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O Come All Ye Faithful to Charlottesville
A New Faith Stirs in the Courtroom of James Fields
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“Even though the communists, transsexual weirdos and suited clerics who infest the courtroom would never guess it, at their basest level James and I understand them.”

Charlottesville City Circuit Court, December 4, 2018.

If you seek a demonstration of vigorous legal argument, you will not find it here. These proceedings are repetitive, inane and, well, boring. But they have a different virtue. The trial of James Fields may be irrelevant as an example of good law or sound logic, but it does have a great spiritual import. In Judge Moore’s courtroom, one can get a taste of how a medieval Christian must have felt in the midst of proper church ritual: comforted, assured, secure in his faith and surroundings, and occasionally bursting with a naive lust and eternal joy that – though he does not know it – will mean his annihilation.

Once you see the trial for what it is – an ecclesiastical exercise – you begin to understand what is going on. The facts are apocryphal. To beg for “consistency” or “relevance” is to miss the point. The jurors cannot be expected to synthesize the mass of evidence – neither, if we’re honest, can the judge or the lawyers. The body is so vast, varied and detailed, we can know more about that one day in Charlottesville than we can about entire ancient civilizations. This trial has a singular purpose: to enforce canon.

With that in mind, the behavior of its participants is less perplexing. Everyone in the court has his role. Judge Richard Moore is the holy primate. He advises, admonishes and pontificates. He speaks rarely, but conveys his will nonetheless. I noticed him smile benignly while one witness or another recited her recollections of Heather the Beatified. The attorneys, on the other hand, officiate. Four strong, they bob and bow, responsible for the moral edification of the congregants.

Yet unlike a priest, who is both a man of the world and of God, the law in Charlottesville maintains a misty distinction between “defender” and “prosecutor.” I do not know about elsewhere, but here, the difference seems purely formal – an ossified reminder of some ancient compromise – like “Latins” and “Sabines” in Caesar’s Rome. The two tribes put on a show of coy adversity in their witness-examinations, but as soon as a recess is called, members of one clan mingle with the other. All smiles and whispers. At one point during Blair Martin’s testimony, as she recounted some anecdote about her slain, saintly friend, defense attorney Hill’s face was beaming. I assume his thoughts were elsewhere, in another world.

Pontifex Maximus – Judge Richard E. Moore
Pontifex Maximus – Judge Richard E. Moore

Forty or so observers and press are usually in attendance. They are the parishioners, arrayed in two banks of hardy wooden pews, they sit for an hour or two at a time, while witness after witness recites the same litany. The “joyful” crowd was so “happy” and so full of “community.” They were “chanting and singing.” So unlike the “hateful,” “aggressive” and “violent” UTR protestors. Then the “happy people” caught sight of a silver Dodge. At the time unperturbed, now they recognize that its movements were “deliberate” and “calculating.” BOOM! And it happened. Dozens of innocents were felled. Listen to their screams. So senseless. There can only be one explanation: Evil exists because Evil killed one of them. Sequitur.

James Fields himself is entirely superfluous. In a fully evolved ceremonial, he would be replaced by a metaphor like “Satan” or “Evil.” That his very presence does not demystify the whole creed is testament to the utter innocence of its adherents.

And like primitive religion, the procedure is laden with pathos. Several witnesses have tediously explained their injuries for 5, 10 minutes on end, with the added help of photographs. The defense did not dare to question the relevance. The most convincing testifiers in this category have been anti-rational activists Star Peterson and Wednesday Bowie and random guy Thomas Baker, “I’m not an anarchist… I wanted to be present against what I thought very hateful.” Good boy. But the champion penitent was Marcus Martin, who sighed and blubbered throughout his recital, to the betterment of all.

In Charlottesville, a new religion is being born. Despite its inadequacies, it has far more to recommend it than my jaundiced rationalism. This faith stirs up our deepest common emotion: childlike longing – that desire for an all-pervasive love, a force that might overcome all the differences, that might nullify the faults and failings that stifle men’s happiness. And even though the communists, transsexual weirdos and suited clerics who infest the courtroom would never guess it, at their basest level James and I understand them.

We were children once too.

