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No, Virginia (Dare) the SPLC Was NEVER A “Civil Rights Stalwart”—It Was ALWAYS A “Dangerous Joke”
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Some Respectable Right people have finally noticed the horrors committed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, basically because it has begun attacking mainstream Christian groups for “homophobia,” “transphobia” etc. etc. But this is invariably accompanied by pious claptrap about how the SPLC used to be OK. Nonsense. It was always a nasty racket.

Thus the Wall Street Journal recently featured an op-ed by Weekly Standard writer Jeryl Bier:

How did the SPLC become the default journalistic resource on purported hate speech, racism and extremism? Morris Dees, still the SPLC’s chief trial attorney, founded the organization in 1971 along with Joseph Levin Jr., now an emeritus board member. In its early years , the SPLC made a name for itself by winning some high-profile cases against the KKK and other white-supremacist groups. But over time its mission changed. In recent years it has focused on “tolerance education,” hate-group tracking (including an online “hate map”) and fundraising. [The Insidious Influence of the SPLC, June 21, 2017. Emphasis added]

And Politico, while conceding that the SPLC has gone overboard, called it a “Civil Rights” stalwart. [Has a Civil Rights Stalwart Lost Its Way?, By Ben Schreckinger, July/August 2017]

The Politico article is illustrated by a sort of group photograph of the SPLC headquarters (the famous “Poverty Palace”) and two other historic sites in Montgomery, AL (see right). Caption:

A Hub for Civil Rights

The SPLC’s sleek six-story headquarters stands out in downtown Montgomery, a city rich in history. Not far away are the state capitol, a plaque marking the spot where Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to white passengers and the Baptist church where Martin Luther King Jr. helped launch the Montgomery bus boycott.”

Well, all those things are indeed in Montgomery, which is after all, the capital of the State of Alabama. But they have nothing to do with one another. Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955, the Bus Boycott was in December that year—but the SPLC wasn’t even founded until 1971. (If you’ve forgotten, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.)

Of course, a whole generation has grown up under the delusion that pre-Martin Luther King America was Nazi Germany. And in 1971, there might conceivably have been some legitimate “Civil Rights” targets left in Alabama. But by 1979, when the SPLC began its “litigation strategy” of attacking white organizations whose members committed arguably unrelated crimes with the intention ruining them, there weren’t anymore. The “Civil Rights Movement” as such was over—it had won, thanks to massive Federal government support from LBJ, Nixon, Ford, and Carter. Any actual Klan violence could be and was dealt with by both Federal and local authorities.

The SPLC’s lawsuits were based on holding white racial organizations financially responsible for any and all acts of their members—something that never happens, for example, to violent labor unions, because they’re specifically protected by law.[ Above the Law: Unions are often exempt from laws on extortion, identity theft, and whistleblower protection, by CRC Staff, By Kevin Mooney, Capital Research Center, October 1, 2013]. Here’s an example from Wikipedia SPLC article:

United Klans of America

In 1987, SPLC won a case against the United Klans of America for the lynching of Michael Donald, a black teenager in Mobile, Alabama.[37] The SPLC used an unprecedented legal strategy of holding an organization responsible for the crimes of individual members to help produce a \$7 million judgment for the victim’s mother.[37] The verdict forced United Klans of America into bankruptcy. Its national headquarters was sold for approximately \$52,000 to help satisfy the judgment.[38] In 1987, five members of a Klan offshoot, the White Patriot Party, were indicted for stealing military weaponry and plotting to kill Dees.[39] The SPLC has since successfully used this precedent to force numerous Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups into bankruptcy.[40]

The “lynching”—actually a murder, since it was committed clandestinely by four men—was a serious crime, for which one white man was executed, and another jailed for life [Murder Of Michael Donald, Wikipedia, July 16, 2017]. It was totally unjustified and I won’t defend it. I mention this because there are plenty of Black Lives Matter types who will defend the killers of white cops.

