [Joe Biden Says He’s Going to Win With a Mandate for Action on Racism, Climate and COVID, by Jeffery Martin, Newsweek, November 6, 2020] This might not be what he has in mind, but here’s a helpful list of the black-on-white murders—the central reality of race relations in America—that were reported just this last month.

  • Brandon Van and Bradley Cowart

They lived more than 2,000 miles apart Still, they shared something in common.

I say “lived” because Brandon is no longer with us. He was gunned down while walking in a residential neighborhood in Mesa, Arizona. Bradley was also gunned down, while walking near his home in Jacksonville, Florida but managed to survive after absorbing multiple rounds.

They were also separated by age. Brandon was 38 years old. Bradley is 14 years old. [ 4 arrested in connection to deadly armed robbery in Mesa, by Laura Lollman, October 27, 2020]

Both victims are described as white males. Both were shot without provocation by blacks while walking in their own neighborhoods.

Brandon was accosted after four individuals spotted him as they were driving through his neighborhood. One of the suspects, a young black male, emerged from the vehicle to confront Brandon. When Brandon resisted a robbery attempt, the suspect allegedly assaulted him. When Brandon ran, the suspect opened fire. Brandon tried to hide from his pursuers behind a hedge of shrubs at a nearby home. It was there that he was fatally shot. Security cameras at the home captured the incident.

Four arrests were made: 18-year-olds Jaquan Bailey and Stephon Mitchell, 37-year-old Ashley Herrell and 38-year-old Vincent Culbreath.

No word on what prompted 22-year-old Aminah Jackson to allegedly open fire on Bradley. The teen was walking home from nearby Robert E. Lee High School on October 26, 2020. He was wearing his ROTC uniform at the time of the shooting. The woman who was arrested is described as being homeless. [Police: Teenager in serious condition after shooting in Riverside, October 26, 2020]

Bradley and Brandon are just two of 43 white victims of violent black crimes that we found reported by local media in October. Others:

  • Lisa Holstead, Elizabeth Wilson, Sherry Black.

Lisa, Elizabeth, and Black were white women who were allegedly murdered by black males. Arrests were made in each case in October 2020 although the deaths occurred years ago. Authorities credit advanced DNA technology for solving these cold cases.

Lisa, above, was 22-year-old when she was found strangled to death in Green Bay WI on August 12, 1986. Arrested this month, 34 years later is Lou Archie Griffin, 65, below. Griffin denies killing Lisa, but thinks that maybe, just maybe, he may have had sex with her.

What else could he say? Authorities linked him to the crime by DNA. [DNA links Racine man to 1986 Green Bay homicide, by Ben Krumholz, FOX 11 News, October 29th 2020].

Elizabeth Ann Powell Wilson was raped, strangled, and beaten to death in 1976. Her body and vehicle were found in Blair, South Carolina. 65-year-old Charles Ugvine Coleman has just been arrested for the crime. He would have been 21 years old when Wilson died. [Man, 65, is arrested for 1976 rape and murder of South Carolina woman after he’s arrested on firearms charge and DNA links him to cold case, by Trevor Boyer,, October 27, 2020]

Sherry Black, then 64, was fatally stabbed and beaten November 30, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Investigators just arrested Adam Durborow, now 29. [Man, 29, is arrested for decade-old cold case murder of woman, 64, beaten and stabbed to death in her Utah bookstore after his Armani belt left at scene provides vital DNA evidence, by Marlene Lenthang,, October 11, 2020]

What we learn from these tragedies is that black-on-white violent crime transcends geography and time. It defies gender and age. So it has been for generations.

Other black-on-white homicides reported in October:

  • Lynn Marie Maher, fatally shot while working a late shift at a Waldorf MD 7-Eleven.

The 49-year-old wife and mother was confronted by a gunman intent on robbing the convenience store. “[I]t looked like she was complying,” said Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Diane Richardson. The incident occurred on October 1, 2020. Gregory DeShawn Collins, Jr., 22, is a suspect. [Police: Suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of 7-Eleven clerk in Waldorf caught in Georgia, by Jonathan Franklin, WUSA9, October 19, 2020]

  • The unnamed mother of a four-year-old boy was fatally shot in Clayton County GA.

The dead woman was reportedly in an intimate relationship with the (black) shooter. When the four-year-old’s grandmother went to check on the “loud noise” inside the house, Karl Anthony Jordan, 26, allegedly shot both the child and grandmother “from behind.” They were hospitalized but survived[Police: Quadruple shooting suspect captured, mother dies from gunshot wound, By Aungelique Proctor, and Emilie Ikeda, FOX 5, September 24, 2020].