AUDIO: Author Greg Conte and legal expert Augustus Invictus discuss the legal ins and outs surrounding the Fields trial. 50 minutes)

An excellent discussion of the case from Red Ice TV

(Republished from Russia Insider by permission of author or representative)
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  1. 300 pound Heather Heyer and her ANTIFA Friends came to Charlottesville with the open intent to maime and kill THE YOUNG WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MEN who came to Charlottesville to:



    If the motive of Fields is RACIST!!!….so are the motives of the ANTIFA and the whole of the majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc….

    If it is racist to oppose being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by the nonwhite Democratic Party….put the coin in the machine….bingo…YOUR A NAZI….AND WE KILLED NAZIS DURING WWW2….KILL ANYONE WHO OPPOSE POST-1965 IMMIGRATION POLICY……..Of course this would mean murdering the WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALE US ARMY 0n D-Day…….

  2. Hail says: • Website

    Great article.

    In Charlottesville, a new religion is being born. This faith stirs up our deepest common emotion: childlike longing – that desire for an all-pervasive love, a force that might overcome all the differences, that might nullify the faults and failings that stifle men’s happiness. And even though the communists, transsexual weirdos and suited clerics who infest the courtroom would never guess it, at their basest level James and I understand them.

    We were children once too.

    I must say I like the religion metaphor, and I like that Conte does not slam or mock these people (very much) (the last line is less slam than something like pity), does not accuse them of being akin to dupes in an enormous death cult (a tempting rhetorical punch to try to land). Rather, he seems more to analyze the phenomenon ‘straight.’

    I see, in Conte’s words, an almost-sympathetic recognition of the power in what he calls the Charlottesville religion. The existence of such a force in the world is not itself a bad thing; it is probably even a good thing in most times and places. In other words, the people who hate(d) Unite the Right are not themselves bad people (probably a very few are genuinely malicious misanthropes; most not at all), they just live in a world in which their defacto religion demands this of them.

    The rifle-wavers, improvised-flamethrower-users, baseball-bat-wielders are just the zealots of the religion, to which (alas) we all belong, at least passively.

  3. Hail says: • Website

    I’d like to include this text excerpt from the Greg Conte and Augustus Sol Invictus podcast linked to at the bottom of the article:


    Greg Conte discusses the the Trial of James Fields, Dec 5, 2018, podcast with Augustus Sol Invictus. Both were Charlottesville rally attendees of some prominence. It appears that Conte has been present in the courtroom daily, making this is among the best Charlottesville trial commentary going.

    Excerpt, in which Conte discusses what James Fields did between 11:45 AM and 1:40 PM (1:40 PM is the time of the car incident and Heather Heyer heart attack). Solid info/material here:


    [30:35] Greg Conte: I don’t think a lot of people knew, or anybody knew, what had happened to Fields between the time that the “unlawful assembly” was declared, which I think happened at 11:45 [AM] or so, between then and when the car accident happened at 1:40 [PM]. This came out in the defense’s opening statement.

    They talked about how when Fields left Lee Park, he went to the west. So he didn’t go the same direction as a lot of that RAM [Rise Above Movement] guys went. He didn’t go toward that garage where that whole the DeAndre Harris incident occurred. Fields left in the safer direction with the large group of people who went west, and then walked up McIntyre Road back to McIntyre Park. He then went back to get his car, which was parked at the McDonald’s…near McIntyre Park…is I think is the one they’re referring to…It’s across the street from a Shell station, or what was at that time a Shell station. He goes to get his car.

    He met up with three people — just people he didn’t know, but who were at the rally too — and offered to give them rides. So they all piled in. He drove over to Jefferson Street, which is right by Justice Park, which is where all the Redneck Revolt antifa people were hanging out around that time. He dropped off a couple of people there, and then he drove to Market Street garage, the one where the Deandre Harris thing happened. He drove there, dropped off the last guy, and then left.

    So that that’s what he did in the little over two hours, or almost three hours, between the end of the rally and when it happened. I mean, I suppose one could reproach Fields for driving back into town for any reason —

    Augustus Invictus: Yeah.

    Greg Conte: It was, perhaps, naive to think that the situation was under control.

    Augustus Invictus: Yeah. I don’t know what he was thinking, to be frank. Maybe he thought that because the rally had been dispersed hours before, that the streets were clear. Maybe he was going somewhere that he knows, that was logical…Maybe his hotel was down there. I don’t know.

    But having been down there [myself] and knowing, from the TV and from everything else, that these riots were going on, I think it’s clear no one should have been there. But he might not have known that.