Nevertheless, the SPLC sued the United Klans of America, on behalf the victim’s mother, and got a judgement of \$7 million. This, of course, bankrupted the organization, but the mother only got the deed to their clubhouse, a building in downtown Tuscaloosa, worth a total of \$52,000.

Why would the SPLC sue an organization with total assets of \$52,000 for the sum of \$7 million?

Well, (A) because it’s a tactic to invoke the power of the State to suppress an organization dedicated to Wrongthink; and (B) because the SPLC can use it for fundraising. (SPLC FY 2016 Revenues \$51.8 million, Endowment \$319.3 million)

The mother of Michael Donald got the \$52,000., which she used to buy a house—Morris Dees gets the rest of the money, and has a much bigger house.

This is why we frequently refer to the organization as the \$PLC.’s Patrick Cleburne has done a series of reports on the SPLC’s remarkable finances. He was somewhat startled by their “Endowment Fund”, writing

Contemplating the “Endowment Fund” reveals a great deal about the motives and outlook of the \$PLC`s management.

In brief, they appear obsessed with manipulating money to make money. This is particularly in view of recent changes evident in the 2009 reports. The structure of the portfolio looks like it could belong to a retired Goldman Sachs Partner, or possibly a very aggressive Family Office managing the fortune of an ultra-rich clan. There can be very few legal charities with this extraordinary appearance.

In the New York Times in 1996, an interviewer described the SPLC tactics this way:

Mr. Dees and his colleagues have been credited with devising innovative legal ways to cripple hate groups, including seizing their assets.

[Conversations/Morris Dees;A Son of Alabama Takes On Americans Who Live to Hate By Kevin Sack, NYT, May 12, 1996]

But John Derbyshire described the same phenomenon differently in National Review Online (!) in 2000:

Another instance showed up last week in Idaho, when the leader of the Aryan Nations white-supremacist group was ordered to pay \$5.1 million in punitive and compensatory damages to two people who were run off the road and shot at by guards outside the AN compound. The guards, who had mistaken the plaintiffs’ truck backfire for a gunshot, are currently serving stiff prison sentences for the assault (in which nobody was seriously hurt — this is one of those million-dollars-per-bruise judgments). The civil lawsuit was brought on the plaintiff’s behalf by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left activist group, explicitly as a means of destroying Aryan Nations. Now, the AN folk are a bunch of yahoos; but when they break the law, the law can deal with them, as is proved by the incarceration of the guards in this case. To bring a civil action with the expressed aim of bankrupting AN is an act of plain malice, and ought not be countenanced by a court system committed to our ancient liberties.

[ First Thing We Do …National Review Online, September 12, 2000]

That Aryan Nations case, in which the SPLC seized a “compound”—I.E. a 20-acre farm belonging to an elderly man in Idaho—produced this story from CNN:


Dees and SPLC fellow Ellen Bowden outlined the strategy in the February 1995 issue of Trial magazine: “Although the leaders of hate groups often have assets in their possession, the damages we seek in these cases would bankrupt the groups 10 times over,” they wrote.

They wrote that most hate-crime perpetrators are “youths who are only marginally employed and have no resources of their own. Those with assets before the crime are likely to spend them on their defense at their criminal trials. As a result, the victim frequently has no defendant worth suing. …

“The key to finding a defendant who can both pay the debts on a judgment and have an impact on hate crimes overall often lies in locating those whose behind-the-scenes actions might render them vicariously liable for the perpetrator’s actions. Those people are often the leaders of hate groups.”

Attorney Morris Dees pioneer in using ‘damage litigation’ to fight hate groups, By Raju Chebium, CNN., September 8, 2000

Of course, even the leaders of such groups generally don’t own anything but their home—and that’s what the SPLC takes. The Aryan Nations “compound” was no use to anyone, so the SPLC has donated it as a “Peace Park”, which I suppose is just what’s needed in rural Idaho.