  • Ryan Tate Hogan, 22, was killed with a single shot during a home invasion in Alamance County NC.

Arrested is Dazmin Monique Crisp, 18 “She’s being charged with felony first degree murder and felony breaking and entering. She’s being held without bond at the Alamance County Detention Center” [One arrested in Mebane mobile home park homicide, by Rachel Berry Times-News, October 1, 2020].

  • John Harding Pope was fatally shot in Alexandria VA.

Reports say the 57-year-old was killed after an apparent break-in at the apartment. He shared the home with his 77-year-old mother. He had considered moving to another residence, citing the decline of his neighborhood [VIDEO: West End Murder Victim Identified, by James Cullum, ALXNow, October 7, 2020]. Arrested was a young black man, Tavon Lanier.

  • Nelson Vega, age 39, was fatally shot during an apparent carjacking.

The victim was returning to his Mercedes after walking his girlfriend to her door in the Miami FL area. He was encountered by teens Gershon Woods and Nathaniel Williams, both black and both 16-years-old. The teens both fired at Vega, police say, [ Teens Charged as Adults in Slaying of South Florida Bartender in Miramar , NBCMiami, October 2, 2020].

  • Kira Seymour, 17, was fatally shot in Eastpointe, Michigan.

Reports say the victim was visiting her (black) boyfriend when he allegedly shot her in the chest. Her 6-week-old daughter was nearby.

Rayquan Taylor “was charged with manslaughter, two counts of felony firearm and death by weapon aimed with intent but without malice” [17-year-old boyfriend charged with manslaughter after Roseville High School senior fatally shot, by Kayla Clarke,, October 2, 2020].

  • Madison Sparrow, age 17, was fatally beaten with a baseball bat in Newark, Delaware.

The victim left home to buy ice cream and a birthday card for her sister.

She was found in a wooded area behind a nearby elementary school. Arrested is the victim’s former (black) boyfriend, 19-year-old Noah M. Sharp. [Court docs: Ex-boyfriend confessed to killing Newark Charter student with a baseball bat , by Josh Shannon, NewarkPost, Oct 7, 2020].

  • Markie McGinnis, 29, was fatally shot on her way home from church in Liberty County, TX.

She reportedly did not know the suspect. Arrested is 24-year-old Henry Davis. The victim had earlier participated in leading a worship service. She was found by a passing motorist about one-half mile from her parent’s home [Suspect in woman’s murder in Liberty Co. found in Louisiana, October 6, 2020].

  • Kyle Stein and his girlfriend, Sydnie Rounsville, were fatally shot in St. Augustine, FL.

Stein was nearly 22 years old and Rounsville was 16. The couple were shot while sitting in a pickup truck and later died in separate hospitals. Police arrested 19-year-old Afrenee Wilson for the murders [Vigil held to remember a young couple shot in a pickup truck, October 9, 2020].

  • Wesley Colin Brown, age 26, was fatally shot in Columbia, SC.

Brown’s lifeless body was found by a couple taking a morning walk. The victim was in town for a wedding. He was allegedly approached by two black males intent on robbing him. In addition to his belongings, they also took his life. Arrested and charged with murder and armed robbery were 20-year-olds Zachery Williams, a student at the University of South Carolina, and Xavier Glover [U of SC student wanted for deadly shooting on Senate St. turns himself in, October 7, 2020]

  • Chase Joseph Meola, age 23, was fatally shot at a house party in Columbus, Ohio.

It appears that the suspect, 18-year-old Kintie Mitchell Jr., showed up at the event uninvited. When asked to leave, “an altercation” ensued and Meola was shot The victim was a fifth-year marketing student and former high school football player [Ohio State student shot, killed near campus; 18-year-old suspect charged, October 11, 2020].

  • Tully Clark, age 44, was fatally shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Arrested and charged with first-degree murder is Michael D. Marshall, 56. The shooting apparently occurred after the suspect accused the victim of stealing a marijuana plant from his yard. A second victim was shot but survived [ Update: Man sought in north Tulsa double-shooting, homicide arrested in Hominy, October 8, 2020].

  • April Robinson, 37, was shot to death allegedly by her estranged (black) boyfriend in Providence Village TX.

Arrested is Cory Washington, 39, below, who reportedly called 911 after the shooting.

The victim’s 18-year-old son, Donavan Fielder, was also fatally shot [Aubrey police: Estranged boyfriend arrested in shooting deaths of woman, her son, October 15, 2020].