    I mean, if he’s going to all these places, going to McDonald’s, going to wherever else, and he hadn’t been to a hotel yet, and hadn’t seen the news, it might be that he just didn’t know that the riots were going on. [33:55]

    Greg Conte: The big piece of information in all this, the big thing that nobody is talking about, or at least other than us…is that when the dispersion order came, the Alt Right left [and] went to MacIntyre Park, a lot of us, and then dispersed from there, and were gone. The Left was parading around in the streets, just having a riot, and —

    Augustus Invictus: Counter demonstration.

    Greg Conte: Yes, sorry, the “counter demonstration.” [Laughter from Augustus Invictus].

  4. The Alt Rightist, like the ordinary American, is uncertain whether to justify himself in terms of (what remains of) shared American values, or whether he should simply fight for the victory of his own values, his preferred society or culture, as minorities are encouraged to do. The latter seems to be the way to go. Instead of arguing over who is the “real” racist or whether one is or is not a “bigot” simply demand freedom of association, freedom of speech, and honest application of existing laws, and move forward from there to reform society or create the sort of society one thinks is best.

  5. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:


    You should really be focusing right now on disseminating the events of the trial and, especially, the exonerating evidence of that day last year.

    • Replies: @Hail
  6. Time to throw the RACISM!!! charge back at the ANTIFA and the filthy degenerate WHITE LIBERALS…this should have been done back when the Unite The Right began organizing for their march on Charlottesville….

    The main focus of the The Unite the Right March on Charlottesville should have been in a very loud and clear way:THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT….for it is the massive racial transformation of America that this RACIST ACT set into motion that drives the movement to take down Confederate Statues…….If America was still a 90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN RACIAL MAJORITY…..NO one would be taking down Confederate Monuments…..

    Heather Hyer came to Charlottesville to maime-murder YOUNG WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES who oppose being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America….THE LAND OF THEIR ANCESTORS…. by nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born nonwhite geneline….

    How would the Hindus in India and Charlottesville react to a Chinese Colonization of Hindu LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE IN INDIA?…….We all know the obvious answer to this question……..

  7. It’s all reducible to what happened in 1965…….The Unite the Right Organizers should have posted a condemnation of the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT on their website….Southern States Secession is clownish and a joke …in the context of being surrounded by Greater China…Greater India….and the IDF….good luck with your pee shooters…..and you fools still worship ROLLTIDE NEGRO BALL….

  8. Hail says: • Website

    See here:

    Today’s Testimony of Military Rifle Toting Antifa Enforcer Dwayne Dixon Should Gravely Damage Charlottesville Prosecution (Dec. 6, 2018)



    [Dwayne] Dixon said that he came to Charlottesville with 18-19 members of the leftist militia group Redneck Revolt “to join others to protest against white supremacy and fascism.” […] Dixon claimed that he had used an AR-15 rifle “to chase off James Fields from our block… before he attacked the marchers.” […]

    Another key defense, Philip Depue, testified yesterday. Depue, a digital forensic scientist said that, based on his analysis of data extracted from Fields’ phone, Fields had entered his Ohio hometown into Google Maps less than three minutes before the crash. The app presented Fields with two routes out of town, neither of which included heading south on 4th street, the route he would eventually take […]. [Maps in original]

    The app suggested that Fields continue west on E Market Street or turn around and head east. However, the first route would mean making an illegal u-turn and heading back into an area where [Dwayne] Dixon had been loitering [and armed with an AR-15]. The second route was likely obstructed by a roadblock, as can be seen from police helicopter footage from approximately 15 minutes before Fields came to the intersection: [still from helicopter footage in original].

    Fields’ only other options would have been to make an illegal right turn, going the wrong way up the one-way 4th street, or turn left onto 4th street. Fields made the left, and was faced with a crowd of hundreds marching toward him. At that point he backed up and, according to Depue’s testimony, checked Google maps again.

    Trapped, he attempted to drive through the crowd at 17 miles per hour.

  9. The rioting mob attacked Fields’ vehicle with clubs at least twice immediately before the accident.

    Known antifa member Dwayne Dixon has confessed that, shortly prior to the collision, he chased Fields while threatening him with a loaded rifle. Fields’s first thought on hearing the loud “bang!” of the sudden unprovoked mob assaults on his vehicle must have been that the crazed rioters were shooting at him. Understandably, he panicked.