Also, the SPLC managed to grab a ranch off a Ranch Rescue guy on the border, suing on behalf of some illegals who said he was unkind to them as they were entering the US illegally across his land [Paramilitary Compound Goes to SPLC Clients ,SPLC, January 27, 2006]. The clients were illegals who got temporary legal status because they were “victims” of a “crime”:

Dees has used this method successfully over the years. In lawsuits similar to the one against Butler, the SPLC has won more than \$40 million from nine KKK factions and other hate groups.

In 1990, Dees won a \$ 12.5 million judgment against the White Aryan Resistance and its leaders, Tom and John Metzger.

In 1998, he won a \$21.5 million judgment in South Carolina against the Christian Knights of the KKK, said SPLC spokesman Mark Potok.

Attorney Morris Dees pioneer in using ‘damage litigation’ to fight hate groups,By Raju Chebium,, September 8, 2000

Remember, the SPLC didn’t receive any of this money in damages, and neither did the people they represent. They did if because of hate—their hate, not their victims’ hate—and for fundraising. Remember, 2016 revenues \$51.8 million, Endowment \$319.3 million. (And Mark Potok’s salary for the most recent year was \$192,000.)

It’s part of what, in the form of hate crime prosecutions, Nicholas Stix called Washington’s War Against White Working Class Dissent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ironically, on the theory the SPLC has pioneered, it is itself liable because of the SPLC-inspired attack on the Family Research Council in 2012, and equally-SPLC inspired shooting of Steve Scalise just the other day.

Recently Nati onal Review cuckservative Never Trumper David French found himself in the crosshairs of the SPLC, because he belongs to a Christian group (the Alliance Defending Freedom) with normal Christian beliefs about sodomy, “transgenderism”, and the Sexual Revolution. In a July 13 piece headlined Media Beware: The Southern Poverty Law Center Has Become a Dangerous Joke, French wrote

What’s the solution? The media should stop using it as a source — unless the SPLC again starts focusing on its original valuable mission of exposing and combating racist terrorists and white supremacists. Enough is enough. The SPLC has lost its integrity. Media outlets who use the SPLC to assess Christian speech expose only their own bias and incompetence. There is no justification for its vicious hate. [Emphasis added]

You’ll notice that French, whose weepy cuckservativism on any issue involving race is legendary, thinks that “white supremacists” are the same thing as “racist terrorists” and that both are legitimate targets of the SPLC—but he isn’t.

It was a famous anti-Nazi German who said that oft-repeated line about “First they came for the Socialists”, etc. It sounds a little weird to say “First they came for the Nazis”, although I see Google says that there are 61,000 uses of that phrase on the web, some from people making the same point I’m making here, and some from people who go on to say “and I was like “Well, yeah. They’re f—ing Nazis.”

But it doesn’t matter what the target is—as John Derbyshire said, if an organization like the SPLC can go around doing these suits out of “plain malice” then they are a threat to “our ancient liberties.”

So remember, the SPLC was never a “Civil Rights Stalwart.” It was always “a dangerous joke”—even when it was attacking David French-approved targets like us here at

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “First they came for the Nazis…”
    That would actually be a good book title. I think most potential readers would catch the meaning.

    As for the SPLC, the most damning thing really is that they are guilty of PRECISELY the thing they charge others with, inspiring others to commit violent acts. Perhaps the courts can seize their assets and give them to the Family Research Council and Steve Scalise, et al.

    • Replies: @John Gruskos
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    As for the SPLC, the most damning thing really is that they are guilty of PRECISELY the thing they charge others with

    Projection is an universal trait of the human mind…
    What you say is probably true, but very normal.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Eagle Eye
  3. @Anonymous

    Perhaps the courts can seize their assets and give them to the Family Research Council and Steve Scalise, et al.

    Excellent idea!

  4. We should take pride in \$PLC’s Hall of Hate.

    Good Hate is good. Why should we love degeneracy, diversism, decadence, debauchery, and disintegration?