  • Willard Dement Jr, age 38, was fatally shot in Henderson NC.

Arrested is Dequante Jabree Terry, 24. Two others were shot, but survived. [Man charged in shooting that left 1 dead, 2 injured at Vance County home]

  • Larry Manno, age 74, was fatally beaten in 2019.

25-year-old Sedrick Hawkins was arrested this month. “Manno was severely beaten at his landscaping business on September 16, 2019 and died from his injuries a month later” [ Suspect arrested in 2019 beating death of Cleveland landscaper October 19, 2020].

  • Jennifer Brelsford, age 40, was murdered by her black ex-boyfriend in Bridgeport CT.

Brelsford’s lifeless body was found during a welfare check by police. “Corey Ramos, 30, was captured at a border crossing in Vermont by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and Royal Canadian Mounted Police” [Estranged boyfriend of slain Bridgeport woman caught at US-Canada border, will be charged with murder, police say, October 19, 2020].

  • Ryan Frazier, 30, and Joshua Carroll, 42, were fatally shot execution-style in Elberta AL.

The men had travelled from their homes in Washington State to work installing fiberoptic cable after Hurricane Laura slammed into Louisiana. Arrested is Antwon Smith, 36, who was charged with capital murder. The crimes occurred in September, 2020 and were reported on October 13, 2020 [Elberta double homicide suspect charged with capital murder, denied bond,,October 13, 2020].

Mason was apparently a carjacking victim. [Man who co-founded non-profit to prevent child sex abuse is shot to death in Mississippi, October 26, 2020]. Three individuals found in Mason’s vehicle after the shooting were taken for questioning. “Donnell Corbin, 18, Devonte Jones, 20, and Fredrick Pearson Jr., 21, were each charged with capital murder” [ Former Waverly Inn maître d’ shot dead in Mississippi carjacking , October 29, 2020]. Mason was a long-time maître d’ at Manhattan’s Waverly Inn, but returned to his home state of Mississippi after the coronavirus began.

  • Allie Hannah, age 22, was fatally shot in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Authorities believe Hannah was killed because she had witnessed a burglary. Isabelle Hauptman (a white female) 19, Jamal Golatt, 21, and Kenney Ivory, 24, are being held in the Craighead County Detention Center in connection with Hannah’s death [\$1 million bond set for suspects arrested in Jonesboro woman’s murder,, October 26, 2020].

  • Charly Lewis, 32, was fatally shot in Denver, Colorado after reportedly witnessing a murder.

Arrested this month is Steven Young, 45, who has been charged with first-degree murder.

The shooting apparently occurred on June 7, 2020. The victim had reportedly witnessed a murder in Aurora on June 1, 2020 [Woman killed in Denver alley witnessed a homicide, police say, by Janet Oravetz, October 28, 2020]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes and In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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Either we talk about it or we lose our country.
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  1. El Dato says:


  2. In respect of the women dying at the hands of their pet (and former) knee-grows, it appears the old saying “Once you go Black, you’ll never go back” is given new meaning.

  3. If only a Poirot or a Columbo actually existed to solve these mind bogglingly ingenious crimes.
    Or perhaps a Forrest Gump b/c “stupid is as stupid does ”

  4. Honestly, I’m getting tired of seeing these types of articles on an otherwise respectable website. Here’s why:

    Approximately 16,000 people are murdered every year in America.

    You have given a list of approximately 25 “white” people murdered in October (although at least one of them, Brandon Van, is a visible non-white.)
    If October is a typical month in America, then only about 300 white people are murdered by blacks every year.

    300 black-on-white murders, out of 16,000 total murders. That’s maybe 2% of all murder victims. Out of a population numbering in the hundreds of millions.

    Further compounding the ridiculousness of it all is the fact that almost all of these victims lived in cities or counties with a high Negro population. The vast majority of white Americans do not. America is largely still a segregated country at the county level, especially as far as blacks and whites are concerned.

    You report handfuls of deaths, but you’re apparently unwiling to report the fact that yes, Negroes have a higher murder offense rate, so if whites live in close proximity to them, you’re naturally going to find white murder victims at a higher rate there. They still have a much lower chance than Negroes or Hispanics of being murdered in those same areas; as the vast majority of Negro homicide is unleashed upon Negroes or Hispanics.

    You’re showing a little desperation by including the deaths of the white criminal associates of Negroes. Although living in close proximity to Negroes does considerably increase your chances of being murdered; participating in criminal activity with them would raise the odds to approximately the same level as an actual Negro. Again, the vast majority of Americans live far away from any significant Negro populations. Most of us have seldom even seen Negroes in our lives. For us to travel to a high-Negro area would be about as likely as it is pointless; to become a criminal associate of a Negro would be unthinkable.