    If the car was hit, you must acquit.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Anonymous[273] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Forrestal

    Known antifa member Dwayne Dixon has confessed that, shortly prior to the collision, he chased Fields while threatening him with a loaded rifle.

    Was this entered into evidence at the trial?

  11. How did Heather Hyer’s blood get on James Field’s Charger?…

    I don’t trust the prosecutions DNA Expert….I believe she is a bold-faced liar….quite possibly…

    Where is the video evidence that James Field plowed into 300 pound chain smoker Heather Hyer?

    The ANTIFA came to Charlottesville to use force and violence to prevent the WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN YOUNG MEN who came to Charlottesville to publicly express their opposition to the passage of the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT….and the removal of Confederate Monuments….This is the fundamental issue…….

    Would BLACK LIVES MATTER AND LA RAZA…AND CAIR be violently assaulted by the Charlottesville Antifa if the aforementioned held a rally in Charlottesville where they issued Demographic Threats….WE WILL REPLACE YOU!!!….to the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS…..Ask the filthy fucking subhuman cockroach Dwayne Dixon this question…..


    • Replies: @eah
  12. @Anonymous

    If it wasn’t….the Defense Team is in on the fix…..

    James Field needs Gerry Spence for his defense lawyer…

  13. Are there any photos or video of Heather Hyer being hit by the Charger?

    • Replies: @eah
  14. @Hail

    In other words, by threatening Fields with a military assault rifle….Dwayne Dixon directly set into motion the sequence of events that led to Heather Hyers death…..

    • Replies: @Hail
  15. Hail says: • Website

    Youtube personality Ramsey Paul (RamZPaul) has come out in favor of a James Fields acquittal on the murder charge.

    Excerpts from his video, which is (uncharacteristically) long [11 min.], serious in tone, and ‘straight,’ i.e., without RamZPaul’s usual satirical tint to his commentary:


    I wasn’t there, but if you agree with them or don’t agree with them they had a legal right to be there

    I’ve been on juries, and juries are not that smart; they tend to side with the state because they have a feeling, “Well if you’re arrested, something bad happened, and the police caught you, then obviously you must be guilty.”

    This kid, James Fields, was trying to leave. He was in Charlottesville he wasn’t familiar with the city. He did Google Maps, he was trying to get the hell out of the city. He got, lost or whatever, and then he got trapped

    He didn’t have veer into the crowd. He was in the street and then he backed out and he tried to get away, so I don’t really see this as like, “Wow he’s premeditating this like some sort of ISIS or Muslim terrorist attack.

    If I was on the jury, I’d be looking more for potentially a manslaughter solution

    I don’t think he [James Fields] is a bad guy. I don’t think he went there trying to kill someone.

    There’s no way I see this as Murder one, or terrorism, or anything like that. It’s more of a negligent manslaughter

    The city of Charlottesville is primarily responsible for the violence. This kid got caught in the middle of it.

  16. Hail says: • Website

    Was this entered into evidence at the trial?

    Yes, via testimony on the stand, no less.

    Apparently Dwayne Dixon testified Dec. 6; he confirmed his use of a rifle to intimidate Fields and other stray Unite the Right attendees’ cars. See the report by Greg Conte on the Dec. 6 testimony by left-wing militant Dwayne Dixon and a digital forensic scientist. The latter testified that Fields had been frantically searching his phone’s Google Maps app for escape routes out of the city; multiple requests for ‘Home’ on Google Maps as the suggested routes were blocked he kept trying. This all in the minutes before the incident that culminated in the Heather Heyer heart attack.

    The left-wing militants around the AR-15-armed Dwayne Dixon were blocking one of the Google-suggested routes out of the area, which appears to have induced Fields to turn in another direction. That direction, unbeknownst to Fields, soon brought him towards a crowd in which a large number of angry Antifa activists armed with baseball bat (and the like) proceeded to attack his car. Among that crowd was also Heather Heyer.

  17. Hail says: • Website
    @War for Blair Mountain

    by threatening Fields with a military assault rifle….Dwayne Dixon directly set into motion the sequence of events that led to Heather Hyers death

    There appear to be no charges of any kind against Dixon, despite his rifle antics that day.

    Perhaps U.S. law now includes an all-purpose anti-hate clause whereby the penalty for any crime, if committed against Hate, is reduced or waived.

  18. @Hail

    And HATE=YOUNG WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES who openly reject post-1965 Immigration Policy=Muslims…Sihks….Koreans…(((ISRAELIES)))….Hindus….HMONG….Pakistani Muslims…Chinese…voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America……..