    All patriots must hate what deserves hate. Be Hatriots.

    So, it is an honor to be on the \$PLC Hate Honor wall of fame.

    We should all aspire to be on it.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @DaveE
  5. bartok says:

    I’m thankful for the Endowment Fund. It means that Jewish money is off the playing field rather than being used for ‘direct action’ or ‘scholarship’ to demoralize Whites.

    • LOL: Seamus Padraig
  6. SPLC is a Jewish lobby similar to other Jewish lobbies.

    SPLC promote government entitlements for victim cult people.

    SPLC also promote government discriminations directed at so-called white supremacist.

    Jewish organizations like SPLC lobby the public, the US congress and the US president, and the US court system to enact more laws favoring Jews and other victim cult people.

    In exchange for their compliance with Jewish lobbying, legislators and judges receive Jewish lobby support for their reelection and appointment to well-paid government jobs.

    A short listing of existing Jewish lobbies:


    Hollywood Studios – multiple
    Radio and Television Broadcast Networks -multiple
    Big City Newspapers – multiple
    B’nai B’rith
    Hillel International
    Open Society Foundation

    American Jewish Committee
    Anti-Defamation League
    Atlantic Jewish Council
    Jewish Autonomism
    Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect

    B’nai Brith Canada
    Bay Area Council for Soviet Jews
    Board of Deputies of British Jews
    Breira (organization)

    Canada-Israel Committee
    Canadian Jewish Congress
    Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
    Centralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens
    Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
    The Coexistence Trust
    Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France
    Coordinating Council on Jerusalem

    European Jewish Congress

    German Committee for Freeing of Russian Jews

    Magshimey Herut

    Independent Australian Jewish Voices
    Independent Jewish Voices
    Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)
    Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
    International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
    International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

    Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
    Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee
    Jewish Council for Education & Research
    Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
    Jewish Internet Defense Force
    Jewish Released Time
    Jewish Socialists’ Group
    Jews for Israeli–Palestinian Peace

    Kehilla (modern)

    Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council

    National Coalition Supporting Soviet Jewry
    New Fraternal Jewish Association

    One Jerusalem
    Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia

    Quebec-Israel Committee

    Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten

    Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

    Tehran Jewish Committee

    Union des progressistes juifs de Belgique
    Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
    United Jewish People’s Order

  7. Wally says: • Website

    The SPLC is a Zionist front which supports strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while they demands massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

    And exposing this fraud is what really drives them crazy:

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  8. + Joe Franklin.
    Spot on.
    It is an instrument of The International Jew. A weapon used against the once-dominant indigenous white majority of the good ol’ occupied US of A.
    The sad thing is that the hegemony of the SPLC and their many, many establishment allies is not even good for the ethnic minorities whose causes they cunningly espouse. It is only good for the power and pockets of those “who say they are Jews but are not”..

  9. \$PLC is about Distraction to mask the Destruction.

    Cry about ‘white supremacism’ while destroying the West with another kind of supremacism.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  10. lavoisier says: • Website

    That these guys were given any respect at all, and considered the go to guys on hate, is strong evidence that our republic is a sham.

    They were just another Jewish hate whitey group masquerading as justice crusaders.

    Shame on all the organizations and fools who went along with this hateful scam, including the once respected FBI.

    The hate whitey thing is really getting old.

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    SPLC head Dees–real last name Seligman–has some peculiar sex habits, like trying to seduce his 16 yo daughter.

  12. This is a great Black Pigeon Speaks video about fellow Jewish, anti White organization; the ADL. If you’ve never watched any of his videos, give it a try. His videos are succinct, well presented and have near professional video quality.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  13. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss, are you on the SPLC’s lists?

    Don’t think so.

    Your five-word alliteration is good.

    As a relatively keen observer from afar, this ‘Dees’ creature deserves to go down into real bankruptcy, and to lose all of his millions, I don’t think it will ever be happening.