    This article could have used some kind of helpful advice, such as “be situationally aware if you should ever enter a black neighborhood much less live there, and don’t go on robbery or killing sprees with them if you don’t want to risk being murdered”. Instead, it reads like the morbid scribblings of a downcast teenager with black hair, tight black pants, and self-harm scratches on their wrists.

    To be writing articles like this defies explanation; I can only offer the following suggestions:

    a/ author is bored
    b/ auhor is deliberately posting misinformation as part of some kind of demoralization campaign
    C/ author is senile, mentally disturbed, or otherwise demented
    d/ all of the above

    At some point the editor must also search for answers to these pertinent questions:

    Is Unz Review an advocacy journal for the tiny numbers of white people who voluntarily live around, commit crimes with, and fornicate with, urban city Negroes?

    Do I really want to publish unhelpful Negro Peril articles on my website, when the number of white people killed by black people is about 300 per annuum?

    Could the deplatforming of this otherwise respectable, lofty publication have been avoided — if nonsense articles such as this one, –which accomplish nothing positive, and contain no reason–, were never published?

    Is The Unz Review really slated to become a tabloid publisher of Weekly World News caliber?

    All criticism expressed herein is offered with good intentions, sincerely.

  5. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    im getting tired too of abrasive snake like you that negate any negative effect of diversity, it doent matter if only a part of the victim of non euro crime are europeans when the indirect cost of insecurity created by it are enormous are enormous

    according to all scientific studies conducted by the most prestigious universities like harvard,cambridge…. there is not one single positive thing NOR ONE about multiracial/multicultural countries.

    Putnam’s HARVARD study : Error – Cookies Turned Off
    Good Fences:
    Self-identification study: Genetic structure, self-identified race/ethnicity, and confounding in case-control association studies. – PubMed – NCBI


    diversity is not our strength UNITY IS

    Diversity increases psychotic experiences.
    Diversity increases social adversity.

    A 10% increase in diversity doubles the likelihood of psychotic episodes.

    Ethnic density as a buffer for psychotic experiences: findings from a national survey (EMPIRIC) | The British Journal of Psychiatry | Cambridge Core

    Diversity reduces voter registration, political effectiveness, charity and friendships.

    Ethnic diversity reduces happiness and quality of life.

    Error – Cookies Turned Off

    Diversity reduces trust, civic participation, and civic health.

    The downside of diversity – The Boston Globe

    Ethnocentrism is of rational, biological and genetic origin.

    Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism

    Ethnic diversity harms the health of Hispanics and blacks.

    The American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) from the American Public Health Association (APHA) publications

    Babies demonstrate ethnocentrism before they are exposed to non-whites.

    Ethnocentrism is universal and has probably evolved in its origin.

    Diversity mainly hurts the dominant ethnic group.

    Ethnic diversity reduces concern for the environment.

    Ethnic diversity within 80 meters of a person reduces social confidence.…iversity_and_Social_Trust_Forthcoming_ASR.pdf

    Ethnic diversity directly reduces strong communities.

    Michigan State University – Page Not Found

    Ethnically homogenous neighborhoods are beneficial to health.…omogenous-area-boosts-health-minority-seniors

    Diversity in American cities correlates with segregation.

    The races are extended families. Ethnocentrism is genetically rational.

    It is evolutionarily rational to be friends with someone who is genetically similar to you.

    Racism and nationalism are rational and evolutionary advantageous strategies.

    Homogeneous policies have less crime, less civil war and more altruism.

    States with little diversity have more democracy, less corruption and less inequality.

    There is ample evidence that people prefer others who are genetically similar.

    Our analysis shows that peace does not depend on integrated coexistence, but on well-defined topographical and political boundaries that separate groups.

    The more integrated a neighborhood is, the less socially cohesive it becomes, and vice versa.

    The more ethnically diverse the people we live with, the less we trust them.

    Ethnocentrism, which is often believed to be based on cognition and complex social learning, may have emerged through biological evolution.