    And since HATE!!!!=NAZIS!!!…..And Nazis were killed during WWW2 by WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES ….WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES must be murdered in public by the ANTIFA..

    This is what it has come to:THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HARBORS OPEN MURDEROUS GENOCIDAL INTENT….towards Working Class Native Born White American Males…




    IN COLD BLOOD!!!!!!!!

    And there is a precedent for this you know:THE SLAUGHTER OF THE CREW OF THE USS LIBERTY BACK IN 1967…IN COLD BLOOD!!!!…..And this was two years after Jacob Javitts smiled on as the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT was signed into law..OCT 1965…


  19. Rosie says:

    I’m sick with worry today about James and his family!

  20. Ragno says:

    Stop it now. No more bigdoming allowed while the Show Trial of the Century wraps up with its preordained verdict.

    America officially died yesterday, on the – no chuckling, please – Day of Infamy.

    As you can see, there were no mourners. Only traitors and cowards.

    • Replies: @Hail
  21. Hail says: • Website

    Day of Infamy

    Alternate universe and metaphor:

    HONOLULU — A jury ruled today that U.S. fighter pilot James Fields is guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Japanese national Heyoro Heyeta following the incident at Pearl Harbor.

    Fields’ attorneys claimed that he was attempting to escape his airfield in his plane, and that he came under attack. In the chaos, a crash occurred, injuring several Imperial Japanese Air Force airmen who had earlier been stranded on the ground. One died.

    Accused by prosecutors of harboring hatred against the Japanese and East Asian peoples, the court heard that Airman Fields sent a postcard to a friend featuring an offensive Asian caricature, proving intent.

    President Roosevelt slammed Fields for racism and has called for the death penalty.

  22. eah says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Before the trial I could not find a complete autopsy report on Heyer — a coroner’s/autopsy report on Heyer was introduced during the trial — it states she suffered a “distal” (toward the knee) fracture of her femur (I do not recall if L or R) — we can/should accept this as evidence she was struck by Fields’ car, or the car he crashed into — also I believe someone who gave first aid to Heyer said she had a bleeding gash on her leg.

  23. eah says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Are there any photos or video of Heather Hyer being hit by the Charger?

    I’ve never seen anything conclusive — but see my earlier comment re Heyer’s distal femur fracture.

    The Heyer autopsy flatly claims the cause of death was ‘blunt force trauma to the chest’ — it lists a number of internal thoracic injuries to support this, eg broken ribs (bilateral), and lacerated lung, liver, and aorta (likely the fatal injury) — however, no one else but Heyer suffered chest trauma — all others suffered leg and pelvic injuries (also Heyer’s femur was fractured) — the general description of Heyer’s corpse does not really support the claim of massive, fatal chest trauma.

    Remember: Heyer’s mother initially said her daughter died of a heart attack (you can still find video of this) — why did she say that? — did she just make that up all by herself? — or was she told that by medical personnel who had treated her daughter? — I think the latter is far more likely.

    Note: All of Heyer’s internal thoracic injuries could also have been caused by forceful chest compressions during CPR — such injuries are not uncommon (do a search) — to produce a detectable pulse in someone as morbidly obese as Heyer would require very forceful chest compression.

    Everything considered, the following scenario is the most likely explanation of Heyer’s death, and is entirely consistent with available evidence: Heyer was struck and suffered a broken leg; due to the shock and trauma of this impact, she had a heart attack (her obesity contributed to this); when emergency personnel arrived, she had no pulse, so they started CPR; the forceful chest compressions (on the sternum) fractured ribs on both sides, which lacerated her lung, liver, and aorta; these internal injuries doomed her.

    Not questioning the autopsy/coroner’s findings is another way Fields’ defense was incompetent.

  24. eah says:

    • Replies: @eah
  25. eah says:

  26. Yet unlike a priest, who is both a man of the world and of God, the law in Charlottesville maintains a misty distinction between “defender” and “prosecutor.” I do not know about elsewhere, but here, the difference seems purely formal

    Pretty much. Fields’ defense attorney, Denise Lunsford, is a former Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney (DA), who was voted out of office a couple of years ago due to a combination of prosecutorial misconduct (she framed an innocent man)
    and a sex scandal.
    She’s friends with the Charlottesville prosecutors, and still wants to get back into that side of the business.

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