    He calls his mob or racket the Southern Poverty Law Centre, it would be very fitting if he spent a little time in poverty, instead of being massively wealthy.

    Also, thanks to James Fulford for to allowing this interesting article to be re-published here.

  14. Jason Liu says:

    “Civil Rights Stalwart” is basically the same thing as “Dangerous Joke”, the two things are not opposites. Societies function largely by enforcing and creating hierarchies that privilege majorities and dominant groups, making their lives better first.

    Civil rights is, and has always been, a luxury, undermining society stability if taken too far. Even the idea of calling these things “rights” is offensive.

    Any rights or accommodations given to lesser social groups should come from the top down, not the grassroots. Consider how these organizations would be dealt with in Russia or China. In a normal society, the SPLC should have been shut down the day it was conceived, and justifiably so.

  15. So-called Social Justice Warriors or SJW should be called Self-Righteous Supremacists or Self-Righteous Chauvinists or Self-Righteous Exhibitionists. That is their crack. Feeling holier than thou by showboating their bogus concerns, which amount to little more than Pseudo-Virtue Exhibitionism. These Virtue Vultures just swoop down on any issue to beat their chest and make a scene to get their high from self-righteous crack.

    Get a load of this.

    NO ONE asks hard questions as to how this came about. Instead, they just PROTEST to show how holy-shmoly they are.

    Just like the worthless ‘left’ in Greece.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "Trap"] says:

    If the absolute worst thing happened to SPLC and it’s members i would loose no sleep

  17. @Priss Factor

    The problem is that whites are intimidated and fail to organize for their defense. Only cry and whine while they are berated and attacked viciously. Previously, whites were united because they had for the most part a Christian upbringing and were of one mind for the most part. Now with the destruction of their believes, and with the BS of Judeo-Christian myth, which truly is Judeo-Masonic control, whites cannot defend themselves and are cowered when they are called ‘racists’ antisemitic, etc. Man up and accept whatever title or denied it and say even if I was, so what? I dislike some people regardless of color, and including my own. So what? you cannot like every body, especially if some are abhorrent like this one group described in the lines above. and STOP whining about being called anti this, and anti that. Once a Judaic called me anti Semite, and when I asked him what was a Semite, he did not know. Knowledge is power. Then I informed him what was a Semite, and he was surprised and stopped calling me that stupid anti Semitic garbage.

  18. Besides, Most Jews are white converts during the middle ages, when Judaics from Babylon and other places converted their white servants. Just look at most of them, they are whites in appearance, and betray their ancestry. The white servants converted from Kazharia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, etc. No wonder they say they are Jews but are written in Revelation Chapter Three.

    Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you traverse the sea and the dry land to make one convert, and whenever it may happen, you make him twofold more a son of Gehenna than yourselves. Matthew 23:15

    Notice how this was predicted in the Gospel of Matthew! The converted are way worst than the converter! For those who have eyes to see…Here it is! So stop fearing to be called anti converted!

  19. Anonymous [AKA "Schlockstein"] says:

    “Projection” is a standard Jewish psy-op tactic. Wanna know what the Jews are up to? Just look at what they’re accusing others of. Works every time.

  20. DaveE says:
    @Priss Factor

    Best comment I’ve ever read at Unz.

    Your comment needs to be read at EVERY church, every Sunday, until a few more idiots wake up.

    Christ never said anything about loving the Devil. And it needs to be understood that devils are living, breathing creatures, not some amorphous concept that no-one has ever seen. (And consequently, can’t fight.)