    Diversity experiments in Germany end in disaster…n-theory-alienation-in-practice-a-433006.html

    Immigrants in Norway are a net loss to the economy

    Immigrants in Sweden are a net loss to the economy

    Denmark saved billions by restricting immigration:…tion-laws-save-denmark-billions-a-759716.html…-immigration-laws-save-country-6-billion.html

    Increasing diversity correlates with problems around the world, and the disadvantages of diversity affect everyone; it is a universal human problem:…de-of-difference/story-e6frgcjx-1111112914289

    Greater diversity in police departments correlates with greater abuse, poorer performance, and lower confidence:

    Decreased community spirit, decreased altruism and depressed social capital, less ethical behavior, more crime, fear, isolation and depression:

    Also, a nice little study from Cornell University on how segregation creates peace:
    Globalization and the Internet are increasing the proximity of human diversity and, consequently, mutual animosity. “Scholars have traced the phenomenon to what they call ‘environmental degradation. The closer we get to each other, the more difficult it becomes to avoid evidence of their irritating habits. Proximity makes differences stand out”.

    • Replies: @Kenn Gividen
  6. @JohnPlywood

    Most of us have seldom even seen Negroes in our lives.

    Where do you live, John, China? Otherwise, you must have never gotten out of the house.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  7. There’s something else I’d like to add.

    Out of the ~27 victims of murder on this list (including the 20th century victims), I count 15 females.

    That’s more than half. Yet, the statistics available from various sources indicate that around 80% of murder victims in the USA are MALE!

    The odds of picking 27 murder victims randomly, and 58% of them being female, is near zero. It’s almost an inversion of reality.

    Yet it seems to be fairly common in these “tallies of black-on-white murder” articles, for +50% of the victims to be female.

    The obvious explanation for this is that most of these women were involved in relationships with black males. Women are overrepresented among “black-on-white” crime, because they are coming closer in contact to Negroes, and having relationships with them.

    Yet Yet these types of women, derided as mudsharks, are worthless to WN, Trump worshippers, etc. It is often assumed that they are following a path of natural selection when theynare inevitably murdered.

    This just goes to show how “niche” the dimunitive black-on-white murder victims are. We can ignore half of these murders just based off the fact that they were mudsharks – some of them CRIMINAL mudsharks!

    Black on white crime is truly non-existent. The number of actual white people of normal intelligence being murdered by blacks approaches zero.

  8. @Achmed E. Newman

    I live in the USA. Growing up, I saw maybe 8 or 10 black people, sporadically, until moving in adulthood. These were all nice rural blacks (one of them was a mail carrier). No one who grew up under my circumstances even capable of caring about blacks. Even after I moved to a metro area, I seldom saw blacks. Blacks are segregated in America. I am more likely to see to East African immigrants than actual African-Americans, in my current situation.

    Blacks are tucked away from the white majority in America, and it boggles my mind how white people can even manage to end up living near to them. It’s fascinating to think that there are still white peolle living in major metro areas in close proximity to blacks. How do these people exist, and where did they come from? They seem like a glitch in a simulated reality.

    It is you southerners who live in cities like New Orleans, Biloxi, Atlanta, etc who created the Negro obsession. Most white people DON’T live in close proximity to heavily black metro areas.

    ^ Even counting the South, the average white neighborhood is just 8% black. If we excluded the Southerners, which we might as well given their advocacy for seccession, the average white neighborhood in the USA would probably be about 1% black.

  9. I asked you if you don’t get out at all, John. Do you go to the store? Have you been to a bar or a restaurant? Do you drive on the road? Do you go to a government office of some kind occasionally?

    If you do, and. you are not pulling all that whole comment out of your ass, then you must live in one of the very few Whitopias left. Otherwise, your perspective is just plain wrong.

  10. Kenn Gividen [AKA "Kenn Daily"] says:

    thanks for posting

  11. Kenn Gividen [AKA "Kenn Daily"] says:

    Well said.

  12. @JohnPlywood

    The Bureau of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey reported for 2018 590,000+ violent interracial crimes. 537,000 of those were black on white. The last time the races of rape victims and attackers were recorded in the FBI UCR tables, there were approximately 20,000 black on white rapes. There were less than 10 white on black rapes. Thanks to Obama/Holder, those stats are no longer recorded.

    Let the scales fall from your eyes. Black on everyone crime is wildly out of proportion. 12.5% of the population committed 56% of the murders last year. You are willfully engulfed in denial, deceit, and delusion to not recognize these facts.

  13. @Curmudgeon

    These are the only black-on-white crimes I approve of. Mudsharks deserve whatever they get.

  14. We need to go back to the age old, time tested and effective, IF YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU PAY WITH THE TIME, either limited or unlimited time, (you dead) .etc. Liberals have argued for eons that we don’t know if the death penalty is effective since it’s never been proved. How would they know when they have blocked it from being implemented long enough to observe what happens with the crime rate?

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