    Yet another example of turning Christ’s words and teachings on their heads.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  21. fnn says:

    I’m implying PRECISELY nothing, but it’s curious that SPLC never took any legal action against William Pierce. There were some NA members who were involved in violent illegal activities.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  22. anarchyst says:

    The Vatican II Ecumenical Council convened in the 1960s did more to damage the Catholic Church AND all of Christianity by allowing jews and Protestants to be a part of the “modernization” of the Catholic Church, and by inference, Christianity. This infiltration served to weaken the Catholic Church…
    The traditional “Tridentine Catholic Mass” was outlawed in favor of the new “Modern Mass”. Until recently, “special permission” was required to celebrate this Mass.
    Celebrating the Mass in the vernacular was another mistake. Previous to Vatican II, one could go anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and be able to understand the Mass. That tradition was outlawed.
    By turning the priest around to face the people, the priest became an “actor” rather than being a representative of the congregation. This was but another error.
    The gravest error in Vatican II teachings was the absolution of the jews for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, blaming it on the Romans. Even during the time of Jesus Christ, jews were experts at “getting others to do their ‘dirty work’ for them”. Hence, Pontius Pilate (correctly) washed his hands of the whole affair. As Pilate was concerned about jewish riots, he allowed the crucifixion to go on. He had very little choice in the matter. The jews DID take full responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, Vatican IIs absolution, notwithstanding.
    Fortunately, there has been some “pushback” by traditional Catholics with organizations such as the “Society of St. Pius X” which subscribes fully to pre-Vatican II teachings.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
    , @Hibernian
  23. Eagle Eye says:

    Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955, the Bus Boycott was in December that year—but the SPLC wasn’t even founded until 1971. (If you’ve forgotten, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964.)

    Rosa Parks’ carefully staged stunt was a rerun 11 years after the REAL breakthrough when Irene Morgan refused to give up her seat on an interstate bus.

    The REAL story is much more fun:

    In 1944, the 27-year-old Irene Morgan was traveling to Baltimore, Maryland, when she was arrested and jailed in Virginia for refusing to sit in a segregated section on an interstate Greyhound bus. Although interstate transportation was supposed to be desegregated, the state enforced segregated seating within its borders.[3]

    When Morgan refused to change her seat, the bus driver stopped in Middlesex County, Virginia, and summoned the sheriff. When he tried to arrest Morgan, she tore up the arrest warrant, kicked the sheriff in the groin, and fought with the deputy who tried to pull her off the bus. She was convicted of violating state law for segregation on buses and other public transportation.

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-1 in 1946 that Virginia’s state law enforcing segregation on interstate buses was unconstitutional.[7][8] Hastie and Marshall used an innovative strategy to brief and argue the case. Instead of relying upon the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment, they argued successfully that segregation on interstate travel violated the Interstate Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.[9]

    “If something happens to you which is wrong, the best thing to do is have it corrected in the best way you can,” said Morgan. “The best thing for me to do was to go to the Supreme Court.”

  24. anarchyst says:

    Here are true stories about “icons” of the so-called “civil rights” movement . . .

    There is much more to the “Emmett Till” story that is not widely known. Of course, killing him was wrong, (and made him into a “martyr” of the black “civil-rights” movement). but–it is not generally known that Emmett Till was a strapping young man of about 160 lbs.–NOT a “little boy” as some media types tried to portray him as. He was a known womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He was sent to live with relatives in the South because his Chicago relatives could not handle him. He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–not a good idea, especially in the South. . . According to published accounts, Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but grabbed, manhandled and fondled a married white woman. In Southern culture, this was, and still is, the ultimate form of disrespect. Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”. Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today. As an aside, two of the three people who killed Emmett Till were black…
    It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” . . .

    Rosa Parks was not the “ordinary” black woman that so-called historians made her to be. She was an organizer for the NAACP and was “planted” in order to advance the cause of black “civil-rights” to which she was successful.
    Approximately a year previous to Rosa Parks’ “bus ride” and refusal to vacate her seat, a REAL ordinary black woman did the same thing. This black woman received NO publicity or support from the NAACP or other black “civil-rights” organizations. You see, she was an unmarried black woman with children. According to the black civil-rights crowd, this would not do. They wanted someone who was “squeaky clean” without any “baggage”. In fact, the “white guy” sitting behind her was part of the “set-up”. He was a UPI reporter, contracted to “stage” the event…
    Hence, Rosa Parks made (fabricated) history . . .

    Martin Luther (Michael) King was well-known for frequenting prostitutes, beating and abusing them while exclaiming that he “finally felt like a white man”. His own associates have stated as such. He also plagiarized his college papers and doctoral thesis. Of course, this was overlooked because of his status. King was also a communist.

    Jesse Jackson used to brag to his associates on how he would spit in the food of white patrons of the restaurant he worked at.

    There are many more fabrications of history that were used to lend “legitimacy” to the so-called “civil-rights” movement . . .

    More to come . . .

  25. anarchyst says:

    I grew up during the first “civil-rights” era and have a decidedly different “take” on this whole “civil-rights movement” era. In fact, I saw for myself, what went on during those turbulent times.
    Despite the lies and fabrications by the so-called “mainstream media” the “civil-rights marches” in the South were not peaceful “gatherings” that were met with dogs and fire hoses, but were violent black confrontations that actually set back the “cause” of TRUE “civil-rights”. .
    The so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations were waves of lawlessness that disrupted the lives of peaceful citizens. There were many black citizens in these areas that were against these “outsiders” coming there to cause trouble. These “civil-rights” marchers committed crimes, rapes, robberies and other crimes, and trashed the areas they were protesting in. I WAS THERE . . . Of course, the cameras were turned off during the episodes of violence. . .then just as now, the news media could not “let a crisis go to waste” . . .
    It was mostly ACLU, \$PLC and ADL types that riled things up. . .and then later on “melted into the woodwork” only to become “civil-rights” attorneys, race hustlers and poverty pimps.
    One incident comes to mind–the death of Mrs. Viola Liuzzo–Mrs. Liuzzo was a Detroit housewife who traveled to the “deep south” (without her husband) to run around with black “freedom riders” at night–this was a recipe that was asking for trouble. What business did she have running around with blacks at night in the South while she had a family in Detroit?? Why did she put herself “in harms way”??
    I WAS THERE during the “civil-rights” disturbances and witnessed the misbehavior of these “civil-rights” groups (that never got reported). . .
    Of course, the “victors” write the history. To the victors–how does it feel now that those you pushed and supported are now turning on you??

    The so-called “news media” had an agenda then as it does now. White-on black crime (although relatively rare) is ALWAYS described as a “hate crime” where as black-on-white crime is NEVER described as a “hate crime”. . .Actually, ALL crimes are “hate crimes” . . .

  26. @fnn

    No, you haven’t implied anything You’ve stated it as a fact.

    There were some NA members who were involved in violent illegal activities.

    Sources or retract.

  27. @anarchyst

    One of the most important principles to remember all of our life in this world.

    jews were experts at getting others to do their ‘dirty work’ for them

    They don’t fight in other people’s nations – they use their high (verbal-only) IQ to recruit the muscle and spill the blood of non-Jews for their benefit.

    They don’t work in Israel – they spend their lives “reading the scriptures” (in fact, only the Talmud, the filthiest, most degenerate corruptions of dishonest, hair-splitting immorality ever committed to writing) – and they recruit others to clean their homes and communities.

    They don’t work in America either – they just produce a thousand films a month in Los Angeles and New York (and thousands more hard-core porn on the quiet) which flood the world with addictive, degenerate cultural-Marxist propaganda about the beauty of inter-racial sex, the feminism which creates happy couples and healthy, strong families, and super-intelligent, gentle, humane blacks who benefit every society they live in, and never murder White men or rape White women.

    They don’t care a toss about millions of their own Semitic brother/sister refugees from all over the middle east – but put up electrified fences on the Egyptian border, and send them across Europe, children and all, without clothing or food to invade western lands instead.

    They don’t personally destroy the American and western world’s economy – they just use the American Federal Reserve Bank instead – which is neither American, Federal, any form of Reserve, or a Bank, but just a privately-owned Jewish ponzi scheme for the enrichment of Israel by American money.

    They don’t invade Iraq or Afghanistan, or destroy Libya or Syria – they just use a set of hardline ruthless criminal Jewish lobbyists in Washington to persuade, cajole, trick or blackmail American politicians into war on their behalf instead – because a chaotic, bombed-out, ruined Moslem world gone back to the dark ages with 100 million dead is great for Jews. The rest is just collateral damage, because the lives and societies of Goyim don’t matter.

    They don’t hurt Gaza or the Palestinians either – they just slaughter them periodically with American-bought weaponry, like phosphorous bombs which barbecue children in the streets and cruise missiles which target Gaza hospitals and refugee centres. But that’s ok because the war crimes courts and legal organisations are run and funded by Jews who don’t want to prosecute.. umm… Jews. And the “most humane army in the world”, the Israeli Defence Force, assists the driving-out of Palestinians from their own land by brute force and beatings, the building of Israeli property on stolen land – and occasionally murders unarmed female American civil rights workers by crushing them under bulldozers.

    And of course, just as soon as they find a way to finish off the Catholic Church for good they’ll do it. Julius Caesar died in Rome by conspiracy and so will the last Pope – not by assassination but by some ultra-deep-state Jewish deception involving wholesale moral disgrace and catastrophic scandal which will finally bring down the church, never to be re-built.

    When are we going to END the presence in our midst of the lying, thieving, degenerate, cultural-Marxist, White-hating racist Jewish filth who are intent on destroying us all ?

    • Agree: anarchyst, Rurik
  28. Hibernian says:

    A champion of Christianity who makes excuses for Pontius Pilate is not one who I particularly care to listen to.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  29. anarchyst says:

    Pontius Pilate was caught in the middle, between “keeping the peace” and jews who threatened to riot if Jesus Christ was not crucified. He DID wash his hands of the affair. Looking back to those days, “one less jew” didn’t matter to the Romans.
    Don’t forget, jews took FULL responsibility for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death. Read what their Talmud thinks of Jesus Christ…

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  30. Hibernian says:

    “Let his blood be upon us and our descendants…,” or words to that effect. I don’t think they had the authority to bind their descendants forever. The Vatican II statement on the alleged guilt of the Jews for the Crucifixion simply stated that neither the Jewish people down through the ages nor all of the Jews in Jesus’ time (Think of herdsmen tending their flocks in places distant from Jerusalem, not to mention Mary and the Apostles [except for Judas].) were guilty. It didn’t exculpate those who shouted “Release Barabas!” It didn’t put all of the blame on Pilate and the Roman soldiers.

  31. No, Virginia (Dare) the SPLC Was NEVER A “Civil Rights Stalwart”—It Was ALWAYS A “Dangerous Joke”

    You could say the same thing about almost all Jewish financed so-called civil rights organizations.

    Practically all Jewish political lobbies agitate for special federal rights for American-Israeli victim culture people.

    The only semi-decent Jewish lead civil rights organization that I can recall is Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch.


    Feminist are federally entitled because of Male oppression
    Jewish are federally entitled because of Gentile oppression
    Queers are federally entitled because of Straight oppression
    Muslims are federally entitled because of Christian oppression
    Disabled are federally entitled because of Healthy oppression
    Afro-blacks are federally entitled because of White oppression
    Latinos are federally entitled because of Gringo oppression
    Hispanics are federally entitled because of Gringo oppression
    Military Veterans are federally entitled because of Militia oppression
    Native Americans are federally entitled because of Paleface oppression
    Asians are federally entitled because of Occidental oppression
    International Socialist are federally entitled because of Local Government oppression
    Social Justice Crony Capitalist are federally entitled because of Honest Businessmen oppression
    Zionist-Neocons are federally entitled because of Anti-Fascist oppression

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